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#i removed the red eyes
informaticn · 5 months ago
i really hate how this fandom   ( &   sometimes even the marble writers )   treats nat in regards to her breakups esp with clint   &   matt bc it’s always seen as something she just did out of the blue through no fault of theirs   &   it’s like.   did any of you ever bothered to actually read when she was on panel or.
#it's always oh poor clint or poor matt she just dumped him for no reason#&  i??  don't know where anyone gets that???#i can literally only guess that people read the specific panels of her breaking up with them#&  nothing else bc there are obvious signs ; red flags that the boys just chose to ignore#like with clint nat has a few lines where she talks about clint just never being around#she mentions that they hadn't even had a meal together in months by the time she leaves him#she comments that it was hard to be with him bc she had removed herself from the hero scene#&  therefore she couldn't really interact with him as a hero which was the focus of his life at the time#maybe clint  &  those near to them couldn't see it but as readers it's blatantly obvious that they were just growing apart#&  it was going to be inevitable that they ended up splitting#with matt it's like#i love him but also he was a shitty partner#&  honestly sometimes an equally shitty boyfriend#nat offers him repeated second chances ; she gives him several clues  &  even directly tells him#that she's unhappy with how he treats her as a partner  &  how they interact as romantic attachments#&  he actively chose to not even attempt to change his behavior#eventually she just reached a breaking point where even tho she did still love him#it was plain for anyone with eyes that they were simply incompatible as partners both romantically  &  professionally#i just#i don't see how anyone can look at their breakups  &  think that it came out of nowhere when for both#nat was repeatedly expressing that she didn't like how things were  &  both would just repeatedly ignore it#there's also an issue with how bucky  &  nat's breakup was generally handled but that's#generally focused around how marble never really addresses it beyond the focus they put#on bucky's sadness over it rather than actually Confronting  &  resolving the issue#while continuously ignoring the fact that nat is even there beyond her ability to stare straight ahead#while bucky looks sad  &  lonely#i'm mad about it!!  all of them!!#stop pretending nat is a bad girlfriend bc clint  &  matt had the listening comprehension of a bag of rocks when they dated!!#&  stop pretending bucky was the only one hurt by the situation!!#let nat have feelings!!  let her be fed up  &  tired of dealing with them!!  let her be angry!!  or sad!!  let her be a person!!
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fairyreblogs · a day ago
unnngngng i fucked up my eyes and i thought it was cuz on my screen time but actually it was cuz my eyes were mad at me for the new makeup I bought for the (bleeding from eyes) aesthetic.
now the only problem is I dont know which one upset my eyes because i used three different things as fake blood near my eyes in the past week and a half. I think the first one I used for my host cosplay is safe so now its just my wetter, fresher blood looking one i used for wilford that i later put near my eye and was hard to wipe off the gold liquid eye shadow i was doing for my minecraft smp skin that was even harder to wipe off and it left glitter all over my face for like a whole fricking day.
If i had to guess it’d be the gold because that one i was most careless about when it came to getting close to my eyes but in my defense its eye makeup and the other two are lipstick so it shouldnt have fucked me over like that since it was the only one meant to be near my eyes. anyway i have to cosplay wilford warfstache for homework so youll be seeing more cosplays of him soon but maybe in a few days because after 2pm for the last three days I’ve been essentially crying nonstop from eye irritation. why am i immune in the mornings? no clue but thats when i have class so im happy about it i guess
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worldend · 6 months ago
i was going to say i thought choso was still ugly in the manga but well now that im looking at him again.... he can kinda get it i guess
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possiblytracker · a year ago
Tumblr media
ok we back.. 
random picker chose my Very Good Personal Baby who i also completely fail to think about 364 days of the year... but drawing them is still fun
i dont actually mind their old ref that much, this was mostly for design update purposes, but here it is anyway
Tumblr media
from april last year....
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