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My Favorite Musicians:

1. Mumford and Sons

2. The Lumineers

3. Zach Bryan

4. Gregory Isakov

5. Jason Isbell

6. Hozier

7. Bon Iver

8. Harry Styles

9. Hollow Coves

10. Dustin Tebbutt

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BDNHDUDUDHDUDUUSUS I FEEL WHEN HE STANDS HES JUST SO SKINI. ILY SKINI MAN BUT WHY U SO THIN? SO SLENDER?? he had to add curves and that hourglass figure to the brainwave suit so he wouldn’t look so tini poor man. he’s tall sure but my dude so skini

and oof we don’t talk about his post hospital grey suit look 😩 it was so ugly it’s hard to look at. jordan did u pick that look out?? do you not know what colors look good on your bf??? shameful!

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Been having late night thoughts lately. From now on I will tell any cis male that wants to ban transpersons from using public toiletts that are for the gender they see themself as because every transperson is evil & changed their gender just to perv on people in public bathrooms: ”ah just like every cis male is a rapist & a danger to females.” Watching them flounder about in chock at that response will give me serotonin for days. And then be able to tell them that no they can’t use the old and frankly outdated excuse of: ”not every male is like that, since every transperson are evil bathroompervs then all cis males are rapists & a danger to females.” Ha, I will be on a seratoninhigh for ages afterwards. Now I just have to find an equal good way to shut up the cis females that wants to ban transpeople from using their prefered bathroom.

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SKZ are such economical people. They recycle stage clothes. They recycle stage accessories. They save money by writing and producing their own music. Felix bakes his own snacks. Chan doesn’t even waste money on full length shirts. Hyunjin stopped getting haircuts entirely. I mean, in this challenging 2020 economy, I have no choice but to Extra-Stan this exemplary behaviour. Just because we’re on a budget doesn’t mean we can’t have very nice things. 

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The fact that people still ship Urbosa and Zelda together when Impa and Mipha exist baffles me.

First of all, Urbosa is around the same age as Zelda’s mom. We don’t get her exact age but she was friends with Zelda’s mom way before Zelda was born, so there is at least a 20 year gap between Urbosa and Zelda.

Also, Urbosa is literally Zelda’s mother figure aksjshgd, why do y’all think they should be romantically involved??

Why not ship Urbosa with the queen and ship Zelda with Impa, you know…. people who are in their age range??

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the two points from the iliad

  1. don’t be agry
  2. don’t let your boyfriend to wear your clothes
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