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justmeandmyships · a day ago
If the show wanted to address Will’s feelings for Mike with the pinning it would have been enough but no. They added the airport scene. They added the awkward Mike. They added the nervous Mike. They added the “i thought that I lost you” . They added the “you ruined the whole day” Mike. They added the “we are friends” when all Will asked was why he has been so distant. They added the basement and room full of Will’s drawings. They added the “I agree that I’m afraid of telling my truth to the people I cared the most because what if they don’t like it” Mike. They added ALL these things which are so unnecessary if the only thing they wanted to show was Will’s unrequited feelings for Mike.
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braindeaddaniel · 2 days ago
Eddie and Steve chucking at item of their own clothing at each other as a metaphorical gesture of swapping their individualistic styles is literally giving “I don’t dance” energy from high school musical which is pretty queer coded itself
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atlasshrugd · 18 hours ago
as both a kp and vp stan — the reason some ppl think kp is boring now is not bc of kp at all. after all, the whole first 11 episodes were all about them and y’all were invested the whole way and are still watching lol. the reason you find them boring is bc you are only interested in the beginning of a relationship, not the middle. hence, why you are so focused on vp (and dismissive of kp), as they have come in in the last four eps — they will still be at the beginning of their relationship by the time the series ends. you get excited by the mystery and thrill of a new relationship/dynamic, but aren’t actually interested in seeing an established relationship. i think vp are incredibly interesting and I am very invested — just as I was with kp at the beginning of their relationship. i am no less invested, but it is normal for the excitement to wear off a little once the relationship is established. you need to have patience and emotional commitment to appreciate it bc it’s not a shiny new thing anymore. there’s nothing wrong with that, just thought I’d point that out.
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midnightmoon27 · a day ago
Noah is the leader of the Byler fan club
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findinghomesomehow · a day ago
I really don't think it needs to be explained anymore but I just need to get these words out of my mind.
Firstly, in episode 11 we get to see Kimlock Holmes in proper action, when he goes to that ex police officer to take information. The way he had completely known how that person would have and make excuses, and had gone with complete preparations. It took him one sentence to get the information out of someone who has been continuing his act of Alzheimer’s for years now. And mind you, Kim did it in the most non-violent way.
Tumblr media
Also to be noted is his smile while talking to the man, slowly explaining that he knew everything about his daughter and the arrangement. His tone of voice is also something worth a mention: the way it's slow and calculative almost. Now if that’s not master manipulation then I don’t know what is.
Unlike Vegas who usually takes the pretence of love and care to manipulate people into working for him, Kim just simply uses his brain and words. Now some might say “well, he did use love to manipulate Chay into giving information”, NO HE DID NOT! But that’s for later, not relevant in here.
Secondly, and possibly the most important thing about Kim, HE IS NOT FAZED BY EMOTIONS. He is very good in controlling his emotions and brushing them to the side to focus on his main mission. Proof? KIM WITH CHAY. And all the times when he realized his feelings but threw them aside in 0.3 seconds. (Yes, you need to take note of his every expression for that. It’s real quick.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Kim, in this aspect or maybe in an overall sense, is very much like his father Korn. Feelings and emotions are not something that they use to lead their lives. Now if we compare to Kinn and Vegas, Kinn of course is very much driven by his emotions while Vegas, if not as much as Kinn, is also driven by emotions in his life (note: he would possibly have been a better person if Gun had not treated his like that since childhood). On the other side of this spectrum is Kim, who feels but never ever lets his feelings take over him. Him pushing Chay away is evidence of that.
Now, coming to the violent part.
KIM WENT STRAIGHT UP SHOOTING VEGAS FOR CHAY. Note it that Vegas is his cousin which is probably why Kinn has never shot Vegas even when he wanted to. But for Kim, he had no care about that because here, by hurting Chay, Vegas messed with him. NO ON MESSES WITH KIM AND GETS AWAY WITH IT.
Also, in the last episode where he comes to take Chay, the way he shuts down that guy with just his eyes and a "don't" possibly explains a lot about him in terms of establishing his authority. (The guy might not be as big as the mafias but he's a drug dealer, he has his fair share of violence and danger and is not extremely easy to back down)
Tumblr media
Kim in no way holds back when he is angry or when his violent side comes out. He doesn't care who's in front of him.
P.S. I just realised the two times Kim had gone feral were both for his love everyone say thank you chay. But the point of him not being driven by feelings still stands. This is him being protective of someone in his life, who matters to him, but in no one is his feelings for this person affects his decisions in that whole murder mystery thing, which is the main focus in his life right now.
I guess that's all I have to say for now. Hope this makes sense.
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nemesis-21 · 2 days ago
A. "They're falling in love."
B. "It's Stockholm Syndrome."
C. "It's all a part of Pete's Plan."
D. "Pete's a masochist."
E. All of the above
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kafeinated · 2 days ago
berlin in both versions of money heist can step on me fr
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sems-diarie · 2 days ago
ok maybe using the term ‘hang from a tree’ regarding a black man wasn’t great
girl get the entire fuck, and i do mean the ENTIRE fuck, outta here
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harriyanna · 5 hours ago
idk what fandom racist needs to hear this but someone not liking chloe bourgeois because she is racist is not “starting drama”. so much of the shit yall saying is starting “drama” do not be drama at all if just be people having valid points and yall try to tell them to shut the fuck up. 
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papanden · a month ago
Tumblr media
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madamezuki · a year ago
Ya'll be like "Li Shang was having a bi freak out, realizing he was into Ping". NO HE WASN'T. He already knew he was into men. His bisexual freak out was when he realized Ping was Mulan and hey maybe he's into girls too whatdoya know?
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lais-a-ramos · 18 days ago
we're all here making fun of juliette for being down so hard, but can we talk about miss calliope burns tho?????
homegirl really got so attracted to cute nerd that she couldn't stop staring from afar and figured out the girl is a vampire bc of it
both cal and jules are total simps, it's just that cal is the grumpy one and jules is the sunshine one
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lavenderfables · 8 months ago
Too many shows trying to be Game Of Thrones, not enough shows trying to be Galavant.
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drenched-in-sunlight · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Radahn and Malenia. once upon a time (i think)
menace siblings shenanigans ✌️
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thegirlalmightysswords · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ao3commentoftheday · a year ago
Upon reflection, I think "cringe" just means "that person isn't embarrassed to do a thing that I would be embarrassed to do"
Which basically means that you're jealous of their ability to enjoy themselves without caring what other people think.
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carisi-rollins · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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truth: the story of dumbledore and grindelwald is way more interesting and emotional (and tragic) than the complete harry potter saga.
Tumblr media
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black-is-beautiful18 · a month ago
In all honesty…white readers suck. Readers control a lot. Us spreading the word about our favorite books or authors helps a lot. That’s how authors and books win awards and get on best sellers lists. Y’all do not give that energy to nonwhite authors though. You going “Well I don’t have to” and “They don’t make interesting books” or any variations of those two when you’re told to diversify your bookshelves is not only racist, but a bold faced lie. There are amazing stories being told by BIPOC authors in every genre but all cuz you “can’t relate” you absolutely refuse to buy their books or give them a chance. And before anyone gets offended, of course it isn’t all white readers. However, it is too many of y’all. That’s exactly why y’all are reacting to Leah being casted as Annabeth the way you are. You’re racist. No amount of “Well she’s not blonde” or “she doesn’t have grey eyes” is ever going to explain why you think that little girl isn’t good enough. It’s all just veiled racism. Excuses. Very bad and horribly disguised excuses. You do the same thing with BIPOC authors. You sit there and complain, email authors your horrible and ignorant comparisons, and are absolutely disrespectful to the cultures and people these stories surround. I mean it’s not surprising since a lot of you do it in real life as well.
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harriyanna · 10 days ago
the way non-black people were so quick to profit off of juneteenth when it became a trending topic on social media is extremely fucking ugly. 
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