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#i saved it anyway

ONE  MINUTE,  THERE  WAS  NOTHING.  cold,  black,  nothing.  it  was  always  the  same,  wasn’t  it?  rinse  and  repeat.  like  purgatory,  or  hell…  monsters,  lurking  in  the  dark.  the  next,  eyes  shot  open,  as  the  once  soldier  gasped  for  breath,  coughing  and  choking  as  he  was  quick  to  roll  onto  his  side,  spluttering  up  water,  sopping  wet  and  heart  pounding  against  his  chest.  there  was  a  trauma  there,  each  and  every  time,  vision  blurry  as  blue  hues  struggled  to  adjust  to  bright  light.  palm  felt  itself  pressed  into  soft  surface    ——–    no,  grainy.  sand?  sand  ;  there  was  sand…  he  was  on  a  beach?  took  a  moment  to  catch  his  breath,  before  eyes  finally  adjusted,  propped  himself  up  onto  his  elbows,  as  he  managed  to  gasp  out.  “  …  sif!?  ”  //  @warward

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Letters from 20th century Serbian painter Sava Šumanović to poet and writer Rastko Petrović. 18 letters were saved in total.

The letters were written between 1927 and 1930, at a time when Sava’s mental health was in it’s most fragile state, which can be seen from his letters to Rastko. There are alternating difficult and derogatory, insulting words directed at his friend in moments of nervous disorder and then a deep apology for such statements and pleas for forgiveness. Many have speculated that the relationship between the painter and the writer might have not been platonic.

Some inserts from one of the letters (Translation by me): 

“Dear Rasko,
  I used to rage against you, persecuted by some cursed force. Today, even if my subconscious is not tranquil, I would like to ask you for forgiveness, modestly and contritely. 
  My Rasko, I am ill, too ill, everything around me suffers because of me and my deranged thoughts, I pray in a dreadful crisis of remorse, made with trembling for the lives and happiness of my dear parents, relatives and acquaintances and all those who suffer through me. Fate haunts me because of my insane head, which has been twice as crazy and unjust since I got sick. I don’t know if there is salvation for me, even if I am out of my mind, being crazy is not a shame, it is a terror, because it causes sorrow to others .  (…)
  Although I have different intentions, I will confuse you with my letters. Forgive me. It hurts too much and I keep adding misery to your life, so please accept these letters of mine as a relief that only you can give me. Misfortune reeks out of me. I don’t have the strength to stop it. I can no longer think but for fear of thinking cynical thoughts, I keep thinking cynical thoughts. So I beg you, my dear, who are in a way my hero and my ideal, and if I now understand the frequent appearances of sorrow in you, to save me. (…)
  If at least you were by my side so that I could hear you and listen to you talk. Today I can no longer work, I am terrified, worried and miserable. If only you would take the burden off of my soul, my dear, my dear young man. (…)”

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  NOW….. OK, hear me out… see I was THINKING.….. in supernatural, there’s the demon Alastair, yes? And if you look into him, there isn’t….. a whole lot on him at ALL-? everything is very very vague and repetitive. there’s not a lot of info on where they got the idea for him. AND….. the same goes for, say… Pazuzu’s (Zozo) ‘father’, Hanbi/Hanpu. There’s little to no information on him, other than that he’s the “god of evil / god of all evil forces” and judging on how cruel and sadistic, and overall just how much of a terror Pazuzu (and Humbabu) were/are, one can only imagine what the thing that made them is like. 
getting to my point… what if.. these two horrible, mostly unknown and famous for their unrivaled cruelty and, well… evil were….one in the same–?  aka yes hi hello please consider,, what if Alastair WAS Hanbi–?

#( ooc ), #( tbd ), #this makes sense in my brain hydfujdf, #YOUVE GOT... two extremely private... extremely cruel and GENUINELY TERRIFYING demons..., #No one knows... ///anything/// about either one, #save for that they both  apparently  prefer to keep to themselves. stick to hell. not make a big scene or name for themselves, #neither of these demons-- i assume based on their lack of appearances anywhere at all-- give a single SHIT about humanity or stirring, #things up for the simple sake of chaos... no noo... they're .... /mature/... as far as demons go., #they know their place and they stick to it. cant be bothered with leaving hell. they've got it good down there.. probably., #hell is... for all intents and purposes... Evil. it's full of it. alastair loves it for ... you know why. we've heard it.  and hanbi....t, #*the GOD of EVIL.... one can only assume feels . probably. the same.(?), #AND IDK IM JUST RAMBLING BUT... pls god DO look into pazuzu and hanbi if you can it takes like.. five minutes cause theres NOTHING on them, #but also like......, #knowing how PAZUZU is....and how Genuinely evil (idk how else to describe it in any way i havent already jfgdf) and powerful and scary he is, #can you just   i m a g in e what Hanbi//Hanpu is like to earn that kind of title ??but to, #at the same time- have NO INFORMATION on him whatsoever? like..what.... what is a demon like that LIKE... what has he done thats so, #//deserving// of a title like that... if no one has even heard of him... like ... woof, #and anyway..... the only other demon that came to mind with that train of thought was /alastair/ and i had a big brain moment---, #pls excuse me juhfdyfjdf
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So this is one of the panels from the MHA Team Up Mission 9 (yes, the one with the Todo-Kiri-Baku-Camie colorspread that I was freaking about earlier because it’s gorgeous)


I don’t know the context for sure because I only got my hands on a couple screenshots like this one, but,


“the most villainous hero (Bakugou bc he’s an asshole) opens up the heart of the villain (Kiri) and converts him.”

Are you implying that Bakugou would be able to change Kirishima’s heart if he ever was on the villain side because that is one of the most romantic things I have ever heard.

(Disclaimer I’m no translator, just a weeb who studies japanese, but I do not know for sure if that is the context of this panel so take it with a pinch of salt. But boy-)

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So now we got Red with us,,,interesting👀. AND ARIN BEING LIKE “My office is always open. Actually, not my office. Anywhere bht there.” LIKE SORRY ARIN EBWBE.

And seeing Mouse upset made me a little sad,,,like no come back-

And Arin is so cute and I love them and they deserve a route and so does Edward because he at least kept his promise to Ezra and WASNT alone with MC like Ezra told him not to do. But Ezras disappeared againnnnn. Angst but I’m loving it. Curious as to what Red will say to MC👀.

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