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#i saw it again so it's time for a reblog
vongolacrew · 3 years ago
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Tumblr media
As a thanks for 600 notes on this post, here’s another one! I’ve never gotten 600 notes before on anything until that post o(>ω<)o ! I’m really grateful for all of the likes and reblogs. It means a lot to me! I’ve been pretty caught up with school recently so I’m having a hard time getting any drawings done, but I’ll try to post a bit more frequently than I have for the past couple of months (μ_μ) . This was actually in the works since the last one but I had absolutely no motivation to work on it. I saw that the other post was reaching 600 notes and decided to squeeze this out. I hope its okay! Thanks again for everything (o˘◡˘o) ! -Mod Kyoko
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bellasdragons · 11 months ago
Looking for some FR blogs to follow!
My dash has been... really quiet lately. I’d love some more blogs to follow, but am very worried about following the ‘wrong people’ ever since I got a message a while back asking if I was or supported aphobes because I reblogged from someone who reblogged from one. Yay Anxiety™! :’D that’s also when I stopped reblogging as much
So if anyone has any recommendations of cool people (or are yourself a cool people) to follow, I’d love to hear them! :)
Only requirements I’m looking for are: - FR-related (other types of posts are welcome, but depending what kind I may not follow and instead just visit randomly) - cool with ace/a-spec people and the word queer - not a lot of drama please?
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xxtc-96xx · 10 months ago
So I just saw you reblogged AbsoluteDream's comic again and remembered... I thought you guys were the same person for a really long time. Yeah just felt like sharing. Have a good day yall o/
I know we’ve been mistaken for each other a few times in the past XD its funny 
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bentobarnes · 18 days ago
『𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐚𝐠𝐞』
note : my requests are OPEN! Feel free to send me story requests
pairings : bucky barnes x reader
word count : 1.7k
request by @lovie-barnes (I love soo much): bucky asking reader, who works at the compounds coffee shop out for a date! Its his first date since the 40’s and he is all nervous and shy🥺
warnings : tons of fluff and coffee
*feedback is appreciated. please reblog so it can reach more people♡
Tumblr media
Bucky never thought he could believe in love again especially at first sight. Then he saw you and he realized he was wrong all this time. The moment he saw you, his heart started beating fast for the first time since he finally got his memories back his heart was beating for someone else. During the 40s he had been with many girls. He remembered the feeling, the beat of his heart back then and it was nothing compared to what he was experiencing right now.
After finally being free from Hydra Bucky was living in the compound trying to adjust himself to modern life. He was trying to fit in a place he thought he didn’t belong to. It’s been a few weeks now but he was still lost in this. The compound was huge there were places he didn’t even know exist. The only ones he knew were his room, the kitchen which was in the hall where they watched movies, and the gym. Until one day Steve invited him for a cup of coffee. What Bucky didn’t understand is that Steve wasn’t asking him to make the coffee himself he was inviting him for an actual coffee at the compound's cafeteria.
‘’Don’t look at me like that, Buck. You will like it. That’s the best coffee you can get in the whole New York.’’ Steve reassured him before pushing the button to the elevator.
They went to the top floor. There was only one door leading to the cafe.
‘’Oh did I mention that the view here is breathtaking,’’ Steve told him before pushing the door open.
There was only one person sitting at the table next to the huge windows, the sight of New York in full display, reading a book. ‘’Who is she? She looks soo beautiful.’’ Bucky thought to himself holding his breath amazed by your beauty.
‘’Oh, hi Steve. It’s good to see you again!” The woman closed her book and stood up to greet Steve.
‘’You must be James! It’s a pleasure to finally meet you!” You straighten your hand to give him a handshake but he wasn’t sure if it’s okay to catch your hand. For a brief second, he thought he offended you but you just smiled back at him.
‘’It’s okay. I was once like you. You will get used to it. Okay, Cap what are you two having today? You asked them taking your place behind the counter. Coffee beans were carefully ordered in glass jars behind you.
‘’I really liked that latte you made me last time but I want something a bit stronger if you know what I mean,” Steve asked and Bucky got nervous because he hadn’t had coffee in almost seventy years. What was he going to tell you?
‘’Then macchiato will be perfect for you, Cap. It’s stronger and harsher than the latte because it doesn’t have milk so it would be the best choice.” You didn’t even take a moment to think over Steve’s request. You knew exactly what he needed. How?
“What about you, James?” You turn your look to him.
“I-um. I haven’t had coffee for a very long time soo I have no idea what should I get?” He was nervous around you. His heart was racing because you looked like an angel walking on the earth making coffee. And to whom, to a deadly assassin like him.
‘’It’s okay. Just tell me what taste you want to try. Bitter, sweet, harsh. Coffee is a door to people’s hearts. It doesn’t like to be rushed just like people. Take your time’’ You looked down at your hands holding coffee beans a small smile on your face.
‘’I feel like I want something simple. Maybe not too bitter and too sweet. I don’t know.” He was nervous over a coffee drink. He wanted you to think he is good but he knew he looks like a fool.
“Flat late.” You simply replied.
‘’What?” Where you talking to him or to yourself? What is a flat late?
“Your coffee. It’s flat late. It’s like a cappuccino but it lacks the extra flavor from the chocolate dusting and milk foam so it’s flat late for you today.” You explained to him while taking all the ingredients.
‘’You will like it. She never faults to guess what coffee you need right now.” Steve placed his hand on his shoulder to give me courage.
You looked amazing. Stirring everything soo gently, pouring the coffee like you were dancing. God, you looked soo beautiful.
‘’Coffee is a love language. You can take the worst coffee beans and still get a good flavor if you put enough love and work into the process. Here guys. Have a nice drink!” You put the cups on the counter. Steve took his and went to sit next to the window. Bucky followed him. He wasn’t that impressed from the view of New York he was impressed by you. You prepared yourself a coffee and sat at the other table continuing to read your book. You looked peaceful but at the same time there was something mysterious about you and Bucky wanted to know what. It wasn’t mysterious in a bad way, definitely not. He was impressed by you and he wanted to know more about you. This cafe was his new favorite place. He wondered what kind of coffee you are drinking.
‘’I never got to know your name?” Finding the courage to finally speak, he turned around to face you.
‘’Oh yeah. I’m sorry. It’s Y/N.” You told him taking a sip of your coffee.
‘’What coffee are you drinking right now? I mean what is the taste like?” He was definitely interested in you and he wanted to spent time with you just. He wanted to understand what is going on inside your soul.
‘’It’s called Americano and it’s strong and very bitter. High in coffee, too.” This curiosity made you feel happy.
That day Bucky told himself he will come here every time he can just to see you. It wasn’t that much for the coffee but for you.
It’s been a few weeks now and Bucky got the chance to see you many times. Have small conversations with you. He talked with Steve about asking you out on a date and Steve assured him that it will be fine and he is happy for him. Today was the day. He opened the door for the cafe and you looked at him smiling.
‘’It’s good to see you, James! I kind of missed having you around for a while!” You were excited to see him.
‘’Hey! I wanted to ask you something. I, I haven’t done that in years so I will go straight to the point. Will you go on a date with me, Y/N. From the moment I saw you that day I wanted to ask you this and here I am now being a food.” His heart was racing. Did he make the right decision?
“Of course, James! I would love to! You know I was actually thinking when you will ask me. I kind of wish it was sooner.” You told him with a smirk.
“Oh god! Glad I did it then. Okay, so how about 9 am here tonight?” He asked carefully.
‘’See you at 9 then!’’ Your smile was the most precious thing in the world for him. He would give everything for that smile.
There were you in that black tight dress showing every curve on your body making coffee. If angels exist you were one of them.
“Hi! I made you some coffee! I know it’s dinner time but it’s never late for a good coffee. Plus you seemed a little tensed today and I thought it would help.” You explained to him. He knew what you were talking about.
‘’Thank you, doll. I appreciate it.” He moved your chair back for you so you can take your place at the table.
“You know James I was just like you.’’ You approached him looking at your coffee. For the first since he knew you, you looked sad.
“What do you mean, sweetheart?” He needed to be very careful here.
‘’I was an assassin just like you. With the difference that you were turned into one and I was born to be one. I have killed soo many people and I have fought wars my entire life. Until the Avengers helped me get my life back together. I knew how you feel the moment you entered the room because I’m just like you.” You were still looking at your coffee. He slowly reached out for your hand and when you didn’t push it away he took your hand in his.
“I didn’t know that and I’m sorry for what happened to you. You didn’t deserve any of this and it wasn’t your choice. Look at you! You are the most gorgeous human I have ever seen in my entire life. And believe me, I have seen a lot!’’ He squeezed your hand a little bit just to help you ground.
‘’I think I’m falling in love with you and I’m kinda scared of that but I’m also really happy that I found you.” You lifted your head to look into his eyes and now he finally saw the tears streaming down your cheeks. He put his hand gently on your cheek wiping away the tears with his thumb.
‘’Oh, doll. I fell in love with you the moment I saw you. I want this to work out you know. I want you to be mine.” His voice was soft and full of adoration and respect.
‘’James can’t you see that I’m already yours.” You placed your hand on his which stayed on your cheek and leaned into the touch kissing the back of his hand. He didn’t realize when he started leaning over the table until he felt his lips crash into yours. You returned the kiss, which grew deeper and deeper.
“I love you, Buck.” You whispered into his ear.
‘’I love you, Y/N.’’ He replied smashing his lips once again with yours.
In these moments Bucky was grateful to Steve who wanted to have coffee with him that day. If it wasn’t Steve, he would have never found this woman who he could call his. She was his and he was hers. It took him over 10 coffees to realize that he was just the worst coffee bean but you turned him into full of flavor coffee because you worked hard on the making. Coffee is a love language and you were his.
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lesbiansforboromir · a year ago
Its been too long since I read the books and last time I saw the movies I was on denethor is a dick to my baby, let the man die. However, now I'm curious, since I remembered for instance that in the books he was devastated when he thought faramir died and your last reblog about that made me rethink my whole stance. Could you give me more positive denethor moments, or do I have to read the books again?
God I- I need so much for you all to understand how much I love asks like this, for PURELY selfish reasons, I just LOVE the idea of people like... doing what I do! Which is think about lotr and it’s characters and consider them in new angles and have fun with that! I feel connection and love in this chili’s tonight- ANYWAY. 
To be clear, Denethor is one of my favourite characters, like JUST below Boromir in how much I love him and how furious I am with his portrayal in the films. I have a tag for him here that has a lot of good posts all about it. But positive moments for Denethor, yes ok! Lets start with my favourite quote from Denethor because it completely encompasses his- literally his ENTIRE book character;
In what is left, let all who fight the Enemy in their fashion be at one, and keep hope while they may, and after hope still the hardihood to die free.
Do you feel all the love and pride in his people and all the folk of middle earth who’re resisting this seemingly impossible threat? Even unto their inevitable end? Do you see the inherent belief that this is an unwinnable war, and yet how Denethor has remained Gondor’s greatest and most stalwart defender for all these years? GOD I do- ‘dying free’ is a VERY important sentiment that also puts a lot of his later, seemingly ‘mad’, actions into a much more understandable light. BUT I WILL TRY to not make this too much of a dissertation, god willing. SO! Onto Pippin’s swearing!
'Little service, no doubt, will so great a lord of Men think to find in a hobbit, a halfling from the northern Shire; yet such as it is, I will offer it, in payment of my debt.' Twitching aside his grey cloak, Pippin drew forth his small sword and laid it at Denethor's feet. 
A pale smile, like a gleam of cold sun on a winter's evening, passed over the old man's face; but he bent his head and held out his hand, laying the shards of the horn aside. 'Give me the weapon!' he said. Pippin lifted it and presented the hilt to him. 'Whence came this?' said Denethor. 'Many, many years lie on it. Surely this is a blade wrought by our own kindred in the North in the deep past?' 
'It came out of the mounds that lie on the borders of my country,' said Pippin. 'But only evil wights dwell there now, and I will not willingly tell more of them.' 
'I see that strange tales are woven about you,' said Denethor, 'and once again it is shown that looks may belie the man – or the halfling. I accept your service. For you are not daunted by words; and you have courteous speech, strange though the sound of it may be to us in the South. And we shall have need of all folk of courtesy, be they great or small, in the days to come.’
The film really had no idea what to do with Pippin offering his service to Denethor as- well essentially an acknowledgement and an honouring of Boromir’s sacrifice for him. Because the Denethor in the film would have scorned it, but it’s an important plot point, so it’s just kinda in there awkwardly and uncomfortably. This is because Denethor genuinely appreciates Pippin’s gesture, his son died for this hobbit! But Pippin is fervent and honest and Denethor can tell! Denethor is grateful, he empathises! These are not traits film!denethor possessed, so we get the.... tomato... scene.... BUT ONWARDS, I consider this a positive scene, simply because Denethor and Gandalf’s rivalry in the books is just so much FUNNIER and interesting than in the films;
'And you, my Lord Mithrandir, shall come too, as and when you will. None shall hinder your coming to me at any time, save only in my brief hours of sleep. Let your wrath at an old man's folly run off and then return to my comfort!' 
'Folly?' said Gandalf. 'Nay, my lord, when you are a dotard you will die. You can use even your grief as a cloak. Do you think that I do not understand your purpose in questioning for an hour one who knows the least, while I sit by?' 
'If you understand it, then be content,' returned Denethor. 'Pride would be folly that disdained help and counsel at need; but you deal out such gifts according to your own designs. Yet the Lord of Gondor is not to be made the tool of other men's purposes, however worthy. And to him there is no purpose higher in the world as it now stands than the good of Gondor; and the rule of Gondor, my lord, is mine and no other man's, unless the king should come again.'
LIKE. IT’S FUNNY! Essentially Denethor’s like ‘oh ho I’m just an auld man dont be angry with me Gandy’ and Gandalf’s like ‘Denethor when you are ENFEEBLED by age you will DIE out of spite alone’ and Denethor’s like ‘OH FINE if you want to be that way, but you’re bloody annoying to deal with and I don’t TRUST you wholly so DEAL with it,’ And again we get Denethor’s like whole deal! Gondor is what he is here to defend! It’s his entire purpose in life! He doesn’t trust that Gandalf’s not going to use him for his own ends to the detriment of Gondor itself, which Gandalf LITERALLY admits he’d do in the next paragraph. Because he says ‘he’s the steward of everything, not just gondor’ which on the one hand is like, yeah, we get that, but you can understand Denethor’s perspective too. WHICH IS. GOOD CHARACTERISATION FOLKS!
'[Osgiliath] was 'It was a city,' said Beregond, 'the chief city of Gondor, of which this was only a fortress. For that is the ruin of Osgiliath on either side of Anduin, which our enemies took and burned long ago. Yet we won it back in the days of the youth of Denethor: not to dwell in, but to hold as an outpost, and to rebuild the bridge for the passage of our arms.a city,' said Beregond, 'the chief city of Gondor, of which this was only a fortress. For that is the ruin of Osgiliath on either side of Anduin, which our enemies took and burned long ago. Yet we won it back in the days of the youth of Denethor: not to dwell in, but to hold as an outpost, and to rebuild the bridge for the passage of our arms.’
This is just like a little thing but I think it’s just kinda important to emphasise that Denethor wasn’t just a politician, he bled heavily for Gondor’s safety too and the retaking of Osgiliath was an incredibly important victory that Denethor achieved for Gondor’s safety as a whole. Anyway SPEAKING of the tomato scene- god this really does entirely emphasise the difference between Film!Denethor and Book!Denethor;
‘Can you sing?' 
Yes,' said Pippin. 'Well, yes, well enough for my own people. But we have no songs fit for great halls and evil times, lord. We seldom sing of anything more terrible than wind or rain. And most of my songs are about things that make us laugh; or about food and drink, of course.' 
'And why should such songs be unfit for my halls, or for such hours as these? We who have lived long under the Shadow may surely listen to echoes from a land untroubled by it? Then we may feel that our vigil was not fruitless, though it may have been thankless.'
In the end Pipping doesn’t sing for him but like?? Look SEE LIKE. It’s not MEAN, Denethor is in general sardonic and kinda harsh and frustrating in tone but he’s not dismissive or uncharitable or heartless; he’s interested, he likes TALKING to Pippin, he likes to hear about the world! Songs about food and drink and weather are fine! Of course they have merit!
'Not – the Dark Lord?' cried Pippin, forgetting his place in his terror. Denethor laughed bitterly. 'Nay, not yet, Master Peregrin! He will not come save only to triumph over me when all is won. He uses others as his weapons. So do all great lords, if they are wise, Master Halfling. Or why should I sit here in my tower and think, and watch, and wait, spending even my sons? For I can still wield a brand.'
Do you hEAR the bitterness in these lines? How he has to SIT here and WAIT as he sends his loved ones to die- but he has too, he HAS to do this, it’s not new, he’s been sending his sons to their probably deaths for years, and god he wishes he could be a reckless man and just ride out himself again but there IS no one to step into his place if he should be lost and Gondor just can’t take that! IT’S cOMPELLING. And so... now we’ll end on the part you mentioned, which really is like... AGONISING, it’s heartbreaking, especially after Denethor’s manners and character up until this point, sharp, sardonic, dauntless, uncowed by ever new loss, every new defeat, Boromir’s death even did not crack him completely but now-
And as [Pippin] watched, it seemed to him that Denethor grew old before his eyes, as if something had snapped in his proud will, and his stern mind was overthrown. Grief maybe had wrought it, and remorse. He saw tears on that once tearless face, more unbearable than wrath. 
'Do not weep, lord,' he stammered. 'Perhaps he will get well. Have you asked Gandalf?' 
'Comfort me not with wizards!' said Denethor. 'The fool's hope has failed. The Enemy has found it, and now his power waxes; he sees our very thoughts, and all we do is ruinous. 
'I sent my son forth, unthanked, unblessed, out into needless peril, and here he lies with poison in his veins. Nay, nay, whatever may now betide in war, my line too is ending, even the House of the Stewards has failed. Mean folk shall rule the last remnant of the Kings of Men, lurking in the hills until all are hounded out.'
 Men came to the door crying for the Lord of the City. 'Nay, I will not come down,' he said. 'I must stay beside my son. He might still speak before the end. But that is near. Follow whom you will, even the Grey Fool, though his hope has failed. Here I stay.' 
I’ll NEVER forgive the appropriation of the ‘my line is ending’ line, he doesn’t MEAN that he’s grieving the loss of his lineage, he’s grieving the loss of his WHOLE COUNTRY, of his people! As well as his son! And in this final moment with him his priorities of heart surface, where his people are banging desperately at his door, begging for their Lord to come to their aide, he refuses, because Faramir is far more important to him in this moment. 
I said I wasn’t going to make this a dissertation but WHATEVER, there you are anon, hope it’s what you wanted than thANK YOU AGAIN for the ask :)
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tomorobo-illust · 2 years ago
Okay first of i just saw all of ur art again and it's freaking amazing (gonna reblog many of them when I got more time) So second I guess i speak for eveyone that we need to know which vine each side of the dices would be XD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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theerraticace · 28 days ago
hi there ive been following you for some time and have debated whether or not its weird to ask so please forgive me for only having the courage on anon. anyways, i was going to search your blog on mobile once for some common interest you seem to reblog a lot (i honestly dont remember what anymore) and saw the tag "inspiration" and saw it seemed to have a lot to do with writing and i was wondering if you post your writing up anywhere? sorry again if thats weird haha
Thanks so much for asking! This isn't a weird question, and questions like these are exactly why I keep anon on!
I haven't had time to write in a very long time because I'm working on my graduate thesis and have generally been in college for a few years, plus I've got chronic tendinitis now so my limited typing capacity has had to go towards college and work rather than writing. :( I'm hoping to start writing again once I finish my master's degree. These days I mostly use my inspiration tag for roleplay, which is the only writing form that I've been able to keep up, and for planning stories that I hope to write when I have the time, spoons, and physical ability.
That being said, the independent writing that I have done I haven't posted online in a long time. I used to maintain a deviantart but it's been inactive for several years now. If people are interested in my writing I'd be happy to share it if and when I'm able to write anything. I may even have a few things from the last few years that I could share, if folks would like me to! Just let me know.
Thanks so much for the ask!
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teio · 23 days ago
HELP the notes on the video.. so many love you like a love song liam moments <3
its my favorite video ever <3 actually i'm gonna reblog it again
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pandora15 · 29 days ago
Hey it's the reblog anon again, I just noticed you deleted the post I was responding to and I hope I didn't do anything to cause that! If I did, I'm so so sorry, you have my deepest apologies! I genuinely didn't mean to Start Anything so I hope I didn't? Anyway you don't have to respond to this, especially since this is anon and you would have to do so publicly, I just wanted to apologize if I did anything that hurt you because it really truly wasn't my intention and I'm a massive fan of yours
Tumblr media
Responding to this a bit late, so I'm hoping you see this, Anon!
I think with this exchange, we were once again a victim of funky timing xD
It's all good; like I said before, me deleting the original post just happened to be at the same time you sent your first ask - no harm done!
And I'm with you about those chain-reblog type posts! Those usually annoy me as well :/
Thanks again for all the kind words, I'm so :')))))
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