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#i screamed when he said it
littleholmes · 2 years ago
oswald: perhaps, edward, we really are meant for each other shippers:
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agentthirsty · 2 years ago
My dad’s being promoted to a new position at his job and it’s literally just ‘systems analyst 2′ and all I can think of is
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rinamikkelsen · 11 months ago
top ten mads quotes go!!
Everything he says in this video
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mikyouknow · 3 months ago
Aight I made a comp of every ‘Dream’ from George’s latest stream 😔
I counted it to 275 times in total, out of a stream that lasted for 1 hour, 59 mins and 48 seconds. (He couldn’t have streamed 12 more seconds huh lmao) anyways I don’t know math and I’ve just been spending too long editing this and counting, so somebody else do the math on that one LMAO but uhhhhhhh it’s a LOT 😀
He streamed for 119 mins and out of those minutes he said ‘Dream’ 275 times. That alone says a lot huh 🥴
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nikz-artea · a month ago
Okay, I've got a whole lot of questions and observations after seeing the trailer of Dearest Family for about a hundred times already. Here's some of them:
Gabriel can now break charms? The one that could prevent Akumatization and its barrier? (This is just a guess but the charm almost looks like Mr. Ramier's or I could be mistaken and he Akumatized himself in episode 9 so he can get one of those blasted charm that prevents him from Akumatizing the same person again.)
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Also, can he now Akumatize people without using butterflies as mode of transmission for his power? And multiple persons at once? He must have taken notes from Crocoduel. Lol.
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Then this. He's communicating to all of them at the same time. If I understand this correctly, he is striking a deal with them. He offers them to do something and in return, he'll give the one who accomplished it a reward.
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It will explain why they're seemingly in competition here.
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So, what does Shadow Moth wants?
The Ladybug and Cat Miraculous obviously.
But here's the thing. They are racing and even fighting to go into Marinette's room.
Did they know she's Ladybug? Could be.
Maybe they sensed her powers or Tikki after Gabriel's suspicious experiment? Possibly.
However, it's can also be because Shadow Moth is targeting Marinette specifically because her Akumatization will be a huge impact to the people. He knows she can be the greatest Akuma because of the near Princess Justice incident.
Just look at the fear in her eyes when she heard the commotion downstairs. She fears her identity will be revealed so she left.
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Now, let's talk about Tikki. She became uncontrollable. Marinette can't calm her down. First, they're fighting her family then Ladybug detransforms in an alley and the next thing we see, Tikki turns bad. And her powers is just as destructive as Plagg.
The reason of the attitude change? Marinette is holding it. That suspicious food she's clutching that Tikki probably ate.
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I have no idea if Tikki got Akumatized or if the food is really that awful. But she goes berserk. Giving us the almost parallel of Chat Blanc. It's Ladybug's powers that nearly wrecked the world leaving Chat Noir to save it. And them.
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Congratulations, Shadow Moth. You've got more than you bargained for. 😆
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Anyway, thank you for reading this long post. Hopefully, you're just as confused as I am. Kidding. Here, look at this almost cat like Tikki that woke up from the smell of food. So, cute.
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arainywriter · 5 months ago
dimension 20 really said “hey, let’s have more poc actors, and let’s have brennan be the token white guy, ooh, and let’s let brennan be a pc, oh, and let’s have a black and female gm, ooh, and let’s make the setting based on harry potter so we can say fuck jk rowling”
... like they really did that
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lanccelot · 6 months ago
can't get over lancelot's death. like this man is in front of the veil, ready to end all the suffering that the dorocha had caused everyone, and he still took that moment to look back at merlin because he wanted his face to be the last thing he ever saw. like
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he COULD'VE charged right into that veil. he could've ended it all within moments. but he chose to take one last look at the man he was dying for. one last look for the road i'm going to bite something
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cognitosclowns · a month ago
LOVE your hc posts so far but do u have any a n g s t hcs for andre or brett?? IDK WHY I ALWAYS WANT MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS TO SUFFER LAMOSJSH
you're getting BOTH bc these men <3 both need a lotta therapy goddamn
tw : drug abuse, addiction, drugs n related themes. tw death/dying and related concepts + self-sacrifice. also spoilers for the finale!! 
The options for Angst w/ these two is,, limitless.
Brett’s undying loyalty to the team is already immaculate for angst. The fact that he would probably sacrifice himself without a second thought for the team destroys me. 
Like he wouldn’t even need to be asked, right?
Would he say goodbye on the spot or is he gone before they even realize? So that there isn’t even a chance that someone else could be hurt?
In the same vein
Has he already planned out something in case smth does happen to him? An accident on a mission?
Does he have something written out for each member of the team? All typed up and easily accessible to make the transition easier
Leaving things for the team to remember him by. Advice and apologies and forgiveness for literally anything they might be able to think of. 
He thought of it too, and it’s written down for them.
He wants to make this as easy as he can for them. The considerate bastard.
whatever he has is written up to go to them in his will
I think these are so particularly painful because for him it wouldn’t even be a question for him. 
It’s obvious. Because these are his friends, and he is the human shield, and he is the one who would not be able to live with himself if something happened.
Brett self-sacrifice. Fuck me.
Ok so what about the moment that Andre realizes that he's unable to cope without drugs
Like not a back-of-the-mind awareness. I mean the moment where it really hits him that,, yeah. Fuck.
That all the friends he has right now almost exclusively know him when he's heavily intoxicated. 
They don’t actually know anything about him when he’s sober. Would they like him when he’s sober? HE doesn’t even like him when he’s sober.
The constant stress on his mind that he has to keep up this Energetic Persona bc otherwise they’re all gonna figure out hes,, just fucking terrified? </3
and post episode 6 this idea gets even worse be
The one time they saw him completely sober, he was panicked to the point of being incapacitated.
That during a crisis where his friend was in kidnapped he was only able to help when he was high.
Him believing that he’s only of use to his team when he is not himself. When he is a completely unrecognizable person.
i am sobbing weeping rolling on the floor
I HOPE THESE WERE OK IM NOT GOOD AT ANGST KSDJLKSA thank you for the ask!!! lskdl I hope we get plenty of angst next season <3 
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segernatural · 5 months ago
watching that 2013 jibcon where jackles was asked "does dean have any idea about his impact on cas' life" specifically in context of naomi forcing cas to kill dean over and over again, and jackles instantly and earnestly responding "no. dean has no idea, because cas is an angel." and it just. it all comes down to that.
"they don't have the equipment to care, cause if they do, it breaks them apart."
"Why would you do that? Why would you fall?" "Loyalty. Forgiveness. Love."
"Feelings are overrated." "Beats being an angel."
Dean has no idea!! He never sees the endless Deans. He never knows how much Cas means it when he says "i did all of it--everything--for you". How it really was all about saving one human. How Cas is in love with humanity--because of Dean.
And he doesnt even get to process! The first conversation where dean empathizes with anna is where he learns this about angels. And he never revisits it. For 11 years it has shaped how he sees the angels--how he sees Cas. This being that he couldnt possibly mean anything to because he's only human.
And cas says you changed me. Dean did that. Multidimensional wavelenth of celestial intent, fundamentally changed because of him.
Cas is throwing out the book of knowledge dean has on angels and he cannot process that. Dean changed him.
And then dean thinks he broke him. Because "people get close to me and they die" and cas was changed. And its no please why does this sound like a goodbye--even though he knows the answer. He just doesnt want it to be true. dont do this cas dont leave me here i promise i can fix this and its dean its not broken i love you
and of course dean loves him too but he didnt realize it mattered. he was content to just have cas there. but he thinks he loved him too much--if cas was telling the truth then it was deans love that condemned him. he did everything to stay an arms length away--to not be selfish because he cant afford to be--and yet. he still was too much. he broke cas and its his fault. he pushed the angel off the table and it shattered because he couldnt keep his hands to himself.
im going to scream
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