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fuzzynat · a day ago
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Hey uh... why he look like this ????
This ain't the same man i swear
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misscrazyfangirl321 · 2 days ago
I know I want that content to exist, but do I want it exist badly enough to make it?
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starw1sh · a day ago
Looking back, I genuinely went through the 7 stages of grief when Paeden died. Embarrassing but justified.
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larrimeme · 2 days ago
Awful. Someone made a NFT of one of my best pieces without my permission. If you see an NFT of my art, the art is stolen and I DID NOT give consent to destroy the planet with something I made to bring beauty into the world.
This feels me with a deep seething rage, and if you make art, I hope this never happens to you.
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adhdashketchum · 8 months ago
ash shares his social media account with pikachu. mostly its posts from ash about his pokemon but occasionally pikachu will make his own posts. these consist of extremely blurry pictures of ash from low angles with descriptions of absolute gibberish like "djdhdhdjd sjsjajsj ekwowiwysh sjsd soup x skdjsks s jsjssj"
pikachu's posts get more likes than ash's every time without fail
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rangerlink · 8 months ago
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Stardaw Valley’s update history sure is..... something
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eckvan · 8 days ago
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I could barely handle the few photos of Kit and Jack so far
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andrewgrfields · 8 months ago
bo burnham inside is like watching my own mental health regression in quarantine in real time with good songs and beautiful cinnamontography/lighting
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themoonking · a month ago
someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, often someone with experience in animal care: hey! letting your cats outside is incredibly unsafe for your cat and harmful to local wildlife! cats are domesticated animals, they do not need to be let outside (unsupervised) to be happy, they do not need to hunt to be happy, they do not need to wander the neighborhood to be happy. what they need is stimulation and enrichment, which can be provided safely indoors. keep your cats indoors or don’t get a cat!
british people: ✨💖well, actually💖✨
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firepowder · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
this is how y'all look to me when I log on after missing 14 scandals events lore streams and fake face reveals
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divinearchitect · a month ago
pep talk #1:
be as delusional about your desires as possible. have the AUDACITY to believe you deserve every little thing you want. i don't care if the physical reality shows you otherwise.
your sp barely acknowledges you? girl they're in LOVE with you they just don't know how to put it into words. you have them speechless every single time!
that 10,000 dollars still ain't hit your bank account yet? it's making its way to you right now just hold on, damn. someone has to count that LARGE sum of money you have, right?
you manifested weight loss but you see no changes? no problem. with every step you take, every breath you breathe, you've already lost several pounds/kg. it's vacuuming off your body AS YOU READ THIS so stop worrying.
that apartment you've dreamt of? someone's moving out of that bitch. hell they're probably BUILDING it right now, exactly to your liking. it's gonna find its way to you.
PLEASE you know how long i've been manifesting my crush? it doesn't matter how long, because you know what? he already is in love with me. i persist in that idea and guess what? i feel relieved knowing i've got exactly as i created.
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pegasister60 · 3 months ago
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cuddleiplier · 7 months ago
Happy Father's day to him and him only
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such-geekiness · 14 days ago
if tem really does show up as cody in the kenobi show, I will never shut up. every other word out of my mouth will be ‘cody.’ everything I reblog will be about cody. you’ll open your door and there I’ll be, talking about cody. I will literally never be normal again
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lostfootagefoundepisode · a year ago
i cant go to psychiatric care, they’ll take me to the ableist indie horror game asylum if i do
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judastarkid · 2 months ago
17776 and 20020 are good because its like “yeah so an apocalypse event happened and humanity can no longer procreate or age and mankind has ceased to evolve. we are three satellites so alone in the infinite black void of space. i love you. i love you. anyways here’s what sports look like now”
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emilys-locket · a month ago
So Moondrop/Sunrise is the Daycare attendant right? So when the lights go off Sun switches over to Moon and is basically in charge in case any toddlers can't sleep or refuse to.
That uh oh moment when you almost are able to get a snack after the lights go off and you see the moon watching you disapprovingly you ready to put you back into bed. Right after they sung a song and told a story too how could you do this?
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eckvan · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Memes are possible to make now that casting has dropped lmao
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whoredad · 6 months ago
lumity wouldn’t have been possible without catradora which wouldn’t have been possible without rupphire which wouldn’t have been possible without korrasami. and i’m sure something else is gonna come along down the line which won’t have been possible without lumity. stop comparing them and just accept that all of these pairings are groundbreaking for their times and continue to pave the way further and further for more normalized gay rep in kids media
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misscrazyfangirl321 · 3 months ago
Entertainment Without Netflix
So, you want a nice collection of things to watch, but you don’t want to pay for streaming services. Completely understandable! So you turn to the internet. The advice you get, by and large, is “pirate it!”
Now, maybe that works for you. But if your moral compass heard that and gave a hard no, you aren’t alone. There are plenty of people who feel that way. Are we stuck either paying for streaming or not having entertainment? Absolutely not. 
Here’s a handy guide to getting a really good collection of TV shows and movies to enjoy without paying for streaming or pirating anything: 
1. Free Streaming 
Tubi TV - Absolutely free to make an account, also available in app form. 
Pluto TV - Again, free to make an account, but you can also use it without an account. Not only does it have a streaming collection, it has live TV, if you’re interested. 
2. YouTube 
I’m not talking about movies that people have uploaded in pieces; if pirating bothers you, that probably will as well. But there are plenty of free movies on YouTube, and some companies upload full episodes for free. 
3. Libraries 
Seriously, I cannot emphasize supporting local libraries enough. I have such love for them, and if they don’t have the show or movie you want to watch, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to get it through interlibrary loan. If you don’t know how, just call your library, or talk to the person at the front desk. 
If even ILL doesn’t have it, see if your library will order it. 
4. Resale shops
Now we’re stepping out of free territory, so I’d encourage leaning on the first three options to start. But if you want to work on this for long-term, see what movies you can find at resale shops. Often they’ll have shelves full of DVDs for just a few dollars each. If you pick up a few along, pretty soon you’ll have a decent collection of your own. 
5. Garage sales 
Much like the last option, but garage sales are a great place to get really cheap movies. 
6. Ebay 
This can be more of a mixed bag with prices, and pay attention to user ratings, but you can get collections of movies for a low price on here. 
7: Bonus, if you can get others involved: Sharing 
If you have a handful of friends who also want entertainment without streaming or piracy, see if they’d be interested in joining forces. If you compare notes to see who has what, you can take turns borrowing from each other, and build collections with each other in mind. (Ie, if your friend already owns the movie, weigh your options before buying.) 
If anyone else has non-pirating suggestions, feel free to add on. 
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