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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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TW: Feet and medical issues related to them





May 30, 2020

I have had plantar warts in the bottom of my foot for as long as I can remember, although I’m told I haven’t always had them. Three years ago, when I stopped dancing constantly, they got better, and some of them completely disappeared. They’ve still been there, dormant, and after a year of thinking they were going to come back I’d finally convinced myself that no, they weren’t. Yes, I might still be able to see the remnants of them, and yes, they might still ache sometimes, but I could handle that. It was over.

Except it’s not over, because today I found a new one. 

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s something that’ll go away. I don’t think so, though, and I am pissed. It’s been nearly three years, but I remember what it was like to have them, and I do not fucking want to go back to that.

I feel as though I’ve been betrayed by my own body.

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an ooc announcement because i feel like this has to be said: i do not endorse or support anything max does or says on this blog!

when i write in character these things aren’t portrayed as wrong because he himself doesn’t see them that way. that does not mean the mun feels the same! the things he does are not intended to glorify, approve of, or portray torture or murder in a positive light. max is mentally unstable and the stuff that he does is not good in any way. his situation and mental state don’t excuse his actions or make them okay. if it ever seems like it’s being shown that way, i’d like your feedback!

similarly, if i reblog any content that involves depictions of actual murder scenes, please let me know and i’ll take it down immediately. this blog is not intended to support actual murderers, and i’m firmly against people who do. thank you!

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