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#i still love his snake ass
write-nerdy-to-me · 4 months ago
Noah: Have you ever heard the story of the black snake? Hey! Hands up. Once there was a crafty black snake who kept eating this poor chicken's eggs. She couldn't watch them all the time, you see? The black snake would wait until she was gone and then slide one of the eggs into his mouth and crush it in his throat. Now, this went on until there was only one egg left. But when the chicken left that egg, just for a moment, the snake swallowed it up. But for some reason, he couldn't crush it in his throat. The chicken had hard-boiled her final egg just to choke the snake. And the snake died. Castiel: Why are you telling this story? 
Noah: [ Chuckles ] Because I can't quite tell if he's the chicken or the snake. 
Castiel: We're done here. [ Castiel begins to fight Noah then he gets the poison kiss on the cheek. Cas faints as Jack watches. ]
idk man, i’m just thinking a lot of Thoughts™️ about 14x14 ouroboros and that chicken-egg-snake story. “it’s a story about greed mostly. but I guess it’s also – it’s also about being willing to give up the thing you love in order to kill the thing you hate.”  
how this man -- an equal-opportunity lover eater but was specifically choosing men at this point -- had poisonous kisses that rendered one paralyzed, speechless (tongues cut out, can’t move, unable to speak truth, stabbed in the back). how the kisses between queer men were weaponized, and how that was fine with the network to happen, bc it was negative, it was a poisonous kiss. but we couldn’t have a kiss between dean and cas, the mains, bc having a queer lead is bad, queer is monstrous, in this essay i will-- 
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urlocalwlw · 6 hours ago
atsuhina for the ship thing!
I love atsuhina ngl
Who takes care of the other while they're sick and who has never taken care of anyone in their life and has no idea what dayquil is: Hinata's an older brother so he's used to taking care of Natsu when she gets sick so Atsumu is easy to take care of in comparison. Atsumu does have a brother, but it's usually that they're sick at the same time and still trying to kick each other's asses at volleyball so you know- (Atsumu thinks Dayquil is one of those five hour energy things.)
Who drives and who yells, "Look, cows!" in the passenger seat: Atsumu drives and Hinata's the one who yells, "Look, cows!" Hinata grew up more in the country and so he's used to seeing cows, but that does not stop him from yelling every time he sees them. Atsumu doesn't understand all the hype about cows, but he's perfectly happy to support his boyfriend.
Who takes pictures of frogs they find and who stands in the rain waiting for them: Hinata takes so many pictures of frogs, mostly to send to Natsu and his friends. Atsumu stands off to the side and holds frogs for when Hinata wants to take pictures of them.
Who constantly begs the other to get a snake and who's afraid of snakes: Atsumu had a bunch of weird pets growing up because both him and Osamu always wanted different pets. He's had a dog, but he's also had a rat and a tarantula so. He's the one who suggests that they get a snake to which Hinata sort of pales at. (He eventually warms up to the idea of a snake and they name the snake Worm.)
Who cooks and who is banned from the kitchen forever after setting it on fire multiple times: Hinata is the one who cooks because he's pretty good at it. Unfortunately for Atsumu, Osamu got all the cooking skills in the family and so after one too many times of setting stuff on fire in the microwave, he's been banished to waiting in the kitchen.
Who plays Sims like a normal person and who does all the challenges: Atsumu doesn't play the sims honestly, but Hinata's a mix of both. His goal is to complete all the challenges in the sims, but he has created Atsumu in the sims too. (Atsumu thought it was sweet and definitely did not cry/s)
Who says all the weird stuff in their sleep and who is just trying to fall asleep except they can't because their s/o keeps saying weird stuff: Hinata says the weird stuff. He's been told by his old volleyball teammates that he used to say the weirdest stuff when they all shared a room at the training camp, but he didn't believe them. Atsumu has witnessed this first hand as Hinata has smacked him in the face because he was dreaming about volleyball.
Who reenacts Ratatouille and who reenacts the Lion King: Hinata is the perfect size to sit on Atsumu's shoulders and pretend like he's helping Atsumu cook. (Atsumu's cooking still doesn't come out that great, but it's better than burning the kitchen down.) Atsumu just likes holding Hinata so lifting him up is pretty easy and he can sing the entire Lion King theme song.
Who likes milk and who is lactose intolerant: They're both lactose intolerant, but Hinata is the one who aggressively drinks milkshakes/eats ice cream. Atsumu tries to stop him, but Hinata's always a little too quick for him.
Who goes stargazing because the stars are pretty and who goes stargazing in the hopes that they catch an alien: Hinata loves laying next to Atsumu and talking about nothing and everything while they sit under the stars. Atsumu loves listening to Hinata make up constellations and loves listening to him laugh afterward. (He also has a bet with Osamu that he can spot a UFO before he does.)
Who likes licorice and who would never touch it in their life: Hinata keeps little jars of licorice around the house that he can take out and munch on. Atsumu hasn't liked licorice ever since Osamu gave him orange flavored Twizzlers, but he still buys licorice for Hinata.
Who was really into dinosaurs when they were a kid and who was really into Ancient Greece when they were a kid: Atsumu was really into Greek myth and him and Osamu would always argue over which godly parent they belonged to.
("You can't be a child of Hades if I'm a child of Hermes! We're twins!"
Hinata was always really into dinosaurs and had a bunch of mini figures that he eventually gave to Natsu who still has them in her room.
Who bursts into random dances throughout the day and who has two left feet: Hinata is a dance machine and can dance almost anywhere. Kitchen, living room, even while they're laying down. Atsumu is a mix of both where he's sort of bad at dancing, but that will not stop him from trying and dancing with Hinata. (They step on each other's toes, but it always leaves them laughing with each other.)
Thank you for the ask! If you have any more ships then please send them! You can find the original post here.e
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candy-hime · a day ago
the dare; bakugou katsuki x reader
mina's dare is simple: steal a pair of boxers from your least-favorite senpai's bedroom. what could go wrong?
tw: smut, sparring, senpai tames his bratty kouhai😔😔✌️✌️
“I dare you to steal a pair of Bakuguo’s boxers.”
Your jaw drops in disbelief as your friends squeal with laughter, shaking you wildly and laughing, “Oh, you’re in for it.”
“Mina!” you protest. “That’s so mean! You said tonight was going to be a wholesome girls’ night.”
“That was before you told me to send a panty shot to Eiji.”
“You two are dating!”
“I feel like this counts as hazing,” Kasumi squeaks. “Bakugou hates Y/N. Like, really, really hates her.”
“Yeah, he does kinda have it out for her,” Ochako muses.
You cross your arms, scowling petulantly. Really, you wouldn’t have a problem with Bakugou- if he wasn’t such an insufferable ass.
The entire country had been enthralled with Bakugou Katsuki since he was in high school. The media portrayed him as a brazen anti-hero, online forums discussed his ingenious quirk strategies, and- in more recent years- every gossip magazine and Buzzfeed listicle had stuck him on top of their “Most Fuckable Heroes” list. Naturally, he’d coasted through U.A. and landed straight in Japan’s top hero university.
Bakugou knew he was the best. And yeah, he loved his friends and wanted to protect society and all that- but shit, the ego boost he got from his peers fawning over him was intoxicating.
Dynamight was the top of the top, a prodigy who’d managed to overtake most professional heroes. Damn right he deserved respect.
And then you entered Plus Ultra University the year after him, all cocky grins and flashy attacks and snide remarks. You’d practically laughed in Bakugou’s face when he tried to teach your class a battle maneuver.
Despite how many times he blasted you across the room, kicked you to the floor, and hissed insults that made your classmates gasp, you always had that unwavering, infuriating overconfidence. It hit a little too close to home.
Three years later, your mutual hatred still ran deep. Bakugou was graduating in six months, off to work at Endeavor’s agency with a six-figure salary. You were counting down the days until you’d never have to sit through a class with him again.
But you’d have to survive Mina’s dare to make it to graduation.
It takes a few kicks for Bakugou’s window to give. When you’ve finally managed to kick it open, you nimbly slip through, landing on all fours on his living room floor. It’s pitch-black and eerily silent; he must be out clubbing with his friends, sticking his tongue down some hapless girl’s throat. A shudder of disgust runs through you at the thought.
“This is so easy,” you scoff, sauntering into Bakugou’s bedroom. It’s a little tricky navigating his furniture in the darkness, but you’re pretty sure the closet’s next to the dresser-
A rock-hard arm snakes around your neck and jerks you backwards.
Years of strength training and quirk practice instinctively kick in; you don’t even hesitate when you jam your elbow into your captor’s solar plexus. He lets out a soft grunt of pain- you take the opportunity to throw a jab at their head. They dodge your attack, bringing their leg to twist behind your ankle and pulling your leg off the ground.
You barely manage to recover your balance as you fall, lithely somersaulting away as an explosion blasts into the air inches away from your face. The orange-gold flames momentarily illuminate the room, throwing light on a familiar figure sneering down at you.
“What’s the matter, princess? Weren’t expecting company?”
That aggravatingly familiar voice- that obnoxious nickname- causes your lip to curl in annoyance.
“Aw, sitting alone in the dark on a Saturday night?” you respond, your voice dripping with syrupy condescension. “That’s a low even for you, Kats.”
A furious growl rips from his throat as he flings another wall of flames in your direction. If your quirk didn’t give you superhuman mobility, you’d be toast. Thank god his room is fireproofed.
“And breaking into my house is better? Fuckin’ bitch- I’m gonna torch that smirk off your face. Stompin’ around loud enough to wake me up-,”
But then you plant a mean left hook on him, causing him to let out a grunt of pain mid-sentence. You use his momentary hesitation to throw a cross-jab combination-
And that’s where you fuck up.
The darkness throws off your aim- Bakugou is further to the side than you realized, causing you to slightly stumble forward. That’s all he needs; in the next moment, your arms are violently grabbed and twisted behind your back, body slammed onto the bed and knee shoved between your legs.
The room suddenly floods with soft yellow light as Bakugou finally turns on the lamp sitting next to his desk.
“Who’s laughin’ now?” he drawls, his heavy form looming above you. He’s dressed in a black muscle tee and boxers, putting his well-built arms on display. You struggle to escape from his grasp, but that just causes you to squirm atop his knee.
Bakugou’s smirk widens.
“Okay, congrats,” you snap. “You win. Now let me go, psycho- ah!”
Bakugou has shoved his leg even harder against your pelvis, his hands gripping your wrists so tightly they feel like they’re going to snap.
“It’s pathetic how weak you are. How long did you last- five minutes? Must be a record.”
Tears spring to your eyes as he squeezes your hands even harder. “Ow, Bakugou!”
“Bakugou? What happened to Kats?” He lowers his face to yours- he’s so close you can see the flecks of amber in his vermillion eyes, feel his warm, minty breath on your cheek.
“Look- I’m just here because of a stupid dare,” you tell him, trying and failing to keep your voice from trembling. “I’m sorry, okay? Just let me go.”
Bakugou lets out a harsh bark of laughter. “Oh, I don’t think so, princess.”
You blink up at him with wide eyes.
“Y’know, I should’ve put you in your place years ago,” he continues. “Walkin’ around in your short little skirts, actin’ like you’re the queen of the world when you haven’t won a single fight against me.”
“I said sorry-,”
“Sorry isn’t gonna cut it. I’m tired of your fuckin’ antics.”
And despite yourself- despite how much you loathe Bakugou- his words cause shivers to run down your spine. It’s impossible to ignore how attractive he is at this proximity, the sheer power that ripples through his muscles. He could break you if he wanted. Snap you in half with no effort at all.
Tense silence hangs between the two of you. The hot, needy ache in your lower stomach intensifies with every passing second.
And then Bakugou’s eyes slowly trail over your flimsy cami, pausing at your breasts. He shifts his grip so that only one of his hands circles your wrists.
“Huh,” he muses, thumb coming down to slowly circle a pebbled nipple. “Knew you were a fuckin’ bitch, but didn’t know you were a whore too.”
Your face grows hot with mortification. “I- it’s ‘cuz I’m cold, not- hng!”
He harshly tweaks a nipple, causing your pelvis to jerk up in response. A cruel laugh tears from Bakugou’s throat.
“So if I reach down here-,” His fingers shove past your running shorts, sliding over your panties, “-you won’t be wet?”
Ragged gasps leave your lips as Bakugou lazily moves his hand against your slit. His knuckles push against your panties just the slightest, firm enough so you feel him, but too light to be enough. You let out a needy mewl as you rut against his calloused palm, trying to heighten the friction-
But Bakugou abruptly pulls his hand away, laughing viciously.
“Bakugou,” you whine. “Come on.”
“Oh, no, no, sweetheart,” he cooes. “You break into my apartment, and you think I’m gonna get you off?”
“Like you haven’t wanted me for the last three years. You’re not very subtle when you’re staring at my ass.”
Bakugou growls, baring his teeth, but you don’t miss the flush that creeps up his neck. Suddenly, he lets go of your wrists.
“Okay, princess,” he utters. “You’re free to leave.”
You stiffen. Frustration rises up in the pit of your stomach as you glare up at him. The seconds tick by; Bakugou’s mirth grows as you stay frozen on the bed.
“That’s what you asked for, right? Go.”
“You’re such an asshole,” you hiss.
“Why? You don’t want me at all, right? So just- mmph!”
You’ve launched yourself into his lap, smashing your lips on his in furious desperation. He immediately clasps his large hands around your waist and tugs you closer, reciprocating with equal force.
Your kiss is passionate, intense, all angry tongue and teeth and stubborn refusal to yield. Bakugou’s hands rip apart your cami like it’s butter, greedily massaging your breasts like he can’t get enough.
“Oh, fuck,” you gasp, grinding against his rock-hard bulge.
“What did I say?” Bakugou says mockingly, pushing you off him. “You’re not getting off before me.”
And for a moment- when you peer up at him with a wounded gaze, your lips bruised and wet- he almost relents. Almost.
But a twisted sense of victory washes out every other emotion inside him. It’s so satisfying seeing you like this. He’s tried everything the last few years to break you down- shouting at you and overpowering you and blasting you to the wall- but nothing has reduced you to this whimpering, needy mess.
“Aw. Look at you.” The condescension oozes off his voice. You’re clumsily pulling at his boxers, fingers tugging the band down to reveal his thick, erect cock. It’s enthralling, almost; the prominent vein that snakes down his length; the salty precum trickling from his swollen red head; the strangled groan that leaves Bakugou’s mouth as you gently lay kitten licks around his shaft.
“Can you handle it, angel?” he murmurs, staring at you beneath hooded eyes.
“Of course. I’ve had... b-bigger.”
“Really?” Bakugou cocks a lazy eyebrow. “Don’t have to hold back, then, hm?”
Your lips gently wrap around his tip, tongue tentatively lolling around his length. There’s something about his musky scent that intensifies your arousal; you’re gripped by a wanting need for him, a desire to feel him entirely filling your mouth, stuffing himself down your throat until the only sensation in your mind is the heavy girth of his cock. It’s exhilarating as you slide down his length, drool dripping over his skin as you take him in his entirety.
“Oh, sh-shit,” Bakugou swears roughly, fingers threading through your hair. “Yeah, fuckin’ pathetic- are you so cockhungry you’ll suck off the guy you hate the most? Just need t’be a cumdump for anyone?”
Shit, you look so precious like this, gazing up at him with teary lashes and pitiful eyes. You’re hollowing out your cheeks as you bob up and down his length, soft hands pumping around the parts of him you can’t take in. You can’t get enough- sticky strings of precum and spit hang from his cock to your chin as you move down to his heavy balls. Your hand works at his length as your lips wrap around them, sucking and teasing at his velvety skin.
And that’s when Bakugou’s resolve snaps. He thrusts into your mouth, causing you to gag on his length in surprise.
“Come on, take it, take it,” he chants. “Thought you’d had bigger, thought this was nothin’.”
Your nails scrabble against his thighs, finding purchase as you accommodate to his pace. The sloppy sounds of your saliva and tears and precum lewdly squelch through the air as he uses your mouth, thick head pounding into the back of your throat. The sensation of you choking on his length makes his heart race wildly- this was the stuff of his dreams, the late-night fantasies he’d fucked his hand to hundreds of times.
You finally manage to stretch out your jaw to accommodate Bakugou’s size, relax your throat until you’re able to handle him fucking your mouth. The way you’re swallowing around his dick coaxes coarse groans from his lips. His head thuds against the wall, mouth agape as he rasps, “Close- keep goin’, take this fuckin’ cock-,”
You love the way he unravels when he releases. Perfect, untouchable Bakugou Katsuki, falling apart in front of you. It feels like you’re finally pulling him down to your level, an unreachable star in the sky that’s finally fallen to Earth.
A cry leaves his lips as he spurts thick ropes of cum down your throat and paints your pretty pink mouth in white. You swallow down on his cock while keeping your eyes locked on his.
“Christ,” he says hoarsely, pulling out of you. “Finally put that bratty little mouth to use.”
You don’t respond, slumping down on his sheets. Your chest rises and falls shakily.
Unexpectedly, a hand comes down to stroke your hair.
“You took that like a fuckin’ champ,” Bakugou murmurs, rubbing gentle circles between your locks.
You look up at him hopefully. “Y-Yeah?”
“‘Course.” He brushes the hair out of your face. His features are arranged in a shockingly tender expression. “You’re always so damn pretty.”
And it’s the way your face lights up at his praise- the way you’re so desperately yearning for his approval- that thrills Bakugou the most. You’ve never cared about his opinion. Always scoffed at his advice.
But here you are, hanging off his every word.
“C’mere,” he says gruffly, and captures your mouth in a kiss. It’s sweeter than the first time, deep and languid with an intensity that leaves your head spinning. When you smile against his lips, he chuckles quietly.
“Alright, princess.” Bakugou lays you down on his plush pillow. “It’s your turn.”
“You’re the best, Kats.”
Bakugou glowers up at you, his head between your legs. He’s gotten your running shorts and underwear halfway down your thighs, leaving your bare cunt exposed. “Don’t push it.”
Anticipation grows in your chest as Bakugou lazily plays with the slick gathered at your entrance. “So wet from suckin’ me off.” You moan as he blows a cool stream of air on your slit.
“D’ya like it when I’m rough with you?” he continues, fingers teasing around your clit. “Do you get off on being my cockslut?”
“Hurry up- ow!”
Bakugou has slapped your pussy, causing pain to radiate through your lower body.
“Talk to me like that one more time, and I’m throwing you out,” he utters. “Do I make myself clear?”
He’s so hot and cold, but somehow, this unpredictability heightens the thrill. When you don’t respond immediately, he smacks you again. A cry of pain tears from you.
“I said, do I make myself clear?”
“Yes, Bakugou.”
But he hits you again even harder. You whine in protest.
“Call me Katsuki,” he says brusquely.
“What was that for?! I didn’t know-,”
This time, when his hand comes down, you finally learn your lesson.
“Y-Yes, Katsuki,” you whimper, your lips downturned in a pout.
“Aww. Is my little slut sad? Wonder why she got wetter after I punished her, hm?”
You mewl blissfully as he finally delves into your folds, slurping and swallowing like he can’t get enough of your taste. Bakugou’s nose rubs against your clit as he coaxes his tongue into your hole, slowly pushing faster until he’s relentlessly fucking into you.
Everything in your mind’s going foggy, his fingers playing with your clit as skillfully pounds into your gummy walls. You’re blubbering incoherently, strangled moans of feels s’good and Katsuki please the only intelligible phrases streaming from your mouth.
Your orgasm comes too fast, releasing the tension that’s been building in your stomach since Bakugou first overpowered you. But he doesn’t relent; he simply replaces his tongue with his fingers.
“Ah, Katsuki- t-too much-,”
“What’s the matter?” Bakugou sneers, his thick fingers scissoring and curling into you. “Thought you could handle it.” He angles his fingers upwards, switching the spots he’s hitting at a pace you can’t keep up with-
And then he crooks his fingers just right and you let out a strangled moan, your back arching up off the bed.
“Looks like I found something my fuckin’ girl likes, huh?”
“Kats- please, I- I can’t-,”
But then he moves down to lap at your puffy clit and your words are lost in a wanton shriek.
“Yeah? Were you saying something?”
The pain of overstimulation entwines with the heady buildup of your second orgasm- you can’t think at all, can’t keep any thought in your head except Katsuki, Katsuki, Katsuki-
Bakugou looks up at you, his lips dripping in your slick.
“Cum for me,” he hisses.
And so you do, shudders wracking you as your orgasm tears through your body. You’re nearly sobbing- whether from pain or pleasure, you don’t know- and when Bakugou draws you into his chest, you’re still shaking.
“W-Want you inside me, Katsuki,” you whimper after you catch your breath.
He laughs harshly. “Wasn’t enough for you? Christ, how needy can you get?”
But he complies, his hand firm on your hips as he slams you down on the bed. He yanks your legs over his broad shoulders; you gasp as he slaps your dripping cunt with his erect cock.
“Who does this sloppy little pussy belong to?” he taunts.
There’s no challenge in your voice when you breathe, “You, Katsuki.”
“Dumbed out and desperate, huh?” Bakugou digs his fingers in your windpipe. “Next time you get mouthy with me during training, I’ll remind you how stupid this dick can make you.”
Anticipation skitters through your chest as he lines himself up against your entrance. Before he enters you, though, Bakugou pauses.
“You sure about this?” he asks, the spite gone from his tone.
You nod vigorously. “Wanted this for forever- please, Katsuki, just fuck me-,”
He pushes into you in one swift movement, bottoming out without giving you a moment to adjust. A high-pitched keen tears from your throat; fuck, your body is throbbing around him, stretched out in the most satisfying way possible. You swear you can feel him in your stomach.
“Shit,” Bakugou swears quietly, his jaw clenched. Everything about this moment- from your pussy fluttering around him, to the drool dripping down your cheek, to the wanton look in your gaze- it’s all absolutely perfect.
He slowly draws out of your cunt, his length scraping against your warm velvet walls. A whimper falls from your lips as he buries himself to the hilt inside you again.
“You good?” Bakugou murmurs. His hand snakes down to circle your clit, causing the tension to slowly leak from your muscles. Pleasure finally begins to overtake the pain; you whisper, “Yeah, ‘m ready, Katsuki.”
And then he starts picking up his pace, thrusting into you slowly and then moving faster when he hears your mewls grow louder. “Y’like that?” he growls. “Look at the way you’re rutting against me- fuckin’ hell, princess.”
“Don’t stop, please,” you beg, practically going cross-eyed at the way he’s pounding into you. Your ankles lock around his neck; he’s hitting you so deep, your position letting him hit angles your fingers could never reach. “Feels so g-good, I can’t...,”
Bakugou sneers. “Your greedy little pussy’s suckin’ me in- god, gonna fuck your stupid little brains out, want you to remember this.”
You’re fervently chanting his name, pupils blown wide open as he rams into you. His hands are everywhere; kneading at your sensitive breasts, pressing against your stomach, rubbing your clit through your slick. A familiar crescendo is building up in your core again- you’re embarrassed at how little it takes for Bakugou to pull an orgasm out of you. He feels you tightening around him and smirks.
“Gonna cum for me?” he pants, sweat dripping down his face. “Go on, then. Fall apart on my cock, slut.”
And in the next few moments the coil of tension snaps; a strangled whine leaves your lips as you convulse uncontrollably around his length, black spots filling your vision as you crest through your release. The sensation of your walls milking him causes Bakugou to tumble over the edge as well. He hastily pulls out, his hand squelching over his shaft as he furiously pumps toward his release.
“Stick that fuckin’ tongue out for me, princess, lemme make a mess of your face- shit!”
Thick white cum gushes from his dick. You obediently catch his semen all over your mouth, letting it drip from your cheeks down to your neck.
There’s a lazy smile on Bakugou’s face as he stares down at your ravished figure, your features filthy with sticky cum and sweat and tears. He’s intoxicated off the high of seeing you submit to him, the addicting feeling of breaking you down completely.
Gently, Bakugou detangles your legs from around his shoulders. He slumps down next to you, his eyes momentarily fluttering shut.
You were everything he dreamed of and more. Half of him is still in disbelief about what just happened.
Bakugou can’t stop at just this.
He turns, hand reaching for you-
But comes up with empty sheets.
“Wha-,” he mumbles, pushing himself off the pillows.
“Thanks for this.” You’re standing by the window, hair unkempt and face still sloppy. Despite your frazzled appearance, though, you’re practically glowing with triumph.
“Wait a minute,” Bakugou growls, peering at the wad of fabric in your hand. “Are those... my boxers?”
You shoot him a wink. “See you around, Kats.”
theres no part 2 but ya y/n and katsuki totally get together after this LOL
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shirtlessfelix · 3 days ago
Do you write for Nemesis? Is so how about him finally tracking the afab reader down and catching the reader bc you’re a member of stars and him being fed up with the cat and mouse game he just endured it leads to spicy time. Please and thank you, I really love ur stories 🤗
Thank you so much!! Very happy you do ^^ First time for everything, I hope you love this too <3 <3 Last RE request for today, but I'll continue them tomorrow! Wanted to save this one as a dirty finale :P This one's a bit more ~explicit~ than the others, so... be warned!
[M] Nemesis Gets His Vengeance
NSFW 875 words
You joined the Entity's realm long before the Nemesis ever did, and with killers like the Plague and Pyramid Head, you were prepared for the kind of fight he would put up. When you learned about his history with Jill and Leon, you immediately started thinking of ways to outsmart him and render his abilities useless, so once you got into a trial, it would be a breeze.
It seemed that way, at least.
You ran him around for the better part of multiple trials, never quite letting his tentacle close enough to infect you, running around his undead servants and proving too slippery to catch off guard. Needless to say, you give him a harder time than anybody, and he lives for the trial when he finally gets his hands on you.
Much to his pleasure, saving the best survivor for last was a good plan since he caught you trying to be a good teammate with a last-minute unhook. For you, though, this meant being grabbed off of the other survivor and carried under the Nemesis' arm, kicking and flailing to escape his impossible grasp. "Gotcha now," he grumbles and carries you off into a corner.
He ignores the existence of the hatch merely so he can take his time with you. All that running around and teasing him, you're frustrated that he finally caught you and that he refuses to let go. His grip on you twists your clothes out of position, so you try to pull it back with no sign of success. It's tiring more than unpleasant, the way he's messing with you, but you can't help but wonder what he could possibly want.
Nemesis isn't one to follow the rules. With you still under his arm, he takes a hand and covers your ass with it as he grips your clothed cheek. You gasp at the feeling of his rough hands on your skin, pinching under your shorts just to feel you now that you're finally his. It's kind of exhilarating... maybe this is what you wanted.
You feel his fingers slip further down between your legs, rubbing through your shorts and making you yell out in exasperation and pleasure, never thinking this is why he wanted to catch you so badly. Finally, he puts you down, the lingering feeling of his fingers on you leaving you frozen in front of him.
He looks at you intensely before his tentacle lashes out from his arm and waves in front of you. He slithers it down your shirt, pulling at the fabric and eventually sliding it down all the way to expose your breasts to the cool air of the realm. The end of the appendage flicks your nipple before snaking its way lower down, rubbing between your legs again and teasing the hem of your shorts.
You shiver, your knees buckle, and before you know it, he's lifting you up and pinning you against the wall, using his free hand to slide your shorts and panties down all in one go, chuckling to himself as he watches you drip for him. Spreading your legs and hiking you up with a leg, the Nemesis rubs between your folds, hard and right where he needs to for you to moan out. You open yourself up for him, practically begging for him to do anything he wants to you, but he doesn't take the bait just yet.
He leans forward and slides his tongue over your nipples, long and short strokes over the buds as he slides two thick fingers inside you, pumping roughly and continuing to rub you with his thumb. By now, you're already overstimulated, but you need more. You plead for more with your quivering lips and desperate hisses for all of him.
The tentacle slinks out again and slides between your cheeks, teasing and rubbing against you as his fingers slow down and eventually pull out. He turns your head down to watch as he rubs himself through the fabric of his coat, eventually pulling it aside and freeing his cock that throbs for you. You try to push yourself down onto it, but it's too far; he knows he's teasing you so badly.
He rubs the tip against your lips and all between your folds, the tentacle still holding onto you tight as he lowers you down onto him and thrusts into you slowly at first, but quickly increasing his pace. You've never felt anything quite like him before, especially not the extra appendage teasing your other hole.
The scalding muscle inside of you drives you absolutely wild, and the more your voice cracks in pleasure, the more Nemesis wants to keep going. Despite being a mutation, even he has to stop at some point, but only when he's completely released himself and left you on the ground for a while just to watch you come down from your high.
He figures he'll let you enjoy it for a little longer before carrying you to the open hatch, where you'll return to the campfire like nothing ever happened, but with the memory of what did happen still fresh in your mind. You'll keep him on his toes more often if it means he'll keep you longer again.
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wait do you still write for observer? if so i would request soming but hi! how about evans s/o with a pet snake like the b i g ones just cillin on his s/os shoulders anyways have a nice day hgnuhu-jay
Of course I still write for The Observer babe he's literally my favorite character in the tribetwelve series
Evan Everyman
He's so scared of you omg
How tf are you just not scared with that big ass snake on your shoulders
Once you introduced him to the snake he's still tense as fuck but isn't as scared
Actually might get a snake of his own
He thinks the snake is adorable
He loves snakes now
Gives the snake and you kisses
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iambilliejeanok · 3 days ago
A night to remember
Tumblr media
Pairings: Guy x reader
Warning: 18+. Language, smut from the first word to the last. NSFW. Overstimulation. Just a quick something I wrote to you to enjoy💜
You had just come for the third time tonight, your entire body shaking and squirting all over Guy. His big hands still held their possessive grip on your hips, waiting for you to finish before he would sink his thick meat right back into you. You were still shivering when he sat you back down on him, slowly letting his dick find home in your soaking pussy. He pushed himself up, shifting with you still squirming onto of him into a better position, his feet flat on the floor and you wrapped around him as he remained seated on the edge of the bed. He knew you wouldn’t be able to ride him without any more support than he was already giving you. Seeing that you were getting a little whiny after he made you fiercely come for the third time tonight, he figured he’d take a little more control. His hands rubbed your back, slowly kissing you, tugging at your lips as he swallowed the rest of your moans, the hands on your hips forcing you to move in slow circles, while he held you, balls deep in your squelching hot pussy. His large hands snaked under your thick thighs to get a good grip on your fat ass while your hands found its new place buried in his short, black cut. He stood up, his hands under your ass as well as your grip in his hair keeping you from falling. He caught a glimpse of your face and couldn’t help but smile, loving how fucked out you looked from begging for him to stop when the pleasure got too good. He began slowly thrusting into, ignoring all your pleas for a break or at least to take it slow. He’s been taking it slow all evening and was ready to fuck into you at his own pace. “G-Guy!” , your whine sinful to his ears as he searched for your eyes. “Yes my flower”, he smiled, still slowly thrusting into you, steadily bouncing you on his fat cock. Your eye’s finally met his own dark, sinister orbs but the eye contact didn’t last long as your eyes rolled to the back of your head. Your legs were hooked over his arms as his hands kept their grip on your ass, loud clapping and hard moans with every thrust he delivered. “S-so f-fucki- oooohhhhh! Yes! Aaahhh! t-too much”, you babbled out, trying your best to take the hard and heavy thrust’s he was sending your way. He increased his pace, his thighs flexing as he started bouncing you a little faster, biting his lip when you roughly screamed as he found a much faster and steadier pace, his dick nearly bruising your gspot with every thrust. “Shhh. This is all for you flower. I know you can take it. Can’t you?”, he questioned, admiring your scrunched up face, your screaming much too loud in his ears and your pretty lips an o shape as a trail of spit hung from them. You didn’t hear a word he said as you felt your orgasm explode, sending a frenzy of fireworks throughout your body, forcing you to scream, buck and squirm in his arms. But your lover kept you in place as you pushed him out with your violent climax, gushing all over him as well as yourself , but the minute your squirting subsided, he pushed himself right back in, dragging out the intense pleasure with the promise of another mind blowing orgasm. He placed you back on the bed, his dick still buried deep inside of your clenching pussy as he spread your shivering thighs apart, his dick so deep inside of you as he leaned in to kiss you. “You’re so good for me precious. Always taking me so well like this. I love you so much my flower”, he spoke between pecks all over your warm face. “I…I l-love y-you t…too”, you responded between whimpers, a deep whine leaving your throat when he adjusted himself to continue fucking you, your legs over his shoulders while he’s body weight trapped you. You were as good as fucked and he wasn’t anywhere near satisfied. Good luck💜 lol
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alvertesongdiary · 4 days ago
Megan Thee Stallion - Thot Shit
(OG Parker) (And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it)
Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Post me a pic, finna make me a profit When the liquor hit, then a bitch get toxic (Why the fuck you in the club when niggas wildin’?) I've been lit since brunch, thot shit Order '42 for the table, let’s pop shit Missionary or doggystyle, I'ma top shit Pussy-ass niggas hatin' on me from the closet, ah Hoes tryna call me a snake, shit, I guess I can relate 'Cause a bitch spit a whole lotta venom And since these hoes all rats, when they come around me All I see is a whole lotta dinner I walk around the house butt-naked And I stop at every mirror just to stare at my own posterior I don't give a fuck who talk behind my back 'Cause the bitch knew better than to let me hear her (Ah)
Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin’ ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, ha-hands on my knees Hands on my knees, shakin’ ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin’ ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, hands on my knees
Hoes said they wish a bitch would, and I'm a genie Bitch so hot, gotta stay in bikinis He got a girl, but he keep beggin' to see me I love it when a nigga got a mouth full of VVs No, I'm not a patient, but I let him treat me I gotta be a doctor how I’m orderin' CCs Go to your place, no face, no case Ninety-nine percent tint in a blacked-out Wraith I remember hoes used to clap for me happily Now I'm bossed up and them same hoes mad at me Acting like they ridin', whole time tryna pass me Watchin' me go through it and still tryna drag me Actin' like you winnin', if you think about it, actually Are they supportin' you or really just attackin' me? I don't give a fuck 'bout a blog tryna bash me I'm the shit per the Recording Academy (Ah)
Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, ha-hands on my knees Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, hands on my knees
Drinkin' out the motherfuckin' bottle on my thot shit Everything I eat go straight to my pockets 2021, finna graduate college Goth girl shit, I'm a real hot topic Fuckin' on a nigga, make him sing, on some pop shit I need a real headbanger, on some rock shit Pussy like crack, wanna hit it like dope Got a real hot box, but a bitch don't smoke (Ah) Hot girl, but I'm still the coldest, hey I'm the big homie, but I ain't the oldest, hmm Bitch dry hatin', tryna get noticed Man, ain't nobody come to see you, Otis, look How many bitches lyin' if they say they bars is better? They really puppets, so I really gotta go and Geppetto I'm really talkin', but it really can apply to whoever My pen a freak, it'll go after a bitch or a nigga (Huh) Big bank take lil' bank, bitch, add it up Hoes takin' shots, but they ain't in my caliber Booked, but I squeeze a lil' head in my calendar Lookin' in the mirror like, "Damn, I don't brag enough" LVs, double C's, Birkins, I'm workin' My chain ain't hittin' if a bitch ain't hurtin' Look, I ain't even finna argue with a bitch One thing I know, two things for certain None of these hoes sayin' shit to my face And none of these hoes finna see me at the bank And I'ma keep talkin' all the shit that I want And I dare one of these hoes come tell me I can't We ain't even speakin' if the nigga ain't spendin' He could never say that I was one of his women I don't even let niggas know where I stay I'll be damned if he thinkin' he poppin' up on this pimpin' (Ah)
Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, ha-hands on my knees Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit (Thot shit) Hands on my knees, shakin' ass, on my thot shit Hands on my knees, hands on my knees
(OG Parker) (And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it)
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lovingjeankirstein · 4 days ago
dating kuroo tetsuro headcanons <3
LITERALLY LOVE HIM SM (him and aren kuboyasu are tied for my fave anime boys)
he’s such a dork and i need a girl version of him pls i’m so hashtag lonely
gn! reader. enjoy!
Tumblr media
in my mind, i think kuroo would start to like you/fall in love with you once he gets close to you and builds a bond with you
prior to dating, he’d put science puns and jokes in your notes and books to make you laugh
if you understand them and are also a massive nerd (not an insult bc i am too 💀) you’d tell him some too and his heart would beat sO FAST
teases from yaku: “just marry them already”
he’s a snake (not daishou) sometimes but all the teasing is just for fun
whether you need his help to understand a hard concept, or you’re just working in each other’s presence with snacks, and comfortable silence, he’s in for it.
bragging about you to daishou
them having s/o bragging/competing sessions
you and mika chan are just there like 😀😀 bc you guys get along so well despite their rivalry LMAOOO
he loves to take care of you. like if he goes out on his morning run and you’re still asleep when he comes back he’ll make you guys breakfast
CORNY ASS PICKUP LINESSSS they’re so bad they make you laugh so he just keeps saying them
he calls you honey, love, babe, SHAWTY BC ITS FUNNY AHAHAHHA
yamamoto being so jealous kuroo has a HOT AND AWESOME s/o literally crying
hanging out with kenma a lot. he doesn’t think you’re overwhelming and thinks you’re good for kuroo so he warms up to you and you guys get along really well.
standing there like 🧍🏻with akaashi when bokuto and him get into their shenanigans
“who knew he’d be able to get someone like them”
“damn what poor soul fell for you”
cue kuroo literally walking away from all the teasing
omg tickle fights with him that’s so cute pls
he calls you his/the team’s lucky charm
every time they score a point he finds you in the stands and smiles at you
i think he’s a hopeless romantic so he’ll do the mushiest gushiest stuff with you
like coffee shop dates, kissing in the rain, and all the other cliches
he lovesssss when you play with his hair
even tho he likes taking care of you, you have to take care if him from time to time bc WE DON’T WANT OUR ROOSTER TO OVERWORK HIMSELF DO WE
he’s captain and in college courses so he has to keep up. but sometimes he forgets to take a break and you need to stop him by literally pulling him away.
the looks he gives you are filled with so much love. his smile, his eyes, his blushy cheeks. he’s head over heels for you dear and he certainly shows it.
you’ll steal them when he’s using them from time to time and he’ll be like babe really-
on rest and lazy days he loves staying in bed and cuddling you. it can be silent or you guys can watch a movie it doesn’t matter.
playing with his face- i feel like he’d have a squishy face and you like to poke his cheeks.
he likes holding your face in his hands 🥺
when he walks you home he intertwines your hands together and swings them while you tell him about your day.
if he sees you in the halls at school or through classroom door windows, he’ll smile and give you a wink.
even tho he may seem really confident in his flirts and actions, that doesn’t mean his heart beats 50 miles a second every time he does them
no matter how long you guys are together, you’ll always make him trip over his words or make him blush furiously at times
still flusters you back bc he sucks (jk <3)
loves when you nuzzle into his neck when cuddling 🥰
dancing in the kitchen late at night
stargazing 😩
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nonstop-haikyuu · 5 days ago
Social Media Apologies
This is my first fic with the Haikyuu Headquarters server! And it's my first Daishou fic, as much as I love that snake bastard!! This month's SFW prompt was "meet ugly" so this is about Daishou serving a ball into reader's face which leads to him groveling on social media. Honestly, I hope you guys like this!! Here's the link to the masterlist!
For years, I had a string of bad luck that seemed to follow me around no matter where I went or how I acted. My parents cited bad karma or a curse placed upon me when I was a child. I simply called it life being an asshole. When I gained the job as the Sendai Frogs trainer, I knew the dangers of what I was getting into. Volleyballs were constantly flying across the gym and it wasn’t uncommon for someone to catch a spiked ball to the face.
For the most part, I had managed to avoid any strays that came my way, whether it be me blocking the hit or the players that I worked with saving my ass.
That changed the day that we played Yotsuya Motor Spirits. Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting the day to be anything special, especially since Kyotani, Koganegawa, and Kei had finally started working as a team, with their fellow players supporting their talents both as a trio and separately.
“Hey, don’t let them in your head, okay, Kyo? And Tsukki, please don’t rile them up too much. I really don’t want to deal with their coach coming to rip our heads off cause you want to be a dick.” I encouraged, crossing my arms over my chest. The two rolled their eyes at my usual pep talk then mumbled their agreement, turning towards their opponents. Kanji bounced eagerly in front of me and asked, “What about me?”
“Just take it slow, okay? Don’t rush your sets,I know you can do this.” I replied, patting him on the shoulder. He grinned at my words of wisdom and they soon walked away to line up, prepared to take their stances on the court. The first set passed without anything too out of the ordinary, with snide comments and smug grins exchanged between the net.
It was the second set that seemed to make the match all the more interesting.
Daishou Suguru, an outside hitter from the Spirits, was the man responsible for the shift of the atmosphere. I was returning from the trainer’s room with a bag of supplies, knowing that at the next timeout, Tsukishima and Kanji would need tape for their fingers. Along with that, our libero would likely want his knee braced better, due to an old injury.
I was walking on the corner of the court when the whistle blew and Daishou took his stance for his serve. I glanced up for a brief second to see who would take on the receive, only to realize that the ball was hurtling towards my face at a pace much too fast for me to hide from. Shouts and gasps filled the stadium as I slammed to the floor. Blurry faces crowded around me and I faintly acknowledged the fact that my three friends were looming over me, waving their hands in front of my face.
“Hey, hey, easy. Just lay back, okay?” Kei encouraged, pressing a gentle hand against my shoulder. I groaned at the pain in my head and nose then mumbled, “Hurts. It hurts. What the hell happened?” Kyotani masked his snarl and bit out, “Bastard snake nailed you in the face with a serve. Might wanna hold still, Coach thinks you have a concussion and a broken nose.”
“You realize that I can hear you, right? It’s not like I meant to hit them. I was shooting for a service ace, give me a break.” Daishou replied, rolling his eyes.
“Shit, this hurts.” I grumbled as Tsukki pressed a wad of tissues under my nose. Daishou knelt beside me and murmured, “Hey, I’m really sorry about hitting you in the face. I didn’t see you there.”
“I’m kinda pissed that you serve bad enough to hit someone on the sidelines.” I snapped, pushing myself up. Kogane’s eyes widened at my bitter tone and harsh words, then Daishou spat, “You were walking in front of the barrier. You should have enough brains to know to walk behind it.”
I jerked my head towards the wing spiker, groaning at the sharp jab of pain and bit out, “Maybe you should learn how to serve properly then. If your serves are that high, then you’re not doing something right.” Kyotani helped me to my feet then I heard the snake hiss, “Bitch just needs to learn where to stand during a game.”
An argument between Tsukishima and Daishou began to rise with Kogane attempting to coax his teammate out of the fight. Kyotani braced against me then grumbled, “You never know when to stop talking, do you?” I let out a bitter laugh and mumbled, “He’s the one who will have to deal with the backlash. And I’m the one with a broken nose!”
He patted me on the shoulder and replied, “I’ve learned that you usually get screwed by what you say in the end.” He was right but shit, I was really hoping that I would escape any trouble that followed.
I, in fact, did not escape the results of Wednesday’s game. Kyotani, Kogane, and Kei came to visit me in the trainer’s room on Saturday, my first day back from my concussion, and they showed me the results of my broken nose and bitter words towards Daishou.
“Sendai Frogs’ Trainer and Motor Spirits’ Wing Spiker in the midst of a social media battle? Daishou Suguru has gone to social media to publicly apologize to the Sendai Frogs’ trainer after a stray serve broke the trainer’s nose and left them with a concussion. As of right now, the Sendai Frogs have not addressed the situation. The wing spiker seems to be desperate for a response and his fans seem irritated with the lack of acceptance from the trainer. ” Kei read off, raising an eyebrow in my direction. I scoffed at the ridiculous headline then snapped the first aid kit shut as I bit out, “Give me a break. He’s the one who won’t stop tagging me in his stupid apology. I mean, why should I accept his apology twice?”
“Because it’s good publicity and if you don’t accept on social media without a single ounce of sarcasm in it, I think you’ll be finding a new job.” our PR manager answered, entering the room. We twisted at the statement and I snapped, “What are you talking about? I could be fired over this?”
“Not my idea but the Motor Spirits’ manager is pissed that you’re not replying to him publicly so the fans of his team say that you’re being a stuck up bitch.” she replied, crossing her arms over her chest. I groaned and flung myself on the trainer’s bed, whining, “This isn’t fair! I’m the one with the broken nose and he’s the one gaining the sympathy? Ugh! Fine, I’ll tweet him now.”
Yanking out my phone, I opened the Twitter app and constructed a tweet, “Daishou-san, I accept your apology. I’m sorry for taking so long to accept publicly.” I clicked send on the public message and grumbled to myself as Kei chirped, “You think the public will leave your little feud at that?” A simple chime followed his question and I glanced down, surprised to see that Daishou had privately messaged me.
“How about dinner on me? I’d really like to make it up to you.” Kei blinked in surprise at the statement then laughed, “Are you going to accept? It’s been a while since you’ve been on a date. I mean, people already think you guys are a thing.”
“Seriously?! Who asked you anyway? Hmm. I mean, I guess I could go out with him?” I asked, tapping my chin. My best friends continued to laugh as I thought over Daishou’s offer then mumbled, “I guess it can’t get worse than it already is.” Typing a quick response, I hovered over the send message then Kyotani huffed, pushing the button himself. We loom over the phone screen, waiting for his response, then a new chat appears with an address linked and a simple, “Tonight, 9 pm. I’ll see you there.” I tilted my head back then asked, “What am I thinking?”
“You need a boyfriend, that’s what you’re thinking.” Kei supplied, patting me on the back. I came to a stand then stated, “I guess I should go get ready for this date, then.”
“You’re gonna have a great time!” Kanji called out, laughter following me out.
9 pm came surprisingly slow, likely due to my repeated glances at my watch. The ramen shop was actually a ten minute drive from my apartment and I often frequented it during the weekends. I was thankful for the familiarity and lowkey manner of the shop. It would provide some comfort to me.
Bowing briefly at the shop owner, I glanced around and spotted Daishou in the corner. He smiled at my appearance then pulled out the stool across from him. I settled down on the seat and he admitted, “I’m not going to lie, I kind of thought you weren’t going to show up.” I laughed at his statement then replied, “I wasn’t sure if you were going to come. Tsukki definitely wasn’t confident in you showing up.”
“Well, Four Eyes is best buds with Kuroo and that cat hasn’t liked me since middle school. You look beautiful by the way. I really am sorry about breaking your nose and giving you a concussion.” he remarked, scratching the back of his neck. I pressed a gentle finger to the bridge of my nose then stated, “Don’t worry about it. Neither of us could really do anything about this. You’re a persistent asshole, though. Why did you ask me out for dinner?”
He paused at the question and answered, “I thought you were pretty. And I like that you didn’t let me be an asshole. At least, not without a fight.” I laughed, shaking his head, and chirped, “You thought I was hot while I was being a bitch? Are you a masochist or something?”
“More of a sadist, if I’m being honest.” he blurted out, playing with my fingers. My eyes widened at his bluntness then he leaned forward with a remark, “But that can wait until after dinner. What would you like?”
We glanced over the menu and I found myself studying Daishou. His hair was relatively short, barely hanging on his forehead and it looked soft until the ramen shop’s lights. Green eyes flickered back and forth over the options and my gaze continued down to petal pink lips. His tongue flicked out and I’m surprised to see that he has a tongue ring, with fangs in place of normal canines.
“Snake bastard… I thought Kyotani was being a dick, not being serious.” I mumbled, reaching to cup his face. He startled at the sudden touch and his eyebrows furrowed together, asking, “Can I help you with something?”
“Fangs… you have fangs.” I breathed, focused on his mouth. He laughed at the awe in my voice then replied, “I was born with them. I got my tongue pierced right after college on a bet.” He wiggled his tongue afterwards and returned his attention to the menu as the server approached our table.
“Hello! What can I get for you?” I turned with a smile as I gave my order then dropped my hand away from Daishou’s face so he could answer. Once she wrote down our selected meals, she gave a small bow and informed us that our food would soon be out.
“I’m sorry. You must think that I’m a crazy person for grabbing your face like that.” I apologized, burying my face in my hands. He laughed at my embarrassment and tugged my hands down before he chimed, “It’s okay, I thought it was cute. Honestly, a lot of people are turned off by the fangs. Something about how it’ll hurt if I kiss them. So it’s nice to have someone fascinated by them.”
“I really like it actually. It looks really good.” I murmured, a shy smile stretching across my face. He smiled in return then asked, “So how did you end up as the trainer for the Frogs?” I let out a laugh and answered, “I used to go to Aoba Johnson with Kentarou and went to college with Tsuki. When they joined the Frogs, I heard they were hiring an athletic trainer so I put in an app. Now I’m here and stuck with three blond idiots.”
“Hey I’m not an idiot!” a growl interrupted, jerking our attention to the table behind us. Three men sat there with awful disguises and I could feel my fury beginning to bubble.
“What the hell are you three doing here?” I spat, jerking out of my seat. Daishou started at Kyotani, Kanji, and Kei, the two glaring at Kentarou for blowing their cover.
“Idiot! They haven’t even had dinner yet and now they know we’re here!” Kei hissed, slapping his teammate on the shoulder. I slammed my hands on their table then demanded, “Why are you here?! Which one of you morons thought of this bright idea?”
“Group effort?” Kogane supplied, ducking his head to avoid my glare. Our server returned with our food, with concern across her face then Daishou stated, “Could we get our food to go? Please? We had something come up and can’t stay to eat.” Kei turned with a bitter expression then asked, “Do you think that I would let you go on a date with him by yourself?”
“Yes! I’m a grown adult and I figured you would at least trust me enough to watch over myself! Daishou-san, I am so sorry for this! I didn’t think these three would be this dumb. My apartment isn’t too far from here if you’re still wanting to go on this date?” I asked, turning my attention back to the wing spiker.
He gave a grin and answered, “I would love to. I’ve already paid so I’m ready to go when you are.” The trio began to protest as we walked out of the shop and I shot a glare over my shoulder, hissing, “You follow us and I will end you.” They settled back in their chairs and sighed, shaking their heads.
I turned back to Daishou and he wrapped an arm around my waist, murmuring, “I think we make a pretty amazing couple, what do you think?” I leaned into his side and said, “I think you’re right.”
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novajeon · 5 days ago
Papi : Jeon Jungkook ❩
↪︎ 18+
↪︎ genre - smut!
↪︎ warnings - dom! jk, sub! reader! pet names, (baby, princess, papi, slut, bitch) chocking, spanking, muster! jk, doggy, Jungkook’s tattoos are heavily worshipped, cocky! jk.
↪︎ note: story not depicted to inflict harm, sexualize, or objectify BTS nor the member in the story. This Drabble is based solely off my imagination and is not based off a true story.
Tumblr media
“P-please Jungkookie,” were your exact words before you felt his strong hand place a smack on your ass. “That’s not what you were calling me earlier princess,” he whispers in your ear as he lays his chest down on your back. “Cmon baby,” he demands. His hips slowly circle yours as his cock teasingly pokes at your dripping entrance. “F-fuck,” you whined, hands laid out in front of you gripping the sheets as he teases by just popping in the tip.
“Say the words and you get it all,” he slides the tip out, tapping it onto your clit leading you to your breaking point. “Fuck, p-please p-papi!” You begged, Jungkook smirked pushing deep inside you with one thrust. “Oh Christ,” he groaned, his hands digging into your hips as your ass pressed against him. Jungkook enjoyed watching your tiny body bounce back and forth as he fucked into you. He admitted it may or may not have been a slight kink of his.
“G-god you feel so good,” it was one of the constant reminders that Jungkook loved hearing. Especially when you were on your knees for him and he could sit back with his legs bent on the bed and watch how deeply his cock penetrated you. “Yeah, baby? All of this because papi showed his tattoos off at a concert huh? Such a slut for me, fuck,” his thrusts increase, as well as his grip on your hips. His fingernails dig into your skin leaving tiny crescent marks across your waist.
“Mmmm, love the way you look,” you whined, your head trying to lift up and look at the gorgeous view behind you but your head couldn’t stay still due to his hips slamming into your body. “Yeah? That much of a slut for me that you’ll act out and be a little bitch until I fuck you?” He asked, both of his hands squeezing and smacking your ass drawing you closer and closer to the edge.
“Y-yesss… love everything about you!” You admit, “what’s your favorite thing about me princess?” Jungkook asked, his head leaning down to capture your earlob between his lips. “Love everything,” you say, Jungkook wraps his hand in your hair, pulling your body to his chest as his free hand wraps around your belly. “What’s your favorite fucking thing about me? Answer me or you don’t cum,” he states with a groan. You feel you orgasm creeping up on you second by second.
“God- your tattoos,” you nearly yell out your answer, making Jungkook laugh. You watch as he snakes his right hand from your waist, to your belly, to your breasts, to your neck. “Oh, these tattoos? The one on the arm that’s squeezing the fucking breath out of you?” He chuckles as his hand applies slight pressure to your throat. “Yeah, they’re pretty cool.” He says with a shrug of his shoulders.
Told you guys I’d do it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Pt iiiiii
Draco finds a Hufflepuff attempting to cheat. He torments her, keeps her under his wing becoming possessive , unsure of his feelings. After turning Reader into a Rabbit he realizes how much of an ass he was. But now hes in Azkaban for his crimes.
Tags/ @goofygobber @khemz1312 @rosiehufflepuff @trashyvicks
“Draco!” you fell to your knees reaching into the cell trying to get to him but he was too far from you. You whimpered tugging at the bars for a minute till giving up, you leaned on the bars huffing hard.
“Oh Rabbit” Draco got up making his way to you , the chain around his ankle dragging behind him . “how did you get here hm?” he sat back down by the bars reaching through to take your hand in his . He watched you yank his hand up to your face to cry into it and he pouted at the sight. “Adorable” teased the cheeky man.
“I…i i ..” it was hard to even speak, it had been months since you saw him.. Months of worrying.. Being scared for him..
Draco tapped your forehead so youd look at him. “I asked you a question Rabbit yeah?”
“Fred and .. George…” you told him, grabbing his hand again to cry into it. Draco leaned against the bars with a heavy groan. “Oh yeah? Interesting, well I guess cheaters help cheaters out? hm?
“Are they hurting you…”
“Sometimes,” he pointed to a cut on his left cheek; it was a long gash under his eye to his cheek. “Been growing my hair out too,” he turned his head side to side; it did get long. Past his ears almost to his neck. “Like it?”
“Why are you so calm… Draco your in Azkaban”
“I belong here Rabbit” Draco told you, pulling your hands through the bars this time to rest them on his lap so he could hold em. “Don't say i dont, I do. I was awful to you ya know?”
“I know but.. Your different now..” you tried to get closer, as close as the bars between you and him would let you.
“That doesn't make what i did okay love.”
“I . that night with you. I think-”
Draco put his fingers to your lips. “No no, don't you dare say it was okay , it wasn't. I'm sorry about that i truly am.”
It was all too much for you, he was acting like this was nothing to him, just another hiccup no bother. “As long as your okay…” you told him, still very much upset.
“Im fine, im more concerned about you. Hows that bloody school? Anybody giving you a hard time?” Draco squeezed your hand. “ my Father?”
“We-well..” Draco noticed you were fumbling words and trying to get your hand back from him . He moved closer, making the chain click against the cold floor. “What's been happening Rabbit.” he asked you with a different tone, he was angry.
“My-my House, they wont even look at me, all of Slytherin taunts or torments me about you, saying you are dead in some hole.. I .. i dont understand .. and …. And… Lucious.. Will pull me into his office and question me but i never say anything. He aims his wand at me and I think hes threatening me but.. I always run away.. Draco?”
The man pulled away from you to slam his fist on the bars scaring the hell out of you at first.
“That bloody House, fuckin snakes.. I dont even know what to say about those badgers and my Father? “ he grabbed your hand pulling you close so your face was touching the bars “if he hurts you, i swear ill be in here again, a lot longer. “
“Draco no,.. Im okay, promise i ..”- something tingled around you and pink smoke was gathering around your legs. “I.. no ! no not yet!!” looking up you saw Draco had removed his hand to stroke your cheek. “Looks like our times up love.”
“No please, longer.. Ill come back ! i promise!” your stomach was turning pink.
“Its okay if you dont, i dont want you to get in trouble again, “ he stood up slipping his arms through the bars to lean on them and you shot up grabbing his happy face in your hands.
“Please.. Draco.. I wanna see you again.. Im scared i .. “ you were crying now and the man pouted his lips as he wiped your tears. “Cmon now Rabbit, dont go bothering the twins to see me okay? Ill be out before you know it.”
“I.. okay.. “ you choked out a breath and Draco tipped your chin up. “Give us a kiss Pet.”
The smoke was rising and you moved forward pressing your lips to his; he tasted so sweet to you, so .. happy.. Care free. The smoke was gathering around your neck now making you break the kiss. “I .. uhm.. Im planning on opening a shop! In Diagon Alley.. Its potions i.. The Wet Nose its gonna be called.. Find me .. okay!?” you were starting to fade away.
“Ill do that rabbit. Be good, okay? For me?”
“Ill be good…” you held out a smokey hand to the man and Draco just winked at you again making another kissey face as you faded away.. Back to Hogwarts...
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melanie-writes-haikyu · 7 days ago
Sleeping Positions Pt. 4
How do the boys sleep with you? Do they like a good cuddle or no?
My Masterlist
Tumblr media
>The face full—He’s full-on facing you with his face buried in your chest and his arms curled around you. Don’t ask me how he breathes, because I honestly don’t know. But he makes it work, so I guess if that’s what he wants, go for it. His legs are regularly tangled with yours as well.
>The leg sprawl—Yamaguchi definitely spreads out his legs, often taking up most of the bed. But his arms are attached to your body, holding you to him. It honestly makes it a little hard to figure out what to do with your own legs, but that doesn’t stop him.
>The half-big spoon—Iwa doesn’t like hair in his face, so he won’t have his face in your neck. Instead, he probably lays a little further back, though he still maintains the characteristic hold of your side and his dick is still warmed by your ass.
>The chest hold—Atsumu loves when you lay your head on his chest. He snakes an arm around your shoulder and keeps you there throughout most of the night. You just have to deal with him snoring and him beings handsy and trying to touch your ass. More often than not, he succeeds.
>The vine—Osamu is wrapped around you in every place he can be. Legs tangled in yours, both arms around your body (how does his arm not fall asleep?), and face nuzzled into some part of you. Usually it’s your neck, sometimes it’s your chest. You get what you get, honestly.
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jyugosgf · 7 days ago
dating mitsuru hitokoe: headcanons
Tumblr media
❧ masterlist
✗ the two of you are constantly covering for hajime whenever the inmates in cell 13 get out, (not that either of you mind, it’s quite funny). 
✗ without a doubt, he will be loudly showing you off to ALL of his co-workers, talking about how amazing you are, (they all love you, but they’re annoyed because you guys have been together for years and they’re tired of hearing it from him 24/7). 
✗ it’s hard to be sad and mopey when you’re around mitsuru, especially since he’s a giant goofball. without him even knowing it, he will be cheering you up just by saying a couple of words. 
✗ expect to get teased by him a lot, especially if you’re flustered. 
✗ he’s always consistently coming up behind to either loop his arms around your waist, or to cover your eyes and yell loudly about how you need to have your guard up more. 
✗ you are consistently getting calls from the other supervisors about how you need to manage mitsuru because he’s being too loud. momoko is also yelling at you to control mitsuru, because he keeps on teasing her about hajime and she’s embarrassed. better go save your man before he gets smashed into the floor again. 
✗ he’s always narrating everything that’s going on, and talking about “viewers at home”? he’s never explained it to you, but you get quite confused about it sometimes. 
✗ this man has absolutely no shame. he is shameless, and he will kiss you wherever, even in front of the warden, who promptly throws the two of you out of her office, (mitsuru will be teasing you about how flushed you are). 
✗ he’s definitely the type to have a motorcycle, so on the rare occasions that you guys are on japan’s mainland, he will take you for rides on his motorcycle, (don’t ask my why i think this, i just think it fits him). 
✗ he will give you gifts under the guise that they “reminded him of you”, and then when you open it, it’s probably a toy snake or cockroach. don’t worry though, he will give you actual gifts from time to time, just be very cautious when opening these, because you never know what’s inside of them. 
✗ he will give you lots of compliments for everything you do, even if it’s really tiny things. even though he’s very loud and playful, he genuinely cares about you and wants you to know that you’re doing a great job. 
✗ when the two of you are alone, he’ll be a lot less rowdy and be more of a boyfriend, as opposed to the random loudmouth that’s always near you. he’ll be showering you with lots of kisses and affection, since everything has to be kept professional when at work, (a rule that even he follows). 
✗ this relates to what i said before, but back hugs. literally all the time, no matter whatever it is you’re doing. you’re making breakfast? he’s giving you a back hug and his face is buried in your neck. you’re doing paperwork late at night? his face is buried into your hair, mumbling about how you should really go to bed and get some sleep. 
✗ if you guys are ever at an amusement park, he will go on all of the rides that you want to. roller coasters are definitely his things, so if you’re into that, you two will be screaming and laughing your asses off on every roller coaster. if they aren’t your thing, then mitsuru will still be going on them without you, but he’ll go on other rides that you’re fine with going on, (sorry, but he would definitely do that). 
✗ you know how nanba literally has skiing slopes? yeah, he’ll try to push you off the slope so that you fall, (in the most romantic way of course). 
✗ this man will be just splayed across the entire bed, and it doesn’t matter to him you’re on said bed. he will full-on lay on you and will pretend to be asleep so that you’ll be stuck under him. 
✗ mitsuru does actually really like cuddling with you though, as much as he jokes around. his arms will be permanently around your waist anytime you guys are cuddling, and he’ll probably tease you a bit by moving his mouth really close to your ear, and then saying, “i love you, candice”. we know where that’s going, right? seriously though, he will hold you really tight and will play with your hair and aks you about your day, (he’ll be making jokes about anybody, depending on who you mention).
✗ he’ll be pulling your cheeks out a lot if you start telling him off about something, talking loudly about how need to speak clearer or he won’t be able to hear you, (he’s an ass sometimes, i can envision it). 
the fact that mitsuru, nanami from jjk, and the narrator/god from to your eternity all share a voice actor makes me so confused LMFAO
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ok, listen... Ji-woon with a breeding kink-- I thought about it last night and BROOO(##(
This man's got a hardcore breeding kink, and you can't tell me otherwise ITS CANON NOW
Tumblr media
His little breeder (R18+)
Ship: Ji-Woon x gender neutral reader
Thunder roars in the sky above your home, lightning illuminating the room ever so slightly followed by more rumbles of a raging earth. You look over sleepily to your clock. It was about five in the evening, and right on queue, Ji-Woon comes home shutting the door behind him. You lay your head back down on your pillow.
"Sleeping all day Y/N? It is a good day to stay in bed isn't it?" He chuckles a bit running his hand over your hair as he begins to get into more comfortable clothes, aka his very bright blue pajama pants.
"Yeah I just haven't felt like getting up yet, since your home we can always put on a movie to watch together," you say with a yawn. Ji-Woon seemed to be very energetic right now for some reason, it was impressive he could be especially in this type of weather.
You go to yawn only to yelp in suprise as he jumps into bed with you, looking down at you from top, to bottom. Your face goes red at him looking at you like a delicious steak dinner, he even seemed like he was ready to start drooling.
"I think...a movie sounds nice, but..I have other ideas right now~" he says pulling at your top slipping it off of you.
"I'm up for a little fun love~" you say assisting him in removing your clothing, the little you had on anyway. Who wore all their clothes to bed besides psychopaths?
"I'm going to put a child in you tonight, I'm going to put so much cum in you it'll be seeping out for weeks," he whispers in your ear making the hairs on your neck raise. Wait, he knows you can't have kids right? What started this all the sudden? Ji-Woon rolls you over onto all fours, his tongue snaking up the back of your neck, and down your back sending chills down your spine, his erection already pressing against your leg leaving a small trail of pre cum where it's rubbing.
"You sure you don't want dinner first dear?" You say panting as he licks around your neck again.
"Oh I think dessert is looking much more desirable right now~" he laughs using one hand to press between your shoulders to make your ass rise into the air for him as those yellow eyes bare down onto you. "Be a good little breeder for me won't you? If I dump enough of my cum into you I'm sure we can do the impossible~" he says biting onto your shoulder making you gasp his name. You could feel the heat against your body coming off his cock as it twitches against your skin. You might not be walking for a few days, you could feel the intense lust coming off of him.
Ji-Woon grabs your sides his fingers imprinting in your flesh as be plunges himself within you right away making the both of you pause to moan, his cock stretching your insides pulling them apart. "Fuck you feel so good, I want to bury my cock so deep inside you~" he says dragging his nails a bit on your skin making you gasp a few times as he continues to pound into you, giving your body no mercy muttering how he wants you to have his heir, how badly he wants to just make you his cum dumpster, and you definitely wanted that too, god you wanted it more than air.
"Tell me, say you want me to fuck you until you pass out, tell me how much you love my cock kitten, how badly you want me to put a child in you~" he says his hand sliding into your hair to grip it as his yellow eyes smirk down at you.
"I..I love your cock so much! I'll do whatever you want me to do my body is yours!" You say between his thrusts.
"Mmm..louder..I didn't quite hear you," He says biting your shoulder again his eyes still firmly on you.
"I want you to use me as your personal cum toy! Please fuck me!" You beg, the mix of pleasure and pain driving you mad.
"Oh beautiful It will be my pleasure!" He says jamming his cock as deep as he can within you forcing you down into the mattress while his seed floods inside you coating all your walls, marking you as his. Ji-Woon pulls out for a moment staring down at his work with pride, his erection springing back to life watching his seed leak from your red hole.
"Now now don't waste it~ you won't find a stud more capable than me~" he says flipping you over onto your back not giving you much time to catch your breath as he pulls your legs over his shoulder, and lines his cock up with you again. He growls in pleasure dipping his cock back inside you, this angle offering different feelings than before, you could feel him stretching you out again. "Every drop stays inside," he groans re angling himself plunging in again making the both of you practically scream, and drag your nails down eachothers skin in pleasure.
"Oh god Ji-Woon I'm close again!" You say between gasping for a normal breath.
"Beg for it, tell me what you want and, maybe I'll consider letting you orgasm so soon~" he sings slowing his thrusts down.
"Fuck me harder, please I need you Ji-Woon, I need you like the air I breathe, my body is ready to welcome your children~" you reply looking at him with hazed eyes. That seemed to do the trick as Ji-Woon pressed his weight down harshly bending your knees back, legs still over his shoulder with his balls slapping against your skin with each thrust.
"Ji-Woon! Ji-Woon!" You say, calling out his name with each slam against you, as you hit your orgasm Ji-Woon hit another as well moaning your name out loud watching his own cock twitch, and pulse inside you as he spilled his seed again, and again.
Everytime you thought he was running out of stamina, he only became rougher, more energetic determined to put a child inside you, an heir with his perfect bloodline. You honestly didn't know if you could hold anymore of his seed inside you, one thing was for sure and that was the bed sheets would all need a deep cleaning from the literal puddle of cum that's leaked out of you. He fucks you against the bedroom wall, he fucks you on the counter, he couldn't keep his cock out of you for even a moment.
Two hours later the two of you lay cuddled together on the couch, his cock still very much jammed inside you keeping his seed in place with his arms around you. The both of you completely exhausted. You honestly felt like you needed a shower, but you rather enjoyed the idea of being literally full of his cum too.
"I hope we have twins~" he teases licking around your ear before falling back asleep. He was honestly such a dork sometimes, but he certainly knew how to keep the bedroom hot.
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miseryholland · 8 days ago
kisses won’t hurt | t.h
summary; perhaps tom struggling with his guitar antics isn’t the worst thing in the world ..
tw; fluff, plenty of it considering i don’t write enough & language. gif credit to @cinemtic
a/n; feedback is always appreciated this is sort of written in a different perspective than my usual fics— sending love <\33 requests are open, this could’ve been a blurb really but i wanted it to be a fic so yeah.
Tumblr media
watching his lovie sleep may quite literally be his serotonin boost for every morning.
rising and falling of her thomas-clothed chest, her impartial reaching around for any limb that belonged to tom for comfort, when really he’s perched in the alcove strumming the strings of a guitar that he’s fairly amateur to. tom tended to pick up on extra talents here and there out of boredom and still tended to be better at them than most despite what he thought.
the floral cushions attached to the bench of the window tom sat against made his body feel fuzzy— or was it the way her cheek smooshed so gently against the satin pillow. lips parted, equal breaths patterned.
how does adoration grow by the second ?
tom wouldn’t interrupt her rest because she’s often grumpy when she doesn’t get her proper amount of sleep.
but he just wants to plant a kiss right on the top of her nose.
oh, and serenade her with the strings of here comes the sun by the beatles. even if he was timid about his singing skills, he could rely on the newfound guitar ones.
angelic almost, tom was often dumbfounded that an actual beauty worshiped the ground he walks on just as much as he does her.
he didn’t know that one person would be the entirety of his world.
fluttering of hooded eyes and eyelashes has tom quivering in the center of the alcove. adjusting the parts of his boxers that surrounded his thighs as if you’d care about his appearance— clad in merely the thin material and a bare chest. entertaining to watch the sheets envelope her so wondrously, yet far more giddy now that his lovie was awake. he’d have someone to share the basis of the chords with.
though only 7 feet away, if tom couldn’t feel her with his fingertips she was far enough. her eyes adjusted to the focus of tom grinning at wholeheartedly, crinkles surrounding his soft eyes, lurching over the instrument in front of him to get the best possible view he could. but the grey lighting from rain beginning to pour behind tom, and his adoration stance seemed better to you.
“a cute creep, watching me sleep and all that,” she acknowledged the curly brunette, tom’s face growing hot as he’d just been caught in the act of watching his girlfriend slumber. she really knew how to make tom feel like a shy school boy nervous for his first day of school.
“couldn’t help it m’love … been waiting to show you what i taught myself,” his darted timidly at the oak floor, but silence was broken upon your tired laughter.
“does it involve my morning kiss?” she saunters, blanching he weight on her elbows, taking in all that is tom.
“just c’mere darling, might kiss you after,” tom teased, knowing full-well she wasn’t going to budge and that he was wrapped around her finger.
“kiss me or i’m going back to sleep!”
tom gently patted the spacious centre of his thighs, gesturing for you to sit oh his lap. “let me play this and i’ll love on you as much as yeh’ want, okay ?”
“yeah, okay …” she muttered after not having got her way, well partially. she felt like being a pain in the ass today but she also wanted to indulge in exactly what tom was inquiring of his skill.
throwing the sheets and comforter from her body, unintentionally grazing her feet on the floor slowly. no socks on a wooden floor called for ice like feet. tom chewed at his bottom lip to hold back a chuckle, but dimples growing tenfold when his lovie met with his lap. ankles entangling with his whilst he snaked a strong arm about her torso using his free hand to reach the strings of the light brown guitar, division sign engraved on its side.
“this ended in you throwing the guitar last time,” she reminded, yet a fit of nerves bundled in her stomach at the swiveling of his thumb to his hip bone.
“for every wrong note, m’gonna kiss you … a-anywhere i see fit,” he breathes past her nimble shoulder. trying to arrange the easiest view possible, he begins with the begging strings of here comes the sun— erk!
“bullocks guess i need a’kiss,” tom mumbled, accent thick. quick to sponge sullen kisses sweetly against her jawline. you relish in the notion of his lips, not acknowledging the guitar strumming again— eek!
“fucked up again, need those lips now.”
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slasherrabbitmadness · 8 days ago
I thought maybe you might be interested... Can I ask for a scenario where Brahms' parents come back from vacation, what would his and the reader's relationship with their parents be like? Is he jealous when the parents ask for the reader's help and the reader helps them, maybe he becomes more needy or possessive? And it could have an NFSW ending.
Anon, I have headcanon style answers and a NSFW story
Brahms x Reader (F)
Underthecut - NSFW, Vaginal sex, Fingering, Oral, Light Bondage -hands tied behind back-
Shocked, but overall it's what they wanted. They wanted Y/N to be his girlfriend after all.
Mrs. Heelshire understands her son's needs and wants sex and is most definitely having it with Y/N, but it's still hard for her to accept.
She will absolutely steamroll whatever changes you manage to make in the schedule. You convinced Brahms to spend a few hours outside instead of studying on Wednesday? She'll flip.
Shocked you're able to get Brahms to bathe and practice proper hygiene. He isn't going to shave though, she's a little upset about that.
Is torn. She still sees Brahms as her little boy but feels a sense of pride when he sees you act like a gentleman with you.
She doesn't like seeing affection so the best you and Brahms could do in front of her is hold hands. Brahms will still steal a kiss, much to his mother's annoyance.
Mr. Heelshire is way more down with you and Brahms.
Accepts that his son is an adult now. Despite Brahms's mental hang-ups.
100% it was Mr. Heelshire who got Brahms the porn mags. He knows a young man needs some kind of outlet.
Would love to bring you and Brahms into town. He knows it's foolish and would make mummy terribly upset but he feels Brahms should take you on a proper date and not be cooped up in the mansion 24/7.
He feels pride for his son when he sees you both together. Brahms still looks at you like your his possession but he's gentle with you.
Accepts it a lot better that you and Brahms have sex. He'll congratulate his son much to the annoyance of Mrs. Heelshire
Babies? Brahms would say anything to get you to stay but the Heelshires put their foot down. Absolutely not. They've come to terms with the fact that they'll never see grandchildren.
The dynamic in the house would be a little flipped. Brahms would gravitate towards you more and do as you say than what his parents say.
Brahms kissed down your back, his beard tickling you as he made his way down. You buried your face into the pillow, hoping to muffle your moans. Months of letting loose now cut down to muffled moans and whispered hushes.
“No, my Love, I wanna hear you!” Brahms snaked his hand to your face in the pillow, lifting it. He hovered over you, his lips ghosting over your forehead, “It’s rude not to use your words.” He rubbed his sweatpant-covered erection into your crotch, groaning when he felt your heat through your panties.
You squirmed under him, mewling as his cock rubbed along your pussy, feeling it brush hard against your clit. “Brahms…” You bucked your ass into his cock, eliciting a low groan from him.
“That’s it. But a little more.” Brahms rotated his hips into you, laughing to himself as you lifted yourself into him. He grabbed at your breast, groping it softly. He waited till he felt your body settle further into him, his fingers dancing across your nipples. Feeling himself leak as your nipples harden at his touch.
You grabbed the back of Brahms’s hand and made him touch you at a pace you preferred, circling over your breast, moving his fingers to pinch at you. “Shit, Brahms, just do that.” You felt Brahms smiling against your cheek. You got fully situated on your hands and knees, wiggling your ass into Brahms, giggling when he huffed.
He rested most of his weight on his knees, making sure not to fully drop his weight while on top of you, hands running along your nipples. Brahms brought his fingertips to your mouth, “Lick, Princess.” you eagerly obeyed, licking and sucking on the tips of fingers.
Brahms flicked and pinched your nipples, kissing along your shoulder. Growling in your ear whenever you nuzzled into the side of his face. You keened and sighed as he pinched and pulled down on your tits, enjoying the pleasure mixed with pain. He flicks them quickly, sloppy kisses from your shoulder to your ear, nipping on your earlobe.
“You’re not loud enough, Y/N. Do I have to make you?” He bit down making you scream, hand flying over your mouth, eyes darting towards the door. Brahms ripped your hand off your mouth and bit again, the other hand quickly finding its way to your wrist. Even behind closed lips the noise was high pitched, no doubt if someone was on the same floor, they could hear.
Brahms leaned back and gave your ass a slap, grinning as you squealed and turned your head to him. “Brahms...It’s just.” You squealed again as he slapped you harder, his strong hand leaving a nice welt. “I don’t want them t-AH” You jerked forward from his slap, caught by Brahms threading his fingers through your hair, tugging at the roots.
“I want that.” He pulled your head back and kissed you at an awkward angle. He kissed up from your lips, cheeks, nose, and forehead. Shaking your head in his hand, grinning at your expression. Eyes half-open, mouth open, lips covered in his saliva. “You're beautiful, Princess.”
Brahms turned you around, arms pulling you into him, his hairy chest tickled against your torso, he smiled against your lips, tongue poking, asking for entrance. You parted your lips and slipped your tongue out to his, sighing as his long tongue invaded you. Brahms lifted himself off of you and quickly ran to his dresser,
“What are you doing?”
“Hold on.” He doesn’t turn to you, just keeps rummaging around. “Ah-ha! He pulls out one of his boyhood shirts, a cute little blue dress shirt. You raised an eyebrow at him,
“Uh, that’s not going to fit, me or you.”
“I know…” A wolfish grin spreads over his face, his eyes dark. “Put your hands behind your back.” You froze, head slowly shaking side to side. He stepped forward, his frame looming over you. You frown and do exactly as he says, “That’s a good Princess.” He leaned down to kiss you, tongue fighting against yours. He brought the sleeves of the shirt around your wrists and tied it, wincing at how deep it cut into you.
Brahms dragged you to the side of the bed, ass on the edge, hands running over your thighs spreading you wide.
“You better sing for me.” He dipped his tongue into your folds, slowly pushing his tongue into your heat, your whines and gasping made him smirk into you. Brahms normally ate you out with enthusiasm, treating it like it was the first time all over again. Tongue exploring you, licking up your juices, moaning and whining at how good you tasted, asking between kisses on the clit, “Am I a good boy?” Face flushed, eyes pleading for praise.
You tied up on his bed, his parents downstairs, he was methodical. His tongue slowly licking your folds, his left hand rubbed down your thigh to your cunt, fingers inching their way into your fluttering heat. You groaned, hips bucking into his fingers, eyes rolling back as his long digits hit that sweet spot in you.
“You gonna come, Love?” He asks between kisses on your clit. You nodded, head falling back. He sunk his teeth into your thigh.
“Fuck, Brahms!” He laughed and turned his head to the door. “What was that about?” You both stilled as the banging was heard from downstairs. Brahms gave you a lopsided grin and ran his tongue over your cunt. “Ah, Damn-”
Brahms’s fingers picked up speed, you looked down to watch his shoulders and bicep flex. He sucked hard on your clit, shaking his head back and forth tongue sloppily running over your sensitive nub. He pressed down into you as he lost himself. Your moaning and babbling letting his methodical touches fall into a frenzy.
He’s moaning into you, praising you, “Such a pretty pussy, fuck you taste so good.” He switches his fingers and tongue around, calloused fingers rubbing along your clit, long tongue buried deep in your cunt. “Cum, Y/N. Before I stop.” You screamed when he pinched your clit, then flicking it lightly as if to say sorry.
Drool spilled down your cheek, face hot from the sight and actions from the man at the edge of the bed. A man, that’s what Brahms was, that’s what he wanted to be seen as. He had his days of bratty behavior but you knew it was just old habits dying hard.
Brahms abruptly pulled away, you whined in protest at the loss of his warm tongue and fingers. He licked his lips, pulling in your wetness into his mouth, he huffed and ran his hand down his chest, inching slowly to his erection. He ripped off his sweat pants to free his cock. He gripped the base and shook it up and down, biting his lip at the sight before him.
His girl, legs spread, pussy begging for a cock to kiss it, mouth hung open with a trail of spit down her cheek, begging for a cock to fill it. Brahms mind raced with perverse thoughts.
‘She’d look so good sucking my cock and getting stuffed from behind. Her little mouth struggling to fit me while her pussy trembles as it’s getting fucked.’ Brahms remembered looking through one of his porno mags and saw a pretty woman advertising a wall suction dildo. He made a mental note to have you order one asap.
“Brahms?” You questioned, snapping him out of his thoughts. He flipped you over onto your stomach, left hand reaching for your hair, he pulled your head back.
“You better make noise.” He gripped your hip and slammed himself in. Choking for air, he shook and whined, your heat feeling like heaven.
Your pussy spasmed around Brahms, legs shaking, wrapping around Brahms's thighs to pull him closer. Brahms plowed into, pulling out nearly all the way to slam back in, right to the hilt. “Your ass is shaking as I fuck in you, huh, so-fu- sexy.” He sped up, laughing as you slurred out a thank you. He shook your head by the roots of your hair, “Come on, use your words, love.”
“Tha-Thank you. I- Ah! Shit, you’re handsome!” You didn’t see it, Brahms blushing and smiling softly at your compliment.
Brahms grunted and released your hip, his nails left small crescent shapes along the side. He grabbed at the shirt holding your hands together. He pulled on it, hard. You jerked about, nose scrunching from the pain.
“Like that, huh?” Brahms grunted and leaned forward. He looked down, your ass lifting from the bed, slapping against Brahms pelvis. He took in his cock, licked his lips at the sight of his cock covered in your slick. You withered under Brahms The angle he held you at, your cunt being stuffed, your own moaning getting to you. “Aw, Bashful girls like you just love cock.”
That was it. Your body tensed, that sweet relief washing over you. Your pussy fluttered around Brahms cock, becoming sloppy as his cock fucked you through your orgasm. Your moan turned into a scream, praising him as he fucked you, begging him not to stop.
Brahms shook above you, his own orgasm bubbling to the surface. He placed his hands on either side of you and let the bed push you back up into him with each thrust. He took in your face, eyes barely open, spit spilling onto the blanket. You looked up to Brahms, a sweet smile spreading across your face, he saw that softness in your eyes, the same softness he sees every morning when you wake him up. The same softness when you spontaneously kiss him throughout the day. The same softness when you tell him “I love you, Brahms.”
He leaned down to capture your lips in a kiss. You mustered the energy to kiss him back, tongues lazily rubbing the other. Brahms leaned in further to capture your face with his large hand, deepening the kiss. He wanted to shout out his release, wanted to shout it so loud his parents would have no choice but to hear him. When it came down to it, the moment with just you meant more.
You keened and whined into his kiss and you felt his hips stutter and gave a few harsh slams as his free arm wrapped around your chest, pulling you closer into him. “Aw, shit.” You moaned as Brahms buried his seed in you, biting your shoulder to muffle his cry. You fought back a scream, wanting to just listen to his whimpering. Brahms slowed, hips coming to a stop. He stayed inside you, holding you tight, shaking. You could feel his hairy chest tickling your back. A thin layer of sweat coated between you both.
Brahms rolled off of you, a breathy laugh at the noise his cock made as he pulled it out of you. You stayed still, panting and eyeing him. He turned to you, smiling and running his knuckles up and down your back. He untied you, kissing your wrists, mumbling a sorry with an apologetic smile.
You smiled back and reached for him, fingers tracing along his bearded jaw. He caught the tips into a playful bite, kissing them better. He grinned as you giggled.
Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire stilled, eyes looking at the ceiling above them.
“Ah, Ah, Brahms!”
Mr. Heelshire coughed into his hand.
Mrs. Heelshire huffed, “You know, the least they co-”
“Now now, Mummy,” Mr. Heelshire cut her off, “He’s a man now, this is their house as much as ours.” He returned his attention to his newspaper.
Mrs. Heelshire scowled. He was right. Nothing she could do. Mr. Heelshire had talked with her since their return. He insisted Brahms and the Nanny continue on with certain...activities like normal.
Mr. Heelshire knew his son wasn’t normal from a young age, since before Emily even. He wanted his son to have somewhat of a chance at normality after years of isolation. He always knew the porn magazines he snuck to Brahms would only hold Brahms desires back for a short period, but like a double-edged sword would unleash something more raw and primal in his son.
“Brahms, don’t stop, don’t stop! Ah-” A high-pitched cry carried throughout the house, down to the sitting room.
Mr. Heelshire smiled towards Mrs. Heelshire. She fidgeted in her seat. Scowling at her husband.
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dragonjadearts · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello fellow queers, happy pride month
here are some of my queer characters and just a few of their associated pride flags
i dont really post about my characters on tumblr so i’ll give a quick rundown starting from the left (under the read more cause holy crap there’s a lot and this is only a tiny percentage of aaaalll of my characters ((in case anyone was curious I have 79 official characters and then 40 characters who are so old that I don't count them anymore but im considering bringing back because I thrive on making bad choices)))
PS: check out my instagram to see the individual pictures of each character at dragon__jade
PPS: if you send me an ask about my characters to let me talk/rant about them I will lover you forever mwah
Spider: Inspired by a marvel au but ended up becoming his own original character; bisexual and aromantic
Teris: Skyrim fan-character, generally a bad ass; asexual
Ryoko: ATLA fan-character, a firebender; lesbian and maybe trans?? (i haven’t decided yet)
Cyren: One of my DND characters, a druid water genasai; queer
Commander: a shapeshifter who can turn into a giant lizard-dragon thing, tough as nails; lesbian
Liam: Owns lots of pets including his snake Jay, a cat named Olive, a bird named Scar, and his tarantula Frisk; asexual, biromantic, and trans
Everett: the worlds biggest himbo; gay
Ronan: Another shapeshifter (just his tail/legs though) who comes from a futuristic sci-if dystopian world; non-binary (he/they/xe)
Archimedes: A 700+ year old vampire, very proper and kind; non-binary (xe/he/they)
Amber: amputee, probably an alien; queer
Apex: Mandalorian oc, collects bounties for dangerous animals, runs a rehabilitation center on their ship, ze own a rip woven out of beskar that ze use as a lasso to capture the animals; non-binary (they/ze), gay
Arin: a gymnast and performer, can sing super well, has a black cat named Lancelot; trans, non-binary (she/they)
Leah: teenager, possibly indigenous? idk i havent thought about her character much; agender (any pronouns)
Rahil: Another DND character, a tiefling rogue with a traumatic past and poor coping mechanisms (can you tell she was edgy first dnd chatacher? shhhh I still love her anyways); asexual
Bane: yet another DND character, a tiefling druid, his tail is prehensile and he uses it to climb through his forested home like a monkey; bisexual, trans (he/they)
Koa: Originally was a sanders sides janus and virgil fusion but had evolved into his own character since then, usually wears his mask because he had big teeth and his face scares people; asexual and aromantic
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mystoganisiconic · 9 days ago
May I please request a smutty continuation of laxus walking in on reader naked(/changing, I can't quite remember what you called it) 👉👈😳
He walks in on you changing
You sighed heavily and opened the door and stepped out only to find Laxus’ lips attached to your neck
His arms snaked around your waist pulling you closer to him, you sucked in air sharply through your gritted teeth, as he sucked on your flesh, surely leaving a mark, “Jump”, he growled, his voice was deep, you did as he said, wrapping your arms around his neck and pushing yourself up, wrapping your legs around his waist while his hands now groped your ass. He walked over to the bed, putting you down he detached his lips from your neck and kissed you on the lips.
His hand went up to massage your breast, you moaned, allowing him to slip his tongue in your mouth. He pulled away and moved down to your neck, leaving hickeys all the way down to your breast valley. He pulled away for a minute unbuttoning the rest of his shirt. Your eyes were fixated on his abs. “Like what you see”, he said, the smirk evident in his voice, you looked away to which he just chuckled.
While your head was still turned, you felt his hand grip your ass, lifting you from the bottom, and his fingers tracing your clit. It happened so fast you couldn't comprehend. “Stop teasing”, you murmured when you got tired of his teasing. He just chuckled and inserted two digits in you, you instantly moaning out his name. “Laxus-sl-slow down”, you murmured, trying to keep yourself steady but with the way his fingers were doing wonders inside of you, it seemed near impossible. His fingers only moved faster, going against your words, not that you didn’t mind it. His fingers pushed deeper into you, grazing you spot, causing you to let out an instant moan. Laxus knowing, that your weakness was this, hit the spot over and over again.
“Laxus I’m cl-close”, you said, feeling the knot in your stomach. He took his fingers out, earning a whine from you, but you quickly stopped, as you felt his lips get attached to your core. “Hm”, you let out as he worked wonders in your clit. “I’m-s-so close”, “Come”, just as he said that word, your liquid came out, Laxus quickly sucked it in from his tongue. You regained your composure and steadied your breath, only for you to get in a slumped position without evenly breathing, now that Laxus wanted some for himself. He put you up on all fours and cam from behind. As his tip brushed against your entrance in a teasing way, you let out a whine “stop teasing”, to which Laxus just chuckled, he gripped your hair, pulling your head back and rammed in, earning a loud moan from you. His pace picked up as he went faster and faster, hitting your g-spot over and over again. His hand came in contact with your ass, slapping it once, lightly but at the same time, it left a mark. His hands gripped your waist, pulling you towards him more and his hips going forward, to get into your more. He grunted loudly before pulling you in his lap from behind. “Go on”, he said. He obeyed his request and started to go up and down, riding him. His hands supported you from under and he helped your pick up the pace. You moved quickly while the room filled with sounds of moans and skins clapping.
Feeling a familiar knot in your stomach you shifted back to your previous position, on all fours and let Laxus take over. From then on, he rammed into you. “Laxus I’m so close”, you barely let out, your walls clenched around him, just then he came, the warm liquid flowing in you, and you came on him, your cum dripped down his member. “That was good”, you said. “Yeah, maybe you should shower more from now on”, you giggled lightly slapping his chest before turning to kiss him. “I love you”, “I love you more”, you both said, after pulling apart.
a/n: hey y'all? how are you. LOOK WHO FINALLY POSTED. lmao i still have finals going on but i'll try my best to post, also this is like the oldest request in my ask box so to whoever asked, IM SORRY. anyways STAY SAFE I LOVE YOU ALL
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