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#i still love them but like
luzmitys · 7 hours ago
anyway I think that the reason Kyosaya is so good as a ship is not only is it enemies to lovers but it's ALSO a case of them recognizing themselves in the other and forming an incredibly deep connection w each other w/o even necessarily realizing it
#like yes it's the classic 'I saw the worst part of u first and yet I still fell in love w u flaws and all'#but then u add the self-recognition to the mix and it becomes this rlly intimate and fragile thing between them#where they just NEED each other and want to protect each other to the end#we rlly do get to see that happen w kyoko in the original series ofc#bc she sees the person she used to b in sayaka and openly admits to that and wanting to b the one to save sayaka from herself#w sayaka it's a bit more hidden and not as glaringly obvious#but in rebellion it's clear that sayaka's grown from her trauma regarding kyousuke and feeling unlovable and unseen and all that#and she SAYS that her one regret was leaving kyoko behind so it's safe to assume that sayaka wants to protect kyoko too#and though we don't get any clear elaboration on exactly WHY kyoko was her one regret (other than sayaka miki being a fucking gayass)#I'd like to think it's bc kyoko woke sayaka up and snapped her out of depending on people she doesn't matter to#bc kyoko knows what it's like to b suddenly left alone and betrayed and so I'd imagine sayaka took a hint from that#saw herself in that situation as she was betrayed by kyousuke and hitomi and that whole mess#and then grew from it#so yeah they. rlly fucking understand each other and that takes their ship from being great to being fucking EXCELLENT#god I'm exhausted idek if I'm making any sense sorry for the essay#sayaka miki#kyoko sakura#kyosaya#sayakyo#puella magi madoka magica#pmmm#rambling#emphasis on rambling😭
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kdramaxoxo · 7 hours ago
‘Princess Picky Pants’ I’M DYING 😂😂 own it sis!!
They said what they said and they aren’t wrong lol!
Everyone else: This is the best k-drama EVER
Me: Sure sure, but have you considered these flaws?
It ME ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
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decompositie · 14 hours ago
today is gonna be my day tomorrowim going to start killing people 
#online work group again imliterally#- going to jsut shut off my laptop if someone complains asbt their personal life again ive had it#also. i need to catsch up on like checks watch 6 weeks of school work in one day but jow hard can it be .#also mifght just mention that im thinking abt dropping out. i might who knows feelign frisky#if we have noting to talk abt like always i might have#- to#jesus i keep accidentaly hittijng enter -_-#i mean dropping out to go to uni isnt like bad. but it still feels likeim just tappign out and idk if thats justified or if i got brain-#washed into believign not liking this study is my own fualt. which i honestly feel like it is#like i love the internship and i love workign with kids but the the fukcing essays and projects killll me i hate them so mcuh.... but i-#could see myself doing this as a job maybe not forver or fulltime but like. im good at it and i like it so why not continue for two more-#years and get a degree...... im already 2 years in..... what will i even do with an art history degree help#but like i need to decide soon because i really need to start lookign forinternships in NL and outside because i want to intern yeah tomorrwe im gonna kill mysefl and probably accidentally makesomeone cry ahgain because i said writing an essay is a personal-#responsibilty. cant make this up i hatre these bible belt bitches#also im nice so i gave her some tips and apologized dw but fukc it was so weird. jsut crying in the camera while all of us were like 😐#and i only said it because she had been takling for AN HOUR. A FULL HOUR abt her problems. literally a full hour hellphelpehopkepjeokepooje#so anyway.#13
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redrobin-detective · 15 hours ago
I know I’ve thrown around a lot of various Ghost King headcanons but you want to know the version I really believe in and want? Danny had a legitimate strong claim to the throne when he defeated Pariah Dark but he was still young, seen as an annoyance, like he wasn’t a real ghost. Most of the Zone and it’s leadership just kind of decided to ignore Phantom’s claim and focused more on preventing Vlad from acting on his much more tenuous claim. 
But then the years go on, Phantom becomes much more powerful, he learns what it means to be a ghost and understands more of Zone culture. He still fights off ghosts but they soon recognize he’s not just being a killjoy, he’s fulfilling his obsession and self appointed guardianship of Amity. Agreements are reached and truces conducted and pretty soon the ghosts think to themselves that Danny isn’t that bad. He’s just as much a ghost as they are and he’s genuinely fun to fight. They start to think that he wouldn’t be the worst choice for King.
Danny makes ghost friends, spends more time in the Zone in general. He forms strong alliances with many powerful and influential ghosts. More and more see Danny as he is, a strong ghost with a compassionate heart and a dedication to protecting others, living and dead. Ghosts like Frostbite and Dora and Pandora see these traits and kind of edge him towards his destiny. Some Ghost Zone politics lessons here, a little bit of royal history there, enough to prep Danny for what they see as inevitable. 
By the time Danny’s senior year comes around, it doesn’t matter that there’s other candidates for the throne. Danny is the only real choice having gained the support of most major members of the Zone. Unlike Vlad and the others who were actively vying for power, Danny was the only one who seemed to be willing to help out the ghosts. The Zone looked at itself and imagined a King who would fight for them, who wasn’t just the strongest and the fiercest but the kindest. With enough built up support, Danny was named heir apparent. 
When he was shocked and stammered out that he didn’t want this, that the ghosts couldn’t possibly want this, he was shocked to see how many ghosts wanted him. Danny had never been wanted before and then it was all about his powers or his connections. This time, for the first time, he was wanted for just being him. He did a lot of thinking, long hours of soul searching before accepting the claim. It was a job he felt he could do in bones, knew that he would be good at, that would fulfill both his ghost obsession and his human desire to help.
Danny started out as the Dark Horse candidate, the one no one wanted or was expecting to win. He ends up with the crown not because he fought harder or took it by force, but because his very nature was enough to change minds, to make the ghosts wonder if maybe it was possible for a King to actually be kind.
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elthruil · 16 hours ago
update on this blog!
okay so this is a long time coming but as everyone knows, i had knee surgery two months ago, and in those two months i’ve dealt with INSANE amounts of personal life shit getting in the way. i still have a ton of thranduil muse & i want to continue to be here to interact and build relationships & write with all of you. i’m going to be leaving to a funeral 5/18-5/23 and so i will be here on mobile at best. after that, i’m going to start my internship with a pharmacy & also going to be nannying for a family friend, & considering i have trouble walking/standing w/o a cane still, chances are i won’t have the energy to be here. i really aprpeciate everyone here for their patience as i figure out my life rn, but if anyone wants to unfollow/break mutual rn bc i will not be as active, that’s totally understandable as well!
i will be mobile only for the time being & for the forseeable future, but i am still eager to write, to plot, to talk with you all & i’ll be available on my phone for the majority of the trip + the next few months. i might be able to get on my laptop here after the trip, if i have the energy. for anyone who wants to continue to talk, my ims are always open, and  i would really appreciate if anyone who hasn’t filled out my interest checker does so i can get a starting point for what i want to build up during this like. adjustment period.
in the meantime, i just updated my mains/exclusives list, and i’m much more active on twitter bc mobile only (@dykenob1) & my discord is sexy elf king brainrot#9284 for anyoen who wants to contact me there! thank you all i love u all so much & i give u all lots of loving thoughts & prayers.
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j10kkuno · 16 hours ago
Okay, so. Before I go even further in last night's stream, Sykkuno was obviously back! He said he wasn't completely better but he was mostly recovered and was going to aim for a short stream(and then lost track of time and was on until tsunami like normal).
His side effects were very bad, he got so unlucky. His head started hurting within an hour of his shot and by that night he had a fever. Chills came along with that and on Friday, he could barely move. His family was still in Vegas so they were there to get him water and stuff. Saturday was a lot of the same, but he was feeling better, and obviously Sunday he still didn't feel 100% but felt good enough to stream. His mind was slow but he still did the Vault! Hacked both laptops(Failed once) and the first thermite(X got the second two first try, huge moment for the character! But we're not going to talk about X after he and Yuno parted at the Burger Shot, okay? Okay). He posted a new picture of Bimbus with a shark toy(Bimbus looks so happy in the picture)!
He was in Ludwig's Gartic Phone lobby. He didn't drink because he was still recovering from the vaccine, and neither did Corpse so they were fine. Lobby was Ludwig, Corpse, Sykkuno, Toast, Jack, Brooke, Wendy, Abe, Miyoung, Lily, Michael, Scarra. Really decent ground and it was so much fun. I miss OTV and Friends.
There was a lot of jokes about Sykkuno ditching his old friends for his new cool GTA friends(Specifically XQC) but obviously, those were just jokes. Like always in Gartic Phone, they teased him about Shark Girl. Ludwig called Sykkuno his favorite student too.
There was an adorable one that started as Corpse playing Gartic Phone with friends and ended as a sleepy Corpse calling Sykkuno and Corpse says that it was a better ending, that it told the future, and Sykkuno agreed it was very accurate. The last round had so many Corpse and Sykkuno prompts and Lily, Michael, and Toast all got fed up.
Otherwise, it was so funny. Sykkuno streaming Gartic phone was EVERYTHING. I was laughing so much I had the hiccups. I want to see more Gartic Phone. I love GTA but variety is fun. I need to go and watch the rest of the lobby from Brooke's POV because I miss everyone. They played Geoguesser and I might skip some of the Valorant but we'll see.
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genosvechnikov · 19 hours ago
as a fan of the penguins who is just getting into the red wings when i tell you the gasp i let out when i found out dan bylsma was still around and on the RED WINGS? and everytime im reminded i chuckle because like the highs and lows we had with that guy and now he is just chillin with the wings making their special teams bad
the BRAVERY of telling me you’re a penguins fan in the very first sentence azhdvshs i’m speechless but hats off to you lmao i’m sorry if you’ve ever seen me say any of the things that i have said about your team.
but yeah against all odds dan bylsma IS still around in detroit and like. frankly he didn’t always have the best ingredients to work with but fuck me if he didn’t consistently bake the worst possible pies with our power play i’m going to scream if i have to see him next season
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gg9183 · 20 hours ago
will i ever read a shinsou fic where he doesn’t call reader kitten? ( ´_ゝ`)
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