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jxnxai 13 days ago
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Sorry for being inactive 馃槶馃槶 finals are next week so im a bit busy but i swear ill post more art once school is over
Anyways have a jon doodle!!
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tiredoftheseblues 4 months ago
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caducis 10 months ago
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WAHOOO CONGRATULATIONS!! official english mxtx translations are a go!!
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youcancallmedumb 4 months ago
i knew from the moment i met you, i would spend a lifetime missing you
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lousydrawingsforgoodpeople 2 months ago
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aretherestarsinhell 7 months ago
鈥渢ell me to move on. i鈥檓 always going to be thinking in possibilities; possibilities that we can get back together, possibilities that things can go back to the way they were, possibilities that you love me, still. and that鈥檚 going to drive me mad. so, please. tell me to move on. for my own sake. i can鈥檛 unless i hear you say it.鈥
-tell me you don鈥檛 love me like you said you did. c.r.
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youonlyzingonce 3 months ago
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honeybee-fuzz 7 months ago
I just think that meeting old villagers in new games, keeping them on your island or letting them go or even just seeing them in passing is so nostalgic, like yes you do not know me. yes we have known each other so many times before. for so long. I have loved you in many lifetimes and I will keep choosing to love you. you are a stranger that feels like home,
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writingsaboutaheartworm 8 months ago
I guess we both cared.
But you didn鈥檛 care enough, while I cared far too much.
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theunnoticedblog 10 months ago
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vodkatales 3 months ago
Maybe the forever they promised
was about how long it'd take you
to forget them. :鈥)
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wlwdaydreamms 5 months ago
for once i just want to love someone without the fear of being unloved.
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tiredoftheseblues 3 months ago
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dontcallmeidontexist 6 months ago
I'm not saying I still think of you
But if something good happens
You're the one I would run to
If I am met with misery and pain
Only you could make it go away
And if there is a love song in the radio
Our past comes back like a tornado
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sadysadsad 7 months ago
After all you鈥檝e done, I shouldn鈥檛 still love you like this
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worthless-misery 7 months ago
Dear diary...
I dreamt of you again...
I can't get over you.
I still love you.
I still miss you.
And I probably always will.
I'm sorry about everything. I hope you're okay.
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aretherestarsinhell 8 months ago
what does it mean, that i still miss you?
what does it mean, that i still want to be yours?
what does it mean, that yours are the only eyes i dream of?
what does it mean, that i would do anything to go back and time and fix what we lost?
what does it mean, that i cannot fathom anything more painful than never again being yours?
what does it mean?
-what did any of it mean, really? c.r.
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girlslikegirlxs a year ago
It's you. It was always you. You're the one I want. You're the one I wanted to come home to. The one to be there after you had a long day at work as I take care of you and you tell all about your day. I would prepare you a warm bath, your favorite food and order your favorite coffee. Buy your favorite chocolates and flowers. I would play with your hair and make you laugh as we watch your favorite shows so you forget about the bad things for a while. I would hug you and kiss you and say "You will never be alone. I'm here my love. I'm so so proud of you." You're the one I wanted to roll over to in the middle of the night, to cuddle and wake up next to everyday, for the rest of my life and more. To see your beautiful sleepy eyes, your perfect smile, your hair falling perfectly and your natural smell all over me. You're the one I wanted to go on late night walks to see the stars and the moon. To laugh. You're the one I wanted to take on cute little dates like to a movie, to a dinner, or to an early morning breakfast before we both have to go our separate ways for the day. You're the one I wanted to take to aquariums, zoos, amusement parks, water parks, museums, picnics (specially late ones where we stay all night watching the stars and we dance under the moon), go to a rooftop and drink some red wine as we laugh and have deep talks about the universe until morning and see the sunset while kissing and holding each other. You're the one I wanted to go to travel the world, go to road trips while we sing loud our favorite songs, the one you sit with on a afternoon in the living room as we watch your favorite old series to remind you of your favorite moments of your childhood. To go on fun adventures with such as a day at the lake, camping, skydiving and so much more. You're the one I wanted to build a cute little fort while we watch your favorite movies under it and eat our favorite foods. Cuddle on a rainy day while drinking hot cocoa. Cook in the kitchen together while we dance, sing. To play video games together while I'm between your legs. To take care of you when you are sick or with any pain. To surprise everyday with romantic gestures. To go on our favorite singers shows. To build a snowman that would ended it up in a cute snowball fight. To make you see that fairytales do exist and the love in story books or movies are real. You are the one I wanted to sing to me everyday as we are lying in bed and I look at every perfect detail of you and I tell you how much my heart is beating too fast, I would probably be having an heart attack because your voice is the most beautiful sound of this universe. You're the one I wanted to make happy for the rest of my life. Really happy and feeling completely loved, supported, understood. I want to hold you when times get tough for you. When your world feels like crashing down. I would be your shoulder to cry on. Hug you tight. Wipe your tears and hold your hand while looking into your eyes making you understand that I would be there in your good days and all your bad days too. Always. It's you. You're the one. And I swear to you I have never been so sure about something in my entire life. It's you, and I say this without a single doubt in my mind. It will always be you. Forever
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liathecreator 5 months ago
Tumblr media
always and forever-
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writingsaboutaheartworm 8 months ago
I wish I could find comfort in the thought that in another universe, in another life, we have our happy ending.
But I can only feel the aching sadness at the realization we won鈥檛 have our happy ending here.
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