#i swear sometimes i don't see them
lordymaru a year ago
Tumblr media
Funny thing is this is us whenever we go out somewhere.
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vtforpedro 5 months ago
me, answering someone when they ask how my life has been impacted by poor health: yeah I can't bend over, I can't lie flat, I have a hard time washing my hair b/c of the movement of my arms, can't put dishes away, can't clean my cats' litter box, going over a bump while a passenger in a car physically pains me, I can't walk for very long because it irritates my head, I have to sit in total silence and with as minimal light possible and with an ice pack when numerous times daily sometimes, I can't watch movies or tv cause iih affects eyesight it's like it's #1 major symptom and the pressure on my optic nerves is exacerbated by my eyes trying to follow rapid movements, sometimes turning my head too far will cause an episode, oh yeah with the shower thing thinkin about getting a shower chair cause when I wash my hair I want to scream and cry by the time I'm done it exhausts me and is so painful, just general noise hurts A Lot I can only listen to music sparingly, the amount of medication I'm on causes fatigue on top of fatigue on top of fatigue, I tried physical therapy before we knew what this was and it made everything 10x worse so I had to stop haha yeah!!!! there's more but this has drastically changed my life and what I'm capable of, which is not a lot, and I can only do so much before I'm in agony. as a chronic pain sufferer, sometimes just surviving each day without going to the ER is my main victory. it's pretty awful all doctors/nurses/therapists/people in general, immediately after hearing this: so what about exercise? I hate them all
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whispering-zephyr 12 days ago
being a system streamer so far feels like: speedrun of meeting the coolest people ever and also the worst people ever. seems worth it overall though
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enbies-and-felonies a month ago
fuck idk why i keep doing this. i always get scared to tell ppl ik irl abt anything going on bc im usually the happy go lucky, energetic person that everyone vents to and shit and everyone else has shit going on and i dont wanna hurt them so i end up ranting to fucking stranger who dont deserve to put up with my shit. i feel bad no matter what. i either hurt someone ik or i hurt a stranger. ig it fucks my thoughts less when i donthave to see who i fucked over yknwk.
anywaysssssss how has ur day been? aside from. like this whole thing lmao
it can be really hard opening up to people, especially when it feels like the person they know is a front or a mask, so you feel like you can't be genuine. i think it's important to know, even if you can't bring yourself to open up, that you can set boundaries! it's okay to tell people you can't handle them venting to you right then, or ever. part of being able to help other is FIRST making sure you are okay, and that includes not taking other people's burdens on yourself if it's too much
not saying it's right, but i do understand why it's easier to hurt someone who you can't see. it takes a bit of the reality of it away
i'm gonna be honest dhjsbdhjfb, this whole thing has been significantly less stressful/bad than the rest of my day /lh i'm 97% sure that i'm sick, but i have a hard time admitting it when i am, both to myself and others past that i've also got like. an essay due tonight that's probably gonna go in late rip to me </3
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ladyinthebluebox 2 months ago
i wish people understood a very subtle, yet fundamental difference between a villain and an antagonist.
[deepest of sighs]
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buckycuddlebuddy 10 months ago
i can't fucking write and it annoys me so much
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duelistkingdom 5 months ago
also the whole聽鈥渓ol shippers and their need to demonize potential love interests鈥 well sometimes the text does the demonizing for you. or sometimes the other potential love interest is just not nearly as developed as the other one. sometimes The Writers Hate Women and didn鈥檛 give her a personality beyond one character trait. like sometimes if you actually engage with the text, you discover one character in a love triangle is just. boring & not worth my energy analyzing.
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stillshewanders a year ago
went to church today for the first time in months and i鈥檓 calling it. i鈥檓 an anglican for real now
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clinicalcryptid 8 months ago
if my parents could stop trying to act as if everything was fucking normal and put up a good image and try and have the same old fucking conversation with me, that鈥檇 be fucking great. how long do i have to wait before they get the hint and stop hiding how much they most likely know what鈥檚 happened?? i鈥檓 tired of putting up an image and being something i鈥檓 not. i鈥檝e spent so much time pretending to be something and now i鈥檓 just exhausted and falling apart, so hearing them talk in such聽鈥榣oving鈥 tones is making me feel sick at what i鈥檓 never gonna properly and genuinely have from them
my existence in this place is due to a failure on such an astonishing level on the part of people who were supposed to raise me and support me on the way to independence. sometimes i cry like a fucking child for that affection but it鈥檚 never gonna fucking happen. those are just memories from my childhood and adolescence and that鈥檚 all they鈥檒l ever fucking be
(do not reblog)
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pagesofkenna 8 months ago
Eric: "EXEO, you tell Prahl 'no shooting, no guns, no nothing in here', and Prahl nods to you but shoots a glance at the pirates-"
Xander: *Mimes Prahl shooting the pirates*
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tj-crochets a year ago
Would you object to being sent photos of sewing projects we鈥檝e made in your submissions?
I would love to see them! Like, I would ESPECIALLY love to see them if you made things from my patterns, I love seeing other peoples鈥 takes on my patterns, but I鈥檇 be happy to see any projects you鈥檝e made聽 I don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 likely to be a problem, but I will specify: please have the photos of sewing projects you submit be safe for work*. No judgement if you are sewing things that aren鈥檛 safe for work, it鈥檚 just not the sort of stuff I want on my blog, you know? Swearing鈥檚 usually fine, though *it didn鈥檛 used to occur to me to add disclaimers like that but after that dude trying to start聽鈥淭o Kill a Mockingbird鈥 discourse in the notes on one of my stuffed animal posts I feel like stating boundaries like this ahead of time is maybe a good idea lol. The warning is not specifically directed at you, anon, it鈥檚 just a general thing
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angel-macabre a year ago
im making Caleb an anti-concussion care package because that boy can't manage to not hit his head every dang time he works on vehicles. 鈽癸笍 if anyone knows of any home remedies and care that i can give past just letting him rest and sleep as much as he can please give it thank you cutie.
#ive got a banana. green tea. vitamin d pills. a slice of Ezekiel bread. and an avocado in it so far.#im going to cook him eggs with avocado and toast when i get over there#i wish he had fresh blueberries idk how frozen blueberries fare for anti-inflammation as opposed to fresh#i just can't afford to go get a ton of stuff but maybe some cranberry juice would help too#he swears his headache isn't from hitting his head but it's lasted two days after working on his buddy's bus#what the fuck is it about men that makes them so anti caution. like i love him and he's not an idiot but some of the things he does#im just like please have an ounce more of long term self preservation lmao#but that's just him being a man and all u know#he also is in the same boat as me where like. we have add even though we both acknowledge that we don't. we still know we do lmao#it's smth you don't understand unless you rly do have add/adhd... & also are skeptical of the medical industry even the slightest amount lo#like i think modern adhd culture/diagnosis/understanding is questionable at best and outright munchausen at worst#but there's undoubtedly something to actual add/adhd just bc of my own struggles with it.... and my own experience. idk#it's a nuanced issue i don't have the stamina to talk about right now lol but if you know you know <3#all that to say: i know he'd do all this for me and waaaay more if i had potentially concussed myself. i know he'd go all out for my health#so why can't he want to do that for his own health in the same way lmao#i guess that's just part of being human though. looking out for those you love more than yourself sometimes#you know what you could actually say the exact same about what im doing right now by going over there#seeing as im fighting an infection and should probably stay home and rest. so ill shut up about it now LMAO#oh yeah also the point of me bringing up the add/adhd was to say that it affects how cautious he is lol#he's the adhd side of the diagnosis so he's way more likely than me to be reckless so i forgive him for that#save
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keviintrans a year ago
i鈥檓 tired and haven鈥檛 been getting much sleep lately so i should probably just go to bed but. i have. such a stupid destiel wedding comic i wanna draw
#contra.txt#implying i ever draw anything that isn't just dumb as hell lol#it's a toss up between my Health and my Useless Hobby... a most difficult choice#this is gonna turn into an all over the place tag talk bc i get talky when i'm tired#anyway i've been listening to the same five songs on repeat for the last week#and literally all of them make me think of spn. hate how this show has infested my brain but at least i'm having a good time ig#also i feel so weird tagging my posts sometimes lskdjfkd like. looking at some of my posts i'm like#yeah these character tags aren't warranted at all i just have Problems in my head that make me want to tag Everything#bc i Have to be Organized. you know. on my... tumblr.... blog.......#do Not get me started on the tags i put on my art that aren't even organizational lol i simply live with and carry my shame with me#also wondering abt the protocol for drawing art based off of existing posts...#do i just link the post? am i supposed to @ the op? do i ask for permission or beg forgiveness later#also thinking about pnas.org#the primary reason i have not slept much lately is because i suck at science#the secondary reason is that i am in a secret competition with a neighbour to see who stays up later each night#as in we're the only two windows that aren't curtained closed at night so i can see when their lights are on or off#and i base asleepness off of that. this makes me sound creepy but i swear i can only see whether or not the lights are on#also my desk is covered in origami that i make while i don't pay attention to lectures so things are going well for me#my pride and joy is my very tiny origami crane that is like. so small.#it's wingspan is like 1/6th of a loonie#no. smaller even.#it's tiny dude just trust me
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fiona-fififi a year ago
Is tumblr eating messages again?
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hikarinokusari a year ago
Those damn horns are working now. Time to cry with custom miqo鈥檛e ears and their wiggles now.
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ladyonfire28 2 years ago
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oveliagirlhaditright 2 years ago
What are all your Kingdom Hearts pairings?
I am so sorry I never answered this:( I kept meaning to, but every time I鈥檇 get distracted with family being over for the holidays.
I used to have a ton of KH ships, but I鈥檝e kind of cooled down on a lot of them now (for some reason. IDK why I think I鈥檓 just not as interested in romance as I used to be. I still love it, of course, but now I value other kinds of relationships in series, too.) So for the most part, I鈥檓 really only going to tell you the ones I search for in the tags every day and maybe a few others.
SoKai is my ultimate OTP forever and ever. It always has been and it probably always will be. I don鈥檛 really ever see that changing. I should maybe mention that I also like the fandom鈥檚 invention (that I helped to create;)) of dark Sora and Kairi. And, yes: that even includes the rare dark Kairi鈥 that I should really finish my fic of.
I love RokuShi a lot, but I鈥檝e even cooled down on them a little. They used to be one of my ultimate OTPs鈥揳nd to be fair, they still kind of are鈥揳nd were my second favorite KH pairing (heck, there was a hot second where I even liked them more than SoKai. Weird, I know), but now they鈥檙e probably more equal with my other ships and most don鈥檛 even come close to reaching SoKai level for me.
Namiku. I love it a lot and mostly always have. RokuShi and Namiku are my ideal pairings when it comes to shipping Roxas, Xion, Riku, and Namin茅 with people. Though I do love RokuNami now, and have for a while.
Speaking of: RokuNami.
Terqua. But maybe not as much as the above. IDK. I鈥檝e kind of flip-flopped on this one over the years. And KHIII really made me love them again鈥 but at the same time, I鈥檓 okay with them being platonic and like siblings鈥 which is apparently what their relationship in canon is, along with their relationships to Ven and vice versa. (According to the KHIII Journal and Ultimania).
Gulava. They鈥檙e precious and I love them a lot.
Epheplayer (I鈥檓 also okay with SkuldPlayer, or EphemerSkuldPlayer being OT3d, but I probably prefer PlayerStrelitzia and Epheplayer first鈥 and the latter one is funny, because I think I used to prefer SkuldPlayer over it. But not anymore. I blame all you people who make cute Epheplayer stuff:)
VentusStrelitzia, because of the fandom. Because of the fandom (also with a side bit of VanitasStrelitzia because of the fandom). But not if Ven in any form is her killer.
IraInvi鈥 just because of that one line in Back Cover about Invi not wanting the others聽鈥渢o get the wrong idea about them鈥濃 even though I kind of don鈥檛 like Ira that much (yet. Hopefully that鈥檒l change), because he kind of feels like a wet blanket to me so far.
Maybe Aced and Invi, but just because of Terra and Aqua feeling somewhat similar to them, if I ship AcedInvi at all. I don鈥檛 know if I do. Also, maybe Ava and Invi. IDK.聽
XehanortEraqus, I guess (even though I hate Xehanort).
The one Sewer Squad girl with the newest girl added to the Sewer Squad?
SoRiKai鈥 Because I can take the things I don鈥檛 like about S*Riku if Kairi鈥檚 involved, though it鈥檚 not my favorite (I鈥檒l always prefer SoKai by itself. But I鈥檒l still happily take SoRiKai posts, since it鈥檚 better than the alternative鈥 which is Kairi being left out of everything, that I can鈥檛 stand).
RiKai. I ship RiKai a lot. Mainly because my old best friend loved loved loved loved them (and a few other of my RL friends, oddly enough), and she was always trying to pull me over to the RiKai side鈥 And while I still prefer SoKai, she did make me like RiKai a lot. And because this pairing is made up of tropes people usually love, so I don鈥檛 get why it鈥檚 not more popular. And because their story in KHI (mainly on Riku鈥檚 side) breaks my heart in the best way possible.
Roxiri鈥 for some reason. I blame awesome YouTube editors for this one.
Vanaqua (that I actually ship a lot, and also look for in the tags a lot. Even though I don鈥檛 love them as much as the first pairings I posted here, but still maybe moreso than some of the other ones I put in the middle here. I don鈥檛 know why I put this ship so low).
Vennami (same thing as VanAqua).
Venaqua鈥 or at least I did until the age difference.
Slightly VaniKai now, but just for the good fan art.
Some Kailette鈥
SoNami in CoM only (and also kind of one-sided on Namin茅鈥檚 part).
Replinami. But I probably don鈥檛 ship it as much as I should, especially if Nomura鈥檚 now trying to sell that Namin茅鈥檚 always had some great love for him (that I don鈥檛 really buy, but shh).
Rion鈥 but more because so much of the fandom ships them, and I feel I sort of have to because of that and not so much because I really want to. They鈥檙e okay. And I get why people ship them, but they鈥檙e kind of聽meh for me, but maybe getting a bit better. I鈥檝e just鈥 always had some issues with them (mainly that I feel like Riku kind of goaded Xion into committing suicide to save Sora: which is an issue I had with RokuNami for some time, too, and took me many years to get over for them. But now I have and they鈥檙e one of my fave pairings). But at the same time, I wouldn鈥檛 hate it if it happened.
Riku and Aqua, for some reason (though that darn age difference!). Maybe because I ship Terqua and this ship has stuff in common with it, and Riku鈥檚 sort of the version of Terra that passed with flying colors?
Perhaps Marluxia and Larxene, since I think that鈥檚 where the narrative is going. Perhaps.
Haynette. I also don鈥檛 mind Pencette. I also like Roxette quite a lot.
I shipped Larxel long ago, but not anymore. And yet I always feel the need to still put it down for some reason鈥
Ira and Aced, maybe: they did have a good arc in Back Cover.
Brain and Lauriam, possibly, because of the fandom. I鈥檝e seen some Ephemer ships here too, I think, that could be cute.
I feel like part of me would have shipped Sora and Roxas somewhat, if they weren鈥檛 Nobody and Other鈥
TerraVen a bit鈥 Well, maybe I did a bit before I knew their ages鈥 probably not now (I shipped them a bit back in the day, when I felt like in BbS they cared way more about each other than they ever did Aqua).
Xion and Repliku a bit鈥 maybe. But I鈥檇 prefer them more to have a sibling bond.
Sora and Ariel for crack鈥 and a bit of Sora and Rapunzel.
Terra and Cinderella and Aqua and Cinderella (also, Aqua and Philip) for the above reason. Maybe even Ven and Snow White.
Roxas and the Accessory Shop Girl for crack.
A bit of KairiXion.
Yozora and brown-haired Stella! I will go down with this ship, as I鈥檝e been shipping聽鈥渢hem鈥 since Versus XIII, essentially. And maybe Yozora with some of his bros, but we鈥檒l see.
There are probably some FF ones, too (though I don鈥檛 care about them that much)鈥 usually the canon ones, like CloTi, Zerith, Clerith, TiYuna, Squinoa (because Nomura eluded long ago that she was a part of the fall of Radiant Garden and why Squall changed his name to Leon, in losing her for the time being), and maybe Seifer and Fuu. But I鈥檓 also okay with things like Selphie and Tidus, Leon and Yuffie, Leon and Aerith, and even Leon and Tifa because of one amv (where he started liking her in seeing her as a replacement for Rinoa, and then began to fall for her as her).
Oh, and Neku and Shiki鈥 slight JoshNeku, and maybe Joshua and Rhyme (because I鈥檓 still somewhat Joshyme trash, gosh darnit) and some BeatJoshua (though this is moreso for TWEWY, of course, than KH. But they seem to be their true TWEWY selves in KH, so鈥)
All of the canon Disney couples, of course.
Edit: Maybe Ven and Skuld, now that Ven asked her to build a snowman together and all. Their interaction there was cute.
Aqua and Axel for crack.
鈥 realize I told you I was going to make this list short, and really I pretty much put everything I could think of. I apologize (and a lot of this did not end up in any good order whatsoever), but SoKai, RokuShi, Namiku, RokuNami, Terqua, Gulava, Skulmera, PlayerStrelitzia, and IraInvi (for some reason) are the ones I look for in the tags every day (also, Vanaqua. And sometimes Vennami). Then, it鈥檚 probably RiKai and SoRiKai at this point? With some of these others thrown in there? Like the聽鈥淚f Kairi died and sadly stayed dead, maybe Sora and Namin茅 could be a thing鈥 kind of ones? Even though they don鈥檛 come close to the other ones? IDK.
Edit: XioRokuNami is a major one!
#oh also sora and olette for some reason. it's a weird crack pairing聽I wrote for once that has weirdly stuck with me#I also know a lot of people like vanshion and it's okay but聽I'm meh about it. but it's not bad#I've also seen aqua/larxene and that might not be bad#and聽I could see people shipping xion and olette after khiii and that could be cute#does anyone ship聽fuu and olette?聽I bet they have and that could be cute too#I also shipped聽venfuu a tiny tiny bit when聽deviantart was going crazy over it and making all the art for them.聽I even wrote one fic#vanities and riku maybe#and聽I maybe COULD'VE shipped ven and lea during the time of bbs. but obviously not now#also... if聽I'm being honest? sometimes problematic master of masters and聽Ava since she was the only one he was nice to#and when聽I say that聽I don't really ship it at all. gosh聽I don't want that ship to EVER happen and it never should#but聽I've still written it in a few fics... where聽I've treated it as the problematic thing it is (and only ever from the master's side and#not聽Ava's) to help show how the master HIMSELF is problematic. and聽I'm very careful with it and聽I swear聽I'm not endorsing it and wouldn't#though actually... now that聽I think about it her being the only one he was ever nice to is probably a moot point now#since at this point they're opposed to each other and are probably going to be at each other's throats in khiv#actually maybe the only reason he was ever nice to her was manipulation. hoping that if he was she wouldn't betray him and yet she still#did as she should have#also in the fics where聽I've written the master of masters having an infatuation for聽Ava聽I've never even had him touch her in#a platonic gesture. let alone anything else or worse. but still him having feelings for her at all. even if he聽doesn't act on them. is bad#maybe also sora and聽Ava if he thought she was聽Kairi or something. sora and strelitziaalso had some good accidental chemistry#I feel like聽I might have shipped axel/xion if not for the age difference#if聽Elsa wasn't too old for him.聽Riku and聽Elsa for聽crack since聽I get where people are coming from with it. maybe sora/Anna in the same light#maybe master of masters and聽Xigbar/braig.聽I also feel聽invi has a crush on the mom. but we're doing nothing with that#luxu/ava maybe.聽I saw some cool stuff with them before we found out he's braig#the 'my friends aren't my power' guy with his friend#maybe some veniri
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ghost-roads 2 years ago
why is it that when a young teenage girl decides she might be a lesbian and proudly expresses that identity she's "sexualising herself" and "too young to know" and "putting herself in a box", but parents will see every single one of their daughter's male friends as potential boyfriends and make jokes about them dating, literally as early as kindergarten?
why is it that a young girl kissing a boy is cute and natural, but people automatically assume a young girl kissing a girl is doing it to be provocative, to be seen, and is trying to "grow up too fast"?
why is it that queer identities are seen as inherently sexual?
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insnkerator 2 years ago
not to wander into Discourse but -- fan artists: Isn鈥檛 fem!Levi just Mikasa and masc!Mikasa just Levi?
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hide-in-imagination 2 years ago
Me, trying to write, screaming at the characters in my head:聽鈥淢OVE, YOU FUCKING PIECES OF SHIT!!!鈥澛
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