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#i take outfit requests <3
kinanina13 days ago
outfit prompt: going to sign divorce papers after i found out my husband cheated on me but i'm not too pressed because i was in it for the money and he didn't sign a prenup
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go take what is rightfully yours!!
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lieutenantselniaa month ago
So there was something that came to my mind today, I think I want to take some drawing requests for 2nd Dimension Doofenshmirtz. I'd like to draw him in different cool and handsome outfits, so you can send me an ask and tell me what kind of outfit you'd like to see him in :D It would be helpful to include at least one picture for reference/inspiration or at least a detailed description. You can also request a specific pose and/or facial expression, but only if you want to, it's mostly about the outfits :P
I don't know how detailed I'm going to make these drawings, I thought of coloured sketches, maybe lineart if I'm in the mood for it. It may depend on the number of requests I'm getting (tbh I don't expect to get that many since he isn't a super popular character馃槄). They will be drawn in the normal PnF style (not 100% accurately, but like, my version of it), but if I'm in the mood I might add a version in my semi-realistic style to some of them, since I've become kinda fond of the way I draw him in that style馃挄
Also I don't know how long it will take me to finish them so please be patient with me馃ゲ of course I don't want to make you wait unnecessarily long but I also want this to be fun and not stressful for me! I'll be working on the requests in the order I receive them, also for now there's no deadline (I only might set one if I get overwhelmed with the requests)
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blvckjvckvls5 months ago
饾悈饾惃饾惈 饾悕饾惃饾惌饾悺饾悽饾惂饾悹. 鈥 鈾
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈾 part of the ukai nation sugar daddy collab 鈾
Tumblr media
summary: oikawa鈥檚 willing to give you anything your heart desires so long as you stay by his side. a/n: god...it鈥檚 carter again...manifesting this into my life <3 contains: sugar daddy!oikawa x f!reader, daddy kink, panty sniffing, threats of baby trapping/breeding, oral sex (f receiving), implied large age gap w/c: 3.3k+
Tumblr media
The penthouse felt so cold. That was your first thought the very first time you stepped inside your new boyfriend鈥檚 home...if you could call it that. Despite Tooru having said he鈥檇 lived here for a few years now, it didn鈥檛 look lived in at all. Minimalistic furniture was scattered here and there, maybe an art piece or two on the walls that you were almost positive someone else had picked out for him. It looked expensive, sure, but it felt so cold. But at the time, all you had done was twist and tell him how wonderful you thought it was, watching the warm smile cross the retired athlete鈥檚 face as he watched his favorite girl react to something so luxurious.聽
When he鈥檇 first approached you at your workplace your mouth had gone dry, eyes trying desperately to drink in every inch of him without being too obvious. You instead smiled, helped him with an issue, and watched as he left- quick to tell all your coworkers and friends about this hot guy who came in that day. It was about a week later that he鈥檇 returned, clearly scanning the building until he saw you standing there- catching you in the act of staring, yourself. Once his eyes met yours he gave a warm smile and came over, requesting your help once more.聽
That was the first night you鈥檇 touched yourself, fingers desperately circling your clit as you imagine what it would feel like if it was him instead. Would he do it quickly, bringing you to orgasm as fast as you would bring yourself, or would he torture you a little, stringing you along and keeping you from cumming too soon? What would it feel like to have his thick digits stretching out your cunt, forcing your thighs to stay open for him? Try and try as you might, you couldn鈥檛 get a good grip on him.
His visits became more and more frequent, the chocolate haired man with slices of gray starting to shine through beginning to make more and more suggestive comments. 鈥淵ou look so beautiful today.鈥 turned into 鈥淚f you were mine, I鈥檇 have you bouncing around my house in these cute outfits, not working here.鈥. The first time he asked if you were allowed to take tips, your eyes went wide. Regardless of your answer, he found himself grabbing your hand and bringing it to his lips in a kiss, keeping prolonged eye contact as he did. When he pulled back and left, you opened your palm to find a folded up large bill. Even as your neck snapped up to look for him, he鈥檇 already disappeared, leaving you shocked with your heart pounding.聽
This became a norm for every time he visited- your coworkers wouldn鈥檛 even try to talk to him any more. He鈥檇 come in for hours at a time, making your work day pass so much faster as you helped him over and over again, even with things you know you鈥檇 helped him with before. Eventually, he turned to you, an award winning smile on his face as he looked at you like you hung the stars in the sky. He reached out to cup your cheek, uncaring of other customers perceiving, and tilted your head back so you鈥檇 see him properly, just how he wanted. 鈥淵ou know I could take care of you, right? You don鈥檛 need to work here.鈥
Obviously, you hadn鈥檛 quit your job- you鈥檇 be dumb to, right? But...going out to dinner with him couldn鈥檛 hurt. Dinner once turned into dinner twice, three times, then turned into day time dates, shopping trips, and eventually bringing you to his penthouse.聽
It was easy to fall in love with Tooru. Despite his age, he didn鈥檛 act a day older than you. He spoke with a lilt in his voice, coy and cute. He watched childish shows and movies, he stayed up until three a.m. with you, and he fucked you with a vigor none of your partners had ever had before. Your nighttime fantasies about his fingers paled in comparison to the real thing, years of experience and working with his hands having your eyes crossing and cunt gushing against his silk sheets in mere seconds.聽
He was sneaky, cunning, funny, handsome, and had a sharp silver tongue. Whenever he would buy you fancy dresses and sweaters and skirts- anything he thought you鈥檇 look beautiful in- you always knew it came with one stipulation. Don鈥檛 you dare wear anything underneath this. The words echo in your mind every time you get dressed in expensive fabrics now. It wasn鈥檛 often that you had an excuse to wear the fine things he decided to purchase for you, but at birthday parties, expensive dinners with his friends, weddings, anything of the sort, you鈥檇 always let out a silent gasp at the way the chilled seat would brush up against your bare cunt.聽
You had to admit- originally, the promise of dating someone with money was promising and exciting. You鈥檇 heard all these stories of your friends finding 鈥榮ugar daddies鈥- rich old men who couldn鈥檛 get it up and needed companionship, usually some gross geezer that tried to shove their tongue down your throat and hand down your pants within minutes of meeting them. But Tooru? Tooru was the hottest guy you鈥檇 ever met, his laugh made you smile wider than you thought possible, and the way he treated you was that of someone he cherished deeply, not someone he saw as a warm tight hole.聽
So when you look up at him, sitting on his couch and watching some random country鈥檚 volleyball playoffs, you smile warmly to yourself, placing the pitcher of fresh lemonade you鈥檇 just finished making into the fridge before you go to join him, easily sliding sideways onto his lap and wrapping your arms around his neck. It hadn鈥檛 been your direct intention to demand his attention, but he gave it to you anyway, turning his head to look at you like the television never existed. 鈥淭here鈥檚 my pretty girl. Where鈥檝e you been?鈥
鈥淵our fridge is almost empty again,鈥 you scold playfully, pinching his neck gently. 鈥淵ou need to take better care of yourself.鈥 Tooru pouts, wrapping his arms around your waist and shifting you closer to his torso.
鈥淎h, I should, I should. I guess you鈥檒l just have to move in and make sure I do, hm?鈥 You look away suddenly, pulling your legs a little closer to your chest. You could never tell if he was serious or not- if he truly wanted a future like that with you or if he was just joking around. You wanted to believe he loves you like you love him, that this is more than just a convenient arrangement for the both of you. He gets to regain his youth, you get access to seemingly unlimited funds. But the fear was always there- what if one day you weren鈥檛 enough for him? What if he needed to search for someone new when you weren鈥檛 young and pretty anymore?
鈥淵ou just want me to take care of you myself,鈥 you chastise, finally tilting your head up to look at him once more.聽
鈥淵ou caught me,鈥 he concedes with a grin, warm palm sliding up and down your back soothingly.聽
鈥淐ome on, stop teasing me.鈥 Your eyes roll, making moves to slide over and sit next to him on the couch. The penthouse felt much more lived in since you鈥檇 come around. Pictures of Tooru with his friends, family, and his beloved- you- now decorated the wall much more cozily than the cold abstract art before had. Furniture littered the spaces between the walls- area rugs, light fixtures, appliances and more slowly made its way into the rooms. You鈥檇 made his house his home.聽
鈥淎nd who鈥檚 to say I鈥檓 teasing you? I鈥檝e always told you that you could quit that miserable job you hate so much and just stay here. I鈥檒l take care of you forever, I promise.鈥 Your mouth feels suddenly very dry as you avert your eyes, never quite sure how to take the comments that he makes. As perfect as that sounded- spending forever with Tooru and taking care of him- you couldn鈥檛 help but worry that it would sound like you were taking advantage of him if you accepted.聽
鈥淢y sweet boy,鈥 you sigh, leaning into his touch and letting him keep you there. With your shoulder pressed into his chest, you can feel every rumble and vibration from his laughter.聽
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what boys you鈥檝e been with, but I鈥檓 not one of them. I鈥檓 a聽man, and I can take care of you.鈥 Your breath hitches, eyes snapping back onto his as your pupils widened.聽
鈥淭o-鈥 You were cut off when his lips slammed against yours with bruising force. He鈥檚 quick to steal the breath from your lungs, not giving you a chance to inhale anything other than him, his scent, his lips and tongue mixing with yours. It leaves you dizzy, head spinning as you feel a rush of cool air over your tummy.聽
In a quick movement, his lips are replaced with dry cotton as Tooru puts the hem of your shirt in between your teeth and tells you to bite down. You follow along blindly, sitting pretty on his lap while his slender fingers ghost up your sides. They find a home on either cup of your bra- something skimpy that he himself had bought for you- surely more expensive than you鈥檇 ever considered spending on yourself. All for naught, apparently, because moments later you can feel the popping and ripping of the thin fabric against your chest, your breasts spilling out of the flimsy cups.聽
You immediately try to cover up, feeling exposed, but he has your hands pinned behind your back an instant later, the shirt falling from your lips as you gasp. 鈥淏e a good little girl and hold this for me, pretty please,鈥 he instructs in a cloyingly sweet tone, shoving the now damp fabric back where it belongs before dipping his own head down, placing kisses over the expanse of your chest. His plush lips travel over the swells and valleys of your chest, the featherlight touch making your whole body shiver- pretty nipples hardening quickly.聽
His lips curl into a smirk, giving your wrists a reassuring squeeze while he finally places his warm mouth over your nipple. Your back arches into his touch as he swirls his tongue around the bud, muffled whimpers leaving your body while you try to shift your hips and bring yourself more pleasure. His free hand comes up to squeeze your other tit, thumb and forefinger expertly rolling your nipple between them, rejoicing in the way your whines become needier and needier.聽
When he detaches, his mouth easily finds the other nipple, instead letting the chilled air hit your now wet skin. He looks up at you from where he鈥檚 made himself at home, noticing the way your eyes are shut tight and gives a small bite- nothing too harsh, but enough to have you bucking your hips into his, to have a wave of arousal drench your panties.聽
鈥淭ooru!鈥 you gasp, dropping your shirt once more and fighting to free your wrists. He pulls back to admire you completely, the way you鈥檙e writhing with desire just from the slightest of ministrations. He presses your tits together just to watch the way they bounce and fall when he finally lets go, cock throbbing against the backs of your thighs. In an instant, he鈥檚 got your shirt pulled over your head, thrown somewhere of no consequence, and he鈥檚 pushing you onto your back on the other side of the couch, leaving you startled and gasping.
鈥淏eing mine wouldn鈥檛 be so bad, I don鈥檛 think. You could do worse,鈥 he starts, furiously unbuttoning his own shirt- taking care not to rip the buttons anymore after you鈥檇 lectured him about the price of things. You blink up at him, confused, but before you can get another word in, he鈥檚 discarded the shirt and his hand is rubbing over the front of your bottoms, bringing the slightest amount of pressure against your clit and you can only respond with a moan, a plead for more as you grip the cushions of his couch.聽
鈥淧lease, need you--鈥
鈥淚 know you do,鈥 he quips, eagerly pulling your bottoms off and gripping the backs of your knees, pushing them up so he can inspect your panties properly. He shimmies down the couch, nuzzling between your thighs and coming face to face with your cunt. 鈥淟ook how wet you are already. What would you do without me, huh? Do you think anyone else is gonna make you cum like this?鈥
鈥淭ooru, what are you ev- daddy!鈥 His nose presses right up to the damp spot on your panties, hands pulling your thighs tight around his face as he inhales deeply, getting intoxicated off the scent of your arousal. While your hands find a home in his luscious hair, knotting easily in the soft waves, his find their home in your cunt- two fingers pushing your panties to the side before delving deep inside of you. His nose nudges your clit as he watches the way his fingers grow slick from pumping in and out of your needy pussy. Just how he liked it- always ready to take him.聽
His tongue flattens itself against your bare clit finally, making you all but thrash beneath him while he curls his fingers expertly. He knows your body better than anyone ever has- maybe even better than even yourself- and he knows the best way to get you creaming for him as quick as possible. His tongue laps at your clit rapidly and hungrily, the sounds of slurping and squelching coming from between your legs as you tug at his hair for all it鈥檚 worth. Your head falls back as you gasp in breaths, unable to process the amount of pleasure coursing through your veins. 鈥淐-cumming--鈥 you warn just instants before he鈥檚 swallowing everything you have to give him.
The sight and sensation of you cumming on his fingers, a milky ring at the base of his knuckles, might have been enough to have a younger guy cumming in his pants- but it just made Tooru want to bury his cock and seed deep inside of you, letting you incubate it instead of wasting it on Calvin Klein. As your thighs shake, he鈥檚 pulled his fingers from your pussy, smirking when you whine and watching you clench around nothing at all, whole body mourning his loss. He really does have you addicted to his cock- unable to live without it.聽
His fingers are sucked into his mouth while you watch on in awe, still trying to catch your breath. He licks every drop clean before shuffling his pants off and replacing himself between your legs, thigh to thigh. He lets you rest a leg on either of his hips before he pulls his cock free from his briefs, pulling the elastic waistband down underneath his heavy balls. His sizeable length rests against your tight cunt, looking as pretty as ever with a bubblegum colored tip, drooling and ready to be inside you. He ruts against you a few times, brushing your tummy with it and letting you know exactly how deep in your guts he鈥檒l be in just a few moments.聽
鈥淒o you want it?鈥 he coos, using his thumb to spread your pussy lips. You nod eagerly, reaching up and pinching your own nipples to keep your hands busy.
鈥淧lease, daddy- want you, want all of you.鈥 Your words have Tooru鈥檚 eyes rolling to the back of his head. He has to compose himself before he pulls his hips back, lining himself up with your weeping hole and finally- finally- breaching the tight ring of muscle and forcing himself inside. You cry out for him, tugging on your tits as he fills you so perfectly.聽
鈥淪ee? I- hah- can make you cum better than anyone else, can give you more,鈥 he grunts out once he鈥檚 inside you completely, once he can feel your syrupy cunt forming around the shape of his cock- accomodating to take him. 鈥淎 house, new cars, whatever you fucking want, starlight.鈥 Your confusion has no place in the here and now, can鈥檛 be communicated when all you can manage to do is wheeze and whimper, to plead with your eyes for more, more, more. He begins to fuck into you, hands finding your hips and lifting them up to slide a couch cushion underneath, your comfort always at the front of his mind.聽
鈥淚 could give you a whole fucking family,鈥 he pants, the loud sound of skin slapping skin duetting his strained voice. 鈥淢aybe if I give you a kid you鈥檒l fucking stay around, huh? Is that what it takes? Answer me.鈥 His hand finds your jaw as he angles his upwards, hitting a spot that has you crying, tears springing to your eyes. With a rough grip on your chin, you nod wordlessly at first, afraid of your voice betraying you.
鈥淚- I want it!鈥 you agree, finally admitting to it out loud. 鈥淚 want it all!鈥
鈥淵eah? I鈥檒l let you have it, princess. Just promise you鈥檒l stay.鈥 With the rhythmic way his cock drug against your walls, battering into you and bruising the bottoms of your thighs with the intensity of his hips colliding into them, you鈥檙e almost in a trance, lightheaded from pleasure.聽
鈥淚 promise! I promise!鈥 you cry, tears spilling down your cheeks now. You reach out for him, hands outstretched as you crave his touch. The smile that crosses his face is the most beautiful thing you鈥檇 seen, you think. His body curls over yours, thrusts increasing in depth and speed as he folds your thighs up, hands gripping tightly onto them. He fucks you with a purpose, lips finding yours while you wrap your arms around his back, locking him in place, demanding he stay with you.聽
He lets his hand slide between your sweat slicked bodies, thumb rubbing tight circles on your clit while his fingers dig into the fat of your tummy. The added pressure is too much for you, your orgasm washing over you as you scream his name into his mouth. The added stroke to his ego is what pushes Tooru over the edge of himself, cock lurching as he plants his thick cum right up next to your womb, splashing onto your cervix. Your whole body shudders, cunt rhythmically squeezing around him, milking him dry and trying to pull his cum as deep as possible inside.聽
He sits with you like that, unwilling to unplug your pussy and watch his seed spill out of you uselessly. So he lets you both catch your breath for a moment, his head resting beside yours on the cushion of the couch. Your hands shakily unclench from behind his back and come up to comb through his hair, placing kiss after kiss over his face.
鈥淒id you- did you mean it?鈥 you ask nervously, remembering his promises. He nods, pushing himself up again so he can look in your eyes. Balancing on one hand, he pushes a lock of hair from your eyes, kissing your forehead and lingering there for a moment.聽
鈥淎s long as you stay with me, you鈥檒l never want for anything again, I promise.鈥
鈥淭ooru...all I want is you. This. I don鈥檛 care about anything else. You know that, right?鈥 The way his heart clenches and soars to his throat leads Tooru to believe that no, he did not know that- But what a wonderful way to find out. A smile spreads on his face and he pulls you into his arms, rolling with you off of the couch and onto the plush rug, groaning and laughing at your shocked giggles, nuzzling his head into your neck and kissing every inch of you. When he looks at you like this, he knows one thing is for certain. As long as you stay with him, he鈥檒l never want for anything again.聽聽
Tumblr media
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kybabi10 months ago
Tumblr media
telling their s/o they鈥檙e being too clingy
w/ tsukishima, ushijima, and iwaizumi!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i finally made a third part hehe :))
anyways these are all written in the timeskip!! thank you all for requesting鈽猴笍)
Tumblr media
you and tsukishima were very different
he didn鈥檛 like to show affection all that much, and while he cared for you deeply, it was difficult for him to show it
you, on the other hand, loved to show how much you loved him
but often it came to be a bit much for him
today, tsukki came home tired and irritable
he felt like going to sleep and never getting out of bed
but you had other plans
you鈥檇 made dinner for him and you were hoping to catch up on some episodes of your favorite show tonight
but when he opened the door and saw you waiting eagerly, he sighed irritably
and when you asked him what was wrong, he simply scoffed
then you asked him if he wanted to eat dinner with you and he just sighed, again
鈥渃an鈥檛 you just leave me alone for one day? god, you鈥檙e so fucking clingy.鈥
he went into the bedroom and closed the door
hurt, you just drooped sadly and went to put dinner away before going to sleep alone on the couch
when tsukki opens the door of your shared bedroom in the morning, he finds you curled up on the couch, still sleeping peacefully. he smiles softly, the sight adorable.
he鈥檚 reminded of his harsh words to you he鈥檇 said just yesterday. he feels kind of bad for taking out his frustrations on you like that, but it would be too much of a hassle to apologize formally. he hopes that you know he didn鈥檛 mean it.
when he comes home from work, he doesn鈥檛 see you anywhere in sight. usually you鈥檇 be in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious, but the area is bare, the lights off. that鈥檚 when he sees you sitting on the couch, your computer in your lap. he walks over.
鈥渉i, baby.鈥
you look up at him and smile.
鈥渉ow was work?鈥 you ask him. he shrugs before waiting expectantly for your greeting kiss. you turn back to your screen.
he tilts his head subtly. huh?
you always give him a kiss after he comes home from work.
but you鈥檙e not paying attention to him, instead typing something on your laptop.
鈥渟o... dinner?鈥 he mutters.
鈥渙h, i just ate some leftovers. they鈥檙e still in the fridge from last night if you wanted some,鈥 you respond, eyes still glued to the screen.
tsukishima stands there awkwardly before turning away and walking into the kitchen.
it鈥檚 a little strange, the way you鈥檙e acting. on a normal given day, you practically would have jumped on him the second he got home. but now it鈥檚 like he鈥檚 not even there.
when it鈥檚 time for the two of you to go to bed, you both get ready in the bathroom. then you鈥檙e grabbing your pillow off your side of the bed and leaving the bedroom. confused, kei finishes brushing his teeth and ventures out into the living room to see you setting up on the couch.
you turn to look at him, waiting expectantly for him to finish his thought.
鈥渋... why are you sleeping on the couch?鈥 he asks.
you swallow.
鈥渨ell, yesterday, it seemed you didn鈥檛 want me in bed with you, so...鈥 you trail off, uncomfortable. his heart sinks.
he sighs. he really didn鈥檛 want to have to do this, but you鈥檝e left him no choice.
he steps up to you wordlessly and scoops you up in one fluid motion, throwing you over his shoulder and grabbing your pillow for you before retreating into the bedroom. you squeak in surprise, and he puts you on the bed, pulling the covers over you. he gets in on the other side and pulls you into his chest. he scoffs at you, and he looks a little uncomfortable, but he nuzzles at you anyway. the gesture surprises you.
鈥渋 didn鈥檛 mean it, you idiot.鈥
鈥渕ean it?鈥
he sighs, looking away.
鈥渋 didn鈥檛 mean the things i said last night, okay? i was just tired and i had a long day. don鈥檛 distance yourself just because i was being a dick yesterday.鈥
to anyone else, his attempt at making up with you would be a miserable excuse for an apology, but to you, it鈥檚 one of the sweetest things you鈥檝e ever seen him do. it鈥檚 moments like these where you remember just why you fell for him in the first place.
鈥渄oes this mean you鈥檒l cuddle me?鈥 you ask sweetly.
鈥渄on鈥檛 push it,鈥 he grumbles.
he pulls you closer anyway.
Tumblr media
ushijima was never all that big on physical touch
honestly, he only tolerated it from you, but sometimes even you were a bit too much
today, you were having a bit of a bad day
work was slow and annoying, and you just wanted to come home to your boyfriend and cuddle with him
but he was having a similar day
and he felt the exact opposite
he really just wanted to be alone
he came home, walking past you and into the bedroom, and sat on the bed
you followed him and snuggled up to his side
to your surprise, he pushed you off gently
but you didn鈥檛 get the hint and nuzzled right up into him
this time he pushed you off harder
鈥渢oshi, why鈥斺
鈥減lease stop being so clingy, y/n. i don鈥檛 want your affection.鈥
you deflated, sleepy and touch-starved
that night, you slept clinging to your pillow
today was an exhausting day for ushijima.
he and the rest of the team were working even harder than usual, and by the end of practice, his limbs were worn out and he was fatigued.
but the positive thing about days like this was that you would always cuddle him after he came home from work, and he could fall asleep with his muscles nice and relaxed from your touch.
eager to see you, he comes home, noticing that you鈥檙e sitting on the couch. you look up and greet him.
鈥渉i, toshi. how was your day?鈥 you ask.
鈥渋t was very tiring,鈥 he explains, and you can see he鈥檚 telling the truth by the way he seems to be drooping. you hum in consideration.
鈥渋鈥檓 sorry, baby. maybe a warm bath might help?鈥 you suggest before turning back to your phone. he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to follow him into the bedroom. you don鈥檛 budge.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion. usually, at this point, you would bring him into bed and sit on his lap. but you seem to be busy or something, so he decides he鈥檒l wait until you鈥檙e finished.
when you finally get into bed with him, it鈥檚 late. you get under the covers and turn on your side, away from him.
he waits expectantly, lap open and ready for you, but you don鈥檛 crawl into it like you usually do. he sleepily nudges at you.
鈥渨hat is it, baby?鈥
鈥渨hy won鈥檛 you sit on my lap like usual?鈥
you pause. isn鈥檛 this what he wanted?
when he鈥檇 pushed you off of him, you came to a realization; he was right. you really were clingy. you were always touching him somehow; your head on his shoulder, your hand intertwined in his, your nose pressed up against his shoulder. you couldn鈥檛 blame your boyfriend for wanting space.
but with the way he鈥檚 looking at you, you鈥檙e not so sure.
then wakatoshi remembers what happened the last time you tried to cuddle him. he pushed you off of him and told you he didn鈥檛 want your affection. but he hadn鈥檛 thought you would stop completely, and now he misses your touch desperately.
he grabs you by your waist and pulls you into his lap, holding you right against him. you try to get off of him, but he pulls you closer.
鈥渘o. i want to cuddle,鈥 he mumbles. you tilt your head in confusion.
鈥渋鈥檓 sorry for calling you clingy, y/n. i like it when you hold me. i didn鈥檛 mean it,鈥 he explains, and you inhale at his honesty.
鈥渞eally?鈥 you whisper. he nods, and buries his nose in your hair.
鈥減lease keep being affectionate with me. i love that about you.鈥
your breath hitches, and you cling to him tightly. you whisper an okay and rest your head on his chest.
you fall asleep in his lap, his hand in your hair and your nose nuzzled deeply in his shirt, listening to the steady sound of his heartbeat.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi loved your affection and cuddles
it was one of the things he loved most about you
but it was common for him to push you away when he got angry
you were waiting expectantly for him to come home, wanting to talk to him about your day
you鈥檇 gotten a promotion at work, and he was the first person you wanted to tell
but iwaizumi was beyond tired and frustrated after a long day at work
so when he got home, he went straight to the bedroom, ignoring you
you followed after him, already beginning to ramble about your day
but your voice was irritating him and he just wanted to sleep
鈥渉ajime, you鈥檒l never guess what happened to me at work鈥斺
鈥渃an鈥檛 you be quiet for two seconds? you鈥檙e so clingy, god. just leave me alone, okay?鈥
stung, you backed away, turning to get ready for bed alone
that night, you slept with your back toward him and tears in your eyes
it鈥檚 the next day, and hajime is at work. he鈥檚 on a break and scrolling through instagram when he comes across a post of yours on his feed.
it鈥檚 a picture of you in your adorable little work outfit, hair done up beautifully, fingers up in a peace sign. you鈥檝e captioned it, 鈥済ot the promotion馃槣鈥 and hajime pauses upon reading it. he goes into the comment section to see your friends congratulating you, sending you words of praise and kind words.
confused, hajime puts his phone away. why would y/n not tell me first? he asks himself. he鈥檚 always been the first person to hear about these things, but it appears that he鈥檚 far from it this time.
he gets home to see you in the kitchen, and he walks in to greet you with a kiss. you dodge it subtly, moving around him to get something from the fridge. he frowns.
鈥渉ey,鈥 he mutters. 鈥渨hen were you gonna tell me about the promotion?鈥
you look at him before staring at the food you鈥檙e cooking.
鈥渨ell, you found out about it, didn鈥檛 you?鈥 you mumble. he stares at you in confusion. are you mad at him?
鈥測eah, but...鈥 he trails off. 鈥渋t鈥檚 just that i usually hear it from you first.鈥 you scoff. 鈥渨hat? why are you acting like this?鈥 he asks, crossing his arms.
鈥測ou wouldn鈥檛 have wanted to hear about it anyway, hajime.鈥 he gapes, baffled.
鈥渨hat are you talking about? how would you even know?鈥
you put the knife you鈥檙e holding down, and glare at him sharply.
鈥渂ecause i tried to tell you last night, and you shut me down!鈥
he pauses. you return to cooking.
to be honest, he barely even remembers last night. he came home, and then got into bed, and you were rambling about something, and then...
hajime freezes. he looks at you guiltily.
鈥渂aby,鈥 he starts, but you cut him off.
鈥渏ust forget about it. it wasn鈥檛 that big of a deal anyway,鈥 you lie.
honestly, you鈥檇 been really excited about your new promotion. it felt like something in your life was changing and things were good; you had your boyfriend to cheer you on and a fulfilling job that you loved. and you wanted to share it with him.
so it hurt when it felt like he didn鈥檛 care at all. you were always there to support hajime, but when it felt like he didn鈥檛 even care about doing the same for you, it stung painfully.
hajime knows you鈥檙e lying; he can read you like a book.
鈥測/n... i鈥檓 sorry about yesterday, okay?鈥 he apologizes gently, coming up behind you to rest a hand on your waist. you push him off.
鈥渋 don鈥檛 wanna talk about it, hajime.鈥
he turns you around, and you attempt to turn your gaze away from him, but he has his hand on your jaw, making it impossible.
鈥渉ey. look at me.鈥
you do, reluctantly. you鈥檙e surprised at the genuine concern in his eyes.
鈥渋 know you think i don鈥檛 care, but i do. i want to hear about these things and how you鈥檙e feeling and how your day is. and i didn鈥檛 do a good job of doing that yesterday. i鈥檓 sorry.鈥
you sigh.
鈥減lease let me make it up to you?鈥 he asks, desperate. you look up at him for a second, and then nod. he kisses you gently. 鈥渢hank you for letting me. and for being mine.鈥
you smile softly at him. you can鈥檛 think of your life being any other way.
Tumblr media
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softshiin3 months ago
hiii! love your writing! could you please write headcanons of kazutora/draken/baji/ran and rindou falling over you? what would they do and what would they feel, things like this 馃挅
Tumblr media
summary: draken, baji, ran, rindou and kazutora falling over you
characters: draken, baji, ran, rindou, kazutora
warning: cursing
note: hi nonnie!! this was so fun to do, tysm for requesting <33
Tumblr media
; he becomes shy when you鈥檙e around
; tries to avoid do if possible
; doesn鈥檛 look you in the eyes when you two talk
; if you let him notice this, probably says that its not true and still continues to do so
; every toman captain makes fun of him
; probably has lost a bet with baji and is forced to ask you on a date
; when it comes the time to ask you he鈥檚 totally flustered
; he can鈥檛 make a whole sentence pls
; ends up shouting 鈥淲ANNA GO ON A DATE WITH ME PLEASE???鈥
; blushes
; the day of your date he can鈥檛 even get up from the bed omg
; calls baji and chifuyu over to help him choosing his outfit
; they start fighting over a shirt, so they end up calling mitsuya
; i feel like he would act normally around you
; and then let all out with mitsuya or inui
; def not mikey or he would make fun of him forever
; when he sees you he鈥檚 heart melts, and his voice softens
; he becomes so sweet sometimes that its impossible not understanding his feelings for you
; gifts you big stuffed animals for you bday
; he was a little nervous around you when he first realized that he was in love
; decides to ask you on a date only when he鈥檚 completely sure of his feelings
; y鈥檏now, he doesn鈥檛 want to disappoint you
; asks some advices to the girls that live with him, to hinata or emma
; he would ask you out randomly, during a conversation
; 鈥溾 so, wanna go out with me?鈥
; he鈥檚 so scared yet confident while he says this
; looks you in the eyes, and you can see his trembling a bit
; he鈥檚. not. good. at. this.
; def the type to bully you to make you notice him
; his mind: omg they鈥檙e so pretty
; his mouth: yo, why鈥檙e you so ugly today?
; chifuyu slaps him on his arm
; 鈥淚鈥檓 a fucking idiot, chifuyu..鈥 whines
; when you鈥檙e around he doesn鈥檛 understand ANYTHING
; chifuyu is talking? he stops listening to him
; you are talking? he just watches how beautiful you are, but doesn鈥檛 understand a single thing
; probs tries to make his way out of the room you鈥檙e in, but ends up slamming his face into the door or wall
; he鈥檚 a complete disaster
; asks his mom for help
; doesnt know how to ask you out
; ends up writing a note on your desk/locker 鈥淕O OUT WITH ME DUMBASS 鈥 baji.鈥
; he just teases you whenever he sees you
; his form of affect is styling you hair
; probably loves cuddling with you, even if you鈥檙e just friends
; i can totally see him giving you a whole tour of roppongi during the night
; lets you do whatever you want when you鈥檙e with him
; 鈥溾濃漧ends鈥濃濃 you his big clothes
; he doesn鈥檛 show it but whenever he sees you he just feel like he owns the world
; he鈥檚 so in love that he can feel those so called butterflies
; you sometimes catch him staring at you
; takes you at fast foods during the night
; for asking you out, well, he does it really casually
; 鈥測/n wanna try dating me?鈥
; you can hear his voice tremble tho
; he鈥檚 scared that you鈥檒l reject him </3
; he鈥檚 totally nervous
; shows it only by running his hands thru his hair
; whenever you鈥檙e around he observes you and your movements, without you noticing
; he probably realizes how much cute gestures you do during a single day
; notices your little traits, be your personality or your habits, by the end of the week he will know all of them
; likes to be the supportive friend for you
; when it comes to ask you out, he kinda plans it
; decides a nice place, the hour and then sends a message to you
; when you鈥檙e finally there, he puts you comfy by starting a random conversation
; then he takes off his glasses and watches you in the eyes 鈥測/n, i kinda have a crush on you, what about we start dating?鈥
; suddenly feels flustered waiting for you answer
Tumblr media
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zomblez2 months ago
. 藲鈼炩櫋 鈨 馃帎*喑冟紕 Things That Make The Genshin Boys Flustered . 藲鈼炩櫋 鈨 馃帎*喑冟紕
If there鈥檚 any you鈥檇 like me to add let me know and I will ! <3 Make sure to follow and share so I stay motivated to make more !! Send in your requests as well :)
characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Xiao, Venti, Kazuha, Albedo, and more if you request them !!
when you pay that little extra attention to him
like if you鈥檙e at the bar on the barstools watching Venti preform while Diluc washes some cups and someone slips and falls and you look over at him to make sure he saw what you saw he thinks that鈥檚 so cute
or if you鈥檙e having a conversation with someone even if it鈥檚 across the room and you turn and ask about his opinion on it he finds it very endearing
he knows he can be a bit awkward to make small talk with but once he gets comfortable with you he鈥檒l start giving you a little extra conversation too and try to make more eye contact with you ( even though that makes him kinda nervous doing it to you )
when you鈥檙e wearing little details that he loves
Kaeya is actually very observant so if he sees you wear a type of sweater or earrings when you鈥檙e very excited to go somewhere he鈥檒l take note and get excited too when seeing you wear it again
if you have a signature outfit or something you only wear on very special occasions he will go on and on about you to everyone when you鈥檙e out wearing them
鈥淥h look they got their little gloves on today,,鈥 鈥渉aha look how cute they are walking around town right now鈥
but of course this is only when he鈥檚 admiring you from afar, if you鈥檙e in close contact he鈥檒l probably tease you about it
this being said however, if you wear some thigh-highs or some slightly revealing clothing he will notice immediately and will have to put everything into what he has to control himself
your laugh I stg
he loves your laugh so much and will try to do anything in his power to make you laugh all the time
sometimes if you鈥檙e laughing really hard he鈥檒l stop his own laughing to watch you and take it all in because it鈥檚 so cute
he probably will remember your laugh at random times of the day and start smiling so much
it keeps him light hearted and he swears that your laughter could probably fix anything
if you ever apologize for your laugh being too weird or loud he would probably sit you down and lecture you until you give in
if you still refuse his sweet talking he鈥檒l probably wrestle you till you give up lol
making eye contact tbh
if he鈥檚 a little spaced out from a long night and doesn鈥檛 even realize he鈥檚 been staring at you and you look over and give him a soft smile his heart would probably die
this probably happens a lot considering he likes to look over at you to see how you鈥檙e holding up or to see your reaction to something someone said or did
if he ever looks over and you鈥檙e already smiling at him and looking into his eyes he鈥檒l probably turn away very quickly and scoff but his face is probably a whole new shade of red
he likes it especially if you鈥檙e talking to someone maybe in the Inn and you brag about him just a little bit and look over at him
鈥渙h yeah for sure, Xiao is especially strong :)鈥
Holding on to his shirt <3
When he鈥檚 taking you through crowds or whenever you get nervous and you reach up and grab onto his sleeve or bottom of his shirt :)
It makes him feel important and he wants to protect you and be strong for you so this makes him very happy
he鈥檒l try to play it off but he鈥檚 probably got the biggest smile and his face will be turning red
may archons have mercy if he gets out of the arranged napping spot like the Windrise tree or on a couch and you sleepily tug on the end of his shirt
he鈥檒l get back down and watch your sleeping face so carefully thinking only the sweetest things about you
feeling your presence really close
if he鈥檚 working on something and he feels you slightly looming over his shoulder he鈥檒l get to nervous and will make a mistake somehow
he鈥檇 try to play it off and sound composed by saying something like 鈥淗ello Y/n.鈥 but as soon as you say 鈥淗ello Albedo.鈥 so so close to him he鈥檒l have to stop what he鈥檚 doing
when he feels you watching him paint and you complement him on it and sound so genuine and really try to convince him it鈥檚 the best you鈥檝e ever seen it makes him put his face in his hands
鈥淎lbedo that鈥檚 so good. No I鈥檓 serious! It鈥檚 actually so so good!鈥
seeing him worked up as you鈥檙e getting to him makes you smile real big and your smile just pushes him over the edge
subtle hand contact
picking something up he dropped and placing it into his hands that are perfectly bigger than yours and feeling your fingertips brush against his hand makes him so nervous
if you鈥檙e trying to see something over a crowd or from wherever he鈥檚 looking and you put your hand on his shoulder to support you as you go on your tiptoes he鈥檒l have to turn his head a bit away from you :,)
if you really want to make his heart explode grasp his hand in both of yours when talking about something you鈥檙e passionate about or when complementing him, this will make him have to face you >:)
if he can, he鈥檒l try to interlock pinkies with you in moments <3
If there鈥檚 any you鈥檇 like me to add let me know and I will ! <3 Make sure to follow and share so I stay motivated to make more !! Send in your requests as well :)
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satanhalsey2 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Harry and Y/N have been together since forever, but that doesn't mean that the excitement of being together is gonna change someday.
W/N: i'm not very happy with the result but i love fluff, hope it didn't bother you that i mixed up the requests, thankssss <3
! | just fluff!
based on this ask & this ask.
"I'm so nervous I think I'm gonna shit myself." Harry sighed, shaking his head full of curls.
"I already did!" Louis yelled from across the room.
"Now that was something I didn't wanted to know." Y/N shook his head, wrapping her arms around her boyfriend's neck. "I know it's the first show, but you guys are going to be fine, and even if you aren't, those girls love you, and so do I."
The first One Direction show was here, and the five guys were more nervous than ever, looking for comfort in anyone, Harry was lucky to find it on his girlfriend.
"I would give you a kiss but my mom is watching us." He replied, blushing.
"Okay, let's just hold hands." She smiled, taking the boy's hand innocently and blushing as she was still not used to holding him like that.
"Thank yeh, love."
And she wasn't lying when she said always.
Now, eleven years later, she doesn't have time to explain the changes in her life as she runs around the stadium, taping papers on the walls.
"Y/N, come here!" She hears the voice of her boyfriend behind her, chasing her but not so fast just to be able to continue with the fun for a while longer.
She keeps running away as she sticks the papers that say "JUSTICE FOR TO BE SO LONELY" on all possible walls, until finally Harry catches her.
"Got'cha." He says agitated, laughing with her.
He squeezes her in his arms and then lifts her on his shoulders, smiling like a fool when he listens to the laughter mixed with her screams, slapping her butt to silence her.
"Harry!" She says, but keeps laughing as he runs across the arena until he reaches his dressing room, where he walks in and throws her on the couch.
"C'mon, you have to paint m'nails." He says, sitting next to her on the couch so that their knees bump.
"And who said I wanted to?" She teased, taking his hand and playing with his rings, wishing that one of his fingers wasn't empty.
"You've been painting them since we were kids, I don't think you'll say no now."
"I can't, my love. Have to do the photoshoot for Made in the AM." Harry sighed, sad to see the pout on her lips, so he reached over to put numerous kisses on them. "Don't be sad, baby."
She showed him the black polish, as if to convince him.
"Please, H. Promise I'm gonna take it off quickly, it's just to see how it would look like this, cause you're dressed and not in our pajamas."
In his defense, he told her no first.
"Okay, but I'm gonna have to take it off and you know it."
"Yeah, yeah, let me do my job."
An hour later, he was already on the photo set surrounded by people who work there, and his three friends.
"You should take that off if you don't want Simon to lose his hair." He listened to Niall by his side, as people applied subtle makeup to him.
He looked thoughtfully at his black nails, sighing and wishing he didn't have to remove his girlfriend's work, so he took a nail polish remover from the makeup table and began to remove it messily, leaving pieces without stripping.
When the photo was taken for the album cover, he made sure his nails were sneakily visible.
"There it is, lilac and black, to match the outfit." She said, taking her love's hands to blow them. "Don't screw it up, H."
He bit his lip watching her, feeling his heart want to rush out of his chest for the love he felt for her.
"I love you." He said, laughing when he saw how she glanced up at him, a blush on her cheeks.
"I love you more, baby." Y/N replied, reaching out to kiss him softly, taking his lower lip between hers to suck it slowly and leaving him flushed. "So, so much."
His eyes burned with happiness, thinking that not all the money or all the fame in the world could be compared to having the love of his life by his side. He would drop everything for her in an instant.
"My love, my muse, my everything since I was a little boy." Harry whispered, leaving kisses all over her face. "M'soulmate since I met you, even before."
She bit her lip, hugging him tightly.
"I thought that once you and the boys were successful with the band, you would forget about me. I was so scared." Y/N whispered in shame, hiding in Harry's neck, whose heart broke when he heard her. "It took me so long to believe that you really weren't going to let me go, it was probably before Midnight Memories came out."
"Angel, hey." He forced her to look him in the eyes. "Since I saw you for the first time in our neighborhood, I knew there would be no one else, I knew that I had to marry you and do anything with you, cause it was always you and always will be." He stroked her cheeks with his thumbs.
The nail polish was probably spoiled, but neither of them cared.
"I've been crazy about you since I was fifteen, not gonna stop now."
She frowned.
"Wait, fifteen? But you asked me to go out with you when we had sixteen."
"Do you think gathering guts is easy? It took me a year to plan everything." He confessed, causing a laugh out of her, which made him smile.
They both kept laughing, until Y/N looked down at his nails.
"Harry, your nails!" She snorted. "Eleven years and you still can't stand still when they're drying out."
"You know what they say; the more things change, the more they stay the same."
And after all, he wasn't wrong.
talk about this piece (or something else) here.
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matsumaki4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring. toji fushiguro, nanami kento, gojo satoru, geto suguru, sukuna ryomen and choso
tags. 18+, smut, semi-public sex, spanking, praising, degradation, overuse of daddy, pet names, oral (male receiving), blowjob, dacryphilia, dom and sub dynamics, bondage, face fucking/throat fucking, high heel fetish, hand fetish, consented photography, lingerie ripping, rough sex, dumbification and handjob
note. this got way longer than i expected uhm the brainrot did me well ig 馃榾 well anyways, jjk sugar daddies <3 minors pls dni ty
Tumblr media
猡 all of the latest, hottest and trendy designer outfits available in stores, he buys nearly everything for you without asking for it
猡 ones that nearly costs your school tuition, he doesn't mind spending that much for you
猡 you've been a good girl to him so it's just natural for you to be rewarded right?
猡 prefers shopping in stores with you instead of online shopping
猡 because that way he can shamelessly fuck you inside the fitting room while you try on the outfits you wanted
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘库湨
"mhm, look at yourself in the mirror while i fuck you in this dress you're supposed to be fitting." he lets out a deep groan as you clench around him. hand traveling to rest on your throat, giving it a tight squeeze as he ruthlessly slams his hips against the flesh of your ass.
you really were supposedly trying on the outfit but the moment you opened the curtains to reveal how it looks, toji was immediately up on his feet, pushing you back in the fitting room as he pressed his lips against your own. hands roaming around your back, down to your waist as he turns your body around and bends you over against the mirror. the ends of the fabric hoisted up on your waist as he grabs a handful of your ass, massaging it before landing a harsh smack making a loud yelp to slip from your lips.
your vision was getting blurry, tears slowly forming around your eyes as you struggled to get a look at yourself being shamelessly fucked brains out in the mirror in front of you.
"t-toji.. the dress.." you whined, eyes fluttering shut as you felt his warm release inside of you, your own release following suit making your knees tremble.
a chuckle left his mouth when he saw what he had done, "yeah baby, we're going to buy the dress. seems like i nutted on it."
Tumblr media
猡 order all the makeup you want under his card and he absolutely has no questions about it
猡 if you tell him there's a new product or brand launching you already know he has his hands on it
猡 you're worried the shipping fee and taxes? don't be, it's just a small amount to him more like just a penny聽
猡 he doesn't mind what kind of makeup you'll buy as long as he makes you happy, pretty and confident聽
猡 though he has one request
猡 don't buy kiss proof lipsticks and waterproof mascaras because he loves to see your tear stained mascara cheeks and lipstick smudged while his cock is in your mouth
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘库湨
he has one hand placed at the back of your head, gripping a handful of your hair as he continues to shove down his hardened cock along the back of your throat until he feels his tip hitting your uvula.
he hisses at the feeling of your nails clawing into his thigh as you find support. eyes watery from the onslaught of pleasure he's giving, you looked up from your wet lashes and a moan escaped from your throat.聽
the vibrations sent chills all over his spine, goosebumps appearing on his skin. he gripped your hair harder only for him to shove his cock deeper, making you gag in the process.聽
he continues to fuck your face until that familiar coil was nearing, nanami looked down to get a good look at you and fuck, he thought he was about to cum right there. you looked so pretty with your mascara ruined from all the tears spilling down your eyes as you struggled to take his cock in your mouth, red lipstick smeared on your lips and visible on the base of his cock.
you quickly relaxed yourself and focused on inhaling through your nose. "that's it love, be a good girl and just relax. cry on my cock, let daddy fuck that throat of yours until you can't speak."
Tumblr media
猡 an absolute sucker for women who wears high heels, the power and confidence every woman holds when they wear those sexy heels just utterly turns him on
猡 so he dolls you up with it
猡 same with toji, he also spoils you with all of the high end fashion designer shoes there is available in the world聽
猡 you'll randomly just receive tons of packages and paper bags delivered on your apartment thanks to him
猡 if you've been eyeing on something, just say the word and he'll send you the money asap
猡 he'll either have you step on him or fuck you stupid with those heels on
猡 may or may not have a high heel fetish聽
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘库湨
you were sitting across from him, legs crossed with such elegance as you tap the sole of your heel against the floor, eyes locked at the disheveled state of the naked man who was settling on the floor.
gojo has his arms placed behind his back, wrists handcuffed to the ends of the metal bed frame, restricting any way for him to touch you. anticipation was building on every clank of your heel against the wooden surface as it both sent shivers and arousal to him.
"daddy, you've been very naughty lately," you whispered, yet it came off strong, voice laced with such dominance that his cock twitched in excitement. "and you know what happens to naughty boys like you right?"
tonight you were in control and he loves it. with a smirk slowly appearing on his face he replies, "what, you're going to punish me?"
humming in reply you lifted your leg that was resting on the other and pointed the tip of your toe at him before dragging the heel to his naked chest, circling his perked nipples in the process in a painfully and teasing manner until it arrived on his cock. experimentally pushing your weight on your foot as you massage his member with the sole of your shoe, receiving a beautiful raspy moan from him.聽
you grinned, "we're going to have so much fun tonight, daddy."
Tumblr media
猡 he'll shower you with tons of different kinds of lingerie he thinks you'll look good in
猡 from the innocent babydoll types to the skimpiest and most revealing lingerie that doesn't even cover anything you're supposed to be covering
猡 has an album full of your photos in lingerie
猡 he doesn't settle for the cheap ones too, he'll make sure he gets the best out there because your comfort is his priority
猡 and of course because his baby deserves the best
猡 sometimes you'll receive two sets of the same design because he knows he'll end up ripping it when he gets too excited聽
猡 but usually he doesn't rip it into half as he loves to shove his cock deep inside of you while you're still wearing the pretty lingerie he bought
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘库湨
he sighs in full contentment at the feeling of your soaked cunt eagerly sucking him in as you lowered yourself on him.
"my princess, taking me so well and looking so so pretty for me." he coos praises on your ear as he leave trails of kisses on your open聽 neck, making you shudder at the contact.聽
"h-had to pick the best one for you, daddy." and it is the best one indeed, your lingerie accentuating every curve and dip of your body that got him worked up.
you grind your hips for a while before lifting yourself up and started bouncing on his lap, he hisses at the feeling of your nails clawing on his chest. he can't do it like this, he's going to finish quick if you continue to be this cute for him. he feels himself nearing his end, quickly taking over the situation as he grabs your hips and pushes you down the bed, back now resting against the wrinkled sheets.
a high pitched moan left your mouth, thighs trembling at the pace he was going. hands roaming around your lace clothed body, fingers circling around your hardened nipples. the friction of the lace rubbing on your skin was adding to the immense pleasure you're feeling.聽
he quickly pulled out, situating himself near your face. you stuck your tongue out as he came all over you. face and chest now covered in his warm cum.聽
you immediately strike a pose upon seeing his phone in front of you, picking up his semen with your fingers as you suck on them with half lidded eyes staring right through the camera, flashing him one of his favorite smiles. "smile for the camera, princess."
Tumblr media
猡 loves to spend an insanely amount of cash for jewelries 鈥 rings, earrings, necklaces, anklets, name it all he's got it covered
猡 you're always covered in gold, pearls and diamonds
猡 from the smallest, down to the biggest eye catching stones, you possess it all
猡 he once gifted you a choker with his name covered with diamonds on it, that way people would know stay away from you knowing who you belong to
猡 also has a "whore" version but only uses it when he's in the mood to degrade and humiliate you which is like 90% of the time
猡 gets so turned on when you wear the chokers during sex
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘库湨
"who do you belong to?" he growls in your ear, tightening his grip on your hair as he pulls you up against his naked chest.
you were already way too lost at the immense pleasure of his cock penetrating your dripping tight cunt. earrings dangling from every thrust, tongue lolled out, saliva dripping from the sides of your mouth down to your chin.
his words weren't sinking in your mind, another harsh tug brought you slightly back to your senses. "i asked you a question, whore."
"w-what?" you stutter, hands digging deeper on the wrinkled sheets.
"is your pretty little brain too stupid to function. i asked you whose pussy does this belong to, whore."
you moaned as he slammed his hips harsher and faster making your eyes roll to the back of your head. mind struggling to form up a proper sentence as you mumble incoherent words. your body jolted after feeling a smack land on your tits, a hand imprint slowly appearing. after a minute of not receiving any reply from you, he tsk-ed in annoyance.
a loud scream slipped from you when he sadistically tugged your nipples. he took this as an opportunity to sink his cock deeper within you, body tensing up when he sank too deep.
"y-you! it belongs to you!" another tug partnered with a thrust and it got you seeing stars. it was the wrong answer, and you knew how to correct it. "sukuna! sukuna! 'm your whore!"
he grinned, freehand traveling to trace down his name covered in diamonds on your neck "that's right. mine and mine only."
Tumblr media
鈾 CHOSO !!
猡 your nails are always in top shape, looking so beautiful and well taken of thanks to this daddy聽
猡 books you an appointment to a well known professional nail tech for your comfort because he remembers how you shared this one time where it ached so bad on the process
猡 you were quick to reject it, saying you don't need that much but you deserve nothing but the best, so he does everything he could for you聽
猡 doesn't mind what type of nails you'd choose鈥 natural, acrylic, gel, long or short
猡 but oh how much he loves it when your nails are perfectly done because of the way it looks when your hands are perfectly wrapped around his cock
猡 so pretty and it makes him loses his mind
猡 does he have a hand fetish, who knows
鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹鈹 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘 路锘 锘 锘柯 锘库湨
your hand was perfectly wrapped around the length of his cock, giving a few calculated strokes as your other fondled with his balls. the show on the screen was long forgotten as you pour whole attention on choso's disheveled聽
eyes half-lidded with his cheeks flushed in a pretty wine red shade as he stared right back at you, licking and twirling your tongue around his sensitive nipples.
"you like my new nails, daddy? got 'em done just for you."
he groans in reply, the color of your nails contrasting on his skin looked so pretty under the lights illuminating from the television. it turned him on more than usual, making his cock twitch under your hold. his breath hitches when you gave him a little squeeze. "you look so pretty like this, daddy."
you're making him lose his mind, he was already getting lost in the sensation from your actions. switching from fast to slow strokes just to see his beautiful expressions that only you can draw out of him.
"fuck. you make me feel so good, darling." he praises, reaching a hand out to tug away some loose strands on your pretty face. "always so good for her daddy."
you hummed, giving one last lick to his nipple covered with your saliva before shifting your full attention on pumping his cock in a pace that had him melting.聽
he grunts as his balls twitch and abs flexed, he comes undone under your touch. you continue to stroke him until every last drop, rubbing and coating his length with his release.
he exhales, shifting up from his position. smiling as he saw you licking his seed of your hand, "alright, time for daddy to take care of you."
Tumblr media
漏 matsumaki 2021. please do not modify, repost or copy.
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tojisfangs3 days ago
your works are all SOOO GOOOOD, thank you so much for posting and writing such a great thing <3 do you mind if i request toji getting jealous over gojo flirting with the readers and toji start to fuck the reader when they are back at home?(with breeding kink if you don't mind!) if you don't comfortable with this requests, please just ignore >.< thank you so much again! really love all your writings <3 <3
AHHH TY TY ANON!! and I cant believe I've finally did it, every request that was back up has finally been finished and now im able to work on my own fics for a little bit! But fear not, I will open back up requests again soon lol, just need a little break to finish my own works as well as finish up my last few finals for school, nonetheless, I hope you enjoy!
Cw: nsfw 18+, minors dni, tojis a lil rough in this cus hes jealous, eating pusssyyy, pet names, use of the word "daddy", kissing, jealousy, gojo being a jackass, shoko feeling sorry for you over toji and gojo being dumbasses, breeding, cumming inside cus breeding kink <3
Tumblr media
you knew it was a bad idea, any idea that involved Gojo and Toji in the same room, much less 15 feet away from one another in the younger man's backyard, was a bad idea.
Dragging Toji to the barbeque had already irritated him enough and it didn't help that you chose to wore that new top and skirt you'd shown off to him the other night, the one he wanted to see you in, he didn't want to have to share the luxury of seeing your new outfits with anyone, especially Gojo Satouro.
You were seated at the edge of Gojo's pool, legs dangling in the cool water as you sipped lemonade from a small martini glass as Shoko retold a story from her seat beside you. She spoke with soft sighs, hazel eyes tracing blue tile flooring of the pool and coca-painted nails scratching at the skin of her thigh absentmindedly.
You struggled to follow along at the presence of Toji across the yard; ever so often you'd turn around to see him leaned back against island of the grill, arms crossed across the thick of his chest and a bottle of Jack Daniels in a large hand. His silver eyes bore into yours and he cleared his throat before taking a swig of his drink and turning back to Gojo who had been staring at you, now turned back to the smoked grill, flipping burgers with ease.
Rolling your eyes, you turned back to smile at Shoko as she continued talking. you took another sip from your drink, playing with the charm necklace Toji had bought you for your birthday earlier that year. Gojo was watching you.
And he continued to watch you throughout the evening, whether it be, eyeing you from across the yard or complimenting your outfit for the fifth time that night or refilling your drink as the four of you talked. At first you thought it was funny; watching Toji's reactions to Gojo's horribly obvious attempts at flirting but your humor towards the situation quickly dwindled once you realized Toji was actually getting upset.
Every time Gojo would come near you, Toji was either snapping at him or staying eerily quiet beside you. Toji voicing his irritation was one thing, but Toji being quiet was sometimes horrifying. He was completely unreadable as he stopped throwing sarcastic jokes whenever Gojo spoke, sticking to curt nods and grunts as he sipped his beer; the air was so tense that even Shoko was uncomfortable. She'd nervously look back and forth between the two men before her eyes caught yours and then back to the two men again.
You couldn't tell if the snow-haired man was oblivious or completely obnoxious towards Toji's distaste for him.
Gojo leaned closer to hug you before pressing pre pressing a smacked kiss kiss against your cheek.
"Kay," toji's voice interrupted, "that's enough."
Gojo pulled away from you to smirk, brows relaxed as he retorted mockingly, "what?" His hand fell to hit his thigh softly as the other sat on his hip, "no fun allowed here?" The younger man's voice was laced with heavy teas.
Yet toji seemed to only narrow his eyes, hand on your hip tightening as he said his goodbyes to Shoko
You were only able to Usher a rushed thank you to the two friends as toji hurriedly pulled you past the white picket fence, earning and apologetic look from the brunette woman.
The ride home was quiet and you knew toji was still mad; if his white knuckled grip and the impala's wooden wheel and reluctance to make conversation didn't assure you, the way the car speed steadily rose did.
You hated when he got like this ; too angry to slow down and fucking think, too angry to fight it out or just fucking talk about it. But a thing with toji taught you anything it was to it was to remember remind Toji of the things that pissed the assassin off.
"Toji?" You tried, voice soft and calm.
"What?" Toji spoke sharply; he nearly jumped at his tone, making note of the way his grip on the wheel tightened.
You swallowed nervously, throat run dry with anxiety, "can you please slow down?"
The cab was hot, so hot your skin prickled with itch and your clothes suddenly felt too tight to your skin, hot with nerve and tension as he eventually slowed the car.
He didn't speak to you the rest of the ride and you didn't speak to him either.
Once toji Pulled into your grave gravel driveway he shut off the Ignition and waited, for what exactly, you weren't sure. So you waited with him, nails picking a stray thread of your skirt as you listened to the traffic on your street pass by.
"To-" you tried once more.
"Shhh," he cut you off softly before stepping out of the truck and heading towards the front door.
You hurried after him, throwing the door shut behind you and kicking your shoes off quickly to lay messing next to Toji's boots.
You followed him up the creaky stairs and into your shared bedroom where he was pulling off his shirt and cargo pants.
"Toji wha-"
"Get on the bed." He said roughly, turned away from your presence at the door. His voice was filled with annoyance, almost as if it was obvious what he was expecting of you.
Nonetheless, you obeyed.
Crawling onto your made bed, legs tucked under you and skirt laid softly against the thick of your thighs, eyes following toji as he made his way around the room.
"Toji?" You spoke softly.
"No." He cut you off, "you sit there and look pretty while I figure what to do with you."
your mouth snaps shut abruptly, shaky palms coming to rest in your lap as you watch him leave to the bathroom. Your mouth pools at the clink of his belt hitting the floor and you find your thighs clenching beneath the plaid of your skirt.
Toji makes his way back into the bedroom, boats thumping against the mahogany wood as he looks you over - a rough finger tucked beneath your chin. You bite the inside of your cheek, suppressing a tight moan as his thumb comes to rest on the curve of your jaw.
"Gojo was all over you at that party today," He mewls, turning your head from side to side as he looks you over with an arched brow, "touchin' and kissin' on ya' as if i wasn't there," his voice deepens, "as if I'm not the one who fuckin' feeds you and fills your tight lil' pussy every night, huh?" he coos as you melt into his embrace.
slick pools between your thighs as his tone, reaching a hand beneath the fabric of your skirt before Toji catches it in his grasp with a mocked chuckle, "Oh no, baby," his voice hardens, "I think you deserve a little punishment for making daddy sit through all that bullshit today."
your eyes widen before your head falls into an shuddered nod when his grasp on your wrist releases, letting your hand fall to the comfort of your lap. he watches you for a minute, still leaned down and looking you over before his hand slinks beneath your skirt, thumb stroking and pressing against the soaked fabric of your panties.
your breath hitches and a breathless moan falls from your swollen lips as he presses a kiss to the soft column of your neck.
"Lay down," he speaks with no room for question, letting you fall to the duvet beneath you.
You watch as he presses himself up from the foot of the bed, pulling at the band of your underwear from beneath your skirt, "lift your hips," he nods towards you and you comply easily, hips lifting from the comfort of the bed.
Your underwear slides down your thighs with ease before Toji's cupping the insides of your knees and pressing your legs into your chest as his tongue runs over your soaked folds.
Immediately you're caught by surprise, a startled yelp spills from your lips and your nails dig into the meat of your thighs as his nose buds at your clit.
Toji watches you from between your shaky thighs, one hand gripping at your knees bundled together and the other pistoning two fingers into your sopping cunt. Silver eyes lower when you moan and reach for him, hands failing to grasp onto anything as the knot of pleasure tightens in your belly.
"Toji-oh!" you cry, eyes squeeze shut as his finger drags along the spongey part of your heat. Your skin feels hot and you're crying beneath his tongue, clit pulsing as he groans, sending waves of pleasure throughout your cunt. "Toji, m'gonna cum-"
He pulls away, letting your legs fall to the comforter before stepping back from the bed. You pant, chest rising and falling heavily as you watch him shrug his jeans off and make his way back to your place on the bed.
You can tell he's taking his time, letting you catch you breath before taking it away again; he's being patient as he maneuvers you onto your hands and knees by your hips gently. Toji pushes the fabric of your skirt over your ass, lining the tip of his cock up to your folds with a hitched groan.
"Mmm," you whine, pressing yourself into him.
Toji catches your hip with his free hand, massaging your raw skin from beneath the soft fabric of your skirt, "Stop, don't push." he scolds lightly, running the tip up and down your folds ruefully before pressing his length into you with a hiss.
He only waits a moment before pulling out to the tip and thrusting back into you to the hilt. Your back arches into the heat of your orgasm immediately, hands grasping onto the ruined sheets of your bed as you sob at the stretch of him.
"Toji, toji, toji!" you chant, the pap, pap, pap, of his balls against your skin sends your mind into a spiral, "please, please," you cry, though you're not entirely sure what it is you're begging for.
Toji seems to know though, know by the hitched sobs in your voice and caught breath as your thighs tense against his own. "Gonna fill this tight lil' cunt up, fill ya' to the brim," he growls, pressing his chest into the hot skin of your back, "needa' show everyone who you belong to."
Your eyes nearly roll into the back of your head at the thought of him marking you as his own, at the thought of being his, at the thought of people knowing you're his.
"Ya want that, sweetheart?" his voice softens for only a second as he strokes the side of your head before bringing you into a wet kiss as you nod beneath the hold of his hand.
Toji pulls back from you to press you further into the hot covers, grasping your hand that's grown weak at trying to steady yourself amidst his sloppy thrusts. "Gonna cum," his teeth grind as he groans and he feels you release around him, walls spasming around his cock as he spills into you.
"Fuck, oh fuck," he pants, thrusting lightly as the last of his seed fills you. Toji lets you rest a moment, fully supporting your weight with his hands as he lowers you gently to the ruined bed, removing your skirt and top with a kiss to your temple.
"Mmm," you groan, throwing your arm over your eyes as you roll onto your back, knees knockings together, "Toji," you reach out for him.
He links your hands together as he runs a cold cloth up and down the length of your thighs, pressing soft kisses onto your hot skin in wake of the cool fabric, "Gonna look so fuckin' sexy carrying my lil' brat."
you hit his chest with an embarrassed whine and he only chuckles, grasping your hand in his own and pressing a kiss to your palm with an airy laugh.
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azucarian4 months ago
Hello there darling. Good day/evening, how are you? I hope you're doing great or just fine<3 May I request a head canon for Toman or Tenjiku [If you can ^^] with a fem! member reader who is practically known for being an 'it girl' [If you don't know, you can look it up in google :)] I hope this is fine with you, if you have too many request. It's fine to ignore this one! I just don't want to pressure you <3
Hello anonie!! I'm doing amazing thank you, I hope you are too~
I researched about what an "it girl" was and I do have a basic idea (although there we two separate definitions, I went with the older definition?? I really hope that's okay!) I also only wrote for Toman because, even though I have an obsession with Izana and the Haitani brothers, I literally know the bare minimum about Tenjiku <3
She's Toman's token "it girl", and not even the Haitani brothers are confident enough to challenge her
Characters - All of Toman
Tumblr media
鉁 before we begin, the original definition of an 'it girl' is a woman who achieves success and greatness through non-sexual means - a woman who is genuinely talented (and very beautiful regardless) and doesn't use her sexual assets as a way to gain popularity/favourability
鉁 you were the hot-shot of toman; for no other reason than you were smoking hot and kick ass
鉁 the dudes who disrespected you quickly learned to pipe tf down the second you floored a guy twice your size who called you a "pretty little thing that needed to get dicked down"
鉁 he also got beaten up by draken because?? you're 15?? and he looks about 20??? yeah, he knows you can handle yourself but he wanted to beat him up for self-satisfaction
鉁 you were constantly a worrying variable in fights - once again, you were really strong and amazingly intelligent but you could also easily be overpowered (like anyone else in the gang) by a group of people
鉁 and, unfortunately, as a young girl, a lot worse things could be done to you compared to your male counterparts
鉁 mikey is stupidly protective of you and, as a result, everyone else takes on the designated role of your protector - you always know someone's following you around (tbh, it's usually baji bc he's constantly kicked from toman meetings for fighting with other members)
鉁 mitsuya definitely uses you as a model for new outfits and lets you keep them - never seems to learn that you'll end up ripping them up fighting other people, but i don't think he cares because at least you look cute as fuck fighting those dumb mfs
鉁 you definitely knew draken the longest - your mom was one of the brothel staff and you both hung out a lot whilst she was working (it was also one of the reasons you worked towards not using your body as a way to gain half-hearted respect - you had seen men disrespect your mom left, right and fucking centre and it annoyed you)
鉁 so, yes, draken is your protector and, no, you can't tell him to stop
鉁 chifuyu lowkey had a school boy crush on your for about a week - and then he got really scared of you when you kicked a delinquent in the no-go zone without even flinching (he totally didn't cover his own subconsciously, no ma'am)
鉁 nahoya and souya definitely become your partners in crime; you're an oddball trio - the smiley boy who was the most evil, the angry boy who was soft-hearted and the pretty faced girl who could kick ass (welcome to 4th division ig)
鉁 baji coddles you, even though he's perfectly aware of your capabilities - he spoils you rotten with gifts, food, etc.
鉁 when buying food he's just like "i wanna see you with your chubby cheeks again!" because you definitely had chubby cheeks when you met them LMAOO he missed your chubbiness, even though you're still perfect to him <3
鉁 okay but takemichi admires the ever loving fuck out of you - he idolises you and you find it adorable (you can tell the difference between admiration and love, so you know he's not crushing on you and betraying hinata)
鉁 you probably taught koko how to be a bit better with money (which works out in later life, during his bonten days - idk if that's good or bad tho LMAO)
鉁 and, for inui, you probably teach him how to fight in heels bc hot bitches gotta look good when fighting (you both become the self-dubbed 'pretty bitches' and i'm not kidding, everyone's intimidated despite the satire name)
鉁 girls nights with yuzuha, emma and hinata - i don't make the rules, it just happens and it's fun as hell (mainly because the trio try everything in their power to mess your hair or make up - but you just end up an attractive mess instead) hakkai joins girl night sometimes bc he likes getting his nails painted by you
鉁 ngl it probably gets a bit overbearing being constantly underappreciated based on your gender - but you prove everyone wrong and fight to prove your point
鉁 i'm not gonna lie to you either - hanma and kisaki are fucking terrified of you after you collared them after a toman meeting
鉁 "do dumb shit like what you did in moebius again, and i'll make sure you piss blood for the rest of your life"
鉁 and then, boom, you go back to your polite self - not a single trace of your vulgarity left
鉁 overall, you love your gang and they love you - a collaboration of love and appreciation <33
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sidemari3 months ago
can i ask for zhongli C, J, O for the NSFW alphabet? thanks<33
NSFW Headcanons
Pairings: Zhongli, Diluc, Kaeya, Albedo and Aether x Afab!Reader
Warnings: The title says it all. Don鈥檛 read if you鈥檙e uncomfortable with sexual content or with this specific theme. NSFW under the cut.
A/N: I decided to make lots of requests in this one so people can find my works easily, I hope you don't mind. The letters you asked are here and many more, if you want to read them. The art is not mine, it is from a manga called Hare Kon.
Tumblr media
I guess I finally finished the NSFW Requests event.
Ty for all the asks, and forgive me if anything isn't so great as you may have imagined, since I'm really exhausted from all the work I've done in the past days, haha.
As always, I tried my best and hopefully you guys will like this headcanons. Love you all with all my being <3
Zhongli 馃悏
A = Aftercare聽(what they鈥檙e like after sex)
Zhongli's really sweet with you after sex. Not only after it, but also during and in your relationship in general. He'll shower with you, or just clean you up in the bed, if you're too sleepy to move. He'll also bring you water and something to eat, if you want.
Zhongli will ask if you're sore and if you want a massage from him. Just accept it, you won't regret. His hands will massage your flesh delicately, any pain you may feel soon fading away. You'll be drooling before he's finished with the massage.
He'll kiss your lips before cuddling you for the night.
C = Cum聽(anything to do with cum, basically)
He usually cums inside you. He feels a little more connected to you and it has to do with his breeding kink (I will explain further in this post). Zhongli also likes to keep his cum inside of you, perhaps by using a plug or even his own cock for some minutes.
J = Jack off聽(masturbation headcanon)
Zhongli doesn't do it. He always look after you so you can help him with his little problem (perhaps not so little).
He just prefers to have proper sex with you instead of getting frustrated due touching himself and not getting satisfied at all.
K = Kink聽(one or more of their kinks)
Breeding kink
Sure! He has a dragon part inside him, right? So he probably would face ruts of his own. Just know that during his ruts he won't let you leave the bedroom at all. He makes sure - every single time he reached his peak - to release his seed deep inside of you, so the chances of getting you pregnant would grow with ease.
He's a god. He's got stamina. You would have to face many rounds before going to sleep.
"Zhongli, please... We've been here for hours... I'm exhausted-" Your sentence was cut by one more of your moans.
"I know you've got more to give to me, love. I won't stop until you submit to me completely and give me everything you have"
That man just loves to see you pleasuring yourself in front of him. He had to control himself like never before to not stop your little show and just fuck you dumb there. Your fingers entered you slowly, while you whined his name.
"That's it, baby. If you do the way I please, I shall recompense you"
L = Location聽(favorite places to do the do)
He's a private man, so he'll prefer if you both kept your intimacy inside your own house. The only other place he wouldn't care much about making sex with you would be his office, if both of you took care about not getting caught by anyone.
M = Motivation聽(what turns them on, gets them going)
Zhongli adores when you kind of... 'get ready for him'. The most precious thing you could ever do to your boyfriend would be dressing up for him, after styling your hair, using a perfume or his favorite lotion or even make-up if you like it.
Your clothing can be an ordinary outfit, a lingerie or nothing at all... He can hardly hide how excited he gets whenever you take care of yourself so you can impress him. (It's not like you really have to try impressing him, he's extremely devoted to you, anyways)
O = Oral聽(preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Zhongli is a giver! So he'll prefer going down on you instead of receiving a blowjob. He wasn't really experienced in the beginning, but you shared with him how you liked being stimulated and it couldn't be more worth it since he managed to make you reach your high so quickly it almost embarrassed you.
P = Pace聽(are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
Zhongli take his time while having sex with you. His pace is usually slow but deep and sometimes you have to rile him up so he can speed things up a little.
V = Volume聽(how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Zhongli is a collected man, all that you'll listen from him are some grunts or gasps since what he really wants to hear are your sounds instead.
Diluc 馃
A = Aftercare聽(what they鈥檙e like after sex)
Diluc is a such a sweet man under his cold demeanor!
He'll take his time pulling off from you, he just likes the warmth your tight walls give him. So, you cockwarm him for some minutes before he separates from you. Soon, he'll make sure to clean you from any mess he may have done. It can be with a warm towel or with a hot bath. Usually he goes up with the second option, since it's more time he can be intimate with you. A lot of times that bath turns into another round before you both truly get cleaned up.
You'll be only in your underwear and his shirt in bed after that and don't be afraid of perhaps getting cold, since Diluc is a human heater, lol.
Once you guys are comfortable, you'll sleep in each other's arms, however, Diluc always make sure you fall asleep before him.
F = Favorite position聽(this goes without saying)
The good and traditional 'Missionary'.
It may be really simple and even sound boring, but having sex with Diluc is anything but that. That position may be famous and seem pretty 'vanilla', but your lover always manages to make you whimper and squirm pathetically under him.
J = Jack off聽(masturbation headcanon)
He'll do it only if he's way too needy. If not, he refuses to do it when he can fuck you instead.
P = Pace聽(are they fast and rough? slow and sensual? etc.)
His pace isn't really fast nor really slow, it's more of a middle term than anything. He only gets his movements faster when you or him are close to your orgasms.
But if he's feeling frustrated with something or if you haven't being intimate in some time for some reason, he won't hesitate about being fast and rough with you.
S = Stamina聽(how many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?)
He lasts really long, often making you reach your high at least twice before having his own orgasm.
Diluc usually goes for only one round, but he won't have any problems with going for another ones, if that what's you want.
U = Unfair聽(how much they like to tease)
Diluc isn't much of a tease, actually. He just wants to give you pleasure and he won't hesitate to do his best to reach his goal.
He just teases you if you made him a little angry with something (perhaps if he's jealous of you) or if he notices you're needier than normal.
V = Volume聽(how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
At first he was really quiet. Diluc is a pretty closed person and he had some difficulty relaxing even during sex. But with time he noticed you liked the sounds he made and after getting comfortable about being vocal, he stopped controlling his sounds, letting you hear his pretty moans freely.
W = Wild card聽(a random headcanon for the character)
Diluc lovers shower sex.
He often sneaks out inside the bathroom while you're showering just so he can watch you while you're in such a delicate moment.
When he gets close to you, his hands will slither your body and his fingers will start teasing the right spots of your skin, while his kisses on your neck make you shiver despite the warmth of the water.
Kaeya 鉂
A = Aftercare聽(what they鈥檙e like after sex)
Your boyfriend does worries about you after sex. Overall, Kaeya is a very caring boyfriend: he'll make sure you're comfortable and he'll whisper reassuring words into your ear while playing with your hair and holding you close. He just show all his love for you <3
Also, Kaeya does kiss you a lot, so prepare yourself to loose your breath.
C = Cum聽(anything to do with cum, basically)
Kaeya usually pulls out from you to cum on your breasts or inside your mouth, since he likes seeing you swallowing his warm seed. Bonus point if some of it perhaps leave your lips and reachs your chin, he won't stop teasing you about it.
"So thirsty for my cum you can't even swallow it properly, uh?"
D = Dirty secret聽(pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He often calls you on his office so he can have a quickie with you there. You both have to be quieter than you'd like, but you manage to have sex without being caught by anyone.
The worst part is leaving his office like nothing had happened, since you could swear it was written on your face the Calvary Captain had fucked you dumb inside that very own office. But you always faked ignorance and left the KOF headquarters quickly to not have further embarrassments.
Kaeya didn't waste a single opportunity to tease you about how shy you always left his office.
F = Favorite position聽(this goes without saying)
Most of times, Kaeya likes to bend you over something (like the day table of his office) to have sex with you, so positions like 'Chef' or 'Mature lady' are often chosen by him.
(I can't risk putting visuals here on Tumblr, instead I want the app to delete my works. But you can always search those positions if you're curious enough)
I = Intimacy聽(how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
Kaeya is a romantic person in general, but while having sex with you he'll get a little rougher on you. He'll shower you in affection afterwards, but during it, you will have to deal with the other side of him, the one who focus on his and yours pleasure above anything.
J = Jack off聽(masturbation headcanon)
Your boyfriend does masturbates often, even if you are next to him to satisfy his desires. Even being an adult, he seems to not being able to control himself - just like a teenager - you always tease him.
"Is not my fault you're so hot, right, (Name)?" He makes the teasing turns to your direction instead.
L = Location聽(favorite places to do the do)
Kaeya can fuck you... almost anywhere. We're talking about Kaeya, right? He doesn't really care about the place, if it has some privacy, he won't loose any time.
However, his favorite place would be his office on the KOF headquarters. He just loves seeing you having a hard time being quiet while he thrusts into you with a straight face like if he's doing something important to Monstad.
V = Volume聽(how loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
He's loud. Not in a bad or irritating way or anything like that, but he indeed moans and makes another sounds freely.
Kaeya doesn't care much about if anyone hears him or you and sometimes you think he does that on purpose. (Perhaps you're right)
Z = Zzz聽(how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Kaeya always make sure you sleep before him. So the time he'll take falling asleep afterwards having sex with you is pretty much like yours.
Albedo 馃摎
A = Aftercare聽(what they鈥檙e like after sex)
Albedo is such a sweet guy after sex. He'll kiss any bruises you may have, clean both of you and cuddle you while he whispers "I love you" with his face buried into your neck.
If you're feeling sore, he can always make a potion so you can recover quickly and he reassures his love for you every single time.
J = Jack off聽(masturbation headcanon)
Albedo doesn't masturbate often. His yearning isn't that high, actually. All the times he has the urge to satisfy his needs are always done with you since he feels way better when he reachs his orgasm with your help than when he's all alone.
L = Location聽(favorite places to do the do)
Well, besides your own bedroom, his lab in Dragonspine is his favorite place to have sex with you.
Is there something more pleasing than fucking your lover while you wait for an experiment to be done? (Okay, I'll stop)
N = No聽(something they wouldn鈥檛 do, turn offs)
He wouldn't hurt you at any cost. He also would never do something you don't feel comfortable with, since you're just too precious for him to treat you badly, even if it's a kink.
O = Oral聽(preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Albedo prefers giving you oral. He just loves how fragile you seem while he fingers you and brushes his tongue against your soft spots. To him, there isn't anything more addictive than your taste and his only goal is making you feel good under him.
Aether 馃攩
C = Cum聽(anything to do with cum, basically)
He prefers to cum inside you, so the mess is smaller and he feels more connected to you. If that doesn't happen, he'll cum in your stomach or thighs.
I = Intimacy聽(how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
He's very romantic with you all the time, but this boy gets really touchy while making love with you. He showers you with affection with kisses on the lips, forehead, cheeks and hands...
His soft touches against your skin are also great to feel and his sweet words make your heart warm. Aether just thinks he must protect you and show you his love at all costs <3
O = Oral聽(preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Aether loves to give you oral since he finds it's cute when you squirm under his tongue or his touch. He also loves hearing your soft sounds and pleas.
But if you're willing to give him a little gift, he'll be pretty happy and he'll become extremely obedient so he can reach his high with your ministrations.
If you haven't read it yet in the beggining of this post:
I guess I finally finished the NSFW Requests event.
Ty for all the asks, and forgive me if anything isn't so great as you may have imagined, since I'm really exhausted from all the work I've done in the past days, haha.
As always, I tried my best and hopefully you guys will like this headcanons. Love you all with all my being <3
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luvbub6 months ago
hey bub <3 luv ur personality and ur blog! could I request the hq boys reacting to you forgetting your jacket in freezing weather (and maybe going on a hot choco date later?) ly ly and take care of yourself! [could it also be for akashi, oikawa, iwaizumi, and atsumu?]
forgetting your jacket when it鈥檚 cold
Tumblr media
feat. Akaashi, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Atsumu
鈾 a/n: as someone who never wears weather appropriate clothing bc it ruins the outfit... this was v relatable HAHA
Tumblr media
you had met up with Akaashi for a nice cafe date, and after the two of you finished, he suggested to go on a walk outside
鈥渋s there a reason you didn鈥檛 bring a jacket dear?鈥 he asks, watching you pretend like the weather was not bothering you
because it was terribly obvious that you indeed were suffering from how cold it was- but you鈥檇 never admit it
鈥測es there is... but I know that if I tell you, you鈥檒l judge me for it鈥 you murmur, hugging yourself even tighter
鈥渙h? amuse me鈥 he says, raising an eyebrow at you
you sigh, knowing the reaction you鈥檇 get
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 have the right jacket for my outfit. so I didn鈥檛 wear one because I wanted to look cute鈥
you hear Akaashi stifle a chuckle, and you give him a playful push
鈥渄on鈥檛 give me that, look at how cute I look today!!鈥 you say, doing a little twirl to show off your outfit before immediately hugging yourself again for warmth
Akaashi shrugs off his coat, and puts it on you. and you know better than to deny his offer, so you let him do so
鈥測ou鈥檇 look cute in anything you wear. but you know what鈥檚 not cute? letting you get sick.鈥 he says, buttoning the coat for you
when he sees your little pout, he can鈥檛 help but smile and kiss your forehead
鈥渘ow you鈥檙e gonna get cold Keiji..鈥 you mutter, feeling bad that you鈥檙e own desire to look cute might be at the cost of your boyfriend鈥檚 health
鈥渁h see, but I actually dressed appropriately for the weather, so I don鈥檛 need to worry鈥 he says, and he mimics the twirl you did earlier to show off his outfit
you roll your eyes at him, grabbing his hand so the two of you could continue his walk
did Akaashi鈥檚 coat completely obscure your entire outfit? yes
but you didn鈥檛 mind- wearing anything that belonged to your boyfriend would win over any outfit you could ever plan
鈥測ou鈥檙e freezing aren鈥檛 you? I told you to bring a jacket鈥 Oikawa asks, setting up the picnic blanket for the two of you
he had planned this cute stargazing date at night, and the only thing he asked of you was to dress warm and bring a jacket
of course, you decided to forgo warmth in order to look cute- a plan that backfired for you
鈥淚鈥檓 not freezing鈥 you shamelessly lie- it was obvious by the way you hugged yourself, and you knew that too
but you had too much pride to admit that your boyfriend was right
Oikawa shrugs, and he sits down on the blanket, patting a seat next to him
you keep eyeing his jacket. look, you don鈥檛 expect your boyfriend to give you his jacket, nor do you want him to. but you鈥檇 like for him to at least聽offer it
so you can reject his offer
but he didn鈥檛, and you couldn't decide what was聽colder, him or the temperature
Oikawa, being as petty as he is, decides to hold his ground. because eventually you鈥檒l give in and complain how cold it was, right?
well no, you stay stubborn and pretend like nothings wrong, choosing to stargaze and suffer
sometime into your date, Oikawa looks over at you, and he swears he sees your skin getting bluer- so he naturally freaks out
a large part of him is now worried for your own well-being, and the other part is beating himself up for being so petty and not focused on you
he digs through his picnic basket and pulls out a jacket for you
鈥済od Y/n, I don鈥檛 care if you say you鈥檙e not cold, but please wear this鈥 he asks, and you can hear the worry in his voice, so you quietly nod, taking the jacket and quickly zipping it up
once you do, Oikawa wraps you in a blanket he brought and cuddles you close to create more warmth for you
鈥....thank you鈥 you murmur, snuggling into your boyfriend
鈥淵/n I love you so much, but please don鈥檛 get hypothermia out of pettiness鈥 he sighs
although to be honest, when he had offered you his spare jacket, you were just about to reach your breaking point too
regardless, the two of you were able to enjoy the rest of your date
鈥淗ajime I鈥檓 cold鈥 you announce to your boyfriend as you walk alongside him to meet up with his friends
Iwaizumi rolls his eyes at you,聽鈥淚 told you to bring a jacket dummy鈥
鈥渨ell it wasn鈥檛 cold when I left the house!!鈥 which was true- despite your boyfriend鈥檚 words, you went with your own judgment
and boy were you wrong
鈥渢hat鈥檚 why we check the weather Y/n鈥 he replies, and you cross your arms at him as you walk, pouting
Iwaizumi knows better than to pretend to not notice you upset- mostly because he doesn鈥檛 want you getting sick
and because this is Iwaizumi we鈥檙e talking about, he removes his jacket and hands it to you
鈥渙h god- it鈥檚 so cold how the heck did you manage to make it this far鈥 he says
鈥渨ha- Hajime put on your jacket you鈥檙e gonna freeze!!鈥 you say, pushing the jacket back to him
but he doesn鈥檛 listen to you- instead he puts the jacket on you, zipping it up all the way
鈥渁nd let you get cold? I鈥檇 rather get sick鈥 he says, continuing to walk to the restaurant you all were meeting at
of course you feel bad, so to help a bit you cling onto one of his arms, providing warmth to one side. it was the best you could do honestly
when you two met up with his friends, Oikawa raised an eyebrow at you
鈥淚wa- did you not bring a jacket? It鈥檚 super cold鈥
鈥淵/n鈥檚 wearing it. Can we hurry up inside already?鈥 your boyfriend replies, making his way inside, followed by Matsukawa and Hanamaki
but before you could go in, Oikawa pulls the hoodie of your jacket back
the look on his face is serious- and you鈥檙e honestly scared he鈥檚 gonna scold you for making your boyfriend cold
but instead..
鈥淵/n how the heck did you get him to do that for you?? Literally everytime I was cold he never gave me his jacket!!! Sure we never dated but we鈥檙e best friends and that鈥檚 not fair鈥 Oikawa whines
honestly, that made wearing Iwaizumi鈥檚 jacket all the more better
you were waiting outside of the gym for Atsumu to get out of practice since the two of you had a dinner date scheduled
and Atsumu could not have taken any longer to get out of practice, much to your dismay
because of course you had forgotten to bring a jacket since you were indoors all day
but waiting outside for him was terrible- you literally had to ball up and hug yourself to keep warm
when Atsumu finally exited the gym, the first thing he saw was you, no jacket on and compacted to keep warm
he instantly rushes over to you to wrap you in a hug, but the moment he does he pulls back
鈥済eez Y/n you鈥檙e freezing cold! how long were you waiting for- you could鈥檝e gone inside you know!!!鈥 he says, and honestly you didn鈥檛 think about doing that either
but now Atsumu feels guilty- how long were you waiting outside for that you were cold to the touch
鈥...I鈥檓 fine鈥 you murmur, standing up so the two of you could go on your little date
鈥渉ere take my jacket鈥 he says, starting to remove it, but you shake your head adjusting his jacket back on his shoulders
鈥渘o no, don鈥檛 worry聽鈥楾sumu I鈥檓 fine! c鈥檓on let鈥檚 go!!鈥
but before you can take a step forward, Atsumu pulls you into his chest, zipping up the jacket, effectively trapping you in there with him
鈥渢here鈥檚 no way I鈥檓 letting you freeze babe鈥 he says, grinning at you
honestly, you can鈥檛 even complain because you were聽cold and being all cozied up with your boyfriend was definitely nice
but you did come across one problem
鈥渉ey babe... how are we supposed to walk鈥 you ask, looking up at him
Atsumu pauses for a good minute, not realizing that by sharing a jacket, the two of you aren鈥檛 in a position to comfortably walk together
his solution was to penguin waddle your way to the restaurant
Tumblr media
TAGLIST (bolded ones i鈥檓 unable to tag 馃ズ): @kaidashie @clumsydaisy @honicup @simplyarayofsunshine @elianetsantana @aoirohi @sunaluvs @excitedlysuffering @kaito-thedumbass @tadashi-simp @mattsunbeam @keijis--onigiri @heyheyitsne @chagi-nana @megumeee @lilytheprincesse3 @gabixiio 聽@neavil @p3rcylov3 @sashaadams18 @jarcinda @yeinscreation @i-need-entertainment @shonin-mai @shinsos-hoe @crescentbitch @xedspirits @cindyttnx @empreads @elidepenes @aukkape @the-astrumnauta @ssuna @krystalmoonuniverse @lilolpotato @akaahshii @sciencekidkuroo @kou-levisworld @bokubonk @chaelysian @keijitimes @jooppp @airybnb @rintarouv @tsumtsumya @mosssi @sakusasmaskkk @iloveu-xoxo @queerjaguar @tabipleats鈥
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aemoonie14 days ago
nct 127 - accidentally wearing matching outfits ! 鈥р倞藲
銆 mlist 銆
a/n: as requested <3 cw: unhinged flirting smh. food mention.
Tumblr media
he'd enter the kitchen and would go straight towards the fridge without sparing your outfit much attention at first. but when he turns around and sees your also wearing an all-gray sweatsuit combo, he has to bite back a small grin. nice outfit he'd say, as he comes up behind you to see what you're making. would totally be someone who'd buy you matching pajamas because he kinda thinks is funny in a sweet way. he wouldn't comment much further on it, but from time to time he'd ask you if you wanted to match with him again while getting ready, showing that he did in fact not mind this at all.
not gonna lie, he'd try to fight you a bit (jokingly). he'd go wow, why are you copying me?? (i can hear him say it lmao) but in reality, he lowkey loves it. it's kinda satisfying to him, the way the colors of your outfit perfectly go with his. would brag about you and your style behind your back a la they have such good style, we always look like we're out of a magazine together! definitely does not miss an opportunity to give you suggestions when you get dressed. he'd throw his jacket to you and say this goes better with your pants. but still, stop copying him >:(.
oh, he loves it. he's very interested in fashion (and a very good dresser as well), so coordinating your outfits would bring him so much joy! please let this boy dress you two, he'd combust with pride if you walk around in your fits. he'd die on the spot if you ask him to customize some of your clothing or proudly tell someone that your boyfriend designed it. sharing clothes is a must here, whatever fits, the other wears too. this also goes for accessories. so you two find yourselves often matching, even if you didn't even try.
probably has the most chill but sweetest reaction. when he'd see you, he'd just muster you up and down, and while you sit down next to him, he'd compliment you. he probably wouldn't even bring up the fact that you two are matching, but rather just throws compliment after compliment at you until you finally notice that your fits go together. he'd just give you a lazy grin in return, and say that must be why you look so good today. it's not that he doesn't care, he actually loves the way you two look like you belong together. but he just finds it more fun to make you flustered with his remarks (fuck you too yuta >:().
i feel like he wouldn't pay it that much mind. when he sees you and your outfit he notices it more to himself, not addressing it directly. he'd probably just tell you that you look good and send you a cheeky smile. the next time you'd get dressed around him, he'd sneakily throw some suggestions your way to make you wear something matching again. i feel similar to johnny, he'd like the fact that your outfits go together more because it looks aesthetically pleasing to him (lol). wouldn't hesitate to take some pictures together when you do match though.
would notice, but maybe not right away. also someone who bites back or just sneakily comments on it. would totally like it if you both dress up for date nights, but when you just walk into the practice room and the others point out your matching outfits, he just smiles sweetly. he likes it, but he is also just lowkey about it. he'd ruffle your hair and tell you that you look good matching him, but the ultimate goal here is also more the flirting than anything else. but his antics definitely got what he wanted: making you flustered. so by the end he can barely hide his cheesy smile when you just look on the ground with beaming cheeks, already knowing you won't be able to forget about this for a while.
would notice right away. would go huh? did you do that on purpose? and feel so soft regardless. would probably point out that you look like a real couple multiple times throughout the day, despite your demands that you are a real couple. would even use this as an excuse to cheesily flirt with you. oh look, we kinda go together, how about that? maybe that's a sign? he'd say, wiggling his eyebrows at you. honestly, he'd just see this as an opportunity to flirt with you and compliment you, and secretly he enjoys these interactions so much that he tells you to do it more often (even though it was an accident?? but sure).
would notice it when you come in through the door right away. would literally be that spiderman meme. yoo, we're matching!! he'd say and high-five you. he tries to be cool about it but secretly he really loves the fact that you two look so obviously like a couple. and the fact that the sweatshirt you'd be wearing is also his, is a nice bonus that will haunt his thoughts for the rest of the day. definitely shyly tells you to wear his clothes more often when you two are on your own later.
would either try to play it cool or straight-up scream in your face. he'd be really excited either way, but i think his reaction depends on if it's only the two of you or not. you'd leave the bedroom one morning and would try walking past him, your mind busy with your tasks for the day. he'd stop in his tracks and grab your arm, spinning you around to face him. we're matching!! he'd say, squealing quietly as he takes in your figure. we look so cute together! he'd continue, wiggling his eyebrows at you. you can only shake your head at his antics as he rambles on about how you two look like those hot pinterest couples.
漏 aemoonie
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alycosworld3 months ago
Scaramouche X Reader
WARNING: mentions of (nearly) sexual assault
A/N: I seem to have more angst/comfort ideas for genshin but I'm not sure why...also, I'm on holiday in a foreign country! I have no work and I'll probably spend all my nights on Tumblr after exploring the city in the day, so please please please send in some requests! I'm bored and although they might take some time, they might help me get back into writing more regularly. I'm pretty sure this is gender neutral but if I made a mistake, feel free to tell me. This has NOT been checked for any errors (I'll get around to it at some point).
I'm not sure if Scaramouche is ooc, since he doesn't say anything that nice in the game or in any official works, but I definitely think he has the capacity for it. And I like soft Scar <3.
If at any point you feel uncomfortable, PLEASE DO NOT READ ON. I felt a little icky after writing the assault bit so do not force yourself to read any further or read at all. I do not want to make anyone reading this unhappy. Any victims of sexual assault or harassment, I hope you heal
Keep walking. Just keep walking. Get home as fast as possible.
Avoid dark spots, avoid all people, avoid secluded areas. Just get home now.
That's what you told yourself after it happened. Archons, you didn't even know how you should feel. Ashamed? Angry? Disgusted? Upset? Confused? Afraid? The amalgamation of these emotions just made everything worse. You felt sick to your stomach. You wanted to cry and scream and vomit and disappear all at the same time.
You felt like you were covered in grime and you don't even know how you managed to get away. You should've done something, anything! But in the moment, you couldn't.
Your day had started normally. You went to the Adventurer's Guild in Inazuma, doing your commissions and taking up a few extra quests to help people out. Even though you were walking home later than normal, you didn't think much of it. Until somehow, you lost your way. In the dark, things became a little more vague and confusing, so you ended up taking a left and ending up in a dark alleyway between two dimly lit buildings.
You walked through, lost in your own thoughts, until you heard some chuckling and some incoherent remarks made by someone exiting one of the buildings out a back door and into the alleyway.
Glancing up, you saw that the person was a man - quite tall and well built with flushed cheeks: he was clearly not sober. You paid him no mind, staring at the ground as you continue to walk, determined to get home to see your boyfriend, Scaramouche. Though he wasn't one to worry, knowing that you could handle yourself, you did want to see him as soon as possible.
"Well, what do we have here?" The man asked, and you looked up at him again, tilting your head in confusion but staying silent.
"What's a pretty thing like you doing out here all alone?" He asked, a suspicious smirk on his face.
"I'm going home." You said firmly, not wanting to give him any ideas.
"Oh? A handsome young thing like you, going home all by themselves? Let me walk you, I promise I don't bite." He continued, clearly not getting the hint.
"I'm alright, but thank you for the off--"
"Stop being such a fucking tease! Wearing an outfit like that, you're begging for it." He pinned you against the wall despite your attempt to politely refuse any moves he tried to make. He caught your arms above your head and harshly shoved one of his legs between yours.
"Don't like to me, hon, you know you want this." He whispered huskily. You had fought countless hilichurls, abyss mages and monsters far more intimidating and dangerous than that man that day, but you couldn't seem to move. All you could manage was a fearful 'please, don't do this'. Struggling was futile, for some reason you couldn't escape his grasp. You had fought beasts ten times this man's size but violating you like this? It made you break.
He gripped you harshly and even managed to kiss your neck a couple times, making the tears stream down your face uncontrollably, until he heard some voices. You recognised them immediately: members of the Adventurer's Guild. He must be known it too because he stopped as soon as he heard, offering you a sickening grin and scuttling away before you could react.
"We'll finish this some other time, sweetheart. I promise."
You didn't get any help from the Adventurer's Guild members who you heard, instead opting to rush home as soon as possible, trying to figure out what to do next.
The only solution in your mind was to crawl into your lover's arms and tell him what had happened. You didn't want anyone else to know - you know you could trust Scaramouche and you knew he would help you.
But he didn't.
You got home and wiped your tears before entering the house, hoping to look somewhat presentable despite having experienced such an impactful event. You dropped your belongings carelessly, not flinging at the loud sound they made as they hit the floor. You immediately made your way to the guest room Scaramouche had turned into an office of sorts, for him to work on Fatui business. The bedroom door was open and empty and he was nowhere to be found on the first floor, so that was the only other place he could've been. You were relieved to see him sitting at the desk, deep in thought with some maps and other sheets of paper laid out in front of him.
"Scar, I--"
"Not now, (Y/N), I'm busy." He said hot even bothering to look up at your frazzled and shattered state.
"I know but, please, Scar. While I was--"
"If you know that I'm busy, why enter in the first place? I'm working. Leave me alone." He said harshly. You didn't say anything, instead opting to nod silently and close the door. Since this was the first time you had experienced this pain and discomfort from being touched and defiled in such a way, you decided that maybe you should put it aside. After all, maybe it was something so jarring. Maybe it didn't matter. Maybe Scaramouche's nonchalance was justified. In a twisted way, you blamed yourself for overreacting and decided to just forget about the incident. If it didn't mean enough for Scaramouche to even look at you, it clearly wasn't something worth fretting over. You were just exaggerating, right?
You tried you absolute hardest not to let the incident bother you, but you unknowingly started changing your habits to prevent what had occurred from happening to you again.
"Wearing an outfit like that, you're begging for it..."
You started wearing less revealing clothing, going as far as wearing gloves at some point and covering your neck with collars and scarves through the hot weather.
"We'll finish this some other time, sweetheart. I promise."
Initially, you just avoided dark or secluded places, even when you were with other people, but eventually, you were too scared to leave home at all. You didn't leave the confines of your small garden and if someone passed by, you would quickly hide yourself away. When Scaramouche had unknown guests and colleagues over, you would hide in your bedroom and make him promise not to mention you or acknowledge your existence in the slightest.
You even started taking longer showers and refused to bathe with Scaramouche, confusing him since you used to enjoy it so much. But you wouldn't let him see you in such a vulnerable state now that you were contaminated. You didn't want him to know that you had been tarnished in such a vulgar way, and you spent long moments scrubbing at the parts the stranger had touched. You were worried that Scaramouche would blame you for being assaulted - because in a sick way you thought it was your fault, despite having been nothing wrong. You had twisted the story in your mind to make it seem like you were responsible for the crime committed against you.
Eventually, Childe had to visit for business purposes, but you had become good friends with the eleventh Fatui Harbinger since he was friends with-- well, he and Scaramouche had a relationship, to say the least.
"So where's (Y/N)? Normally they're all over you and making you as embarrassed at possible." Childs grinned, and Scaramouche just frowned and narrowed his eyes.
"They're in our room. They don't really want to see anyone right now." Scaramouche said. Even though you told him not to mention you anymore, since you were so hellbent on avoiding all human interaction, he thought it would be okay to tell Childe. He was your friend too, after all.
"Is something wrong? What happened?" Childe asked, concern in his eyes.
"I don't know. They've been avoiding everyone, including me. They barely talk to me and insist on sleeping downstairs." Scaramouche confessed.
"Let me talk to them."
Childe exited your room after hearing what to had to say, and he was disturbed and sympathetic, at the very least. Scaramouche saw his wide-eyed, grim expression when he exited the room and immediately had questions.
"What?" Scaramouche asked.
"I'll come back tomorrow to continue our work." Childs said, referring to the business he originally came for.
"But we have to--"
"Scar?" Scaramouche stopped all his trains of thought and turned to the sound of your voice. It was hoarse but still as beautiful as ever. He knew you had been crying from your puffy eyes and tear-stained cheeks.
"I think you have other matters to take care of." Childe winked, before giving Scaramouche an informal two-fingered salute and showing himself out.
As soon as the door closed, Scaramouche turned his attention to you, not coming too close in case you didn't want to be near him.
"Yes, Love?" He asked, more concerned than you had ever seen him.
"Can I talk to you? If you're busy, that's okay, it's not that impor--"
"I'm not busy." He shook his head, and you offered him a sad and grateful smile before sitting on the edge of the bed while he took a seat on a nearby chair.
"So, uhm, a couple of days ago I was walking home and I kind of got I tried taking this alleyway and--" You stopped yourself, meeting Scaramouche's attentive gaze before continuing.
"There was a guy. And he-- he t-touched me. I-- I didn't know what to do. I could've easily fought back but I just got scared and froze up because that's never happened to me before and he kept saying that I wanted him-- but I didn't! I swear, I didn't. I know it sounds bad since I didn't stop him but I really tried, I just couldn't. And he started k-kissing," You gestured to the spots on your neck that you could still feel being violated.
"And I felt so horrible and he didn't go any further because some people were coming, so I ran home. I-I...I didn't know what to do but I felt like I should tell you because I thought you would help me, but you said you were busy so I just-- It-tried to brush it off but I just couldn't get it out of my head! And before I got away, he told me that he'd come back and finish me off and so I didn't want to go outside anymore in case I ran into him. And I started to cover up since he said I was asking for it because of what I was wearing and then I just got scared and I felt dirty. I tried so hard to forget and clean myself but it kept coming back-- I can still feel him on me! I hated it, I still hated it! You have to believe me, I wasn't trying to get him to notice me, I just..." You broke down after finishing what you had to say. You had already been crying since you told Childe, but now you were choking out sobs and your face was drenched. Scaramouche stood up from his chair and sat next to you on the bed, a safe distance away just in case you still weren't comfortable with being touched.
"I believe you. I know you're not like that." Scarsmocuhe started calmly. In all honesty, he wanted to interrupt you as soon as you said that this man approached you. His blood was boiling and he was ready to murder this man for you but kept himself in check because you didn't need senseless violence or revenge right now, you needed comfort. What hurt him the most was that you were blaming yourself because he didn't bother listening to what you had to say on what was probably the worst day of your life.
"It's not your fault you were touched like that. You are not to blame, at all. I-- I should've listened to you when you came to me - as soon as I turned you say I thought something was wrong but I didn't bother asking about it. That's entirely my fault." He admitted, which surprised you. It took Scaramouche a lot to admit his mistakes, but for you? He didn't care. You constantly put up with his sour attitude, he can definitely listen to you and admit he was wrong.
"You sure? Because I still--"
"I'm sure." He said simply.
"But why did you start avoiding me?" He asked, wanting to understand the situation entirely.
"Well, because..." You started, unsure if he would get angry if you told him. While you were contemplating, he offered you an encouraging expression. It wasn't a smile, but it was more than enough to put you at ease.
"I didn't want you to think I was tainted. Of course, you wouldn't want to be near me after that had happened." You sighed, wiping up the last of your tears.
"You really are an idiot, you know?" He said, but after seeing the clueless and almost hurt look on your face, he immediately wanted to take it back. He didn't mean to be insensitive, he just...well, he often explained positive emotions with his very wide negative vocabulary.
"No, I didn't-- uhm..." He mentally cursed himself for not knowing what to say, but you didn't interrupt him and made a small gesture for him to keep going.
"What I mean to say was, I don't think that you're tainted or anything like that. And I still...want to be...near you-- eugh!" He pretended to be grossed out at his own words in true Scaramouche fashion, but he knew you knew he didn't really mean it and was beyond delighted when he saw you giggle at his facial expression.
He sighed and acted angry as he opened his arms ever so slightly. You noticed the movement and quirked an eyebrow when he hesitated.
"Is it okay if I come closer?" Scaramouche asked, unsure if you wanted to be touched after the incident.
Your heart swelled at his care and then you slowly watched as he stiffly wrapped his arms around you comfortingly. Although you had hugged and cuddled on countless occasions, he still wouldn't stop being so robotic unless you did something. It made you laugh and he pulled away slightly to glare at you, so you decided to just pull him back in and hug back.
And when you relished in the touch of another human being, the touch of the person you love, you began to cry. The last time anyone willingly touched you was in that alleyway, and so to have someone be so gentle with you and have no bad intentions, you were overwhelmed with emotion.
Scaramouche must've felt your tears staining his clothing and skin, and quickly pulled away with poorly hidden concern in his eyes.
"Are you okay?" He asked, but you just continued to sob and nod.
"I love you!" You choked out. He sighed and gently patted your back.
" you too." He said, before making another expression of mock disgust. He slowly moved to hold both your wrists in his hand and kiss down to your neck, pulling you into his lap with your legs straddling one of his.
You soon realised that he was covering up the placed the stranger had touched you with his own ministrations, effectively replacing the grime you felt you gained after the incident. After you came to that conclusion and Scaramouche was done, he didn't meet your eye, blushing profusely. It was justified since he didn't usually initiate any kind of affection acts, but you just cupped his jaw and kissed his cheek, smiiling at him with purity and a newfound confidence in the both of you.
"Thank you, Scar."
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padwolfa month ago
characters: itadori yuuji, fushiguro megumi, kugisaki nobara, inumaki toge, gojo satoru, nanami kento, mahito, yoshino junpei,x gn!reader
words: 1K
a/n: send requests <3
itadori yuuji鈥
鈥rings you things when he goes somewhere. he鈥檚 the golden retriever boyfriend and will act like it. when he goes on a mission without you or literally just steps out to go to the convince store, he鈥檒l be bringing you back something. sometimes it鈥檚 normal things like a bag m&m鈥檚 or a slushie. then other times it鈥檚 an extra crunchy leaf or a cool rock. (鈥渉ey babe look!! for you!! *opens hand to show a rock* do you like it??鈥)
he also wants you to wear his clothes so badly鈥. you once asked him for a hoodie cause it was cold in his room and he just has not gotten over that. will suuuper inconspicuously leave his clothes just laying around for you to wear (鈥渉ey yuuji, you forgot your hoodie.鈥 鈥渙h that? no no, don鈥檛 worry about it, i鈥檒l just鈥 leave it there. in case, you know, anyone wants to wear it. just in case.鈥)
fushiguro megumi鈥
鈥s a softie. he keeps EVERYTHING you give him. if you鈥檙e someone similar to yuuji (^) and give him a bunch of things, he will keep every. single. one. you might think he doesn鈥檛, but he literally has a drawer full of stuff from you that he constantly looks at. similarly to that, if you draw something on his arm he will literally keep it away from the stream of the water when he showers to make sure it stays there for a while. when you painted his nails once he literally wouldn鈥檛 remove them until the polish chipped off.
sometimes he is to shy to admit he got things for you, so he will do something like getting your favorite drink, taking a sip, and then be like 鈥渋 don鈥檛 want this anymore, do you want to finish it?鈥 he thinks he鈥檚 being so sneaky about it too, it鈥檚 adorable how red his face gets when you thank him for it.
kugisaki nobara鈥
鈥ever stops showing you off. whenever she meets absolutely anybody it鈥檚 immediately like 鈥渃ool, well MY s/o-鈥 she鈥檚 unstoppable. if you make the mistake of asking her if she has any photos of you, you鈥檒l be stuck there for the best 45 mintues as she flips through 鈥渏ust the best shots鈥. if anyone dares say anything even mildly passive aggressive about you, she will BEAT their ass into the ground.
she will also do little things like put hand cream on for you (yes, with her own hands). or put lip balm on when she notices your lips are chapped. and yes she keeps some on herself at all times so she can do that for you.
inumaki toge鈥
鈥akes you hyper specific memes. okay, i know it doesn鈥檛 sound cute but doesn鈥檛 it?? he will make them so hyper specific to your life that they鈥檒l be completely illegible to anyone but you two. he will send you memes like 鈥渢hat moment when you slip in the shower, rip down the curtain, and proceed to sing the entirety of this year by the mountain goats鈥 and you鈥檙e like 鈥渉ow tf did you know this??鈥 every once in a while he鈥檒l sprinkle in a 鈥渨hen you knows you鈥檙e the best s/o in the world鈥 with a cute picture of you underneath.
he once took a sharpie to just write and draw stuff on your body, you know, for fun. and it wasn鈥檛 gonna be anything special. he ended up drawing a little heart on your wrist and when it was still there he would squeeze it as a way to say 鈥渋 love you鈥. he ended up re-tracing that heart a few times but by now you know exactly what he means whenever you feel a little squeeze on your wrist.
gojo satoru鈥
鈥uys you things. it鈥檚 his love language. it doesn鈥檛 even have to be anything big (though, it sometimes will be big and you better be ready for that), but he just loves getting you things. he also has a skill for telling exactly what you want. like you were eyeing a cute outfit at the store and the next day it鈥檚 on your bed? or you crave some take out and suddenly there he is at your door with take out?
another thing he would do is randomly tell you to 鈥渄ress nice and go outside鈥 and suddenly you鈥檙e going on a weekend long trip to the beach where he already arranged everything. he lives for big romantic gestures and they鈥檙e a regular occurrence when you鈥檙e dating him.
nanami kento鈥
鈥oes things without ever being asked. my personal head cannon which i will never let go of, is that he he wakes up earlier than you because he has to go to work, but ever since you moved in with him he wakes up even earlier to cook you breakfast so you have food to wake up to!! he would also leave a tiny post it note next to the food with a little message like 鈥渉ave a nice day鈥 or 鈥渋鈥檒l see you later鈥.
another thing he does is keep up with your family and personal life. every since you introduced him to your parents he will just call your mom at least once a week. sometimes he knows more about her than you do (鈥渓et鈥檚 get the other wine, you mom doesn鈥檛 like this one anymore.鈥) and it鈥檚 the sweetest thing. also he is ADORED by your parents, you will not convince me otherwise.
鈥dk showers?
yoshino junpei鈥
鈥ould spend hours picking the perfect movie to watch with you. he will like analyze every movie you like and try to pick one you鈥檙e gonna for sure love. he definitely has a list on letterboxd called 鈥渕ovies for y/n!!馃挄馃挅馃挆鈥 and spends hours examining it. he also does a similar thing with music, he literally has about ten different playlists of songs that remind him of you, songs he thinks you鈥檒l like, songs he want to slow dance with you to (not that he鈥檒l admit that), and collaborative playlist between you two.
also will talk to his mom about you. he is cautious about sharing parts of his life with literally anyone but he just wants to talk about you so badly he can鈥檛 stop. she absolutely loves it when junpei goes on and on about you and your ice cream date or how you got a new tapestry for you room, she just loves how happy you make him.
thank you for reading <3
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todorkihoea year ago
Finally your requests are open! I love ur writing sm I keep on re-reading!! N e ways, may I request an hc for Todoroki, Bakugou and Kirishima where they or the s/o want鈥檚 to try that thing on tiktok where they lay down in between their s/o鈥檚 thighs. If you鈥檙e not comfortable on writing this it is completely fine! Take your time and pls stay safe <88
Laying Between Thighs TikTok Trend
Characters: Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Warnings: bakugou and his thicc ass
A/N:聽ayoo i love that trend lmaooo ty for requesting hope you enjoy<3
he sees the video of a guy laying between his girlfriend鈥檚 thighs and his first thought it聽鈥淚 have to show this to Y/N鈥
this blunt mf would probably walk up to you and show you the video and say
鈥渋 wanna do this with you鈥
鈥渙k sho鈥
鈥渋 mean like right now Y/N鈥
so he takes the video and he鈥檚 just laying between your legs and your thighs are rested on his shoulders and he鈥檚 grinning like an idiot the entire time聽
He said: >:)
you post the video on tiktok and everyone is thirsting over your man smh
comments like 鈥渋s your boyfriend single鈥 or聽鈥渨hat store did you buy him at鈥
he ends up taking another picture between your thighs and making it his lockscreen <3
now if you wanted to lay between his thighs he鈥檇 probs get very flustered at the image that came to mind
but he lets you do it anyway and throws up a peace sign for the camera
鈥淗ey Shouto can we film the video again except this time you wear a maid outfit?鈥
you would have to beg him to let you take a video of him laying between your thighs or vice versa
he can鈥檛 let there be any proof on camera that he鈥檚 a softie for you
also the way you phrase the question when you ask him does not make him anymore inclined to oblige
鈥淗ey Suki can I take a video of me laying between your fat ass thighs鈥
He tries to feign annoyance the entire time but you see the way the corner of his lips turn up a bit
He briefly wonders what you would do if he just started smothering you with his thighs while you took the video
When you show him the video he鈥檚 a huge tsundere about it
鈥淭hat was such a waste of my time, Y/N...send that to me right now鈥
He won鈥檛 make it his lockscreen cause the chances of someone else seeing it are too high. He鈥檒l make it his home screen though <3
So you鈥檙e also just not allowed to post it on tiktok lolol
He already lays between your thighs when you two hang out so you decide to video it one day
You except him to start yelling and try to take the phone from you and delete it but nooo
Mf looks at the camera with a raised brow, smirks at it, then playfully bites your thigh
im gone .
he would be vv eager to be in between your thighs and have you in between his
鈥淗ey Kiri can we do thi-鈥
鈥淵ES !!鈥
he鈥檚 also the most normal about it out of these 3 ??
he just thinks it鈥檚 so cute and he wants to post it all over the internet so everyone can see him and his s/o
the video highkey goes viral and everyone is like聽鈥渁ww omg so cute where can i get one??鈥
he would also make it his lockscreen so every time he turns on his phone he sees the pic of him laying between your legs with a big smile
uhh head pats !! head pats !! head pats !!聽
he likes when he just laying between your legs and you bring your hand down and pat his head
He thinks your thighs are very comfortable pillows and has fallen asleep in them on numerous occasions聽
he honestly obsesses over the video of him laying between you thighs he talks about it like everyday
鈥渂aby your smile looks so pretty here :)鈥
鈥渢hank you kiri you tell me everyday :)鈥
honestly if someone asks him to see a picture of you he鈥檚 gonna whip out that video so fast lmaooo
ig it鈥檚 kiri simp hours
a/n: shouto in a maid outfit 2020
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adore-laura month ago
shades of red
a short & sweet surprise since it鈥檇 be rude of me not to write something about this <3 reblogs & feedback appreciated! 鉂わ笍
Tumblr media
You wouldn鈥檛 normally associate Halloween with the color red, but it seems to strongly invade your peripheral vision everywhere you look.
A glass bowl of cherry red candies awaits greedy fingers, sitting half empty on the leather couch of the tour bus.
A rich hue of crimson red powder is compacted into a mirrored case, lying open on the carpeted floor with a flared brush beside it.
A knitted pair of scarlet red tights trap you into a love bubble, spread wide on either side of your cross legged position.
"Stop moving."
It's the umpteenth repeat of the command as you pinch Harry's chin and attach his final false eyelash onto the thin line of glue that's drying quickly.
He's a terrible listener during the hours leading up to a show, but you can't necessarily blame him this time considering tonight is something that he's been waiting ages for. Everyone has. The adrenaline is contagious, people bustling past in costumes and music booming from inside the sold out arena. It's no wonder why he's distracted, often looking up and smiling at everyone who passes or showing you pictures of fans lined up outside.
Now is not the time, though. His makeup was left as your responsibility per his request and he still doesn't have his full outfit on. The gingham dress and matching bow still hangs on a rack in the bathroom, leaving Harry sitting in front of you in only his tights while you press the lashes on his left eyelid.
"You're hurting me," he garbles around a sucker in his mouth.
"Stop looking at me straight on, then. Look down at my lap," you inattentively reply, groaning with frustration when the eyelash doesn't stick.
He hums and closes his eyes. "At least take me to dinner first."
You roll your eyes at the boyish phrase. There's a tiny amount of sympathy you have for him since he's been slouched and trying his best to be patient while you've been perfecting his makeup for the past half hour. He looks more pretty than he usually does and you know once you put the blush on his cheeks, he'll look like a dream.
"Okay, I think they're good," you say, gently curling up both lashes with your pinky fingers.
Harry blinks several time and scrunches his face up from the new accessory on his eyes. "Now what?"
You reach over to grab the blush and grumble, 鈥淐ould you sound any less excited?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 bored,鈥 he rasps, cracking his neck and swallowing the chewed sucker. 鈥淵ou won鈥檛 let me look at you.鈥
鈥淏ecause you鈥檙e quite possibly the most distracting person in the world.鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e been behaving!鈥
You just shush him and tilt his head up. He has been behaving, but the way he was looking at you while you concentrated in such close proximity to him made you easily flustered.
Dusting the small brush on top of the crimson powder, you begin applying it to the apples of his cheeks. He told you he wanted it to be dramatic, so you picked the darkest shade you had in your makeup bag. You bring the color up towards his cheekbones, admiring the natural glow that鈥檚 already there from his clear and pore-free skin. He really is beautiful.
鈥淢y pretty boy,鈥 you murmur aloud.
Harry鈥檚 cheeks turn your favorite shade of red under the blush, the color of a winter rose or summer amaranth.
鈥淟ove you,鈥 he whispers with a small smile. 鈥淭hanks for letting me be feminine tonight.鈥
You furrow your eyebrows and tap excess blush off the applicator. 鈥淵ou can be feminine around me whenever you want, baby.鈥
鈥淚 know.鈥 He moves his head to kiss the inside of your wrist. 鈥淛ust really appreciate that you don鈥檛 care. I鈥檝e had people look at me weird in the past for wanting to dress up and prance around.鈥
鈥淭hey don鈥檛 matter. You鈥檙e surrounded by friends and fans that love you for it,鈥 you respond, squeezing his thigh. 鈥淚 love you for it. You鈥檙e the prettiest Dorothy I鈥檝e ever seen.鈥
鈥淲ell, you know what they say鈥 there鈥檚 no place like home.鈥 He taps his feet together twice, his eyes softening as they dance over your face. 鈥淓xcept when I鈥檓 with you.鈥
It鈥檚 a sickeningly sweet thing to say, but not rare coming from his mouth. They鈥檙e words for only you to hear, spoken with candy-coated sincerity.
You kiss his full lips and tell him, 鈥淕o put on your dress before I start gagging.鈥
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