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#i think i’m funny
red-carpet-blues · 5 months ago
babygirl, i know niche my chemical romance related trivia that you wouldn’t even care about
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ceciliaspen · 27 days ago
Just admit you’re not human it’s that simple
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snowytubbling · 3 months ago
“Tommy, let’s be the bad guys”
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bowie-boy · 7 months ago
I discovered The Hugh Dancy Audiobook today (you know, the one with explicit gay p*rn narration)
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dimwitdecember · 5 months ago
dream smp as blinkies i found:
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wispandwhispers · a year ago
Straight friend groups be like: *blonde girl* *chad* *the funny one* *kyle* *brunette girl* *frat boy*
Gay friend groups be like: *dad friend* *the emo* *the smart kid who has to repress their feelings* *the kid who was raised off the queer coded characters in Disney films and dresses up as a prince which leads into them not them not being able to see life isn’t black and white* * the one who is the fanciest and most extra and has to save everyone asses when the dad friend turns into a giant frog* * remus*
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lovelylonelymoonlight · 4 months ago
Ranboo and dream face reveal together and post a picture, they do not tell us which is which
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chasing-mayhem · 8 months ago
dream smp in a nutshell:
dream: malevolent god with questionable morals and motives
george: sleeping beauty who is basically a side character in his own story
sapnap: arsonist pet killer with severe attachment issues
tommy: traumatized child with too many earthly possessions
tubbo: another traumatized child given too much power and responsibility
ranboo: yet another traumatized child who doesn’t know who they are and where their allegiances lie
techno: anarchist who wants to be seen as human
phil: problematic father with a favorite child
wilbur: dead (and the least favorite child who acts up to be noticed)
punz: every man for himself but money is compelling
bad: “neutral” yet going insane with power
fundy: daddy issues taken to the extreme
niki: once pure soul who is tired of being taken advantage of
sam: true neutral that follows his leader
puffy: questioning, yet still blind sheeple
quackity: maniac with good intentions i swear
karl: time traveler stuck in his stories
jack manifold: stared death in the eyes and told them to fuck off
schlatt: the embodiment of all earthly evil and corruption
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trii-f0rce · 2 months ago
SS Link: You know back in my day, we had to get our bombs from a flower!
BotW Link holding a bomb he made magically appear from the Sheikah Slate: …
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williexmercer · 2 months ago
Carrie when she sees Julie preform Bright
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