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#i think if i didnt know what happened i would be more disappointed but im happy
jayculture · 3 years ago
ey bro tell us ur fav bruiseshipping headcanons!
ive been waiting my whole fucking life to recieve this ask (these r all show based! i have separate ones for movie bruise so feel free to ask abt that too)
big size difference bc im weak for that shit
jays constantly acting like he hates it but he loves it
when they hold hands coles hand like ENGULFS jays its ridiculous
cole hold him
cole just throws jay over his shoulder sometimes to carry him . just bc 
cole will also instictively go for jay if hes startled. like if something jumps out at them coles first reaction is to grab jay and act as a shield of sorts to make sure hes safe
jays constantly quoting shitty memes and at some point cole picks up on it
(cole and jay hanging out in silence)jay:jay: (quietly) number 15….cole: dont,jay: burger king foot lettuce
cole, later, absentmindedly: number 15…. burger king foot lettuce.. (realizes what he just said) Son Of A Bitch,
at a point jay can like start a quote and cole will continue it
jays parents LOVE cole. they think hes so nice and handsome and he sometimes helps them carry heavy things around the junkyard. edna is the biggest gunner for them getting married like everyones waiting for it but edna specifically is so ready. she already has so many plans
lou thought jay was kind of a. how u say. disappointment when they first met but jays grown on him slowly but surely. he finally calls him “jay” instead of “mr. walker”. and honestly lous just happy coles found someone who loves him because he knows he was a pretty shit dad
jay . is. trans. and cole is SUPER supportive of him and WILL throw transphobes into the earths core
im just fucking obbsessed with the idea of cole holding jay close and like . just . Enveloping him completely. like jay has a panic attack and cole just wraps his big arms around him and it makes jay feel super safe and secure to be covered like that its gay
the stages right before they actually started dating were super awkward and full of a lot of Jay Shrieking bc theyd do smth obviously gay and then jay would ahve to act like it didnt happen but he was really bad at it so he would just yell
coles the one that finally asked him out bc as much as he adores watching jay shriek he would also rly like to kiss him yknow
jay climb him . he is a koala 
cole: yeah i love jay hes so fun to hang out with! we watch tv, read comics together, show each other funny pictures, makeout, we bake a cake, we might fuck and just chat and have a good time yknow!
jay loves 2 dish and cole has to sit through his stories all the time and at some point he just gets invested in it
jay: ok . here are 5 stories about my friend lee ann and her alleged lyme disease (cut to like 30 minutes later)jay: so it’s like “yeah maybe youre tired all the time because your sick, lee ann, or maybe youre depressed because you live in stiix“ 
cole: i dont get it, lee ann could have had gregor but she settles for steven?jay: i KNOW its like lee ann WHAT are you DOING
most of the dish sessions are about lee ann 
cole will do anything he can to pull “i love you”s out of jay bc he just loves hearing them it makes his big gay heart explode every time
nya as: ultimate wingman
she just wants her boys to be happy man
nya: man… jays room looks pretty monochrome.. maybe someone should.. buy him something to add more color.. some flowers.. maybecole:nya: he likes calla lillies… if anyone .. wants to buy some and give them to him
shes alone in the room with cole and shes fully aware
cole proposes to jay by spending the whole day building up to a big “surprise” he has planned and he drops fake clues so jay thinks he knows whats coming just so when cole pulls out the ring nya helped him pick out he can smile and say “surprise”
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