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#i think im getting better at noses ☺️
its-just-may · a month ago
mommy!wanda making you hump your stuffie 🥺
Pairing: Mommy!Wanda x little!Reader
Warnings: Humping, needy reader, explicit sexual content, Wanda being an awesome mommy🥺, little reader being a little princess who is really cute and shy ☺️
A/n: omg yes please🥺🥺🥺 I want this so bad!! This is such a fun request, I liked writing this 🥰 and I really actually want to make something like a full pet play relationship. Training and everything. (Im thinking about @scarlettwlw here!!! I love you and pubby🥺) But, let me know! ALSO IMPORTANT ANNOUCNEMNT!!!! Follow @mays-library to be on the permanent taglist!
Tumblr media
Rating: NSFW 18+ eyes only!!
Tumblr media
You hide your face in your hands, the nerves in your core getting stronger and stronger. “Mommy? I tingwy.” You whisper as you kneel in front of Wanda as she works at her desk. She looks down at you, softly caressing your cheek, “You are, little one? Oh no, ok let’s go to the nursery, I have just the thing.”
"That's it Baby. Thats it." She smile and helps move your hips faster. She can already sense that you are close, your breaths becoming faster and more shallow than the last one. "M'mmy can I cum/ls in the tent with you with a smile. “Hi my little peanut, who’s this you have?” She asks, gesturing to the teddy bear in your arms.
“He name Lumpy!” Wanda smiles at your little reaction, and holds him. “Did you say you were feeling tingly, little one? Can you show mommy where?” You nod, and I shyly point down towards your pussy. “In m’pwincess parts.” In a small voice, you tell her where you’re tingly, in hopes of finding your relief.
"Sit up little one, I want you to relive yourself this time. Mommy allows it." Wanda smiles as she helps you sit up, pulling you over to her. "How about you hump Lumpy, and make yourself cum all over him?" She smirks, looking at your surprised reaction. You begin to speak in pure surprised and utter confusion, "I gets to do its myself?" Your head tilts, looking your mommy in the eye as you straddle the teddy bear. She nods as she puts her hands gently on your hips, and presses a soft kiss to your lips not long after getting you settled.
Closing your eyes, you focus on the praises given by your mommy. "Thats a good little one, rubbing her cute little cunny on her stuffy. Good girl..." You hum as you move your hips, grinding your cunt along the soft fur of the stuffed bear. Wanda brushes the hair from your face, and tucks a strand behind your ear, kissing your nose softly. "Is this helping little one?" She asks you, but too caught up in your bliss, you stay quiet; The only sound coming out of your mouth were little whimpers and moans.
"That's it Baby. Thats it." She smile and helps move your hips faster. She can already sense that you are close, your breaths becoming faster and more shallow than the last one. "M'mmy can I cum? Pwetty p'ease?" You ask her in a small voice as you grind harder against your stuffy. She nods, and kisses your lips; Swallowing your moans and whimpers as she guides your hips and helps you through your orgasm.
"Good girl, little one. Is your sweet little cunny all better?" Wanda asks you, and without hesitation you nod back. Slumping forward against her, Wanda chuckles softly. "Need some cuddles too?" All she hears is a small hum, and nods to herself. She moves against the pillows in the small mushroom tent and holds you close to her chest, kissing your forehead softly with a smile.
"I love you little one."
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sunhee-sun · 4 months ago
Hello love☺️ first of all congratulations on your wedding!! Im sure you’ll have a beautiful marriage filled with lovely memories and exciting adventures paired with much love🧡
This is what I would wear to your wedding and ofc I would bring a gift for the beautiful couple, maybe a spa session to rest after the wedding?? Something for the both of you to enjoy :)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On parties i tend to stay with those i know, i like to talk with them, chat about anything and have a few laughs. I also like to drink a bit, maybe a few glasses of wine to, u know, be more social, if im a bit tipsy i can talk with anyone, I’ll also dance with my friends and everyone who is willing to but i enjoy resting and seeing people having fun. I’d probably stay until the end bc go big or go home but i never go supper crazy. In addition, if its a wedding and i know the bride personally i will make sure to compliment her☺️ id like a male btw!!
Again congrats on your engagement and wedding, im very happy for both of you and I wish you both the best🧡 please stay safe and hydrated!?
Tumblr media
i think your match-up would be : akaashi keiji
runners up : miya osamu; kita shinsuke
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“he’s best friend is even prettier!” your friend told you excitedly. her hand was holding yours, guiding you through the guests as she wanted to introduce you to “the hot and funny guy that i danced with earlier”. you only followed her, chuckling at her antics before she stopped dead in her tracks. a little ‘oh’ fell from your lips as you looked up at the - indeed - really pretty stranger in front of you. pretty eyes, pretty nose, pretty lips, pretty face, pretty everything and your hand itched, wanting to run through the dark locks which looked so, so soft. “told you he was pretty,” your friend whispered in your ear before disappearing with the pretty man’s best friend. “i guess it’s just the two of us now,” the stranger smiled - a pretty smile, you noted.
Tumblr media
─ you two watched the two others have fun while laughing at their antics, drink in hand while slowly warming up to each other and getting to know one another a little bit.
─ you didn’t notice the time passing by, and before you knew it, you were dragged from the party by your tipsy friend as she slurred about how hot that bokuto guy was and how she was excited to meet him. and the moment she told you she got his number was the moment you realized you didn’t get akaashi’s.
─ before you could hate yourself even more for forgetting about getting the pretty man’s number, you were sitting in said man’s living room, laughing at bokuto’s stories about the team he was in - MSBY Black Jackals if you remembered well.
─ you of course got akaashi’s number and a few weeks later, you were sitting in a book cafe with him, debating about which trope and which genre was better. you didn’t know if you could consider a date and you were too afraid to ask and, as if akaashi could read your thoughts, he texted you about how he wanted to visit a certain place someday and that it was a date. and it was during that one date, while you were eating ice cream, that he shyly asked if you’d like to be his partner.
─ being with akaashi felt like a dream. he was everything anyone could ask for and more - and you really didn’t know how you got so lucky. you could almost get used to all these blissful mornings, unforgettable dates, long, sleepless nights spent with him twirling you in the kitchen. you loved the feeling of his arms around you and his lips on yours and his hands running through your hair and finger entwining with yours. you adored hearing your name being called by his voice and his smiles addressed to you and how he always finds the right words to reassure you on your worst days. you sometimes felt that he was too good to be true and that you probably didn’t deserve any of this. but the insecurities were quickly thrown out the window as you watched him get on one knee, asking you to be his forever.
Tumblr media
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