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#i think im just burning out

Ugh how weak am I? I’m doing a week-long internship and just CANNOT get my sleep schedule into order. I’ve been sleeping 4 hour nights for the past four nights, and when the clock strikes 18:00 I see everyone rushing off to the pub whereas I can barely manage to read a road sign, let alone a text message or even a book. Honestly, how some people manage to live like this for 30 years and still have hobbies or friendships is beyond me. You have all my respect.

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‘  give  five  signs  that  identify  the  werewolf excellent  question.  ’
‘  dʹyou  think  you  managed  to  get  all  the  signs  ?  ’  said  james  in  tones  of  mock  concern.
‘  think  i  did,  ’  said  lupin  seriously,  as  they  joined  the  crowd  thronging  around  the  front  doors  eager  to  get  out  into  the  sunlit  grounds.  ‘  one  :  heʹs  sitting  on  my  chair.  two  :  heʹs  wearing  my  clothes.   three  :  his  nameʹs  remus  lupin. 

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i just finished serpent and dove and am….not that impressed? like yea it was good it wasnt that i didnt enjoy it its just that….i feel like its getting a LOT of hype…like an B&N employe practically begged me to buy it because of its excellence…idk if im missing something it just didnt really stand out to me u know

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