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#i am judt like wondering why for some reason november has been so so so starved of interaction?, #like this isnt me complaining this is me trying to apply logic and like my first guess was The Election and like everyone worked so hard, #to get to that point and once that victory was secured suddenly everyones burnout hit them?? but thats a longshot, #second i thought no content november drove people off tumblr ? but honedtly in no content november i wouldve thought there would be more -, #- interaction on blogs who do post? but im thinking maybe people like arent online as much bc theres less to see??, #but then idk if that makes sense and honestly? ive been v low mood this month but apparently november is a v common month for peoples mood-, #- to drop on account of like the approaching holidays and the reduced daylight hours so it could be that a lot of followers are low mood, #which is v sad and i hope everyone is okay, #but then i think okay i havent written a proper fic in ages but even then i did ficlets and do concepts a lot and i still get LIKES on posts, #a tad less likes than usual but not ridiculously so, #but im just getting zero replies and so many less asks thats where my overthinking is coming from, #again this is like not me complaining to you who is reading this soecifically, #yes i do miss interaction but i know people will have their reasons for not being able to interact as much, #i just genuiney wonder what those reasons are, #i will tag this as, #vent tw, #just in case tho, #ALSO if you have read this far and are also a creator: have you noticed a similar pattern of reduced inter acc tion this month??, #also if youve read this far i just luv u 馃挄, #bee babbles
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