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abraxas-calibrator · 19 hours ago
so wait there's uhhh
@abraxas-calibrator2 (actually me)
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canadian-riddler · a month ago
How many of your Riddlebots have names? My fanfic only has two named so far C47-1N (Calvin) and Siouxie.
I personally have three and their names are Ada, Alan, and Nikola. I've incorporated @neuroticnygma's Nugget and @gloved-assailant's bot which we named Hedy into my fanfic. My usage of Hedy involves her not having legs so she has an assistant/brother named Alexander. They're all named after inventors except for Nugget
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st0rmyskies · 3 months ago
This is maybe looking too far ahead, but do you plan to do more HSH after The Brave is done? No pressure, I enjoy all your projects, just curious if you see the HSH mainline story being complete with the finale of The Brave or if you have more ideas!
I definitely have more ideas rolling around up there, nothing has really gelled yet though. Once the climax is over and everything shakes out at the end of this story, some new directions may become apparent. This AU is too fun to close out just yet.
I don't see myself tackling another multichap work for a while, though; I'm picturing shorter stories and oneshots after this. My absolute no-explanation list of potential ideas includes:
Buddy-cop Time and Wars
Wild and Twilight adopt a baby, not steal it this time
Dark is the drunk uncle at the cookout
When did this guy Shadow show up in the house??
Legend and Ravio run a pretty shady business, Time does not approve, and Hyrule may or may not deck Ravio in the face
Sky nearly ruins Time's second proposal to Malon, a car chase ensues (I already have a song for this one)
Is Malon pregnant or is it a stomach bug? Where do babies come from, anyway??
The Leg/Rule 5+1 fic
Omg how could I forget Twi's Parents Suck!!!
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krys-loves-otome · 3 months ago
You didn't care if he smelled like dried blood and sweat, that Masamune's helmet clanked loudly on the floor when it dropped from his hand, Kojuro had returned to you, at long last.
Kojuro Comes Home (Working Title), SLBP
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sapphicblackbeard · 3 months ago
Hi thanks for annoucing the change in your url. Do you perhaps have a list of all your previous ones? :D
I've been actualkatebishop since mid 2014!
Before then it was thecompanionintraining (during my s*perwh*l*ck days lmao), then that's-a-nice-coat (Tegan and Sara reference) and finally my original blog url was charmedward!
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deeps-repus · 4 months ago
All the sims on my current save file (so far)
- gay himbo couple with barely any furniture who just adopted a kid so they're trying harder to be more functional people
- unemployed artist who lives off selling the occasional painting, and the income of his teenage daughters parttime job
- Very nerdy rich man and his secret agent sister
- lesbian that's into the occult and her younger sister who tries very hard to fit in with other kids but her family weirdness runs deep
- lonely man who lives in a double wide trailer that loves fishing and crying at his clown painting
- athlete with severe adhd who lives with her evil goth brother that fights with her constantly
- nonbinary lesbian couple who have trouble communicating
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leucoratia · 7 months ago
A summary of fanfic reccomendations
Thor whump (through worstloki)
Thor and Loki discover midgardian sweets (though tonystarkfucksaround)
A compilation of good Loki fics (through thesuperiorlokiseries)
Painful Loki whump (through worstloki)
More Loki whump (look in this post’s notes for the recs)
Not so alone (Loki & Teen!reader fluff through the-emo-asgardian)
A compilation of Loki masterlists (through aestheticallyholland)
Bucky Barnes
Fives stages of grief (Bucky x reader angst through astro-rain)
Sunrise (Veteran!Bucky x librarian!Reader angst and fluff by wkemeup)
Guiding light (Bucky x reader angst, pinning by wkemeup)
Bucky Masterlist (through wkemeup)
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leifyyy · 7 months ago
sire what brushes do you use?
Don't know if u mean the ones that I used in my recent post, I just donwloaded them and im having a lot of fun. though I've been meaning to do a full post on the brushes I use so here I go
my go to brush is "RS Side Pencil" I adjust it to my liking by mostly brush size
Artemus Brushes: I sometimes use these brushes but I like the penci/charcoal texture :) I've used these brushes occasionally in some of my animations
Marker Brushes I occasionally use mostly for sketching and practice are these (imo the best marker brushes) also this asset has a gritty paper texture that I use at times in my drawings https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1692034
It seems that I can't find the links to my sketch brush idk if i deleted it or if it no longer exists in Clip Studio Assets so :( but I'll give you the recent brushes that I just downloaded.
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cameoappearance · 8 months ago
hello I'm curious, but any quote about birds in don't starve, you can choose whatever bird species that you like because I don't know how many bird species are out in don't starve.
Don't Starve has several birds.
This is most of them: https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Birds
There's a few others that get their own entries, like tallbirds, doydoys, gobblers, peagawks, thunderbirds, the Malbatross, the Moose/Goose and Moslings, the BFB and Ro Bin, the Giblet critter, and Packim Baggims. Also pirate parrots, which are like the regular Shipwrecked parrots but with hats and chatter. The Quacken probably doesn't count since it's mostly an octopus thing with a bird head, instead of mostly a bird with a bit of something else.
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lavellenchanted · 9 months ago
WIP Shame Ask Meme
Rules: Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Send me an ask with the title that most intrigues you and I’ll post a little snippet of it or tell you something about it. And then tag as many people as you have WIPs.
I tagged by @beautifulwhensarcastic, thanks for the opportunity to call myself out Justine 😂
I don’t know that it’s changed much since the last time I did this, but here we go:
I’ll Crawl Home
glass-hearted girl
steggy fake dating
steggy persuasion
while you were sleeping rafetine
winds of the etherium
building anew
I’m tagging @nevertothethird, @roboticonography, @thesokovianaccords and my delightful partner in memeing @theawkwardterrier <3
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autisticandoddlyspecific · 10 months ago
bro when was the last time I even posted an actual Inigo related post of my own like why am I getting notes and am in the top blogs in two different Inigo related tags fr
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theslimeologist · a year ago
Tumblr media
Take a closer look at that plort market! I think you’ll see some familiar plorts..
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alltoowellthemovie · a year ago
NO but like favourite people on this app please just for blog recs
You should have said that lmao. I would recommend @zarrys @witchrry @guccifloralsuits @bigbrainharry @heystephens @onedirrection @newyorkrry @nationalharryleague @palliddark @planteea @harricanes @peachybloomss @dreamboaths @dorotheeaa @taurusxhoney @taurusrry @scorpiorry @bored-libra @userwhore @prozacrry @beardrry @pndnj @bisexualcutie @mariesminds @iconicrry @intoxicatedfandom @thekeanussance @romanticprometheus @cyberscore @leesh @lastkissy @farmlesbians @folkmore @for-fucks-sake-h @swept-you-out-again @eyelidsep @flinttheestallion @harrysbucky @zarryvibez @zarriall @wonderfulcinderella @sophism @herecomesthesunflowervol6 @harrywearingvans @hotgirlrry @beyonceftzarry @shepherald
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shotdownbutstillalive · a year ago
A very loose list of my verses that I need to update or add to my blog [and a basic description]
Risen From the Grave: Sixty woke up in the graveyard after being tossed away, and generally is living on the streets. Still has the bullet hole in his head, unless otherwise fixed up during a thread, same with being homeless.
No Mission Verse: He was repaired, but doesn’t work for the DPD, and lives in android housing near or inside of Jericho.
Officer Sixty: He was found and repaired by someone [could be Jericho, could be Connor, could be a 3rd party] and now works for the DPD. It was part of the agreement surrounding him. It’s unclear if he was a machine when he took Hank hostage, so the idea is that at least this way the police can keep a close eye on him.
SWAT Verse: Basically the same as Officer Sixty, except he works with the SWAT team.
Reverse AU: He grew up in a hyper religious semi-closed community, and ran away when he was 16. He spent several years out on the East Coast before eventually returning to Detroit when he was 26. Unless otherwise noted he’s 34 years old, and his name is legally Six Collin.
Bloodbag AU: Six was born and grew up on a vampire’s estate, all of the humans on the estate were kept as bloodbags. Depending on how the thread is set up he either ran away or he was given to another vampire after he refused to participate in the breeding program.
Android MerAU: Built as part of an initiative to try and combat climate change and invasive species in Lake Michigan. He generally isn’t deviant unless something happens in a thread, but he is closer to it than most of the human’s who made him would think.
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shima-draws · a year ago
How. How many BNHA AUs do you have
UmmmMMMM LMAO let’s see if I can. Remember them all off the top of my head ankamdlas
There’s the Big Three, which are: World Tree Bottled Soul Support Course Hero
I guess maybe the Big Four since Distortion Link is getting up there lol The crossover ones: Legally Blonde The Wonderland
The older ones: Time Travel HeroOni Monster Law College
The newer ones that I just. Haven’t talked about much yet: Mahou Shounen Phoenix Bond Cinderella (which is what everyone has taken to calling it it doesn’t have an official name)
OH AND MY HEALER IZUKU AU WHICH I JUST REALIZED I STILL. Haven’t explained that one yet wheeze. And I’ve got a couple more that I have stored up as well haha
So all in all that issss. 14!
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unlxcky38 · a year ago
If you ever think you're bad at oc names I've named mine without realizing at first they share names with characters from other things I like.
There's a Sherry and Chris in Resident Evil.
Moulin Rouge is my favorite movie and the main male character is named Christian
Sherry and Swank'ss twins are Robert and Rosalind, Bioshock Infinite has charters with those names.
Sherry's mom is Abigail, RDR has an Abigail.
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sluttyten · a year ago
Rules: post the names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. then people can send asks with the title that most intrigues/interests them and you’ll post a little snippet of it or tell them something about it!
I was tagged by @skzctnightnight and @nightswithnct
why can I suddenly not think of any other fic writers oh my god I’m sorry but if you write fics and you see this please do this 
So I don’t really have that many wips, but I do have some that I have saved that I kinda abandoned or that were just only ever hardly fleshed out ideas because I just started working on other things lol
love at first sight/play it for me
fooled around and fell in love
adore you
the sun in your eyes
wish you were here/room 0821
foolish heart
rose/you make me blue
don’t hesitate
vampire kpop 
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