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Last night I had a dream that we were back in school and my sister got into an argument with some girls and they stole my hearing aids and I told them that they’re worth over $2,000 and they would have to pay for them if they didn’t give them back so they did and they had destroyed the moldings and then one of the guys I went to school with a long time was like “I’ll buy you new ones” and it’s so wild bc all the people in the dream I haven’t seen or talked to in a long time and a lot of them were just random faces???

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i just
on so many levels, i ADORE that when discord says “i’m sorry” in twilight’s kingdom, fluttershy responds with “i know” with tears in her eyes.

it’s such powerful writing, because it shows so much at once, even using so few words:

it shows that she understands that he’s sorry but isn’t ready to forgive him yet,

that she’s still really upset about it,

and that she’s come so far personally since the beginning of the series too. i mean, think about it. i’m pretty sure season 1 fluttershy’s reaction to that would’ve just been “oh that’s ok, don’t worry about it, i’m sorry too” and she would’ve let it immediately blow over even if she was actually still upset about it, because she was scared of confronting it as a problem.

especially she’s fucking talking to DISCORD like i know he’s lost his magic and isn’t being very threatening in that moment but still jeez fluttershy was Literally afraid of her own shadow in season 1 so i don’t think she’d find it that easy to immediately let him know where he stands like that.

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ok if you make decisions about your personality and the things you enjoy in life completely and only off the things your friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/romantic partner, you have a problem and probably shouldn’t be with that person. like just because that person likes oranges, does not mean you have to like oranges????? I mean, it also doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to like oranges, but if you didn’t like oranges before you met them, you shouldn’t force yourself to like oranges just to have something in common with that person. 1. it’s deceiving 2. if a person makes you feel like you have to like all the same things as them and have the same opinions as you, then are they really worth your time???

in short, be your fucking self, ok?? be unapologetically you, and don’t change you for anyone

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but aww imagine if Will got sick Hannibal would take such good care of him
like he would invite him over because “you need someone to look after you” and put cool washcloths on his forehead and stroke his hair and read to him and tuck him in and give him orange juice and people noodle soup and check his temperature all the time and kiss him good night and he’d totally end up falling asleep on the chair in his living room b/c Will is on his couch right


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