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#i think this is actually very smart of me
afraschatz · 2 years ago
Leverage - Nate Ford, not a nice man
Let me talk about Leverage some more because, well, it’s Leverage. And let’s talk about Nate.
Mastermind Nate Ford.
When you first watch the show, Nate is the character that you possibly just kind of tolerate while you instantly fall in love with Hardison (or Eliot / Parker / Sophie). Nate is probably not the one you’d name as your favourite.
And let’s get this straight: John Rogers repeats over that Nate Ford is not a nice man. And boy, he isn’t kidding. Nate Ford is, in fact, a massive dick.
One of my favourite, and soooo not-talked-about-enough things about Leverage is the reason why the team comes together: Dubenic kinda underestimates just how vengeful and smart Nate is, yes, but he is spot on when he - very deliberately - picks Nate Ford, a supposed white hat, to CONTROL a group of the world’s greatest criminals.
I think we tend to underestimate just what that means at that moment. That’s because we all know very early on - thanks in huge parts to the tongue-in-cheek nature of the flashbacks - what good people Parker, Hardison, and Eliot actually can be. And because of that we underestimate who they are at that moment, to the world: Eliot is Moreau’s favourite and most efficient killer (“Please, don’t ask me, Parker”), Hardison is the a brilliant hacker in the age of the geek whose fingertips could unleash the collapse of civilization, and Parker is a loner thief who actually blew up her parents’ house as a kid, with them potentially inside. These are SERIOUSLY dangerous people.
Yes, Dubenic kindles Nate’s need for revenge and strokes his ego by telling him that he needs an honest man. But the real reason why he picks Nate to wrangle those three is that he rightfully assumes that Nate is both smarter AND more ruthless than the world’s best criminals combined.
Nate Ford is not a nice man.
Nate is the one who figures out that Dubenic withheld the money in The Nigerian Job, so he can get them all in one place to kill them. And his reaction is to LAUGH OUT LOUD and wait with a fucking smirk on his face until the slower kids in the class figure it out, too.
Nate is the one who, throughout the show, easily plays the sleaziest of lawyers, the hardest of CEOs and five-star-generals. Sure, because the cons often call for such a character (someone the mark can focus all their hatred on, distracting him from what is really going on), and someone has to do it. But it’s usually Nate playing them because he really doesn’t mind being the asshole that everyone hates and wants to get rid off.
Nate is the one who goes after the world’s most influential and ruthless villains with just his brain as a weapon, and he is not afraid, not for a single second. Nate takes on Moreau, the man even Eliot is fucking afraid of. It’s very likely that he kills Chesney - a man who was perfectly okay with letting a boy die, so he could get the donor heart - with just his voice and over the fucking phone. And he absolutely manipulates Dubenic and Latimer into killing each other (the look when he walks away and the two of them fall in The Last Dam Job? SO underrated).
Nate is the one who has Jimmy Ford for a dad, a character even less likable than Nate himself - apparently near to no empathy, very egotistical / self-centered, hella manipulative, very set in his ways. And it’s Jimmy who actually kind of fears Nate, not the other way around; he fears both his incredible cleverness as well as his ruthlessness, even if he does a good job of hiding it behind contempt.
Nate is the one who runs a con on his own team in season two and who deliberately keeps secrets from them in season three AND four. Hell, he runs a con on US throughout the entire first half of the series’ finale by making us believe everyone died.
Nate is also the one who, week in and week out, has to run dozens of scenarios in his head, including several in which members of his team die. “Hardison dies in plan M” is played off as a joke in The Nigerian Job, yes, but The Long Goodbye Job lets us experience first hand what that ACTUALLY means. I am still fucked up from that, even after seven years, and even though the OT3’s death is fiction within fiction. Nate lives with that scenario week in and week out.
Nate Ford really is not ‘hard on the outside, soft on the inside’. He is granite on the inside.
And yet?
Maggie, “the most honest person we know”, loved him and - even more importantly - still loves him. Eliot, who time and time again proves that he has the best people skills of them all (fight me on this), trusts his judgment right from the start. (Seriously, watch The Nigerian Job solely for the interactions between Nate and Eliot, oh God, it’s soooo good. - Parker and Hardison are great as well, sure, but nearly all of the serious conversations have Nate and Eliot at the center - and for a reason!).
Sophie loves him. Hardison loves him. Parker loves him.
Why is that? Is it because Maggie doesn’t see the ‘real’ Nate behind the insurance man? Is it because Nate plays to Eliot’s own need for revenge (and eventually: redemption)? Is it because Sophie is forever blinded by her crush on him, Hardison too naive, Parker too broken to know better?
We know it’s not that.
Maggie is fucking smart, and we get ample proof for that in The Second David Job alone, where we also see how well she understands Nate. Eliot is the team’s shield from the moment in The Nigerian Job where he hauled Hardison out of the warehouse. He can kill people with an horsd’oevre; he knows how to run risk assessment. Sophie proves time and time again over the course of the five seasons how well she knows Nate, Hardison’s heart is never wrong, and Parker? She understands Nate as well as she understands herself (which is, I realize, an ambiguous statement, but one to explore in another post :)).
They trust Nate because Nate IS granite on the inside. Because his moral code is unwavering.
They trust Nate because Nate is smart enough to surround himself with people to call him on his bullshit. They compensate with their compassion what he seems to lack. They could very well get by on their own but chose that they are better together. They know that he might run the occasional con on them but he would never try and twist them into something they aren’t or don’t want to be.
And they love Nate because Nate’s capability to love is unconditional and boundless. All it takes to prove that to us is that gut-wrenching six second long scream when Sam dies. Watch that scene again, I dare you, and then try to contradict me. And if you then haven’t tortured yourself enough yet, watch the bookend scene to that in The Long Goodbye Job when he pretends to grieve for his dead team. That grief is so real because Tim Hutton is a brilliant, brilliant actor, and it’s so real because that is what Nate feels, every time he thinks of fucking plan M.
I love him so much. I love Leverage so much.
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xxx90444 · 3 years ago
Support Autistic people instead of  sympathizing with our oppressors:
April is Autism Awareness Month and I want to tell you guys some very crucial information: We are constantly  alienated,  dehumanized, and demonized for simply existing. People think we are better off not actually being born; If you support a "cure" for Autism you are advocating for us to die, or be wiped out from existence. Autism is not a disease. Autism is not a mental illness. Many people go undiagnosed because  some  Doctor's and Scientist's have a stigma against us. I didn't get  officially diagnosed until 2017, and before that, many of my Doctor's told me I was "Too smart" and "Too polite" to actually be on the spectrum.
The puzzle piece is not a positive symbol for us.    
( The rainbow colored  Infinity symbol is what you should use. )  
Autism Speaks is a horrible organization. Many autistic adults are ignored in favor of hatred towards us getting uncritcized. We do not suffer from Autism. ( We do,  however, suffer from discrimination. ) Many people don't take the time to empathize with us. We are punished for behavior that people who aren’t autistic wouldn’t be punished for. A majority of caregivers,  teachers, and therapists  will put Autistic children  through a lifetime of emotional and physical abuse because they think it helps “fix” us; These mental scars deeply impact our lives, and will give us anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem, or ptsd. 
When an Autistic person is murdered by their caregiver, the murderer will be treated as a hero or victim. 
Many people treat us like children (Even if we're adults. ) and we hate that. Many people justify the abuse we face because we aren't "normal. " 
If you're going to talk about Autism make sure you're in favor of us, instead of against us
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Appalachian (S.R.)
Tumblr media
Request: Reader and Reid have a disagreement about the pronunciation of “Appalachian;” he always gets it wrong and she constantly reprimands him for it. However, he purposely says it wrong because he likes it when she gets flustered. She asks why he pesters her so, but he’s afraid to tell her he likes her. (But it’s okay, she likes him back.) - @nerdgirljen​
A/N: This request was very specific, so I hope I delivered! 🤗 Couple: Spencer Reid/GN!Reader Category: Fluff Content Warning: None! Word Count: 2.2k
Spencer Reid was a genius. It was an objective truth – a fact of life that I’d come to terms with on my first day at the bureau. For the most part, it was pointless to try to argue with him. You would lose, and probably be humiliated by just how well versed he was in whatever you were talking about.
But that day, Spencer Reid was fucking wrong.
“Reid, this is stupid. You know I’m right. Why are you arguing with me?” I shouted, feeling him following close behind me despite my very desperate attempts to get away from him. It was an argument we’d had several times before. Every single time we had a case in the region, without fail, we would fight.
It had all started on the very first case I went on. We were up in Northern Pennsylvania when some local got into it with me. Later that afternoon, I’d complained about it to Reid, assuming that he’d take my side, since I knew he would be aware of the origins of the term.
But he didn’t. No, he had doubled down and has remained firmly in the wrong camp ever since.
“Actually, I don’t know that! Both pronunciations are correct, and I happen to think mine makes more sense,” he said with a level of smart-aleck in his tone that was impressive — even for him.
“No, it doesn’t. It objectively does not.”
“Let’s take a vote,” he suggested with a shit-eating grin on his face.
I spun around on my heels, causing him to nearly smack right into me with the sudden stop.
“I don’t need to take a vote, because I already know I’m right. Appalachian comes from the Native American term Apalachen. From the Apalachee! So even your arguments about traditional grammar rules don’t make sense! It’s latch, not lay!”
The only thing more frustrating than not being able to say the words fast enough or loud enough was that nothing I said ever wiped that stupid smirk off his face. He seemed so confident, despite his opinion being utterly ridiculous.
“I disagree,” he said like that made a difference, tacking on another teasing comment, “And so does the north, by the way.”
“You’re not even from the north, I—!” I started, cutting myself of when I heard him laugh. I swear my body was shaking. I wanted to punch him. I was going to do it one of these days, I was convinced.
But not today. No, I just took a deep breath, trying to steel myself for whatever else he had left up his sleeve.
“You know Reid, just because you disagree with something doesn’t make it right.”
“I disagree.”
He was seconds away from making unpleasant contact with my fist when I forced myself to turn around. I barged into the conference room where half the team was waiting for us. I dropped into the seat, my hands immediately coming up to rub my temples.
Reid took the seat right next to me, still going on.
“Why don’t I just call it Alleghania instead?”
I turned in my seat, facing him directly with my hands clasped in front of my face in something slightly resembling prayer.
“Why are you like this?”
He never got to answer, because Emily had already grown tired of our bickering.
“Hey. Quit it,” she ordered, and before I could argue my case, she raised a finger in warning, “Both of you. We have more important things to worry about right now.”
Glaring at Reid like my gaze could actually light him on fire in his seat, I slowly turned back around to the case file in front of me. But something told me that considering this case was taking place near my hometown, this fight was far from over.
We had nearly wrapped up the case, and I was grateful. As much as I loved being closer to where I grew up, it was never the same when you were there for work. Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard much from Reid during this trip. Normally he’d have pestered me nonstop, using the term every chance he could just to say it wrong. But I guess he realized that I needed the break. But once the case was over, I was sure I’d hear him being a smart mouth again soon.
Or at least, I thought I would.
“You know, the modern folk festival as we know it now started in this region. Although it had been used before, it didn’t rise to any kind of national consciousness until there was a series of four prominent festival starting in 1928.”  
I froze in place when I heard his voice around the corner. I hadn’t decided yet whether or not I wanted to ruin the post-case high I was experiencing.
But I was very interested in what he had to say… It wasn’t often I listened to him talk about my culture. I'd always figured he’d known a ton about it, but we usually never got past arguing about the name.
So, carefully, I peeked out into the main room, watching as Emily stared blankly at him while he talked very excitedly about something that I’d very much like to talk to him about sometime.
“The first three, the Mountain Dance and Folk Festival, the American Folk Song Festival, and the White Top Folk Festival all focused purely on Appalachian culture.”
Wait, what?
My mind came to a screeching halt before I realized that the two of them were walking towards me. I ducked back into the hallway, rushing off into another room where they hopefully wouldn’t find me for a few minutes.
In the silence, I repeated his voice over and over again in my head. I was certain of what I’d heard, and it positively baffled me. Because that stupid genius Spencer Reid had said the word correctly.
Son of a bitch.
Once again, I found myself standing just out of sight of the boy wonder, watching him flipping through the book in front of him at a startlingly slow pace. I had to admit, he was pretty cute like this. Honestly, he was cute all the time. That was part of what made me so angry when he purposefully pushed my buttons.
Emily had always told me that he was just doing the equivalent of pulling my pigtails on the playground because he liked me. I'd never really understood why she thought that, but she'd always been a better profiler than me, so maybe I should listen to her.
Either way, I finally had delicious ammunition that I could use, and I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. So I waltzed into the room, plopping down on the couch next to him. He glanced up from his book, slowly lowering it and turning his attention to me.
“I heard you say something interesting earlier in the precinct,” I started, a poorly hidden smirk on my face.
“Hm? What?” he asked, narrowing his eyes to try to remember all of his conversations from the past 24 hours. Then, like a lightbulb went off in his head, he immediately began a long-winded rant.
“Was it my conversation with Emily about Take Me Home, Country Roads? Because I’m still bothered by the fact the song is clearly about Western Virginia, but then says West Virginia, but was based on a picture from Maryland and—“
“You said it right. Appalachia.”
For a second, his jaw dropped open like he knew he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, but then it was gone. It quickly morphed back into the smirk I’d come to both love and hate.
“I always say it right,” he tried to dismiss, but I wasn’t going to let it go that easily. I knew what I'd heard.
My insecurities began to creep through me, filling my heart with a sadness that wasn’t suited for the lighthearted conversation I hoped we could have. He noticed, concern breaking through his confident facade.
“Why do you like making fun of me? Like, did I do something to you?” I asked, and I hoped that he could tell I was being genuine. And judging by the way his jaw tensed, I think he did.
“No. I mean, yes, but…” he shifted uncomfortably on the couch, his eyes falling down to the book in front of him rather than me. “You didn’t do anything bad.”
“Then why are you such a jerk to me?”
I didn’t mean for my voice to crack like that, trying to force an over-dramatic pout in the hopes he’d assume I was being ridiculous. But the feelings were too genuine to hide, and Reid looked downright ashamed with himself.
“I thought we were just playing around.”
It sort of sounded like he didn’t really mean it, either. Like there was some ulterior motive, or some benefit he reaped from riling me up.
I sighed, pushing his book away from him so he couldn’t just stare at that to continue avoiding my eyes.
“Normally, people tell jokes to play around. But you just make fun of me.” My voice grew louder, and more frantic when I nearly shouted, “It’s like you like making me mad!”
His eyes met mine for just one second before he turned his whole head away, a deep red blossoming over his cheeks. That one second was enough for me to realize something.
Emily was right.
Audibly gasping, I punched the guy next to me with way more power than necessary to make my point.
“Reid! What the hell?!”
“Fine! I’m sorry. You’re right!” he yelled back, raising his hands to grab my fist before it could hit him again. “It’s not my fault though! Every time you talk about it you just… You get so excited! And you try to look angry but it’s not scary at all in fact it’s…”
The words cut off, his mouth snapping shut so tightly I heard his teeth click. It was like his body was literally trying to forcibly stop him from saying anything more. But he’d stopped precisely when I needed him to continue the most.
His hand on my wrist felt warm and comforting, and it stayed there as I lowered my arm. Sliding my arm away, I stopped so that he was holding my hand, instead. It was a bold move, but I was desperate to get him to continue.
“It’s what?”
After a moment of silence, I was convinced I’d never hear the end of the sentence. Maybe it was for the best, I thought, to not know how Spencer really feels. Maybe it was best to remain jovial coworkers who occasionally bicker. Things could get messy when people were honest. Especially people with mousy brown hair that was begging to have fingers run through it and lips that looked like they were built to be kissed.
“It’s really cute.”
My head perked up at his voice, which was quiet but firm. It wasn’t entirely the bashful doctor I’d expected, but I liked it nonetheless.
“You think I’m… cute?” I repeated, holding a hand up to my chest like there could be someone else in the room he was talking to.
He laughed, looking equally unsure as he glanced around the room.
“Why did you phrase that like a question?”
With the same confused tone but at an even higher pitch, Reid looked me in my eyes this time as he muttered, “Because I’m scared?”
And then I saw him for what he was: An awkward, smitten boy who wanted to find an excuse to talk to the person he liked. I knew I wasn’t the most sociable person myself, and more often than not I was only in a conversation to listen.
But he’d found a way to make me talk, and like a true scientist, he'd continued to test it as best he could. If he ever broke it apart too much, I was sure that he’d have the tools to put us back together again.
He was scared. I could only presume what he could be afraid of, but I was almost certain it was the same thing I was afraid of — losing him. Despite our somewhat combative relationship, we’d always been there for each other on the silent flights home and the long trips in the backseat of the vans.
Spencer Reid was scared because he liked me, and he wasn’t sure if I liked him back.
That was what I said when I finally decided to speak. Leaning over to him, I gingerly kissed his cheek at the reddest point, feeling how the skin burned beneath my lips. I wasn’t sure how, but he managed to turn an even darker shade.
“You look cute like that, too,” I teased, gently poking his tiny button nose before withdrawing completely.
Reid was staring at me now, his mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water. I couldn’t help but laugh, all of the tension and anger melting away from me as he started to laugh, too.
“You’re such an idiot,” I joked, shoving him away from me in a way that shoved just how much I wanted him to come closer.
He got the message, swaying back over to me and whispering in my ear, “I disagree.”
(Tell me what you thought of this fic here!)
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katarascape · 10 months ago
can we, as a fandom, please take a minute to appreciate that reducing sokka - the guy who canonically invented submarines and worked out the flaws in the war balloons - to a himbo, or the ‘dumb comedic relief’ is not only inaccurate as far as canon goes but also super fucking racist.
you don’t need to go very far back in world history to see how white people have viewed poc (especially dark-skinned poc) as ‘inferior’ including - you guessed it - intellectually.
for anyone not understanding that: dark-skinned people were believed to be dumb. and clearly some people still think that.
because, guess what, sokka is dark-skinned! and actually really really smart! and writing him off as a himbo is just wrong.
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purpleswift · a year ago
Cornelia Street’s lyrics are among the most melancholic and sweetest lyrics Taylor has ever written. We can feel her fear of losing Joe so much, not only in the lyrics but also in her voice. This is a very intense song. For the first time we have a sad song which is not actually sad, but it’s a song that tells us about that frightened side of love, that side which very few people talk about, when you're so afraid of losing your happiness with that person at any moment without being able to do something about it. I can relate to this so much and maybe that’s why it’s so special to me. But I think that there’s no need to be in the same situation to understand this because Taylor is so smart and great at carrying you to the core of what she’s living that it gets under your skin even though you’ve never actually experienced something like that in your life.
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wenofqishan · a month ago
i cant stop thinking about how lwj's very first impression of wwx is that he's , not a troublemaker, but that he's smart
SO TRUE ANON. he’s so smart, smart enough for lwj to be startled by it, turn around, and pay attention. even before wwx is trying to get his attention, lwj can’t help but notice him
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
really the single most important thing for me in a ship is that they are equals, and episode 3 delivered that in spades by constantly having them notice each other’s talents. and that is specifically what lxc makes lwj confront. (i actually feel good about that young master wei, he is smart, doesn’t he have some real skills? you two tied against each other?) lwj can deal with cute boy but Oh No... nobody prepared him for talented cute boy... time to power walk out of this conversation
i feel like we don’t talk enough about wwx’s brilliance. it’s what makes him who he is as much as his michief and his righteousness. it’s what he brings to the partnership when he and lwj are fighting anything or working on anything. and lwj listens to wwx’s advice and agrees to his plans because he recognises that. he uses wwx’s talismans himself, and he teaches his students to use wwx’s spirit lure flags and wwx’s compass of evil, because even then he’s still relying on wwx’s talents
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funkymbtifiction · 2 years ago
How the general public views types vs. How I *personally* view them
Tumblr media
INTJ: Genius who’working on taking over the world or on curing cancer depending if they’re good or evil.
Me: Much more community-serving than the misanthropic stereotype thrown at them. Insightful idea people who actually want to make it happen. 
ENTJ: Definitely trying to take over the world, but most likely a ruthless CEO
Me: Not a ruthless CEO, but rather a bit more of a life coach. Doesn’t mince words but can be quite fun and inspirational under the right circumstances. My most enviable type because other than the nasty repressing of feelings, they are usually super well-rounded at seeing everything and adjusting accordingly. 
INFJ: Mystic, saint, wasn’t born but rather hatched from a pod in another dimension
Me: Essentially an ISFJ but with more of a spiritual/esoteric edge to them. Not concerned on focusing with your every day problems but rather the life path you should take. Incredibly smart but sometimes overshoot their ideals. 
ENFJ: Oprah/Bono
Me: Actually more over-dramatic than ESFJs but once you can get passed that, you can see how insightful they actually are. 
INTP: Dungeons and Dragons enthusiast
Me: I think the nerd stereotype is actually kinda true? Although they are often more (surprisingly) artistically inclined. Super smart, probably more than all types, but do indeed tend to be lazy. 
ENTP: Charming troll
Me: Heretic troll, except…..sometimes we kinda need that to put things back into perspective? Has this weird ability to constantly shift back and forth between being super realistic and day-dreamy. really good at giving advice, but go off and run with it before they go too far down the rabbit hole. 
INFP: INFJ but without the whole “wanna change the world’‘ thing. Because they’re too emo.
Me: The true ’'artists” of the MBTI family IMO. I do believe that most world-famous artists are actually ISFPs because A) They are more common and B) They usually know better than INFPs how to cater to a large populace. But I think INFPs are usually more unhinged artistic types, more difficult to comprehend but in a good way. Same as INTP though, they are subject to being lazy (sorry). 
ENFP: Any anime or manga character
Me: The ultimate SJW type (those stereotypes are true) but way more grounded, realistic and business savvy then they give themselves credit for.
ISTJ: Boring suit and tie guy, not openly racist/homophobic but probably is. His only wild side was a brief fling with the secretary
Me: Stick in the mud, judgmental, but surprisingly rebellious and artistic. Seen as the ultimate conformist but actually has their own thoughts and views of things, which believe or not,  can go against the popular consensus. 
ESTJ: Drill sergeant
Me: Way more fun and zany then people give them credit for (what with all that stiff authority figure stereotypes) but do indeed have a tendency to point fingers and tell you they’re right and you’re wrong. 
ISFJ: Mom who read 457 Danielle Steele novels
Me: Actually one of the more mysterious MBTI types. People love to lump them into the predictable “mom” or “nurse” category. But I find them to be sleeping rebels whom at anytime will do something that you’ll never see coming. Much more secretive than the stereotype suggests. When they snap, all hell breaks loose. 
ESFJ: Soccer mom if over 30, basic white girl at Starbucks if under 30.
Me: I believe to my core that they actually are the most well-meaning type. They really are the nurturers of this world and WAY smarter than people think (because socially smart is actually very much a thing and they have that in spades), but they simply struggle with boundaries, which is why they are often considered as being overbearing. 
ISTP: Car mechanic if held under low esteem, apocalyptic survivor if held in high esteem. Wishes “The Purge” would come true. 
Me: One of my personal favorite types. I love dark and uncalled for humor and they are one of the few types who actually get off on it. Super practical and helpful BUT yes, they have trouble taking accountability for their own actions, always blaming others, even the fricikn’ government for sh*tty things they do, and that does get annoying over time. The concept of personal responsibility seems to be lost on them. 
ESTP: Annoying jock/frat boy, passed out on booze every night
Me: The ultimate realists who don’t mince words. They are extremely inspirational leaders, but sadly don’t realize or don’t want to put their energy into it. By far the most popular people you will encounter and thus you will try to copy them, until you sadly realize their swag/sass in 100% natural whereas yours is probably forced. The unhealthy ones however will range anywhere from jerks to borderline sociopaths. 
ISFP: Chosen to defend the realm of Earth from the evil Aganor and his dark army,
Me: The true “rebels” of the MBTI. They simply do NOT give sh*t what you think. Tell them that jumping off a bridge is stupid and will kill them and they……will probably do it. Just to prove you wrong. But in all seriousness, these people balance the artistic and realistic like no other type. 
ESFP: “Like, let’s totes party! Like 4 realz!”
Me: Often portrayed as the least intelligent type, and that may be true if they are young, dumb and full of c*m, but most of the mature ones are so driven and business-focused that they make your typical ENTJ blush by comparison, BUT yes, they are often slaves to their values and can make dumb decisions just on the basis that they won’t cross a subjective line in their morals. Just like ESTPs, if you’re looking to boost your stock through appearance, they know how, but won’t be as much jerks about it.
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gay-user-number-21301 · 4 months ago
okay, but I need Alex to be the one to tell Kara that she’s in love with Lena. like they’re sitting on Kara’s couch, drinking wine and all Kara can talk about is Lena and how brave she is and how intelligent she is and she’s mid ramble when she looks up and sees that Alex is just staring at her and Kara goes “what?” and Alex puts her wine glass down slowly and looks back up at Kara and she goes “is there something you want to tell me?” and Kara is super confused because like “what would I have to tell you?” and Alex narrows her eyes at her and goes “come on, you have to know” and when Kara still looks confused Alex goes “ohh my god, you really don’t know” and Kara is just getting increasingly more and more irritated and perplexed and she goes “don’t know what?!” and Alex just, very slowly and carefully says “you’re in love with Lena” and Kara scoffs “no I’m not, I mean... do I think she’s pretty? uhh yeah, more like drop dead gorgeous... okay, but do I find her attractive in that way? well, yeah very, actually... and, alright, maybe I find her super interesting and cool, creative and smart and I think she’s very thoughtful and she has a really big heart and I find myself fantasizing about our future together and maybe I think about what our kids names would be but I wouldn’t say I’m in — ohh my god I’m in love with Lena” and Alex let’s it sink in for a few moments but then Kara looks a little angry as she turns back to her sister and goes “why didn’t you tell me?!” and Alex goes “I thought you knew!!” and Kara says “who else knows?!” and Alex’s eyes are huge and she doesn’t respond so Kara shouts “does everybody know?!” and Alex, very quietly says “Kelly thought you guys were dating when she first met you and Nia and Brainy are always referring to you guys as The Old Married Couple...” and Kara basically facepalms and goes “how am I the last to find out??” and Alex pours herself some more wine and shrugs “you’ve always been a little slow when it comes to these things” and then Kara just throws a pillow at her face
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marshmallow-phd · 3 years ago
Fighting Instinct
Tumblr media
Part of The Untamed - EXO Wolf Universe
Genre: Supernatural, Wolf Au
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader
Summary: He went out of his way to ignore you. You saw his kindness towards everyone else, but he showed you only irritation. And you couldn’t blame him, considering your first meeting. However, little do you know that he’s hiding a dark world, one that you’re pulled into against your will….
Warning: none
Part: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5 I 6 I 7 I 8 I 9 I 10 I 11 I 12 I 13 I 14 I 15 I Final
You ran. It was stupid, but it’s what you did, not really seeing any other options. You ran to your bedroom, slamming the door closed and locking it before running for the window. The clasp on the window was rusted from lack of use, making you work hard to shove the damn thing open. Just before you could start climbing out of it, Eun Na’s face appeared before yours.
She laughed maniacally as you scrambled back. Her two goons yanked you up by your arms, holding you in place while Eun Na stepped back inside.
“Running from witches?” she scoffed. “Not a very smart move. I mean, did you actually think you’d get away?”
“Just leave me alone!” you screamed, the force ripping at your throat. “How can any of this be worth it?”
The smirk disappeared from her face before you could blink. She stepped up so she was nearly toe to toe with you. Her voice lowered to a menacing tone, sending a shiver down your spine.
“You have no idea how worth it all of this is.”
Her eyes left you, motioning with her eyes for the ones holding you to move out. When you got back to the living room one of them let go of you, heading to Jongdae and throwing him over his shoulder. A hand covered your mouth, only a cloth separating your skins. You fought against the hold, trying not to breath in the chemical you knew the cloth was soaked in. It took longer than you’d imagined, but eventually you lost the fight and consciousness.
After waking up in the middle of the forest again, you were really considering the thought of never seeing another tree for the rest of you life. This time, though, you weren’t scared. You were angry. Angry that you were once again in this position and that really this was all your fault. You were the one who wanted to stay in your vulnerable apartment instead of surrounded by the safety of the pack. If you hadn’t asked to stay in the city, you wouldn’t be here in this position.
Now, you were lying down on a ritualistic slab of rock, your wrists chained above your head, making escape impossible. Looking around, you seemed mostly alone in a meadow, save for Jongdae, who was so chained down to his own concrete column he couldn’t even save himself. You pulled at your restrains that were digging into your skin, rattling the metal against the rock. The noise seemed to wake Jongdae from his unconsciousness.
You tried to sit up, but your ankles were also locked down, keeping you from changing positions.
“I’m okay,” you reassured him, adding to yourself, “for now.”
Jongdae growled, wiggling back and forth to loosen his restraints. It was pointless. As strong as he was, there were at least five layers of brand new chains wrapped around him, keeping him firmly against the column
“Oh, goody, you’re awake.”
Eun Na, along with her with her coven, emerged from the trees. They were back in those black robes. Out of desperation, you pulled at the chains again and again. A useless effort, but one you couldn’t quite stop until Eun Na was right next to you and she put her hand on your wrists, stopping the movement gently. A strange gesture considering the circumstances.
“Get away from her!” Jongdae roared. He went ignored.
Eun Na’s eyes were nearly unreadable when she looked down at you, but what you could catch was a sadness. You prayed that there was enough of a conscience in her to change her mind at the last minute and let you go, however miniscule that hope was. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the vial that held the potion that was supposed to keep you alive.
“Did you enjoy my little gift I sent to you?” she mused. At sympathy was gone from her gaze, the evil smirk had taken over. “Considering you didn’t use this little protection spell when you had the chance, I’m assuming so.”
“You really wanted me dead that much?” you whimpered, your voice catching just for a second in your throat.
“It wasn’t about killing you,” she corrected, putting the vial back in her pocket. “It was simply about making sure you stayed unmarked. See, as soon as you were marked, you’d be useless to us, protected by the same magic that protects all werewolves from us. And thus we wouldn’t be able to use you to break that protection. That’s all I cared about. When I caught wind that the two of you might actually be coming together as mates, I couldn’t take the risk of you being marked before I could get to you again.”
Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes, fighting the tears that were building up in your eyes. You were so sick of crying, so sick of being in this position. But this was the explosion you predicted to Jongdae during your argument just a few days ago. You just hadn’t expected it to come this soon.
“Just tell me why, Eun Na,” you whispered. “Why you are so hell bent on breaking the treaty and killing the pack?”
Jongdae had told you about the treaty Junmyeon’s great-great-grandfather had made with the coven head during his time. They all simply wanted peace in the town they called home and so they agreed to live without fighting, to no longer harm the other and their families. It’d lasted generations and now it was being torn apart.
Eun Na lowered down so her eyes were mere inches from yours. “My sister.”
Your jaw dropped. “Y-your sister?”
She’d never told you about having any siblings. You always assumed that she was an only child. Then again, she never divulged any information about her family. It was mind boggling as you thought back, realizing how little Eun Na talked about herself, never really giving you details about her life beyond the classroom.
“Eun Bi,” she mumbled. “My baby sister.” She straightened up, her eyes settled down, looking at nothing in particular. “She was such a bright light. Not an evil bone in her body. I was so scared when she went off to college because I wouldn’t be there to protect her. She wanted to do something on her own without me hovering over her so she took off to a distant university. I should have been there to protect her.”
Eun Na looked off to the tree line, pausing to keep herself together before continuing.
“When I discovered she was dating a werewolf, I tried to warn her that she would get hurt. But she didn’t listen. And she sounded so happy on the phone that I couldn’t keep arguing with her. And then that bastard found his mate. He dropped my sister without thinking twice about it, simply telling her sorry. She was devastated. She couldn’t think straight. She went to go plead with him and he lost his temper when she started talking about how his mate ruined them.”
Her fingers were digging into the rock, her nails scraping against it as her grip tightened on the edge. “He shifted and attacked her, clawing her face and neck down to her collar bone. She’s lucky she still has her sight, but now she’ll be scarred for the rest of her life. And even after that, she still declared that she loved him, that she wanted him. So, she tried to break the mate bond between them to get him back. She didn’t know that one of them needed to be a willing participant in the spell, so she failed. But the coven she’d joined found out about it and had her expelled from the order. She can never join another coven, never have another family to accept her. All in the name of love for a mongrel.”
A fire was now raging in Eun Na’s eyes, making you feel the heat from where you were. She grabbed your chin, her fingers squeezing your jaw with a fierceness you’d never experienced from her before.
“That is why I am doing this. That is why I am willing to do whatever it takes to eradicate those stupid dogs from the face of this earth. For my sister’s sake.”
“But it wasn’t someone from this pack, was it?” You hoped it wasn’t. None of the mated wolves had mentioned anything about an Eun Bi or accidentally attacking someone out of anger.
“No,” Eun Na answered between clenched teeth. “Eun Bi was going to school in a coastal town. But it doesn’t matter. Once I’m powerful enough to destroy this pack, I’ll continue to wipe out each wolf I come in contact with until I make it to his pack. I’ll save him and his mate for last.”
“You’re insane,” you concluded.
Eun Na pursed his lips, contemplating your comment. “No. I’m just willing to do anything for my family. Now, it’s time to say goodbye, (y/n). Because once the ritual is done and poor Jongdae here has watched you die, he’ll be the next one to go.”
“You crazy bitch!” Jongdae screamed. “Don’t you dare touch a single hair on her head!”
Eun Na barely acknowledged him over her shoulder. “Ha. I don’t think you’re exactly in a position to be making threats.”
“No, but I am.”
Junmyeon emerged from the trees along with the pack.
Eun Na pulled a knife out of her robe, pressing it against your neck.
“Take one more step and I’ll cut her throat,” she warned.
“No, you won’t,” Junmyeon countered. “You need her, you won’t just kill her outright.”
Eun Na’s determined face flickered for a moment from being caught in her bluff. She turned to her coven.
The one you remembered from the bonfire, Tonya, was closest to the pack and threw a powder into the air, making the boys scramble back. As soon as the powder reached the grass, a wall of fire sprung up, separating the two groups, keeping you and Jongdae on the wrong side.
Eun Na began chanting, putting all her concentration on you and spreading what you recognized as wolfsbane ash around you on the slab. You stared past her, keeping your eyes on the pack. You watched them all transform into their wolf selves, ready for battle as pieces of fabric sprayed everywhere. Bravely, they all jumped through the wall of flames, chasing after the coven members that were scrambling to keep Eun Na protected as she completed the spell.
Three of the wolves went to Jongdae, clawing at the chains and breaking them little by little. Soon, he was free and immediately ran towards you. All the wolves flanked him, attacking any human that dared to try and stop him and block his way to you.
Jongdae tackled Eun Na before she could finish, pinning her to the ground.
“It’s time to end this,” he growled, lifting his hand back behind his head as his claws grew to deadly talons. He was going to kill her. As much as you wanted to be free from her wrath, you didn’t want her death on your conscience.
“Jongdae, no!” you screamed.
He stopped before he could swing, his eyes flickering back and forth between you and Eun Na. Instead of killing her, he swung at the chains holding your wrists hostage, freeing you.
You sat up as the white wolf you recognized as Sehun ran towards the three of you, stepping on Eun Na to keep her down as Jongdae scrambled up to you.
There was only way to end all this without death being involved. At least, without Eun Na’s death.
“Jongdae,” you choked as he pulled you into his arms, tears spilling out of both your eyes and his.
“It’s okay,” he murmured, rubbing your back soothingly. “You’re safe.”
You shook head, staying in the comfort of his embrace. “No. I won’t be until as long as I remain like this.”
Stiffening, Jongdae pulled back. “What do you mean?”
“You need to mark me,” you declared, getting the solution out before you changed your mind. “Right now. That’s the only way this can end.”
He shook his head violently. “No, (y/n). You said it yourself that you didn’t want to take that risk. We don’t know if it’ll work.”
“I’m willing to take that risk now,” you urged. There wasn’t time to argue about this. The rest of the pack was still fighting the coven, trying to avoid the fire that was building up around them. The only way for them to give up, for you to live in peace with your new family, was to make yourself useless to them. Just like Eun Na said. “Please, Jongdae. I have to do this.”
“It’s not supposed to go this way,” he growled, cupping your face in his hands. “Not like this.”
Seeing the desperate plea in your eyes, he finally nodded. “Okay.”
He went back to Eun Na, taking the potion from her as she struggled under Sehun’s weight. As soon as the vial was in your hands, you broke the seal and tipped the glass against your lips, trying not gag as the liquid trickled down your throat.
With a shaky hand, Jongdae pulled your shirt away from your shoulder, exposing the skin. He looked you in the eye one last time. “I love you.”
“I love you, too,” you whispered.
His fangs grew in his mouth and, as he squeezed his eyes shut, bit down on the space where your neck and shoulder met. The feeling of his teeth sinking into your flesh and tearing it apart was a pain you’d never experienced before. You let out a scream, the only outlet you could think of to ease the pain.
“No!” Eun Na screamed.
As Jongdae pulled away, he watched you as your eyelids flickered, struggling to stay open.
“(y/n)? (y/n)!”
You felt yourself weaken until finally, you went limp.
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humming-fly · 29 days ago
While obsessing over the circus au, I have discovered P.T. Barnum died in 1891. FMA takes place in like 1912-13, right? They know who he was. And I can only imagine one poor soul accusing Greed and his crew of some Barnum-esque shenanigans, and this is just an absolute affront to Greed. He is so insulted. Just a huge, collective gasp from all of them and his livid "How DARE you?!"
okay i love this for 2 reasons first one is the implication you've made that FMA, despite taking place in fantasy sort-of europe, actually has an identical history and setup to reality to the point that an individual like P.T. Barnum could not only exist but have the exact same profession in this fantasy land which is for whatever reason truly hilarious to me
the second reason is expecting greed to know the history of anyone living or dead to the point that he could actually take offense at a comparison - this man willingly lived in a hole underground for Decades he quite literally lived under a rock his pop culture knowledge is gleaned entirely from his own poor fashion choices and whatever magazines end up tossed in the gutters that make their way to him frankly it's incredible he even knew what a circus is and even that fact is highly debatable
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elbiotipo · 3 years ago
I am TIRED of this website talking 24/7 about Shakespeare let’s talk about something else like Cervantes... like GOD Don Quijote is comedy gold. Sancho Panza’s sayings? The fact that he goes drunk on Respect Women Juice defending Dulcinea and getting his ass kicked by random people? Imagining magic windmills and fighting sheep (and getting his ass kicked by shepherds)? All hilarious. Give me headcanons about the priest and the barber who always followed Don Quijote and tried to stop him into getting in more bullshit or historical analysis about that time Cervantes was so incensed by a fanfic writer he wrote an entire sequel why let English speakers have all the fun Spanish classics are fun too
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askcupsandcasinos · 3 years ago
Cups and Casinos Character Description
I got really bored in class and just started writing in my notebook. I was thinking about your AU and I just started writing about Cups and Mugs.
Cuphead The more carefree, adventurous, daring, and snarky of the two brothers. His sarcastic and smart-ass nature kinda makes him out to be an asshole. Especially the fact that he doesn’t trust anyone so easily. When you get to know him, he’s actually a cool guy with good morals and loves to have fun. Also really funny, charming, very attractive, and… *cough* let me stop. Anyway, whether it’s pulling pranks, playing a game or two at the casino(pool, craps etc.), or any kind of crazy escapade he can get himself into(drunk, sober, it doesn’t matter). It’s never a dull moment when he’s around and he’ll never fail to make you laugh. He’s the kind of friend that’ll always be around and will never leave you hanging.
Mugman When you first meet him, you’ll assume that Mugs is a kind and caring soul, a bit more cautious and soft spoken as well. You’d be right! He’s a big sweetheart with quite a bit of patience and a good head on his shoulders. Not one to constantly search for adventure and tends to keep to himself. However, Mugs does have a taste for adventure and usually joins Cuphead in his escapades; and just because he’s nice doesn’t mean he’s completely innocent or naive. Both him and Cuphead cause mischief in the casino and have fun while doing it. He just knows when to pump the brakes and be responsible(unlike Cuphead sometimes).
This is probably really stupid, but I had fun writing this instead of doing class work. I just wanted to share this to see what you think. Was it at least a bit accurate? Hope you like it and I love your blog so much.
Oh wow, you went on ahead and completely analysed my personalities for them =‘D Bud, you got this pretty spot on! And hey, as long as ya had fun ;) I also like to analyse characters sometimes, their psychology and morals and all, its cool! And I gotta say you’re pretty good at it =D
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gallusrostromegalus · 2 years ago
Hi! I have a dig question, and it's a bit weird. So, my dog is heckin smart, but he does have to stay home alone, and while he has a ton of enrichment, he will climb up chairs and stuff to get onto tables/the trash/a thing else he shouldn't get into. Do you have any advice? How did you get Arwen to stop doing things she wasn't supposed to?
DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional dog trainer, vet or suchlike, I’m just a pseron with a very smart animal and this is what’s worked for me, follow this advice with caution and if you really need help, ask your vet.
The Truth is, we didn’t actually get Arwen to stop any of that.  She’ll still get into the trash/on the roof/chase any game that comes into the yard.  But! there are ways to Manage Doggy Impulses:
1. Think from the dog’s perspective about what makes thise Forbidden Enrichments so much more appealing than all her other enrichments.  Possiblities might include:
She’s bored with her regular food/treats, and Human Food/Garbage smells much more appealing.  Solution: Regularly chaning up the flavor of her food/treats to keep her more interested in her intended enrichment
She’s getting on the table because she wants to see out the window/She’s getting on the Roof becuase she wants to see out of the yard. (very common in herding/livestock guardian dogs) Solution: Improve her visibility in acceptable ways: ottomans in front of windows, clambable tower in the middle of the yard that lets her see out of it.
She doesn’t actually want the Forbidden Object, She’s getting into things so you’ll pay atention to her.  Solution: This is actually Charlie’s thing- If he wants me to put away the laptop and play with him, he’ll pick up pieces of food/garbage and walk past my line of sight.  The solution is to play with/exercise her more.
2. Sometimes, Things Just Gotta Be Locked Up.  Sometimes, the Forbidden Enrichment is SO appealing that the dog will go for it every time becuase the pleasure they get from it outweighs the consequences.  Arwen and Mazel are/were both animals that would go for the food on the counter every single time, no matter what. Charlie will tear up any plushie he finds, whether it’s his or not. Solutions Include:
Food gets thawed in the fridge or microwave, not on the counter.  This is also safer for the humans in the house.
Furniture that shouldn’t be climbed on is moved away from windows where they would make good viewpoints.  If it can’t be moved, it’s covered to protect from doggy claws and fur.
Garbage cans are kept behind cloed doors (i.e. under the sink, in a closet, or in rooms that can be closed off like the garage.)
Dishes are cleared immediately after dinner to reduce scraps temptation.
Plushies and other destroyables are kept on high shelves out of temptation’s way.
For larger destroyables like furniture, spray with white vinegar to make them taste bad.
Close off rooms with things you don’t want doggo getting into.  The Laundry room has the pilot light semi-exposed in this hosue.  That door is ALWAYS shut.
Remember: It’s a lot easier on you to slightly rearrange your house and schecule than to get a dog’s kidney’s pumped.
3. Advanced Technique: Using Your Words.  IF you have a particularly emotionally intelligent dog, overacting how upset you are might buy her a clue that Doing The Thing Makes You Sad.  As in, saying “Oh No! This Hurt Me!  I am Sad!” and over-emote like you’re demonstrating emotions for a toddler.  Like when a puppy nips you while playing and you overplay how much you’ve been hurt so they know not to do it again.
This worked for Cody, the gentleman shepherd,  and with Charlie fairly regularly.  ALWAYS forgive your dog (they’re a DOG, they only know so much) and let them know you love them after like, a minute. Remember that dogs have limitied ability to connect events and consequences sometimes, esp if there’s been a gap in time between the incident and your reaction, and that she might not make the connection.
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thetrashywritingwitch · 3 years ago
Headcanons for a student at UA who makes dirty jokes in Spanish. They think nobody there understands what they're saying, so they mention that they have a crush on Bakougo in Spanish. Problem is, Bakougo is the only other one who knows Spanish.
Fun with languages! Hope you enjoy! also I’m…very sorry if some of these translations are wrong? I don’t know a lot of Spanish so i’m using google translate for this :x
You looked at your abysmal test score and cursed under your breath in Spanish, catching Kaminari’s attention in front of you. 
“Huh? What’d you say?” he asked. 
“Oh, ha, nothing…I talk shit sometimes in Spanish.”
A mischievous grin broke out on his face. “No way! Teach me something!”
You immediately got a horrible, terrible idea. “OK…Soy un gran maniquí, Kaminari. It means ‘I am very smart.’” 
He repeated it slowly back to you as you tried your hardest not to crack a smile as he insulted himself thinking it was a compliment. Every time he said it, you nodded in approval thinking no one else understood what you were actually saying. 
Over the next couple of weeks you’d mutter out phrases to the delight of your friends and classmates, thinking you were saying something brilliant and beautiful…when in reality you were just spitting out toilet humor. 
“Oh, wow (y/n) Spanish is a really pretty language…” Momo mentioned one day after you’d exclaimed something about bananas and nuts but made it sound as elegant as possible. You had no idea Bakugou was biting his tongue in the opposite corner of the classroom trying not to laugh. 
“It’s not all that difficult to learn…but yes it’s very different from Japanese in how you pronounce words and string letters together, even the grammar is different.” She was diligently taking notes, probably thinking that knowing a second language as a Pro Hero couldn’t hurt, especially if they ever ran into people in help who might not speak Japanese. 
The one person who you couldn’t seem to impress, however, was Bakugou. It was agitating because you were hoping to get him interested in you with some fancy Spanish talk but he seemed completely uninterested in what you said. Sure, you knew he couldn’t understand you, but everyone else thought the language was impressive…so why didn’t he seem to give a shit?
You were totally unaware that Bakugou knew exactly what you were saying and had become an expert in the art of keeping a straight face whenever you cracked a dirty joke. Kaminari insulted himself for weeks much to Bakugou’s amusement, and Kirishima told everyone constantly that their asscheeks dragged the ground when he thought he was saying something about manly confidence. As stupid as the whole situation was, it made him laugh, and if you could make him laugh…well, he was done for. 
One day during a silent study period, you caught yourself staring at the back of Bakugou’s head for the fifth, sixth time that day? You honestly weren’t sure, but it made your cheeks flush. 
“Bakugou es tan lindo, ojala me invite a una cita con el…” you muttered under your breath knowing no one else could understand you. 
The snap of a pencil brought your eyes up to the source of the sound. Bakugou sat, fist clenched, half a pencil in his hand, the other half clattering to the floor. 
He bit his tongue for a completely different reason this time, having nothing to do with dirty jokes.
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jaybirdxarsenal · a year ago
BatBoys and Multilingual S/O
Permanent tags: I don’t think people I had on my list are interested anymore so if you are let me know and I will add you.
Requested by: @severesharkkitten
He believes you are very intelligent for knowing so much
 Actually appreciates the fact that you love to learn other languages and be closer to different cultures
Giving the fact that he’s also very smart he would most likely be fluent in the languages you know
 You two would totally switch from English to another language
It’s like your thing
Some people think it’s annoying because they can’t understand and they think you talk about them
 You do actually talk about them
 He won’t admit but he like gossiping with you about the League or the boys
Sometimes even Alfred
he LOVES it
asks you to tell him romantic things even though he doesn’t understand a word
loves when you call him different pet names in other languages
when you’re pissed you trash talk him in like french and he has no clue
also you swear in all the languages and he immediately regrets for pissing you off
he just loves how you pronounce words
even words like bread
for real
he would randomly ask you how to say different things in a specific language
would listen to you speaking 24/7
would definitely brag about his s/o knowing so much like who wouldn’t
he thinks that it’s amazing that you can read books in other languages
because you know there are always books that aren’t translated in English and only some people can read them
He’d love to know so many languages for the love of books
He actually tries to learn
Like he’s involved
Jason would definitely make you his translator like what the hell
When he’s on a mission in Russia or somewhere where the people speak a language you do would totally call you to help him out
He absolutely loves when you say words in other languages while being intimate
One of his guilty pleasures 
Definitely impressed
You two would sometimes talk in Spanish cause he actually learnt it in school
He would use you as a translator too
Also impressed
Like really impressed
The boy was shocked
I am not gonna lie
He likes the idea that you are intelligent
Thinks it’s impressive
Sometimes when he’s working on a case he stops to listen to you speaking in whatever language he can’t understand with relatives or friends
You began to notice
A few times you just pretended to have a phone conversation just for him to be able to listen to you
Cute pet names 
He googles nice things in the languages you know and tries to learn them for you
Also loves it
He always wanted for an s/o who can speak Arabic 
Sometimes he misses speaking Arabic so now he’s able to do it with you
Thing he really loves and appreciates
Cute Arabic pet names
He won’t admit it but he loves when you’re saying ‘I love you’ in other languages especially Arabic
You definitely talk trash the boys at dinner 
Like father like son I guess
You two would travel the world and learn other languages
It’s like your thing
You two intelligent love birds
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asktheboywholived · 2 years ago
((Part 1)) TT, I recently discovered that one of my closest friends may not consider me very intelligent, because I have retained some childish tendencies to due a series of traumatic experiences that happened when I was young. These experiences caused my mind to stop “growing” for a while mentally, and only recently have I really begun making bigger steps towards achieving an adult mentality. The fact that she doesn’t think I’m smart makes me very sad, and makes me doubt my intelligence
in general, because shes been my friend since we were ten, and I trust her judgement a lot. But part of me is angry too. I am smart, but not in the same way that she is. Shes book smart, and I’m more street smart, but that doesn’t make me any less than her, and I think it says a lot that I’m even seeking help from professionals to address the experiences that have so far held me back in life. i guess I just.. wish there was a way I could show her that I’m smart like her, you know? So I guess, I was wondering if you’ve ever felt this way. Its not just her who thinks this, that I’m not very smart. Parts of my own family do. Have you ever felt like you were lost in knowing how to prove yourself to those you love the most? What helps you?
(( OOC: Honestly this ask really struck a chord with me, and I’m not entirely sure how to respond. I mean, from the way you write you sound incredibly well-spoken, so I’m not sure why those around you would feel that way… but I’ve had many scenarios where I’ve felt inadequate or immature. 
One of my biggest insecurities is actually how others perceive my intellect. I’m an emotionally intelligent person. I have a natural knack for connecting to people and understanding human psychology, but I wouldn’t call myself “book smart”. I haven’t had a lot of adult/life experience in ways that help develop “maturity”, I struggle with paying attention when I should, and I have a hard time retaining facts, or finding the motivation to research, often relying on the knowledge of others to help me learn instead of searching for the facts myself. That may be due to the fact that I take in information more effectively through speaking and interacting as opposed to reading or watching. 
A lot of the problems I have stem from my natural learning style, but there are some of them that come from my unwillingness to put in the effort necessary. That’s my own personal struggle.   
The only thing I can suggest, which is something I need to work towards myself, is simply making the choice to consistently improve yourself. You’re already on that path by actively working through your past in an effort to improve your future.
You’re obviously very self-aware, that’s intelligent.
You’ve recognized your weaknesses and are actively working through them. That’s intelligent. 
Everyone has a different type of intelligence. 
Unfortunately, not everyone will see it that way, but in those instances, there’s not much you can do to “prove” yourself, because that’s simply a matter of opinion. Don’t let that take away from the strengths that you have. 
I don’t know what advice to give, but maybe if you can communicate your feelings, it may help them see things from your perspective and improve how they treat you. I hope those around you will be understanding and patient with your journey of self-discovery, because understanding others and having compassion is a form of intelligence as well. )) 
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myneighbortmnt · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m always trying to find people to watch rottmnt with me, but most of my friends and family just aren’t into cartoons. This means that when I actually DO rope someone into multiple episodes I get kind of excited! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO WILL UNDERSTAND MY REFERENCES AAAAA
(Her fav is Mikey)
OK SO even though like 90% of the time I don’t actually get people into the show, almost everyone enjoys watching an episode. I mean seriously, I ask everyone, like, hey mom mom mom hey mom guess what you should do? You should really watch ninja turtles with me thats what. I just think that it would be a very smart move for you toooooo come watch ninja turtles with me... :D
She’s usually only into k-dramas, but she actually did enjoy the ep i showed her!
I always start with Hot Soup: the Game! because it was my first ep bcos it was my first ep and it absolutely blew me away the first time I saw it. I love the scene where Mikey is reaching for a weapon to fight Foot Recruit with, and skips over the sword to go for an umbrella, AND THEN WHOOPS ASS WITH IT!! I LOVE when characters use parts of their environment and/or unconventional weapons in fight scenes!! Like,,,, that’s SO COOL??? (also shoutout to the hockey stick in there with the umbrella i see that Casey foreshadowing)
One thing I noticed by showing a lot of people the same episode is that everyone likes and laughs at different parts. There are a lot of funny parts in any given rottmnt ep, and the ones that make me laugh are different than the ones that made my mom laugh, or my friend, or my grandma (yes my grandma, she’s amazing and very high on my list of favorite people in the world). I dunno, just something I thought was cool.
I also notice new things each time I watch the episode---It just! Doesn’t get old!! I can watch almost any rottmnt episode and not get bored because there is just!!! SO MUCH COLOR AND DETAIL AND LOVE PUT INTO IT!!! I’m watching the hot soup for like the fifth time and ONLY JUST beginning to consciously appreciate the background music like?? That’s INSANE??
I have always loved cartoons, but I have never been so obsessed with a show nor so in LOVE with the time and love put into its art! I don’t know how end this or use words BUT YEAH!! ROTTMNT IS GREAT AND IM SO FREAKING GLAD THIS SHOW EXISTS!!!
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alreadyblondenow · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mr. Big 
▸ Johnny x reader (CEO au) ▸ 1,438k words ▸ Smut, Fluff ▸ Unprotected attempted sex, they tried to have but Johnny wouldn’t fit, oral sex (female receiving), fingering, size difference, petite reader but its not described, Jaehyun cameo, Inspired by Mr. Big in Sex and the City hihi, maybe I’ll make this a full fic someday.  ▸ Requested, see anon request at the end of the drabble 
Tumblr media
A rumor has been spreading in your office that the CEO is a very hot man who's recently had a divorce at a very young age. He is very much private and no one knew what he looked like except his secretary and his business partners. Word is, he is a young CEO and he is very business minded, ahead of his time, and a true gentleman. Mr. Big is what your office calls him. 
“Do you think Mr. Big will appear at the company’s Christmas party tonight? your friend asks you through the phone while you get ready for the said big party tonight. 
“I think, no. He’s a very busy guy, I’m sure he won’t waste his time with us” you said. 
“It’s a very extravagant party Y/n…” you listen to her theories about what he really looked like but the truth is you don’t care. The party may be big tonight, fancy and very exclusive, but you’re just going tonight because you wanted to see your ex, Jaehyun. 
The time has come and you’re about to enter the place and walk on the red carpet when someone tapped your shoulder, “excuse me miss, you dropped this” he hands you your handkerchief that seemed to have slipped on your hand and you thanked him with the nicest smile you have. 
“Do you have a date? Beautiful miss?” he asked. The handsome gentleman that’s in front of you right now is heaven sent because you just saw your ex with his date get out of a car, arms hooked, and… they look perfect together. 
 “Want to walk together? I’m Y/n, by the way” 
“Johnny. It’s a pleasure” 
The party went on and Johnny stayed by your side and kept you company. You didn’t expect to have a great time with a guy you just met tonight, you didn’t even know that someone so handsome like him worked in your company. He is very funny and outgoing, he listens to you whenever you tell him stuff that he doesn’t have any idea, and he says he thinks you do a lot of great things in this company.
Johnny became your unexpected date for tonight. Dancing under flashing lights and loud party music. He looked so handsome, dancing in his tux you thought. He taught you how to talk wine, which is very attractive when he does it. After a few glasses of wine and different kinds of alcohol, the gentleman offered you a nightcap in his apartment which you accepted of course. The truth is, you both know that he didn’t just offer you a nightcap, but he offered you a one night stand and you’re both up for it. 
Outside the lobby, you thought you were waiting for a cab but a fucking limousine parked in front of you, and Johnny opened the door for you. No one with your salary can afford a limousine and a Rolex watch that you just noticed now that all the party lights are gone. From that moment, you remembered what your friend said earlier. ‘Young CEO and a true gentleman’ you breathe in and breathe out quietly in your own corner, trying not to show that you’re actually nervous because the man sitting beside you might be Mr. Big. 
Which is basically your boss.  
“Why are you so far, come sit near me,” he thought you might figure it out already because you’re a smart girl. “I didn’t tell you because I know you will act like that. Listen, I don’t often do this. If that’s what you’re thinking. I don’t seduce my employees, you just happened tonight… And I very much enjoyed your company. Please don’t think too highly of me I’m-”
“Just a normal person who wants to attend the company’s Christmas party” you finished his sentence for him so he can stop worrying. “I’m just shocked. That’s all, the rumors are true then you looked so handsome” 
He blushed and patted the space near him. The ride to his apartment, or to wherever he’s taking you became warm and full of touching. Hands playing each other’s fingers, his other hand is placed on your thigh and he never stopped talking about the most random things. 
Your head hit the wall in Johnny’s big room as he kisses you hungrily, making a trail of your clothes from the entrance of his room until you reach his super king sized bed. You sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for Johnny to finish removing his slacks and see him just wearing his boxers briefs. When it finally happened, your jaw dropped as you scan his beautiful body, his tattoos suits him and the sunflower on his arm had your attention. 
“Condoms?” He asked before he joins you to bed. 
“Raw” you answered and the next thing you know he’s removing your panties while your legs dangle on the edge of the bed. He throws your panties somewhere, not caring where it lands, and went straight to kissing your thighs. Slowly he kneels in between your legs as you support your body with your propped shoulder. He wanted to eat you out, but you want him to fuck you already so you protest before his tongue licks your wet folds. 
“Okay” he whispers and proceeds to remove his boxers brief in front of you. You removed your bra but you cover your boobs with your arm, teasing him further before you two fuck. 
“You’re not fair, I want to see you” he tried removing your arm but you lost your mind when you saw his cock. His nickname 'Mr. Big' proceeds him well.
“It’s not yet fully hard-“
“Johnny, that won’t fit inside me” 
“That’s why I’m gonna make you so wet” he chuckles lowly and you both crawled to bed. He immediately kneels in between your legs, licks his fingers, and played with your slit while you lay comfortably and grip the sheets. Even his fingers feel so good already, it’s making you twist and turn, moan so loud and clench and unclench. 
When he stopped making you wet using his fingers, he grabs his cock and slides his head up and down on your slit. “You look so hot” he says as he continues, “ready?” 
You breathed heavily and ready yourself for his big cock. You watch him line it on your entrance and, “oh slowly-“ you moan out. But he was so big and you’re so tight for him that Johnny himself is having a hard time sliding in so he pulls his head out and licks your slit for a few minutes until he can hear wet sounds and he can slurp some of your pussy juices already. He saw what his mouth does to you and the effect was like a wave crashing onto you, too much pleasure, oh he knows how to eat pussy. “Sorry. I had to make sure” he then lines his cock again, push slowly, and thankfully it’s sliding smoothly now. 
“Johnny stop-“ he did immediately but he did not pull out. He watched you breathe heavily as you take your time which is fine with him of course. “Okay continue” it was practically a moan, and he did continue as soon as you gave him the permission. 
When his cock is half in already, you stopped him again with your hand and let out soft, “ouch. John-“
The moment he heard the word ‘ouch’ he pulled out slowly and said his sorry over and over again like the gentleman that he is. He kissed your lower abdomen, your knees, your thighs, caress your skin until he feels you relax again. “I’m sorry” he whispers beside your ear and laid beside you, “we don’t need to continue and have sex, I’m sorry” his strong arms cages you with a tight embrace while he still showers you with loving kisses. 
When it’s all quiet again, you and Johnny stayed in bed, bodies to bodies and enjoying each other’s presence. The fact that he has someone to share this big bed tonight is better than sex if he’s being honest. He loves how you trace his tattoos on his chest, draw small circles on them and let out a soft giggle whenever he gets tickled. 
What a big baby, you thought. 
From there on you and Mr. Big had a secret relationship and you come home to him every night. It doesn’t matter if he can’t have sex with you whenever he’s horny, what matters is he has someone who truly cared for him from now on. 
The sex can wait. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Dear Anon, I had fun plotting! Thank you for this request. 
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