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#i thought i was following u help
melodramasa year ago
hey!! your header is so amazing i keep looking at it like 馃槼 damn
omg thank you sm leela 馃槼 it took me like 3 tries to get the textures right
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ducknrole8 days ago
I have had.... a week from hell... but I keep thinking in my tired gay lil head that is oh-so-fond of imaginary people 鈥渨ow...Travis Willingham might bring to life a new imaginary person today for me to cherish鈥 and some of the fatigue melts off of me like a simile i am still too damn frazzled to think of
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lesbalisious6 months ago
Going through super old tags is giving me such flashbacks to like 2016/2017 (and prior on my dodie blog, only ogs will remember) when I used to constantly post about personal stuff,,, it was fun but also there are so many gross selfies of me on this site now lol
#I had fun on this blog about myself personally#on the dodie blog not so much but that was because I was going through a BAD time and I had so many people following me to watch it happen#lol#oh to be 14 and clinically depressed d#if we鈥檝e been mutuals for a very long time then you may also know me as doddlepoddle lol#I deleted and made this blog and have avoided dodie at all costs since because it hurts my soul too much to think about#like that blog and dodie were my life at one point and I鈥檓 thankful for the community and the friends and I needed it at the time#but good gosh that was not a healthy fixation and now even the thought of dodie sends me right back to being#15 heartbroken lonely depressed and in high school lol oops#but I love this blog so much more now bc it鈥檚 just shits and giggles and pretty stuff#and now I鈥檝e got fun new mutuals :) than I love :)#I鈥檓 looking at u Otto in particular (not that you鈥檒l read these lol) thanks for buying those stuff from my Etsy#you basically paid for my antibiotics that I couldn鈥檛 afford lolllllllll#idk man I鈥檓 having a day of reflection and looking back and I鈥檓 in the best place physically and mentally than I鈥檝e ever been right now#I lost sight of that for a couple of weeks but my brain is never gonna be perfect so that鈥檚 always gonna happen#I just have to keep reminding myself <3#also rewatching buffy <3 my beloved and gotta tell you I鈥檓 having so much fun#I鈥檓 gonna talk to my dissertation supervisor to see if I can talk about it in my dissertation because I think it would link rly well#I鈥檓 doing that way horror has helped to create a queer identity#being gay and 鈥榦ther鈥 are synonymous and vampires have always been fruity#and there鈥檚 so many times where#gay is in buffy not even just Tara and willow ya kno I just love it
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hajimine6 months ago
PLSSSS THANK U KSHXKAHA this made me so happy omg im lowkey hella proud of that fic 鈽癸笍 !!
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reidyoulikeabook3 months ago
Ok I鈥檓 American so I don鈥檛 really know what you mean by getting emergency taxed, but is there any way we can help out?? Like maybe if you set up a ko-fi account??
emergency taxed basically means my work haven't sorted things with hmrc so i've been taxed like a quarter of my pay as opposed to like 10% of it which is: really not ideal!
i do have a ko-fi and i really so much appreciate the kindness & thought behind your saying that!! but i absolutely do not want anyone to feel like guilted or obligated into giving me money!! it will be okay, i am very scrappy and i'll get through it it's just: not ideal!
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mcdannowavea year ago
Tumblr media
鈥樷楧anny Williams? The Detective married to Cmdr. Steve McGarrett?鈥欌
#h50 10x15#yes#me#danny williams#scott caan#scott smile#reaction gif#hawaii five 0#Look at that smiley face there!So freaking cute!the way it crinkles there...Yeah.that's the good stuff#''yes. that's me''Danny answered the lady.''Oh good!I hav smth for you two''She handled him a envelope.Smile on her face#Opening it.Danny saw right at the beginning.It was a 3day weekend at a luxurious hotel for two.lots of things included#''I- uh''..Danny started but was interrupted.''Please.My name is Kate.and ur husband saved me from almost being kidnapped last week''#''He didn't hav to follow and check on me that night.He said he sensed someone following me and went after.if it wans't for him...''#Danny now talked again''That's Steve.He would stop everything to help anyone in need.It's just who he is''.He smiled talking abt the man#''Yes.He's brave like that.And after he locked the kidnapper he waited w/ me until the ambulance and police arrived''#''Among things we talked.mostly it was him to calm me down.He said he initially聽was going home get ready for ur date.I felt bad for it''#Danny saw her expression.the woman rly wanted to make up for the event.even it wasn't her fault at all#''U don't need to do anything.It's our job to--''..'Pls.It'll make me feel better.My brother owns the's the least i can do for u 2'#The detective thought for a few sec.before nodding and gesturing the envolpe.''Thank you''.The woman smiled#''You're very lucky to hav someone like him''She added.before both saying their goodbyes.And she was right#Danny was lucky indeed.He married someone amazing.#headcanon tags#mine
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raychromatic5 months ago
oh yeah another stream update: my twitch profile says i have 20 followers, but i haven鈥檛 gained any since i hit 19 so idk what鈥檚 happening there?? i鈥檓 gonna say officially i still have 19..... which means that聽if i get聽just one more follower, i will have officially hit my goal of 20 followers, and it鈥檒l be time for an聽ART REQUEST stream!!!!
so if you鈥檙e not already following me on twitch, please consider hitting that follow button & getting me to this goal!!
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yamikawas9 months ago
i will try 2 draw a yandere yoomtah i want to... if i remember to i will.
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pandorasimboxa year ago
me: runs my game with 31gig of cc, reshade and a literally never cleared out tray file folder
my game: *lags just a little bit*
me when:
Tumblr media
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philosopher-of-fandoms11 months ago
my brain hurts
#i think my problem is that i think too much#if i thought less i would probably be happier in life#but i wouldnt be#because that would still mean im constantly bombarded with depressing info and seeking validation hence probably doing/following with things#that i dont agree with or dont care about#and would be struggling with a lot more pressures than i already am#so rlly the problem isnt the fact that im thinking to much its the fact that tech and society wants me to think less#or think more it doesnt care as long as i engage with it#as long as i continue to consume and engage and be connected to the point that i feel the need to go online#it doesnt care#and it feeds off of everything i do from me panicking to my interests to everything else#to the point that im stuck in this godawful spider web trying to figure out what to do simulationiously struggling with societal pressures#and getting approval on all things from looks to opinions on things be it music or politics or animals#as well as the constant pressure to help the world more despite it not being my job nor smth i can actually help#i cant help the ppl in london if smth tragic happened in london and me posting smth or reblogging smth online or signing a petition doesnt#actually help with that either does it? its all an illusion with engagement and stroking my inner ego that if i sign this petition if i read#this thing i will have done smth good and be a good person blah blah blah except that idea is bullshit the idea that u have to help is bull#when its completely out of your reach cuz its gotten to the point that ppl and me dont focus on more important issues in our faces and fuck#im thinking too much again u see my problem#okay no#the problem isnt that i think too much maybe its just that i need to let myself not care about validation for silly things and focus on what#will get me forward in life so that i can actually make a good difference then doing dumb stuff online be it convo or smth else like a dance#or watching a show idk the point is its about distracting us from irl things its tv 24/7 isnt it? and guilt tripping ppl into having#a savior complex so that they think they gotta solve every issues and that theyre better for this this and that when we re all using phones#that are made by kids getting 6 cents an hour#we're caught in a total scam its awful we should just focus on ourselves more away from the tech our real selves not online#not relationships where we get enough connection to keep us going but not actually satisfy us#okay clearly uni is getting to me im going through stuff jdhgfldgfhjdfgjh philo stfu#going back to work#philo鈥檚 rambles
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