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#i try every time

everytime super best friends play upload a new RE7 video i REALLY think i can watch it at midnight before i go to bed and not get freaked out

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Claire: Are they always like this?

Jack: Huh?

Claire: Sam and Castiel. Do they always pin for each other so obviously?

Jack: Yep. You get used to it.

Claire: Don’t they share a room?

Jack: Yes, which is why I made the mistake of thinking they were together. It was the most awkward conversation I’ve ever had.

Claire: You’re young, there will be worse conversations.

Jack: Uh, thanks? I think…

Claire: You’re welcome.

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hello I’m having a Mitski phase (again) and also drawing a lot of OC art so I combined the two to make this! It’s Virgil! She’s floating! 

Image descriptions:

1. A digital drawing of my OC Virgil. Virgil is a tall, thin eastern Asian person with light brown skin and slightly wavy, long, green hair that gets lighter toward the tips. She’s wearing dark green lipstick and lots of jewelry, including a purple and a green bracer. Her outfit consists of a dark purple cape made out of feathers that ends at her lower back, a pale teal laced up tank top, green pants, dark turquoise boots with cutouts and stripes in different colors on them, and a blue, flowy cape that is tucked into her belt and reaches down to her feet. Virgil is floating in the air with her face turned slightly upwards and casting green flames out of her hands. Her eyes lack pupils and have some green flames coming out of them. The background is a simple green landscape with dark purple cracks in it and a cloudy sky in different grey-ish blue and purple hues. The words “I am a forest fire and I am the fire and I am the forest and I am a witness watching it” are written around her.

2. The same image but without the text.

3. A closeup on Virgil from the waist up.

ID end.

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