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veronicathegoddess · 5 months ago
oh i’m making you angry? then why aren’t you hitting me huh? why aren’t you slapping me around and putting me in my place? why aren’t you giving me pretty little bruises with those big hands that’ll remind me to be a good girl next time?
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rawr-ra · a month ago
the feminine urge to run away, change identity and live
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legendverecundes · 7 days ago
I'm in desperate need for a new diet plan I used this one but never got to finish it so I can't even say if it works or not ...
Tumblr media
Plus I really need motivation to loose weight please b kind
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devilmuse · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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sleepingsub · a year ago
New game: I touch and play with myself until I'm close to cumming and you watch me, and every time I’m close I look at you and ask for permission and you say “no” every time until I'm crying and shaking and then you come fuck me until we both cum. 
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jayxscripta · 2 months ago
I want to travel cross country and pick my way through ancient ruins and listen to my favorite music on loop all day and go for a walk with my dog and write my book and go ghost hunting with my best friend but instead I'm at home waiting for my anxiety medicine to kick in and doing the same damn uninteresting things I do literally every day and it's maddening
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ensonando · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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seai · 5 days ago
inbox call for a kiss
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uglyexpress · 3 months ago
Ugh feeling like a fat ugly bitch what else is new
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non-binary-culture-is · 11 months ago
Nonbinary and gnc culture is wearing a binder under a dress and absolutely living for it
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hestronomy · 8 months ago
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getting some coffee and enjoying the peaceful evening
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veronicathegoddess · 6 months ago
wanna get my nails done and then wrap my hand around his dick to show them off to him
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ohlookitsthearkhamknight · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
As much as i hate this fucking movie
I love when Slade just
appears out of the shadows
I think thats very iconic and sexy of him and i want him to do it more
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life-gave-me-oranges · 7 months ago
teachers be like 'you are so grown up now, act like it, the kids are looking at you!'
like oh fuck YES the smaller ones are looking at US we gotta set a GOOD example so i'm gonna fucking BURN this school to the GROUND
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theacedumbass · 8 months ago
Should i write down the backstories i made for my SWTOR characters?
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thisacc-is-retired · 8 months ago
First paycheck : what if I bought all the packs for sims 4, make everyone’s baldi, and made them live in one house
Absolute madness
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xviruserrorx · 3 months ago
kinda wanna do a tag game where one person writes the start of a fanfic (as much as they want to write but not too much) then tags other fandom Authors who will continue the story...
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skinnysmallbeauty · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Grunge th1nsp0
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bi-accident · a month ago
Does anyone know any to do this with me?
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uglyexpress · a month ago
Feeling especially fat again despite the fact that I stayed under my calorie budget, burned almost all the cals I ate, and fasted for 19 hours. Guess that doesn’t really change me being fat but you’d think I’d feel at least somewhat accomplished
TLDR: I’m having a very cringe time atm
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