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#i want strawberries now
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#harry potter#HELLO EVERYONE HOW ARE YOU#I MISSED YOU ALL VERY MUCH#I had a drawing job the past few months and it was very fun!! But it didn't leave a lot of time for other drawing things#But now I'm back and how are you doing!#I'm pretty good I just really need to call the dentist back#they have called my mom to tell me it is my teeth cleaning time again and my mom called me and I just didn't react#I'm a bit scared to go back the last time I had my teeth cleaned they found a completly new tooth in my mouth#I was just lieing there and the tooth cleaning woman said: Girl you need to clean that tooth more and I said what tooth and she said#that tooth and poked the tooth which up to this point I did not know existed#but I didn't want to show that I don't know how many teeth so I just said OH YES THAT TOOTH YES. THE TOOTH THAT I HAVE#I don't think I was very convincing and a few weeks later it had to be removed because it was a wisdom tooth and was bothering it's friends#and now it's on the shelf in the bedroom because I wanted to take it with me#we didn't know each other for long but we had a good time#I don't want to go back what if they find more teeth#and oh god do you know what else came back#my terrifying long radishes from last year!!#remember I planted about 70 radishes by accident and they didn't have enough room to grow up so they just got long and scary#so I removed them and promised myself to never grow a radish again#well yesterday I went outside and could see FOUR radish leaves growing out of my strawberries#I have not planted those radishes#I have lost control about the amount of teeth and radishes that I have#have a nice day everyone! :)
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gingerhaole · a year ago
Tumblr media
I just wanted to draw tiny Aziraphale blissed out on a piece of cake like a daybed. And now I want strawberry cake 🍓
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Drarry and flower crownsssss
Harry watches as Draco twists flowers through one another. Over, under, around, again and again. He has a chain going, several completed circlets lay on the ground around them, in the back yard of Grimmauld place. 
He wonders if Neville will be upset that Draco has picked all their flowers to do this, but then he remembers that Neville is married to Luna who is, unquestionably, the reason Draco is doing this at all.  
She had taught him years ago, right after he and Harry had started seeing each other. Sat him down right there on the damp grass on the edge of the great lake, transfigured flowers out blades of grass and fallen twigs and pieces of seaweed, and very precisely taught him how to make flower crowns. 
It had been one of the most bizarre interactions Harry had ever seen, but he realized, slowly, exactly what she was doing. Realized as the shaking of Draco’s hands slowed, as the hunted slouch of his shoulders straightened, his breathing evened from ragged to smooth, measured breaths. He hadn’t known what to do when it had started, and here Luna was. When he’d asked later how she’d know what to do she’d only smiled, shrugging, and told him quite plainly that her father had taught her when she was eleven how to make flower crowns. It had been years before he realized that it was because she got them too. 
“There,” Draco whispers to himself, placing a finished crown, crafted from bright yellow daffodils and irises, on the ground in front of him. 
Harry stretches out a hand to rub circles on the sun-warmed jean that cover Draco knee. 
“Are you all done?” he asks, because he knows if he asks if Draco is feeling better it will just make things worse. 
Draco turns to face him, dislodging Harry’s hand when he uncrosses his legs and picking it again in his own. It’s a little damp, cool compared to the air, and there is dirt under his nails, cheeks too pink, ears red in the sun. He doesn’t mention it, makes a note to pick up some aloe vera. 
“Yes, Harry.” Draco leans down, just a little, and Harry sits up to meet him, doesn’t kiss him, just presses his cheek against Draco own, knows this will be more welcomed in this moment.
Draco sigh and leans into it, bringing his hand to Harry’s neck, letting his fingers run over the shorn hair at the base of Harry’s skull, familiar, comforting. It reminds Harry, let’s him know everything is alright now.
He’s too warm, in the August sun, and he can smell Draco’s sweat, can feel Draco’s own heat against his cheek and through his clothes. It isn’t unpleasant, only familiar in the way everything about Draco is. It makes him think of love, of family, home. He presses a kiss to the side of his husbands face, closer, really, to his ear. 
“I love you” he hums into his neck, feels Dracos smile against his own. 
“I love you too, Harry.” 
They’ll be alright. Even if they have to keep making flower crowns for the rest of their lives. 
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nyxes-draws · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
"Let me take you down 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields. Nothing is real. Nothing to get hung about, strawberry fields forever." 🍓
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writersrealmbts · 2 years ago
Endangered Species Trilogy: Epilogue
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
Description: Hybrid!JiminXReader: You’re considered medically perfect for hybrids, as a mate. And you fetch quite the pretty price at auction, where you’re purchased by the kindest person you’ve ever crossed paths with.
Warnings: I guess some of it might be triggering but I really don’t know.
Posted: 9/04/2018
Tags: Jimin, Hybrid Jimin, Human Reader
Angst with little fluffs:  1,417 words
A/N: Well, it’s a little cheesy, but here it is. I suck at Epilogues.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You tilted the brim of your hat farther over your face as instructed. “No, that’s not right either,” The photographer, Yoongi, muttered, frowning at his camera, then at you. You looked desperately at Jimin. He just gave you a signal that he would take care of it. “Hyung, maybe you should let me pose her. You’re kind of scaring her.” You glanced at Taehyung and Namjoon, who were trying not to laugh at the situation over by the wardrobe and makeup stations. Seokjin was shaking his head, frustrated the finicky photographer. “How am I scaring her?” “You keep glaring at her!” “So she’s scared of everyone who glares?” “No, hyung. But she is scared of people who glare at her and are never happy with her.” Jimin was keeping his voice plaintive, even though normally he would be growling by now. “I know what you’re looking for and I know how to explain it to her. She wants to get this done as much as you do. Possibly more.” Yoongi finally seemed to comply, gesturing with his tail at you. Jimin sighed and came over. “Big eyes, then look at me like I just told you that I was leaving for a month.” “Why aren’t I going with you?” “Because it’s too dangerous.” Distress rose in you, even as you realized it was hypothetical. “Now look at Yoongi,” He said, backing away. You let your gaze flick to the photographer. “Finally! Alright, now we just need her to changed outfits and to get some pictures of her smiling.” You looked at Jimin, still upset over the hypothetical situation. He hurried back to your side, giving you gentle kisses. “It’s okay. I’m not going anywhere. I wouldn’t dare leave you.” You huffed, hitting him lightly before tucking your face into the crook of his neck. “Did you make her cry?!” Seokjin asked, sounding like he was ready to scold Jimin. Jimin ignored him. “Can you smile for him? Please?” You made a soft sound of protest. “Please? You know he’s all roar and no claw. Besides, the sooner we finish here the sooner we can go downstairs and have cake.” Jimin kissed your temple. “I like cake. But I really want strawberries.” “Mmm, me too, baby. But for now we’ll have to be happy with cake and friends.” You sighed, pulling away. “Plus you want them to know.” He nodded. “They’re my family.” You looked over to where Namjoon and Taehyung were picking out your next outfit. “I suppose I need to change. We’re not done.” You got up and walked over with your chin held high so he knew just how ‘not done’ that conversation was. Namjoon hung the outfit up in the changing room, then quickly backed away. You changed and went back out, marching up to a slightly nervous looking Jimin. “Rule 1.” He winced. “No lying.” “You owe me lots and lots of cuddles, but you also owe me strawberries, and chocolate!” You folded your arms. “Because trying to save humans isn’t enough payment.” “I told you, I don’t care half as much about them as I probably should. I care more about you and me and—” “I know,” He quickly cut you off, pulling you into his arms and pressing delicate kisses over your face. “We can have a fire in the fireplace, and roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate when we go home.” You smiled a little, looking up at him. “Promise?” “Promise. And I can pick up the next book in that series you like.” He grinned. “You’re the best,” You murmured, nuzzling his cheek. He purred softly. “My queen.” You pulled away, grinning, and let Taehyung fix your makeup before going to where Yoongi instructed. “Alright, secretive smile!” You complied, thinking of all the secrets you had now. “Laughing?” You started laughing just as you tried to ask how you were supposed to do a laughing smile. “Good, now a contented smile?” Your smile disappeared and you tilted your head questioningly. “Well, that’s cute too, but not quite what we’re going for.” You got more confused. “What’s a content smile?” “Look at Jimin,” Yoongi instructed. You did as he said, looking at your mate. Your Jimin. His striped ears and tail, his beautiful and soft black hair, his lithe and strong physique. “Perfect.” Your gaze snapped back to Yoongi. “Was I smiling?” He nodded. Jimin pounced next to you, then wrapped you in a tight hug. “Yay! We can go eat now.” “Well, I need to change first.” “Please,” The four other men in the room chorused, all seeming fidgety and looking away from you. And you could have swore Yoongi was blushing. Jimin gave them all dirty looks. “Come on.” You let him lead you back over to the changing room and then kept him out while you changed (he got too handsy if he saw you changing) back into regular clothes. Then the two of you went downstairs where Hoseok and Jungkook were babysitting the food. Hoseok grinned at you. “All done?” You nodded, tucking yourself farther into the sweatshirt then giving him a quick hug. He was still the most resistant to you, and the more time he spent around you the easier he found it, thankfully. Jungkook smiled at you, but kept his distance. “You smell different,” Hoseok said, frowning slightly after you pulled away. You shrugged. The other four men came down and you all got food and sat at the table together, with all of them talking loudly and joking together. Then Jimin stood up. “So, one of the reasons we wanted to have this lunch was so that we could tell all of you at once that we’re going to have a kit in a few months.” Hoseok screeched excitedly, hopping up and tackling Jimin in a hug. The others all looked between the two of you in what you were guessing was delighted shock, since it was about the same face Jimin had made when he found out. Yoongi suddenly looked so soft and happy. “A kit?” Namjoon and Seokjin were looking at each other. “He grew up?” “They’re gonna have a kit.” “Poor thing,” Jungkook murmured, giving Jimin a teasing smirk. Jimin gently tackled him. Taehyung was just stunned. “Just one?” Hoseok asked, grabbing your hand. You nodded. “Thank God. I don’t think I could handle more than one. I’m not sure how to hand one,” You murmured, watching Jimin goofing off happily with his friends. “I’ll come help when I can, but you have Jimin. He’ll be a great father.” Hoseok patted your shoulder. “And you’ll be a great god-father?” He grinned. “The best. Whose the god-mother?” “Eh, we were thinking Seokjin.” He laughed. “Do it.” “I’m not a woman!” Seokjin objected loudly. “I don’t know any women,” You countered, folding your arms. “They try to claw my eyes out. And I would claw their eyes out if they got too close to Jimin-ah. They all try to flirt with him.” “That’s true, hyung,” Taehyung agreed with you. “Besides, it’s only because you’re one of the most caring and hardworking people we know. We know that if anything happened to us, you and Hoseok would be able to give our baby everything he’ll need. Love, care, food, shelter, and guidance.” “He?” Jimin said, his voice shaking. “It’s a boy?” All of the boys got a little hushed. You nodded, realizing it was too late to take it back. Jimin had said he didn’t want to know, but you sure weren’t about to wait and find out, so you had been keeping it a secret from him all this time. He was almost trembling. “We’re having a boy?” You nodded again. “It’s what you wanted, right?” He quickly hugged you. “I would have been happy with either.” “You wanted a boy,” You murmured, smiling. “Because you could teach him how to play sports.” He kissed you to shut you up. “I just want all of us happy and healthy. I love you so much. So much.” You melted into his arms, listening to the happy words around you and soaking in the warmth of Jimin’s love for you and the baby you were carrying. You hadn’t realized it, but you were already counting down the days until you would be able to see him holding your baby in his arms. You supposed you would always be counting. But how much better it was to be counting toward happiness.
Part 1.  Part 2.  Part 3.   
Masterlist.   Masterpost. 
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saturnine-powerbomb · a month ago
if you were a bug and i were a bug do you think we would hangout on a strawberry. justssking for a friend
Running the numbers on that one and it appears it could be a distinct possibility
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