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#i want to be skiny
theuglyloser2 days ago
oh to be skinny enough to feel comfortable walking around shirtless at home
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skinnyy212a day ago
don't fuck this up.
tomorrow is monday. that's a new week you can start working out again. a new week you can eat better. if you don't stick to your plan you'll never get your results. remember, what you do this week will influence your next week. if you start working out, getting back on track, by next week the workouts will be easier, the hunger won't be as bad. don't waste another week binging, failing, crying. don't. fuck. this. up. again.
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skn1b1ch5bl0ga day ago
acting like I haven't weighed myself for years when someone asks me how much I weigh even though I weigh myself everyday <3
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ssk1nnyl3g3nd2 days ago
鈥測our such a slow eater鈥
i. don鈥檛 . want. to. EAT IT
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stripeybones2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
uuuuuhhh bodychecks ig.. after a day of fasting
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