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March 25th: Something New for @rwrb-social-isolation

I decided to make a firstprince blackout poem for this day for some reason??? I deeply regretted it as soon as I started, but at that point I had already committed, so here it is. It’s from an old neighborhood newspaper. I have never made a blackout poem before!

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I can’t remember if I were tagged or not, but I want to play…so here goes

Bold what you prefer.

  • slow burn or love at first sight
  • fake dating or secret dating
  • enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers
  • oh no there’s only one bed or long-distance with correspondence
  • hurt/comfort or amnesia
  • fantasy au or modern au
  • mutual pining or domestic bliss
  • smut or fluff 
  • canon-compliant (missing scenes) or fix-it fic
  • alternate universe or future fic
  • one-shot or multi-chapter
  • kid fic or road trip fic
  • reincarnation or character death 
  • arranged marriage or accidental marriage
  • high school romance or middle-aged romance
  • time travel or isolated together
  • neighbors or roommates
  • sci-fi au or magic au
  • bodyswap or genderbend
  • angst or crack i cannot choose
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What's your ao3 handle? Wrist au seemed really cool, and id love to check out some of your works!

same as here, pocketramblr

(that link should work) but yeah, Wrist Soulmate au will be posted on there when i actually finish writing it

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OK! SO! For the last drawing!! I’ve read a selected few Invader Zim fics. Not for any reason other than to see what it has to offer. Now, from someone who has only seen the 2019 movie I didn’t know diddly squat when I read of invader Tenn, Invader Kurt seems to be a popular one, or Invader Tak. But I assumed they ALL were original characters?? Although I think Kurt may actually be one?? But I’m not sure. And I knew Skooge cause i don’t know I just did??? So in hindsight of knowing absolutely nothing. My tiny brain thought up designs for Tenn and Tak blind while reading these fics! And to be honest I love them so much T uT. They’re so simplistic and reconizable!! So here, a picture of their I suppose redesigns??


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So does anyone else get to a place where they really want to read fics, but reading from a screen is just realllllllly hard (thanks adhd ur the best). 

So you just

read them out loud?

I’ve been catching up on all the fgw fics from today and just quietly reading them out loud and its?

So calming? 

and softt????

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B! For the ask meme :P

B:  What was the first fandom you read fic in?  Which was the first you wrote fic for?  Oh goodness, this is a really good question because it’s making me think!  I really got into Internet fandom with Once Upon a Time.  I was on the ABC Messaging Boards when we were all figuring out what we wanted to call the NUMEROUS different ships and then Captain Swan just captured my heart.  I *think* that’s the first fandom I really went looking for fic for.  It’s also what really got me into whump because Killian gets whipped beautifully in so many lovely fics and I realized that was a thing that other people liked too.  I wasn’t alone!

When I started writing fic, I swore that I would only write Original Characters because I was TERRIFIED that someone would hate my characterization.  I didn’t think I could get the feel of someone else’s characters just right.  Then, the Witcher came out and I was dying for content, but I didn’t think anyone else was getting the characters right either, so I said “screw it” and wrote my first Internet fan fic!  I still love it and have a new Sick!Geralt fic in the works! 


Originally posted by assassin1513

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Trevor’s been tip-toeing around Alucard and Sypha since arriving at the Belmont library all those months ago. Something had changed around then; something had grown inside him. Given the way they bicker and how largely everything remains the same between them, Trevor’s cognizant that this weird feeling in his gut, the need and the want of it all, is probably just him.

Just his luck to get attached. There’s not a soul on the whole damn planet that’d want to hitch their wagon to someone with so much fucking baggage. Let alone two.

It’s a wonder they haven’t booted him; it’s a wonder he himself hasn’t pissed off to deader pastures - he always assumed that’s how it’d go after Dracula, after the end of the end of the world: the last of the Belmont line, tittering back into the shadows to resume his drunk escapades, content that if the demons of the night didn’t eventually do him in, the alcohol certainly would. And what of his allies? Who the fuck knows.

He never would have guessed he’d end up sticking around Dracula’s castle, meandering behind a speaker nerd and a vampire nerd, half heartedly hoping they’d give him a reason to leave, more heartedly praying to a god he’s honestly on real shit terms with that they don’t.

It’s funny how every instance where they’re not flat out telling him to fuck off seems like an excuse to stay a little longer.

“Found him,” Sypha calls, presumably to Alucard, as she slips into the room Trevor snuck away to hours ago. And so she has.

She plops down beside him on the rug he’s made his home. He’s laying on his stomach, facing the hearth, arms folded under his chin for support as he stares into the flames. He doesn’t know what this room’s purpose is, but it’s open and warm so what does it matter. Sypha takes advantage of his position to lie across Trevor’s back, the lines of her abdomen crossing his spine.

Trevor grunts when her weight falls on him but Sypha doesn’t seem to mind. He can’t see, but he does hear the turning of pages, so she must be reading.

It’s a casual intimacy he’s only recently become familiar with. He’s not sure how it happened, why he let it. Other than it’s nice - to feel the weight of a presence. And that it’s the thing he’s been craving - the idea that someone could want him, no conditions, no concerns, just want to be around him. It’s not real, really, even if they haven’t figured it out yet, one day Sypha and Alucard will look at him truly and properly and find him wanting. And it’ll be the worst day of his life, and if Trevor had a single fucking brain cell left in him, he’d leave now and avoid the whole thing.

Unfortunately, or maybe not, Alucard has been quick to point out for months now that there’s nothing but hot air between Trevor’s ears.

Because he moves so quietly, and Trevor’s eyes have been closed for most of the last ten minutes since Sypha arrived, Trevor does not recognize that Alucard has joined them until he hears the soft plop of a stack of books being sat down and then the slightly cool pressure where the small of Alucard’s back connects with Trevor’s thigh.

When Trevor peeks over his shoulder he can see that Alucard is leaning into Sypha, reading something she has pointed out in the book she is flipping through.

Trevor thinks he should say something about being made the foundation of this dogpile they’ve become, but he’s tired, and warm, and for a moment blissfully free of thoughts.

And if he talks, he’s bound to piss one or both of them off, so for a moment, just a moment, he revels in the fantasy.

It’s he, Sypha, and Alucard against the world, and at the end of the day, he’s not alone. What a concept. (The image leaves something bittersweet in his mouth.)

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Hey, about the Ao3 being blocked in China, this is a very sad moment in terms of freedom of speech generally, but the particular post you reblogged points fingers at an actor (or that actor's fandom). I can't really find evidence either way, but considering how reactionary the internet can be I think its kinda scary/disingenuous to blame one actor when the Chinese government has a long history of this. Obviously it's just one reblog! But I think it's an important distinction to make.

Hi anon!

That post doesn’t point fingers at Xiao Zhan at all. I’m a fan of Xiao Zhan (as anyone on my fandom blog can sadly attest with how often I post material with him in it), and he’s not to blame at all, and the post doesn’t say he is.

If you read the post closely, no where does he get blamed, however some of his fans do (obviously not all, because otherwise there wouldn’t have been a fic to report in the first place) - and those fans (the antis involved in the situation) pretty much have already taken credit for what’s happened.

The post explains that a certain pocket of fandom objected to him being depicted a certain way in a fic (specifically as a cross-dresser, and I believe a prostitute, a common trope in fanfiction). Specifically, antis didn’t like how he was being shown in certain fics, and mass-reported AO3 to the government of China in the same way that antis regularly try and mass-report AO3 to the FBI. Sadly and catastrophically, they were successful. Even if people are now claiming that they had nothing to do with it, the antis took credit for it, and the timeline fits.

You can find more about the situation on Twitter, where knowledge of what happened blew up in the first place. And there are articles like this one too, though they’re not in English. Until I see some decent articles (that aren’t just focused on english tweets etc.) that indicate otherwise, I readily believe what happened, this isn’t the first time fandom has turned on itself in this way, anywhere in the world, but also in China. It’s devastating, and it has serious consequences. But I don’t believe that post points the finger at Xiao Zhan as being at fault, only as being the focus point of antis/certain fans in his fandom.

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I kid you not, one of my first thoughts after finishing this episode was "omg I can't wait to see if Dee has a coda for this one." I love seeing your response after each ep!

Originally posted by lilbitalexis

This gif perfectly encapsulates my reaction after reading this message.

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Hello! An earlier anon ask who thanked you about writing incredibly good trauma recovery (especially rape recovery) reminded me to thank you personally as well. Since non-con is one of the most triggering things for me to read if it isn't followed by at least a "road to recovery" after, your writing helps me to process those works which I unfortunately have to read anyways (f.ex. for my english course, in which there are a lot of books that deal with rape without showing the aftereffects)

Hi anon!

I think I know what you mean? Like, a lot of literature (and science fiction, and fantasy, and horror, and thrillers etc.) often use rape as a device, but rarely show the aftermath. Even on the rare occasions that they do, they show it as a crippling, horrific thing (which it is, obviously) with very little (if any) real recovery, very little (if any) support, and the person suffers in silence.

I remember reading a lot of those kinds of books when I was younger? And, yeah, some of them were on our curriculum list at both highschool and then later at university when I did some creative writing electives.

And I remember at the time sort of internalising this broken narrative that like, disastrous violations like this can happen and that nothing will be the same again afterwards, and certainly, it will be nearly impossible to find happiness or contentment or comfort or whatever. It’s a really…problematic narrative to internalise, given how many people will experience trauma (and sexual assault). And I became driven to both find and write stories that looked at trauma recovery.

It was one of the reasons I became really invested in trauma recovery narratives specifically. The idea that not only do you have the cause (rape) and the effect (trauma) but you also then have the action that follows, which is recovery for most people. Humans have a fairly deep-seated drive to heal, even if they have very few resources and very few ways of knowing how to do it, we are an organism that tries to self-repair as much as possible, and scar tissue - external and internal - is better than nothing.

I find PTSD and the mental disorders that can come after sexual assault and rape personally interesting in part because I’m a rape survivor. But I got really tired of like ‘stuck’ narratives where nothing moved after the trauma. I just…personally need stories that are invested in what comes after the cause/effect part. That’s just my jam. It’s not for everyone, for sure. Some people are equally triggered by recovery stories, for whatever reasons they may be. But for some of us, they’re very necessary.

I’m really glad fandom spaces in particular created a pocket where they could thrive, which is specifically in the hurt/comfort genre. They were the very first kinds of stories I started looking for (hurt/comfort, rape or trauma recovery) on AO3 long before I ever had an account, and they were what made me love fandom years before AO3 ever existed. And I’m just very relieved I guess that other people can find those stories too.

But y’know? They never do get taught in curriculums, do they? *sighs* It seems like a lot of highschools (and beyond) still platform and privilege stuck narratives where rape victims are everywhere, and very few of them are healing, if they even matter enough to be the POV character.

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