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#i want to gif carnage
buckypascal · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“We looked at the first one together and we all thought, from Sony and Kelly and I, what works and what doesn’t? What did we like and what did we not like?”
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mndvx · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"All I ever wanted in this world... Is carnage." VENOM: LET THERE BE CARNAGE (2021) dir. Andy Serkis ››› Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady / CARNAGE
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somepallings · a month ago
Everything about this scene enraptures me. The tender way the tentacles embrace the enclosure while in the middle their frail human hands reach out for one another. The way the glass of the prison suddenly gives way in a moment of violent passion and is obliterated, literally and figuratively, by their love. The kiss in the shower of glass. The chaos that’s happening all around them while they laugh in delight at being together again.
Tumblr media
I cannot stop thinking about it. The whole breakout scene (once I get my hands on a decent copy of the entire scene I will make more shitty gifs to illustrate my points) they are together at the centre of a flower, an explosion of chaos; the movie doesn’t abandon their reunion in favour of showing more of Carnage getting up to hijinks. Carnage is in charge during Cletus’s escape from his execution, but it’s almost all Cletus when he’s breaking Frances out. Everything about the framing of the extended scene is about them.
We saw them being parted in the opening scene and this is the catharsis, this is the joyful reunion, they kiss, they laugh, they are delighted and together and alive.
My darlings.
Tumblr media
Everything about the way this scene plays out is saying that these are two people who love. In a movie about love, even these, the villains, the antagonists, the bad people, are in love. The direction, the script, the acting, the cinematography even, it’s saying Yes, You Are Meant To Understand This As Beautiful, You Are Meant To Rejoice With Them In This Moment.
I am a long-time appreciator of Bad (or at least Difficult) People In Love, and I’ve never been above shoehorning it in where it really isn’t there in the text, anywhere I can, given the slightest hint or opportunity. It has been so very long since a text gave me everything I wanted without any need for headcanon, retcon or fix-it fic.
What riches.
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yagurlrosie · 18 days ago
So like everyone else I’m obsessed with druig so…if you can/want to can you write a Druig X Reader one where the reason druig finally disobeys Ajak is because the reader said so. Like the reader sees all the pain and says “druig help them” or “druig make it stop” and so he does because he sees how uncomfortable it makes the reader…thanks!!!
here ya go! warnings for mentions of violence and blood
word count: 541
Tumblr media
The sky was on fire.
You stood frozen in horror, overlooking the destruction and carnage as havoc was wreaked from below. Smoke and ash created a thick, black fog that hung over the battlefield like a cloud, lit up by the explosion of gunpowder like lightning. Gunshots pierced your ears louder than thunder, but not louder than the screams as bodies collapsed to the ground in a sea of blood as dark as ink.
It was always the same: they look different than us, they don't believe what we do, they don't live the way we live. The same reasons, the same excuses. Humans were so desperate to create a divide, they failed to see all that they had in common. You had witnessed many a similar conflict over the millennia you had been on Earth, but the damage and bloodshed had never been to this extent until the invention of those new weapons that tore through flesh and bone faster than any sword or arrow.
Over the chaos, you heard your name being called. You turned around to see Druig behind you. His face fell when you locked eyes, and that's when you knew the distress you felt was evident in your appearance.
He rushed to your side, concern written all over his face. You hadn't even realized you were crying until he was brushing away the stray tears from your cheeks with his thumbs. "What's wrong?" His voice was soft, soothing.
"Please," was all you managed to get out. Your chin wobbled as you tried to keep from bursting into sobs. "You have to help them."
He looked at you regretfully, cupping your face in his hands. "I can't, you know that. It's against the rules."
You clutched the front of his tunic, your fingers digging into the fabric. "I don't care about the stupid rules! People are dying out there, and you're the only one who can do something about it."
"It's hard for me, too." He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to his chest. "To know that I can put an end to it all so easily and have to watch them destroy themselves."
You squeezed your eyes shut and buried your face in the crook of his neck. You couldn't bear to watch the world you fell in love with be reduced to rubble and dust. "Please, just make them stop." Your voice was small, barely more than a whimper.
You felt his chest rise and fall, his heart beating in tandem with yours, and his grip on you tightened. You heard him sigh and opened your eyes just as his turned a luminescent gold. You turned your head as the noise from below faded, hundreds of pairs of eyes lighting up the night. The smoke cleared to reveal the fighting had ceased; the world had come to a standstill.
You released the breath you had been holding, relaxing in Druig's arms and laying your head on his shoulder. "Thank you," you whispered against his skin.
He pressed a chaste kiss to the top of your head. "Ajak will have our heads for this."
"I know," you allowed him to rock you back and forth, "but it's over." At least, for now.
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ilovemanypeople · a month ago
A symbiote and a stranger
Venom/Eddie Brock X Reader
words: 2976
N/A: I saw Venom: let there be Carnage, and I couldn't help but not write anything, my hand itched, and here it is.
Tumblr media
Venom walked around the party and always ended up getting a neon light necklace, he was happy but he kept thinking about Eddie and was feeling too weak.
He was about to leave the party when he smelt a recognizable smell, he turned around and followed the smell, it was a place further away from all those people. There were only a few people, actually more couples there.
Venom followed the smell and found himself in front of a woman who was melting a chocolate bar.
"Chocolate..." he stuck out his tongue, you were startled and looked at him.
"D-Do you want some?" you asked fearfully, Venom nodded and ran his tongue across your face, pulling out the chocolate drops.
You picked up a bowl and put the chocolate in.
"Would you like some fruit?"
"No fruit!" The bowl was taken from your hand and he poured it into your mouth "More!" He handed you the bowl.
You don't know how much you fed, but the chocolate had run out. Taking off your apron, you stepped out from behind the table you were at and walked.
"Where are you going?" Venom followed you.
"We're out of chocolate, so I have nothing to do here" you shrugged.
"Help me" Venom staggered and ended up leaning on you, it made you fall "Sorry!" He got off you and sat down next to you.
"T- that's okay" You straightened up "That's... This isn't a fantasy.
"I'm an alien, I need to get back to Eddie, but this body can't take it" he breathed hard.
"What do you mean? An alien?" you looked at him.
Venom looked at you and grabbed your ankle, his black goo moved into your leg and you screamed.
"What the hell?" You stood up and felt something enter you and now you had a dead body in front of you "Please... get out of me!" You became agonized.
A black like came out of your shoulder and ahead with white eyes and sharp teeth stared at you.
"Stay calm, I won't kill you," Venom said trying to calm you down "I hope your body can take it"
"W-What do you mean my body can take it? What are you?"
"I'm Venom and I need to eat.
"L-look I don't understand ...."
"I feed on brains and chocolate, your chocolate fed me, but I need brains"
You paled a little and blinked very slowly.
"So... You survive on phenylethylamine?"
"You... That's right!" Venom licked his face "Eddie never knows how to say that word"
"It's the things in common of those two... food, you could put it that way" you reassured yourself more "So, you want a brain?"
"I'd love one"
"I can take you to one.
"I do!" Venom licked you again and you ended up smiling a little.
"Come on"
Venom returned to his body and you left the party, heading to the destination you wanted.
On the way, you guys started talking. You didn't have much to say as Venom ended up knowing a lot and you about him.
"So, Eddie Brock is your boyfriend?" You asked tying your hair into a bun.
"Boyfriend? Maybe, I don't know. We never talked about it."
"When you get back to him, talk about it" you stopped in front of a bar.
"Is this it?"
"Yeah, he'll be out soon. Pick him up in the alley." You walked towards the place.
"He's your father" Venom saw your memories coming to the surface "He did all this to you? No one helped you?"
"I stayed with him when my mother died and that was it" you sighed, the black goo came off your shoulder and Venom looked at you.
"He hurt you"
"I know it's not a very nice brain to eat, but it's what I have to offer"
"It's a brain, I appreciate that" his tongue swiped across his mouth.
"Ok, do what you do" you smiled and Venom transformed his body.
Venom jumped onto a roof and waited for the man to come out the back. Your father was thrown out of the bar by a customer, he was suitably drunk and drugged.
"FUCK YOU!" He shouted and spat on the door.
Venom came down from the roof and stood face to face with him.
"What... what the fuck is this?"
"You should ask, who am I," Venom said hoarsely, a tendril of his curled around the man's right ankle. The same man screamed and Venom grinned psychopathically with his sharp teeth.
"You should suffer, you made her suffer and he has trauma because of you" More tendrils appeared and wrapped themselves around the man's arms and another leg, they began to pull. The man screamed in pain, feeling his limbs breaking off.
"For one thing you'll be useful in life" Venom opened his mouth, licked the man's face, and with one bite, he bit off his head and was punished.
He released the body and ran his tongue over his lips.
"You don't eat him whole?" You asked in his head.
"No" Venom used one of his tendrils to toss the body into the trash "Are you alright?"
"Yeah, I didn't taste it, I saw the whole thing, but... I don't feel sorry" you stated.
"Don't feel guilty, I'll buy you a snack later" Venom jumped onto the roof, you laughed.
"We're going to help you now, find Eddie"
You went to Eddie's flat and he wasn't there, then you went to Mrs. Chen's shop, and that's where Venom stayed, with her. I mean, he went inside her body.
"I hope you find Eddie.
"When I find him, I'll look for you" Venom licked his lips again "I want him to meet you"
"Okay, bye Mrs. Chen and Venom"
You went home and you weren't so much looking forward to seeing Venom again, in fact, you were already happy that your body had put up with that alien.
The world was in chaos, you were watching everything on TV. A church had been destroyed by two monsters, and one of them you knew very well. It was Venom.
"Oh my God...."
"Where are you taking us, Venom?!" Eddie shouted in the symbiote's mind.
"I'm taking us to meet my piece!" Venom jumped from building to building.
"What piece?! Venom!" Eddie shouted, but the symbiote ignored him.
You were in your pajamas and eating an instant noodle while watching the news.
You rolled the noodles on your fork and put them in your mouth all happy, but when you tried to pick them up again everything fell out. A loud bang had been given on your window, making you jump in fright and spill all the noodles until you went to the floor.
"Two bodies have been found at the cathedral site, those responsible for this act have yet to be caught and the information they have them is very superficial"
You lifted your head a little and looked at the window, a sharp smile and white eyes were stuck to the window glass.
You stood up and opened the window
"Piece!" Venom ducked and reached in, he ended up hitting his head on the ceiling with everything.
"Look out, venom!" You guffawed and Venom sat up.
"Huh" You closed the window "What did you call me?"
"Piece" Venom licked his mouth.
"What was that, Venom!?" Eddie was freaking out.
"Ok, I saw some blurry pictures of you in the paper" you sat up in bed.
"Yes! I ate another brain and my son" Venom sat up in your bed and you heard her snap "Oh, sorry"
"It's okay..." You laughed nervously.
"I want you to meet Eddie"
Venom eventually disappeared and next to you appeared a man with a tired face.
"Hi..." He scratched the back of his neck.
"Pleased Eddie, I'm Y/N" You smiled sympathetically "Venom has told me a lot about you"
The black goo came off Eddie's shoulder and looked at you.
"Spoke badly did he?" Eddie laughed.
"Yeah, but every couple has their rough moments" you three finished laughing.
"Let her come with us, Eddie" Venom ordered and ran his face across the man's cheek
"No, you're crazy!" Eddie looked at him angrily.
"Go where?" You inquired curiously.
"We have to get out of here, let's disappear for a while" Eddie sighed "There's footage of us, we'd better get out of here"
"Ah... I understand" you were a little sad, you had enjoyed Venom, his company was fun.
"Come with us!" Venom licked your neck and you laughed "You're nice, no more than Eddie, but you're nice"
"Thanks for the compliment" you patted his head "I... I don't have anything holding me here and I've got a nice bit of money saved up.
"Wait, are you sure you're going to travel with a parasite and a strange person?" Eddie asked incredulously.
"I just accept you calling me a parasite now because I don't want The Stump to see us fighting" Venom squinted his eyes.
"Venom's the only interesting thing that's happened in my life so far, I think if I stay close to him, more things will happen" You laughed as Venom started to lick you all over.
"It's okay, he seems to like you, and he's not that"
Eddie and Venom were chatting, they were loving being in the peace of the beach, feeling the sand between their fingers and talking about their relationship. Meanwhile, you were in the middle of the coconut forest, two black tendrils were wrapping themselves around two coconuts and pulling them down from above. They came down and you took the coconuts.
"Thank you" You smiled, it was amazing how Venom could do so many things at once.
The tendrils, which were once round at the ends, turned into sharp points, each one stood on top of a coconut and pierced it quickly and easily. You were dumbfounded and a few drops of coconut water were on your face, but the tendrils, now round, began to pass over your face.
the tendrils curled around each wrist of yours gently and guided you to where the couple was.
"Piece!" Venom came over to meet you and licked your mouth, you smiled and sat down next to Eddie "Coconut water" you handed it to him, who gladly accepted it.
"But there's no straw" he frowned.
"Here" you rummaged through your bag on the sand and picked up two metal straws.
"Thanks" he took one.
"Good thing Y/N cares about the turtles," Venom said, you commented to the symbiote what the straws do to those animals.
You stood like that for a while, looking at the sea and drinking the coconut water, Venom stood with his head in between you, he loved each one there very much, and he would eat many heads to protect you both.
After a time, you stood up and walked to the sea, the water was up to your ankles.
"I found it!" you smiled showing them a small thing in your hand, Venom stretched further and stood face to face with you.
"What's that?"
"Shell, there are quite a few here"
Venom looked down and saw how many they had there.
"Are they for eating?" he picked one up with a tendril.
"No, people use them to make crafts or as an ornament" You picked up another one.
"Can we make something for Eddie with that?" you now had tendrils picking up a bunch of shells.
"Sure, for all of us" You smiled "We can make a bracelet for each"
Eddie watched you both, as he finished his coconut water, He didn't know if he loved you, on account that the symbiote did, or if it was his own love; but you became one of the best companions for him. You taught him to meditate and found that rain noise calmed him, he taught you to play cards and even ride a motorbike, he learned that he could lead a quiet life.
You and Venom had never crossed the friendship barrier, obviously, Eddie felt what the symbiote felt, and sometimes Venom didn't know how to take that big step, and neither did Eddie. But he will never deny, that when he wakes up in the middle of the night and sees you hugging him tight and Venom's tendrils around your waist, he feels at home.
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chiefdirector · a month ago
Dating Eddie Brock would include…
Tumblr media
Okay so you’d be the first relationship since Anne
So it would take a while for him to fall into a comfortable rapport with you
and then you would have to throw in the parasite symbiote that lived inside of him
learning to live with a man who shared a body with an alien who wanted to eat humans was a change of lifestyle to say the least
Venom would like you as you made Eddie happy, and if Eddie was happy, Venom got a way with a lot more
and you also sided with Venom from time which got you in his good books
but if you happened to be a match for Venom like Eddie was, be prepared to never leave the relationship
Eddie would be eternally thankful that you we not only willing to deal with him but with venom
he would try to do little things to show his gratitude like booking dinner in a nice restaurant for you as a surprise
or he brings home your favourite flowers
(If Venom didn't destroy them on the way home. He's clumsy okay?!)
I feel like Eddie is 110% a cuddler
like so much so it becomes a hinderance in the mornings as he won't let you up
as much as Eddie likes being the big soon, he also loves being cuddled
You would meet Anne at one point and both of you became fast friends over the weirdness of being around an alien
she would tell you about how to get Eddie to do what you want
which becomes very helpful from time to time
but most of all, dating Eddie Brock would include having your life turned on its head, all for the better
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fic-dumpster · 3 months ago
Deer in headlights | Short stories: Coffee and a carnage
Bonten x Reader | Canon divergent | 1214 words
Warnings: suggestive content MDNI, mild violence, stalking, grammar mistakes, Can be read as a stand alone fic. Kind reminder to pls pls read my rules.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why would they send you after coffee? You didn't understand. Again, you’ve never seen any of them drink coffee! Okay, maybe Takeomi did. But that's beside the point.
You knew they were doing some Bonten thing, and they didn't want you to mingle with that. But they should have told you! Not a “Y/N, Sweet-cheeks? Could you go and get us coffee?” Excuses! Sanzu even had that expression on his face, the one with the weird lying smile on.
“I even had to walk for forty minutes because no coffee shop near their office sells the one Takeomi drinks,” you grumbled out loud. Your mood has plummeted since you were having some trouble walking with 9 cups.
To make things worse, a guy has been coincidentally walking the same way as you for the last fifteen minutes, and every time he checked his watch, his eyes stayed a little too long over your body.
If the stalker tries anything, I’m sorry, Takeomi, no coffee for anyone. I’m throwing the coffee at that creep, you reckoned.
Fifteen minutes is a lot; you know that, but there was something that told you to keep walking as of nothing happens. “That’s it,” you mumbled to yourself. You decided to make some random turns and hurrying your strides to see if he still followed you.
Bad choice, the suspicious man darted towards you. “Hey! Wait, I just want to talk!” like hell, you would stop. But walking fast with 9 cups of coffee in bags wasn't helping you either. The creep was about to reach you when two bodies collided with you, almost making you drop the bags.
“Man, be careful with the girl!” The creep tried to play hero. Not a second later, you were facing two very broad backs in really expensive suits. You didn't know exactly what happened, but the man ran as fast as he could, away from you.
Even before the two figures turned around, you would recognize those wild-colored hairs anywhere.
“Sanzu? Kokonoi? What are you doing here?” As happy as you were for their presence, you were baffled at their sudden appearance.
“Kokonoi here,” Sanzu pointed at his companion, “made a scene about how could we send Y/N alone and without money to-“
“Forget that,” said Kokonoi as he grabbed two of your bags. “Let’s go,”
“Why does he hate me?” You asked to none in particular.
“He doesn't; just give it time. Anyway, are you okay?” Sanzu took the last bag left, not without chuckling as he winked at you before he continued walking.
“Yep,” he responded. you scurried after Sanzu, then you held his arm in yours.
“I’m glad,” but you didn't see how both men had a darkened look on them.
Sanzu understood why Kokonoi was in such an unpleasant mood. He was also burning in anger at the scene they arrived at, but taking it out on you wouldn't help in the long run. Sanzu had a feeling that Kokonoi tends to forget what the whole ordeal with you is about.
Back at the office, they reported what happened in your coffee adventure.
“Why were you so far?” asked Kakucho with a stern voice.
You felt like a child being scolded. “Kaku-chan, it's just that I couldn't find the brand that Takeomi likes and I-” you were interrupted by none other than Takeomi himself.
“What?” Takeomi seemed lost, “I didn't say anything.”
“I know you didn't ask for it, but I knew you like that one,” you still tried to explain.
“And how did you afford this?” questioned Mochizuki as he took one of the cups from the bag.
“When I resigned from my job at the restaurant, I got some money!” you happily chirped.
“Little lady, you shouldn’t spend your shit on us,” explained Ran.
“Yeah, why didn't you ask me or anyone here?” added Rindo
“Kokonoi said not to ask for money,” you declared.
“I didn't mean it like that!!” today wasn't Kokonoi’s day. Every pair of eyes present gave him a murderous look.
After another series of scoldings from them to you and surprisingly to Kokonoi as well, everyone went on their usual business. Takeomi stayed behind just to say thank you for going out of your way for him but not to do it again.
Mikey was the last one; he didn't move an inch from his seat since the whole thing began, and to be honest, you were kind of nervous.
“Manjiro?” you whisper.
“Come here, Doe,” he ordered.
You walked to his seat at a fast pace. As soon as you were in Mikey’s reach, he pulled you towards his lap. You weren't the most graceful flower when it came to intimacy, and he knew that. He enjoyed that detail about yourself. His doe was like a blank canvas for an artist to fill up.
Mikey just wondered how much paint you could take.
You were trembling on his lap. Legs at his sides and your chest pressed against his. Mikey’s hands wandered up and down your throat, then your sides, and for them to end in your tighs. It seemed to you like he was checking for something more than caressing your body.
“You sure you are okay, Doe?” Mikey blew his words against your lower lips.
He loved that look in your eyes. The wide eyes, shining gaze directed only to him. He could see you freeze, panic, wonder what to do, and finally, do nothing.
You always allowed him to go as far as he wanted, and you never said anything. Where you curious? He marveled. Where you scared? A possibility. All those thoughts crossed his mind as he moved his lips against your skin. Never kissing, just brushing your skin.
Mikey could feel your hands gripping his clothes. The more he advanced on your skin, the harder you held him. Little sounds escaped your parted lips while the ups and downs of your irregular breathing made you bump your chest against his.
You were in so deep of a trance that you didn't notice Sanzu entering, and with just one glance from Mikey, Sanzu knew he had permission to proceed with what they all silently agreed. No man stayed alive after messing with what belongs to them.
A reporter was speaking in the morning news. “An entire gang in the Shinjuku Ward has been slaughtered; the police couldn't find any evidence. It's believed to be a settlement of scores.” you peek at the news before continuing with your breakfast.
“What awful way to wake up,” you mumbled with a spoon in your mouth.
“Better turn it off, Doe,” suggested Mikey.
You nodded in agreement, “By the way, where's Sanzu? His turn was last night, and he didn't come.” You said with a sad tone in your words.
“He was busy with some stuff. Don’t worry, he will make it up to you,” said Mikey as he pressed the remote.
“The main suspect is the criminal group Bo-“ you didn’t hear the last words of the reporter on the TV as you walked to the sink.
If you had, maybe you would have seen the list of people the police suspected were dead. One of them being your stalker from yesterday.
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demonsandmischief · 2 months ago
Chance Encounter
A Venom Imagine
Eddie Brock x Female Reader
1.1K Words
TW - attempted sexual assault w/ knife and the emotional aftermath
his tattoos are my trigger ⬇️
Tumblr media
***PLEASE NOTE *** THERE ARE TRIGGER WARNINGS. ALSO - this is not great, actually it sucks, but I cant just delete all of my hard work when it's already a completed imagine. So I'm using it as a start into writing for Eddie. I loved the first Venom movie - I've watched it so many times, but the second one is incredible. I am obsessed. THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS TO VENOM 2! PLEASE READ AT OWN RISK.
-Chance Encounter-
One moment, one symbiote, and one punch to the face.
"I'm hungry," Venom whined to Eddie who winced, grabbing chocolate from the shelf.
"That's why we are at the store, dipshit," Edfie huffed quietly. "You're giving me a headache."
"You're giving me a headache, Eddie," Venom copied.
He shook his head, swiping all of the chocolate options off the shelf and into the basket.
Their banter was mutual and normal, especially after the events of Carnage. Venom and Eddie had an understanding for each other, a bond that was slowly developed despite all of the chaos and change it caused.
"I do miss our apartment, and Mrs Chen," Venom said, oddly sentimental for such a hot headed symbiote.
"Me too," Eddie said, gathering his bags. "But we are the lethal protector, remember? Can't stay in one place too long."
The cool night air was refreshing on their skin as they stepped out, starting the long walk to the crappy motel they were staying at.
"Listen," Venom whispered, and Eddie perked up, hearing sounds of distress.
"Oh yeah, lethal protector to the rescue," Venom cheered.
"Remember what we talked about, Venom."
"No showing myself unless there's an actual emergency so we don't give anyone else a heart attack."
"And?" Eddie walked towards the alleyway.
The symbiote growled, "And no biting off heads which is a dumb rule."
He rolled his eyes, letting his eyes adjust to the lack of streetlight.
"Get off." He heard the muffled cry coming from you where you were struggling against a much larger male.
"Hey," Eddie yelled, startling you. You felt relief flood your body.
"Leave us alone, dude. This ain't got nothing to do with you." The man in front of you squared his shoulders, trying to look intimidating in front of the man who had an alien living inside of him.
"What a dick," Venom muttered.
"Are you okay?" Eddie asked you, peeking around the him. "Is he bothering you?"
You wiped the blood from your busted lip onto your sleeve, giving the strange man a nod. You couldn't see much of him, but you could already tell something was different about him.
"You're going to wish you had minded your business," the man growled, raising his fist and knocking Eddie in the nose.
"Ow, shit," he groaned, cupping the fiery hot pain that spread over his entire face. "What the hell? Why did you let me take that?" he whispered angrily.
"I wanted to see what you would do. You are weak," Venom said.
"Thanks a lot."
"Who are you talking to?" the man asked with furrowed brows.
You were wondering the same thing as you moved to his side. "Are you okay? Did he hit your head or something?"
"No, it's normal," Eddie said, straightening so he could look at you. You were beautiful, and the thought was odd since he hadn't looked at anybody since he and Ann broke up. "You're bleeding," he whispered, gently reaching for the injury on your lip but he stopped his hand mid-air.
You were yanked back by your shoulder and you yelped, stumbling and catching yourself before you fell.
"Don't touch me," you gasped, moving away from the slimy man's grasp. His name was Josh and he was your friend, a really good one at that. Tonight at dinner he had come onto you too strongly - and he wasn't even drunk. He just couldn't take no for an answer and hit you right in the face. You were afraid he would have done much worse if this little distraction didn't happen.
"You should listen to her," Eddie said. "You really don't want to fight me."
"Us," he corrected with a cough.
Josh gave a chuckle, "You think I'm scared of a boy who can't even take a punch?" He pulled out a pocket knife, pointing it at him. "Get out of here. That's your last warning."
You squirmed, trying to distance yourself but Josh wasn't letting up, instead he moved the knife to your back and you stilled.
"He can't hurt her."
"For once I agree with you," Eddie said, allowing Venom's tentacles to appear and diffuse the situation. Josh was flung against the brick wall and over a dumpster.
Your knees gave way and you hit the ground harshly. You couldn't believe Josh. He was one of your closest and only friend. What had happened?
You brushed away the first tear and the panic you had been surpressing became difficult to swallow.
Also, did your incredibly handsome rescuer have tentacles and super strength?
"Are you hurt?" Eddie asked, feeling bad he couldn't catch you before you collapsed. He crouched down, giving you a glance over for injuries.
You shook your head, burying your face in your hands, emotionally exhausted and unable to accept the situation.
"Alright, come on. Let's get you up," he encouraged. You didn't seem to be frightened of him, so he took it as okay to gently grip your arms and helping you stand.
"Why do you have tentacles?" you whispered.
"It's a condition," Eddie muttered.
"A condition? You said you'd stop calling me names."
"I'm Eddie Brock by the way," he said, ignoring Venom.
You introduced yourself to him, wiping the tears that continued to fall. You didn't know what would have happened if Eddie hadn't shown up.
He shuffled awkwardly, unsure of what to say or do to comfort you. He wanted to know more information, like if you knew the guy, but didn't want to press on the sensitive subject.
"Can I walk you home or wherever you are going?"
"I'd really appreciate that. I'm staying in that Motel on 6th."
"Oh, really? Me too," he said. "It's nice."
You chuckled despite your turmoil. Nice wasn't exactly the word you would use.
"Give her your jacket you fool."
"I'm sorry. I didn't even realize," he whispered, taking in your shrunken form like you were trying to hide in plain sight.
He shrugged out of his leather jacket, holding it out to you.
"You don't have to," you said.
"I'm happy to," he said, helping pull it up over your arms and over your shoulders.
"Thank you," you said softly. There was something comforting about his presence and his jacket. "for this and for saving me."
"I'm just glad I was there," Eddie said.
"And your nose is okay?"
"It's fine, all healed." He dipped his head so it was able to catch the street light.
You nodded and he grinned.
"You want to ask about my condition?"
His smile was contagious and you felt your lips tug up. It was a welcomed change in mood.
"I am a little curious."
"Let me talk to her."
"His name is Venom."
Here's my Masterlist. Next one will be more fluffy. :)) Requests open.
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kyberphilosopher · 11 months ago
Word Count: 3467 Requested: yes. Based off ‘505′ Warnings: strong hints to sexual disposition. Spoilers if you squint.
Tumblr media
“I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck... I did last time I checked.” -Arctic Monkeys, ‘505′.
With hoarse breath and unwavering eyes, you look up to the stars as you speak. “So, you’re really going to do it then?”
“I have to,” you hear him say. His voice has gotten far more mature and calm since the first time you’d heard him speak. Still angry and determined, but in an intelligent, adult way. Eren is a more capable person now. The only thing left to do is wait and see if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing. 
“What do you think are the chances of winning?” you question. A shooting star whizzes across the sky at that very moment, and it’s gone before you can think of a wish. 
You turn around to face him, but his eyes are already on you. Once upon a time, Eren’s eyes were emerald and teal and deep. Now they’re paler. They are cold and steady as a byproduct of who he’s become. It’s hard not to wonder what he’s thinking about when he looks at you like this, especially since he’s become harder to read over the years.
At first, Eren was one of the most insufferable people you’d ever met. He acted out so often, it was hard to see him as another person of intelligent life. You mostly just minded your business through your cadet years, usually hanging around Reiner, who was also difficult to see as intelligent life. Sometimes you and Eren would argue, but it was never passionate. You just had different world views. 
Things got better when you found out what Eren really was. Since you hadn’t made top ten, you could only choose between the Garrison Regiment, or the Scout Regiment. And with Eren’s newly discovered power showing the promise of hope, you decided on the Scouts. He liked that. 
After that, it was hard not to mature at the same time as he. Eren often blamed himself for the death and carnage that surrounded the regiment. You were solely responsible for the passing of your best friend. And after everything that happened with the government, almost dying at Shiganshina- you knew you couldn’t stand this much longer. With your relationship with Eren still budding in its early and steamy stages, he was the only one you told of your desertion. You abandoned the corps, finding a small, abandoned farm within wall Maria to hide out in. 
Eren was too tired and sick of everything to think you were being cowardly. He wanted to leave too. Maybe come with you. But Eren had plans in the works that he couldn’t leave alone. He visited you less and less. Luckily you never made a fuss. 
And now Eren wants to end the world, to save the world. How does he expect you to react to this?
“I just thought I should see you,” Eren replies. You know he’s deflecting your question. You’re not stupid. 
You nod slowly, blinking as you think. “Am I going to die?”
Your companion crosses his arms calmly. “Yes,” he tells you. 
There it is. 
“You know I can’t support you in this, right?” you tell Eren, equally as calm. 
He only replies after a moment, also in deep thought. “I know.”
You look back up to the sky, sighing out through your nose. “Why did you come, Eren? Did you want me to tell you that I think you’re doing the right thing? Or was it because you need to let out some anger? I wonder.”
“I did want to see you.”
“Do you still?”
“And I suppose there’s nothing I can do to change your mind?”
The stars are glittering with pastel hues, like a rainbow, or kaleidoscope. Each one is a different size, bordering on different shapes, all fusing and melting together like your idea of heaven. You can barely even see the midnight color of the sky through all them. It is beautiful, but it’s also bitter. Everything is bitter, here. 
“I didn’t make myself any dinner yet,” you say. “Couldn’t think of anything.”
When she was alive, Eren’s mother would make a soup for the family. It was creamy, hot, filled with meat and cheese at the bottom. Eren never liked soup, but he did love that dish. She was always sure to make extra for him, so that he could enjoy it for several days. And although it wasn’t until after she was gone that Eren realized he rarely ever thanked her for it, it was still one of the warmest memories Eren had. 
He fills your wooden bowl with it, being awfully generous. He knows that even though you haven’t eaten much in the last few years, you too had grown fond of the soup. He knows no matter how slowly you force it down, you are enjoying it. It burns the roof of your mouth every time, but you’ve never cared. All that matters is the creamy sauce, and the cow cooked to perfection. 
You stare at the fireplace beside you, flames cackling and licking upward. Eren sets the bowl in front of you, and takes the seat on the other side. You know he sets his long hair behind his shoulders. You’re already prepared. From your pocket, you produce a stretchy brown hair tie on the verge of snapping, handing it to him. 
“Thanks,” he says, even though this routine has happened however many times he’s seen you. 
“You’re welcome.”
The soup is as amazing as usual. You’re willing to bet Eren makes it even better than his mother did, but you dare not say it aloud. It’s creamy, perfectly seasoned. It goes down your throat, still steaming. 
“Does Mikasa know about this?” you question, taking one more delicious bite. 
“No. None of them do,” Eren answers. “Armin will figure it out soon.”
“You want me to kill ‘em?”
Eren shakes his head. To a lot of people, this would be taken as a joke. But this is nowhere near it. Your tone is too casual, too low for it to be humor of any kind. And the way the man across from you reacts- he’s thinking the same thing. 
“How are they, then?”
Eren thinks as he takes another bite, the warmth creeping up his chest sweetly. “They’re alright for now. I don’t know for how much longer. I can’t see everything.”
“Can you see who’s next?”
He squints at his bowl as if he were angry, but his eyebrows barely move. “Sasha.” 
Sasha. She was always a good presence to have around. While she seemed like the type of person who would annoy you, it was hard to hate her. And you admired her keen intuition anyway. 
“Will you give her something for me?”
Eren nods. Then you both go back to eating for a few seconds, basking in the orange glow from the flames. 
“How are things here?” he questions after a minute. 
“The same,” you tell him. “I think the cow might die soon.”
Some people might reply with condolences, or sympathy. But your lover does not, and you do not expect him to. “I’ll get you a new one,” he says flatly, almost like a promise. You nod once.
Despite the atmosphere which can only be described as bitter, you’re glad to see Eren again. You’re glad that he’s alive, and as alright as he can be. The bed is always colder without him, heated up only by your lingering fingers that you pretend are his every other night. Whenever he leaves an article of clothing behind, usually on purpose, you hold off on washing it so it can smell like him for you as long as possible. Then there are the hair ties you keep either in your pocket or on your wrist, specifically for him. The razors in your cabinet he often didn’t even bother using. 
Even with the sullen demeanor that had managed to overtake both of you, there was at least one thing you cared about in the world still. Maybe it wasn’t the most conventional kind of caring, or the healthiest coping mechanism. But it was still caring. And all that you cared about was him. 
You knew you weren’t Eren’s first priority. You were probably second, or third. It didn’t bother you. Eren’s head was one of the first things lost when the truth was presented to him. It came back coldly and sternly, in contrast to how previously hot and impatient it had been. But by then your head had also grown colder and sterner. In simpler terms, Eren did care for you. He did love you. But he would consider letting you die if it meant achieving what he set out to do, and you knew this. 
Across the table, Eren lifts his head to look up at you as he chews slowly. The burning meal slides down his throat easily, albeit painfully. It doesn’t even register with him, his piercing eyes slowly gaining a glint from the fire light. 
You meet his eyes after a few seconds, feeling them on you. You don’t say a word, don’t even give a questioning look. You just hold him patiently, which is something the two of you find yourself doing often. 
“You can’t stop it,” Eren speaks, looking you dead in the eyes with a steady gaze. There is love behind his eyes, far behind the anger, but you can tell from the tone of voice he is trying to tell you something as if it were an order. Your lips part slightly from the intensity radiating from your lover, who doesn’t move a muscle. “You’ll be free soon.” 
Dinner ends. Eren helps clean up the dishes for you and goes to get water from your well so you can clean easier. You already know from the way his thumb brushed against your own when you took the bowls that you’ll likely be bent over the sink in a few minutes, which you don’t mind, but you wonder if he’ll be willing to be softer than usual as an apology for what he’d said earlier. 
He’d meant to scare you. You’re intelligent enough to figure that out. Even though you don’t scare easy, and you didn’t even give an extreme reaction, the look in Eren’s eyes had made your heart drop to your stomach. Sometimes you forget that Eren sees everything. Then he says something like that to remind you in the most memorable way. 
The wooden door opens and closes behind you. Boots scuff the ground for a few seconds, drawing closer and closer as something in you sparks with anticipation, as it always does. A pail of water hits the surface beside you, partially sloshing over the sides, shining silver in the moonlight from the tall window in front of you. Finally, ultra hot hands slide around your waist and push gently but tightly against where your ribs diverge. 
A jaw leans down on your right shoulder, chin poking against your collarbone. Locks of hair brush against your own, just as the hand on the left runs across your side to finally put a small band in your pocket. 
“I did miss you,” Eren’s low voice seemingly growls, his chest rumbling softly against your back. 
“I was thinking about you,” you admit with monotone, knowing your lover can read through it like as easily as a knife slices through skin. 
“I hope I didn’t worry you,” he says, though you can also read through his own tone. He probably didn’t care about worrying you. He definitely doesn’t still. 
“You didn’t.”
You place a both bowls in the sink, running your fingers over the dirty spoons. Eren’s orbs follow your movement. You can feel his chin change positions ever so slightly in the coming seconds. 
“Can you pass me the rag?” you ask, eyes focused on a piece of food on the spoon that doesn’t even exist. 
In response, Eren doesn’t pass you anything. Only his right hand gives you any kind of acknowledgement, passing from on your ribs to down lower. His fingertips skin over the erogenous zone under the waistband of your undergarments. 
“I worried about you,” Eren murmurs boldly. The hot fingertips pass under the cloth finally, pricks of stubble on his jaw scratching your neck and shoulder as he shifts. “I wanted you to be okay.” His left hand raises to grasp the breast above it. Slowly at first, then firmly, like a warning. Everything is a warning with him. 
Your head lulls back uncontrollably. The back of your hair matts up as it rolls against his own shoulder. 
“I said you worried me,” your partner grumbles. “Did you hear me?”
“No,” you lie lowly, refusing to let your voice shake despite the shiver in your throat. 
“Mm,” Eren hums in condescending understanding. A force presses against your core, which has turned burning hot and ice cold at the same time. The force pulls away, a string of something smooth and slimy following it that makes a sound draw from your lips. It’s high pitched, weak, and unstoppable. You’d be embarrassed if you weren’t so associated with Eren. 
His hand gives your breast a firm squeeze, soreness blossoming from the center. Your back arches quickly and returns lax against him, though now something pokes against your bottom that makes your eyes pop open with a new alertness. Eren’s hand gives you no time again. From your chest, it flies to your throat, holding it back with soft strictness as the other finally dips into the hot pool between your hips. 
“I worried about you.”
A strangled groan releases from between your lips again, this time fully carried up through the air. To Eren, it must sound like nothing more than music, or background noise. 
Thick cylinders pump inside you to the knuckle. They feel better than your own. They always have. 
It feels good. Full. Tight and fast and like the inside of you is quivering under the weight of something that you can’t see or hear. Eren is like a blanket supporting you from falling over, keeping you upright with his grip and his fingers buried inside of you. Prodding every angle, every spot. Not necessarily romantically, but still lovingly. He has always had this goal during intimacy. Nothing matters but communicating to you just how close he wants to be. 
“Eren,” you choke, a dribble of spit sliding from the corner of your lips. 
“Again,” he hisses in response. His fingers hit a tight spot, making every muscle in your body clench at the same time. 
You don’t say another word, your mouth hanging partially open as you focus on everything around you. And it’s all Eren Jaeger. His smell, his growls, his voice, his breathing, his chest, his muscles, his hair, his anger, his bitterness, his intelligence, his determination. It’s overwhelming. It reminds you of getting swept in one of those waves at the ocean he described to you. He’s yours. No- more likely, you’re his. End of story. 
“I said again.”
“Eren,” you moan.  
His head nuzzles into your neck comfortingly, his fingers pushing faster and harder. You can feel how warm you are, never mind how slick. And the way your own body holds around his digits every time he pulls away is enough to make you all the more warm and slick. 
But then...
What is he doing?
He had said “you’ll be free soon”. And yet, here he is, gripping you tightly as he forces you into the corner of submitting. And yes, it is hot. It arouses you as it always has. But something about it makes your stomach turn into a knot of unpleasantness, in contrast to the other one of liquid pleasure. 
“Eren,” you strain, squirming against him. 
Eren speeds up again. A grunt falls from his own mouth from his own power, and you know he’s getting off almost as much as you are. It doesn’t stop feeling good. Feeling euphoric. 
It’s getting rougher. Rougher and harder and faster, more intense. 
Another gruff moan from him. 
“Eren! Stop! Stop!”
Eren’s palm softens away at once. It lifts away, his eyes opening and his hand stilling inside of you. He watches you shake as you gaze up to the ceiling, wide eyed. Your thighs sputter, entire body twitching. You didn’t cum. 
His eyes trail over you. You’ve worked up a steady sweat glistening and glowing, shivering and shaking and quaking because of him in the best way. You’re his. His partner, his friend, his ally he knows for a fact he can rely on.
“C-can we... Eren...” 
Drips of water dribbling down Eren’s temple. One of your hands are threaded in his brunette locks, holding them back so you can have an uninterrupted view. The other hand is dabbing cloth against his forehead and hairline, bathing him softly. 
He’d gone a while without bathing again. You could tell. Eren’s eyes are glued to yours, deep teal memorizing all the flecks in your own as if he hadn’t a million times over. 
Eren loves you. Dearly. He’d travel all seven hours and forty five minutes just to tell you that. He doesn’t know what made you stop earlier. He doesn’t ask. But he’s not mad. Overall, Eren understands that it doesn’t matter what you asked to stop for. You give the word, he obeys. Not because he has to, but because he loves you. 
Still, he knows something is wrong. You don’t show it. You’re steady, calm, mature, apathetic as always. But in the pit of Eren’s stomach, something brews. A warm, strange feeling of intuition and omniscience. 
“You look very pretty today,” Eren ventures, wondering only of your response. “Did I tell you that?”
Your eyes squint. “Thank you,” you reply back. 
The cloth continues to rub against his skin, cleaning something that probably doesn’t even exist. Dirt, maybe. Eren’s stopped taking care of his skin in the past few years. 
“You’re welcome.”
Your eyes squint again. This time, they gloss over with sharp wetness like glass. The eyebrows crease like a break, your bottom lip trembling as you suck it between your teeth. 
He doesn’t know what he was expecting. But your lover wasn’t expecting this. 
Eren hates when you cry. He can remember the first time he’d seen it, but not the most recent. You didn’t cry often- you were strong. Crying over something as useless and flimsy as emotions didn’t seem worth it. So what was this for? What were you about to make Eren break down inside over?
Your hand falls limply from his forehead. Shoulders hunch over in defeat, staring down at the floor as your hair covers over your face. And then the sniffles come, choked out coughs like sobs. 
Eren can see the lightest of bruises he’d left on you from earlier, but you’d never had a problem with it before. No, it was something else. But what?
Silent, your teeth grit together as you wince, tears streaming down your face inexplicably. 
“Earlier w-when you,” you gulp, snot beginning to form, “when you- I did worry a-about you. I- I don’t know why I didn’t...”
You stumble forward. Eren stands from your bath tub to catch you as you slump against him tiredly. 
“I hate it when you go.”
Eren switches positions with you, pushing you down to sit on the edge of the tub. He takes the wet rag from your hand and holds your shoulder back so he can have a good look at you. Then the cloth dabs against your own forehead, just as you had done to him. 
“I hate it here,” you sigh, a single tear drop blurring your vision as it falls finally. 
Your lover moves the cloth from your head to your cheeks, smearing the wetness into your skin and away. They moisten and dry, your eyes red and shiny. Eren tilts your head up under your jaw, creasing his brows and using the towel to clean closer to your eyes. 
“If it helps,” he says, looking straight into your eyes, “you’re crying, but I still think you look pretty.”
You’d be lying if you said that didn’t help even a little, because you love him. 
A soft smile creeps to your lips, your hands dropping in between your thighs. 
No I didn’t reread this lmfao enjoy. Hope I did you justice anon
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naruzumake · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"I became a demon and lost my memories. I wanted strength once again. Even though there wasn't a single thing I wanted to protect. I really didn't want to live in a world where I lost my family. For over a hundred years I committed pointless acts of carnage. It's a horribly sad... laughable... and ridiculous story."
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looooooooomis · 3 months ago
F I N A L  G I R L | S I X
Tumblr media
You were his final girl. And there was no chance in hell that anyone or anything was going to mess that up.
p a r t   s i x  |  t h e  c a b i n (part 2)
masterlist here
pairing: Billy Loomis x f!reader word count: 5k warnings: s m u t (18 +!!!!!)
A/N: I asked and yall delivered. you wanted a chapter from billy’s POV? you’ve got it! let me know if yall are liking it!! xxx
Perfection was the enemy.
That’s what Billy had always been told by his mother from the time he was a kid. Not a single soul on earth, not one goddamn thing, was perfect. Flaws were inevitable. They were human nature. Perfection was a farce; some might even say impossible.
And yet looking at you, as the two of you sat on the dock that overlooked the lake connected to the cabin’s property, he was sure he’d come damn close to finding the one perfect thing on this earth.
You were ethereal as you sat there with that small smile on your lips, watching the ripples dance along the top of the water. The moon was high in the sky, bright and illuminating, and the way it was hitting you was enough to make him forget how to breathe. You were just so fucking gorgeous, so fucking good. Too good. Too good for him, for this fucked up relationship he’d managed to coerce you into staying in. Too good for anything he’d ever be able to offer you. That much he knew for a fact.
But he was too fucking selfish to ever voice that in fear of having you agree with him.  
There was an ugliness inside of his chest, a darkness so foreboding that it consumed him most days. Its seed had been planted inside of his chest the night his mother left but it had taken over him the night he and Stu had killed Maureen Prescott.
That darkness, that ugliness, all of the bitter memories and feelings towards his own mother’s departure had consumed him entirely that night.
And he enjoyed it.
Immensely so.  
He thought of it often. Of the blood, of that feeling of power. But mainly, he thought of those few brief moments where it felt as though that helplessness inside of him, the one brought on by his mother leaving, was overshadowed by the sweet thrill of revenge. He latched onto that feeling and held onto it for dear life, especially where Sidney was concerned.
He knew he was blinded by that rage, by the thrill of chasing that high of revenge he felt that night all those months ago, but he didn’t care to stop it. In fact, he needed it. Now, more than ever. He and Stu had put so much fucking planning into just how they were going to get their hands on Sidney Prescott that it needed to happen. He needed to see it through.
Even if that meant staying with the one person he wanted gone all the while hurting the one and only woman he loved so wholly that it nearly killed him.
You were the sweetest high of them all.
Revenge, chasing that feeling of blood between his fingers, all of that paled in comparison to you. You were the one perfect thing in a world of carnage. The light in that overbearing darkness inside of him. You were…effervescent. And he was so entirely consumed by you that it scared him.
His feelings for you were intense and wild and ran so deep that the idea of losing you made him physically ill. He’d told you last night, as he worshipped your body like the deity you were, that he’d kill for you and god, did he mean it. Kill for you, die for you, he’d do just about anything for you except the one thing you needed most. The one thing you deserved more than anything.
He couldn’t fully give himself to you.
His heart was yours for the taking, he hoped you knew as much, but the title of boyfriend and girlfriend, the ability to walk around Woodsboro together, the fundamentals of a normal relationship…that wasn’t feasible for you two.
Not yet.
He couldn’t dump Sidney yet. He needed to see his plans through, and part of those plans, a pretty fucking big part of those plans, relied on his relationship with Sidney.
Every fucking day he kicked himself for not breaking up with Sidney when he had the chance. Before his mother left, before these goddamn plans relied on his relationship with her, before everything went to shit. One month prior to his mother leaving, Billy had his fucking chance of leaving Sidney to officially pursue you and he’d royally shit the bed.
He could remember the night the pair of you had gotten together as clear as day. He thought about it so fucking often, fucked himself to the thought of you that night so goddamn often that it felt more like a movie, at this point, than real life.
It had happened by accident, if he was being honest. He’d had the biggest hard-on for you for years but the timing of everything was always so fucking complicated. He would be single, then you’d be dating someone, you’d break-up with whatever golden boy you were with and he’d start dating whoever caught his interest that week.
And then Sidney happened.
He had loved Sidney once. He wasn’t that fucking heartless. He and Sid ran hot and heavy for a solid year all the while you casually dated around. But, even as his feelings with Sidney strengthened, those niggling feelings he’d always had for you were always there.
Kept at bay for the sake of your friendship. For the sake of his relationship.
Until one day, those feelings became too much.
It was a Tuesday. The worst day of the week, in Billy’s mind, but the best fucking day of his life thus far. It was your birthday and you looked so fucking perfect in your slip dress and black boots. You were glowing, you were happy. And as you strolled into English ten minutes late with a guilty smile on those pretty lips, something inside of Billy switched.
He suddenly felt as though he was suffocating as you slipped into your seat and flashed him one of those small smiles that had always driven him wild. It was the first time he’d seen you that day, having woken up late as per the usual, and as he slipped you a small piece of paper with the words happy birthday, gorgeous written in his shitty handwriting, the look he’d gotten in return almost killed him.
It was a look between bashfulness and sheer joy, one obviously torn on account of the word gorgeous because for as close as the two of you were, there was a line drawn in the sand of what was appropriate and what wasn’t. That wasn’t appropriate, he knew that much. But, fuck, did he need to say it.
Say it, scream it to the high heavens, write it on every surface imaginable. He just needed you to hear it. Even just the once.
And then he saw you flip the paper over to scribble your own note.
Movie at mine tonight? I invited Sid + the gang. Would have invited you earlier but you’re a lazy piece of shit and slept in.
He’d grinned at that before ripping another piece of paper off of his untouched notebook.
I’ll be there.
And, he was. A little after six, he and Sid had rolled up to your house only to find Randy, Stu and Tatum already there. You were still in that goddamn dress, still wearing that same smile that drove him to madness, when you’d swung open that front door and as the night progressed as you all mindlessly watched shitty movies and drank cheap beer you’d managed to steal from your parents, Billy was finding it harder and harder to focus on anything but you.
He’d blamed it on the alcohol at the time, but he knew better with a sober mind. He’d wanted you for so damn long and there was something about that day, about your birthday, about that random Tuesday that made all of those buried feelings come to the surface.
It was somewhere between the second and third movie that Billy’s hands slipped beneath the blanket that was strewn across your lap to gently squeeze your thigh. You’d jumped at the sensation and he could remember, clear as day, that look on your face when your eyes met his. Something between shock and awe, confusion and elation, marred that pretty face. But it was the look of curiosity that settled on your face that made Billy’s hand slowly proceed up your bare thigh.
At first, before he’d reached anywhere near the hem of your dress, his hand stilled. He didn’t want to push you or assume you wanted this but, as he watched you swallow hard and as he felt your thighs slowly part for him, almost on instinct, he couldn’t help himself. Slowly, agonizingly so, his hand inched up your thigh as the movie played on. It was risky, he knew it was. Sid was right beside him, Stu and Tatum splayed out on the floor in front of you guys and Randy was half-comatose on the chair to your right.
You were both surrounded, but try as he might to stop himself, to will some semblance of willpower to his brain, his hand continued up your leg until he was pushing your panties to the side with shaking hands.
He’d wanted this, wanted you, for so long and as his fingers slipped through your sopping folds, Billy swore he’d never been harder in his life. He’d never been more turned on, more aroused, and it was all because of you.
His fingers were slow, deliberate, methodical, as they coaxed your clit and while he kept his head forward, he was watching your every move out of the corner of his eye.
Memorizing you, mesmerised by you.
The way your lips parted, the way your chest began to heave, subtly so, as your breathing slowed. You were struggling to keep your eyes open as your thighs spread even wider for him, but he dared not quicken his pace. He wanted this vision of you looking so fucking ethereal to last. He needed it to in fear that this would be both the first and last time he would be the reason for that very look on your face.
“Honestly,” Tatum’s voice had sliced into the silence of the room, startling both you and Billy as his pace on your clit ceased entirely. “Keanu Reeves could do anything to me, like, anything, and I’d thank him.”
“I’m going to grab some air,” you’d choked out, pushing his hand away as you sprang up from the couch faster than a bullet. You’d barely glanced over your shoulder when Randy screamed for another beer but, with a wave of your hand, you agreed nonetheless and slipped outside before Billy could so much as fathom what had just happened.
Nobody but Billy seemed to bat an eye at your absence, all too engrossed in the movie or about how hot Keanu Reeves was to so much as question as to why the birthday girl had disappeared. But, as guilt began to fenagle into his gut, Billy knew he had to apologize.
“I’m going to grab another beer,” Billy’s lips brushed against Sid’s hair.
“Sure,” she’d nodded, still enraptured in whatever shitty movie you’d thrown on.
“Grab me one too, buddy,” Randy yawned, “birthday girl’s taking her sweet ass time.”
Sure enough, as Billy crossed the kitchen towards your back door, there you were. Sitting on one of the steps looking out into the dark yard with an unopened can of beer in your hands. Randy’s fucking beer, he’d guessed.
“Hey,” he was quiet as he slipped out the back door and as he lingered far enough away from you to ensure he’d given you enough space, the look on your face left him reeling. “I owe you an apology.”
“Billy,” you’d groused, staring him down. “What the hell was that?”
A moment of weakness, he’d wanted to say. But instead, “I was being stupid. I wasn’t thinking.” Only he had been thinking. Probably the clearest thinking he’d done since laying eyes on you way back when in freshman year.
“Neither of us were thinking.” You’d sounded so flustered, so angry, but the look on your face was pure confusion. “You’re with Sid. She’s my best friend. You’re one of my best friends. Whatever that was, shouldn’t have happened.”
“You’re right,” he was silent but nodding along to your words. “I’m sorry.”
He could remember the way your shoulders sagged in what appeared to be defeat as you shook your head. You were torn and it was obvious. “Why did you do it?”
It was a question he shouldn’t have answered, he knew that. He should have apologized again and begged for your forgiveness but, instead, for the first time in a long time, he was entirely honest with himself.
With you.
“Because I wanted to,” he’d pushed out slowly. “And, if your reaction was any indication, you wanted that, too.”
“Billy!” You’d yelped and sprang to your feet. In three steps, you’d crossed the threshold of your porch to gape across at him. “What the fuck? Whether or not we wanted that at all shouldn’t matter, dipshit. You’re with Sid, you fucking idiot!”
“I know,” he’d nodded, half expecting you to leave the porch right then and there to tell Sid everything. That was when your words truly sank in. Licking his lips, Billy’s brow furrowed as he stepped towards you. “Wait, what did you say?”
“I called you a fucking dipshit, you dipshit. You’re with Sid, you—”
“After that,” he’d muttered, “you said whether or not we wanted it.”
It was the look he’d gotten out of you right then and there that sealed his fate. It was the slow realization of your wording, the look of fear mixed with relief. You’d stormed back into your house after that without so much as another word with Randy’s beer in tow, but he’d come back to your room that night demanding answers.
And he’d gotten them.
You’d nearly bit his head off as you whisper-yelled at him and slapped him across the face to really drive your point home. But then he’d kissed you and it was game over. After years of burying his attraction to you, years of concealing those fucking feelings, he had you all to himself.
You hadn’t fucked that night and, frankly, he didn’t give a shit. He’d touched you though, all night long, and tasted every inch of you as he worshipped your body the way it was meant to be worshipped, the way he’d wanted to for all those years. If it had been up to him, he never would have left your room that night. He would have holed up in your bedroom for the rest of his days if it meant having you all to himself without the outside world having any effect on you.
But that wasn’t the way life worked.
He had plans to break up with Sidney about a week into your affair but pussied out when she’d had a particularly shitty day on account of an argument with her parents.
So, he waited another week. And then his mother left, and everything went to shit.
Everything, except you.
He’d punched a brick wall when his mother had left and, rather than go to his girlfriend’s house, he went straight to yours. He’d cried that night, much to his chagrin, more than he’d ever cried in his life. But you were there through it all. Holding him, kissing him, listening to him pour his heart out as he tried to make sense of what the fuck had happened.
He’d been open with you about everything that night. Which was ironic given not seven days later, he’d killed Maureen Prescott with the help of Stu and, in turn, completely closed that part of himself off from you.
It was a strange feeling. You knew so much about him, more than anyone ever had, but he couldn’t bring himself, wouldn’t bring himself, to tell you about the killing. About his plans for Sidney. Because, frankly, he knew the chances of losing you were far too big.
He couldn’t quite gauge how your reaction would be. What if you ran screaming? What if you tried to call the police? Or, possibly worse, and the one that kept him up most nights, what if you left? What would he do then?
Without you, Billy was numb.
You were the light in that darkness inside of him. He couldn’t lose you, couldn’t involve you. Not if he had a say in it.
So, he’d continue on like this for as long as he could push it until it came time to ridding himself of Sidney Prescott. He only hoped that you’d grant him that time he so desperately needed because if you left him again…
No, he wouldn’t think like that. He couldn’t.
He loved you too fucking much to think of losing you.
“Penny for your thoughts?”
Your voice snapped him out of his reverie and, as he focused in on your face from across the dock, it was as though he was seeing you for the first time. You looked so gorgeous with the moon cascading down on your face, so beautiful that he’d nearly lost his breath. He’d never loved anything in his life as much as he loved you and he was sure that he never really would.
Reaching across the divide, he grabbed your hand and brought it up to his lips. “You,” he simply said. “They’re always of you.”
He watched that grin on your face broaden as a bubble of laughter filtered out of your lips. “Jesus, Billy,” you groaned, “lay it on thicker, would you?”
“C’mere,” he beckoned, pulling your arm towards him. When you stood up to your full height only to then plop down on his lap, he circled his arms around your waist and leaned his chin on your shoulder. “Did you have a good time up here?”
You hummed and nodded. True to his word, he’d taken you out earlier that day. To the movies, to a random Farmer’s Market you’d laid your eyes on. Anywhere you wanted, he went, and he held your hand and pulled you in close to kiss you any chance he could.
“It’s nice being able to just…be, you know?” You leaned against his chest. “Just be us. Without worrying about anything or anyone.”
“Just you and me, baby,” he squeezed you and kissed your shoulder. “And I promise, it’ll be like that for us one day. In Woodsboro, in fucking Los Angeles – wherever you want. It’s always going to be me and you, okay?”
You turned to face him and gave him a smile that nearly killed him. “I like the sound of that.” Slowly, you leaned in and your lips met in a gentle kiss. No matter how many kisses the two of you shared, how many nights he spent praising your body, he could never get enough of them. Of you.
Before he could further it, however, you pulled away and grinned down at him. “Up for a swim, Lover Boy?”
Billy’s brows furrowed. “It’s fucking freezing.”
You stood up from his lap and held his stare as you slipped your oversized crewneck over your head, tossing it at him with a quiet chuckle. “And?”
“And…” He watched you squirm out of your jeans, dragging your thong down with them as you slid them down those perfect legs of yours. He swallowed hard. “And I’m finding it harder to come up with a reason as to why this is a bad idea.”
The last thing he saw before you turned to jump into frigid water was your cheeky smile before you disappeared beneath the dark, murky surface. In the few seconds it took for you to swim up, Billy had already rid himself of his own pants and shirt and had jumped in to follow you.
Just as he thought, it was fucking frigid.
But, as he breached the surface only to find you grinning, albeit whilst shivering across at him, he couldn’t bring himself to care.
“You’re gorgeous, you know that?”
Your answer came in the form of dunking his head beneath the water but when he dragged you down with him only to kiss your purpling lips under the water, no other words were said.
All he could focus on was you. Even as you both swam to the surface and once his lips found yours yet again, the freezing temperatures were nothing compared to the heat spawning between you.
Your nipples were pert buds in his palms as he kneaded them, warming them in his hands as your tongues battled for dominance. But it was too cold to do anything in that lake and as you both came to terms with that with a simple laugh and another chaste kiss, the two of you made your way out of the lake and back into the cabin where you settled into the same bed he’d tied you up in the night prior.
Unlike before, this kiss that followed was not chaste.
It was bruising and hungry and fueled by every circumstance that prevented you from doing this more.
Billy’s fingers curled into the flesh of your hips as he held you there, kissing you with everything he had for every second he couldn’t before now.
Rolling you over so that you were on your back, Billy never once broke the kiss as he hovered beside you, leaning on one arm as his free hand trailed down that perfect body of yours. He pinched at your nipples, tickled the skin of your stomach, ghosted his way down across your mound before slipping his middle finger into your wet folds. Just as he’d done to you that first night on the couch on our birthday.
Fuck, he loved the feel of you.
He knew your body so well, knew that cunt so fucking well, and as he began to circle your clit with his middle finger, the moan that crawled through your lips made his already rock-hard dick twitch in delight.
“Fuck,” you hissed, breaking the kiss long enough for Billy to continue his assault down your jaw, your neck, and your clavicle before reaching your breasts. Sloppy kisses and gentle nips were all you felt before finally feeling the warmth of his mouth envelope your nipple. A soft groan tumbled out of your lips as he gave one of your nipples one long, firm suck before releasing it with a loud pop.
Slowly, those brown eyes met yours as he took your other nipple in his mouth, this time suckling softly as he leisurely continued to rub your clit. Reaching one hand up to the breast he wasn’t currently suckling on and the other to his hardened cock, Billy melted into your hand as you teased both him and yourself as you pumped his length.
He wanted nothing more than to have his cock slice into you, to feel you all over him and send you into a trembling fit, but neither of you were in that much of a rush to get this over with.
Spreading your legs, you bucked into his hand in an attempt to coerce him to go a little faster. He was teasing you and fuck was he good at it, but you needed more. You needed to feel him finger fuck you at the very least as he teased your clit – but Billy wanted you to beg for him. And he wasn’t quite ready to let you get there just yet.
“Billy, please,” you whined, sounding like a brat, but you didn’t care.
He laughed against your nipple and, much to your delight, he slipped two fingers inside of you as his thumb took over rubbing your clit.
Your head fall back against the pillow as a wave of ecstasy overtook you. You were giving him the most half-assed hand job in the entire world, but neither of you cared all too much. Billy was far too engrossed in watching your body writhe on account of his mouth and fingers and you were far too happy letting him do just that.
He just loved you so damn much and it scared the hell out of him. Never had one person pierced his heart the way you had. You were both the devil and the angel, and he couldn’t bring himself to stay away.
“Where did you go?” Your quiet voice tore into the silence of the room.
Releasing your nipple, brown eyes swept across your face but those dept fingers never stopped. When he didn’t answer right away, he watched your brows pucker in concern as you reached up to brush the hair back
“Hey,” you whispered, smoothing his hair down, “you’re a million miles away right now, where did you go?”
“Sorry,” he breathed out a quiet laugh through his nose. And then, he spoke the words he’d been terrified of voicing aloud in fear of the ruin that he seemed to cause. “I’m just…happy.”
And he was.
Even if he knew that the chances of it lasting were slim.
You chuckled softly. “That’s a good thing, right?”
He nodded and swallowed back his nerves. “Sorry,” he pushed out a forced laugh. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight.”
“Nothing’s wrong with you, idiot,” you smiled, pushing his hair back. “You’re allowed to be happy.” Your thumbnail scraped along his bottom lip. “You sure you’re okay?”
“I’m okay,” he avowed. “More than okay.”
Just as he had moments ago, Billy kissed down your jaw, your throat, your clavicles and your breasts – stopping briefly to tenderly bite and suckle on each one – before continuing down your stomach. Placing a sloppy kiss on the patch of hair gathering across your mound, Billy licked and sucked and nipped further and further down before placing one last kiss to your sopping lips before that tongue slipped into your folds, finding your clit immediately.
Billy didn’t hold back when it came to you, he never quite could.
How the fuck did he manage to get so lucky? You were a goddess in his eyes, this fucking force of a woman and you chose him?
He didn’t deserve it, he knew he didn’t, but he was done questioning it.
Since his mother left, Billy had almost deemed himself unworthy of affection. But you were always there, always reassuring him and it was his turn to show you just how fucking much he appreciated you. Loved you. Needed you.
He’d lost you once and somehow here you were. Trembling and pulling at his hair as he sucked and nipped at your clit.
“Billy, fuck,” you cried out, “baby, don’t stop.”
Fuck he loved that unintelligible side of you that came out when you were about to come undone. His tongue swirled and suckled at your clit as he kneaded your hips, pulling you further and further into his mouth as your entire body racked with pleasure. Your fingers pulled at his hair as your free hand groped your tits, pinching at your pert nipples with a ferocity so unhinged it made his cock pulse.
Your legs were the first things to give into the orgasm as it ripped through your entire body. They trembled and shook and bucked as that white-hot sensation warmed your entire body. His name ripped out of your throat as he continued to suck, not giving you a moment of peace as your body fought for control.
The veins in your neck swelled to the surface as you thrashed against that pillow. He wanted to make you come again and again, over and over until the weekend was long behind either of you. He never wanted to leave this room again, if he was honest. Fuck Woodsboro, fuck school and everyone else who had the nerve to expect something out of him when he had you here looking this fucking angelic.
Just when he was sure you weren’t going to take much more, he released your clit and crawled up your body before slipping inside of you.
You were soaked and the heat of your pussy as opposed to the cold of the lake made him breathe out a quiet groan as his forehead fell against yours. Your slick was all over his chin, his lips, his nose, but all you did was lean up and kiss him with every bit as urgency as he felt as he pumped into you.
He knew he wasn’t going to last long, not from the amount of build-up he’d just endured watching you get off to both his fingers and his mouth, but he wanted to preserve this moment in his memory for the rest of time.
The kisses were sloppy and lazy as he sliced into you. The both of you were breathless and sweaty but never had either of you felt so fucking close to the other. Nothing outside of the cabin existed in those few sacred moments.
“You’re so fucking perfect,” he breathed out, his voice thick and gruff, “you know that?”
Your answer came in the form of a mere kiss as your nails dug into his back, but he wasn’t quite done with the proclamations.
Not yet.
Pulling away just enough to peer down at your face, Billy smoothed every fly away piece of hair and slowed to a halt inside of you. Your thighs were wrapped around his hips, your nails still bled into the skin of his back, but the second those gorgeous eyes opened up to find his, the words were out of his mouth before he could think to stop them. “And I love you. So fucking much. More than I probably should.”
You smiled up at him and ran your fingers through his hair one final time before leaning up so that your lips were right beside his ear. “Show me how much.” Was all you said before giving his earlobe a gentle bite.
So, he did.
And he wouldn’t stop until he was sure you knew just how fucking serious about you he was.
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aesthetichorror · a month ago
Slashers That Finds out That Their S/O Gets Turned on by Danger
Michael Myers:
Tumblr media
Honestly, he's a little surprised when he learns about it. I mean, the first day you guys met, he was a little confused on why you weren't scared and making googly eyes at him when he threateningly attacked you with his knife. Michael now knows how to make you really happy when you two just got into a argument about you helping him with his murders. But all of a sudden, something crazy happened. Somebody screamed: "Look Out! Multiple cars are running into each other!" But it was too late. The dude who screamed got ran over by the car, then the cars crashed into each other. Of course, Michael wasn't phased, and wanted to take you home, but then he noticed that you were surprisingly super hot! You were acting like something awakened in you, you were holding your clothes really hard, you were moaning, and your clothes were exposing your breast, and then an explosion happened. A fire spread, but then you quickly came out of a gas station, with a unlit cigarette in your hand, and lit the cigarette from the fire. Michael's eyes were actually showing and he was shocked. As you smoke the cigarette with your messy hair and hot breasts, Michael realized that his S/O is a woman that needed to be tamed. After this, he sometimes purposely causes accidents so you can feel happy and turned on again.
Jason Voorhees:
Tumblr media
Just like Michael, he was a little confused on why you weren't scared or running from his when you first met. Now, he was the kindest, protective, and sweetest boyfriend you could ever asked for. But he didn't know you have a dark side. One night, you asked him to watch the stars in the city. He was baffled. Don't we watch the stars back at Camp Crystal Lake, Y/N? He agreed and together, you both watched the stars together. Then something random happened, a drunk man wandered in the middle of the street and came onto upcoming traffic. The cars stopped but accidentally ran over and killed the man. Then the cars stopped and kept crashing into each other. Jason couldn't believe his eyes and decided to close them. He was about to close yours too, but then he noticed that you seemed sexually excited about this happening. You were twirling your hair, licking your lips, making hot eyes, and softly touching your breasts. Then a truck came. Jason just sighed and closed only his eyes, as the truck came and caused a big explosion, since a car's gas leaked out of it's engine. You screamed of joy, and was absolutely exhausted from this behavior. Jason was just in disbelief, and wanted a explanation. When you explained about everything that happened, he makes sure to keep you away from murder, gore, and explosions so you won't do you just did. However, you didn't let this stop you, and you sometimes seduce him into causing a few explosions with his super-strength. Jason won't ever say no to his sweet and sometimes hot S/O. And sometimes acts like he's in a cartoon when you kiss him to make an explosion happens, and makes out behind the whole carnage.
Freddy Krueger:
Tumblr media
Honestly took a liking to you when you complimented how hot he looks with his finger gloves. So he decided to keep you around for awhile. On your date in the Dreamworld, it was the best. Raccoons and kittens were chefs and servers, skeletons were other guests eating in different booths, and you two were in elegant clothing, him in a suit and you in a blue dress. As the date was over, Freddy walked you to his house before you woke up. He wanted to impress you first, by adding non stopping traffic, and then caused a puppy to go into the middle of the road. The moment that adorable little white puppy was summoned onto the road, the first driver stopped the car, and the puppy just strolled away and came into your arms. Then magic came, Freddy made multiple cars crash into each other, but didn't expect you to feel interested in this. The moment you moaned, zipped your dress open, let your hair down and yelled yeah! Freddy was smirking to himself. Then, he caused a big-ass explosion. You put both your hands to your messy hair, and moaned really loud. Freddy and the puppy had eyes big as saucers, and walked over to you.
"Wow, I guess I have to cause more explosions more." He said. But somehow, he was a little bit nervous in his voice, and was feeling like he was talking to his crush, when he was actually talking to his girlfriend in actuality.
"Please, maybe you'll get to see more of this side by of me." You responded.
You kissed his cheek and held his arm as you walked home. You now have a boyfriend who'll cause explosions to make you happy, and remembers that your puppy was the cause of all this.
Carrie White:
Tumblr media
Just like Jason, she was the sweetest, kindest, and shy girlfriend you ever met. But when she told you she has telekinesis, you knew what she could do for you. One night you were walking home together, when a bully from school called you two freakshows. Carrie went from sad to pissed in 0.2 seconds. She turned her head, eyes wide, and used her telekinesis to ram him into the nearest power line and caused it to fall onto him. He was drinking water and it spilled. Then, it blew up like it was sunlight and the dude was literally nothing but a small amount of black crisp. Carrie snapped back into reality, and just in time to see her girlfriend scream in excitement, moaning, having messy hair, and exposed breasts out. You comfort her with your messy self, and explained how awesome Carrie must feel. Carrie actually felt special ever since she was selected for Prom Queen, knowing that her S/O thinks she's badass. You carried her home, and helped massaged her to calm her down, and relaxing her mind.
"Y/N." said Carrie.
"Yeah, Carrie?" You asked.
"Do you really think I'm hot, like you said?"
"Of course, Care-Bear! You are like to coolest person in the world." Those words helped Carrie cuddle into your arms, and felt loved.
Jennifer Check:
Tumblr media
You two are in the same boat here. When you two were in the middle of the relationship, you guys decided to shoplift to steal some beauty and skincare supplies, and steal some candy (you begged). Jennifer was also feeling a little bit hungry, and gave you a hint she was about to eat when she saw a guy eyeing her. However, you felt a little bit jealous, and left the store to get some fresh air. Then, you saw a few cops trying to stop a criminal in the act. Was it Jennifer getting caught for her kills for the first time? No. Just some bum that was keeping an innocent man captive with a gun in his hand. The cops kept telling him to put the gun down, but he didn't listen. Then (being stupid as usual) the cops opened fire, and shot the man dead. You couldn't help it but lick your lips, and look in ecstasy. Unfortunately, they were also shooting near a gas station, and some stupid cops shot at the gas tanks, making the whole thing spill. You were laughing at the incompetence of the cops, but you were wondering where Jennifer was to see this. A random teenager lit a cigarette for a second, before seeing the cops. She threw the cig and before you knew it, there was a big fire. Your hair was loose, shaking your boobs, and putting your hands to your hair. Little did you know, Jennifer saw everything that happened, and made out with you despite having blood on her face.
"Wow, Babe. I never knew you were that hot." Jennifer said.
"Thanks, Jen. I just never knew you actually saw me reacting like this!" You responded.
"Come on, Y/N let's go home."
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