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Keyshia Cole tells what really happened at Verzuz IG LIVE (Full Video)

Keyshia Cole tells what really happened at Verzuz IG LIVE (Full Video)

Saturday 1/23/2021 Keyshia Cole went LIVE on Instagram to offer a sincere apology and to tell what really happened behind the scenes while viewers were waiting for nearly an hour and a half during the Ashant vs Keyshia Cole Verzuz instagram LIVE event

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New music coming soon. Meanwhile —— Under Light Symphonies EP will finally be released on all the major platforms

@spotify @applemusic @amazonmusic @tidal @deezer @youtubemusic @tiktok and many more on the 1st of Feb with the 4 original tracks, including 1 bonus track and 2 remixes.

Under Light Symphonies Ep produced by : @robbieirving Rob Irving

Except “California Sky” produced by : @lightscape Chris Hutchison

I Want You (remix) by : Cesare

Under Light Symphonies (remix) by : Jamie Ellis

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😔im in so much pain

All i wanted was someone i love to take on the world with

These days i don’t feel thats gonna happen

These days im convinced im alone for life 😔💔

The short answers… the long response sometimes no response

These days i don’t think im overthinking 😔

I think Its just a matter of time before im alone again 😔

When it finally comes out i think the last of my feelings will be damaged for good

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Making love to the one you love>>>>

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What am I to you? Just your toy, your prey? I have a monster inside. If you saw it you would throw me away. I don’t feel anything anymore. I don’t want you anymore. But I can’t let go of you.

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I’m lost, in your thoughts as you are, in mine.

You express your feelings, but still guard the key to your vulnerability, making it a hard possibility..for me to remain in tranquility.

As I lay here alone, not being able to sleep as your touch is what it keeps, I fall asleep wishing..wishing it was you and me curled up in these messy sheets.

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Umm…. i like like someone for the first time in years. I am already cutting off other women. I want to date her, i want her in my life, i want to make her my queen…. SEND HELP WTF IS HAPPENING.

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I desire her. I can feel her in my arms . I can taste her sweet lips. She arouses my mind, body and soul. I long to make her happy and earn her love.

To look at any part of her drives me to climax.

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<div> —  Roseanne L. <br> </div><span>is it just a lonely heart that yearns? the wanting to feel something other than the years of blistering loneliness and emptiness that seems to hover relentlessly like a void cloud? possibly both? maybe so. or could it be that spark of something unbeknownst to me for years upon? a something so unfamiliar i have thought it untouchable? untouchable. maybe that’s what you are.</span>
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