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boutta show off my ‘i like old not so good anime more than i should’ side but: guilty crown AU when

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It may not be wise to have another edible

But I never claimed to be that

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Oh to touch the sun

A touch of sun I yearn for

A gentle touch


my face body and soul connect lit aflame;

Tears, alike raining; yearn one to one;

Alike a sun

We yearn for one more

To be Icarus. A life

To live with love


To be joy, but not, this

Hidden in ashes

Made forbidden, sunshine, fear


Is alive here,

Be stolen for love-one

Lover from other.

A touch yearning up eats me

Angry alive

Like Icarus, flying high

Up to lined-sky

Burn wings and wax melt.

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Me: skips school because I’m too terrified to dissect bugs

Also me: desperately wants to see the human skeleton that’s in a box in the lab

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Me, to my dad and my friend, after looking in the mirror: I need to go get my hair cut, I’m starting to look like a hockey player from the 80s/90s….

Specifically this Gretzky look…

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Wow… This was so oddly specific and like…. I can see where you’re coming from. And honestly, I have vibed with Yoongi for so long, he’s like my emotional support spirit animal. I love the kid. Thank you sending this in 💖💖

what kpop idol do i give off the same energy as?

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will taylor have her makeup done for the grammys….. or will she do the natural look she’s been doing lately…..OR will she glam up herself …. much to ponder 

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I really like reading kavinsky! i think he’s a fun character during lighter scenes and an interesting one when you want to go into that. but like. kavinsky did Things wrong? It boggles me whenever i see those Kavinsky is Actually a Perfect Good Man posts. like. i don’t know. like. u can super like a character even if they aren’t a good person. that’s not even a hot take. idk i get so uncomfy when people are like ‘actually drugging and putting matthew in the back of a car is fine’ or ‘uncomfortably touching ronan while he’s high is just Normal and Okay’. like. idk. i don’t think he’s an unredeemable monster but like. that doesn’t mean he’s an innocent. 

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i’ve done my follower purge! if you missed the post or i accidentally unfollowed please feel free to follow again and we can write! i also want to stress there’s nothing personal involved here. i just needed to make the list of tumblrs i follow smaller because it really does stress me out when the number is too high

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Last night I had a dream I was watching Frozen 2. The main story of it was figuring out where Elsa’s powers came from. The segment of the film featured in my dream was of Elsa’s parents getting married and trying to have a baby. Except it wasn’t easy, as traditional princess fairy tales always seem to deal with.

Well, the problem here was that Elsa’s father was part of a secret society of high-powered men that figured out how to turn penguins into human women by putting a cloth that looked like a woman over the penguin. Shr wasn’t a full human woman, just looked like one—she was mostly meant to stand around a look pretty and wasn’t very smart. (I’m not sure whether my brain was reflecting conditioned sexism or attempting a critique of Disney movies by adding that element.)

Now the king had a human wife, but there was another problem: he couldn’t procreate with his penguin/human hybrid of a wife because their gametes weren’t compatible. The solution to this that the men of the penguin wife-making group had used for however long they’d been around about was that he should go to this village where there was a specific statue of a god that he should pray to and ask for help in making a baby, who may or may not deign to “facilitate” in the process. It had to happen at dusk and it had to be foggy outside.

So the king went to this village along with several of his close advisors—who also wanted to have kids with their penguin wives—and arrived at this statue. My dream at this moment showed him standing next to the statue with his penguin wife, all decked out in darkness and mist, before panning over to the statue to reveal the big twist of Frozen 2: it’s a statue of none other than the most famous cosmic horror of all—old Cthulhu itself.

That’s right, folks: my unconscious brain decided Elsa Frozen has magic ice powers because her dad had a threesome with his penguin woman wife and an eldritch god.

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