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#i was about to say 'harry getting on his knees to close the show' but i thought to keep it pg13
myrapottah · a day ago
Best dads, best lessons
Pairings : harry x reader
Side pairings: james x reader
Summary : james catches his son trying to pleasure his girlfriend, and he gives him a fingering lesson while discovering new kinks
Words : 2.5k
Requested : no / yes
Warnings: smut, fingering, praising, sub!reader, dom!harry and dom!james, degradation(you blink and you miss it), age gap (james), hair pulling kink(?), boobs kink, the starting of a begging kink??
A/n: req are closed! anyways, I hate this <3
Please read!! This is a dark fic. All acts are consensual and safe word is in place. All characters are of age. If you are 18 or less, do not interact with this post in any way. Thank you.
Tumblr media
'You okay, baby?' harry asked, finding his way in your panties.
'Yeah, go on, please' you answered trought breathy moans, kissing harry while so.
How did you get there? With a simple peck. A simple peck that harry gave you. Then it turned into a messy and desperate makeout. Now, you were begging harry to fuck you.
Of course, you did it before twice or thirce, but both of you were kinda new to being sexually active. You trought it would be awkward, but it was far away from awkward. It was passionate, loving, slow, messy - but messy in a good way. It was always the same, but you didn't complain. Kissing, teasing, praising, then harry shoving his cock into your pussy, praising again, then both of you cumming. It was enough for you, but you knew there was something more pleasurable out there. You wanted to tell harry, but you didn't really knew what you wanted to tell him. On the other hand, harry felt the same. He also wanted more, but didn't know what. And he was afraid, embarrassed to talk to you about it. So you just kept it like that.
Harry took of his shirt and his sweatpants, revealing his muscles and 6-pack, that he inherited from his father. He got back on top of you, his dick twitching in his boxers. You let out a chocked moan at the feeling of his clothed cock on your stomach.
He hiked up your(his actually) shirt and attacked your boobs. You didn't had enough time to complain or say anything but his name and some curse words. You grasped his hair when he bit your nipple and pulled it hard unconsciously. He let out an uncomfortable groan and went back to his feast.
'mhm, sorry' you apologised trought breathy moans.
'None of that, love. Do it again' he mumbled and you obliged, pulling his curls again but not that harshly. He let out a satisfied groan, which you didn't expect. You did it again and again, and his cock was struggling harder and harder every time you did so.
But, to your surprise, he abruptly stopped and got on his knees on the mattress. You furrowed your brows in confusion and looked at him, waiting for an explanation on why did he stopped kissing you. He took a deep breath.
'I wonder if, hmm, you wanted to try something? My dad kinda told me about it?' he asked and from hard dom he went to soft harry.
'Yeah, what is it?' you also got up and straddled his knees, looking in his eyes for any hint.
'I dunno how it's called, but, hm, I can show you, if you want' he said, leaning closer and placing a strand of your hair behind your ear.
'okay, guide me' you agreed, giving him a quick peck before he could speak again.
'um, mhm, put your head on the pillow, and stay on the back, and, um, spread your legs a bit more' he muffly mumbled, and you obliged. 'Now I'll do the work' he took a deep breath and took place between you tights, spreading them even more to reaveal your folds.
You were getting wetter and wetter with every movement harry did. He was nervous, you could tell by his eyes. He put his finger in between your folds and, for teasing, he massaged the surface of your hole. And, after a few seconds that felt like years, he inserted his middle finger in it. You gasped and grabbed the sheets, the sudden pleasure giving you shivers. He moved the digit in and out with a sloppy sound.
'Does it feel good, angel?' harry asked gaining confidence along with your pathetic whimpers.
'Your cock's better' you trought, but didn't expect to say it out loud.
Right before harry could give you a cocky comment, another voice echoed in the room.
'Guys, dinner's ready!' you soon realised the voice belonged to your boyfriend's father, james potter. And the one and only james potter burst into the room, not ready to see harry curled up between your tights. He froze in the middle of the room, looking like a creep at your boobs. As soon as he realised, harry covered you both quickly.
James' glasses got all fuzzy, so he took them off and wiped them with his shirt, revealing a part of his toned abs. He cleared his throat and, looking at your scared faces, he said in a deep tone:
'I see, harry, that you already ate dinner'
Neither of you got the joke. Maybe you were too innocent and unexperienced to get it. You looked at harry in confusion, but he moved his shoulders up telling that he doesn't understand either. James saw your dumb faces and a shy smirk appeared on his face.
'I assume you've never done that?' the father said. 'Harry, have you tried what I told you last evening?'
'That's what we were doing when you burst in' harry mumbled, not understanding why his father didn't get out of the room already.
'And how did it felt?' now james was addressing to you, waiting for an answer.
'Hm, I prefer bigger stuff' you said, but immediately regretted it. Your face got all red from the embarrassment. 'Bigger stuff? What the fuck did I said that? Why am i having this conversation with harry's dad? I'm so stupid '
'That means harry doesn't know how to do it properly. Fingering is meant to feel different from common fucking, they have no similarities' james said, with an unusual confidence and a smile at your earlier comment.
You didn't reply, nor harry did. You sat in silence for a few seconds, with james eyeing both of your half-naked bodies. Your shirt was over your breasts, and harry still had the boxers on.
'And how do you know so much about that?' your boyfriend broke the silence, nervousness growing in his voice.
'I'm experienced, more than you think' his father said and gave you a wink, walking around the room.
Harry fake gagged, but your face was still in the same traumatised position, with your eyebrows furrowed and eyes on the man standing in front of you.
'I can show you how to finger properly, if you both agree of course.' james continued, observing that none of you were going to talk.
That was exactly what you wanted. Something new, that can hype your romantic life to a new level. 'Do you wanna?' you spoke to him with your eyes. 'Dunno, do you?' he answered back. 'Maybe, if you are okay with it...' , 'It's your body, you say!' , 'I want to' , 'Me too', 'Tell him then'.
'Sure, teach me' harry said, obeying to your unsaid words.
James gave you a warm and encouraging smile while sitting on the bed, next to you.
'Come here, harry. or do you want me to pleasure your girlfriend?' the father spoke and harry obliged immediately, not wanting anyone to steal his lover, especially his own dad.
James guided him between your tights, taking his shirt of due to the hot atmosphere you created in the room. He took hold of harry's hands, guiding his middle finger in your folds. You whimpered at the touch, with harry massaging your abdomen. James slowly pressed his son's finger inside you, and you moaned and arched your back. A big hand traced with veins and full of old rings pushed you back by your lower abdomen. Then, the digit started thrusting into you in and out with a sloppy sound. Your moans and whimpers got louder and louder, now also containing james' name.
'Yeh got a little greedy slut here, harry. or atleast she acts like one' the father said and started speeding up his son's finger. 'What if we add another one, hm?'
Harry nodded and you pathetically sniffled yes, please. Such a whore you were for these two hot men.
All of a sudden, james pushed harry's ring finger inside you. The magical speed and the feeling of cold silver rings inside you made you go insane. You moaned, cried, whimpered and begged, even if you didn't actually knew what for. Pitiful pleases were escaping your innocent mouth, something that you didn't know you were capable of. James dropped harry's hand some time ago, so your boyfriend could do the fingering on his own. He was sincerely amazed by his actions, so he kept going. Your breath hitched and your heart skipped a beat when james said 'Try to curl your fingers' and harry obliged. He hit that spot in you that he never touched again. You arched your back again, but a smaller hand than the last time(still full of rings tho) pushed you back, like harry's father did.
'I'm gonna cum, fuck, I'm gonna cum!' you cried and sniffled, waiting for a reply.
'okay love, go for i-' harry tried to say, but his dad cut him off.
'beg for it'
That surprised you, because you haven't done that before. But, the urge to cum was getting to the edge, so you started begging.
'Please, harry, james, please let me cum! pretty please? can't hold it in anymore, please! harry, needa cummie, please!'
'cum then, little slut' a deep voice said, but you didn't even know if it was harry's or james'. You let the reliving feeling wash over you, letting it all out with a muffly 'thanks, haz'.
'and that's how to make a girl squirt. tell me if you need any more help' james said and, with a playful wink, he left the room and closed the door like he never got in.
Harry licked his fingers and sat next to you, hugging your waist while you came down from your high. He gave you a quick peck on the head. You got on your elbows and looked down at your puffy pussy.
'I squirted?' you asked, surprised by your boyfriend's capabilities.
'Mhm' he answered with a smile and put his chin on your head, closing his eyes and holding you very tight.
'What about you? you didn't cum' you said, letting your arms fall back into the mattress.
'Actually...' he got up and showed you a wet spot in his boxers. His cheeks heated up when you let out a giggle.
'Come here' you said and opened your arms for him to rest on your breasts. He placed himself on your boobs and looked up at you.
'I didn't know it was know, to cum in my pants?'
'We learn new things everyday, love.'
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violetlilysunshine · a day ago
Now that November is coming to an end I can’t stop thinking about having spent the whole month teasing Harry for no nut November and then when it turns to midnight on the 1st of December, or even before then but he just edges himself so he doesn’t cum before midnight and he just goes absolutely ham on you being all cocky about the fact that he lasted the entire month without nutting despite you being a little cock tease and yeah…that’s how my mornings going!
Happy Sunday, hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend!! ❤️
Omg omg I got inspired to write this and then my sis wouldn’t leave the room and I got so annoyed!!! Like let me get slutty in peaceeeee
AND THEN this posted a day before I wanted it to and I got very upset and cried about it... anyway, I went to a lot of work to get this back to where it is... thanks @britishstan02 for putting up with me!
Anywayyyyyy…. Happy December!
18+ - Dom reader then Dom Harry, lots of buildup and talking, pet names [darling, love, Red, Har], multiple orgasms [fem receiving], edging [Harry receiving]… I think that’s it!
“Ah, ah, ah,” you reprimand, slipping off his dick, “not yet…”
Harry groans in response, “then slow down, love!”
You’re seated on top of him, his head on the pillow and hands on your hips. You’ve been riding him for almost a half an hour now.
You’ve cum at least 4 times. Him? He’s come close 4 times, but just as he’s about to fall over, you pull him out and make him calm down.
“It is still November, Har,” you smile, twisting one of his curls around your finger. You glide that same finger down the side of his cheek, “eyes on the clock,” you whisper.
You’ve set the TV screen to show the clock, the seconds counting their way to midnight.
“Can’t cum, remember? Remember how you made that bet with Harrison? Was that a good idea?” you tease, drawing your fingers down his bare chest, “how much longer?” you ask, gently.
“45 seconds,” he breathes.
“Think you can wait?” you ask, picking up his length and beginning to sink down on him again.
You bottom out and he moans loudly, “Christ, darling, I can’t, fuckk… don’t move… please,” he whines, grabbing your hips and holding you in place so you can’t rock back and forth.
“Alright, Red,” you giggle, leaning forward to kiss him.
He moans as he shifts inside of you while you move; your walls squeeze him, adding even more to the sensation.
You lean your neck back, peeking at the TV, “10 seconds,” you whisper, sitting up fully and beginning to grind on him.
He stares intently at the screen, waiting for it to change to midnight.
“3, 2,” he whispers under his breath, “1.”
A devilsh grin spreads across his face,
“Congratulations,” you moan, tossing your head back, one of your hands squeezing your breast.
“Thank you, love,” he growls.
His change in demeanor causes you to quit moving and look down at him, “what?” you giggle.
“My turn,” he says, grabbing under your thighs and flipping you onto your back before you can even take a breath, “liked being a tease, eh?”
He lines himself back up, folding your knees and pushing them into your chest as far as they’ll go, “ready, darling?” he asks with a smirk, “because this is gonna be fun. Finally give you what you’ve been asking for all month.”
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watchmegetobsessed · 7 days ago
my brain straight thought about him edging you and all you want is for him to finally just fvck you and then he say what is in the video 😭😭
A/N: you asked for it and im serving it. get ready for the juice!
WARNING: adult content, edging... bc he is just obsessed with it.
Tumblr media
He is still wearing his light blue shiny shirt.
And nothing else
You’re lying across the king sized bed of the hotel room you share, only your lacy thong covering your soaking wet pussy that’s throbbing for him, a pained whimper slips through your trembling lips when he steps closer to the bed and wraps a hand around his rock hard cock, staring down at you with greedy, dark eyes. This is not the soft Harry who likes to cuddle you every night, who brings breakfast to bed just to see you smile first thing in the morning, who always surprises you with little gifts to brighten your day.
No, this version of him is dominant, demanding and in full control of you. Just how you like him.
He came off the stage extra cheeky tonight and judging from the way how he could barely keep his hands off of you at the venue, you knew things would get heated pretty fast as soon as you’re alone.
“What do you want, baby?” he murmurs, a sly smirk on his lips as he gives himself a few slow, but sturdy pumps.
“Harry, please!” you moan, your thighs shutting closed to create some friction at least. He’s been taking his sweet time with you, he stripped out of your dress as if you were a gift to be unwrapped, made you stand against the wall as he sank to his knees, biting into your ass cheeks, his hands coming to tease between your legs that were shaking from excitement. Then he threw you to the bed, like an absolute cave man and made you watch him strip from his light blue pants and underwear, leaving him only in his shiny shirt, because you told him before the show how much you liked it.
His chest is rising and falling in a steady rhythm, some of his post concert sweat is still glistening on his warm skin and you’re dying to touch him, but you know if you don’t do what he tells you, you won’t get what you want.
“Keep them open, baby. Want to see how desperate you are for me,” he warns you, a hand coming to push your knees apart so he sees your wet cunt. “Touch yourself, let me see just how wet you are.”
Your hand moves down your chest and stomach until you reach the elastic of your underwear, but before you could reach under the fabric, he speaks up.
“No, over the thong. Want to see it drenched.”
Another whimper falls from your lips as you press your fingers against your clit, finally feeling your nerves reacting to a touch, but it’s not the one you desire the most. You move your two fingers up and down, pressing the lacy fabric into your cunt, between the lips as it soaks up your arousal.
“Does it feel good? Or do you want something else, baby?” he hums, cocking his head to the side as he keeps stroking himself lazily.
“Feels good, but I want you!” you breathe out as you try to get yourself closer to relief, but your body is working against you. It only wants Harry and you can’t blame yourself.
“Yeah? You want this?” he asks glancing down at his throbbing dick. Your voice dies in your throat so you only nod, but it’s not enough for him. “I want to hear you, baby. Beg for it.”
You moan at his words, your thighs twitching to close again, but you remember what he said about wanting them open so you force yourself to obey.
“Please!” is all you manage to get out. Harry steps closer to the bed, his hand letting go of his cock before moving to grab your wrist and pushing it away from you. With one swift movement, he rips the last piece of clothing, making you gasp from the sudden pinching you feel as the fabric gives up around your body, and he throws it to the side without batting an eye. It’s not the first piece he has ruined and surely not the last one either.
He places a knee to the edge of the bed, leaning over your shaking form, his cock springing freely with each movement he makes and the way his tongue slides across his lips gives you shivers.
“You know just one please is never enough for me,” he warns, his voice low and raspy after tonight’s show and you could come just from his words at this point.
“Fuck, Harry! Just… Ugh!”
It’s torture, how his fingertips tap on your clit a few times before drawing a few slow circles, teasing and playing with you.
“Just what, huh? You want my cock? Does your pussy want to be properly fucked?”
“Yes!” you cry out, your whole body on fire. He grabs the base of his cock, brings his hips closer, just enough that he can drag the tip across your lips, pushing a tiny bit into your hole, but pulling back right away. “Harry!” you moan almost as if you were in pain, but in a sense, you are. Every second that passes without him inside you is a painful one and you want him to end your misery.
“I told you, I want to hear you. You ask nicely, you get it. Stop being a brat and use your words.”
Fucking hell, this man will be the death of you.
“Harry, please! I need you to fuck me, need your cock inside me, please! I’m begging!”
The smirk on his face is so smug, so confident, you love it even if he is making you suffer. You’d do anything for him and he knows exactly just how much power he holds over you.
“See? That wasn’t so bad,” he chuckles, dragging the tip across you once again, tapping it a few times on your clit, smearing your wetness all over him and you as well. He pushes himself against your hole again, just the very end of the tip entering you, but doesn’t move, only watches you through lustful eyes as you fall apart for him.
“Harry! Fuck me, please!” you cry out, one hand coming flat against his toned stomach as he moves a bit closer, hovering over you. Running your hands up his chest, his neck, you lace your fingers through his hair and pull him down for a needy kiss that he returns gladly. His lips are sucking and tugging on yours, tongue invading your mouth, melting together with yours as his cock is still not inside you.
“Love it when you are so desperate for me, baby,” he growls, positioning his hips so his cock slips between your lips and he moves a little, slipping between them, the tip pushing against your clit over and over again.
He keeps this up, his head moving to the crook of your neck, marking you up as always so you already know you’ll have to wear a turtleneck tomorrow, but now you just want to feel him everywhere.
Then he pulls back, lining his cock up with you and you’re sure he’ll finally give you what you want, but just as you feel the tip entering you again… he pulls back. You gasp, tugging on his hair a little harder as he smirks down at you, so pleased with himself.
“Harry…” you breathe out, but he just chuckles, enjoying the game.
“Edging,” he then murmurs and with one swift movement, he thrusts inside you.
He fills you up fast and so perfectly, you’re convinced you were made for each other. He doesn’t give you time to adjust to him, starts moving rapidly, slamming his hips against yours mercilessly, pounding into you just how you like it. One hand comes to your thigh and he urges you to lock his waist with your legs, you’re more than happy to obey, allowing his cock to bury deeper into you.
“So needy for me, yeah? Who fucks you the best, baby? Let me hear it from you,” he groans into your neck, wet lips brushing against the spot he sucked on earlier.
“You, Harry! Only you!”
“That’s right. You’re mine,” he growls before biting into the soft skin, making you gasp from the sensation.
He is pounding into you so hard, you keep sliding further up on the bed until your head reaches the headboard. He stops for a moment, turning the two of you around so you’re on top, one hand on his chest, the other holding onto the headboard and you barely get situated before his hands grab onto your hips and he starts thrusting up into you, doing the job himself instead of making you ride him.
“Fuck! You’re so good, Harry! I’m so close!”
“Want to cum, baby? You think you deserve it?” he teases you, a few curls sticking to his sweaty forehead, his whole body glistening in the dim lighting.
“Yes! Please, let me cum!” you beg, your eyes meeting his and an animalistic growl erupts from his chest. He pushes himself up into a sitting position, wrapping his arms around you, caging you in them as one of his hands comes to your lower back, guiding you, hinting that he wants you to finish it.
“Ride my cock and make yourself cum, Y/N. Come on, I want to see you using me.”
“Fuck,” you gasp as you start moving your hips, arms clinging onto his broad shoulders. His face is buried in your neck and chest, kissing you wherever he can reach. Though you love the shirt on him, you want to feel him fully naked, so you tug at the fabric and he is quick to rid himself from it, his naked, toned arms wrapping back around you as you relentlessly ride him, feeling your orgasm building up and nearing.
“My girl is using my cock so well, look at that. You like it? You like my cock?”
“I love it,” you nod eagerly and craning your neck you capture his lips just when you feel the end nearing. “Can I cum? Please, Harry, I want to cum so badly!” you beg to him against his parted lips, your breathing mixing together.
“Yes. Do it! Cum all over my cock, baby!”
That’s all you need to explode, pleasure washing over your entire body like a tsunami and you scream his name, your walls tightening around him which brings him over the edge as well. He cums inside you, filling you up so well you’re sure it’s gonna be dripping out of you very soon. He is gasping and panting against your chest, his breathing warming your already heated skin.
You stay like that coming off your high, his hands gently rubbing your thighs, ass, hips and back, lips peppering soft kisses onto your collarbones. When he moves the two of you, laying you to the bed you grunt as he slips out of you, leaving you so empty, already aching to feel him inside you again even though you’re completely ruined at this point.
“I’ll take care of you, baby,” he mumbles, kissing your lips softly before getting up from the bed and disappearing in the bathroom. He returns with a damp towel and he carefully cleans you up, but you don’t miss the smug grin on his face when he sees just how good he fucked you, his semen dripping out of your now sensitive cunt.
“Like what you see?” you chuckle tiredly.
“I sure do. Love to see my girl full of me.”
“And you’re full of yourself,” you scoff, but reach for him to pull him down for another kiss. “I have to get up to pee, but I’m so tired.”
“We also should have a shower,” he smiles, pecking the tip of your nose. He reaches under you and easily picks you up into his arms bridal style and you have no idea how he has the energy to carry you to the bathroom after a show and the way he just fucked you. You stood at the backstage the whole time and only rode him at the end and you’re still completely sent.
He carefully sets you down to the toilet and you do your business without a care as he starts the water in the shower, grabbing two towels for you. When you’re finished, he helps you into the spacious walk in shower so you don’t slip and then insists to soap and wash you, taking good care of you. And just like that, he is back to caring boyfriend mode.
And you just love all versions of him.
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finelinevogue · 10 days ago
Hope you’re okay! You know how Anne just flew to see Harry on tour? Do you think you could do a blurb where Y/N flys in for the first time to see him on tour with Anne? Thank you.
i’m okay! currently done 4/7 of my essays ( i got another one added) so im feeling better than i did a week ago but anyways!! here we are;
Today was going to be the greatest day of 2021.
It had been 197 days since you last saw Harry, because he’s been so busy filming movies and them going on tour. He’s not stopped once. Unfortunately, you haven’t been allowed to enter the USA until 3 days ago because of covid.
You and Anne had decided that you were going to surprise him and go to his last few tour dates. You were flying in for Glendale and then were going to stay for the LA shows, before going back home. To say you were excited was an understatement. Your heart missed Harry so terribly and you craved nothing more than a tight hug in his arms once more. You were now only minutes away from getting that feeling again.
“Why are you so nervous, pet?” Anne asked why your hands were shaking and knee was bouncing.
The car pulled up to the venue and you clambered out with a thank you to the driver. You and Anne had got ready in the hotel, wanting to the surprise to be as last minute as possible. Anne was wearing a lovely black outfit, claiming she wanted to look her best for her first ‘Love on Tour’ show. You had gone with a pair of red flares and then one of Harry’s ‘Love on Tour’ hoodies that he’d sent you in the post, after spraying it with his perfume first.
“I don’t know. It’s just been so long. I think it’s a mix of excitement for seeing him and nervous for his reaction.” You tried to explain, but just ended up sounding a bit pathetic. You knew there was absolutely no reason to be nervous, because Harry was going to be ecstatic to see you but there was always that little evil dig of worry and anxiety.
“Y/N, I can tell you now that his reaction will be one of joy and happiness. My son has done nothing but whine about how much he misses you for the past few months, so I can assure you you’ll have nothing to worry about.” Anne took you by your arm and led you towards the venue.
Jeff had known you were coming and so had arranged for someone to wait for you backstage. It felt very surreal going into the venue after not having had this experience in so long, but you’d missed it so much and were glad to be back. You could understand why Harry had never underperformed in a show, because he couldn’t complain for one minute when he was back doing exactly what his heart wanted him to do.
You walked through the halls of the venue, backstage, and greeted some familiar people from the crew. Anne was very cheery too, her knowing more people than you did. You met up with the band before seeing Harry, checking up on them and giving them all hugs, whilst also formally introducing yourself to a few of them since they were new this year.
“So are you bored of it all yet?” You asked Sarah and Mitch, whilst Anne had gone to speak to Jeff and Glenne.
“God no! I mean, yes it’s been ridiculously crazy and hectic but I wouldn’t change that for the world.” Sarah responded, looking to Mitch and seeing he was nodding his head in agreement.
“Harry though…” Mitch added, not quite finishing his sentence.
“What about him?” You asked curiously, pulling the sleeves of your hoodie over your hands to create sweater paws.
“He seems to be less and less into it as the shows go on. Before the St Louis. show he was refusing to come out at all. Never said why, just sat there very teary eyed.” Mitch explained.
“He never said anything to me about it.” You said out loud, but more to yourself than to Mitch or Sarah.
You’d been following the footage of Harry on tour through Twitter and Instagram. It was so fun to watch him on stage through the fans eyes and see the interactions he had with people so close up. It was your favourite part of your daily routine - getting to wake up and watch the Love on Tour content from the night before. It was always so fun and it made you miss him a little less, watching him so happy and free. So, hearing that he had been feeling this way was a complete shock. Especially because he had not told you anything about it and had kept you in the dark.
Harry was good at doing that; not telling other people his feelings because he didn’t want to be a burden. He always did that with you at the start of your relationship, but you’d managed to coax him out of the toxic habit. Why had he gone back now all of a sudden?
“Just… talk to him Y/N. We’re worried about him, that’s all.” Sarah spoke softly.
“Thank you guys for telling me. Don’t know what i’d do without you.” You leaned in for a group hug and they both squeezed back tight. “Also, lunch tomorrow? All together?”
You smiled and walked over to Jeff to ask where Harry was. It was around half an hour before the show and he should already be with the band doing some last minute vocals, before getting into the box that gets pushed under the stage.
Jeff explained that he was still in his dressing room. You offered to go get him, so long as you didn’t spend too long together. You walked away and made route for Harry’s dressing room.
Knocking on the door lightly you hear a soft ‘come in’ echo from the other side. You smiled and took a deep breathe, before entering. It took you a brief second to locate him and you saw him faffing around at the vanity, with perfume and deodorant and what not. He hadn’t caught your eye through the mirror yet, so you decided to make yourself known by your voice.
“Suspenders. I should’ve bet on it.” You spoke, watching as Harry made eye contact with you in the mirror. He then turned around quickly to actually make sure that you were really there, before he shot up from the chair and made his way over to you in record time.
He stood in front of you, still speechless. He held his hands in front of you but he didn’t touch you yet. He was looking all over your body, admiring every single inch of you.
“I..” Was all he could get out.
“H baby?” You laughed a little under your breathe, seeing him so stunned being quite funny.
“Don’t wanna touch you in case you’re not real.” He whispered, exposing how vulnerable he was at the thought of him just dreaming you and not genuinely having you this close to him. You knew the fear all too well.
“I’m real baby. Promise.” You whispered back, reaching your hand up slowly to touch his cheek. When your hand made contact with his soft skin he started to cry. You’d seen Harry cry one too many times before, but this one hurt the most.
Harry often cried for minimalist reasons like losing a sock in the washing machine or his toast was too burnt, but never like this. He always kept his emotions in check. Tonight, though, the flood gates had opened. He pulled you close to his chest and buried his face in your neck as he let out soft cries. You held him as tight as he held you, rubbing his back as he let out his tears. You didn’t hold him back. You felt him kiss your neck a few times in between tears, probably to seal the fact that you were real and you were with him.
His cries felt more like tears of relief in your arms. His small, trembling, shakes felt like exhaustion but also happiness. If was confusing you. It was so hard to understand how he felt when he rarely ever exposed his feelings like this to you.
“You’re here.” Harry kept whispering into the soft skin of your neck, his warmth breath sending shivers down your spine. Even in the most vulnerable and sad of moments with him, he still managed to spark that electricity within you.
“I’m here. You’re okay. It’s okay.” You kept repeating, allowing him to let his heart free itself of all the pain and upset before you tried talking to him.
After a few minutes or crying, he pulled away and let out a deep breathe. He looked in your eyes, before bringing his hand up to wipe his own free of tears. You leaned up to kiss his cheek where a single tear was trickling, letting the salty water touch your lips and soak into your skin. You smiled at him, reaching a hand up to push his hair back and out of his face. His hand came to cup your jaw, stroking your cheek carefully with his thumb.
“Y’wanna talk?” You asked, knowing that if he said no you wouldn’t push him. He would be ready when he was ready.
“There’s too much.” He shook his head, sniffling whilst he kept his eyes focused on yours. He always said that your eyes could bring him back to the light in the darkest of moments. You were his beacon of hope.
“Then let me in just a little. Just enough to allow you move a little more freely.” You suggested compromisingly.
“Y/N, flower… I can’t—”
“Don’t do that. Don’t shut me out, baby. I’m okay if you don’t want to talk right now, but I won’t allow you to shut me out forever. Not when you mean so much to me.” You told him off, getting stern for a moment so he would understand how serious you were being.
Harry breathed out, walking to sit on the sofa. He stroked a hand over his chin as he tried to calm himself down from crying all over again. Once he sat down, you moved to situate yourself in front of him. Kneeling down on the floor, you were lower than he was sat to make him feel more comfortable. You held your hands out for him, palms facing upwards. He smiled lovingly at you and took your hands in his hands. He squeezed tightly and shut his eyes as he let out another shaky breathe. You leaned forwards to kiss his hands, making sure he knew that you loved him so much and you were staying.
“Sorry about this.” He tried to stifle a laugh, but you knew it wasn’t genuine.
“How long have you been feeling like this baby?” You asked, sitting still so you could devote your entire attention to him.
“A while.” He admitted, nodding his head and looking down to your joined hands. He smiled, before shaking his head a little. “Do you know what bugs me?”
“No.” You said softly with a shake of your head.
“The fact that there isn’t an engagement or wedding ring sat on your ring finger.” You gasped a little bit, hoping this wasn’t his way of proposing. Knowing Harry it wasn’t, but also you were slightly confused by the sudden statement.
“Why would that bug you?”
“Because you fucking deserve that.” He admitted quickly, almost shouting at himself. “I… I’ve been such a shit boyfriend. I’m never there for you. I choose myself and my fans over you. What kind of a boyfriend does that?” Harry’s eyes started to fill with tears and although it broke your heart a little more, you were also slightly relieved because you felt like you were getting somewhere with him.
Harry had always had this way of thinking the worst of himself, the same way you did about yourself. You were lucky you had each other, because you’d be two very sad people without each other. You loved how Harry made you feel so loved and you only hoped that he felt the same way about you.
“The kind of boyfriend that i’m proud of. The kind of boyfriend that cares too much pleasing everyone other than himself. The kind of boyfriend that is selfless. The kind of boyfriend that makes my heart happy and dream of infinity with.” You told him, making him look up at you. You could tell by his eyes that he loved you so much and you knew that your eyes were telling the same story.
“I don’t deserve you Y/N.”
“Maybe you think that. But you can be damn well sure that i’ll spend every day of our lives proving to you that you do. The same way you prove it to me.” You promised.
“I’ve missed you so much.” Harry said.
“Feeling is very much mutual.” You chuckled, watching as Harry’s eyes lit up with a sparkle as your laugh echoed the room. “Now, I didn’t fly a 1000 miles to not get a kiss from my favourite person.”
Harry smiled widely at you, pulling you up and onto him.
“Come here then.”
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hollywillows · 2 months ago
says you - harry styles x gn!reader
summary- during a concert, harry accidentally spills the beans to the crowd about your engagement
Tumblr media
it was no secret that harry preferred to be more secretive about his relationship with you. because the two of you had been in the public eye long before dating each other, you knew how valuable privacy was to maintaining a relationship.
so, despite being madly in love and unafraid to show it, the both of you rarely updated the fans on things in your lives, just out of the sake of keeping your love life just for the two of you alone.
the fans supported you both in this tremendously, especially since you and harry had been best friends for years before you ever even started dating. the fans were used to the two of you being together, and seemed to respect your decision to stay private.
one of the most important and pivotal moments in your relationship with harry was undoubtedly when he got down on one knee. it was during the covid-19 lockdown, and so you knew you wouldn’t be able to get married immediately. because of this, you had both agreed to just announce the engagement and the wedding at the same time by eventually posting wedding photos.
but, that was before harry was on tour. when he was performing, he tended to get lost in the moment a lot. though the man was extremely eloquent and smart about thinking through his words before saying them, that seemed to go away when he was interacting with his fans.
it was his second night performing in chicago, and he saw a sign asking for him to convince a girl’s boyfriend to propose to her. incredibly intrigued, he approached the couple. “how long have you guys been together?” he asked.
“seven years!” the girl replied.
“seven years.” harry repeated with a raised brow. he dramatically let out a sigh, and laughed into his hand. “i can’t help ya!” he joked, stopping to think for a moment. “okay, uh, what are your names?” they introduced themselves, and harry nodded. “this is sarah, this is lucas.” he introduced them to the crowd, complimenting lucas’ shirt.
after talking about the shirt, harry looked down at the two. “what’s the hold up, lucas?” he asked. “it’s.. it’s a thing!” he explained. “ya know, you love each other, you’re the best friends..” he shrugged, as if it was obvious. “just do it!”
“says you!” another fan accused.
harry stopped, looking down towards the direction of who said it. “what?”
“i said ‘says you!’” they repeated.
“what’s that supposed to mean?” he laughed, genuinely confused.
the fan looked up at him, and everyone else in the section began to laugh. “y/n! you’ve been close to them for like seven years, they’re your best friend. why don’t you propose to them already?”
before he could think about it, harry held the microphone to his lips. “i already did!” he exclaimed, having forgotten that the fans didn’t know about that yet.
the stadium erupted in excitement and screams, and harry realized his mistake, covering his face with his hands while the audience went insane.
after a minute, the crowd died down, and harry, embarrassed, held the microphone up again, no longer hiding his face. “they’re gonna kill me for that one.”
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meetmymouth · 3 months ago
some concepts 💘
- dad!harry on a zoom call (possibly interview or just meeting) and his lil baby interrupting with their freshly washed hair. harry picks them up and they sleep in his arms; and makes sure they aren’t in view of the camera but the baby’s arm goes into harrys neck or chest 🤗🤗🤗
- new boyfriend!harry and y/n going to xmas markets!!! walking hand in hand with hot chocolates and feeding each other hot donuts 🥲
- husband!harry waking u up with breakfast and flowers each morning. he goes for a run while ur still asleep and buys some flowers while he’s out. such a sweet gesture😅
- dad!harry matching outfits with his baba !!!!!! even something small like just matching shoes. i think it’s very important to harry to do this bc they are twins so why not match! defo a lot of pics of their matching fits in ur camera roll
that’s all i’ve got lol ! expand if u want or um idk lol. have a wonderful day 👯‍♀️💘
so many great ones i wish i could do them all separately but i picked the first one hope you like it!!! i might revisit the others as well but idk how to do it after answering this ask!! ♥️ excuse any mistakes i haven’t proofread this!!
Promo season was upon Harry.
He’d grown accustomed to attending his interviews wearing a hoodie or even his robe, in the luxury of his home– warm, comfortable, and content with the smell of freshly baked bread and the distinct but very pleasant, light baby powder smell emitting from the nursery. So much so that he’d tried to get her to use the same fabric softener for their clothes and not just for their two-year-old.
With a final look at the closed door, Harry adjusts the earphones in his ear, and waits for the FaceTime call for his last interview for the day as the clock shows 12:29PM. The laptop goes off, and he smiles at the screen, ready to answer the same questions he’d already been asked since this morning.
It goes well, and Harry feels bad for assuming it wouldn’t, and he even cracks a joke when she enters the room–as quietly as she can–to get one of Tully’s bottles, and neither of them notice her leaving the door ajar until Harry’s explaining how the Adore You music video came to life and he suddenly pauses when he notices Tully crawling towards him where he’s sitting on the floor with laptop on a tray and a stack of books. He tries to continue, keep talking about it as the lady on the other end nods every once in a while to let him know she’s listening, but Tully’s too quick at crawling, and she doesn’t stop until two tiny hands find their place on Harry’s knee.
Of course, when she tries to stand up, hands going up to hold onto Harry’s robe, her tiny hands are visible through the camera.
“Sorry,” the interviewer laughs, “I don’t mean to interrupt but– is that your little one?”
Harry looks down, and tries to stabilise her so she doesn’t fall. “Yeah, that would be her. That’s Tully.“
As soon as the words leave his mouth, he looks up and she’s standing by the door with a worried look on her face, bottom lip trapped between her teeth.
“What a lovely surprise! Hi, Tully!”
“Tully,” he grabs her little hand and does a wave. “Say hi before you leave.”
She wipes her mouth with the back of her tiny hand carelessly before her eyes focus on the screen in front of her. She brings her hands up to her disheveled hair and then her cheeks before she looks up at Harry– confusion clear on her face.
“Okay, Tully, time to go,” he gives you a nod but you’re already walking towards them, mouthing the word sorry over and over.
As you reach for her, she looks at the screen once more, tongue sticking out in concentration, and she gives a nod.
“Hi,” she yells. “Bye!”
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malfoysstilinski · a year ago
hogwarts express | DRACO MALFOY (smut)
Draco Malfoy x Reader (past harry x reader) 
SUMMARY: Draco fucks Y/N to prove a point to Harry who he knows is hiding in the storage compartment above, watching the whole thing. 
REQUESTED: first of all, i absolutely love your writing!!! ok so you know how on the train in sixth year harry was spying on draco in the compartment? what if draco and y/n have sex in front of him while he’s still under the cloak and draco is like “put on a show.” 👀 i’ve been thinking about this nonstop for days @sapphicnoodle69 
WARNINGS: dirty talk, public sex, choking, oral (both receiving), slut shaming, probably more idk 
“Hogwarts,” Draco scoffs, a sneering look on his face as he fiddles absentmindedly with his fingers on the table in front of you, “what a pathetic excuse for a school. I think I’d pitch myself off the Astronomy Tower if I thought I had to continue for another two years.”
You frown from where you’re leaning your head on his shoulder, your senses consumed by Draco. All you can smell is his expensive cologne and the peppermint of his shampoo, the smooth material of his suit’s blazer brushing your cheek as you stare across at Pansy and Blaise. They look equally as confused as you do. Draco hadn’t been the same since his father had been sent to Azkaban, all thanks to Harry Potter, Draco had said. 
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Pansy questions. 
“Let’s just say, I don’t think you’ll see me wasting my time with Charms class next year,” Draco mutters bitterly. 
Blaise snickers lightly and Draco’s eyes snap to him in an instant-- venomous and daring. It’s the kind of cold look that anybody would dread getting from a Malfoy. 
“Amused, Blaise?” Draco sneers, “We’ll see just who’s laughing in the end.”
You miss the tiny metallic clanging noise from above your heads, and so do Blaise and Pansy from where they’d sending you questioning looks, as if you should know why your boyfriend’s suddenly acting like the four of you haven’t spent the past six years exchanging all your secrets and hanging out at any free moment you may have. 
Draco knows who’s there. Your ex-boyfriend. His enemy. Harry Potter. He pisses Draco off even more with the way he always stares at you. It gives Draco an idea. 
Draco’s gaze flickers down from the storage racks above your heads and back down at you when you finally lift your head from his shoulder. You reach for his hands that are on the table and pull them underneath innocently. You give his hand a squeeze and keep your fingers intertwined on his lap, watching as his shoulders relaxed slightly beside you. 
The rest of the train journey is less tense. Draco doesn’t suggest anything else as solemnly as he had been, and you all talk about your summers. Well, you, Blaise, and Pansy do-- everybody knows Draco definitely did not spend his summer eating the finest food in France like he usually did. 
As you’re listening to Blaise talk about his mother’s latest fiancé, you feel Draco’s hand snake from your hand and drift to your leg. It’s bare beneath your school skirt, the British September weather not yet cold enough for a pair of tights. You know he’s glad that you decided to get changed early. You shiver at his icy fingertips on your thigh, pursing your lips together when he gives it a rather rough squeeze. 
He glides his hand up and down, leaving goosebumps in his wake as he tries to remain as casual as possible, keeping a hard look on his face whilst he stares at Blaise. You’re also trying to appear neutral, cursing your boyfriend for having such a thing for getting off in public. One day you were going to get caught, and that was the day you would also be disowned by your family. 
He keeps you in suspense for the last hour of the train journey. At that point, the dark green panties that you’re wearing are absolutely soaked, sticking to your pussy and even dampening the top of your thighs. His hand hadn’t left your leg once, trailing close to where you desired him the most, where your clit throbbed and pulsated, and then back down closer to your knee to give you a breather. 
Draco Malfoy was a fucking tease and he would be the death of you-- that was for sure. 
Finally, when the train pulled up at the station, everybody starting to climb off of the compartment, but Draco remained sat where he was, also blocking you in from your window seat. As Blaise and Pansy grab their bags and start to head off, they look back at you both in confusion, wondering why you’re not leaving. 
“You two go on,” Draco mutters, running his hand across his jaw. “Y/N and I have something we need to discuss.”
Pansy gives you a sly smirk and a wink before she grabs Blaise’s arm and practically drags him out of the compartment. Your heart is pounding as you watch Draco slide out of his seat once your friends have left the two of you by yourselves, watching as he moves closer to the carriage door, sliding it shut. He pulls the blinds down next. 
“This might be the last time we get the chance to do this,” Draco smirks as he glances back at you. “Stand.”
You do as he says, watching as he grabs his wand out of his pocket and swishes it, all of the other blinds coming down to conceal you from the outside. Your clit is pulsating so hard and you nearly groan out loud as he starts to march closer to you, rubbing your thighs together for some relief. 
Draco’s hand snaps out to grab your neck, fingers gliding down your soft skin before he digs his fingers in slightly, shallowing your breathing. You whimper as his other thumb drags itself down your lip. 
“I know you’ve been desperate for this,” Draco mutters, releasing your neck and undoing his tie, flinging it down onto the table beside you both. “And you’ve been a good girl for me. Parkinson and Zabini didn’t suspect a thing, did they?”
“No,” you breathe in agreement, “they didn’t.”
“I think my good little slut deserves a reward for being so patient,” Draco mutters, tilting your head with his hand on your jaw, leaning down to press wet kisses to your neck, sucking hard below your ear and leaving a hickey behind as you grip his arms, eyes rolling into the back of your head. 
“Draco...” You pull away from him slightly, finding his silver eyes darker than usual as he stares down at you. “Right here? What if someone comes looking-”
“Colloportus,” he mutters, locking the doors with his wand. “There. We’ll hear if someone tries coming in.”
“And if somebody hears us?”
That’s enough for you. Especially when Draco’s looking as handsome as he does and when he has that grip on your waist. You know you’re in for a good quickie when he grabs you and whirls you around, forcing you down so that you’re bent over the table that they had just been sat at. 
His hand drifts between your legs where your school skirt has ridden up, exposing your soaked panties. He tuts as he kicks your legs apart with his foot, gliding his lanky fingers up your leg and towards your ass where he lands a harsh smack. You whimper, your hand clasping over your mouth. 
Draco reaches down and dives his hand between your legs, cupping your sex. He pushes your panties to the side and immediately comes into contact with your slick arousal. It coats his fingers and makes him smirk as he glides it between your folds and towards your clit where he rubs circles. When he notices how you’re muffling your moans with your hand, he lands a sharp slap to your clit that makes you jerk unexpectedly against him. 
“If I see you trying to keep quiet one more time then I won’t touch you,” Draco swore, returning to rubbing your clit when you peeled your hand away from your lips. “Good girl. I want to hear those pretty sounds you make.” 
You moan at a mixture of his words and the sensation rippling through your body, your arms stretching out in front of you and trying to grab hold of anything, but there was nothing for you to hold so you simply clawed at the table as Draco drops down onto his knees. 
He whirls you around so that you’re facing him, his face level with your pussy as he yanks your skirt up. He glides your panties down your legs and then thrusts one finger inside your hole, making your breath hitch. You throw your head back, you hands clinging to his bleach blond hair. As another finger slides in, both pumping in and out at a dangerously slow pace, Draco leans his head dow and starts to lick at your clit, looking up at you whilst he did it. 
You moan, bucking your hips. “Draco, please. Please, please. Fuck. Fuck!”
That’s right, Potter. He thinks. This is the closest you’ll ever get to seeing her like this. And it’s all because of me. 
Draco hums against you and wraps his mouth around your entire clit, sucking hard and licking at the same time. It throbs and feels like it’s going to explode, porn-worthy whimpers leaving you as you throw your legs up onto his shoulders, sitting further along the table as he laps up your juices eagerly. 
A third finger slides in and you groan at the stretching sensation as he fucks his fingers into you harder. Your hands move up to palm at your breasts, until Draco grabs your wrist. You huff at the loss of contact. He stands, licking his lip as he pulls his fingers out of you and holds them towards your lips. 
“Suck,” Draco demands and knowing Potter is watching, envying him and wishing that he was the one that had you at his will, makes him smirk harder. 
You respond eagerly, leaning forwards and taking his fingers into your mouth. You look up at him, eyes all wide and innocent that have Draco even harder in his trousers. He swears to Merlin that you’ll be the death of him as your tongue swirls around his digits, licking yourself off of him and cleaning him up. 
“Good fucking slut,” he grows. “Now on your knees. Where you belong.”
You respond quickly, dropping down like he had commanded you to. Without hesitation, you reach for the button and zipper of his trousers, undoing them both. You reach into his underwear and pull his cock out, wetting your lips at the sight. He’s as hard as ever, precum oozing out of the top as he grabs the base of it, smacking your lips with it. 
You half open your mouth, making a moaning sound as he smears it across your lips, leaving his precum behind. Your tongue darts out and you lick it up as he smacks your cheek with it. Your mouth opens wider, sticking your tongue out. Draco thrusts his hips slowly closer, his cock resting in your mouth as you take over, grabbing his shaft and jerking off anything that you couldn’t fit into your mouth. 
You suck in your cheeks as you bob on his dick, pulling off all of the way to then lick at his tip. Draco’s hand grips your hair like it’s a lifeline, small curses leaving his lips as you take him all the way back in. His tip hits the back of your throat, making your eyes water, but you keep him there for a few second, hearing his breathing grow short at the feeling until you pull him off of you, his cock now covered in your saliva. 
“Fuck, you’re so good,” Draco mutters, his fingers going beneath your chin and moving with you as you stand up. “And you’re all mine. Nobody else can have you.”
“Mhm,” you moan in agreement as he lays you across the table that you had been at before. “Don’t want anyone else.”
“Not even Potter?” He refers to the boy you’d dated briefly back in fourth year-- the same one that hadn’t been able to keep his eyes off of you since, even when you were wrapped under Draco’s arm two years later.  
“No, you,” you agree, “Just you. Only you, Draco.”
Draco places runs his tip up and down your folds before he presses it at your entrance, slowly gliding in. You both groan at the sensation. You’d throw your head back if you weren’t already being fucked on the hard surface of the table. Your hands grip the sides beside you, but it doesn’t stop your body jerking as Draco fucks into you hard. 
He’s being rough, clearly trying to prove a point as he watches your body wither beneath him from where he stands at the end of the table. He pushes your skirt back up when it falls down a little, and this time his thumb moves to your clit. Draco smirks when your back arches and you cry out. 
“Draco!” You nearly sob as he slams into you, your soaking heat making sounds that echo across the compartment. “Draco, Draco. Fuck me just like that.”
Draco groans at your words, rubbing your clit harder and slamming in and out of you like it’s his mission. Your walls clench around his cock and have him tilting his head back, a breathy moan leaving his lips as he doesn’t stop his assault on your nub. Everything feels so good-- you can already feel your orgasm coming, thanks to the foreplay earlier as well. 
“You’re so good for me,” Draco growls, glancing down and spitting on your pussy, even though you were already soaked. He rubs it in as he watches his cock drive in and out of your shaking form. “Such a good, pretty, little slut. But just for me.” 
“Just--” You squeeze your eyes shut when Draco hits a certain spot inside you, making you scream out. “Just for you, Draco.”
“Do you hear that Potter?” Draco booms with a laugh, but you don’t process what he’s said at first. “Do you see her? The way she comes undone for me. How she would let me do anything for her?”
You realise what he’s saying after a few seconds and several more powerful thrusts. Your eyes widen, realising that Harry must be snooping around in the compartment-- that was why Draco had been so tense after the small blackout. 
Draco leans down and hisses against your ear, “Let’s put on a little show for him, shall we, princess?”
You cum. You scream out and throw your head back, the thought of Harry watching Draco fuck the life out of you guiltily filling you with adrenaline and power and even arousal. You claw at Draco’s blazer-covered back as you call out his name, walls clenching around his cock over and over. 
Finally, seconds later, you feel his hips stutter and one last powerful thrust before his cum begins to fill you, hot and fast. Your eyes flutter at the sensation, breathy whimpers leaving your lips as he pulls out of you and yanks your skirt back down whilst you sit up. 
“Petrificus Totalus!” He grabs his wand and shoots the spell at the storage shelves above you. 
You gasp when you hear a thump. You bend down on your knees and pull up the invisibility cloak that Harry had, revealing the boy himself-- paralysed, of course. Draco grabs you and pulls you back, a smirk on his face. 
“Didn’t your mother ever tell you it was rude to eavesdrop, Potter?” Draco spits, grabbing his bag with the hand that isn’t holding you wrist. “Oh, that’s right, she was dead before you could wipe the drool off your chin.”
Harry’s seemingly-lifeless eyes just stare back up at the two of you and you gasp when Draco drives his foot down onto Harry’s face, an audible cracking noise filling the compartment. Blood immediately dribbles down his face as Draco releases you to grab the cloak back off the ground. 
“That’s for my father. And stop fucking staring at my girlfriend. I think it might be obvious to you who she prefers now.” He throws the cloak back over Harry, making him invisible again. “Enjoy your ride back to London.”
Draco grabs your hand again and his briefcase and leads you away again, fully satisfied that Potter had learnt his lesson. 
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waitimcomingtoo · 8 months ago
Give Yourself a Try
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader enemies to lovers
Synopsis: you and Peter hate each other, which becomes a problem when you’re given a group project
Part two and three
Tumblr media
“Good morning Ned.” You kindly greeted as you took your seat in front of Peter in your first period physics class.
“Morning Y/n.” Ned said back, gearing up for what he knew was coming.
“I really like your makeup today, Y/n.” Peter smiled as he leaned forward in his seat. “Is it hard balancing your schoolwork with your job at the circus?”
“Not at all.” You smiled sweetly at him as you turned around. “I could get you a job there if you’d like. We’ve been needing something small to feed to the lions between shows. You’d be perfect.”
“Small? Darling, you must be mistaken.” Peter kept a sickly sweet grin on. “I’m bigger than your boyfriend of the week over there.”
“Silly goose.” You scrunched your nose at him. “Harry Osborn is not my boyfriend. And just so you know, steroids are really bad for you. I’m worried about your well being.”
“I’m not on steroids.” Peter hissed, dropping the act. “Stop trying to start that rumor.”
“Why not?” You shot back. “You had no trouble spreading the rumor that I was the one who killed Herbie the hamster when we all know it was you who left the door open after cleaning his cage.”
“Are you kidding me? That was fifth grade.” He whispered harshly.
“I will never forget it.” You snapped back.
“Ahem.” The teacher cleared her throat as she stared at you and Peter with an annoyed expression. This was an everyday occurrence in her class, and any other class you had with Peter. You hated each other and everyone knew it. You and Peter stopped arguing and slumped in your seats, giving each other one last look of disdain.
“Instead of a final exam this semester, I’ll be giving you a final project.” The teacher continued. “You’ll be working with one other student.”
“Nice. We can finally present our work on quantum physics.” Peter excitedly high fived Ned.
“Can you guys reschedule your virgin convention for later?” You asked seriously. “I’m trying to listen.”
“Because of the disappointing grades on the last project, I will be assigning your partners.” The teacher went on.
“Don’t worry.” Peter whispered to Ned again. “We could still end up together. We got an A last time so she knows we work well together.”
“We got an A last time.” You mimicked his voice and moved your hand like a puppet.
“Yeah. An A.” Peter said as he leaned forward in his seat. “You know, like your bra size.”
“What did you just say to me?” You snapped as you whipped around. He had on his infamous shit eating grin that you hated.
“Young man, can you please stop interrupting our conversation?” He said as he held up a hand. Your jaw dropped at the insult, face growing warm with anger. You decide not to give him the satisfaction of an insult exchange and turned around in your seat. Your teacher began to list off the partners for the projects.
“Leeds, Stacy.” She called out. “You’ll be working together.”
“Sorry, man. But also, not sorry man.” Ness frown quickly turned into a smile. “Gwen, over here!”
“Aw.” You snickered as you turned around on your chair. “I feel bad for whoever gets stuck with you now. That poor, unfortunate soul.”
“Parker. L/n. You’ll be working together.”
“What?” You and Peter screamed in unison. You gave each other an angry look before looking at your teacher in protest.
“You two are always holding up my class and I’m tired of it.” She held up a hand. “This project will teach you how to finally get along and stop disrupting me while I teach.”
“Mrs. Avery, with all due respect, I can feel myself getting more disruptive already.” You told her.
“I think that’s your STD.” Peter mumbled.
“You two need to learn how to be professional and amicable.” She ignored your protest. “You won’t always like your peers. But you will always have to collaborate with them at some point.”
“I understand that.” You assured her. “But if we do this project together, my fist is going to collaborate with Peters face.”
“That’s a threat.” Peter piped up. “I’d like to file a report.”
“And I’d like to take that report and shove it up your-“
“Enough.” Mrs. Avery cut you off. “You will be working together and that is final.”
You both shrunk in your seats, fuming with anger over the teachers decision. You didn’t cause any more disruptions throughout the class and quickly left once the bell rang.
Peter saw you at your locker, which was coincidentally next to his locker, spraying some perfume on.
“Darling!” Peter exclaimed as he stood next to you. “So good to see you! You know how much I love when you hog all the locker space and make the entire hallways smell like perfume.”
“Why, thank you.” You touched your hand to your heart. “As I’m sure you know, some of us prefer to smell like things other than Neosporin and baby powder. After all, that’s your signature scent and I’d just hate to step on your toes.”
“I didn’t know. Thank you for opening your gigantic mouth and telling me!” Peter said through a toothy grin.
“Oh, Peter.” You laughed airily. “You’re very welcome, you sad sack of shit.”
“Classy.” Peter faked a smile as he opened his locker. “Do you want to come over to my house after school to work on the project? I live walking distance from here.”
“What? No.” You scoffed. “You’re not getting me to a secondary location. We’ll work in the library.”
“Actually, we won’t, because it’s closed for maintenance.” He replied with a tight smile.
“I wish you were closed for maintenance.” Yoh grumbled as you zipped up your bag.
“Hilarious.” He fake laughed loudly. “Are you coming over or not?”
“Not.” You said in disgust. “I don’t know you or your parents. You might try to kill me as a part of some Parker family cult ritual.”
“My parents are dead.” He told you, unamused. “It’s just me and my aunt.”
“Is your aunt a cult leader?” You asked.
“No.” He groaned.
“Cult member?”
“No. All she does is cheat at cross world puzzles and shop at Whole Foods.” He said.
“So you lied.” You slammed your locker and looked at him. “She’s in the Whole Foods cult.”
“Can you try not to be difficult for two minutes, please? We need to get this project done.”
“Jokes on you, Parker.” You folded your arms. “Difficult is my lowest setting.”
“Ooo. Scary.” He mocked you. “What’s your highest? Because I’m pretty sure I saw it last Tuesday when your backpack got stuck on the door handle and you decided to blame me.”
“I know that was your fault. And I go from difficult to hooligan to the step mom from Parent Trap.” You shrugged.
“And they said women aren’t funny.” Peter replied as he slapped his knee. You raised an eyebrow at him, judging him for his material.
“I’m sorry.” He mumbled.
“You’re gonna be sorry.” You told him. “Where do you live again?”
“Waking distance from here. I said that less than five minutes ago.” He rolled his eyes at you.
“Well I didn’t hear that because I tune you out when you speak. You know, like most people do.” You said sweetly.
“Wow, you’re so funny.” Peter said sarcastically. “If I meet you here at the end of the day, will you come home with me?”
“Fine.” You huffed. “I’ll go home with you. But if I start detecting any cult shit going on, I’m leaving.”
“Fine by me.” He scoffed. “I’ll see you later.”
“Are you ready to go?” Peter asked after the last bell had rang. You shouldered your backpack and shut your locker, feeling unusually anxious around him. You could deal with Peter for 40 minutes at a time when all you did was trade insults. Something about walking to his home together and spending time alone knocked the confidence right out of you.
“I’m ready.” You nodded.
“What, no insult?” He asked. “No mocking of my voice?”
“We were assigned each other as partners so we could learn to be civil, right?” You shrugged. “I guess I’m just mature enough to give it a try.”
“There she is.” Peter smiled as you began to walk in the direction of his apartment. “There’s my girl.”
You looked to the side when you heard him say this, unsure of how it made you feel. You often called each other pet names ironically, but this felt different. There was a change in the dynamic between the two of you and it was clouding your judgment.
You let Peter do all the talking as you walked home, thankful that he lived so close to the school. He spewed out ideas for the project the entire elevator ride up and didn’t stop until you were standing outside his bedroom door.
Peter stopped talking and opened the door, gesturing for you to go inside. You made a face at him before walking, staying in one spot as he shut the door and sat down. You were frozen as you looked around his room, not liking how human it made him. He had notes from classes you didn’t have with him strewn around and an open first aid kit on his desk.
“You can sit.” He chuckled when he noticed how stiff you were.
“I’m scared to.” You admitted.
“I don’t know.” You answered honestly. Something about sitting on this boys bed with him seemed finalizing, like you’d be opening a door you couldn’t close.
“Just sit down.” He repeated. “I didn’t rig the place with boobytraps, if that’s what you’re thinking.”
“That’s what someone who rigged the place with booby traps would say.” You replied as you took a hesitant seat on his bed.
“There. Isnt that nice?” He asked sarcastically.
“No.” You said immediately. “Am I the first girl to ever sit on your bed?”
“Psh. No.”
“I’ll take that as a yes ma’am.” You mumbled.
“Whatever.” He replied. “What do you want to do the project on?”
“How about micropenises?” You suggested. “You won’t even have to do any research.”
“Haha. So funny.” He rolled his eyes. “You are so annoying it’s actually impressive.”
“Please.” You laughed. “You so have a crush on me.”
“What?” His entire face went red. “No I don’t.”
“No I don’t.” You mimicked his voice. “Yes you do. That’s why you’re up my ass all the time.”
“That makes no sense.” He scoffed.
“It makes total sense.” You insisted. “You know I’ll never like you back, so you made me hate you. That way, you still get to talk to me all the time. Genius, really. I applaud you.”
“That’s a nice little fantasy you’ve created for yourself. Is that what you tell yourself to help you fall asleep?” He teased you.
“Yep.” You smiled brightly. “Right after I finger blast myself to the thought of you in your Catholic schoolboy sweaters.”
“Oh my God.” His cheeks turned even redder at your inappropriate joke.
“And they said women aren’t funny.” You used his words from earlier.
“They were right.” He said, making you laugh.
“God, I love it when you talk down to me.” You fanned yourself. “Can you tell me how to change a tire?”
Peter began to laugh as well, looking at you as you both laughed. You quickly stopped laughing when you realized you just gave him a genuine smile and looked away.
“Do you want to do the project on tensile strength?” You suggested to break the tension. “I know you’re weirdly into that.”
“How’d you know?” He wondered.
“You almost popped a boner when we talked about in last month.” You teased him. “It’s just rope, dude.”
“It’s not just rope. It’s the force-“
“-the force required to pull something until it breaks. I know.” You finished his sentence. “I’m smart too, you know.”
“Oh.” He was dumbfounded that you knew something he was interested in. “I didn’t know.”
“Yeah.” You nodded. “Women use brain sometime. Woman say smart thing like man.”
Peter laughed again, realizing you were actually kind of funny when you wanted to be.
“I’m not a misogynist, you know.” Peter said after a beat. “You don’t have to make jokes like that. I may not like you, but I respect you.”
“You respect me?” You raised a skeptical eyebrow at him.
“I respect all women. The strongest person I know is my Aunt. Plus, I’ve still never met anyone who was as smart as my mom. I wouldn’t be half the man I was if it weren’t for the women who raised me.” He shrugged. “But it would be ignorant and naive of me to only respect woman who are related to me in some way. So I respect all of them unless they give me a reason not to.”
“Have I given you a reason not to?” You batted your eyelashes at him.
“Not yet.” He chuckled to himself. “You’re annoying, but you’re brilliant. I know you would never admit this, but we’re basically the same person. You’re just more extroverted so you have more friends and popularity. And you’re smart but you don’t make that your whole personality, so it impresses more people when you let your intelligence show.”
Your body language shifted when you realized he was actually a nice guy. He clearly paid attention to you and was impressed by what he saw. You didn’t say anything, so Peter kept going.
“People lean in to listen when you start speaking instead of tuning you out.” He brought up your insult from earlier, and you felt bad. You didn’t realize he admired you in any way and you felt guilty for always teasing him. Peter’s kept his eyes down, playing with his fingers to distract himself.
“You’re…you’re kind of every thing I wanted to be.” He said quietly. You smiled softly at him, but he didn’t see it. It was the first time you had a nice moment with Peter, and you didn’t hate it. You could tell he was beginning to panic for sharing so much, so you reached forward and tilted his chin up to look at you. His wide eyes met yours and you gave him a small smile.
“How did your parents die?” You asked quietly, immediately ruining the moment.
“Damn.” Peter pulled away with a shocked laugh. “When was your first period?”
“All right. I get your point.” You rolled your eyes. “That was a little abrupt.”
“You’re telling me.” He teased. You sat in silence for a moment, neither of you sure where to go from there. You knew Peter was still processing you touching his face, so you talked first.
“My parents are dead too.” You said without looking up at him.
“They are?” He asked, scooting a little closer to you on the bed.
“Yeah.” You looked up and gave him a sad smile. “But if you think we’re gonna take a turn and fall in love because we have similar trauma, you’re wrong. I can’t stand orphans.”
“But you’re an orphan.” He reminded you.
“Never mind.” He shook his head. “I have a feeling I won’t be getting through to you.”
“Probably not.” You agreed. “Tell me more, though. Did your parents die doing something cool?”
“I don’t really know.” He shrugged. “It was a plane crash. That’s all I’ve been told.”
“Oh.” You nodded. “Sounds lame.”
“A plane crash?” You raised your eyebrow. “That’s so boring. Yawn.”
“Excuse me?” He laughed in shock again. “Fine. How did your parents die?”
“Firefighters.” You said proudly. “Died saving three children.”
“Wow.” Peter sat back, stumped.
“Yeah.” You nodded. “I was one of them.”
“Seriously?” His eyes widened as he fought the urge to hold your hand.
“No. I’m fucking with you.” You began to laugh as he let out a groan.
“Why would you do that to me?” He whined. “You had me, for a minute there.”
“What can I say? I’m an actor.” You flipped your hair ostentatiously.
“What actually happened?” He wondered. You stopped smiling and bit your bottom lip.
“Drunk driver.” You told him. He didn’t fight the urge this time and reached over to take your hand in his. You stared at your interlocked hands, wondering if you should pull away or not. On the one hand, he was your enemy. But that didn’t make his warmth any less inviting.
“I’m sorry.” He said softly. “That must have been really hard on you.”
“You know the feeling, don’t you?” You asked with a sad smile.
“I do.” He nodded. “And I know how much it sucked to not have someone who knew how it felt. You don’t have to feel that way anymore. Neither of us do.”
You opened your mouth to speak but quickly shut it, not wanting to ruin the moment again. The guy holding your hand was not the same guy who sat behind you in physics. This guy was someone you actually liked.
“I might have misjudged you, Peter Parker.” You laughed shyly. “You might not be as unbearable as I remembered.”
“And you might not be the frigid bitch I thought you were.” He matched your tone.
“Watch it.” You warned.
“Sorry.” He mumbled.
“You were right.” You said after a beat. “We are pretty much the same person. I never realized that before.”
“Maybe that’s why we don’t get along.” He shrugged, rubbing soft circles into your hand.
“I’d be willing to give it a try, if you were.” You said sheepishly. “Who knows? I might just like you.”
“You want to give this a try?” He asked, eyes lighting up in excitement.
“Why not?” You shrugged. “What do I have to lose?”
“Okay.” He nodded eagerly. “Then we’ll try.”
“Cool.” You smiled.
“Cool.” He said before leaning in for a kiss. Your eyes widened as his fluttered shut, making you realize you were on different pages. His lips made contact with yours for a few seconds before you pushed him off.
“What the hell are you doing?” You asked as you covered your mouth with your hand.
“Kissing you?” He asked in confusion as hurt flashed in his eyes.
“Why the hell would you do that?” You exclaimed, still in shock. You got off the bed and backed away from him, trying to process what just happened.
“You said we were giving it a try!” He was shouting now too, but not out of anger. “I thought we were finally admitting that we like each other.”
“I meant giving friendship a try! I never said anything about a relationship.” You shouted. You quieted down when you saw the upset look on his face. “You... you like me?”
“I thought it was obvious.” He said quietly. “I-I thought you knew. You said it before and I just…I thought you knew.”
“Peter, I was joking when I said all that stuff.” You calmed down and sat back on his bed. “I didn’t actually think you liked me.”
“Oh.” He blinked a few times before looking down. “I…I do.”
“Peter, I’m sorry.” You reached for his hand again but his withdrew it.
“No, it’s my fault.” He shook his head and got off the bed. “I misunderstood the situation.”
“Peter, wait.” You caught him by the wrists and pulled him back down to the bed. He sat down again but looked anywhere but at you. You could see that his eyes were glassy so you put a hand on his face.
“You were right.” His voice wavered. “I did like you and I did think you’d never like me back. That’s why I always tease you. I just wanted you to talk to me.”
“Pete.” You whispered, rubbing his cheekbone with your thumb.
“I’m sorry. I really don’t want to be here right now. I’ll email you my part of the project and-“
You cut him off by wrapping your hand around the back of his neck and pulling him into a kiss. You both had your eyes closed this time and it lasted much longer. Your lips moved against his slowly and you could feel how inexperienced he was. Even so, it was perfect. You pulled away after a minute and looked into his eyes, feeling better now that there were no traces of sadness in them.
“You kissed me.” He said, dumbfounded.
“I can’t know I don’t like you back if I never give you a chance.” You shrugged as you withdrew your hand from his face.
“Well what did you decide?” He asked curiously. You puckered your lips and tilted your head, staring at him as if you were making a decision.
“I still think you’re super annoying.” You concluded.
“Okay.” Peter nodded.
“But it’s an annoying I’m willing to put up with.” You decided as you slipped your hand back into his. Peter broke out into a smile and nodded again.
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harrycolucci · 2 months ago
Prompt: Sex after the first LOT show.
Word Count: 786
Warnings: Sexual content
Author’s note: I couldn’t decide which dress I was going to put in it, so here are my options: *** & ***, I didn’t describe any of the outfit, so imagine it however you like. – Sorry for the hideous explanation of what the one-shot is about, my mind sucks.
Since YN knew Harry, she knew about his passion to sing to thousands of people and to see him start his second solo tour, after all, she couldn’t be more proud of his love.
YN was in an area where Harry could have a perfect view of her, along with his sister and mother. And every time he looked there, his heart was filled with joy to see ‘em dance and sing.
Before he went on stage, he was sweating and nervous. He’s never been this nervous at a show like this, but YN and his mom were there to calm him down and tell him everything would be okay. And so it was.
The show went better than expected, the fans were all happy, excited and he could even see some crying with emotion. From start to finish, everything was perfect. And he couldn't be happier and more proud of himself.
When Harry left the stage, he was greeted with praise and hugs but his eyes roamed the room looking for YN. And when he found her, talking to Sarah, he made the first excuse that popped into her mind and jumped out of the conversation. Sarah, seeing him approaching, smiled before saying goodbye to YN and going to talk to the others there.
“Honey, you were so amazing.” She spoke when he got closer to her. Harry smiled in thanks, placing a short kiss on her lips.
“Thank you my love. But right now, I need you.”
Harry said quietly, before grabbing YN’s arm and dragging her to his dressing room.
Once they were alone, Harry locked the door and turned around, seeing YN start to take off her dress, before he interrupted her.
“No, don’t take it off.”
She looked up in confusion, before he ran his hands over her arm, meeting her covered breasts.
“When I saw you in that dress... I swear to God... I had to control myself not to take it off your body right away.” He explained hoarsely, and YN shivered.
“Ummm... I knew you would like it.” She said with a smug smile on her face.
Harry looked her up and down, admiring his wife’s perfect body. He glanced around the room, watching the couch there for a few seconds before pulling YN over there.
“Go to the couch arm and lean on it.” YN didn’t hesitate to do as he asked. So she was on her knees, her stomach pressed against the back of the sofa. “Bend over.”
She felt his hands on her back, placing her as he wanted. One of the pillows was supporting her. She had the dress hiked up to her waist, giving Harry an inside view of her ass. Naked.
“No panties?” He asked maliciously, eyeing her already wet pussy.
“It would mark the dress... I couldn’t put it on.”
YN felt his hands caress her ass, before slapping her.
“Close your legs more.”
YN brought her legs together, keeping them fully together. It didn’t take long for him to join her, totally naked. His hands running over her back. In less than 2 seconds, he was already charging at her, hard and fast.
“So tight…” Harry gasped, gripping her hips tightly. Their breathing was heavy, it wouldn’t take long for them to come.
Even after 10 years together, everything felt like the first time.
“Is good?” He asked, his nose lightly touching the bare skin of her shoulder.
“Yeah... Shit, we can’t be long.” She replied, her voice cracking and breathless.
As a sign of teasing, Harry slowed his movements, pausing a bit. YN grunted, irritated, she was almost coming...
He looked at her, looking so fucking beautiful that way.
He couldn’t stand to wait any longer, so he didn’t make her wait as usual. And then Harry leaned over her, his face on her back, resuming the deep, quick thrusts, making her moan softly and her eyes water.
And it didn’t take them a moment for their orgasm to come. First was hers. Intense, it felt like it had no end, her face was streaked with a few tears. She slumped against the couch, still shaky. He continued to fuck her before moaning loudly and falling on her.
They stayed in the same position for a few minutes, before he pulled out of her and watched his cum trickle between her inner thighs.
“I swear to you, this is the best view in the world.” Harry muttered. YN laughed, settling down on the couch and pulling her dress down. They were a complete mess.
“We were lucky no one came looking for us.”
“Okay, so we better get out of here before they come.”
“Okay, let’s go then, rockstar.”
If you enjoy it, like or reblog. It will mean a world to me 💕
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loveontourlove · a month ago
Love on Tour ♡
Part 14: Nashville pt. 2
A/N: Hey besties! I'm really sorry I'm posting this part so late, I had to deal with some personal stuff. I like posting before the show, and I will try to keep it that way, but sometimes real life just comes in the way. I do hope the wait was worth it though!! Enjoy the chapter and buckle up, cause we have New York City coming next!! Send me a message with your comments and feedback. What do you think will happen in nyc? Love - Vee
warning: sexual content
Story Masterlist // 3.2k words // Ask me anything
Tumblr media
Part 14: Nashville pt. 2
October 1, 2021
Have you taken the test?
I read Steven’s text and my body tenses. Harry’s next to me in the back of the black car that’s taking us to the arena. He’s looking out the window at the passing buildings but it’s like he feels my body tensing and he moves his hand from his lap to my knee rubbing it softly.
Not yet.
I reply quickly. I love Steven but he’s been texting me non stop to take the damn test and he’s not understanding I just can’t do it alone.
Back in college one of my closest friends had a pregnancy scare with a guy she had been casually hooking up with and she told me taking the test had been one of the scariest things she had ever done. I remember thinking she was probably exaggerating but now I fully understand what she meant.
Do it.
I roll my eyes at Steven’s insistence though I know he’s right, and the sooner I do this the sooner I will be able to sort everything out, if necessary.
I don’t want to do it alone.
Tell Harry.
Are you kidding? I can’t do that yet.
It’s not that easy.
We can do it together when you get to ny.
I just don’t want you to be stressed out until then. The sooner you rip off the band-aid the better.
I lock my phone and close my eyes shut so that tears don’t spill from them. I take a breath and pray that whatever is holding Harry’s attention at the moment keeps him entertained a little bit longer.
“What’s wrong, bunny?” Harry says after turning to me and noticing my dull expression. Seems like luck is definitely not on my side today and right now I’m hating how easily he can read me.
“Nothing” I shake my head quickly and force out a smile, but one single tear slides down my cheek at the movement.
“You can tell me the truth baby,” Harry says. Babies, that’s something I don’t want to think about.
He reaches one hand to grab my face, grabbing my chin and sofly turning my face so I’m looking at him. He wipes away the single tear with the pad of the thumb of his other hand.
“I’m just not having the best day” I finally say, giving him a weak smile and he nods understandingly.
“I can tell. Do you want to go back to the hotel and take the day off?” He asks.
“No” I’m quick to reply. The last thing I want right now is to be alone with my thoughts.
“Want to tell me what’s on your mind?” He asks me and I’m grateful at how soft and delicate he’s being. He knows by now I have a hard time talking about what’s plaguing my mind when I’m feeling overwhelmed. He already took care of me once when I had a breakdown.
“Not yet” I say and he nods. He leans in and presses a soft and sweet peck to my lips.
“I’ll be right here when you’re ready to talk” He says and it takes all of me to not break down and cry right there in front of him. He’s just too good. A sense of regret fills me at the realization I’m really keeping this from him but I just can’t tell him yet. It’s not like I’m sure that I’m pregnant.
Oh god. Pregnant. It’s the first time I've allowed myself to think of that word after last night. What if I really am pregnant? I swallow down the knot that just formed in my throat and I see through the window that we’re just pulling up at the Bridgestone Arena. Thank god. I really need to leave this car that’s starting to make me feel claustrophobic.
Harry exits the car first and then waits for me holding out his hand to me. I look at him and he gives me a reassuring smile. All he seems to care about right now is that I feel better. We walk together to the back entrance. He is a few steps behind me but he’s holding a kind of protective stance. He’s told how he always wants me to walk in front of him so that he can make sure I’m okay. I suddenly want to cry again and I wonder if this is all due to the fact that my hormones are all fucked up right now because I’m actually pregnant.
“I’ll go check in with Luis” I tell Harry once we are inside the arena and away from any possible peeking eye.
“Take it easy today okay?” Harry says, leaning in and pressing a kiss there, leaving his lips on my skin for a few seconds. I just nod and squeeze his hand that he tenderly placed over my shoulder, before walking away from him. I decide I will distract myself with work and errands.
I’ve been working around all day trying to block away the stressful thoughts that have taken permanent residence in my head. It’s worked so far but now I’m alone in Harry’s dressing room getting his stuff ready for him and I can feel the anxiety slowly creeping in again, starting in the pit of my stomach.
I try to concentrate on Harry’s outfit for the night, a matching set of satin pants and vest in a beige color. He will really look incredible tonight. Seems like thinking about Harry is not the solution to my problems as I feel a slight wave of panic and then bile rising through my throat. I drop Harry’s boots that I had in my hands to the floor and run to the bathroom. Thank god there’s one inside this dressing room this time. I kneel in front of the toilet and place both my hands on the seat, throwing up. I’ve barely eaten today, so at some point it’s like my body has nothing else to get rid of but still needs to vomit. And it feels like I’m hyperventilating.
“We’ve decided with the band to sing To Be So Lonely tonight again to cheer you up” I hear Harry say distantly as he makes his way inside the room. I didn’t get to close the bathroom door so he quickly spots me, his face turning to an expression of worry. He takes no time in coming to my side and then I’m throwing up again.
“What’s wrong bunny?” He says once he is kneeling next to me. He uses one of my hands to take a hold of my hair, pulling it back from where it was falling in front of my face. He places the other hand on my back, rubbing it up and down in a soothing manner.
“I think I’ve got a stomach bug” I lie, which only makes me feel worse and triggers a new wave of nausea “I’m sorry”
“There’s nothing to apologize for bunny” Harry tells me in his soft voice and then leans in to press a tender kiss to the back of my neck. Suddenly I can’t hold it in anymore and the tears start falling freely from my eyes.
“I’m sorry” I say again and I know Harry doesn’t quite understand why I’m apologizing. I really wish I could just tell him now, but I can’t just drop something like this on him right before his show. I turn around and throw myself at him, putting my hands around him and leaning in to cry against his neck. I cling to him as close as I can not even caring about the fact I haven’t washed my mouth. He doesn’t seem to care either as he keeps on rubbing my back in the most tender way.
“I’m here baby, I’m here” He keeps whispering in my ear again and again and I keep on crying, overwhelmed by the fact I’ve found someone as amazing as Harry and I might be on the verge of ruining due to one single careless mistake.
“Why don’t you go back to the hotel to rest a bit and I will join you after the show? We can watch a movie and relax together” He says once my breathing has gotten more steady and it seems like I have calmed down a bit.
“No” I say quickly “I have work to do and I don’t wanna miss the show”
“Your boss is giving you the day off” Harry says with a cute smile on his face and then presses a kiss to my temple “I would feel so much better knowing you’re resting and taking care of yourself”
I look at him with big teary eyes and he gives me a small encouraging smile. I’m torn between wanting to stay to fulfill all my responsibilities and also so I can keep on convincing myself I’m okay and nothing is going on, but also knowing he’s right and I won’t be able to handle being here tonight. Much less watching the show from the pit with all the screaming and lighting.
“Okay” I croak out in the smallest voice. He nods at me and stands up first, then reaches out for my hand and helps me stand up. I do it with wobbly legs and I realize I’m physically feeling much worse than I thought.
“Get your stuff, I will call you a car” I nod and walk to the table where I have my purse and backpack with my belongings. I can’t get myself to say anything else, I feel like if I do, I will spill what it is that's making me this anxious and I will ruin Harry’s night and the show for the fans. I just can’t do that. We’ll have to talk later tonight.
Harry walks over to me once he notices I’m done gathering my stuff and he places his hands on my shoulders, then looks down at me intently, his eyes so tender and adoring that I almost start crying again, but I succeed at holding the tears in.
“Take a good nap bunny. I will be there in no time to take care of you” I throw myself at him one last time in a tight hug, silently telling him how grateful for him I am right now. He places one last kiss on the top of my head and then we break apart, so that I can go to the car that’s waiting for me and Harry can start getting ready for his show.
I walk out of the dressing room and as soon as I’m away from his soothing presence, a thought comes back to my mind that all this could change tonight after I finally tell him I could be pregnant.
I hear the door open and I know Harry’s back. I’m currently laying in bed, buried between the bunch of big white pillows of the hotel’s california king bed. I took a nap and now I’m scrolling through Twitter, seeing fan posts about Harry’s concert tonight that I missed. Harry was right and I am actually feeling much better after some rest and some alone time.
I hear his steps getting closer to my side of the bed and he kneels in front of me. I’m laying on my side, facing him and he places a hand over my bum. A smile tugs at his lips when he realizes I’m awake. His hair is wet and he smells so nice, fresh out of the shower.
“Hey princess bunny” He says in a quiet voice, not wanting to interrupt the peaceful and quiet aura that surrounds the room. He combs his hands through my hair tenderly “Feeling better?”
“Yeah” I say, giving him a small smile. I drop my phone face down on the bed and pucker my lips at him. He chuckles and leans in, kissing my lips softly “But I’m upset I didn’t see you in that sexy outfit tonight. I’m jealous of your fans”
“Babe you’re the one who gets to see me naked” Harry chuckles and I smirk, because it is indeed true. I get to admire and touch his naked body.
“And that female orgasm thing. I think we have to honor that tonight” I tease, though I’m not really sure if I’m in the mood to have sex but I’m desperate to lighten the mood after my breakdown back at the arena earlier today.
“What if I fix you a bath instead?” Harry asks to my surprise as he is always horny and in the mood for sex. I realize that we are really more deeply connected than I want to accept and that he really is learning how to read my mood perfectly.
“That sounds lovely” I smile at him in appreciation. He nods and gives my bum a slight squeeze before getting up from the floor and making his way to the big ensuite.
I get up from the bed too, taking my time to stretch as I’ve been curled up in this same position since I got back from the arena. I’m also trying to give Harry some time to set up the bathtub. I decide to take some initiative and call room service to bring us a bottle of red wine. I pause momentarily when I realize I still don’t know if I’m pregnant or not and maybe I shouldn't drink, but decide to put those thoughts away for a couple of hours as I just need some peace and Harry tonight. One glass is not going to hurt either way.
I walk into the bathroom and see Harry kneeling next to the bathtub, testing the water to make sure it’s just at the right temperature. He knows I like it hot but not so much as to burn myself. I can tell he’s added a bathbomb, one of the lavender ones he carries with him for those times when it’s him who needs a relaxing bath, and he even lit up a couple of the vanilla scented candles he carries with wherever he goes. So that I can smell home, he said when I asked him why.
I start undressing. Taking off Harry’s Rolling Stones t-shirt that I had been snuggling on. My bra and panties follow and I’m amazed at how comfortable I feel getting undressed in front of him in a setting that however intimitate, it’s not leading to sex. I put my hair in a high bun so that I don’t get my hair wet, as I washed it this morning, and I don’t realize Harry has stood up and is now right behind me. He puts his hands over my naked hips and presses a kiss to the back of my neck.
Harry holds my hand, helping step into the tub so I don’t fall and once I’m inside I sink myself into the warm water, smiling instantly as I feel the contact of it with my skin. There really is nothing a warm bath can’t fix. We both look up at the sound of a knock on the door.
“That’s the wine” I smile devilishly at Harry and he smirks.
“Cheeky” He says, leaving the bathroom to go open the door.
Once he’s back he places the bottle of Cháteau Lafite and the two wine glasses on the countertop, busying himself with opening the bottle and serving our drinks. He hands me a glass and I smile appreciatively, taking a sip and almost moaning at the taste of the much needed drink.
“Won’t you join me?” I ask him.
“Do you want me to?” He asks back and I nod. His eyes soften at my request and it only takes him seconds to undress himself, removing his white pants and a slightly faded vintage t-shirt. I stare at him shamelessly, admiring the roundness of his bum and his strong back. Once he’s all done, I move myself a little bit to the front, leaving enough space so that he can accommodate himself behind me. I let him settle in and slide back so that my back is pressed to his chest. He stretches his long legs against the sides of my hips and I chuckle when I feel his semi hard-on poking at my bum.
“My body reacts involuntarily to seeing you naked” Harry teases me and I stifle a laugh. He puts his hands on my shoulders and starts massaging them slowly, threading at the muscles there and I hum in pleasure, leaning my head down. I brush my fingers over the hairs of his thighs and I feel him release a big puff of air against my neck.
We have fallen into a comfortable silence and Harry glides his large hands over my skin, dropping them from my shoulders to my stomach and I lean back into his firm chest. I watch his fingers as he traces random patterns into the wet skin of my tummy and I freeze for a bit. He finally drops his hands to my thighs and I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding in. I let myself relax again as Harry runs his hands up and down over my thighs. My own arousal growing inside of me.
“You know I’m right here whenever you want to talk” Harry whispers against my ear and I only nod. I shuffle around in the water, splashing some into the floor, until I’ve managed to turn around. I position myself in his lap and throw my arms around his neck.
“Let’s talk tomorrow, yeah?” I tell him, looking straight into his eyes, and now it’s his turn to nod. A lazy smile forms in his lips before he connects them with mine and I let out a slow moan into the kiss. He uses one of his hands to cradle my neck and the other to cup one of my breasts, massaging it tenderly and slowly. It’s not too sexual but extremely intimate. I sigh against his lips and I remember that my hormones are probably all over the place because I’m suddenly aching to have him inside me. I scratch my nails against his scalp and a low moan of pleasure escapes his throat.
I start lowering my hand down his chest, toward his dick, and look at him questiongly, waiting for his consent.
“Only if you want” He says and I give him a firm nod, finally taking his length in my hand. He moans at the contact and I line him up with my entrance, moaning when I hit my clit in the process.
I sink down on him and take a breath, taking a second to adjust to his size. After all the times we’ve had sex I’m still not used at how big he is. Once I’m adjusted I start moving up and down but Harry takes the lead, holding my hips in place.
“Let me” He says and I nod. He plants his feet flat on the bathtub and starts thrusting into me, holding me tightly by the hips with both hands, water splashing everywhere. We stare into each other’s eyes as we move in sync and this starts feeling like much more than just another fuck. The pace is slow but fast, as we try to feel each other completely. I become a mess of moans as I feel the familiar feeling of my stomach tightening and my legs start to shake.
“Let go baby” Harry whispers against my ear and I do just as he says.
I will handle everything else tomorrow.
I'm spilling wine in the bathtub,
you kiss my face and we're both drunk
Everyone thinks that they know us,
but they know nothing about
Dress- Taylor Swift
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nationalharryleague · 8 months ago
Saturday Morning
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N and Harry spend a lovely Saturday in bed. 
Genre: FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF and a “Two for the Show” extra!! 
Word Count: 2.5K!
A/N: Two for the Show is by far my favorite and the most popular fic I’ve ever written and I just missed my babies so much I had to write an extra for them!! I owe my heart to my loves S @tobesolonely​ and Nat @harrystylescherry​ for reading this for me and reassuring me when I needed it!! I am very rusty so please be nice! You can find more of my writing in my masterlist and I really want to hear what you have to say about this one!!! Also hi soph <3 @theharriediaries
**Read Two for the Show first**
Saturday mornings had always been Y/N’s favorite.
When she was little, she always woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon coming from the kitchen up the hall (courtesy of her father being an early riser who always got a bit bored in the mornings). As she got older, she spent them sleeping in and trying to recharge from long days at school, basking in whatever peace she could get before exiting her room into the chaos of her loving--but crowded--household. When she got to college, Saturday mornings were reserved for dealing with hangovers, and once she moved to LA and her career began to take off, it was the only time she had for herself in her busy schedule.
Her love for Saturdays had only grown since she had moved in with Harry.
They always woke up slowly, basking in the quiet of their bedroom and the soft glow created by the light that streamed through the small crack in their blackout curtains. The pair were often a tangle of limbs by the morning, pressed together as close as they possibly could get, both of them feeling at their most relaxed when they could feel their partner’s heartbeat against their own. Sometimes someone woke up with an elbow to the ribs, but most of the time Y/N’s cheek was pressed up against Harry’s shoulder, her face buried into his neck, with his arm draped around her waist and tightly holding her to him like she might roll away in the middle of the night.
That morning she woke up to Harry’s curls tickling her nose. He had been growing them out slightly, letting them fall to a middle part that gently flicked out at the bottom. It reminded her of when he had hosted SNL a few years prior and she adored it. It was just the right length to sink her fingers into and hold on to him. But she did not appreciate it pulling her out of her beauty sleep.
She had wiggled away from the wispy hairs, trying to get her face away from the tickling strands when she felt Harry’s hands clamp down on her waist, refusing to let his girl slip away from his grasp.
“Stay,” he rasped, clearly still half asleep and mumbling in a way she knew no one else could have understood. “You’re warm.”
“I’m not leaving,” she murmured, maneuvering her way onto her other side and pressing her back against his chest. “Just adjusting.”
“But I like holding you that way.”
“Hold me this way.”
“Yes, sir,” he smirked against the back of her neck, delicately placing a few kisses to her skin while he was there. “You just wanted to be the little spoon.”
A sleepy but mischievous smile crawled onto her lips as she snuggled further into her pillow, eyes still closed in hopes of keeping the day away just a little bit longer. “Maybe I did. What are you going to do about it?”
The second his hands moved to her waist she knew what was about to happen. A squeal left her lips as his fingers began to move rapidly at her sides, pulling loud and boisterous laughter from her chest. Sleep was a dream of the past now, but she was sure she wouldn’t trade this moment for the world.
When Harry was gone--either on tour, work trips, or the occasional solo visit to see his family--she missed him like crazy. She still remembers the empty heartache she felt when he had gone on the next leg of the tour without her when they were still brand new. She had to be in LA for her now exploding career (thanks Harry), but daily phone calls and incessant texting could only do so much when the person she was quickly falling in love with--for real this time--was on another continent. By some miracle, she had made him feel the same way about her as she did him through a screen.
She always felt like he had taken a piece of her with him when he was gone. He did if you counted the small hidden tattoo of her first initial that had found its way onto his ribs after their (actual) two year anniversary.
The feeling of missing him never left when he was gone. She imagined he felt the same whenever she was on tours or work trips of her own.
While her body fought against his tickling touch, her heart melted into it. These moments, on (usually) quiet saturday mornings, meant the world to her. This was a time that was just theirs, belonging to no one else but them. Their joy and love took place in private, as privacy became something the couple had been increasingly possessive of as of late.
Harry’s loud and giddy laughter behind her sounded like a perfect melody and she could feel his chest heaving against her back as he rolled onto his back and brought her with him. Their comforter was now tangled around them, wrapping the pair together in a way neither of them could move with Y/N’s thrashing. He finally ended his torture when she whezed out between giggles that she was going to pee herself.
“Okay, I’ll stop,” he relented, letting his hands leave her sides to reach them across his stomach and hold her body tightly on top of his. “We both know how you pee your pants.”
“Harry Edward Styles, it happened one time three years ago after nearly an entire bottle of tequila! How long are you going to hold onto that and bring it up?”
“Until it’s not funny anymore,” he snickered.
“You know what’s also funny? When you got so sloshed you were crawling under tables at the BRITs. Or that time that you got so drunk that you sent  Jeff a dick pic by accident because you thought you were sending it to me. Or that other time-”
“That’s enough!” he announced, playfully clamping a hand down over her mouth, and releasing her mouth and a disgusted ‘blegh’ when she ran her tongue up his palm.
“Behave Styles,” she teased as she inched her way up his body, resting her head on his shoulder and snaking her fingers up into his hair, giving it a gentle tug as a warning.
“You know I like it when you pull my hair like that, so how about you behave, Styles?”
“That’s Y/L/N-Styles to you,” she teased, but she couldn’t fend off the giant grin that found its way to her lips at the mention of their still very recent nuptials.
The wedding had been small, very small, with only their immediate families and best friends in attendance. While their relationship had started in (and for) the focus of the public eye, they both decided their wedding was going to be just between them and those that mattered most. They didn’t wear their rings in public and no magazines had leaked or published that they were married yet. The day that it became public information was inevitable, but at the moment, the two relished in their little secret.
She felt a swell of love within her as she thought about her husband, sliding out of his grip and onto the bed beside him so she could finally see his face. His eyes were always a little puffy in the morning, a sight shadow of stubble decorating his cheeks if he had shaved the morning prior, but his tired smile was always the same. His pink lips lazily perked up to the left, his deep dimple appearing as if to say ‘good morning,’ and his two front teeth that always reminded her of an adorable bunny made their first appearance of the day. His smile usually disappeared quickly though, morphing into a pout and asking for a kiss.
How could she ever say no?
She settled a hand onto his bare chest and propped herself up to reach her lips to his. Their mouths moved with a well practiced gentle love and passion for each other, Harry’s hands coming to rest on her heating cheeks. She moved herself over him, settling her knees on either side of hips, never breaking their lips apart.
Kissing him was her favorite activity and with five years of practice, they were really good at it by now, but the swirling electricity that always appeared never failed to bring a flush to her cheeks. She could never get used to him. He was intoxicating and she never wanted to sober up.
Their moment was interrupted by a loud grumble coming from Harry’s stomach and Y/N pulled her lips from his and threw her head back with a loud belly laugh she just couldn’t contain.
“You good?” she teased down at him, lightly poking at his bare stomach right below her favorite butterfly.
His cheeks flushed slightly as he dramatically hung his head and flashed his best puppy-dog eyes at her with a silent plea to feed him. “I think I’m hungry.”
“You can be hungry but I’m not getting out of bed to make you breakfast.”
“Well, I’m not getting out of bed either,” his eyebrow quirked. “Aren’t you hungry? Don’t you want your morning coffee that you say I don’t make right?”
She pretended to think about it for a moment. “I’m willing to risk shitty coffee if I get to stay in this bed.”
“I will do anything you want other than getting out of this bed right now.”
“Anything?” she questioned with a raised eyebrow and a curious lilt in her voice. She was quickly answered with an eager knod. He obviously thought this was some sort of sexual request by the smirk that rose to his face. “You have to clean the litter box until I decide I’ve been properly paid back for your veggie omelet and tea.” His face fell.
“That’s your job!”
“Exactly why I don’t want to do it.”
“I’ll do literally anything else.”
“My one offer. Take it or leave it?”
“Leave it,” he said with a theatrical pout and crossed his arms over his chest. She was momentarily distracted by the way his tattoos moved over his muscular and tan arms for a moment, but shook herself from the thought and steeled herself in her stubbornness.
The two shared an intense look for a moment, both of them deciding whether or not they would press the issue further. With a sigh and slight roll of her eyes, she stuck out her hand towards him.
“We go on ‘shoot’ and none of your ‘best two out of three’ bullshit.”
As childish as it felt, Rock, Paper, Scissors had become their way of negotiating most of their disagreements over the years. It was a lighthearted game of chance, and while it sometimes led to a few minutes of frustration for the losing party, it worked for them and stopped arguments before they could happen. Interviewers often thought it was a joke when they answered the usual “secrets to a happy relationship” question, but it couldn’t be more truthful.
“Fine, we play by your rules.”
Their fists dropped down to their opposite palms three times, before both called “shoot.” She had gone for rock. Harry had gone for paper.
A loud combination of a whine and a groan left her lips and she dramatically let her body fall off of his and back onto her side of the bed.
“Fair is fair, my love,” he playfully taunted. “I would like my veggie omelette and I’m thinking I could go for some green tea this morning.”
“I will be getting you back for this,” she grumbled as she began to drag herself off the bed and away from it’s cozy warmth. She slipped his go to Columbia black hoodie over her head and took a pouty deep breath. It would have been more dramatic but she was distracted by how good the sweatshirt smelled. It smelled like home.
“I love you so so much,” he defended, opening his arms wide to grab her for one last kiss before she ventured down to the kitchen.
“Yeah, yeah,” she mumbled against his lips. “I love you too.”
She sulked out of their bedroom towards their kitchen (not before Harry swatted at her butt that was barely covered by the sweatshirt) and began to hold up her end of their deal. The cold tile nipped at her toes as she made them both omelettes and bopped along to the music she had instructed their Alexa to play. She fixed herself a morning coffee (that Harry really did always screw up somehow) and rummaged through their cabinet until she found her husband’s special order of green tea.
“Come get your breakfast, princess,” she shouted up the stairs when she was finished and after pausing her music.
“No breakfast in bed?”
“You are not getting eggs on our new--very expensive--sheets. Come down here and give me another kiss.”
She heard a whine of “fine” come from their bedroom followed by the padding of feet. Harry appeared at the top of the stairs moments later, rubbing at his eyes like a sleepy child and she just wanted to pull him into her arms and run her fingers through his hair until he fell back asleep. He pecked her lips softly when he reached the bottom of the stairs, but killed it when he called her a “breakfast tyrant.”
Y/N followed him back into the kitchen and watched him plop his still sleepy body into one of the high chairs at their kitchen island in front of his plate and his favorite mug that read “Coffee has a rough time in our house. It gets mugged every single morning!” She hooked an arm around his shoulders and slid herself onto his lap, sipping on her coffee as she waited for his opinion on his breakfast.
“It’s always better when you make it,” he smiled at her and pressed an eggy kiss to her cheek.
“You always say that,” she smirked back at him, only causing his smile to grow. “Oh, I almost forgot. Alexa, resume music.” He gave her a faux frustrated stare as he recognized what song she had been playing.
“And when we go crashing down, we come back every time, 'cause we never go out of style, we never go out of style!” rang out from the small speaker on their counter and she laughed so hard she would have slipped off his lap if his arm wasn’t wrapped firmly around her waist.
“How long are you going to hold onto that and bring it up?”
“Until it’s not funny anymore,” she used his own words from this morning against him with a cheeky smile.
“You are so lucky I love you so much.”
“And I love you more,” she mumbled against his lips, bringing her smirk with her into their kiss.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!! REBLOGS AND FEEDBACK MEAN THE WORLD!!!! If you enjoyed this you can support a broke college kid here :)
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watchmegetobsessed · 8 months ago
All Yours - Harry Styles
a/n: idk if you saw those pics of the house that’s supposedly Harry’s, maybe it’s not his but that shower gave me... thoughts 👀 . and these are those thoughts lmao enjoy!!
warning: sexual content
word count: 2.2k
Tumblr media
Harry has been mad at you all day. Well, not mad in the sense where he hates your guts, that could never happen because the two of you are ridiculously in love, but he thought you let a guy flirt with you earlier in the grocery shop and his dominant, jealous side came out right away.
“I was just answering his question nicely, H,” you sighed when he confronted you in the car on the way home.
“Yeah, nicely let him flirt with you and basically fuck you with his eyes,” he scoffed, still clearly upset by it.
“Harry, I don’t have control over what others think. How am I supposed to change what goes on in his mind?” you asked with a confused chuckle. You could feel the man’s stare, but he didn’t do anything disrespectful, he didn’t touch you or say something inappropriate, just asked you a simple question, you answered and then you parted ways. Easy as it is.
“You could have just not answer him,” he shrugged, but you could tell he knew you would have never done that.
“What happened to treat people with kindness, babe?” you teased him, but he just rolled his eyes mumbling under his breath.
“No kindness when someone is trying to fuck my girlfriend.”
You find it amusing when he turns into some kind of cave man whenever he is jealous. It has a manly charm that just riles you up. Knowing how territorial he is, how he wants everyone to know that you’re his, it’s just doing things to you only Harry can achieve.
Now he is lying in bed, scrolling through his phone and he still seems a little distant following the little jealousy scene from earlier. You’ve tried to lighten him up, but for some reason he is trying to convince him that you really were flirting with that man. So now you are eager to show him that he is the only man in your life and you’re not planning to change that anytime soon.
“Gonna take a shower,” you tell him walking out of your closet in only your silky bathrobe. Harry doesn’t look up, just hums in response. Reaching to your stomach you untie the knot on the robe and let it slide open, revealing your fully naked body, making his eyes finally flicker up. “You are welcome to join,” you tell him with a sly smirk before walking into the bathroom joined to the bedroom you’ve been sharing with him this past year.
You don’t close the door behind you, and just as you take the robe off you hear him shuffling outside, walking into the bathroom just when you step into the giant walk-in shower. Biting into your lip you start the water that rains down on you from the showerheads hanging from the ceiling while Harry is eager to free himself from his sweatpants and shirt.
He kicks his boxers down, his eyes widening slightly as he watches you stand under the water, running your hands through your wet hair, making sure the light coming from the window on the other side gives out the silhouette of your curves perfectly. Dropping your hands you turn to him, tilting your head to the side, enjoying the attention you are getting from your man.
“Are you gonna stay there watching or you plan on getting inside?” you ask teasingly and he doesn’t need more. He joins you under the water in a heartbeat, the droplets running down his firm chest and broad shoulders so perfectly, you already want to lick them off with your hungry mouth. It’s always funny to you how Harry still can think you’d leave him for someone else when the entire male population starts and ends with him for you, there’s just no man that could ever make you feel the things he can, intentionally or not on purpose as well.
You grab the shower gel and squeeze some into the palm of your hand before starting to soap your upper body, eyes never leaving his as his green, greedy eyes burn down on your naked body.
“Would you mind doing my back?” you ask with faked innocence as you turn around and show him your back. He hums in response, reaching around you so his hands meet yours, stealing some of the gel from them before moving them to your back and gently massaging it into your wet skin. His finger start working on your shoulders and neck, rubbing your muscles perfectly as you feel yourself relax under his touch. When you accidentally take a tiny step backwards you can’t help the smirk that tugs on your lips when you feel his already hardening cock poking at your bum.
Harry pushes his chest against your back, his hands moving down to your breasts as he kneads them, making you moan, your head falling back to his shoulder.
“Feels good, baby?” he murmurs pressing his lips to your jawline as you reach back with your hands, lacing your fingers through his wet locks.
“Yes,” you breathe out, pushing your bum against him even more so his cock presses into you, making him groan in pleasure. Turning around in his arms you attack his lips, not able to keep yourself controlled any longer. He kisses you back with just as much passion and vigor, his hands gripping your waist so hard his fingers dig into your flesh. You move your hands down his back, nails scratching his soft skin until you reach his ass, squeezing each cheeks in a hand shamelessly that just makes him moan into your mouth.
“What do you want to do with me, Harry?” you ask him seductively, bringing a hand up to his hair so you can tug on his locks just the way he loves. “I’m all yours. Always have been, always will be.”
“Sit on the bench, baby. I want to taste you,” he groans, kissing you hard one last time before he lets go of you so you can move.
You sit to the marble bench under the window, the water not hitting you any longer and as Harry sinks to his knees in front of you, your legs open up for him out of instinct. Harry’s hands grab onto the insides of your thighs, exposing you to him even more and he stares down at your throbbing core like it’s his favorite meal in the entire world, made just for him by a chef.
Dipping his head down he kisses both your thighs up until his lips brush against your sensitive bud, teasing you a little as he is barely touching you.
“Harry!” you whine, a hand coming into his hair while you try to support you with the other one so you don’t fall back. “I need you!”
“M’right here, baby,” he smirks before he finally places and openmouthed kiss to your clit, swirling his tongue, sucking on your skin relentlessly.
“Oh fuck!” you gasp, your chest heaving from the pleasure that crashes down on you suddenly.
Harry has a magical mouth and you’ve known this since your third date years ago when the two of you were so hungry for each other that you didn’t even make it into your place, he ate you out in the backseat of his car before he fucked you good. Right then and there you knew you found the man you want to spend the rest of your life with.
He is making you see stars as he licks and sucks on your sex, two fingers coming to your hole, teasing you slightly, not thrusting into you just yet.
“Harry! Don’t fucking tease me!” you groan in frustration, desperate to feel more. You can feel his smirk against you before he finally pushes two fingers into you, making you moan his name over and over again.
“I fucking love your pussy, it’s so sweet and warm,” he hums, pumping into you without skipping a beat as he looks up to see the pleasure he is giving you on your face. He is satisfied with the work he is doing, watching you fall apart under his touch, weak for him and only for him.
He edges you until you’re screaming his name, almost reaching your climax but then he pulls back, leaving you feeling empty and unfinished. You don’t have the chance to speak up before he gets up to his feet and orders you around again.
“Get up, I’m gonna fuck you against the wall,” he tells you and your whole body lights on fire. You love it when he bosses you around, when he takes control but not too much. He knows your limits and knows that you fancy him being a little dominant, but he also knows how much you need the freedom of doing whatever you want during sex. You’re not completely submissive and he is not trying to make you either, just accepts your boundaries and play within the rules, making you extremely grateful that he is all about pleasuring you.
You stand up, but your knees weaken for a moment, threatening to collapse, but Harry grabs you just in time, holding you against his firm chest as he kisses your forehead.
“You good, baby?” he asks in a much softer tone.
“Yeah, just… a bit shaken,” you chuckle as you hold onto his shoulders. “I’m fine,” you assure him before pulling down to kiss him, your tongue meeting his in the middle.
He walks you until your back hits the wall and you hiss at the sudden coldness of it, making you arch against him, your breasts pushing against his tattooed chest. His lips never leave yours, he is tugging on your bottom lip, biting and licking into your mouth as his hands find the back of your thighs and he hoists you up until your legs wrap around his waist, holding you without a mishap.
“I’m gonna make you feel good, baby,” he mumbles into the kiss as he reaches down and grabbing the base of his fully erected cock, lining himself up with you, the tip teasing your core already.
“Go deep and hard, want to feel you everywhere,” you breathe out, grabbing a handful of his hair before he pushes into you without warning, filling you up entirely.
You gasp at the sudden feeling and he stops when he is all the way inside you, giving you some time to adjust to him. He kisses your lips, your nose and cheeks before you give his hair another tug, signaling that he can start moving. He picks up a steady pace, moving in and out of you easily since you are dripping wet for him at this point. Curling your arms around his shoulders you pant against the side of his face, kissing his temple, ear and the soft skin below it as he keeps thrusting into you, building your orgasm up once again.
“Fuck, you feel so fucking good,” he groans, moving faster as his fingers dig into your thighs locked around his waist.
“Are you close, baby?” you ask out of breath.
“Yeah, I’m close, are you?”
“Yes, want you to cum with me, want to do it together,” you pant as you pull his head back so you can look into his eyes. He just nods and makes his thrusts shorter but harder, pushing you towards the edge.
“I’m gonna cum,” he warns you, his eyes shutting close for a few moments.
“Cum, I’m close too. Cum for me, Harry!” you ask him and he whines at your words.
A few more thrusts later you feel him jerk inside you as he falls out of his rhythm, coming hard inside you as he keeps moaning your name over and over again. When his head falls forward and his teeth dig into your shoulder you burst too, the pleaser washing over you in waves.
“Oh fuck! Harry!” He keeps moving, even when he has already ridden down his high, just to make sure you’re fully satisfied. He pushes into you a few more times before he stops, putting you down gently, making sure your legs don’t collapse under you again. He kisses your face wherever he can until his lips meet yours, dragging this kiss a little longer and softer than the once you shared before.
He pulls you under the water and grabs a washcloth from the side, he wets it and gently cleans you up, peppering featherlike kisses to your skin everywhere he goes.
“I hope the way I just screamed your name proves that you’re the only man I want,” you smile at him sheepishly, running your hands up his chest until they rest at the base of his neck.
“M’sorry for being a pain in the ass, I’m just so fucking in love with you, I selfishly want to be the only man that can have the privilege to feel this way for you.”
“And you are,” you chuckle softly, cupping his face in your hands. “Others might find me hot or have a thing for me, but you are the only one who knows me, who sees me like this… who makes me feel like this. I’m all yours, H.”
Breathing out through his nose he captures your lips in another kiss as he pulls you tight against him.
“I love you, baby.”
“Love you too. Now let’s actually shower,” you chuckle, reaching for your shampoo.
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stylesmessiah · 8 months ago
mile high club
Tumblr media
summary: On a ten hour flight, you encounter the sexiest pilot you’ve ever laid your eyes on.
warnings: smut (dirty talk, oral—m receiving, spanking)
word count: 3k
Ever since you were a little kid, you’ve wanted to become a pilot. Not just First Officer, but the actual Captain. Now that you’re an adult, the dream is close to coming true. You only have three hundred hours of flying left before you can graduate aviation school. And it’s not like tuition is exactly cheap, so you decide to work as an air hostess during the summer.
Some parts of the job aren’t favorable, such as tending to wailing babies and handing soda to bitchy passengers. But the training is easy and you decide it’s better to do some work at the airline you’re considering applying to after you graduate.
The longer the flight, the more you get paid. So you’re glad when you’re assigned to an aircraft that departs from Los Angeles and lands in London, with a duration of ten hours and forty-five minutes. You are quite, quite sure it will be hell, but you’re hoping it’s worth the money.
You arrive at LAX already dreading spending almost a whole day in tight stockings and heels. You look good though, and you know it, stopping for a moment to admire yourself in the bathroom mirror. The blue shirt-black blazer-black skirt combo frames your body nicely. 
By the time you arrive to the flight, most of the cabin crew is there. You groan internally when you see a fellow hostess named Kat there too. You’ve been on two other flights with her, and your experiences were not pleasant. Insufferable, kiss-ass bitch with a stick up her ass. 
She stares at you pointedly as you begin to help prepare the aircraft for the passengers’ arrival. “Where you have been, Y/N?” she asks, morphing her expression into faux sweetness. “You’ve arrived a bit...tardy.”
“Are you kidding? She was a minute late,” someone pipes in. “Don’t worry about it, girl. I’m Lea, by the way.”
“Thanks,” you say gratefully, smiling at her. The two of you begin to converse and you learn that Lea’s also new at working at this airline. Usually less experienced attendants don’t take long flights such as this, but the two of you have impressed your supervisors.
“You’ve flown with Kat before?” Lea says, her voice dropping to a whisper as she shoots a quick glare. 
“Twice, and both times I was seriously considering jumping off.”
You two giggle then, but it abruptly stops when the pilots enter. The First Officer is a short, stocky man who doesn’t bother introducing himself but asks for an orange juice before entering the cockpit. The Captain, however, takes off his hat and shakes his hands with each of you.
One glance at him, and instantaneously you’re hit with nerves. He must be in his mid-thirties, could even be considered younger if it weren’t for the absolutely sexy stubble, with a lean body and intense green-eyed gaze that almost buckles your knees.
“Hello,” he says, extending his hand. “Harry Styles.” 
“Captain Styles,” you say as normally you can as you shake his hand. “Y/N Y/L/N. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
“Pleasure’s all mine, Y/N.” He smiles at you one last time, revealing two deep dimples you are incredibly tempted to dip your fingers in. Before entering the cockpit, he tells the cabin crew, “We’re expected to depart in two hours or so. Thanks for all you’re doing.”
“No problem, sir!” Kat calls out breathlessly, but he’s already shut the door.
Lea snickers. “Well, I’m doing it for the money. But God, he’s so—”
“I know,” you say, still shocked.
“Wow. Tall and British. Dimples. Do you think he’s married?” Lea sighs. “I don’t think it’s good to be sexually frustrated on a ten hour flight.”
It really isn’t, you’re thinking three hours later. You’re only thirty minutes into the flight and the image of the sexy captain floats in your head as you roll down the soda cart.
Oh, great, now you’re fantasizing about his voice, too. Until you realize he’s actually making an announcement.
“Hello, this is your Captain speaking. We’re currently elevating at 35,000 miles with clear skies. We’re estimated to arrive in London in around 10 hours and 15 minutes. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.”
When you make it back to your seat, other attendants have gathered around and are discussing the intimate details of the captain’s life.
“He recently broke off a two year engagement,” an attendant named James says. 
“Now, how the hell do you know that?” Lea asks incredulously.
He shrugs. “I know things. Apparently, she got mad that he’s always working.”
“Well, it’s not like he can land the plane three hours earlier because the missus wants her clit sucked,” Lea snickers.
“Maybe he’s bad at sex,” another hostess named Eunice timidly suggests. The crew stares at her indignantly. “Oh, come on—really hot guys often have that flaw. And all that air travel can affect your stamina!”
“There is no correlation,” Lea says.
“I’m serious, search it up.”
“I’m not paying for WiFi.” A mischievous grin spreads across her face. “Maybe we should gather our own data.”
“Really,” James says, “what kind of pornographic cliché are you trying to fulfill?”
“Hey, it’s a science experiment. I’d suggest going after him, but I haven’t had much luck lately. I say we offer Y/N.”
“Me?!” you splutter.
“Oh come on,” she laughs. “He was totally checking you out.”
You feel your face heat up. “I can’t go after him. That would be totally—”
“Whorish?” a high-pitched voice interrupts. The coffee in Kat’s hand is actually shaking. From anger, it seems. “Captain Styles would not sleep with any of you. Have some decorum.”
“No one cares about decorum. We are thinking about dick.” The help button in Lea’s aisle goes off, so she stands up. “Come on, Y/N, what do you say?”
You laugh nervously. “No. It’d be—No.”
“Alright, then, I suppose we will just have to imagine the risky details in our heads.” 
Kat clucks her tongue in disapproval. 
“Oh, now we can’t even think?”
Three hours into the flight and you realize Kat is a goddamn hypocrite. She leaves the bathroom with two buttons undone. You know she’s not trying to look good for the drunk man in 31C.
“Y/N, darling, can you handle my aisles for a little? I have to talk to the Captain about some matters,” she asks, her smile overwhelmingly fake.
“Sure, Kat,” you say kindly. “What matters, though?”
“Hm? Oh, well, it concerns, erm, the safety of the flight.”
You raise an eyebrow, trying to hide a laugh. “Really? If that’s the case, then you should really tell the rest of us, so we’re prepared. Me, especially, since I’m about to graduate flight school.”
She laughs. “Oh, like that’s going to happen.”
Your grin fades. “What?”
“Well, it seems improbable. If you can fly so well, why are you not sitting next to the Captain instead of talking dirty about him with that deplorable cunt Lea?”
You almost choke on your water. You did not expect those words to come out of her mouth. When you recover you say, “Maybe because I haven’t graduated yet. I can assure you when I become a pilot for this airline my first job will be to dismiss you.”
She rolls her eyes. “Okay, sure, whatever. Let’s just get one thing clear. The Captain is mine.”
“Wha—you don’t even know him.”
“I do, actually. I was on a long haul flight with him, two weeks ago.” Kat sighs dreamily. “Was so close to making a move, too.” She scowls. “Then some bastard had to have a medical emergency.”
You realize that in addition to being an insufferable, kiss-ass bitch, she is utterly psycho. “You’re weird as fuck.”
“Don’t care. Even if it’s in jest, I don’t want you talking about him.” She fixes her bun and smiles. “Wish me luck.”
You don’t, of course. She really needed it, it seems, for she returns with her mascara smudged, sniffling pathetically. Lea looks at you, bewildered as you two prepare the dinner meals for the passengers.
“What happened—”
“Her attempts at being whorish didn’t work out.”
By hour seven most of the passengers are asleep, which usually leaves you time to snooze. However, you can’t seem to sleep, despite being exhausted. You stare out the window, marveling at the dark sky. You wish you were flying this plane, and that leads you to grab your notes. You also need to pass a written exam, which is easier to most people, but you find it harder to retain material orthodoxically. 
You’re interrupted by Captain Harry Styles entering your little space. You look up in shock and he smiles apologetically. God, even in the shitty airplane lighting he looks good. His thick brown hair is even more disheveled and you can make out the dark circles underneath his eyes.
“Sorry to disturb you,” he whispers. “But, um, is it alright if I piss in your guys’ bathrooms? The First Officer kind of stunk up ours.”
You laugh. “Yeah, it’s no problem.”
When he returns you try to keep focusing on your notes, but he makes this rather hard, for he leans on the door and smirks. “Are you in college?”
“Flight school, actually.”
“Oh! Fuck, that’s cool. How many hours do you have left?”
“Three hundred.”
“You’re almost there, then!”
“Yeah, I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. I have to say, you made a really clean departure.” The compliment causes him to smile deeper and the two of you begin to converse about this particular flight’s route and elevation. He soon compliments you.
“You’re definitely a stellar flyer.”
Your face heats up. “I’d like to think so, sir. It kind of sucks when people demean me because I’m doing this job, as if it’s trashy, but the pay isn’t horrid and the work isn’t easy and I want to show this airline I’m interested in them specifically.”
He nods. “I totally understand. And you know, since you’re thinking of applying here, I’ll put a good word in.”
“Seriously?” you ask. 
“Seriously,’ he smiles. “Like you said, this job isn’t easy, and instead of sleeping you’re studying.”
“Well, it’s not all that bad,” you say sheepishly.
“Ah, yes. I’m sure there is some interesting gossip that floats amongst you all.” He laughs.
You don’t even want him to elaborate because you’re embarrassed. “Well,” you laugh nervously, “sometimes.”
“No, it’s okay, I know. A hostess, who shall remained unnamed, told me there was some discussion about my failed engagement and whether or not I was good at sex. She called the talk “deplorable” and asked to go on a date after the flight. when I said no, she burst into tears and claimed she was the one for me.” He stands up straighter then. “Well, anyways. I should be heading back to my quarters.”
“Right,” you say, your head spinning. “Before you go, Captain, erm, why did you say no to her?”
He blinks. “Well, she’s a little odd, to be frank.”
“Oh, right. That makes sense.” You had been a bit scared for a moment it was because he didn’t want to start anything with a flight attendant, and now you’re relieved, which is crazy, because it’s not like he’s going to do anything with you anyways. But he hasn’t left yet.
The Captain takes a step closer, his smile dangerous. “You know, I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of going on a date after the flight. Nor am I entirely opposed to testing out the little experiment you all had in mind.”
No fucking way. You look into his eyes.
“But,” he continues, “it has to be with someone different.”
“Oh?” you ask, your throat hoarse. It’s now or never. “Do you think I’d be a proper qualitative?”
“I do, actually.” He smirks. “And my quarters have quite a bit of space.”
The Captain is an excellent kisser. His lips, unbearably soft and highlighted by the rising sun, press against yours as you reach to unbutton his pants with nimble fingers. In the meanwhile he makes his trail downward to the crevice of your neck, but stops suddenly.
“Y/N.” he says seriously. “Hold on. I don’t want you to think you have to do this because I’m putting a good word in for you.”
“That thought didn’t even cross my mind,” you say honestly, amazed at how he’s decent, which is hard to find in men. “I just really want to do this.”
“That I can do, baby,” he says, his voice soft like honey, in total contrast to the lewd words he says next. “But you need to be quiet as I fuck you and make you cum, or I have no problem stuffing my tie in your mouth.”
Well, fuck. That sentence goes straight to your clit. You smirk. “I’ll try my best, Captain.”
“Mm, we’ll have to see.” His thumb rubs your lips. “On your knees, sweetheart.”
You expected his cock to be as perfect as the rest of him, and you were right. “Can I put this in your pretty little mouth, love?” he asks kindly, and you know as soon as you say “yes” he’ll stop playing nice.
“Easily, Captain,” you say and he laughs.
He shoves his cock in your throat gracefully and you take in his girth as best as you can. You love the way his eyelids flutter and the way his little groans grow and die in his throat as you start by circling around his glistening pink tip. “Fuck, takin’ me so good, baby,” he praises gruffly. 
Your other hand dips underneath your skirt to rub your throbbing bundle of nerves, but he suddenly slaps it away. “Let me attend to that,” he smirks, your whines muffled by his cock. The heat between your legs is practically unbearable now, especially when he grabs your hair.
“Fuck,” he groans, “yes, like that. Fucking hell, ’m gonna—”
The taste of his cum is still in your mouth as he orders you to bend over his tiny bed. “That’s it, baby,” he praises, lifting up your tight skirt. He practically salivates over the sight, your panties confined in the stockings, and can’t help but smack your ass, the sting morphing into the heartbeat between your legs.
“Again,” you say quietly.
“What’s that, love?”
“You can ask a little politer, y’know, or I’ll just continue to let your sweet little pussy clench around nothing.”
The dialogue feels like you’re in a porn film, but you don’t care, clutching his shirt. “Please, Captain, spank me again.”
“Of course, baby. Let me just take these off first.” He shoves your stockings and panties down, gently kneading your ass before smacking it harder. You groan. “Gonna have trouble sitting down, y’know.”
“Well,” you say, “guess I’ll just tend to the passengers more.”
He laughs, smacking you thrice more in succession before turning you around and dipping a finger in your wetness. Both of you moan at the same time. 
“So wet fo’ me, hm.” He grabs a handful of your hair as he finds your heated nerves in no time, stroking it in a “come-hither” motion. 
You remember what he said about keeping quiet as you come, but it turns out you don’t even orgasm yet, for he releases his fingers and spreads your legs wider.
“Oh—come on!” you say indignantly and he laughs.
“You’ll see, baby, the double effect is better than one.” And he’s right, because the stimulation of his cock plunging into your soaked pussy while rubbing your clit is too much, everything you needed—how can you ever board a flight again, knowing he won’t be fucking you like this each time, his masterful thrusts and fingers sending you over the edge. His pace speeds up, then slows, and you spasm around him before he deposits his seed in you again. 
This time it drips from your pussy instead of your mouth. The two of you put on the bottom half of your clothing in silence, but before leaving, he grabs your face and kisses you again. 
Hour ten and the plane descends without any of the passengers complaining about hearing noises from the captain’s quarters or the disappearance of a flight attendant. As you and Lea, both stifling yawns, thank passengers as they leave, she does whisper, “Where were you a few hours ago?”
“Huh?” you ask, your heart beating.
“I came to give you a coffee, but you weren’t there, then I went to talk to James and you were out cold.”
“Oh, well, I—” You stop, not sure why you can’t tell her. “I was in the bathroom.”
“Oh, okay. Well, it seems like Kat is in a good mood again.”
You snap out of your thoughts, a recollection of just three hours prior. “Why’s that?”
“First Officer seems to have a thing for her, and now she’s vowing they’ll get married soon, but he’s just taking her out for coffee.”
You laugh, waving goodbye to the last passenger before beginning to clean the aircraft. You guys split up into the groups and you take the area near the cockpit. As you bend over to pick up a piece of trash, Captain Styles is behind you, his words tickling your ear.
“Are you entirely opposed to a date?”
“Not at all.” You grin, grateful for three things: that your dreams to becoming a pilot are now even closer to reach, that the Captain is good at sex after all, and that there was no turbulence on this flight.
maybe i’ll write a sequel where y/n and harry fly alongside each other. anyways. it’s 4:37 am and this just came to me tonight, lmk if u enjoyed (: i rly wanted to be a pilot as a kid but i guess writing smutty fanfic will do
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rcksmith · 7 months ago
Distracted — Five Hargreeves
Requests: “shit, i forgot. I'm the one who asked for smut prompts #30, #31, #61 and #96. Could you write them for Five Hargreeves? Thank you! So sorry to spam you with the asks X-X”
Smut prompts :
30. “I’d hold on to something if I were you.”
31. “Pushing back against my fingers already? How pathetic.”
61. “what would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me?”
96. “I think you forgot to lock the door, that means anyone could walk right in and see you like this.”
Couple: Five Hargreeves /Fem! Reader.
Warnings: smut heavy, NSFW, dirty talk, swearing, degradation. (I was in a bad mood hkjskjs)
Word count: 4k
A/N: We not tolerate any pedophilia here !!
I write about Five with their 20s. I write the same about the characters of Harry Potter.
Let me know if you want to be added for a taglist for a specific fandom (Criminal Minds, The Umbrella Academy, Riverdale, Roman Godfrey, or all)
English is not my first language, so I so sorry if have a mistake.
Requests are open. Love you ❤️
— — — — —
Five Hargreeves had a bad temper. It was explicit, hanging from his chest on a giant sign that said: “ABANDONATE THE HOPES IF YOU ENTER HERE.” And he knew that.
Inside his body he housed a sarcastic, explosive and sulky soul, with no patience for half the world. Everything about him exuded a dangerous, authoritarian, arrogant energy, mixed with distilled look that have always been able to subdue anyone.
Five is the type of man who, while everyone dreams of easy solutions, he knows that if he wants something to be done he will have to do it himself. He likes a hunting, taking the lead in any situation, having no problem breaking rules to make things happen.
And he was perfectly comfortable with that. Taking control of his world. Until, of course, you show up. Taking the key to his Olympus as if it had always belonged to you.
You were the one thing that Five Hargreeves couldn't subdue. He was unable to impose to you his reputation as a man who should not be challenged. Because that was exactly how the world saw Five. Like a man you don't challenge. Even his siblings realized, after a certain point, that it was not advisable to play with him.
But, apparently against all common sense, none of this had an effect on you.
You were not afraid, or pondering your words. You rolled your eyes at the things he said, mocked his arrogance and always looked at him with a combination of a smile and a look that, holy mother of God, Five hated. It was the typical expression that said: “ I know a lot more than you do, but I will be quiet because you are not worth my time.”
Five Hargreeves had a bad temper. But you raised it to stratospheric proportions.
It was completely exasperating, outstanding, you were a brat who didn't hear the voice of an adult, so used to being daddy's little girl. Because that was how he saw you. You were only 24 age while he was 30. It was expected that you heard him! But no. You did not give a damn.
“If you listened to me and chose the Colombian, that wouldn't be so bad!” Five scolded again.
This was the twentieth time he had said that to you.
There was a routine with the Hargreeves siblings: you brought coffee on Mondays, since you passed a great coffee shop on the way. Diego was responsible for bringing Japanese food on Wednesdays, Luther for Indian food on Fridays and Klaus for pizzas on Saturdays. It was a banal thing, but it brought a comforting feeling of, no matter how not anyone would admit, tradition.
But it was obvious that you had to piss Five off on that too.
“And I already said that they don't do the Colombian before ten in the morning.” You passed the page of a magazine you were reading, ignoring his tantrum.
“And you can't wait ?!”
This time you looked up at Five, giving a mocking expression.
“Oh, forgive me, your majesty. I will delay my journey just because your eexcellency wants Colombian coffee.” You laughed, turning your attention to the magazine.
Five felt the tips of his ears heat up, the fingers of his hands go white from the force that he clenched his fists. You were so fucking annoying!
"You are unbearable." He said, because he saw no other way to express the hateful little monster you were.
You looked up at him again. “Serious? Me? You are the one who is complaining about not getting your blend coffee.” You turned your attention to the magazine “Like a child who didn't get chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs.”
What?! Fucking what?!
Five opened his mouth in bewilderment, now anger rising up his neck. How dare you, fuck?! You were younger than him!
"What did you say?!" He repeated, his voice low but deep, his eyes bloodshot with rage.
You didn't take your attention away from the magazine by replying: “Like a child who didn't get chicken nuggets in the shape of dinosaurs.”
Oh, no. Oh fucking no.
Five slammed the coffee travel cup on the kitchen counter, walked over to you and closed your magazine brutally. You looked at him indignantly.
"What a fuck ..."
But Five didn't give you time to finish. He stuck both hands in your arms, forcing you to get up from the chair so quickly that the object fell to the floor. He pushed you back, lifting you up and making you sit at the wooden table, his eyes still on fire with your words.
"Child, isn't it ?!” He snarled, spreading your knees with his hands, settling his body still standing between your legs.
You were wide-eyed. Looking at him in amazement. Your heart was pounding in your chest so hard that you thought Five would be able to hear it, while your breath had been lost somewhere between the path from your lung to your nose.
Holy shit.
It was no secret that Five Hargreeves was gorgeous. This was not an opinion, it was a fact. With midnight hair, emerald green eyes and alabaster skin, it was not surprising that he was able to steal his breath wherever he went. And you were not immune to his charm. To be honest, you never thought it would be.
But the difference between you and the girls who fell at his feet was that ... well, you practically lived with the guy every day. You had been friends with Klaus for two years, and as a result you ended up becoming friends with the brothers and captivating them. It was almost atypical that you weren't with them. So, as a result, you ended up having time with Five too.
And, truth be told, it destroyed your will to want to impress him. As was common whenever see someone beautiful. Five Hargreeves was, in every way, arrogant. Irritating. Unbearable. Maybe it was your lust mixed with irritability, but you decreed that you didn't like him. That you would never want to fall into his bed.
Well…until now.
Until he accommodates his fucking tall, lean, firm body in the middle of your legs. Until his hands are glued to your arms in a touch of fire. Until your heart was racing like never before.
"You called me a child, didn't you?"
You wouldn't be able to answer anything in that second, even if your life depended on it. So you just nodded, a slow, cautious nod, like prey looking at hunter.
"I will show you my age!"
Five kissed you. In a way that no one had kissed you before. It was something hungry, angry, full of lust and with a desire that made you sigh softly. His hands were still on your legs, coming down to the back of your knees and pulling you firmly forward, sticking your whole body against his in a possessive way. His tongue invaded your mouth without waiting for an invitation, renouncing everything you had to offer as his.
That was a really kiss.
You put your hands on the back of his neck, running your fingers over the silky, black strands, letting your body be pressed against his as if you had been waiting for it a lifetime. Five pulled your legs closer, guiding you to close them around his hips and, once you did, his hands, determined and hungry, roam the sides of your body possessively.
"Five ..." a groan cut off your speech when his hands clung to your waist, pressing the hard and firm member to your core covered in the thin legging pants you wore.
"You already moaning and I haven't even touched you yet." His voice was overwhelmingly arrogant, full of amusement and convincing.
You were going to answer, because you weren't the kind of girl who kept quiet with a tease, but Five's hands made your waist roll around handily against his member, and a louder groan interrupted any line of reasoning you had.
“Oh, how adorable.” He scoffed, lowering his mouth to your neck and closing a hickey where pulse was “I wonder how the moaning will be when I do ...”
His right hand moved up to the inside of your thigh, rubbing his thumb in circles until he got to where you needed it most. “This.” Then he forced the movements where your clitoris was covered.
Your groan was louder than you would like to admit. The air became caustic, rarefied, the atmosphere became something breathtaking, claustrophobic, poignant. And, before you know it, it was already a wet clay in his hands.
Five Hargreeves had won. He had you exactly where him wanted.
Your moans grew louder when he tuned his thumb movements together with his pelvis movements against you. Your hands tightened on the back of his neck, your teeth closed on your lower lip in order to contain the volume, and your breathing was shaky. Your hips pushed against him, the thin leggings being smeared by the arousal that oozed from you, and as soon as his hand was only an inch away, you followed it with your hips.
“Pushing back against my fingers already? How pathetic.” Five played with the voice at the bottom of your ear.
You pulled the air against your teeth, whimpering, wanting anything he could give you.
“I bet ...” his lips slid under your skin without kissing, just making you wish, up to your lips and hovering there, a sigh away “If I asked you to take your clothes off and let me fuck you in this table like a good whore, you would gladly do. It is not?”
His free hand went to your face, taking a stir of your hair out of your eyes and placing it behind your ear. You were unable to contain the moan, closing your eyes tightly for a second, trying to contain how much your body screamed.
"Y-yes." You whined.
“Good." Five sprinkled a kiss on your lips before walking away.
You opened your eyes, your chest rising and falling with your heaving breath, your legs shaking. Your body screamed in protest at the separation, and you sent him a confused and inquiring look.
“You will learn who is in charge here." Five gave you a sly smile. "I'm only going to fuck you when you understand this."
Then he turned his back on you, took the coffee and disappeared in the blue flash.
This son of fucking bitch!
- - -
You were angry and frustrated. To say the least. Your body was on fire and mind replayed that day over and over in your head. It had been four days since Five's little exploits in the kitchen, and, to be honest, not only had he started the teasing.
Five gave you malicious and discreet smiles, gestured a lot more with his hands when he spoke just to remind you of what they could do. He hovered his body close to your whenever possible, brushing his shoulder against your, his hand gently on your back when he needed to pass beside you. His fingers even slid under your thigh under the table when you were having dinner. It was always like that.
And you were already crazy.
In the beginning, you sent him and their little game go to hell. He was not going to get what he wanted. But as the days went by, and Five started to touch you more often, the fire inside you burst, and it felt a lot less... torture if you just... gave in. The thought of sleeping with someone else just to appease that didn't bring you the same euphoria, you didn't just want sex, you wanted Five.
You knew he was playing with you. Just wanted you to give a sign that you were surrendering, so that he could give you what you wanted.
And after seven days, you gave in.
It was Monday, your mood was already an angry monster, but this time, you arrived a little later.
“Y/n, you are lateeeeee.” Klaus sang from the kitchen, biting off a large chunk of whatever it was before he sat down.
Vayna, Luther and Five were also at the table. Vayna and Luther talking about nothing important and Five reading a book under metaphysics.
You lied, placing the tray of coffees in the middle of the table. Five and Luther were the first to get, Vayna still getting used to coffee addiction.
“Allison and I are going to watch something today. Why don't you come with us? ” You sat next to Klaus, throwing one leg over his.
"Is it going to be in the cinemove?”
He denied “In the living room, you can sleep here after."
You shrugged. “Okay.”
"Did you go to a different coffee shop?" Luther raised his eyebrows, having just swallowed his coffee.
“No, why?”
“It tastes different.” He drank some more.
“It is Colombian.” You put the cards on the table, in a game that only you and Five knew.
You didn't look at him, but you could feel his eyes on you and a sly, malicious smile brushing the right side of his mouth. That was the only interaction that you felt Five driving you that day. The hours had passed and it was already one in the morning when the movie in the mansion's ended. It was not atypical you slept in the mansion, the guest room was almost called “your room” at that time. But there was… there was something different this time.
As you unbuttoned your pants, with the night breeze coming in through the window, you thought that maybe it was because you never slept there having feelings for one of the siblings. So impure feelings. There was something about sleeping under the same roof as Five that made you ... nervous. But as soon as you removed the piece and placed it on the bed, the blue flash flashed behind you.
Your whole body went tense, the hairs on the back of your neck stood up, and your heart was racing as if, suddenly, you had just returned from a marathon. You swallowed, the heat of his body hitting your back, while his hand went up your arm gently.
"You are such a good girl." Five's voice made your legs tremble, the butterflies in your stomach roll.
In this moment, feeling things that you never thought you would be able to feel, you wished always were a good girl for him.
"Did you do that for me?" His mouth joined the pice of your shoulder and neck.
You knew he knew he did, but the bastard wanted to hear it from you. Five wanted you to confirm that he had won.
“Yes” You whispered, the moonlight allowing you to see when his hand went down to your belly, playing with the cos of your dark blue panties.
"I knew you would be a good girl for me."
Then, taking you by surprise, Five pushed your chest onto the bed, bending you over, pulling your hips towards his with the other hand. You sighed when you felt his already hard member hit your pussy just covered by thin panties, now wet with your mess. Your hands closed on the sheet, your heart almost screaming in relief at the contact of his body behind you.
God, you wanted him so fucking much...
“What am I supposed to do with you?” Hargreeves reflected on a rhetorical question, his hands sliding over your surrendered body, squeezing your flesh with a force that would leave marks.
You whimpered, rolling your hips over his member. "Please"
“What would people say if they knew you were such a slut for me?” Five slapped your left cheek.
You moaned softly, tightening the sheet, your body refusing to remain an inch away from him. Your hips needed more from Five's, your whimpers increasing as he took off your panties and ran his fingers through your wet folds.
"Five!" You moaned louder, biting your lip as he played with your entrance.
"Should I just fuck you with my fingers?" He caused your entry with two digits "Or with my dick?"
You were an incoherent mess, days of denial and desire that burned arthrosis in your body.
"Answer me!" Five slapped you again, this time louder, more grotesque, making you cry out.
"Y-your dick!" You tried to say, “P-please. Fuck me with your dick, please. ”
You were desperate, that was the truth. Desperate for contact, desperate for touch. Desperate for anything that Five Hargreeves could want from you. Anything he wanted to give you.
"Hard?" His voice was now dark, slightly wicked.
“Y-yes! Please!”
Then Five stuck his hand to the back of your neck, curling his fingers in your hair and pulling your face up, making you face the ceiling as he leaned over and snarled at your neck:
"How hard?"
"Give me all!" You begged “Please, Sir. Give me all."
That title seemed to drive him out of his mind. Because the only thing you had in response was the sound of his belt falling to the floor and the rustle of his pants and boxers down, his right hand never leaving your hair. You groaned in anticipation, tears pricking your eyes from the desire that had accumulated so long when you felt the tip of his dick press against your entrance.
Five lowered his mouth to your ear, holding his hand more in your hair as he said: "I’ d hold on to something if I were you. "
Then he entered you. Hard, rough, wild. Opening all your walls and spreading your abundant liquid all over his dick. You opened your mouth in a silent scream, your nails etched hard on the sheet, tears streaming from your eyes without warning. Five gave you just a few seconds to settle for his size, starting to beat inside you at a relentless pace.
This time you screamed. Your heart pounding in chest, your pussy pulsing around Five with so much desperation that you heard him moan and curse behind you. The pace was rough, heavy, wild and full of lust. He fucked you like a rabid animal, devouring everything you had to offer, filling every last inch of you. The sound was of pornographic moans and bodies clashing with arrogance, filling the entire mansion with sounds that would not be forgotten.
"S-sir!" You moaned loudly, pushing your ass to Five at the same rate, making he hit the deepest spot inside you.
“Fucking such good slut!” He dumped one more slap on your ass, freeing his hand from your hair and joining both of them at your waist, pulling you towards him in an heavy rhythm.
Each thrust was an electric current poured into your body, excitement running down your thighs and melting both of you. Five groaned louder, leaning over and biting your shoulder, clenching his fingers aggressively against the innocent skin on your waist.
“I think you forgot to lock the door, that means anyone could walk right in and see you like this.” Five blew in your ear, receiving a loud groan in return, as yours tears flowed.
Your pussy tightened around his dick, pulsing in such a tight way for he.
"Oh, would you like that?" He teased you, feeling your walls tighten again. “I bet you would love to everbody see the slut you are to me. ”
"Sir!" You screamed, throwing your head forward, pressing your forehead to the sheet as you sobbed.
"Answer!" One more slap.
"Y-yes! I-I like could show that I'm your slut! ” You sobbed.
Five came out of you, making you whimper loudly in frustration. He turned you over on the bed, placing you in the center as he climbed on top of you, settling in between your legs and entering without warning again. You screamed, sinking your face into his neck as your legs closed around his waist, pulling his deep into you.
"Such a good bitch."
Five felt your limit riding fast, leaving you more breathless, tearful and desperate. You no longer measured the volume of your moans, your hands clenching your nails on his back, your waist rolling around to make him inside deeper.
"S-sir!" Then, without being able to control yourself anymore, you exploded. Came in long streams of broken moans and shaky breathing.
Your head fell on the pillow, your chest arching while you were on top of the climax. Five groaned at the scene, his limit being your expression of pure ecstasy. He sank in you as anatomically as possible, filling you with the hot liquid that overflowed from inside you.
You were both panting, sweaty and tired. Five let himself relax on top of you, partially loosening his weight, still stirring a few strokes to ensure that you had welcomed all his cum.
"Good girl." He praised you, giving you a small kiss on the neck, stepping out of you and rolling to your side on the bed.
"That was ... wow." You laughed softly, trying to catch your breath.
Hargreeves laughed too, taking the time to get out of bed, looking for the boxers and pants. You bit the inside of your cheek, suddenly not knowing what to do or what to say. Your heart sank at the thought of him leaving, and your mouth was faster than your common sense in saying:
Five turned to you, his brows furrowed in question as he buttoned his black pants.
"Can you ... could you ... stay?" You took a chance, your cheeks quivering under Five's intense gaze that never left you.
But, instead of the denial you were expecting, his eyebrows furrowed even more in doubt.
“But I am not leaving.” He said it as if it was obvious.
Did you blink a few times “No?”
“I was just going to get a towel to clean you up. There are certain things that I don’t like do naked.”
You opened your mouth to answer, a little shocked, but Five disappeared in the blue flash only to appear a second later, with a towel in hand. You sank into your own shame, muttering softly to yourself in incoherent sounds, you let Five clean you up.
“Did you think I was leaving?” He scoffed when he finished, looking at you with that smug look.
You rolled your eyes, turning to the side on the bed, your back to him.
"No." You mumbled.
Five laughed, settling better on the bed. "Come here." He said, patting his chest.
And, well, as much as you would like to consider yourself a rebellious girl, you did. Turning to him again, you snuggled into his body, laying your head on his chest while Five pulled the blanket up to cover the two of you.
Five Hargreeves had a bad temper. But at that moment, with you, you did not fail to notice the lazy and caring circles he made on your shoulder with his thumb.
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Tumblr media
in which a new relationship sparks up in the restaurant. 
a/n: hi loves! i’m back with a new story, and this is for nat’s @harrystylescherry​ playlist fic challenge! the song i chose is ‘say it’ by maggie rogers, which is one of my absolute favorite songs! hope you all like it, please reblog and leave feedback!
WORD COUNT: 13.8k words of waiter!harry x waitress!yn 
WARNINGS: angst and some smut 
COME INTO MY INBOX AND LETS TALK ABOUT ‘SAY IT’ i’d love to know your thoughts!
pls rb to share <3
Tumblr media
It was eleven in the morning when Harry walked through the back door of ‘Spring,’ ready to start his long day of being on his feet while waiting tables. 
He walked to the staff’s lounge that held their lockers and a bench before looking around to see if anyone else was in the locker room; he turned the dial of his lock pad to open his blue locker. His coworkers would always tease him about being so secretive when he knows that no one would actually steal from him, but better to be safe than sorry, and he couldn’t imagine how awkward that would be confronting one of his coworkers if they actually had stolen from him. 
He put his white canvas tote bag that was printed in a brown text that said ‘Celestial Natural Foods’—a store in Hawaii—in his locker and hanging it on one out of the two hooks before grabbing his black waist apron and tying it around his waist. 
The restaurant’s attire was a simple white or black button down with black trousers. The manager of the restaurant, Irene, told the staff that they could choose either color shirt whenever they pleased. As for jewelry, she didn’t mind when her waiters and waitresses wore jewelry, as long as it wasn’t interfering with how they held the plates of food, causing them to drop it. Harry was glad to hear that Irene allowed jewelry because his rings and necklaces made him Harry. Twisting his rings and fixing his necklaces, he took a quick glance at the small mirror that was stuck on the inside of the door with a magnet, and combed his hair back with his hands before closing his locker shut and locking it. 
He washed his hands at the sink next to the locker room, and he smiled at the commotion and noise from behind him that came from the kitchen crew. They were prepping for the dinner hour, chopping up various vegetables, making the restaurant’s famous dressing and sauces, and baking the side dishes that usually took a while in the oven. 
“Hey, Harry!” Jet, one of the sous chefs, greeted as he looked up at Harry with a big smile as he continued chopping up cabbage like the professional chef that he was. 
Harry chuckled, amazed at his knife skills. “Hey, Jet. How are you today?” He leaned against the stainless steel countertop as he talked to Jet through the open space of the shelves, where the food rested under the heated and dim light when it was ready to be served. 
“I’m doing great! How was your three day vacation?” 
“It was okay. It went by fast, but I missed it here anyways,” Harry responded with a smile. Jet laughed, nodding. 
“Well, we missed you too. Anyways, Irene told me to tell you that she’s looking for you.” Harry squinted his eyes slightly, not knowing whether Irene looking for him was a good or bad thing, and Jet seemed to notice what he was thinking. “Don’t worry. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing bad.” 
Harry nodded, feeling somewhat relieved. Jet was his closest friend at Spring, ever since Harry started working as a waiter three years ago. He desperately needed a job because being his own boss and freelancing as a photographer could be difficult sometimes; and building up a client list when he first started out was even harder. But three years later, he was able to get his name around through his clients, and he earned enough where he could technically quit his job at Spring and focused purely on photography; however, Harry liked the restaurant too much to just quit—he liked serving people, believe it or not. His charms go a long way for respectful and kind customers, and of course, a great tip. Most of his friends always worked here as well, as he didn’t have quite a lot of friends since he moved from London, but his coworkers had become his very own friends, and he loved them too much to leave. 
“Thanks, I’ll see you when we open!” Harry said as Jet waved to him, watching him walk around the counter to find Irene who was talking to a woman he’s never seen before. 
He’s always loved walking through the restaurant because it had such a friendly and open vibe with white painted walls, trees planted in a line in the middle of the floor, and a big glass ceiling for a solarium ambience. His favorite part was that there were no walls to separate the dining area from the kitchen, so customers could see straight through the kitchen and watch the chefs work on their food with just a turn of their heads. 
“Ah, there he is,” Irene said once Harry was close enough. “I’m glad you’re early.” 
“Irene, I’m always early, what do you mean?” Harry breathed out a chuckle. 
“I know you are. I’m just glad you’re extra early today because I need you to train this lovely woman next to me.” Irene stepped out of the way to reveal you to the waiter that was going to train you today. 
Harry looked at you, and immediately, his breath was caught in his throat. The light that was provided through the glass ceiling cast down at you, giving you a glow that was ethereal, and he mentally thanked the interior designer of the restaurant from so many years ago for insisting on putting a glass ceiling instead of a regular, covered one. There you were, standing in the open light as you flashed him a smile that almost made him collapse due to how weak his knees were, and he physically had to place a hand on the brown wooden table next to him to keep himself up. You were stunning, to say the least. 
“Hi, I’m Y/N,” you offered him a hand, smiling softly at him. He shook your hand, feeling the softness of your small hand and how it contrasted to his large and somewhat rough hand. 
“I’m Harry. It’s lovely to meet you.” He smiled, two dimples indenting his cheeks. You noticed that his left dimple was more prominent than his right, but either way, you thought he was a gorgeous man. 
Yours and Harry’s eyes had lingered a bit longer, and once you had caught yourself staring, you forced yourself to take your eyes off him, even though it was difficult to. And that’s when you knew it was going to be a slight problem working around him. 
“Now that introductions are out of the way,” Irene interrupted. She turned towards Harry. “Harry, this is our newest addition to our waiting staff. You’ve been here long enough and it seems like you’re here everyday, so I’m going to leave her with you to train.” Once she was down, Irene turned towards you. “Y/N, you’re going to train with Harry for the rest of the week. It’s usually two weeks that are required for training, but since you’ve had waiting experience before, I’ll knock it down to one, and by the end of the week, we’ll see how you’re doing and where you are with everything. Sounds good?” 
You nodded excitedly, giving her a bright smile before she clapped her hands and said ‘great.’ Harry looked at you the entire time, and he just knew that you were the type of person that could light up a room with your beautiful and bright smile. 
Irene turned towards Harry once more. “Show her the ropes, introduce her to people, and just make her comfortable, yeah?” Harry nodded, teasingly saluting at his boss as he earned a laugh from her. 
Irene left, leaving the two of you, but your attention was preoccupied with the restaurant as you eagerly looked around, getting familiar with the place you’d hoped to be stable at for a while. 
Harry cleared his throat, to which you immediately looked at him. He gave you a smile before he said, “So, ready for your first day?” 
“Ready!” You exclaimed, tone a bit too excited, making you slightly embarrassed, so you curled your lips into your mouth and looked around the restaurant again to hide your slight embarrassment. 
Harry giggled. “Don’t look around too much—you might get tired of this place before you even start,” he teased, completely forgetting how shy and embarrassed you looked. 
“I think I’m gonna like it here,” you confessed immediately, feeling a certain comfort once you walked into the restaurant. Hell, the moment you researched the restaurant, you loved the place. 
“Well, I’m glad to hear that.” Harry led you around the counter where customers could watch the chefs in action as they cooked their meals. “This is where you could get all the supplies needed—napkins, extra plates, utensils, place mats, everything should be here. If not, then it’ll usually be in the kitchen, right over here.” He walked over to the kitchen where there were more supplies under the table, and pointed below the table. “Here’s more if the ones behind the counter run out, and if they do run out and you just so happen to be there, please make sure to refill it.” You nodded understandingly. 
Harry walked you through the steps of how the system of the restaurants worked as he imputed a demo order into the system on the touchable screen. There were five order screens, one in each corner of the restaurant, one behind the counter, and one in the kitchen; there shouldn’t be any collision or anyone waiting for one of the severs to finish with the screen because there were only about four to five servers working every shift considering it was a small restaurant. Harry then walked you along on where to pick up the order as every dish had its receipt with the order printed on the paper along with the table number. He told you that the table numbers are in order of how the tables are set up—number one starts with the countertops since it’s closest to the entrance, following along the walls, and the tables in the middle were numbered last. 
You liked how easy their routine and system was that you were sure you’d have it down by the end of the week. Harry made sure to introduce you to the staff that you two passed by as he led you throughout the restaurant; he made you feel comfortable right from the bat, making sure to make a few jokes here and there that certainly released some tension in your shoulders from nerves. You were grateful that he made you laugh--you were worried that you wouldn’t like your coworkers or they would be mean and snarky because you’re the newbie, but with Harry, it seemed like you two were getting along quite well; he was polite, helpful, and kind. 
“So, that’s pretty much it.” He looked at the time on his Apple Watch, reading a quarter to six in the evening, 15 minutes until Spring opened for dinner. “Do you have any questions?” 
You tried thinking of anything that you could ask, but your mind seemed to have collected all the information Harry had told you and retained it quite well. “No, nothing I can think of at the moment.” 
“Great. For now, do you mind checking the placemats and the table decor for me?” You nodded helpfully. “And then if you have any remaining time left, just chill out and take a breather for a second, and then come find me when we open.” 
“Okay. Sounds good.” You smiled at him sweetly, making him smile back before he walked away and towards the kitchen. 
You headed towards the dining room, making sure the woven placements were symmetrical and even; you also straightened out the utensils that made their way out of line or off the tablemats. You did this for the rest of the ten minutes you had of peace before you made your way through the restaurant to find Harry. 
The entire time you were in the dining room, Harry was in the locker room, mindlessly on his phone to waste time. He was lucky that he didn’t have to do anything before the restaurant opened, so he had some spare time to relax for a bit. He tried cooling down to get the pink flush that painted his cheeks off, but that’s what happened when he was around you; immediately, you had already had this effect on him, making him blush and nervous around you, and he didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was the way you brightly smiled at him, practically gleaming; or the way you laughed at his jokes, which even he could admit are a bit corny and bad—a very dad-like joke, but you still laughed. 
Whatever it was, he knew that he was fucked. 
Tumblr media
Dinner time was a rush. Spring was busy and full; the reservation booklet was booked with no space to cater to walk-ins. 
You were shadowing Harry as you followed him around like a lost puppy, watching him interact with the customers, occasionally pulling out his charm so he would get a big tip. You couldn’t imagine if you were a customer and Harry was your server because your face would heat up instantly, and it would be difficult to contain a smile on your face. He had such a natural charm to him, making him naturally flirty as he flashed customers his smile and laughing at their horribly made jokes. 
For half of the night, you simply followed him around, watched the paths he took when he got the customers’ food and his overall routine of things. With every table he got assigned to, he made sure to introduce you to the party, always glancing over at you once he said your name as you greeted the customers with a bright smile. Harry nearly had to stop every time he glanced over at you as it seemed like your beauty always distracted him. 
You helped him with dealing with the plates, beverages, and getting extra necessities such as cheese, hot sauce, or extra utensils and plates for the table. 
Once the restaurant died down a bit, you and Harry were able to walk a bit slower, relaxing each time a party leaves. When there was about an hour and a half left of your shift and till the restaurant closes, Harry asked you if you’d like to take orders, saying it’ll be best if he observed how you would talk and serve the customers, and you excitedly said ‘yes.’ Harry was only assigned to five to six tables during his shift, and since it was near closing time, there were only two that had just arrived. 
Harry politely introduced himself, telling the parties that you were new and shadowing him, but you were going to take over for the rest of their stay at Spring. He watched you kindly talk to them, occasionally making small talk as you laughed with them; you talked about your favorite items on the menu, along with your favorite selection of wine. This time, Harry helped you with your tasks that you had done before you two switched off, and he immediately admitted to himself that the two of you made such a great team. It was only your first day here, and he already saw how naturally the both of you moved around one another, along with communicating so well with each other. 
You were bidding the last party in the restaurant goodbye with a wave and telling them to enjoy the rest of their evening before you grabbed the mason jar that held the bill, along with the tips. You walked over to the kitchen where Irene was counting all the money and placed the mason jar besides her, giving her a smile before walking over to the locker room. 
Harry was sitting on the bench with his phone in his hands, and looked up once you entered the room. 
“How was your first day?” He smiled. 
“It was actually really great. The energy here is amazing.” 
“Well, I’m glad. You’re a natural, and it helps both of us that you already have restaurant experience.” Harry completely put his phone away into his tote bag, giving you his attention, which you really admired. Some people would make small talk and quickly end the conversation to go back on their phones. “Where did you work before, if you don’t mind me asking?” 
“I actually moved here from NorCal—San Francisco—just two weeks ago. But I worked at one of the restaurants at Pier 49. The restaurant was pretty small and we weren’t as busy as it was here, only on the weekends we would get a bit busy. So, this is definitely completely different than being outside and smelling the fresh ocean a few feet away,” you explained, chuckling. 
“Wow, SF, that’s quite the trip. But we’re glad to have you. I think you’re fitting right in.” 
“Thank you. I already like it here.” Harry gave you a warm smile, grateful that you had a great first day, and that Spring gave you a good first impression for you to stay. 
The two of you chatted a bit, talking about the customers you had and laughing at the jokes they made or the conversations they talked about. It was kind-hearted and fun, and a conversation that made you feel light; it wasn’t anything serious. It ended when it was time for closing, cleaning up and making sure everything was in order for tomorrow afternoon’s shift. 
Irene handed the staff their tips for the night, which you amounted for $120 for a Sunday night. It wasn’t bad for your first night of tips, and you knew you would be working a lot more since this was your only job and you weren’t doing anything else. 
As everyone walked outside into the staff parking lot, everyone said their goodbyes to one another, spreading apart and walking out to their vehicles. 
Once you opened your car door, Harry called out for you from the opposite side of where you parked. 
“Yeah?” You raised your brows. 
“I’ll see you tomorrow.” He offered a smile before getting into his car and starting it, but he waited until you were safely inside of your car and out of the parking garage, and then he would leave. 
He couldn’t help but notice the smile that appeared onto your face before you got inside your car, and he couldn’t help but think about how incredibly beautiful you are. 
Tumblr media
The entire week went on just like your first day. You were getting more comfortable with the flow of the restaurant, and where everything was. You continued shadowing Harry, but some days, he would let you serve your customers for the entire shift. 
Now that it was Friday evening, you couldn’t wait to relax the next day. You had told Irene that you were available all days of the week, and since you were new and still needed to complete training, she scheduled you for Sunday to Friday, getting Saturday off, which you appreciated. When you told yourself that you were able to work all day, you didn’t realize how exhausting and tiring that was until it came down to the end of the week as your feet ached, telling you to sit down for at least an entire day. 
Once it was closing time, you were finally able to catch a breath as you cleaned up part of the dining room. Chatter and laughter was heard from the kitchen quite loud as it echoed against the walls; you smiled, enjoying the sound of laughter, especially when it came from people you knew. 
As you were mindlessly wiping down tables, Harry walked up to you with two cocktails in his hands, smiling as he handed you one. You raised your brows, hesitant to take it from him as you wondered if it was allowed to drink since you were technically still on the clock. 
“Irene made them for us, if that’s what you’re wondering,” he said as if he read your mind. You breathed out a chuckle, taking a glass before thanking him and clinking your glass with his before taking a sip of the cold tequila drink. You sighed in relief, and Harry giggled. “Do you have any plans for tonight? I know it’s almost midnight, but I mean…you could still.” He felt his ears heat up, feeling a tad bit nervous when he was around you. 
“No, I don’t. I don’t really have any friends in SoCal, but I can't wait to go home and sleep.” 
“O-Oh okay, I was just gonna ask if you’d like to stay for a bit longer.” 
“Here? For what?” You asked curiously. 
“Well, the lot of us get together after night shifts to do a mini celebration at the end of the long and busy week. We only do it Fridays since that’s when most of us are working all together,” he said referring to the bunch laughing and talking in the kitchen. You did notice now that you had been working with the same group of people, and partially that was because you only mostly worked night shifts and so did the rest. “We usually stay for an hour—drink, eat, talk. It made us closer, actually, so I’d thought you might like to join since you’re new,” he invited.
You didn’t take long to think of an answer—to weigh out your choices of wanting to go to bed at a somewhat reasonable time or stay an extra hour and hang out with your coworkers. 
“I’d actually really love that, thank you,” you accepted his invitation with a sweet smile, making Harry’s heart pound just a tad bit harder against his chest. 
“Great! Well, come on into the kitchen when you’re done. The chefs are cooking up some food,” he said before he walked away, leaving you to finish up your tasks for the night, which didn’t take you any more than ten minutes to finish up. 
You walked into the kitchen and Harry immediately handed you a plate that you gladly took. Jet excitedly waved to you to go over to the stove so he could serve you. 
“Allergic to anything?” He asked to make sure you weren’t going into the emergency room tonight. 
“Uh, shellfish when it’s consumed. I’m okay to be around it, though.”
“Oh shit, this would not be good for you.” His eyes widened as he immediately dropped the large silver serving spoon of the lobster risotto; it looked absolutely delicious. “Good thing I’m prepared. Do you like spaghetti and meatballs?” 
“Great!” He started plating your plate with the food before handing it back to you with an ‘enjoy!’ as you thanked him. 
Once everyone was satisfied, you all headed out to the dining table, settling on a large rectangle table comfortably. There were about twelve of you, and it seemed like everyone had assigned seats since they immediately went straight to their spot and placed their table or drink in front of it. 
You were a bit lost, not knowing where to sit, and the only person you’re reasonably close to was Harry, but it seemed like he was a bit preoccupied chatting with Quinn, another chef. 
“Y/N! Sit next to me, yeah?” Ivy, one of the waitresses called out for you. You smiled, thankful she was the one to ask you, and you gladly took a seat next to her. 
Harry took the seat in front of Ivy, diagonal from you, and he really wished he was the one sitting next to you. 
“Damn, I really should get a large circle table for all of us so we could see each other’s faces,” Irene suggested, and the group agreed, but everyone wondered where it would be placed since the restaurant had no space for another large table. 
Everyone broke out into their own conversations, chatting with one another freely and as loud as they wanted. 
“How was your first week here, Y/N?” Ivy asked. 
“It was great! I really love this place.” Harry looked at you as you talked with Ivy. He really could get lost just looking at your beauty, and sometimes, he would have to knock himself out of his glare to prevent him from getting caught. He was just so captivated by you, and it didn’t take a lot of effort for him to be so drawn to you. 
Ivy had definitely noticed Harry’s stare from the corner of her eye, and admittingly, she got jealous because she’s had a small crush on Harry ever since she started working at Spring four months ago. But it wasn’t like she was going to do anything about it because it seemed like he didn’t take interest in her, so she wasn’t going to force it. However, it didn’t slip past her that you occasionally glanced over at Harry as well—briefly averting your eyes towards him once he took a sip of his water or someone had pulled him out of his attention on you to make conversation. 
Gently pulling you by the arm, Ivy leaned over to whisper into your ear. “Harry’s totally crushing on you.” 
You pulled back, shocked. “What?” You mouthed. 
“He can’t stop looking at you—it’s so obvious.” You simply chuckled, shaking your head slightly as your cheeks felt warm, not from the alcohol or how close everyone was sitting, but because you couldn’t even believe that Harry would have a crush on you. Sure, you two had spent the entirety of your shifts together, but you didn’t think that he would have a crush on you. 
You tried not to think of Ivy’s words for the rest of the night, and you tried even harder to not look at Harry to catch it he was staring at you. Your thoughts seemed to make you more drunk when you were trying to sober up to drive back home. You only had three cocktails, which was quite mindless of you to be drinking when you had to drive home, but you simply wanted to have fun because you deserved it, and you were comfortable and making friends. And everyone seemed to be drinking as well as they were getting a ride from the more responsible ones who were driving and leaving their car in the parking garage during the night. 
Once everyone was all out of their social battery with their plates and glasses empty, you all started to clean up, helping one another to make the process of going home quicke; there were two people washing the dishes and two people drying as the rest put those dishes away and cleaned the table. 
Just like every single night, everyone said their goodbyes in the parking lot before going to their cars to head home for a good night's rest. 
You were sober, but you didn’t feel safe enough to drive, and you don’t know if that’s the alcohol or the thoughts of Harry making you dizzy. So, instead of walking to your car, you took out your phone and opened the Uber app, knowing you’d be able to get a ride home quickly since it was past midnight on a Friday night. 
“Hey, whatcha doing?” Harry asked, walking up to you once he noticed that you weren’t going to your car. He made it a habit to watch you get inside your car and leave the parking garage safely because anything could happen in the few minutes if he left before you. 
“I’m calling an Uber. I don’t wanna drive back…” you replied before looking down at your phone again.
“Oh, I could drive you home, if you’d like?” He offered politely. 
“Really? You don’t have to do that.”
“I insist. I would feel better knowing that I was the one that got you home safely.” The corners of your lips couldn’t help but turn up into a smile as your heart fluttered against your ribcage. 
“That’s really sweet, Harry, I’d like that,” you accepted. Harry grinned, leading you to his car as you followed; he walked over to the passenger seat, opening the door for you, which easily almost made your knees buckle in. How is he such a gentleman and so incredibly kind? You wondered, thinking about how rare it was to meet a man without anything leading to more than a conversation. 
You thanked him before getting into his car; his car was very clean and he had a Saturn air freshener that hung on his rearview mirror, admitting a fresh lemon scent throughout his vehicle. Harry got in, handing you his phone to play some music and to enter your address before starting the car and driving out of the parking garage. You played Daniel Caesar, which you thought was the perfect kind of music for a night drive since your place was fifteen minutes away from the restaurant. The two of you sang along to ‘Hold Me Down’ as he watched you from the corner of his eye, adorably swaying in your seat to the song as you muttered the lyrics. 
The sunroof cover was open, giving you an orange glow every time the car passed by a lamppost. Unconsciously, you both looked at one another every time the car stopped at a red light, both smiling at one another. You were thankful that it was dark out as it hid your big smile from how much you were giddy just looking at Harry. 
Once the navigation told him that your place was on the right, he parked against the curb in front of your apartment complex. You unbuckled your seatbelt before turning towards him in your seat as he turned towards you as well. 
“Thank you for the ride, Harry. It was really kind of you to offer.” 
“Not a problem. Don’t be hesitant to ask again. I rarely drink when we have our after-hours dinners, so you’re free to drink all you want and I’ll be glad to take you home,” he told you, and you smiled, nodding your head. 
“I’ll keep that in mind. It’s just been a while since I drank and hung out with friends,” you explained. 
“No worries. I’m glad you had fun, I assumed?” 
“Yeah, lots of fun! I really like it there, and you made it bearable and fun as well as my trainer,” you admitted. Harry felt his cheeks slightly redden, and just as you were thinking, he was grateful it was dark out. 
He cleared his throat. “Well, I’m glad. You’ll be on your own now. No need for me anymore since you’ve pretty much gotten everything done so quickly,” he chuckled, a dimple indenting his left cheek, making you hold in your breath. 
“Can I still ask you for help if I need you?” You asked innocently, leaning your elbow against the middle console as you rested your chin against your fist. Harry pursed in his lips as his mind focused on the last three words that slipped out of your mouth--I need you. It was merely an innocent question relating to work that he shouldn’t think too much about, but he couldn’t help it. 
“Of course. I’m always gonna be here if you need me,” he responded, keeping it friendly. At that, you smiled, nodding your head in acceptance. You gathered your belongings that rested at your feet before turning to face him again. Leaning forward, Harry thought you were leaning in to kiss him, which he wouldn’t mind whatsoever, but that dream was crushed when you wrapped your arm around his shoulder, giving him a hug. He hugged you back, placing his hand against your back and slightly rubbing his hand up and down, hoping you couldn’t feel his heart hammering against his chest at the feel of your upper body slightly pressed against him. 
You pulled away, giving him a shy smile. “I’ll see you on Sunday. Drive safe, okay?” 
“Always do. Sleep well.” He bid you goodbye as you got out of his car, walking over to the entrance of your apartment complex. You turned around before you opened the door, waving at him before heading inside. 
Harry drove off to his place, the opposite direction of your apartment, passing Spring. He could’ve honestly been home already in the comfort of his bed, but he didn’t mind taking you home at all. That only meant he got to spend a bit of more time together, but he noticed that with every passing second, minute, and hour, he felt himself falling for you just a bit more. 
Tumblr media
You’ve been at Spring for almost a month, and you couldn’t believe how fast the days went by. The more you worked, the more you started to feel a place at home with the restaurant. It was welcoming and fun, and all the credit was due to the people that you surrounded yourself with. You felt a difference in your attitude, your mood, and you liked the change that it brought you--you felt happy. 
Being in San Francisco your entire life was great up until it wasn’t. It was a toxic place for you simply because of the people that you were surrounded with. You noticed that you were always on fight-or-flight mode, ready for someone to make one comment at you so you could snap at them. You hated being and thinking like that, so the best thing you did for yourself was to move away from the toxicity of your hometown, and you were glad that you did. 
It was another usual Friday evening, after hours at Spring as you sat in your usual seat next to Ivy as the two of you and Harry were laughing about a story Ivy was telling about her ex-boyfriend in college. 
Harry looked over at you, heart swooning as he watched you laugh, wiping your under eyes from the tears that had slipped out. It was a beautiful sight, he’d say; you had such a beautiful smile and contagious laugh that he loved hearing, whether it’d be from the kitchen as he was in the dining room or in the locker room—wherever it was, he always smiled to himself when he heard it. 
The two of you had gotten quite close, making the work environment bearable and fun. When you would be in the same area at the same time, you had this thing where you would bump his hip with yours lightly, and he would bump yours right back—of course, when there weren’t any food or drink handling. There would always be light conversations within those hip bumps, comfortably getting to know one another, whether it would be asking quick-fire questions or a random story about one another’s lives that would come to mind. It wasn’t an ordinary setting or time to get to know each other, but it made things fun because the two of you would come up with more questions to come up with the next time he bumped into you. It was nice having a thing with you, he thought. 
There would be moments during those little meetings when your fingers would brush delicately against his, sending shivers to his body. It was simply overwhelming in the best way possible. 
Everyone called it a night, doing the nightly routine of tidying and cleaning everything up. Despite the long shift and being on your feet, you still had quite a bit of energy that you would like to use up so you could get a night’s rest. You looked at your friends, seeing if anyone was up for a late night adventure just based off of their posture and how often they yawned, and it seemed like everyone was exhausted, for obvious reasons. But you’d ask one person before you decide to go alone. 
Once everything was clean and ready for the Saturday’s brunch, everyone walked out of the restaurant, walking over to their cars. 
“Hey, Harry?” You called out, making him instantly turn around at the sound of your voice. 
“Yeah, love?” The pet name had merely slipped out, and you felt your face getting warm, shyly smiling. 
“Uh, you could totally say no and I would completely understand why because it’s Friday night, and we had a long shift, and you must be tired-”
“Y/N?” You stopped talking, raising your brows. “Breath, yeah? Take your time,” he interrupted the rambling that you hadn’t known you were doing. 
Nodding, you took a deep breath. You didn’t know why you were nervous, but every time you were around Harry, he just made you feel a certain swarm of butterflies entering your stomach. 
“I’m not as tired as I thought, and I wanna end tonight with some sweets. So, would you like to come with me to get some dessert? Again, you could say no.” 
Harry smiled. “I’d love to,” he replied with no second thought. 
“Yeah, of course. Plus, we could finally talk properly. Hate always walking away from our unfinished conversations.” He breathed out a chuckle, running his clad ring hand through his curls. 
“Great! Oh, uh, do you mind if we take your car? I took an Uber here, but I’ll compensate with buying you cookies and paying for your gas,” you suggested, keeping your excitement at bay. 
“No worries, c’mon. But I might take you up on the cookie offer.” He smiled, opening your door for you, which never failed to make you swoon. 
As he started the car, warming up the engine and turning the heater on, you two debated on where to go. You suggested going to Insomnia Cookies in Santa Monica, which was a twenty minute drive from Downtown LA, and it closed at two In the morning, but only if he was down to drive the opposite direction of where you two lived. And luckily, he didn’t mind the drive because he was always down for a late night drive and adventure, especially if it was with you. 
The car speakers played Frank Ocean, he merged on the 101, tapping his fingers along with the beat against the steering wheel. You subtly studied him as he drove, just as you did when you would glance at him across the restaurant. He always mindlessly curled his pink lips into his mouth, a habit that he, assumingly, had for years. You noticed how he would always play with his rings; his thumb would reach over to his other fingers to play with the heavy, metal rings; not helping that your mind would instantly go to what else his hands could do, especially to you, to your body, but you had to immediately snap yourself out of your thoughts to prevent them from going any further. Not to mention, the way his eyes always lit up; they had a natural gleam to them, making them incredibly irresistible to not look in his green eyes. 
He was captivating in all the right ways, and you felt yourself falling for him quite quickly, making that fear inside of you light up, inflaming your body with anxiousness. 
Your thoughts soon vanished when Harry pulled into a parking space in front of your destination, and he turned off the car. He turned to look at you, giving you a small smile before getting out. You decided to buy Harry anything he’d like, which he got the same six pack of cookies as you. 
Harry suggested eating in his car, which you agreed. Although the cold in SoCal wasn’t the same coldness as it was in NorCal, you didn’t want to stand around and freeze. The two of you make light conversation, talking about social media and enjoying the warmth of the fresh baked cookies. You then realized that you hadn’t followed him on Instagram, so you asked for his username, which was just his first and last name. 
“Your pictures are amazing,” you complimented.
“Stalking me already?” He teased. A smirk on his face present, making you roll your eyes as you didn’t know if you wanted to slap or kiss the smirk off—always wanting to go for the latter. “But thank you. I, uh, I actually took those myself.” Your eyes brightened. The photographs posted on his Instagram were mostly portraits of beautiful people, some of them were landscapes of a field or the mountains, but most of them were portraits. You knew very little about photography, thanks to the ‘Beginning of Photography 1’ class that you took in college, but you could see the depth of the picture and the way they’re taken; the emotion was clearly there, making you feel intensity through the picture. 
“Wow, you’re really talented, Harry.”
He blushed, looking down at his lap for a moment before looking back up at you again. “Thank you so much. I’m a freelance photographer.”
“Do you plan on leaving Spring to focus solely on photography?” You asked curiously. He softly smiled; he could hear the genuine tone in your voice, and he really appreciated that. 
“I’m not sure. I’ll have an appointment, maybe, three or four times a month? But the restaurant brings in more money, especially the tips,” he explained. 
You nodded. “Well, for what it’s worth, you’re extremely talented, and one day, you’ll be at the place you want to be. Everything will work out.” Harry smiled in appreciation of your words, not saying anything else. 
Taking another bite of his cookie, he changed the subject. “So, do you miss any of your friends in SF?” 
You raised your brows, not expecting that question, but you answered honestly. “To tell you the truth, I really don’t. A month before moving here,” you began to open up vulnerably; you hadn’t spoken to anyone about this. “I got out of a long relationship—quite toxic, honestly,” you said, looking at him. He had this look on his face that was so comforting, not a word coming out of his mouth, asking for details; it didn’t tell you that he was nosy or pressing you to tell him more. It simply told you that he was there to listen, whenever you were ready to tell him, and you really appreciated that. 
You hadn’t realized how hard it was talking about your past relationship because it had been all bottled up until now.  A deep breath came out of your mouth, and Harry immediately realized that it must’ve been a hard subject to speak about. Unexpected to you, he reached over to grab your hand, holding it gently as his thumb caressed your skin. He hoped he masked his nervousness well, making the smallest physical touch with you when, really, his pulse was hammering against his veins, heart pounding through his chest as his breathing began to feel erratic, but outside he remained cool, calm, and collected as if the touch didn’t drive him insane. 
You tried not letting Harry’s thumb, caressing the back of your hand, affect your ability to speak a coherent sentence, so you continued. “Uh, my ex was cheating on me with someone in our friend group. He told me not to worry about her, but you know how that goes when you hear that phrase. It was with a girl that I used to date—my first relationship, actually. The worst part of it was when I found out, I took him back when he promised he wouldn’t do it again and claimed that he loved me, and then I took him back again, and again and again.” 
Harry inhaled deeply, trying to not let the hand holding yours squeeze tightly so the blood circulation cuts off because he felt angry. He was so mad because how could anyone do that to you? Sweet, kind, and lovely you? 
“When I told him I couldn’t handle it anymore—all the lies, cheating, and betrayal—I broke up with him. Our friend group turned against me, completely ignored me. Now that I think about it, I noticed they started to be cold and rude towards me once they started sneaking around, and I have no clue why because I didn’t do anything to them. Guess they were just covering up for them because everyone knew except me, and I just felt so stupid because I was so clueless to think he ever loved me to forgive him so many times.” 
You started to sniffle as the bad memories that you lived through for the few months of the betrayal started to come up again. You were doing a good job not thinking about it when you started working at the restaurant, and you didn’t plan on telling Harry tonight, but you trusted him to let go of all the agony that you bottled up inside your mind. 
“Hey, come here,” he said, opening his arms up. You gladly rested your head against his shoulders, wishing the middle console wasn’t there so you could press your body against his. He hands rubbed your back just as it did when you first hugged him, and to say that you hadn’t been craving for his touch was a complete lie. “You’re not stupid whatsoever. I understand why you did what you did, but that doesn’t make you stupid. It makes them stupid for betraying your trust and forgiveness over and over again. You’re not in the wrong here nor was it your fault, love.” 
You nodded against his shoulder, and you felt him place the side of his face against the top of your head, cuddling up to you, which immediately put a smile on your face. Harry’s comfort had immediately made you feel better—it made you feel safe. You hadn’t felt so comfortable in someone else’s arms in a very long time, and considering that you’ve only known him for a month, you’d say it’s quite unbelievable how comfortable you are in his hold, especially opening up to him like you did. 
Pulling back from his hold, you looked up at him, giving him a smile. The weight on your shoulders suddenly felt lighter once you opened the bottle and poured out the contents in it. Talking to Harry was refreshing, a fresh breath of air, and you inhaled the crisp oxygen gratefully, knowing that being vulnerable and opening up had changed your friendship. 
Tumblr media
It was Sunday evening, and you were cleaning up to prepare for closing. It had been a long day, even though you only worked for four hours; it just seemed that you were running around more than usual. 
But you were glad that the day was over, and you could take a long nice shower to end your night. Throughout cleaning, your coworkers had said goodbye, leaving through the back door, which you found odd because everyone usually heads out at the same time, but you didn’t think too much of it. 
Once you were done in the dining room, you looked around, finding the restaurant completely empty, but everything seemed to be in order, so you headed over to the locker room. 
When you rounded around the counter top and into the kitchen, Harry jumped up from his crouched position, startling you as you took a step back, gasping with your hand over your heart. 
“Holy shit, you scared me,” you said breathlessly. 
Harry chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “I’m sorry, I thought you still knew I was here.” 
“I thought I was completely alone, and hiding behind the counter doesn’t help.” You and Harry laughed. You hadn’t noticed the two plates of food and wine glasses that were filled with sparkling soda sitting next to him on the stainless steel counter, and you wondered for a moment if that was for you and him. “What’s that for?” 
“For us, if you’d like. I made it quickly once everything was slow and we were starting to close,” he said shyly, rubbing his tattooed forearm. 
Your brows raised, eyes widening slightly. “You made this? For us?”
“Yeah. Today marks one month being here, so I decided to make dinner to celebrate.” You were quite speechless at the thought; it was so incredibly sweet and thoughtful that Harry went through that trouble of making a meal to celebrate a somewhat significant date. Tears started to well up in your eyes, making the man in front of you blurry. “Oh, wait, no. Please don’t cry. You could definitely take this to-go, if you want! I know you’re probably tired, but-”
Harry was cut off by your arms wrapping around his shoulders. He was taken back at first from the impact of your body crashing against his, but once he regained his balance, he immediately wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you tightly. 
Your scent was impeccable—quite alluring for running around for a few hours. He knew he smelled like food, the smoke from garlic and onions sautéing, and vegetables cooking. He buried his head into your shoulder, holding you close. This had been the first time you two were ever hugging outside of the comfort and safety of his car—no middle console to interfere, no awkwardness in trying to figure out how to give a proper hug in a confined space. He enjoyed it a lot—the way your body was pressed up against his. It made him happy, it made him feel safe. 
The intimate moment lasted for a few minutes, simply just hugging one another in relief in the kitchen, swaying slightly as complete silence surrounded the two of you. 
Once you were satisfied (although you think you would never be satisfied enough if you’re not in his arms), you pulled away, coming face-to-face with him. Your cheeks were slightly damped from the few tears that had fallen out, but weirdly, it gave you a natural and happy glow, and you were feeling exactly that. 
“Harry, thank you so much. This is the sweetest and most thoughtful thing someone has ever done for me.” You looked up at him through your wet lashes, warmly smiling at him. 
“You’re welcome. Shall we eat?” You nodded, and he unwrapped his arms from around your waist, letting you go, which he wished he hadn’t. He grabbed the two heavy plates that were filled with honey garlic chicken with sautéed spinach and mushroom on a bed of rice, and you grabbed the glasses, reaching over to place them onto the countertop before the two of you walked around to sit on the high stools. 
The two of you ate in comfortable silence, and you thanked and complimented him for the lovely meal. There was light conversation, asking questions about each other’s childhood. Listening to Harry talk about his life in England was so fascinating to you, and you wished that you had grown up with him because he seemed like such a fun and kind kid to play with. You learned that his sister and mom were back home in London, and they visited every six months, and he would occasionally go back home as well, if the bills weren’t stacking up and he was good with money. His words and mind seemed to get the best of him, slipping out about how much they would love you and that he’ll invite you to lunch whenever they visit to meet them; and he hoped he didn’t freak you out. You simply blushed, nodding your head, and not saying anything else. 
The more you talked to him, the more you found yourself staring at him as you listened to what he had to say. You’d come to terms a few weeks ago that you really liked his eyes—how green they were, and how they stare into you, giving you his full attention. You liked his hands, his hair, his nose, his cheeks, and most of all, you liked his lips. You couldn’t blame alcohol for these thoughts because Harry replaced wine with sparkling soda, so these were completely sober thoughts racing your mind. His lips were something you glanced at often, trying not to glare at them too much as he talked as you didn’t want to get caught for admiring them. They were so pink, and he occasionally bit them and curled them into his mouth, making them pinker. You liked when he would take his fingers and pinch his bottom lip, a habit that he seemed to form throughout his life. You suddenly wanted to kiss him—really, really bad. 
You shook off the thought immediately, being completely sidetracked with your infatuation with Harry. Was it an infatuation? No, you knew the feelings you felt for him felt much stronger than a simple admiration for your coworker. 
Once the talking had died down and the plates were empty, you and Harry decided to clean up. You quickly took both of your plates, beating Harry to the sink to wash the dishes. He chuckled as he watched you fast walk towards the sink; he soon followed with the glasses, placing them carefully into the sink. He decided to dry the dishes, finding the dish rag on your right side. So, he leaned over, placing his left hand on your waist, chest slightly pressed against your back as he grabbed the rag. You turned your head to the right, dropping your shoulder to turn more of your body towards him. He was close and it made you feel flushed; you felt your  cheeks heating up once he looked down at you, faces inches away from each other. 
You turned back around, quickly placing the last dish on the counter before you turned off the water. Harry was still close in proximity, not making any effort to move away from you. Turning around, your back was now pressed up against the edge of the sink. Harry rested his hands against the edge, trapping you with his arms. Your breath began to deepen, heart beating quite harshly against your chest as Harry looked into your eyes, briefly glancing at your lips, and slowly trailing them back up into your eyes. He brought one hand to graze the side of your face gently, skin prickling with goosebumps. 
“You’re so beautiful,” he complimented honestly. 
“Thank you, you are too.” 
“I mean it. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Listen, I-I really like you, and we haven’t known each other for long but I just…can’t get enough of you,” You smiled, averting your eyes to his lips before looking back up; your cheeks and neck felt incredibly warm from his confession. Bodily, you placed your hands on his waist, pulling him towards you to close the gap between you two; Harry smirked at your action, liking the way your bodies were pressed up against each other. 
“Are you gonna do anything about it?” You raised your brows curiously. 
“What would you like me to do?” His hands were rubbing up and down your back soothingly. 
“Hmm…a few things actually,” you muttered—more to yourself but Harry definitely heard from how close you two physically were. Your fingertips were mindlessly drawing circles on his lower back where his slightly wrinkled white shirt was tucked into his black jeans. 
“Care to share?” 
You took a deep breath, looking him in the eyes that captivated you quite clearly. “Want you to kiss me.” 
The corner of his lip turned up as he curled his lips into his mouth. “Can I please? Been wanting to for so long.” 
“Tell me.” Harry raised his brows. “Tell me how long you’ve been wanting to kiss me.” 
He curled his lips into his mouth, looking down at your soft lips before back up at your eyes. “Ever since I saw you for the first time. So, please let me kiss you. Do you want me to?” 
Harry quite literally took your breath away, breath stuck in your throat before you cleared it. Nodding your head quite eagerly, you softly said, “Yeah, want you to.” 
With that, he trailed his hands from your waist, up your spine, to your shoulders, and up to your face where he placed his hands on both sides, gently holding your face delicately as if it were a piece of art that was crafted for months, years; he didn’t want to drop or break the precious masterpiece that he cradled with his hands. 
His thumb caressed your soft cheek, giving your lips one last look before he leaned in and connected your lips with his. You sighed deeply once you felt his soft lips touch yours, and your shoulder visibly relaxed, letting go of everyone that may have held you back. 
You wrapped your arms tightly around his neck, pulling him in closer. A spark ran through your body as your lips molded together so perfectly in sync, making the firework inside of you pop into a beautiful and magical scene. 
Whimpering against his mouth, you suddenly wanted more of him; he was, in all ways, addicting. You unconsciously lifted your right leg, bringing it up to his hip, making Harry press himself against your core, holding your thigh. He started to feel himself harden inside of his pants from the way you’re kissing him, the way your hands gripped his hair, and the way your tongue effortlessly swiveled against his. 
You pulled away from his lips quite breathlessly, lips swollen. “Want you.” 
“Me too—want you so bad.” He leaned forward to kiss you again, and once he did, you pulled away, only leaving him with a small kiss to his lips. Harry pouted, making you chuckle. 
“That was the best kiss I’ve ever had,” you confessed. 
Harry smirked. “Well, I’ll be glad to do it again.” 
“Wanna get out of here? C-Can we go to yours?” You asked shyly. 
“Yeah?” You nodded. “You sure?” 
“Absolutely positive.” 
Harry gave you a smile and another kiss before he backed away, grabbing your hand to lead you to the locker room where the two of you grabbed your belongings from your lockers. Quickly after, you two were out the door of Spring; Harry locked up, and walked you two over to his car where he, yet again, opened the passenger door for you. 
The entire ten minute drive to his apartment, his hand never left yours. It delicately sat on your thigh with your hand on top of his, palm against the back of his hand as your fingers intertwined with his. Harry found it difficult to drive properly because all he ever wanted to do was either kiss you or look at you, and since it was just a bit after midnight, he hit all the green lights, so there was continuous driving and less kissing and looking. But that just made it quicker for him to get to his place. 
His apartment was on the second floor, which didn’t take long to get to, but catching up to Harry’s long strides as he practically dragged you up the stairs—no patience to wait for the elevator—was tiring you out. 
Once his front door closed, he immediately pushed you up against it, cradling your face in his hands as he kissed you feverishly. You practically could feel him smiling into the kiss, happy to have his lips on yours, and it completely tied your stomach into knots as the familiar flutter you felt in your chest made itself present. 
You’d come to realize, in the kitchen, that kissing Harry was everything you ever imagined. His soft lips molding and connecting with yours so perfectly made all of your dreams and realities come true. He just had a way with how he worked his lips as well as where to put his hands. But you were eager to find out what else he could do. 
Harry was the one to pull away first, which he even surprised himself with, but he led you to his bedroom, which you were too excited about. He closed his bedroom door, taking your lips in with his again, backing you up against his bed as he gently placed you on top of it, hovering over you. 
His lips trailed to your cheek, your jaw, and down to your neck where he lightly nibbled and sucked on your soft skin. You felt him lick your skin, soothing out the small love bite that he left on your skin before he pulled his head from your neck. 
“You sure you want to do this? I’d be happy just kissing you.” 
You smiled. “I’m sure, wanna touch you. You’re sure too?” You asked consent from him as well, making his cock twitch in his pants. 
“Very sure, love. You have no idea.” He sat on his knees as you laid below him, and he’s sure he’s never seen someone look so beautiful as you do; he was completely enthralled by your beauty. “Can I take this off?” He referred to your shirt, playing with the buttons on the front. You nodded, biting your lip. 
He leaned his weight on one side of you, placing one arm behind your head as you rested against it. He took your mouth in with his as his other hand began unbuttoning your white shirt, impressively with one hand. Once he got to the bottom, he sat up again, as did you to take off your shirt and your sports bra. You didn’t wear anything sexy to work because you wanted to be comfortable while waiting tables. 
Harry looked at your bare torso, licking his lips before he wrapped his lips around your nipple, sucking and licking the pebbled bud before switching to the other. His lips then placed small kisses down your body and to the hem of your pants, where he looked up to see you flushed from just his kisses. 
“Harry…” you whined. 
“What is it, beautiful?” He smirked. 
“Please, take it off.” 
“I’m getting there, love, don’t worry.” A breathy chuckle came out of his mouth before he unbuttoned your trousers. Your hips raised off the bed, and he swiftly took them off, leaving you in your nude seamless underwear. “Fuck, you’re so stunning, Y/N, I swear.” You looked at him and smiled; you were clearly at loss for words because of how Harry was looking at you. He wasn’t looking at you with complete admiration, like he was so lost in his daze of his sight. And that thought made you even more aroused. 
He gave you another kiss to your stomach before taking off your underwear, situating himself in between your legs, lying on his stomach. Harry looked up once more to find you staring at him, eager to watch what he’s about to do; he placed a kiss to your inner thighs, gently nibbling on your flesh, making you squirm. 
“Harry, please. Need to feel you,” you pleaded, brows crinkling. 
“Tell me what you need,” he teased, earning an impatient scoff from you, but Harry chuckled at your frustration. 
“Need your mouth on me. Please, want you to eat me out already.” 
Now, who was he to deny that request? So, that’s what he did—he slowly licked your clit multiple times before licking into your hole, collecting your arousal on his tongue. He used your wetness to lubricate your clit, completely assaulting your sensitive bud. Your back arched as the sensations ran through your body, hands gripping the sheets below you tightly that they practically wrinkled. Harry moaned against your clit, making you buck your hips into his face. 
“Fuck, Harry…” you dragged out, throwing your head back into the pillows. 
For a few minutes, Harry continued devouring your taste, not stopping until you came all over his mouth and you were completely shocked by his will to not stop until you’ve had your orgasm from his tongue. 
He replaced his tongue with his fingers, slowly entering your wet hole as he fingered you. You moaned louder; the tips of his fingers curling up to meet the softness of your upper walls. His unoccupied thumb rubbed your clit in slow circles, something that he noticed you really liked based on your hips thrusting upwards and your hand gripping his hair harder that it felt like you were going to rip out his locks. 
“So pretty, love. So wet for me.” The simplicity of his words had made you feel the familiar bubble in your lower stomach, and you wanted to release it so bad. 
“Harry, I’m gonna…cum,” you groaned out, biting your lips. 
He continued his pace on your clit, but added a tad bit more pressure, causing you to jolt a little. His fingers that were inside of you repeatedly brushed your g-spot, making you close your legs, but Harry pried them open, encouraging you to release. 
“C’mon, baby. Want you—need you to cum for me. Can you do that? Can you give me what I want?” 
“Mhm,” you nodded, mouth ajar as your voice was hitched in your throat. A few more thrust and rubs from his fingers, and you hit your high, releasing around his long fingers as he slowed his movements, riding out your orgasm while praising you for your peak. 
“That’s it. There you go.” One of his hands rubbed your stomach, calming you down while the other hand gently played and cupped your pussy as you unconsciously and slightly thrusted your hips into his hand. 
Once you had relaxed, you opened your eyes; Harry was kissing up your body before he kissed your lips so sweetly. 
“Hmm, you’re so good at that.” He smiled, kissing your neck as he started to rut his hips on your thigh. You felt his hard on through his pants, and you knew that wasn’t comfortable whatsoever. 
“Can I touch you?” You asked. He pulled his head from your neck, facing you as he was about to say it was completely fine if you didn’t, but you spoke up first. “That can’t be comfortable, and I wanna touch you—if you’d let me.” You were looking at him with innocent eyes, even though he knew what you were about to do was going against anything innocent. Plus, the way you were looking at him only made him more aroused.
“Course, let me just get out of these.” He got off the bed, but stayed closed; he was about to unbutton his shirt, but you stopped him quickly, replacing his hands with yours. Harry dropped his arms to his side once your lips were attached to his neck, giving him a small hickey on the underside of his jaw. The feel of just your lips on his skin made him bite his lips as a chill ran through him. You sat on your knees and started unbuttoning his white shirt, and with every button you undid, you gave him a kiss to every bit of his skin that was left exposed until you reached the hem of his pants. 
You looked up at him on all fours, and he watched you press another kiss to his tattooed torso. “Mind if I take these off?” You toyed with the hem of his pants. 
“No, please, don’t mind at all.” You smiled, looking back at his bulge, which outlined through the fabric of his pants. You palmed him, making him hiss through his teeth. He hadn’t felt another person’s touch in so long, so your lips and touch felt overwhelming in the best way. 
You unbuttoned his pants, which he was fast to get out of, leaving him in his black briefs. You positioned yourself to lay flat on your stomach, thankful that Harry’s bed was the perfect height to where you don’t have to strain your neck to suck on him. Kissing down his happy trail, you left a prominent love bite in between his tattooed leaves that were so perfectly inked on his lower abdomen. You then kissed his hard length through his briefs, making Harry breathe heavily. He’s never felt so teased in his life, but you were making it all worth it because nobody had ever made him feel so aroused. 
Finally, your fingers gripped the hem of his briefs and tugged them down so his cock could departure from the strained material. He was big, and you knew that from when he was driving to his place earlier as his cock was pushing against his pants, making you excited and eager. But seeing it right in front of you made you salivate. 
“Holy shit, you’re so big.” All he did was smirk at your words, knowing that fact quite clearly. You grabbed a hold of him as you held his dick upwards before you licked the underside from base to tip. Harry breathed in through his nose once he felt the smallest bit of contact from your mouth. 
Your mouth began to work on his tip, sucking and licking up the precum that had spilled out of his tip before you started to take more and more of him in your mouth. It was Harry’s turn to fill the room with his raspy and deep moan, and the noise he was making was triggering your arousal. Harry had a full view of your mouth on him as well as a great view of your entire backside, not missing the way he noticed how you started to subtly move your hips into the sheets. 
As you sucked on him, taking him further into your mouth, Harry dragged his fingers from your shoulders, down your spine, and to your ass that was out in the open with no shame whatsoever. His hands kneaded your flesh before slapping on cheek, which made you moan around him. 
“Like that?” He went back to his standing position, leaning back a tad bit to get a good look at you. “Tell me, do you like that?” You looked up at him, making direct eye contact with him as your cheeks hollowed and you sucked hard around him before letting out a ‘mhm.’ Your mouth was working wonders on him while your hand was fondling and playing with his balls, making him throw his head back and accidentally bucking his hips up into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat. “Fuck, sorry, baby.” He moved your hair to check up on you, but all you did was place your hands on his ass and pulled him towards you until your nose touched his pubic bone. Harry let out a throaty moan, and your hands pushed and pulled his lower body until he understood what you were doing. 
So, he took control, holding your head steady before he slowly started to thrust into your mouth; the tip of his cock brushed against the back of your throat. There was a string of spit that was dangling from your mouth and connecting to his balls—a sight so filthy but helped him get right on the edge. 
“I’m gonna cum. Love your mouth so much. So beautiful for me, so perfect.” Harry’s hips began to jerk sloppily, indicating that he was close. With just a few more thrusts into your perfect mouth, he spilled down your throat as he stopped thrusting, keeping you halfway on him. A series of curses and your name came from his lips as he shut his eyes. You took every drop that he offered, trying to swallow every bit of content as best as you could, but some of it had spilled out of your mouth due to how much he overfilled your mouth with his cum. 
Harry seemed to be in the middle of calming down from his intense orgasm, so you took the time to clean up. Pulling back, you wiped your mouth and licked your fingers as well as cleaning his cock with your mouth. What you didn’t notice was that Harry was watching you the entire time; he lowered his head, neck straining from looking up too much, and saw you eagerly cleaning and licking every last drop that had fallen from your pretty lips. The sight was enough to make him hard again if he wasn’t too spent. 
He collapsed on his bed next to you, his head was next to your ass, to which he pressed a small kiss to your hip in gratitude. You moved to lay your head on his stomach, looking at him and giving him a small smile. 
“Come here. What are you looking at me like that for?” He reached out for you, and you moved again, resting your elbow next to his head before giving him a kiss. The kiss didn’t deepen any further, just molding your lips with one another as he tasted himself on your tongue. 
“Nothing. You seemed to have enjoyed yourself.” 
“Very much did, thank you. Did you? You could be honest with me.” 
You giggled. “Honestly…I had a really great time. You made me feel really good. The best I’ve felt in a really long time,” you told him honestly, and Harry smiled at that. 
“Do you want to stay the night? I’m always in a cuddly mood after anything sexual—well, I’m always in a cuddly mood, period.” You laughed, nodding your head before kissing his cheek. 
“I’d love to. Can I use your restroom, and do you have a spare toothbrush?” 
Harry nodded, getting off the bed before leading you to his bathroom where he gave you a toothbrush and some of his face wash. He left you to do your business and told you that he would have a change of clothes. 
Once you were done, you walked out of his bathroom, still naked, and was met with Harry in a pair of gray briefs and a change of his clothes in his hands, handing them to you. He gave you a kiss to your forehead before going off to the bathroom and leaving you to change. 
You replayed the evening in your mind over and over again as you changed—you really enjoyed his company and him as a person. Harry was a more than nice guy, who seemed to like you for whatever reason, and you liked him too. Maybe a bit too much, and you felt like you liked him more than you projected—dare, you say that you were falling in love. But you couldn’t let yourself feel that way; you were beating yourself up for it. In all honesty, you were scared, so you had a habit of not portraying the entirety of your feelings out on the table so people could perceive it. 
Your mind was racing with so many thoughts in your head, repeating and spitting out every insecurity that your previous ‘friends’ had told you in the past—calling you a slut and how you couldn’t keep anyone around because they both ended up cheating on you. Your head was telling you Harry would do the same, and as hard as you were trying to deny that because Harry was the kindest person you’ve ever met, it was all you could hear. You couldn’t do this, no, you couldn’t feel like this, you thought. You felt like you needed to protect yourself before you were in too deep. 
Without even knowing, you were frantically grabbing your clothes and shoes that were all thrown across Harry’s floor. Your heart was racing, mind telling you to ‘leave’ and that ‘nobody is going to love you,’ so that’s what you were doing, leaving. 
You made it out of his bedroom, so close to the front door until you realized you had forgotten your purse. Turning around to go back, you were met with Harry leaning against the frame of the hallway entry, holding your purse in his hands. 
“Not planning on saying goodbye?” His voice sounded defeated, the complete opposite as to what it was prior. He looked down at his feet, not even able to make eye contact with you when he was always keen on making direct eye contact when talking to someone, but seeing you walk out his bedroom door when you were supposed to be waiting for him in his bed to cuddle was heartbreaking. 
“That’s all it was to you, I’m guessing? You know you could’ve said no to staying the night, I would’ve understood. But to say yes after we’ve been intimate, and getting my hopes up? I-I thought you liked me, that’s all, and I’m stupid for falling for it,” he ended with a scoff. He felt extremely vulnerable; he laid his feelings out on the table, let you see his body, and it seemed like you just picked and chose your cards straight from the deck to only have Harry fold. 
“No, that’s not it-”
“Then please tell me what it is before I drive myself into the wall thinking what I’ve done wrong!” He raised his voice—not too loud where it startled you, but enough to where he simply let out his frustrations. 
“I like you, Harry, I do. But we can’t be together.” You didn’t know how to put it into words, so that was the best you could come up with. 
“And why’s that?” He furrowed his brows, walking towards you, but keeping a safe distance. “Give me a good reason why, and I’ll let you go—I’ll leave you alone. We’ll simply be coworkers who don’t talk to each other. I’ll-”
“I’m scared, okay! I’m scared because I cannot fall in love with you, even though I’m already in too deep. I’ve done it once and i-it hurt me.” You were on the verge of bawling, maintaining your emotions. “I-I cannot feel this way so soon—fresh out of a relationship…I’ve only known you for, what? A month? We barely even know each other, Harry-”
“See, now, that’s where you’re wrong. You think I don’t know you, but I bet that you know I know you quite well. Probably more than all of your bitchy friends back home who you’ve known for years.” You stayed silent, not knowing how to respond, but he was right, he did know you better than anyone you knew back in SF. “If I didn’t know you then I wouldn’t know that your favorite thing to eat while you were growing up was chocolate croissants. Your favorite color often switches every few days, but some of them are, and specifically: maroon, evergreen, mustard yellow, burnt orange, and beige. You love watching kids cooking competitions in your free time and often root for the one who is doing miserably and knows who won’t make it to the next round. You’re learning how to bake, which is what you said that you’ve always wanted to learn out to make proper pastries, and based on what you bring to work for us to try, you’re on the right path to being a baker.” 
“I’m…” you were at a loss for words, tears lining your eyes. All of the questions and playful conversation you and Harry had during work had come around in his words; it showed that Harry really listened, and when he did, he didn’t forget every detail you’ve told him. Your heart felt like it was in your stomach, making your stomach flutter in giddiness and shock. 
“I could go on, honestly, but it would be an entire list of things that I’ve remembered about you.” Harry softly smiled down at his feet. “All I’m saying is this: I like to think I know the basics of you, and I still have a lot to learn about you. But don’t run away from me, please. If you want to and you don’t want anything to do with me, that’s fine, but I can’t let you walk out without trying not to stop you.” He sighed, completely putting himself out there as he was practically begging you to stay. “I really like you, Y/N, I mean it. I don’t care if we’ve only known each other for a month. I don’t care that you just got out of a relationship. I mean if you’re still in love with him or have a bit of interest in him still, then that’s different-”
“I don’t,” you interrupted, shaking your head no. It was the truth; you hadn’t felt love for your ex in a really long time, and you simply stayed with him and kept forgiving him just because it was comfortable. 
“It’s just…I don’t want people to think I’m some kind of person who moves on from relationships so quickly. I-I mean, I didn’t come here just to find myself in another relationship, y’know?” Your tone was concerning, like all of your worries were piling up into one big stack that made your head hurt from thinking too much. 
“No one’s gonna think that—I don’t think that. Besides, it isn’t any of their business.” Harry walked even closer to you, inches away as his hands grazed your upper arms. “Let me ask you something, does this feel right? Being with me?” You nodded with no hesitation. “Say it,” he instructed, wanting to hear the words come out of your mouth. 
“This feels right.” 
Harry smiled at you comfortingly. “Okay, then let it be right.” 
“I’m scared,” you admitted, looking down. He lifted your chin up with the soft touch of his fingertips, goosebumps littered your skin with just his simple touch. 
“Me too, but I’m doing surprisingly well at hiding it. We’ll go slow, okay? No pressure into labeling; let’s just go with the flow, alright?” He suggested, and you softly muttered an ‘okay,’ reaching up to wrap your arms around his shoulders, giving him a warm and grateful hug. 
“I’m so sorry-” you said into his shoulder, but he quickly cut you off. 
“No need to be sorry, I understand.” His understanding makes you even more soft as you hugged him tighter; a few tears slipped your eyes, streaming down Harry’s shoulder. 
After a moment, the two of you pulled away, feeling so much relief from the hug and conversation. 
“Is your offer on staying the night still up?” You asked hesitantly.
He smiled. “Yeah, it always is. C’mon.” He took you by the hand, leading you to his room and into his bed—not for the actions of pleasure, but for a nice and comforting cuddle. 
You situated yourself on his chest, comfortably trailing your fingers up and down his skin as his arm was wrapped around your shoulder. 
Lifting your head up to meet his face, he smiled at you before you gave him a sweet kiss to his lips. It didn’t lead to anything, it didn’t even deepen; just the feel of his soft, pink lips on yours was enough to make you feel bliss. 
You pulled away. “Slow?” Harry chuckled, nodding his head. 
Your face warmed up as you smiled, cheeks aching; you positioned yourself back onto his chest for the night, taking up all of his space on the bed when your side was completely empty as you held him close. Even though you’ve only known him for a month, you felt yourself falling; because ultimately, it felt right. 
Tumblr media
please come into my inbox and tell me your thoughts, feelings, and favorite moments! thank you for reading <3
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0oolookitsme · 2 months ago
The Gender Revealers
Genre- Blurb
Pairing- LOT!HarryStyles x Actress/Singer!Reader 
Word Count- 789
Warnings- gender revealing, teasing (the audience), 
A/n- pretend we got the last season of ‘Arrow’ this September. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
“No you’re not seeing blind. I’m not the Y/n version of James Corden but indeed Y/n Y/l/n” you say as soon as the words ‘action’ reach your ears and while you take James’ seat. 
Muttering a thank you for all the cheers, wolf whistles and claps you dramatically say “Damn so this is how you feel sitting here James?” while also sitting with your legs apart on purpose, for what the old grandmas will say ‘sit like a girl’.  
“Well well well, let’s get to the part we are here for, the entertainment can wait....right?” you say, squinting and expecting some cheers but getting a howl of ‘no-s’ instead. “It can” you puff, shuffling some papers on the table and rotating the chair slightly to your right side so that the audience would be able to see the person who’s being interviewed and so will you.
“Please welcome, OLIVER QUE- no wait ARROW?- WHO IS IT?!?” you say, knowing exactly who it is but still putting on an act and playing dumb. “Welcome Stephen Amell you guys” the actor said, nodding in disapproval playfully, clearly trying to hold his laugh.
“uhh yeah, please welcome your archer” you say, making everyone laugh out loud, including James whose watching with his whistling wife from the side. “So Oliver, tell us a bit about Arrow”. Opening his mouth to speak he shut it when you completed the sentence, looking at the camera with open mouth. 
“You did not just do that” he said, laughing along with the audience. “I did” you say, grinning widely at everyone’s reaction. 
In continuation you say, “Everyone! as you all know, Arrow is an American Television Drama Series concluding all the mind blowing actors who are gonna join us one-by-one”.
- fast forwards to where it’s time to close the show-
“Thank you everyone for joining us tonight! It was great to have you and your whistles over here!” you say, announcing the closing of show with arms wide open and a wide smile and receiving laughs and whistles again.
“Be saf- hold on ...HOLD ON! OH MY GOD!!! WE HAVE A SOON TO BE MUMMY OVER HERE!!!!” you yell, forgetting that you’re mic-ed and reaching towards the lady with the palm of your hand covering your mouth. The lady’s eyes lit up with stars in her eyes and shed down tears of joy. “I was starting to think you didn’t notice!” she exclaimed, trying her best to not let the snot out of her small nose and hugged you. 
“I did notice you! look you’re so healthy! carrying a beautiful baby!!” you say, over joyed by meeting an pregnant lady who wanted to meet you. The one person who came to your mind at the moment was Harry, he probably wouldn’t stop talking..
“I- I wanted you to do our baby’s gender reveal please” she requested, holding you by your shoulders and you swear to god it was just your body standing there, your soul was crying on it’s knees in front of the woman. “Wait really? Sure!!” you say and the lady handed you a piece of paper from her husband -whom you greeted- to you.
“Everyone please get your arses back on your seats for a few minutes!” you say, going back to your desk and everyone was already down -some laughing-, having heard your conversation with the lady through your mic.
“We... well I am doing an gender reveal for the lovely couple, first of all, congratulations you both” you look over and see the lady blowing flying kisses to you while the man smiled. “Sooo-” you start to open the folded paper, dead silence floating in the air which was broken by your small sniffle. 
“Okay 3.......2......1..... shhhhhh” you say, building up the climax, everyone whining and chuckling while you very slowly decide to break it. “ “inside the womb, there’s a .....are two babies...AN INDENTICAL PAIR OF GIRL TWINS!!!!”. The whole room broke into immensely loud cheers, whistle, claps and even tears. A tear or two slid down your cheek and you dramatically say “ What am I supposed to do now? Move on?? HOW?!” making every one laugh and hugging the couple once more before running back stage.
Coming towards you, James laughed and said “you both are literally the gender revealers” to which you look at him, confused. “both?” you ask, hugging his wife and him along side. “You will need to see the part somewhere and go call Harry! He called me to talk to you but the show was quite extended due to the reveal” he said again, nudging you and making you run to the dressing room while cursing “fuck fuck fuck” in excitement to learn about the show you missed today and to talk to him.
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greenorangevioletgrass · 3 months ago
Tom and Harrison fulfilling reader's first DP fantasy that she wouldn't admit to sober, but revealed while they were drunk and playing some drinking game like never have I ever, or truth or dare, that sort of thing, and she doesn't remember what she said, until they later offer to act out her fantasy?
notes: ok so this turned out different let me know if you want the actual smut! lol
warnings: friends to lovers, language, drinking, dirty talk, mention of smut, a lot of batner
The dawn is breaking and it is much too late to still be drinking (even most of your friends are already passed out in their rooms). But you're still sitting by the pool, knee-deep in water as you clutch your liquor glass. Tom's head is on your lap, drawing ripples as he talks about nothing with Harrison-- who's laying on a sun lounger on your other side.
"I can take you any day, bro," Tom declares, his brown eyes obscured from his Dior sunglasses.
"Fuck off! I'm still bigger than you," Harrison retorts.
You chortle as the innuendo is not lost on you-- although it is on them, apparently.
"Yeah, well, I'm faster. A lot faster. And I'm used to hanging upside down--"
"We're never gonna fight upside down, though!"
"I'm just saying!"
"I can take both of you," you cut them both off.
There's a pregnant pause as they both look at you and then at each other, and then...
"What the fuck are you on about, Y/N?" Harrison grins.
"I mean, not in a fighting way, of course. But, you know..." you purse your lips and finish your (what seems to be your twentieth) drink, "in a more fun and sexy way."
Tom promptly sits up and takes off his shades for a better look at you. "Wait, for real?"
"You guys run around with your abs and your borderline homoerotic banters and all that... of course it's crossed my mind. Multiple times."
"You're wasted," Harrison accuses.
"I'm not."
"Like hell you aren't!" he shoots up and sits next to you with a slight stumble. Then he puts the back of his hand on your forehead.
"I'm not feverish either, fuck off." you brush his hand away.
"So you're telling me... you have thought about taking both of us in a 'more fun and sexy way.'" Harrison searches your eyes as if he'd find a definitive answer there.
He doesn't have to. You would take this to your grave, but after so many drinks in, your inhibitions are simply nonexistent. And in the end, you just... shrug.
It's not like they're gonna remember it anyway.
"And what does this more... fun and sexy way entail?" Tom props his chin up with his arm.
You stare at the bottom of your empty glass. "Mm. I want to have you both inside me-- at the same time."
There's a distinct shift in the air between the three of you, but Tom's gaze on you doesn't waver. Not in the slightest. Instead, he asks for more information. "What do you imagine?"
"I'm picturing... riding Harrison's cock while you fuck me in the ass," you whisper so only the three of you in that intimately close proximity could hear.
And by God, you're so close. Harrison's hand lightly touches the small of your back, and you swear you can feel the heat of Tom's flushing cheek. You're so close, so close to his lips and you simply had to lean in and--
"Fucking hell. You guys are still drinking?" Harry pops up from the terrace door, linen shirt unbuttoned all the way down from when he passed out on the couch. "Whatever. I'm going to bed."
Just as soon as he shows up, Harry saunters off to one of the doors, sleepy and sluggish from his shitfaced stupor. A very brief-- very real interruption that sends your awareness higher than your boldness.
And just like that, you withdraw from the pull.
"We should go to bed, too, you guys..." you begin to get up, a difficult enough task with your heavy head and featherlight limbs.
Harrison catches you, wrapping his arm around your waist as he guides you to your bedroom. Meanwhile, Tom opens the door and tucks you in. If this is how attentive they are just because, you wonder how much more... thorough they are in bed.
Harrison chuckles, and you're not sure if it's from your overall wobbliness or the possibility of you saying that out loud. "We'll pick this up when we're all sober, yeah?" he smooths your hair out of your face.
"Looking forward to hear more, Y/N." Tom winks, and the last thing you see before you fall asleep is those two boys smirking at you in equal parts fondness and curiosity.
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harrywritingsbyme · 11 months ago
Feel It
Based Off Of This Ask
And This One 
This One Too
A/N: Hehe...size and pain(I got a lil carried away with this one teehee) kink and daddy!harry😌prepare to be h worddd!! It’s a tiny bit cute too, but in a hot way for sure...the best way I can really describe this one is by saying that it’s filthy. Enjoy🙃
You wanted to feel it; like really feel it. You wanted to feel all of Harry’s cock pushing all the way up into your stomach over and over again as he fucked into you. Whenever you had him in your hand or in your mouth, your mind always drifted to how good he’d fill you between your legs. The way you stuffed your mouth and throat with his massive cock was the way you wanted him to stuff your cunt. It’s just that he was so big, almost too big if you had to be completely honest. You were barely able to completely wrap your hand around his shaft. Not to mention the fact that he was beyond blessed when it came to his length. You could confidently bet a good amount of money that when you saw him for the first time, your jaw dropped to the ground and your eyes fell out of their sockets from how big he was. But even though this is the case, even though Harry has an intimidating monster in his pants, you are still very determined to take all of him inside. 
You weren’t completely sure if you had an underlying pain kink that you were beginning to uncover, but you were completely obsessed with the idea of Harry stretching you out. Like whenever you thought about the sting that came from Harry stretching your walls to accommodate his cock, a warmth would flood your body and you’d feel a tingling sensation forming between your legs. But if you were to sit down and really think about it, you having a pain kink wouldn’t be that much of a revelation. You were constantly daydreaming and actual dreaming about Harry not showing you any mercy and just ramming all of his big cock deep inside of you while you cried about how big he was and how hard he was going. You were constantly looking for him to choke you too. You could care less about whether or not it was a hand tightly wrapped around your throat or him forcing his cock down your throat causing you to claw at his thighs and gag until he finally pulls you up by your hair to let you get a couple breaths before forcing you back down to take him again, all you cared about was him taking that type of control over you and making you struggle a bit. You were also obsessed with Harry spanking you. You couldn’t get enough of him taking you over his knee when you were being bratty, you loved it when he delivered little slaps to your inner thighs to keep them open when he had his head between them, and you also loved it when he delivered those slaps to your cheeks. They weren’t too hard but they were hard enough to leave behind a bit of a sting. 
And to make it fully sink in that did in fact have a pain kink, you were also in love with Harry degrading you a bit. Now you weren’t completely sure on whether this fell into the “pain kink” category, but you decided to put it there anyways. See, you only let Harry go but so far with it because even though you were dying for Harry to really give it to you and practically give your insides a beating, you were still soft and sensitive on the inside. So to get the best of both worlds so to speak, Harry sat you on his lap and the two of you came up with a list of names that Harry could call you. And from that point on, the the names on that list were on constant rotation. He’d always use them patronizingly you whenever you were crying about how full you felt (even though he was only a little over half way inside), when you were begging him to let you cum, and when you were begging for his cock. He’d be so smug and condescending with it all on top of doing everything else you absolutely loved! Whenever the two of you went at it in any capacity, you were always on the verge of exploding. 
So to simply say that you had a pain kink would be an absolute understatement. But going back to wanting to “feel it”, you were going to have and feel all of Harry’s cock inside of your cunt no matter what. Even if it meant being a little bratty to do it. 
After almost two hours of lying in bed with Harry watching a movie on Netflix that ended up being a bit of a let down, you were bored. And the only thing you could think of that would quench your thirst for excitement and fun was sex. Luckily for you though, Harry was always on board for some impromptu and hot sex. So that’s what the two of you decided to spend the rest of the night doing. It all started with a simple make-out with the two of you practically dry humping each other in bed through whatever clothes you had on. This little make-out session of yours was filled with a lot of laughs (together, the two of you were too playful for your own good),  a lot of touching (obviously), and a lot of tongue (obviously again). Now while this make-out did last a hot minuet, it did escalate to something spicer pretty quick. Before long and after a lot of dry humping and a countless amount of sloppy tongue filled kisses, you and Harry moved into the second stage of your night in bed together. This stage included the both of you completely naked, Harry lying on the bed, and you lying on top of him with your body going in the opposite direction, giving the both of you access to the area between each other’s legs. This was definitely one of you guys’ favorite positions. You got to have your mouth on Harry while being pleasured with his and Harry got to have his mouth on you while you pleasured him with yours. It was a win win situation through and through and the two of you absolutely loved it. Harry had his arms wrapped tightly around you right at the swell of your backside to keep you in place as he skillfully licked into you. His face was nestled between your thighs as he continuously devoured your pussy. And while he did this, your mouth never left his cock. Aside from catching your breath after you took all of him into your mouth and throat, your mouth was always on him. You suckled the thick head of his cock, you licked up and tugged at his shaft,  and you bobbed your head up and down on him. Harry even helped you out a little at times and either unwrapped one of his arms from around you to bring his hand down to the back of your head so that he could force his cock down your throat or closed his thighs around your head when you see-throated him so that you’d be forced to keep his cock in your throat for a little longer. You also rolled his warm and pretty heavy balls around in your hand as you mouthed at his cock. And during this entire time, the both of you could feel the vibrations from your moans resonating throughout our bodies which only caused you two to moan even more and fall right over the edge and into your first releases of the night, letting go right in each others mouths. 
And once you and Harry fully regain the feeling in your bodies after the seismic releases you two had, it was time for the third and final (and funnest) stage of your night together. After giving one another the green light  that you both were ready for the next round, you roll yourself from on top of him and you move to straddle his lap, placing yourself right on top of his cock to which Harry is quick to flip you both over so that he’s on top and in control. As soon as he’s on top of you, Harry smears his lips against yours for a messy kiss as he slightly ruts his cock against your leg, and as one of his hands begin to travel down your body. You felt his hand squeezing at one of your breasts and pinching your hardened nipple before traveling further down your body. Before he brings his hand between your legs, he flattens his palm against your lower stomach and applies a bit of pressure there, causing you to let out a muffled yelp and causing Harry to let out a muffled chuckle from how sensitive your still were. After applying a bit more pressure to your lower stomach and ticking you a bit while you squirm helplessly below him, Harry finally brings his hand down to where you wanted him the most. As soon as his hand slides down your cunt and just cups you, your body goes limp against the bed and you relax into his touch, still lazily moving your mouth against his. 
“Ready for m’cock baby?” He mumbles against your mouth, giving your pussy a couple of light slaps.
“So ready!” You whine against him, rutting your hips up a little against his hand.
“Good girl.” He chuckles, giving a final tap to your still buzzing clit, before moving his hand from your cunt to his cock to line himself up with your entrance. Controlling his cock with his hand, he does a once over of your pussy, dragging himself up between your folds and to your clit, and back down to your entrance. He then begins to slowly sink into your plush and tender walls. As he does, your hands go straight to his biceps where you dig your nails into his skin.
“Oh my g- so big!” You pant, as he pushes halfway into you. Just taking half of him gave you the sting you loved so much, and made you feel so good and incredibly full. But you wanted more. You just knew that you’d feel even fuller and better if you had all of him inside of you at once. Plus you knew for a fact that Harry would definitely enjoy having his entire cock engulfed by your pussy. All you had to do was convince him to go deeper. 
Once the both of you calm down a bit, Harry begins thrusting into you, delivering shallow yet powerful thrusts into your cunt as the two of you moan loudly into each others mouths. As he continues to thrust into you though, your thoughts were stuck on him going deeper into you and filling you to the brim. You no longer wanted it, you were now in need of and desperate for it. 
“Deeper, Harry, I want your cock in all the way inside me.” You whine through your moans, slightly pulling away from his mouth in the process. 
"Baby I don't want to hurt you..." He whispers back to you, afterwards reconnecting his lips with yours. Now you would’ve melted into his embrace and continued on enjoying the pleasure he was giving you with his cock; if you hadn’t heard this same exact line all of the other times you’d asked him to go deeper. You loved that he didn’t want to hurt you in this way and you were so lucky to have a caring boyfriend like Harry. But you were a bit over being treated like glass in this aspect, you wanted it rough and deep. This is the time where you had to get a little bratty in order to get what you wanted. And the one thing that would definitely do the trick of flipping the soft and sweet side of Harry off, is his narcissistic side. Especially when you were the one poking and prodding at him and his abilities in the bedroom that he never fell short of defending. So as he continues on thrusting into you, you bring both of your hands up to cup his cheeks before pushing his mouth from yours and locking your eyes with his. When you do this, Harry’s thrusts come to a halt and his full attention is on you as you say the one sentence that changes the atmosphere around you both.
"Yeah? How are you gonna hurt me when I can't even feel your cock in me?" You ask, even though you were shaking with each of his thrusts before.  When you say this, you can see Harry’s eyes darken a bit as he takes in what you just said to him. From the outside looking in, there’s an obvious appearance of Harry having all of the power. But in actuality, you had a bit of power yourself. You were able to perfectly piss him off to the point where he could care less about whether or not  he went too deep inside of you. Which was exactly what you wanted. 
“Why didn’t you tell me sooner, baby?” He asks, picking back up with his thrusts and picking up the speed, you can feel his cock beginning to push in deeper than he’d ever been.
“More…please, right there!” You’re a whining mess under his skillful strokes, continuing to push deeper into you.
“Oh, can you feel me now, baby?” He asks condescendingly, playing into the little game you tried with him. 
“Mhm” You hum pitifully. 
“You sure about that?” He asks. “Gotta get it all the way in my baby, gotta feel it in there.” He pants, pressing down into your stomach while you go back to clawing at his biceps as your mouth just hangs open. Neither of you could believe how deep inside of you he was. You could feel him nudging at the put of your stomach with each and every thrust. Harry on the other hand could not only feel what it was like to be nudging at the deepest part of you, but he could also feel where he was inside of you. With every thrust, Harry could feel his cock nudge at his hand that was on your lower stomach. The both of you were losing your minds from this. “That’s it, only the best cock for my baby.” He’s grunts, continuing to deliver the deepest thrusts he’s ever given you.
“Harder Daddy.” You manage through a whisper. You may have been losing your mind a tiny bit more than Harry. But you were asking for something, making your wishes known. Which meant that Harry had to oblige. 
And that’s certainly what he did. 
From that moment on, Harry had one goal: fuck you, mainly your pussy, sore. And Harry went above and beyond in accomplishing this goal. He was consistent with having a tight grip on your throat as he pounded down into you. He roughly flipped and pushed you into so many positions that your body would definitely be sore in the morning. And most importantly, he mercilessly pounded into you. All you could do was scream from how good it felt to be fully manhandled by him. Your pain kink was definitely being fulfilled. It became so much for you that you were screaming for him to stop. But Harry just ignored all of those cries and kept on fucking you however he wanted. See, the two of you had a little thing going where stop didn’t actually mean stop. The safe word you and Harry came up with meant stop and unless it’s used by either one of you, there would be no stopping whatsoever. And of course, you and Harry had a serious conversation beforehand that solidified you guys’ limits and what was best for the both of you so that this added layer to your sex life could be fully explored and enjoyed. Harry was definitely enjoying it this time. 
“Aww, does it hurt my little slut? Am I too big and for you?” He coos patronizingly after flipping you over so that you’re lying on your back below him again, never once letting up on his rough and deep thrusts.
“Yes daddy!” You cry as little tears streaming down your face from how intense everything was for you. Your legs were quivering as he relentlessly and deliciously pounded into you over and over again. Even though you were beginning to feel a dull throbbing sensation between your legs, the pleasure Harry was giving you was through the roof and you were soaking all of it up. 
“Well that's not my problem now, is it? Just wait until I shove my cock into that cute little ass of yours.” He chuckles cynically as he begins to feel the rumblings of his release forming in the pit of his stomach. As he continued on thrusting, the rumbles got louder and louder, causing his thrusts to become staggered. But to keep going and giving it all to you, Harry began to grind into you, keeping his sore hips tight against you so that his cock would be fully lodged between your walls. You were already extremely close to the edge, but what pushed you right to and almost over was the feeling of the curly hairs surrounding his cock rubbing up against your now beyond buzzing clit as he grinded himself against you. The feeling only made you try to tighten your legs up but Harry was quick to stop you in his tracks. “Keep those legs doll, I'm not done with you just yet.”
“M’gonna cum!” You pathetically whimper out to him, realizing that you weren’t going to be able to hold it in. 
“You're taking me whole and you still manage to look all pretty for me.” He praises, taking in your completely fucked out face qne body, your tearstained cheeks, your just about limp body, and your cute little cries. Now he really wasn’t going to be able to last any longer. “Just let daddy do all the work for his dumb little pup. Daddy’s gonna make his favorite little set of holes cum.” He reassures before wrapping a hand around your throat and going back to delivering power filled blows into you one by one, catapulting you both right off the edge together and into your releases. Not to his surprise, as he floods your stomach and walls with his thick cum, you squirt heavily all over him, getting Harry even more wet with your juices. 
Once you two were all done cumming and squirting, Harry pulls his cock out of your used pussy. Before falling back onto the bed next to you, Harry leans down and gathers some of his saliva in his mouth before spitting it down into yours. He does this a couple more times, each time lauging a bit from your eagerness for more. He then releases your throat and gives your cheeks a couple of small slaps before falling onto the bed next to you. 
“That was fun.” Harry hums happily beside you, relaxing in the fact that this was just the beginning. 
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The three days off— A Love on Tour ♡ Extra
A/N: The Love on Tour masterlist reached 600 notes last night and I'm also magically at 400 followers. I really can't believe it. Thanks so much for the support you're giving to this story<3 To celebrate, here's a special little treat for you! Much love -Vee
Tumblr media
Story Masterlist // 675 words // Ask me anything
“Stop taking pictures of me while I’m naked” I tell Harry. My bare back is to him and a flimsy white sheet is the only thing covering my bum. I’m currently laying over my stomach in bed, while reading an old used copy of Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own I found in a tiny bookstore while exploring the streets of downtown Nashville.
We’ve been locked up in his hotel room for the last three days, isolated from the world and lost in each other, talking for hours about anything and everything and exploring each other’s bodies.
“I promise they’re all very artsy” He tells me and he moves his body so he’s hovering over me, one leg on each side of my waist, his weight in his knees so as not to crush me. He angles his film camera right over my head and I hear him click the shutter a couple of times. I roll my eyes and continue with my reading.
Our routine these last couple of days has been very simple consisting of both of us waking up around ten and having lazy morning sex and then heading to the hotel gym together for a workout, Harry being his usual cheeky self while I try to stretch. We go back to the room, shower together, which usually ends in a quick shower fuck. We order food, eat on the couch, then we watch a movie together, which I always pick because I have the best taste in movies and Harry only wants to watch The Notebook every time. We then take a walk separately, as I’m still slightly nervous about being spotted by fans. Harry texts me all the while saying we need to get back to the hotel ASAP because he already misses me too much and I just roll my eyes but smile, secretly loving his neediness. When we get back to the hotel, we have dinner, then sex again and repeat.
Today is our last day off and I’m feeling especially lazy, planning on sleeping as much as I can because we have a lot of back to back shows coming in the next few weeks and that will be exhausting. Harry on the other hand, seems to be feeling pretty energetic and he’s been bouncing around the room trying to entertain himself. He has now decided to play photographer, so he pulled out his vintage camera from his bag and is actively taking photos of me while I just ignore him and continue reading.
He is still straddling my back and I feel him place his camera aside and lean in. He starts pressing soft kisses to my neck and bare back and I smile though he can’t see me.
“I can’t concentrate on my reading if you do that” I tell him.
“I can’t concentrate on anything if you're laying on my bed naked” He replies and I chuckle.
I close my book and set it aside, turning myself around underneath him so I’m facing him and he’s straddling my waist, pelvis on pelvis, though he is still supporting himself on his knees not wanting to put all his weight on me.
“You’re insatiable” I say and he gives me a smug smirk.
“Can you blame me? You’re fucking hot” He says and I laugh at his very sincere compliment. He leans in and we connect our lips.
“So are you gonna fuck or me what?” I say when we break apart and Harry smiles devilishly. I always let him get away with it.
“Your wish is my command, my muse” He says and rips the sheet off my lower body. In one swift movement he pushes himself down the bed and spreads my legs. His tongue meets my core and I can only moan and grip the white sheets tightly with one hand while I wrap the other one around Harry’s head, running my fingers through his curls.
Here we go again.
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