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#i was all for him until he said he’s glad he couldn’t
blckwidowbucky · 2 years ago
sun-kissed | peter parker
Tumblr media
Request: Could you write something where Peter and reader go to the beach for the first time and they’re kinda friends and he’s crushing on her hard, and seeing her in a bikini in Italy is absolutely driving him mad, but he’s his awkward shy self 😂 but reader catches on and later they’re alone and they start making out and she finds out he’s a virgin and it’s all just soft and cute and a lil smutty??(;
this is so soft i love it. also, our boi Peter and the reader are both over eighteen and in college in this aight?
Warnings: fluff, SMUT, fluffy smut y’know? oral (m receiving)  18+ ONLY
Disclaimer: i don’t own Peter Parker or Spider-Man, if i did i’d have a lot more dollars than i have now. i also don’t own the gif. i don’t own much, really.
A/N: so this was supposed to be posted last night but i was writing it and it was just so *chefs kiss* and i got about 3/4 of the way through and it all. got. deleted. so i got frustrated and went to bed. and then i re-wrote it and it’s not as *chefs kiss* as my original but w h a t e v e r. i still like it :) also i feel like i might have gotten a bit carried away whoops
send me your requests for Peter Parker or Tom Holland blurbs, headcanons, or just general concepts y’all wanna talk about. i will write fluff, angst, smut, we do it all, here. (unless it makes me uncomfy oop)
Word Count: 4k (like i said, i got a lil carried away)
You and Peter thought of each other as friends. You wouldn’t say you were extremely close, but you hung around the same people so it was quite often that you found yourselves hanging out on campus with your friends on the weekends and bumping into each other at parties.
Ever since he first met you at the beginning of the fall semester, Peter had always thought you were beautiful. Everything from your eyes to your laugh. He quickly developed a bit of a crush on you and it’s been that way ever since.
You were a fun-loving and adventurous person, so when one of your mutual friends brought up the idea of a bunch of you going to Italy for spring break, you were all for it, immediately saying yes. Peter, on the other hand, was a bit hesitant. He was worried that Spider-Man might be needed back in New York, or that May might miss him since she only saw him during breaks from school. 
Although May insisted that she would be fine and that Peter needed a break from all the “superhero” stuff, Peter still wasn’t sold on the idea, until you talked him into it. 
“Come on, Pete. It’ll be fun. The drinking age there is eighteen so we can have all the fun we want, no questions asked. Plus, the beaches are beautiful this time of year.” 
The idea of being in Italy, an admittedly romantic country, with you, was all he needed to convince him. And boy was he glad he decided to go.
Three days into the trip and everybody was on cloud nine. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and Italy was absolutely beautiful. There was something about being so far from home and far from the stress of school and regular life that made everybody just feel so much lighter.
Peter loved seeing you in this environment. Your hair let loose and wild, your skin sun-kissed and practically glowing. Laughing constantly and running around without a care in the world. Feeling so free. Somehow it made you even more beautiful. He wasn’t a big fan of seeing all of these Italian guys fawn over you but, he couldn’t blame them and who was he to be upset? It wasn’t like the two of you were together. Still, he couldn’t help but scowl when they would shower you with attention on the nights you went out.
That evening, after a day of walking around and exploring, you all decided to have a few drinks and go to the beach. Peter didn’t really think about how he would react when seeing you in a bathing suit, but he definitely wasn’t prepared for it when you pulled your sundress over your head, revealing the blue bikini you were wearing. Peter had to force himself not to stare.
Sure, he’d seen you in tight dresses and short skirts, but he’d never seen you this exposed. The slowly setting sun casting a beautiful light on your skin. Beautiful. Was all he could think.
“Come on, Peter!” You yelled, snapping him out of his thoughts.
“What?” He honestly had no idea what you were talking about.
“We’re all in our suits. Take it off, Pete!” You said, referring to his shirt. Everybody jokingly yelled at him to remove his shirt and he just laughed as he obliged, slipping his shirt over his head.
“Jesus. Where did those come from?” You asked.
“Huh?” Peter furrowed his brows.
“She means your abs, Parker.” Peter’s roommate yelled. He shrugged.
“I work out.” 
“Well,” You said, standing up from your beach towel. “It’s definitely paying off.” You wiggled your eyebrows at him before sauntering toward the water with a few of your friends.
Peter sat at his towel for a while, talking with the guys, but mostly watching you run around at the shoreline and splash around in the water. Laughing with your friends and just feeling free.
Peter swallowed hard as he watched you emerge from the water and walk toward him. Your wet hair cascading over your shoulders causing water droplets to fall down your body.
“Come on, Peter.” You said, grabbing his left hand and trying to pull him upward, proving very difficult because of how strong he was.
“No, I don’t- I don’t swim, much.” He tried to make excuses. The truth is, he didn’t want to be in such close proximity to you while you were wet and in a bikini, as it might cause an awkward situation for him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll give you mouth to mouth if you start to drown.” You wiggled your eyebrows at him. He felt himself get flustered and finally gave in, pulling himself up to stand, causing you to fall into him.
You noticed Peter’s breath hitch as your warm, wet skin came into contact with his. You felt breathless as well and you both stood there for a moment, neither one of you looking away. 
You’d always found Peter to be very attractive, but there was something about him the past few days that made you crave him. Wonder what it was like to kiss him, to be held by him.
You snapped out of it, turning around and grabbing his hand pulling him toward the water.
“Come on!” 
After another half an hour at the beach, you all decided to go shower and grab dinner and some drinks at a place not too far from your hotel. 
On the walk back to the hotel everybody was feeling warm and fuzzy after the drinks you all had, not enough to get you drunk, but enough to feel buzzed. As you walked along the streets, you felt yourself gravitating toward Peter. You were walking so close to him that your hands kept brushing against each other. It was such an innocent form of contact, but it made your stomach do flips. Something about Peter made you feel so smitten.
When you all finally reached the hotel and made it to the floor you were all staying on your friends all said their goodbyes for the night, feeling tired after the events of the day. 
Just as Peter was making his way down the hall to his own room, you stopped him.
“Hey, Peter?” You called. He turned around, just as he made it to his door.
“Do you have any after-sun? I ran out.” You lied. The truth was, you just wanted to spend some more time with Peter. 
“Yeah, uh- do you wanna come in?” He asked, gesturing to his door.  You nodded eagerly, maybe a bit too eagerly. 
“Sure.” You said, following him into his room. You let the door close behind you as he rummaged through his suitcase. You giggled.
“We’ve been here for three days and you haven’t even unpacked?” 
“I never unpack, I kinda just live out of my suitcase.” He chuckled as he produced a bottle of after-sun cream from his bag and walked it over to you. As you took it from him, you let your fingertips linger on his hand for a moment before finally grabbing the bottle from him. His skin flushed and you suppressed a smirk.
“Thanks.” You said before walking over to his mirror and applying the after-sun to your face which it turns out, actually did need the cream considering you’d spent all day in the sun. When you finished you turned around to see Peter sitting on the bed, staring right back at you. You admired his appearance. His curls that fell messily over his head thanks to the salty seawater, his shirt that fit so snug you could see the outlines of his biceps underneath it. He looked so beautiful. There wasn’t any other way to describe it.
“You need some, too.” You said quietly. 
“What?” He furrowed his eyebrows at you.
“Your nose and your cheeks are a bit burnt.” You said, gesturing to your own face as you explained. You came over and sat next to him on the bed, pouring some after-sun into your hand and rubbing them together, warming it up. “Here.” You said as you began to apply the cream to his face, using your thumbs to smooth it in underneath his eyes. You let your hands drop from his face. “There you go.” You said quietly. Neither of you made any motion to move away from each other. The two of you sitting there, looking into each other’s eyes, almost daring the other person to move first.
“Y/N?” He said, finally breaking the silence.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked, barely a whisper. You nodded quickly.
“Please.” He brought his lips to yours, soft and wanting. Your eyes fluttered shut as your lips moved in sync with each other. You sighed into the kiss as you felt Peter’s hand come up to cup your cheek. You put a hand on his chest and he pulled back, his eyes searching yours for something. Trying to convey all of his thoughts with one look. You seemed to understand and you nodded.
He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you on top of him so that you were straddling him. You let out a squeak at the sudden movement.
“Seriously, how did you get so strong?” He just grinned as you brought your hands up to play with the curls at the nape of his neck.
“Let’s just say I have a very specific workout schedule.” You just laughed and shook your head before bringing your lips back to his. Peter swiped his tongue over your bottom lip and you parted them, allowing his tongue to slip into your mouth.
You don’t know how long you sat there just making out with him, but it was absolute heaven. You’d had sex before, a few times actually and they were all good experiences but, there was just something about being here with Peter. In Italy, in his room, in his lap, kissing him softly, feeling so connected to him. 
After a while, you felt his cock grow hard underneath you. You smirked into the kiss as you ground down on his cock, eliciting a low groan from Peter, making you grind down even more. 
“Wait,” Peter said, pulling away from the kiss, his cheeks flushed and his pupils blown wide.
“Is everything okay?” You asked, furrowing your brow in concern.
“Yeah. Everything’s, fuck. Yeah, everything’s good.” He stammered out breathlessly. “It’s just, I- I’ve never-“
“Oh.” You said, genuinely shocked at this. How could he possibly be a virgin? He was so sweet and kind and caring and, look at him. 
“I’ve done some stuff, mostly just making out and stuff but I've never- you know.”
“We can stop if you want.” You said, not wanting to push Peter too far.
“No!” He said quickly, making you smile a bit. “No, I want this. I just wanted you to know.” He explained.
“Are you sure?” You asked him. You wanted to make sure that he really wanted this. He nodded.
“Yeah, I’m sure. Fuck. Never been so sure of anything in my life.” He said as he pulled your face back to his, kissing you hungrily. You moaned as he slipped his tongue into your mouth again. You felt his fingers toying with the hem of your dress, so pulled away and lightly pushed him back so he was lying back on the bed. 
You reached down and pulled your dress up over your head before reaching back and unclasping your bra, tossing it to the floor and revealing your breasts. Peter’s breath got caught in his throat and he couldn’t help but stare. Your cheeks flushed under his gaze and you leaned back down to kiss him again. 
You pulled away, moving your lips down his jaw and to his neck. You left a trail of light kisses down to his collarbone where you began sucking at his skin, leaving a small red mark. He groaned and ran his hands up your back, his fingertips just barely touching you, sending shivers down your spine. You let out a breathy moan into his neck.
“This okay?” He asked and you nodded.
“Please.” You whispered and that was all he needed. He flipped you over, causing you to giggle. He stepped away from you to pull his shirt up over his head as you crawled back up the bed to let your head rest on the pillows. He took a moment to just look at you. The way your hair framed your face as you laid there in just your underwear. As you laid there for him. 
He crawled back over you, leaning down and kissing your neck softly, his left hand coming to rest at your waist as he sucked on the skin just below your ear.
“Peter?” He pulled away and looked at you, your eyes becoming heavy as pleasure took over your body. 
“Touch me.” Peter groaned and kissed you hungrily as he brought his left hand up to your breast, kneading it softly, causing you to let out a high pitched, breathy moan that only encouraged him further. He brought his mouth down to your other breast and began to suck on your nipple, making you arch your back as he pinched your other nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Fuck, Peter.” He smiled against your skin as you continued to moan so beautifully for him.
Your eyes fluttered shut as you felt his hand travel down your torso to the waistband of your panties.
“Tell me if it feels good?” He asked, and you nodded, your eyes still closed, waiting for him to bring his hand where you wanted it most. He dipped his fingers into your panties and ran them through your wet folds, causing your hips to buck up. Peter continued to rub your heat. 
“You can fuck, you can put your f-fingers in-“ You stammered out, finding it hard to speak as he touched you. He listened to your words and slipped his middle finger into your aching core. You arched your back again and let out a loud moan, much louder than you intended. Peter brought his mouth to yours again, most likely in an effort to keep you from alerting your friends in the room next to you what was going on. “More.” You moaned into his mouth and he obliged, sticking another finger into you, pumping them in and out of you. A string of profanities fell from your lips and you found yourself saying “Faster.” Causing him to fuck his fingers into you faster as you felt your orgasm coming on.
The coil in your belly wound tighter and tighter as Peter brought you closer to the edge. Your eyes flew open as you felt his thumb rub against your clit in circles. “Jesus.” 
“That feel good?” He brought his mouth down to your nipple again, sucking and biting lightly at it.
“Feels so good.” Was all you could say as he brought you right to the edge. “I’m gonna-“ You said as his fingers found your g-spot over and over.
“Really?” He asked, looking down at you in genuine amazement. You were underneath him, a writhing, moaning mess all because of him. He couldn’t help but smirk.
“Oh my god. Just like that.” You moaned loudly as the coil inside you snapped and your orgasm rippled through your body, bucking your hips up. Peter slowly stopped pumping his fingers in and out of you and pulled them out, watching as you came down from your high.
Your eyes blinked open in a post-orgasm haze, and Peter just sat there for a moment, looking you over. Loving how your eyes were clouded and blissed out. How your hair was now slightly messy. How your chest rose and fell while you caught your breath. Just how beautiful you are. He reached down and laced his fingers with yours.
“You’re so beautiful.” He whispered before leaning down and capturing your lips in a soft kiss. 
“Peter,” You murmured against his lips.
“Mhm?” He hummed.
“You’re wearing too many clothes.” You said as you placed your hand on his chest and gently pushed him away, moving to allow him to lay down. Once he was situated, you unzipped his black jeans and pulled them, along with his briefs, down his legs. He kicked them off and you discarded them to the floor. When you looked back at him you noticed just how beautiful he was like this. His chest, neck, and face all flushed and slightly sweaty.
“What?” He asked when you sat back on your heels and just looked at him for a moment.
“You’re beautiful.” You smiled before leaning over him and kissing him, slipping your hand in between the two of you and grabbing his achingly hard cock, eliciting a long, low moan from him. He slipped his tongue into your mouth, continuing to breathe heavily into the kiss as you stroked him slowly. 
You brought your hand up to your mouth and spit a little in your hand, Peter groaning at the sight, before bringing it back down and continuing to pump his cock.  
You began crawling down his body, bringing yourself closer to his member, your mouth so close Peter gasped at the feeling of your breath against him.
“Has anyone ever-“ You trailed off, still lazily stroking him. He shook his head.
“My old girlfriend would jerk me off and stuff, but never this.” You nodded.
“Can I-“
“Yes. Fuck, yeah. Please” he practically whined. You leaned forward and licked up the underside of his cock, reaching the tip and taking it into your mouth. Peter practically choked out a moan at the feeling. Your hand was one thing, but feeling your mouth on him was something completely new. 
You hollowed your cheeks, bobbing up and down. Peter’s eyes screwed shut as you took him further into your mouth. He swore he saw stars as he felt the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat. He couldn’t help but buck his hips up, causing you to gag a bit on his length. You pulled off of him to catch your breath, tears welling up in your eyes as you continued to stroke him.
“Shit, I’m sorry.” He tried to sit up. You shook your head and smiled.
“It’s fine.” You say licking his tip, before bobbing up and down on his length again. 
“Fuck.” He let his head fall back against the pillows once more. You took him all the way down to the base, your nose pressed against his stomach. You held yourself there for a moment, breathing slowly through your nose and using your tongue to massage the underside of his cock. “I’m not gonna, fuck,  not gonna last if you keep that up.” You took that as your cue to pull off of him, crawling up his body. He brought you in for another kiss before flipping the two of you over. He kissed down your neck before gasping slightly. 
“Fuck.” He pulled away from you, his eyes wide with panic.
“What’s wrong?” Shit. He doesn’t want to do this anymore, does he?
“I don’t have any condoms.” He breathed out, worried that just like that the night would be over. You shook your head.
“It’s okay. Just, let me know when you’re gonna come, Okay?” He nodded, leaning in to kiss you before you grabbed his length and guided it into your center, your breath hitched and Peter swore he momentarily stopped breathing as he felt your heat wrap around him. He screwed his eyes shut and his head dipped into the crook of your neck. “You okay?” You brought your hand up to his head and intertwined your fingers in his hair.
“Yeah just- give me a second. You’re so- god, it feels so good.” He mumbled into your neck. He lightly sucked on the skin of your collarbone before finally slowly pulling out and pushing back in. You let out a long moan as he began to fuck you at a steady pace. He kissed you slowly and gently and you feel like you’re on cloud nine. It’s so loving and sweet, but you need more.
“Peter.” You breathe out. “Faster.” He wastes no time snapping his hips at a faster pace, bringing his hand up to cup your face, so soft and gentle, a complete contrast to his rough thrusts into you. 
“Fuck.” He mumbled against your lips as you slipped your hand between the two of you, rubbing your clit. “No.” He said, moving your hand away and bring his own fingers to your clit, rubbing fast circles causing you to gasp at the added pleasure. You felt yourself being brought closer to the edge for the second time that night. 
“Peter, I’m gonna come.” You moan, it’s barely audible but Peter heard you and quickened his pace, desperate to bring you to the edge again.
“Come on, baby. Come for me.” He grunts into your ear. The sound of Peter’s dirty words in your ear was all you needed to send you over the edge. “Oh-“ You breath out before arching your back and feeling your second orgasm wash over you in waves of pleasure. Watching you give in to the feeling drove Peter closer to the edge and he screwed his eyes shut. “Fuck, Y/N. I’m gonna come.” He said, stopping his thrusts. 
You reached down and slipped his cock out of you before pushing him off of you so he was laying on his back once more. You crawled down his body and brought your mouth to his length, sucking on the tip as you slowly pumped his cock, bringing toward his release.
“Oh fuck.” He grunted and threw his head back as he came in your mouth. You stroked him through his orgasm and his hips bucked involuntarily. You finally pulled off, sitting up as you swallowed. You wiped your slick mouth and looked at him. His eyes still shut and his hands in his hair as he came down from his high. He looked so blissed out and beautiful. You wanted to see him like this forever. He finally opened his eyes and held his hand out for you.
“C’mere.” He said, his voice low and raspy. You grabbed his hand and he gently pulled you toward him, bringing his lips to yours in a soft and slow kiss. You pulled away and collapsed on the bed next to him. He pulled you into him and you rested your head and right hand on his sweaty chest, the two of you falling into a comfortable, blissful silence. 
When you first met Peter, you probably wouldn't have predicted that you would sleep with him, let alone take his virginity. Your heart swelled with pride at the fact that he trusted you so much to let his first time be with you. And boy was it amazing. It was hot and passionate and he was so caring, pleasing you in all the right ways. 
“Thank you.” You whispered. He chuckled and looked down at you.
“Shouldn’t I be the one thanking you?” You looked up at him and shrugged.
“It was just really nice.” You gave him a hazy smile, still on cloud nine.
"I did okay?" He asked and you chuckled. 
"You did more than okay, Peter." You patted his chest as you fell into silence once more.
“I’m glad it was you.” He said, breaking the silence and intertwining his fingers with yours.
“My first time. I’m glad it was with you.” You beamed at him. He brought your lips to yours one last time before you stood up from the bed.
“Where are you going?” He asked, wondering if you might be leaving.
“Bathroom.” You said, making your way across the room. 
“Y/N?” You turned around to look at him. “When we get back home, do you maybe wanna go, I don’t know, maybe go on a date with me?” He stammered out nervously. 
“What a romantic time to ask.” You said, gesturing to the bathroom. His face flushed at your remark. “You really think I would say no?” You smirked.
“I just, I didn’t know if this was a one-time thing or-“ You chuckled, making your way back to the bed and leaning down to give him a short and sweet kiss. 
“I’d love nothing more.” You whispered.
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tlakhtwritesdestiel · 8 months ago
Dean would never have considered it before. Would never even have allowed his mind to stray in that direction (or at least that's what he'll say if anyone asks), but now, exhausted and covered in black goo and so damn relieved Cas is back – human and just as filthy as Dean – he does.
He asks if Cas would mind sharing the shower room.
Cas has a towel slung over his arm and is on his way there already, but he stops and tilts his head when Dean asks. Maybe he simply finds it puzzling, or maybe he's trying to work out the exact level of filth needed for Dean Winchester to get naked around someone who's not a woman. All he says, however, with that earnest look in his eyes, is, "Of course."
"Cool." Dean nods, once. "You go ahead, I'll go get a towel."
When he returns with the towel and enters the shower room, Cas is already standing underneath the spray. He's facing the wall, water running down his back and over the curve of his ass, clinging to his legs in rivulets that coalesce at his feet and disappear down the drain. It's the first time Dean has seen him like this, no trench coat or suit or bees covering him up, and he'd be lying if he said he didn't notice that Cas's body is a masterpiece, thick and strong like it's carved out of marble, but… that acknowledgement is secondary to the other thing he's feeling. The thing he hasn't put into words yet, except in his mind. 
Dean feels strangely reverent when his stained clothes are finally lying in a heap on the floor and he's walking up to Cas. Undressed, bared. Stripped of everything but himself.
Cas looks at Dean quizzically when he steps into the shower immediately adjacent to his and turns on the water. Dean flushes hot and it's wholly unrelated to water temperature, but he lets Cas look. Reaches for the bodywash between them and begins cleaning Empty off his skin. He's never been more happy to see something disappear down the drain.
It's only when he's washed every last black smudge off his skin and Cas has stopped looking that Dean dares look back, sees the spot of black that remains on the side of Cas's neck. "Hey. You've got some more Empty on you."
Cas looks down himself questioningly, but Dean doesn't indicate where it is. Instead, he steps out of the spray, closer to Cas.
"Here, let me." He can't remember when he last spoke to Cas in a voice this soft, but he thinks maybe he should have all along. His hand reaches up to Cas's neck, but his eyes are caught by Cas's gaze, searching, curious. Fingers reach warm skin, and he sways closer while he rubs against the black substance with his thumb.
"Dean," Cas murmurs into the humid space between them. His hand comes up to cautiously cover Dean's. "What is this?"
Dean comes closer still, until he and Cas are sharing a shower and their foreheads are mere inches away from touching. "I’m cleaning the last bit of Empty off you." There's water running down both their faces, but Dean doesn't care. "I just… I want it gone." He can see all too well in his mind the Empty enveloping Cas, taking him away. He’d kill that damn thing a thousand times if he could.
"I don't know how to read this situation," Cas admits, and Dean can't blame him. He hasn't let him know how he feels yet, and here they are, naked together in a shower, and Cas still thinks – he thinks Dean doesn't –
"Read it however you like," Dean says. "Read it as… as that thing you want. The thing you said you couldn't – I didn't misunderstand, did I? What you want, it's –"
"You. It’s always been you," Cas breathes, as unafraid to speak the truth now as he was in the moments before the Empty took him. Dean's glad, because it makes it easier to say what he's about to say next.
"Then you were wrong about one thing." He finally allows his forehead to rest against Cas's. "I'm sorry I made you think it wasn’t a possibility, but if you really do want me…" He resists the instinct to ask why the hell Cas would want to be with him. He's not going to question his worth anymore, or his capacity to love and be loved – not after everything Cas told him. Not when his heart is damn near brimming over with love for the angel-turned-human in front of him. "Cas, you've got me. I'm yours."
Cas’s soft intake of breath is barely audible over the sound of the water, but Dean hears it anyway, and then hands are tugging on skin and they fall into a wet embrace.
As many times as Dean has imagined them naked and flush against each other, this is not how he thought it would go. But this, it’s… better. It’s perfect. “I love you,” he murmurs into the crook of Cas’s neck, and Cas shivers. “I love you,” he whispers once more against Cas’s jaw – and then a final, third time against his lips before Cas claims Dean’s in a kiss.
Dean hardly manages to catch his breath with the water running down their faces, but he can’t bring himself to care. He’ll happily drown in Cas.
Hands trail over skin while they kiss, down, down, until they find hardening flesh. It’s rapturous and blissful and euphoric, and when they finally call out each other’s names, Dean feels well and truly cleansed of the Empty. In fact, he thinks he’ll probably never feel empty again.
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scarofthewind · 11 months ago
Picture Perfect (MHA Boys) *NSFW*
A/N: I have a lot of requests to do and yet I still like to write my own ideas! I will be answering requests all day today so be on the lookout! A side note: I don’t answer every request that comes in. Some I don’t understand or just don’t feel like writing and since mostly all of you are anon’s, I can’t reply back or ask you about it. Anyways, Hope you enjoy!
Prompt: You send them a revealing photo/ their reactions Warnings: NSFW, R18+ Characters: Most of class 1A and then some extras. As I’ve said; for NSFW, the boys are all aged up to 18+
Aoyama Yuga: He’s back at home for Christmas vacation when he receives the first sexual picture you’d ever sent him. He could feel his pants tighten slightly as he stared at the photo, loving the way the lingerie hugs your body and how much skin it showing. Excusing himself from the dinner table with a blush on his face, he makes his way to the bathroom where he proceeds to text you a long paragraph on what he would do to you in that moment. “You look so beautiful my love.” He couldn’t wait to see you again. 
Bakugo Katsuki: He’s in the middle of working out with his group of friends when he hears his phone buzz. As soon as he opens the text, he grabs all his things and makes up an excuse as to why he’s leaving. He’d call you on the way over to your place, “Don’t fucking touch yourself until I get there. Unless you want to be punished like last time.” His voice held an excitement that went straight to your core and you waited patiently for him to bust through the door. 
Iida Tenya: As soon as he looks at the message, he’s off to a private area. His business meeting went well except for the fact that his phone was buzzing like crazy and it was the very graphic and detailed pictures and messages you were sending him. His fingers typed back as fast as they could as his glasses fogged up from the heat exiting his body, “Please refrain from sending me these while I’m at work.” You smiled to yourself as you knew it got to him. He typed again, “But you do look very beautiful and I’ll be home in ten, please wait for me.” 
Kaminari Denki: For once he actually pauses the game he’s playing to answer your text and he’s glad he did. He nearly breaks his phone as a surge or electricity goes through him as his eyes look over your nude photo. Denki is typing when you text something and he pauses to see what it was. A video; you sent him a video with you moaning out his name so sweetly and your fingers touching yourself. He wouldn’t make it to your place with how hard he was so he face timed you, “You’re that wet for me already?”
Kirishima Eijiro: He was finishing some paperwork in his office room when you texted him from the bedroom. You can hear his phone go off and a loud bang, followed by a rustle of papers and his bounding footsteps as he runs to the bedroom. When he makes it to the doorway, he stops and takes in your figure with hungry eyes. He lifts his phone and chuckles, “You sure know how to distract me.” You just smile in response and he pounces.
Midoriya Izuku: All Might knew from the second his apprentice had looked at his phone and turned the darkest shade of red, what was happening. Deku looked to the man who waved him off for the day and watched as the boy ran away. Deku called you with a frantic voice, “I’m on my way, I’m going to take care of you I promise.” The image of your bare body was permanently burned in his eyelids. 
Ojiro Mashirao: It was a calm day until you had interrupted his reading time by sending him the filthiest picture and text. He practically threw his book across the room in surprise and he immediately face timed you. “Are you trying to kill me? Why couldn’t you have just said you wanted me?” He felt his cock harden between his legs as you explained just how much you needed him.
Sero Hanta: It had been five minutes since you’d sent the first picture. Sero nearly popped a tent in public as he was on watch for villains a couple of blocks away from your home. He couldn’t leave his station until someone told him he could but the urge was all too surreal. When his phone went off and he saw that it was a video, he didn’t even watch it but called you instead, “I am at work, do you mind? I know what you want and trust me, the minute I can leave here I’m heading over.”
Shoji Mezo: He had never seen something so beautiful in his life and within seconds was sporting a raging hard on while trying to finish his reports for the week. His eyes couldn’t look away from the image and he waited until you sent another one to pull his pants down and send some back along with a dirty text, “Is this what you want?” Oh yes, it certainly was what you wanted.  
Todoroki Shoto: He was stuck at a ‘family’ function and he had never wanted to see you so bad in his life. As though you’d read his mind, he received the dirtiest photo and text from you he’d ever seen. A deep blush formed on his face and he excused himself to the bathroom. Locking the door behind him, he called you and let his pants fall to the floor, your moans from the other end making his cock harden effortlessly. “That’s it baby, keep saying my name like that. God I want you so bad.” Let’s just say he finished quicker than he wanted to that day.
Tokoyami Fumikage: Every feather on his head ruffled when he opened the text in the middle of the grocery store. He didn’t even think twice as he left the buggy behind and went home as fast as he could. You laughed when you saw his expression as he flew through the door, “Dark Shadow was right, you’re dirtier than I thought.” Your eyes widened as the both of them came towards you. “Don’t ever show this to anyone else, understand?” Of course you both knew you wouldn’t but for a moment you thought you might’ve made a mistake by that nude as they gave you more than what you wanted.
Shinso Hitoshi: You teased him after he called you a couple of seconds after you sent him the photo that made him hornier than he thought possible. He left the breakroom and went outside to talk to you. “Keep it up and you’ll see what happens when I get home.” His voice sent shivers down your spine. “Oh, and (Y/N)?” His voice deepened and you felt yourself start to grow wetter by the second, “Don’t touch your slutty pussy until I say so, okay?” He heard you mumble a response and he chuckled, he really loved his quirk sometimes. 
Inasa Yoarashi: You pouted seeing that the messages had been read but Inasa hadn’t responded. It had been about ten minutes and you were worried he didn’t like them. Your body ached for his touches that you loved so much and you almost started to get yourself off when your phone went off and a message appeared on your screen followed by a picture of his fully hardened cock. “You miss my dick, Princess? Come get it.” You grabbed some clothes and your keys and left without a second to spare. 
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dathen · 8 months ago
I’m not the first to say it, but I love how TMA 186 portrayed this “other self.”  It wasn’t an evil twin or Jekyll n’ Hyde or “I’m all your bad thoughts” shoulder devil.  Other Martin had a brutal honesty about himself and his own feelings in areas that Martin represses or rationalizes.  Some of the things he said were comforting, others were jarring or terrifying, but it was a brilliant way to explore the internality of a character who endlessly buries his own feelings.  You got both “you’re blaming yourself for not killing Jonah” and “you’re framing it as shameful ‘chickening out’ because guilt is more comfortable than uncertainty and helplessness.’”  You got both “you’re enjoying being separated from Jon for a moment” and “new romance is hard enough to adjust to on its own, let alone being forced to spend 24/7 around another person, let alone during an apocalypse.”  It wasn’t pure toxicity but it wasn’t pure comfort.
And man, the discussion itself hit on so many things we’ve been guessing that Martin felt, but were only guessing.  I’m so glad his guilt over not killing Jonah was addressed!  I’m so glad we’re hearing from him how the apocalypse adds unfair strain to a relationship!  I’m glad we still have more proof than ever that Martin never was an “I love Jon so ignore all his faults” kind of person!  
...And as much as it fills me with dread, I love hearing him force himself to think past his own oversimplified solutions and fantasies.  He knows that killing Jonah isn’t going to be the fix-all, but is afraid to let go of that fantasy because of the threat of despair and inaction.  But then that brutally honest side of himself reminds him: are you going to trust yourself to make the right decision on the spot, if you refuse to think about it until then?  
But Other Martin isn’t some sort of sage or spirit guide.  He’s still limited to Martin’s perspective and Martin’s views of himself.  That’s one of the reasons why I don’t fully trust the ending as a Set Resolution that Martin’s making.  Even as he hammers out some of his own cognitive dissonance, he ignores other parts of it--is it fair to ask Jon to kill him, if he couldn’t do the same for Jon?--and leans into the guilt and self-destruction that Other Martin called him out on.  But this was a resolution that Martin came to in what is likely his darkest moment the whole season: in the heart of his domain, immediately after hearing the suffering of those he feels responsible for.  I think this episode caught us up to exactly where Martin is mentally, but while it did show some growth, I think its purpose was also to set him up for the growth he still needs to have.
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breakingisabella · 2 years ago
From the bottom of my gay heart can you even imagine rosella version of when Bella got cornered by those creeps in port angeles
a silver car screeched into view and i dived out in front of it
so desperate to get away from the group of men that i didn’t care if it hit me
it stopped inches from me and i stumbled the extra few steps to lean on the bonnet
the driver’s side door opened immediately and i was shocked to see rosalie hale get out, her face a mask of anger and her jaw clenched tight
she was at my side in only a moment, her hand gently on my elbow
“are you hurt?” she asked lowly, her eyes trained on the men
“no.” i whispered
not physically
“get in the car, bella.” she ordered softly
she didn’t need to tell me twice
i started towards the passenger side door but glanced back to check on her
to my horror she was walking towards the men
“rosalie! don’t!” i cried out, knowing full-well what they were capable of
she ignored me and dutifully, knowing i couldn’t stop her, i got into the car and pulled the door shut behind me
i watched anxiously through the tinted windscreen
the men brayed at her, whistling
they had found a bigger prize
in a way, i could almost understand it
rosalie was the most beautiful person i had ever seen and she was driving the men crazy
my gut clenched as i saw her smile flirtatiously at them, as though inviting them to take a closer look
the leader did as she commanded but when he reached out to touch her, faster than lightning, rosalie had clutched his arm in her grasp and bent it backwards
even from inside of the car i heard the sharp crack as his bone shattered
i didn’t know how she had done it, the strength it would have taken would have been inhuman
but at this point, there wasn’t much that didn’t amaze me about rosalie
the other men quaked in her presence and started to move away from her, leaving their friend on the ground
rosalie stared them down until they had all left before giving the one on the floor one last sharp kick to the ribs
clearly she knew that he was the orchestrator of the planned attack on me
she returned to the car and pulled away, driving far too fast
we were both quiet for a few minutes, my breathing not yet fully slowed
“i shouldn’t have done that.” she said finally, breaking our silence. “carlisle will be very disappointed.”
“rosalie, you saved my life. with all due respect to your father, i’m very glad that you did that.”
“i would have kept you safe regardless,” she promised. “i didn’t have to hurt him.”
“he would have hurt me.” i said confidently, though the thought made my blood run cold
“i know. i guess that’s why i couldn’t stop myself. he’s lucky it only went that far.”
“how much further could it have gone?” i asked, a small hysterical giggle escaping from my lips. “i doubt he’ll ever use his arm again.”
“it could have been worse.” she replied simply. “trust me, bella.”
“i do. i trust you, rosalie.”
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hvnlydmn · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, miya atsumu, miya osamu, sakusa kiyoomi
a/n — !!!texts are marked ## i had a few requests for this one but they are so lost in my asks i couldn’t find them <//3
Tumblr media
☾ BOKUTO you were both in the grocery store when he’d told you he was going to go pick up some meat, he even gives you a little forehead kiss before he leaves- but you give him a few minutes before you text him #kou, where are you? there’s a guy here and he won’t leave me alone# you swear you hear his gasp from the other side of the store before he rounds the corner literally 10 seconds later, except his arms are full of so much meat and he’s yelling “BABY! I FOUND YOU, MY BEAUTIFUL S/O!” he’s puffing out his chest and looking around and ends up leaning down to whisper “pst babe, was he big? where is he?” “he left kou don’t worry!” he’s convinced it’s because he seen your “strong boyfriend with all the meat” and got scared and ran.
☾ IWAIZUMI normally stayed pretty close to you when you both went shopping so you had to basically force him to go get something for you so you could prank him. he pouts as he walks away and you hear him grumble smn but you just pull out your phone a couple seconds later and text him #haji! please come back, this guys being weird# he basically stomps in the isle and his sleeves are already rolled up pls, he looks so mad you can basically feel the dark aura surrounding him, approaches you so quick and pulls you into his chest while wrapping a protective arm around your waist and scanning the area, his voice is basically a growl “hey! are you okay? i’m sorry i left.” “he’s gone now haji” his features softening when they meet yours “yeah that bastards lucky, flirting with my doll.”
☾ ATSUMU had told you he was going to get snacks before he gave you a sloppy kiss to your cheek, chuckling when you groaned before walking away, you gave him a few seconds before pulling out your phone to text him #TSUMU, there’s a weird guy asking for my number, help# literally instantly your phone rings and you can basically hear him sprinting even though he’s seconds away “BABY! TELL EM YER BOYFRIENDS COMIN’ TA KICK HIS ASS!” you can hear him screaming as he rounds the corner before he stops to glare around, walks up to you and smashes his lips against yours in the middle of the supermarket, biting on your bottom lip so you whimper as he pulls away, smirking as he shouts “that’s right ya pig a hope yer watchin’, this is MA ANGEL!”
☾ OSAMU you were looking at vegetables so he’d went to grab a few other things an isle over while you mischievously picked out veg. you give him a few seconds before you text him though #samu!! there’s some guy hitting on me wtf he won’t leave!!!!# it only takes him literally three seconds before his arms surprise you by quickly wrapping around your waist “ya alright angel? that bastard di’nt hurt ya did he?” he’s got a little frown on his face but he looks a little scary because he’s so tense, one of his hands is stroking your arm but his fist is clenched so tight in the other “it’s okay, he left!” “yer not leavin’ ma side for groceries again!” he holds your hand the rest of the trip and keeps glaring at random men because apparently they’re sus.
☾ SAKUSA very rarely left your side when you went grocery shopping, but you left him with the cart while you said you were going to get something in the isle over, he spluttered for a bit because ew people but he eventually gave in but like, why can’t he come? you text him as soon as you got into the isle #theres a man here kiyoomi, he won’t leave me alone!# you’re waiting a few seconds before you see him come round the corner, his hands in his pockets and his usual frown painted on his lips as he scowls at any other random shoppers, almost knocks you over with how hard he leans his body against yours but his arm snakes around your waist “disgusting, are you okay love?” he keeps eyeing everyone until you speak and his eyes meet yours, he becomes so soft like he’s glad you’re okay, even if he had to walk through people to know.
Tumblr media
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softboywriting · 3 years ago
Always Loved You | Werewolf AU | Shawn Mendes
Summary: On your annual camping trip with friends you end up sharing a tent with Shawn. One thing leads to another and the two of you end up sharing your feelings for each other and how they’ve been building for years. [fluff] [werewolf au] [camping]
Word Count: 4k
| Masterlist in Bio |
It’s that time of year, time for you and your friend’s annual camping trip. Most people go camping in the summer when it’s nice and warm out, but not you guys. Your camping trip is at the beginning of November when all the leaves change and the air gets crisp. It's a tradition, something you have all done since high school because it is everyone’s favorite time of year.
The campsite is a long ways from the parking area and it’s surrounded by dozens of trees. The trek in isn’t an easy one, what with having to carry your tote of supplies and a backpack of clothes and personal belongings. The minute you arrive, you can see Shawn and Geoff are the only two already here. Shawn is the one who came out a day early and set up all the tents for everyone. He is such a sweetheart and he absolutely loves the annual camping trip more than anyone else you would say.
“Hey! Big guy! Help me out over here!” you shout, giggling as you struggle to carry your tote the last few feet. Shawn immediately looks up from the wood he’s stacking in the fire pit and grins. He hurries over and takes the heavy tote with ease. “God, have you gotten bigger since I saw you on Friday?” you laugh, looking him over as he walks in front of you. The puffy dark green vest he is wearing makes his chest look huge.
“I don’t think I’ve gotten bigger.” He drops your tote by a big red tent that is definitely not the one you sent him with to set up on Friday. “Is it possible to grow in a day?”
“I dunno, you tell me.”
Shawn laughs and bites his lip, shrugging as he says, “I dunno, but I’m glad you made it. I know you said you might not be able to.”
“Of course I made it. I couldn’t miss out on this.” You spread your arms out and gesture to the campsite. “This however,” you point at the red tent, “this isn’t my tent, big guy.” You kick the stakes holding it into the ground and look around at the other tents in the circle surrounding the fire pit. There are Geoff and Sam’s that is gray, Brian's which is green, Ian and Matt’s which is blue. Aly and Jane’s is black and your white and blue tent is nowhere to be seen. “Did you forget one?” you chuckle, putting your hands on your hips.
“Ah, no,” Shawn licks his lips and ducks his head. He rubs the back of his neck anxiously. “There is a five tent limit per campsite. I didn’t think you’d want to share with Brian or squeeze in with Jane and Aly so I figured we’d share my tent.”
“Your tent huh?” you ask with raised eyebrows and he flushes. Of course he would shack you up with himself. The two of you have a thing for each other. Always have. It is obvious to anyone with eyes that you should be together, but it just never seemed to be the right time. He had a girlfriend for years, you had a series of boyfriends and neither of you were ever single at the same time. Until now. Of course Shawn knew you had been dumped by your latest flame a few months ago, and of course you knew him and Erin decided that it wasn’t that serious between them and broke it off pretty recently.
Shawn pops the lid on your tote and starts unpacking your sleeping bags, placing them into the open tent door and rolling them out. “I hope you don’t mind,” he smiles up at you and you shake your head, biting your lip.
“Oh get a room you two,” Geoff calls from across the campsite. He crosses his arms and rolls his eyes. “If you two don’t hook up and get,” he gestures between the two of you, “whatever this is out of your systems, I’m going to be sick.”
You flip him off and he just laughs, going back to what he was doing before. 
Shawn stands up and steps close to you. He slides his hands over your shoulders and under the straps of your backpack, sliding it down your back and tossing it into the tent. “I’ll keep you warm. You know how I am, I promise you won’t have to worry about the cold temps forecasted for this weekend.”
“Mmm, I definitely remember how warm you are,” you giggle, sliding your hand into the unzipped part of his vest and feeling that warmth radiate off his skin through his undershirt. “How could I forget after I woke up in bed with you on my birthday.”
“You make it sound so scandalous,” he says, voice low, eyes golden and trained on yours. God, you loved those eyes. They are unlike anyone you have ever met, human and werewolf alike.
His lips look so soft and you could just kiss him right there. You don’t though, not sure if he would be ready for something like that. Also, Geoff is literally feet away. He’d never let you live it down if you started making out. “But isn’t it scandalous? You didn’t even have a shirt on.”
Shawn tucks your hair behind your ear, fingers lingering on your neck afterward. “Because you puked on it. You know I just carried you to bed. You’re the one who wouldn’t let go of me.”
“But you stayed, even cuddled me until I passed out.”
Shawn grins big and you can see all of his teeth. Those big wolf fangs so prominent and different than your own smaller human fang teeth. You can't help but picture him biting and nipping all over your body. “I had to make sure you weren’t going to puke again, and you were complaining you were cold,” he chuckles. “Plus, how could I say no to you?”
You bring your hands up and lay them on his chest. He looks down and takes them in his own, his large hands dwarfing yours. “I don’t think you’ve ever said no to me.”
“I don’t think I ever will.”
A loud whistle from across the campsite snaps the two of you out of the moment. Looking over, you can see Aly and Jane arriving, bundled up in matching coats. Ian and Matt are close behind them,  carrying the girl’s gear on top of their own. They always fell for the girls cooing at them about how they were so much stronger because they were werewolves, that they could carry the stuff far easier than two human girls. Every single time they fell for it. Suckers.
Jane waves at you and says, “Oh don’t mind us. We’ve been betting on you two hooking up for years. Pay up boys!” She turns and rubs her hands together, looking at Matt and Ian. They just roll their eyes and dump their stuff by their tent.
“We’re not hooking up!” you protest and duck your head, looking at Shawn who has his eyebrows raised. You turn away from him and he becomes suddenly engrossed in unpacking your backpack for you.
With everyone showing up and getting unpacked and set up for a weekend of outdoor fun, you decide to go on a walk while Sam and Geoff get some dinner started. Dinner with werewolves was not going to be the standard hot dogs on the fire with some chips on the side. No, it is a far more substantial dinner of steaks and potatoes and vegetables that Sam is really good at cooking in foil packs set into the coals while Geoff grills the steaks on a fold-able grate over the pit.
You decide to head down to the shoreline of a lake just past the campgrounds. The trails in the forest are lovely, truly magical and ablaze with the colors of fall. The leaves behind you rustle and you look back to see Shawn jogging to meet up with you. “Hey you,” you smile and elbow him in the side playfully.
“Hey pumpkin,” he teases, plucking at your burnt orange long sleeve shirt you have on under your vest.
“Oh c’mon!” you laugh and he takes your hand, making you blush.
“I like it. It’s a gorgeous color on you.”
You smile and look down at the leaves as you say, “Thanks honey.”
“Honey?” he purrs, pulling you into a hug and you giggle. “Is that my new nickname? It is because I’m thick and sweet? What happened to big guy?”
“Shawn!” you laugh and he laughs with you, the sound reverating through your chest. “You’ll always be big guy.” You rest your head on his chest. “And honey was just a slip of the tongue!”
Shawn dips his head down and kisses the side of your head. “Sure it is. But I’m still thick and sweet and you know it.” You swat at his chest and he laughs, jumping back to avoid your swatting. He grabs your hand and pulls you toward the lake, the two of you laughing the whole way.
After dinner you’re all sitting around the fire, talking about how life has been. Shawn brings out a bag of marshmallows and plops down next to you, holding one out for you to take. You wave him off politely.
“So anyway, this asshole swoops in and takes the girl I’d been chatting up all night. I was pissed as hell so I decided to get back at him by hooking up with his sister and showing up at their Halloween party that weekend with her,” Matt laughs.
“You’re an animal,” Jane says, rolling her eyes at his shenanigans.
“Sure am baby,” Matt growls and bares his teeth before blowing her a kiss. Jane pretends to catch it and throw it on the ground, grinding her boot into the dirt for emphasis.
“How about you?” Ian asks, elbowing your side from his seat beside you. “What’ve you been up to this year?”
“Me?” you laugh, looking around at your expectant friends. “I’ve been just working and stuff. The usual. Nothing too amazing has happened.”
Geoff pulls Sam close and she lays her head on his shoulder. “What about that guy you were dating? What is his name, Jake?”
“Oh, uh, we broke up. It wasn’t working out for-”
“He dumped you,” Shawn says suddenly, looking at his marshmallow in the fire. “Stupid piece of shit.”
You flush and keep talking. “It wasn’t working out for us. He was too busy with his own life to make time for me in the end. But I’m doing fine, I’m happier single right now.” Ian pats your back and you let out a sad little chuckle. “Other than that, I’ve had a good year. I got a promotion at work.”
Everyone lets out a murmur of congrats and Brian breaks up the following awkward silence by suggesting they all talk about the most recent Star Wars movies because everyone is a fan and it always leads to some wild conversations when it is brought up. Ten minutes later everyone is engrossed in debates over Han Solo’s death and Rey’s upcoming story line.
You sit back and watch Matt and Jane scream at each other over a potential return of Boba Fett and Shawn pulls his sixth marshmallow from the fire and pulls it off the stick. You watch him curiously, in awe of how he could ingest that much pure sugar and not be dead. He pulls it from his stick and catches your eye. He holds it out to you and you lean over for him to put the sticky burnt mess into your mouth.
“Oh no,” he laughs and you can see white sticky marshmallow all over his fingers as he moves his hand away. Your lips are covered in it too and you chew the sugary mess while giggling at him because he doesn’t seem to know what to do with his sticky fingers.
“C’mere big guy,” you laugh, taking his hand and licking his fingers. It shocks him silent. You lick and suck the sweetness off quickly and he just stares in awe. Luckily no one is paying the two of you any mind. “Can I have another one?” you ask sweetly, licking your lip and looking at the bag of marshmallows in his lap.
Shawn fumbles with the bag and gets another one speared on his roasting stick. “You can have anything you want,” he laughs and puts it over the flames.
You scoot closer and lean your head on his shoulder. He puts his arm around you and rubs your side. “Do you think we’d make a good couple?” you ask quietly and Shawn looks down at you. “I mean, I know our friends think we would. But maybe all these years we’ve never gotten together because it just isn’t meant to be.”
Shawn kisses the top of your head and offers you to the toasted marshmallow still on the stick. “I think the timing has just been off. I don’t think we are not meant to be.”
“You’re sweet,” you mumble over a mouth of marshmallow goodness. “Why were you so mad about Jake earlier?”
“Because guys like him don’t deserve girls like you. They’re unappreciative jerks.”
“Girls like me?” you giggle and Shawn takes your hand, bringing it up to his lips as he licks off a little of the marshmallow on your fingertips.
“Perfect girls. Sweet girls. Girls who deserve the world over.”
A blush heats your cheeks and you bury your face into his shoulder. He doesn’t say anything else, just keeps your hand in his and the two of you watch the fire as it burns down and your friends move on to other topics.
You and Shawn head to bed, crawling into your respective sleeping bags and bidding each other good night. You were the last to go to bed and Shawn took care of extinguishing the fire while you changed into some sweatpants and a sweatshirt to sleep in. Shawn came in a while after you changed and got on his own warm pajama bottoms and a long sleeve shirt. It isn’t too cold, just a bit chilly as you drift off to sleep.
In the middle of the night you wake up and you’re freezing. Clearly the temperature had dropped in the night and suddenly your sleeping bag is not enough to keep you warm. On top of that, you can hear growling outside your tent and it puts you on edge. Quickly, you roll over and pat what you hope is Shawn’s chest thru his sleeping bag. It’s then you realize the growling is coming not from outside the tent, but from inside. It’s Shawn. He is snoring, no, growling, well it’s both and it is kind of the cutest thing now that you know you aren’t in danger.
Shawn stirs in his sleep and you pat him again. “Wha’ wha’s up?” he groans.
“You’re snore-growling,” you giggle. He shifts around and you can’t see what he’s doing but it sounds like he’s getting closer to you. Soon, his weight is against your side and he is unzipping his sleeping bag. “What’re you doin’ Shawn?”
“You’re cold,” he mumbles, fingers finding your sleeping bag zipper in the dark. He unzips it and you protest the cold air that washes over you. “Shh,” he whispers and then your bag is zipped to his bag and he’s scooting over, wrapping his arm around you and tucking your small frame into his chest like a teddy bear.
“How did you know?” you ask, rubbing your hand up and down his warm arm.
“Could hear you shivering,” he says into your neck and you feel your heart jump into your throat. The closeness is nothing new, you’ve cuddled Shawn before, but it still feels different. Feels more intimate, more loving than ever before. Maybe it's just you. Maybe it is because you crave closeness after your break up.
In minutes Shawn is asleep again. He holds you tight, arm around you and legs tangled up with yours. You try to sleep, nearly get there too, but he starts to growl. It’s soft, innocent little bursts of rumbles that bubble up in his chest. It’s like a snore but much more guttural. It’s not bad, you can deal with it and actually you find that you kind of love it.
It’s when he says your name that your eyes fly open and you stare into the dark tent. Had you heard that for real? Is he seriously dreaming about you? He says it again, this time accompanied by his hand gripping your shirt and pulling you impossibly closer. This goes on for a while, soft growls turning into long rumbling snores followed by your name. After a while you fall asleep and he nestles his face into your hair, quieting down.
Morning comes too quickly. The first trace of dawn lighting up the tent ever so slowly. You’re still in Shawn’s grasp, not having moved throughout the whole night. You rub over his arm, threading your fingers through his and lifting it off of you. You turn over, facing him now and his feet find yours, tangling together as he registers you’re not as close as he’d like. He reaches out, grabbing for you until he gets his arm over your side and pulls you against him once more.
Shawn is beautiful like this. Messy hair, limp curls all over the place, one laying on his forehead making a little S shape. His mouth is open a bit, breath ghosting over your chin and you can see his fangs. You reach up and brush the curl off his forehead and he sniffs, knitting his eyebrows together before saying, “Mmm I love you.”
Your heart stops. Surely he couldn’t mean it. He isn’t even awake. He must be dreaming about someone. “Shawn, it’s morning, wake up,” you whisper softly and he tightens his grip on you, arm coming up and holding your head against his chest.
“I love you,” he says again but this time it’s far more awake sounding. “I’ve loved you for a long time.”
“Shawn,” you try to pull back but he holds you firmly against him.
He yawns big, before burying his face in your hair. “I don’t expect you to say it back. I just thought you should know.”
You wrap your arm around his back and grip his shirt, pressing your face into his shoulder. It isn’t like you don’t love him back. You’ve loved him for years. You just never thought he would ever feel the same, and now here he is, saying it first when you were sure you’d be the one to fuck up and say it someday. A little sob finds its way to your throat and you let it out, trembling against him. He rubs your back and shushes you softly, lips against the top of your head.
“Why are you crying, honey?” he purrs softly and you shake your head into his shirt. “It’s okay, you can tell me. Is it because of what I said?”
“No, well sort of,” you mumble. “I never thought you’d say it. I thought I’d fuck up and say it first.”
Shawn chuckles and you love the way it feels through your body. Like warmth coursing through you. “Say it first? You love me back?” he asks and you nod. “Say it, say you love me.”
“I love you,” you mumble, rubbing your nose against his shirt. “I’ve loved you for a long time.” Shawn releases your hair from his hand and moves back to look at you. You wipe your face and push your hair off your face where it’s stuck with tears. Sniffing loudly, you look down, avoiding looking at him.
Shawn tilts your chin up. “Look at me,” he says softly, “Please?” You look up and he smiles at you. “You’re so beautiful. Did you know that?”
You laugh a little and try to look away but he won’t let you. “Not like this. I’m a mess.”
“Still beautiful,” he whispers, leaning in and pressing his lips to yours. “I’m glad we shared a tent, and I’m glad you were able to make it this weekend.” He kisses you again and this time your hand goes to his face, palm on his warm cheek.
“Was there really a rule about five tents?” you ask as he pulls away for a breath.
His cheeks go scarlet red and he swallows hard. “No, I made that up. I just really wanted you in my tent.”
You laugh and lean in to kiss him again. His lips are soft and you’re sure you could spend hours kissing him. You lick into his mouth lazily, tongue exploring those fangs of his. He tastes like marshmallows and sleep, a strange but addicting combination. A slap against your tent door startles the two of you apart. It’s Geoff, announcing that he is making breakfast and if the two of you were done sleeping or “whatever the hell you’re up to” you are invited to eat.
Shawn threads his fingers with yours and kisses your knuckles softly. “I’m starving, come eat with me?” he asks, gnawing on your knuckles playfully and you nod. “Good, but first I need a snack,” he grins, pulling you on top of him, biting at your neck playfully. You squeal with laughter and you know the whole camp can hear you, but you don’t care. You are finally happy and loved by the person who you have always wanted.
Thank you for reading :) -A
Please reblog if you enjoyed.
*****Note: none of my works should be posted anywhere outside of my linked accounts. I do not give permission to repost with or without credit to my accounts. Please notify me of any reposted fics.*****
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captainrogerss · 3 years ago
Called Out (Part 5)
Summary: Bucky has been crushing on you for a while now, but he refuses to say anything. That is, until he butt-dials you and leaves a voicemail that records a very compromising conversation.
Word Count: 922
Warnings: None.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Tumblr media
Cringing, you quickly exited out of the voicemail app and got on your feet, wiping yourself down. Bucky called out your name again and you took a deep breath.
“I’m right here!” you answered him. “You can come in.”
A second passed and the door was opening, albeit slowly. Bucky peeked in, a little unsure, his eyebrows raised and a tiny smile on his face. “Hi,” he said softly.
“H-Hey,” you said with a grin, waving at him. You clutched your phone behind your back and you knew you looked guilty as all sin, but you couldn’t help it. You had been hearing him say he was in love with you for the past ten minutes. His words kept repeating themselves in your head repeatedly. Bucky Barnes was in love with you. He was in love with you. And yet he couldn’t bring himself to tell you.
Bucky fully stepped into your room, his expression suddenly apologetic. “L-Look, I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry about the whole thing tonight. I-I was a jerk and I shouldn’t have barged in on your date like that.”
“Why did you?” you asked, biting your lower lip, hoping this would make him tell you something, confess something.
“I-I…” Bucky paused, his eyes shutting as he took a deep breath. “I just—I’m—I am really protective of you. You’re like my little sister and—Well, I don’t want anyone to hurt you.”
Your heart stopped for a beat at his words. Had he just called you his little sister? You pulled back with a furrowed brow, but managed to give him a smile. Maybe it was better to pretend that you hadn’t heard the voicemail.
You forced yourself to smile. “T-That means a lot to me, Buck. Seriously. But I can take care of myself and Diego is—He’s great.”
Bucky nodded at this, giving you a smile. “I-I’m so glad to hear that, doll. Really.”
You wanted to ask him if he really meant that, if he really was happy to know that you were with someone else that wasn’t him. But instead, you grinned at him and hugged him back as he pulled you into a tight embraced.
Pressing a kiss to your temple, Bucky bid you a goodnight and stepped out of your room with a promise that he wouldn’t interfere in any of your relationships anymore.
Once you had heard his footsteps fade away you ran to your bed and collapsed face-first onto it. He had pulled the sibling card, he had gone there. You kicked the bed in frustration, flailing on the mattress for a few seconds before you turned around on your back, staring up at the ceiling.
You had harbored a crush on Bucky when you had first met him. The man was beautiful and had a selfless heart. He was a dream come true. But when he became one of your best friends and showed no romantic interest in you whatsoever, you had known that you had to get over him. And you had done just that, you had managed to convince yourself that Bucky wasn’t interested in you. And then the voicemail had happened and now he had called you his little sister.
Pulling a pillow over your face, you screamed into it, feeling like you were in a soap opera. Really, these things only happened on T.V.
A week passed without anyone else mentioning the little incident that had been your first date with Diego. Eventually, the boys formally met your new boyfriend and you saw no point in keeping the voicemail, deleting it from your phone and eventually, forcing yourself to forget about it ever happening. Bucky made no move to tell you how he really felt and he made an effort in getting along with Diego.
A Saturday morning after you had gone on your morning run, you stepped into the kitchen, stopping short when you saw a tall, beautiful woman wearing nothing but a men’s shirt that reached her upper thigh, step away from the refrigerator with a glass of orange juice. She shot you a surprised look before she smiled.
“Hi, you must be Y/N!”
“Uh… Hi, who are you?” you questioned.
“Oh, Y/N!” Bucky’s voice came from behind you and you snapped your head towards him, eyes wide. He grinned at you.
“This is Laurie. Laurie, this is Y/N.”
You turned towards the woman and finally recognized the shirt she was wearing. It was one of Bucky’s, one you had given him for his birthday last year. You loved how he looked in it and clenched your fist. How could he just give it to her to wear?
You forced yourself to smile and took Laurie’s offered hand. “Hi, nice to meet you, Laurie.”
“Oh, the pleasure is all mine,” she gushed. Bucky chuckled as he sidled up to her, wrapping an arm around her waist. “Bucky here told me about you and well, I’m a huge fan. You and Natasha Romanoff are such an inspiration! I mean, kicking ass and taking names. You are both amazing!”
You gave her a small grin. “Thanks.”
“Yeah,” said Bucky. “Y/N is great.”
Laurie giggled and Bucky nuzzled her cheek. You wanted to roll your eyes, hating how you suddenly wanted to jump at her and claw her eyes out. Excusing yourself from the room, you walked back to your bedroom and closed the door, denying to yourself over and over again that what you felt clutching at your chest was jealousy.
Part 6
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onthepageoftears · 2 years ago
A Little Bit Further (Otis Milburn x Reader) // Sex Education
A/N: Sorry this is kind of short! Also, I didn’t feel comfortable writing the full smut scene, but I hope this was okay!
Request: hi sorry to bother you but i was wondering if you could write something with otis where he’s slowly getting over his intimacy issues and gets all flustered when he asks the reader to give him a bj cause they’ve been together for awhile and he always stops make out sessions when they get far but now he’s like wow can you do this for the rest of time after she does it
Warnings: mentions of sex, make-out, insinuated blow job, so basically smut i guess?? but not really
Words: 1,051
Please Don’t Plagiarize My Work!
Tumblr media
You and Otis had a system.
Ever since you started dating, Otis made you aware of his inexperience and intimacy issues. You had no problem with it, and reassured Otis that you were glad he was honest with you, and that you would never do anything to make him uncomfortable; on another hand, you were pretty relieved, because you weren’t so ready to rip your clothes off and say goodbye to your virginity either. You two seemed to agree that time wasn’t an issue and that it would be best to wait to have sex until you were both ready.
“Small steps,” you remember saying to Otis when you had your first kiss. It was a quick peck on the lips, just to test the waters of your new relationship. Of course, it hadn’t stayed that way, and as time went on so did your experience.
Soon you two had delved into the French kiss, which was quite uncomfortable at first, and definitely felt strange. But you got the hang of it, learning together and trying new things. Eventually, those kisses evolved into longer periods and more desperate contact. There had been some touching as well; Otis blushed when he first brought his hand to the band of your bra, and you would trail your fingers softly along his skin with encouragement. But, that was about as far as you two had gone.
Because, you had a system.
The first time you were about to go full on make out, you told Otis you two needed to have a safe code. Not a word, because screaming ‘flamingo’ in the middle of a kiss would be a bit jarring. Instead, you opted for the wrist-tap: when one of you felt uncomfortable, or wanted to stop whatever it was your were doing, the person would tap twice on the other person’s wrist. No harm, no foul.
You two had used it many times before; when you touched his upper thigh, when he accidentally touched your right boob. If that happened, you two would resort to cuddling together, and talking about your favorites bands or movies or games. Sometimes you two would fall asleep and wake up with even more love for each other than before, if that was even possible. It was clear to say the system had worked quite well for the both of you.
So, when you were making out in Otis’ room and placed a hand carefully on his thigh, you were surprised that he didn’t stop you. You frowned, letting him lean in a bit further into the kiss, taking more control. You let you other hand travel to the back of his neck, tugging lightly at the strands of hair.
You let out a soft moan when you felt his fingers trailing along your spine; you always loved how soft they were, and how gentle his touch could be. Still, it couldn’t distract you from the fact that he was moving towards the clasp of your bra, fingers pulling delicately at the band. You suddenly pulled away from the kiss, looking at the boy in amusement.
“Time out,” you said softly, frowning at the boy in front of you. “Are you okay?”
Otis licked his lips, placing his hand back at your waist. “What do you mean?”
“Did Eric put you up to this?”
“Up to what?”
You tilted your head and sent him a pointed look, eyebrows raised.
“No. No, I just…” he moved his hand from your waist and closed his eyes with a sigh. “You make me so happy. I...I’m so lucky to have you.”
“Okay.” you lay your hand over his, encouraging him to continue.
“Really. You are so understanding...of everything. Of my parents, and my feelings. It’s amazing. You’re amazing.” You blushed, but kept your eyes on him as he took a deep breath. “I think I’m ready to go a little further. I really care about you, feels right. But, only if you want to.” He looked at you with eyes wide with concern.
You placed a hand on his cheek with a small smile. “Are you sure, Otis?”
He only nodded, leaning in to kiss you once more. But before he could place his lips on yours, you slid off the bed.
“Wha-“ He watched with wide eyes as you kneeled down in front of him, laying your hands on his knees. “Oh. Oh. Okay. Yeah.”
“Are you okay with this?” You slowly trailed your hands up his legs, watching with a small smile as he gaped at you.
“Y-es.” His eyes followed your hands as they went to unbuckle his pants. He could feel his heart beating a mile a minute, and he kept moving his eyes from your position on the floor, to the little crack in the ceiling, and back.
“Remember,” you spoke seriously, leaning up a little further so he was looking in your eyes. “Just tap my wrist if I’m going too far.”
When he nodded, you took a deep breath, and let the magic begin.
“That was-“ Otis looked at the ceiling, speechless.
“Better than your imagination?” You teased, looking at him with a wide smile.  He looked back at you to where you were laying on his chest, drawing patterns into his shirt.
“Way better.” He said, kissing you sweetly on the head. “You were amazing.” He looked back to the ceiling, blush forming on his cheeks.
Laughing lightly, you snuggled closer into his side. “Couldn’t have done it alone.”
You watched as he blushed harder; he shifted a bit so he could hug you closer into his chest. As he traced his fingers along your arm, a shy smile crossed his face.
“What is it?”
“Maybe we could do that more often?” He looked nervous, like he thought you would be mad or disgusted. Instead, you smiled and kissed him softly on the lips, letting your face linger close to his.
“Of course.” You snuggled back into his chest, letting your eyes close as you listened to his heartbeat. You hummed at the feeling of his hand on your back, rubbing soft circles over your skin. “We’ll go a little bit further each time.”
“A little bit further.” Otis nodded, smile spreading on his face. “Sounds fantastic.”
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buckycuddlebuddy · 9 months ago
summary ─ “you planned,” he murmured. his eyes were dark, aroused and sparkling. you nodded mutely. “we’ll eat first,” he stated. “i want my dessert after my meal.”
pairing ─ chubby!bucky barnes x housewife!reader
warnings ─ smut, +18, table sex, praise kink, kissing, stupid pet names, bucky is so in love holy moly, slightly dom!chubby!bucky
a/n ─ i’m coming behind, i know but y’all are and will be getting your smut until i’m done with these tropes ehehe (what this means: i will write all the tropes, but i’m going slow now bc i don’t wanna do an ass job by forcing myself to write it!) thank you all for the comments you leave on the previous shots! ik i don’t return to you but i read every single one of them, even the tags! thank you <3333 hope you like this one, too! please leave a comment if you do! <3
Tumblr media
KINKTOBER DAY SEVENTEEN: chubby!bucky + housewife!reader + table sex + praise kink
Tumblr media
You were humming to yourself as you prepared the table for tonight.
Bucky usually came home very tired; his job at Stark Industries was a desk one and it was constantly giving him back pains. He had also put on… a little weight ever since he had accepted this job. Sometimes he did feel self-conscious about his now chunky thighs, chubby cheeks and protruding belly. He used to be a very fit man with six packs and bulging biceps.
You didn’t mind, though. You took pride in it, to be honest. You were keeping him happy and fed, and the proof of it was standing before you; all soft and huggable. More place to grab and love on, you always told him whenever he got a little shy about his body. It always eased him out of his restlessness.
You straightened up and fixed your summer dress. Checking the clock, you knew he’d be home soon─ You chuckled when you heard his keys clinked. Right on time, you thought, nice.
“Babylove, I’m home!” You heard your husband call out to you softly. He was being careful just in case if your little one was asleep already. He didn’t need to worry for tonight, though; you had made sure of that.
“Hello, honey,” you greeted him with a kiss on the lips and took his jacket. He smiled at you cheekily when you pulled back. “How was work?” You asked and hung his jacket as he toed his shoes off, untying his tie. Bucky sighed.
“Tiring, as usual. Tony was around so today was a little fun,” he shrugged. You hummed. “He mocked with Rumlow and sort of annoyed the hell out of him in the middle of everyone, and Rumlow couldn’t do anything since he’s the boss, y’know?” Bucky chuckled. “That bit was fun. Steve imitated Rumlow after he left.” You grinned; you could see Steve doing exactly that.
“Well, I’m glad,” you said and hugged him briefly. Feeling his soft tummy against your body, inhaling his so familiar cologne, you sighed happily and buried your smile into his chest. Bucky scoffed a surprised chuckle but hugged you back immediately. He was resting his cheek on your head, arms around your waist, he swayed you from side to side. You giggled.
“Go change,” you told him when you pulled away a little. “Dinner’s ready.” Bucky hummed and leaned in for a kiss, but stopped just before your lips met.
“Kiss me first, order me around second,” he whispered, making you giggle again. You nodded and tightened your arms around him. Bucky smiled as your lips met for a passionate kiss. His soft and wet ones stroked yours perfectly; tongue poking your bottom lip, licking a flat line over it, you moaned, giving way to his playful tongue. Bucky chuckled darkly into the kiss as he deepened it.
“Mmm, fuck, dolly,” he murmured when he pulled back. “You got some fire in you tonight,” he added, eyes glinting with desire under the lights. You felt your cheeks heating up at the pet name and nodded. “Mmm,” he hummed again. “I’ll be in the kitchen in two minutes, honey.” He pulled back and made his way to the bedroom.
Just before you stepped into the kitchen, you heard his curious voice: “Hey, where is Charlie?” You felt your cheeks heating up even more at the question.
“Um, he’s at your mother’s,” you answered. “He’s gonna stay the night.” There was silence for the next couple minutes, and you fidgeted at your place by the fridge. Then, you heard him chuckle darkly, and he walked inside, his work outfit still on him.
“You planned,” he murmured. His eyes were dark, aroused and sparkling. You nodded mutely. “We’ll eat first,” he stated. “I want my dessert after my meal.” Gasping softly, you nodded one more time and moved towards the counter to get the food on the table.
You ate your dinner in silence. Bucky’s eyes were finding yours constantly across the table. His hand was on your bare thigh, squeezing the soft skin there from time to time. He’d comment on your cooking skill between his bites, moaning and making sounds of approval. Every single sound he let out got you even wetter in your flimsy panties that you bought just for this occasion. The urge to rub your thighs together was too strong, but the hand on your thigh was stopping you from doing so.
“Dinner was delicious, dolly,” Bucky complimented as you were washing the dishes. There were only a few plates and a couple utensils. Rest of the food was for tomorrow night. You thanked him quietly. Bucky just smiled at you, not moving from his seat on the table. He opened the first few buttons of his shirt, though.
You were drying your hands with the small towel when his arms sneaked around you and he plastered his body against yours, caging you against the unforgiving counter. His nose was nudging your hair at your nape; his whiskers were tickling the sensitive skin there. One of his hands moved towards your dress skirt. Hiking it up just a little, he sneaked his hand upwards. Bucky hummed thoughtfully when his fingers came in contact with your lace underwear.
Inhaling deeply, Bucky groaned. “You’re teasing me ever since I came home, babylove.” He kissed your neck, slipped his fingers in your panties. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed the way you leaned over the table so that I can see those gorgeous breasts of yours.” His free hand grabbed your breast, squeezing it softly, his fingers flicked the nipple that was visible through the thin fabric of your dress.
“Are they aching still, honey?” He asked. His arousal-deep and raspy voice was hitting every single button you have. You nodded.
“Yes, Bucky,” you answered. He hummed, and his hands left your body for a second. Just before you whimpered with the loss, you felt his fingers moving the straps of your dress down from your shoulders. You shivered at the feather-like touches. Bucky kissed your now-bare shoulder. He helped you get your arms out of the straps and turned you around. Caging you even more, Bucky pulled the front of your dress down to expose your braless breasts.
“Lemme soothe the pain, dolly,” he murmured before he closed his lips around your aching nipple. You moaned, sharp and loud at the sudden pain mixed with pleasure. Bucky hummed around the swollen areola, sucking it hard. You still had milk, still breastfeeding your little one; Charlie was only two years old anyway. So, it wasn’t a surprise when your milk flooded into Bucky’s mouth. He moaned loudly around your nipple, causing you to throw your head back and moan, too.
“Fuck, fuck! Bucky─” You gasped when his teeth grazed the sensitive skin. Bucky ignored your pleading; he focused on only the amazing ambrosia that was having his taste buds sing at the moment. Bucky pulled back only for a second and a short breath, and closed his mouth around the other nipple. You cried out, your fingers slotting themselves in Bucky’s short hair and you pulled on them harshly. Bucky sucked hard on your nipple, sort of forcing the milk to leak into his mouth. “Bucky, ‘m─ Shit, ‘m close!” You couldn’t believe that you were about to come just because your husband was feeding himself with your milk.
“Oh, shit!” You cried out as you came, legs trembling, hands flying to grab at his shoulders to stay upright. Bucky pulled back from where he was suckling with a loud ‘pop’ sound. He held you against his body, his tummy supporting you gently.
“Sssh, honey, you’re fine,” he murmured. He placed a kiss to the valley of your breasts and trailed kisses to your neck and face and eventually kissed you on the lips chastely. You hummed as you tasted your milk. “’s good, isn’t it?” He arched a brow and smirked. You stayed silent because you didn’t need to answer his question.
Bucky turned you around with him, making you walk backwards. Without getting a chance to see where he was leading you, your thighs hit the table you just had your dinner on. You looked at Bucky, eyes wide and brows high on your forehead. Bucky just smirked devilishly, hoisting you up by your thighs, he laid you down on the table. He still had some of his old strength, and it made him feel good about himself a little.
“I told you I’ll have my dessert after the meal, dolly,” he murmured against the bare skin of your inner thighs and inched upwards. “’s what I’m doing right now.” You felt your face heating up. “Mmm, you smell amazing baby,” he praised as his nose nudged the soft hair that was dusting over your pussy.
“Bucky,” you whined, eyes closed. Bucky hushed you and dove in. His tongue licked a flat line from your slit to your clit and sucked your clit for a second, causing you to moan loudly. His lips closed around your clit as he sucked softly, and he slipped two of his fingers inside your already dripping wet pussy. “Fuck,” you moaned, face pinching with pleasure.
“Fuck is right, honey,” Bucky groaned, “You taste and smell so fuckin’good. Lookit this, dolly, you’re fuckin’ dripping, holy shit.” Bucky groaned again and kissed your inner thighs. You pawed his shoulders. All the compliments he gave you were getting to you slowly.
“Please,” you mewled. “Bucky, please.” He hushed you once more and stood straight. His fingers were still pumping in and out of you at a steady pace.
“Come for me one more time, and I’ll give you my cock, dolly,” he ordered. “Come on, do it and you’ll get it.” His fingers were making obscenely slick sounds because how fast the pace got. You moaned. Your thighs started to tremble around his waist and you knew you were close. “Gim-mee,” Bucky sang, pressing his thumb on your clit and that was it. That all it took.
You cried out as you came on his fingers, barely noticing that he had unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. He slid inside of you while you were still riding your orgasm. You shouted when you felt his cock in you and bucked your hips against him. He pressed down your stomach, keeping you still. Bucky moaned when he felt your slick and warm walls ripple around his hard cock.
“Fuck, dolly, you feel so fucking good,” he breathed. His hot breath against your neck made you shiver violently under him. You panted wildly beneath his body. Finally coming down from your orgasm, even though slowly, you mewled softly. “There ya go, honey love, sssh.” His hips started to move a little, slow.
You whimpered at the oversensitivity. It was at the point of being too much, but it wasn’t. It was exactly how you loved it, and Bucky knew this already. You grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him down for a kiss. Chuckling, Bucky went with it. His lips found yours easily, sliding over yours, stroking them, he kissed you passionately, lovingly. His hips were still moving slowly.
“Faster, please,” you whispered against his lips, and Bucky promised you that he would, too, obey in your wedding vows, so he complied. His pace got faster, inching the table up for an inch with each thrust, and you moaned, pulling back from his kiss. “Yes, yes! There! Mmm, please!” You bared your throat to his mercy. Bucky grunted at the sight before him and let his hips move even faster. His balls were threatening him to empty at any second, and he had to give in at some point, so he brought his fingers to your clit. He started to rub it fast and jerky moves, going with the same pace he had set with his thrusts.
“Bucky!” You exclaimed. “Fuck! Oh─” You moaned.
“Yeah, baby,” Bucky hummed. “You’re doing so good, dolly. Come for me, yeah? Come for me and I’ll give you another pup, c’mon,” he moaned. You screamed. Your orgasm had sunk its teeth earlier than you expected, you realized as you got lost in the pleasure. Bucky groaned loud and deep as he, too, lost himself in pleasure. His cock twitching as it emptied itself into you, Bucky hid his face in the valley of your breasts.
“Fuck,” you gasped, chest heaving. Bucky chuckled and kissed the available naked skin just under his lips. “Oh my God, we just had sex on the kitchen table.” Bucky chuckled again, but this time it turned into a full belly-laugh. “Shut it, Barnes!” You pushed him by the shoulder, giggling slightly.
“Don’t tell me you hated it,” he said. “I bet you find it hot, didn’t ya, Mama?” You felt your cheeks heating up, traitors, and shrugged. Bucky grinned cheekily. “Though, I would love to have the second round on the bed. My back has been killing me these days,” he murmured. Then, his eyes found yours. They were sparkling dangerously. You narrowed your own, looking suspicious.
“What?” You asked. “What is it that you’re planning?” He smirked darkly.
“Wanna ride me, beautiful? Hm?” You moaned accidentally. “Yeah? You would, huh? Gonna ride me hard? Gonna let me feed your hungry womb with my come even more?”
“Bucky…” You breathed. He hoisted you up, helping you wrap your arms around his neck after he stepped out of his pants.
“Yeah, you will,” he concluded as he walked towards the bedroom, you in his arms and his cock still in you.
Tonight was going to be a long one, you decided.
Plan accomplished. 
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hvnlydmn · 5 months ago
but can you do one of haikyuu boys reacting to being called the wrong name? you can pick the boys .. btw i literally love you and your work have an amazing day and stay healthy:)<3
Tumblr media
characters - bokuto kōtarō, oikawa tōru, miya atsumu, kuroo tetsurō, iwaizumi hajime
a/n - omg well your first request is a damn good one and i have the honour of writing it! i’m so glad you like my work bby and hope you enjoy this <3 o/n = other name cos i’m not original enough to come up w them!
Tumblr media
☾ BOKUTO you had both been lounging on the couch but he now caged you in as your back lay against it, your shared giggles filling the room as he tickled you mercilessly, beaming at you as he smiled at the happiness he loved being able to give you! gasping through your giggles as you tried to form a sentence “stop it’s too- it’s too much o/n!” he just kind of froze and leaned back as he let you get up, trying to keep the bright smile on his face as he looked at you with glassy eyes compared to the sparkle in them earlier. “but- but baby, that’s not my name, who’s o/n?” he pouted as he spoke as you felt your heart clench at his reaction “i didn’t say that kou i-“ your words being cut off as his hands grabbed yours “but baby you said another name, ‘ts not mine but your name is the only one on my mind cos you’re all i think about all day, i just wanna hear you say mine!” you grabbed him so tightly in a hug as you told him it was just a prank, you swear you feel the tension leave his body as his arms wrap tightly around your waist before he bounced back “phew you had me worried babe! you definitely deserve to be tickled now!”
☾ OIKAWA damn he gon be petty af, you were both relaxing on his bed just scrolling through your phones as he pressed his side against yours. he ended up getting up to pee as he gave you a quick kiss on the cheek - on his way back you shouted “can you bring me some water o/n?” there was just silence for a few seconds before he came into the room again, with no water. “tōru? didn’t you bring me water?” you could already see the dry, sly smile on his face “oh nice of you to remember my name all of a sudden, i don’t get water for EX-girlfriends sorry.” you just kind of raise an eyebrow at him like “what are you talking about?” “why don’t you go ask o/n huh?” literally turns away from you with his arms crossed and a dramatic “hmph” you literally have to tell him like five times that it was a prank and he even makes you give him a massage as he whines the whole time “y/n-chan that wasn’t funny my heart almost couldn’t take it!”
☾ ATSUMU you had both had a nap after youd been shopping so you now lay on his chest, both of you still in a post nap daze as he pressed kisses to your temple as he mumbled about how much he loved you “o/n can you pass me my phone?” it doesn’t really register until he’s handing you your phone but when it does he snatches your phone back to quick like “HUH?” his eyes are so wide and he looks so betrayed “baby who the hell is o/n? cos a know for a fact that it ain’t me!” he’s trying to look angry but his hair is still messy and cheeks puffy from his nap so he just looks like a puppy, your hand absentmindedly comes up to cup his face as he still leans into your touch “baby yer breaking ma heart here, ‘m s’posed ta be yer ‘tsumu!” “was just a prank ‘tsumu!” he turned to smoosh his cheek against your palm as his words came out muffled “well wasn’t very funny.” you just giggled as you opened your arms “come here grumpy baby!” crawling into your arms again with a huff “‘ts always grumpy baby ‘ts never just baby.” ended up falling asleep on your chest to the rhythm of your heartbeat.
☾ KUROO he’s gonna be such a tease about it. he’d always been clingy when it came to physical affection so you were currently curled up in his lap as his hand smoothed down your back, nuzzling his face against your hair as he held you close. his voice coming out raspy due to him not using it for once “tired?” you nodded against him “yeah o/n you’re just so warm.” the hand on your back freezes as you feel him shuffle underneath you, hand now tilting your chin up so that your eyes meet his, almost flinching at the darkness that seems to have drowned out the brightness of amber. “that’s not my name kitten.” smirk a little wobbly as he searched your eyes hoping he’d still see that spark he was used to “i said tetsu!” “no, you didn’t. you don’t think i’m dumb kitten right?” you shook your head at the sinister lilt in his voice “it was a joke tetsurō!” seeing him throw his head back as he exhaled a breath “oh thank god, you had me worried there for a sec!” you giggled at the switch that seemed to have flipped, turning him back to his usual dorky self as he placed a quick kiss to your hairline.
☾ IWAIZUMI came back into the room from his shower as he asked you if you were hungry, rummaging through his drawers for clothes as you admired his broad back littered with water droplets “mhm i’m kinda hungry now o/n.” his whole body stiffens, you can basically see the muscles tense against his shirtless back as the room falls silent for a bit - before you see him turn to stalk towards you, eyes not meeting yours as they look on the floor, almost flinching as he moves to cage you against the bed “repeat that for me angel.” his demanding tone as he coldly spat the nickname had you swallowing heavily as you repeat “just said i’m kinda hungry haji!” seeing his jaw clench as his eyes stared into yours, despite his stone cold demeanour you could see the hurt in the olive staring back at you, you knew him too well. arms moving to wrap around his shoulders as he towared over you, pulling him closer to fall forward into you “was a prank haji, you know i only want you.” you felt him fall onto his forearms as he inhaled the familiar scent of your shampoo, the moment was quiet but feeling. smiling as you felt his deep chuckle against your chest “you almost gave me a heart attack, you’re lucky i’m still offering you dinner.”
Tumblr media
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imaginethathaikyuu · a year ago
Hey Em! I've got a request in mind ^^ Could I get Kuroo and the buildup to and moment when he realizes that he loves his s/o (fem, if necessary)? Like they've been dating, but this is the moment it clicks? I don't really have anything more specific in mind, so let me know if this is too vague!!
anything for u, kristin! fem reader
“Hey, you’re free tomorrow, aren’t you?” 
Tetsurou felt bad for asking you because he knew work has been busy lately, and he was asking you to give him your only day off. 
“My cousin is getting married, and my mom said she’d kill me if I didn’t go…”
But this is what he gets for putting this off until the last second. He had tried everything to get out of this, but his mother was a serious woman. He was afraid she actually would kill him if he didn’t show up. 
“I don’t really wanna go alone, so, will you be my plus one?” 
You agreed to go with him with no problem. He was lucky to have you, that’s for sure, because that wedding ceremony would have been torturous without you there for emotional and mental support. 
The reception, however, was a good time. Mainly because there was good food that the two of you ate quickly, and Tetsurou’s family was too busy taking photos of the newly announced wives to be bothering him about how tall he’s gotten. As if he wasn’t a 26 year old man who’s been this height for nearly ten years now. 
“Tetsurou, you could’ve at least brushed your hair for this, my goodness.” 
Good times can’t last forever, though. But oh how he wished they could.
His mother sat down in the empty seat next to him. That was his first mistake - leaving an opening. But around the room there was nothing but big round tables with at least six chairs at each, and he wasn’t about to sit with random family members just so he could avoid his overbearing mother. 
“It is brushed, Ma, this is just the style I’m going for now. I’ve told you this.” 
She scoffed at him and put her focus on you. “I’m glad to see one of you looks presentable for the wedding,” she said. “Tell me again how you reeled her in, Tetsurou?” 
“I think it’s the opposite,” you said with a grin. “I’ve got him hook, line, and sinker.” 
You winked at him and his mom laughed her familiar loud laugh, the one that often filled any room she was in. 
“I think I agree with that,” she replied. “He’s smitten, you know.” 
The less than good time became even worse when he felt a large hand clap down on his shoulder. 
“There you are!” his mother said, and Tetsurou looked up to see his father was already walking toward the seat next to her. 
“He needs a haircut,” the man grumbled to his wife as he sat down. 
“I can hear you,” Tetsurou said, only to be ignored by the man. 
“Well he’s right,” said his mom.
You spoke up again, “I don’t know if you believe it, but this isn’t just bed head, he really does style his hair this way.” 
The three of you - his father included - laughed at that, and Tetsurou was less annoyed at all of you laughing at his expense and more confused about how easily you were getting along with his grumpy dad. 
That’s how the reception went for a while - his girlfriend and parents making jabs at his appearance while he sat back and endured it. 
Until the music started. The cheesy DJ said something about starting the evening off slow, inviting everyone to the dancefloor. And Tetsurou was ignoring it. 
“Go dance with your mother,” his dad demanded, and Tetsurou sighed. So much for ignoring it.
Before he could ask the man why he couldn’t do it himself, his mom was standing up and waiting for him. Meaning he had no other choice. He looked over to you, maybe to say sorry for not being able to dance with you instead. He was expecting you’d look disappointed. But you gave him a wave and a big smile, so he shrugged and let his mother whisk him away to the dance floor. 
His mom did what his mom does best: talk. She talked about the romantic ceremony, the well decorated reception, his snotty aunt and how annoying she had been, how beautiful of a couple his cousin and her new wife were. And Tetsurou did what he does best: listen to his mother. Listening was all he could do. There weren’t many silent opportunities for him to speak up. 
He kept his eye on you, though. You had moved to sit next to his dad, for some reason. And somehow, his dad was smiling. 
He rarely saw his dad smiling. 
You were showing him something on your phone - he had no idea what it could be. But he seemed to be listening intently to whatever it was you were talking about. 
This had happened at every family event he had brought you to. It wasn’t many; there was last year’s Christmas and his mom’s birthday this year - both were big deals in the Kuroo family. But at both celebrations, much like now, he noticed how well you seemed to… fit. 
He was lost in thought about this, so much so that he stopped hearing a thing his mom said. And when he felt that hand on his shoulder again, it felt like a jumpscare. 
“Wanna trade?” you said - you were standing next to his dad, both of you suddenly next to him. His mom laughed and happily swept her husband away, and you were left waiting for your boyfriend to do the same with you. 
“Thank you,” he said. “For saving me.” 
You chuckled, “what do you mean, Tetsu?” 
“She was going on and on about… something,” he said. He pulled you close with his arms around your waist, and yours settled on his shoulders. “So. What were you and my dad talking about?” 
“You,” you smiled. “I showed him pictures from our ski trip last month.” 
Tetsurou nodded. “And he… actually listened?” 
“Well, he’s the one who asked about it,” you continued. “He said you looked like a dork in the ski gear.” 
Tetsurou could almost hear his dad’s words: ‘That’s my son. Dork of the year.’
“I don’t know how you do it,” he said. “How do you actually get along with them?” 
You shrugged, “It isn’t that hard. They’re nice, Tetsu. And a lot like you.” 
“It’s almost like you’re…” 
His voice trailed off, and he was unsure of what he was going to say next. Like you’re a part of my family, that’s what he was going for. But he struggled to say it, because it was as if he’d just realized it for the first time. 
For most of his adult life, his parents expectations of him finding a partner, bringing someone new into the family, creating more family members weighed heavy on his shoulders. Any time he went back home, it felt like there was something missing. And when he had brought girls home, it was more awkward than pleasant. 
And usually, when those girls saw his dad’s scowl and heard his mom’s cackling, they dumped him soon after. Hell, he couldn’t even blame them for it.
But not you. You fit so naturally with him and his odd family. It was like you were really part of it. Like you were meant to have his family name. His heart was doing backflips at the thought of it - giving you his last name. Bringing you into his family. Having a wedding just like this with you one day - cheesy DJ and all. 
He cleared his throat. “Nothing,” he said. “Nothing. Uh… this is a really long song, isn’t it?” 
You smiled that smile you give him when you’re seeing right through him. He sees that particular grin a lot. “What is it, Tetsurou?” 
“Nothing,” he said, scoffing at your use of his full name. “It’s nothing, baby, just dance with me, alright?” 
He pulled you closer, you rested your head on his shoulder, and he had a second of peace of mind before his heart was doing gymnastics again. 
He’d have to propose soon, wouldn’t he? 
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wonglix · 11 months ago
➺ ᴀᴛᴇᴇᴢ: ᴡʜᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇʏ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴀ ᴄʀᴜsʜ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ fluff
*•.¸♡ hongjoong ♡¸.•*
hongjoong would be a bit shy at first, until he realised that keeping his distance from you to avoid getting nervous wouldn’t benefit him in his mission to get closer to you
he’d love to invite you over a bit more often, starting slowly by making sure there always were other members around because it would be weird if he’d ask you to spend time alone with him all of a sudden
he’d come up with excuses like “we need opinions on our new choreography!”, “we’re not sure if the song sounds right, could you listen to it?”
slowly but surely he’d start to invite you while less and less members were around until it was just the two of you and he realised that these moments, just you and him sitting and talking were definitely his favourite ones
this would also confirm his crush for him, since he was doubting his feelings a bit. seeing you joking around with him in his studio, listening to him rant about some irrelevant stuff his members did that seemed like the biggest problem at that moment would really hammer home the fact that he did indeed fall for you
he’d start to be a bit more touchy, his hand resting on yours, brushing hair out of your face, innocently letting his hand rest on your knee, tugging you closer to him when he was showing you something on his phone.
he’d also begin to be a bit more bold when asking you to spend time, offering to let you stay the night if it was late, taking you to his favourite restaurant, meeting up at a convenience store at 3 am just to have some cheap ramen and talk about anything.
a cutie that gets really soft once he confirms his feelings, getting close to you one pretty smile and hand holding at a time
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡ seonghwa ♡¸.•*
he’s already very caring, protective and gentle, but once he started crushing on someone he’d essentially just start showering them in love whenever he could
he’d check in on you way more frequently, always asking how you’re doing and if you’ve eaten. he’d be the one to walk you home whenever you visit them, and if it got too late he’d offer to sleep on the couch to you could sleep in his bed
i feel like his caring nature could be very easily be mistaken as brotherly and he knows that, so he makes sure to flirt with you from time to time, just to hammer home the fact that he is interested in you.
he wants to make sure that you slowly start to understand that there’s a reason you’re always the first one he serves dinner to, or that there is a reason that makes him value your opinion over anyone else’s
he’d accidentally brush your hands together and wink at you once you look at him, would compliment you very cheekily and might even drop a cringy pickup line here and there
he loves to take care of you and he’s the first one to show up when you mention that you’re not feeling well. it’s hard for him to keep his feelings to himself when you’re laying there like that, glossy eyes and weak smile on your face
he might’ve mentioned something about having fallen for you while you were having a bad fever, rendering you unable to remember anything. he was glad you didn’t remember, he wanted it to be special once he confessed; something you could think back to that would make your cheeks flush and heart race
caring, flirty love bug that just wants to take care of you and cuddle you close to him and make you happy
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡ yunho ♡¸.•*
yunho would probably be quite obvious, showing all the telltale signs of someone having a crush: he’d be glued to your side with a constant blush on his face, he’d giggle at everything you said whether it was actually funny or not and he was trying his absolute hardest to make you laugh, even if it meant embarrassing himself
his members caught on fairly quickly and kept teasing him about it, getting closer to you on purpose to make him jealous. yunho hated the fact that he couldn’t really do anything, he couldn’t just walk up to you and san as you were sitting extremely closely together on the couch and demand san’s seat, right?
so a lot of his pining was spent observing you and his members, how they would purposefully hug you just a second too long, hold your hand just a bit too much, sit next to you just a tad bit too closely - it all got on his nerves and he made sure to nag them once you left. it might be childish but he was scared that you might fall for one of them, that you might interpret their closeness as flirting.
after realising that making him jealous wouldn’t lead to him confessing but rather to him doubting himself the others knocked it off for yunho’s sake. they ended up hyping him up a lot, telling him to just do the same they did - staying close to you and making you see him in a different light
they kept hyping him up and mysteriously vanishing every time you came over from them on, leaving you two alone and causing poor yunho to almost suffer from multiple heart attacks because wow, you’re so pretty!!
even though he was close to you and always made sure to stay close to you, he also ensured that you would be comfortable around him. if you had a bad day and didn’t want him so close to you he would understand, scooting away and listening to you talk about what’s been bothering you
he’s also ready to shower you in all the affection you need though, wrapping you in his arms when you come to him crying, his heart hurting and his mind telling him to press a little kiss to your head, just a small peck to calm you down-
all in all he’s very obvious and soft, his heart definitely on his sleeve and you would be lying if you said you didn’t notice the way he smiled at you with hearts in his eyes every time your eyes met
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡ yeosang ♡¸.•*
he’d be so incredibly shy once he realised that he had a crush and it would definitely take him a while to warm up to them again
everytime he’d see you he’d feel his hands get sweaty and his mind was racing; what was he supposed to talk to you about? would you be uncomfortable if he sat next to you? he really wants to hold your hand but god, that’d be so random and out of place, he couldn’t possibly do that
it was really hard for him to be nice to you again, scared of outing his feelings if he ended up being too gentle with you. he wasn’t ready to confess yet, he didn’t even know how to yet and the last thing he’d want is for his crush to just get exposed without him planning to
he would probably confide in some of his members, hoping that they could help him out with the problem at hand. they’d give him some tips on how to subtly get closer to you, how to express his feelings without actually confessing
while he was still shy and a bit quiet around you, he managed to get himself to spend some time alone with you. he realised that his pounding heart and the occasional shy stammer were nothing compared to the happiness he felt when he talked to you, so he began to talk to you more often
on the phone, on face time, when you came to visit them - you and yeosang were talking a lot, and while he still got the soft blush on his cheeks and sweaty hands he’s more than happy to spend time with you
over time the casual talks would evolve into deeper ones, the two of you confiding into each other. this would mean a lot to him and it took everything in him to keep himself from kissing you
shy sweetheart takes some time to come out of his shell but once he does, he swears there is no place better than with you next to him
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡ san ♡¸.•*
san would turn into a bit of a show off, doing his absolute best to get his crush to praise him and swoon over him, like look at me!! did you see that? yeah, you saw that. amazing, right? yeah, amazing
though he liked showing off, he caught himself getting soft and mushy over you a lot. it’s hard for him to keep his crush to himself, so he confessed his feelings towards you to his members and to his surprise they all already knew somehow
like?? how could they’ve possibly known?? he was so discreet while balancing three plates on his head while trying to jump rope just to get you to laugh??
he doesn’t mind making a fool of himself as long as it meant to hear you laugh and giggle at him, but what made his heart flutter the most was by far the way you’d scold and care for him every time he accidentally hurt himself during one of his skits
his mind was racing and his heart pounding, a lovestruck smile etched on his face while you were frantically searching for a bandaid. all he could think about was that there was no way you’d care for him this much if you didn’t like him too, right?? no way you’d be so mad at him for accidentally hurting himself like that!!
while san loves to get praise and see you gush over him and care for him, he was also very big on showering you in praise and adoration. every time you told him about something you achieved he was there to hype you up, to praise you and tell you how well you did
he would get so happy for you that he sometimes couldn’t hold back and you would occasionally feel a very gentle, almost unnoticeable kiss being pressed to the to of your head while he was crushing you in a hug
adorable goofy show off that really is just a very soft gushy mess for you on the inside, that sometimes struggles with keeping all the affection he has for you to himself
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡ mingi ♡¸.•*
it’s like a lightbulb went off over mingi’s head once seonghwa asked him if he planned on confessing to you. he genuinely just thought that he really enjoyed your company and that that was the reason for his blushed cheeks and pounding heart
he didn’t expect to fall for you so the signs were a bit unclear to him but once he knew, he could barely think about anything but you and the others would catch him just sitting somewhere, daydreaming with a dumb smile on his face
he keeps asking you to go to places with him, if it’s grocery shopping, visiting an arcade or just going to the company to record - he thrives off of your presence and he’s addicted to the bubbly feeling in his chest he gets when he’s around you
he used to be quite open when it came to his work, mingi loved showing you what he was working on; now he’s just way too shy to show you what he’s working on because he catches himself writing about you a lot and it makes his cheeks burn every time he realises that his mind drifted to you again
he fell for you and wanted to be with you, but he also fell in love with the idea of crushing on you; the shy glances and the way you’d look into each other’s eyes just a bit too long for it to be friendly excited him a lot. yeah he was shy and feels his heart hammer in his chest at the smallest things you do, but it’s such a nice feeling to make you smile and look at him with eyes as enchanting as yours
he enjoys seeing the occasional blush spread on your cheeks a lot and it made him fantasize about how nice it would be if you were dating because he wants nothing more than to kiss those pink cheeks, to have you giggle in embarrassment in his arms-
he likes to take you to experience new things, the thought of sharing memories with you all too exciting for him to pass up. he tends to innocently take your hand in his, excuses flowing out of his mouth each time, “i don’t want to lose you!”, “i know the way”, “it’s dark and i feel better like this”
lovestruck honeypie that is not only in love with you but also with the idea of loving you and crushing on you
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡ wooyoung ♡¸.•*
wooyoung would amp his teasing up to the max, almost making it seem like he was picking on you while simultaneously flirting shamelessly
he’d never took it too far though, always very in touch with your feeling and hyper aware of the smallest changes in your behaviour or facial expressions
he never wants to hurt your feelings with his snarky comments or make you feel uncomfortable around him with his weird flirting. the second he notices that you’ve stopped giggling at his antics, he immediately stops
as confident as he was, he was still too shy and nervous to just confess - which leads to him relentlessly teasing you all the time. he’d either tease you about things you do or say, or simply try to make you nervous because how dare you make him this feel this shy? that’s not fair, so now it’s your turn to be nervous!
he’d love to show up randomly, taking you out for a spontaneous dinner or a calming late night walk - anything to spend some time with you
he always uses the excuse that “the others are asleep”, “they’re all busy”, “they don’t like that restaurant” even though the only thing he wanted to tell you was “i just wanted to see you”
he tries his best to keep his teasing masquerade up, refusing to let the soft part of him take over. he doesn’t want to think about how beautiful you look when you laugh at one of his mindless jokes, how stunning it is to watch your expressions change while you’re telling a story, how incredibly cute it is when you struggle with something, how bad he wants to press a kiss to your tear-stained cheeks when-
a teasing softie that has to figure out a more efficient way to get closer to you apart from picking on you and making you blush with his excessive flirting
Tumblr media
*•.¸♡ jongho ♡¸.•*
jongho could be described as “confused”. he wasn’t really sure what to make of his racing heart and sweaty palms at first until it finally clicked - which made him switch from “confused” to “panicked”, back to “confused” because he had no idea what to do
he didn’t know how to handle his feelings, on one hand he just wanted to tell you what he felt and hold your hand and maybe even give you a little kiss on your cheek. and maybe he’d be confident enough to kiss the cute little pout away you get every time he teases you, and oh how badly he wants to take you out to his favourite restaurant, just the two of you, and-
on the other hand though, he was also really nervous, like what if you didn’t see him that way? what if you were in love with someone else? his mind was racing just as bad as his heart was and it was draining
every time you interacted he was torn between flirting with you, making you realise that he thought of you as more than just friends and continuing to treat you as a simple friend, staying in his lane
it ended with him being very flirty and playful with you one day, and very distant and quiet on the next. he kept going back and forth, never knowing what exactly he’s supposed to do - one day he’ll hold your hand while walking, the next he’ll not even sit next to you
it left you confused while jongho was panicking inside, because oh god, why did i scoot away? oh wow, they’re smile is so pretty! i like y/n so much, i really want to-
while he was usually calm and collected on the outside, nervous or affectionate thoughts were bouncing around in his mind. you did manage to break through his calm exterior, making him blush and giggle shyly. it was really hard for him to decide which approach it will take and you will definitely realise that something’s going on at some point
a little shy and unsure, but is genuinely very infatuated with you. has to figure out how to approach you and has a hard time calming his thoughts when he’s with you
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my-hero-drabbles · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Warnings: None that I know of? If there are, please tell me!
~ At the start of things, it was definitely awkward at times. As you were both shy and quiet, and Shouto had a bit of a hard time trying to express his feelings towards you just as much as you were.
~ But once the two of you started going on dates there was a more of a comfortability and openness established.
~ He appreciated your kind and patient nature too, as it was very calming to him with all of the things he has to deal with on a day to day basis. Sometimes his actions can come off as uninterested and cold, but you understood that it wasn’t intentional.
~ Shouto always takes you to quiet cafes, walks in the parks, something personal to you, so you don’t feel too overwhelmed by the people around the two of you.
~ You both help each other grow, he inspires you to become stronger and more open with your abilities, and you inspire him to be able to take the time and consideration he needs for himself.
~ The two of you work very well together, and have a very strong and sturdy relationship. No matter the difficulties you find yourself in, you two work past it!
Bonus: He’s probably taken you to meet his mother, due to your nature. And his mother appreciates you just as much as her son. She’s especially grateful that you make her son as happy as he is!
~ Despite you being a natural wallflower, you managed to catch his eye pretty easily. Even with all the comments he’s heard about his quirk and how villainous it sounds, you understood quickly of his reasons he pushed so hard to become a hero.
~ Though you never said much, you did try your best to defend him whenever another comment was brought up. Your main reasoning being, “Why have a quirk if you can’t use it? Your quirk shouldn’t have a right to define you anyway, it’s the person’s character that should.”
~ Shinsou soon found the courage to ask you out after he had watched from a distance. He was so curious about you that he just couldn’t help himself as to try and figure you out.
~ He loves taking you to cat cafes, and having nice movie dates in! Shinsou started to become enthralled by you in every way! He particularly loves to hear your laugh the most!
~ Hitoshi has a bit of a protective streak, if anyone is making fun of you or bullying you, he’s quick to use his quirk to get the people off of you and make sure you’re okay.
~ He understands that sometimes your shyness can be a bit of an issue, but he’s got your back and is always willing to assist you in any way he can!
~ You’re just as much of a blushy flustered mess as he is! Which made trying to find the courage for either of you to ask each other out really hard. In the end you had your friend pass on the message in hopes to spare you some!
~ When Izuku agreed to go on a date with you, neither had a clue as to what you wanted to do. “Well it’s up to you!” “No, I insist, you decide what we do!” Both of you ended up getting ice cream and wandering around trying to figure out what to do next.
~ You love helping him fill out his notebooks with the facts and notes about heroes and quirks! The two of you get overly excited and ramble on forever about them at times.
~ He’s just happy to see you show some of that energy with him, it makes him feel relieved you feel comfortable enough to be so social and excited over a common interest! (Poor dude almost starts tearing up at the thought he’s just so honored.)
~ He’s totally asked All Might on advice on what he should do for you in terms of dates, gifts, etc. Which ends up mostly turning into a ramble of how much he loves you until figuring it out on his own and thanking him, even if he didn’t say a word.
~ Izuku is really glad that he has someone like you who believes in him and is there to support him during his more confusing times. You just have a way of calming him that helps him figure things out faster than he does already!
~ You two work so well together that sometimes people even question how Aizawa managed to find you in the first place. But the truth was that you had found him!
~ The two of you actually met at a cat cafe, both of you being teachers at different schools with different age ranges and having some nice downtime while also grading papers.
~ Your understanding and kind nature helps when he’s typically very busy with everything going on at U.A. as well as his hero career. Both of you appreciating the quiet nights in, sometimes just simply napping together.
~ You also help calm him down when you know he’s starting to overwork himself. He’s more willing to hear that he needs a break from you, as he can also unwind with you better.
~ Even with Aizawa’s brutal honesty towards others, you know deep down it’s because he cares more than he likes to lead on. All of Class 1-A loves you as well and talks about you sometimes.
~ He likes getting some thoughts and opinions from you as you also tend to have a different perspective of things than he does. You two could talk all night about topics without any kind of malice towards each other, one of his more favorite qualities with you!
~ Honestly, he kind of intimidated you at first by how naturally loud and boisterous he can be! It was more of your kind and understanding nature that calmed you down enough to try and hold conversation with him!
~ Hizashi made sure to adapt to your boundaries when it came to him being so open and talkative, compared to your shy and quiet.
~ When you two finally started dating there was a lot of confused looks, but you two actually get along more than people assume!
~ He helps you try and become more social, little by little without overstepping your own boundaries and limits! Hizashi quickly realizes you can be quite affectionate when others aren’t around, so he loves to just simply cuddle you in content silence after a long day at work
~ He’ll write and try and sing you little cheesy songs about things he loves about you or even just things that you do. It’s very goofy and sweet, he loves hearing you laugh and find more energetic moments with him.
~ There’s a very sweet balance between the two of you, with a very strong line of communication! Neither of you wouldn’t have it any other way!
~ Toshinori isn’t necessarily a loud man, but he isn’t quiet by any means either. Of course you had known him as All Might, and there was always a strong sense of confidence there, but you knew that there must be something deeper than that.
~ When he showed you his true form he was honestly a little nervous and worried about how you’d react! He didn’t want you to push him away because he didn’t seem like how he was as All Might.
~ But you helped calm his nervousness when you hugged him gently, a kind smile on your face. It didn’t matter what he looked like on the outside or how he even acted, deep down this was truly him and you loved him regardless!
~ You always make sure to care for him when he goes past his limits or when he just finds himself in a lot of pain due to the surgeries he’s had in the past. You’re his support when he needs it the most. Even number one heroes can’t all be strong at times.
~ There’s always a lot of sweet and gentle touches between you two no matter his form. Your smile always reminds him of the sweet sunshine. He was honestly falling so in love with you and there was worries in his mind that there will come a time he can’t protect you or save you…
~ But then you kiss his cheek, intertwine your hands with his, and sometimes he can’t help but think that maybe you’re the one saving him.
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delicatelyherdreams · 2 years ago
Three Little Words
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: They’re just three little words, but they’re the most difficult things you’ve ever had to say.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 984
Tumblr media
No one had told you that saying three little words were so difficult to say. No one had ever described the amount of planning, plotting, and scheduling it would take to squeak them out.
“I”, “love”, and “you”.
Three single syllable words arranged to form a sentence.
But never was there a more impossible task than saying them out loud.
You and Bucky had been dating for a year. You’d thought the words so many times. 
I love this man.
I love him.
I love you.
But for some reason your vocal chords never thought to make them an audible noise. And so you kept them in your mind.
Those three little words.
There were so many times you thought you’d say it—at your anniversary dinner, when he brought you the lunch you’d forgotten at home, when you were lying in bed—but it was almost as if the words were lying dormant in your throat, not yet ready to emerge.
It was date night in and you were having  Parsnip & Celery Root Bisque. It was a “simple but elegant” soup from around the time Bucky was a kid. You’d picked it out especially for him because you knew it would be like a taste of home.
The soup had turned out just like how the recipe said it should and it was absolutely delicious. You were proud of your accomplishment and you couldn’t help but sit up a little straighter at dinner.
Bucky smirked at you from his spot across from you at the table. “Well you seem smug. Any reason?”
You chuckled. “No, no reason at all. I’m just glad that the soup turned out so good.”
He nodded in agreement. “It is pretty good, thank you for making it.” His eyes crinkled at the corners with his smile and he lifted up his spoon to his lips.
You nibbled at your lip, a smile of your own pulling at them. No matter how many times you’d seen his smile, it never ceased to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
The meal passed by quickly. The conversation was never boring with him and before you knew it, your bowls were empty and the dishes needed to be done.
Dishes were always your least favorite part of date night. You dreaded carrying the mountain over to the sink and washing them by hand—you were really going to have to get a dishwasher one of these days—but they had to be done. And so you begrudgingly rose to your feet and began to clear the table. You carried the bowls and spoons over to the sink where the pots and knives you’d used to make the soup were already waiting. Swiping on the faucet, you wedged the sink plug into its space and dropped a healthy dollop of dish soap into the rising water.
You rolled your shoulders back and took a deep breath as you prepared yourself to begin the tedious chore of dish washing. But you never got to do it because you were stopped by a voice.
“Oh, Doll,” Bucky said standing up and taking long strides to get to your side. “Don’t worry about these; you already made dinner. I’ll do the dishes for you.” He nudged you away from the sink, rolled up his sleeves, and plunged his hands into the soapy water.
You couldn’t help the relieved and love-filled sigh that escaped from your mouth and you gazed up as you unconsciously said, “I love you.”
His hands froze in the sink as soon as the last syllable fell from your lips, and you didn’t realize you had even said it until a shaky “What?” slipped out of his mouth. 
You stopped short as you looked up at him, surprised that you had even said it. After all this time, after all he’s done, it was him volunteering to do the dishes for you that triggered the words.
“I... I...” You couldn’t find the words again. They were stuck in a lump in your throat.
Bucky had stopped washing the dishes and turned to look down at you, his blue eyes incredulous. “Tell me again,” he said in a voice that was just barely above a whisper. “Please...”
His quiet begging seemed to jump-start your voice, and the three little words bubbled to the surface again.
“I... I love you.”
“Again.” He’d pulled his hands out of the water and dried them by now, and he turned so he was facing you. With trembling hands, he reached forward to take yours. “Please,” he begged once more.
You stared up into his eyes, warmth pooling in the pit of your stomach as the butterflies flitted about. “I love you.”
He leaned down and pressed his forehead against yours, squeezing your hands gently. “Again.” His eyes fluttered shut as he prepared to listen, your words undoubtedly like music to his ears.
You bit your lip in a smile and stared up at him through your lashes. “I. Love. You.”
His lips curled up in a satisfied smile, his eyes still closed but his expression nice and relaxed. “Doll... I love you too.” He leaned in more to close the distance between you and press his lips against yours.
You sighed out of your nose as your lips merged in a loving kiss. 
But this kiss was almost... different. Because things in general were going to be different from then on out.
The way you moved around each other was different. The way you held each other was different. The way you looked at each other was different. Your dynamic was different.
But it was good. It was so good. It was filled with love and tender touches that set your hearts ablaze.
All because of those three little words. After all, it was those three little words and the undeniable truth they held that made all the difference.
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navybrat817 · 8 months ago
Captain’s Orders
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: Mission or not, Steve needs some relief with his best girl. Word Count: 1,350 Warnings: Explicit sexual content, sexting, dirty-talking Steve. It’s porn. 18+ Please!!! This is not beta-read, so any and all mistakes are my own
Ask from @stxvercgersslut​:  Steve sexting his baby girl whilst he’s in the motel he has to stay at whilst he’s on an under cover mission.  Bold text belongs to Steve. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
One of the downsides of being with Captain America meant time apart. The world was still a dangerous place and he wanted to help. You couldn't fault him for that. And you knew as much as you hated being separated from him, he hated it even more. 
"I don't like being without my best girl."
That's what he always told you before he left, which was usually right after he fucked you within an inch of your life. If people only knew how dirty and insatiable Steve Rogers was in the bedroom. You were lucky enough to earn that privilege. 
The mission itself surprised you when he said he had to go undercover. You had to remind yourself that not everyone knew who he was. Thanks to Bucky and Nat, he had also upped his espionage skills. But operations like this usually meant you couldn't actually talk to him, just in case anyone was listening. It was disappointing since you loved the sound of his voice. 
You were happy though when you heard the familiar sound from your phone, setting your book aside to grab it. Texting was a nice compromise. At least this way you knew he was safe. And it made the distance bearable. 
"Hey, baby girl. Back in my room for a while. I'm safe."
You smiled as you began to type. The pet names were always sweet. And you were relieved that he was okay.
"I'm glad. I hope you can get some rest."
"Are you resting?"
You giggled. Since he wasn't there to blow your back out, you actually were relaxing more.
"Curled up with a book. Wearing one of your shirts."
"Always stealing my shirts."
It always got a reaction when he saw you in his clothes. And you liked wearing them because they smelled like him.
"Not as warm without you here. How's your room?"
"I'll warm you up when I get back. It's nice and warm."
You smiled to yourself, knowing he always ran warm, before your phone pinged again.
"Almost as warm as your tight, wet pussy."
You almost dropped your phone as you read the text once again. Twice. You definitely read it correctly. Was he... sexting you? You hoped so. This was something the two of you hadn't done and you had to admit it was exciting.
"Do you miss my cock, baby girl? Do you feel empty without me?"
You exhaled and nodded, even though he couldn't see you. Yes, you missed his big, thick cock. 
"I miss it. I miss you."
As soon as you hit send, you cringed. He was trying to be sexy and you sounded a bit clingy.
"I miss you, too."
You closed your eyes, imagining his gentle voice whispering that in your ear. Your eyes flew open as you heard another ping.
"When I get back, I'm going to show you how much I missed you. Maybe I'll fuck your mouth for foreplay. You're always so needy for it. And you should be after I taught you how to suck my cock."
You let out a whine, your throat dry as you remembered the first time you tried. He was so large, you had no idea how you would take him. Choking on a large dick wasn't a kink you knew you had until then. Actually, you were certain it was just a Steve kink. 
"Please, I want that. I want to get on my knees and take you in my mouth. I miss your taste. I miss you stretching me wide open."
You held your breath as you waited for the next message, rubbing your thighs together. The dancing dots were taunting you, flashing across your screen, before the next message popped up. 
"I know, princess. The first time I painted the inside of your soaked cunt, I knew you would be addicted to my cock. I ruined you, just like I promised."
Your breathing was heavier as Steve's smirk flashed in your mind. Of course, he ruined you. He destroyed you and put you back together. You were made to be taken, broken down and worshipped by this man.
"Back to me coming home. I may skip your mouth and just have you spread those pretty legs for me. You better be wet for me. I want to see that shine before I dive in."
Moaning, you lifted his shirt just enough to slide your hand into your panties. If he could only see you now and feel just how wet you were for him...
"I'll stab my tongue nice and deep until you're crying. You'll beg for more. Just how I like it."
You should have typed something back, but you were so aroused. You wanted to let go just from the thought-
"But I won't let you come. You'll come on my cock or not at all."
Your hand stilled immediately as you read that, looking around. It was ridiculous. He wasn't there, but it was like he knew.
"I won't come until you say so, Captain."
"Good girl."
The praise made you moan again. You loved being good for him, especially when you were being bad. 
"I'll make you taste yourself just before I push inside you. You'll clench around me and try hard not to come right then. You'll be good though because I'm your Captain and you don't disobey me."
Your fingers began to move again, easily sliding two in just like he would. He had to be using that super soldier side to type fast. He couldn't be cool, calm and collected while you felt like you were about to go into heat.
"Wish I could see you now. I know you're fucking yourself with your fingers, wishing they were mine."
"I am, Captain. They aren't big enough."
"I know, princess, but keep going. Use your thumb on your clit."
Fuck, you wished you could hear him...see him. He was probably growling as he stroked himself, pumping into his hand like he would your tight heat.
"Going to flood you over and over. I want it dripping out of you. Or maybe I'll plug you, keep you nice and stuffed full of me."
Pleasure felt like it was going to burst from her chest. It was spreading everywhere. 
"Please. Let me come."
"You need to come? So do I, baby girl. I'm so hard for you it aches. I need to come so badly, but you aren't here for me to fill your fluttering hole."
You felt like you were going up in flames. God, your Captain was filthy and you loved every second of it.
"So you're just going to have to come with me...when I give the order."
Your heart pounded as your walls began to clench. You had to keep being good. Even if he wasn't here, he would know if you came too soon. And what kind of punishment would that bring?
"It feels so good. May I come, please?"
Those mocking dots made you want to scream as you waited. And waited...and waited still. If he built you up like this just to leave you high and dry, you would just have to borrow Bucky's arm and-
"Come for me. Scream my name, baby girl."
You dropped the phone again as your body shook, crying out your lover's name. You were shouting it to the heavens. You owed them a thank you for blessing you with this angel. You were still high from your orgasm when you grabbed the device again.
"My good girl. Made me come so hard for you. Wish you could lick me clean."
You wondered if it landed on his chest. You wished you could lick up every drop, too.
"I love you." 
The smile on your face was both giddy and tender. It always made your heart skip a beat.
"I love you, too."
"But I'm still hard. That means you have to give me at least one more."
You took back your thought that he was an angel. He was a you might as well sin with him.
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obxprincess · 2 years ago
Party Too Hard // Colson Baker (mgk)
REQUEST: You and Colson are different - you're shy, he's crazy lol But you started dating. Could you write something, maybe reader is late for a party, Colson invited her to, he thinks she won't come and that she is unsure with their relationship, so he parties even more, flirts, drinks tequila from a girl's belly button and in that moment yn comes? Angsty with fluff at the end :)
WARNINGS: angst, language
Tumblr media
The longer you stood in the middle of the room, the tighter and smaller it seemed to get. This was not your scene. At all. But being the good girlfriend you were, you tried to make Colson happy by coming to have fun with him and the rest of your guys' friends.
You had a few drinks here and there but nothing to get you blackout wasted where you couldn’t remember anything from the night before. You were a homebody and liked to lounge on the couch and watch movies all day rather than sit around at parties and watch your friends get smashed.
His life was a whole other story compared to yours: Partying, drinking, smoking, and girls. Everything Colson loved including you, at least that's what your heart and mind hoped for.
Your eyes weren't believing it so much the farther you walked into the mansion like house. Cheering and hollering echoed around the room and that's when you reached the kitchen and spotted your handsome boyfriend, who was undeniably wasted by the way his tall figure stumbled around and eyes darted in every direction.
His shirt was off, exposing the many of tattoos he had, and people gathered around him as a girl you didn't recognize laid back on the counter in front of him with a lime in her mouth and salt and tequila covering her stomach all the way up to where her shirt stopped just below her breasts.
He licked up the contents on her stomach and took the lime out of her mouth, hearing the crowd's cheers get louder afterwards. But even then, it didn't stop. You watched as she laughed at something he said, her hand reaching out to touch his chest. He didn't bother to stop her. They communicated like they were in a relationship and here you were, gazing at them like a lost puppy.
"What are you doing here, Y/N?" you thought.
To watch him embarrass you and make you feel like a worthless girlfriend, because it sure as hell was working.
"Y/N!" someone screamed in your ear and an arm that belonged to one of your best friends wrapped itself around you. "I'm so glad you came! Kells has been talking nonstop about-- Hey, what's with the frown?"
Your eyes met a pair of blue ones and Colson’s form was now becoming more aware of what he was doing upon hearing his girlfriend's name being called out among the crowd. Your gaze didn't waver from his until you just couldn't stand to look at him anymore without wanting to scream and cry at him.
Her mouth parted when she realized what was happening and squeezed your shoulder while saying, "He's an asshole, Y/N." You gave her a forced smile and left the room, not bothering to look at your boyfriend who was having the time of his life without you.
"Fuck," he hissed, immediately following after you.
You stalked out of the house in search of your car and felt like a huge weight was lifted off your shoulders now that you were outside where you could actually breathe.
"God," you sighed, blinking away the wetness that pricked your eyes. You weren't going to cry over him. Not after what you just witnessed when he specifically told you that he wanted you here with him. You were a little late and he does this shit.
"Fuck these heels," you muttered, "and this tight fucking dress." A stray tear trailed down your cheek and you wiped it away while huffing.
"Y/N!" Colson's deep voice called out through the dark streets.
You ignored him and internally cheered when you spotted your car lined up with the rest of the many vehicles parked outside on the curb.
You could hear his footsteps getting closer until you were sure he was right behind you.
Reaching your car, you opened the driver's door but Colson's hand quickly slammed it shut. You closed your eyes momentarily when his gentle voice filled your ears.
"Baby, please talk to me."
He knew he made a huge mistake, and the look in your eyes when he glanced at you was the last thing he ever wanted to see from you. He's done a lot of stupid shit in his life, but losing you would be the biggest mistake he's ever made.
"Please," he begged when you were silent.
"I don't want to talk," you croaked and shifted so you were looking at him. A rush of guilt hit Colson in the face when he had to stare in your puffy, blood shot eyes that didn't hold the same glint they did whenever you were together.
"I'm so fucking sorry." His hands cupped your face while staring down at you. "I don't know what I was doing."
You laughed dryly and pulled away from him. "But you do. You made the choice to lick the tequila off her stomach and you made the choice to let her touch in more than a friendly way, Colson."
"You're right. I should've told her," he said, taking a step towards you. Your back was pressed against the car door and his tall frame loomed over you, blonde hair disheveled as usual that made you want to run your fingers through it.
"I j-just don't understand. I told you I was coming tonight."
He breathed in deeply, trying to find the right words. "I was— second guessing us," he murmured, not meeting your eyes that widened.
"Our relationship?"
"Because someone like you shouldn't be with someone like me. I party, a little too hard, and I do dumb shit. Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone like that?
You were shocked at Colson. His confession made you realize he had insecurities too. What if you didn't like his friends? What if you didn't like that he partied too much? So many what ifs but it didn't matter when it came down to how you felt about the man standing in front of you.
"Colson, I want to be with you because you make me happy. I love you if that isn't too obvious."
He chuckled, but it wasn't enthusiastic. "I'm such an idiot."
"A big one," you agreed and let him lean down so his nose brushed yours, eyes flickering down to your rosy lips. His arms trapped you against the vehicle and alcohol mixed with cologne floated around you.
"I really am sorry. I just want you to be sure about what you want because this life is... crazy as hell."
You grinned and leaned in. "I'd like to be a part of it." Your lips met and moved slowly against each other's. His hands found the sides of your neck and held you in place, his weight pressing you against the car.
"You forgive me?" he asked.
"Take me home and I’ll think about it."
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captainchrisfics · 2 years ago
About: Chris Evans and a first person pov reader go to an awards show. The couple runs into her celebrity crush on the red carpet, causing Chris to develop a bit of a green-eyed monster. A heated argument ensues... followed by an equally heated reconciliation. 
Word Count: 2,873
Warnings: language, arguing, and implied/mild sexual content.
Tumblr media
Don’t get me wrong, celebrities rarely surprised me anymore. Once you see Scarlett Johansson hanging out in your living room, you just start to get used to it. When Anne Hathaway comes up to you and compliments your boyfriend for his latest film, you think that’s as good as it gets. I thought that too- well, until Ryan Gosling was about an arm’s reach away from me on the red carpet.
“Chris,” I hissed through my teeth as I smiled, trying to draw the least amount of attention as possible. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ryan walk towards the next interviewer. My grip tightened on Chris’s arm, pulling him with me. “What’s wrong?” Chris asked, moving his face as little as possible. It was always hilarious- how his eyebrows scrunched together and his eyes squinted, making his smile look so much more like a grimace on the red carpet.
“That’s Ryan Gosling,” I said like I still couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, a microphone was in my face. “What was that?” an interviewer asked. “Are you a Gosling fan, too?” I usually didn’t like to answer so blatantly, but I was already caught off guard. I tucked a fallen piece of my updo behind my ear and said, “Of course. With his blonde hair and those blue eyes, he’s just gorgeous.” It came out breathier than I intended, but I wasn’t even looking at the camera. I couldn’t stop staring at Ryan, just a few feet away.
“What do you think about that, Chris?” she asked, shoving the mic toward him. Chris cleared his throat, bringing attention to how tense he’d grown. Chris scratched the back of his neck and forced a chuckle, trying to play off how uncomfortable he was. I didn’t think much of it considering he was always pretty uncomfortable on the red carpet. “I mean, she’s still on my arm right?”
I patted his arm, trying to calm him down. It was a terrible joke but the interviewer laughed anyway. She said something about how he might have to keep bleaching his hair even though his Cap contract was up, which Chris laughed at just to be nice. I tugged us away again, hoping we could catch up to my celebrity crush.
Eventually, at the end of the media circus, we ran into him. Well, I did. I had locked in on my target and failed to calculate exactly how fast I was going and (more importantly) how much time I would need to stop. That’s how I all but tackled Ryan fucking Gosling to the ground. As I apologized profusely, he steadied me with a hand on my waist. “Moving a little fast there,” Ryan said, smirking at me. I giggled and glanced away, trying to hide my blush as I offered another feeble apology.
Behind me, Chris cleared his throat. He grabbed my hand, shoving the other in his pocket and puffing out his chest. Chris had this hard look in his eye I’d only seen him have in that Scott Pilgrim movie. Needless to say, I didn’t like it. “Almost lost you,” he said, pulling me into his side. When Chris wrapped his arm around my waist, it felt more like he was trying to hold me back.
“Glad you found me,” I responded. I rubbed my arm out of a nervous habit, feeling a bit awkward. Ryan looked between the two of us, reading the situation seamlessly. He held up his hands in surrender and smiled in an attempt to ease some of the tension. “No worries here man. It’s been nice to meet you both,” Ryan said calmly, taking a couple steps back. Then he turned around and disappeared into the crowd.
“The hell was that about?” I asked Chris, all but stomping my foot. I don’t know what brand of toxic masculinity he had for breakfast, but there’s no excuse for being so possessive. Chris sucked on his teeth and avoided my angry stare as he tried to come up with anything that would sound rational coming out of his mouth.
Chris shook his head. “Later,” he said, effectively ending any conversation. In another circumstance, I would’ve pushed him harder to talk, but these events stressed him out enough as is. I could always give him hell later, but right now he didn’t need me to be another problem on his plate. Don’t get me wrong though- I was planning on giving him hell.
Chris was extremely quiet. Usually, after the media fiasco the red carpet offered, he relaxed. We spent events like these making jokes to each other, coping with how crazy all of it was and relishing in the dream we were living. Instead, I sat as far away as I could from Chris without falling out of my seat. His silence was even more deafening amidst the stars around us as they talked and laughed with each other all around us.
His stone face only cracked when he was nominated for an award. All the cameras were on us so we smiled and held hands while the announcers created tension and I hoped the viewers wouldn’t notice our unease. The last thing I needed on top of a moody boyfriend was an internet shit storm.
Chris won and, no matter how annoyed I could be with him, I was overwhelmed with pride. Even in our worst moments, we remained supportive of one another. I always reminded myself that it wasn’t Chris against me or vice versa- it was the two of us against our problem. I stood up almost faster than he did and pulled Chris in for a kiss by the lapels of his suit, hoping it conveyed exactly that. The frustrated crease between his eyebrows hadn’t faded, but that didn’t stop Chris from mouthing an ‘I love you’ in my direction.
I sat down again, watching him accept the small statue as he grinned at the audience. “Wow…” Chris looked at the gleaming award again before facing the cameras. It gave me a sinking feeling in my stomach, thinking about how he seemed so much more relaxed and happier on the stage- like a weight of sitting next to me evaporated despite hundreds if not thousands of eyes on him.
Chris launched into his acceptance speech, thanking everyone involved in the project, his family, and then me. I hated how a part of me questioned if it was just for show. He thanked me for sticking by his side and my first thought was if it was meant to be some sort of jab. I shifted uncomfortably but smiled nonetheless, knowing someone’s camera had to be on me.
I thought closing the front door behind me and blocking out the rest of the world would be a relief, but it was just more nerve-wracking. Neither of us were in the mood for an after party so we came straight home, though I don’t know if we thought this through. Now we were alone and not quite sure where to go from here.
I wanted to yell at him for being such an insufferable, pig-headed idiot. For embarrassing me in front of everyone like that. For shutting me out all night. For even thinking I’d want anyone other than him. I had countless reasons I’ve been coming up with since the red carpet, but it was almost like the air was too thick for such angry words.
We stood in front of the dresser in our bedroom, taking off the glitz and glam and turning into a normal arguing couple again. I mean, how many people got into fights over meeting your celebrity crush on the red carpet and had to wait until after an award show to talk about it? I think we both felt pretty bizarre. “So, are we going to talk or…?” Chris asked tentatively, tossing his suit jacket on to our bed before working on his bow tie.
If it were possible, steam would’ve come out of my ears. That ‘us against the problem’ shit was out the window. “Don’t you dare ask me if we’re going to talk as if I’m the one giving you the cold shoulder, Christopher,” I fumed at his reflection, tugging on my heavy earring probably harder than I should to get the backs off.
Chris, who was still struggling with his bowtie considering I was usually the one taking it off, nearly choked himself by tugging on the left. “I’m sorry,” he said sarcastically. “Is that not how you and Ryan argue? Maybe I could apologize until I turned blue and then we’d kiss and make up. Would that be better?” I wanted to strangle him, but instead, I reached over and pulled the right side of the tie.
“I can’t believe you just went there,” I said, my voice coming out louder than I intended. I began taking the bobby pins out of my updo. Before he’d even gotten his belt buckle undone, Chris shot back, “Trust me, I just went there.” I grunted through gritted teeth, taking out my frustrations with Chris on my hair. He reached over and twisted the pin just right, causing the curl to fall before throwing the clip onto the dresser.
“You’re such a jealous ass sometimes, you know that?” I yelled, sending the last of my pins flying across the tabletop. We made eye contact in the mirror, but I could still see how red my reflection was turning. “Please, tell me about it,” Chris said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. I ripped a makeup wipe out of the package, scrubbing furiously at the mascara and eyeliner under my eye as I assured him I would.
“You are! I’d never even seen Ryan in person before, but wow I find one guy other than you attractive and suddenly it’s the silent treatment,” I said, feeling like my blood was boiling. I was on a roll now. “Oh, and don’t even get me started on that jab about my commitment in your speech! That was a low blow, Chris, especially considering all I did was say sorry for running into someone,” I said as almost every thought cycling through my mind tumbled out of my mouth.
Chris laughed sarcastically, throwing his belt onto the bed harder than he’d tossed his jacket. “Is that what you call it?” he spat. Chris did his best to mock my bedroom eyes, twirling a piece of pretend hair and giggling like a little girl. He really aced his impression of me with some air-headed remark about getting Ryan to bed, but all I could hear was the blood pounding in my ears.
I threw out my dirty makeup wipes, trying not to pout while showing exactly how unamused I was, feeling the angry tears brimming my eyes. Chris had a look in his eye that told me he knew he’d gone too far. He averted his eyes, focusing intently on unbuttoning his shirt like it was his first time.
“Do you even see yourself?” I said quietly, running out of fire as my rage was replaced with hurt. I tugged at the exceptionally small clip holding my necklace together. Anyone who was at all familiar with those little latches shaped like crab claws knew they required the utmost concentration, which I was lacking right now. Chris moved behind me. I complied with an annoyed huff, lifting my hair out of his way. He had it off in record time, leaving the two of us staring at ourselves in the mirror.
“Do you want him?” Chris asked in a low voice like he was afraid of the answer. My heart clenched in my chest, shocked he could even think such a thing. Still, I crossed my arms and let the vindictive side of me win. “What if I do?” I challenged, failing to convince even myself. I wasn’t proud to admit it, but as I was suddenly surrounded by all of my sadness, I wanted Chris to feel a fraction of it.
Chris closed his eyes for a second and let out a shaky breath before gently grabbing my waist, turning me to face him. Now just inches away from him instead of a few feet from his reflection, I saw how blue his irises looked, exaggerated by the agitated red the whites of his eyes turned when he cried. In my anger and pain, I hadn’t realized how this fight was affecting him.
Chris caressed my face, running his thumb across my cheek. He wiped away tears I didn’t notice falling. Suddenly, with every ounce of passion he had left, Chris kissed me. It was like diving into a freezing pool, filled with the kind of water so cold it shocks all of your senses awake, and coming up for your first gasp of air at the same time. His force sent us stumbling backward until I hit the dresser. I wrapped my arms around his neck while Chris lifted me by my thighs, sitting me on top of the table with a disregard for whatever clattered to the ground to make room for me.
My hands traveled down his torso, relishing in each bump his stomach offered before slipping under the fabric of his open button-down. Chris wrenched his arms, helping me take it off. He nearly tore off his undershirt before diving back into a kiss. I tucked my index fingers in the belt loops of his trousers, pulling him between my legs. Chris tangled his fingers in my hair, moving his mouth down my jaw until he reached the soft patch of skin behind my ear. He elicited a gasp from me as he nibbled gently, testing the waters. The involuntary arch of my back, pressing my body to his as my chest rose quickly seemed to be the encouragement he was looking for.
My eyes fluttered closed as he moved down my neck, stopping to suck on my collarbone. I reached to lay my hands on his chest, loving how the muscles felt clenched under my touch. If I really tried, I could feel his heart beating rapidly. I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him as close to my hips as I possibly could. Feeling him pressing against the inside of my thigh made me smug, reminding me as I came undone that he was just as affected by my touch.
Chris reached behind me, unzipping my dress. He tugged the top down so it sat at my waist before touching me over my bra. I hadn’t noticed how thin the material was until now when it was one of the only layers between us. I found the button of his pants, fumbling to release him.
Keeping one hand kneading at my chest, he slipped the other up my skirt through the dress’s slit. His fingers toyed with the lacy trim of my underwear, teasing me as he tugged the fabric down my thigh so slow it was almost frustrating. He stopped suddenly and instead traced the curve of my hips up to my chest until he reached my hair again, tangling his fingers in the strands as he kissed me again.
Chris licked my bottom lip and I complied, absolutely at his mercy. He pulled away again before I was satisfied, leaving me right on the edge. He prided himself on making me as desperate for him as I possibly could be until he gave me what I wanted. Chris traveled to my ear again. “He wouldn’t know how to do this to you,” Chris whispered so faintly, giving me goosebumps all over.
It dawned on me exactly how we ended up here. I pushed Chris away, scowling at him. “You can’t kiss me like that and make this go away,” I scolded, half-heartedly angry he’d even tried.
Chris shook his head and rubbed the back of his neck. “You’re right, I’m sorry,” he said, sounding so defeated it almost made me feel bad. Almost. He looked at me with so much sincerity in his eyes. “For all of it. I’m sorry for everything. I was stupid and jealous and shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I love you so much,” Chris professed, the words tumbling out of him like he’d wanted to say them all along. “It wasn’t cool to try to brush over it like that, but I just…” Chris trailed off, trying to find the right words. “I just wanted to know you were still mine,” he concluded, averting his eyes to the floor.
I bit my lip, teasing Chris as if I even had to think about it. “I love you too,” I grinned so big it hurt, my lips still slightly sore from the kiss. I reached my hand out to his, playing with his long, calloused fingers before intertwining mine with his. “I’ll always be yours. I don’t want you to feel so insecure in our relationship. We’re gonna have to talk about it,” I said, looking up shyly only to be greeted with Chris’s grin. It was so big it squeezed his eyes shut. “Later,” I giggled as I pulled him towards me, picking up where we’d left off.
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whipped-for-kpop-fics · 3 years ago
Tease & Punishment
sub! surprise BTS member x reader (Y/N)
It’s smut, come on guys, why do you expect anything else from me these days?
This is longer than I ever intended, sorry
Tumblr media
A whine of complaint left your lips as you picked out your mission. The boys around you started to laugh at your misfortune. Even though they didn't know what your slip of paper held, they knew you were not excited about it.
"Really?" You complained. "Who even wrote this?"
"Show us!" Taehyung encouraged but you held the paper to your chest protectively.
"That's against the rules!" Jimin announced. "We can't show our missions or who we have until tonight." Taehyung pouted but didn't push you any further.
"Pick a name, Y/N." Yoongi reminded, shaking the tin with 8 slips of neatly folded paper inside. You groaned but reached in and picked one out. You refused to open it in front of them, afraid you'd give your member away.
"What if it's her own name?" Jungkook asked, looking around at his seven elder friends.
"Ah, she can't change it when we all leave." Namjoon realised.
"I'll get someone to check." You decided, getting up from your space on the floor to walk over to one of the staff members running around tidying, up after the episode of Run BTS the seven males had just shot while you watched.
You couldn't remember how it had ended up with the eight of you sat in the circle on the floor repeating the mission game they had played for the episode.
Each of you was given a strip of paper to write a mission down on to put into the first tin. Yoongi then wrote all of your initials on separate pieces of paper and put them in the second tin.
You had only agreed to the game because Jungkook begged cutely and you could never say no to his aegyo, unfortunately, everyone including him knew how weak you were to him acting that way. He had gotten you into a lot of awkward situation because of it.
The staff member looked at the paper and confirmed that is wasn't your initials before handing it back, allowing you to return to your friends.
One by one, they picked out their missions and you were glad to find you weren't the only one opposed to what the paper said.
"Can't we swap?" Jin whined. "I don't want to do this."
"We can't," Namjoon replied before you could agree with Jin and you both pouted. "It could give away our missions."
"He's right." Yoongi nodded, scowling at his paper. "So, we could just not do this." He suggested, looking at the group.
"Nope! I'm doing it!" Jungkook announced. "If you back out, you lose and I win." You all groaned yet again but nothing further was said about giving up the game. None of you wanted to lose to the maknae.
Looking down at your paper you grimaced.
Get them to kiss you.
You really debated making a new friendship group as you read those words again for the tenth time since arriving at the BTS house. Whoever wrote the mission masked their handwriting well and it irked you because you wanted to punish them for tasking you with something so awkward.
The moment you had seen your target's initials, your stomach turned. It's not that you had anything against him, he was incredibly attractive, all of them were, it was just that you two had grown up together and he was practically family. Sure the paper didn't specify where he had to kiss you, you figured your head would suffice but he had never once kissed you and you knew he wouldn't. He'd happily hug and hold you but kissing was too much affection to expect from Park Jimin.
"I wish I got you." You whined cuddling up to Taehyung where he stood looking in the fridge. He chuckled and turned to kiss your head. "I would've just passed!" He laughed harder and shut the fridge to put his arms around you.
"He has to kiss you, huh?" He hummed and you nodded into his shoulder, a pout on your lips. "I'm guessing it's not Jin-hyung either. He treats you like a child. Say you hurt your head and he'd kiss it better."
"I know." You sighed heavily and leant back. "Wait, how'd you guess my mission so easily, it could've been to cuddle you?"
"I saw him write it." He confessed in a whisper.
"Who?" He smirked down at you and you whined again. "Taeeee."
"Nope. Who did you get?"
"I'm not telling." You pouted and pulled away from him to open the fridge yourself.
"I'll tell you mine." He sang, tempting you. "I need to swap t-shirt with them." You looked at him curiously and eyed his shirt. He was wearing an oversized, pale grey buttoned shirt with ribbons on the arms.
"Hm, good luck." You giggled.
"Ah, I can do it." He nodded confidently. "I'm his hyung, he has to do what I say."
"Oh, Jungkook?" You realised and he smirked at you.
"So you have Jiminie, huh?" You just blinked at him a few times, shocked that he managed to trick you so easily. "I don't know what the others have but yours is probably the hardest, he'll never kiss you."
"Thanks for the vote of confidence." He giggled before skipping off, announcing he was going to fulfil his mission.
"Why is Tae so happy?" Jimin chuckled, walking into the kitchen.
"He said his mission is easy."
"Oh, you know what it is?" You nodded, grumbling to yourself under your breath as you pulled a bottle of water from the fridge and tossed it to him knowing that was what he wanted. He caught it and opened it as you pulled one out for yourself. "What is it?" You just looked at him. "What? You can know but not me?" He slapped on a pout and walked over to you. "Come on, tell me, Y/N."
"No." You glared at his full, pouting lips. "And get those things away from me." You pointed at his lips.
"Why?" He laughed running his fingers through his hair. "You said I have pretty lips before, many times."
"Doesn't mean I want them near me though." You scoffed, looking disgusted at the very thought.
You knew being straight up wouldn't get you anywhere with Jimin. You knew you'd have to manipulate him into getting your own way. Jimin had always liked to annoy you with things you didn't like and if you made him believe that was his incredibly soft, pillowy looking lips on your skin, you thought maybe he'd kiss you. You were not above trickery to complete your mission.
"Ah come on, my lips are great." He wrapped his arms around you and made kissy faces at you while you continued your facade of being disgusted.
"You said that about your thighs but, I've seen better." He froze, offended by your insult before holding you tighter and trying harder to reach you. "Ewwww." You whined trying to turn away.
"Whose thighs are better than mine, huh?" He asked threateningly, pulling your body against his making you lean back to "escape" his lips.
"Jealousy isn't a good colour on you."
"Who? Tell me, or I'll kiss you!"
"You wouldn't dare!" His breath fanned over your cheek as he got even closer and you stopped leaning back. "Okay this is really hurting my back, we're not all as flexible as you, Jiminie."
"Tell me who has better thighs than me then." Your back really was hurting so you caved.
"Jungkook." Jimin froze then straightened up quickly, pulling you with him.
"Ahhh, I see why you're not fighting me properly." He hummed. You raised an inquisitive eyebrow at him as you rubbed your lower back. "I have to kiss you, don't I?" He grinned when your face dropped. "Ha!" He jumped back excitedly clapping his hands. "You'll never succeed! Though you were close, I'll admit."
"What gave me away?"
"I've never been able to hold you so long. I may be stronger than you but you're usually such a wriggler and you don't usually play so fair. If you wanted to get away, you would've."
"Dammit, you know me too well."
"I do." He winked then sent you a kiss, smirking as you glared. "Ah, you really want my lips on you, don't you Y/N?"
"Don't say it like it's a personal preference."
"If you were against it, you wouldn't have even tried."
"I don't want the kid to win." Jimin sucked in his bottom lip and nodded in agreement.
"Neither do I so, I guess I'll have to try harder to complete my mission!" He giggled as you glared.
"What even is yours?" He smiled cutely at you. "What?"
"You wouldn't tell me Tae's."
"Really, you're going to play that game?" He smirked and stepped closer to you, backing you against the fridge and caging you in.
"Hm, I'll tell you mine if you tell me how sexy I am." He bartered. You just stared. "What?"
"Your ego is never sated, is it? You made me tell you how cute you are three times yesterday and now you want me to say how sexy you are?" He just nodded so you sighed heavily but gave in. "Park Jimin, you are a very sexy man and you know it so stop getting me to say this shit to you all the time." He grinned and picked his bottle off the top of the fridge where he had placed it when he blocked you in, to take a drink. "Now tell me your mission, idiot."
"You just completed it for me."
"What?" He pulled two slips of paper from his pocket and handed them to you. The smaller had your initials on and you sighed. You opened the second and your jaw dropped.
Have them tell you that you're sexy.
Your eyes lifted to glare at Jimin while he burst into laughter. "I hate you."
"No, you don't." He winked and pushed away as footsteps entered the room.
Jungkook was no longer ever surprised to find you and Jimin close to one another but Jimin had never pinned you like that and Jungkook felt his stomach turn. He quickly ignored it though to walk further into the room, picking up your water bottle from the table to drink from it.
"Well, have fun." Jimin cooed, turning and walking off.
"Hey! That's not fair! You should help me in return, Park!" You called. He turned at the doorway and smirked at you, before licking his lips slowly, teasingly.
"You'll have to work harder than that to earn these lips baby." He winked and glanced at Jungkook, his smirk returning before he left the two of you in the kitchen alone.
"Why did he say that?" Jungkook finally asked, glaring down at the bottle in his hands.
"My mission is to get hin to kiss me." You sighed. "He found it out."
"Oh! You got that!" He exclaimed and your eyes snapped up to him.
"I wrote that." He gulped when you stalked over to him and pushed him against the table roughly. "N-noona wha-"
"Shut up." You hissed and immediately, he closed his mouth. "What possessed you to write such a ridiculous thing?" He didn't answer, just stared at the floor. You grabbed his face and made him look at you. He whined and reached up to try and move your hand but you grabbed both of his and pinned them to the table. He let out a shaky breath at your rough, dominant actions. "Answer me, Jungkook." You ordered.
"I wanted you to get it." He answered obediently.
"Why?" He shook his head. "You better answer me, Jungkook or else your punishment will be more severe." His head snapped up to look at you. His eyes were wide and full of innocence and it made your stomach flip. You shook away the feeling though. Having inappropriate thoughts of Jungkook was not the way forward. Sure, he looked so wonderful right then, pinned down with his doe-like eyes staring up at you with something swirling in them that made your body press against his in hopes the emotion would reveal itself. And reveal itself it did when his pupils blew wide, darkening his eyes and he bit his bottom lip.
"Punish-punishment?" He stammered breathlessly.
"Mmhmm. It's your fault I'm playing this stupid game in the first place." You hissed. "And you wrote that stupid fucking mission which I will never be able to complete with Jimin as my target so you deserve to be punished, don't you?"
Jungkook didn't know why but, he nodded lightly in agreement. Excitement shot through your body at the response.
"Oh? You agree?" He nodded again. "Hm, good, that's a good boy." You purred, pushing your body as tight to his as possible and he whimpered in pleasure as your body pressed against his semi-hard dick through your clothing. "Oh, are you enjoying this baby boy? Is this turning you on?" He whimpered again but that time in complaint, in embarrassment. "Answer me, Jungkook."
"Y-yes no-noona, I-I like this." He caved, nodding his head."Please."
"Please what?" You tilted your head.
"Pu-punish me." Your eyebrows lifted in pleasant surprise.
"You think you can handle that?" He nodded enthusiastically. You hummed and moved back, giving him plenty of space. He frowned at the action, missing your body pressed against his. "I want you to wait for me in your room and while you wait, think of a safeword."
"Y-yes noona." He licked his lips before rushing upstairs to his room.
You decided to give him a minute to mentally prepare himself while you leant against the table and drank your water. Once the minute was up, you slowly made your way up to his room. Part of you wanted to run up there and have your way with the beautiful male but you imagined him pacing around impatiently, dick hard and visible against his jeans, eyes wide and full of anticipation and it made your body quiver in excitement.
When you finally entered his room, dilated pupils stared at you from behind the large, spinning office chair next to the desk. You closed the door and walked further in, placing the bottle in your hands on the desk as you stood on the other side of the chair to him. Your eyes started to travel his upper body, the only part you could see thanks to the chair back that he had his hands on, gripping the leather, and you scoffed only then realising he wasn't wearing his own plain, white t-shirt but a grey button-up shirt with ribbons on the wrists.
"How'd he even get you to agree to that?" You sighed. "The shirt." You explained seeing Jungkook's confused look.
"Hyung said you'd like it." He replied shyly, looking down at the chair.
"You swapped shirts with him because you thought I like that shirt?" He nodded. "You realise that was his mission, right? To swap shirts with you?" He nodded again. "And you don't care?"
"Why?" He swallowed thickly when you rolled the chair aside, leaving only air between you. "Well?"
"I want you to be attracted to me." Jungkook confessed and you couldn't help but smile. He was acting so cute and shy.
"You think a shirt will change how I view you?"
"I thought maybe if you like the shirt enough, you'll like me wearing it." You tutted and walked closer to hold his face and lift it so he would look at you. "Don't you like it, noona?" He frowned.
"I do like it." He smiled. "But I'd like it even better on the floor, babyboy." His smile dropped and the lust returned to his eyes. "You want to do that for me?" He nodded gently and you smiled before stepping back so you could get the full view as he started to unbutton the shirt. "Ah ah ah, slowly baby, let's not rush this, hm?"
"Sorry noona." His speed slowed as his hands worked the buttons carefully, trying to please you. Once all the buttons were undone, only a thin, vertical strip of his skin was visible to you and his hands dropped to his sides.
"Are you trying to tease me?" You asked and he shook his head. "Then take it off." Jungkook rolled his shoulders back and shook the material off of his torso, letting it drop to the floor. "Good boy." you hummed, raking your eyes over his skin, appreciating all the care and time he put into keeping his body perfect. "You're beautiful, babyboy."
"Thank you noona." His eyes lowered, overwhelmed by your compliment and obvious, hungry gaze lingering on his skin.
Your attention lowered down his bare skin, taking your time until you found the bulge in his jeans.
"Come here." You encouraged. He crossed the floor to stand in front of you. You manoeuvred him to press his shoulders against the frame of his bunk. He hissed as the cold poles touched his bare skin. "Did you think of a safeword?" He nodded. "Tell me what it is, I need to know what it is, Jungkook."
"Safeword." He answered. You looked up into his eyes amused. His cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
"You chose the word safeword as your safeword?" He nodded. "Well, it's to the point I suppose." You laughed and he relaxed realising you weren't opposed to it. "Now, you say that whenever you want to stop. If you say stop, I will continue. Understand?" He nodded. "I need verbal confirmation Jungkook."
"Yes noona, I understand." He answered firmly and you smiled.
"Good." You kissed the tip of his nose before lifting his hands and pinning them to the poles. He groaned at your sudden rough actions. "Did that hurt?"
"Good, because if so, you will not be able to handle me."
"I can handle it."
"That's what I like to hear. Good boy." You cooed, running your fingers down his arms slowly. "You keep your hands there until I say you can move them, understand?"
"Yes, noona." He nodded and you smiled.
"I should've played with you sooner, you're such a good boy for me." Your hands ran down his sides and he shivered at the feather light touch. Suddenly, you palmed his erection over his jeans and he moaned deeply. "Oh, you sound so good, Jungkookie. You better keep making those beautiful noises for me, okay?" He nodded and you moved your hands to open his jeans. His eyes dropped to watch as you knelt to pull his jeans down his legs. "Step out." You encouraged and he did so, allowing you to toss the material aside. Your gaze lifted to take in his full, almost naked form and you had to squeeze your thighs tight together to try and ease some of the throbbing between your legs. "Hm, you really are so beautiful. I don't know if I'll be able to hold myself back with you." As if to prove your point, you lifted your right hand to press it to his stomach before dragging your nails down his abs. His muscles tensed under your touch and he shuddered in pleasure, letting out a soft groan. "I don't want to punish you too much today, Jungkookie, I like hearing you moan too much and want to watch your face when you cum-" His body quivered at your words and you smirked, lifting your eyes to look him in the eye. "So if you tell me why you wrote that on the paper, I won't drag this out."
"Why did you write about getting someone to kiss you?"
"I wanted you to get it."
"I know, you said that but why?"
"I wanted to be your target." You tilted your head. You were amused at his confession.
"Are you saying you want to kiss me?" He nodded. "And you wanted to use this as an opportunity to?" Another nod from him and you moved to run your hand over his erection. He moaned and once again let his eyes move to watch your hand on his body. "You still want me to kiss you?"
"Right now?" You applied more pressure and his hips bucked at the sudden change.
"Yes, noona." He whined as you moved your hand away from his dick to rub his thigh.
"Even though I'm clearly busy playing with your dick?" Jungkook licked his lips and blinked a few times as he thought about it. You were surprised he even had to think about it. You thought any guy would choose to have pleasure over a kiss. His eyes found your lips and he nodded firmly. "Seriously?"
"I want to kiss you noona." He breathed pleadingly. "Please."
"Hm, nope." You smirked as he whined in complaint. "This is punishment, Jungkook, you don't get what you want." Up until this point, your left hand had been laid uselessly on your thighs so you lifted it to palm at his hard dick over his boxers. Jungkook's eyes fluttered closed and he moaned. "Keep that up and you'll get what you want soon enough babyboy."
It didn't take long for Jungkook's thighs to start shaking and a wet patch to appear on his boxers.
"Oh, are you going to cum?" You teased. He moaned deeply in response. "How close are you?"
"S-so-so fucking close." He groaned. You stroked him a few more times before removing your hands from his body entirely. His body shook as it tried to finish itself, his orgasm teetering on the edge but it fell backwards and started to ebb away. "Noona." He choked, looking at you with wide eyes full of betrayal. "Why?"
"You don't get to cum until I say so." He whined and tipped his head back against the bed. Your knees were really hurting by that point so you got up carefully, worried your legs were numb but they weren't luckily. You managed to just stand and admire Jungkook as he breathed heavily, trying to catch his breath and calm down for less than ten seconds before stepping forward to latch your lips onto his throat and suck. He groaned and it vibrated against your lips making you pull back at the tingling sensation you weren't used to. Jungkook made a move to lower his head to look at you but you gripped his jaw with your left hand to keep his head back so you could trail kisses over the skin of his neck and throat. You would stop to lick and suck at certain spots he reacted strongly to but you never made an attempt to mark his neck, you knew he'd get in trouble with the company and you didn't want that. Instead, you moved lower and marked his chest instead, a spot easily concealed to the public. Jungkook whined when your fingertips brushed over his nipple softly so, you repeated the action before moving your mouth over to circle it with your tongue. He moaned softly and took a large inhale.
"Noona." He spoke breathlessly. You leant back to look up at his face while removing your hand from his jaw so he could look at you. You had never seen such a dark, lust filled look before. Your own arousal heightened and you decided to stop playing around.
You straightened up to take his face into your hand gently to hold him still so you could press your lips to his. As he kissed you back, you felt his body move and opened your eyes to see him lowering his hands towards you. You quickly lowered your free hand to slap his inner thigh. He yelped and returned his hands to the bed frame. You hummed in approval and closed your eyes. It wasn't quite obvious when you wound up pressing your body against his and grinding against him but the fact of the matter is, it happened and he was moaning sweetly into your mouth.
"N-noona." He pleaded in between kisses. You broke the kiss to look at him. His eyes fluttered open to look at you with heavy lids. "C-can I cum now?"
"Hm, I don't know." You replied, moving your hips back while pressing your chest tight to his. "I don't know if you deserve it." You teased, moving your hand down to slide into his boxers. He gasped as your skin touched his erection. His head dropped back and his eyes rolled into his head as you gripped his hard dick and pumped it quickly, picking up a fast pace, twisting your wrist now and then before running your fingers over his precome coated tip.
"Please please please." He choked out in a beg. "I-I need to. I'll do whatever you want. Please noona." Your lips trailed up his neck and to his jaw. He turned his head to kiss you when your lips neared his own. "I'm so close." He whined, pulling out from the kiss, rolling his hips into your hand desperately. "Please noona."
"Okay babyboy." you agreed and he moaned in a relief. You stepped back and pushed his boxers down so you could both watch your hand run over his erection.
"Cum for me baby." You encouraged and he did, all over his stomach and chest while repeatedly moaning your name loudly, slurring the syllables together. "Ooh." You cooed impressed, still milking him for all he had.
"Ah plea-please." He begged, trying to pull from your grasp with his hips. "I-I can't." He bit his lip hard as you continued pumping him for a few more seconds before letting go.
"You've made a mess of my hand." you tutted, pretending to be mad as you lifted your hand to show him his cum on your fingers. He moaned at the sight. "You're cleaning this up."
"H-how?" You lifted your fingers to his mouth.
"Lick." You ordered. His eyes widened in surprise. "Well? What are you waiting for?" Slowly, Jungkook parted his lips until his tongue flicked out to cautiously taste his own release. He made a face as soon as it hit his tongue. "Now you see what you make girls taste?" He nodded. "Still, clean them up." He whined in complaint. "I'm sorry, what was that?" Your free hand ran down his body to gently squeeze his still sensitive dick and he shuddered.
"Sorry!" He exclaimed. "I'm sorry, I'll clean it please don't do that anymore, I can't handle it." He whimpered and you hummed in satisfaction as you let go. A breath of relief escaped his lips before he wrapped them around your fingers. You watched intrigued as he licked and sucked his cum from your digits until they were clean before pulling away with a pop.
"Good boy." You patted his cheek with your saliva covered fingers. He smiled shyly at you.
Vaguely, you remember seeing face wipes on the desk so you moved around Jungkook to grab the packet. "You can move your arms now." You announced and he did with a happy groan then rolled his shoulders. "Do they hurt a lot?" You asked softly as you opened the packet and pulled out a wipe to start cleaning up his torso.
"Just ache a little." He mumbled with a small yawn. He tried to take the wipes from you but you slapped his hands away. Jungkook watched with a tired smile as you cleaned him up carefully, paying attention so you didn't miss anything. Once you tossed away the dirty wipes you put the packet down and handed him the bottle of water. "Thank you noona." He smiled gratefully and accepted the drink to down the remainder while you pulled his boxers back onto his hips.
"You get yourself dressed then come down, okay?" You smiled, taking the empty bottle from his hands.
"Wh-what?" He frowned. "Is that it?"
"You're too sensitive, Kook, you can't handle having your dick played with anymore." You scoffed walking to the door.
"I know but, I didn't get to touch you." He frowned. "Can't I touch you?"
"There's less than an hour left to complete our missions." You stated opening the doors. "I thought you wanted to win."
"I don't want to win anymore, I want you." He whined and really, who were you to argue that?
Tumblr media
I love sub Jungkook
This was supposed to end with some good hard sex but, it was getting too long so i made myself stop writing
I write too much Jungkook smut for someone who doesn’t even bias him
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katsushimaa · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
—for a neat freak like Sakusa, it’s understandable why he wouldn’t want a roommate. unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have much of a choice with you in the picture.
pairing: gn!reader x sakusa kiyoomi
word count: 2.6k
A/N: the way i crammed this so hard 😩 anyway here’s a soft sakusa, def considering renting an apartment instead of a dorm room just so i fan experience this lmaoo
Tumblr media
Out of all the words that Sakusa can use to describe Komori, a liar isn’t one of them. 
Well, until now. 
“You told me I was going to live alone!” Sakusa yelled into the phone, frustration dripping out of his voice. “So why is this person here?”
Your hold on the handle of your luggage tightens as the curly-haired boy glared at you, sending chills down your spine. This isn’t what you expected before you entered your apartment. You expected to have small talk with your new roommate, be instant best friends with them, and have the time of your life in college away from home with the said instant best friend.
However, as Sakusa continues yelling at Komori through his phone about how he didn’t tell him that he’s going to have a roommate, that he didn’t even like the thought of having one, your fantasy starts to shatter. 
“But you’re on a budget!” Komori defends himself from the other line. “You couldn’t have afforded that nice apartment if you didn’t have a roommate. I just didn’t tell you at first because I knew you wouldn’t agree, but I swear this is the best option. Every other place is either too expensive or run down. Besides, Y/N is my childhood friend. I know they’re not going to cause a lot of trouble.”
Sakusa glances back to give you another look when he realizes you’re not standing by the entrance anymore. Without even saying goodbye, Sakusa hangs up, glad to finally be alone. He figures you got the memo and ran off to your merry little way.
He sits down on the couch, throwing his head back as he rubs his temples. The moment he closes his eyes, all he can see is the way he yelled at you when you entered the apartment earlier. He called you a thief while you desperately explained that this is also your apartment, that Komori told you that you were going to room with his cousin. As he dialed Komori’s number, you explained that you were new here and you didn’t know anyone or anything about this place, but he only ignored you.
And now he feels kind of bad, especially after he remembers how your eyes started to water from his bad manners.
Sighing heavily, Sakusa stands up from the couch. He curses Komori in his head as he jogs outside to look for you, only to see you sitting on the sidewalk. Tears are streaming down your cheeks as you scroll through your phone, probably looking for a place to stay.
Sakusa has never felt pity for anyone else, so he has no idea why his heart breaks a little seeing you break down by the sidewalk.
“Komori?” you pick up your phone the moment it rings, wiping your tears away. From his distance, Sakusa can hear his cousin profusely apologizing to his childhood friend. “No, it’s okay. From what I understand, he didn’t know he was gonna have a roommate. I would be surprised and upset too when a stranger just walks in out of the blue.”
How are you so nice? Sakusa wonders, his eyebrows furrowed. If someone just started randomly cursing at him for something that isn’t his fault, he’d be far from understanding. 
“You don’t have to convince him! I don’t wanna invade his privacy, you know?” you chuckle lightly, making him angry. You should be furious by now! How are you so calm about everything? “Where would I stay? Hmmm, I don’t know. Guess I’ll figure it out, I always do anyway.”
“You have nothing to figure out.”
Without saying anything else, Sakusa drapes the handkerchief he always has with him on the handle of your luggage, pulling it towards the apartment. You scramble to follow him after hanging up on Komori.
“Are you sure you’re okay with having me as your roommate?” you ask as he rolls your luggage in the apartment. 
Sakusa closes the front door. “Three rules. One, don’t talk to me unless it’s necessary. Two, stay away from my room. Lastly and most importantly, keep everything clean.”
That’s all he tells you before walking into his room, completely shutting you out.  
You can only sigh in disappointment. So much for having your roommate as your best friend, you grumble in your mind, rolling your luggage into the room. 
For the next few days, Sakusa barely glances in your direction. You can’t say the same for yourself though because you’re curious about your new roommate. Plus, he’s not hard to look at. With his black, curly hair and dark green eyes, along with the beauty marks on his forehead and his tall build, he kind of reminds you of a greek god. You take note of how he looks after himself and the apartment, where things are always squeaky clean. You’re never the overly clean type, but after seeing him put into so much effort to sanitize your shared home, you can’t help but be as tidy as he is.
After the first day, Sakusa hasn’t been mean to you ever again. In fact, he’s even nice enough to leave half of his breakfast to you in the morning. You don’t get to eat with him since he wakes up earlier for practice, but you’re content with the food he leaves you. To return the favor, you cook dinner during the afternoon because you don’t go home until later, unlike him, who goes home as soon as volleyball practice is done. 
Sakusa hates to admit it, but he actually has come to like living with you. Unlike his family and friends, you mostly leave him alone. You don’t question it when he’s spraying sanitizer all over the apartment, even going as far as buying wall air fresheners to give the place fragrance other than the smell of sanitizing liquid. He likes the food you make him, the way you hum when you walk around the apartment, and even the faint sound of your music from your room. It makes him feel less alone.
“You don’t have to make dinner for me tonight,” Sakusa comes in the afternoon, knowing you’re about to cook dinner and take a nap after your morning classes. “I’m coming home late.”
When you turn to face him from the stove, he realizes you’re wearing a familiar looking apron. 
You follow his gaze and freeze, realizing what was wrong. “I was throwing out the trash the other day and saw a plastic full of new things. When I asked you if they were really trash, you nodded, but I couldn’t just throw all of them away.”
“So you went through my trash?”
“They’re not even trash!” you defend. “They’re gift from your fans. Anyway, I’ve been needing an apron for a while now because I kept staining my clothes whenever I cooked. I hope you don’t mind that I got a few things from your gifts, but if you’re uncomfortable, I’ll throw them out.”
Oh, he definitely doesn’t mind, especially when the design of the apron is his jersey design and number. “Keep them. We don’t want it to be a waste now, do we?”
You blink at his reaction and your eyes follow him as he actually takes a seat on the dining table. 
“Yeah…” you turn back, not wanting him to see how flustered and panicked you are. “Thank you.”
Sakusa can’t help but smile at your reaction. He always knew you were attractive, but it’s different when he’s right by you. “What else did you get? I’m sure there were a lot.”
This makes you turn back around. “There were! I was actually kinda offended that you threw all of them out. Hold on, I’ll show you what I got.”
With that, you rush back to your room. Sakusa surprises himself by chuckling at the excitement in your eyes, but he really can’t help it. You’re just too nice to be around. While waiting for you, he notices the half-chopped vegetables on the chopping board and the rice cooker that hasn’t been plugged in. He stands up to cook the rice and continue your task.
Seeing Sakusa chop up vegetables does something to you, especially since he has his sleeves rolled up. You have to stop and stare for a moment, appreciating how good he looks doing such a simple task. 
“You don’t have to do that!” you tell him once you’ve calmed yourself down. “I was actually planning to eat out with my friends later tonight, too.”
He furrows his eyebrows. “Then why are you still cooking?”
You look down, rocking yourself back and forth with your heels and toes. “I, uh, I figured you’d be hungry after training and didn’t want you to, like, starve, you know?”
It’s a new feeling to him, so he doesn’t know what to do the moment his stomach gets this tingly feeling. He has the sudden urge to squeeze you tight in his arms and the feeling prolongs as he continues to look at your sheepish look.
Knowing he can’t overstep his boundary like that, he settles with quickly pinching your cheek. “You’re cute,” he comments, turning away before he can see your reaction. “Well, since we’re both not eating here tonight and I don’t want this to go to waste, what about lunch?”
Your hand hovers over your cheek, your skin tingling as you nod absent-mindedly. “Sounds great.”
“For the meanwhile, why don’t you show me what you stole?” he says because he can’t work properly if you’re right beside him.
“Oh yeah!” you snap, running to where you dumped the things. “So, there’s this cute jacket…”
As you go over your haul, Sakusa listens intently. You do most of the talking while he cooks, giving out short comments here and there. Even with his lack of speech, you’re happy that you and your roommate are actually spending time together. 
Once he’s done cooking, the two of you sit down together to eat. It’s a weird feeling, but you and Sakusa shake it off to focus on the bond the two of you are creating. You talk about your experiences in college so far while he rants about how annoying his teammates are (something about an annoying blond and an over-enthusiastic owl boy). It’s just a lovely afternoon with the two of you conversing for the first time, and it feels nice.
Nice. It’s the first adjective the comes to his mind when he thinks of you. You were nice about him being mean to you the first day, nice enough to cook him dinner every night, and you’re even nice to be around.
“I hope we have more lunches together,” you offer once the two of you are done eating. 
Sakusa gives you his plate and he stands next to you as you wash it. When you’re done, you hand it to him and he wipes it, placing them in their respective slots.
You and your roommate don’t leave until the kitchen is clean. Sakusa enjoys cleaning, and as he walks to his next class, he realizes he enjoys it more with you. For the rest of the day, he thinks about the pleasant feeling of being around you. Even the image of you wearing the apron designed with his jersey burns in his mind, keeping him going for the rest of his classes.
He’s not alone in thinking about lunch. You don’t even know what your lessons of the day are about, all you can think about is him. To be honest, you’re surprised that he’s actually a nice guy, just a little irritated sometimes. 
After all the classes and dinner with your friends, you go to sleep a little earlier, wanting it to be the next day already for another lunch date with Sakusa. However, your sleep is disrupted when you hear aggressive knocking from the front door. 
“Who is it?” you call out as you run to the entrance.
“It’s meeeee,” a familiar voice slurs from the other side, and you instantly open the door to see Sakusa leaning against a tall, blond man. “Hi, Y/N!”
“He thought pina colada was just pineapple juice,” his companion explains when you look at him for an explanation. “Said pineapple juice was a good cleanse for the body or some shit. Doused the whole thing, maybe even two or three more.”
“Pineapple juice! Good for the body. Clean, very clean.”
Sighing, you let the two of them in. “I’m Atsumu, by the way,” the blond says as he dumps Sakusa’s body on the bed. “Sakusa told me a lot about his roommate, and huh, he was right.”
He grins. “You are nice to look at.”
From the couch, Sakusa kicks Atsumu. “Y/N’s not yours to look at,” he huffs. “Go away, piss hair.”
Atsumu rolls his eyes at his friend. “This is what I get for taking you home?” he shakes his head before patting your shoulder. “Anyway, it was nice to meet you. Looking forward to seeing you more. For now, I gotta blast. Bokuto’s going crazy.”
With that, he leaves you alone with a very drunk Sakusa. 
“What do I do?” you ask softly as you squat down to look at his gorgeous face. His curls are hanging over his eyes and you want nothing but to sweep them away. However, you know how he feels about touching and how much he doesn’t like it. 
“You can touch me,” he murmurs, opening his eyes slightly. “I don’t mind if it’s you.”
You don’t have to be said twice. Your fingers reach for his hair, grazing his forehead slightly as you sweep his hair away. The corners or his lips turn up at your touch until you flick his forehead, causing him to scowl. “Hey!”
“Hey, yourself,” you narrow your eyes at him. “I can’t believe you got drunk!”
“I’m not drunk.”
“Whatever you say,” you roll your eyes. “What do you want to do?”
His response comes quick. “Shower. I’m disgusting.”
Your eyes widen. “How are you supposed to that in your state?”
To prove you wrong, he tries to stand up, only for him to fall back on the couch. You laugh at his demise and even in his drunk state, he’s captivated by your movement.
“You can just shower tomorrow afternoon,” you say, fixing his position so he’s lying down on the pillow. You’re not even going to attempt to carry a six foot something man into his room. “Since you’re probably going to wake up late.”
“Afternoon,” he murmurs as you run your hands through his curls in your squatted position. “Lunch. Lunch time with you, right?”
A smile creeps up your lips. “You remember?”
“‘Course. Been looking forward to it.”
It’s been so long since you felt it, but there are actual butterflies in your stomach. “D-Do you need anything else? It’s late, we should both sleep.”
He turns to look at you, his eyes struggling to open. “I need to say…”
You gulp at how close your faces are. “Need to say what?”
For a moment, he just looks at your face. The squeeze in his heart comes back, and he needs to relive it by reaching over to pinch your cheek again, his whole face flushed. “It’s nice to be here.”
His hand falls and he continues to look at you, the stupid smile sprawled on his face. “It’s nice to be around you, Y/N. I’m glad we’re roommates.”
Looking at Sakusa now, all smiley and flushed, it’s hard to believe that he was the guy who yelled at you the first time the two of you met. Sure, you didn’t get the instant best friend you hoped for, but you got something better. You don’t know what’s going to happen between the two of you, but you’re sure it’s going to be greater than being just best friends.
You reach over to kiss the space between his two beauty marks, and he closes his eyes from that. 
“I’m glad we’re roommates, too.”
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