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Spoilers if you haven’t finished Milo Murphy’s Law S2

Did we really just brush over the fact that after Milo got healed by the nurse on Octalia (I think) he gained TELEPATHY?? And the line “I maybe an abomination but at least I have bones” like that is amazing omg. I can’t believe it ended with Milo mocking Zac for Melissa kissing him on the cheek even though Milo himself got kissed like 5 times in the whole show with no one else noticing or saying anything about it. That one episode where Milo and Joni got a small connection and after Milo walked away Amanda immediately went and strangle her saying “HES MINE HES MINE HES MINEEEEEEE”

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A present for @docholligay! This was an interesting experience because, unlike the two fics I’ve written in the past year or two, I knew I wanted to write a fic but had nothing specific in mind. I came up with the first paragraph and then thought of different things that could go with it. This is what I came up with and I’m quite happy with it. I hope everyone enjoys!

Michiru was unsure how many deities she had upset and how many different lives she had done so, but it must have been more than a few in both cases. It was the only explanation for the situation she currently found herself in. 

She had often found villains to be unpleasant but this was quite beyond the pale. It was deplorable enough that Haruka had gotten herself kidnapped and put, if one believed the villain, into “eternal sleep”. It was appalling enough that she had been listening to a monologue that was now coming to the ten minute mark. But it was absolutely abominable that apparently this particular villain had read too many fairy tales and had come to the decision, with what truly miniscule brain power he had, that he wanted the Senshi to relive them. 

Michiru had no idea what fairy tale the other Senshi had found themselves in but she would dare any of them to say that they had it worse off than her. Yes, rescuing Haruka from a thorn-covered castle and giving her true love’s kiss (only years of practice in keeping her face placid kept her from physically grimacing when he said that) was easy. But everyone would agree that dealing with the aftermath of it, of dealing with a Haruka who had somehow found herself in the place of princess instead of prince, was going to be a truly abysmal experience. (For all involved. Michiru had no reason to save everyone else from the constant complaining that was looming in her future and she was a firm believer that if she had to suffer, so did those around her. Besides, perhaps Minako’s obnoxiously loud behavior would finally prove itself useful and she would draw Haruka’s attention and thus take the majority of the complaining on herself.)

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Kassandra appearing to judge that one lesbian pirate one can recruit for being a well… pirate

Me: “Kassandra you literally sunk 10 ships, both athenian, Spartan and Civilian ships, to get loot on the way to the harbour of which you stand being all ‘you are a pirate!’

Honestly, Kassandra. I think. You are a pirate, too? ”

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***SPOILERS*** Let’s talk about how much I wanted to see Jon and Arya reunited since day 1 and here we are it’s BEEN 84 YEARS

Same, anon, same. It was so beautiful. I hope we’ll get more scenes with Jon and Arya.

It really has been 84 years, hasn’t it?

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Sometimes I think it would be so fun to see Noelle and the crews’ take on the He-Man characters but then I think about how so many fans solely stan Kyle despite the fact that he was written to be a joke, and then I’m like yeah they made the right call not to bring He-Man in.

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