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Castiel's funniest moment:
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subbydean 10 months ago
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Well, it's good to have you back, Cas.
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doemons-blog 8 months ago
how can cas *not* have a room when dean checked a room immediately after cas took off after he stole the colt in season twelve? like yeah it's bare and he probably never fully felt at home but HE HAD A ROOM, HE DID YOU LIL SHITS
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meatmandean 12 months ago
Here it is! This is part one of my two part Supernatural Manifesto. This first video essay is an in-detail dive into Destiel over the years and how it has changed both within and outside of the show. (Reblogs are much appreciated to help spread.) Hope you enjoy!!
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starrynightdeancas 9 months ago
cas would be the type to forget what he was going to the grocery store for and he'd have to text dean every time and ask what they need. dean always calls him instead, and they end up talking on the phone the whole time as cas picks up strawberries and chocolate-flavored cereal while he tells dean what flowers he saw on sale in the florist section and how the yellow daffodils would look great on the kitchen table
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graceaddictdean 10 months ago
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from that gay country song dean has definitely listened to聽
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emeraldcas 3 months ago
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cas doesn't want to leave anyone out of his encouraging notes, but it's still a work in progress when it comes to sam. (click for better quality). jack version | dean version. | halloween version.
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birbgalaxy 8 months ago
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casmick-consequences 2 months ago
LOVING the double take here, jackles. jdklsjdf
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avaarts a year ago
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we deserve human cas walking around the bunker with no shirt
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subbydean a year ago
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softest family in pretty gardens
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lengthofropes 5 months ago
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鈥 You couldn't have done that earlier?聽
鈥 I hate you.
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siegenatural 9 months ago
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cas with a pink trenchcoat + 7.21 Reading Is Fundamental (for anon!)
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babyjacktruther 7 months ago
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hi i drew him again :)
ref from @casref which i have decided is my new favorite account on tumblr dot com
[ID: a realistic digital portrait of Castiel from the shoulders up. He is looking downwards with a pensive expression on his face. He is surrounded by floating abstract eyes with green irises. End ID.]
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lemon-wedges 12 months ago
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Want to thank聽@beauandarrow and @hotgirlcastiel for helping me with this extremely cursed meme.
The amount of psychic damage i took on while making this is immeasurable. Enjoy :)
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birbgalaxy 9 months ago
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mtvcas 5 months ago
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what the angel doin tho
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kougamishinyas a year ago
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cas pretty 鉃 s4e3 in the beginning
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chapeldean 5 months ago
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au where sam winchester convinces his family to bullet journal. part 4, cas and jack. tag list and full transcript under cut all parts here聽/ ao3聽聽
tag list: @maxguevra @emeraldcas @madronasky @prev-tags @caskarass @clownshitgoeshere @kellykline @bee-in-a-trench-coat鈥嬄燖sourpatchdean @you-cant-spell-subtext-without @rose0226 @iwritesins15 @a-walking-fandom-reference @maydays2 @knife-dean鈥嬄燖wormstacheangel @sherlocked776鈥嬄燖supernatural-jaeger鈥 @makocas22鈥 @nothoughtsjustdestiel鈥 @archervale鈥
Castiel page 1
Habit tracker:聽 prayers grace water plants caffeine
To do:聽 - learn how to cook a meal - go to IKEA
Project: What? Start a garden! Where? Behind the Bunker Who? Castiel with the help of Dean and Jack聽
Doodle:聽 [Jack] hi cas! i think the garden should have sunflowers (by Jack 1 year old)聽
Castiel page 2
Margin: Questions for google: are excessive amounts of salt and ashes bad for the soil? What are healthy meals for growing teenage boys? What are you supposed to do on Valentine鈥檚 day? With a friend
Monday Spent all day researching men of letters assassinations. Yes. All day.
Tuesday Watched more youtube tutorials on plant care. Salted and burned the possessed video tape.
Wednesday Claire visited and Jack made her grilled cheese sandwiches. She is doing well.
Thursday I tried my best to cook dinner today. For movie night we watched Ghostbusters.聽
Friday I took Jack to the bookstore for more stickers
Saturday We drove to IKEA (4 hours) to purchase shelves for tool storage. Jack wanted a big stuffed bear.聽
Sunday Watched Dr. Sexy with Dean all day.聽
Monthly goals: - get more houseplants - be home more if possible - talk to tell Dean聽
Jack page 1:
Habit tracker: [Workout] I don鈥檛 need to [7h sleep] I only sleep sometimes [Meditate] NEVER work a case Water Plants tiktok play on the switch
To do: - hunt a ghost - BUY A DJUNGELSKOG - draw - watch Riverdale
Project: HUNT but mostly boring research聽 What? vengeful spirit Where? at home Who? some guy who was in love with a demon
Jack page 2:
Monday We put salt all around the DeanCave and tried to find the possessed item.
Tuesday I faceted with Mary, she is looking for cases. She promised to tell me if she found something.
Wednesday Claire and I drew some pictures!!聽
Thursday Movie night!!! We watched Ghostbusters and it was so funny even though it was old
Friday A new episode of Riverdale! Dean thinks it鈥檚 funny but he won鈥檛 admit it!!聽
Saturday I got lost at IKEA but then I found Dean but he was also lost! So he prayed to Cas to come and get us. 聽and he saved us.聽
Sunday One of the plants has almost died... Cas healed it but I wanted to do it myself
Monthly Goals: - help out on more hunts!!! - MAKE MORE TIKTOKS - try to keep the plants alive without cheating
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thegoodthebadandtheart 11 months ago
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rip it out or scrub it clean
sam hooked on angel blood - for an exchange with quickreaver
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