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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The best part about being a weeb during the late 10s is that you got to experience every single anime experience there is to man. When you first get into it, it feels like it’s 2012 all over again, you listen to Nightcore compilations and think you’re deep because you watch Yona of The Dawn. not to mention that a great deal of us also listened to kpop and emo bands for years because of the mentality “anime, alt rock and K-pop go well together”. You start from animes like fucking Vampire Knight and see all the old aot shipping wars that occured on Tumblr, besides it being 2017. Do you new bitches know my bewilderment as a 14 year old girl back in 2018, finding a dead fma fanfic from 2015 on Wattpad and absolutely RAGING because it portrayed Riza like a slut shamed confused gal and thinking YOU’RE DEEP? DO you Bitches KNow hOw it fUcking hurts when you NO LONGER tHirst ovEr skinny anime boys who were inspired by otome games, when the only game people accept anymore is MYSTIC fucking MESSENGER? ThE edgy quotes, the 2014 AMVs, the memes about Clannad and Blood C. Young weebs won’t have the same experience. Do you guys even know the term otaku??? Also, we were GRACED with the old anime gurus, some of them from the early 2000s. These crazy mommas got us into stuff kids call “AEsTHeatiC” animes and Miyazaki. They got us into fucking FANFICTION.NET. I SALUTE. Then again we’re glad we got to experience the beginning of the new anime era, the CGI stuff, the Instagram edits, the more colorful better looking fanart, the new mangas and manhwas, the accuracy in cosplays and Tiktok I guess.

But still, y'all little ones never had the stage where you would buy a Naruto headband and scream how you knew you were an anime fan by the age of 9 when you watched Pichi Pichi Pich.

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Danny Pink gets so much unnecessary hate istg he was actually a great character and a wonderful addition to the show and he gave more depth and meaning to Clara’s life outside the tardis. he was also really smart and one of the moments that he rlly stands out to me is from S08E07 ‘kill the moon’ when Clara’s venting to him angrily about how she’s completely done with the Doctor and he says you’re never done while you’re still angry AND. THAT. NEEDS. MORE. APPRECIATION. HOW is he so underrated HOW?? he was intelligent and kind and empathetic and he didn’t bow down before the Doctor, he spoke his MIND and he wasn’t scared of the repercussions. Danny Pink was great and his personality was a refreshing change to the series.

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