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ladychlo · 3 months ago
Also Keep Driving sounds like when they used to tweet each other random but endearing stuff..
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Finnick Odair is something of a living legend in Panem. Since he won the Sixty-fifth Hunger Games when he was only fourteen, he’s still one of the youngest victors. Being from District 4, he was a Career, so the odds were already in his favor, but what no trainer could claim to have given him was his extraordinary beauty.
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randyite · a year ago
Okay, can we just finally put Dolly Parton in charge?
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victorc7 · 4 months ago
To be with you that’s all I want.
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 10 months ago
Say what you want to say about me, but you know deep down I did nothing but love you with all of me
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ilovetvtoons · 2 months ago
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Marcy Wu is pure chaotic cuteness and I will always love her.
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spacewizardtrek · 11 months ago
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girlslikegirlxs · a year ago
It's you. It was always you. You're the one I want. You're the one I wanted to come home to. The one to be there after you had a long day at work as I take care of you and you tell all about your day. I would prepare you a warm bath, your favorite food and order your favorite coffee. Buy your favorite chocolates and flowers. I would play with your hair and make you laugh as we watch your favorite shows so you forget about the bad things for a while. I would hug you and kiss you and say "You will never be alone. I'm here my love. I'm so so proud of you." You're the one I wanted to roll over to in the middle of the night, to cuddle and wake up next to everyday, for the rest of my life and more. To see your beautiful sleepy eyes, your perfect smile, your hair falling perfectly and your natural smell all over me. You're the one I wanted to go on late night walks to see the stars and the moon. To laugh. You're the one I wanted to take on cute little dates like to a movie, to a dinner, or to an early morning breakfast before we both have to go our separate ways for the day. You're the one I wanted to take to aquariums, zoos, amusement parks, water parks, museums, picnics (specially late ones where we stay all night watching the stars and we dance under the moon), go to a rooftop and drink some red wine as we laugh and have deep talks about the universe until morning and see the sunset while kissing and holding each other. You're the one I wanted to go to travel the world, go to road trips while we sing loud our favorite songs, the one you sit with on a afternoon in the living room as we watch your favorite old series to remind you of your favorite moments of your childhood. To go on fun adventures with such as a day at the lake, camping, skydiving and so much more. You're the one I wanted to build a cute little fort while we watch your favorite movies under it and eat our favorite foods. Cuddle on a rainy day while drinking hot cocoa. Cook in the kitchen together while we dance, sing. To play video games together while I'm between your legs. To take care of you when you are sick or with any pain. To surprise everyday with romantic gestures. To go on our favorite singers shows. To build a snowman that would ended it up in a cute snowball fight. To make you see that fairytales do exist and the love in story books or movies are real. You are the one I wanted to sing to me everyday as we are lying in bed and I look at every perfect detail of you and I tell you how much my heart is beating too fast, I would probably be having an heart attack because your voice is the most beautiful sound of this universe. You're the one I wanted to make happy for the rest of my life. Really happy and feeling completely loved, supported, understood. I want to hold you when times get tough for you. When your world feels like crashing down. I would be your shoulder to cry on. Hug you tight. Wipe your tears and hold your hand while looking into your eyes making you understand that I would be there in your good days and all your bad days too. Always. It's you. You're the one. And I swear to you I have never been so sure about something in my entire life. It's you, and I say this without a single doubt in my mind. It will always be you. Forever
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euesworld · 9 months ago
"I'm here for you.. I think those are the softest words that you can utter. Nothing says I love you quite like your unfettered love by being there for someone, nothing quite does.."
I will always be here for you and I mean it - eUë
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eclipsesunandmoon · 6 months ago
“Cause time wasn’t in our favor… this isn’t goodbye, this is simply see you later.”
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mydiary68 · 7 months ago
Give me one last day in your arms.
I'll take pictures, write notes..
And then tell people what home feels like.
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aluacrescente · a year ago
Tumblr media
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dennerture · 9 months ago
When Sasori tells Deidara not to keep him waiting it's because he's afraid Deidara will die, and he'll be alone like what happened to his parents
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xlappy · 28 days ago
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Wakasa you will always be famous
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whiskeynwriting · 10 months ago
I Missed You
Agent Daddy Whiskey x F!Reader
Word count: 2.9k
Warnings: 18+ (minors DNI) grinding/dry humping, praise kink, daddy kink (it should be expected at this point), vaginal sex, lil mix of rough ‘n soft sex, established relationship.
A/N: flirty Jack to angry Jack and back to sweet Jack. A roller coaster of emotions accompanied by Agent Daddy Whiskey’s cock and tongue (they always make everything better).
Thank you to @sweetangel0069 for giving me the inspiration for this one 🥰
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Tumblr media
“You look so cute like this.” You giggle, holding your face in your hands.
“Yeah?” he chuckles, “How do ya figure?”
“I don’t know.” You shrug, mumbling as you grin. “I just love seeing you like this. You in your pjs, your hair a mess, all rolled up in bed. You just look so soft, so cuddly.”  You express, humming pleasantly to yourself.
He smiles at you, those tired eyes full of love. He’d been gone for more than a week, by far the longest you’d been apart since you’d gotten together. And while Jack always seemed like this big, macho man, you could tell it was bothering him, too. He video chatted with you every night he was away, telling you how much he loved and missed you, how he couldn’t wait to get back home.
“I wouldn’t exactly call these pajamas.” He chuckles, “More like an old t-shirt.”
You shrug again, “Same-same.”
“Yeah, well…” he sighs out, looking at the time. “I gotta go, sugar.
“Babe,” you pout, frowning through the screen. “What time will you be home again?”
“Tomorrow afternoon, honeybee.” He responds, his country voice syrupy-sweet. “Don’t worry, won’t be too much longer.”
And now, you wait, sitting all pretty for your daddy to come home. You were more than excited, even dolled yourself up a bit for him. Nothing too fancy, just made sure to look nice and have yourself put together. You also made sure the house was clean, chores were done; you didn’t want him to have to worry about anything when he got home. Jack was often exhausted when returning home from these business trips and considering this is the longest one he’s been on in the past year, you know he’s bound to be exhausted.
Just as you’re thinking this, you hear the doorknob jiggle. You immediately hop up off the couch and run toward the entryway, unlocking it and swinging it open for him. The second you see him, you’re wrapping your arms around him, pulling him in past the door and causing him to drop his luggage in the hall.
“Honey,” he says, his hands falling to your waist. “Let me get in the door.”
You pull back, frowning at him as he speaks. He looks up at you, then back at his things. He sighs out, leaving your embrace to walk back out into the hall. Your heart beats with nerves, a heavy feeling sinking low in your gut.
“What’s wrong?” you ask, your voice soft and worried as you watch him grab his bags.
“Nothing.” He says, walking past you and into the bedroom.
You turn as he does it, your expression growing more somber by the minute. He didn’t even close the door behind him, so you do it instead, locking it for the night as your head swims with thought. You return to the couch, listening to him unpack in your shared bedroom. He’d closed the door behind him, something he rarely ever did.
“Jack?” you say, your voice quiet as you knock on the door. “Are you okay?”
He opens it abruptly, his brow a bit furrowed as he looks down at you.
“I’m fine.” he huffs out, “Can I just have some space?”
He then turns, going back to his open suitcase. He doesn’t normally speak to you like this, and you aren’t sure why he’s chosen to now. A few tears begin forming in your eyes, so you turn, walking into the living room and snuggling up on the couch.
Every now and then, he comes out of the room, only to grab water or a snack before returning to the bedroom and closing the door behind him. What’s gotten into him? Isn’t he happy to see you? He didn’t respond when you’d asked if he wanted to watch a movie, didn’t reply to your text when you asked him again what was wrong. He stays in there for hours by himself, not saying a word.
With your makeup now ruined, you head into the bedroom, intent on going into your bathroom to remove what’s left of it. He looks up at you as you enter, his brow furrowing again, but this time in concern. You don’t look at him, going directly to the bathroom but not shutting the door. Jack sits up on the bed as you do so, watching you begin to remove the rest of your makeup.
“Sugar,” he softly calls, noticing your smudged mascara. “What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong?” you retort, your sadness now turning to anger. “Are you fucking serious?!”
You slam your makeup remover on the counter, dropping your washcloth as you storm into the room.
“You come home, shove me off of you, and go straight to our bedroom without saying a word. This is the longest you’ve ever been gone, and this is how you come home?! What the fuck?!”
“Look, I –”
“I don’t want to hear it! I was so excited to see you, and this is how you treat me?!”
You spin on your heels, striding back into your bathroom to grab your makeup remover and towel. Then, you go to the bed, picking up your pillow and storming out of the room. He follows you out, watching you set your things in the living room.
“What? You’re just gonna sleep out here now?” he asks, his arrogant and stubborn attitude leaking into his tone.
“Obviously you want to be alone, for whatever fucking reason, so yeah, I’m sleeping out here.” You snap, not bothering to look back at him.
“You’re being ridiculous.” He scoffs, rolling his eyes.
“I’m being ridiculous?!” you shout, now turning to face him. “Why are you acting like this?!”
“It’s not my fault I just wanted to relax when I got home!” he shouts back, “Did you ever think I just wanted some time to myself?! Huh?!”
“Time to yourself?! You just had over a week to yourself!”
The two of you continue on, the fight going nowhere as the two of you fume before one another. He eventually storms off, slamming the door shut as he returns to the bed. You grab a blanket from the sitting chair, draping it over yourself as you get comfortable on the couch, well, as comfortable as you can.
You get through a movie and a half by yourself, the night only growing later, your headache growing with it. You’re a mixture of confusion and sadness and rage; what did you do to make him so angry with you? Just as you’re thinking this, you hear the door open, the soft click of the knob turning before Jack’s footsteps resound faintly on the wooden floor. He strolls over to you, stopping once he’s at the foot of the couch.
“Baby,” he whispers, “You up?”
“Yeah.” You respond flatly. “My headache made sure of that.”
He sighs, sounding tired and defeated. He slides his hands into his pajama pants pockets, glancing down at the floor.
“Can we talk?”
“What do you want, Jack?” you grumble, not really in the mood for more bickering.
He walks forward, sitting down next to your feet. He places a hand on your shin, curling his lower lip in as he thinks about what he wants to say.
“I’m sorry.” He eventually decides on, figuring it’s a good place to start.
You look over at him, ultimately shifting to sit up against the arm of the couch. Your puffy eyes stare back at him, meeting his big, sad, brown ones.
“Why did you get so mad at me?” you ask, still entirely pissed. “What the hell did I do?”
“You didn’t do anything.” He responds, sighing out once again. “I just, I just had a rough trip home. I was frustrated, I, I just…”
“You’ve never acted like this before, Jack.” You say, scared this means his feelings for you have changed.
“I know, and I’m sorry, baby.” He says, entirely genuine as he strokes your outer calf with his thumb. “I was wrong… to treat you like that.”
“Yeah,” you agree, raising your brows with a nod. “You were.”
“I’m happy to see you, honey, I always am.” He tells you, a small, sweet smile forming on his lips. “I was just frustrated. My plane got cancelled, had to wait for another. The train was delayed, I couldn’t find a taxi… then my luggage got lost. It was hell gettin’ home. I just, I just needed a breather.”
You can understand this, that does sound frustrating. But that doesn’t mean he can just treat you like that. And still, your eyes soften, scanning the exhausted look on his face. He isn’t clean shaven, which is quite a rare thing. His eyes are tired, the scent of whiskey on his breath.
“I won’t do that again, honey.” He promises, standing from the couch and moving closer to you.
He kneels before you, your head turning to look at him as he cups your cheek.
“I hate seein’ you like that.” he confesses sincerely. “And I hate it more knowin’ I was the cause.”
You look down at him, your expression softening as your tears return. He leans in, pressing his lips softly yet firmly to yours as one rolls down your cheek. Your own hand lifts, resting along his jawline as you kiss.
“I thought you were mad at me…” you whisper, pulling away to rest your forehead on his.
“My sweet little girl,” he sighs, “I could never be mad at you.”
He grabs your face with both hands, guiding you to look at him. “You’re a true blessing from above.” He says, leaning up to kiss your forehead.
“I’m so sorry.” Jack says again, looking deep into your eyes.
Both of his thumbs stoke your cheeks, his forehead creasing with worry as he analyzes your face. You glance down at his lips, and he glances down at yours, slowly leaning forward to reunite them once again.
You’ve missed him so much, and even though his anger hid it, he missed you too; he deeply, desperately, missed you. Your heart beats in your chest, a bit of satisfaction leaving you with your little breaths, the feeling of his lips on yours always a sweet reminder of home.
“Baby,” he sighs out, panting between each kiss. “Come here.”
You twist your body, your lips never leaving his as you wrap your legs around his waist. His arms go to your back, holding you against him as he moves to stand. And slowly, he does, his lips eagerly mouthing at yours as he returns to your bedroom, this time, bringing you with him.
He lays you down, sweetly, gently, his body not once leaving yours. He helps you with your shirt, urging you to lean up as he takes it off. Jack removes his own, sliding his pants off while he’s up. You’d only been wearing an oversized t-shirt, and now all you’re left in are your panties.
You crawl backward on the bed with your lover following your moves, hovering over you until he can press his lips to yours once again. He situates himself between your thighs, his one hand squeezing you in his palm.
“I missed you, angel, you know that?” he mumbles against your lips. “I missed you so much.”
“Jack, baby…” you sigh out, your fingers curling around his neck and rising to his hair.
“There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t want to be in this bed with you beside me.” He pants out, “Don’t you ever forget that.”
Your heart beats at his sweet words, the tenacity from your fight slowly melting away. Jack moves away from your lips and down to your neck, the stubble along his jaw rubbing against your skin as his hips begin to roll passionately over yours. He starts with soft kisses, little ones here and there, the gentle acts eventually growing into quick bites and harsh sucks as he licks at your delicate skin.
While he’s worshiping your body, his beautifully smooth lips sliding down to your chest, he fumbles with his boxers, sliding them off and freeing his now hard length. He grunts when it hits his lower stomach, quickly crawling back over you to rub it between your slippery folds. He’s already dripping, his precum leaking all over your swollen sex and bare bellies as they rub together, his happy trail now littered with the clear, salty mess.
“Jack, please.”
“Tell me what you want, sugar.” He requests, eagerly rutting between your thighs. “Tell daddy what you need.”
“I need you.” you spit out, your mind spiraling at the nickname both you and him utterly crave. “I need you inside.”
“Yeah? You want me to do that, baby?” he sweetly asks, flattening his tongue out over your nipple.
“Oh…” you moan, arching into his touch.
“Come on, now.” he urges, “Use your words, darlin’. Tell me, I need you to tell me.”
He just loves this, he gets off on this, hearing you tell him what you want him to do to you. It makes him so hard, so aroused, so fucking feral.
“Fuck me, daddy, please. I want to feel you, I’ve missed you so much.” You whine out, running your fingernails over his scalp.
“Mm…” he hums, throbbing against your own dripping sex.
Without even positioning himself, he slides right inside, your wet lips fully welcoming him in. Your soft gasp hits the air once he slips past your folds, stretching you open on his thick girth as he sighs out against your neck.
“Sweet Jesus,” he groans, already retracting his hips before shoving deeper inside. “I missed this fuckin’ cunt, your beautiful little body always takin’ me so well.”
“Fuck!” you cry out, feeling him re-sheathe himself inside your walls.
He lifts his head from your neck, staring down at your beautiful face as he fucks you in earnest, his hips moving passionately, deeply, pleasuring you endlessly. He keeps himself up on his left forearm, his other hand sliding down to squeeze your upper thigh. Jack pulls on you, urging you to lift your leg up and around his waist, which you immediately do.
“Oh, look at that.” he sighs out, looking down between your bodies. “Baby, you’re so pretty.”
“Daddy,” you moan, the tantalizing sound causing his eyes to flicker back up.
“Fuck,” he groans, “You’re so cute.”
He quickly removes his hand from your thigh, harshly cupping your cheeks as he shoves his mouth over yours. His tongue forces its way inside, reaching the back of your throat as he consumes you whole. It explores you, tastes you, sliding against your own and urging a hot wave of slick to run down over his cock.
“I love you,” he expresses lowly, “I missed you. My beautiful little girl.”
“Hm…” you smirk, humming happily at his praise.
He slides in and out of you like its nothing, like its natural, like you were just made to fuck each other. You gasp out when he angles his hips, stabbing downward against that delicate little spot.
“Feels good,” he smirks, huffing out a chuckle. “Doesn’t it?”
You sigh out a giggle, shaking your head at the arrogance that so often, and so easily, makes you wet. You look up at him, your blissed-out face absolute heaven to his loving eyes.
“Oh, baby,” he sighs out, shaking his head. “You’re gonna make me cum, lookin’ at me like that. You pretty little thing…”
His face goes slack as he leans back down, focusing on your mouth as he sticks his tongue out of his own. He dips it inside, sloppily swapping spit as he molds his mouth to yours. Your moans echo into his throat, his hand leaving your face to grab onto your thigh once more.
“Play with yourself, honey.” He begs, “Come on, do it. Cum on daddy’s dick.”
“Oh, god!” you cry out, throwing your head back at his words.
He leans in, biting down hard as you move your hand between your slippery bodies. You play with yourself, just like he asked you to, rubbing quick little circles over your throbbing bundle of nerves. And Jack loves it, not only when you played with yourself, but when he saw it, felt it, truly getting off on your pleasure.
“That’s it,” he pants out, “That’s it, fuck.”
He groans lowly as he cums, huffing out against your neck as his hips jerk sharply against yours. The intense snap of his hips pushes you over the edge, the feeling of your slender fingers pleasuring your reddened bud while his tip punches up against your g-spot sending you spiraling into bliss. You writhe beneath him, your small frame rolling up against his strong muscles as you cum on his cock. He feels you, feels you wetting his softening erection and convulsing around the length of it. His own sex throbs, his tip leaking every last ounce of his spend into your velvety warmth.
“God,” he sighs out, dropping his body over yours.
He nuzzles his nose into your neck, moving both of his strong arms between you and the bed to hold you in his embrace. You relax your legs, sighing deeply as you begin to calm your breaths.
“You’re so good, baby doll.” He pants out, swallowing thickly. “Always so good to me.”
The fingers that curled into his hair, tugging hard as you came, now loosen their hold. You slowly stroke his head, sighing delightfully in the aftershocks of your love making.
“I’m sorry, honey.” Jack says to you, propping himself up on his forearms to look down at you. “I love you so much, I’m sorry I treated you like that.”
“Thank you, baby.” You coo, one hand lowering to softly stroke his cheek. “That means a lot to me.”
He smiles down at you, placing a light kiss on your nose and then on your lips.
“And I love you too, Jack.” you add on, “I always will.”
Tumblr media
General Taglist: @anaaaispunk @dihra-vesa @sweetangel0069 @coaaster​
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mrsfrecklesmarauders · 26 days ago
I will always love you.
I have this headcanon that one time, McGonagall caught Sirius and James in a prank. She called Effie and Fleamont this time because she didn't know what to do. They agreed that no punishment was enough for them. So they came up with another one.
"So, your punishment is..." McGonagall spoke with the hands on her hips "One week without the other"
"Mum! Dad!"
"That's your punishment, son" Fleamont said.
"Don't argue against it, boys" Euphemia added.
And then Sirius and James made puppy eyes and made pouts looking at each other.
And then James started speaking.
"Oh Sirius..."
"No!" Sirius protested.
"I think it is time for us to take some time...." James said with his voice breaking.
"No!" Sirius shook his head, with tears in his eyes.
"I am sorry..."
"For how long?"
"For how long?" James asked the adults.
The adults looked between each other.
"A week?" McGonagall suggested and the Potters agreed.
Both boys whined.
"Oh Sirius..." James grabbed his hands "This hurts me more than anything I've ever done"
"Oh James!" Sirius whined "What am I gonna do without you?"
"We will see each other again, okay?" James continued as Sirius fakely sobbed "And if you meet someone else, another best friend in the meantime..." James nodded "I would understand"
"No!" Sirius protested "I am never going to forget you. No one will be able to replace you"
"Do you boys realize it is only for a week?" Fleamont asked.
But the boys ignored him.
"I am going to miss you, my sweet sweet Sirius" James touched his cheek.
"I am going to miss you too" Sirius kissed James' hand.
The adults just observed them. Mcgonagall rolled her eyes.
"Don't cry... come here" and he pulled him into a hug "You are going to be my first. Always. My first best friend"
Sirius sniffed, nodding.
"I will always love you"
"Please don't leave me, James! I love you so much!"
"Okay... starting from now" Fleamont said as he dragged James to his feet.
Then James began singing to the lyrics of I will always love you by Whitney Houston, while he was being "dragged" by Fleamont, extending his arm towards Sirius. Sirius joined him in the singing, trying to reach his arm.
"SIRIUS!" James cried from the entrance.
"JAMES!" Sirius cried as well.
"Don't you think that was a bit too harsh, Minerva?" Effie finally asked, watching how Sirius dramatically crumbled to the floor and pretended to sob.
But Minerva shrugged "They'll get over it"
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sssanelyinsane · 8 months ago
I start to imagine a world where we don't collide And it's making me sick but we'll heal and the sun will rise If you tell me you're leaving, I'll make it easy It'll be okay And if we can't stop the bleeding We don't have to fix it, we don't have to stay I will love you either way
It’ll be okay
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