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#i will eat them in ur honor
fictionkinfessions2 months ago
Ah shit time flies but I'm actually sending this in advance this time! MPC if you could post this on July 20th please? Thank you 馃挋
Anyway happy birthday to me! It feels weird saying that since my irl birthday is in October but >:3 I miss my family and to some extent the other harbingers. Hope you're all doing great out there, I'm certainly having a time where I'm at. Eat some cake or pie or something sweet and celebrate your fave (me) or just because!
-Tartaglia/Childe (Genshin Impact)
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kissryuwuji6 months ago
When skull walks over to pat joker on the shoulder as all the materialized desires sprinkle on the phantom thieves,,, love that hes the first to see it thru with joker in all this mess and the last u see with joker in that cutscene 馃グ
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quickslver5 months ago
Tumblr media
@purplequvr鈥嬄 /聽聽聽puts on wild thing by tone loc. bites lip and wags eyebrows聽 聽鈥 so.. are you seduced yet? 鈥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
聽 聽 聽 聽yup. that right there is the man pietro has chosen to be with. of his own volition. is he questioning his life choices? yeah, a little bit. is there a smile on his face that he is trying so very hard to hold back and failing? most definitely.聽聽鈥 what is wrong with you? 鈥澛 even though he stares like he should be calling him an idiot, the stifled laugh that sits at the edge of his words is what fails him.聽聽鈥 no. i am not seduced. in fact i don鈥檛 think i鈥檝e been more turned off in my life. 鈥
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nandysparadox5 months ago
馃拸 - Favourite romantic ship?
mm royality!! :D I also rlly like dukexiety n intruality
馃懍 - Favourite platonic ship?
moxiety!! also dukeceit :>
馃嵃 - Each of the side鈥檚 favourite snacks?
u got me with that one.. I'll just assign the sides snacks that I like or eat all the time
patton - cookies (yeah obvious but u have to understand that I eat cookies for breakfast basically every day I couldn't leave it out TT----TT)
remus- those expensive french chocolate cookies that have a little clown in them
logan- toast!! but like the ones u buy n u don't have to make them
virgil- m&ms or any chocolate rlly
roman - chocolate cake n brigadeiros! thats two snacks but I think he deserves it馃槍
janus- flan? pudding? Idk the name in english but it's good
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luvrinnie2 months ago
i was reading your newest work on hq boys moans, and i saw you said you have a list of the horsecocks of haikyuu. would you mind sharing said list? i鈥檓 kinda (i mean very) curious 馃
Tumblr media
hey angel ! i鈥檓 so glad you asked :D
warning: dick talk <3, mentions of breeding and creampies and cum eating and just cum in general, u might think im on crack while reading this
my top 10 biggest dicks of HQ going from big to bigger to biggest to LITERAL HORSECOCK (with my very good reasoning):
big dick energy plays into this a lot
Tumblr media
coming in at TENTH, we have:
reason: he has big pretty dick energy. it鈥檚 kinda skinny but i hc it to be fucking LONG !!! literally look at his fingers ?? they鈥檙e huge 馃槱 tooru鈥檚 pretty dick is long enough to give ur cervix some soft kisses <3
in NINTH place:
reason: something about him gives off big dick energy. maybe its the way he could probably recite the periodic table, but it鈥檚 big. like average girth, but his is long too AND slightly angled and hits the g spot v well. and it鈥檚 lowkey kinda pretty too <333 he just knows what he鈥檚 doing ++ timeskip him is hot as fuck, literally has a sir & daddy kink bc of his job
SEVENTH and EIGHTH are tied:
SIXTH prize winner:
reason: we all know that samu鈥檚 is like half an inch bigger than tsumu鈥檚. but this man has fucking breeder balls that are just鈥 so heavy. he also cums a lot. like A LOT. just loves to fucking drain them using your pussy. big tits, big man, man big dick. very thick, very nice. very much has a #breeding kink too. just thought i should throw that out there.
FIFTH place鈥 honorable mention #2:
oh my god. oh fuck oh my god
reason: daddy . you guys know what i mean, i literally have no words. fat cock, above average girth and length. just above average. holy fucking shit he鈥檚 so hot i cant even think about him without wanting to cream my pants.
FOURTH place鈥 honorable mention #1:
reason: ok, u might think that he should be in the top three, but kou鈥檚 SO CLOSE ! like dude his cock is really, really, REALLY fat. me thinks he has the girthiest of all my bby boys. it鈥檚 just not as long! no, but actually, my top 5 boys could probably make you cum just by putting their dick in you. BOKUTO ESPECIALLY THO ! also mans can last at least 3 rounds so you better believe he鈥檚 gonna fuck you good with his big cock
THIRD is the one with the hairy chest: grade school rhymes im sorry
reason: guys i鈥檓 not biased, i swear ! think about time skip, pro volleyball player suna rintar艒. my god that man. you might say 鈥渙h, hes so skinny鈥斺 literally stfu im not arguing this. suna has a horsecock, too. prettiest fucking dick ever. tip always flushed red, prominent veins u can run your tongue over, feels really big in ur hands. my god rintar艒 split me in half rn.
taking the silver medal at SECOND place:
USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI horsecockkkkk <33
reason: man. look at him. you dont need to show anyone his dick, you already know it鈥檚 literally huge. you鈥檇 probably break in half. he literally has to prep you to the max to take him. almost took first place tbh !
MATSUKAWA ISSEI (everyone cheered) HORSE COCKKKKKKK <333333333
reason: y鈥檃ll can argue everything else, but this ? im not taking criticism. THIS MF RIGHT HERE HAS THE BIGGEST FUCKING HORSECOCK ? LIKE I WISH I COULD EXPLAIN ???? it鈥檚 FAT ! IT HURTS HE CAN BARLEY GET IT IN. like guys. im screaming and crying. its veiny, girthy, long just BIG鈥 omg my heart hurts. he has a size kink <//3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ch0s06 months ago
Hii, I saw that your requests are open and I wanted to send my first request you馃ズ鉁 I've only been on tumbler for about a year year now- anyway
Can you do a angst where the characters get upset at their s/o in the gym and yell at you in front of their teammates...I'm really tryna cry today馃ゲ with tsukishima, Bokuto, and sakusa? Thank you so muchhh, drink water to day and eat if you haven't already馃樈鉁
hq boys yelling at you in front of their teammates
Tumblr media
with: tsukishima, bokuto, timeskip!sakusa
ALSO- bokuto art | tsuki art by @drawingnonstop
a/n:聽tw!cursing -> akskhfssfkf i鈥檓 honored to be ur first request? also one whole year?! thats a long time, i think i first ever downloaded it in october due to tik tok! dw i鈥檝e been eating and drinking (way to many different things) today, i hope ur taking care of urself too... also i mean this in the nicest way possible, but i hope i can make u cry- er- enjoy, or not? (this can be post or pre-time skip, you choose (except for sakusa, that鈥檚 timeskip!)
song i reccomend listening to: the joke, brandi carlile
Tumblr media
-> BOKUTO was having one of those days, a new spiking technique was just not working and he was already in a pissy mood when you dropped by with lunch.聽鈥渉ey kou!鈥 you call out to him, running towards the bench where he鈥檚 sitting聽鈥渋 brought you lunch, i thought we might be able to eat together!鈥澛犫渘ot right now y/n, i鈥檓 busy鈥澛犫渂ut you were just-鈥澛犫渨ell now i鈥檓 not, go eat lunch with someone else鈥澛犫渂ut you said we鈥檇 eat toge-鈥澛犫 i don鈥檛 care what i said earlier, go eat lunch by urself for all i care, just get out of my way, geez your such a pain鈥, you hear him mutter under his breath as starts to away. reaching out, you grab his arm, whirling him around to face you聽鈥渨hat did you just say?鈥澛犫 I SAID UR SUCH A PAIN IN MY ASS, GO GET A LIFE Y/N I HAVE THINGS TO DO AND YOUR JUST DISTRACTING ME鈥澛犫渄istracting you?鈥澛犫淧ISS OFF Y/N鈥 you look at him, just standing there, not caring who see鈥檚 the tears falling from your eyes, feeling as if you just saw your world shatter. walking closer to him you reach out, slapping him across the cheek, the noise echoing through the deathly quiet gym聽鈥測ou know what bokuto? fuck you.鈥
-> SAKUSA just wasn鈥檛 having it today, his teammates were more annoying than usual and someone had accidentally sneezed on him, so seeing you waltz through the gym door was just the cherry on top to his perfectly horrible day. 鈥渉ey omi, i came to ask you if you鈥檇 seen my wallet anywhere since u weren鈥檛 answering your texts鈥 鈥測ou drove 40 minutes to ask me a question i could鈥檝e texted you about?鈥 looking over to you, he lets out an agitated sigh 鈥渨ell you weren鈥檛 responding, and maybe i wanted to stop by and say hi!鈥 鈥済eez y/n ur so fucking clingy鈥 u hear him mumble, turning back towards his bag. 鈥渨hat?鈥 鈥測ou heard me, i said you鈥檙e so fucking annoying y/n, seriously you can鈥檛 leave me alone for one afternoon?鈥 鈥渨hat the fuck omi, what鈥檚 up ur ass today?鈥 鈥淐AN A MAN JUST WANT TO HAVE SOME SPACE FROM HIS S/O FOR A FEW HOURS? SERIOUSLY Y/N JUST BECAUSE WE鈥橰E DATING DOESN鈥橳 MEAN WE NEED TO BE ATTATCHED AT THE HIP鈥 you take a step back, trying to process what all he said 鈥渟akusa, i don鈥檛 know what the fuck happened to you that made u such a bitch, but pull it together before you dig ur own grave. i don鈥檛 know what鈥檚 been with you lately, but stop being such a loser鈥 you manage to get the last of your sentence out, eyes trying to water, but you keep them at bay, refusing to give him the satisfaction. 鈥測/n, get out of my way鈥 he moves, shouldering you out of the way, the act of aggression being the last straw. u yank the shiny new ring off your finger, a promise of what was supposed to be your relationship 鈥測ou have till the end of the day to get ur shit out of my apartment鈥漷hrusting the ring into his palm, you turn, walking out through the doors not once looking back
-> TSUKISHIMA had a long day full of yelling coaches and extra laps, and you surprising him at the gym just might have been the straw to break the camel鈥檚 back. your cheerful demeanor only managed to dampen his, annoyance spreading across his face like wildfire 鈥渉ey tsuki, just though i鈥檇 dr-鈥 鈥測/n why are you here?鈥 鈥渋 just thought i鈥檇 surprise you!鈥 you chirp back, confusion beginning to set in. you knew tsuki didn鈥檛 really like surprises, but you happened to be in the area and wanted to check in 鈥渟eriously y/n, what鈥檚 with you? you should have at least texted me before dropping by unannounced and interrupting practice鈥 鈥渙-oh, i鈥檓 sorry tsu-鈥 鈥渕y god y/n, ur just too clingy, i though you could manage for a few hours by yourself but i guess not鈥 鈥渦h-tsuki鈥 one of his teammates taps him on the shoulder, but he just shrugs it off, continuing on his rampage. 鈥測ou know what, i don鈥檛 have time for you and your tears right now, just go, i have better things to worry about right now then you and ur stupid feelings鈥 you can feel your heart shatter in your chest, breaking into a million pieces at those words. the one person you loved so much, practically spitting in your face, telling you how much of a burden you are. you turn, darting from the gym, attempting to wipe the tears now freely flowing down your cheeks
Tumblr media
a/n: i currently dislike sakusa VERY strongly rn and may or may not have hurt my own feelings writing this
requests open
Tumblr media
see you space cowboy
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not-me-simping-for-blasty6 months ago
another helping of living w/ bakugou thoughts:
Tumblr media
pls i am so sorry, i feel like i bombard y鈥檃ll with these constantly, but u don鈥檛 understand, he literally lives in my brain full time
- if you鈥檙e rolling your sleeves up, to wash your hands before dinner, he鈥檒l whack your hands away and do it himself. very much聽鈥測ou鈥檙e takin鈥 too long, idiot. i wanna eat already. let me do it.鈥,, don鈥檛 be fooled tho, you could do it in 2.5 seconds and he鈥檇 still open his mouth. bc it has absolutely nothing to do with u and everything to do with him wanting to be close to you
-ik he watches the mha equivalent of the history channel. i just know it. dude is a grandpa at heart, n im so confident he would 100% sit down and watch a 3 hr docu on like, old weaponry or some nerdy shit
-bakugou is annoyingly arrogant, but only about things that don鈥檛 matter. like, he鈥檒l fully sit in front of you and tell you he鈥檚 stronger/faster/smarter in passing conversation,, but when he does actually impressive shit??? the man clams up. absolutely clams up the second you praise him, trying to brush off whatever ridiculous feat he just pulled to protect u with a聽鈥淚t鈥檚 not that big a deal, shut up about it already, dumbass.鈥澛
- pls mans is an absolute simp. u ask him to do something and he鈥檚 on his feet in a second. ofc he鈥檚 complaining but he鈥檚 also then following that up by doing things you didn鈥檛 even ask him to do. fan behavior honestly.
-when you鈥檝e had a bad day, he鈥檒l make u food and throw blankets in the dryer for u. don鈥檛 expect much verbal comforting from him, bc obviously, but he鈥檚 pretty good with actions. you always feel a little warmer after he鈥檚 wrapped you in a blanket n fed you something ungodly spicy
- i have absolutely no basis for this but ik he secretly watches kids movies. like, if it鈥檚 animated then he鈥檚 there. ofc no one is allowed to find out about this聽鈥榚mbarrassing鈥 behavior tho, except maybe you. maybe. if you accidentally happen to see it bc he鈥檇 never tell u himself.
- he鈥檚 a beast to wake up in the morning, but he鈥檚 a lot more easy to convince if u pet his hair. or rub his back/shoulders. maybe even kiss his neck. look, u cannot tell me that he doesn鈥檛 want to be absolutely coddled in the morning- especially when he can get away with it so easily.聽
-bakugou always pulls ur legs into his lap if u sit down next to him. pls he鈥檚 so weird, he鈥檒l just like, tap his fingers on ur calves absentmindedly while he鈥檚 watching tv
-he probably created a playlist of songs ur 鈥榓llowed鈥 to play around him. meaning, it鈥檚 only the songs on ur phone that he likes 馃檮
-bakugou always takes his work phone calls outside. like if his phone rings he鈥檒l just stand up n walk tf out the door to take it. even if it鈥檚 cold. u ask him once about it n he just 鈥淲ork stays at work. This is my fuckin鈥 home. Now shut up about it already.鈥
-you鈥檝e never once seen this man wearing socks around the house. don鈥檛 ask me, i cannot explain this whatsoever, but i just kno this man walks around constantly barefoot 馃あ馃ぎ unfortunately.
-he鈥檚 like, the most functional person ever in almost every aspect, but the stuff katsuki is bad at?? pls he is hopelessly bad. like, lets say art stuff. omg he just doesnt have the patience for it, okay, so say goodbye to any dream锟約 of cute lil couple鈥檚 crafts. like, he鈥檒l sit there while u do yours, but his will look like utter shit
- during the week, katsuki is either at work, training, or at home. pls, he works so hard during the day that i highly doubt he鈥檚 anything but an absolute homebody during the work week.
- bakugou gets pissy if u re-arrange any of the furniture on a whim. pls he likes comfort and familiarity n if he stubs his toe on the stupid coffee table one more fucking time, he鈥檚 going to scream
-its a rare occurance,, especially bc of the crazy hours he works,, but bakugou rlly likes making dinner for u to come home to. he just likes to feel like he鈥檚 taking care of u tbh
-he still goes to bed at like 8:30. or thats what u think, but rlly he just goes to sit in your room and have some time to himself for a bit. as much as he loves u, he prob still needs some alone time to recharge
-bakugou takes meticulous care of any plants u have in the house. like he鈥檒l water them on a strict-ass schedule, n preen them when necessary. pls the way he鈥檒l curse them out if they even dare to wilt under his care?? very much 鈥淲hat the hell, you bitch? 鈥榤 doin鈥 everything fuckin鈥 perfect! Grow already!鈥
-katsuki is such a little bitch when he鈥檚 sick. he鈥檒l be running like a 103 temp, brain literally melting, and still trying to get up and work out. the only way u can get him to chill the hell out is if u take a nap with him. ofc that means u always get sick too,, but hey- lil sacrifices right??
-he never lets you get the door. like, if there鈥檚 a knock n neither of u knows who it could be,, pls he鈥檚 on his feet so fast. waving u away n looking thru the keyhole w/ sm suspicion
-he has his spot on the couch, n u will not find him sitting anywhere else. like, that鈥檚 his spot. u better pray for anybody who mistakenly takes it
-bakugou doesn鈥檛 like dirt or grime, so he won鈥檛 allow you or himself, to sit on your bed with clothes that have been outside. like, even if you鈥檙e just sitting on top of the covers, he鈥檚 gonna throw a fit and demand you change your clothes first bc聽鈥淣o way in hell am I gonna let your dumbass dirty up my bed.鈥
-katsuki rlly likes when it storms outside. he鈥檒l go sit in front of the window and watch the rain, sipping on a warm drink while he waits for more thunder.聽
-living with bakugou is incredibly frustrating, bc he鈥檒l just show up with new skills all of the goddamn time. like you鈥檒l be like, 鈥渉mm i鈥檇 love to remodel the bathroom someday鈥,, and the very next weekend bakugou is meticulously re-tiling the bathroom floor by hand, probably also painting the walls in a new color, maybe even installing a new sink just to spruce it up. n then he鈥檒l just present the entirely new, upgraded room with such weird nonchalance that it pisses u off. pls and if you watch him while he does these little projects,聽with all the weird precision and skill he suddenly gains?? pls you鈥檙e sure he must be possessed by the ghost of a craftsman
- when he hangs out with the bakusquad, he鈥檒l drag you along every time. he expects you to sit with him the entire time and act as a social buffer?? basically, someone鈥檒l ask him a question, one he deems stupid and therefore not worth answering, and bakugou will just look at you expectantly. he鈥檒l just stare at you blankly, hardly even blinking until you pick up the slack and answer for him. you call him out on this many times, but it doesn鈥檛 matter. it doesn鈥檛 change anything. he does this over and over and over again
-bakugou gets really unsettled when you guys fight. like, he can鈥檛 sleep and he鈥檚 snapping at everybody, and is somehow more aggressive than usual. he always wants to just make up already, but the pride in the way won鈥檛 allow it
-he鈥檚 a weird stickler about intended furniture functionality?? like, the table is for eating, and the couch is for watching tv, and then only way you鈥檙e gonna get him to mix the two is if you ask him rlly rlly nicely
-finally- i have no basis for this one, but ik it in my heart: bakugou has a very intense fight with your thermostat nearly every single day. he swears up and down that it never 鈥榖ehaves鈥 for him, but every time you check it, it鈥檚 working perfectly fine
ahahhaa sorry y鈥檃ll for the super random spam today,, but here were are back to our regularly scheduled bakugou programming,,,, bc idk if it鈥檚 obvious ur honor, but i love him
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venusiangguk8 months ago
gold rush pt. 2 | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
>>pairing: jungkook x reader
>>genre: pwp, v little plot, smut, kinda fluffy, college au (kinda), established relationship
>>word count: 8.9k
>>warnings: romantic ass eating 馃槓, oral (m), fingering (m/f), butt stuff but it鈥檚 SEXY, explicit sex, crying, jungkook likes to be praised, soft koo, dom reader... but like soft, spitting in mouth, dirty talk, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, this is so soft, that good smut, literally like 7.5k of filth
>>notes: hot girls eat ass!! oc is a hot girl!! this involves butt stuff (just mouth and fingers, no pegging 馃様), so if that isn鈥檛 ur cup of tea just read pt 1 again lol, i separated it this way in case there were people who weren鈥檛 down to go down... iykyk. but with that said, i encourage u to open ur eyes and ur mind and give this a chance 馃ぉ
>>summary: jk finally lets you eat his ass 馃榿馃憤馃徎
pt. 1 | pt. 2 | pt. 3
It鈥檚 day 6 of trying to get Jeongguk to let you eat his ass. It鈥檚 getting hard to function, and the sun doesn鈥檛 shine as bright as it used to. The week has been a rough one, filled with clenched butt cheeks, and fewer blow jobs than normal. You just can鈥檛 seem to stop yourself from wandering south when you鈥檙e down there, so you鈥檝e lost the privilege. Constantly met with Jeongguk鈥檚 laughter filled eyes when he pulls you up to where you鈥檙e supposed to be, and a 鈥淵ou should not want to eat my ass this bad.鈥
He just doesn鈥檛 understand.
Currently you鈥檙e sat in the cafeteria with your friends, your eyes consistently roaming to a table across the large room. He鈥檚 laughing at something and his hands are clapping in front of him as he throws his head back. You rest your head on your arms, pouting, and you breathe a deep and miserable sigh.
鈥淎lright y/n what the fuck?鈥 Your friend Yuna says, flicking your cheeks.
Her speaking up causes a few of your other girlfriends at the table to direct their attention towards you. 鈥淵eah, you鈥檝e been like... pouty for the last few days. What鈥檚 going on?鈥 Cho questions as well.
You debate keeping the silly internal struggle to yourself before giving in and stating plainly, 鈥淕guk won鈥檛 let me eat his ass.鈥 You blow absently at a piece of hair that falls into your face, eyes crossing as you look at it. Next to you, Jiwoo chokes on the zero cal drink that she鈥檚 been sipping.
Yuna stares at you blankly for a moment before recovering. 鈥淭hat鈥檚... well that鈥檚 a predicament.鈥 She hums in thought. 鈥淒oes he actually not want to or is he just being shy and stubborn?鈥
鈥淪econd one.鈥 You say. You鈥檝e known your boyfriend for years and you鈥檝e definitely learned how to tell when he鈥檚 being serious and when he鈥檚 just being stubborn. If you really thought he wasn鈥檛 about it you would have dropped it. But you know Jeongguk鈥檚 just being difficult because he thinks it鈥檚 funny to make you pine, and actually has at least some curiosity about the act. He just won鈥檛 admit it.
鈥淢injun was the same way,鈥 Cho nods in solidarity. 鈥淏ut he likes it now.鈥
鈥淗ow鈥檇 you get him to change his mind?鈥 You ask perking up. A beacon of hope.
鈥淲e watched porn of it together.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 how I discovered it!鈥 You gasp.
You pull your phone out to text your boyfriend.
minjun let鈥檚 cho eat his ass 馃ズ
You watch Jeongguk from across the room and see the moment he receives the text. He searches the lunch room before his eyes land on yours and he let鈥檚 out an incredulous harsh laugh, before shaking his head slightly to himself. You glance at your phone and see the text bubble appear in your messages.
koo 馃ゴ:
maybe he鈥檒l let you eat it too 馃ズ
You gape at your phone and look at your boyfriend only to see him talking to his friends again. He gives you a side glance and you see his smile grow bigger as he tries to ignore you.
Jeongguk鈥檚 sitting at his lunch table picking at the food in front of him listening as Jimin rambles about the not-so-great grade he got on his latest science test. 鈥淲hy the fuck do I need to know that the sun will make it too hot for life to exist on earth in a couple billion years? Not only will I be dead, but that is just anxiety inducing.鈥
His phone that鈥檚 vibrating on the table catches his attention, a picture message from you on the home screen. He gets a little excited at the sheer potential that a picture message has and opens it eagerly. Sure the chances of getting a titty pic when it鈥檚 mid-day and you鈥檙e both in the middle of a lunch cafeteria are small... but they are never zero.
When he opens the message and sees the picture, he laughs loudly before clapping his hand over his mouth to quiet himself.
baby 馃ズ馃挊馃槒馃馃檮馃憡馃徎:
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 about to respond when Taehyung says, 鈥淎lright, you can鈥檛 keep laughing at your phone and not tell us what鈥檚 so funny.鈥
Jeongguk looks at the couple in front of him a trace of a smile still lingers on his lips. He shows them what you sent. 鈥淵/n wants to eat my ass so bad.鈥 He laughs to himself, going back to his phone.
鈥淎re you not letting her?鈥 Jimin asks.
Jeongguk sets his phone to the side before he gets to respond. It鈥檚 clear his friends are ready to have a conversation about it. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think so.鈥
Jimin and Taehyung look at each other and smirk. 鈥淲hy not? It feels really good.鈥
He looks between them silently before asking, 鈥淵ou鈥檝e done it?鈥 He receives two nods.
鈥淭his one鈥檚 a real ass-muncher.鈥 Taehyung says jerking a thumb at his boyfriend. Jimin swats at him.
鈥淗e says like that like its a bad thing and like he doesn鈥檛 cum from just my mouth and my fingers.鈥 Jimin rolls his eyes.
Jeongguk tenses and turns a little red. A little tremor of heat coursing through his body at the thought of feeling so good that he could cum without even having a hand around himself. 鈥淛ust from that? No dick touching? Is that even possible?鈥
鈥淥h to be straight and oblivious to the wonders of butt stuff.鈥 Jimin pouts at him like he feels bad for him.
Taehyung on the other hand is a bit more helpful. He pops a fry in his mouth and talks with his mouth full, 鈥淚t鈥檚 possible. We have like a button in our ass that鈥檚 like... magic. You know what a prostate is right?鈥
Jeongguk scoffs. 鈥淥bviously.鈥
鈥淥kay well let her put her fingers and tongue in your ass then, if you know so much about it. Have you eaten hers?鈥
鈥淵eah I鈥檝e had my tongue in every crevice of that girls body.鈥 He鈥檚 nodding and smiling like he鈥檚 proud. He glances at you, and he sees you huddled next to your friend, looking closely at something on her phone, your long hair falling like a curtain over your shoulder, some pooling on the table. You look so pretty. You feel his stare, and look at him. Your smile is soft, and your lips pucker in a little kiss. Chuu.
鈥淩ight,鈥 Jimin says bringing Jeongguk back to the topic at hand, 鈥淲ell if she let you, and you鈥檙e open to it you should let her... like it will actually feel better for you than it probably did for her.鈥 Jeongguk looks like he鈥檚 about to defend his honor and sex skills, before Jimin cuts him off, 鈥淣ot saying you didn鈥檛 do it right or whatever. It鈥檚 just that guys are like programmed to like it... like biologically or- something.鈥
鈥淥r something.鈥 Jeongguk repeats.
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 you want to in the first place? Is it because you think it鈥檚 gay?鈥 Taehyung asks laughing, knowing that that鈥檚 not why.
Jeongguk gives him a bored deadpanned stare. 鈥淣o. Maybe it鈥檚 because I shit out of my ass and don鈥檛 want her mouth near it? She鈥檚 perfect, she doesn鈥檛 deserve that.鈥
Jimin cackles. 鈥淲ell it鈥檚 not like you just let her go for it! You have to prepare.鈥
Jeongguk sits and listens as his friends give him nothing less than a full comprehensive lecture on the logistics of ass eating and ass getting ate. Ass 101. He鈥檚 still unsure but hearing from guys who have actually done it and enjoyed it makes him feel a bit more open and curious. It has him pulling out his phone and tentatively typing out a text to you, finally replying to the picture you sent.
i鈥檓 thinking about it
He watches you, waiting for the text to get to you. He smiles when he sees you get excited at seeing his name on your home screen, something warm blossoming in his chest. He struggles to keep his face straight when he sees your head whip up, looking at him wide-eyed like you can鈥檛 believe what he just texted you. His fingers wiggle in a small wave, and the biggest smile slowly crawls across your face. He receives one last message before lunch ends.
baby 馃ズ馃挊馃槒馃馃檮馃憡馃徎:
say less, sir 馃い
Jeongguk lays on his back patiently, looking down at you below him while you take your time planting soft kisses all the way down his body. He was in a quite docile mood considering all the pestering you鈥檝e put him through the past few days. And despite what you both knew you had planned for him. Something he claimed to be nervous about, but you supposed one could be nervous and excited and pliant all at once.
When you take one of his nipples into your mouth he lets out a soft 鈥渙h...鈥 his hands flying up like he wants to wrap them in your hair, hold you there till he鈥檚 pleased, but he catches himself when his arms are halfway raised. He brings them back down by his sides, fists the sheets like he鈥檚 holding himself back, like he wants to be good for you. As you lick and suck on the paired nipple, feeling it pebble in your mouth, you watch 聽Jeongguk鈥檚 mouth fall open silently while his eyebrows furrow and a wrinkle of pleasure forms between them. His cock is steadily going from warm and plump to hot and hard and leaking, you can feel it twitch against your lower belly.
He opens his eyes to watch you and you can see his pupils are blown and you smile up at him, a tiny bud still pulled between your teeth and Jeongguk whines. A high pitch needy, breathy noise falls from his lips before he pulls his bottom one between his teeth. His head turns to the side, baring his neck in subconscious submission, and God. He doesn鈥檛 get like this often but when he does? He is the prettiest sight.
Heat pools in your belly and your panties are already sticking to your bottom half. You hum before moving your ministrations to his torso, soft wet open mouth kisses being placed any and everywhere, prolonged ones on each of his abs. He works so hard for his body, his physique. It鈥檚 something he does for himself, but you feel lucky that you get to see him like this in all of his glory.
鈥淭hank you.鈥 You say as you place a kiss on the tattoo he has on his hip bone.
He hums, 鈥淔or what?鈥
鈥淔or letting me see you like this,鈥 You finally wrap a hand around his cock. You bite your lip when you feel it jump in your palm, 鈥淔or letting me explore today. You鈥檙e so sexy, and so lovely, and so perfect. You work so hard, baby.鈥 Kisses, so many kisses planted over his groin area, but never where he wants it most.
He huffs and you can see a flush from embarrassment darken the already present flush of arousal, due to the praise and mention of exploring. He squirms in your hold, not wanting to talk, probably wishing you would just get on with it already. Surely you can feel him throbbing in your hand, right?
Finally, you bring your lips to his frenulum and place the softest kitten lick to it and Jeongguk positively keens in your hold. You stroke his cock, squeezing on the upstroke to watch a bead of precum well at the top. It glistens, shiny and clear, at the pink head. You wrap your lips around the tip fully, lapping and swirling your tongue over it, humming at the heady, slightly bitter taste on your tongue. It鈥檚 not particularly pleasant per se but it鈥檚 sexy. The fact you get him so worked up that his cock can鈥檛 help but leak, so worked up that he can鈥檛 help the soft little whines that fall from his lips; the fact that he gets so turned on and hard and wet just from a few of your kisses and licks makes you moan with his cock in your mouth, thighs squeezing together for some type of pressure and relief.
You pop off with a harsh suck. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait to taste you.鈥 You groan, licking a broad stripe up his cock with the flat of your tongue.
He grumbles quietly shifting, sort of like he鈥檚 antsy and frustrated. He knows what you mean and he knows you don鈥檛 mean his cock that you just had in your mouth.
鈥淲hat was that?鈥 You ask through a smile, nipping at his hip with your teeth.
鈥淐an you stop talking about it and just suck my dick so I can forget you鈥檙e even gonna do that?鈥 He rolls his eyes and pouts down at you with a tiny scowl on his face.
鈥淥h baby,鈥 You laugh, not patronizingly, but there is a little bit of a teasing lilt to your voice, 鈥淎re you still embarrassed?鈥
He doesn鈥檛 answer, just scowls harder if that was even possible.
You move away from his cock, and up his body. His eyes reflect panic and his hands finally move from the sheets to press on your shoulders, trying to keep you in place. 鈥淣o, stay,鈥 he whines.
You laugh again pushing against his hold before finally settling half on his chest. You rest a leg over his thigh, keeping your body close and pressed to his. You look into his big brown doe eyes that are slightly glassy from all the teasing. You can see some apprehension and nervousness swimming in them as you place a hand on his cheek, stroking softly. He closes his eyes and nuzzles into your palm before his hand comes up to hold your wrist, to just touch some more. His other hand runs up and down your body that鈥檚 resting half on top of him, tickling slightly like your the one that needs attention. He kisses your hand that鈥檚 on his cheek softly before looking at you again.
鈥淲e don鈥檛 have to do this if you don鈥檛 want to.鈥 You say quietly, thumb brushing over his cheek bone.
His eyes fall closed again and you can see his brow furrow once more, though this time it isn鈥檛 out of pleasure it鈥檚 because he鈥檚 thinking. Despite all the playful teasing and pestering and banter, you鈥檝e always made sure to check that he was actually okay with you going down there. And, yeah, he was nervous but after talking about it seriously and doing some research together he always said he was fine with it. But you know things can change in the moment and you just want to double check, make sure that he still feels that way.
You hum in question gently, prompting a response.
He huffs, tightening his grip on your wrist, a nervous gesture. His eyes are still closed when he quietly says, 鈥淣o I just... I- I鈥檓 not like backing out...鈥
鈥淵ou can though.鈥 You interrupt.
His eyes open quickly, and he shakes his head. 鈥淣o, no I want to I just...鈥 His voice starts off strong but tappers into a softer tone. 鈥淚 want to I just feel a bit like... weird.鈥
Your brow furrows this time. 鈥淲hy, baby?鈥
鈥淚 feel like I shouldn鈥檛 want you to.鈥 He doesn鈥檛 meet your eyes and you can feel his cheek heat up in your palm.
Ahhhh, you think. Although you talked and teased about the topic, you realize that while Jeongguk agreed (whilst impishly feigning a faux diswant on principle) you never realized that the lighthearted 鈥淵ou shouldn鈥檛 want to eat my ass this bad鈥 remarks may have stemmed from something serious, and weren鈥檛 just playful protests.
鈥淲hy do you feel that way?鈥 You press gently.
His eyes flicker to you and then to your mouth, then back to something (nothing) off to the side. He has a small not-so-amused smile on his lips when he says, 鈥淚t鈥檚 kinda taboo isn鈥檛 it?鈥
You can鈥檛 help but giggle at the word he used. Taboo. Out of all the things you guys have done, this is what he chooses to get shy about. Sweet boy.
鈥淣ot any more tabooo than you wanting to eat my ass, or fuck my ass.鈥 You hum at him, stretching out the word in a teasing manner, making him look at you. You smile at him before continuing, 鈥淥r you like slapping me, or me gagging you with my panties, or-鈥
鈥淥kay okay! I get it.鈥 He laughs and places a kiss to your lips to get them to stop moving.
You beam, glad to see he鈥檚 a bit more relaxed. The boner however, is definitely gone, but that can be fixed.
鈥淚鈥檓 not trying to convince you though.鈥 You emphasize, 鈥淚 only want to if you want to.鈥
He nods, softly smiling at you. 鈥淚 want to.鈥
A salacious grin takes over your face and you sigh softly into his ear before whispering, 鈥淧erfect... I鈥檓 going to make you feel so good baby, make you feel so good with my tongue. Get you all whiny and red and sweaty. Maybe your legs will start to shake from how good it feels? Do you want that, Jeongguk?鈥 You nip at his ear lobe as you feel a slight tremor run through his body. Your hips subtly roll against the side of his body, seeking any friction at this point. You feel him nod. 鈥淢aybe if you like my mouth enough we can use fingers when you鈥檙e ready baby.鈥 You hear him suck in a sharp breath and slowly let it out on a shaky exhale. You grin and place a kiss to his temple before continuing. 鈥淕et them inside of you to find that spot that will really set you off. The spot that will make you cum for me. Wouldn鈥檛 that feel so good baby?鈥
He nods again and you can feel the hand that has been running up and down your back throughout the conversation grip at your ass roughly.
鈥淪ay it baby, I wanna hear you.鈥
He whines and struggles against the hand on his face that is now gripping his jaw, still putting up a little bit of a fight about wanting something he considers 鈥渢aboo鈥. But he gives in easily enough when he realizes you won鈥檛 continue until you get more confirmation that he genuinely wants this, and is excited to have it.
鈥淚t鈥檚 gonna feel so good y/n. God, you鈥檙e gonna make me feel so good.鈥 He鈥檚 shy when he says it, but he鈥檚 almost panting as well. At last, he鈥檚 giving in and admitting to himself that this is something that will feel good and is okay to want.
He grips your face and kisses you. It starts slow and tentative but quickly manifests into a kiss that is deep and hard, one that is full of lust and neediness. He bites at your lip needing to release some of the pent up frustration but at your whine of pain he licks over it apologetically, placing softer kisses instead for a moment before he rests his forehead against yours, both your breathing is ragged for a minute until he speaks up.
鈥淧lease y/n. I鈥檓 so hard.鈥 He pleads in a soft whisper.
You take a second and look down between your bodies and sure enough, his cock has returned to full hardness, and your mouth waters seeing even more precum welling at the tip than before.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna suck it.鈥
鈥淧lease do.鈥 Jeongguk laughs as you move down his body, but the laugh goes high pitched and breathy when you take him down your throat immediately.
鈥淔uck...鈥 he sighs, his head falling back and eyes fluttering.
You pull off and close your eyes, relishing in the fact that you can make him feel like this. Grinning against his cock you place a kitten kiss to the shaft. 鈥淕ood baby?鈥
He nods his head. 鈥淵es yes, please keep going.鈥
You hum against the head causing Jeongguk to exhale sharply, hips twitching due to the vibrations. He鈥檚 so sensitive and you crave the reactions you pull from him. Whether they鈥檙e the soft noises and the small twitches or the loud moans and jerking muscles, they are all equally loved and desired.
Quickly you pull off and reach up placing your hand under his mouth, before he can protest at you pausing again. Maybe you鈥檙e being a little mean, but he sounds so pretty when he鈥檚 desperate and you just can鈥檛 help yourself.
鈥淪pit.鈥 You instruct.
You see him work his jaw, sharp edges protruding here and there while he gathers some in his mouth before spitting it into your hand. You peck a nipple on the way back down to his cock wrapping the spit filled hand around him. You see him watching you and you hold eye contact as you gather some of your own and let it drool from your mouth landing on the tip of his cock. You swear you see his eyes go impossibly darker, his jaw clenching, hands turning to fists in the sheets beneath you both.
When you stroke, mixing everything, his eyes close and he lets out a breath through his nose as he rests back and gets a little more comfortable. It鈥檚 not too messy, just the perfect amount of wetness for the glide to be slick and pleasing for him. You tighten your grip and twist under the head watching as the muscles in his stomach and thighs tense, a soft grunt draws your gaze to his face.
鈥淵eah... like that...鈥 he whispers. He鈥檚 just barely rocking his hips into your hands, trying to be subtle while also trying to chase the feeling.
You speed up your hand, keeping up the movements he likes while adding your tongue to flick at the underside of his head. You glance at him and find him watching you again, a fucked out look on his face, mouth slightly parted and a bead of sweat running down his temple. Slowly you sink down watching him till you can鈥檛 anymore, burying the tip of your nose in the soft patch of neatly kept hair at the base of his cock. When you feel him hit the back of your throat you contract it and shake your head from side to side and finally, finally you pull out one of his loud and unrestrained moans. It goes straight to your pussy, making it feel like it鈥檚 pulsing in your panties.
You come up for a breath before you stay down as long as you can repeating the same actions that pulled the lovely moans from his throat and you continue to hear them as you feel him start to sink his hips, almost like he鈥檚 overwhelmed and trying to pull away from how good it feels, like he can鈥檛 handle how how good it feels.
In your peripheral vision you can see his hands twitching like he鈥檚 fighting with himself before he gives in and sinks them into your hair, pulling slightly before pushing your head down and bringing his hips back up. He鈥檚 not fucking your face, but he let鈥檚 his cock sink as far back as it can and let鈥檚 you work your throat around him, lets himself get overwhelmed instead of pulling away from the feeling like he was before. 聽
Jeongguk was a head pusher in every sense of the term. Some people hated when their partners did that, but you loved it. You loved it because Jeongguk was different from most head pushers. He had variety. Sometimes he liked pushing your head down and holding you there to choke you and watch tears form in your eyes, to watch your makeup run while you struggled to breathe. Sometimes he did it in a face-fucking way, his hips jackhammering while he moved your head up and down just the way he wanted it. This time though, he held your head down in a begging way. In a way that said 鈥淥h god please, please don鈥檛 stop, it feels so fucking good, please stay there forever鈥.
Jeongguk is whimpering above you and you hum and moan loudly sending strong vibrations up your throat and down his cock and he鈥檚 thrashing, throwing his head back, grip in your hair tightening, a pleasant pain on your scalp.
鈥淥h my fucking god,鈥 He groans, neck extended and his eyes squeezed shut.
His whole body is burning when you bring a hand down to massage his balls while still moving your throat against his tip and then all of a sudden he tenses and stills before he鈥檚 pulling you off, frantically chanting 鈥淪top it, stop it.鈥
At lightening speed you grip the base of his cock, squeezing, trying to keep his orgasm at bay. Jeongguk鈥檚 whole body jerks with his cock, but no cum leaks out, only precum and spit making a mess on his angry, swollen cock. He relaxes back for a moment, cock still jumping, chest rising and falling as he catches his breath and you do the same and after you slowly release the hold you have on his cock you wipe your mouth with the back of your hand.
Suddenly your world is blurry and you鈥檙e quickly being pulled to his chest and smothered with his hands on your cheeks, and his lips everywhere they can reach.
鈥淕od. You鈥檙e so good, so so good y/n. So perfect, make me feel so good baby. How do you do it?鈥 He praises you between kisses and you giggle, gently pawing at his chest to get him to stop or at least slow down.
He does and you take a second to look at him. And he鈥檚 glowing. His eyes are shining, like he was close to tears and his cheeks are flushed. His sweaty hair sticks to his forehead in places while the longer pieces are fanned out on the pillow underneath him. And his smile. He鈥檚 beaming and you are so in love.
You bring a hand up and brush some sweaty strands back off his face. His eyes close and he pushes into the touch like a kitten wanting pets. He sighs contentedly.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e so beautiful, Jeongguk. So pretty.鈥 You whisper, placing a kiss to his forehead.
You bring your hand down from his hair and cradle his cheek, running your thumb over his plump, red bottom lip. You can see faint teeth marks underneath it from where he was biting it. His eyelashes flutter on his cheek as his eyes close and he sighs quietly before he nibbles on the fingertip with his front teeth and then takes the whole thing into his mouth, sucking on it. You gasp quietly, and apply light pressure pushing down on the wetness of his tongue prying his mouth open and he just lets you.
Your lips find his, and you dip your tongue into his open mouth before your hand moves to his jaw to keep it agape and you fuck your tongue into it.
鈥淭his is how my tongue is gonna fuck you...鈥 you whisper.
He whines high and needy, and his hands move to cup your cheeks. You moan before settling over him more comfortably and pushing your soaked panties to the side before wiggling till his cock is settled between your lips.
The night was supposed to be about him, but you need something before you lose it. You move your hips in small little thrusts, the length of his cock rubbing deliciously over you clit. You both gasp into each others mouths. The hands on your ass encourage you, pressing into your cheeks and the small of your back whenever you thrust forward, and the thumbs on your hips push when you grind back.
鈥淗oly fuck you鈥檙e so wet.鈥 He鈥檚 says it like he鈥檚 in awe, like he can鈥檛 believe it. Like he hasn鈥檛 made you this way so many times before.
You rest your forehead on his while continuing to grind on his cock. 鈥淟ove you like this...鈥 You grip his jaw again and pry it open, even though you know he would open willingly if you just asked. You look in his eyes searching, before you feel him nod in your hold. You lean forward over his mouth and let some spit fall into it, he moans while he eagerly drinks it down.
His grip on your hips tightens and you feel his cock jerk against your clit, but he鈥檚 good. He doesn鈥檛 cum.
鈥淚 love it too... just not all the time... it鈥檚- a lot. Overwhelming.鈥 He whispers, and you coo.
鈥淚 know baby, you鈥檙e doing so well. Color?鈥 You ask.
鈥淕reen.鈥 He answers without hesitation.
You smile and kiss him. 鈥淲anna keep going?鈥
He flushes when he nods his head. 鈥淧lease.鈥
Once again you find yourself between Jeongguk鈥檚 legs. You play with his cock a little before smoothing your hands under his thighs, trying to gently push them up and back but he whines and resists.
鈥淵ou have to let me see baby.鈥 You say, a smile in your voice.
Jeongguk squeezes his eyes shut and takes a deep breath before slowly letting his legs fall apart.
You hum, before saying, 鈥淗and me a pillow please.鈥
He鈥檚 confused but does as you ask, understanding when you tap the side of his cheek with instructions to lift his hips, pillow settling underneath his ass and lower back, propping them up a little.
You settle back down on your tummy, and open his legs again. Jeongguk says nothing but you can feel his body shaking a little with a constant tremor. He takes a deep breath settling back into the pillow he placed behind his head so he can watch what you do next.
鈥淩eady?鈥 You ask, hands gripping at the meaty inside parts of his thighs. You get a stiff nod, but still no noises. You pout but get started by running your tongue flat over his balls, hoping to ease him into it.
You feel his thighs tense, as you lap at the hairless balls, sucking them into your mouth every once in a while. Your eyes constantly flicker to Jeongguk鈥檚 face to make sure there鈥檚 nothing wrong, but all you see is pleasure on his face while he breathes out in soft little puffs through his nose. His eyes are hooded and his lip is drawn between his teeth.
You hold his heady gaze and you place your first little lick on his perineum. At the contact, his head falls back, mouth hanging open. You wiggle closer to place a kiss to the area, transitioning to quick little flicks of your tongue and Jeongguk moans, and you watch as he spreads a bit more, lifting his feet so his knees are pulled closer to his chest, giving you easier access. You moan at his eagerness, and have to stop for a minute, putting a hand between your legs to just press on your center for some kind of relief.
His eyes are still closed, like he doesn鈥檛 want to see you between his legs licking at his most private area, but his quiet whining and restless shifting is enough to let you know that he鈥檚 okay and enjoying it.
You bring your hands up and place one on each of his cheeks, squeezing a little, admiring the soft give of his muscles. He鈥檚 so plush. You apply pressure so his legs fall farther back and then spread him apart. You bite your lip and your mouth waters at the thought of how good your going to make him feel.
Tentatively you poke your tongue out and trace it around the little ring of muscle. He gasps and tries to clench and close his legs but you hold them in place.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay baby.鈥
鈥溾楽 weird...鈥 He mumbles.
鈥淚 know. Just try to relax for me, okay?鈥
You hear him take a few deep breaths before you feel his body shake with a nod. His legs fall open again and you make quick work of his hole, placing your tongue flat over it, dragging all the way up to where his balls meet his perineum.
鈥淥hhh,鈥 He breathes out.
You take that as a good sign before getting a bit rougher with your actions, less of the tentative licks and more of some tight sucking and quick flicking. He鈥檚 doing so well and you can hear him moaning above you. His cock is so hard and swollen on his belly, neglected and leaking.
鈥淧ull your legs back baby.鈥
He opens his eyes and they are unfocused. It takes him a second to process what you asked him to do, but once he does he moves quickly. He has a hazy look in his eyes, his mouth in parted slightly, and his tongue peaks out to wet his lips as he gets comfortable in the new position.
鈥淲atch me?鈥 You plead, while licking over his hole again, eyes not leaving him waiting for a response.
His eyes close for just a moment and a wrinkle of pleasure forms between his brows and his cock jumps, a little spurt of precum oozing out. He inhales and opens his eyes on the exhale, breathing out a small 鈥淥kay.鈥
Once you start to figure out what he likes and what makes him happy, all you hear is the steadily getting louder pleased noises falling from his lips. You point your tongue and gently push past the tight ring of muscles and Jeongguk sobs. He brings a hand to his face and rubs over it, before throwing his arm over his face, hiding because he鈥檚 so overwhelmed. To your surprise he starts to gently rock against your tongue.
鈥淥h my god you鈥檙e so hot Jeongguk,鈥 You moan.
鈥淒on鈥檛 stop,鈥 He begs. He sounds close to tears.
鈥淭ouch yourself, baby.鈥
You wait until you see his hand wrap around his cock giving himself a few slow strokes, wet eyes on you, waiting for you to keep going.
As soon as your mouth meets him again, his hand he has on his cock starts moving faster, almost frantically over his length and his hips are stuttering like he doesn鈥檛 know if he wants to fuck his hand or if he wants to fuck himself back onto your tongue. You decide for him and hold his hips close to your face, sucking repeatedly on the ring of fluttering muscle.
Jeongguk gasps, 鈥淚鈥檓 close, I wanna cum y/n- Please, I-鈥 His head falls back and his hand doesn鈥檛 slow.
You give your hum of approval against his hole, and watch him fall apart.
His head is thrown back and he鈥檚 so sweaty from working so hard for his release. His chest rises and falls in quick staccato breaths, and his free hand goes up to a nipple, lightly rubbing his thumb over it and he keens, before he goes silent, whole body stuttering and he chokes out nothing more than a quick, quiet 鈥淐umming鈥 before his cock pulses and shoots out 1, 2, 3 stripes of white, the rest dribbling down his length and over his fingers. His body almost convulses from the pleasure coursing through his veins. He keeps stroking, and he lets you keep licking until he squirms, uncomfortable from the overstimulation.
You wipe your mouth and immediately make your way up to his face, straddling his hips. You don鈥檛 care about the cum, but you鈥檙e carful to avoid his sensitive cock, which is a little deflated but still laying somewhat hard on his tummy. You鈥檙e both out of breath when you slam your lips against his so it鈥檚 more gasping into each other鈥檚 mouths while your lips occasionally meet before you need a breath again. But you鈥檙e desperate to show him how good he did.
You pull back and grip his face in your hands. His hands hold your wrists, like he鈥檚 keeping them in place on his cheeks. He鈥檚 still catching his breath with his eyes closed, but you want him to see how proud you are.
鈥淛eongguk, look at me.鈥
He does and his eyes are glassy and wet and his eyelashes are clumped together with unshed tears. He offers you a sheepish smile.
鈥淵ou did so good baby. So fucking good. I love you.鈥 You pepper kisses over his face.
He laughs breathlessly, 鈥淒idn鈥檛 get to your fingers...鈥
You laugh with him quietly. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 okay baby, we can do that next time. You were perfect.鈥 You take a deep breath and collapse on top of him, resting your face in the crook of his neck, smiling while leaving small lovebites all over.
After a minute or so though, you feel him start to get restless underneath you.
鈥淲hat is it baby?鈥 You ask not really moving much.
He mumbles something into the top of your head.
鈥淗uh?鈥 You say sitting up to look at him.
He looks kinda petulant for someone who just came so hard it hit their neck.
He mumbles again.
鈥淜oo. Words.鈥
He blushes and scowls looking away from you but the hands settled on your hips rub small circles into your hip bones, showing he鈥檚 not actually mad and most likely just being a brat.
鈥淚 want them now.鈥 It鈥檚 quiet and pouty, but at least you understand him this time.
Your mouth opens in understanding but your eyebrows raise in surprise. You look over your shoulder and down to see his cock still laying plump and hard on his stomach in a little puddle of cum.
鈥淎re you sure? We don鈥檛 have to, I know we said that was the plan but we can always do it ano-鈥
He grabs the back of your neck pulls you down to kiss you deep and slow, his tongue finding it鈥檚 way into your mouth. When he speaks again it鈥檚 soft against your lips.
鈥淧lease y/n... it felt so good,鈥 A tiny peck is given as your noses touch.
You exhale a shaky breath, 鈥淵eah, okay. If that鈥檚 what you want.鈥
He kisses you deeply again, but positions you over his cock so he can rut up into your pussy.
鈥淐an鈥檛 you feel how bad I want it?鈥 He whispers against your lips. He nips at the bottom one while smiling before pulling away and settling against the pillows again, looking at you expectantly once he gets comfortable.
You roll your eyes playfully. 鈥淏ig words coming from someone who claimed they didn鈥檛 even want this like an hour ago.鈥 You smile down at him, eyes sparkling.
He snickers. He breathes a deep sigh before settling back even more. 鈥淵eah. That was before I came so hard that I almost blacked out.鈥 His hands are behind his head and his eyes are closed like he鈥檚 reminiscing about a distant memory, a smug smile on his lips.
鈥淵ou switch from being my baby to a pain so fast.鈥 You pout as you settle once again between Jeongguk鈥檚 legs.
He parts them with a hum. 鈥淪till your baby... just- make me feel good please, I鈥檓 like so hard- throbbing.鈥
You suck on your fingers a little bit to get them wet before circling one around the ring of muscles. You don鈥檛 miss the tiny gasp, or the way his legs subconsciously part even wider.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 gonna feel the best at first....鈥 You warn, applying the slightest pressure to his hole, before going back to circling it. 鈥淗and me the lube on the nightstand please.鈥
Jeongguk obliges before he says, 鈥淚 know just... go slow.鈥 He sounds just a little bit nervous.
You give a quick nod while you open up Jeongguk鈥檚 half empty bottle of lube and drizzle some onto your fingers, lathering it over them to warm it some before getting them into position.
鈥淒o you think about me when you use this?鈥 you ask still running your slick fingers over him.
He nods and licks his lips subconsciously. 鈥淢hmm sometimes.鈥
You fake gasp and bite at his knee by your side. You鈥檙e sitting crisscross applesauce in between his legs. 鈥淥nly sometimes?鈥
鈥淚 watch porn too,鈥 He giggles breathlessly. 鈥淪ometimes I look for girls that look like you though, if that helps.鈥
鈥淚t does not.鈥 You say indignantly, only half joking.
He brings his foot up and lightly kicks at your leg. 鈥淵ou watch porn too that鈥檚 literally why we are in this mess right now. We watched it together.鈥
You full on laugh at that. He has a point. 鈥淥kay enough, hush and relax baby.鈥
You weren鈥檛 sure if it was better to warn Jeongguk, or just slowly ease him into it without saying anything. If you warned him you knew he would tense up and it would just make it harder on his body, but you also didn鈥檛 want to take him by surprise either.
You must have just been circling his rim for a minute because Jeongguk huffs before asking, 鈥淎re you gonna like... put it in or...?鈥
You take that as a go, and peck the inside of his thigh a preemptive apology because you knew it was going to hurt a little. Jeongguk had prepped you for the times you tried anal with him and you vividly remember the sting before it became bearable. Your hands and fingers were much smaller than his, and certainly much smaller than his cock, so you are hoping the pain isn鈥檛 too horrible and ends quickly.
Oh so slowly you start to sink your middle finger inside of him. He sucks in a breath through his teeth and when you flick your eyes up to look at him you can see his eyes squeezed shut tightly and his jaw clenched.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry are you okay? Does it hurt?鈥
He shakes his head. 鈥淒oesn鈥檛 really hurt yet, it鈥檚 just uncomfortable... Keep going.鈥
You nod softly before you resume what you were doing, and once you get down to your last knuckle, you wiggle your finger around inside for a second like you had seen in the porn that you and him watched together, hoping to stretch him out some.
Above you Jeongguk is taking shallow breaths the sort of sound like they are getting a little higher pitched at the end, and he shifts and wiggles a bit because of the foreign feeling. You glance at his cock and see that鈥檚 its gone just a little soft.
鈥淭ouching yourself might help you relax a little bit and it might make it feel a little bit better.鈥 You suggest lightly.
Jeongguk doesn鈥檛 say anything but he does as he鈥檚 told, slowly stroking his cock back to it鈥檚 full length.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it, good boy. I can feel you鈥檙e less tense already.鈥 You praise, and you start to move your finger in and out. It鈥檚 tight, but there鈥檚 a lot less resistance. You move them just a bit faster and focus on Jeongguk鈥檚 reactions.
His hand has started to move a bit faster over his cock, and his mouth is parted and his eyes are closed, like he鈥檚 lost in the feeling. There鈥檚 a flush on his face that has travelled all the way down his chest. Soft moans fall from his lips occasionally, although you can鈥檛 tell if that鈥檚 from you or him touching himself.
鈥淒oes it feel good?鈥 You ask, genuinely curious.
鈥淚t feels鈥︹ He pauses like he鈥檚 unsure. 鈥淚t feels鈥 nice. I think.鈥
You snort. 鈥淵ou think?鈥
He laughs a little breathless, hand still stroking over his cock. 鈥淚 mean it鈥檚 weird. But it鈥檚 not unpleasant. I could probably cum if I kept touching my dick.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 cum, I haven鈥檛 found your button yet.鈥 Your eyebrows furrow, determination set on your face.
鈥淚 do not have a button.鈥 He says absently.
鈥淵ou do. I鈥檓 gonna do the second one kay?鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 and okay.鈥
You ignore him and grab the lube again, adding a bit more. Your fingers find their place and as they start to sink in, Jeongguk sucks a sharp breath through his teeth, and goes rigid. You wince.
鈥淗urts鈥︹ He says quietly.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry baby.鈥 You rub your free hand over his thigh, trying to comfort him. You give him a moment, he takes a few breaths before saying to keep going.
It takes a little bit but eventually you get both fingers in. Jeongguk isn鈥檛 feeling good yet, teeth grinding, body tense, and hands fisted in the sheets trying to ground himself, but you are determined to make it good for him. You get on your stomach and add your tongue to your fingers as you start to pull them out just to push them back in. The lube doesn鈥檛 taste very good, but the way that Jeongguk鈥檚 breath hitches when he feels your mouth on him again makes up for it.
鈥淚- I love that.鈥 He says, voice airy and soft as he turns his head to the side and into his shoulder like he鈥檚 trying to hide.
鈥淢mm, starting to feel good now baby?鈥 You ask, flicking your tongue while your fingers start to sink in easily.
鈥淵eah, 鈥榮 good鈥︹ He mumbles.
Once you鈥檙e sure that there鈥檚 no pain at all for Jeongguk, you start to crook your fingers inside of him on every thrust in trying to find that secret spot of his. Jeongguk sounds lovely while you鈥檙e searching, but the way he sounds when you finally hit it is like nothing you鈥檝e heard from him before. It鈥檚 like he gets punched in the gut and looses his breath, a moan getting caught in his throat for a moment before he exhales a high pitched whine. You didn鈥檛 get to see it, too focused, but you know his eyes rolled back.
鈥淭here,鈥 he breathes.
You moan as you rest your head against his thigh, focusing on your attention on your fingers and hitting that spot every time you move them inside of him. Each time you hit it sweet moans are punched out, or quiet affirmations are whispered. 鈥淵es, please, more鈥︹.
He has that look of pleasure on his face, the scrunched eyebrows, the parted mouth. He鈥檚 fidgety, and fussy like he just wants more but doesn鈥檛 know how to get it. He huffs, annoyed, before he starts to push back on your fingers.
鈥淕od鈥 you鈥檙e so desperate for it,鈥 You whisper completely captivated by how much pleasure Jeongguk looks like he鈥檚 in.
He doesn鈥檛 acknowledge you. Until you start to put a constant pressure on his prostate, rubbing.
鈥淥h fuck- I-鈥 He looks down to where your fingers are like he can鈥檛 believe the way they are making him feel before he throws his head back and let鈥檚 out a deep groan.
He lets you make him feel good, let鈥檚 the pleasure build up in his body until you start to feel him tense. His whines start to come out more frequently, almost constant moans filling the air. So noisy. His legs open more and you see how his toes curl in the sheets.
鈥淥h my god I think I鈥檓 gonna cum,鈥 It鈥檚 said breathlessly, almost confused. Like he didn鈥檛 think that he would actually be able to cum just from your fingers inside of him, hands still at his sides fisted in the sheets.
鈥淵eah baby?鈥 You ask, voice airy.
He nods, tongue poking out of his mouth like he鈥檚 concentrating.
Your arm hurts, but you keep thrusting and rubbing over that spot inside of him. His muscles are strained, and next to your body, you can see his legs start to tremble. His breathing is fast and short. His cock is fat and swollen laying in a puddle of precum, it looks like it hurts with how red it is. You take you other hand and start to rub on his perineum, stimulating him on the outside as well as the inside and that鈥檚 when he loses it.
He let鈥檚 out a choked cry before his body jerks up, curling in on itself. 鈥淥h fuck I鈥檓 cumming, I鈥檓 cumming, I鈥檓 cumming-鈥
You don鈥檛 let up, an awestruck smiling forming on your face as you watch Jeongguk fall apart on your fingers. He鈥檚 so tight around them, it鈥檚 like his body is begging you not to stop, keeping you in place. He feels like every hair on his body is standing on end and like his skin is overly receptive and sensitive to every little thing. Wave after wave of ecstasy is flowing over him. His whole body trembles, yet his cock doesn鈥檛 jerk like with his other orgasm. This time it just pulses flat on his stomach, cum leaking out of the tip adding to the mess that was already there. With every pulse of his cock, Jeongguk鈥檚 body curls more, back raise off the bed, abs flexed due to the strain on his core. The look on his face is one of indescribable pleasure. It鈥檚 obscene. After the final pulse of his cock, he falls back, absolutely spent.
Your fingers slowly come to a stop, and you carefully remove them from him and wipe them on the bed before you crawl over his thigh and flop down by his side. You peck his cheek, staying quiet this time, not wanting to overwhelm him. He鈥檚 still has tremors running through his body when he turns his head to look at you. His chest is heaving and his eyes are droopy, but there鈥檚 a sleepy smile on his lips. He curls onto his side so you guys are facing each other.
The silence is thick and heavy but not in a suffocating way. More so in a comforting way. The atmosphere feels like you both are wrapped in a weighted blanket, just relishing in the warm afterglow of what you did together.
You wiggle closer, hook a thigh over his hip. 鈥淗ow was it? Did you like it?鈥 You don鈥檛 know why but you sound shy, kinda nervous.
He simply nods, a soft smile on his face as he brushes some hair behind your ear, hand coming to rest on your cheek for just a few seconds before it鈥檚 sliding down your arm, down your hip, playing with lacy top of your panties. He bumps noses with you, breathing in your exhales before he closes his eyes and fits his lips between yours. His hand slips into your panties.
You open easily for him, angling yourself mostly on your back so it鈥檚 easier for him to reach where you want him most. He sighs into your mouth when he feels how wet you are. He dips between your lips and you gasp, hand going down to grip at his wrist willing him not to tease, to not move his hand away.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, I just wanna make you feel good baby.鈥 He coos in your ear as his middle finger starts to rub slowly over your clit.
You let out soft whimpers at the slow pace that makes the fire in your belly curl and steadily grow.
鈥淛eongguk, I鈥檓 already close鈥︹ You warn.
鈥淢mm, that鈥檚 it baby. Want you to cum for me, like I came for you.鈥 His finger speeds up some. 鈥淔uck, you made me cum so hard y/n. Made me crazy. You always do.鈥 He moans gently into your ear.
You nod, and your legs begin to tremble. 鈥淒on鈥檛 stop,鈥 You beg, meaning both his fingers and his words.
鈥淵ou wanna know what it felt like? You wanna know what you did to me?鈥 He presses a touch harder, and nips are your cheek.
You nod again, subtly rocking your hips into his touch.
鈥淵ou made me cum untouched y/n. Do you know how good you had to fuck me in order for that to happen? God, it was so intense, and I was just leaking so much the whole time. You did that to me baby, you made me feel that good. Fuck, I wanna make you feel that good too, please cum for me y/n. I know you鈥檙e close, I know your body just as well as you know mine.鈥 He sounds desperate, just yearning to get you there. 鈥淚 can tell by the way your legs are shaking, and the way you can鈥檛 stop whining my name. Sound so pretty baby, just for me. Your hand on my wrist is gripping so hard, like you can鈥檛 take what my fingers are doing to you. But you鈥檙e gonna take it and give me what I want right? Just like I gave you what you wanted, hmm?鈥
鈥淔uck, Jeongguk I鈥檓 cumming,鈥 You cry, his words and his fingers making you shake and finally get the release that you鈥檝e been putting off the whole night. Your thighs close over his hand but Jeongguk doesn鈥檛 let up, not until you鈥檙e cumming for the second time in a span of minutes.
鈥淧lease- I can鈥檛-鈥 You squirm, and wiggle, until his fingers slow and finally slip form your panties. You sigh in bliss, body twitching as the last bits of your climax leave your body.
You turn back to your side and snuggle all the way against Jeongguk鈥檚 body, legs intertwining. Jeongguk runs his nails over your back, making little goosebumps sprout over your body. There鈥檚 a peaceful quiet coming over you, both tired from the events of the night. Jeongguk breaks it.
鈥淭hank you for taking care of me.鈥 It鈥檚 a timid statement, but you can hear how much he means it. 聽
You kiss softly over his heartbeat. 鈥淚 always will.鈥
鈥淛ust please don鈥檛 ever ask to peg me.鈥
You simply hum. 鈥淕oodnight baby.鈥
i hope you liked it!! i鈥檓 thinking of writing a smutty drabble of when oc and jk watch the porn together聽馃え let me know if you would want to read that or anymore of this universe! comments, notes, and feedback are YEARNED for. my ask is also open if you want to request, share thoughts, or just talk
part 3 here!
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weelittleweasley6 months ago
sheer brilliance (f.w.)
prompt: being a teacher鈥檚 assistant at a local college, you are assigned to a philosophy professor who is notorious for being young, cocky, and undeniably handsome. does his arrogance get in the way of you getting or job done? or is it his looks?
pairing: professor! fred x teacher鈥檚 assistant! reader
warnings: typically frowned upon relationships (oopsie i love forbidden romances that are legal and consentual mwah), language, food, drinking, alcohol
word count: 15k (I am so sorry I really couldn鈥檛 help myself)
author鈥檚 note: there won鈥檛 be a direct part two of this, but you can bet ur sweet booty that i will be writing more prof!fred in this universe because he鈥檚 just so HNNNGG
taglist:聽@rosaliepostsstuff鈥 @harrysweasleys鈥 @gcdricreads鈥 @lumos-barnes鈥 @whizboingies鈥 @lumosandnoxwriting鈥 @pxroxide-prinxcesss鈥 @c-t-h鈥 @lol-idk-oops鈥 @another-lonely-heart鈥嬄燖kaseyrose96-blog鈥嬄燖hufflepuff5972 @amourtentiaa鈥 @parseltongueswriting鈥 @shilohpug鈥 @peachypotter鈥 @spacexcowgirl鈥 @PaintballKid711聽@vogueweasley鈥嬄燖freddie-weaselbee鈥嬄燖freds-slut鈥嬄燖missmulti鈥嬄燖gryffindcrghost鈥嬄燖wand3ringr0s3鈥嬄燖valwritesx鈥嬄燖sweeterthansammy鈥嬄燖loonylovegood13鈥嬄燖lostaurorax鈥
Tumblr media
鈥淚t鈥檚 so nice to see another young face here,鈥 a blonde haired girls sighs next to you as you swipe your ID card to enter the university building for your first official day of work.聽鈥淚 thought I was going to be the only new TA here,鈥 she confides in you as your shoes click down the corridor as you make your way through the halls.聽
You flash her a comforting smile,聽鈥淪ame here. But I think there鈥檚 more of us on the way. Besides, we鈥檙e relatively early.鈥澛
As a last year graduate student, you needed to be a teaching assistant in order to get your degree and finish your course requirements. It wasn鈥檛 an opportunity you were thrilled about, but it would give you hands on teaching experience in a university setting that could be very valuable. That was, if you had the right professor.
鈥淚鈥檓 Luna, by the way,鈥 the girl next to you chimes as she fixes the strap of her purse, offering you her hand to shake, gladly accepting it.聽鈥淚鈥檓 a TA for Women and Gender Studies,鈥 she adds proudly.
鈥淚鈥檓 (Y/N),鈥 you smile,聽鈥淭A for Philosophy.鈥 Luna looks impressed as you tell her about your area of study, making you laugh.聽鈥淚 promise it鈥檚 not as bad as it sounds. I quite like it, actually. Just hoping the professor I鈥檓 assisting is a good one,鈥 you nervously speak, turning the corner to walk to the Dean鈥檚 office.
Luna shakes her head,聽鈥淚 hear you. It鈥檚 definitely nerve wracking, but Hogwarts University has some of the top rated professors in the country, so I really don鈥檛 think we鈥檒l have many problems in that department.鈥澛
You suck in a deep breath as you nod. The university was quite prestigious, you were shocked when you were informed you would be assisting here, but honored nonetheless. However, there was still a pool of nerves that swam around in your stomach as you thought about the professor you would be assisting. You could have a someone who was so knowledgeable in your field of study or someone who was a complete ass. It was a dice roll.聽鈥淥ne can only hope,鈥 you sigh before arriving in front of the Dean鈥檚 door, placing three knocks on the wooden door.
The door swings open to reveal a happy looking man, brown hair combed back and a toothy grin on his face. He wore houndstooth pants with a white button down tucked in and a neatly tied bow tie around his neck, matching the color pattern of his pants. His face glowed with excitement as he beamed,聽鈥淢s. Lovegood, Miss (Y/L/N), so glad to finally have you with us!鈥 You and Luna offered him a warm smile in return as he opened his office door wider for the two of you to enter.聽鈥淲elcome to Hogwarts! I鈥檓 Dean Longbottom, but you two can just call me Neville,鈥 he smiles as he sits behind his desk adorned with small succulents and stationary. 鈥淚鈥檝e been anticipating your arrival along with the other teaching assistants for awhile. It鈥檚 so nice that we have such a large pool of you for this semester. The professors are quite lucky to get quite a brilliant bunch like you,鈥 he compliments.
鈥淪peaking on behalf of all the TAs, I think I can confidently say we feel honored to be here,鈥 Luna smiles softly as the dean chuckles and you nod.
Neville nods his head,聽鈥淲e are honored to have you.鈥 You and Luna thank him before he begins again,聽鈥淪o, the two of you have some time before you are reporting to your classrooms for lecture. How about I give you the tour of the campus? A proper Hogwarts welcome?鈥
You and Luna excitedly agree and Dean Longbottom starts to walk you through the hallways of the beautiful university. The university had once been castle during the Gothic era, still maintaining the same structure. Beautiful hallways, paintings of founders hung in the walls, windows adorned with stained glass as sunlight seeped through.聽鈥淭he dining hall is on the left over here,鈥 Neville gestures, revealing a large room lined with tables, school flags hanging high as students varying in year gather to chat and eat.聽鈥淎nd if you look ahead, you鈥檒l find the campus courtyard. It鈥檚 beautiful this time of year with the flowers in full bloom,鈥 Neville smiles to himself.聽鈥淎cross the street are the campuses houses. Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Syltherins, and Hufflepuffs,鈥 he points as you see tall houses, coated in paint of their respective colors.聽鈥淚 myself was a Gryffindor when I was a student,鈥 he jokes, earning a laugh from you and Luna.聽鈥淥ther than that, I think that concludes the tour. Here are your staff lanyards and your professor assignments have been forwarded to you in your emails. There鈥檚 still some time left before lecture, so feel free to hang around campus or in the staff lounge. If you need anything, please, don鈥檛 hesitate. I鈥檒l see you two very soon!鈥 he waves before disappearing down the hall.聽
In this moment, you take the time to look around the hall to see the bustling student body, smiling and laughing as they make their way down the halls. You softly smile to yourself, reminiscing about when you were an undergraduate. A freshman in the halls, excited for university. Now, you were nearly done with graduate school, soon to be a certified professor. Time had flown by in the blink of an eye.聽
鈥淵ou want to take a peak in the staff lounge?鈥 Luna disturbs your thoughts.
Turning to her, you give her a smile and a nod before walking up the stairs three levels to reach the staff lounge. Inside were a few professors scattered here and there, but mostly there were TAs. The room radiated buzzing nervous energy as red lanyards signifying TA status hung around a few necks. One of the boys sitting at the table spotted the red lanyard and spoke cooly,聽鈥淵ou鈥檝e found the right place.鈥澛
He rose from his chair and walked over to you and Luna with a shocking amount of confidence. His jet black hair was gelled back neatly, a crisp light blue button up and handsome tie clung on his neck as he stuck out a hand for you to shake.聽鈥淣ame鈥檚 Harry,鈥 he proudly shook your hand.聽鈥淚 was a TA here two years ago, now in charge of the TA program and coordinator for the math department. You two look new. Not that it鈥檚 a bad thing, it鈥檚 just I could sense it,鈥 he laughs.
鈥(Y/N),鈥 you shake his hand firmly as he smiles. Luna does the same with a small smile.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e right about the new part. It鈥檚 both our first semesters here,鈥 you confirm.聽
Harry nods and walks back to his chair, leaning back, tucking his hands in his pockets.聽鈥淣ice. What鈥檚 your area of focus?鈥 he asks.聽
Luna grabs a seat and speaks,聽鈥淲omen and Gender Studies. You by any chance know a Ginevra Weasley? She鈥檒l be the professor I鈥檓 assisting this semester.鈥
Harry lets out a chuckle before an unfamiliar voice speaks up,聽鈥淥h, Potter is familiar here with Ms. Ginevra Weasley. That鈥檚 his fianc茅.鈥 You turn around to face a smirking face as he sips on his piping cup of black coffee.聽鈥淚鈥檓 Seamus Finnegan. Head TA for the chemistry department,鈥 he introduces.聽鈥淵ou鈥檝e lucked out,鈥 he tells Luna.聽鈥淕inny is the best in the department. She鈥檚 a hard ass, but you鈥檒l learn a lot from her.鈥
Luna smiles to herself,聽鈥淰ery excited to get started then.鈥澛
鈥淲hat about you?鈥 Harry nods to you as Seamus slides into a seat next to Harry.聽鈥淎rea of study?鈥
鈥淧hilosophy,鈥 you reply cooly. Seamus gives you an impressed look as Harry smiles lightly.聽鈥淪pecifically Ethics,鈥 you add on.聽鈥淚鈥檓 assisting another Weasley, actually?鈥 you look at Luna.聽鈥淎re they by any chance related?鈥 you ask Harry and Seamus.
The two of them just chuckle as Harry sighs,聽鈥淵eah, the whole family basically teaches here. You鈥檒l learn fast. They all got jobs at the same time since their father is on the board of directors. All of them deserve to be here though. Brilliant professors, all of them.鈥
You let out a sigh of relief that you didn鈥檛 realize you were holding in. Confirmation that you had a more than capable professor was good news.聽
Seamus continues on Harry鈥檚 tangent.聽鈥淏asically one in each department,鈥 he shrugs.聽鈥淕inny is a聽 women and gender studies professor, Percy is the head of the business department, Charles is in the vet school, Bill is an adjunct professor now, but he鈥檚 in the language department with a focus in French, Ron is the European History professor and by the looks of it, he鈥檒l be the head of the department next year, George is the chemistry professor I assist, and then there鈥檚 Fred w-鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 the one,鈥 you interrupt.聽鈥淗e鈥檚 the one I鈥檓 assisting this semester. How鈥檚 he? Do you have any intel that could help a new bee out?鈥 you ask hopefully with a glimmer of jest in your voice. But the look on Harry and Seamus鈥 faces make your stomach do a flip. They look at each other knowingly as Seamus lets out a small chuckle. He mutters a small yikes before sipping on his coffee and excuses himself from the table to go attend his lecture with George.聽鈥淲hat was that look about? Is he a lazy professor?鈥 you groan.
Harry lightly laughs and shakes his head, scratching the back of his neck.聽鈥淔red Weasley is a great professor, no need to worry about that. He鈥檚 do I put this without getting fired?鈥 he whispers the last bit to himself as your eyes widen and you lean in closer with a what?, making Harry shake his head.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 not bad, I swear, he鈥檚 not like...unstable or anything. He鈥檚 just very cocky. Fred is good at his job and he knows it. He doesn鈥檛 let anyone forget it. He鈥檚 been ranked top professor at the school for the past three years and wears it like a badge of honor.鈥澛
Great, a cocky professor. A narcissist. Just what you needed when starting a job that could determine the fate of your career. You sigh and flop back in your chair as Luna gives you a sympathetic look.聽鈥淏loody brilliant,鈥 you huff.
鈥淗e鈥檚 a great professor though!鈥 Harry tries to make light of the conversation.聽鈥淔red has been teaching straight out of university, so he knows what he鈥檚 doing. Students really admire him and his lectures are some of the best that I鈥檝e seen. He knows how to have fun in the class, but he doesn鈥檛 take any bullshit,鈥 Harry reassures you as you give him a weak nod. It was nice to hear that he was at least respected and admired by the students. Maybe you could learn to do the same.聽
Luna takes a look at her watch and gives you a nudge. 鈥淚t鈥檚 twenty minutes until the new lecture block. Reckon we should introduce ourselves to our professors?鈥 she asks as you sigh with a reluctant nod. After that bit of information you just received, you were less excited to meet your professor.聽鈥淚t was nice meeting you, Harry,鈥 she beams to Harry as you two rise from your seats.聽
鈥淟ovely meeting you two. I鈥檓 sure I鈥檒l catch you around in the halls,鈥 he winks friendly before you both exit the staff lounge.
Nervously, you played with the cuffs of your turtleneck, walking down the halls, parting with Luna, wishing the other good luck in their first lecture. As you strolled the hallway of the fifth floor, searching from room 523 where Philosophical Ethics would take place. You wondered how he would look. Old, no doubt. Harry said he鈥檚 been teaching since he graduated which had to mean he was in his late forties. Was he a cranky old white man? Great. Just fantastic. He probably had the traditional way of teaching which meant he sat at the front of the classroom and spoke at the class for three hours. Your worst nightmare. How could someone ruin something you loved?
You stumble upon the wooden door with golden paint etched into it 523. With a confident inhalation, you push the door open and enter the classroom, neatly set up for the next lecture. Three rows of eight, one next to the other. In the front of the classroom was a large chalkboard with the words Welcome to Ethics written in sloppy handwriting. Gently, there was soft jazz music playing from a small speaker, filling the classroom, saxophone and trumpet melodies echoing. Everything looked normal. Except for who sat at the desk.
At the front of the classroom, sitting at a dark brown desk was a tall, lean young man with tuffs of orange hair styled back. He wore a freshly ironed white button down that was tucked neatly into a pair of chestnut corduroys with matching brown chukka boots. His sleeves were rolled to his elbows, showing off his muscular biceps and toned arms. A shiny silver Rolex watch was strapped on his left wrist as he tapped a pen against his desk. But you couldn鈥檛 get over how young he was. The youth in his face was lively as his dark chocolate eyes scanned over a paper in front of him. Your presence was unknown to him as he continued to flip through papers, dragging his pen across the margins.聽
Politely, you clear your throat, causing him to look up from his paper, looking up at you. When his eyes landed on yours, you gulped thickly. His whole face was undeniably attractive. His angled jaw, full lips, soft eyes. He gave you a confused look.聽鈥淟ecture isn鈥檛 for another twenty minutes,鈥 he told you before looking back down at his paper, almost dismissing you.聽鈥淏ut feel free to have your choice in seat. I hope you don鈥檛 mind the music. Let me know if it鈥檚 distracting,鈥 he tells you before flipping the pages again.
You inhale deeply.聽鈥淎ctually, Professor Weasley, I鈥檓 (Y/N),鈥 you introduce yourself. Professor Weasley looks up at you with confused eyes, trying to put together your identity.聽鈥淵our TA for the semester?鈥 you speak with a small smile.聽鈥淚鈥檓 very excited to get started with you.鈥
But before you can ask him what you could do to help set up the classroom, he speaks,聽鈥淚 didn鈥檛 ask for a TA.鈥
His words take you aback for a moment. Instead of an introduction or even a simple hello, he told you he didn鈥檛 ask for a TA.聽鈥淚 beg your pardon?鈥 you ask with almost a laugh.
鈥淚 didn鈥檛 ask for a TA. I don鈥檛 need one,鈥 he clarifies to you, rising from his desk as you gulp, taking in how tall he was, standing proudly above you.聽鈥淚鈥檝e never needed a TA in the past, and I don鈥檛 know who decided I needed one this year. After being voted best professor since I got here, I don鈥檛 understand why this is the year I need one,鈥 he laughs, making his way around the desk, leaning against it, tucking his hands in his pockets.
You give him a disturbed look. Harry telling you that Fred Weasley was cocky was a damn understatement. The bloody guy was telling you to your face that you weren鈥檛 wanted or needed here. That he could do his job perfectly fine without you.聽鈥淚鈥檓 sure you don鈥檛 need one, Professor, but this was my assignment. Dean Longbottom assigned me here and I鈥檓 just following what I was told to do in order to get my degree,鈥 you tell him, trying to remain cool and polite when you鈥檇 rather tell him to suck it up and deal with it.
Fred run his fingers through his hair before placing them on either side of his body, leaning back into his desk, tongue pressed against his cheek. His biceps flexed underneath his tight white shirt, making you gulp, trying not to get distracted at the fact that your professor was not only a dick, but an incredibly handsome one.聽鈥淣eville assigned you?鈥 he laughed.聽鈥淎lright. Well, I鈥檒l go down to office and get this sorted away,鈥 he huffed before standing up straight.
But before he could take a step further, you stopped him, now getting frustrated that this guy didn鈥檛 even try being nice to you.聽鈥淗old on,鈥 you stopped him, fixing the strap of your purse on your shoulder before placing it on the desk next to you.聽鈥淭his job was assigned to me. There are no other TA positions available in the philosophy department this late in the game. I鈥檓 not gonna lose this job just because you allegedly don鈥檛 need a TA,鈥 you try to keep cool, but the venom leaks out every now and then.
Fred gives you a light chuckle before speaking,聽鈥淣ot allegedly. I don鈥檛 need one. There鈥檚 a reason why I鈥檓 one of the most successful and youngest professors. I can run this class by myself without some grad student鈥檚 help.鈥
Now, you are pissed.聽鈥淎lright, you know what?鈥 you fold your arms over your chest.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 appreciate being spoken to like this. I鈥檝e worked very hard to get where I am and I will be respected. Regardless if I am a TA, or a student, or a co-worker. I am here to do a job and I will do that job no matter what anyone says,鈥 you tell him as he just stares at you, a cocky smirk on his face that makes your blood boil. It was like he wasn鈥檛 listening to a word you were saying.聽鈥淪o how about we save ourselves the dramatics and just be satisfied with the fact that this is the situation?鈥
Fred just exhales and rubs hand over his face. You could tell he didn鈥檛 want you here, and quite frankly, you didn鈥檛 want to be here either after his little stunt. You were quite sure he was capable of running his own class, but you weren鈥檛 here to take his job. You were here to be an assistant to his teaching, being there to support and help him. This was a requirement for you, not a pastime.聽鈥淎lright then,鈥 he eventually states, making the way back to his desk.聽鈥淵ou can grab a desk from the rows and bring it up to the front, I guess,鈥 he huffs as you remain standing with your arms still folded across your chest.聽
He looks up and gives you a look.聽鈥淎ren鈥檛 you going to introduce yourself?鈥 you ask with venom pouring from your glossed lips as you give him a sarcastic smile.聽
Fred gives you a sarcastic smile back as he drops his pen and speaks,聽鈥淔red Weasley. MA in Philosophy and Human Ethics. Cambridge Graduate. Cum laude.鈥 The pride dripped from his voice as he leaned back in his chair, folding his arms behind his head.聽鈥淎nd you are?鈥
You wanted to throw your shoe at his head, your blood was boiling at how arrogant and prideful this man was.聽鈥淚f you were listening before, you would know my name is (Y/N). MA in Philosophy and Human Ethics. University of Oxford. 3.98 GPA,鈥 you mimic him.
Fred gives out a chuckle as you grab your purse and start to settle yourself in the room.聽鈥淥xford student? Fitting that our universities are rivals,鈥 he huffs before pulling a desk and chair over for you, placing it near his desk.聽
鈥淎nd why would that be?鈥 you ask sarcastically as Fred bites the inside of his cheek, trying not to snap a snarky response back at you.聽鈥淟isten, Fred, I鈥檓 just here to do my job and do it well. I鈥檓 not here to step on your toes. I鈥檓 here to finish my requirements so I can get certified,鈥 you tell him as you stand beside your desk, smoothing out your plaid skirt that your turtleneck was tucked neatly into.聽
As you stand there, Fred鈥檚 eyes rake up and down your body, taking you in as a whole. The first time he鈥檚 done this since you walked in. His eyes are like magnets, scanning every inch of your body and how you carry yourself so confidently in the space. When his eyes reach yours, you inhale deeply, trying to prevent the heat from rising to your cheeks as your handsome superior checks you out.聽鈥淚鈥檓 not worried about you, darling,鈥 his thick accent coos.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e the least of my worries.鈥
Just as the words slip out of his mouth, students start to file into the classroom, greeting Fred with good mornings and how are you鈥檚. You tell yourself to calm down, to remain friendly, and cool. As the students file in, Fred greets them all with a warm smile.聽鈥淲elcome back everyone. This is Philosophical Ethics with Professor Weasley. You all can call me Professor, Professor Weasley, Fred, Professor Fred. Just not Freddie, that one is reserved for my mum,鈥 he teases, earning a few chuckles from the class. He glances over to you with a small stare and begrudgingly introduces you,聽鈥淭his is (Y/N), my TA for the semester. She will be here with us for...?鈥
鈥淭he whole semester,鈥 you remind him with a sweet smile contrasted by your聽 daggers for eyes.聽鈥淟ooking forward to working with you all,鈥 you tell the class with a warm smile, receiving a few back in return.
Fred sighs,聽鈥淩ight. Well, anyway, let鈥檚 take roll and then get right into things, yeah?鈥 The class nods as you sigh.聽鈥淎lright, who can talk to me about Nietzsche?鈥
This was going to be a long semester.
Three hours of the class went by at a sluggish pace. Not to mention, Fred didn鈥檛 extent an invitation for your opinion or thoughts during the lesson. You didn鈥檛 expect him to let you teach the class, but instead, you just sat and listened to him run the class.聽
Although he didn鈥檛 let you say much, you had to admit that his lecture was quite good. He led the class in a really interesting way, almost like a Socratic seminar type. He let his students make observations and create open dialogues about the philosophy you were covering. Fred encouraged student鈥檚 thoughts rather than shut them down and he tried to encourage everyone to participate to make sure everyone said what they wanted to say. But you, he didn鈥檛 extend that offer.聽
Instead, you took notes. Notes on Fred Weasley. The way he spoke with his hands, how he sloppily wrote on the board with chalk, underlining words, circling, and drawing small diagrams. How he folded his arms across his chest when someone brought up a provocative thought. How he nibbled on his bottom lip when a student asked him a question. How he glanced over at you every once in awhile, catching your eye and smirking when he caught you looking at him. You would roll your eyes and continue to scribble down his mannerisms, what he focused on in class, and how he conducted it.聽
The students ate up everything that fell from his lips. It was like magic, the way he could capture 20 students attention about something as niche as existentialism. But you couldn鈥檛 lie, Fred Weasley was captivating.
鈥淥kay, for next week鈥檚 class read Nicomachean Ethics and start drawing comparisons and differences between Aristotle and Nietzsche,鈥 Fred announces as he closes his book and dismisses his students for the day, a chorus of thank you鈥檚 and have a good day鈥檚 echo in the classroom.
The final student exits as Fred retires back to his desk, sorting papers and filing away miscellaneous papers. You click your pen as you watch him, waiting for him to break the silence. But instead he sits at his desk and starts scribbling into his planner. With a sigh, you break the silence and speak,聽鈥淵ou give a really informative lecture. You engage with the students really well.鈥
You thought a compliment would be a peace offering. An olive branch of sorts. But Fred took it as an opportunity to dig into you.聽鈥淚 know. That鈥檚 why it鈥檚 a full class and I鈥檝e got a waitlist 30 kids long,鈥 he speaks without looking up at his desk.聽
The guy was cocky as all hell and he was letting you soak it all in. The grip on your pen grows tighter as you click your tongue against the roof of your mouth in irritation, trying to maintain a steady facade.聽鈥淪o,鈥 you breathe out as you grab your bag, pulling your notebook from your back.聽鈥淵ou want to talk about lesson plans? I see that you鈥檝e assigned Aristotle for the next week and a half. Maybe a smooth transition would be going into Kant and talking about the categorical imperative?鈥 you suggest, sitting on a desk in front of Fred鈥檚.
He peers up at you through his lashes, your legs dangling from the desk. He gives you all of his attention as he pushes his sleeves further up his arms, fiddling with the lock on his Rolex.聽鈥淚鈥檝e already taken care of the lesson plans for the rest of the semester. It鈥檚 all planned out. It has been since last month,鈥 he explains to you as you nod your head, thinking he would offer something else for you to do.
鈥淥kay,鈥 you trail off.聽鈥淚s there...anything you want me to do? Coordinate office hours? Set up my own as well so I can be a resource to the students. I can give you my phone number and email to put on the syllabus, so the students know they can reach out to me if they have any questions,鈥 you tell him as you start to scribble down your email and number.
But Fred shakes his head,聽鈥淲on鈥檛 be necessary. If a student needs you, they鈥檒l come to you. Besides, they should really come to me if they need anything since I have more knowledge about the course.鈥
His passive comments were starting to pile up on you as you inhale deeply, your chest heaving. The turtleneck around your body felt very warm as anger started to bubble in your chest.聽鈥淢aybe if you told me about the course, I could be a valuable resource to students. Remember, I鈥檓 just as qualified as you. I just haven鈥檛 graduated yet,鈥 you remind Fred as you lean back on the desk, legs swinging back and forth as Fred starts to pack up his briefcase.
鈥淵et,鈥 he looks up at you with a smirk, pink lips curled upwards as he leans over his desk, gathering his things. Even though the smirk was condescending as all hell, it did something to you. In more than one way. It made anger gather in your chest, frustration tingle in your temples, but butterflies pitter patter away deep in your stomach.
鈥淪o what exactly do you want me to do?鈥 you ask, folding your arms across your chest as Fred grabs his jacket with one hand, his briefcase in the other as he does a once over his desk.
Calmly, Fred speaks,聽鈥淵ou can start by filing away those papers on my desk and then once that鈥檚 done, make a list of the students in grade point average order. I want to know who needs the most help and who is fine on their own.鈥 After he gives you that direction, he starts for the door.
With a scoff, you hop down from the desk.聽鈥淎nd you鈥檙e just going to leave?鈥 you laugh at him as he place his hand on the door with a shrug.聽鈥淵ou know I am a teaching assistant. Not your personal assistant,鈥 you spit at him.
Fred swings the door open and stands there with a smile.聽鈥淭eaching is more than just standing front of a room as talking out of your ass, dear,鈥 he tells you as the nickname makes you bite your tongue from yelling at him.聽
鈥淵ou really are arrogant, you know that?鈥 you sneer at him with your hands on your hips, glaring at him. You stare at him as he stands in front of the open door, jacket laid over his forearm, leather briefcase in hand, his other hand combing through his fire red hair.
Fred smiles lightly to you before sighing,聽鈥淚鈥檓 bloody brilliant, (Y/N). You would be arrogant, too.鈥 His words make you shake your head with a scoff.聽鈥淪ort those papers for me, won鈥檛 you? I鈥檒l see you tomorrow in here. Early. 9am sharp.鈥
But before you can ask him why, he鈥檚 out the door and calling after another professor, leaving you alone to your own devices. You let out a frustrated groan as you cover your face with your hands. Of course, you got stuck with the prick professor who takes advantage of an extra set of hands. You walk over to his desk and see a small stack of papers to be sorted and filed away along with the list he wanted you to organize.聽
You plop yourself into the desk seat and carefully start going through each file, examining each student鈥檚 credentials, organizing them by GPA and last name. You note who could be a tutor and who needs a tutor, who is at exit level, who is at entry level, so on and so forth. The task was interesting, but so time consuming. It was a way you could start to learn more about your students, even if it was through paper.
It had been an hour and a half and you were on your last file when you hear a gentle knock at the door. Slowly, it creaks open to reveal Luna and Harry together. Luna carries two lattes in her hand and smiles, extending her arm out to give it to you.聽鈥淵ou are a saint, you know that?鈥 you laugh as you accept the warm, caffeinated beverage.聽
鈥淵ou鈥檙e still working?鈥 she asks in disbelief as you finalize some last notes in the margins of one student鈥檚 file.聽鈥淏ut class ended almost two hours ago.鈥
You look up at the both of them.聽鈥淥h, I know. But Fred left after the lecture and insisted I do the filing and note taking whilst he got to leave on time,鈥 you speak through gritted teeth, finishing scribbling your last note and flopping the pen down, leaning back in the desk chair with a huff.聽鈥淵ou weren鈥檛 lying when you told me he鈥檚 a self-righteous fuck,鈥 you talk to Harry.
Harry laughs and digs his hands into his pockets with a huff.聽鈥淲ell, I didn鈥檛 use those words,鈥 he laughs as you give him a look through your mascara coated lashes. He gives you a sorry sigh and leans over the desk,聽鈥淔red is a great guy one on one, but as a professor...he just likes having reign over his classroom. It鈥檚 not just you. His last TA was three years ago and he made the kid miserable. The kid, Dean Thomas, was so sick of philosophy after he switched to psychology. Now he鈥檚 a first year professor.鈥 You roll your eyes and push yourself out of the desk, grabbing your purse and notebooks, piling them all in as Harry continues.聽鈥淲hat happened today?鈥
Recounting the moments of the day made you frustrated, but you allowed yourself to vent to your co-workers.聽鈥淲ell, when I walked in, he thought I was a student,鈥 you speak as Harry and Luna give you an apologetic look, Harry muttering an ouch.聽鈥淥h, that鈥檚 not even the worst part. Then I told him I was a TA and he told me he didn鈥檛 need one, because he鈥檚 more than capable of running his own classroom,鈥 you mimic his pompous attitude.聽鈥淗e had the gall to threaten me to go to Neville鈥檚 office and find me a replacement class! I mean, sure, he鈥檚 a great professor, but that doesn鈥檛 mean he鈥檚 the only good one in this bloody school!鈥 you exclaim, frustrated failing your arms, earning a small chuckle from Harry and Luna.聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry, I鈥檓 just very frustrated that this is how my first day on the job went,鈥 you run your fingers through your hair, shaking your head.
鈥淣o need to apologize,鈥 Luna walks over and touches your shoulder gently.聽鈥淗e sounds...unpleasant...鈥 she tries to be as cordial as possible, earning a giggle from you.聽鈥淏ut maybe you鈥檒l warm up to each other? It鈥檚 only the first day. We have a whole semester ahead of us,鈥 she looks between you and Harry cheerfully. In a weird way, her light, happy tone made you feel a little better.
You sigh,聽鈥淚 guess so. Ugh, a whole semester with Fred Weasley...鈥澛
The three of you start out of the classroom and start to make your way down the halls, retiring to the staff parking lot and bus stops. But before you can make your way to the public transportation, Harry suggests,聽鈥淗ey, a few of us are headed to the bar to grab a drink before headed home. Do you both fancy coming?鈥
Luna perks up and shakes her head with an eager yes please. The idea of grabbing drinks sounded great and just what you needed after this gruesome day. But the looming thought of having to get up early and meet Fred in the classroom tomorrow at nine sharp hung over you like a storm cloud. With a sigh, you speak,聽鈥淲ish I could. But Fred is making me meet him at nine to talk about lesson plans or something. Last thing I need is showing up hungover to my second day on the job.鈥
Harry and Luna groan in protest.聽鈥淥h, come on! You can鈥檛 let Fred rob you of your autonomy!鈥 Luna stomps her foot and grabs your hand.聽鈥淥ne drink won鈥檛 hurt! We鈥檒l both have one pint and then I鈥檒l take the bus back with you. We鈥檙e only one stop away from each other on the blue line,鈥 she tries to convince you.
Harry starts dancing backwards to his car as he beeps it open.聽鈥淚鈥檝e got an extra seat,鈥 he sing songs as he opens up the door for you.
A small smile creeps up on your face as you sigh. One drink couldn鈥檛 hurt. Just one cheeky little drink and then home away you would go. The night was still young, so you鈥檇 still be in bed at a reasonable hour. One drink.聽鈥淵ou guys suck,鈥 you laugh as you start walking to Harry鈥檚 car as Luna claps her hands in glee and Harry triumphantly punches the air, making you laugh.
The morning sun creeps through your window, making you groan and roll over. The sunlight hurt your eyes and made your stomach churn as a headache pounds through your cranium, making you feel sick.聽鈥淏loody hell,鈥 you whisper as you sit up and rub your eyes.聽
You slowly start to remember the events of last night and everyone there. It was all the TAs, including some of the younger professors. You met another Weasley, Ron you think. The history professor. Absolutely nothing like Fred. He was charming and goofy in a lovable way as he sat next to his wife, Hermione, a classical literature professor, an arm draped over her shoulders. Seamus was also there along with a few other chemistry TAs as they sat at a high rise table, pointing and whispering about the business professors and TAs who sat all the way in the back, drinking scotch and making mild chatter.
鈥淣o bother meeting them,鈥 Seamus told you as you sipped on a gin and tonic.聽鈥淭he business professors and TAs are all little shits. The one with the blonde hair is Draco Malfoy. He thinks he鈥檚 better than everyone because he got his PhD, but everyone knows his dad paid off the university to give him the doctorate. His TAs all kiss his ass to get in his good graces. Zabini, Nott, Goyle, all of them,鈥 he groans before taking a long sip of his ale, making you laugh.
You had tried to tell yourself that you would only stay for one drink, but then you started yourself in conversation with the other TAs about undergrad and grad school, realizing the mutual friends you had with each other. And then, you found yourself being convinced by Ron to do a green tea shot with him as he toasted to all of the new TAs of the semester. And with that, one drink became six.
With a groan, you slump yourself up in your small studio apartment and rub your temples. As the sunlight leaked in through your white linen curtains, you check the clock. The hands pointed to 8:25am which made you gasp and rise to your feet.聽鈥淢otherfucker,鈥 you huff to yourself as you run to the bathroom. You had to meet Fred at 9 and it already took you twenty minutes to get to campus which left you with virtually no time to get ready.聽鈥淪hit, shit, shit,鈥 you turn on the shower quickly, running to your closet to grab a fresh pair of plaid pants and a jumper.聽鈥淚鈥檓 so dead,鈥 you whisper to yourself as you scramble to get ready.
You frantically rub soap all over your body with one hand and brush your teeth with the other, needing to freshen up after a long night out. The shower was cold and unpleasant as you shivered before hoping out and throwing your clothes on, opting to skip a full face of makeup and just pop on tinted moisturizer and lip balm.聽
Checking the clock again, it was 8:35 and you groan in frustration.聽鈥淚 am a fucking moron,鈥 you curse at yourself, grabbing your purse and notebooks and pens and papers, trying to get yourself organized before racing out the door to catch the bus. You run to your pantry to grab a granola bar as your phone starts buzzing on your nightstand.聽鈥淲ho the fuck is it?!鈥 you scream as if your phone could hear you.
Stomping over, you grab it and see it was Harry calling you.聽鈥淚鈥檓 kinda rushing to get out the door, Potter, make it quick, what鈥檚 up?鈥 you babble as you slip your shoes in your Oxfords, lacing them up quickly.
Harry chuckles over the line.聽鈥淚 figured as much. You were a bit of a mess last night,鈥 he tells you as you groan.聽鈥淚鈥檓 only teasing you. But that being said, I鈥檓 passing your street in like two minutes, do you wanna catch a ride instead of betting on the bus?鈥 he offers.
You sigh the biggest sigh of relief as you immediately respond.聽鈥淗arry, you are a life saver,鈥 you huff as Harry laughs.聽鈥淚鈥檒l be downstairs in a hot second. I just need to grab my coat and keys,鈥 you tell him before hanging up.
Someone had your back today and sent Harry Potter to you. Rushing over to your coat rack, you grab your trench coat and your keys, doing a once over of your apartment, making sure you had everything, turned off all the lights and faucets. With a confident sigh, you exit your apartment, lock the door, and rush down the stairs.聽
As expected, Harry sat in his car with a ginger haired woman in the passenger seat. You give him an exhausted smile as you open the back seat and slide in.聽鈥淢orning,鈥 he chimes as you shut the door and buckle your seatbelt.聽鈥淗ow are we feeling?鈥
You give him a knowing look.聽鈥淔uck off,鈥 you grumble as he laughs.聽鈥淚 can鈥檛 believe I let myself get carried away like that last night.鈥 You never let yourself loose track of time like that; you felt so irresponsible.聽鈥淚f you didn鈥檛 call me, I would surely have my ass handed to me by Fred today.鈥
鈥淔red?鈥 the woman in the passenger seat chimes in.聽鈥淎re you the poor TA who has to deal with my brother this semester?鈥 she asks as you sigh and nod.聽鈥淕ood God, I apologize on his behalf. He can be a dick sometimes. I鈥檓 Ginny by the way.鈥
She turns to you, offering her hand to shake as you gladly accept it.聽鈥淭he women and gender studies professor, right?鈥 you ask as she proudly nods.聽鈥淧leasure to meet you. I鈥檓 (Y/N), philosophy,鈥 you tell her with a smile.聽鈥淵ou and Harry are engaged, if I remember correctly?鈥
Ginny smiles happily and flashes you her engagement ring.聽鈥淛ust recently, yeah,鈥 she confirms with an admiring look to Harry as he drives down the road, a small smile on his lips.聽鈥淲e met when we were both TAs and have been together since,鈥 she recounts with a smile.聽鈥淓nough of that though, how are you finding Hogwarts so far? With exception of my bothersome older brother,鈥 she reframes the question.
鈥淪o far, so good,鈥 you tell her honestly. The staff at the university was class. Everyone was so warm and welcoming and made you feel at home instantly.聽鈥淚 think last night I also met your brother, Ron. He kept handing out shots to the new TAs,鈥 you recall as the pang in your head agrees.
Ginny rolls her eyes.聽鈥淵eah, that鈥檚 him. Ron likes to mess with the new bees every year,鈥 she speaks.聽鈥淗ere, take this,鈥 she hands you a piece of spearmint gum and a tube of mascara.聽鈥淚t鈥檒l make you feel better, trust me,鈥 she winks as you thank her. 鈥淗arry should have given you a heads up on that one,鈥 she elbows him.
Harry shakes his head,聽鈥淩on has been my best mate since grad school, I鈥檓 not revealing his tricks to anyone no matter how good of a friend they are.鈥 And with that, Harry pulls into the staff parking lot of Hogwarts as the time reads on the dashboard 8:55am. 5 minutes to spare.
As Harry puts the car in park, you unbuckle yourself and say,聽鈥淚 hate to rush out like this, but I quite literally have to dash to get to this meeting with Fred on time. Ginny, it was lovely meeting you. Harry, I owe you one. Thanks so much for the ride,鈥 you slide out of the car as you dash towards the school.
鈥淵ou can buy me a round of drinks!鈥 he teases after you as you shake your head, dashing through the halls of Hogwarts to get to classroom 523.
You dart in between students as you run up the stairs, purse in hand, hair flowing as you make a mad dash. Finally, you reach the classroom and push the door open to reveal no one in the room.聽鈥淪eriously?鈥 you huff out of breath. You just ran here for no reason. Fred was no where to be found. But after closer inspection, there was a small sticky note on the chalkboard that read be back in ten. You huff and throw your bag down, walking around the classroom, trying to distract yourself from your throbbing headache.
The classroom is neatly decorated, plants here and there, the windows open to draw in fresh air as you inhale deeply. Then you remember from yesterday. There was a small speaker by Fred鈥檚 desk, connected to the desktop on his desk. You walk over and press the power button, making the speak bleep on with a blue flashing light. You press play and see what was on the queue. Soft jazz music starts playing, specifically Frank Sinatra鈥檚 I鈥檝e Got You Under My Skin. You smile to yourself, how fitting.聽
As the jazz music echos lightly, you allow yourself to sway gently to the music, smiling to yourself. The song reminds you of working late in the library when you were in school, listening to music to maintain your focus. You hum the melody to yourself, dancing around the classroom, looking at the bookshelves, letting your fingers trace down their backbones. You allow yourself to start softly singing the lyrics as the tempo picks up, swaying back and forth as you pluck a book from the shelf, scanning it鈥檚 contents.聽
The song picks up, the brass section wailing as you dance around, reading the first few pages of a random book from Fred鈥檚 collection. You continue to sing out loud, a little off key as you smile to yourself. In this moment, you were content, regardless of how gross you felt.聽鈥溾機ause I鈥檝e got you under my skin,鈥 you sang gently as you continued to dance back and forth, cradling the book in your arms.
But you are pulled from your day dream when a voice speaks,聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e a fan of old blue eyes?鈥 You let out a light squeal as you see Fred standing there, watching you with a small smirk on his mouth, holding two coffees in his hand.聽
You place a hand over your heart, monitoring how it thuds against your chest from being startled. You looked at Fred and sighed. He stood there, in a light tan khakis, crispy white shirt with a maroon tie hanging from his neck. A pair of square glasses sat on the bridge of his nose as his chocolate brown eyes peered at yours through them.聽鈥淪orry you had to see that,鈥 you chuckle.聽鈥淪inatra is one of my favorites.鈥
Fred chuckles,聽鈥淣o need to apologize. Frank is one of the greats.鈥 He walks over to you and hands you a coffee as you tuck the book in your hands under one of your arms.聽鈥淔igured you鈥檇 need one of these,鈥 he refers to the coffee.聽鈥淭As usually have quite the night out of the first day of work,鈥 he recalls with a small smile. Was he...being friendly? But before you could ask how he knew you went out, he answered,聽鈥淩on is my brother. I know his ways. Because he learned them from me.鈥 You laugh and shake your head.聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 know how you take your coffee, but I assumed a latte with an extra shot would suffice?鈥澛
You give him a soft smile,聽鈥淵eah, that鈥檚 perfect. Thanks so much. I appreciate it.鈥 Fred nods and sits as his desk with a huff, pulling himself close to the desk.聽鈥淪o, what did you want to talk about?鈥
Fred pulls his glasses off of his face and twirls them in between his fingers as you watch the glasses spin around and around.聽鈥淚 wanted to talk about expectations for the class and for you,鈥 he speaks as you nod and take a sip of your warm latte that almost instantly helps with your headache.聽鈥淚...I realize that we may have not gotten off to the best start yesterday...and I apologize for my behavior,鈥 he speak as you nod.
An apology was a good start.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e forgiven,鈥 you simply state.
鈥淭hank you,鈥 he adds before rubbing a hand over his lips.聽鈥淎s for the class, I just want to make sure we鈥檙e on the same page. This class is a prestigious course. One of the harder ones in the department. That being said, I think it鈥檚 best for me to have the reigns on the class and lead class lectures. You are free to observe and aid in answering questions about assignments or papers,鈥 he tells you as he leans back in his chair, thinking he made a reasonable bargain. But it was quite the opposite.
You weren鈥檛 here to sit around and listen to another philosophy professor spew a scripted lecture. You did that for four years in undergraduate school. You were here to learn how to teach a classroom, how to run a lesson plan, how to gain hands on experience. Being a puppet in the corner was not going to accomplish any of those things.聽鈥淔red, I appreciate the apology. But this offer is not acceptable,鈥 you state calmly.聽鈥淚鈥檓 your teaching assistant. I鈥檓 here to help in any way I can, of course, but I鈥檓 also here to help teach and instruct the class. You are suppose to help me learn how to teach the class.鈥
Fred nods,聽鈥淎nd you can do that by matters of observation.鈥
His way of brushing you off made you infuriated again, just like yesterday. Did he do this to everyone?聽鈥淏ut don鈥檛 you think it would be more helpful for me to have some actual hands on experience? Like actually teaching the class?鈥 you tell him more than ask him.
He rises from his chair and sighs,聽鈥淚 don鈥檛 need you creating a new lesson plan. I鈥檝e been using this one since I got here and it works. If it isn鈥檛 broke, don鈥檛 fix it.鈥 Fred walks over to the board and writes in bold letters, Aristotle, preparing for today鈥檚 lecture. The way that he so nonchalantly stated that to you and started writing on the board as if he didn鈥檛 insult your intelligence made you infuriated.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e a fucking prick,鈥 you flat out spew. You wish you could take it back, you really did. As soon as the words left your lips, you regretted what you had said to him. Insulting your superior was surefire to get you fired and released from your job, making you ineligible to graduate. But damn did it feel good to say.聽
Fred turns around to look at you, eyebrows furrows as if you just spoke in a foreign language to him.聽鈥淚鈥檓 a fucking prick?鈥 he repeats, folding his arms across his chest, leaning back on the chalkboard, crossing his legs as you stand in front of him, completely enraged, fists tight next to your sides.聽鈥淲ouldn鈥檛 be the first time I heard that,鈥 he laughs, combing his fingers through his hair, as if what you said was a compliment.
鈥淲ell the people who said it before were right! You鈥檙e cocky and arrogant and self-righteous and pompous and self-absorbed. You clearly have no intention of helping anyone but yourself! That鈥檚 probably why you like being a professor! So everyone listens to every last bit you say,鈥 you start to ramble. Now that you had said what was on your mind, it was almost impossible to stop. The words flew off your tongue like a jet.聽
Boldly, Fred pushes himself off the chalkboard, hands dug into his pant鈥檚 pockets as he walks closer to you. A small smirk dances along his lips as his tongue darts out and drags across his lower lip. The action makes your breath hitch in your throat as you mentally curse yourself, wanting to be annoyed with him, but yet you found yourself aroused.聽鈥淜eep going,鈥 he urges.聽鈥淕o on. Tell me how unbearable I am. You鈥檝e only known me twenty four hours, but it seems like you have me all figured out,鈥 he speaks, just a foot away from your body.
Adrenaline is coursing through your veins, your lips slightly parted as you take heaving breaths, making your chest rise and fall quickly. Fred鈥檚 eyes scan your face, soaking in your annoyed and confused expression. You suddenly become very aware of how close he is to you and you shake your head, taking a step back.聽鈥淚 only need a day to know an asshole when I see one,鈥 you simply state, folding your arms over your chest. Your expression reads as if it were Fred鈥檚 turn to take a dig at you.
Fred chuckles lowly before speaking,聽鈥淗ere鈥檚 your problem, darling.鈥 The endearing terms makes your stomach curdle.聽鈥淵ou don鈥檛 get the hands on experience your second day on the job. You鈥檝e gotta prove to me that you can run a class and keep their attention for three hours. You think it鈥檚 easy keeping the attention of a bunch of twenty year olds when you鈥檙e talking about philosophy? It鈥檚 not as easy as you may think it is,鈥 Fred explain as you roll your eyes.聽鈥淚 was in your shoes once before, so I know what you鈥檙e experiencing.鈥
You laugh,聽鈥淥h, don鈥檛 pull that card. You鈥檙e a professor now. You did your time in my shoes. Don鈥檛 pretend like you鈥檇 give anything to go back.鈥
鈥淥h, honey, you couldn鈥檛 pay me enough to go back!鈥 Fred retorts, now with an edge.聽鈥淵ou know what. I could let you run today鈥檚 class,鈥 he chuckles at the thought.聽鈥淚 could let you run it and watch you crash and fucking burn,鈥 he emphasizes with a shrug.聽鈥淚 could watch those students trample all over you, you know why?鈥 he asks looking at you intently as you gulp.聽鈥淏ecause they don鈥檛 respect you! They don鈥檛 know who you are. In fact, they see you as one of them! If I mistook you as one of them on the first day, then what made you think they wouldn鈥檛?鈥 he asks as you inhale deeply.聽鈥淩espect is earned when you are in a position of authority. Even if you鈥檙e just a professor. And you, (Y/N), haven鈥檛 earned that yet from the students. And I honestly don鈥檛 know if you have it from me.鈥
And with that last dig, the first student enters the classroom signaling that the first lecture of the day was ready to begin. Fred and you don鈥檛 acknowledge the student, just staring at each other. Fred鈥檚 words stung. Like a fresh wound, you were bleeding out. His words were sad, but true. You were a TA, but you were still a grad student. Fred worked to get to the position he was at. You just needed to prove to him that you were capable of handling yourself in a classroom setting as a teaching assistant.
You retreat back to your desk at the front of the room and sit down with a small huff, pulling out the attendance sheet, marking students as present as they enter the classroom.
Fred rubbed his hands over his face, feeling guilty for his out burst. He knew you were brilliant. To be quite honest, Fred knew he was going to get a TA. He had checked out your academic profile, seeing that you graduated undergrad with a nearly perfect grade point average and extra circulars that were sure to blow any one away. Your thesis statement made Fred laugh to himself, it was similar to his own when he was in university; the effect of utilitarianism on free will in our post-modern society. In a weird way, you reminded Fred of himself. Confident, smart, and ballsy. But where you differentiated with Fred is your adaptability. How you could adjust and go with the flow, that was Fred鈥檚 downfall.
Soon the classroom was full of students again and Fred took a deep breath, trying to regain his focus and composure to teach the class. He didn鈥檛 dare look at you, it would just make him upset. And you didn鈥檛 want to look at him. Fred sat on his desk, his long legs almost hitting the floor even when he sat.聽鈥淗ello everyone,鈥 he addressed the class, some students chiming back.聽鈥淟et鈥檚 get started for the day. Shall we?鈥 he claps his hands together.聽鈥淲ho can talk to me about eudaemonia?鈥 he asks the class.
You looked out at the classroom along with Fred, anticipating a slew of hands but instead you got nothing. Students sat in their chairs in silence, some twiddling their pens, others scribbling in a notebook, some still groggy this during the ten o鈥檆lock lecture.聽鈥淪omeone鈥檚 gotta know about it. Come on then,鈥 Fred probes the class as they remain silence, only sound is some kid yawning in the back. Fred allows the class to remain silent for a moment.聽鈥淎lright,鈥 he huffs.聽鈥淩ough morning for a lot of us,鈥 he speaks, hoping to catch your attention with that line, but you scribble nonsense into the margins of your notebook.聽鈥淢aybe (Y/N) could give us a definition?鈥 he suggests.
Your head shoots up like a rocket from your paper as you look at Fred with panic in your eyes. He looks at you with a small smile and encouragement, almost as if this were his way of making amends. A twisted way. You look towards the class and see twenty sets of eyes on you as you gulp before shaking away your nerves.聽鈥淯m, yeah,鈥 you clear your throat.聽鈥淓udaemonia is the greatest good, the aim for all human thinking and rational. Another word for eudaemonia is happiness,鈥 you simply state, making the students start scribbling in their notebooks. Pride swells in your chest as you realize what you was valuable to the students.聽鈥淓udaemonia is achieve through action in tandem with the human soul and psyche. When eudaemonia is at its highest form, it is known as virtue,鈥 you explain further as the class continues to scribble down what you were saying.
Slowly, you look towards Fred who gives you a small smile and a nod as you just give him a curt nod and turn back to your desk. But when you look away, it鈥檚 hard to cover up the small smile on your lips as you fiddle with the pen in your hands. Fred notices your grin as smiles to himself before speaking,聽鈥淐ouldn鈥檛 have said it better myself.鈥
Maybe today would be better than yesterday.
Another two weeks had gone by and the work relationship you had with Fred improved significantly. He let you interject at certain points in his lectures, let you pose questions to the class, and even assigned you students for office hours. Finally, you started to feel like you were doing what you came here for and you were loving every moment of it.
Fred was a great professor and an even better mentor. He commanded a classroom unlike any other professor you have ever seen. He spoke with confidence and coolness and the students ate him up. It must be rewarding for him, watching students love his work as much as he did. You would watch him with a small smile as you jotted down notes here and there. Fred would catch your eye every now and then in class and gave you a small smile or cheeky wink that made your heart stop every now and then as you turned away from him, biting the inside of your cheek to make you stop smiling.聽
鈥淩emember to finish Kant鈥檚 Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals for tomorrow鈥檚 class! If you haven鈥檛 turned in your paper on Nicomachean Ethics yet, do it by 4pm or else I will personally send (Y/N) to find you and hunt you down,鈥 he teases the class as you roll your eyes, making the class laugh.聽鈥淗appy Friday. Now scram,鈥 Fred dismisses class as students file out.
When the majority of them have dispersed, you walk over to Fred鈥檚 desk and huff,聽鈥淕ood lecture today. Katie brought up some good questions about the differences between hypothetical imperatives and categorical imperatives.鈥 Fred leans back in his desk chair, flopping his notebook down on his desk.
鈥淵eah, she did. But god, I wanted to punch Brian in the face. He kept talking over her while she was saying something poignant. I get it, Brian, there are different formulations, but damn, shut the fuck up,鈥 Fred groans, making you laugh as you grab your bag and get ready to pack up for the day.聽鈥淪o, I hate to be the bearer of bad news...鈥 he trails off as he rises from his seat.
You groan and throw your head back as you spin on your heels to face him.聽鈥淧lease, don鈥檛 tell me...鈥 you start as Fred nods his head sadly.聽鈥淐ome on, Fred. It鈥檚 Friday night! Beginning of the weekend! All of the TAs are getting drinks at the pub tonight and quite honestly, I鈥檇 rather be doing that than grading philosophy papers,鈥 you whine to him.
Fred mockingly places and hand over his heart and speaks,聽鈥淔irst off, I am offended that you don鈥檛 want to spend time with me grading papers on the brilliance of Aristotle through a twenty year olds eyes.鈥 The comment makes you chuckle, but he pushes on,聽鈥淏ut I want to grade this papers tonight and finish them tonight so I, well we, can have the weekend free. You can get drinks any other night with the TAs. But we鈥檝e got to do this tonight.鈥
You stomp your foot in frustration like a toddler, making Fred chuckle as he places his glasses on his face.聽鈥淏ut tonight it鈥檚 dollar drafts! Dollar drafts happen once a week!鈥 you beg him.聽鈥淲hy can鈥檛 we grade tomorrow?鈥
鈥淏ecause I need to put these grades into my grade book before the students start wondering if they鈥檒l ever be graded for something in this class,鈥 he explains.聽鈥淗ow about this?鈥 he proposes.聽鈥淲e meet back here at 4:30pm. I鈥檒l get take out for the both of us and we can drink coffee and energy drinks like we鈥檙e back in undergrad cramming for an exam. It鈥檒l be fun,鈥 he shimmies his shoulder making you giggle.聽
With a huff, you say,聽鈥淔ine. But if we鈥檙e here past midnight, I鈥檒l never forgive you.鈥澛
You start out of the classroom as Fred calls after you,聽鈥淚t鈥檒l be fun!鈥
Shaking your head down, you start down the hall and see Harry and Luna talking as they leave their respective classrooms.聽鈥淗eyo,鈥 Harry calls out to you before slinging an arm around your shoulder.聽鈥淪o, for dollar drafts tonight we were just gonna take a cab there at around 5:00. Ron is going to be late because he鈥檚 going to wait for Hermione to get out of her night class and they鈥檒l come together. But Seamus, Luna, Cho, and I will all be there and I think Dean said he鈥檚 coming and bringing some friends from grad school. It should be a great time,鈥 Harry explains with a big grin.
Your聽鈥榝omo鈥 was kicking in hard core as you sigh and speak,聽鈥淎bout that...I can鈥檛 make it tonight.鈥 Luna gives you a sad look as Harry groans and throws his head back.聽鈥淔red and I need to grade papers tonight to make the first quarter grades. If I get out early though, I鈥檒l call and see if you guys are still there,鈥 you offer as Harry slumps over.聽
鈥淎t least it sounds like things are going better with you and Fred,鈥 Luna tells you and you nod with a smile.聽鈥淎re you learning from him?鈥
鈥淎bsolutely,鈥 you tell her.聽鈥淔red is actually a great professor and the class adores him. I鈥檝e been enjoying it a lot recently.鈥
Harry wiggles his eyebrows,聽鈥淵eah, I鈥檓 sure you have.鈥
You slap Harry鈥檚 shoulder at his cheeky suggestion that something was going on.聽鈥淥h, quit it, Harry,鈥 you say through gritted teeth.聽鈥淔red and I have a strictly working relationship. He and I are co-workers and are professional. All of my relationships are here. That鈥檚 more that some people can say,鈥 you tease him about his engagement to Ginny as he rolls his eyes and mimics you.聽鈥淏esides, there is nothing romantic or sexy about grading papers about ethics. In fact, it鈥檚 the opposite thing.鈥
Harry laughs,聽鈥淵ou never know. Maybe you two will get so caught up in talking about morals that you just start to...鈥 he mimics the sounds of sloppy snogging and moaning as you slap his arm again, Luna giggling.聽鈥淥kay, okay, I鈥檓 just teasing you! But if you can meet us at the pub, give one of us a call and we can hail you a cab,鈥 he tells you as you hug Luna goodbye and then Harry.
鈥淲ill do. Have a drink for me. Lord knows I鈥檒l need one,鈥 you huff, watching them walk off to catch up to Dean and Seamus.聽
Instead of getting drunk at a bar after a long week of work, you would be grading papers all night with Fred. Which honestly, maybe, didn鈥檛 sound so awful.
A few hours past and you and Fred were at on opposite sides of his desk, empty Chinese take out boxes scattered around you along with empty coffee cups and cans of energy drinks. It was ten o鈥檆lock at night and you had hardly made a dent in the papers. You throw your head on the desk with a thud, making Fred chuckle.聽鈥淭his is hell,鈥 you groan.聽鈥淒o they even proof read their sentences?鈥 you ask Fred who shakes his head.聽鈥淪eriously. Some of these papers are just bad. Weak thesis and an even weaker argument,鈥 you slap the paper in front of you.
Fred scribbles in red ink on one paper and circle the letter grade on it before shifting it to the done pile.聽鈥淗onestly, if it鈥檚 horrid and you struggle to make it past the third page, just skip to the end, read the conclusion and if it reads fine, give them a C minus. If they have a problem, they can come to office hours and talk about it with me,鈥 he tells you as you laugh.聽鈥淚鈥檝e done that with two of them already.鈥
You place a C minus in red ink at the end of the paper and shift yours into the done pile.聽鈥淗ow many more do we have left? We鈥檝e been here for nearly six hours,鈥 you tell him.
Fred examines the pile and huffs,聽鈥淎bout four more. So two more each and then we鈥檒l be done. The papers are ten pages long, so only twenty more pages of absolute garbage to read before we are done.鈥
Eh, that wasn鈥檛 so bad. You sigh and examine the room around you. Your eyes land on Fred whose eyes scan over the page as he nibbles away at his lower lip, glasses resting low on the bridge of his nose, red pen tucked behind his ear. He made markings on the paper here and there, adding comments as he sees fit. He鈥檇 mumble a bloody hell here and there if something was really bad, making you giggle. He鈥檇 catch your eye and a proud smile would form on his lips when he saw that he鈥檇 made you giggle.
After another hour and a half of grading, you were finally finished with the thick stack of papers on Fred鈥檚 desk. The two of you let out a sigh of relief as you leaned back in your chairs.聽鈥淔reedom!鈥 Fred cried out as you laughed, running your fingers through your hair.聽鈥淎nd before midnight!鈥 he points to his watch, the hands pointing to 11:37pm.聽鈥淚 think I know what this calls for,鈥 he speaks wiggling his brows as you watch him stand up and pulls out a drawer to reveal a small handle of whiskey.聽
You laugh and shake your head.聽鈥淥hhhh, no,鈥 you laugh and wave your hands.聽
鈥淩eally, (Y/N)? Eight hours of grading papers and you don鈥檛 want one drink?鈥 he pours one glass, waiting to pour yours.
You think for a moment. You were supposed to call Harry and Luna and tell them that you would meet them at the bar. But quite honestly, you didn鈥檛 feel like leaving the classroom and the pleasant company of Fred. Maybe some one on one time could strengthen your co-workers, of course.
In defeat, you sigh,聽鈥淔ine.鈥澛
Fred smiles and pours you a nice, hefty glass of the brown liquor before handing it to you and sitting in his chair.聽鈥淭o a job well done,鈥 he toasts as you clink your glasses together, sipping from the glass. The whiskey is smooth and warms your chest up delightfully as you relax further into the chair. The two of you rest in comfortable silence before Fred starts,聽鈥淪o...after you鈥檝e finished your job here, where do you hope to go?鈥澛
You think for a moment and lean on your elbows on his desk, letting your hair flop forward.聽鈥淣ot too sure really,鈥 you admit.聽鈥淚 know I want to teach at a university level, but it鈥檚 just a matter of where positions are available. Maybe I鈥檒l go back to Oxford and see if there鈥檚 any availability in their department,鈥 you toss around as Fred boos you, knowing the rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford is still fierce.聽鈥淏ut I鈥檓 trying to go with the flow and see where the demand is.鈥
Fred nods his head and huffs,聽鈥淲ell...what if I told you that there is going to be an opening in position here at Hogwarts for next fall?鈥 You give him a confused look as you sip from your whiskey. He says,聽鈥淧rofessor McGonagall? She鈥檚 been here for ages and she鈥檚 retiring after nearly sixty years of teaching.鈥 You widen your eyes and nod your head. Impressive.聽鈥淭he department is looking to hire a new, fresh face and I think you might be right for the job...鈥 he takes a sneaky sip from his glass.
鈥淚t鈥檚 a really kind offer, Fred, really thoughtful of you,鈥 you tell him.聽鈥淏ut I want to know that where I apply for a job I鈥檝e earned it. I didn鈥檛 get the job because someone pulled the strings behind the scenes,鈥 you tell him. This was true. Anyone would kill for a job at Hogwarts University, but you wanted to know that you earned your title here and not because a friend handed it to you.聽
He leans forward and speaks,聽鈥淭his wouldn鈥檛 be me pulling any strings. (Y/N), you are a brilliant person and the students adore you. Just last week four students asked for your contact information to reach out about private tutoring. Neville loves you and the department sees the work that you鈥檝e been doing and is throughly impressed. You鈥檝e earned this position and the respect that comes along with it,鈥 he tells you, honestly shining in his eyes, making you melt in your chair at his gaze. You feel heat rising to your cheeks as you look away from him, sipping from your glass. The sight makes Fred鈥檚 heart skip a beat.聽
鈥淎re you saying I鈥檝e earned your respect?鈥 you ask him with a teasing smile as he chuckles.
鈥淵es. You earned it awhile ago. You鈥檙e an incredible woman,鈥 he tells you as you smile, looking down at the glass in your hands, too meek to meet Fred鈥檚 gaze now.聽
It鈥檚 quiet for a moment before Fred clears his throat and stands up, turning on the speaker as Frank Sinatra softly starts playing again as you laugh to yourself. It Happened In Monterey starts to echo in the classroom as you smile at Fred.聽鈥淥ne of my favorites,鈥 you tell him.
Fred nods,聽鈥淥ne of his best hits,鈥 he says as if it were a fact.聽鈥淕ive me your top three. Go.鈥
You think for a moment before speaking,聽鈥淚t Happened In Monterey, The Way You Look Tonight, and Girl From Ipanema. I think those are his best.鈥
Fred smiles,聽鈥淎greed. His version of The Way You Look Tonight I prefer much over Tony Bennett鈥檚.鈥
鈥淥h, easily! Don鈥檛 get me wrong, Tony Bennett has some great hits, but he doesn鈥檛 hold a candle to Frankie,鈥 you tell Fred, making him chuckle. The two of you chat about music for a little while longer before Come Fly With Me comes on and Fred claps his hands.聽鈥淢y mom loves this song,鈥 you smile, fondly remembering her singing in the kitchen to this song.
Fred rises to his feet and immediately grabs your hands and brings you to his feet. He places your drinks down on the desk as he spins you around, making you laugh.聽鈥淵ou can鈥檛 not dance to this song,鈥 he tells you, placing his hand on your waist, the other holding your other hand in his larger one. The contact makes your heart flutter in your chest as you giggle as he spins you around again, this time into his chest.聽
Your back is pressed against him as he sway with you in his arms before spin you back out, dancing around and around the classroom, the two of you laughing messes as you dance to Frank Sinatra, still in your work clothes from this morning. As you dance, you steal glances of Fred. How his hair was messy from running his fingers through it, his tie loose around his neck, impressions of his glasses in the bridge of his nose. He was so effortlessly handsome and it made your stomach sway at the sight of him. How he could be so handsome without even realizing it. Without even realizing how he made you feel. All warm and fuzzy inside, giggling like a child as he spun you around in his arms, making this moment feel like something out of a movie.聽
The song slowly fades away before Autumn in New York starts play, changing the tone of the room. You two catch your breaths before looking at each other in the eyes, Fred鈥檚 hands on your waist as your hands rest on his chest. The two of you look at each other, and slowly start to sway as the orchestra of the song starts to swell. Frank鈥檚 clear voice echos in the empty classroom as you slowly wrap your arms around Fred鈥檚 neck, him pulling you close to his body as you start to slow dance in the middle of the classroom, neither of you registering what is happening. You two were purely acting on instinct. But god, it felt so right.
The two of you dance gently to the music as Fred鈥檚 hands rest on your lower back, his thumbs tracing small circles into your jumper as you lace your fingers around his neck. No words are spoken. You just listen to the music and stare at the other, taking each other in during the dance. How could something that started off so innocent turn so beautiful?聽
Your mind was reeling, watching Fred look at you like you were the most precious thing in the world. You wanted to tell him everything that鈥檚 ever happened to you in this moment. Everything that you鈥檝e gone through that brought you to this moment. Something about Fred made you feel safe. Something you hadn鈥檛 felt in years.聽
As the music starts to come to a close, you can feel Fred lean down gently and press his forehead to yours as you inhale a shaky breath. So desperately you wished to close the gap between you two, pushing your lips together, giving into him. But before anything can happen, the horns blare over the speaker, Brazil blasting over the speakers, making the two of you jump, startled at the change in pace.聽
You place a hand over your heart as Fred races over to the speaker to lower the volume.聽鈥淭hat scared the living hell out of me,鈥 you breathe out as Fred laughs and nods. The two of you stand there, wondering what to say, knowing that you were both thinking the same thing. But no one says anything.聽鈥淯m,鈥 you clear your throat.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 quite late. I should probably get going...鈥 you trail off as you walk over to grab your purse and notebooks.
鈥淵eah, yeah, of course,鈥 he tells you with a nod, cleaning up the mess of take away boxes on his desk.聽鈥淵ou need me to call you a cab?鈥 he asks.
鈥淣o, no, it鈥檚 fine, I got it,鈥 you tell him with a smile as he nods, throwing out the garbage and sorting away miscellaneous papers.聽鈥淯m, I, um...鈥
鈥淚 had fun with you,鈥 Fred finishes your sentence for you as you exhale and smile gently with a nod.聽鈥淚鈥檒l see you on Monday then?鈥
You nod your head,聽鈥淎bsolutely, yeah.鈥 He grins and digs his hands into his pockets.
You start to make your way towards the door, but Fred stops you and says,聽鈥淗ey, (Y/N)? On Monday, I鈥檇 like you to run the lecture. For both classes.鈥 Your eyes widen as you look at him in disbelief. You try to protest, but Fred speaks,聽鈥淚 think that the class would benefit from your perspective. And your sheer brilliance.鈥澛
A small smile forms on your lips as you let out a breathy laugh.聽鈥淲ow. Okay. Yeah. For sure,鈥 you tell him with a nod as Fred smiles.聽鈥淭hank you, Fred. This Thank you.鈥
鈥淣o need to thank me,鈥 he tells you.聽鈥淵ou鈥檝e earned it. You鈥檝e earned it all. Now, get going and get a goodnight鈥檚 rest. That you surely deserve.鈥
And with one small wave, you exit the classroom and start down the hall, feeling like you were on cloud nine. Nothing felt as good as this.
Monday rolls around as quickly as Friday left and you enter campus with a pep in your step. Today you were teaching the class and you were beyond prepared. You had your lesson plan in your bag, a coffee in your hand, and your favorite jumper on. You felt invincible.聽
As you walked into the staff lounge, Harry sat with Seamus, sipping on coffees and munching on provided breakfast.聽鈥淢orning, you lot,鈥 you chime merrily as you place your bag on the table and walk towards the breakfast tray and grab a crossiant.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e too cheery for a Monday morning,鈥 Seamus says with a look on his face.聽鈥淲hat鈥檚 got you so bright eyes and bushy tailed?鈥
You smile to yourself as you walk back to the table, tearing open the croissant to slab some jam on it.聽鈥淔red is letting me run lecture today,鈥 you reply happily.
Seamus looks over to Harry with wide eyes, the two of them in complete shock.聽鈥淲ow,鈥 Seamus says.聽鈥淭hat鈥檚...incredible. Good on you, (Y/N),鈥 he tells you as you thank him with a smile.聽鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know Fred let his TA run a class. The most he let Dean do was take roll,鈥 he told Harry.
Harry took a sip from his coffee and wiggled his brows,聽鈥淚 didn鈥檛 think so either. I guess our very own (Y/N) has made him have a change of heart.鈥
You roll your eyes and speak,聽鈥淚 earned this, Harry. I鈥檝e been working my ass off and after a long night of grading papers, Fred offered me the opportunity which I gladly took.鈥 Harry nods his head with a mhm as you throw as piece of croissant at him.聽鈥淚鈥檓 serious!鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 not saying you don鈥檛 deserve it, (Y/N)! You鈥檙e one of the smartest people I鈥檝e ever met; you deserve this like humans needs to breathe!鈥 Harry exclaims.聽鈥淚鈥檓 just...shocked that Fred let you make a lesson plan, nevertheless teach a whole class,鈥 he speaks as you shrug.聽鈥淕uess you bring out the best in Fred Weasley.鈥
You smile,聽鈥淚s that such a bad thing?鈥 Harry chuckles as Seamus shakes his head with a huff.聽鈥淲ell, if you excuse me, I have to get ready for my lecture,鈥 you joke as Harry rolls his eyes.
鈥淒on鈥檛 let this thing get to your head!鈥 he calls after you as you flip him the bird, making Seamus laugh.
As you walk to 523, your heart patter against your chest with excitement, but also lots of nerves. What if they preferred Fred over you? What if Fred was more engaging with them? What if someone fell asleep? What if someone asked you a question you couldn鈥檛 answer?
Soon your confidence began to waver as you entered the classroom, Fred clearing the chalkboard, getting the room ready for you.聽鈥淭here she is. Professor for the day,鈥 Fred claps his hands.聽鈥淵ou excited?鈥 he asks. But you don鈥檛 answer him. You nervously place your purse on the desk and start gnawing at your nails. This makes Fred worried as he walks over to you and places his hands on your shoulders.聽鈥淵ou alright?鈥 he asks, concern washing over his face.
You relax into his touch as you sigh,聽鈥淵eah, I鈥檓 okay. I鈥檓 just...nervous.鈥 Fred gives you a sympathetic smile.聽鈥淲hat if they like you better than me? What if I say something stupid and they all laugh at me? What if I forget everything? I mean, how much do I really know about Mill? Probably nothing,鈥 you ramble.
Fred laughs and gives you arms a squeeze, forcing your eyes up to him.聽鈥淗ey, look at me,鈥 he speaks as you huff and look into his comforting gaze.聽鈥淓verything is going to be just fine. You are brilliant and the students love you. You鈥檙e gonna get up there and smash it. I know it,鈥 he tells you with a confident smile, making your heart flutter and your stomach flip.聽鈥淚 was nervous for my first lecture too, but once you start, the adrenaline gets pumping and you feel on top of the world.鈥
You give him a shaky nod,聽鈥淵eah. Okay. I can do this, yeah?鈥
鈥淎bsolutely,鈥 he laughs.聽鈥淵ou鈥檙e more than capable,鈥 he reassures you.聽鈥淚 believe in you. I always have,鈥 he speaks, tilting your chin up with his fore finger as you gulp thickly. Fred鈥檚 eyes dart to your lips back up to your eyes as he smiles softly.聽鈥淵ou鈥檒l be brilliant.鈥
鈥淭hank you,鈥 you speak just above a whisper as Fred nods.
Slowly, he pulls away from you and sits at his desk which prompts the first student to enter the classroom as you gather your notebook and a piece of chalk, writing on the board in bold letters, Mill and Utilitarianism. You wipe your hands on your pants and look over to Fred who gives you a thumbs up.
Soon enough, the classroom fills up with students as you try to keep yourself calm and not let the class see your nerves.聽鈥淗appy Monday, everyone,鈥 Fred speaks from his desk.聽鈥淚 hope you all had a great weekend. Your papers on Aristotle have been graded and the grades are posted online. Some of you did great, some of you did shit. If you have any complaints, you can see me or (Y/N) after class to discuss,鈥 he speaks, earning a few laughs from the class. Fred speaks,聽鈥淏rian, I wouldn鈥檛 laugh if I were you. (Y/N) couldn鈥檛 make it past page three of yours before handing it off to me.鈥 This earns a loud roar of laughter from the class which eased your nerves. God, Fred knew exactly what you needed.聽鈥淪peaking of (Y/N), she will be running lecture today. I鈥檒l be playing the role of TA and you鈥檒l give her the same amount of respect like you give me. Understood?鈥 The class nods.聽鈥淏rilliant. (Y/N), you have the floor.鈥
You smile at him,聽鈥淭hank you, Fred, for the introduction.鈥 Fred nods. You turn to the class.聽鈥淎lright. Let鈥檚 talk about Mill鈥檚 Utilitarianism. After reading it, what are our thoughts? How do we feel about Mill in comparison to Kant or Aristotle?鈥 you ask generally trying to ease into the lecture.
The class is motionless for a moment before Jessica raises her hand and you nod.聽鈥淚 found it interesting how he acknowledges the objections in his work,鈥 she tells you as you nod.聽鈥淣ot many philosopher鈥檚 explicitly do that in their works.鈥
鈥淕reat,鈥 you smile at her.聽鈥淟et鈥檚 take a look at that. Everyone open up your copies and turn to page seven. Mill writes, 鈥楲ife has no higher purpose than pleasure? What are we, swine?鈥 What do you think this means?鈥 you ask the class. The stare blankly at you as you inhale deeply, this being a fear of yours. But before you can allow yourself to freak out, you think about what Fred would do. You repeat the quote again and add this time,聽鈥淎re we swines? I mean, I don鈥檛 know about Brian, but I know that I鈥檓 not a swine.鈥
This causes the class to erupt with laughter, Fred included, and Brian blushes a deep shade of red before he raises his hand to answer the question. Ah, victory.聽
The class continues on and the discussion was incredible with both classes you taught. The students had such provoking conversations with fruitful discussions on the topic. It made your heart swell that they were so good for you and you felt like you were in your element the whole time.
Fred couldn鈥檛 help but smile to himself as he watched you give the lecture, bouncing off points, connecting ideas, and posing new questions that he couldn鈥檛 even think of. You were electric and the students were infatuated with you, even more so than they were with him. He couldn鈥檛 help but feel proud of you. He loved watching you smile and laugh as you talked to the students.聽
鈥淥kay, well unfortunately we are at time, but next week bring in your annotated books along with your first drafts of your papers!鈥 you tell the class as they thank you as they leave the class one by one.聽
After each student has left the classroom and the door shuts, you turn to Fred who springs from his chair and runs over to you, scooping you up in a hug and spinning you around as you laugh.聽鈥淪heer brilliance,鈥 he places you down with a beaming smile.聽鈥淚鈥檝e never seen students so excited to talk about moral philosophy,鈥 he shakes his head as you grin widely, holding your hands behind your back.聽鈥淭hat was great, (Y/N).鈥
鈥淚 feel great,鈥 you tell him with a smile.聽鈥淪eriously. It blows my mind how smart they are sometimes. Bloody Brian had such great talking points today!鈥 you beam as Fred laughs.聽鈥淏ut really, I learned everything that I did today from you. You are the great teacher,鈥 you tell him, nudging his shoulder playfully.
Fred rolls his eyes,聽鈥淥h, don鈥檛 give me all the credit. I mean...give me some, but not all.鈥 You laugh and shake your head.聽鈥淜idding, kidding,鈥 he tells you as you smile at him, taking in the way his face looked as the sun started to set behind him, signaling the end of your day.聽鈥淯m, I鈥檒l walk with you to the lot?鈥
You nod your head as the two of you pack your things and make your way to the parking lot with Fred, the both of you making light chatter about the class discussions and how thought provoking they all were. As you walk in the halls, you pass Harry who calls out,聽鈥淚鈥檓 guessing it went well!鈥
鈥淪hut it, Potter!鈥 you call back as Fred chuckles.聽
Soon enough, you reach the staff parking lot and Fred digs around in his pockets for the key to his car.聽鈥淲ell,鈥 Fred huffs.聽鈥淵ou did a great job today, (Y/N). I would say I鈥檓 impressed, but I knew you would do brilliantly.鈥
You beam,聽鈥淭hank you, Fred. Really. I know how much this class means to you and I thank you for trusting me with it.鈥
He smiles and leans against the hood of his black Audi, pushing his sleeves up to his elbows before leaning on his hands.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 my pleasure. I know how much teaching a class meant to you and I鈥檓 happy I could help,鈥 he tells you as you nod.聽
The two of you stand there, watching each other as the sun sets behind the castle. Fred鈥檚 eyes glossed over your body and how pants hugged your curves and how the jumper clung onto your figure. He took a deep breath in before smiling to himself as you gulped and cleared your throat, trying to diffuse some of the tension between the two of you.聽鈥淚鈥檒l, uh, see you tomorrow, Professor,鈥 you tease Fred as he chuckles.聽
You start to walk away and towards the bus stop, but Fred鈥檚 voice stops you.聽鈥(Y/N)?鈥 he speaks as you turn back to him, walking back to him.聽鈥淚鈥檝e got a quick question for you.鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 up?鈥
鈥淪o, Mill said聽鈥楾here's no time for all this calculating when we're faced with an actual moral decision.鈥 And I鈥檓 afraid that I have a moral decision of my own,鈥 he speaks with a smirk as you heart races at the sight of the smile you鈥檝e grown so fond of over the past few weeks.
You smile at your feet before looking up at him.聽鈥淎nd what would that moral decision be, Professor Weasley?鈥 you tease him as he chuckles.
鈥淭hat night, we spent grading papers,鈥 he starts as you tuck your hands into your back pockets.聽鈥淚 wanted to kiss you.鈥 His confession makes your heart race as face heat up.聽鈥淎nd ever since then, I鈥檝e been trying to find a moment where I can finally suck it up and kiss you,鈥 he smirks.聽鈥淪o, what I guess what I鈥檓 trying to say is, is it alright if I kiss my teaching assistant in the parking lot of this bloody school?鈥
You lightly laugh and speak, taking a step closer to him as he snakes an arm around your waist, pulling you close as you place your hands on his chest,聽鈥淲ell, if we are talking about this in the terms of Mill, would kissing your teaching assistant bring you pleasure?鈥
Fred smiles,聽鈥淲ithout a doubt.鈥
鈥淭hen I think you鈥檙e morally obligated to,鈥 you tell him as he chuckles.
He hesitates no longer and dips his head down to connect your lips together as you inhale deeply, wrapping your arms around his neck. His lips are soft, but passionate against you as they gently move against yours. His hands squeeze your hips gently as you press yourself against his body, making Fred lightly moan into your mouth. His tongue slips past your parted lips, caressing his tongue with yours as you let out a soft moan, making Fred inhale deeply. Your heart is pounding against your chest as you gently pull at the roots of his hair, relishing in the way his lips feel against yours. His mouth moves slowly and lazily against yours, making your head spin and desire grow. It鈥檚 everything you imagined it would be as cliche as it sounded.聽
Gently, you pull away as Fred smiles lightly.聽鈥淭hank you, John Stuart Mill,鈥 he breathes out, making you laugh.聽鈥淚鈥檝e been dying to do that.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 glad you did,鈥 you confess to him, arms still wrapped around him as Fred squeezes your hips, placing another soft kiss to your lips.聽鈥淣ow that you鈥檝e accomplish that moral dilemma, do you have any idea what your next one is?鈥 you tease him, wiggling your brows.
Fred shakes his head,聽鈥淥h, we鈥檝e got the rest of the semester to figure that one out.鈥
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jade-sierra-rosea month ago
Tumblr media
Olympian goddess of all forms of love, sex, beauty, desire, passion, pleasure, procreation, fertility, war
O Sweet lady of Sea Foam,
Radiant Beauty,Queen of all who love,
Grant unto me your confidence,
Your capacity to love others wholeheartedly
and without hesitation;
Grant unto me your inner sight
So that i may see all beautiful things within myself and within others.
Transform me, I pray,
and transform our hearts,
O bright lady of seafoam!
馃悮About Aphrodite:
Symbols: Conch shell, rose,
Sacred Animals: Dove, Swan, Sparrow, Dolphin, & Clams
Sacred Plants: Myrtle & Rose
Retinue: The Kharities, The Horai, The Erotes, Eros, & Peitho
Other Names: Cypris & Cytherea
Cult terms: terms related to her religious praxis
Aphrodision: Temple of Aphrodite
Aphrodisia: Festival of Aphrodite
Ad么nia: Festival of Adonis
Hyst锚ria: Festival of the Swine
Anag么gia: Festival of Embarkation
馃悮Titles & Epithets:
Ourania(Urania): Heavenly, Divine(love)
Pand锚mos(Pandemos): Common to all people (love)
Makhanitis(Machanitis): Deviser, Contriver
Epistrophia: She who turns to (love)
Apostrophia: Averter of (Unlawful desires)
Kataskopia(Catascopia): Spying, Peeping
Psithyrist锚s(Psithyristes): Whispering
Praxis: Action
Melainis(Melaenis): Black(of night)
Symmakhia(Symmachia): Ally(in love)
Apatouros(Apaturus): Deceptive one
Nymphia: Bridal
Mig么ntis(Migontis): Union(Marital)
D么ritis(Doritis): Bountiful
H锚r锚(Hera): Of Hera(marriage)
Morph么(Morpho): Of Shapely Form
Ambolog锚ra(Ambologera): Postponer of old age
Nik锚phoros(Nicephorus): Bringer of Victory
Areia: Of Ares, Warlike
H么pismen锚(Hoplismena): Armed
Euploia(Euploea): Fair Voyage
Pontia: Of the Sea
Limenia: Of the Harbour
Xenia: Of the foreigner
Kypria(Cypria): Of Cyprus
Paphia: Of Paphos(Cyprus)
Syria: Of Syria, Syrian
Eyrkin锚(Eycina): Of Eryx(Sicily)
Kythereia(Cytherea): Of Cytherea(Laconia)
Amyklaios(Amyclaeus): Of Amyclae(Laconia)
K么lias(Colias): Of Colias(Attica)
Kastini锚(Castinia): Of Mt. Castium (Pamphylia)
Knidia(Cnidia): Of Cnidus(Caria)
Pyr锚naia(Pyrenaea): Of Pyrenees Mts(Gaul)
Akraia(Acraea): Of the heights
K锚pois(Cepo茂s): Of the gardens
Anadyomen锚(Anadyomene): Risen from the Sea
馃悮 Offerings:
Incense/candles/Perfume: rose & ocean scents, myrrh, frankincense, apple, myrtle, strawberry or any other scents that remind you of her, I personally have a pink 7 day candle & frankincense incense for her
Chocolate(especially dark): Dark chocolate is an Aphrodisiac & chocolate in general is heavily associated with love
Roses: Roses are sacred to Aphrodite, you can give a whole rose, petals, or even rose water
Jewelry: offer her jewelry & if you wear it as a devotional act just keep it on her shrine/altar when ur not using it, I have a rose gold & rose quartz necklace i wear fir her
Art: Another votive offering that can double as devotional act if you make it yourself, anything you make in her honor shell love, i write poetry for her, my girlfriend on the other hand is more artistically talented & paints portraits of deities to use as votive, you can also write songs, hymns, take pictures of anything that reminds you of her, or anything you鈥檙e most comfortable with, Art can also be bought for a votive i got an Aphrodite print for her bc I can鈥檛 paint if my life depended on it
Seashells: Scallop & Abalone especially, you can even use a scallop shell as an offering bowl!
Olive oil: olive trees & oils were very religiously significant in ancient Greece
Honey: Bees are associated with Aphrodite so honey is a great offering
Stones: Pearls, Rose Quartz, & Aquamarine are all associated with Aphrodite
Makeup: similar to jewelry you can keep make up products on her sacred space & devote your makeup routine to her
Statues or other items related to her sacred animals: Doves, Swans, Sparrows, shellfish, hares, bees, & dolphins
Libations: pomegranate juice, aromantic rose tea, strawberry lemonade, water, rose water
21+ Offerings:
Alcohol: sweet red wine, pink champagne, Ros茅 wine, Cherry Liquor, Rose Liquor, Pomegranate Liquor
馃悮Devotional Acts:
Practice self care & self love
Make up routine
Wearing jewelry in her honor
two great books I suggest are 鈥淰enus & Aphrodite: a biography of desire by鈥 Bettany Hughes and 鈥淧agan Portals: Aphrodite鈥 by Irisanya Moon
Research her history, her origins in the Near east as a love & war goddess, known as Astarte to the Phoenicians, Ishtar to the Babylonians, and Inanna to the Sumerarians 锟
Read her myths, hymns, & poems
Shadow work
Make a Devotional Journal
Make a playlist for her
Make art
Write poems, hymns, prayers, letters
Devote a garden to her (pollinator friendly is great unless ur allergic to bees)
Enjoy the beauty of the world
Do something extra for yourself: eat some sweets, take a spa day, take a bath
Bake something in her honor
If you鈥檙e trans you can dedicate your gender affirmations and hrt routine to her, bc gender euphoria is part of self love for us & if you have dysphoria treating it is 100% self care
Visit the ocean (only if possible/affordable!)
Honor Zeus, her adopted father
Honor Ares, her beloved, & their children: Eros, Phobos, Deimos, Harmonia
Honor Hermaphroditos, Her intersex child with Hermes
Honor Poseidon, both are significant sea deities & Olympians & at one time lovers, Aphrodite was grateful for Poseidon supporting her relationship with Ares & they had two daughters鈥 Rhodos & Herophilos, honor them as well
Honor her Retinue-minor goddesses that she surrounds herself with
The Horai 鈥 hours 鈥 her attendants, they clothed her & brought her to Olympus after her birth in the sea
The Kharities 鈥 charities 鈥 very commonly seen attending her. They鈥檙e good things, all good feelings. They are made up by Algaia(beauty), Euphrosyne(merriment), Thalia(good cheer), Paida(play), Eudaimona(happiness), Pandaisia(banquets), Pannyakhis(night parties & revels), Antheia(floral decorations), Harmonia(harmony) & numerous others
The Erotes 鈥 personifications of love, beauty, & desire & her closest & most common attendants. Eros(love), Himeros(desire), Pothos(lust), & sometimes Peitho(persuasion); Peitho is Aphrodite鈥檚 messenger
Donate to organizations that help survivors of sexual assault & domestic violence
Donate to organizations that advocate for the oceans
Donate to lgbt activism organizations, help spread awareness on trans, non binary, & intersex issues, & also be an ally to those on the hypersexual, asexual, & Aromantic spectrums & polyamorous folk
support sex workers (NOT to porn companies that exploit them, onlyfans is best),
NSFW devotional acts: masturbate or partake in sexual acts in her honor(only if you wish to or are comfortable doing so ofc), if you are a sexworker you can also devote your work to her!
馃悮Digital devotions: these are perfect for people who can鈥檛 have a physical altar/shrine for whatever reason
Make an E-Shrine to her
Make a mood board for her
If you like video games you can sometimes do digital devotional acts, for Aphrodite I visit her sanctuary & her temple in AC Odyssey, theres no offering feature like in Valhalla but I like to light the pyres & pray to her, i also love doing any missions revolving helping lovers for her, ive also heard of people making temples and offerings in minecraft
Cute Altar/Shrine ideas:
A sacred space to Aphrodite should be as beautiful as you can make it, decorate it with ocean motifs(as she was born from the sea) , rose quartz, pearls, seashells, real or fake roses, garlands, flowers, mirrors, depictions of her sacred animals(doves, swans, sparrows, dolphins, bees, hares), art of her(whether bought or made), erotica
Great places to have her sacred space are next to a window, a windowsill, a vanity stand, or somewhere with a mirror
If you need it to be secret & wish to keep a travel altar, if possible keep it in a pretty box with floral or sea decorations, or a makeup pouch
An outdoor garden is great too! Make it pollinator friendly (unless ur allergic), use organic products (if affordable) on it, have bird feeders, and a safe area to have a candle or incense & an offering bowl, & a place to sit & enjoy her warm presence & beauty
And most important of all:
Love ya damn self馃挏
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leijirou2 months ago
sanzu + exhibition? mf leaves a vibrator on u while u eat out at a restaurant or some shit
the people ask for sanzu, i give them sanzu, it's simply the law of nature around these parts ur honor
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tw. exhibitionism, sex toys, public setting, stripping
Tumblr media
He was enjoying himself, the cocky bastard.
Wild grin on those handsome features, ice blue eyes watching you with mild interest. He'd taken a bite of the shrimp scampi he'd ordered with one hand while the other idly wandered to his thumb, where the source of that delightful buzzing's commands took place. You watched his movements like a hawk, nervous swallow being taken.
It was grueling, torturous, that rolling vibration against your clit. It was damn near silent muffled between the thick of your thighs thank god, but the fact he was thinking of-
The intensity buzzed, scaling up a notch and making you flinch in surprise to nearly drop your fork. Mouth grew dry as legs trembled slightly, struggling to contain and keep the pleasure central only in your pelvis instead of exploding throughout your entire body and soiling the pretty little dress and panties you wore.
"Haruchiyo," you whispered, more a warning than anything, but he ignored you. The pink haired man merrily munched on a piece of crustacean, locking eyes with you as if to challenge your objection.
You silenced quickly, eyes darting down to stare at your food that was left hardly touched because of the distraction below. The pleasure was stacking, rolling, the slick wet of your folds able to be felt as the stick clung to the fabric of your underwear, cementing it to the unique mold of your pussy and threatening to leak out beyond to glue your thighs together even further.
"You know," Sanzu murmured, rolling some pasta happily with a twirl of his utensil. "You can always just... Take them off. If it's too much, that is, of course."
Eyes widened from you and instinctively against your will head darted around. To your horror a waiter had appeared beside your table and a yelp of both mingled surprise - damn bastard clicked it up one more notch before dropping it down, the phone now in his pocket - and delight escaped from you.
Pleasure stacked until, suddenly, it broke. In a crash of euphoria, vision started to blot and with every fiber of your being you'd attempted to keep a straight face beneath the onslaught that attacked your body in the most delicious of waves. Embarrassed, you covered your mouth, biting on two of your fingers to muffle a scream as the shock waves ripped through you and sent your legs trembling beneath the drape of the tablecloth.
"I-I'm so sorry," you breathed, hardly recovered, but attempting some semblance of normalcy. "You'd startled me, sir."
There was a soft chuckle from the man, and to your relief, it'd seemed he hadn't heard of your little conversation - nor noticed what was amidst and playing right before him. Heart slammed in your chest, head light from the thrill. Sanzu looked none the wiser, pleasant smile on his face as he idly conversed with your server.
Glare was aimed to that god damn bastard when the attendant left after having given his pleasantries.
"You fucking di-"
"Can always take 'em off."
Obstinate, yet enthralled at the idea, your head darted this way and that once more before, finally, you dared it. Hands slipped themselves inconspicuously under the table to hike up the fabric of your dress, where the sticky fabric and your new enemy of an object were pulled away. Disgusted, delighted, adrenaline fueled high - it was a plethora of emotions within you as Sanzu's hand reached to take the messy bundle beneath the hidden depths of the linen cloths.
He grinned at you, pocketing the item with ease.
"Much nicer, huh?"
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miggiisdumb2 months ago
ok so we all know about gangster!bakugo but what about the other full course meals in da club??? 馃槱
gangster!kirishima is a himbo fite me. he鈥檚 all brawn and the only brain cell he has is on how to work what his Mama gave him(dat ASS MAN 馃サ IS JUICY). mans has an extremely short fuse when it comes to his bb gurl and would legit pull a gunfight to protect your honor, pullin out his smg pistol on some random poor bastard(who just so happens to be in a rival gang) that makes a negative comment about you like 鈥淎y, fucker! I heard you dissin鈥 my li鈥檒 mama! 鈥榮 not manly at all, you askin鈥 to die?!鈥澛
anything you want, pebble, Papa Rock will provide(by illegal means cuz he dont know how to do it any other way. but u don鈥檛 kno that 馃檭). that 5k gucci bag you saw in the window, whining cuz it was too expensive? he鈥檒l have it ready for you-free overnight delivery.聽
and 馃槱馃槱馃槱 dont get me started when yalls romp in his oversized bed he鈥檚 a fucking boytoy your personal boytoy so he knows EXACTLY how to make ur coochie dumb for only him(good luck ur gonna need it man is hung馃サ)
gangster!denki is another himbo, he thinks he鈥檚 brawn but man literally has nothing going for him other than him being a complete slut for you(he鈥檚 also a feral gun nut but we鈥檒l save that for later). always hangs around gangster!kirishima and knows to keep his fucking distance when he鈥檚 with his pebble he almost got shot for getting too close 馃ぃ but omfg he鈥檚 a bamf when it comes to shooting up mfers on his gang鈥檚 turf. some assholes thought it鈥檇 be funny to rob your place when he was staying over he woke to a dull thud and some hushed cursing that night and brazenly confronted them buck naked bc y'all fucked n sucked(he doesn鈥檛 know the concept of 鈥榮hame鈥) as they were carrying your flatscreen tv out to their van 鈥淲hat the fuck is this, huh?!鈥 DENKI WAS PISSED, SEEING RED AND STARS 鈥淥h, you finna die now, tryna rob my lady!鈥 he almost killed the three men that night, waking you tf up with the sudden sound of gunshots in your front fucking lawn, as he pumped the getaway vehicle full of lead while the driver ducked the hell outta dodge while his two buddies were hanging onto the vehicle for dear life and tryna climb in(they dropped the tv the moment they saw a crazed looking blonde naked man wielding a customized handgun pointed at them walk outside.)
man thinks he got your coochie trained on his dick but its 120% the opposite 馃ぃ馃ぃ don't point out to him that he becomes a puddle of goo for you he will pout 馃槅
聽 gangster!midoriya? gurrrrrl man is fucking TWO FACED and smooth af he鈥檒l have you as tightly wrapped around his pinky finger as he is wrapped around yours. don't let his soft looks and sweet act fool you. I REPEAT don鈥檛 let his soft looks and sweet act fool you. man is a dangerous fucking criminal, top 10 wanted, i guarantee聽it. its like joker and fucking harley quinn vibes up in here but its not that toxic he actually wants to take care of you(he keeps his secrets tho). he鈥檚 a fucking Logician (INTP) type. he tends to avoid needless confrontation and he鈥檚 like a goddamn fuzzy scuttler(tw: a cute spooper, arachnophobes beware), METICULOUSLY 馃憗馃憚馃憗馃憣 laying out traps for his prey.
forget being dumb only on his dick bc he'll slut you up eating you out for hours cuz "Sweet pea, your my favorite meal鈥" while you can only fuck yourself on his fingers while a powerful 馃サ arm holds you down, making you ride his face. man's a fucking perfectionist he needs you addicted to all of him.
聽 there's so fucking many more men omfg i have soooo many fucking thots for this buffet there's so many I'd bone any day of the week I needa write them down and share them so they last longer 馃槱馃い馃い
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cookiefics5 months ago
Sooo, I saw someone else do this, and I really loved the idea. Since ur my fav writer馃憖 (*winkwink), I would absolutely die of happiness if you did an aot boys househusband headcannons. Idc which aot boys as long as Reiner is in it (fr tho he's the most househusband material 馃槱).
aaAAA i feel honored, thank you so much!! i hope you like it <3!!!!聽o(鈮р垏鈮)
鉂 shingeki boys!
鉂 eren, armin, reiner, jean, connie, levi, porco, niccolo
鉂 little implied mentions of sexual themes聽
- he tries his best, don鈥檛 judge him.
- if you鈥檙e out for more than a week, he鈥檒l die of hunger.
-聽鈥渉oney how am i supposed to cook pasta?鈥
-聽鈥渏ust put it in boiled water.鈥
- it wasn鈥檛 that difficult, but he left it in water for too much time while playing some video games and it is now a mass.
- he stays by your side while you cook, watching it cautiously, but he ends having you against the kitchen island.
-聽鈥淓ren, i鈥檓 cooking, please.鈥
- his mouth bitting your ear playfully.
-聽鈥渋鈥檒l be satisfied just with you, no need of food.鈥
- usually he orders a pizza after that because the food ended being a mess.
-聽鈥淓ren Jaeger, the next time you distract me from cooking...鈥
- but, he cleans really well.
- he鈥檚 really constant and he keeps doing it until it shines.
- he usually cleans while you work, and he leaves the automatic vacuum working before leaving for his work,
- but, once he puts his headphones on and connects online with his friends...
- his desk is a huge mess, full of energetic drinks鈥 cans and empty packs of snacks. he cleans it once he鈥檚 finished playing, but sometimes he forgets,
- he鈥檚 waiting for you on the couch when you arrive late, dressed with his shorts and with his hair tied in a man-bun.
-聽鈥渋 was waiting for you, i missed you so much today...鈥
- he鈥檚 really clean because he doesn鈥檛聽mess or mess up things, so you can聽have the house organized.
- he only makes a mess when he's studying for important exams.
- a lot of books on his desk and around his chair. A lot of papers with appointments.
- "just leave this, i promise i鈥檒l clean it once my exam is done!"
- he cleans it, unless he arrives really tired from the exam, then he goes to sleep automatically.
- when he's alone, he cleans the pets' houses and gets rid of their furr
- also takes naps with his cat while waiting for you.
- he鈥檚 really good at ironing, he鈥檚 really fast at it.
- his shirts are always impeccable.聽
- he鈥檚 also trying to learn how to cook.
- trying.
-聽鈥渋 made breakfast but i think i burned the pancakes鈥
-聽he's a huge man and he seems clumsy, but no
- he's incredibly good at tasks.
- he wakes up early, even earlier than you, to prepare you a bath and breakfast for you two.
-聽鈥淩ein, you don鈥檛 have to do this, you can sleep until your work hour鈥
- his work has night turns, but he shakes his head and keeps doing it for you.
- when you try to wake up early to do the same for him, he鈥檚 already awake, pulling you closer to him again.
-聽鈥渨hy were you up so early.鈥 he says , his sleepy voice caressing your ears when he speaks.聽
- he鈥檚 also really clean, and it is not new, Bertholdt says he was like that when they shared a flat.
- his breakfasts are the best of the world: strawberry smoothies and fruits salad with fluffy pancakes.
- when he has free day, he likes to buy little things that remind you to him when he walks with the dog.
-聽鈥淚 bought you this chocolate lip balm because you said your lips are getting hurt because of the cold.鈥
- he also loves kids so much. he wants to have a family.聽
-聽鈥渏ust imagine a little girl waking us up at morning to accompany her to school.鈥
-聽he's so clingy he would do tasks just to be next to you.
- like, doing the laundry in the washing machine room, so small for two people, and be really near to you...
- and at the same time, he wants to show you he deserves to be your husband.
- he works a lot just to show you he can be your husband and the daddy of your children.
- "look babe, try my spaghetti"
- they were actually good, if he cooked a little bit more he will master it for sure.
- "imagine if we make here a garden with a couple swings for our babies?"
- he started working o a cute garden for you two spend the summer days out.
- he put white roses and pink dahlias, and a table with a couple chairs.
- he also put some lights for the night, to power them on and be a even more incredible garden.
- he also proposed to you under this lights.
- he lazy
- he just wants to watch tv, eat and sleep.
- but, that doesn鈥檛 mean he doesn鈥檛 do tasks.
- not a lot of them, but he does.
- like he does, but not all of them.
-聽鈥渋 don鈥檛 know how to use the washing machine.鈥
-聽鈥渢hen mop the floor.鈥
-聽鈥渂ut that鈥檚 so boring, baby please...鈥
- when he goes to the supermarket, he buys cups of instant ramen and sodas.
-聽鈥淐onnie we need real food to survive. We can鈥檛 eat everyday instant ramen and cola.鈥
-聽鈥渂ut you look the color of the lettuce and i don鈥檛 know why, so imagine i take a poisoned lettuce because i didn鈥檛 analyze the color and we both die鈥
- he cleans the house in deep every two days.聽
- he also keeps it organized.
- actually the thought of having kids bewitches him but scares him, just thinking about all the toys in every part of the house.
- he鈥檚 a really clean man, and you also clean up the house while he works.
- he likes to spoil you with his acts, like preparing you bubble baths, helping you to sew your clothes and making you braids.
- fortunately, your bathtub is big enough for the two of you bathing together.
-聽he likes to caress your waist and torso quietly, just the sound of water and your quite breaths.
- his hands on you makes your skin feel electricity.
- he enjoys that moments of privacy and intimacy.
- also drying your hair when you鈥檙e about to go to sleep.
- "if you sleep with it wet you'll catch a cold, dummy"
- he usually avoided the chores, but when you moved with him, he started to pay more attention to what he had to do.
- he鈥檚 more fixed on the way your hands take his clothes than on the things he has to do to wash them.
-聽鈥渋鈥檓 paying attention!!鈥
-聽his excuses are always that you're a distraction for him.
- "but you're so gorgeous... i need you. now."
- "porco it's the fifth time you say that today..."
- "and not the last."
- you can't say no because you're as needy for him as he is for you, but you try to hide it.
- at the end, he needs help for all the tasks.
- he cooks sooo well
- every time you arrive home, he鈥檚 cooking something.
- pizza, seafood, cakes...
- the house always smell so nice...
- you don鈥檛 know how to cook that well, but you help him cleaning all the things he uses for his plates.
- and you help him giving him what he needs.
-聽鈥渃ould you pass me that knife, please?鈥
- his hands always touches yours when he takes the knife
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heauxzenji8 months ago
NSFW Alphabet: Oikawa Edition
Tumblr media
Gn!reader focused
A/N: Happy first post of 2021!聽New year same fuckery- I鈥檓 a dumb bitch and I could鈥檝e sworn someone requested this- but uhhhh no one did. But also it鈥檚 too good to NOT post so I鈥檓 gonna chalk one up to being self indulgent and my brain telling me to write this for no other reason other than... I had to get it out. But special ty to my partner in crime @honey-makki鈥 for always being my sweet sweet beta when I need her.聽 Kith kith. And an extra kith because I鈥檓 in love with u.聽
nsfw under the cut... obviously.聽
饾暚 - 饾暚饾枊饾枡饾枈饾枟饾枅饾枂饾枟饾枈
I think that Oikawa is actually a super generous lover and that also translates to afterward. He makes sure to have everything ready beforehand, so that after he鈥檚 done wrecking you, he can totally spoil you. Since he is a very rich bitch, usually aftercare cuddles are also done while online shopping with his black card because he thinks you deserve a reward for doing so well for him.
饾暛 - 饾暛饾枖饾枆饾枮 饾暬饾枂饾枟饾枡
I just know Oikawa has the back to end all backs it鈥檚 so well toned and beautiful ugh yes. You can鈥檛 resist marking it up with scratches when he鈥檚 fucking you. Sometimes he complains but it鈥檚 his fault for going that deep in the first place. You always kiss each scratch afterward though, making him slowly come to see them as a badge of honor.
饾暜 - 饾暜饾枤饾枓聽
I honestly don鈥檛 think that he cares... like, as long as he gets to see his cum on your body he鈥檚 satisfied. He just wants to paint your body in his essence, whether it鈥檚 your stomach, face, back... doesn鈥檛 matter as long as he sees it on your skin.
饾暞 - 饾暞饾枎饾枟饾枡饾枮 饾暰饾枈饾枅饾枟饾枈饾枡聽
He asks the gc to rate all his nudes before he sends them. He only sends the ones rated 8 and above, and has a folder of certified 10s that he only sends to his top 5 fwbs.
饾暟 - 饾暟饾枬饾枙饾枈饾枟饾枎饾枈饾枔饾枅饾枈
Ok before Argentina, he was one of those guys that was really hot but never made it past like鈥 second base if that. Maybe got to third base ONCE, but also- that鈥檚 probably a lie.聽
Now AFTER Argentina? Oh god he鈥檚 just鈥. he鈥檚 everywhere. He鈥檚 a THOT. Easily can pick up maybe 3 people in a night, and has sex stories long enough to rival the length of the odyssey. He鈥檚 very open about it too, almost too open. Always has to catch himself when he shares stories of his travels because he remembers that maybe his abundance of orgy stories aren鈥檛 appropriate for dinner with your parents.聽
饾暠 - 饾暠饾枂饾枦饾枖饾枟饾枎饾枡饾枈 饾暬饾枖饾枠饾枎饾枡饾枎饾枖饾枔
Good old fashioned missionary but he doesn鈥檛 make it boring- he鈥檒l hold your wrists above your head with one hand, and hold your face with the other so that your eyes stay on his- he LOVES the eye contact. He鈥檒l also push your cheeks together enough that your mouth just kinda hangs open, perfect for him to spit into or slide in a few fingers for you to suckle.
饾暡 - 饾暡饾枖饾枖饾枊饾枮
Once you鈥檙e deeper into your relationship, you see Oikawa for who he is- a fucking dweeb. Once he gets comfortable and the soft parts of him begin to shine through his cocky exterior, sex becomes something that鈥檚 less about impressing you and more about enjoying your company. That鈥檚 when the cute giggles come into play, especially in the mornings when his hair is undone and there鈥檚 sleep in both your eyes as you jokingly refuse to kiss him until he brushes his teeth. You still let him hit tho.聽
饾暢 - 饾暢饾枂饾枎饾枟
Impeccably well groomed, thank god. He keeps his hair short and neat. He鈥檚 very clean. Also carpet perfectly matches the drapes. He holds you the same super high grooming standards.
饾暣 - 饾暣饾枔饾枡饾枎饾枓饾枂饾枅饾枮
He liked to think he鈥檚 a romantic but he鈥檚 just a thot. Public enemy number one of cheesy clich茅s until he gets you undressed. A Michelin star dinner and $500 bottle of wine in your system, followed by a sweet little massage and then boom鈥 it鈥檚 just downright filth. but with 鉁╮ose petals鉁 to make it 鉁╯pecial鉁 I hate him.
(Oikawa if ur reading this I鈥檓 free Thursday night and would like to hangout pls message me if you are free Thursday and we can hangout when I鈥檓 free)
饾暤 - 饾暤饾枂饾枅饾枑 饾暫饾枊饾枊
If he鈥檚 at an away game, it鈥檚 his pregame ritual. He does it to loosen up and get rid of his nerves. The team knows this- they鈥檝e caught him almost too many times for comfort, so they usually leave to go warm up on the court like 10-15 minutes before he does so he can take care of it.
饾暥 - 饾暥饾枎饾枔饾枑
A BIG OLE PRAISE KINK for starters: He obviously loves being told how amazing he is, but he will also shower you with endless compliments about how beautiful you are or how well you take him and how good you feel wrapped around him.聽
Bark bark virgin kink bark: loves being the first to own you in that way. He鈥檚 able to mold you into his perfect little thing because you know nothing and he knows all. You鈥檙e just a pretty flower waiting to be picked. And he鈥檚 going to press every single button you have until all you know is the feeling of his touch and he 3000% takes trophies of every single pure soul he鈥檚 tainted, aka your underwear is his forever. He keeps them all in a drawer in his room and definitely jacks it with them on occasion.聽
Choking but like- being choked. He especially likes the feeling of your fingertips wrapping around his neck while you ride him. Please just choke him out he鈥檒l marry you right there
饾暦 - 饾暦饾枖饾枅饾枂饾枡饾枎饾枖饾枔
Honestly, anywhere is fine by him, as long as it鈥檚 dark or kind of hidden. He doesn鈥檛 mind taking you when/where he wants but he does have at least a little foresight to think about a smidge of privacy. Yet at the same time, he enjoys the thrill of POTENTIALLY being caught. He likes hiding in plain sight.
饾暩 - 饾暩饾枖饾枡饾枎饾枦饾枂饾枡饾枎饾枖饾枔
Hearing you utter anything about how good he makes you feel amongst other incoherent things and words laced with profanities is all he needs to make sure he keeps making you feel that way. He has to prove that he鈥檚 the best you鈥檝e ever had and the best you鈥檙e ever going to get.
饾暪 - 饾暪饾枖!
No matter what, you can鈥檛 mark him up- especially not his face. Sure he plays volleyball, but his looks are his real moneymaker. His Adidas endorsement and Chanel cologne campaign all depend on his face and body- he鈥檚 gotta keep them pristine.
饾暫 - 饾暫饾枟饾枂饾枒
Enjoys giving slightly more than receiving, but they鈥檙e honestly pretty much tied. Also definitely eats ass and no, I don鈥檛 take criticism.聽
(Oikawa eating ass is the origin story of the nickname Shittykawa and you know I鈥檓 right)
饾暬 - 饾暬饾枂饾枅饾枈
Hit it till it breaks was never about volleyball... ever. He鈥檚 relentless. He thrusts very hard and fast, he鈥檚 desperate to make you feel good- but very rough about it. But he鈥檒l of course start off so annoyingly slow that you have to beg him for more- it鈥檚 all part of his master plan.
饾暭 - 饾暭饾枤饾枎饾枅饾枑饾枎饾枈
Yeah. Yeah absolutely. He needs to sneak one in before a game to get rid of nerves. He has incredible control- poor thing will make sure you cum, but edge himself and then go play, knowing that he鈥檒l get to cum once he wins. He says you鈥檙e his good luck charm, but only you know it鈥檚 because the entire force driving him to win is being able to stuff you full of his cum.
饾暯 - 饾暯饾枎饾枠饾枑
He definitely would be the type to take very calculated risks with you, specifically if you鈥檝e been teasing him all day. Definitely down to experiment with most things as well, as long as they don鈥檛 ruin his face.
饾暰 - 饾暰饾枡饾枂饾枓饾枎饾枔饾枂
The speed of him ramming into you is actually amazing because you鈥檙e able to have multiple dizzying highs over one round before he鈥檚 even thought about his own release. He鈥檚 always going to give you what you want, and you鈥檙e always going to break by the time he鈥檚 done with you. He doesn鈥檛 get tired unless it鈥檚 a post game victory fuck, but even then, he鈥檚 still gonna want to go at least 2 rounds in contrast to your normal 3-5. Yes 5鈥 I said what I said.
饾暱 - 饾暱饾枖饾枮聽
Definitely into remote controlled toys. He doesn鈥檛 like them for himself, but loves the power dynamic of having you use them in public. Especially when he takes you somewhere nice. Seeing you try and hold your composure while he is cool, calm, and collected turns him on even more.
饾杸 - 饾杸饾枔饾枊饾枂饾枎饾枟聽
I mean, see above. This man LOVES to mess with you. Knowing that there鈥檚 times where you can鈥檛 do anything about the position you鈥檙e in, it fills him with a twisted joy. But he also wants you to challenge him. He likes being teased to an extent. You can always try, but he鈥檚 always going to have the upper hand. He likes when you make him work for it a little.聽
饾杹 - 饾杹饾枖饾枒饾枤饾枓饾枈
Uh, yeah he鈥檚 fucking vocal. VERY vocal. Moans, grunts, praises, commands, he鈥檚 not shy about any of it. His go-to鈥檚 are always teasing- he鈥檒l ask you 鈥淥h, right there? Is that the spot?鈥 as you鈥檙e crying for dear life while he fucks you, or counting down your orgasm, denying you of release if you get too close too soon.
饾杺 - 饾杺饾枎饾枒饾枆饾枅饾枂饾枟饾枆聽
He wants to join the mile high club. Tbh with all the traveling he does it鈥檚 not impossible... but he REALLY just wants to see you try and keep quiet while there鈥檚 a line forming outside the plane bathroom.
饾杻 - 饾杻-饾暯饾枂饾枮
Pretty dick T艒ru is alive and well. It鈥檚 the most beautiful cock you鈥檝e ever seen and probably ever will see in your life. He鈥檚 blessed with the best鈥 a very solid 6 陆 inches, perfectly even in color- the ideal thickness with a slight curve to the right and a trail of prominent veins on the underside. It鈥檚 the dick dreams are made of honestly.聽
饾杽 - 饾杽饾枈饾枂饾枟饾枔饾枎饾枔饾枌聽
聽Doesn鈥檛 like appearing as needy, so he鈥檚 good at downplaying how much he wants you. He doesn鈥檛 like to give you the satisfaction of seeing him weakening under your touch right away, so he鈥檒l resist it. The entire time though, mans is burning under your touch. He wants to feel you all the time, and hates when he can鈥檛 have you in the ways that he wants.
饾枀 - 饾枀饾枱饾枱
He鈥檚 the type to get a second wind most of the time. Mostly. He鈥檚 not gonna go run a marathon or anything but he鈥檚 simply not tired. He wears you out though, so he鈥檒l hold you while you sleep and watch his highlights or reels while you recover until you鈥檙e ready to go again. But if he鈥檚 had a long day or played a match- it鈥檚 a shower and then good night sleep tight do not disturb. But he鈥檒l make an exception for you.聽
Tumblr media
Taglist Starseeds (link in nav to join):聽聽@honey-makki @acciobrooms @sen-brainrot @the-3d-sky-sister @minato-hoe @strawberrymakki @prettyforpapiiwa @dxddykeiji @arixtsukki @freyafolkvangr @ukaisgratefulwhore @tetsurolls @milanapolitana鈥 @notjasmin鈥 @velvesagi鈥 @keishinsuke
If your url is in bold- send me a dm! 鉁
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courtlyharlequin2 months ago
vivi congrats on ur anniversary!!! for the event, may i have one with riddle 馃尮 please? personality-wise, i'm really friendly, albeit a bit shy around new people. i admit, i'm also sensitive, so i'm not the best at handling criticism + i tend to stress out too much. as for interests, i like writing, reading, and playing games. thank you!! 鉂
Love is a Two-Player Game
Tumblr media
A/N: Thank you so much for your request Evie!! I had a hard time writing this since I couldn鈥檛 decide between two date ideas, but I eventually settled with a board game cafe since I remember you telling me you鈥檝e never been to a cafe before. I thought it would be cute if Riddle took you to one for the first time ehe~ I hope you like it (鈦 鈦>鈦 鈻 鈦<鈦 鈦)
Who knew that planning a first date would be just as nerve racking as a confession? Riddle knew he had to take you to a cafe once the fact that you鈥檝e never been to one came to light
He wasn鈥檛 one to frequent coffeeshops much as he had other responsibilities as a dorm leader and as an honor student. If he wanted tea, he鈥檇 have Trey or Cater brew him something. Tea parties weren鈥檛 uncommon at Heartslabyul, but it didn鈥檛 mean Riddle liked them any less. If anything, they were simply impractical鈥 like going to eat out when you had food at home
The moment he retired to his room for the evening, he began to look into local cafes and skimming top reviews. Earlier today, he had suggested the both of you go on a date this very weekend. You agreed, telling him that you鈥檒l meet up later to flesh out the details
He was ecstatic, but the excitement soon dissipated as he realized that it was Thursday, leaving him barely enough time to follow up鈥搇et alone plan鈥 on your date. The redhead was called to an emergency dorm leader meeting, foiling his plans to meet up with you. You didn鈥檛 mind, but he did. This was a major setback. Tomorrow will be Friday!
Riddle鈥檚 brows relaxed as he came across a cafe with a rather unique theme. It was a board game cafe. You liked to play [video] games if he recalled correctly
The games they provided weren鈥檛 the ones you liked. They were traditional games, but a trip down memory lane wouldn鈥檛 be so bad. He hadn鈥檛 played Candy Land or Monopoly in a while either. He smiled fondly, reminiscing of the times where Che鈥檔ya and Trey brought a few games to play while they ate pastries from the Clover family鈥檚 bakery. He skimmed their menu for good measure
Yes, they had strawberry tarts. It was perfect. He let out a sigh of relief as he sent you a link to their page, tucking himself into bed without a weight off his shoulders
Fast forward to the day of: He was nervous. You were both more on the reserved side. While you made small talk, there were intervals of comfortable silence. The atmosphere was tense, but you found solace in each other鈥檚 presence
You were awfully sweet and considerate towards him, asking about his likes and interests while you ordered food. He was honestly touched that you were so invested in him as a person. Not as a dorm leader, not as someone you placed on a pedestal. Just Riddle Rosehearts
Slowly, but surely you grew more comfortable with each other. Small talk became meaningful conversations. You tried new games and ones that you鈥檝e played before. Riddle wasn鈥檛 familiar with many, but he was a fast learner.
He preferred strategy games over the luck-based games, but he was willing to try them all even if it meant staying at the cafe till closing hours. It wasn鈥檛 often that he got to do something like this after all. He beat his teacher at checkers a handful of times. He smirked at you, puffing his chest out with pride each time he did. You fed his ego a little by congratulating him on the win, proud of your student for coming so far
Of course, there were more 鈥渃haotic鈥 moments鈥 moments where you felt a little bold. You tried to trick him in a game or two. You laughed when Riddle realized that he was being fooled. He playfully scolded you in return, but couldn't stay mad at you for too long
He liked you. He really liked you. He couldn鈥檛 help but steal glances at you as you pressed your lips together, calculating your next move in Connect 4. You were adorable
When it was time to go, Riddle held the door for you, smiling at you nonstop. It wasn鈥檛 long before he reached for your hand. You squeaked in surprise, but the gesture certainly wasn鈥檛 unwelcomed. His hands were soft, gentle. You laced your fingers with his. For a first date, it聽 was fun. Nerve-racking, but fun. Riddle didn鈥檛 hesitate to ask you out for a second one when you reached the door of your room, earning a flustered expression from you as you exited the cafe
You heard a faint 鈥測es!鈥 when you closed the door behind you, leaning against it and sighing with lovesickness
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guqin-and-flutea year ago
The Soup Incident [Episode 22]
Tumblr media
[Transcript below]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[this is a thing i do sometimes so if you would like to see more...]
Scene suggested by @nagisachan1鈥!! (I鈥檓 so sorry I forgot to tag/credit you when I posted this!)
Random Jin Guy:聽
hey u know ur sister
WWX: everyone's mom? best person in the world? beset by terminal heterosexuality? rings a bell
LWJ: i'm sure this is more important than a war
(2) Random Jin Guy: something happened with j
WWX: [overrunning other line] I MUST GO MY MEDDLING IS REQUIRED
Random Nie Guy: oop there he go
LWJ: wow this sounds serious
(3) WWX: what horrors will i find what trauma will this compound what cruelty will i be met with also how did i know exactly where to go
(4) WWX: OH. YOU.
JZX: gross
JYL: oh an audience perfect i'm sure this will de-escalate things
(5) WWX: can we solve this with castration? tell me we can
JYL: no thanks i'd still like the option if it's all the same to u
WWX: it's not let me remove his body parts
JZX: like i'd let u near me u classless hellion
(6) JYL: listen life hasn't been like the greatest lately had a lot of shitty carriage rides i'd like things to chill out and by things i mean namely u in this moment can we go now pls i have an appointment to cry into my pillow that i'm missing
(7) WWX: omg noooo i'll behave i'm here to support u i'll be impartial
JYL: i don't believe that for a single second tho hun
JYL: and there it is
(9) JZX: [angry sleeve flap of disdainful eloquence]
WWX: wtf
JYL: yeah he's good at those
(10) JYL: honey ur not helping urself here he beat the shit out of u BEFORE he marinated in dark energy for 3 months pls use ur words and ur brain
(11) JYL: can we just go pls i like to not be reminded of exactly how much stupid i willingly allow into my life
WWX: but shijie M U R D E R
JYL: inexplicably i still want to marry him so no thank u
JZX: oh look mianmian's here
MM: u fuckin bet i am u dipshit
(12) WWX: wtaf is wrong with him
MM: ok listen LISTEN i know i feel u trust me
JZX: time to return to the arrogance corner
JYL: a-xian 聽n o
MM: no he totally is u right
JYL: well then he's MY bitch :(
(14) MM: why do i bother to stay up late to practice conversations with u if u don't bother to try all that time wasted am i supposed to cover for u now?
(15) JZX: bold of u to assume u can but go for it still don't know why tf ur all here just wanna eat my soup
JYL: gross
MM: tempting
(17) LWJ: oh hey i'm here now i walk slow oh shit the nice jiang is crying who would hurt the nice jiang?
(18) MM: ok so u know how ur sister makes soup?
JYL: i never really stop it's a little pathological at this point maybe i should talk to someone...
(19) LWJ: oh more heterosexual antics wei ying's achilles heel best wait outside thank god Xichen is mostly functional and gay as the day is long
(20) MM: so she makes soup right? 2 goes to you chuckleheads and the third goes to emporer perpetual foot-in-mouth over here
(21) JZX: [buffering]
(22) MM: jfc why do i even try
JYL: sorta i am soup and soup is me
(23) MM: so anyway
(24) WWX: ur in love with an idiot
JYL: i'm in love with an idiot
(25) MM: SHE MAKES SOUP. SHE'S THE SOUP LADY. ASK PEOPLE WHAT THEY THINK OF 聽WHEN U SAY YANLI AND THEY'LL SAY KINDNESS. A N D 聽S O U P . and her murder-brothers but that's not the point rn
(26) JZX: ...u made me soup
MM: i'm so fucking sorry pls marry him i need a competent woman to hang around with i'm getting dumber by the day
WWX: seriously this guy u love this guy?
JYL: xianxian pls romantic idiocy runs in our family it's practically traditional
(27) JYL: i mean...yes i have 2 coping mechanisms; soup and crying neither of them are working rn tho help i don't unlock righteous fury until level 25
(28) JZX: wow she made me soup
(29) WWX: of course she made u soup 聽u human inner-thigh chafe show us the flashback mianmian
MM: [off screen] oh yeah that roll the tape jeeves
JYL: i made u soup bb
(31) JZX: ur not servant number 62 go fuck urself
JYL: wut
Random Jin Guy Who Brought Wuxian: perhaps this was a [cursive writing] Mistake鈩
(33) JZX: ouchie i can twirly fight countless puppets can't dodge a punch of the life of me cultivation jesus that's gonna leave a mark
(34) JYL: GOD I WISH THIS WAS MORE CATHARTIC how does this always happen? who raised this kid? oh right me
(35) Group of Random Jin Guards: we are all well intentioned but ultimately expendable extras fear us
Random Jin Guard: UNHAND HIM FIEND
(36) WWX: cool imma write u a song it's called Don't Care Didn't Ask Gonna Kill Everyone In This Tent Over Soup in b flat tootly toot here comes the murder flute
(37) Random Jin Guards attacked by resentful energy: [keyboard smash]
(38) LWJ: wait hold on that's his shit starting music has shit been started?? wEi YiNg
(39) WWX: are u prepared for the journey i'm about to send u on little man
JZX: i'm actually good here thanks
(40) [unintelligible teenage screaming]
(41) MM: HEY LISTEN U CAN'T DO THAT MURDER IS BAD and i still like him i sympathize but like...u can't
WWX: the semi corporeal black smoke demons that sublet my soul tell me that it's fine sooo
JYL: a-xian if u kill him now i will have put up with so much bs for n o t h i n g
(42) LWJ: take a deep breath us ur words what in the actual hell is going on
WWX: fuck u ur not my therapist
LWJ: u do not have a therapist never has someone so clearly NOT had a therapist except maybe jiang cheng
LWJ: wut
JYL: pls understand it's just as dumb as you think
(44) LWJ: ... i refuse to let soup related crimes of passion be something my future husband is known for u stop that
LWJ: wow
JYL: we're both in love with idiots
JZX: am i still gonna keep getting soup?
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nayuyeons7 months ago
p. jisung | lightweight.
Tumblr media
鉃 SUMMARY | 鈥淟isten Y/n, it was only supposed to be a game! we were bored. Not my fault that your beloved boyfriend sucks at playing and is a lightweight!鈥
鈥淥f course you know he鈥檚 a lightweight!鈥
Jaemin scratches the back of his neck, tilting his head a little. 鈥淚 mean- yeah, but still! This got out of control. Not my fault. and it was Jeno鈥檚 idea!鈥
In which your boyfriend is a total lightweight, but he was a cute one.
鈫 PAIRING | park jisung x gender neutral!reader (ft the rest of the chaotic nct dream members)
鈫 WORD COUNT | 2.3k words.
鈫 GENRE | kinda funny?? fluff. sooo little angst if you squint and tilt your head.
鈫 TW | swearing. mentions of toxic substances.聽
鉃 A/N | this is the first work i post that is this length so im excited!! hehe. based on the stories the dreamies talked when Jisung got drunk for the first time sjdhsjdh. first work for the bingo valentine hosted by @kafenetwork鈥嬄!! thank you so much for letting me participate!!聽
anyways. i hope you enjoy this one 鈾
TAGLIST !! | tagging my nets in case tags don鈥檛 work properly !! @kpopscape鈥嬄燖k-dinernet鈥嬧 @kwritersworld鈥嬄燖ultkpopnetwork鈥嬧 @whipped-kpop-creators鈥
Tumblr media
銆愶豢锝勶紟銆锝岋綁锝囷綀锝旓綏锝咃綁锝囷綀锝斻 鈥漚 person whose聽tolerance of alcohol is low.鈥
Tumblr media
Thursdays are the most calm and routine days of the week; you鈥檇 finish your college lectures earlier, you鈥檇 go to the nearest seven eleven to get your cup of noodles for your lunch, then arrive at your dorm and have a little nap before you studied for the first class you had the next day at a very ungodly hour in the morning.
Normal thursdays were like that; without friends screaming in your small living room, sitting on your even smaller couch while fighting over the two game controls they owned, running around each other like little kids, and making fuss over the little things jisung would do, like holding your hand and greeting you with a little kiss on your cheek.
It was a very pacific, calm, peaceful day, a very thursday thursday (does that even make sense?). The only sounds in the apartment being the clicking on the keyboard of your laptop every time you wrote down something in the word document, or the lo-fi music playing in the background. Your roommate had classes until nine pm, so you were on your own, enjoying the lonely and tranquil aura.
But yeah, looks like you talked too fast.
Your phone starts ringing desperately, message after message being sent, taking you out of your concentration and making you look at the bright screen beside you.
It was Chenle, but you couldn鈥檛 even read what was the thing he wanted because he was spamming the hell out of your phone. You frown, trying to decipher what could鈥檝e gone wrong with him, wasn鈥檛 this your free day of their loudness?聽
The ringing hastily came to a stop, the screen no longer brightening and it made you think the worst; what if they stole someone鈥檚 puppy in the park聽 and they鈥檙e running away so that鈥檚 why he had to stop texting you -again-, or what if they went to that local store and got banned for accidentally pushing the pyramid of cans of soup -sadly, again-.
No, they told you they were going to behave, even Hyuck wrote it down in a piece of paper he stole from Renjun鈥檚 favorite notebook, a moomin鈥檚 one. They all signed on it and Jaemin even told you he was going to frame the damn thing and place it somewhere in their dorm so they wouldn鈥檛 forget (which they did, it鈥檚 pinned right above the mini-fridge they owned)聽
Another ringing took you out of your thoughts, this time, the ringing was from a call, the name 鈥渘ana鈥 displayed on the screen. You pick up.
鈥淯hm, hello?鈥
鈥淵/n!鈥 there鈥檚 some shuffling in the background, a silent smack and someone鈥檚 laugh, probably Renjun, 鈥渨e鈥檙e on our way to your dorm! do you know if your RA is around?鈥
This is probably the moment on cartoons where the biggest question mark appears right in the main character鈥檚 face.
They were what?
鈥淵ou鈥檙e on your鈥搘hat?鈥 you question the boy, now in a very confused tone. You raise from your desk chair and walk directly to your door, stopping in front of it. 鈥淲hy the hell are you coming to my dorm?鈥 And why do you want to know if my RA is around?鈥
鈥淲ait鈥 didn鈥檛 you read Chenle鈥檚 texts?鈥澛
鈥淯hmm鈥 no? I mean, he spammed me but I really didn't read them鈥︹澛
You hear him sighing deeply at the other side of the phone, some murmuring and someone saying 鈥榦uch, what the fuck Hyuck?鈥. You don鈥檛 even try to make it make sense, so instead you open your door and look both ways of the hall as if trying to find someone outside.
鈥淲ait Y/n, I have to鈥 JISUNG, DON鈥橳!鈥 you hear more laughing in the background, and鈥 was that someone barking?, before you can ask, Jaemin talks again.
鈥淚 gotta go, see you in ten鈥, he hangs up, but you get to hear Chenle鈥檚 voice screaming a 鈥渞ead my texts right now!鈥
So that鈥檚 what you exactly do.
[6:12 p.m] zhongle: YO Y/N
[6:12 p.m] zhongle: Y/NNNNNNN
[6:12 p.m] zhongle: you have to answer RIGHT NOW
[6:13 p.m] zhongle: its about jisung鈥︹β
[6:16 p.m] zhongle: he got drunk, veryyy drunk LOLOL got you huh
[6:16 p.m] zhongle: bet i made you worrieddd dramatic pause and all
[6:16 p.m] zhongle: learned it from the kdramas jeno watch, ur honor
[6:17 p.m] zhongle: anysways
[6:17 p.m] zhongle: *anywaYS we鈥檙e on our way to ur dorm ok
[6:18 p.m] zhongle: ok gtg jeno鈥檚 about to eat soap and jaemin can鈥檛 stop him alone so he needs me?? LMAO
[6:18 p.m] zhongle: see u ;)
Tumblr media
Jaemin said ten minutes, but it felt like ten hours. When he hanged up, you closed your door and leaned against it, waiting for your friends and your (read: very) drunk boyfriend to arrive.
Or at least, that鈥檚 what Chenle text said.
After giving up of standing up, seeing that they were not coming very soon, you start walking away to sit on your coach.
A loud blow stops you from doing so, making you slightly jump. It resonates in the whole, dead, hallway (as well as someone wheezing, probably Mark), then, there鈥檚 Jaemin ranting, he鈥檚 saying something about how he鈥檚 never going to let them drink again, about how鈥檚 possible they鈥檙e behaving like this. You hear some more footsteps, and then, a sigh.
鈥淩enjun, is your turn to pick up the child.鈥
鈥淲hat? Why? It was Mark鈥檚 turn!鈥
You quickly make your way and open the door, seeing the scene develop just some meters in front of you, even though you can鈥檛 see who鈥檚 the one laying face on the floor.
鈥淲ell,鈥 Hyuck intervenes, crossing his arms in front of his chest, 鈥淢ark did it last time, and as you can see, genius, the child fell. Again.鈥
Mark giggles again, crouching down with the biggest smile on his face. 鈥渙kay, okay, -c鈥檓on buddy, let鈥檚 go-鈥 he says this while shaking the person a little, he just groans, muffled sounds because of the carpet of the hallway. 鈥渋t was a mistake! everybody make mistakes! even Hannah Montana said-鈥
鈥淛isung fell three times on our way here,鈥 Renjun interrupts with a tired tone, crouching too to grab an arm of your laying boyfriend, 鈥渁nd it was your fault too.鈥澛
When you hear that your boyfriend is the guy on the floor, you make your way towards your other friends, pushing Mark softly to the side to help Renjun pull Jisung off the ground (but he is indeed drunk because he doesn鈥檛 have balance at all, so he ends up falling on his butt, laughing) and Jaemin perks up at the sight of you.
鈥淵/n! hey-鈥
鈥淲hy did you say you were ten minutes away when it took you like a whole hour to arrive?鈥 you start questioning him, Chenle helping you and Renjun push Jisung, his arm is looped around your shoulder and you start wondering why the fuck was he so heavy for?, 鈥渁lso, is he okay?鈥
鈥淚 said ten minutes because we were literally ten minutes away!鈥 Jaemin answers, helping you when he sees you鈥檙e struggling with carrying the tall boy inside your dorm. 鈥淲e were late because, as you might鈥檝e heard, someone (Renjun coughs 鈥淢ark鈥, and Mark says in a very offended tone 鈥渉ey, I heard you!鈥) was pretty busy making Jisung fall.鈥
鈥淎nd to answer the next question: Yes? He鈥檚 fine鈥 Kinda!鈥 you turn to glare Chenle, he shrugs, 鈥渉e鈥檚 still breathing tho.鈥
鈥淒efinitely not helping us, Chenle鈥 Hyuck adds, scoffing.
Tumblr media
When you could finally settle the boy down on your coach, you sigh, frowning and looking at Jaemin as if asking him to explain why was Jisung wasted like this on a fucking thursday night.
鈥淟isten Y/n, it was only supposed to be a game! we were bored. Not my fault that your beloved boyfriend sucks at playing and is a lightweight!鈥
鈥淥f course you know he鈥檚 a lightweight!鈥
Jaemin scratches the back of his neck, tilting his head a little. 鈥淚 mean- yeah, but still! This got out of control. Not my fault. and it was Jeno鈥檚 idea!鈥
At the mention of the later, you raise an eyebrow at your friend. He shakes his head.聽
鈥淛eno鈥檚 fine. After getting drunk and trying to eat soap and fighting me and Chenle, he just鈥 gave up? and fell asleep in the middle of the bathroom.鈥
鈥淎nd why did you bring Mark? He鈥檚 pretty drunk too.鈥
鈥淗e told me he was fine!鈥 Jaemin answers defensively, you scoff.聽
鈥淔ine? Just look at him!鈥 the both of you direct your gazes to the boy who was sitting in one of your kitchen stools, playing with a spoon; he was moving it away, then he鈥檇 bring it closer to his face, giggling as if it was the funniest thing he has ever seen. 鈥淒id you really believe him?鈥
Before Jaemin can say something else, Hyuck gets out of your kitchen, the ice popsicle of your roomie in his hand.聽
鈥淵/n, can I take this with me?鈥
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After your friends leave; Jaemin hugging you, Hyuck patting your head with his free hand, Mark trying to high-five you but failing and stumbling, a little wave from Renjun and a 鈥済ood luck鈥 from Chenle, you find yourself again in the silence of your dorm.
But this time, with a drunk Jisung softly snoring on your couch.
You stand up from your place and go to grab a blanket from your room and an aspirin to leave it on the coffee table so your boyfriend can drink it when he wakes up.
Returning from where you were, you jump startled, almost screaming at the sight of a tall boy standing next to the couch, eyes focused on the pillow there. He hears your footsteps approaching, his gaze directing towards your form.
鈥淗ey there鈥, you leave the aspirin and the blanket on the table, he鈥檚 eyeing you with curiosity behind his orbs. 鈥淗ow are you? Better?鈥
Jisung doesn鈥檛 say a thing, he just stays there, slowly blinking at you, making you a little nervous. You take a step further and take one of his hands between yours, his eyes widening at the sudden touch.
鈥淚 know it鈥檚 kind of clingy of me to say this because we saw each other literally yesterday. but鈥 i missed you.鈥
You鈥檙e about to peck his cheek, but you feel his hands coming to grab your shoulders, pushing you away softly, making you stumble a little.聽
He shakes his head, making you tilt your head in confusion. Taking again a step closer, trying again but this time to hug him, he does the same thing, this time a little 鈥渘o!鈥 goes out of his mouth.
You try to not feel affected because he鈥檚 clearly drunk, but you can鈥檛 help but feel something tugging in your heart, he wasn鈥檛 the type to be the most excited about pda, but he never did this.聽
Probably sensing your discomfort, Jisung shakes his head again and sits on the couch, running a hand through his hair, he starts speaking.
鈥淟isten, I- wait- please,鈥 he pats the side beside him for you to sit, and even though you鈥檙e kind of hurt, you find him still cute with his actions. 鈥淧lease, sit.鈥
You do as he told you, and he turns to face you.
鈥淚t鈥檚 because I have a significant other.鈥
Still sensing your confusion, he sighs. 鈥淚 mean- I mean- You鈥檙e very鈥 Very very pretty! Don鈥檛 misunderstand me, please! But- But I-鈥 he trips over his words, grumbling, he takes his phone out of his pocket and turns it on, showing you the lock-screen: a picture of him with you displayed brightly on the screen. 鈥淚 told you! I have a significant other and.. I really like them, like- like really really like them and respect them. So-鈥 he coughs, trying to hide his embarrassment. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥
So looks like Chenle was right, he was pretty drunk huh.
You try to not give away your smile at the cute boy in front of you, but how could you? The word endearment was an understatement of how you were feeling right now at his cute antics.
You giggle, nodding at him. 鈥淒on鈥檛 worry. I understand鈥 you make a cute couple tho.鈥
His eyes shine brighter at your comment, a little smile playing on his lips, he looks at his lock-screen and hug his phone to his chest.聽
鈥淩ight? I really like them鈥 he stops for a second, gaze directly on you. H sighs, almost dreamily. 鈥淵ou know, I really like them; they鈥檙e so funny, and they鈥檙e so beautiful, their laugh its pretty, just like them, like- every time I look at them, my heart- my heart does this thing鈥, he makes some movements with this hands, making you smile, 鈥渁nd they are so cute, the way they talk and- and- I really love hugging them- and- and- I don鈥檛 know.鈥
He yawns a little, the smile never fading from his lips. You stand up, taking the blanket and giving it to him, he accepts it while he snuggles to the pillow there, blinking sleepily.
鈥淵ou know, Jisung鈥 I think they also like you very much.鈥
He sighs again, finding your words delightful. His ears a little red from hearing that.聽
鈥淵ou really think so?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 100% sure about it.鈥
He nods, slowly closing his eyes. Not before adding:
鈥淵ou know what? I really- I really think I love them.鈥
The confession surprises you, he catches a glimpse of your widening eyes and he giggles a little.
鈥淚 know, I know. It surprised me too. But please! don鈥檛 tell them!鈥 he lazily brings a finger to his lips. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a secret, I want to be the first one to tell them, okay? Okay.鈥
The soft snores from your -now- sleeping boyfriend take you out of your trance, your cheeks feeling warmer and your heart beating a little faster than normal.
He said he loves you.
Biting the inner of your cheek to suppress a giggle, you softly caress his hair and kiss his temple.
鈥淚 love you too, Jisung Park.鈥
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