#i will never forgive netflix for cancelling this show
behindtheatlantic · a day ago
I will never forgive Netflix for cancelling sense8 😭
me neither 😭 Like, the super long finale episode to wrap everything up was good, and I'm glad that we at least got that but when I think of all the dropped plot lines... all the things that were started in season 2 and then never taken anywhere... what we could have had... 😭 I just love that show so much!
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sketchyneeks · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Sapphic Month Day 9: Confessions
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yourfaveisbiandautistic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Reggie Peters from Julie and the Phantoms is bi and autistic!!
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gayforcarstairsgirls · 5 months ago
Feel like pure shit just want them back x
Tumblr media
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pocketedcheese · a year ago
Me: *is going about my day normally*
Me: *hears The Warrior by Scandal and Patty Smyth*
Me: *is reminded of GLOW*
Me: *breaks down in tears*
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buckycuddlebuddy · 9 months ago
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vannhalens · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
i love her
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shackadaisical · a year ago
Bless u for putting sense8 on my dash, two of my friends have JUST started watching it and I'm watching it with them and it's just so much joy, I've missed this show so much
Sense8 is literally so close to my heart. The emotional beats, the action, the concept😍
Every time a character has a novel sensory experience I’m like omg me too! Truely there’s never been another show where I’ve empathised with the characters more, and what’s more, every single one is compelling!
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babygirldennis · a year ago
I think santa clarita diet had a really sexy take when it said "viciously and violently murdering nazis is fine actually. There are no moral qualms."
None of this "if we kill nazis r we really any better than they are :(" or like... attempts to humanize nazis in order to force "nuance".
No, it was literally just "Nazis are pieces of shit and we kill them and that makes us good people :)"
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sunsetcurve · 2 years ago
it is once again...missing no good nick hours...
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idjit · 2 years ago
video essay: netflix could be in serious financial trouble
me: good 
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whymanwrites · 2 years ago
My heart broke then, cleanly in half down the centre. ‘You’ve forgotten.’ His face did not change. ‘You’ll remember.’
OA to Homer, The OA
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the-dormant-ocean · 3 years ago
Fun fact:
I'm still mad at Netflix for cancelling Daredevil.
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nitro502 · 10 days ago
Things that would make me not only never watch Stranger Things again, but cancel my entire Netflix account:
Steve dies
Dustin dies
Just any of the kids dying really
B*lly Did Nothing Wrong plot line
B*lly somehow comes back from the dead and gets a happy ending
Max can’t move forward with her life unless she learns to forgive and love her abusive step brother
Steve and Nancy get back together
Robin turns out to be the only canonly LGBT character and dies
The kids grow apart as they grow up and stop being friends or whatever
The show ends with no happy ending for anyone/everyone dies. I hate that trope.
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darkcloakedinfinitevoid · a year ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Gojo has sinned, and he will repent at the altar of his beloved
Pairing: Gojo Satoru x F!Reader
TW: swearing, implied sexual content, idolatry
Link to A03 here
A/N: First time writing for everyone’s favourite sensei, hope I did him justice. This man can step on me. Enjoy, sweet potatoes!
“You’re late.”
He laughs softly from the doorway. “I told you I would be.”
“I know,” you say, your eyes focused on the rising moon out the window. “But you’ve always said I was the exception.”
“You are,” you can hear walk over to the closet; next, the rustling of clothes as he sheds his uniform. “But Yuuji-kun is doing so well I got overexcited and just had to stay a bit longer. When I was finished with him, I was planning on rushing straight home to you, but then I ran into my other darling first years. They wanted me to watch them fight. Their training for the exchange is coming along nicely too.”
“Hmmmmm,” you hum, rocking on your heels, “good reasons to be late, I suppose.”
You can’t help but let a little irritation creep into your voice. You’re not angry with him, not truly, but you can’t help be a little annoyed. Your lives were so busy it was often hard to find time to actually act like a couple. The two of you had set aside tonight to finally go out together, a real date. You’d made reservations at a fancy restaurant and even got dressed up for once. Not that you didn’t love your late night routine of takeout, Netflix and sex, but it was nice every once and a while to get out.
To pretend everything was normal. To pretend you were normal.
So when he texted you that he was sorry but things came up, could you please cancel the reservation-you couldn’t help but feel....cast aside.
You loved Gojo’s dedication to his students and his passion for his cause. You were proud of his strength, his powers. But sometimes it felt like you were a planet orbiting around his brilliant sun, competing with all the others for his warmth and light. He was the best, and was always needed by someone somewhere. You knew it was what you were in for when you put your heart in his hands, but it was still sometimes a bitter pill to swallow.
“You’re upset with me,” he says, and you finally turn to face him. He’s out of his uniform and only in a pair of dark sweatpants; your favourite look. You have a strong urge to run to him and bury yourself in his chest. You stay put.
“No not at you, per say,” you run your hands through your hair, taking out the style you’d coaxed it into earlier. “Just at life, I guess. Things are always crazy around here, but they seem to be getting even wilder and it just makes it even harder for us to spend quality time together.”
“You’ve never complained before.”
You sigh, tugging at the straps of your dress. “I know, I know. I’m just in a mood today, I guess. I was really looking forward to going out, and when you texted me, I just felt, I don’t know, shuffled aside.”
He stays quiet, face unreadable. It’s unusual and quite frankly rather unsettling. You feel guilt suddenly bubble hotly in your stomach.
“I mean, it’s fine! What you were doing was very important! Yuuji needs all the training he can get, poor boy. Plus, Megumi and Nobara miss you, they’ve noticed you haven’t been around a lot and they probably just wanted to see you be proud of them, even if they’ll never admit it. I’m being silly, I mean, who cares if we missed the reservation, the students and their training is definitely more important than going out with me-“
Your words die on your lips as you find yourself suddenly pressed flush against the chest you were just admiring moments earlier. You blink and gasp-bright blue eyes are staring intently down into yours. It always stuns you momentarily to see them. They are like sapphires; not only beautiful in shine and hue, but rare and precious. They only show up when he’s feeling particularly loving and mushy, or the very limited occasions when he gets serious.
You have a feeling it’s the latter.
“What have I told you about being too kind, angel?” He scolds you, shaking his head as he cups your face in his large, warm hands. “Just come out and say I’m the asshole here.”
“Hush now,” his voice grows stern, the tone he uses when he’s got you at his mercy. You obey on instinct, snapping your lips shut. “I shouldn’t have stayed so long at school, and I definitely shouldn’t have assumed that cancelling would be okay without asking. I’ve never, ever wanted you to feel like you’re playing second string, and I’ve gone and done just that.”
You frown. “I don’t feel like that all the time, please don’t think I-“
“Once is one time too many,” he interrupts. His fingers smooth over your skin, stroking the frown from your face. “I clearly fucked up. I let my angel, my reason to live, my sweet darling thief who stole my heart, down.”
(You feel warm. So he is feeling mushy as well as serious.)
He replaces his fingers with his lips, featherlight brushes over your skin that make your knees begin to wobble. “It’s okay,” you breathe, eyes slipping shut so he can kiss your eyelids gently. “You didn’t mean to.”
He laughs. “Sweetness, you are shit at being mad at someone. This is the part where you call me a prick and make me grovel for forgiveness.”
“You’ve never groveled in your life,” you hum. The irritation you’d been feeling earlier is melting away under his gentle ministrations. He hadn’t meant to hurt you. He sometimes forgets the two of you didn’t always operate on the same wavelength. He sometimes forgets that everyone didn’t operate on his wavelength.
“Another exception I’d make for you,” he nibbles at your bottom lip, and you can’t help but chase him, trying to catch him in a proper kiss. He just laughs and sweeps a thumb over where he’s just nipped. “I’ll even get on my knees.”
The image of the worlds most powerful shaman on his knees before you sends a shiver up your spine. And the perceptive bastard doesn’t miss it. He pulls away, peeling himself from your body with a sticky slowness that causes the air around you to heat and thicken. He sinks to his knees before you, palms upturned in perfect piety.
“Oh goddess divine, please accept my humble apologies,” the words drip from his lips like a sacred prayer. “I have displeased you, and I seek to make amends.”
“Only you could apologize and make fun of someone at the same time,” you murmer, feeling your cheeks begin to flush. “You’re an idiot.”
“An idiot who only wishes to repent for his sins,” he grins lazily up at you, and his upturned hands are suddenly on your legs, beneath your dress. His thumbs begin to rub circles on your inner thighs. Time stops; your next breath lodges in your throat.
“Tell me what I must do,” his voice is smooth like the silk of his blindfold, slipping over you. He leans in and presses a kiss just above your right knee. His mouth is hot against your skin.
“Ummmm....” you try to speak, but nothing comes out but a choked whimper.
“I’m waiting very patiently,” another kiss, this time slightly higher. Your brain begins to malfunction. You open and close your mouth, trying to get the words out, but there’s nothing. Nothing but his warm breath and deft hands. Nothing but crystalline blue darkened with hunger. Nothing but need beginning to boil in your blood.
“I’ll just have to decide the form of atonement myself,” he murmurs, skimming his nose along your inner thigh. His hands slowly slide up your legs, your dress is coming up with them....
And then you both hear it.
The loud grumbling of your very empty belly.
He pulls back and blinks up at you. You stare back, mouth open. And then you both burst into raucous laughter.
“What a mood killer,” he grins, sitting back on his heels. “I’ve never been cockblocked by your stomach before.”
“Sorry!” You rub the offending area, still giggling. “I guess in all my stewing I forgot I was hungry.”
He’s on his feet in a flash. “Well we can’t have you starve on me, can we, sweetness? I know, how about I cook for us?”
Your eyes light up. Gojo is an excellent cook, but he rarely does it due to his busy and exhausting schedule. And his bad habit of filling up on sweets. “Really?”
“Sure,” he’s already across the room, throwing on a shirt and his blindfold. “Tell you what, you go have a nice hot soak in the tub while I cook. I’ll bring you a glass of wine and something from my extra secret sweets stash to tide you over till I’m done.”
You raise an eyebrow. “Something from the secret stash? I’m honoured.”
He grins. “Another exception for my angel.” He suddenly claps his hands together. “Oh, and tomorrow we’ll play hookey! Go to Tokyo for the whole day, and I’ll spoil the absolute shit out of you. The kids can survive a day without us.”
“You already spoil me,” you laugh, shaking your head. “I’ll just be happy to spend a whole day just us.”
“No arguments!” He wags his finger. “I will drop mad cash on you and you will enjoy it.”
“Ugh you are such a dork,” you roll your eyes, but your heart fills with love for this silly man. You know he really is sorry and is trying to make it up to you. He’s an idiot on occasions, but he’s your idiot, and you wouldn’t trade him for the world.
You make to move towards the bathroom, but the lingering feel of his touch on your skin reminds you.
“Hey, what happens after the bath and food?”
Before you can blink, he’s back in front of you, gathering you against him. His smile is absolutely feral, and you can feel his smouldering gaze even through the black fabric now covering his eyes.
And his lips are descending on yours, hot and hungry. He licks into your mouth, swallowing the moan that’s threatening to escape. There’s nothing left but him. His touch, his taste, his scent. He is everywhere, in every sweep and valley of your body, in every corner of your pounding heart. He consumes you like fire consumes a forest, and you are happy to burn, burn, burn.
All too soon he pulls away, and you are left empty. Bereft. Lost. But he leans back in, his lips brushing your ear, his voice dark with reverent desire.
“I’ll worship at the altar of my divine goddess until my penance is paid a hundred fold.”
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lukes-handwriting-sucks · 12 days ago
I watched Julie and the Phantoms for the first time since it got cancelled because I knew I would get even more emotional over it and I was right.
I was a sobbing mess in my bed at 2am.
I will never forgive Netflix for cancelling this show.
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avenirdelight · 5 months ago
Warm Up to You | PART 1
Declan Rice
Part 2
Written for @footballffbarbiex’s winter writing challenge. Prompt: warming them up when they’re cold. (With mentions of Mason Mount)
Tumblr media
Winter Wonderland. A massive winter fair in Hyde Park full of festive fun.
The colourful sparkling lights and lively music that showered the place, along with everyone’s joyous demeanour really displayed the festive spirit.
But it was cold and she didn’t feel the festivities at all.
Well, she probably still would be excited for this, if only Niki and Brian hadn’t cancelled on them. Now that they had suddenly cancelled, for a reason she didn’t really buy, she became the most sulky and grumpy person you could ever find in this whole fair. Definitely even grumpier than that kid she’d just seen who was prohibited from more candies by his mum, at least.
Because Niki and Brian cancelling meant that there were only four of them left — Mason, Anastasia, Declan, and her.
Now let’s talk about Mason and Anastasia. They were lovebirds. They were madly in love and all they had eyes on was for each other. Don’t get her wrong, she loved them both and thought that they made a cute couple. But this only meant that Declan and her were double third-wheeling and no way that was a good thing.
Why? Because she and Declan couldn’t stand each other.
Yes, it was pretty weird. Everybody thought that it was weird for her to be in the same group of friends and to always hang out together with Declan, but every time she was asked if they were friends, she would always answer hesitantly, “Yeah… Kind of?”. She thought that they were only friends because they were in the same close-knit circle.
So she really wished that she could just go home right now and tuck herself into her warm bed, get Netflix on, and binge her favourite shows. But instead, she was trailing behind Mason and Ana who literally smiled and said “Aaaw, that’s so cute!” at every single thing they saw (seriously, she would throw up if she heard one more cringey, lovey-dovey thing from them), while being followed by Declan who walked behind her in an awkward silence.
She didn’t like it at all. Tonight was going to be a long night.
“Seriously, where are they?” Judged by the look on her face, the tone of her voice, and her fidgety manner, it was clear that she was infuriated.
“I don’t know.” Declan’s eyes were squinted and his head kept turning from left to right and back again non-stop like those at Laughing Clowns games you find at carnivals. He had probably scanned a hundred of faces in the past minute, trying to look for some familiar faces; Mason’s and Ana’s, to be exact.
“Try to call them,” she urged, getting more and more impatient.
“What do you think I’ve been trying to do?” Declan flashed her a look of annoyance, slightly showing her his phone that had been glued to his left ear for the past fifteen minutes.
“Why aren’t they picking up??”
“I don’t know, okay?” Declan’s tone slightly went up. “Just calm down, at least we’ve still got a working phone here.”
She glanced at her broken phone before sliding it back to her purse, cursing it in her mind because it decided to act up in an urgent situation like this. 
What happened was, Mason and Ana had gone missing. They had all gone to the restroom, but the only ones who had come back to their meeting point were her and Declan. They’d even try to go back to the restrooms to find the couple, but they had been nowhere to be found. She and Declan were now standing in the cold, clueless to their whereabouts.
“What if something bad happened to them, Dec?” she asked worriedly, also scanning through every face that passed her, stretching her neck as much as possible and standing on her toes once in a while.
“Nah, I’m sure they’re fine,” Declan muttered. “They probably found each other and get distracted by something stupid.”
If those two people really dared to ditch her alone with Declan, she swore that she would never forgive them.
They stayed like that for another five minutes but Declan was starting to get hopeless. He was sending Mason another text, when he sensed that something was wrong with her.
“You’re cold,” Declan muttered. She briefly glanced at him before hugging herself a little tighter with her jacket.
“I’m fine,” she lied. It wasn’t this cold before, but her hands started to feel colder and she shuddered at every little blow of wind. She was wearing two layers of clothes, but it felt like she was only wearing a thin shirt.
“Nah, you clearly are.” Declan could see it. Her face was a little bit pale and her lips were slightly trembling. He’d just realised that her being fidgety was her attempt to warm herself up. “Let’s go somewhere else.”
She shook his head, denying his proposal. “No, we can’t go anywhere. They wouldn’t be able to find us.”
“They’ll find us somehow, believe me,” Declan tried to reassure her, gazing at her who was biting the bottom of her lip. “If we don’t find each other, we’ll just meet in the car. We’ll all go back to Ana’s place anyway. Come on, let’s get you somewhere warm.” Declan got a hold of her elbow, but she dodged him.
“I’m not going anywhere,” she insisted, voice and face all stern and firm.
“Oh my f— Are you serious? You’re just gonna stand here for the rest of the night?” Declan challenged her with an irritated look, and she answered it with a sharp unrelenting stare. He shook his head in disbelief and sighed exasperatedly, completely bemused by how she was acting.
So then they just stood side by side in silence, watching all these people walk past them, envious of the jolly these strangers were feeling.
She hoped that Mason and Ana would come back any second. Declan was probably right; they had found each other, decided to wander off somewhere, and had gotten distracted by another cute thing they found. But she didn’t want to give up on waiting for them just yet, because if she did, that only meant she would be stuck with Declan for the rest of the night.
But, God, she was totally freezing. Her nose had started to get itchy and a pressure of pain pounded on her head once every thirty seconds. She thought that maybe it wasn’t that cold and she was just the one catching a cold, because Declan looked completely okay. Well, that man was used to playing out on a cold night, even on a raging storm, so this was probably nothing for him.
Another huge blow of wind and her whole body shook; her teeth clashed rather loudly as she let out a shaky long breath.
The next thing she knew, Declan was leaning to her, so she looked up to him to meet his eyes.
“Wait here, don’t go anywhere,” Declan ordered.
She didn’t have the chance to ask, let alone stop him. Declan had suddenly gone away right into the crowd and she lost sight of him in seconds.
She scoffed and cursed under her breath. Now Declan ditched her too?? What the hell was wrong with her friends? Seriously, they had completely forgotten the number one rule of travelling as a group. You were supposed to stick together and stick to the plan!
Her head was really hurting now. It was the moment she realised that maybe she should’ve just listened to Declan, maybe they would be in a much more comfortable and warm place right now. She tried to stop the shivering by tightening her jacket around her again, closing her eyes and tucking her lips in between her teeth. Her toes were starting to get cold too, she knew she was in trouble.
She wouldn’t pass out, would she? What would happen if she really did? She couldn’t, though, it would be so embarrassing. But if she did, she hoped Declan wouldn’t really just abandon her there… Oh, her head was hurting so bad… What was the best way to warm yourself up in the cold…? And her shoulders…
…Are warm now.
She jerked out from her trance, eyes shot wide open as a little gasp escaped her lips. She looked up and she was greeted by Declan’s worried face.
She looked down and realised that there was an unrecognisable jacket wrapped around her body. She noticed something at the left side of the jacket and quickly figured out that it was Winter Wonderland’s logo. She was confused, but it felt warmer now.
“Don’t protest or I’m really gonna leave you here, I swear to God,” Declan threatened with his deep voice.
She saw him fiddling with a beanie, also with Winter Wonderland’s logo at the front. Declan looked like he was going to put it on her, but she’d look hideous in that, so she tilted her head to avoid it. 
Declan shook his head. “You know what you need to do? Stop being stubborn when it’s needed. ‘Cause it’s really not gonna help you, you know?”
She hated how he was right. She said nothing, so Declan proceeded to put the beanie on her. And now her head and ears felt warmer too.
Declan went back to the jacket and tried to secure it around her, when his hands brushed against her fingers. He frowned in a little bit of shock. “Jeez, you’re freezing.”
She didn’t even know what to think when Declan took both of her hands in his. She was literally freezing now, she couldn’t get herself to move. The worried look on his face turned into a look of panic now. He brought her hands close to his mouth and he blew some warm air at them.
She only stared at him with her hooded eyes, too dysfunctional to react; all she knew was that she loved the warmth and it felt really nice. She let Declan do whatever he was doing to warm her up.
“You’re not feeling well, aren’t you? Do you feel sick?” Declan sounded genuinely concerned. He fixed his gaze at her, not liking how pale she looked.
She only managed to give him a little nod.
“Let’s go home, okay? Won’t be any good if you stay here,” he pleaded. 
She took a few seconds to decide before answering with another nod. Declan nodded too this time. He linked their hands and put his other hand on the small of her back, as he guided her to move through the ocean of people to get themselves back safely to the car.
The heater on the car was on and she curled up to Declan with his arms wrapped around her as he tried to provide her more warmth. She was still shivering, but at least it felt way more comfortable right now. Declan had even put her right hand inside his jacket, so it was now resting against his left rib.
The normal version of her would probably see this as an embarrassing thing, to be in such an intimate state with Declan, but right now this version of her really didn’t care. Tonight had been awful and the safety she was feeling right now was everything that she needed, even if it came from Declan.
“You shouldn’t have gone if you knew you were sick,” Declan mumbled against her head on his shoulder.
“I didn’t,” she answered shortly in between her heavy breaths.
“Should’ve gone home earlier. You stood for almost an hour in the cold.” There was a hint of regret in his voice. “Do you know how stubborn you are? You should’ve listened to me and—”
“Shut up, Dec, I’m dizzy,” she cut him off and Declan sighed in defeat.
“Sorry,” he whispered. “And you haven’t even had dinner… I’ll tell Maisie or Jacob to get us something and some meds for you.”
Through her half-lidded eyes, she saw Declan fiddling with his phone. The light from the screen hurt her head so she closed her eyes, burying her face to Declan’s shoulder. A moment later, Declan softly spoke to Maisie on the phone, informing that she wasn’t well and asking for help.
Her mind wandered somewhere else.
She didn’t know why, but she actually didn’t feel annoyed that Declan was taking care of her. He was showing her his gentle side and she wasn’t mad about it.
Now that she thought about it, she realised that Declan had always cared for her, even though most of the time she’d let her guard up and brush him off. In all those nights out or summer holidays over the years that they’d gone together, there had always been moments where Declan took care of her. Whether stepping up to take care of her when she was hurt or as simple as keeping eyes on her in the club so no guy had a chance to disrespect her or make her uncomfortable.
And she wondered why those things had always slipped from her mind. Maybe because those rather hurtful words, sarcastic remarks, and careless actions, six years worth of it, had always prevented her from remembering the good things.
But Declan had been good tonight and it was probably her fault too for being stubborn, she’d got to admit it. She suddenly wondered how it would be if she and Declan didn’t try to get on each other’s nerves every time. Maybe their silences wouldn’t always be awkward, but rather comfortable like the one engulfing them right now.
“Hmm?” He slightly moved his head, trying to get a little view of her face.
She sighed softly. “Thank you,” she mumbled.
She couldn’t see it, but the corners of Declan’s lips perked up into a small smile. Those were words that he barely received from her and he liked the sound of it.
“You’re welcome,” he replied. He wrapped his arms around her tighter, and she didn’t know how it was possible, but it did make her feel a little bit warmer.
And who knew, maybe it was the beginning for her heart to really warm up to him.
now…i really love this one🥺 maybe because i love declan, but also because i’ve been into enemies into lovers plots so i wanted this one to be about that. and i saw declan went to winter wonderland and i was like, that’s it!!! and it’s kind of personal but despite him being a couple years younger than me it see him as someone older, so in this one i made him someone protective, wiser, and gentle like how i always imagine him to be😆
but i mean, imagine him with his fluffy hair?? those photos and videos from yesterday’s match definitely made me feel warm…
anyway, i hope you enjoyed that and i’d love to hear what you think or what you like about the story! do you think mason and ana ditched them on purpose?☺️
My Masterlist🤍
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heathyr · a month ago
i will NEVER forgive the following two show cancellations:
santa clarita diet (netflix)
in the flesh (bbc)
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linqs · 8 months ago
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I was born to do exactly what I do today
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Single. Determined. Living life.
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Real queens set crowns
Today is the kind of day that I live for
Everyone's life is as perfect as their Instagram feed
I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going
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poorlittleyaoyao · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ohhhhh, wow, the way the show introduces Jin Guangshan is excellent.
When I first watched, and didn’t know that I was looking at the worst possible human, I was just like “lol what a douchebag,” because his interactions even with his fellow middle-aged male sect leaders come off as smarmy and patronizing. Still, I (a fool!) thought it was nice that he wasn’t holding Wei Wuxian’s impulsivity against the Jiang clan and recognized his own son’s part in it.
On rewatch, though, the discussion about the betrothal had me going AUGHHHHH into my hands, because it’s not really about the betrothal: it’s about respecting the agency of others, and especially of children. Jiang Fengmian says it’s not right to force the children to do something they don’t want to do. Jin Guangshan laughs and says the children just don’t understand, and that they (the authority figures) can ignore it. Transcription of the Netflix translation:
JFM: We, the Jiang clan of Yunmeng, claim the following of one’s nature. We don’t force our children into doing something they don’t like. Although these two children have a troth, it was originally set by A-Li’s mother. Now, since both of them are not willing to honor it, let us cancel it.
JGS: Clan Leader Jiang, the children are too young to understand. It’s a mistake. We can just ignore this.
JFM: Clan Leader Jin, we can set the troth for them, but we can’t marry for them. After all, it’s the two children who are going to spend the rest of their lives together.
JGS: ...Ah.
JFM: I sent a letter to A-Li’s mother. Let’s cancel the troth.
JGS: Clan Leader Jiang, it’s my son’s fault. He ruined such a beautiful union! Since you have made up your mind, I’ll follow your decision. But this should not affect the relationship between our two clans.
On the surface, without other context, it sounds like he’s just bummed about losing an alliance and is maybe even being GRACIOUS--look, he’s willing to forgive WWX punching his heir in the face! The Yunmeng brothers’ distress at the engagement’s abrupt cancellation and their concern about Jiang Yanli’s response also make JGS’s response seem reasonable; he, like our heroes, doesn’t want JYL’s life trajectory altered because of one fistfight. What a guy!
EXCEPT NOT! Because JGS doesn’t express concern over JYL (he doesn’t use the kids’ names at all, I don’t think, which... eek), but rather a complete disregard for the wishes of Jin Zixuan. Despite JFM stating plainly “I’m calling this off because it’s morally wrong to force our children into an unwanted marriage,” JGS processes that as “[his] son’s fault.” JZX “ruined such a beautiful union” by opposing it, never mind that it wasn’t much of a union in the first place if one party openly didn’t consent to it.
And that’s how he responds to his FAVORED kid! That’s the one kid he actually values! Based on this one little scene, his treatment of people he values even less should come as no surprise at all.
(It’s also telling that JGS is left out of the loop re: the Yin Iron. Lan Qiren and Lan Xichen pull JFM aside to discuss it, going so far as to put up some type of anti-surveillance ward. They also state that they’ve already communicated with Nie Mingjue, so the Jin clan is being POINTEDLY left out of this discussion. They know the vibes are bad; they just don’t do anything about it but quietly exclude him when they can.)
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