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Fun Fact
There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
#i will not elaborate further
winterpower98 · 2 hours ago
You know what’s funny?
When I listen to a song and I think it fits a character, and then I share that idea with a bunch of friends.
Just to see said friends go absolutely ham with it, to the point where I have to use it in my story
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kneadbread · 5 days ago
experiencing relative clarity months after my mental breakdown be like oh so you’re telling me that god just wanted to get to know me this whole time 👁
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gemini-athena · 9 days ago
Saga and Saori but they are soulmates.
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dusty-ass-icecream · 15 days ago
I love how in Pokémon they just say their names and the people understand them perfectly, it’s literally just:
Pikachu: pika pika! pikaCHU!
Ash: you want to take down the bourgeoisie and kill god? let’s do it!
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orcas-havenochill · 15 days ago
Safehouse Jon and Martin but they look like this
Tumblr media
I think it’s the sweaters
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deandykery · 24 days ago
callisto is unhinged feral girl rep
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conar · a month ago
i truly do say this in the nicest way possible but dsmp is not the yogscast
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kyoties · a month ago
I think lady Dimitrescu would be a great wife to Sakura and a great mother to Sarada. What about you?.
sometimes a family is a 9′ tall woman, her three vampire daughters, her medic ninja wife, and her cool sharingan-user daughter and i think that’s the most ideal version of what a family should be because it’s really cool <3
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catbaker · a month ago
me: i’m going to do stuff for school today bc i have a lot of impending due dates!
my life at me:
Tumblr media
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dabominyation · a month ago
80% of my positive feelings towards irl men is gender envy, like 10% is me going “this is now my new brother who is better than my actual brother who is annoying”, and the leftover 10% is like, whatever it is I’m feeling when the swedish youtuber & streamer The Click tells me I’m “looking dandy finealicious today” in a video 
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sp00kyjellybeans · a month ago
Hi, so I didn’t think I’d have to make a post about this but here I am. I’ve made a DNI portion of my blog guide on both of my blogs (@jasperswh0re).
It’s come to my attention that some bigoted people are following me (I thought I did an okay job steering clear of this so I guess not.) I’ve already blocked some people and I will NOT hesitate if I come across more. 
Here’s a list just so you are all aware rn, feel free to reblog too but this is just me elaborating.
Do NOT interact if you are:
A Terf/Transphobic, homophobic, anti-native/anti-semitic, racist, are just generally hateful towards marginalized groups Didn’t think I’d have to elaborate but don’t be an asshole. If you "disagree” with these people’s experiences, beliefs, way of life or whatever you’re an asshole bigot playing into this whole misogynistic racist society. 
A nazi, a bootlicker (a Blue Lives Matter supporter), Trump supporter, or right-leaning politically I don’t fucking care for any of your reasons if you are one of these. No discussion. If you feel the need to defend yourself you’re just defending your bigoted way of life. And I don’t care if you don’t think you’re bigoted, get the fuck away from my blog.
A MAP or support MAPS It’s not a sexuality it’s fucking gross. Go to prison don’t come to my blog
A JK Rowling/Smeyer/Tom Felton or Phelps twins supporter Yes, I write for their characters on my other blog but I absolutely despise them both. They aren’t revolutionary writers/actors, they profit off of their racism and transphobia.
This is a safe space. Anyone who falls under these categories is not welcome. Go take your hateful gross asses elsewhere 
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sirlorence · a month ago
Linebeck : Toon Link :: Reigen : Mob
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