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tw: eating talk in da tags
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I feel like I can't talk to anyone about how I'm feeling and it sucks! 🤠
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Maybe a Yelena x reader where it’s a after party at the avengers compound and usually Yelena keeps the PDA until you guys are alone but she has one too many drinks and gets drunk and is just very love-y towards reader and won’t let them go and wants all of her attention. Just overall very fluffy!
Thank you for reading and it’s A okay if you can’t do it :,)
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drunk!yelena belova x reader
word count: 1.3k words
a/n: ok, i love this request (and yelena). drunk dialogue is kinda rough so just ignore all that (even tho there isn't much). this took a lot longer to write than i expected bc i procrastinated a shit ton and decided to listen to river flows in you, which is NOT the correct vibe for this. so yeah, enjoy :)
warnings: literally none, it's complete and utter fluff
requests are open!
lapochka – (sweetie pie)
Tumblr media
It was the night of a big Stark Industries gala, and as coworkers of Tony Stark himself, you were expected to go. Everyone was dressed in their finest attire. Women were dripping in diamonds and pearls, which was, of course, pointed out by your girlfriend, Yelena. She used that phrase exactly since she loved that old Annie movie from the '80s.
The two of you arrived at the party hand-in-hand, but your hands dropped back down to your sides once you entered the wide room. As you had discussed, Yelena wished to keep PDA to a minimum while you were in public. You were totally fine with that, you understood completely. If only Yelena knew what was to come.
The official event seemed to end quicker than it started, perhaps because the two of you arrived on the later side, but nobody noticed or cared. Guests rushed out the doors to get home, leaving the Avengers, Yelena, and you. And as night follows the day, the after-party began. The event itself was light on alcohol, just a bit of champagne and some fine wine, but the after-party had a much larger selection of beverages.
Some stayed rather sober–you, Steve, and Natasha–while others took this as an opportunity to just let loose, namely Yelena and Tony. Tony could mostly handle himself, but Yelena...well, her idea of minimal PDA went out the window. You watched from afar as she stumbled around slightly, her glossy eyes floating around to find you sitting on the couch with Sam and Natasha. Lurching towards you as she bumped into furniture and people every so often, she landed on the couch with a soft grunt, her head in your lap.
A few snuck a glance at the blonde relaxing on your thighs. She raised her hands to touch your face, why? You weren't sure. "Oh, 's you. Good." Yelena slurred her words together slightly as she dragged a finger along your bottom lip. "Who else would I be? Vision?"
At your little question, she giggled like a little child, interrupted by a small hiccup. "Are you alright," you asked, slightly worried. You didn't know her as someone to get very drunk. As best as you could tell, she had a fairly high alcohol tolerance, but maybe you were wrong.
"Oh, yeah. 'm feelin' great!" The Russian patted your face a few times before kissing your hand, which told a bit more about her state. "You won't be in the morning," Natasha jeered from the other end of the couch as she nursed her beverage. You scoffed lightly as you shook your head. "I'm going to get you a water. Stay here, got it?"
"Yesh, Cap'n," she garbled, saluting you sloppily in one big sweeping motion.
You watched her on the couch as you filled a cup with water, laughing softly as Natasha pushed Yelena off her lap and walked over to you at the bar.
"Think you can handle her?"
"Oh, yeah. It shouldn't be too hard to wrangle a drunk assassin who is also my girlfriend."
"If you say so. Just watch out for her hugs. She won't let go no matter what you threaten her with."
You looked at the redhead with a confused expression, your mouth agape and your head tilted slightly. "I'm assuming you're speaking from experience."
"Yeah, she only let go once she passed out. It was a nightmare."
"I'm sure," you replied, turning off the tap before heading back over to your mess of a girlfriend on the couch. You sat down and placed the glass down, waiting for her to return from accosting Steve. Once she was back, she sat on your lap facing toward you before lazily wrapping her arms around your neck. "Welcome back," you whispered to her as she peppered your face with kisses. "I missed you, lapochka."
"I was only gone for a minute," you replied before your lips were captured by hers. Practically melting into the kiss, it took you a moment to snap out of it, remembering what you had discussed: minimal PDA. The blonde whined as you pulled away, but once you raised the glass of water to her lips, she had completely forgotten about it all. She downed nearly all of it within a few moments, wiping her lips off on her sleeve.
"Wow, okay. I'm gonna go grab another glass... or two."
"No," Yelena whined, nuzzling her face into your neck. She clearly did not want you leaving her. A blush raised to your cheeks, slightly embarrassed at essentially having to babysit your girlfriend. The Avengers walked away and averted their gaze from the two of you, partially because Steve told them to be conscientious. And when Steve gave advice like that, everyone seemed to take it without any qualms.
"How about I get you some more water and you relax here? How does that sound?" She shook her head, pushing out her bottom lip in a childish pout, which, you had to admit, was adorable. She clearly didn't want to stand up, much less be away from you, so it looked like you only had one option left.
So, placing your hands beside you on the couch to support yourself, you stood up with Yelena still clinging to you. She wrapped her legs around your waist to keep herself up, and, for good measure, you placed your hands on the bottom of her thighs. You definitely did not want to drop her. After a few small steps, you got the hang of the added weight that was your girlfriend and headed back to the bar.
"You've doomed yourself. She's not gonna let go anytime soon."
"I figured, Nat."
Once you were behind the bar, you gently set her down on the counter, hoping that she might let go. But as Natasha had warned, her arms stayed wrapped snuggly around your neck. You stayed put for a moment, thinking she might let go or let her grip loosen slightly, but, just as Natasha said, it did not.
"You're gonna have to let go sometime soon. Eventually, I'm gonna squirm out of here or you're gonna fall asleep. You and I both know that."
Sighing, Yelena let go so you could go grab her water. You filled a glass and handed it to her before she took your hand and chugged the water as if she was doing it to please you.
"Hey, hey, hey. We don't need you drinking up all the water."
She stared at you with a blank expression, her brain clearly not comprehending whatever you had said. "Kidding."
The woman sat before you yawned and rubbed her clearly tired eyes. "How about we go to bed? We can cuddle, maybe watch a movie." As you proposed the idea, she wrapped her arms and legs around you, clearly expecting you to carry her again. You picked her up off the counter, saying a quick 'goodnight' to the other Avengers before you carried her off to her bedroom. You waited outside as she changed, wanting to give her privacy, even though she wanted to be with you at all times. Once you went back into the room, the blonde was tucked into her bed, reaching out for you to join her, which you readily did.
You sat up against the headboard as she wrapped her arms around your torso and rested her head on your chest, snuggling closer than what seemed possible. Both of you relished in each others' embrace for a while, just enjoying being together. When you were about to ask if she wanted to watch a movie, you heard a soft snore coming from the blonde sleeping on your chest. "Finally," you mumbled, glad that she was finally asleep.
Wanting to get more comfortable, you scooted down slightly, lying down to face her. As you watched her sleep peacefully, you couldn't help but smile. She was adorable as she slept, her soft snores making you fall even further in love with her.
"I love you, Lena."
It turns out you were wrong about her being asleep, which you only discovered when she mumbled what you assumed to be an 'I love you' and pressed a gentle, yet slightly sloppy kiss on tip of your nose before snuggling into you for the rest of the night.
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they call you clingy pt.1
genre: hurt, comfort, angst to fluff
w/osamu, atsumu
a.n. i’m the angst machine >:) no but seriously you’re gonna get angst stuff for a hot minute bc i just had a really bad breakup and i have to self project somehow
Tumblr media
osamu miya
this argument was the same dance you’ve been dancing for weeks now, a twisted tango of wanting a moment alone with your boyfriend and him getting defensive over the workload his business was providing him
the dance was exhausting and you wanted to stop, but each day the argument osamu dragged it out farther and father and you wanted to scream.
“just once, once for the first time in a month, can i have some time with my boyfriend? i don’t ask for much with you so can you please just-”
“ya don’t ask for much? are ya fuckin kiddin me, y/n? everyday yer beggin for my attention like some fuckin’ useless puppy. if i knew ye were gonna be this clingy i wouldn’t ave ever asked ya out!” he bit back, venom and words unwarranted.
you took a step back, angry expression dying almost instantly at the usage of the word clingy. you tried not to be, really. you worked so hard at making a safe and loving environment for both you and osamu. did you not notice the signs he was uncomfortable.
“alright,” you nodded. “i’ll work on that. thank you for letting me know. goodnight, miya.” sighing, you made your way into the guest room for the night to let osamu cool down. 
osamu got off work early, finally deciding to hire other managers to relieve the workload on him. he knew you were right that it was beginning to be too much for him to handle, he also knew he had a lot of making up to do in regards to that blowout last night. he picked up a bouquet of tulips, your favorites, along with a teddy bear and your favorite takeout. he took a deep breath once he opened the door, not knowing exactly what to say or do or expect. he saw you in the kitchen, getting ready to start dinner. 
“ya don’t need to cook today, darlin. i got yer favorites,” he smiled, holding up the bags with a nervous smile. you turned around and blinked at osamu. nodding, you began to put everything back. okay. not the response he was expecting. he set everything, except the flowers, onto the dining table and waited for you to return. with outstretched hands, the bear was in his arms waiting for you to take. nervously you took it, staring into the glassy eyes of the bear. “’m really sorry for last night, buttercup. of all the things i’ve ever wanted to do makin’ ya think i don’t love and appreciate ya was the last thing i ever wanted. ‘m so sorry, baby.” you were silent, biting on your lower lip. setting the bear down you gave him a pathetic smile.
“thanks, osamu. lets eat, yeah?” you suggested. he smiled brightly and moved in to kiss you, which you dodged. okay. you were more damaged by what he said than he really thought you were. and his heart cracked at that realization. osamu took his place at the other end of the table and ate his fill, not paying attention to what he was shoveling into his mouth and instead paid attention to you pushing around the food on the plate. his lips twisted into a frown.
“um, wanna watch a movie tonight? i have a midshift tomorrow. i hired more managers to help me with the workload,” osamu leaned into his palm. you nodded, looking him in the eyes, his smile infectious and you smiled just a bit. 
when you didn’t cuddle with him during the movie that was his breaking point. he gave you so many signs he wanted you on his chest, starting to fall asleep while his fingers tangled in your hair. instead you curled into the arm of the couch on the opposite end of him. he frowned and paused the movie. you perked up and looked at him confused.
“c’mere baby,” he demanded, patting his lap. you shook your head and pulled your knees to your chest. “why? talk to me honeybun.”
“you called me clingy, osamu. i’m just trying to make things easier for you,” you commented, voice slightly muffled as your face was buried into your knees. sighing, osamu gently pulled you closer so your head could lay softly on his plush thighs. “i’m sorry-”
“ya shouldn’t be the sorry one here,” he cooed. “i didn’t mean it, buttercup. i really didn’t. i know ya don’t believe me but i was angry with ya. i just wanted ya off my back and i hurt ya. i didn’t mean it, okay?” he comforted, hands still threading through your hair.
“okay,” you nodded. “i’m still shaken up but we’re gonna be okay. i promise.”
atsumu miya 
whatever stupid fight you were in this time didn’t warrant what atsumu said on the phone to bokuto after. why he called bokuto after your fight you didn’t know. 
“and, to top it all off, y/n’s just bein real clingy lately and i can’t handle it.” he complained, fingers pinching his forehead. you were in the doorway to apologize but hearing that made your heart stop. did he really think that way about you?
luckily he didn’t catch you in the hallway before you slinked back into your bedroom and into bed.
atsumu joined not too long after. he sat on the opposite side of the bed, not wanting to lay down quite yet. he looked over at you, knowing you weren’t asleep but pretending to be. sighing, he turned to face you, pushing your hair out of your face. to his surprise you visibly flinched. his brows furrowed and he sighed deeply.
“y/n? angel? ‘m really sorry bout the fight. i don’t even remember what we were fightin about. but ‘m sorry. i don’t like seein’ ya this upset especially if it was me causin this. yer the love of my life and i don’t know what i’d do without ya,” atsumu breathed out, hoping the apology was good enough for you.
“it’s okay, tsumu,” you nodded, pulling the covers up closer to your chin. he smiled. 
“good. now let me smother the shit outta you.” he chuckled and opened his arms for you to fall into. when you didn’t, opting to snuggle into the blanket, he frowned. “y/n? what’s wrong lovely.” you shook your head.
“nothing i’m just gonna head to bed, okay?” you gave him a weak smile.
“but i can’t sleep without ya in my arms, baby,” he whined, doing grabby hands at you in hopes you would get the hint. but you didn’t, or you did and were ignoring him. “darlin?”
“i’ve just been clingy lately, and i don’t like putting you in this position, okay love?” you sighed, exasperated. his brows furrowed into a knot in the center of his forehead. not once had he ever given you the impression you were clingy except. oh. okay you heard. 
“oh baby no,” atsumu leaned in and cupped your face within the palms of his hands. “yer not clingy. i was just rantin to bo and i wanted to villainize ya to make me seem better and i knew it was wrong, bo knew it was wrong. i wish i could take it back. i love ya and i wish ye’d smother me in yer love every day,” he took in a deep breath before going into your neck and blowing raspberries into the skin, causing you to burst out into giggles. “there’s my pretty baby.” he beamed down at you, gently running his fingers over your cheek.
it took quite a bit of coaxing to get you into his arms, your rightful place. with gentle hums and coos he got you to loosen up, sadly chuckling. “i did a number on ya, didn’t i?” he asked.
“yeah. but i’ll get over it.” you sighed into his collarbone.
“oh no. just means ‘m gonna have to smother ya. oh no. woe is me,” he teased, going back to the assault of kisses onto your neck. 
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the one with all the yelling {obi-wan x reader}
summary: after making a stupid decision in battle and having an argument with your best friend, a confession slips out that surprises both of you (or maybe it doesn’t)
this is a reupload bc i took it down for editing. as usual, this has lots of swearing in, just a pre-warning. enjoy!!
- jazz
Tumblr media
They say that time slows down when you’re about to die - that your life flashes before your very eyes. You’re supposed to see the thing you love most, the people you value most. It was meant to be a final moment filled with a lifetime of emotions, of memories; regrets and mistakes; unfulfilled wishes and incomplete to do lists. The way it was described was hauntingly poetic, the sort of thing almost made you want to to experience it just so that you could understand what it felt like.
And, having witnessed a near-death experience in recent hours, you could safely conclude that everything in the aforementioned paragraph was a steaming pile of horse shit.
There was nothing graceful or cinematic about the way you had yeeted yourself across the battle-field, mud unceremoniously flying up around your ass as you kicked Obi-Wan Kenobi out of the line of fire. The blaster fire was inches away from your face - mere inches - and that, of all things, was when you figured the final moments might have come.
Instead, all you got was a hit to the shoulder and a mouth full of dirt. You were very much alive - but after coughing up an unflattering amount of earth and clambering back to your feet with all the grace of a beached whale, the same could not be said for your dignity.
At the forefront of things, you’d been trying to save your best friend’s life. That was all you could think about when you’d launched yourself discourteously towards Obi-Wan; he couldn’t die. Too many people - yourself included - needed him. And, you were certain that if you hadn’t been killed saving his ass, the sudden lack of reason from his presence in your life would have killed you anyways. The man stopped you from walking into traffic on the daily.
You weren’t entirely sure what to say to Obi-Wan. You were sitting on the end of his bed, fresh out of the shower and bundled up in an oversized tunic that belonged to the man pacing in front of you. For a man of many words, he was disturbingly quiet as he stitched you up and even more so when he helped you undress and get into the shower.
What sort of thing were you supposed to say in this situation? Sorry that I booted you up the arse and sent you flying six foot through the air? I had your best interests at heart, I promise.
‘Personally, I am rather pleased with the fact I am still alive.’ You broke the icy silence that had befallen you. Obi-Wan immediately stopped in his pacing tracks, head turning to face you with a bewildered look. Maybe that wasn’t the best conversation opener.
‘How could you…’ Obi-Wan went to say something but his words were lost. He’d witnessed you do a lot of stupid things but this one took the cake. This was stupid thing to end all stupid things. ‘Why would you - actually, I don’t even know what to say.’
‘I mean a thank you would probably suffice.’ You muttered. ‘I did just take a bullet for you.’
‘How could you have been so stupid?!’ He snapped. ‘You could have died!’
‘I was trying to save you!’ You reminded him.
Right. There was that - the alarmingly obvious thing that he’d been trying not to think about.
Obi-Wan couldn’t deny his feelings for you; you’d always been his slightly kooky best friend but maker, he adored you. Life as a Jedi could be dark but you were his nightlight - a soft glow to guide him to brighter things, to remind him that not all was lost.
He’d spent hours convincing himself that you didn’t feel the same. You were too busy running around with what Obi-Wan was certain was a singular brain cell, getting yourself into trouble and making questionable decisions. But, now that you’d quite literally thrown yourself into the line of fire for him? It was certainly a compelling piece of evidence to the contrary.
(Of course, you loved him too. You’d been in love with him since the day you’d met. That was a minor detail you’d chosen not to mention to him - avoiding the truth wasn’t the same as lying, right?)
‘I don’t need saving.’ Obi-Wan said.
‘Oh, please.’ You snorted. ‘You might be Jedi Master Kenobi of the High Jedi Council, Best Jedi To Ever Jedi and Regular Shagger of the Jedi Code-’
‘- you used the word Jedi a few too many times there-’
‘- but you are not bulletproof!’
‘Neither are you!’
‘But I’m alive, aren’t I?’ Your tone was suddenly soft. ‘I’m in one piece.’
‘Barely.’ He murmured. ‘You can’t do things like that.’
‘Well, I did.’ You would have raised your voice louder had your shoulder not been screaming in pain. ‘And stomping around like a pissy toddler isn’t going to change it.’
The most terrifying part - for both of you, truthfully speaking - was how quickly you had done it. You hadn’t even thought about it; you saw red and you launched yourself into the blaster’s path without even considering the consequences. The most important thing to you in that moment had been that Obi-Wan’s life was at risk and it had led to a sudden disregard for your own.
‘I’ll get better.’ You continued. ‘I’m only signed off for a few weeks and as soon as I’m on the mend I will be back in the field. It’ll be like nothing ever happened-’
‘- but it did happen.’ Obi-Wan cut you off. ‘I’m always going to remember that you risked your life for me without even having to think about it.’
Grabbing onto the poster of his bed, you pulled yourself up and slowly approached him. Obi-Wan almost backed away when his robe inched off your shoulders, revealing the nasty red gash just by your collarbone. The idea quickly slipped away, however, when you rested your hands on his forearms, hands slipping under his sleeves and intertwining your fingers.
‘What else would I do?’ You softly laughed. ‘It’s you, Obi.’
‘Would you have done the same for someone else?’ He asked. ‘For Anakin? Or for Ahsoka?’
You faltered slightly, grip on him loosening a tiny bit. ‘Of course.’
‘Don’t lie.’ He suddenly jerked his hands away from you, spinning around on his heel so that you were suddenly facing his back.
‘Fine.’ You grumbled. ‘I would only do it for you. I would only blindly throw myself in front of a bullet for you. Not anyone else. Not a single soul. Does that make you happy? Does that inflate your ego enough, Kenobi-’
‘- that’s not what this is about.’
‘Then tell me!’ You let out a small groan of pain as you grabbed him by the material of his shirt, using every last ounce of energy to make him look at you again. ‘Tell me what it’s about because you are not making sense and I am the world’s leading expert in that field.’
‘It’s not about anything.’
‘Oh, bullshit!’ You whacked his arm, adrenaline worming its way into your tired body and finally allowing you to raise your voice. ‘I just saved your fucking life and you’re acting like a moody son of a bitch and accusing me of lying!’
‘It’s because I love you!’
‘Well, I love you too!’
‘Well I’m glad we cleared that up!’
‘Me too!’
‘We should probably stop shouting!’
‘Good idea!’
You unballed your fists just in time to catch the material of Obi-Wan’s shirt as he stepped towards you, taking you by the waist and pulling you towards him. He crashed his lips into yours, knocking the air from your lungs as he did. You’d thought about kissing him many times - more than you were willing to admit, actually - but now that you were actually here, with a handle tangled in his soft hair and his warm lips moving against yours?
Nothing could have prepared you for this moment - for the declaration of love or the kiss or the way he was holding onto you, hands desperately gripping to your waist as though you were about to slip away into the darkness of the galaxy and leave him alone forever. Just a few hours ago, that had been a very real possibility.
You’d admitted to yourself earlier that you probably couldn’t have survived in a world without Obi-Wan Kenobi. Little did you know that he’d admitted to himself years before that he couldn’t have survived without you.
‘I love you.’ His words were softer now, barely a whisper against your lips as pressed his forehead to yours.
‘If I’d known that almost dying was all it took to make you tell me, I would have done it years-’
‘-Y/N.’ He groaned.
‘Sorry.’ You smiled softly. ‘I love you too.’
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mythiccheroacademia · a year ago
—lunch box
Tumblr media
A/N: just another cute idea i had because i’m obsessed with barbarian/dragon king!bakugo and fantasy shit in general. some context: you and bakugo are betrothed—although, sometimes you wish you weren’t bc he can be a real asshole. luckily for you, he’s willing to work on it bc he likes loves you just that much. a litte angst (it wouldn’t be a mtha story without it) but it ends in fluff <3
Warnings: cursing
Tumblr media
Your friends looked at their food with heart eyes and dug into the neatly wrapped box with fever.
“Ahh! Thank you for making this, Y/N!” one of them exclaimed. The other could only nod in agreement, too into your cooking to speak.
You smiled and waved them off. “It was nothing. Consider it a thank you for letting me copy the homework last night,” you chuckled.
“Did you cook one for Prince Bakugo? I’d imagine he’d love it! If there’s anyone’s cooking he loves more than his own, it’s yours!”
At the mention of his name, your expression fell. You looked down at the case of food you had prepared for him as an apology.
Four days ago, you two were hanging around his residence. You managed to get him to dance around with you. Well, it more like you were dancing and he was doing his best not to combust in embarrassment. Katsuki warned you that you shouldn’t be too reckless otherwise you’d break something.
Of course, you paid him no mind, too enthralled with your fun to notice your proximity to a nearby statue—one of the Bakugo family’s treasures.
One thing led to another, and you knocked it over, shattering it before either of you could even react. Your rich skin lost its glow and your boyfriend cursed something nasty.
Least to say, his parents were not happy. But instead of being rightfully scolded, Bakugo had taken the blame for it.
They found him attempting to clean it up and assumed it was his fault. You wanted to correct them, but he threw you a nasty glare, sealing your mouth shut. He was now under punishment until they deemed fit and from then on, he hadn't spoken a friendly word to you.
A little sigh escaped your lips. Your two friends looked at each other before offering you encouraging smiles.
“Hey,” one spoke, placing a hand on your knee. You met her gaze. “You should go give it to him. He’d love it.”
There was a moment of silence before you decided to act. Taking the spur of confidence, you stood up and briskly made your way to the other classroom. Just before you entered, you heard his voice and felt your heart waver with anxiousness.
However, now wasn’t the time to let doubt consume you. Things wouldn’t get better until something was done.
You took a deep breath, calming your nerves, before opening the door and walking in. Your eyes scanned the room and found the young dragon prince amongst his group of friends.
Jaw set, you walked over to them, hands firmly around the packaged food.
Kirishima saw you first and gave you a friendly wave.
“Hey Princess L/N!”
“Hi boys! How’re ya doing?” you politely asked, putting on your best smile.
They gave you an upbeat answer that lifted your spirits.
Despite that, you hadn't heard a response from Bakugo. In fact, he hadn't even looked at you—but you wouldn’t be disheartened. You fueled herself with faux confidence and held out the dish to your betrothed.
“I-I made you something small yesterday, as an apology,” you stuttered.
Katsuki finally looked up, indifference in his stare. Ruby eyes flickered down to the box filled with rice, chicken, vegetables, and a small pastry on the side. His favorite kind. For a moment, he seemed like considered your offer, but you suffered the low blow of humiliation when he turned away to look through the window.
“Thanks, but I’ve already eaten. Should’ve given it to me earlier.”
Something in your stomach fell. Crushing rejection blossomed up your throat with each passing second. His words were cold, harsh, and unforgiving. It might’ve been stupid, overdramatic even, but it hurt.
Heartbroken wasn’t even the word.
Your nose burned, eyes blurring before you could stop it. Your chest tightened with embarrassment. Luckily, you mustered enough strength to hold in whatever was threatening to crumble you.
“Oh,” you dumbly responded.
“I’ll take it!” Kaminari excitedly said.
“No, I will! I’m still starving!” Kirishima chided.
You placed the box down, struggling to keep up your act.
“Split it between the both of you. I hope it’s good!” You internally winced over how high your voice had become. “I’m gonna to get going now. I’ll see you guys after school, yeah?”
And before anything else was said, you bolted straight out of the room. You hadn’t bothered to look at Katsuki. Knowing him, he probably hadn't noticed the strain in your voice.
As soon as you were out of sight, the tears flooded. You held your hands against your mouth, desperate to muffle your cries. You quickly took you into the nearest bathroom and you prayed no one had seen you lest there be questions. If you went to your friends, it’d cause a commotion. Your parents would eventually find out and you didn’t want any more problems.
So, you cried your eyes raw and eventually willed yourself to stop when it was time to return to class.
The week had gone by without another interaction. The weekend brought you some relief since you wouldn’t be forced to see Katsuki’s face for the time being. Or so you thought.
All you wanted to do was run some errands for your parents and then go back home and continue sulking. Yet the universe would not let you rest.
The moment you caught Bakugo’s eyes, you pivoted on your heel and booked it the other way. You assumed his anger with you would force him to keep his distance.
But you were thoroughly surprised to find he was following after you.
“Y/N,” he called.
Irritation and hurt filled your chest. You only walked faster, clutching the purse against her chest.
“Y/N, stop,” he demanded to which you promptly ignored.
This went on for a good thirty seconds until Bakugo decided he had enough. Without much noise, he ran up to you, grabbing you by the shoulder.
You weren’t having it.
You harshly shrugged off his hand. “Don’t touch me,” you snapped, keeping your eyes forward.
“I need to talk to you,” Katsuki grumbled.
“Well I don’t want to talk to you. So maybe some other time.”
Truthfully, the crowned prince found himself shocked at your coldness. Despite your innate boldness, he wasn’t used to such an icy tone. Especially directed at him.
His father warned him to never attack in these situations, but Bakugo let his temper get the best of him. His first reaction was to frown and deal back harsher words.
“What’s your fucking problem, dumbass? When I say stop, stop!”
A spike of anger flooded your veins. You whirled around on your heel and glared at him with frosty eyes. You felt compelled to drop your papers and slap him, but instead, you settled for a finger in his face.
“First of all, I’m not some dog you can just order around, you jerk! And just because we’re betrothed doesn’t mean I’m some girl you can treat like dirt whenever you feel like it! Until you apologize, leave me alone because my only problem right now is you. Bye.”
And just as quickly as you came, you turned to leave.
Now Bakugo was actually stunned. Forget, cold, this was a side of you he hadn't ever experienced. Admittedly, he hadn’t been spoken to like that from anyone besides his mother—and she only got away with it because she was not only the queen…but he was his mom.
Katsuki honestly didn’t know how to handle it. It was only then that he concentrated back on his father’s advice. Whenever his mother was upset with his dad, his father would fight back, but never with emotional anger. Always with humbleness and an understanding tongue.
It usually did the trick considering his mother could never stay upset with him for more than a night. It always struck the teen with hidden awe. Sometimes, Katsuki thought his dad was an angel.
Bakugo was no angel, but he hoped it’d have the same affect on you.
The blonde teen softened his face and walked up behind you. He stopped you, wrapping his arms around your waist to lie his forehead against the decorated braids the fell down your back.
“Damn it. I’m sorry okay?” he lowly said, face burning from such a public display of affection. “Just hear me out.”
You didn’t speak and he clenched his jaw.
You inwardly cursed your rapidly beating heart. If it weren’t for how stupidly nice being in his arms was (he was definitely working out more), and the fact that you found him kinda cute begging for your permission, maybe you wouldn’t have caved in so easily.
For now, you’d blame it on the fact that you two were destined to wed. It was better to start dealing with fights now so, hopefully, the future held less of them.
You heaved a sigh, unwillingly ignoring your body’s urge to curl in his arms. Instead, you pulled away and turned to face him. You peered into unsure crimson eyes with as much harshness you could conjure.
“Fine. Speak,” you permitted.
There was a small pause as he gathered his thoughts. When he opened his mouth, you instantly regretted it.
“I’m still mad at you for being dumb and breaking one of family’s treasures. And I’m still fucking pissed that my old hag is on my ass about it,” he started and noticed how your eyes narrowed in contempt.
You were about to turn away, thinking this was a waste of time. However, Bakugo took a hold of your wrist before you could leave.
“Leave me alone! If you didn’t want to get in trouble, you should’ve just let me take the blame. I can't believe I thought you’d apologize—“
“Let me finish, princess.”
It was your title, yet you felt your stomach flip when it came from his lips. You refused to let it influence you…but you’d give him another chance.
Bakugo stepped closer to you. “I’m upset, but I took the punishment because I wanted to. You didn’t mean to break it. Accidents happen, I understand that.”
There was a pregnant pause. Then, you softened your gaze a bit, eyes still lit with inquiry. “Why? Why would you do that if it meant getting in trouble? I could’ve taken the blame just fine.”
“Y/N, you freak the fuck out whenever you don’t get a perfect score on an exam. You try not to mess up and when you do, it’s like the world is ending,” he explained with a teasing smirk. You ungracefully snorted. He had a point. “When you broke the vase, I could hear your heart drop. You were two seconds away from crying. And when I saw how scared you looked I just—I don’t know.”
The look on your face was something between shock, surprise, and wonder. You blinked, thick lips parting slightly in awe.
“Katsuki…” you breathed to which the boy heavily blushed. Realizing how sappy he sounded, his mind screamed at him to cut it out.
Bakugo looked down and noticed he was still holding your wrist. He quickly let go and instinctively rubbed the nape of his neck.
“D-don’t be dramatic. I just didn’t wanna see you moping around or some shit. My father said that it wasn’t that important anyway…the vase I mean,” he mumbled.
Sure it wasn’t, you thought. What were you gonna do with this boy?
You supposed an apology was a good start.
“That was very nice and admirable of you Katsuki. Thank you,” you eventually said. “I’m still really sorry about the vase, and for being mean to you just now.”
He shook his head. “I know, but I’m the one that should be apologizing. I ain’t hafta treat you the way I did. I was being an ass for not accepting the food you made for me earlier.”
“Yeah you were, ya bastard.”
He chuckled at that. “The two idiots wouldn’t stop raving over how good it was.”
“Well, I had the best teacher in the kingdom,” you grinned.
“And I had an even better student,” he winked.
Your smile widened. Maybe marrying him wouldn’t be so bad.
You couldn’t help yourself when you heartily embraced him, enjoying how his arms slowly slithered around the small of your back. Your eyes met and you kissed him on the lips, leaving him with a little gasp. You pulled away and giggled under your breath.
“You know, you're a sweet guy underneath all that false bravado.”
“False brav—what the hell are you going on about!?”
Ignoring his explosive behavior, you readjusted the straps on your shoulder before turning on your heel.
“Don’t bring anything for lunch on Monday, okay? I’ll see you later, blondie.”
Despite his little tantrum, Bakugo still watched you disappear into the store with a gentle expression. You gave him more headaches than he cared for, but you were worth it. Besides, he was sure you could say the same for him.
Bakugo turned to leave and passed his fingertips over where your lips touched his own.
He’d never admit to the giddiness in his chest. He’d take that shit to the grave.
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nbraraeaves · 8 months ago
mutual frustration (curvy!fem!Reader x Baron Zemo 18+)
Tumblr media
synopsis: You're a grad student in Sokovian studies that Baron Helmut Zemo is semi-bribing/semi-threatening to help him with a heist of a rare historical document. You drive each other insane in the process, and when you finally decide to take a break for a bit, you both learn something interesting.
warnings: SMUT, graphic descriptions of sexuality, minors DNI. Masturbation, mutual masturbation, voyeurism, not-totally-consensual voyeurism to begin with but understood at the end, Enemies to Lovers speedrun, mention of a vibrator, mention of Reader having a death wish, hate sex, fantasizing about hate sex, and some devouring of fluids at the end there. 
notes: No use of Y/N, curvy!fem!Reader bc I was really feeling my thighs today, Zemo uses female pet names from multiple languages bc I love a multilingual motherfucker, I tried to make this pretty neutral in mentions of skin and hair but if I need to tweak any language so everyone can have a turn, let me know.
so, remember when I said I wanted to write about Zemo jacking off? yeah.
(this is an excerpt from my will-be multichapter fic that I’m currently calling “From Sokovia with Love” in my head, with a bit of explanatory text so it can stand alone. Fingers crossed I get that out before my adhd throws me off entirely!)
The two of you had been at this for hours, and you had no idea how he still found the stamina.  His trademark coat with the impressive fur collar lay across a plush armchair in the corner of the room, you had kicked off your Docs, your blazer, and your fake museum employee badges and left them in a puddle near a couch. You’d been holed up in one of the many apartments he owned as a safe house for weeks now, barely leaving at all unless you had to. Barely leaving this room, really. You personally were exhausted, but he seemed ready and raring to go at least another round.
“Again,” Zemo repeated - more growled, really, pacing back and forth in front of an impressive oaken desk cluttered in papers. “From the top.”
“Zemo, we’ve been over this.” You were glaring at him from where you sat in the chair behind said desk, your own hands cradling your forehead. “Unless the guards have a shift change we haven’t clocked yet, we aren’t going to be able to make it into the restoration room without extensive cover needed. Maybe even a third operative.” Your elbows were awash in blueprints, documents, annoyingly tedious customs paperwork - a rather impressive trail that led to what remained of the Sokovian National Archives. These priceless historical documents - now some of the last remnants of a country lost to time - had been lovingly salvaged from the rubble of Novi Grad, dumped in cardboard boxes, and promptly hidden in leaky basements across a variety of European capitals. The particular item you needed (a manuscript some centuries old, that your erstwhile employer refused to give you the full details on) was being displayed at an anniversary gala celebrating- er, commemorating the Battle of Sokovia in a museum in Prague. This week. In three days. In, as he was sure to remind you in three, two, one-
“Seventy two hours.” He rounded on you, not for the first time that evening. “I have told you this. We have seventy two hours to make this work, or our window closes. And do you know what happens when our window closes, draga?” Slapping his gloved palms on the surface, he leaned over the desk to meet your annoyed gaze, the corner of his mouth twitching hard. “I lose my lead, and you can kiss your funding goodbye. So we better figure out how to keep the window from closing, yes?”
“Look,” you sat back, running your hands down your face before setting them down on the arms of the squeaky office chair you occupied. “Baron. I won’t lie that your offer to fund my work wasn’t initially immensely tempting, as a researcher, but I’m starting to wonder if this arrangement for my archival access isn’t-“
He snorted. “Researcher, please. You’re a grad student. One who’s actually supposed to know something about the significance of these documents, with that American education of yours, but apparently their Sokovian Studies programs leave something to be desired. Or,” he folded his arms, pretending to look bored. “Maybe that’s just the quality of students they let in nowadays. Who’s to say.”
“Well I’m sorry, your excellency,” you pushed out of your chair, eyes meeting his across the desk as you leaned forward. “If my coursework requirements didn’t prepare me for working with some manic rogue Intelligence operative, but I didn’t think trying to steal the documents I was studying would be part of my time here.”
“First of all, I’m hardly manic,” Zemo narrowed his eyes. “I’m just driven. Something you could stand to learn about, for all the help you’ve been.”
“Oh fuck off,” you rolled your eyes. “I got you half the shit on that table, and confirmed the manuscript even existed in the first place. If you were so ‘driven,’ you could have just killed me to get my fingerprints and been done with it.”
“Don’t think I still won’t.” He closed the space between the two of you, suddenly filling your peripherals with both his broad shoulders (in that aubergine color you hated to admit he looked dashing in) and with his undoubtedly expensive cologne. “I’ve been more than kind to you, my dear, and you know that. You have skills I need, so I’ve been generous in terms of my time, my patience - and my temper.” he stepped forward even further with each word, pressing completely into your space and keeping his voice low. “Students traveling abroad go missing all the time. It wouldn’t be so hard to make it look like you got bored and ran off. It would be a shame if the same happened to you, though, so close to graduation-”
“Fuck it. Do it then.” You didn’t budge, staring him dead in the eye. He didn’t have that many inches on you, but you were still left looking up somewhat. He was so close, it was hard not to feel his slacks gently brush your thighs through the tights you’d been wearing as part of your disguise. The skirt once again felt a little too tight, sliding up your hips as you’d stood, but you weren’t about to break your stance to pull it back down. You called upon every resource in your emotional arsenal to say the next few words with a steady voice. “Make my day. I have loans, no family, nothing to go back to but my dissertation. If you’re that annoyed with me, shut me up.”
The two of you stood basically nose to nose at this point, the only sound between you your shared harsh breathing. If yours was shaking just a little bit, you pretended not to notice. You were not about to be the first to back down. Your talk was mostly bravado, but maybe if he thought he couldn’t threaten you-
He swore in one of the many languages he spoke that you didn’t understand, pushing past you to the desk. “Enough out of you, we have work to do.”
“You handle it. This is supposed to be your end of the operation anyway.” You muttered. You didn’t have to look behind you to know he had stopped dead, staring at your back.
“Excuse me, schatzi?” The thing about Zemo, you’d noticed, was the more pissed at you he was, the more polite he got. This calm question actually sounded like he was tempted to run a dagger down the length of your spine.
“You heard me.” You stood your ground. “We’ve been at this for ages, I’m done. I need a human moment.”
“And where on earth do you think you’re going for this ‘human moment’?” 
You spun to face him at the doorway. “I need a shower, with my liege’s permission.” You gave him a mock bow. “I need to think somewhere where I can actually hear myself, and not just you muttering in my ear what we already know.”
“If I hear you open any door but the shower, draga,” Zemo was watching you from where he stood over the desk. “We’ll have a problem, and I will have to come find you to solve it. Understood?” His hand pointedly drifted towards his back, where you knew he had a gun hidden under his shirt.
“I can’t go anywhere, Baron,” you folded your arms as best you could over your chest in your unfamiliar dress shirt, feeling suddenly more vulnerable than you were able to admit. “You have my research.” Dying a nameless corpse in Europe was one thing, but your research was all you had going for you right now. Zemo knew that, and he’d been taking full advantage of it since you accepted his cursed offer to begin with.
“…Fine.” Zemo waved you on, already pretending to be bored with you as he studied the blueprints of the museum again. “Perhaps I’ll actually get something done while you’re gone.”
“I mean, I’d hope so, for the man who broke up the Avengers. But hey,” you couldn’t resist one last snide remark as you closed the door. “We all lose our touch sometime.”
The pen he threw hit the door exactly where your face was just a second after you closed the door.
“Fix your aim, your highness.” He heard your voice growing more distant as you padded away across the apartment, no doubt going to look for fresh clothes.
“My aim was perfect,” Zemo grumbled, albeit to no one. Annoyed at his own need to always have the last word, he hastily brushed aside all unnecessary papers, running a hand through his hair and tangling it there as he stared at the prints in front of him.
He had been hoping, with his years of experience, that the minute he looked at the blueprints he’d immediately see something you’d missed. Something critical that would solve this particular logistics problem in a way that was simple, elegant, and also preferably deeply humiliating for you so you would be forced to acknowledge his superior skills. But as his eyes roved over the carefully made notes from when you had both cased the location the other day - his spider-y print alongside your loopier, hastier scribbles - he had to admit he could see why you were stuck.
He sat back in the chair with a groan, rubbing his temples with his still-gloved fingers and debating pouring himself a drink of something particularly old. He hated feeling painted into a corner, but even more, he hated that you’d been right.
Your… partnership, as you’d tentatively termed it, had been eventful so far. At first, he’d only wanted proximity to you for your archive access (being one of Interpol and SHIELD’s most wanted, it turned out, was a bit of an obstacle when it came to getting into official spaces), but as he’d tried to butter you up for that, he’d realized you might pay off as a useful resource in other ways as well - a proxy in public spaces, easily overlooked and thus able to slip around unnoticed when it wasn’t worth him getting caught. Getting you to comply was fairly easy: he had money, you were broke and jaded and thus fairly amiable to his suggestions of “fucking shit up on an international level,” as you so gracefully put it. You were clever, for as much of a mouth as you had on you. Thoughtful, even, once he really got to look at your work. Had things been different - had he still been part of Sokovian Intelligence, running Echo Scorpion, had you been a grad student in Novi Grad like you’d wanted, had Sokovia not been lifted up in the air and dropped like so much rubble - he might have even ended up making a play to recruit you.
He caught himself smirking somewhat; were you working under him in any official capacity, he’d have the leverage to make you pay for your smart mouth, rather than death threats you didn’t even seem that threatened by. There’d be consequences for you thinking you could talk to him like that, official ones, especially if you dared look at him like you had when you were both standing over the desk-
Or the way you’d stared him down, defiant and unyielding, as he tried to back you into a wall… with the way your chest brushed against his as he stood over you, or the way he couldn’t help but notice the skirt he’d provided for your disguise hitched a little too high on your thighs-
Oh, goddammit. 
Zemo closed his eyes and groaned when he realized he was already half-hard in his trousers. This was not what he needed. This was a distraction at best. He couldn’t think of you that way if he actually wanted to pull this off - you had been right that eventually, you wouldn’t be useful anymore, and attachments would just complicate him eventually having to make you disappear.
But this isn’t even an attachment, he found himself justifying. Thinking about how you’d felt, warm and supple against him, the heat of your breath on his neck where you’d stood your ground, that wasn’t attachment, that was just…
That was just wanting to bend you over the desk and teach you a lesson. Or make you use that mouth for something else-
“No, no, no.” he growled, spinning away from the table entirely and desperately trying to focus on something else than how the slacks he was wearing suddenly seemed far too tight for comfort.
The problem was, though, that this particular safe house was one of his smaller ones. At the time, it had been fine, he was the only person he needed to hide. 
With the two of you laying low here, however, new complications often arose: like the fact that he could very clearly hear the shower in the next room turn on, and he heard the soft shuffling of you removing the disguise he’d carefully picked out for you earlier, the clothes hitting the floor.
Zemo cursed the gods and ran his hand down his face. The last thing he needed was to remember how everything had been just a bit tight on your particular set of curves, your ample breasts and soft stomach, making you look a bit less professional and a bit more provocative if anyone looked too long than he’d planned, but still able to blend in and get the job done. Even less, he didn’t need to think about how you definitely weren’t wearing that disguise anymore as he heard the hot water hit your body.
Zemo swore, palming himself through his trousers and unable to repress a shiver. He found you attractive, sure. He had eyes and he wasn’t dead. But wanting to fuck the informants was an amateur move. Wanting to fuck the informants he was pretty sure hated his guts? An even worse one. 
“Ungrateful little-“ he hissed softly, moving his hand slowly over his growing bulge. He’d already spoiled you considerably, buying you a new laptop and phone for the research you’d be doing for him for this mission - both to make sure there was no software on them he didn’t want within his safe house, and to make sure he maintained his leverage over you. The way you’d looked at him when he presented them to you, wide-eyed and shy, he was almost sure he could’ve asked for… something in return, but he’d been too gentlemanly in the moment.
And now here he was, with an informant grown too confident to fear his threats, wishing he’d demanded to see you on your knees when he still could have, listening to you groan softly as the warm water must have hit that knot in your shoulders, and the soft-
Zemo paused, trying to remember what kind of shower head he’d installed in that bathroom. Nothing in there should make that sound, unless-
You groaned again, louder, and Zemo felt his entire face flush bright red. Ah. That was something you’d brought from home. That’s what you meant by human moment.
He prevaricated for a minute about how invasive this was before giving up.“Well, fuck it then.” He hastily undid his trousers, pulled his cock free, swollen and achingly hard, and spat in his own palm before stroking himself. He closed his eyes, wondering how annoyed you would actually be if he stepped into the bathroom himself, shirtless, asking if maybe you wanted a little help with that, or maybe -
You moaned softly, and he increased his pace, wishing he could be responsible for that lovely sound. His imagination was alternate versions of the argument you’d just had: first him shoving the papers off the desk and pushing you over onto it, feeling your ass press back into his hips and the soft squish of your tits trapped between you and the desk itself, then pushing you all the way back against the wall where you’d faced off and hitching you against it, pulling your legs around his waist. He felt his free hand squeeze around air, wishing it was your hips he was holding so hard they could bruise, or tangling in your hair and pushing you down in front of him. Hell, if you were still mad at him, he wouldn’t even be opposed to you riding him on the floor, calling him every filthy name you could think of as long as he could take your shirt off to stare at your bouncing tits and feel you leaking through the bespoke fabric of his clothes. Better yet, he imagined fucking you into the actual mattress in his bedroom, your icy composure and clever insults suddenly gone as you whined how much you wanted him, how he was the only one who could make you feel so good-
You must have been getting close, because he heard your form fall back against the wall as you moaned again. “Fuck you fuck you fuck you oh my god don’t stop,” he heard you whimper, and he bucked up into his hand as precum emerged from his slit. For a minute, he was somewhat jealous, wondering who it was lucky enough to accompany you in your own fantasies if he was in here thinking about you.
A soft thunk signaled your head falling back against the wall, and he winced just slightly, but also felt himself hitch erratically as he imagined your head falling back for him, exposing your lovely throat so he could cover it in marks - see you walk into an embassy like that, trying to cover for the fact that you were marked by a criminal.
“Fuck you, oh my god, Zemo-“
Zemo suddenly froze, wondering for a minute if somehow you’d heard him, if he’d given himself away, but then realizing that wasn’t the case at all. 
It was, in fact, so much better.
“Shut up Baron just make me come, oh my god I want it so bad, don’t stop please please please I wanna-“
“Mein Gott,” Zemo hissed, feeling his own cock twitch in his grip. Realizing that the fantasizing was entirely mutual sent a white-hot streak through him, and he caught himself squeezing just a bit more, now definitely picturing your perfect walls fluttering around him. “C’mon, princess, be a good girl and take it-“ he closed his eyes, feeling his hips buck harder into his hand. The fact that it was apparently a very vivid hate sex fantasy, even better. For all your pride, your cleverness, your snide remarks, he still had power over you yet. “Pretty girl, you know you want me, just let me have you.” He moaned hoarsely, feeling the heat starting to pool in at the base of his spine.
“Zemo, please, I wanna come on your cock-“ You sounded desperate, needy, and the vision of you begging tantalized him. He could see it in front of him, your eyes wide and imploring again, reduced from all your coldness to a needy, clingy mess only he could satisfy.
“Yes, draga, come.” He gritted his teeth, sure he was about to reach his own release. “Come for me, you mouthy slut, show me who you really belong to, show me you can’t resist me after all.”
He heard the vibrator stutter and hitch as you rode out your release, moaning his name the loudest you had yet - though he realized even that was somewhat muffled, as though you had stuffed a washcloth in your mouth to cover the sound.
Hearing this attempt to hide your lust did something for him in a way he didn’t know was possible, and he came suddenly with a cry of his own, thoroughly coating his own hand and ruining his pants in the process. He fell back against the chair, taken aback by the intensity, panting. He gazed sightlessly for a moment, wishing you were there for him to pelt with hot wet kisses, to see the wrecked look on your face and how gorgeous he was sure you looked in the afterglow of your orgasm. 
He heard the shower shut off abruptly, and footsteps as you walked out of the bathroom. He let out a long breath, only pausing when he realized, to his horror, you weren’t heading to your little room, you were walking this way-
He looked around, suddenly realizing he had no way to clean or hide the mess on his hand, that the hem of his shirt was also a lost cause, and thinking quickly, pulled the chair as flush to the desk as he could just as the doorknob turned.
As you walked in - wearing his bathrobe, he noticed, which was clingier on you than it had any right to be - you just saw him with his forehead pressed into his right hand, staring at the blueprints still.
“Well?” You asked.
He looked up at you, wondering how flushed he looked, how askew his hair was, how on earth he was supposed to respond to that. “…Well?” He echoed.
You raised an eyebrow. “Did you figure it out?”
“Ah… no. Not as such. Not yet.” He said slowly, glancing back down at the blueprints - which, he realized, he had mistakenly turned upside down in his attempt to make it look like nothing had happened there. 
You walked over, and he could smell the heat from the water and the soft lavender scent of your favorite soap from across the desk. In this state, he prayed it wouldn’t drive him mad. You lingered there for what felt like an age, looking from the map to him and back again before finally speaking in what was meant to be a perfectly innocuous tone.“Maybe not as easy as you thought, then?”
Ah, there it was. He frowned at you, unable to help himself. “I have experience and I have patience, my dear.” He said as evenly as possible. “We’ll have it soon enough.”
You rolled your eyes, turning to go before he amended: “But yes, I see your point. It is… maybe a bit more difficult than I first thought.”
You slowed down, pausing to turn back to him with what he thought was your attempt to restrain a smug smile on your part. You walked back to the desk, leaning over it and resting on your palms, and Zemo was torn between trying to keep his gaze from where the robe was gaping just slightly at your chest and praying you didn’t notice anything suspicious about the way he was sitting.
“So… looking for a new perspective, then?” You tilted your head, as if trying to play along with his mistake. 
“Yes. Definitely. Old Intelligence trick.” He shrugged as nonchalantly as possible. He startled, ruining this facade, as you started to cross behind the desk to join him. You looked up at him, confused, and he gestured with his (free) hand to your robe. “Maybe you should dress before we try this again, schatzi.”
“Oh.” You looked down at the robe as if just realizing what you were wearing, biting your lip nervously. “Uh, sorry- I wasn’t thinking when I grabbed this. I won’t do it again-”
“No no, that’s fine, I don’t mind.” Zemo laughed just as nervously, making sure to keep himself as far under the desk as he possibly could. “Just- you were right. You should finish having a human moment. I’ll even join you, in a second. I’ll make tea.”
“Oh. Okay then.” Your nervousness abated, you visibly relaxed again in his robe, and he hated how much he liked the sight. “I’ll see you out there, then- do you want me to grab you anything?”
“No, that’s fine, I’ll be right there.” He smiled at you as he watched you leave, leaving the door open just a crack as you headed to your room. He sighed in relief, gazing at the ceiling and thanking the gods his dirty little secret wasn’t discovered. Removing his hand from under the desk, he looked around for something to handle the mess-
“Hey, question-“
He froze, mildly horrified as you stood in the doorway again, still in his robe. You were looking from his hand to him, the arithmetic of the situation being written across your face in real time.
You didn’t look disgusted, as he’d feared - far from it. You walked in, your face neutral, and sat down in front of him on the desk, as close as you could without actually sitting in his lap. 
“I was going to ask,” you continued, maintaining eye contact, your voice soft. “If you’d heard anything while I was in the shower.” You gave his hand a long look. “But I guess I discovered the answer to my own question.” 
He stared at you, not entirely sure how this was going to go, before you surprised him by gently taking his hand in your clean one. You locked eyes with him as you licked the cum from his palm and fingers, and he hissed softly through his teeth, seizing your chin in his hand once it was gone.
“We should maybe put this aside.” he said roughly, nodding towards the blueprints on the desk but never taking his eyes from yours. “Just for tonight.”
“Agreed.” You murmured. “We’ll figure it out tomorrow, I’m sure. Between the two of us.”
When Zemo kissed you in agreement, he could still taste himself on your tongue.
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buckys-estrella · 9 months ago
I Love You
Spencer Reid x reader
inspo: had a little daydream ab this and thought i should make it into a fic
word count: 1.9k
summary: You accidentally let three little words slip out.
warnings: fluff and sweetness bc spence deserves the best, language, awkward moments, teasing from the team, too many italics cuz apparently I want emphasize everything. (takes place in season 5 when he’s still grounded cuz of his leg)
Tumblr media
     You’re a bit disappointed at the fact that Spencer won’t be able to fly with the team to your next case, but you have to admit that you laughed a little when he tried to pass an excuse of being able to fly. He might have 3 PhDs, but that didn’t mean he could have a doctor’s opinion on whether he could board the jet yet. You start to gather your case file, intending to head back to your desk to grab your go-bag since the jet is wheels up in 30. Spencer and Penelope are still seated at the round table, watching as the team starts to file out. You go to say goodbye to Garcia, giving her a bear hug because you always miss her while off on a case, even if she’s just a phone call away. Soon enough, you’re making your way to the boy genius, giving him a hug from behind, resting your chin on the top of his head.
     The words ‘I love you’ make their way out of your mouth and into the open air as you start to pull away from him. You didn’t even notice what you had said until you heard Spencer sputter, looking shocked in your direction. Garcia has her own look too, one that’s giddy and smug since she knows. When you finally have some clarity about what just happened, your eyes shoot wide open.
     “Oh, shit! Uh, it was just a friend ‘I love you’, y’know.” You desperately try to salvage whatever you have left of yourself. “I mean, I love the whole team.” You spot that Emily and Morgan had been standing by the door, watching the whole thing unfold. You hurriedly make your way towards them, enveloping them both in a hug. “Aw, Derek, Emily, I love you both so much!”. You can feel them both laughing a bit at your sorry attempt to cover up your confession but play along anyway. You don’t even wait to hear what Spencer will say; once the hug and words are over, you’re rushing out into the bullpen, trying to make it to the jet as quick as humanly possible to avoid some sort of embarrassment. 
     You found some comfort in your usual seat, going over the case, trying to form the loose basis of a profile based on the information you have already. Your mind was occupied, and you were grateful for it; that was until Emily and Derek finally made it onto the jet, taking seats right by you. 
     “So,” Derek starts “pretty boy, huh?” sending you a cheesy wink with a smile to match. You roll your eyes at him, grumbling that it’s not like that, to which Emily calls ‘bullshit’. “Oh please, it’s so obvious that you and Reid like each other; everyone seems to know except you two.” You feel your face start to heat up. You didn’t think that you had been that obvious; then again, there are multiple times where you catch yourself gravitating towards him. 
     “Okay, so what if I like him- “You’re cut off midsentence.
     “Love him.” Derek adds with a smirk.
     “Fuck off,” you say offhandedly, trying to get back to your point, “It’s not like anything would ever happen. I mean, Spencer doesn’t really seem like the type that would want to go out with me.”
     “Ugh, again with the bullshit! That boy is head over heels for you. You’re too blind with your own love to notice it, but trust us, as profilers, when we tell you that he’s in love with you.” Emily’s words strike a chord in you. Maybe she was right; they were profilers for crying out loud, it’s their job to notice all things concerning human behavior. But your heart couldn’t handle this right now, so you tried your best to move the conversation to the case at hand. They let you do so because there was a job to be done, but you knew that this wouldn’t be the last you hear from them. 
     Back at Quantico, Spencer’s mind has been running in overdrive. There’s usually a lot going on in his head, but right now, his only thoughts were focused, consumed, by you. He was pacing in Penelope’s ‘lair’, going over every conversation, every interaction, between the two of you since you had met, trying to figure out if he could pinpoint the shift in where you started to love him. Garcia thought she would go insane if she heard any more mumbling or saw his nervous pacing for just a second more. 
     “Reid,” he didn’t hear her the first time, still too absorbed in his thoughts, “Spencer,” finally gaining his attention, she pat the seat beside her that she had brought in so he could rest that leg of his, that must be exhausted and overworked at this point. When he finally relaxed and was sat by her side, she went straight to the point. “You like her too, right?” Spencer nodded his head at her question. 
     “I’d say that my infatuation must be fairly obvious at this point.” She snorted at that; yeah, no kidding, it had been obvious for a long time. She didn’t voice that to him though, thinking that she’d spare him and make it seem like he at least hid his feelings with some skill. 
     “Well then what’s up with all the mumbling and pacing? She literally told you that she loves you, Spence- “He interrupts her, and Pen blows out a breath of frustration.
     “Yeah, but she said just as friends.” Now that made Garcia laugh, thinking back to the memory of earlier in the morning. She has to admit that it was a rather exciting way to start the day and the way that you tried to backtrack? She could have bust out laughing, but she was feeling gracious, saving it for when you’re alone together. 
     “Oh Spencie, trust me, she loves you. I know because this isn’t the first time she’s admitted it. What else do you think we talk about on our girl nights?” He perks up at this, the thought of you talking about him bringing butterflies to his stomach and a smile on his face. “Just do me a favor; when she comes back, just ask her out, it’s already a guarantee that she’ll say yes.”
     Garcia made him pinkie promise her, which he found a bit odd but did it regardless. She soon focused on the monitors surrounding her as she pulled up information to help with the case. He wished he could have been more helpful, but now his mind was running laps trying to figure out the perfect way to ask you out.  
     You thought that they would at least wait for the case to be over before badgering you more about the situation with Spencer. As much as you love your teammates, you wished that they weren’t so invested in your love life (or lack thereof). The two had spread the word to the rest of the team, and now you were getting advice left and right about what you should do. The general consensus always seemed to boil down to, he likes you, you like him, just get together already. Even Hotch had given a pearl of wisdom, saying that there’s no point in waiting, that you should go for who you want, especially if they reciprocate. 
     By the time you were on the jet to head back home, the conversation had lulled a bit. It seemed that they had already said everything that they wanted and let you be in your same seat as always, left to ponder everything in your mind on your own. 
     Twenty minutes before you were due to land, Spencer had sent you a text, asking if you could talk at his desk before heading home. You sent back a quick response and spent the rest of your time thinking about what he’d say. 
     Spencer was wringing his hands together and starting to build a bit of nervous sweat on his brow as he thought about your imminent arrival. He was going over what he planned to say to you in his head, but every time he thought about speaking the words out lead, his tongue felt like lead in his mouth. He needed to get over these nerves before he saw you. 
     Spencer was in the process of fixing up his hair when you finally made it to the bullpen. You watched him by the door for a little bit, just trying to calm yourself down and taking the time to appreciate him since he has yet to notice you. With a deep breath, you begin to make your way towards him. Giving him a tap on the shoulder when you’re finally close enough. He jumps a bit in his chair, having been spooked by your sudden presence that he was very much unprepared for. 
     “Hey Spence, you wanted to talk?” If he weren’t so high strung with his own nerves, he’d notice the way that you were anxiously biting the inside of your cheek. “Um, yeah, I-I did. I mean, I do; I want to talk.” He could feel that he might be at the start of a ramble and was trying to pull in the reins. “What you said before you left, um, did you mean that?”
     You considered lying, thinking that it might protect you if the team was wrong about his feelings for you. But you remembered Hotch’s advice and went with the truth, hoping that it would lead you down the path you wanted. Clearing your throat, you gave a quick nod, voicing out a, yes, I did, to avoid any sort of misinterpretation. 
     “That’s good; I mean, I’m glad. That makes this so much easier for me.” Even with his relief, you still noticed the pink rising from his neck and dusting his cheeks. “I-uh, I wanted to know if you’d be interested in going on a date with me? I mean, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I’d never want you to feel pressured- “You effectively cut him off by saying an enthusiastic ‘yes’. You then cringed internally, hoping that you didn’t sound too desperate. Reid’s eyes widened a bit in disbelief, but the smile that overtook his face erased all embarrassment you had been harboring earlier. 
     “Really? I mean, wow, that’s great. You can pick where we go, I want you to be comfortable, and I’ll be happy enough just spending time with you.” You felt your heart fill with his words, feeling like you were on cloud 9. However, before you could respond about a location, JJ spoke up:
     “Good lord Reid, took you long enough to finally ask her out!” Her opinion was very popular amongst the team as they started going off, saying similar words, teasing, but all smiles. You and Spencer shared a look as the rest of the BAU was taking their time talking about all sorts of things (at one point, you think you even heard Garcia mention a wedding). There was a smile and shy shrug from him as if saying yeah, I should’ve guessed that this was gonna happen. You couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out, feeling happier than ever that this was the start of your relationship with Spencer.
A/N: I wrote this in like a couple of hours so im sorry if there are some mistakes! ALSO, this is my first Spencer fic!! and im actually really happy with how it turned out! anyways,, im just really happy that i finally finished this and i hope y’all like it!!
Taglist: @propertyofpoeandbucky // @kakakatey​ // 
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lisired · 8 months ago
Yeah that one. Actually I kinda forgot what I requested but I'll try to elaborate something more 😅
It's basically a poly!marriage when he has two wives. Jaehyun was already married to a girl but he fell out love with her and then start a affair with reader, but he didn't want to let her be just a affair anymore, he wanted to call her as his so he take her as second wife while is still married to the other girl. That cliche where husband prioritizes one wife than other...
PAIRING | soft dom!jaehyun x fem reader
KIV | impregnation, praise, oral (male receiving), fast paced smut (very sorry), teasing
A/N | tumblr is a bitch and deleted the first ask while i was tryna write it, so in case you forgot anon, the original one did include pregnating y/n bc his other wife couldn’t get pregnant. i know you said you forgot so i thought i’d just add that here! this vv mediocre and not my best
Tumblr media
A man with two wives must be living the dream.
That’s likely what someone would think if they knew Jaehyun had found marriage with two women, though a secret he makes known to you every night when he makes love to you, is that you’re his favorite. Dear God, he’s obsessed with you. And he’s obsessed with the way your tight little pussy takes his cock, too. How you let him stretch you out, nearly every night of every day that passes. He can’t stay outside of you for too long.
If there’s any feeling you love, it’s definitely that of his hands exploring your body wondrously, like a newly-discovered island, though each time, he seems to know exactly how to sail pleasure your way, like he has the map too your body. He knows where you’re most sensitive, the greatest and quickest way to have you melting as if the sun adorns your warm shore, and the best way to have your brain and body just as fragile as sea shells.
For a while now, it’s been like this. Even before you took his hand in marriage, he had you as his mistress, regularly seeing you for sex until the both of you longed for something more. Now, you’re in relationship where you can be with one another more often, and most times, you spend those hours with his cock deep inside you.
“Come here, angel,” Jaehyun commands, and with no time being left for waste, you comply.
As you sit between his thighs, your eagerness makes him chuckle, tone low and with his mouth right beside your ear, his deep voice sends shivers down your spine. If that alone had your panties drenched, you’d be ready to take his dick in no time. His hand runs down your half-naked body, the other fondling with your breast. One thing about Jaehyun is that he doesn’t rush things, preferring to build you high gradually, so he can tear you down. He likes you when you’re more cock-hungry than usual.
You gasp as his hands slither into your panties, rubbing against your skin. You’re not really wearing much: only underclothes. You know he can feel how wet you are—you can feel how soaked your panties are. With ease, his fingers slip into your pussy, and slowly, he begins to thrust it inside of you, picking up his pace without haste as he continues the movement. Your breath falls short and your head falls back onto Jaehyun’s chest, a moan escaping your lips suddenly. His other hand comes down from your breast and tugs your panties down your thighs.
“You’re so wet for me, baby,” He says, a second finger teasing your slit. “Think you can handle another finger?”
“Yes, please!” You nod desperately. Sometimes you wish he didn’t take his sweet, precious time, but it was always worth the wait in the end. He never leaves you hanging and makes sure you feel food.
A second finger slides into you with even less effort than before, and his speed picks up, but he moves them in a way that sends you mouth agape and melodies flying out from your tongue. He enjoys seeing you like this — knowing he makes you feel so ecstatic deflects the feeling. If you were enjoying yourself, then so was he.
No else has ever made your body warm up this way with simply their fingers, ever. He’s learned your vulnerabilities, using them to have you scream his name as you have your orgasm. Good is an understatement when it comes to Jung Jaehyun: he has your toes curling and legs shaking when you cum, the way he thrusts into you oozes pleasure though draws in each word from the tip of your tongue in your inability to describe how the rhythm and movement has your mind foggy, clouding, and you can’t even begin to process how beyond good that kind of sensation is.
You grind against his fingers, desperate for more. It looks desperate, even, but you don’t care, you’ve seen each other at your weakest. You can’t think about anything else right now that doesn’t involve Jaehyun, your head more full of him than you yourself are right now.
“Jaehyun..” you whine. You need him now.
“Hmm?” he hums teasingly, “What are you gonna do about it, love?”
A lightbulb turns on in your brain. You wiggle out of his loose embrace, and turn to face him, supporting your body on his lap. You grab his jaw and your lips join each other in a deep, slow and passionate kiss that sparks something inside of you. It makes you feel so alive. Pulling back, your lips journey inches down his body, sucking on his neck and biting just above his collarbone. His eyes shut firmly and he emits a moan of your name.
You undo the buttons on his shirt—one button, two buttons, three, until they’re all undone, and his shirt falls off with ease. Your hands follow his abs, and push him down until he lies against your bed. Jaehyun can only grin widely at you with that gorgeous smile of his as you pin both of his hands above his head and straddle him. Your lips collide yet again, and this feeling of strong admiration - accompanied by lust - flows through your veins. His lips are soft, as they’ve always been. They make it so easy to just melt into the kiss. You could kiss him for hours, just like this, his hands above his head as your body hovers over his. Your teeth again his bottom lip and tasting each other’s tongue.
“Mm,” You moan, and back away.
Meeting his gaze, Jaehyun’s eyes seem to unsubtly glisten with hints of lust, and you can tell just how impatient he’s grown. You drag yourself along the sheets of the bed until you reach his crotch, and you also can see his erection through the cloth of his pants.
“Hurry up..” Jaehyun whines. It brings you to chuckle as your fingers move to unfasten the buckles of his belt, and the sound of the item crashing against the ground strengthens your anticipation.
His dick springs up in his boxers - which you tug down - and his neediness brings you to chuckle. He emits a groan as you stroke his cock gently, slowly, and you wonder how long you can push his buttons before he snaps.
“Let me appreciate you and all your hard work, ‘kay?” You say without giving him much time to respond before your mouth swallows his cock, lips tightening around his length, and your head begins to bob up and down as you suck him off. He’s driven to emit a pretty, low-toned moan, that sounds like music to your ears. Melodious. Whatever strength he had to sit back up was gone, because his back was against the sheets again, his mouth wide open as if he had a broken jaw. Desperate for more, Jaehyun bucks his hips up into your mouth, and you nearly end up choking but compose yourself.
“Wanna cum inside you,” is all Jaehyun says when he suddenly yanks you back up. “Stand to the side of the bed for me.”
You do as told, and stand beside the bed. You’re taken by slight surprise when he bends you over, and his cock enters your pussy. His hands are gripping your waist as he repetitively rams himself inside of you, resulting in a sharp cry of ecstasy to fly from the confines of your mouth. It’s a beautiful side, in harmony with Jaehyun’s own moans, groans, and grunts as he feels how tight you are around him, how nice and warm you feel around him. The way you’re clenching around him has him thinking he could cum any second now already.
“You feel so good, angel,” he whispers in your ear. “I could stay in this pretty pussy forever.”
You know he would if he could. Your face twists into a pleasured expression, and you definitely look like you’re getting your shit fucked up right now. He’s nestled deep inside your hole, and one of his hands find their way up to your breast again, which he cups lightly.
There’s no point in closing your mouth—each time you do, it pries itself open again, moans soaring outside your mouth. Aside from that, you’re speechless. Jaehyun’s endless praise makes you feel so good, as well as the way he’s hitting all the right spots that make you want to explode into a bunch of itty bitty pieces. Like you’re puzzle, and he knows by heart exactly how to put you together. Or, in contrast, make you fall apart.
“Angel, I’m gonna cum. Can you take it?” He asks, and you nod helplessly.
“Gonna cum, too..” You manage to spit out.
It’s hard to speak, especially coherent sentences, because the feeling makes you lose your mind. Your brain is full of Jaehyun, how he feels, how good he feels, how magical he is in everything he does. And it’s when you hear one particular groan, your favorite of all his others, you know he’s about to cum.
“Fuck, fuck,” He grunts, and suddenly, you feel something warm leaking out of your cunt. Seconds after, you’re orgasming, too, and after a couple more thrusts, you collapse onto the bed.
“You okay? Tired, baby?” Jaehyun smiles at you.
“No! I mean, yes, I mean. Fuck. Round 2?” you shake your head, figuring the last statement will be a better response than anything else.
Jaehyun laughs, but it’s quick how he already has you in another position.
“I’m gonna give you all my babies tonight.”
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cherrymaybank · 11 months ago
City Slicker, Cowboyfriend - Owen Joyner x Reader
Tumblr media
JATP masterlist
Warnings: Swearing, nerves, mentions of covid.
Words: 2163
Summary: You’re starting to have doubts about moving all the way to Norman until a shopping trip to Ikea turns into the meet-cute you’ve been waiting for.
A/n: This isn’t a request or one of my Valentines day fics, this is just something that I have had stuck in my head ever since Owen posted this on IG and bc I’m facing total writers block with my other pieces I cranked this one out in a few hours to get the ball rolling again. Hopefully. Enjoy this totally unproofed, fluffy madness!! (Because who doesn’t need more Owen content in their life?)
There are perks to moving and one of them is undoubtedly: shopping. For furniture, home decor, kitchen utensils, whatever! Granted, shopping alone can be tedious and, for some, like pulling teeth, thus, I’ve enlisted the help of my best friends Leila and Chelsea. I didn’t even have to bribe them to come because everyone loves getting lost in Ikea. It’s one of the best things about the human experience.
“It’s been so long since I’ve been in an Ikea,” Leila says to no one in particular as we walk through the onslaught of staged bedrooms.
“What?! Are you telling me you don’t get meatballs and lawn chairs on a weekly basis?” My exaggeration makes Leila laugh as she steps into one of the display kitchens. Looking between me and Chelsea she asks,
“What would you do if I turned the handle then a jet of water sprayed out?”
“Die, I guess.”
The three of us continue through the faux house displays and past the mattresses despite Leila’s urge to jump on every single one. As we walk through the section of different lighting features, I sigh with a frown as I think about college. I changed my bachelor’s to an associate’s so I could graduate in two years. Chelsea’s parents moved out here at the end of our senior year in high school, and she moved with them to study in Norman. Leila in turn went to Arizona for an athletic physical therapy gig, leaving me to face college alone in L.A.. In the two years the three of us were apart, we missed each other more and more, and after determining which of the three states we lived in was cheapest, we packed up and headed East. Covid kind of delayed our plans. But after a few months, I picked Leila up from Arizona and together we chased open job opportunities into Norman, Oklahoma. The three of us found an apartment space to live in together and thus, we ended up in Ikea on this fine Sunday afternoon.
Snapping back into reality I see Leila standing directly under a light that’s hanging very low from the ceiling. Once standing directly underneath it, she pulls down her mask and opens her mouth, rising to her toes to eat the fixture.
“Leila, don’t you dare fellate that light bulb! You’re gonna get us kicked out.”
I swear I’m practically their mom when it comes to behaving in public. Figuring they can’t hurt themselves in the college dorm section, I lead them quickly through it and into the giant furniture warehouse section. On the far wall, I see a large poster of a couple smiling brightly behind Chelsea, but I don’t bother to read the text. Leila and I spot the poster at the same time, and the imagery jogs her memory.
“Chelsea, how’s Hunter? Haven’t heard from him slash about him in like a week,” she asks about Chelsea’s boyfriend of a year.
“Oh, yeah, he tore a ligament in his wrist.”
“Yeah, I guess he moved it wrong or something and put too much stress on the area that it just tore. He was moving hay bales into the horse stables.”
“As opposed to the chicken stables,” Leila judges under her breath, which makes me snicker as a result.
“I still can’t believe you’re dating a literal cowboy,” I interject, “Like, I know we’re in Oklahoma, and he’s from Tennessee, but we saw Texas on the way out here and that’s cowboy country. Norman seems more...” I trail off in search of delicate phrasing.
“Just barely marry your cousin territory, but still downing chewing tobacco whilst driving a lifted truck?” Leila hits the nail squarely on the head.
“Yeah, that sounds about right-” Before I can continue giving my thoughts on Norman, I cut myself off at the sound of laughter behind me.
“Sorry. We weren’t trying to eavesdrop, that was just really funny.” When I turn around, I see a guy roughly our age dressed in all black with bleach-blonde hair, speaking through light, broken laughter.
“No worries,” I dismiss the apology as we pass by one another, and out from the dressers section. The three of us continue into the different sections, and come to a stop once I see we’re exactly where we need to be: dining room shit!
“Cowboy boyfriends aside- oh my gosh: cowboy boyfriends. Cowboyfriends,” I say getting lost in my new terminology. Both of my friends share a mix of laughter and gasps and my ingeniousness. “Anyway. Cowboyfriends aside, how is Avery?” I ask Leila who begins blushing madly.
“She’s really good. We were just making plans for our three year anniversary, which reminds me to tell y’all I’m flying back to Phoenix to surprise her.”
“Awwww,” I nearly tear up and the sweet image of Leila and her girlfriend reuniting, “Y’all are so cute. Both of you and your partners. You know, being the only single friend in this group has made life suck a lot. Y’all are so happy and in love and not dead inside. Honestly? Get fucked both of you.” Despite my harsh words, the three of us break into a lighthearted conglomerate of laughter.
“We’ll find you someone… eventually.” Leila pretends she also can’t hear the last part of her sentence despite being the one saying it.
“I know, but I don’t think it’s in the cards for me to find love in Norman. I don’t need a cowboyfriend, and we’re not gonna find a true city slicker here either.”
When I finish my statement, I see our blonde friend seems to have followed us. I observe he comes to a stop in front of another guy in a flannel with a shopping cart. The way they jump into conversation with one another parallels the animated body language Leila, Chelsey, and I share. I continue to watch their exchange as Chelsea speaks up.
“Maybe you need someone right down the middle.”
“Yeah, like a guy who drives a truck but uses it to transport Ikea furniture instead of a whole ass tree that he’ll carve into a chair.” A small laugh escapes my lips, at both Leila’s statement, and the scene ahead of Blondie pretending to strangle his friend over something. I’m snapped out of my nosy yet endeared stare as a third guy appears. He’s a sandy blonde with billowing locks tucked under a trucker hat. And he came from behind me and my two friends to place something in their cart which keeps his back toward me. When he turns back around, my mind goes blank. Any thoughts of shopping for dining room chairs has left my mind. He is wearing a face mask, but he has such nice eyes that he could have a giraffe snout under the mask for all I care. I see him look up from the shelves, directly into my eyes. We stay locked for a moment before he breaks away and turns to his friends. I slowly turn to my friends too who are both giving me the exact same look of excitement and conspiracy.
“He’s really cute,” I sigh out with a laugh, swooning much louder than I’d have preferred.
“He has a face mask on,” Leila points out, her expression dropping from excited to cynical.
“Still! I can just tell.”
“Girl, what are you doing? Talk to him!” Chelsea whisper-shrieks.
“Shhh, I cannot take you anywhere!”
Glancing back at the handsome stranger, we connect eyes once more and I feel my face heat furiously as I realize he was already looking at me. I’m the first to break; I consult my friends for the best course of action and as I’m turned 180 to face them, Chelsea starts pretending to hyperventilate excitedly. Leila looks over my shoulder for me, discreetly surveying the other trio in the dining chairs aisle.
“Don’t look now, but he’s talking to his friends and looking between them and you.” I can hear in her voice she’s trying her best not to smile despite wearing a face mask.
“Should I give him my number?”
“What are you waiting for?”
“I’m nervous! What if he’s gay?”
“Will you just get over there? I promise you a gay man would not be wearing what he’s wearing right now. Maybe a lesbian,” Leila adds for good measure.
“You guys are freaking me out, I need you to leave so I know you’re not judging my flirting.” I shoo my best friends out of the aisle as inconspicuous as possible. Kinda wish blondie would’ve done the same because when I turn back around, the other trio hasn’t moved and the only one looking at me is the one in all black. He quickly averts his eyes though and I take one last deep breath before walking over to the stranger. I tilt my chin up ever so slightly to fake a sense of confidence that I unmistakably don’t have right now.
“Hey.” Really, Y/n? Hey??
“Hey,” he greets back breathily. Why is he nervous? I’m the one who gets to be nervous! Man, he’s really cute. I can’t fuck this one up. I’m not doing so stellar right now. Perhaps you should say something else, dipshit?
“Uhm,” I should’ve scripted this. “I just wanted to say that-” You’ve got this. Don’t be a bummer. “I-uh, I think you’re really cute and I was wondering if I could give you my number?” My speech is slow, each word deliberate in spite of the fact that I feel like I’m having an out of body experience right now. I’m not the one in control of the words that are coming out of my mouth.
Upon realizing why I walked over, blondie’s friends take the question as a sign to leave and less than inconspicuously back away from the two of us. Trucker hat spares them one last glance over his left shoulder and judging by the look flannel gives him, they were definitely talking about me in their team huddle.
“Uh, yeah. I was gonna ask for your instagram- if you have one, that is.”
“I’m cool with both.” The two of us reach for our phones and unlock them with anxious hands. I move to hand him my phone with instagram open, and he trades me for his which has a new contact open. I type my name and put my favorite heart emoji next to it after triple checking the number is correct. Wow, you’re just so ballsy today, Y/n!!!!! I give him back the phone, scanning the instagram account he’s just opened and followed for me. I hear him exhale a little harder as a small laugh and can only imagine it’s from the stupid heart emoji.
“Owen,” I say in a hushed, endeared voice, fully not intending to say it out loud. “You have a million followers?! Oh, you’re an actor. OH… You’re an actor.” I really don’t need to be speaking my entire thought process right now in the middle of this Ikea. Exhaling a small laugh of my own, I see we already have a small bunch of mutuals, one of which is… Chelsea??? Looking up from my phone I turn around to see Chelsea and Leila watching the interaction from around the corner of one of the industrial shelves.
In the flurry of scattered likes, I see him find my account and follow me back. I accept the request, nervous of what he thinks of me without a face mask on. What do I think of him without a face mask on? Going back to his account, seeing his entire face is even better than just his eyes. I was right, Leila: he is cute.
“You’re really pretty,” I hear him almost sigh as he combs through the grid of my account. The comment makes my heart beat all the much faster and I finally look upward to get a glimpse of Owen in the flesh. Still as beautiful as the last time I checked!
Sparing a quick glance over my shoulder, he looks back down at me and laughs,
“I think your friends got tired of waiting.”
“I think yours did, too.” The other members of our trios come back into the aisle we had kicked them from more or less two minutes ago. We connect eyes once more and stare longingly, wordlessly at one another, so lost in each other’s beauty our friends have to break up the staring contest of infatuation.
“Y/n?” I hear Leila behind me.
“Uh, well, I have to get back to chair shopping, but- text me later?”
“For sure.”
“For sure,” I mimic his voice.
“Guess I’ll see you later. Y/n.”
“Yeah.” And with that, we’re pulled apart by our respective best friends, through the vast expanse of the Norman Ikea.
“What was that?” Chelsea asks, excitedly linking arms with me.
“I don’t know I- Wait, you have some explaining to do!”
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rebeccccccaaa · 10 months ago
ʙᴏᴅʏɢᴜᴀʀᴅ!sᴛᴇᴠᴇ ʀᴏɢᴇʀs x ᴍᴏʙʙᴏss!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ʀᴇǫᴜᴇsᴛᴇᴅ: Mob boss!Readers x bodyguard!Steve Rogers Some other gang leader doesn’t believe reader is the boss bc she’s a woman and he tries to manhandle her until Steve attacks him and then she thanks him with smut
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: Smut 18+, major angst, but there’s fluff because I can’t help myself ;)
ᴛᴡ: sᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴀssᴀᴜʟᴛ/ʜᴀʀᴀssᴍᴇɴᴛ, ᴅᴇᴘɪᴄᴛɪᴏɴs ᴏғ ɢʀᴀᴘʜɪᴄ ᴠɪᴏʟᴇɴᴄᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴅᴇᴀᴛʜ, ᴀɴᴅ ɢᴜɴ ᴜsᴇ
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ’s ɴᴏᴛᴇs: Ah! I’ve never written anything about mobs and shit I’m so excited!
Tumblr media
“I’ll be fine,” you cupped Steve’s face.
“I should go in there with you. You’ve never met this guy and the others said he was creepy,” Steve sighed resting his hand on your hip. Steve was essentially your bodyguard highly recommended by your father when you took over the mob. 
“Sit here and eat your muffin, read your newspaper and if anything happens I’ll shout,” you grinned. 
“Y/n,” Steve said sternly.
“Sit down,” you patted his shoulder. 
He eventually sat beside the door grabbing the newspaper before taking an aggressive bite of his muffin making you giggle. You fluffy his hair before entering the room for your meeting with another boss. Your father advised you to expand trading and you’ve never been one to be ‘social’ so it was something you put off for years now. But now it’s getting late so here you are talking to a creep that offered a trade with you.
“Hi, thank you for coming,” you said entering the conference room. 
“Why hello? Aren’t you a cute little thing,” the man snarled.
“Excuse me?” you quipped. 
“Well, had I known there’d be a little plaything for me while I wait I would’ve come by sooner,” he stood up towering over you.
“I’m sorry, you must be very mistaken, sir. We don’t degrade women here,” you smiled sarcastically.
“Haha, you’re funny. I do like women who can make me laugh,” he grabbed at your hips.
“Sir, you are incredibly mistaken. I am the leader of this mob and if you lay your disgustingly meaty hands on me one more time I won’t hesitate to put a bullet through your thick skull,” you growled. The man’s temper bursted and he aggressively grabbed your throat pulling you too close to his body. 
“Listen here you little brat, you’re gonna do what a woman was meant to do and if you don't get on your knees baby girl you’ll get what’s coming to ya.”
“Get off of me!” you shoved him back.
“Nu-uh pretty girl, you’re gonna suck my cock until the big man gets here whether you like it or not!”
Steve sat eating his muffin trying his best to ignore the muffled voices from inside the conference room. He couldn’t help but worry about your safety being with that creep. When the guy first arrived he groped one of the housekeepers and laughed as if he did nothing wrong. Steve sat there desperately hoping this meeting with that scumbag doesn’t go well and you'll drop him. He can’t even imagine working with a man like that, especially when you're a woman. 
Suddenly he heard a shriek emerge from the room and Steve bursted through the door. He pulled his gun out seeing the man bending you over your own desk pulling the hem of your pants. Steve aimed the gun and shot the man in the back of his knee making him fall to the ground groaning in pain. 
“Fuck,” you groaned running to Steve. He held you tightly in a panic and you breathed heavily against him. 
“Are you ok?” he asked. 
“I think so,” you swallowed loudly. 
“I’m gonna kill you,” you looked at the writhing man on your floor. 
“I’m sorry, fuck! I’m sorry!”
“Steve, get out,” you ordered.
“No, sweetheart I’m not leaving you alone again with this man,” he raised his voice.
“Steve, please,” you looked at him.
“Baby,” he sighed.
You looked back at the man still squirming on the floor in pure agony. You pulled a pack of cigarettes off your desk placing one between your chapped and bitten lips. You walked around the desk keeping your eye trained on the shithead. You grabbed your lighter and lit the cigarette before reaching inside one of your drawers and grabbing a gun. 
The silvery metal reflected the smallest light around your office as you approached him. 
Steve stood in the hallway with his hand resting on the handle of the door, biting his lip anxiously. His heart sank when he heard a gunshot and he bursted through the door finding you sitting with a cigarette between your lips and your gun in hand. 
“What the hel-” he found the man dead bleeding from his head. You stared at the body in disgust, blood spattered on your face and clothes. You dragged the poison and blew the smoke into the air. Steve slowly walked up to you cupped your face to look at him. 
“What happened?” he whispered. 
“I made sure he never does what he did to me to another woman ever again,” you said monotonously.
“Come here,” Steve picked you up and you tossed the cigarette on the dead man burning his bloodied face. 
Steve carried you to your room and sat you on your bed. You stayed still staring at nothing while Steve grabbed you a towel. He cleaned the blood of your face and tears fell down your face. You felt humiliated and violated. 
“Are you ok?” Steve whispered, afraid as if he spoke too loud he would startle you. 
“Yeah,” you choked out.
“No, you’re not.”
“Steve, I am. Truthfully. If you hadn’t been there, I can’t even imagine what would have happened,” you breathed out heavily calming yourself. 
“I owe you a great debt, Steve,” you said softly. 
“No you don’t, I’m just doing my job.”
“Thank you,” you leaned in closely and brushed your nose against his.
Suddenly Steve felt small. He was always a confident man, something you deeply admired about him, but being able to make him feel this way, all bothered and shy, gave you a sense of even more power over him. 
You brushed a hair from his face and moved to sit on his lap, your legs on either side of his thighs. You circled your hand down to his chin lifting it slightly to make him look at you with those gorgeous blue eyes; like sapphires.
“I see the way you look at me Steve,” you whispered.
“We can’t,” he said back.
“Why not? I know how bad you’ve wanted me,” you trailed your hand down his chest.
“Y/n, you’re vulnerable. I can’t take advantage of you like that,” he said. You have this desire to regain control after what happened and conquering Steve would do just that whether you admit it or not. He wants to so badly have his way with you but he knows he’s just a grievance. You’ll wake up the next morning and pretend this never happened, that the words he’d whisper to you are just that, words. The love he’d give you isn’t reciprocated. He can’t let you break him like that. 
“What’s going on?” you asked seeing him in a sort of mental battle.
“Nothing, you should rest,” he said.
“I don’t want to rest. I don’t want to be alone,” you told him.
He looked at you with soft eyes, clenching his jaw tight. His hands were resting on your hips and he desperately fought the urge to move them; under your shirt, over your cheeks or thighs, anywhere, he wanted to feel you so bad. 
“Steve,” you breathed out, practically moaning. 
“Fuck,” Steve said with frustration.
“Please,” you cupped his face.
When he did say anything you got off of him and slowly made your way to the bathroom. Steve sat there regretful breathing out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding. You were right there. In his arms and he pushed you away. 
You came out again wearing simple nightwear and trotted to Steve once again. You didn’t sit on his lap despite the both of you secretly wishing you would again but you did sit fairly close; your shoulder pressed against his. 
You rested your head on him, the both of your staring at the floor in silence. You slowly up at him cupping his bearded jaw with your delicate hand. You brushed the hairs with your fingers, you’d always preferred his beard than without. You had been the one to convince him not to shave and you had been the one he did it for. 
You couldn’t stop yourself and neither could Steve when the two of you met in the middle, your lips pressing against each other perfectly. Your eyes fluttered closed at the feeling and his hands went to where they belonged on your hips. You two kissed for what felt like an eternity; an eternity of pure lust and ecstasy. Steve pushed you down to lay flat on your bed, his hips settling between your legs. 
“Tell you want me, tell me how much you need me,” Steve said against your lips.
“I want you, I need you, so fucking bad,” you moaned.
“Tell me this is real,” he said with his eyes screwed shut. 
Steve had been so enamored by you since the day he met you. He used to work for your father before he retired and he insisted that Steve worked alongside you, to protect you. You were hesitant about having him around, independency clouding your mind when you became leader, but little did Steve know you had become very fond of the man at your side everywhere you went. 
He occupied every part of your mind for years now. The confidence he oozed, and sexiness he projected; how could anybody not fall in love? He was the source of the many nights you laid alone in bed, your hand between the junction of your thighs, writhing and panting dreaming of his body pressing against you just as he now. 
Steve fought his desires just as long as you did. When he looks at you, he can’t help the stutters and skips his heart makes. When you laugh, especially at something he says, he feels like a little boy again talking to his crush from school. You’re just so beautiful and dauntless, graceful and fearless. He can’t help but fall in love. Anyone would. 
“Steve, look at me, please.” 
Steve’s eyes pried open, terrified you would disappear if he did.
“This is real. I want you so badly; I need you. Please make me feel good,” you whispered against his lips. 
Steve kissed passionately before moving his lips across your jaw line, nipping and biting the soft skin. His hands held your waist firmly under your shirt, gently squeezing your sides making you giggle. 
“That tickles,” you giggled.
“The scary mob boss is ticklish?” Steve joked. 
“Stop it!” you shrieked when he tickled harder.
Steve laughed at you for a moment before capturing your lips in a kiss once again. He pulled up again sitting back on his knees bringing you with him up to his chest. He looked into your lust blown eyes carefully lifting your shirt. You eagerly raised your arms allowing him to discard it before you did the same to him.
You marveled at his toned body, your hands smoothing over his muscles and the little hairs that littered his chest. Steve's hands came up your side, his thumbs grazing lightly over your perked nipples making your body shiver with need. 
He sat comfortably bringing you to your knees so he was in line with your chest. He leaned forward and kissed all over before wrapping his lips around your nipple. His tongue swirled around it and his teeth grazed the nub before releasing with a pop and doing the same with the other.
The feeling of his tongue made you extremely aroused soaking your panties. You breathed heavily relishing in his attention. Your fingers combed through his hair lightly pulling on his long strands. He groaned softly, his eyes fluttering in pleasure. You’ll keep that in mind.
You sank down fully sitting in his lap, when you felt him poking you through both of your fabrics. You hand snaked down in between your bodies and you pressed on his erection with your hand, making him groan again. 
“Fuck, don’t tease me.”
“Then take these off.”
You quickly got off of his lap and he hurried to stand and take his pants off. You giggled at the sudden flurry of clothes but your face quickly turned to shock when you saw the size of Steve for the first time. 
“Baby, that’s not going to fit in me,” you said, making him chuckle.
“We’ll never know if we don’t try,” he winked. 
You bit your lip and laid back for him. He rubbed your legs softly curling his fingers over your bottoms and reluctantly pulled them down your legs. He kissed your legs up to your stomach before coming face to face with you once again. 
He kissed you with need like he would never be able to again after tonight. He doesn’t feel convinced that this is real. That tomorrow when you wake up beside you’ll realize that maybe you don’t fancy him like you say right now.
You reached forward wrapping your hand around his cock looking up at him with faux innocent eyes licking and biting your lips seductively. Steve could help but groan as he laid atop of you, hard as rock. 
Steve kissed your lips and he swears that he could stay like this forever. Your lips, although chapped and dry, were so addictive and obsessive. Your legs wrapped around his hips and your arms around his shoulders pulling him close to you as if he’d float away. He pushed slowly in you and you let out a shaky moan. Steve’s head that was buried lifted quickly, looked at you and whispered soft praises to you. 
“You’re doing so well, baby,” he whispered against your lips.
“Steve, move please,’ you moaned. 
He snapped his hips back and rutted into you over and over again. He placed his hand on your lower belly and felt his cock poking with each thrust. He grabbed your hand and placed it there too and you gasped at the fleeing before moaning loudly.
“Fuck, Steve,” you whimpered.  
“You’re so fucking beautiful, baby. God, you feel amazing. Pussy’s fucking perfect; you’re perfect,” he said against your ear. His words made your stomach flutter and your heart burst. He kissed the skin below it and your body shuddered at the feeling of his cool lips against your hot skin. Your hands raked through his long hair and you tugged on the locks bringing his head back up. You instantly attached your lips to his kissing him messily and passionately. 
Your pants and moans became louder with each thrust he got closer to making you release. You moaned his name over and over like a prayer. Steve grunted and his chest tightened feeling overwhelmed by you. 
His hips faltered and you pushed his shoulders rolling over with his cock still inside you. You quickly moved your hips back and forth, your hands pressing flat against his chest to support you, nails scratching his chest leaving dark red marks. Steve’s hands reached for your breasts, his thumbs grazing over your hardened nipples. His hands landed in their place on your hips guiding you, though you didn’t need it much.
“Fuck, baby. I’m gonna come,” he moaned.
“Come in me, fuck! Stevie, I want it all, give it to me,” you said staring at his lips. 
Steve snapped his hips up and you felt his hot cum coating your walls. The feeling overwhelmed you and you came in time with him. Your eyes rolled back, your back arched, and you felt incredible. This career, if you can call it that, has run into plenty of lousy men and you wasted many hours with them but this, you could bask in the feeling of Steve’s arms and fully be content with life. 
You fell forward and Steve wrapped his arms around you. You breathed heavily and Steve’s hand rubbed your head lovingly. Your eyelids felt heavy and you couldn’t help the tiredness that overcame you. Steve laid there carefully listening to your breathing even out. He couldn’t believe that you were actually laying, naked and beautifully, in his arms. He dreamed of this moment more than he liked to admit.
Hours later you felt yourself suddenly wake. You were in a cold sweat shaking uncontrollably. You got off Steve who was still sleeping soundly beneath you. His face was so angelic, no it was god like. He looked so at peace you felt awful disturbing his comfort when you crawled off him quietly.
You grabbed one of the thin sheets that had fallen to the floor and wrapped lazily around your body and walked to the large window of your room. You looked out the window before grabbing the pack of cigarettes and lighter sitting fixed on the window ledge waiting to be used during your lowest moments.
You felt vulnerable. 
Steve laid on your bed and you really appreciated him. You genuinely liked him and you know he probably doesn’t believe you yet. He was so charming and compassionate. He protected you especially after what happened today. 
What happened today. God, you can imagine what would happen, what you would do to get out of that awful situation but when it happens, when it becomes reality… you forget everything. You forget how to breathe, how to move. It was terrifying. Even after everything you’d seen being a boss. 
“Whatcha thinking about?” Steve came up behind you, wrapping his strong arms around you. 
“God! You fucking scared me,” you looked at him.
“Sorry,” he smirked. 
He leaned forward and placed kisses along your shoulder and neck. You dragged the cigarette, closing your eyes at the delicious feeling of Steve’s kisses. His hands grazed under the sheet, his fingertips tickling the skin of your belly.
“Stop it,” you warned.
“Oh right, the scary mob lady is ticklish. I’ll keep that in mind,” he whispered, his lips against your ear.
“I swear to god, Steve. I’ll fire you,” you chuckled.
“Are you feeling any better? If that’s possible,” he said after a moment.
“You’re here with me,” you told him. 
“Please don’t leave me,” you teared up. This was the first time Steve had ever seen you vulnerable, visibly upset, crying. He’s never seen you cry.
“I would never leave you; not unless you want me to,” he cupped your face. 
“Thank you.”
Steve took the cigarette from your fingers and brought it to his lips dragging smoke and blowing it out the open window. You smiled at him before kissing his lips softly. 
“Come back to bed; it’s cold,” he placed the cigarette in the ashtray. 
You closed the window and Steve picked you up taking you to bed. You cuddled by his side, pressing your cold body against his warm one. You buried your face into his neck and fell sound asleep. He made you feel safe and protected. You easily let your guard down when you were with him and after tonight you really felt your walls coming down for him. And Steve was more than willing to come in. 
ᴛᴀɢʟɪsᴛ: (For all my work)
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moonlit-imagines · a year ago
Headcanons for Friends to Lovers with Rodrick Heffley
Rodrick Heffley x reader
warnings: mentions of a bad home life
prompt: y/n and rodrick have been friends for a long time, so long boundaries seem to be blurred
Tumblr media
you’ve actually known rodrick since elementary school
it all started when he asked you to join his band
“i can play drums, you can play the tambourine because that’s the only other instrument i have! it’ll be wicked!”
your band lasted a week and only had one gig, it was for rodrick’s parents
who LOVED you by the way
they somehow permitted you to sleepover almost every other day, you practically lived at their house
FOR YEARS you did this
terrorizing lil greg
“what’s he gonna do, pee his diaper?”
always trick or treating together, exchanging candy when you got back go his house (or occasionally yours)
you guys didnt like hanging at your house, your parents were kind of....a lot to handle
starting middle school together, wreaking havoc on all the teachers
rodrick did it to impress you, according to mr. and mrs. heffley
but he’d give you a stupid little smirk from across the classroom after he got scolded so you believed them
whenever anyone gave you shit at school, rodrick wouldn’t hesitate to step in and show them who’s boss
“rodrick, you’re gonna get detention again!”
“yeah, well, i’m not gonna let them be mean to you”
you went to his house after school most days, sometimes you’d get there first while he was in detention
mrs. heffley had after school snacks
“y/n, why don’t you play some video games with greg while you wait for rodrick to get home?”
playing wii sports with greg, who cried when you won
you also had time to do homework while you waited, rodrick usually copied afterwards
when rodrick came home, he’d drag you to the garage to show you his drum skills
he hit himself in the head with his drumstick
“ooh, that’s gonna leave a mark”
next step was high school, which was a weird step up
but you guys had each other
you still spent most nights at the heffley residence, but you had to sleep on the couch instead of on the floor in the attic (aka rodricks lair)
“you two are growing up, so we think it’s best that you don’t sleep in the same room together, right?”
rodrick emptied one of his drawers for you to put your clothes in
but you still end up stealing his clothes half the time
“i wish i could be mad, but you wear all of my clothes better than me”
subconsciously doing couple-y things without realizing it
like rodrick would pull you closer to him when you two were together, put his arm around you, give you his jacket, etc
“are you guys serious? you’ve got to be dating!” -everyone
“rodrick, when are you and y/n going to get together?” -mr. and mrs. heffley
the answer was always the same: “we’re just friendssssss”
watching his band practice and cheering him on no matter what
you’re his guest vocals ☺️
when he got the van, it was a whole new world for you guys
you could go out wherever whenever
(with parent approval usually)
“wanna go ride around for a little while? hit a gas station and get a bunch of candy?”
“do you even have to ask?”
watching scary movies in his room
“platonic” cuddling in his bed
stuffing your face in the crook of his neck during scary scenes
“come on, y/n! it’s not that bad!”
him having to hold onto you for comfort so you’d keep watching with him
sometimes falling asleep together and his mom or dad coming to check on you later
“alright, time for bed! y/n, you get your usual couch...”
laughing your ass off at rodrick when he messes with greg
manny loves you, sometimes rodrick is jealous of the attention you give to his baby brother instead of him
rodrick scooping you up in his arms when you least expect it, never fails to make you scream
“hey there, hot stuff”
“you’re impossible!”
roller skating together, he held your hand the whole time bc he was worried you’d fall
his friends ENDLESSLY taunt him over your relationship
when he makes plans with others, he always says “let me ask y/n first” which just SENDS his friends oh my god
“dude, that’s your s/o!”
“no, they’re not! shut up!”
hating being apart a lot its so stressful
sometimes you’d have a pretty hard time at home and show up to his house at odd hours, but you were always welcome
you have your own key
“hey, what’s wrong?”
“my parents...they’re just the worst”
rodrick knows its bad when you start crying
he took you up to his room and played some music (quietly as not to wake the house)
you laid on top of him while he rubbed your back and told you that he was there for you
dozing off on him, as per usual
dude, the amount of pictures you have? astronomical
you playing his drums, the two of you going 🤘, an actual nice picture of you guys, him carrying you on his back, kiddos on your first day of school by year, you kissing his cheek “platonically”
comforting him when he was having his own hard times, whether it be an argument with his parents/greg, difficulties with musical inspiration, or anything else
“come here, you need a hug”
“i need several”
“you’ll get ‘em”
talent show! talent show! talent show!
you completely cussed out the rest of his band before they went on bc they had the audacity to replace him
but greg managed to save the day
“greg, my dude, give me a high five, that was awesome”
he wasn’t actually half bad but like, his mom kinda stole the show
more joyrides in the van
absolutely BLASTING the music in there while you and rodrick sat on the floor in the back and ate the taco bell you’d just picked up
“dude, you gotta try my potato griller, it’s a godsend”
“okay, but try this slushie, its so good. i mean, not as good as a 7-eleven slushie, but it’s up there”
finishing your food and laying in the van for another hour bc you just loved each other’s company
but after sitting together alone for so long, you felt like there was something left to do, what was it?
you and rodrick were moving around a bunch and ended up next to each other sitting against the wall of the van
you looked over at each other and hesitated before leaning in to kiss
and you guys kissed for a while
okay, so, you made out on the floor of his van with led zeppelin playing in the background
it wasn’t awkward or anything, just long overdue
okay it was a little awkward actually
“well, that was” *clears throat* “that was cool or whatever”
“yeah...wanna do it again?”
“oh, for sure”
not like it was a surprise to anyone when you announced you were FINALLY dating
“wait, you guys just started dating? i thought you’d been together for like, at least 5 years” -mr. heffley
“this is great! obviously, we’ll need to set up some boundaries so that everyone is comfortable and safe, but yay for young love!” -mrs. heffley
“gross” -greg
mrs. heffley wrote a column in the newspaper about you titled “my teenage son’s fantastic significant other”
not much changed after you and rodrick got together, just kissing, “i love you’s” and more teasing from friends and school faculty
“we were all rooting for you two, actually!” -the teachers
summer vacation with him
it was always SWEET
going to the pool together, he’d usually lay out on the chairs with you but you were able to drag him into the pool a few times
“come onnnn, it’ll be funnnn”
“you’re lucky you’re cute”
hugs from behind!!! kisses on the top of ur head!!!!
seeing rodrick in a tux was too funny for you, you almost couldn’t stop laughing (especially at the eyeliner he insisted on wearing)
but he just couldn’t stop staring at you
“what?! you’re stunning!”
honestly, prom wasn’t all it was cracked up to be
you danced like maniacs for a few songs and ended up ditching early on
but you did end up renting a bunch of movies and getting tonssss of snacks and changing into pajamas as soon as you got to his house
im talking popcorn, candy bars, ice cream, cans of pop, chips, chicken nuggets and so on
and also passing out on each other
“i think i love you a little more, i didn’t know that was possible”
“i have that effect on people”
he makes u breakfast before his mom gets the chance though
“pancakes? for me?”
“i put chocolate chips in them too, you’re gonna love them”
(they were a lil bit burned, still good tho)
you guys really did just spot on get each other
okay but i know you also roast each other sometimes so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
relationship goals, honestly
fresh outta ideas 🤠 goodnight
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outerspaceman · 2 years ago
(ignore this i’ll delete later i just need to vent)
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ppersonna · a year ago
tempestuous - kth | m
Tumblr media
tem·pes·tu·ous - adjective - characterized by strong and turbulent or conflicting emotion
↳ summary- There’s no one who riles you up more than Kim Taehyung, your best friend’s brother.  He knows exactly how to make you fly off the handle.
↳ rating- explicit / 18+
↳ word count- 6.8k
↳ pairing- taehyung x reader
↳ genre- smut, minor angst i guess in the form of fighting, this is one big pile of smut, there’s some fluff too
↳ warnings- yikes where to begin.  angry sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex (don’t be like dis), slapping, spanking, pain kink, dom/sub elements, facefucking, really rough sex, finger sucking, derogatory names, uhhh name calling, hate sex, tae is fuckin nasty yall im thriving
↳ a/n- I HAD TO REUPLOAD bc tumblr sucks lol well folks. here we are.  i was given a prompt by @ladyartemesia​ so i blame her.  as for tae, he really came for me this week and completely wrecked me, love that for me. i really popped off here and it’s only edited by me so i’m SORRY if there’s a lot of mistakes.  fun fact i actually wrote almost 10k of another version of this but it frustrated me so badly i scrapped it lmao  🤡 HERE WE GO! Enjoy!  feel free to send in your requests and i promise to try and get it done for you! 
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung could only be described in a few words.
Infuriating, bothersome, vexing.
Gorgeous, breathtaking, suave.
Absolutely, inherently maddening.
And you hate how much you absolutely melt underneath his gaze, the way your heart leaps into your throat with a single word.  Your body, the ultimate betrayer, opens up to him as your brain screams to abort, reverse, go back to start and do not pass go.
Kim Taehyung is not just the bane of your existence, no.  He’s the little brother of your best friend, Kim Namjoon.   Joonie had been in your life since you were in first grade and he in second.  Taehyung was your age, but you hit it off with the older boy and haven’t separated since.  Your mothers joked that you would get married one day and continue on the Kim line.  Until they found out that Namjoon was 1) bisexual and 2) hopelessly in love with, ironically, a man named Kim Seokjin.   He reasoned to his parents that they would at least carry on the Kim name.  
Where Namjoon was sweet, caring, and deeply compassionate towards you, Taehyung was his alter.  Taehyung was brash, cocky and relished in watching you squirm, whether it be out of fury or the god forsaken sexual tension.  All growing up, he was the one to pull your pigtails, trip you into puddles of mud, and tease you in front of your friends. Namjoon, ever the faithful companion, was always there to pick up the pieces of what Taehyung broke.
It’s been that way with Taehyung ever since. A constant tug of war with each other, both unwilling to give a single inch to the opponent.  
Your relationship with Namjoon remained steadfast as ever.  Namjoon eventually moved in with his now-husband, Seokjin, who easily settled into your life as an additional partner in crime.  You spent most of your days and nights settled into the couch, snuggled somehow in between or next to one of the two men you cherished most.  You had the two best friends you could ask for and a happy life, blissfully Taehyung-free.
Until it wasn’t.
A loud knock wakes you from an unexpected nap on Namjoon’s couch.  Your eyes crack open against the glare of the sunlight streaming through the windows.  It takes a moment to gather your surroundings.  You recognize that you’re in Namjoon and Seokjin’s apartment, and judging by the silence, you’re definitely alone there.  As you reach for your phone, the screen lights up the time.  5:34 pm.  Well, shit. You remember eating brunch and drinking mimosas at noon with your best friends and then lying on the couch to watch Netflix.  How had you fallen asleep for five hours?  How did you not wake? What the fuck did Jin put in his mimosas?
The knock is insistent again, louder this time.
“Joon! Jin! it’s me! Open up!”
The voice sounds familiar in your sleep-addled mind, but not quite enough to pinpoint it.   You push your limp body off the couch and wince at the feeling of sore muscles.  Couch sleeping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be once you’re past the age of 25.
“Sorry, Namjoon isn’t here-,” You open the door to explain to the guest and you’re cut off.
“What the fuck are you doing here?”
You rub at your sleepy eyes and allow your vision to focus, only to feel your blood stand still in your veins.
Kim Taehyung.  Of fucking course.
“What do you mean, why am I here? I’m always here,” you tut as you fold your arms to your chest.  “What are you doing here?”
He rolls his eyes and holds up his hands, two suitcases clutched in each.  Who the fuck carries 4 suitcases up three flights of stairs? Kim annoying ass Taehyung does, apparently.
“I’m moving in.”  He pushes past you and into the living room.  
Your mouth gapes open.  Namjoon certainly didn’t tell you this.  Taehyung looks back at chuckles at your reaction.
“I’m guessing your best friend didn’t tell you the happy news?”
You shut your mouth, quickly jumping back into composure.  “No, he failed to mention that,” you sniff.  “I thought you lived with your girlfriend in Gangnam?  What was her name? Rose or whatever?”
Tae stiffens, just slightly for a moment, before he plasters back on the bravado.  “Obviously not anymore.  We broke up, she kept the apartment.  Got tired of moping at my mom’s house and I told Namjoon I wanted to come back to the city.”
You feel a slight tug at your stomach, guilt, perhaps?  You clear your throat.  “Oh, I’m sorry.”
He laughs as he sits on the couch, instantly throwing his feet onto the coffee table, like a heathen.  “No, you’re not.”  
“What do you mean, no I’m not? God, sorry for being polite!”
This, you reason, is why you can’t sustain longer than 5 minutes of civilized conversation with your best friend’s younger brother.  He’s impossible.
He just smirks, and you know he loves the rise he gets out of you.
“Because I know you, and I know you don’t give a fuck about my love life.”
Au contraire. If only he knew just how much you gave a fuck.
“That doesn’t mean I can’t be nice to you!” you nearly stamp your foot in frustration but hold yourself back. That would be too good of ammo for him to use against you.
“Okay, fine,” he acquiesces. “Whatever helps you feel you’re a good person.”
You’re seeing red and you know you want to continue screaming at him but you will not stoop to his level.
“Christ, I haven’t seen you in months and you’re still an asshole,” you say as you grab your keys and shoes. “And also, Jin will kill you if he sees your feet on his coffee table.”
You whip yourself around and open the door to leave and hear him call over your shoulder.
“Good to see you too, doll! Love the hairstyle, by the way.”
You close the door with a growl leaving your throat.  The absolute audacity of that man.
You stomp towards the elevator to take yourself to the ground level, when you catch your reflection in the shiny metal. Your hair is in what you can only lovingly call a complete hornet’s nest. It’s ratted and sticking out in places and you feel your cheeks burn.  Your first reintroduction with Taehyung is with a fight AND with you looking like a fool.
This would not do. No, sir.
Tumblr media
“Kim Namjoon!” you shriek into your cell phone.  You’re awkwardly pressing it against your ear with your shoulder as you walk out of the convenience store under your apartment building with 3 bottles of soju and a six-pack of beer. You needed to drown your shame and sorrow, and fast.
“Hello, love of my life and moon of my stars,” your best friend replies and you can hear Seokjin chuckle in the background.
“No!” You chide, already cracking a beer open as you storm into your apartment building. “Don’t you Khal Drogo me, mister! Why the fuck didn’t you tell me your fucking asshole brother was moving in with you?!”
Namjoon is silent and you can tell he’s wincing on the other end of the phone. “Oops?” He offers.
“Yeah, big oops! A heads up would have been nice! Like, ‘hey best friend, your worst enemy of all time is moving in today. Maybe you shouldn’t fall asleep on my couch and wake up looking like Frankenstein’s ugly wife. Oh, and also my handsome boyfriend and I will just happen to not be there when he arrives’.”
By this time, you can tell Namjoon has put you on speakerphone because you can hear their rich laughter loud and clear. Rude bitches.
You stab your key code into your door and lock yourself in, chugging as much of the beer as you could handle.
“At least, even in her rants she thinks I’m handsome,” Jin gloats.
“I’m sorry babe,” Namjoon sighs as he finally calms down. “I didn’t know he would be there today. I just found out about it last night.”
You nibbled at your bottom lip, the annoying pit in your stomach feeling simultaneously guilty that he went through a breakup, unbridled joy that something brought him down a peg, and just a dash of excitement that he’s single now.
You let out a breath. “It’s okay, Joon.  It just surprised me to see him.”
Jin butts in, “And because you have a big, fat, unresolved crush on him.”
“Jin!” You admonish. The couple laughs again and you roll your eyes, asking yourself why you put up with the two. “I do not!”
They both hum a non-committal answer, implying they don’t believe you in the slightest.
“Whatever.  What are you guys doing, anyway?”
“We just got home from shopping.  God, Jin looked so good in these jeans he tried on.  I was actually just about to suck his coc-,”
“Kim Namjoon, do not finish that sentence! I do not wish to hear it!” You try to remain firm, but dissolve into giggles with the pair.
You could never stay mad at Namjoon long, even if his brother was the devil incarnate.
“Darling,” Jin calls through the phone.  “I still expect to see you at our place tonight for our sleepover.”
Christ, you had forgotten all about your scheduled sleepover night.  It was tradition and one of your favorite parts of your friendship with the couple.  Jin, a literal chef, prepared a five star meal along with dessert for you while you binge watched Netflix and talked incessantly.
But you also usually slept in their spare bedroom.  The exact one that Taehyung would be occupying.
“Fuck, while he’s there?”
“Oh suck it up,” Jin chides, like he’s your mother. “He’s probably not even going to leave his room.  You’re not getting out of this.  I’m making strawberry cheesecake.”
Your mouth waters at the idea of Jin’s famous cheesecake.  
“Fine, but I get to lick the bowl and not Namjoon.  Those are my terms.”
Namjoon squawked in defiance as Jin laughed.  “I agree to your terms.  Be at our place by 8.”
As you hung up the phone, you checked the time.  6:40.  God, he hadn’t left you with much time to get ready, did he?
And you definitely needed to get ready.  There was no way you were entering a room where Kim Taehyung exists looking like booboo the fool, not again.
Tumblr media
Your fingers press the 6 digit passcode to Namjoon and Seokjin’s apartment, arms heavy laden with your bag of toiletries and pajamas, and a bag full of wine.
“Honey, I’m home!” You announce as you toe off your shoes and slide into the combined kitchen and living room.
You receive no reply, but greeted with the amused face of none other than the object of your filthiest dreams, Taehyung.
“Pet names already?  We’re moving pretty fast, wouldn’t you say?” He asks you as he lounges at the kitchen table.  He watches you open the fridge to set the wine, as comfortable in their home as you are in yours.
“Fuck off,” you grumble. “Where’s your brother?”
Tae seemed absolutely tickled by your disgruntlement.  “I think they mentioned something about taking a shower.  That was 20 minutes ago, though.”
“Great,” you sigh. “Those fucking horn dogs act as if they’re still newlyweds.  We’ll be waiting awhile.”  
You tug off your sweater, leaving you to remain in a fitted tank top and yoga pants.  You tried to maintain a comfortable look as you dressed for the evening, while keeping in mind which leggings hugged your ass and showed off your toned thighs, and a tank top that dipped low to your cleavage.  Okay, so maybe you had ulterior motives. You wanted to make up for your dreadful appearance earlier and make him squirm, payback for the years of him doing it to you.
You watch him as he lets his eyes roam your body, eying you like he wants to ravage you completely. You feel victorious… and also turned on. Fuck, you played yourself.
You flop onto the couch in a huff and Tae snorts before joining you.
“What’s so funny?” You eye him suspiciously.
“Nothing,” his smile feigns innocence. “I’m not allowed to laugh?”
You sniff in annoyance, not eager to fall for his tricks. “You’re allowed to do whatever you want, your highness.”  Sarcasm drips from your voice and Tae finds it even more humorous.
“I see you’re still a sassy bitch.”
You gasp, audibly startled by his language and rise from the couch, fists clenched.
“I see you’re still a conceited dick!”
He rises to meet you where you stand, eyes boring into your own with his stupid sexy grin on his face.  “I see you’re still not one to back down from a fight.”
You step closer, close enough to feel his breath on your face.  Idly, you note it smells like peppermint and you move closer on reflex.
“Yeah? I see you’re still not one to avoid starting a fight in the first place!” you huff.
“Oh, I started it?”  
“Yeah, you started it! You called me a bitch!”
You can’t believe this is happening.  You feel as if you’re 6 again and fighting with him over a toy.
“A sassy bitch, actually,” he corrects, taking another step forward, bodies touching.
“Fuck you!”
“Only if you say please,” he quips before he closes the distance and presses his lips to yours in a scorching hot kiss.
There’s not even a moment of hesitation on your end, immediately pulling him even closer and wrapping your arms around his neck and allowing his tongue entrance to your mouth.  Your body reacts to his instantly, as if it’s wired to respond to him and him only. Your mind was blank of anything except Tae, only Tae please, and you acted purely on instinct alone.  And instinct was pulling him closer and begging, more, anything he could give.
The sound of laughter coming from the hallway pulls you apart, neither of you wanting to get caught by Namjoon or Jin.  You stare at him, his lips are cherry red and slightly swollen and the image burns into your retinas.  He has such pretty lips after you’ve kissed him.
“Oh hey! What’s going on here?” Namjoon asks as he notices the intense eye-battle you’re engaged in with his younger brother.
It shakes you out of the spell, eye contact broken and hypnosis halted.  
“Just, errrr,” you falter to find the right words to explain the situation.
“Just getting reacquainted.”  Tae sounds completely unaffected, as if the passionate kiss you shared with him seconds ago was but a distant memory.  Asshole.
“I’m surprised you two haven’t thrown anything at each other yet,” Jin laughs. “Or thrown yourselves at each other.”
Both you and Taehyung whip to look directly at Jin.
“Her!?” Tae is incredulous. “Gross.”
You’ll never admit out loud that his words wound you.
“You’re an asshole, Taehyung,” you punctuate your words by turning away from him and towards Namjoon, who appears amused as ever.
“Ah, I love when my best friend and my little brother are screaming at each other.  Feels like old times.  Can one of you cry now to complete the moment?”
Taehyung grumbles under his breath, something you can’t catch, and stalks off to his room.  The slam of his door reverberates in the apartment and Jin jumps and turns to yell down the hall at his brother-in-law.
“Yah! Don’t break my apartment! I still owe money on this!”
Tumblr media
Despite Taehyung’s appearance every so often in the kitchen or living room, the rest of the night goes on with no annoying disturbances.
Jin spoils you and his husband with expensive food, and the best cheesecake you’ve ever eaten in your life.  Plus, you’re given the bowl to lick clean despite a desperately adorable pout from Namjoon you were sure would persuade Jin.
You’re settled on the couch, snuggling in the middle of the couple as an action movie flickers across the big screen tv.  Truthfully, you haven’t paid attention to a single thing happening, your thoughts entirely too absorbed in Taehyung and that deliciously infuriating kiss.  
Why did he do it?  You couldn’t comprehend his reasoning.  Perhaps he was doing it to piss you off.  He’s never angered you with that level of intimacy before, but you didn’t put it past him.
You’re surprised when the credits of the movie start rolling and Jin and Namjoon fake loud yawns.
“Oh man, I’m beat,” Namjoon lies.
Jin is quick to join. “Me too, I think I’ll pass out the moment I hit the pillow.”
You roll your eyes at the men. “Will you two please go fuck already, I know that’s what you’re going to do.”
Namjoon blanches, but Jin laughs and kisses your cheek. “Ah, my smart, beautiful and chaotic child,” he coos. He leans in to your ear, voice low to keep his husband from listening. “I don’t think I’m the only one in this house who’s going to get pounded into a mattress.”  
He pulls back and winks at you, deftly ignores Namjoon’s confusion and sadness of being left out, and drags him to their bedroom with a loud ‘goodnight’.
You’re left to stew in your own emotions, which is never a good thing.  Was the tension that obvious? You always assumed it had been one-sided, but the kiss befuddled you more than you’d like to admit.
It finally snapped in your mind, all the dots connecting. That’s why he did it.  
He kissed you so you’d stew and simmer and eventually erupt, like you’re doing now.  Taehyung knows you too well for your comfort.
You grab your bag of clothes and storm towards the bathroom to change, promising yourself to forget about the kiss and not give Taehyung what he wants.
Except you’re not very good at promises, especially to yourself.
Tumblr media
You can’t say you’re excited to sleep on the couch again.  While it’s a nice couch, it’s definitely not a bed and your back will pay the price tomorrow.  You supposed it was better than the floor, but not by much.
After dressing in your pajamas, a purposefully picked out combination of tiny shorts and a sports bra in case Taehyung happens upon you, you return to your bed for the night in the living room.
Namjoon graciously left blankets and a pillow out for you, and you’re complaining internally about Taehyung the whole time you make yourself a spot to sleep.  If it wasn’t for stupid Taehyung and his stupid existence, you’d be sleeping like a baby on the guest bed that you loved.  But no, they relegated you to the couch like an animal.
Sleep was not in the cards tonight, it seems.  You toss and turn and try to press at the cushions to move a lump around and get comfortable, but it’s all for naught.  You’re wide awake and very, very uncomfortable.  You didn’t understand how you fell asleep on this very couch earlier in the day.  Maybe the mimosas you had at brunch with the couple had been helpful.
A thought crosses your mind. Alcohol.  Maybe a nice glass of wine would help tuck you into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.  A nightcap. Of course.  You were angry at yourself for not thinking of it hours ago.  
You slipped out of your disagreeable bed and into the kitchen, trying not to make a sound.  Jin’s beloved kitchen was also an echo chamber of noise, even the slightest sound bouncing off its walls and amplifying it through the whole house.  You still remember the way you jumped five feet in the air when Jin accidentally broke a plate.  It sounded like a bomb explosion.
You bite your lip as you carefully pry the cabinet of wine glasses open, careful to not even allow a squeak of a hinge.  You silently beg to stay silent and not wake anyone in the house.  You didn’t want to be caught drinking wine at 2 am in the dark, that’s difficult to explain without looking like an alcoholic.
With glass in hand, you tiptoe the fridge to pull out the bottle of merlot, thinking the heavy red wine would be the best to get you sleepy and quick.  
You tug the cork from the bottle and pour a healthy amount into the stemware with a smile.  Liquid sleep.  And you had done it without making a single sound. Perfection. The smell of the alcohol permeates through your nose as you lift the glass, placing it to your lips to take a sip.
“Wine at this hour?” the unexpected voice of Taehyung echos through the kitchen, making you yelp and jolting you hard enough that you drop the hard-earned glass of wine to the tile floor, red wine splashing as the sound of glass shattering is reverberating off the walls.
“Fuck!” You screech at the intruder.  Taehyung doubles over, laughing as if he’s seen nothing funnier than what just transpired.  “You asshole!”
You listen past Taehyung’s incessant laughter to ensure the owners of the apartment hadn’t awoken during the ruckus. You definitely did not want to face a tired and agitated Jin to tell him you shattered one of his Tiffany crystal goblets.
Beyond Tae, the house is silent and you’re thanking whatever god is listening for keeping your best friends asleep.
The wine is everywhere, spilling into the cracks of the tile and splattered on the walls.  The crystal stemware is too; it shattered with such force that you see flecks of the shrapnel in all four corners of the room.
Tae wipes a tear from his face and you square a tempestuous look at him.  
“Fucking help me!  You made me drop it!”
Through snorts, he replies. “I didn’t make you do anything.  You did that on your own.”  Although he is arguing with you, he’s gingerly stepping into the kitchen and kneeling to pick up shards of glass.
“I wouldn’t have dropped it if you had come into the room like a fucking normal person,” you grit.
He collects the glass, the delighted grin on his face now permanent.  He’s relishing in your annoyance, you know he is, and it burns you from the inside out.
“It’s not my fault you didn’t hear me.”
“You could have turned on the light! Why were you in the dark like a freak?”  You’re grasping at straws, anything to pin this all on him.  It would quell the fire in your belly to push it all onto him, make you feel as if you’ve won.
Taehyung levels a look at you.  “And you weren’t also in the dark? Pouring a gallon of wine for yourself?”
Your cheeks flare red. Fuck, he definitely caught you there.  You’re playing verbal poker with him and the hand you’re dealt falls flat compared to his royal flush.  He grins, knowing he has you.
“Fuck you,” you snark, you go to insult when you’re backed into a corner.
“Ah, doll,” he winks.  “We talked about that.  Be careful what you wish for.”
The fire inside you is roaring to an inferno now, flames licking to your core. It’s a complicated mixture of anger and sexual energy. It’s infuriating that he’s able to make you feel every single emotion to the extreme. You hate that arguing with him turns you on, like it’s some perverse foreplay.  
You moisten your lips with your tongue as you process his words, and Tae’s eyes hungrily track the appendage as it glides over your lips.
“Fuck. You.” You emphasize perfunctorily.
All thoughts of wiping up the mess are forgotten as Tae drags both you and himself off the floor and steers you to the living room, lips feverish against your own.  He pushes you into the couch and tugs his shirt off, before replacing his lips to yours.  
“Fuck, you’re so fucking hot when you’re a bitch,” he groans as he snaps the strap of your sports bra. “Seeing you get all worked up makes me so hard.”
He’s not wrong. You can see through his mesh basketball shorts that he’s sporting an impressive package, rock hard in its clothed prison.
“Yeah?” You bite at his lip.
“Hell yeah.”  His hands work to the elastic band under your bust and tugs the offending material off, tits springing free as he throws it to the floor.  
“Holy shit,” Taehyung breathes as he gets a good look at your chest.
You shake them gently, grinning as he watches them jiggle.  “You like what you see?”
He smirks and pinches a nipple, wiping the coy smile off your face and turning it into a moan.  “I like when you’re mouthy, but don’t push it.”  
He lowers his head to the nipple he’s still pinching in his fingers, licking at it and replacing his fingers with his mouth.  He’s moaning around the nipple, and you’re gasping for more.  His hot mouth sucks at you, teeth nibbling and pulling it until you’re whimpering in delicious pain.
“Fuck!” He cries as he pops away from your nipple.  “You’re so fucking hot.”
Your body warms at his words, arousal pooling between your legs.  You’re sure that your thighs are drenched in your essence.
He slurps your neglected breast into his mouth, ensuring your nipples are equally abused.  His tongue is skilled but his mouth is messy, saliva dripping all around your tit and it’s the hottest fucking sight you’ve ever seen.
He’s pulling away again and pinching both nipples with his hands simultaneously. “And you’re so fucking annoying.”
You’re pleading for more or to stop, you’re not sure.  He continues.
“Mm, I’m gonna fuck you until you’re a good little bitch for me. Listening to every fucking thing I say.”
He releases your nipples, and you finally find the ability to focus again, staring directly at him.
“Oh, you think you’re that good?” you sass as you attempt to catch your breath.  “Put your money where your mouth is.”
Tae grips your chin roughly, face inches away from yours with a sadistic grin. “You’re going to regret those words, baby.”
Instantly, he’s standing up and tugging his shorts down to let his cock spring free.  Your brain misfires as you visually measure his cock and your mouth goes dry. He’s thick and long. The bulbous head is dripping pre-cum, begging you to slurp it up.
“How about I put my money where your mouth is,” he suggests as he grabs a fistful of your hair.  
He teasingly rubs his cock on your lips and cheeks, makes you whimper with need. Your tongue is sticking out, desperate for him to lay it on you.
“Already so fucking greedy,” he grunts and in one motion, directs his dick into your open mouth. “I’ll fuck your throat, yeah? Greedy bitches love getting face fucked.”  He is still for a beat more, eyes searching yours for consent and you nod with his cock still in your mouth. He winks, then begins a rapid pace, his cock fucking into your mouth and throat.
You’re sure you look like a goddamn mess with saliva dripping from your mouth as Taehyung punishes your throat with his thrusts.  You gag and moan around him, and he tightens his grip in your hair as you see stars.
It’s indescribable. Never have you felt such pleasure from sucking cock, but Tae commands your entire body, willing you to drip with anticipation.
“My little fuck toy, god you feel so fucking good,” he hisses. “You’re gonna swallow my cum, baby.”  
His hips are stuttering, he’s close, and you’re sucking him harder, cheeks pulling in harder to vacuum him in. The pressure makes him groan out loud.
“So good, so fucking good. Get ready for your prize, baby,” his voice cuts off in a gasp, as his cock twitches violently. His legs shake and he doesn’t hold back the moans of his orgasm, gasping as he feels rope after rope spill down your hot throat.
Your big doll eyes are twinkling up at him, lips still wrapped around his cock. Taehyung is sure it’s the hottest thing he’ll ever see in his lifetime.  You on your knees, subservient to him and thriving for it.
“Mmm, I like it when your mouth is full like this,” he slowly pulls out of your mouth, albeit reluctantly. “Can’t talk back to me when you’re sucking my cock like a whore.”
You smile and stick out your tongue, pleased to show him you happily accepted his cum.
“Good fucking girl,” he coos as he grips your chin again. “Did you like my cum?”
You nod, brain fried from the heat of the room.
“Use your words,” he grits and grips your jaw harder. It’s enough to shock you into compliance.
“Y-yes! Fuck, I love your cum, Tae.”  Your words are breathy and raspy, throat raw from his barrage.
“I knew you would, filthy slut.  Sit on the couch.” He orders and you’re quick to scurry and sit on the makeshift bed you made.
His hands are tugging down your shorts quickly. No teasing or seduction here, not now. You lift your hips, and he throws them aside. Your legs close on reflex, making him growl.
“Do not hide yourself from me.” His tone is dark and you can’t help but shiver as you open yourself up to him. You want to talk back, want to fight and bite at him, but you’re quickly losing the ability to even speak, and you’re aching for him.
“Where’s my mouthy little bitch? You’re awfully quiet. Did I finally break you?” He teases, pressing your legs upward, knees to your ears. It’s pornographic how on display you are for him, soaking wet cunt front and center.
“The great Taehyung thinks he can break me with his cock,” you mewl, mustering all the false confidence you can. You’re lying through your fucking teeth and you both know it, but you continue. “You’ll have to do more than that.”
Your pussy is quaking with need now, desperate for a single touch. His hands maintain purchase on the backs of your thighs, holding them up.
“There she is,” he bites at the flesh of your leg closest to him which makes you jerk in his hold. “Gonna fuck the brat right out of you.”
He removes a hand from your thigh and you’re quick to pick up the slack, holding the thigh in place to maintain his open show of your pussy.
“Try me,” you murmur, and you’re instantly regretting your words as a harsh slap descends and lands square on your cunt.
You nearly scream, pain flooding your wanton pussy, before turning into delicious pleasure that stings and tingles right at your clit. It sizzles, and warmth blooms where his hand was.
“That’s for not believing me.”  His eyes are feral and you want to bottle this memory forever.  
Another slap has your legs trembling, eyes rolling back as the burn turns to a low heat.  You’re dripping your wetness down onto the couch and Jin will kill you, but you don’t care.
“That was for calling me a dick,” he smirks.
Tears spring in your eyes as the slap brings more pleasure than pain, desperately close to your edge.
“Look at you, you could cum just from this, couldn’t you?”
“F-fuck! Yes, please, I need more, please!” Your cunt is clenching around nothing, desperate for friction and leaking out of you like a faucet. Taehyung marvels at you, legs spread so far, with a cunt weeping with arousal for more. He can’t wait to dive in there, but he’s not finished with you yet.
“More? I don’t know if you deserve more, baby, you’ve been awfully mean to me,” he tsks, breathing hot air on your clit, making you whine.
“P-please! I’m sorry!” You’re sure you will black out with how desperately you need him. You need him more than you need oxygen.
You’re quick to submit. Thoughts of fighting back are long gone, you’re his wanton little slut now.
“Please, please! Pleaseeeee, make me cum! I’ll do anything.”
“Anything?” He asks with an arch of his eyebrow.
You’re nodding wildly, gazing at him with desperate, watery eyes.
“Anything, I need you so f-fucking bad it hurts!”
By the time the words leave your lips, he’s thrusting two fingers into your cunt viciously, fingering you ferociously. He arches them, rubbing against your spongy g-spot and making you scream. He knows you’re close, knows you only need one little push off the edge. He plays your body like a skilled practitioner.
“Cum on my fingers, baby. Let me see my greedy little bitch milk my fingers.”
Your body and mind react accordingly, deep down you know your body is owned completely by him, all his.  Your orgasm explodes and you think you actually scream, your vision is black and your hearing goes silent for a moment as you cum harder than you have in your life.  You’re squeezing his fingers with your pussy so tight and Taehyung is gently licking all the juices from his hand with his fingers still inside you.
It takes time to descend from the separate plane of existence Taehyung sent you too, but you come back and watch as he laps at the liquid of your cunt and on his hand like it’s a vital necessity. His fingers remain in your walls, and he refuses to break eye contact with you. You’re positive you could cum again from the sight.
“My little cockslut tastes so good, just how I like,” he tells you tenderly. “Like cherries, so sweet.  My little cherry.”
Your cunt is aching and warming back to life as he pulls his fingers out of you. The loss is immense and you’re whimpering for more.
“Ah, ah,” he hushes you. “No whining. You’ll take what I give you.  Suck my fingers clean. Taste yourself.”
He presses his fingers into your mouth, earning him a sigh, the taste of you filling your mouth. You swirl your tongue around his fingers and suckle each one to ensure your tongue laves the entire surface.
“Fuck,” he whispers and it’s his first crack in his steel reserve. “Needy.”
He pulls his fingers from your mouth and presses against you to kiss. It’s gentle, sweet, and nothing compared to the man assailing your pussy with slaps moments ago. It thrills you just the same and you return in kind, threading your hands in his wavy hair.
He pulls away and presses his forehead against yours, a moment of gentleness you actively welcome.
“This little cunt ready for me?” He whispers and you’re whimpering your reply.
“Please, fuck me. I need you to fuck me until I can’t walk.”
He grins and presses a kiss to your lips again, sweet and chaste, before he pulls away and slides down to attach those same sinful lips to your pussy.
It’s so unexpected you flinch and manage a cry as his tongue slurps up more of your delicious essence and his mouth moves to suckle on your clit. You’re not sure where the fuck he learned these tricks, but you know now you will never let him go.
“Taehyung!” You cry at the sensation. “Fuck!”
After receiving the reaction he was desperate for, he slips his tongue into your walls deep and gathers as much of you as he can, before he’s pulling back and swallowing you down.
“I couldn’t resist. Your cunt was made for me to devour.”
He doesn’t allow for a response as he throws your legs over his shoulders and lines himself up at your core.
“Condom?” He asks you, and you level a quick look at him.
“I don’t live here! I don’t have any!”  You’re savage, terrified he’ll pull his cock away when all you want and can think about is the way he’ll feel pounding into you.
“Don’t be rude, baby,” he reminds you with a swat to your ass. “I’m clean, promise. You?”
You nod quickly, reveling in the spank’s tingle. “Same. I have an IUD too,” you sigh. Thank god for medical birth control implants.
“Good. You’re the only pussy I’m gonna fuck from now on,” he promises. You know you must talk about this later, when you’re thinking rationally and not with your aching pussy.  
Your heart stutters and leaps into your throat but all is forgotten as he plunges into your tight heat.
“Ohhhhh shit, ahhh,” he gasps. “Baby, you’re so fucking tight and wet.”  He’s on the verge of whining, becoming just as needy and greedy as you.  He wastes no time in setting a pace.
His cock fills you completely, his angle allowing him to go as deep as he can, pressing the beginning of your cervix.  This is surely what heaven feels like.  It feels like the completeness you feel with Taehyung fully sheathed inside you.
It comes alive with flames and explosions as he fucks you, hips pistoning to plunge in and out of you with tenacity.  He fucks you like he laces every single thrust with more, more than just sex. He fucks you with purpose.
You’re moaning like a pornstar now, high pitch wails and gasps and breathy moans are all you can manage. “Taehyung, yes! Feel so g-g-good!”
“That’s right baby, scream my fucking name. Make sure all the neighbors know who fucking ruined you,” he nearly spits, cock thrusting into your core at an impossible speed. “I want you to tell all of Korea who owns you. Who owns this tiny little cunt?”
The wind leaves you, and you’re gasping for air, gaping mouth open as you try to reply. It takes him fucking into you harder a few times before you feel it rush back into you.
“You, Taehyung!  You!  Fuck, I love your cock!”
His thumb rubs at your engorged clit, allowing it the friction it seeks.  He bends forward and wraps his other hand around your throat, squeezing.  
Losing air combined with the friction on your clit has you keening, so close to the edge. You try to babble his name but nothing comes out.
“Look at my pretty little slut taking my cock so well,” he praises.  “You have the greediest pussy, don’t you? You need my cock daily, baby. Need to put my mouthy bitch in her place, remind her who’s in charge.”
He slows his pace but his thrusts are punishing, fucking into you as hard as he can. Your orgasm is climbing so impossibly high.
“F-fuck!” You gasp as he releases his grip on your neck. “Gonna cum! Please let me cum!”  
“Yeah baby, cum for me.  Cream your greedy pussy all over my cock.”
The world stops spinning as you hit the height of your climax and plunge down.  Your vision goes black and your body is quivering and convulsing nearly as hard as your cunt is. Taehyung hisses at your walls sucking him in, as if you’re begging for his cum, begging for more.
“Fuck, good girl, baby, holy shit,” he’s breathless and so close.
You’re overstimulated, boneless, but he wrought two of the best orgasms you’ve ever felt in your life and you’ll be damned if you leave him high and dry.  You bite your lip as you move with him, hips pounding against each other. His face is scrunched up and you know he’s close when he’s stuttering on his words.  You take over for him.
“Please cum in me baby, please.  Fill me up. I’m yours, baby, mark my little cunt as yours.”  You don’t know where it’s coming from, but you keep it going. It feels as natural as fucking him does. “Please, Taehyung!”
At the sound of his name leaving you in a whine, he spirals down his own completion. He feels his cock pulse as he empties his load into you, your walls still reverently beckoning for him. He’s calling out your name, grasping at your tits as he finishes and you’re smiling from ear to ear. Your pussy is warm with his seed and you’re positive it’s the way you want to feel every single night.
“Holy fuck,” Taehyung rasps as he pulls his cock out of you. He thrills as he watches his cum follow, slipping out your folds and down your thigh. “I definitely marked you.”
You hum in reply, finally allowing yourself to soak in the haze of orgasmic bliss. Tae presses his head to yours again, kissing you sweetly.
“Come sleep in my bed?” He asks. He means more behind it. He wants to ask you to sleep in his bed every night, stay with him every day, be the one he grows old with. He knows there’s still more to talk about, wounds of the past to heal, but now you’re with him, and he knows he’ll work through anything.
You nod, and kiss him again, understanding his hidden meaning laced in his words.
A sly smile spreads across his face. “Last one to bed has to take the blame for the wineglass,” he teases. Your head spins as if you’ve got whiplash.  He can switch from dominating to sensitive to the little shit he is so quick.
“Hey! No fucking fair! You fucked my ability to run out of me!”
“Shouldn’t have been such a sassy bitch,” he winks before he tears away towards his room.
“Taehyung, you’re an asshole!” You call as you limp your way behind him.
From behind Joon and Jin’s door, a critical voice bellows, “YAH! I’ll kill you if you got your jizz on my couch! And what is this I heard about my glass!!? HEY!  Those are TIFFANY. CRYSTAL. THE DISRESPECT!”
You slip into Taehyung’s bed and wrap yourself around him, the two of you gasping with mischievous giggles.
Kim Taehyung will always be the one who knows how to drive you wild. He’ll always aggravate and infuriate you, send you reeling.
But now you didn’t think you minded it at all.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
© ppersonna - 2020 - do not repost on any site, or translate without express permission from author.
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junova · a year ago
never been in love — single dad!steve (headcannon)
Tumblr media
pairing: single dad!steve x teacher!reader
abstract: the one where steve likes you a lot and his daughter does too. 
warnings: it gets a lil smutty towards the end (18+) not really tho, this is so much longer than i intended jfc, bucky being kind of a dick, hint of daddy kink, cheating? 
[a/n]: this was totally inspired by @marvelouspeterparker​ post. i read it and it pulled me out of my writers block so thank u ! also this is so unnecessarily long but i have no excuse other than im a hoe for steve rogers?? 
*** gif isnt mine — i forgot creds srry :/
                             -ˋˏ ༻✿༺ ˎˊ-  
oh god this one is going to hUrt me
but can you just imagine when steve really gets to see you, not just in passing as he picks up his daughter
he nearly shits himself because how in the hell had he not noticed you before?
one any given day, he’s right on time to pick up shai
he’s always punctual
— until today
not only was he late, but he was an hour late and in his mess of mind he was fully convinced they’d never let him bring her to the school again
to make matters even worse his phone had died and his cable was nowhere to be found in his dying, old pick up truck
not to mention his sweet little angel, more than likely frightened out of her mind
— but he was so wrong
practically in a full sprint, he quickly made his way to shai’s classroom when he found her perfectly peaceful while she talked with her teacher
even though, she was facing him and could see him she paid him no mind. it didn’t faze her that her father was so late because you had stayed to keep her company
“well, it looks like he finally decided to show up.” shai spoke to you, loud enough so her father in the doorway could her. the edge in her tone pushing sassy all the way through
of course as soon as shai found her way in steve’s arms he profusely apologized and graciously thanked you for staying with her saying he would repay you for it
— and it definitely had nothing to do with how attracted steve was to you. nope. not at all
you dismissed his gesture, it was a delight to be with shai and you told him such but you had a feeling he wouldn’t let it go
— and he didn’t
the very next day, when he dropped shai off and handed you a dozen pastries he had made fresh this morning
the way you gushed over it, cheekbones high and happy over his kindness made steve’s heart swell
they were still warm and you just couldn’t believe he made these with his bare hands
it was easily the kindest gift anyone ever gave you and you told him that too before you could stop yourself
then he just started bringing you a pastry or two every other day, even if you’d refused them the next day he would bring double the amount he brought the day before
you stopped refusing him bc you already felt guilt since he wouldn’t let you pay for a single one
after two weeks, steve asked you out. you weren’t shocked he had, he had been buttering you up but no matter how charming you thought he was you couldn’t.
he was a parent of one of your students and you just couldn’t allow yourself to go there
it wasn’t necessarily against the rules, but it was frowned upon
accepting your rejection with grace and humility he grabbed shai before bidding you goodbye that day
you thought that was the end of it, until you saw him the following friday night at the bar you frequented at
— alone
you wanted to talk to him, the tequila in your system giving you an irresistible urge to but you were on a date with on of your friends’ coworkers
james buchanan barnes
he definitely was a smooth taker, those dazzling blue eyes sparkling like they knew something you didn’t
you really wanted to be interested, he was a loose shape of a man you’d dream about. maybe you could even pretend he was the one you really wanted
not when steve was sitting at the bar, alone.
but you left that thought behind and you convinced yourself you really were smitten with bucky
two weeks later, bucky and you had been on a few dates and he seemed to like you but you knew you had to end things.
whatever little fling you had going on
your heart got more of kick when steve used to bring you pastries in the morning before class than when bucky kissed you after your first date.
then he asked if you would come to his house, he was having a small get together and would love if you’d be there
— reluctantly, you went
bucky’s friends were nice, each one of them making you feel welcomed into their tight circle.
it turned into a better night than you thought and bucky seemed to be super touchy, guiding you onto his lap as you sat around the fire in his patio
natasha, bucky’s long friend since high school, had you all in fits on the stories from the past
everyone was too busy reeling to recognize his presence but you had the to be blind not to
there steve stood gaping at you’d like you were a ghost, certainly surprised to see you perched on bucky’s lap
yep you wanted to just crawl under a whole a stay there forever
“Glad to see you showed up, punk.” Bucky gesturing for him to make his way over to you, even when you pulled at the sleeve of his henley to stop him.
— of course your efforts to tame bucky in did nothing
he grabbed a cold one before making his way to the two of you
and dear god was it as awkward as ever
“Honey, this is my best friend, Steve.” Honey? He had never called you anything besides your name. By the way he pulled you even closer to him made you think there was something else entirely going on.
you certainly didn’t miss the way steve’s jaw clenched or as he held his right hand picking at the piece of bark rather aggressively
“Um, we actually know each other. Shai is in my class, actually.” Feeling rather suffocated by the weight of Bucky’s arms now that the man you felt too much for was here. “Really? I had no idea.”
steve’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head, infuriated. it wasn’t just that bucky knew you were shai’s teacher but he knew just how much steve liked you.
he didn’t shut up about you since he you with his daughter — something inside him changing in an instance
it wasn’t just that he thought you were the most wonderful woman he’d me — shai also raved over you
shai’s mother leaving a gaping whole in her heart she didn’t quite understand at the age of five was filled by you
you were kind to her, your patience never wearing thin as you gave her the attention she deserved
it may be your job but you enjoyed every moment with her and steve noticed
“Oh? She’s the one you would wake up an hour early for to make the pastries?” Bucky blurted out.
he woke up an early just to make those for you?
the way steve looked at the ground, grinding his fingertip against the label of his beer made you want to cry. his neck flaring pink at the embarrassment only made you wish you were in his arm instead
— even more than you already did
“You really should have seen the smile on his face when he came back from the school gushing over how much you liked what he had made.”
Bucky tightened his arm around your waist before saying. “Or when you reject him, I still can’t decide which is better.”
“That’s enough, James.” You tone harsh, before you ripped yourself away.
you couldn’t even look at steve, you don’t think your heart could handle it so you practically sprinted to your car
you needed to get the fuck out of here
until you reached for you keys, but they weren’t in your pocket
“Looking for these?” His hands looping through your keys giving it a twirl. “Star Wars fan?” Steve gesturing to you baby yoda key chain. “Maybe just a tad.”
“Thank you, Steve.” He tried to ignore the jump you ignited in his heart whenever you said his name.
handing your keys, he turned away from you, heading back into the house until you yanked him forward
the force so strong he though he was going to body slam into you before he pushing his weight against the car.....and you
“I’m sorry about, Bucky. I never would have gone out with him if I knew you two were friends.” You admitted while Steve just stood there looking embarrassed.
god did you always have to ruin everything
“I-I just, um, have these feelings for you. These very complicated feelings that make me want to throw every morally sound thought I have to the wind.”
“Which thought did you want to get rid of right now?” Stepping outside of his comfort zone, Steve grabbed your hands and just on instinct alone you cradled his face like it was the most natural act in the world. Like you had done it a thousand times.
“I mean, for one I’m telling myself I shouldn’t be this close to you.” Steve taking you by surprise as he tilted his head to the side, kissing the palm of your hand.
did he really just-
“What else, sweet girl?”
oh, you really were a goner
“I don’t know.” You spoke softly. Admitting to not only him but yourself — you couldn’t think when he was this close to you.
“Oh, but I think you do.” Steve diving right in as he latched his plump lips to your neck. Making whispers of his name drip off your tongue.
before you register what was happening steve had you pressed up against the car, rough hands gripping your thighs as your legs clinged to his slim waist
not to mention the ratio from his broad shoulders to his hips had your pussy drowning more
making you forget why you’d ever rejected him in the first place and he had hardly even touched you yet
then his lips met yours and you knew he had ruined you for anyone else. no one would ever compare to him and not anyone from your past did.
“Holy shit.” You whispered, completely in awe of what Steve was capable of doing to you in a matter of seconds. The proud smirk he wore in great contrast to what he felt back by the fire when he saw your body entangled with Bucky.
“If I ever see you sitting on my best friend’s lap again, I will go fucking crazy. Do you understand?” Steve eyes burning with envy.
“Yes, Daddy.”
brb gonna cry that i don’t have my very own steve rogers rip 
                            -ˋˏ ༻✿༺ ˎˊ-
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yunsoh · 9 months ago
alrighty season 3 ep 2 thoughts. this post got ridiculously long so the rest is under a read more:
- literally i love every single time we see akito sleeping in this long and empty room. there’s something very encompassing about how empty it is + how the angle emphasizes it, especially when we can clearly see she’s sharing her bed 
Tumblr media
- shigure and tohru’s moments alone are always soo so sweet. their relationship so far is very much one where there’s a lot of affection between them (which ofc makes one of their biggest scenes together during the final act feel especially hurtful even though it’s a side of shigure we’re well aware of by that point -- it’s just something that tohru up until that point hadn’t witnessed, much less been directly confronted with. but i’m getting ahead of myself lmfao moving on)
- actually related to the above love tohru asking “wouldn’t i just be interrogating him?” and “the things kureno told me make me feel like i’m looking into a deep, dark well” just ahh i do love this background progression of shigure and tohru’s relationship and how it reaches a head when they have their talk about kyo later. 
- this is perhaps unintentional but: having this shot of machi noticing yuki + clearly having some new feelings about him overlaid with/directly followed by momiji and tohru, where we still know momiji has an unrequited crush on her. yes it makes me laugh a little but it’s also fitting because at this moment in time yuki does not have a crush on machi in return + sees her only as a friend.
- it’s been mentioned but it bears repeating. why are they not progressing momiji’s height whatsoever lmaooo. funny because yuki and kyo have had gradual changes but they’re really just trying to make this growth spurt reveal super jarring huh. also holy shit he looks TINY next to haru in this shot. next
- the one kid in class asking hana to fuck the priyuki girls up but she’s like “actually i really don’t care” LMAO........ love her
- ugh i really love this moment with yuki.......... i think it’s been a while since we’ve seen the general student population (not just the prince yuki girls) still treat him in a revering way, now also in part because he’s the student council president but definitely still because of his reputation as the prince. this was something that was so deeply ostracizing to him early on in the series, and does still remind him of his loneliness -- but that loneliness isn’t crippling to him anymore, because now he does have friends who like him and who he can have fun with. 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i’m going to write a bigger post on this later probably because this is a really important progression point in how yuki understands himself to exist in his school’s ecosystem + how his self-esteem is still developing.
- additionally i just want to say that this scene isn’t yuki suddenly falling for machi, or really something to be read as mutually romantic between them -- machi i think absolutely has a crush on him at this point (because he is. the only person who is actually nice to her and considers her existence aside from kakeru but moving on) but yuki’s perception of her at this moment is heavily tied to how he thinks of himself as a friend + whether he’s a worthy enough person to befriend. the fact that machi shatters those doubts for him in such an overt way is important.
- anyways machi is rly cute here i loooove that she’s comfortable being more expressive around him even though it’s mostly out of embarrassment LMAO...... she’s learning how to display her feelings and trusts him with that..... cute.
- also of note yuki putting his hand on the top of her head which is like... he’s trying to convey that he feels they have (or are starting to have) a trusting friendship with each other but it’s like. a bit too much for machi to handle omfg. honestly this goes in hand with way back when ayame patted yuki’s head in praise which was clearly something yuki didn’t receive much of as a kid, and i’m assuming machi also rarely if ever received that same sort of praise. what i’m saying is they’re both trying lmaoo
- also as usual shimazaki’s deliveries are spot on yuki is soooo fucking cute in this scene. “what? seriously? they’re even worse than the ones i made” he’s so casual and funny with her it’s so good
- okay the timeskip to sunset makes me laugh it makes it seem like tohru and kyo have just been waiting in that room alone for hourssss
- ugh how sexy would it have been if the brief flashback to kureno + the music overlay had been cut out here. like tohru seeing the birds and then turning to ask kyo what he would think if someone’s curse had been broken would have gotten the message across just as well + i think would have been more emotionally impactful.
- tohru’s expression here though is so good just. ugh. will say this point in hers and kyo’s relationship is just so tasty because he really is her most trusted confidant but she’s also so aware of anything that could be construed as him rejecting her or pushing her away, which now that she’s getting especially wrapped up in the family’s secrets...... it’s a thin line she’s walking w wanting to protect him but not wanting to push him away bc he’s resigned to what will happen
Tumblr media
- this visual is so weeeeeird aoghjksd the screen being framed by her bangs. what. why
Tumblr media
- hmmmm in general idk if the flower scene hit very well. it felt kind of awkward? kyo and tohru both seemed really stiff which is weird because literally just a minute ago they were animated pretty well tbh
- this post is already so long and i only JUST started the akigure part of the ep....... i’m so sorry
- machi and kyo both handing off white flowers to yuki and tohru respectively and then we’re hit with shigure giving akito a red flower instead. obviously because akito is symbolized by red camellias + to refer back to her memory of shigure giving one to her, but also just basic color symbolism -- white being more indicative of purity and new beginnings, red being something both passionate, evocative, dangerous.
- oh we’re back to the kids. it is not in fact akigure time yet. 
- i loooove this tohru outfit so much she’s so cute in it. also ig it bears mentioning because i didn’t say anything about it last time, but the reboot hinting more directly to the audience that something bad happened to rin, rather than just her disappearing entirely, is def more overt than in the manga. that short scene of ren intercepting rin in the last ep was chronological yes, but in the manga we don’t see that happen until after we know that akito’s been keeping her in the cat’s room. so just by tohru mentioning that she hasn’t seen or heard from rin in a while, we’re clued in that something bad to her must have happened because of ren. which i don’t think is a bad decision honestly -- since ren is set up as the antagonist for this season, it might make viewers assume that ren did something bad to her, only for it to be revealed that it was akito and that akito is still becoming more and more unhinged. but that also ren is unhinged. disasters.
- “i’m sorry, i’m afraid i do have parents” this rly is just the mid-20s mood isn’t it
- mitsuru fucking hissing at shigure i cannot
- nakamura’s acting during this phone scene is so goooood oh my god. the LOATHING. honestly this alone just makes me crazy abt the insanity that is akito + kureno + shigure like jesus christ. 
- kureno’s pitiful little “nii-san” after shigure obliterates his entire life. there we go
- honestly it’s funny how shigure’s expression looks when akito yells at him for sleeping with ren because for a moment it looks like he has NO idea what she’s talking about but then. nope. he fucked her mom.
- do like the little detail of akito pointing as she tells shigure to get out, but when he leaves he just turns in the opposite direction. like truly he has never followed orders to the t once in his life.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- this shot of ren is so fucking absurd oh my god. pls get ur male gaze directing out of here.
- “i... thought you forgot” man the way this is delivered feels really striking. i think because akito is never caught off guard in a way that surprises her in such a quiet way, or in a way that leaves her plainly vulnerable. like her vitriol towards him has to do with the fact that she feels he’s abandoning the bond they used to have (and ofc they bond they have through the curse), and that memory of him does act as a linchpin. 
- it’s primo bitchy shigure hours. primo akito meltdown hours.
- this shot is soooo foreboding wow. straight up darkness. tho i kind of wish this shot was used instead for the “i want to crush her to a pulp” line, or at the very least that the shot for that line was just framed differently
Tumblr media
- god they’re so fucking awful for each other. purely just a disaster duo. shigure taking control of the conversation + dismissing akito’s meltdown and emotional manipulation leaves akito feeling the only way she can have control over him is through seducing him since no other method works. the convo that has with her accusing him of sleeping with a lot of other women + her not knowing how to handle the fact that he slept with ren, and ofc the convo it has with her misogyny and how she views herself. they have this really vitriolic push and pull for control because akito doesn’t know what to do when she loses any control at all, and shigure’s grasping at what little control he can have considering how their power dynamics work with the bond -- walking away when she’s being manipulative, refusing to coddle her. like shigure’s wish for them to be on an equal playing field without the curse is a pipe dream because their relationship is just so, so damaged as is and is so heavily informed by what has already happened between them. takaya why did you have them end up together for realsies why did you--
- what is with the reboot team making akito break down the walls and doors all the time lmfao. bro the structural damage caused by this little 90lb disaster.
- i think i understand why they took it out (like maybe it would have been too overt with how they’ve set up the audience to expect something bad happened to rin after running into ren) but man they really just didn’t adapt one of the most haunting parts of the series huh. like this shot of rin being trapped inside the cat’s room right beside shigure thinking “i’ll be waiting for you” maaaan man!!
Tumblr media
- okay addendum: apparently she is in the room. in hindsight i did notice this but it did not register as a person because i thought it was just a glare on the window 😭
Tumblr media
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angstymarauder · 9 months ago
Arch Enemies {M.M}
Marlene McKinnon x Female!reader ; marauders era
summary: where two long-time rivals realize how thin the line between love and hate really are after an unfortunate quidditch incident.
word count: 3.4k ish
contains: angst, fluff, a heated kiss?, side of wolfstar,
a/n: i didn’t re-read it bc I'm lazy. Also if people could drop some wlw angsty harry potter recs that would be phenomenal.
· · · ∞ · · · · · · ∞ · · · · · · ∞ · · · · · · ∞ · · ·
Marlene McKinnon has been your rival since as far back in your Hogwarts years as you can remember. Always at each other’s heads. Always a competition between the two of you. Always striving to be better than the other.
The two of you made just about everything a competition. Chess Matches. Pranking. Grades. Eating. Walking. Detentions (you almost got kicked out of Hogwarts that year.)
Anything that could somehow be made competitive, you two competed. And while you tended to beat her with grades, she often beat you in things that took place outside of the classroom.
The Marauders, apparently, have been placing bets and keeping track of your wins against one another. Lily even claims that one time she walked into their room unexpectedly and caught them writing on a poster on their wall that had both your names in big letters on each side and a series of tallies below each with dates and event names on the bottom, but as soon as they saw her one of them casted a spell to make it disappear.
This year was no different. You knew it was stupid to believe that maybe, just maybe, you’d be able to try out for the quidditch team without Marlene fighting you for the same spot. You have no real desire to be on the quidditch team, quite honestly, but your older siblings play quidditch, your parents played quidditch, your aunts, your uncles, your cousins, your grandparents, your great-grandparents.
You have a quidditch family and you do not want to can not disappoint them.
The hope that Marlene may leave you alone for this one was shattered, as you expected it to be, when you walk into the team's locker room, a bag of quidditch gear in your hand. “Y/L” Marlene spoke as soon as her eyes met yours. Her eyes widened more than usual, a change most people don’t notice, but then again, you’re not most people. You know Marlene better than anyone else, you’ve memorized the meaning of every look in her eyes, every curve of her lips, every flick of her hands. You know her brain, how she works, what she is thinking, for the most part at least because right now you found yourself momentarily confused by the surprise lacing her voice. Why is she so surprised? Did she not expect you to be there? Your thoughts are cut short when the blonde standing at the other side of the room clears her throat in an attempt to reactive her favorite tone of voice when speaking to you, cockiness, “you going for the beater position too?”
“Yea,” you respond, walking over to one of the lockers.
“May the best player win,” you continued unpacking your bag, putting on the final touches to your uniform, but you didn’t need to look at her to know that she was smirking as she spoke, you could hear it clear enough in her voice.
She awaited a snarky response from you, you know that, but you didn’t want to waste your energy on a catfight right now. Your anxiety is already through the roof, there is enough pressure on you at the moment that you feel like your brain physically cannot handle any more conflict, so you ignore her.
Her eyes burn holes into your body as you continue to pull your knee pads on. Eventually, the door opens and you listen to her steps as she walks out of the locker room, closing the door with a slam and leaving you all alone.
It’s not long before you’re 100% ready for tryouts. You stare at yourself in the bathroom mirror for a moment before leaving. Taking deep breaths in an attempt to calm your nerves. Calm your mind. It helps a little bit, but maybe not enough.
· · · ∞ · · ·
“Y/L! Watch out!” is the last thing you hear before everything goes black.
The tryouts were going great, James was the captain this year and after stealing a glance at his little sheet, you could tell that you were going to beat Marlene out for this spot.
You should’ve been happier with that knowledge than you were, but somewhere deep down you almost wanted Marlene to beat you. This wasn't what you wanted and by the look in her eyes, you knew that this was what she wanted. A strange feeling arose in your chest each time she looked at you during tryouts, her eyes conveyed a message you hadn’t seen her wear yet and all you wanted to do was decode it. To understand why her eyes looked… sad? Almost. Like she knew you were going to beat her and she was upset about it. She’s never been upset before, always a team player. She took her losses as they came and just vowed to beat you next time. But for some reason… for some reason this was different.
· · · ∞ · · ·
Marlene’s Pov:
You looked so pretty. Flyaway hairs and a look of determination on your face as you swatted away Bludgers so effortlessly. She loved quidditch, but she wasn't as good as you. Jealous, not because you’ll win whatever competition the two of you are probably making out of this, but jealous because she knows she won’t get the position she’s been working her ass off for. Lost in thought she doesn't even notice the bludger coming towards her, luckily she hits it just in time, but then… Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Marlene watched as the bludger tumbled straight towards you, “Y/L! Watch out,” was all she could get in before it hit you right in the head.
· · · ∞ · · ·
The first thing you felt when you woke up was an intense pounding in your skill that caused an unconscious groan to leave your mouth. As you increasingly became aware your head began hurting more and more. You went to bring your hand up to rub your eyes in an attempt to wake yourself up when you felt another hand on yours. Opening your eyes only increased your headache, but the desire to know whose hand was holding yours overruled the pain. Their hand was soft, warm, it felt like … like home. That's the only word you could find in this pain-forsaken state to properly describe the feeling.
The blur of a person who held your hand made you think you were crazy. You found yourself blinking a few times in attempts to clear your vision, not initially trusting your eyes and barely trusting them now as you see Marlene McKinnon's hand, holding yours.
Marlene McKinnon.
Your arch-nemesis?
The one who practically hates you?
Yea… her.
What the fuck.
Why is she holding your hand… and why do you never want her to let go?
You can feel your lips curve up into an unconscious smile as you stare at the place where her hand connects with yours before roaming your eyes up to her figure to her sleeping face being held up by her other hand, elbow resting on her armchair next to your bed. She looks so peaceful, so beautiful, and you wonder why you’ve never noticed how gorgeous she was before. How her lips look so soft and her skin so smooth. The way the waning gibbous moonlight shines into the room from the large infirmary windows and lights her face up in a way you’ve never seen in before and in that moment you want nothing more than to stare at her face like that forever. You don’t even notice your other hand moving up to touch her face until you hear a voice whisper from a few beds over from yours. “Oh, you’re up.” Startled, you feel like you were just caught committing a crime and immediately pull your hand back to where it was before. Marlene shifts in her sleep from your quick movements and you’re watching this moment slip through your fingers, silently begging whatever runs the universe to let you stay in this moment just a little bit longer. Thankfully, they answer and Marlene stills, returning to her peaceful sleep. “Don’t worry, Lils says she sleeps like a log.”
You giggle at these words, turning to face Remus with a smile, “yea, she does. We can never get her up in the morning.” “It’s the same with Sirius. He never wants to wake up.” The two of you giggle quietly, afraid to wake up anyone in the castle this late at night, especially the girl sitting beside you. You talk about Remus first, asking if the full moon the night before was really that bad that Pomfrey made him stay overnight again and if he's okay. He assures you that he is fine and redirects the conversation to you, “What about you? Are you okay?”
“I don’t even know what happened to me,” you tell him, “or why my head hurts so much or why M-” you pause, now looking at the girl. You’re scared of speaking the words out loud, afraid it may reveal that her presence is only a dream or a figment of your imagination and that you will sound crazy if you speak about it.
“Or why Marlene is here, holding your hand.” Remus finishes your sentence.
“Or that.” you turn your gaze back to Remus, now wishing the moon was a little darker so your close friend can’t see the blush that is surely on your face.
“Well to answer your first questions,” started Remus, “You got hit with a bludger during tryouts, Marlene and Sirius rushed u in here while I was taking a nap - thanks for that by the way”
“Sorry” you giggled
“- and then Sirius went back to practice, as for McKinnon there, she refused to leave. I think she feels bad cause she's the one that hit you. Pomfrey said you probably have a concussion which means you can’t … well you can’t play quidditch this year.” You should be focusing on the quidditch part, it was something you were working so hard for, but you can’t stop your mind from trailing off to her. Is she only here because she feels bad? Or is there more to it? You hope it's more. You’re not sure when these feelings came to fruition, but they’re there now and you’re worried about getting your hopes up because it means risking yourself getting let down.
“I think she likes you,” you take a minute to process the werewolves' words, glancing between the blonde’s head and her hand.
“You think so?” you say with a hopeful smile.
“I think she’s liked you since first year and you’re just too oblivious to realize it,” you look up with him, your confused face causing a slight chuckle to leave his lips, “I’m observant, you know that but it's not that difficult to see how in love you two are, even though you act like you hate each other. I think she knows what she feels,” you both glanced at the girl, “and I think you just figured out what you feel.”
You smile at his words. “I think you’re right,” you admit, too tired to be stubborn and reject what your heart says is a fact.
“Just wait till January to tell everyone please, I have a bet going with the boys and- “ Suddenly the door to the infirmary opens, Remus goes quiet with confusion and Marlen begins to stir from the noise. She’s really waking up this time, you immediately close your eyes, unsure of what else to do or even say to her. You can feel her eyes on your face, her hand holding yours. “Good morning sleepyhead,” remarked Remus. You curse out his name in your head as you feel Marlene’s hand immediately rip out of yours. All you want to do is look at her face, read her mind. Was she embarrassed? Ashamed? Your mind went to the worst.
“How’s the girlfriend?” marked a new voice, Sirius. Of course. Who else would come to the infirmary this late other than Sirius to check up on Remus?
“She’s not my girlfriend.” remarked Marlene, her tone sending a brief stab of pain through your own heart, “I don’t even like her,” another stab.
“Yea, okay, and Moonys not my werewolf boyfriend.” You would’ve laughed, hearing the noises of Remus hitting Sirius in response to his words, but your mind was stuck on the words of the girl who was still standing close enough for you to feel the heat radiating off her body.
“I don’t like her,” she said, her words laced with annoyance and anger, “In fact, I hate her. We’re literally enemies.”
“Then why are you here then?” Remus rebutted, he probably meant to be helpful, but the words she spoke next only made your heart ache more.
“Because I’m not a monster! I hit her with the bludger and I felt bad. That’s it. Nothing else.” you were almost thankful when you started to hear her moving around, collecting her stuff, tears were threatening to spill out of your eyes and you didn’t want her to see. “I’m tired so I’m going, goodbye.” And with that you waited, listening to the sounds of her footsteps, getting quieter with each moment. You listened to the opening and closing of the infirmary door and only dared to open your eyes again once you could no longer hear the clicking of her shoes down the hallway.
“You okay?” Remus spoke first, witnessing the silent tears now streaming down your face. You wish you stayed asleep. You wish you never looked at her. Never let yourself feel something you knew she wouldn’t reciprocate. You curse yourself for believing Remus’ hopeful words.
“Fine,” you spoke quietly before turning to your side, the back facing the two boys who get to share the kind of romance you find yourself only able to dream about.
“M’Sorry,” you heard Remus whisper, before the weight of your head and your heart lulled you into a dreamless sleep.
· · · ∞ · · ·
You woke up to Madam Pomfrey's voice urging you awake. Her soft voice reminded you of your mother and made you want to curl up into her arms and cry, Marlene's words last night still resting their weight on your chest. “How are you this morning, love?” she asks, placing a plate of food on the bedside table, you're thankful that she doesn't mention the tear stains that probably made their home on your cheeks last night.
“M’fine,” you mumble, “better.”
“Good, good,” she smiles, handing you a glass of water that you didn’t realize how much you needed until the whole glass was gone in a minute and Madam Pomfrey had to fetch you a new one. “Took a big hit yesterday, that Miss McKinnon has a good arm.” You hum in agreeance, an attempt to not be rude to the elder in front of you, but hearing her name still hurts, the wound of her words still leaving scars on your heart that haven’t even begun to scab. “Speaking of the devil,” the nurse spoke, your head raising up to see Marlene's figure entering the curtain that surrounded your bed. Her hair looked so soft, messier than you usually see it, but you liked it. You couldn’t stop your eyes from travelling down her face, taking in her beauty while she was awake. Bags plagued her beautiful brown eyes, she didn't sleep much last night. Your gaze moved to her lips, the same lips that unknowingly cut scars along your heart mere hours ago. Memories from the night before that you had allowed yourself to forget for a moment returned as fast as they left, returning the heartache that accompanies them. Suddenly, you found the hem of your shirt more interesting, keeping your gaze and your hands on that. “I’ll leave you two alone,” spoke Madam Pomfrey, ignoring the tension-filled silence that laid in the air, “I’d like to keep you here for a little while longer but you should be discharged by dinner,” and with that she left the two of you alone, your breaking heart not even strong enough to look at her.
“Hey,” she spoke first, breaking the silence, but not moving from her spot where she stood at the end of your bed. “Sorry I hit you with a bludger,” she tried to joke, but the tension was too thick that it was just awkward.
“Why are you here?” you ask, a sudden surge of bravery coming from the anger that stems from your sadness.
“Why are you here?” “Because I feel bad? Because I'm not a total bitch and I care about you?” she remarks.
“Why do you care?” your voice grows louder, angrier than you want it, but you’re too stubborn to stop speaking now. “I can’t play anymore, you got the spot on the team, didn’t you? “I mean you said it yourself we’re enemies, right? You hate me?” you continue, repeating her words from last night. “So isn’t this what you wanted? You won. You beat me. Congratulations.”
“So you were eavesdropping?” she asks, her tone attempting to stay angry, but her eyes revealing that look you’re slowly seeing more and more often.
“It’s not eavesdropping if I’m lying right there.”
“Merlin, y/n, I don’t hate you!”
“You’re so stubborn,” she yells, getting closer to your face.
“If you don’t hate me then why would you say it?” You sat up, both your voices were raising, anger surging through the air.
“Because I don’t hate you! I love you,” she yelled, and then everything went quiet. She loves me? Only now did you realize how close your faces were. Her lips were inches from yours, your ragged breaths intermingled with one another, both of you already exhausted from your previous argument. You looked up from her lips to her eyes, just to find them already staring into yours.
“You what?” you whispered so low that only she could hear it.
“ I-” her eyes were filled with fear. Fear that her feelings won’t be reciprocated. Fear to express the vulnerable emotion that has plagued her heart for how long? You don’t know. So you move forward and capture her lips in yours.
After the initial surprise, Marlene began to kiss you back, her hands finding the back of your neck and your head while yours found her hips. You broke apart too soon for your liking and she rested her forehead on yours. One of your hands moved to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear before speaking. “I love you too.” You watched as her eyes lit up with joy and you couldn’t help but smile. “I get a point on the leaderboard for admitting it first,” she chuckled.
“Mmhm,” you hummed in agreeance leaning forward again so your lips brushed against hers as you spoke, “but I get one for kissing you first.”
“Dammit,” she whispered, before leaning in for another kiss.
· · · ∞ · · ·
“So Gryffindor Beater, huh?” you asked Marlene. The two of you laid together in the infirmary bed, her back pressed up against half of your chest, your arm hanging around her shoulder twirling and untwirling her hair with your one hand while both her hands played with the fingers of your other.
“Yea, James said it’s mine if I want it, but I don’t need to take it if you don’t want me to.”
“No, merlin no,” you said quickly, “I know how much you want that spot, I barely even wanted it. Was only doing it because with my family I felt like I had to.”
“Really?” She looked up at you hopefully, “you don't mind.”
“Nope.” “Promise?”
“Promise.” She gave her a peck on the lips before turning her head around again. “Plus, you’re going to look so hot in that uniform, I feel like I’ll be the real winner in this situation.” Your words earn a loud laugh from the girl in your arms and you feel like you're on cloud 9. You place a quick kiss on her temple and want nothing more than to be the one to make her laugh for the rest of your lives. Lives that you hopefully get to spend together.
“Told you so,” he whispered.
“I should’ve kept my mouth shut,” the second boy groaned, placing coins into the other boy's outstretched hand.
“Yea, but look how cute they are, Moony the Matchmaker.”
“Oh shut up Padfoot,” he groaned, “I’m hungry, let's go to dinner.” “Whatever you say handsome,” barked the boy before looping arms with his lover and walking away from the two girls in the infirmary who looked utterly and completely infatuated with one another.
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daisugu · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
↳ changbin x yn supernatural au
summary: the one in which yn is tragically human and can’t say no to her friend even if his ideas are insane, and changbin is terrifying demon / restaurant owner but contrary to the popular belief he’s the gentlest person ever; and the two of them go way back before yn was even born
an: this is a side project and i don’t have an update schedule for this bc i’m focused on my ateez au, but please let me know if you want to be added to the tag list 🍒
part 3 ← previous | masterlist | next →
↳ taglist @army-of-carats @neayaka @kaonice @hannahdinse8 @itsyaapollochild
“you're a thousand percent sure okay with it?” jisung questioned warily for the fifth time in the span of three minutes that he has spent staring at yn with a kicked puppy look in his yellow eyes.
withholding a sigh, yn nodded again. of course she was. yn was aware of the fact that scenting someone was an intimate act for a demon, but she also was a human and didn't possess the same values jisung did. so in a grand scheme of things it didn't matter if she smelled like him for a couple of days. especially is it saved her the trouble of getting a stamp of being another one of those mortal idiots who tried to sneak into crow eye, thinking they could get away with it.
that's how yn ended up here, waiting, while red-eared and absolutely embarrassed han jisung rubbed her neck with his fingers furiously, apologizing every other second for his actions. thankfully that did the trick.
although yn wasn't able to tell, jisung looked (like he wanted earth to swallow him whole and somehow simultaneously) pretty satisfied with his handiwork. although he did remain jittery the whole ride to the restaurant and his hands were shaking when he was asked to prove his winning ticket. but despite the fact that the demon lady at the front door (who jisung later introduced as yoo jeongyeon) looked at yn a couple of seconds too long (which truthfully gave the girl the scare of her life), they were let in and escorted to their table without any problems.
that was it. until the waiter came in.
look, jisung can admit it was his fuck up. he should've remembered that it was minho's shift today and his half-brother had an exceptional sense of smell, highlightened even for a demon. and that minho knew who yn was and what she looked like. and that minho wasn't above calling jisung out on his bullshit because the older one loved that sweet, sweet cash money that allowed him to pay his monthly crunchyroll subscription (“not all of us are rich like you, han jisung” lee minho).
so when minho came up with the set of menus to their table, he looked down at yn then at jisung and then back at yn, and said in his typical no-nonsense tone, not even bothering to lower his voice, “oi, han jisung, why did you drag your human in here?”
and suddenly all of the eyes in the fully packed restaurant were on them.
and oh no, yn knew she shouldn't have agreed to jisung's begging. who in their right mind listens to han jisung of all people? how embarrassing, now there was no way kids at their uni wouldn't point fingers at her and laugh at how stupid this idea was.
“jisung, i told you...” yn hissed like an agitated snake (if she knew, chaewon would've been proud of that one, if it wasn't for the current predicament they were in), head low, hiding her face behind her hair.
to his credit, jisung did look just as lost and embarrassed as yn did at that moment, “just pretend you didn't notice?” the cat demon mumbled pleadingly, “hyung, please?”
minho scoffed at his half-brother’s begging with a raised eyebrow, “do i look like i want to lose this job? not all of us are rich like you, jisung.”
it was that at this point people started to whisper around, some even started snickering at the scene which made yn only wish for a hole to open up beneath her feet and swallow her whole. her family would be so embarrassed when the find out, wouldn’t they? go chaewon would be nagging about bringing shame to her name and hwang fucking hyunjin just wouldn't let them live it down because he just enjoyed making their life harder. she was done for. and it wasn't even fully jisung's fault. yn knew she was just as much of an idiot.
“please please please please please please please please? i'll buy you that one collector's edition senku figurine?” jisung on the other hand seemed to collect himself and reserved to pulling out his debit card once again, only this time to bribe minho.
to which minho sighed, putting the menus on the table and glancing at yn who still looked like she wanted disappear from the face of the earth, “ynie, why did you agree to this idiot mastermind?”
rubbing her temples, yn cringed, “you know me, i'm stupid...” she mumbled.
minho clicked his tongue at the answer. the han 1 and han 2 duo (dumb and dumber if you will) never failed to spice up his life. to be honest minho was pretty close to giving up and just leaving them be, because really, he didn't want to deal with whining jisung (especially because he would keep bringing it up every chance he gets, he pitied yn for getting involved in the resident cat demon's shenanigans for the rest of her life, and also he kinda really wanted that senku figurine his half-brother promised him). but the luck wasn't on their side today. it seemed as noticing the commotion, one of the waiters was quick to inform the owner about the situation.
so lo and behold, here comes seo changbin.
and listen.
changbin is old. he's so old he still remembers good old 1400s when he was a spoiled boy of the royal household. and on top of that he worked real hard to get where he is today with his restaurant. crow eye wasn't always supernatural-only place but it wasn't his fault humans who came here back then, more often than not were, to put is simply... shit. they complained about demon folk making them uncomfortable, and changbin just wanted to cook and have a place where his kind could enjoy peace and quiet. that's why when he received his first michelin star, the first thing he did was banning humans from entering. but imagine his disappointment when stupid mortals made it their favorite sport to try and sneak in.
yeah, you'd be irritated as fuck too.
so no wonder he got a reputation of a (dickhead) not-so-nice person. plus, his looks and drive for putting only perfectly done stuff on the table (even if he had to break a plate or two in the process) didn't help his case at all. so it wasn't surprising when a fox spirit jeongin came up to him timidly and said, “mortals are at it again. the 6th time this week, we're making a new record here”, changbin was... well, he was done, really. so he cursed, making all the kitchen staff shiver, and ordered jeongin to lead the way to the table. to which the youngest of the crow eye employees eagerly obliged. jeongin lived for the drama and chaos, and sometimes it was too much for changbin to handle, but he loved the boy way too much to kick him out.
the two left the kitchen with a door slam (courtesy of changbin) only to be greeted by the sight of lee minho's trademark judging look, changbin's dumbass of a mentee working extra hard on his puppy eye emoji cosplay, and a human girl who was trying to find a way to escape while dying of embarrassment.
jeongin was right about the upcoming doom and changbin thought he really should've stayed at home today.
“han jisung.” the wide yellow eyes were on changbin almost immediately.
jisung all but jumped from his seat, bowing perfect 90 degree angle, “oh hello, hyungnim!”
“hyungnim, my ass!” the older grumbled, “what is this all about?”
okay... so where was that hyung that jisung was talking about? it was about time her friend called him because yn didn't think she could sit out any more of this farce. especially not when the fucking owner of the restaurant was standing there all mysterious, dark and handsome while glaring at them with his single visible red eye.
“i'm sorry, hyung...”
changbin shook his head tiredly, “no you're not, jisung. i knew i shouldn't have let minho rig the poll and let you win. you're really ready to risk your apprenticeship for this?” changbin grumbled, and yn swore his eye just flashed even hotter shade of red than it already was.
jisung jerked on his feet suddenly, and yn could see how he got more and more worked up with each passing second, “but it's not like yn is a stranger, she's my best friend!”
glaring at jisung, changbin clicked his tongue and pointed a finger at the youngling, “another word out of your mouth and you can kiss your position here goodbye...”
“that's not fair, hyung!” jisung exclaimed in in the heat of the moment and clearly not thinking straight.
it was really bad, yn thought.
yes, okay… jisung was a dumbass. but he was yn’s precious dumbass. han 1 to her han 2 and she would be damned if she let him get kicked out of that apprenticeship and ruin his future career because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. a little bit of embarrassment never hurt nobody, right?
so she got up from her seat and raised her head, “i'm sorry, it was my fault okay. jisungie didn't want to go alone and i suggested to tag along with him. he can't refuse me, so...”
there was a pause on changbin’s end.
and then a big sigh.
yn wasn't going to lie, she kinda expected to be laughed at. but then changbin slapped the back of jisung’s head lightly.
“tch... what are you, han jisung, spineless?” not waiting for the answer to his rhetorical question, changbin looked at minho and then at yn, “satan help me... fine… you two, come with me. minho, can you please take care of this?” the crow demon looked out the corner of his red eye at the starring customers, who seemed to enjoy the show.
that’s how they ended up in a private booth of crow eye, reserved exclusively for vip guests.
“jeongin will take your order shortly.” changbin said, looking literally anywhere but the two other people in the room. “don’t do anything stupid like this again, hear me? i understand the desire to treat your girlfriend but everything has limits.” changbin’s voice turned kind of rough and coarse at the end but then he cleared his throat and left so fast that he didn’t hear the frantic “we’re not a thing, hyung!” and “that’s not what it looks like” coming from jisung and yn.
back at the kitchen changbin tried to calm his racing heart because what the actual fuck…
he knew he was still getting punished by the universe and he was ready to admit he deserved it.
he maybe was an angsty teen back in the day.
and he maybe started a war or two.
and maybe he was a demon.
but it’s not like he just woke up one day and rejected his humanity for the hell of it.
this time the fate got to a whole new level of low.
even after changbin got home that day he couldn’t stop thinking of what happened in the restaurant. there was no way he could forget that face and that name.
han yn.
a sister of a woman he was supposed to marry in his first life.
the girl he met all those long years ago.
the girl that taught him how to cook.
the girl that he fell in love with.
the girl that got poisoned because her own sister felt threatened and cared more about becoming a queen than deal with the fact that she just might have to be married to a king that got himself a concubine this early in a wedlock.
the girl he longed so hard to be with that when taking his last breath, he wished for nothing else than to see her again.
and see her he did but it always came with a price.
in his second life changbin got to leave all the luxury and honors behind and live a life of an honest human (he wasn’t human at all, but at the time he didn’t really want to be exorcised out of his own body). so imagine his shock when he met yn all those years later. of course he wasted no time to get to know this new yn again. even in her next life she was still his yn. she still had a little scar on her chin from when he accidentally pushed her in the river, she still couldn’t stand his stupid jokes, she still had a heart of gold, yet there was nothing but steel in her eyes this time around. but changbin was happy. because yn was happy, she was alive, and she was there with him.
she was also a demon slayer’s daughter.
it wasn’t long till she found out who he was and attempted to kill him right there on the spot without hesitation. if it wasn’t for a then-human chan who took her out, changbin would have been 6 feet under. the worst part is, he knew he couldn’t have done it himself. so he had to bury the love of his life for the second time and then go into hiding till her father got eaten by a snake demon, meeting his untimely demice.
in the next life yn was a princess, absolutely in love with this foreign prince named felix and was already promised to him.
in the next yn was sick and dying in his arms before he could have even said he loved her.
in the next he didn’t even meet her, only caught a glimpse of her face as she boarded a ship that would take her far away from korean shore.
in the next she fell out of love and left him. as gentle as she was, yn didn't spare his heart that time.
those were long, long 600 years for seo changbin. but he never really complained because one way or another he got what he wanted. but this time… this time it hurt. because this was the first time that someone close to him got yn wrapped around his finger like that. because changbin liked jisung a lot, he was a good boy. a bit reckless at times but lovable nonetheless. but having his scent all over yn just didn’t sit right with changbin. what history did the two have? he could bet his red eye that not nearly as much as he and yn did.
yn was basically his soulmate.
changbin sighed. even if it hurt, it wasn’t the first time. he could totally deal with it.
spoiler: he could not.
because fate has her own plans for him and yn. always.
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Yea I meant to do this like a week ago but I got sidetracked bc I kept rereading the fics after I tracked them down skfjksa. Doing this bc I was inspired by the one that @parvuls​ made! @bi-ginny-weasley​ (x) and @ivecarvedawoodenheart​ (x) made great rec lists too and you should check ‘em out!
1. a fic that made you cry actual tears
getting used to letting go by @jennybeantime [nurseydex, 37.6k, T]
The frogs + Farmer spend the summer after graduation in Maine after Dex’s uncle died so they can fix up a house that was left to him. Nursey’s POV. There’s just something abt how this fic captures found family and pining and frustration about having no plans for the future all while you’re helping a friend grieve that made my heart hurt in such a good cathartic way. If you’re going through a quarter-life crisis and missing your friends you WILL cry too. 
2. longest fic you’ve read
right as things grow by @parvuls​ [zimbits, 74.6k, E]
This is my fave Madison 2015 fic (but probably also my fave fic period). It’s Jack’s POV and really unpacks the anxiety/excitement he’s feeling abt Getting What He’s Wanted and Trying Not to Fuck It Up (both in terms of transitioning from SMH to the NHL and transitioning from being best friends with Bitty to being something more). This fic just delightfully captures the absolute awkwardness of dating someone who was once just your friend and the catharsis when they finally figure it out that you don’t always get in fics. I read it all n one night and I thought about it for WEEKS. 
3. a comfort fic
white flower oil by @stanthefrogs [charmer, 8.1k, T]
Such a good charmer sickfic. It explores Farmer’s anxiety and homesickness that she’s only starting to come to terms with. Set when their relationship is this new thing they’re still navigating while figuring out college life. Obsessed with the soft, tentative way they approach their romance while facing anxieties together and how accurately homesickness is written in this. Felt like I was the one being comforted. I owe Li my life for this one. 
4. a fic you wish could be a movie
Call You Home by @adambirkholtz [nurseydex, 5.6k, G]
“Derek's first love was New York. His second love was hockey. His third was Will Poindexter.” Not necessarily a movie-type plot but I’m in love with the imagery and the setting-as-character vibe of this. Wanna see how NYC and Maine come alive alongside with Nursey’s love for the places and, eventually, Dex as they do in this fic. It also gets the “home is not just one place & also home can be a person & also home can be all of the above” concept and it makes me go insane. I adore Em’s writing and 10/10 would watch this. 
5. a fic you have re-read multiple times
i always knew (it’s always you) by @hashtagdex [nurseydex, 15.4k, M]
5 times Nursey chooses Dex + 1 time he chooses Nursey. The banter is so on point and the progression from friendship to being In Love is so seamless and reading it always makes my heart happy. It’s so well-written and the amount new fics I could’ve read if I didn’t just keep rereading this one is embarrassing but I don’t regret it. 
i will breathe in, breathe out ('til you come in) by @deniceford​ [nurseydex, 2.4k, T]
“Someone starts a fight with Nursey on the ice but Dex is the one to end it.” The way Dex’s anger and adrenaline fades into anxiety after the fight? Nursey, unsure but soft and careful and there, helping him through it? Quiet resolutions to be brave and just going for it? In love with this one-shot so much.
7. porn without plot 
I love this feeling/but I hate this part by @ivecarvedawoodenheart [shardo, 3.8k, E]
I was set on this before I realized it specifies porn without plot but it’s a favorite of mine so we’re sticking with it ok. This is set the night before Lardo’s junior year art show when Shitty comes over to help her bedazzle stuff at 4am. Lots of feelings about Shitty graduating and them attempting to navigate this thing between them and it makes my heart hurt so good. 
8. a fic that is pure tooth-rotting fluff
talk about you (like you put the stars in the sky) by @geniusorinsanity [nurseyrans]
Oh to be a city boy hiking and stargazing at night bc your boyfriend is showing you the trail from his childhood that he knows like the back of his hand :) This one is so sweet and delightfully sappy and I love it so much. 
9. a fic you wish would have a sequel
Bartender!Jack + NHL!Bitty AU by @whoacanada [zimbits]
“Retired NHL player Jack Zimmermann takes ownership of a sports bar in Pittsburgh and accidentally falls for the Penguins’ (closeted) new left winger.” I love this one-shot so much.  Retired Jack crushing hard on NHL player Bitty??? The flirting??? Super interested in how this would play out once they stop dancing around each other. 
10. a fic with your favorite trope
Slow Show by @doggernaut [zimbits, 19.7k, M]
My fave trope is “there’s a [insert weather problem here] so we’re stranded alone and have to confront feelings we’ve been dancing around for almost decade.” This is that. And it’s so GOOD. AU where the grad kiss never happened but Jack & Bits are still bffs who’ve been pining HARD. On Jack’s 30th birthday weekend, when they’re stranded together, things might finally click. Obsessed with this fic ok. 
11. a fic with a ship that isn’t your main ship
Everybody Knows Your Name by giraffeter [jackholtz, 19.1k, T]
NHL star Holster can’t see shit after getting his eyes dilated for a checkup and falls for a reserved but charming bartender. When he finds out days later that said bartender is the Jack Zimmermann, he goes for it anyway even though he knows he’s part of the world Jack has long left behind. I love this fic so much because of the adorable meetcute and how great Jack and Holster’s characterization and dynamic plays out so well in this AU. The platonic holsom is great in this too. 
12. a fic with a trope you don’t normally read but still loved
a service i can render by @omgpoindexter [nurseydex, 73.4k, T]
Not a huge text fic/wrong number AU fan, but I really fell in love with this one. It had me squealing and putting my phone down mid-paragraph because I couldn’t handle these two. Obsessed w ballerina Nursey and the NYC scenes had me screaming. This was such a serotonin booster.
 13. a different meeting au
as simple and complicated as that by @ivecarvedawoodenheart​ [holsom, 10.6k, M]
“AU wherein Holster goes to Samwell & Ransom goes to Harvard & they hookup during tourneys.” I’m sucker for the fuckbuddies-from-rival-teams to lovers trope and this one is definitely a favorite. The quiet hopefulness and the hesitant questioning of can-we-be-something-more are done so well. Also I’ve reread the roof scene so many times and it makes me crazy every time.
14. a fic that made you laugh at loud
wake up and smell the roses by @omgdexnursey​ [nurseydex, 6.1k, T]
Dex buys Nursey a $5 succulent and suddenly it spirals into this ritual/game/thing that goes on for months where they continuously gift each other flowers. This fic is so cute and I love how oblivious Dex is as he starts to get his flowers for Nursey in ridiculous ways. 
15. a fic that is angst but hurts so good
tell me what it's like (to be loved by you) by @likeshipsonthesea​ [nurseydex, 30.9k, E]
They’ve been roommates for 4 years after graduating and everything is perfect. Except Nursey’s in love with Dex but too scared to ruin a good thing. Then, a car accident happens, and they find themselves having to raise a baby girl who just lost her parents. A lot of angst, and grief, and learning, and uncertainty, and quiet pining, and dancing around feelings all while becoming a family amid all this pain. It hurts rly good I love this fic so much. 
16. a fic with established relationship/domestic fluff
I Love Him, He Loves Me by @hoenursey​ [nurseyrans, 2k, G]
I come back to this one a lot. Wanna read a good fic abt nerdy jocks going on a cute museum date, quietly taking care of each other, and just being in love with how easy and quietly perfect and good this relationship is? Of course you do.
triple bingo!!! but the the temptation to do every single square was strong tbh
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