#i wish i was thinner
witchyfrog · 2 days ago
A few of my fave Thinspo 
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commie-cosmopolitan · 2 days ago
Have you ever chewed up and then spat out your food? Well try it. Just see how gross it is all mushed up, wet and messy, it’s just purely disgusting.
Do you seriously want all this to be inside of your body? Rotting away and decomposing inside your pretty stomach, just melting into fat, limiting your body. Just thinking of it all already makes me want to purge.
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babypinkpaci · 2 days ago
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Pics from my lw that make me miss it </3
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ruiningmylifesblog · 2 days ago
My life, hopes, dreams and potential is lost to my mental illnesses. It’s a grief beyond words
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animiethighs · 2 days ago
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pretty-n-starv1ng · a day ago
if i get sicker he’ll love me
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lustarving · 2 days ago
tw meanspo
(if u r abt to eat fast food, sweets or fried food)
are you really going to eat all that? you know your body knows more about nutrients than it does about calories, don't even think about it, it will ruin your fast. plus, you said you wanted to reduce your body fat, i don't see you working on that.
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bjaydklas · a day ago
you will be th1n by august 31st
your thighs will be sl1m by august 31st
your waist will be tiny by august 31st
your figure will be small and dainty by august 31st
you will be perfect by august 31st
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decorative-body · 2 days ago
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all i want is legs like this.
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bluebu11erfly · a day ago
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logansanaarc · 2 days ago
Having a ed is so visually pleasing.
The “food” looks so clean all the time.
Watching yourself get thinner is joyous.
Your wardrobe is cuter cause we all know thin people have better clothing taste.
Photographs of you provoke everyone else’s feelings of jealousy and self doubt.
Seeing ana and you is overall the most beautiful thing.
A successful journey and being flawless is what shows.
Ig you can call this sweetsp0?
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commie-cosmopolitan · a day ago
Oh no no no no no, sweetie, did you just fucking eat? You know all the calories will just go to your tummy and thighs. You’re such a disappointment. Seriously, are you kidding? Like, it’s so pathetic that you can’t even stick to your own promise of starving yourself. Even if you were to eat, you should’ve at least eaten something low cal, like radishes or cucumbers; not that greasy shit you just devoured. I’m so embarrassed to even know such a weak-willed human like you. Do better next time bitch, and you better go for a run to burn off that ton of calories you just consumed. I doubt you’ve even been tracking what you eat recently- you failure of an anorexic.
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cakefy · 19 hours ago
No like, listen to me. We have to be skinny at least once in our lives, we've been obese, we've been "normal" but not skinny ?
Like the models we see on our feed everyday.
And not all of them are models (most of them aren't) they are normal people like you and me.
So when .. Will our thighs stop touching.
So when.. we will wake up to the beautiful sight of ourselves ?
So when.. so when will we feel super light to get out of bed ?
So when.. will we be finally skinny?..
Its up to us to decide when to start.
Im only 5 kg away to being underweight.. if i could do it.. you can too.. 5 kg and i will reach my ugw.
Listen to me, you don't need food.
Feel the love that goes through your heart when you imagine yourself being skinny and this love can be all just for you and you only.
Do not binge.
Restrict harder.
You will not lose in your own game.
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sulfurbat · 2 days ago
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bitebite-kisskiss · a day ago
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skinnyvslut · a day ago
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My fav thinspo rn <33
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lustarving · a day ago
tw meanspo
stop putting on excuses, if you want it you can have it. don't be weak, we all here know that you can't do it but do you want to please them and be the alive existence of what they think you are or not capable to do? come on, don't be what they are expecting you to be. be strong and keep resisting, a lil pain now and a perfect silhouette in the future.
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