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tiredoftheseblues · 6 months ago
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imcuterthanu · 6 months ago
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temporaryhappiness · 2 months ago
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ijustwannadisappearrr · 4 months ago
living is so fucking exhausting
having to stay alive for others is the worst felling ever cause you also feel guilty when they worry about you.
and at one point you start to think that you just want to stop existing
to put an end to your agonies
but the only thing you can do is look at the wall and fantasize about your death
because let's face it
It's the only thing that makes you feel something.
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zdechlypies · 2 months ago
I want to be thin, i want to be pretty, i want to be wanted. I want to go to a club and be that pretty boy everyone wants to dance with, i just wish i was pretty
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i-wish-we-never-met · 6 days ago
dear you,
thank you for letting me falling in love, even if it mostly hurts me.
—someone who loves you too much
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wishwecouldbe4ever · 8 days ago
Cofee.and.rain PRFCT.
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i-will-die-tomorrow · 6 months ago
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everyone leaves in the end; so what's the point?
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thayerslayer · a month ago
A Note From Kat
Hello Everyone,
Life has been crazy ever since I joined KISSblr almost a year ago. It seems crazy it's already almost been that long. Everyday I'm so grateful for those of you who have becomes my friends, have taken inspiration from me, or just like to goof around. That being said, you may have noticed I've been extremely absent, but periodically returning.
Here's the part where I'm brutally honest with you guys. I am going through a real serious breakup for the first time in a long while at the peak of my mental health taking a plummet. Most days recently, I haven't left the bed and when I have, it's been by force. I can't blame it all on the breakup, my mental health has been on the rocks for a while. Clearly, I pissed off the universe and it's yanked everything and everyone I love away from me as revenge. So is life.
My whole point in making this post is to thank you all for being my friends and supporting me even if I feel like going away. I promise I'm safe and being taken care of. I plan on finding a job soon, but hopefully still running the blog and starting up more quotes and moodboards soon.
Finally, I'd like to thank @ericcarrwhatafox for being so supportive and caring. It is unfortunate that things have happened in our personal lives, but my blog wouldn't be where it is without you, so thank you too. Please give her a follow and check out her posts.
With all that said, I love you all very much and I'm sorry I'm not the same Kat I was when I started.
Kat, your friend at ThayerSlayer
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honeypleasejustkillme · a day ago
i wish i wasn’t so hard to love :/
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softdom-energy2 · 3 months ago
It’s really hard to hold back tears as I’m writing this, but I’m gonna be taking a good break from tumblr. I fucked up. I don’t know if things will ever be the same (they probably won’t and it’s my fault in that) but I can’t be on tumblr when every post I see reminds me of you. My messages and asks will remain open but idk when or if I’ll be back. I’m just hurting right now and being here will only add to it. Be well you guys and stay safe 🤍
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tiredoftheseblues · 4 months ago
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
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empty-meanings · 6 months ago
I told my best friend about you. I also talked about you to my class friends and my coworkers and my manager and one of my childhood friends. I guess that’s on me for hoping and jinxing it. I mean it wouldn’t have lasted for longer than 3 months anyways. I just- I got so excited. I was wanted. I was worth someone’s time for the first time. But i spoke too soon. Because as it turns out, I’m not worth your time. I’m a joke. I’m only worth something if I am of use. And I am of no use to you. And now I have to go out into the world acting as if nothing happened as if I had never hoped that I would finally be enough for someone to even like.
forever wishing to be anyone but me
forever wishing to be someone who is lovable
— forever wishing I were lovable
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temporaryhappiness · 2 months ago
Leo Moons and Scorpio Moons can work well together, because a Leo Moon can help a Scorpio Moon trust the world more. Meanwhile, a Scorpio Moon will give a Leo Moon the drive to crush their visions. Finally, Leo Moons and Aquarius Moons may be opposites, but their polarity brings them closer together
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ijustwannadisappearrr · 4 months ago
if i were to disappear, who would care ?
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a-blue-spot-on-a-blue-sky · 5 months ago
it's easy to start healing when you have all the motivation in the world
the world is in pinky shades and you have all the will in the world to change
healing meant waking up with no will to live, and still do all the things on the list
school, exercises, eating healthy
with the thought these will pay off one day
but they don't
you heal of one thing
and then, something else is wrong
it just never finishes
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britkunoichi92 · 3 days ago
Well, I'm starting to go crazy again.
Being an asexual cis gendered woman with two deeply disturbed parents and not understanding relationships or success or my entire life even though I've always been the shy dorky intelligent kid and am still mentally immature for my age is really starting to grate on me.
There is a fine line between madness and genius, which is measured only by success.
I was never successful.
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