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tiredoftheseblues · 3 months ago
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
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imcuterthanu · 4 months ago
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inherfeeling · 5 months ago
I close my eyes and all I can see is us. In the shower. Kissing while the music is playing and the water is running down on us.
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jinxingrief · 3 months ago
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I am too young to be this tired.
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forlornalbatross · 9 months ago
The world's a roller-coaster and I am not strapped in Maybe I should hold with care, but my hands are busy in the air Saying: I wish you were here
Incubus - I wish you were here
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wotchergiorgia · 7 months ago
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In memory of him.
24th November 1991.
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wtfrroch · 9 months ago
TIDDI: an unending story part 7
Sometimes I think about
how lightning only strikes in certain places
or how our dreams get stored away
in secret little spaces
and I think about driving down a highway
with your hand in mine
and blasting “hymn for the weekend”
knowing with you, I’ll be fine
I think about how you like “honey”
and hate saying the words “mon chou”
and your 4 year old t-shirt
the one from Armani in blue
I think about how you love
wearing black and hate being loud
and how you loathe The system
and never want to follow the crowd
I think about all those trivial moments
when you said you liked me bold
and how you playfully tease me
as a criminal for the tips of pages I fold
I think about how the planktons shine
and how the stars follow my car
and if the moon is every griever’s anchor
then why is it so far?
sometimes I think about future
and everything we can do
but if I’m being honest
the only thing I think about most is you
Please don't repost, reblogs and likes appreciated
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worthless-misery · 7 months ago
I miss you so much...
I wish you were here...
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jslittlebirdie · 21 hours ago
I'm finally done with my last computer science assignment after working on it for 7 hours straight. It's almost 7pm here. Now I'm sitting on a bench near the river and taking a deep breath...
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farm2turntable · 5 months ago
The Pink Floyd: Apples And Oranges [American Bandstand, 7November1967]
I'd never seen this footage before. The contrivance of lip synch versus reality here is a thing of wonder. (Also, bonkers that they played a non-LP single that didn't even see US release.)
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ilovemybestboyfriend · 8 months ago
sosem fogom felfogni és elfogadni,hogy nem vagy már itt velem.
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tiredoftheseblues · 4 months ago
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little-bi-hufflepuff · 6 months ago
I wanna drink hot chocolate with my crush under a soft blanket, infront of a fire, while it‘s snowing outside. I want to feel her hair on my cheek when her head rests on my shoulders and I want to hear everything she has to say. I want us to be so close that it gets to hot, but we don‘t want to stop touching so we take of the blanket. I want our chocolates to grow cold because we forgot everything around us, I want to be so wrapped up in each other that suddendly it‘s dark out and she decides to stay with me…
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inherfeeling · 5 months ago
You made me fall in love with a song I used to hate. The same way you made me fall in love with a life I used to find useless. I love you.
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withbellzon · 3 months ago
“this is actually an official mixtape…”
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m-ir-a-nd-a · 7 months ago
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i can't sleep, and all i want is to be up this late going on an adventure with you. let's hop on a train. we'll be the only ones there. let's race through the streets. let's talk over a cup of dark roast coffee about all the nonsense of the world. let's admire the way the lights twinkle in the dark and hold hands to keep warm. kiss me on the corner like you never would in broad daylight. lets whisper to each other, giggle like children, and say we'll watch the sunrise before we drift to sleep in each other's arms on the couch because we were too tired to walk to bed and too afraid to let go of one another.
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captainsantiagos · 2 days ago
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Second degree secured.👩🏻‍🎓
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thequotewritist · 5 months ago
I wish I was what you wanted..
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seductiveandcynical · 5 months ago
He took apart of me when he left, the best parts. I don’t wish heartache like this on anyone.
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life-through-my-eyess · 5 months ago
I would’ve followed you anywhere, I know this because around you I let my guards down and felt safe. But you crossed a bridge I can not follow and my heart aches for you. One day I’ll meet you again, until that day I don’t think I’ll ever stop missing you.
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