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Tumblr media
Continuation to that thing I posted the other day
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If, and only IF, the writers are okay with it, I do believe that the cc's should read or know about fanfictions, because there's such a misconception about this genre.
Not all fanfics are smutty, about ships or like self insert. There ARE amazing, beautiful, well written fanfics out there, where writers spend their free time creating amazing oc's genuinely trying and managing to insert those in stories that originally aren't supposed to have those extra characters, and the fact it's all for free! They don't get anything out of it, they are doing it because they like it and because, just like them, many fans are also interested in those stories.
I mean, think for a minute, there's fanfics out there who are like bigger than a lot of books who have been published, and they are totally for free, for the fans and community to enjoy!
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The Fight For Net Neutrality Isn't Over
Does the FCC'S vote suck? Yes. Yes it does. But!
1. No changes will go into effect immediately. These things take time to implement. You're not going to start losing access to websites today, or tomorrow, or even in the next couple weeks. Take a deep breath. It's gonna be ok.
2. There's still a good chance of the vote being overturned in court. The FCC chairman pulled a lot of shady shit to get this vote through the way it happened, and there's a good chance it won't hold up. Here is a link to an article about this.
Support the people fighting to save net neutrality. Contact your representatives and let them know where you stand. Let the people in charge know that we will not sit by and let this happen.
Don't lose hope. Keep fighting.
This. Isn't. Over.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Order; *sneaks to ur asks cutely*
I'm so sorry for this but uhm-⠀ I want to know how would you think the adult males being a gamer/streamer with their s/o?? gender neutral if that's okay (any would do <33) Thank you!! Ilysm!!
Okay bye-
~ Pls note I don't watch YT or streamers much, I literally spammed my BF about what streamers do! My apologies<3
Ingredients(warnings); None?? Lmk if I need to add any! Maybe public romance but that's it??
Table; Childe x reader, Kaeya x reader, Kazuha x reader
Tab; 1,129 <3
Tumblr media
❥ Childe is the streamer that everyone mainly watches for both his looks and reactions. Think of Mark if he streamed! Very good looking but also amusing.
❥ Probably met him at some kind of convention, he knew about your channel on YouTube and asked if you streamed. You said you thought about it but never stepped into that territory.
❥ "How about I show you how to? It'll be fun! I'll introduce you to my fans, what'd you say?"
❥ Very energetic streamer, he adores his fans very much!
❥ When you were first brought to a stream with him everyone thought you two were secretly dating.. not yet at least!
❥ His chat loved you, most of them recognized you from your gaming YouTube videos and how docile you were until playing a horror game.
❥ Which is what Childe soon found out, you were very loud with horror games which was one of his main icons on streams. Outside of playing the usual Gacha or RPG games he was always seen streaming later with a horror game.
❥ Childe was amused by how you reacted to horror! He found it adorable actually, seeing as your main channel was random games and 90% of them were scary.
❥ Needless to say after that you two became a very popular duo! While you stuck to making YouTube videos, you always agreed when Childe asked if you wanted to duo stream with him!
❥ After you to actually got together after Childe's many failed attempts to ask you out the chat went wild once you told everyone. It was flooded with "I told you so!" "I called it" "Childe and [y/n] are cute together"
❥ Normally you'd watch Childes streams if you couldn't stream with him or you were out on tour.
❥ Overall it was very nice dating someone who shared the same type of game style as you, also a streamer! You both attend cons regularly, bought games together, and filmed together. Outside of the streamer life Childe was also very lovely to be around<3
❥ Alas I'll save my Childe rant for general hcs… but he's just so lovely!!
Tumblr media
❥ Let's be honest. Only reason you even KNEW of this guy was because everyone had him trending 24/7 for his looks. Some fans really did enjoy him but most were enamored by his beauty.
❥ You had no opinion on Kaeya, sure you were in a big streaming group/friend circle but Kaeya never indicated he ever had anything like that. So outside of his channel there was nothing really known if he didn't outwardly say it.
❥ One day Barbara, a famous blog/stream singer told you she invited someone new to the group. You wanted to greet them with a nice welcome until you realized it was Kaeya?
❥ It didn't make you welcome any less pure you were just confused why he all of a sudden wanted a little group.
❥ After a few months you both became nearly inseparable, always making random posts to your Instagram and twitters together, kaeya stealing your phone and making random 4 minute videos to upload to your YouTube. 
❥ One day you asked him if he'd like to co-op in some RPG games and you were thrilled to hear him agree!! After that you two made a lot of multi-player videos together. Occasionally you'd invite Jean or Venti to join you two but mostly it was games only you two enjoyed.
❥ Your fans were head over heals in love with Kaeya, his looks, charm, etc. Everything about him had your followers swooning for the next video together. It was kind of amusing.
❥ Though you loved both playing with the blue haired man and entertaining your followers so who were you to deny?
❥ Kaeya made the first move of asking you out mid way through a game, he planned it all out, RPG game so if you were confused to refused he'd pretend it was about the characters because lord knows he couldn't take public humiliation when it was you.
❥ To be honest both your following knew Kaeya had a thing for you, it's just you were oblivious to the fact he was wiped.
❥ He couldn't help but laugh to himself when you surprisingly accepted but asked why he hadn't asked before.
❥ Oh, he has, maybe not obviously, but he has.. just give this poor man a break. He's usually very composed and flirty but it left when it was to you.
❥ Anyway,, fans definitely make those corny ass edits of you two yk what I mean? Like those 2018 bendy and the ink machine things.. or the undertale ones 😨
❥ Kaeya finds them amusing and you think they're embarrassing but nothing crossing boundaries.
❥ Kaeya regularly reacts to them on his channel you cannot change my mind.
Tumblr media
❥ In the nicest way possible you feared Kazuha and his ability to stay calm in every horror game you two played. You both started streaming because of each other and never really stopped doing multiplayer games because of it.
❥ Kazuha was well known for calming and poetic games or games that are fun yet meaningful, on a blue moon he did like some horror games but mainly with you just for your reactions. He didn't get too scared easily.
❥ You were known for adventurous games! Also stuff like minecraft and some "childish" deemed games because you still thought them as fun. 
❥ Two complete opposites. No one would've guessed you two knew one another since childhood if you didn't stream and duo a lot.
❥ Kazuha had always loved you in a more romantic way but never knew how to go about it, let alone now you both are "famous" streamers and gamers he worried more for your reputation and job than his own.
❥ You made the first move and on camera playing a adventure style open world horror game to Kazuha as he was laughing about you getting creeped by a bush. (Is it bush??)
❥ Some cheesy pickup line that made sense in the moment, also made Kazuha lose his composer for a good minute.
❥ While they don't make edits of you two—thankfully—your fans always jokingly flirted with Kazuha. Why? Mainly because of the reaction you made!
❥ Kazuha was a fan favorite whenever you two did some duo game-play or something of the sort! He was so calm it made everyone watching not worry about a horror game and he was just very nice to listen to.
❥ Overall 10/10!! You both enjoy streaming and making videos together while also serving to your own fans!<3
Tumblr media
• NOTE;; this blog is for NBLM/MLM exclusively, and anyone questioning. Anyone whom is under the NB umbrella who's attracted to men is welcome! With that noted I do NOT write for women, characters or reader. Thank you for understanding!!<3 (woman are still welcome for my gn works)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sorry to spam you but you are my go to person for these things and i'm being plagued w these thoughts so -
collegebf!levi but pre-dating days. he's pining, down absolutely horrendous, and you're so oblivious. you found him in his usual study spot while you were between classes, purposely seeked him out. he pretends it doesn't make his heart flutter. maybe you brought him lunch or something, you lightheartedly scold him for not taking care of himself. he offers what he hopes is a smart retort, but honestly all he can think about is how you seem to always see through his always-put-together, nonplussed act. you two sit and talk, and levi doesn't even give you shit for distracting him even tho he was in the middle of studying for midterms, and he's most definitely lost his place in his chapter, that's how gone he is for you. and all of a sudden you're checking the time and cursing bc you got so caught up w him that you're late for class and for some reason he finds himself apologizing. you must've heard something in his tone or know something that he doesn't bc you've stopped packing up your things and all your rustling (that would be annoying to him if it were anyone else) stops w it. you're looking at him w a genuine look he's only seen on you on rare occasions and your addictive voice is reassuring him there's no other way you'd rather spend your free time. the moment is inexplicably meaningful for the two of you. levi hasn't ever felt like the first choice before but now that he does he knows it's just pushed him further off the deep end. for a moment he considers trying to convince you to stay. but then you flash him a smile, tell him you'll check up on him later, and you're walking away. he pretends to once again be interested in his textbook that he definitely does not remember ever closing, really he's watching your form retreat in his periphery. you're nearly out of sight before you pause and he hears and levi? and he can only offer a hum in response and he's praying it sounds nonchalant. you were on page 587, you toss over your shoulder, and then you're gone. levi tries to pick up his pen again and continue w his notes, but can't even give it a full 30 seconds before he's burying his face in his hands, not able to fight back the lovesick smile from his face or butterflies in his stomach.
STOP I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THISSS! please make a full-fledged fic out of this your college bf levi lives in my head rent free.
part 1 | part 2 | part 3
collegebf!levi headcanons (pining edition):
despite everything, he's pretty good at hiding it in front of others. if you don't know him personally, you probably won't catch on to how down bad he is. it's not like he's professing his undying love for you with his eyes, no, it's just that he cares for you in a way that's subtle but extremely sweet. it comes with asking how you're doing, reading over your essay if you're worried about it being crappy, answering your texts just slightly faster than everyone else's.
the first to offer his coat, pull out a seat, all that gentleman-ly shit. the thing is he was doing that even before he realized he had a thing for you and for the life of him he couldn't figure out why, but it definitely had something to do with how violently his stomach would flip-flop every time you smiled that bright smile at him with a cheery, "thanks, levi!"
he's truly embarrassed by how quickly these feelings develop. one second you're just the one girl at orientation that he could stand. the next you're in his messages often, asking how his classes were going and if he knew where so-and-so building was. then you spot him at the library and plop down right in front of him, and for some reason he doesn't snap at you to leave. he just doesn't have the heart to. instead he answers all your texts diligently, not excitable but very sincere. and when you make a routine of joining him while he's working—tuesdays, 2:30 pm—he lets it happen because hey, you're both studying, or doing homework, or—or something so really, you're helping each other. it's mutually beneficial.
levi doesn't consider the two of you friends until you text him about an event happening on campus (a fair with bouncy houses and other inflatable shits not to mention free food for the first fifty people) and ask if he'd like to come. as in, go with you. as in, together. not like a date, but like, surely you have someone else you'd rather go with. and he really doesn't feel up to feeling like an outcast in a group of new friends knowing that he can't do small talk or get along with them like a normal person. so he tells you he won't be able to come, citing homework and the like. but then fast forward to the night of the event, he's staring at his laptop and feeling something missing. but his post for the discussion board is perfect. so what could possibly be missing? it's not like he's lonely, farlan's annoying ass ukulele playing is enough proof of that. but maybe being an accessory to a friend group isn't the worst way to spend a night. fuck, he has no idea what he's doing, but he's putting on his shoes and stepping out his door and going to the event. which is where he sees you, by yourself, staring longingly at the bouncy house. he steps up next to you with a quiet greeting, and the way. your face. brightens up. makes his whole week. you're very pretty at night, and you probably know it. the night ends with the two of you going out to get a quick bite to eat since the free food is kinda disappointing, but by the end of it levi has a funny feeling in his stomach, and he has trouble falling asleep. he supposes you're friends now. fuck. kinda.
it's kinda nice. getting calls from you and talking about nothing in particular. you telling him to eat, that you'll even meet him at the cafe that's becoming a regular hang out spot for the two of you. it's like, yeah, he's had friends before, but none of his friends have ever made him feel like he brightens up their day just by being there. (to be fair, if farlan ever told him that, he'd definitely smack him.)
you just do these things so casually. you'll see him and say bye to whoever you're talking to so that you can catch up with him. and he just...doesn't get it? you want to talk to him? you want to chat and walk with him? it's annoying because your fingers are almost always close, brushing against his knuckles and then breaking contact all too soon and he has this bizarre urge to hold your hand while you talk because he's perfectly content just listening as long as he can hold your hand. especially when it starts getting colder, when you look like you're freezing and he knows he could warm you up. shitty, stupid winter.
the kicker THE KICKER is that. he's on break, right. and he's waking up on that day, and he already has a bit of a headache looking at his phone knowing that he's gonna have to send a short little "thanks" to everyone wishing him either a merry christmas (he's jewish??) or happy birthday (hange wrote him FIVE. PARAGRAPHS.) and it's not like he didn't expect your text. the two of you are friends, so of course you'd say something. but what you texted was "happy birthday, levi! i really miss you, i can't wait to see you next semester"
his heart. squeezes. because he's been thinking about you ever since the semester ended and to know that you might miss him too, even if it's just something you're saying, has him staring at the text for about an hour, unsure of how to respond. he wants to say thank you, but he also kinda wants to ask if you'd go on a birthday date with him. that would come on way too strong, though, right? he's only known you for a couple months. plus it's christmas, so you're obviously either celebrating or just enjoying the break if you don't celebrate. he's not going to bother you.
however, before he has any idea what the hell he's doing, he's pressing down on the telephone icon and he's—
he's calling you
"hello?" you sound surprised, but in a good way.
"hey." he swallows away the dryness in his mouth. "i just wanted to say, uh, thanks. for the text."
"the text? oh, this morning! yeah, you're welcome :D how's your break going, by the way? any birthday plans?"
and then you two end up talking for three hours. by the time levi hangs up, only one thought remains in his head.
god fucking dammit. he's whipped.
(and and and he just has no idea. how you both go to so-and-so's party in the spring semester and he gets just a little drunk and stares at you a little too long, and how it makes your cheeks heat up pleasantly. how you drive him back to campus and he falls asleep in the passenger seat and you keep getting honked at to go because every time you're at a red light you're gazing at him and smiling at how adorable he looks, head lolled to the side and breathing steadily, chest rising and falling and breath coming out in relaxed, languid puffs. he's so pretty. and you didn't drink bc you're the designated driver, but the buzz of the party still has you feeling good and encourages you to lean over and wake him with a kiss on the cheek once the two of you are parked. the blush that spreads on his cheeks? lovely. the way he stares at your lips too long? butterfly inducing. and the slightest smudge of lipstick that remains on his cheek that he doesn't bluntly wipe off in front of you? yeah, you're pretty whipped too.)
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bluecookies02 · a year ago
When they make you cry
pairings: Hawks x Reader, Dabi x Reader, Bakugou x Reader, Aizawa x Reader, Izuku x Reader, Tamaki x Reader
Tamaki, Bakugou and Hawks are in a female!reader perspective, the rest of them are Gender Neutral
warnings: angst to fluff
Tumblr media
Hawks will get cocky, laughing in your face when he sees your shocked expression.
Both of you were going at each others throats, spitting insults to one another, just your recent daily routine.
Now Hawks knew you were a tough gal, which in his head made it alright for him to strike a really painful nerve into your chest.
As you remained speechless he turned around, a winning smirk plastered on his lips.
Just as he took a few steps forward, sobs wrecked your body as you hid your face in your hands.
"I d-don't think I can take this anymore Keigo" your broken voice reached his ears.
A pang of guilt pierced his chest once he turned around to face you.
He did this. He made you cry. He completely drained your happiness out. He hurt you.
His teeth dug into his lip, his eyes stinging as tears picked at them.
At that point, he didn't give two shits about who's right and who's wrong, his arms reaching for you and wrapping themselves around your shaking form.
He held you there for a while, listening to your cries that gradually turned into soft sniffles against his chest.
"I-" He opens his mouth but his words remained stuck at his throat.
"I don't want us to end..." you mumbled, your own words throwing you into another sobbing fit.
"We won't end here kid, I've got you...shit...I'm a fucking idiot...of course we won't end sweetheart...c'mon look at me" he raised your chin up gently, looking into your red eyes.
"I'm sorry, fuck I'm sorry...not just for today, for every day before this, I-, God... don't leave kid, p-please"
You stared at his face, tears now streaming down his cheeks as his grip on you tightened.
You swallow the lump in your throat, grabbing his hands in yours.
"Something has to change Keigo...I miss you...we've been distant for months. Sometimes you don't even come home to me, do you know how that feels?"
"I know, I know, I swear... I miss you too. I'll tell you about everything I promise. Let's go home please."
You hesitantly nod, putting your heart on the line for the last time.
And now looking back, you're glad you did.
Tumblr media
//quirk: flesh manipulation (the reader can manipulate the molecules in a person's flesh just by touching it, making them useful mid-battle to make the other heroes ready to fight again in a matter of seconds, but also making them a threat to their enemies )
If there was one thing he despised about you, it was your guts.
Hell curse him for falling in love with someone so stubborn.
To live through a relationship with Dabi meant that you had to have though skin. You had to be strong enough to bite your cheeks and endure the issues that people in regular relationships never face.
He enters your home, covered in bruises and cuts, asking for your first aid kit.
You sigh to yourself, your usual nagging and yelling never reaching his ears.
You place the first aid kit onto your bedside table, turning your back to him, tiredly walking out of the room.
"Hey-" his voice calls out to you, quiet and confused.
You close the door behind you, making your way to your couch.
One of these days it'll be the last time he walks into your home, the last time you help him clean his cuts and the last time you hear his voice.
The weight of uncertainty pulls at your chest harder with every passing day.
He chose to continue living like this, he is the one that keeps ruining his own life, it's his ambitions that are making you this miserable.
Once he patches himself up, he sits on your bed for a while. Your silance meaning one thing and one thing only. You finally realized how pointless being with him is, you finally got it through your thick skull that he's nothing special to dwell about.
Time passes by quickly, a few hours already gone yet he's still glued to the same spot, not having the strength to leave your room, too scared to face your rejection once he gets out.
He should be happy for you, you won't be hurting anymore, you'll be able to find someone better.
He slowly twists the knob, taking slow steps through your living room.
You are laying on your couch, tear stains on your face and a tissue crumbled in your hand.
His chest tightenes at the sight. You cried yourself to sleep. He wonders... how many times did you cry over him? How many times would you just lay here as he carelessly roamed the streets?
He should leave...he should spare you the pain he brings. You were the only good thing in his life and by continuing this he'll ruin you, piece by piece.
You showed nothing but kindness to him, you made him realize that some people are worth getting close to, you being a hero also making his resolves shake under his feet.
He stretched his arm out to your cheek, careful not to wake you up.
He left a soft kiss to your temple before leaving your house.
You woke up to a persistent ring of your doorbell.
You felt terrible...your hair was a mess, your nose was all clogged up and your eyes burned from all the crying.
You opened your door with annoyance, mad at whoever decided to burst your sadness bubble.
"Hey doll, I would've let myself in but my hands are kinda busy"
Your boyfriend stood there with a backpack on his shoulder and a carton box in his hands.
"So...do you happen to have a room to spare for a year or two...maybe three?"
You stare in disbelief your hand covering your mouth.
"I know that me being a villain might be a setback but...I got some hair dye? I might even consider letting you fix my jigsaw face."
Your body crashed into his, the box dropping to the ground as you squeezed your arms around him.
Maybe he can make you as happy as you make him.
Tumblr media
You knew he was rough around the edges, but you never even imagined that you would be the one his rage would be directed at.
As soon as insults came crashing your way you left the room.
You were just trying to calm him down, placing your hand on his shoulder as you urged him to stop shouting and just let it go.
His rough hands grabbed yours, throwing your hand away like you were a mere fly, his quirk burning your skin.
You tried calling out to him just for him to snap around and scream at you.
Once you reached your dorm tears freely rolled down your cheeks.
You yearned for a normal relationship, longed for some peace and quiet just for a week or two.
Yet you just couldn't let the blonde go, always hoping for some miracle to come your way and take ahold of his ego.
It's around 2 am and he can't fall asleep for the hell of it.
You're not picking up his calls nor answering his texts and you've been inactive on social media for hours.
Kirishima has been urging him to go to your dorm for two hours already, spamming him massages about him not being manly enough to win you back.
It's not like he doesn't want to, he just has no idea how to. Should he get you something? Get you some food and flowers? Where the fuck can he find all these things at 2 am? Isn't that how people in movies apologize or something...
He hates when you're mad at him, he is scared shitless of actually scaring you off and pushing you away.
A knock at your door snaps you out of your thoughts and a small flame of hope warms your heart for a split second as you make your way to your door.
He's holding a gray hoodie and a pair of bento boxes.
"That's not gonna fix it Katsuki."
"I know shitty woman you didn't even give me a chance to speak!"
You're sure that that's the first time Bakugou said the word "sorry" in his whole life.
The way it rolled off his tongue was shaky but somewhat determined, his hand grabbing ahold of yours gently.
Guilt was evident on his face as he stroked the bandages covering your hands.
"It's not that bad Katsu, and I understand that it was an accident." you mumbled trying to pull from his grip so he can focus on something else.
He grabbed ahold of your wrists, bringing your palms to his lips.
"I'll work on it, I promise. It'll never happen again. I mean it." you just give a soft nod, leading him to the table.
"Good. Now let's eat, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!" you cheered, opening the bentos and stuffing your mouth with rice.
"Y/N...it's 4 am."
"Exactly, now eat, you're not gonna let me eat all of this by myself?!"
Tumblr media
For this man, it was close to impossible to make his s/o cry.
He cherishes the relationship he has with you, making you feel special every single day at a time.
So when he sees you crying, he's confused and alarmed.
He reaches for you, trying his best to give you the comfort he thinks you need.
When you push his hands away and scream at him...Oh boy...
He's terrified.
Did he do something? Did he forget your anniversary? Your birthday? Did he eat your snack from the fridge??
You're pulling at the strands of your hair, your head buried into your knees as you sob.
He looks around, eyes widening when he sees a photo of himself and some girl kissing on the screen of your phone.
He wasn't there? He has proof! He was in a meeting! All of his colleagues could confirm that, he just needs you to listen! Please listen to him.
He's talking...blabbering...begging for you to just look at him.
As soon as you look up for a split second, he's hugging you, smothering your face in kisses as you weakly try to push him away.
Finally he leans his forehead against yours, letting out a long sigh of relief when he realizes that you're not crying anymore.
"Please Shouta, please, if you even have any respect for me, don't lie to me." you mumble out coldly, turning your head from him.
"Y/N, I would never, ever do that to you! Never! I love you so much, please, you have to know that, you do know that!"
You're too stubborn, but he calls all of his colleges one by one, putting them on speaker for you, asking about the time of the meeting or details of the meeting and they all have the same answer.
So now, your throat is dry and there's a lump in your throat, guilt eating at you as you try to apologize.
He couldn't give two shits about any of that, all he has to know is that you're okay and that you're still his.
He's not letting you go for the rest of the day, you're wrapped under the blankets with him as he makes sure you never believe the bullshit you see online.
"Sweetheart if I ever cheat on you, that's the day I cut my own dick off and bleed to death."
It makes you giggle and then laugh hysterically and he's just looking at you with the biggest heart eyes 🥺
Tumblr media
Izuku would never do anything to make you cry.
He pays attention to every single detail in your relationship and he especially pays attention to your feelings.
What he is really bad at, is taking care of himself.
He doesn't take in consideration how you feel when he comes home all stitched up and tired, or how he stays up late to train and push himself further than his body can take.
However one day, he is exhausted from his training and he barely has any strength left. His phone rings and he is rushing out the door, already panting.
You don't reach him in time to stop him, so here you are, hours later next to his hospital bed.
The villain wasn't too powerful, but his state caused him to pass out in the middle of the bettle field.
As soon as he wakes up, you're yelling at him, but at the same time sobbing against his chest.
"I can't just stand here and watch you hurt yourself Zuku... I can't, I can't, I can't....O-one of these days you're just gonna slip away from my hands, I can't. Please" You're grip on him softens as you loose the strength in your hands.
His arms wrap themselves around you, trying his best not to flinch as you rub against his bandages.
His eyes are watering, realization dawning on him as he holds your tired body against him.
You're right...He sees the state of himself after a lowlife villain with a pathetic quirk sent him into the hospital. He doesn't even want to think about what would've happened if there was someone much stronger out there.
"Hey Y/N...I-...I might take a week off, to rest yeah? Does that sound good?"
You nod, wiping away the tears as you sniffle.
"And you won't be training at night anymore. And you won't be staying up late!" you scold as he rubs your cheeks.
"I won't. I promise." he places a kiss at your temple, pulling you onto the hospital bed next to him.
"Let's sleep for a bit yeah? I might owe you a few hours..."
Tumblr media
You're crying, he's crying.
He's down on one knee and he's stuttering, his hands shaking as he hears you cry out a happy "Yes".
He barely gets the ring on your finger, burying his head into your neck as soon as he gets to his feet.
You always thought that he was going to propose to you at home, maybe some homecooked dinner with roses and candles. You didn't mind that option either.
You were surprised that he even suggested a walk in the park.
I mean, it was a really small park with little to no people in the area but it was beautiful nonetheless.
You're all giddy and happy as he takes your hand in his, his eyes always glancing at the ring on your finger.
Once you spot an ice cream stand you leap in happiness, rushing to get ice cream for the both of you.
The lady selling it smiles brightly at you.
"Is that the lucky guy?" you nod grabbing your icecream as Tamaki hides behind you.
"Good job sweetheart, you're making this lady very happy, I can feel it in my old bones" you laugh at her remark as you nudge Tamaki forward.
She hands him his ice cream and winks at him.
He's blushing and thanking the lady before running off to an empty bench.
”He’s a lil’ shy but he's got the spirit” you say to the lady as you rush off to get him.
You take the time to really study the ring, the beautiful blue crystal shining in the sun.
”I...I hope you l-like it...Nejire helped me out. Uhm I probably shouldn't have said that...S-she-"
"I like it Tama...I love it actually" you place a gentle kiss just at the corner of his lips, his hands grabbing your cheeks and kissing you deeply in return.
His cheeks are warm and his lips are slow against yours but you melt against him, letting him place you in his lap.
"Oh my God, I have a fiancé, oh my God, I have to call Mirio and tell him you said yes. You said yes, right?"
You laugh as you shake your head at him, playing with his hair as he fumbles with his phone.
Tumblr media
All of the pictures are from the original anime/manga (please do correct me if I'm wrong in the comments below)
The Tamaki one has no angst in it because I had to heal from all of the emotional rollercosters.
Tumblr media
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certified-sloth · 4 months ago
Ok but imagine one of the brothers just following you all over in the human world after the exchange program
But he finds how horrible they treat you and it's either he brings you back to Devildom, or you ask him to take you back
Warning!! May be triggering to some readers, please read at your own risk!!
"I left my work and I never would have expected this kind of behavior towards you." The eldest stated, sitting at the edge of your bed with crossed arms.
Sighing in defeat, you sat on the floor and looked up at him with tired eyes.
"It's not like I haven't done anything wrong, it's just that some people pick on others for their own entertainment." You responded.
"They're immature."
"And you're not?" You asked with a small grin plastered on your face.
He scoffs at you, "I'm the eldest of my brothers. I hold a huge responsibility, having fun is a hard matter to come by."
You didn't bother replying, and the room was enveloped with silence.
"...would you like for me to bring you back to Devildom for a break?" He offered.
You met his eyes in slight hope, "is that ok?"
Nodding in confirmation, he answers you.
"Of course."
"If it weren't for ya, I woulda jumped them already." He complained with a deep frown.
You nod, "i'm sorry."
It took him a moment to realize as he turns to you confused. "Why are you apologizing?"
"Take that back right now. You ain't done nothing." He cut you off with furrowed eyebrows.
"..." you look at him dumbfounded.
"Listen, MC. You should've told us, mostly me, but if you said something before you left, then maybe I coulda asked Lucifer to-" he pauses and stares at you.
"You didn't wanna bother, did ya?"
You couldn't form words, so you only ended up nodding as an answer.
Sighing in frustration he smacks your head lightly.
"And I thought I was dumb." He mutters to himself before shaking his head.
"Whatever bothers you, bothers me too. So there's no point in not tryin-" he cut himself off and looks away, clearing his throat.
"I-I mean, it's not like I want ya problematic or anything... it's just that... I don't like how you're treated." He excused with a faint blush forming on his cheeks.
"We already said that the house of lamentation is your home too! You're always welcomed there..." he trailed off before sighing in defeat.
"I can't believe i'm doing this. J-just... it's your choi-"
You smiled before telling him, "take me home."
He blinks as what you said caught him off-guard.
You giggle and confirmed. "It's not like there's much left for me here anyway."
He laughs, but soon yelped when you take hold of his hand.
Looking away in slight embarrassment, he mumbles.
"Yeah, home..."
He spams his controls, half of his focus on the game, and the other half had his mind stressed out over your well-being.
"You've ENDURED this?" Levi started, turning to you the moment he finished his game.
You stare at him confused. "Yes..?"
He watches you with a deep frown. "Can't you just abandon them? They've done nothing but hurt you."
"And where will I go if I do?" You asked him.
He answered, "Home!"
Smiling at him amused, you asked another question. "And where is that, 'home'?"
He pauses and blushes slightly. "Now you're just teasing me..."
You giggle before you pulled him into a hug, making him flinch.
"Y-you don't even look bothered at all." He pointed out, if it weren't for the background music of his game, you probably would have heard his fast heartbeat.
"Because it's more bearable now that I have my Lord of Shadows with me."
He didn't respond to you, so you look up to see him a blushing mess.
"You're not joking... are you? Out of all of my brothers, you're not just doing this for fan service, right?" He asked for reassurance.
"Now who was the one that followed me here? For someone that calls me normie and avoids me, you're suddenly here."
"T-that's..." he stuttered, looking away from you as if he was desperate to look for an answer on your walls.
You laughed before giving him a kiss on the cheek.
"It's time to go home, Levi."
"Hey Satan..." you called out to the blonde demon, your head resting on his lap as he plays with your hair.
"Do you... think I could call the house of lamentation my home?" You asked, staring into his emerald eyes.
He gazes down at you before smiling. "Of course. It was, and always will be your home."
You turned slightly to inch closer to his warmth, catching him off-guard.
"Then what if I asked for you to take me back?"
"That will be arranged. You don't have to deal with these mortals, I have a special gift waiting at their doorstep." He responded, leaning down to kiss the side of your head.
"So no one really does get pass the avatar of wrath." You joked.
He chuckled as he let you sit up.
He held your hand for comfort before giving every part of your face a kiss.
He wasn't the type of person to often show love in this manner.
But it seemed as if you needed it at a time like this.
Placing one last kiss at your neck, he nuzzles his head further in it.
You could feel him smile on your neck, you stroke his hair as his other arm has wrapped itself around you.
"Shall we go home?"
As he was combing your hair, he rants about the treatment you've been receiving.
"Why do you let them do that darling? They don't deserve to treat you like trash. It's not as if they're any better."
He frowns in distress, "some nerve they have."
"There's no point in fighting for something you think you don't deserve." You dismiss it with a sigh.
He raises an eyebrow and looks at you through the mirror in disapproval.
"That won't do, you're only giving them more of a reason to stomp on you. You're supposed to be treated with respect." He reasons.
You smile at him and he stops for a moment.
"You're just gonna let them?"
"Remember when you kept asking me to come back to Devildom with you?" You tried changing the subject.
He furrows his eyebrows before placing the comb down and putting a hand on the side of his waist.
"If you're considering to come back, at least let me give them a goodbye gift before we leave. I'm not taking no for an answer."
You smile and shook your head.
"There's no stopping you when you're like this... but don't overdo it, you don't like getting your hands dirty, right?"
He giggles and kisses your cheek. "Oh darling, i'm a demon. I'm bound to be harsh no matter how I dislike it."
Both of you were silent for a moment.
He opened a packet of biscuits and fed you a piece before eating the rest.
"Now I get why you hated it here." He started before you rested your head on his shoulder.
"Right." You responded.
The 6th-born stared at you with eyes of sympathy.
"Don't look at me like that, Beel. I don't like being pitied." You pointed out with a frown.
"I know, i'm sorry. I couldn't help it." He said.
"Do you want to eat something?" He suggested as a way to comfort you.
You gave it a little thought before smiling longingly.
You then answer him, "A homemade meal back in Devildom sounds nice..."
His eyes lit up from the mention of a meal before he stood up.
"Then let's do just that."
He comforts you with a deep frown before letting out a bitter laugh.
Turning his gaze away from you, he clutches onto his cow pillow.
"Humans... are as sinful as they always were." He muttered as he stood up.
Tapping your shoulder, you look up at him with bloodshot eyes.
"Let's go."
You asked him with a hoarse voice, "to where..?"
He stares at you for a moment before patting your head gently.
"Back home with us. Just like how you should've been."
He pauses for a moment before cupping your chin.
"But you don't have to come back with me if you don't like it. It's your choice." He assured with a small smile.
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clanwarrior-tumbly · 2 months ago
Can I request a Spamton X F!Reader where Spamton has a bake sale in his dumpster selling moldy cupcakes and such, so the reader teaches him how to bake cupcakes?-Art anon
"YOU! Light n eR! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE MY [First Customer] OF THE DAY?!! YOU MUST BE DYING OF STARVATION! TRY MY SPECIL [Byte-Sized Cupcake] NOW! TAKES ONLY EIGHT BITES TO FINISH AND IMPROVES YOUR [Internet Speed]! [Side Effects Include Nausea and Loss of Appetite]."
"Oh goodie, another vendor." You strapped your weapon to your back as you looked at the poorly-made booth, which surrounded the dumpster. A banner hanged loosely above it, reading "SPAMTON'S B@KE S@LE" with a picture of Spamton--ripped off of one of the old posters around the city and plastered onto it.
You've visited bake sales in the Card Dark World. Simple, but clean and organized as opposed to this incredibly sketchy booth. The metal scraps and poles used were rusted and looked very unstable.
You accepted the free cupcake anyway and gazed at it for a moment. It was tiny, fitting between your thumb and index finger, covered in goopy blue frosting with a WIFI symbol topping it, which was....covered in molds.
Any sane person would immediately throw it away.
But you didn't wanna be rude since he did give it to you for free and you were apparently his first customer.
So you sucked it up and took a bite.
At first it wasn't too bad...until the eighth bite.
*Bad choice. Your HP was halved!
'Ouch..I don't think I'm gonna recover from that for a while..' You grunted as you held your stomach for a moment, waiting for the discomfort to pass.
Sure enough, the "burned cd bagel" looked exactly like a regular cd bagel, but burnt around the edges. And when you hesitantly tried it you heard your favorite music genre in a distorted tone, with different pitches and static overlay.
*All your HP was restored
'Thank god.'
"Okay...that one was better."
"GREAT!! THAT'LL BE $264627563 KROMER!"
"....are you shitting me? You gave them away for free."
"AH, NO I DIDN'T!" Spamton cheekily wagged his finger at you with a much wider grin. "I NEVER NAMED THE PRICE! YOU JUST TOOK 'EM WITHOUT QUESTIONING ME! WHATDYA THINK THIS IS?! A [Free Sample Shop] DOWN THE STREET?!"
You probably should've known better than to blindly trust this guy to give away free food. Hell, "spam" was in his name. That should've been an obvious red flag. Now you were stuck wondering how on earth you could repay him...you don't think it's physically possible to carry that much money anyway.
Though as you looked at his booth, and the way he was dressed in such messy clothes and had splotches of dirt all over his porcelain face, you realized he probably wasn't doing this with malicious intent.
He was struggling. And considering the old posters of his face, you deduced that he was popular and successful at one time and..for whatever reason his life went downhill, leading to him selling unwanted garbage and ripoffs of actual edible food.
This was desperation.
But as you thought of his food, you remembered your hobby as a baker back in the Light World. You accidentally entered this Dark World when you visited the Librarby to look for new cookbooks, and figured out how this place worked pretty fast with battles and such.
So...maybe there's another way you can repay him.
"You're right, I shouldn't have assumed that. But what if...I made a deal with you?"
Spamton's eyes seemed to bug out as he sprang up, gripping the dumpster's edge with eagerness. "A DEAL?? WHATDYA HAVE IN MIND?"
"I'm a baker in my free time so..how about I repay you by showing you how to bake?"
"Uh..I mean your food is impressive presentation-wise. I can see the appeal. But I can help you improve their quality and taste."
"LISTEN, I'M A SALESMAN, NOT A [Betty Crocker] WANNABE." He scoffed with a slight frown. "NOW WHAT'S YOUR PREFERRED [Method Of Payment]? CASH? CARD? CHECK? [Hyperlink Blocked]? DEBIT? CRED-"
"I can help you sell them to customers better. That's the point." You clarified, hoping he'd understand.
"....WELL WHY DIDN'T YA SAY SO?!!" He laughed after a brief pause. "I'LL TAKE THE DEAL! SINCE YOU'RE SUCH A [Charming Ladies Near You], YOUR DEBT WILL BE FORGIVEN-!"
But as Spamton tried jumping out of the dumpster, he accidentally hit his head on the sign. This set off a chain reaction that ended with the entire booth crashing down on top of him.
"Oh jeez! Are you okay?" You blurted out despite knowing the obvious answer, removing the rubble to find the poor robotic puppet trapped underneath. You took off the poster that covered his face, seeing his glasses go dark.
"I'm no construction worker but..I'll help you make your booth look more presentable, too." Picking him up, you gently lifted him out of the dumpster and set him on the ground.
The color returned to his glasses as he smiled up at you, dusting off his suit. "THANKS, LIGHT ner!"
You just returned the smile and set off for your temporary home in this world, with Spamton following closely behind.
But in the end, even with the improved recipe for byte-sized cupcakes (and the now reasonable prices), he refused to relocate his shop to any busy parts of the city. He preferred to stay in the trash zone or in hidden alleys away from the people. Only a few Maus purchased his desserts, and they complained about the lack of cheese ingredients.
You thought he needed help working his way up; that's why you agreed to help him to begin with. So to see him stay at the same place where you first met him made you feel like he scammed you again.
But when you questioned him, he admitted to scamming you...for your kindness rather than money.
He went on to explain how you're the only Lightner to give him a chance, and he latched onto you, wanting to spend quality time with you. He enjoyed learning to bake and building a new booth with you even though he didn't care much about succeeding at his bake sales.
After that, well..you couldn't be mad at him anymore.
Why should you be? You got a new friend out of this experience and finally got to teach someone about your passion for baking.
It's a win-win.
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izayanna · 5 months ago
Genshin Men as your "internet lover"
A modern AU with the boys (except zhongli idk what to write abt him T^T)
A bulleted headcanon by me!!
Warnings : none!! Just some fluff with comedy, not proofread, some curse words, ooc ig?
A/N : Hello I just wanna make some really funny headcanons about the boys being your ka - "internet love" or idk and I was also a victim of internet love so i hope you guys enjoy this one tho !! Should I make a part 2 tho? Idk :D
Diluc :
Honestly tho, I don't think I can see this man as being your "internet love"
Mans just gonna fly over to you anyways (eat the rich)
Jokes aside, you both are really private about your relationship since Diluc doesnt want to get any attention aside from yours ofc<3
Your friends know about him too! But wont bother him tho
But Diluc has his own private acc and spams abt ur relationship there (only you and some of his close friends can see it tho)
When the 2 of you get into an arguement, He takes some time off of his phone and calm down before talking to you again
Leaves really sweet long messages !!
Both of you would send each other packages !!
Like you would send him some sweets and some things that will remind him of you and he would send one back too !
Would facetime you if you both have nothing to do or when you need something to cheer you up!
If both of you have different time settings (Like its alr nighttime in ur home and his is in the morning) IM TELLING U HE WOULD LEAVE YOU VOICE MESSAGES TO WAKE UP TO  o(〃^▽^〃)o
"Hey are you free today? I miss you can we facetime?"
When you both get to finally meet :
The both of you agreed to meet up at your airport. You were getting so nervous that you didn't realize a red head was already approaching you. He calls out your name which made your head shoot up and suddenly start sprinting towards him (good thing he caught you tho)
Diluc then wraps his arms around you so tightly as the both of you would be on the verge of crying (Jk he's probably crying rn)
It would take him a while to process as to what is happening right now. As the both of you slowly pull away but still in each others arms he gently cups your face and analyze every feature you have
"Sorry to keep you waiting sweetheart, I'm here now I promise you, you won't be alone anymore"
Bonus :
You both went on a quick date and posted on your story a pic of you and Diluc holding hands and your friends started replying "WHAT" "HOLD ON YOU GUYS MET ALREADY??"
Kaeya :
Like if you need to go somewhere or finish something he would be sulking and be all
"Awwwwww come on!! You're leaving me aren't u???"
Would also keep spamming you with his pics and memes
Like when you're asleep and suddenly you got a notification at 3 in the morning and its just him sending a meme and you'd be like "tf?"
You guys would call the whole day and when you have to end the call he'd be all sulky and "but I'll miss you :<" "bitch we've been calling for 15 hours now tf am I suppose to do"
Would lowkey be private about your relationship since he also has a big audience (he's an instagram model :D)
But he would post stories about you, but your face would be covered and all his followers will be like "who's that 👀"
Your friends also know about him and would like to get to know with each other
Discord calls with your friends and with him ofc !!
When in an arguement he's prideful but would also be the first one to apologize (if he's the one at fault)
You would do the same tho :>
This man is also free almost all of the time???
Like when you text him "hey" at 4 in the morning and he'd instantly reply "what's up?"
"What bout you? Why r u still awake? 🤨 missed me that much huh? 😉"
When you both finally get to meet :
The meeting place would still be at the airport but you're there with your friend/s accompanying you while waiting for Kaeya
When you finally spot Kaeya getting out of the airplane and he sees you, the both of you would start sprinting and hug each other tightly, spinning you around while laughing and your friend/s would all be like "well damn sana all >:(" (hope all lmaoao)
He would then kiss your head and embrace you even tighter while you'd suddenly start crying and he'd be all like "aww don't cry, I'm already here"
Bonus :
Your friends took a vid of you and kaeya running into each other and posted in on their story (with both of your consent ofc)
Childe :
Just like Diluc he'd probably just fly over to you right away ¿
Jk Lol
He would also send you different packages about him and some goods in his home
He's a very busy man so most probably you both would have long talks at night and in the morning you both would work yourselves off
Ofc he would also facetime you when he's done with work and it would take hours before the both of you ends the call
But when in weekends, you both would be in Facetime the whole day
He would even show you off his cooking skills !!
You both would also play games together (be it Valorant, COD, League of Legends or even Genshin impact !!)
Also sends random memes and some pics of himself
Would also send you pics of him and his family together and you'd be like 💖💕💗💖
He also leaves really long messages
Shows you off in his friends (even with his family)
When in an arguement, He'd facetime you really quick and if you don't answer he would instantly panic
But would understand because he knows you want some space
But if you're the one calling he would instantly answer and if he's greeted with you crying he'd be all "AW SHIT"
If you told him that you just want to see him and apologize, he'd be fine with it and will reassure you that it's alright
When you both meet :
Knowing that this man is busy af, It will probably give you both time to meet.
You were just casually cleaning your house when the doorbell rang and said it was for delievery. At first you were confused because Childe didn't tell you about a package coming today nor did you order something online
But you went with it anyway, so as you opened the door you were greeted with a man with a mask on and a box in his hands
"A package for (Name?)"
"But I didn't order anything from the internet tho?"
"Really? I think you did"
You were still confused but then the delievery man started opening the package and inside was just a note saying "surprise"
You looked up and quickly your eyes widened because Childe was there smiling cheekly. You were still stunned as to what is happening right now but Childe just quickly hugged you and kissed your cheek
"Hi sweetheart, sorry for the sudden surprise :D"
Bonus :
Your friend/s actually knew about the surprise, because Childe told them so and they were all excited because you had no clue and when they suddenly popped up behind Childe you'd be like "What the Fuck :O"
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fattuccini-afraido · 2 months ago
How would arguments go with them; Tsukishima version
Angst, hurt-comfort. I cried while writing the scenario.
I will make a series.
Honestly? I don't think you'd fight that much.
But when you do
It's hard, to say the least.
First of all, he's really smart.
So even if he was wrong, his arguments would be so convincing.
Second, one of his toxic, red flag traits is that he'd accidentally gaslight you.
He wouldn't notice unless you called him out on it.
(You'd fight about that, obviously, but he'd still look into it)
Unless you have your guard up, you will end up apologizing to him even when you're right.
Arguments with him would be so painful, too.
He'd take every hurtful thing you say to heart.
He'll attack your insecurities and complexes.
Not on purpose.
He just stopped measuring his words at some point.
So, because of these reasons, he'd have to apologize to you after every fight.
It doesn't matter who was right and who was wrong, his words hurt.
We all know he's canonically bad at apologizing.
He'd take a long-ass time.
And at the beginning, he'd just mutter a "sorry"
But the longer you are in a relationship, the better he gets at it.
He still sucks at face-to-face apologies.
But this is the best thing about the way he says sorry.
He doesn't.
He lyric pranks you but truly means it.
Like, if you don't want to see him, he'd look for the perfect song(s) and spam you with the lyrics until you text him back
He doesn't even know lyric pranks are a thing.
He feels it's more personal.
Carefully choosing a song that was perfect for the occasion, and carefully typing every sentence for the person he loved the most.
Also, apologies on person are embarrassing for him, and he's scared he'll say something bad instead of what he really wanted to say.
"I'm sorry, okay!? I didn't know!" you yelled.
"God, can't you just leave me alone for two seconds?! Why do you have to be so fucking clingy all the fucking time?!"
Tears welling in your eyes, you tore your eyes from his figure, locking them on the ground. It was your fault from the beginning, you knew that, but you had always been worried about whether he was tired of you.
"It's just-"
"It's always something, isn't it?!" He wasn't even looking at you, failing to notice the tears slithering down your cheeks. You raised your voice.
It was only then when Tsukishima lowered his amber eyes to look down into yours, finally noticing the heartbroken look you were giving him. It must have been difficult. All of this time, he hadn't realized how hard he had been trying to keep you out of his life. Even after how hard you tried to be with him, comforting him, he was still trying to keep you away from him. Scared of losing you, he pushed you away.
Yet he stayed silent as you looked at him, waiting for something, any word to fall from his lips. You scoffed, and walked toward the door, slamming it behind you.
Of course, he regretted everything, but he still waited for you to come back. Even after days had passed. He had pulled out his phone multiple times but had been unable to form any words. He didn't know what to say, he knew calling you clingy was wrong. He knew it was something that you constantly struggled with. This was bad. He felt like he could lose you over it.
Pulling out his phone, he texted.
The "read" mark showed that you had been waiting for it, but lack of response made Tsukishima's heart ache like it never had before.
"Don't go tonight"
"Stay here one more time"
"Remind me what it's like"
"Let's fall in love, one more time"
"Need you now, by my side"
"It tears me up when you turn me down"
"I'm begging"
"Please, just stick around"
"I'm sorry"
"Don't leave me"
"I need you here with me"
"I know that your love of gone"
Read. His heart sped up.
"I can't breathe"
"I'm so weak, I know this isn't easy"
"Don't tell me that your love is gone, that your love is gone"
"It isn't" you said.
He smiled and continued.
"I'm sorry, don't leave me, I want you here with me"
"I know that your love is gone"
You continued singing with him.
That was when he knew. You had forgiven him. He'd still take you out somewhere and apologize formally to you, he thought. He was right.
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chaeryybomb · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
pairings: female reader x best friend!jungwon
summary: they told you that these were the golden years, but to you "golden" was a rusting metal spray painted yellow. the story of a seventeen year old trying to survive high school when all you do is try your best. but your best friend jungwon makes it worth the while. 
genre: high school au, friends to lovers, fluff, tiny bits of angst if you squint, attempt at humour
featuring: jang wonyoung, kim sunoo & nishimura riki 
word count: 4.5k 
warnings: reader having a existential crisis most of the time, strong language, mentions of insecurity
the sour series masterlist
Tumblr media
You slumped forward the moment the bell rang, letting your head hit the table. You could care less if a bruise would form on your forehead, you had much bigger things to worry about. Your teacher left the class wordlessly as the class was busy doing their own thing. And by that, everyone was buried nose deep in studying. You lifted your head to see the different books of the same topic scattered on your desk, a yellow highlighter balancing on the edge of your table.
Reaching over to grab the highlighter, you turned your head over to the side to look at your desk mate. Wonyoung sat there looking straight out from a k-drama, with her hair flowing down her back perfectly and her slender nimble fingers moving as she continuously wrote in her notebook. She was smart too, fluent in English and Korean, great at maths and science. And on top of that she was kind and friendly, everyone loved her. You did too, you had the honour of calling her your best friend. But sometimes you felt insecure around her, everything she did looked flawless and there you were just trying your best.
"Ack!" You yelped as you sat up straight, holding your forehead. Wonyoung rolled her eyes at you with a small smile on her lips, she had flicked your forehead to get you out of your thoughts.
Without taking her eyes off the textbook, she tapped your own workbook with her pen. Silently telling you to stop procrastinating. You pouted at her and looked at the clock, 10 minutes before lunch. Maybe a walk to the girl's bathroom would do you some good.
"I'm gonna go to the bathroom," you whispered to Wonyoung. She nodded and smiled at you before you walked out.
As you strolled towards the girl's bathroom, you passed by the bulletin board outside your class. A bright blue poster stood out with the words "ENJOY YOUR YOUTH" in white. Scoffing at the message, you continued on your way.
"I'm seventeen now, where's my fucking teenage dream?" You muttered to yourself. You were tired of waiting for your life to end up like a coming of age movie. Everyone told you that these were the golden years and you should enjoy your youth, but you swear to god if you hear another one of those cheesy sayings, you might just cry on the spot.
Tumblr media
Reaching over to open the stall door, you halt in your actions when you heard familiar voices talking.
"I'm so worried for finals, my parents are gonna kill me if I fail English again," a girl complained. You hear the sound of tap water running. "How are you so calm during this time, Mirae?'
"What's the use of studying hard anyways," the second girl, Mirae, said. "We all know the top spots are gonna be taken by Jang Wonyoung and Yang Jungwon, I just study enough to pass."
The other girl snorted at her reply. "Imagine if those two got together, the power couple of the year," she suddenly said.
"Poor Y/N then, she's gonna be over shadowed by them."
"As if she already isn't. I almost forgot they were a trio until you mentioned Y/N," the girl laughed.
"What can I say? They're out of her league," Mirae joined in with her laughter.
The two voices faded away as you heard the door closed. Finally pushing the door open, you looked at your reflection. Your eyebrows knitted in annoyance and your face was morphed in a scowl. You washed your hands aggressively and poked the inside of your cheek. What bugged you was that they were right. You were the black sheep between Wonyoung and Jungwon. Both of them were smart and amazing, and you're just…you.
You love your best friends, you truly do. But you were constantly compared to them and you hated it. Everyone wanted them, you watched as guys tripped over to confess to Wonyoung and girls squealing when Jungwon smiled at them. The two of them always reassured you that you weren't beneath them but you were sick of their sympathy. You're so caught up in the news of who likes you and who hates them. You just wished people liked you more.
Storming out of the bathroom, someone accidentally ran into you and caused you to fell onto your butt. The student immediately stood up and scurried off, not bothering to even a mutter an apology. All I did was try my best and this is the thanks I get, you thought bitterly.
They said that these were the golden years, but you wished you could just disappear. God, it's brutal out here.
Tumblr media
"Y/N, wait up!" Jungwon called after you.
You stopped in your tracks as you watched Jungwon waved goodbye to some students before jogging towards you.
"You heading to cram school today?" He asked you as the both of you fell into the same walking rhythm.
You shook your head, clasping your hands behind. "I moved it to Thursday instead, Wonyoung said I had to many things on Tuesday," you told him. Originally, you would be heading to the library to study before heading over to the cram school. But Wonyoung took one look at your schedule and decided that you did not had enough breaks, so she managed to convince you to take the Thursday slot instead. Thursdays are one of the days where you would not go to the library.
Jungwon seemed to be disappointed to find out that you had switched slots. Maybe he should changed slots too, but does he have any empty spots open for Thursday though? He'd have to check later. Instead, he coughed and stuffed his hands into his pockets.
"Do you wanna come over later? The new Demon Slayer movie is out," he offered, hoping that you'd accept.
Unfortunately, you once again shook your head. "Sorry Jungwon, I'd want to cram even more later. Finals are really creeping in and I can't afford to waste any time," you told him with a sad smile. As much as you would like to ditch the books and watch Demon Slayer, the glaring C on your last history paper was telling you otherwise.
You stopped walking when you had reached your doorstep. "Thanks for walking me home, Jungwon. See you tomorrow!" and with that you disappeared behind the door.
Jungwon waved goodbye as he watched the door closed. The smile on his face dropped and his shoulder sagged. Jungwon you idiot, of course she would want to study, he scolded himself. With disappointment on his face, he trudged home with a heavy heart.
"Change of plans, guys," he announced as he swung the front door open, unfazed by the fact that Riki and Sunoo were lounging on his coach. He accepted the fact that Sunoo had somehow gotten the keys to his house (suspecting that his mother probably gave it to him due to favouritism or maybe Riki had sneakily made a copy).
Riki's head poked out from the couch. "She rejected you, didn't she," the younger boy said with a smirk.
Jungwon's face ears turned red as he glared at the boy. "No she did not!" He immediately told him. "She rejected the offer to watch the movie, that's different!"
"That's basically rejection, hyung," Riki laughed.
The other boy just glared at him. "Shut up!" he sputtered out before hiking up the stairs.
Sunoo gave Riki a look, to which the Japanese boy just shrugged his shoulders innocently.
Tumblr media
Jungwon walked out from the shower, a towel around his neck with one hand running through his damp hair. Sunoo and Riki had left earlier, finally giving him some peace and quiet. His phone screen was flashing from his study table, initiating that someone was spamming him (quite aggressively) with text message. With a raised eyebrow, he picked up his phone
[7:09 pm] wonyoung: JUNGWON
[7:09 pm] wonyoung: JUNGWON
[7:09 pm] wonyoung: JUNGWON
[7:10 pm] wonyoung: ISNT SHE WITH YOU
[7:11 pm] wonyoung: DEMON HUNTER OR SMTG
[7:12 pm] wonyoung: WHY IS SHE ASKING ME FOR HW
[7:12 pm] wonyoung: DID U CHICKEN OUT???
[7:13 pm] wonyoung: omg u chickened out didnt u
[7:14 pm] jungwon: jfc wonyoung
[7:15 pm] jungwon: and no i did not chicken out okay
[7:15 pm] jungwon: she declined
[7:16 pm] jungwon: she said she had to study ;-;
[7:17 pm] wonyoung: omg u suck
[7:17 pm] wonyoung: i told u the movie idea was dumb
[7:18 pm] wonyoung: but do u ever listen to me
[7:18 pm] wonyoung: no
[7:19 pm] wonyoung: and now u suffer the consequences
[7:20 pm] jungwon: yea yea i get it im dumb
[7:20 pm] jungwon: now what's ur solution the great jang wonyoung
[7:21 pm] wonyoung: i am so glad u asked :)
[7:21 pm] jungwon: oh no
[7:21 pm] wonyoung: stfu im giving u a better idea
[7:22 pm] wonyoung: a n y w a y s
[7:22 pm] wonyoung: my ynradar is going off and she's s a d
[7:23 pm] jungwon: how would u know
[7:23 pm] jungwon: she seemed fine today
[7:23 pm] wonyoung: stfu jungwon its best friend things u wont understand
[7:24 pm] jungwon: i-
[7:25 pm] wonyoung: and as her future bf u SHOULD start to train ur ynradar
[7:25 pm] wonyoung: anw its exam season stoopid
[7:26 pm] wonyoung: and its when those kids start to talk abt how the both of us are gonna get top scores
[7:26 pm] wonyoung: and they talk down on y/n while doing so
[7:26 pm] wonyoung: assholes
[7:27 pm] wonyoung: so i propose to u
[7:27 pm] wonyoung: a ✨ study date ✨
[7:28 pm] jungwon: i
[7:29 pm] jungwon: that's
[7:29 pm] jungwon: actually not a bad idea
[7:30 pm] wonyoung: obv i came up with it
[7:31 pm] jungwon: can u not
[7:31 pm] wonyoung: anw a study date
[7:32 pm] wonyoung: she's struggling in maths
[7:33 pm] wonyoung: specifically taxes because she said and i quote
[7:34 pm] wonyoung: "why do we have to do taxes when we pay people to do it for us"
[7:34 pm] wonyoung: so pls help her and try to cheer her up
[7:35 pm] wonyoung: and confess coward
[7:36 pm] jungwon: i make no promises for the last one
[7:36 pm] wonyoung: aFTER EVERYTHING I JUST SAID
[7:37 pm] jungwon: what if she rejects me wonyoung
[7:39 pm] jungwon: sigh
[7:40 pm] jungwon: fine i'll try thanks wonyoung
[7:41 pm] wonyoung: np i expect y'all to be a couple by next monday <3
[7:41 pm] jungwon: i-
Sighing for the nth time of the night, Jungwon sat on his bed. He allowed the towel to slipped off his shoulders as his thumb hovered over your chat icon. Truth be told, he always thought his crush on you was unrequited love. You never showed any signs of returning of feelings so he thought he would just ignore the feeling until it was gone.
But oh boy was he wrong, because he didn't knew that he would be spending his high school years by your side. And now you occupy his mind 24/7. Wonyoung could literally tell that he was in love with you, but somehow you never caught on. He allowed Sunoo and Riki to convince him to do the whole "movie date idea", but that failed. So Wonyoung's suggestion was his only option left.
He typed out the message, ready to send it out. If only he could just press the button. Come on Yang Jungwon, you can do this. Just press the damn button Jungwon. Suddenly his phone pinged loudly, scaring the lights out of the poor boy as he yelped and his phone landed with a thud on the ground. He peered over his bed, as if his phone was a ticking bomb.
Oh, it was a message from you.
[8:01 pm] y/n: hey do u know where wonyoung is
[8:01 pm] y/n: she isn't answering my texts
Oh no. He realised that your chat was open, the two ticks indicated that he had (unintentionally) read the message. He couldn't just leave you on read. That's just evil. Scrambling to get his phone, he immediately typed a reply to cover for the other girl.
[8:02 pm] jungwon: sorry i don't :/
[8:02 pm] jungwon: what do u need her for
[8:03 pm] y/n: mf was supposed to teach me a maths question but she left me on rEAD
This was his chance! It was the perfect opportunity for him to score a date with you. Okay, breathe in breath out Jungwon. Don't mess it up and just ask her, he mentally prepared himself.
[8:04 pm] jungwon: oh i could help you if you want
[8:04 pm] jungwon: yk with finals coming up and everything, i can help you study
[8:05 pm] jungwon: if you want of course
[8:05 pm] y/n: omg srsly??
[8:06 pm] jungwon: pls help me study my braincells are literally dying
[8:07 pm] jungwon: jdsjkda okay how about this saturday at your place?
[8:08 pm] y/n: yeah sure
[8:08 pm] jungwon: cool its a date then!
Tumblr media
You blinked at Jungwon's message. A date? Wait, did Yang Jungwon just indirectly asked you out? Nah, nah. You were overthinking it. Yes, definitely overthinking. Don't kid yourself, why would Jungwon ask you out on a date? Jungwon is just a friend, you tried to convince yourself.
Keyword: tried.
If he really was just a friend, then why did it felt like butterflies were in your stomach when he said "it was a date"? Then why did you frowned when those girls said that Wonyoung and Jungwon would make a good couple?
Oh god, do you have feelings for your best friend?
Tumblr media
Saturday came faster than you would have liked it to. Ever since that last chat with Jungwon, it gave you the sudden realisation that you did in fact had feelings for your best friend. You tried so hard to avoid him in school because you don't want the butterflies back in your stomach. It was basically confirming the fact that you like him. Well, avoiding him also confirmed the fact but you choose to be in denial about it.
You didn't tell Wonyoung about your study date but lately she's been sending you outfit ideas on Pinterest. Specifically, date outftis. And whenever you tried to ask her a question about school, she brushed you off with a random excuse. So it left you no choice but to save those questions for Jungwon.
Speaking of Jungwon, he had texted you 10 minutes ago that he was on the way. You were standing in the middle of your room with your hands on your hips. Both of your parents were out for the day, which left you alone at home. You had taken out the low table to be used later and it was currently in front of you. Colourful workbooks were neatly stacked on top of it.
You did a 360 turn around your room. Was it messy? You cleaned it this morning when you woke up. Did you had any clothes out? No, doesn't look like it. For some reason, you were a nervous wreck. You blamed Jungwon. He just had to call this a date, didn't he.
Should you change? Maybe you should finally look through all those pins Wonyoung sent. Wait, no, why would you have to change into something nice. Jungwon was here to help you study, just that.
Yeah, a study date, your mind emphasised on the word.
The sound of the doorbell pulled you out from your thoughts. You immediately went to open the door. Yang Jungwon stood there on the other side, with his signature smile. Had he always resembled a sheep? He just looked so fluffy.
"Hey!" You greeted him with a smile, internally wincing at your way-too-enthusiastic voice.
But Jungwon didn't seem to mind it. "Hey!" he greeted back.
You moved to the side to let him in. "Thank you for having me," he said as he bowed then proceeded to remove his shoes.
"Uh, do you want anything? Water?" You asked him.
He shook his head.
"Ah, cool. Let's head to my room," you started to walk back to your room.
"Where are your parents?" He asked.
"Out," you simply replied.
That was when it dawned upon you, that your parents were not home. Leaving you and Jungwon, alone. Together. In your room. Alone. With the boy you potentially have a crush on.
"Y/N?" Jungwon tapped on your shoulder. You had stopped walking when you were suddenly washed over by your thoughts. Snapping out of it, you sent him a small smile before opening the room to your door.
The both of you shuffled into your bedroom, you sat down in front of the low table while Jungwon settled down next to you. He moved to take out his books then turned to you. "How about we do some studying and if you have any questions, you can ask me okay?" He said.
You nodded and flipped your own workbook open, immediately starting to work on the first question. Jungwon copied your action and a comfortable silence engulfed the both of you. As the time passed, you found yourself stuck on a certain maths question.
You slightly turned your head to the side to look at Jungwon. He was concentrated at doing his work, you felt a sense of deja vu while looking at him. He resembled Wonyoung when she was studying. At the thought of Wonyoung, you suddenly thought of what those girls said at the bathroom.
They would make a good couple, wouldn't they, you thought. The power couple of the year.
The butterflies in your stomach faded away into an uncomfortable feeling. Just the idea of them getting together already made you sick. You bit the inside of your cheek, you really did had feelings for him. And now it scared you because what if he doesn't feel the same. You made a mental note to consult with Wonyoung later, at least you hope that you'll allow yourself to tell her.
Jungwon must've noticed you staring and gently tapped your head with his pencil. A contrast to when Wonyoung painfully flicked your forehead.
"What's wrong? Are you stuck on a question?" He asked.
You leaned back a bit at the sudden action. You were so deep in your insecurities that you had totally forgotten about the literal problem sitting in front of you. Yet you couldn't even bother to ask him so you just shook your head. "I'm gonna get something to drink," you said instead.
Jungwon watched as you stood up, then decided to follow you as well. "I'll come along."
The boy joined you in the kitchen, perched on one of the island stools as you grabbed a can of soda from the fridge. He studied your movement as you worked around the kitchen. Your features were neutral, you weren't smiling nor frowning. But he could tell that your shoulders were tensed. Wonyoung was right, you did seem down. And he cursed himself for not noticing earlier.
"You okay?" His question made you stopped in a mid-pour stance, the can of soda was tilted but not enough for the contents to be poured out.
You brushed his question off and poured the drink into the cup. "Yeah," you hummed.
Unconvinced by your answer, he pried more. "You know you shouldn't care about what they say, right?"
You furrowed your eyebrows at him, pretending like you didn't understand where he was coming from.
"You're not below us, you know that right?"
You couldn't help but scoffed at his words. Jungwon's lips tugged downwards "I'm being serious here, Y/N," his tone was stern. "You shouldn't listen to what they say. You're more than just-"
The sound of the can being slammed down shuts him up. Your fingers tightened around the can as you looked at him. You didn't had the energy to hear him preach the same old "Don't Listen To Them" speech. You don't need his pity.
"I don't want to hear it, Yang Jungwon," you said through gritted teeth. Not sparing him another glance, you threw the empty can into the trash as you grabbed your glass.
As you walked past Jungwon, he suddenly reached out and held onto your forearm. "Y/N," he said softly. "Please tell me what's wrong."
You sighed and slowly turn around to face him, placing the glass back on the counter. You took in a deep breath before you opened your mouth. "I feel like I'm not enough," you finally said. "Everything I do just doesn't seem enough. All I'm doing is my best but it's just crushing my ego because everyone is telling me that you're better than me."
"I feel like no one wants me and I hate the way I'm perceived. It's always poor Y/N this and poor Y/N that's because everyone just sees me as your shadow and I fucking hate it. I only have two real friends," you gestured wildly. "And lately I'm a nervous wreck cause I keep comparing myself to the two of you. I'm not cool and I'm not smart, and I can't even parallel park!" You threw your hands up in frustration, the feelings you kept inside were pouring out like a waterfall.
Jungwon just stood there as he listened tentatively to every word. He didn't knew that you felt this way, bottling up all your emotions like that.
"And I'm so tired of people telling me to enjoy my youth and that these are the golden years. I might just fucking cry if I hear those words again," you finished ranting. It felt good, it felt like a weight on your heart has been lifted. Then you remembered that you just dumped all of it on Jungwon.
You opened your mouth to apologise to him but he surprised you by pulling him into his arms. At first you were standing stiffly at the sudden contact, but it took a millisecond for you to melt in his embrace. His arms were gently around your back and you returned the hug by wrapping your arms around his torso. The two of you stay in that position for awhile, relishing in each other's embrace. You definitely needed this hug.
Tightening your hold on Jungwon, you realised how important he was to you. He was your best friend and he was always there for you. It was stupid of you to compare yourself to him, when all he did was tried his best for you. The taller boy chuckled when he felt you rubbed your face into his shoulder, he involuntarily released a contented sigh. You felt one of his hands stroked your hair, it felt comforting. That action itself was enough for the butterflies to slowly settled back in you.
After a while, both of you finally (unwillingly) released each other. He pushed a strand of hair behind your ears and said, "You're wrong by the way." Which made you tilt your head in genuine confusion.
"You are cool and you are smart. You're like the coolest person I know. And no one thinks of you as our shadow, you don't hear it but I've always hear the juniors praising you for helping them and how enthusiastic you are," the way he delivered his words was filled with pure awe for you.
"And who cares if you can't parallel park. You didn't hear it from but Jay hyung failed his drivers test three times just because he couldn't parallel park," and that got a laugh out from you. Jungwon smiled proudly that he managed to make you laugh. "And you're wrong when you said no one wants you. I want you."
You blinked once, twice and thrice. He wanted you? "You're just saying that cause you're my best friend," you replied.
"No," he firmly said. "I like you, Y/N."
(Jungwon doesn't know where he got this sudden surge of confidence, but the mood was the perfect time for him to confess. It was a one time chance and he had to take it.)
You chuckled. "I like you too, Jungwon. We are friends aren't we?"
"No, Y/N. I like you. More than friends."
"Oh." Oh.
"Yeah," he scratched the back of neck awkwardly. Oh no, did you not feel the same way?
While you on the other hand, were malfunctioning on the inside. Your best friend just confessed to you and you were frozen on the spot. Why couldn't he had done it over text instead. If he had done it over text, then you could've left the message unread and you could've spammed Wonyoung for help. But the thing is that it wasn't over text and you couldn't just tell him to wait here while you panicked to Wonyoung in your bathroom.
Yang Jungwon likes you. And you like him too, right? Because if you didn't, your cheeks won't be heating up right now and your heart would have not be beating rapidly like it was going to break your rib cage any second. If you didn't like him, there would have never been butterflies in your stomach. Yeah. You like Yang Jungwon, you like him a lot.
"Me too," you whispered, it was soft but it was enough for him to pick it up. Jungwon eyes snapped to you, doe eyed filled with hope. "I like you, too," you said, this time louder. And you made sure you looked him in the eye when you confessed.
You watched as Jungwon's mouth morphed into a big grin. He let out a sigh of relief and dropped to his knees, surprising you. "Jungwon!" you squeaked, bending down to help him.
"I'm fine! I'm fine," he assured you as he stood up with your help. The grin on his face was still there. "It's just that … you like me," he breathed out. "You like me back, wow. I-I can't believe it."
Your face was definitely burning with embarrassment. You punched him lightly on the shoulder, turning away to hide your face. "Believe it, you dork. I like you, okay!" Somehow his grin was able to grew wider at your words, Gently, he took your hand in his.
"How about we stop this study date, and I'll take you out on real date?"
Tumblr media
© chaeryybomb 2021
a/n: thank you so much for reading this <3
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Tumblr media
Yandere Nanami.
Tumblr media
!TW¡ Obsession, ooc Nanami, yandere Nanami, kidnapping, harassment (?)
!711 Words¡ !Gn!Reader¡
N/a:I wrote this in a time when I felt useless, unloved and overwhelmed, so it's pretty self-indulgent.
Tumblr media
Nanami was fine, his life was fine, fine financially, apparently mentally as well. But still, something was missing.
After a few years of being a damned salaryman, Nanami can finally retire. Earlier, the way he always dreamed, his expenses weren't something to really worry about, he didn't have any problems...maybe one, what's the point of being a homeowner with no one to care?
It was a sunny day at the beach, the kids playing bothered him.
-Why can't be my son running happy?"
Oh yes, that was the problem. Nanami thought, thought a lot about adopting a child, but get his side, that wouldn't be enough. So he saw you, you didn't look like the most radiant person on that beach, but the small smile you gave while talking to a friend was enough to attract Nanami. The bikini wrapped your chubby body in a magnificent way, it looked like one of those scenes in a movie where the hot girl comes out of the water, but it was just you, sitting and looking like you weren't even in that reality.
He tried to approach you, ask you out, but apparently you weren't interested, afraid to love or something, he didn't really pay attention to what you said after the rejection, he just bowed and left with a low request to apologies.
See, Nanami is a tired man, he doesn't have time for the conquest part really, especially if you're the only person who piques his interest in a long time. If he wouldn't know you for good, he would know for bad.
He no longer regrets the dinners he was forced by the company to go to, where he was forced to form alliances, get contacts. Even more so now that one of these contacts has made it even easier to find out about you.
Full name, age, birth, country of origin, height, weight. Nanami knew everything he needed about you, he also knew where you worked, it was only a matter of time before he showed up at his work.
A small bakery, could you be more perfect? He ordered a coffee initially, sat at the counter so he could try to continue a conversation with you, it doesn't work initially but after the fifth time he shows up at your work it looks like you've gotten used to him.
Finally he asked for your number.
-Nanami, you're nice and all but I'm not really looking for a relationship. I'm sorry."
Oh, okay, it would have to be bad.
Skipping a few pages, all you knew was that you were now stuck with this man you thought was crazy.
Tumblr media
-Darling what would you like for lunch hm? Could I make your favorite food if you'd answer me, or would you prefer to continue eating spam?"
It was like that two months ago, at least you thought, I've been in that house for so long that you didn't have any sense of time anymore, and between us, your memory was never good.
-You could stop being naughty and answer me, don't you think? It wouldn't kill you."
His voice was spinning in your head, you were no longer understanding anything, your vision wavered and out of nowhere it seemed like you had ceased to exist. It was nice to be like this for a while maybe, out of trouble, away from the man who kidnapped you. But of course, it never lasts long.
-Maybe we should look for some way to take care of your dissociation. Oh, you're back, are you alright dear?"
Please stop pretending it's okay, please stop treating me right, I at least deserve this, please let me go back to my mediocre life, you kidnapped me, I don't wanna love you.
-wa...water, please?"
Nanami's heart could burst with joy, you spoke to him! It wasn't much, but it was something. That was the plan, approach you, make you think you finally deserved love. He knew you, he knew your mental health, he knew you were an unloved person, that you grew up without the affection of parents or lovers, he just needed to shower you with love, you would surrender soon, it was only a matter of time, soon you would be his perfect love.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Their favorite morning kisses~ [pt.3]
*Pairing - Platonic!Tubbo, Platonic!Ranboo, Quackity, Karl Jacobs x Gn!Reader
*Reader pronouns - they/them
*Warnings - Fluff and a hint of swearing
*Fic information - this fic takes place in real life, and it's showing on how or what are their favorite kisses or what favorites spots for their kisses. Each of them are in seperated headcanons, and it will be during or not during their live streams.
*Author's note - Hello, hello my lovely readers! Sorry for my unknown disappearance now hehe, I was quite busy and caught with some work that I needed to do. So I did another one of these since each of you all are taking a liking, and I also don't mind if you guys want more of these. You can request them if you want but not the same mcyts that I had used on my previous like the Dream Team or the Sleepy Bois Inc. I hope you all enjoy the updated of this fic I've started, take care now and enjoy reading!
First Previous
Platonic!Tubbo -
His favorite morning kisses are nose tip kisses.
It makes him feel all fuzzy and it makes his tail and ears wag nonstop and you think it's an adorable habit of him.
If you point out of his ears and tail wagging, he would be a flustered mess.
And a dash of red pink blush drawing from the one side of his face and to the other.
He would also ask you for kisses in just a simple matter and just for an example, while you're keeping him company and all he will walk up to you and ask for a small kiss.
It will take you a good 2 seconds for you to process on what he just said since he said it infront of your face, and especially out of the blue and all.
But when you understand that he does want kisses, you would laugh abit of how he said so suddenly but in the end you gave him his kisses anyway.
But the real thing is, when is during on one of his live morning twitch streams.
If you're beside him but mostly the camera is facing him so chat won't see you. He would look at your direction and stare at you for a good 3 seconds and he would ask -
"Can I have kiss?" He said in a low tone and not so loud aswell, whilst you are also staring back at him. You ask him to lean forward abit so you can reach.
Chat was quite confused on what he is doing and when he came back face focus back on the screen, he would say a 'thank you' but in a normal tone which caught the chat's attention.
And then he would go back to playing minecraft, all's well and it ends well.
But no, if you did kiss him infront the camera. Chat will go wild and spamming comments about you too.
"Daaaw that's so cute!"
"Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah!! Hold up- are two dating or something??"
"Are you guys seeing what I'm seeing??!"
Oh boy, your boyfriend Tubb's would be a whole flustered mess infront of the camera and the twitch stream. But he would get over it no worries.
And he would also be answering some of chat's question if he wants to though.
And also on the other hand, his bestfriend Tommy with tease the life out of him for just getting kiss from you infront of him and chat.
"Pffft— hahahahhahahhhaaha!! Hahahahah!"
"Oh my f@(k!ng god!! Hahahha, Tubbo I didn't know you we're simp this whole time! Pfft hahahahahaaa!!"
"Wh- I'm not! Cut it out!"
"Yeah, yeah, big man."
Welp, you would pretty much have to take care of your bee lover boyfriend Tubbo from the whole embarresment from that quick scenario now. Good luck with that, I'm rooting for ya.
Platonic!Ranboo -
His favorite morning kisses are cheek kisses.
He finds it really comforting especially when he is starting hearing voices ringing on the top of his own head again.
It makes him feel safe and knowing that your pressence is just beside him or just in the room with him.
He can get quite blushy when asking you for a kiss on the cheek, just like my previous headcanons. He will do the little "tap-tap" thing on his cheek because he is abit shy on asking you that he wanting a small kiss.
He just wants some comfort for you and assurance that you are always with him.
You also pick up the message he's giving quite well, since he always do this often as possible.
So yeah, you ended kissing him on the cheek and maybe ask him if he's okay or anything wrong if somethings bothering him lately.
Him being a mixed enderman and ghast hybrid is quite the interesting combination.
Despite being tall he would would crouch, sit, or even lean down for you to have close contact with his face for you to initiate the kiss if you are short and such.
But if you are close to his height, then it won't be abit of a problem then.
But sometimes during his live morning twitch streams, he doesn't mind asking for a kiss on the cheek on camera or off camera.
It's just abit surprising to chat, but don't worry now chat has already know that you and Ranboo are in a relationship and such.
Of how he would ask you for a kiss, he would turn his chair of even spare a glance at you and when you noticed he would do the little "tap-tap" thing on his cheek.
And if you noticed, you already know what to do and you would ask him to move abit closer to we're you are at or just simply go up to him and give a kiss on the cheek.
After that kiss, you would also give him a little pat on the head just for a little reassurance now.
"Thanks Y/N."
"No worries boo, I'm here."
"Hehe, okay chat so anyways."
He would continue playing on his stream after that little scene. Chat doesn't mind at all but there are few comments here and there.
"I wish I can get a kiss."
"Now that's cute."
"What a sweet couple."
It would just be a normal day like any other day when it comes to Ranboo's live stream. Just a calming stream while a little hint of comfort mixed into it.
Quackity -
His favorite morning kisses are forehead kisses.
Quackity isn't into PDA that much, but he do only accepts forehead kisses since he's wearing a beanie and all that.
He just likes the feeling of it when he just leans up when he just calls you that he wants kisses.
He would walk up behind you, wrap your waist with his arms, and aks you for some kisses.
But when it was sometimes during his live morning twitch streams, it can get abit out of hand at some other ways or such.
He sometimes closes his mic or camera off just for some privacy if needed, but if chat knows the relationship between you two then it's all good now and nothing to worry about.
But if chat doesn't know about you two being a couple, and oh my. Quackity is going to be in a whole big of a problem and dealing with it in his own hands at that state.
I'am guessing that he will he explaning it to his chat, and along so to his friends aswell.
Tommy would also be such a big tease to your boyfriend and it makes you laugh so much that it makes your stomach ache.
"Big Q you big ol' simp!"
"Oh f@(k— Tommy it's not what it looks like!"
"Oh I know what it f@(k!ng looks like Big Q! Oh I know what it looks like m@th€rf@(k!ng simp!!"
"Pfffft— hahahahahahahahaaahh!!"
"Wha- Y/N!!"
Welp, I guess there is going to be one big of a problem now in your boyfriend's live morning twitch streams now oh boy. Don't forget to wish him good luck now alright.
Karl Jacobs -
His favorite morning kisses are head kisses.
He get's all giddy and happy when he get's the feeling of your touch and he just loves it.
Will ask you for more when he feels like it, he'll just tugs the end of your sleeve and looks at you with sweet puppy dog eyes whilst saying the kisses.
By the fact of that, how can you not resist your adorable boyfriend now hm?
But when you give him kiss unexpectedly, he will just be all giggling in the middle of his live morning twitch streams.
His chat alreay knows that you and Karl are dating since he annouce the news during on his past streams.
Chat thinks that you two are adorable, and they don't really mind about you kissing Karl or anything.
But there are still a few comments of a few jealous viewers but it doesn't bother you at all and you are just fine about it.
Since there is one time that he was streaming, you we're just right beside him just sitting there and scrolling through social media.
And one moment later he turned his chair to face you but you we're still busy on your phone but when he just calls your name, that catches your attention.
"Can I have a kiss?"
"Wha- uhm, okay. You surprised me there Karl, my goodness."
And there you we're just giving him a kiss, chat was exploding with many comments about how cute you two are.
It made you laugh abit of how chat was just going mildly intense about the early scenario.
But there are a few comments that made you feel nice.
"Now that was the sweetest thing I've ever seen in this whole stream. Wow"
"I wish both of you're my parents..!"
"Can Y/N be my mom/dad please?"
The last comment you saw made you chuckle while Karl was telling a straightforward "No" to the one who commented that.
But in the end of the day, Karl still begs and ask for your soft kisses even when it's during or not during on one of his streams.
Well hey, atleast you get to spend some quality time with your boyfriend now alright?
*Author's note - Hello my lovely reader, I hope you enjoyed today's fic and the continuation of my past headcanons. I'll be surely to do more of these but in the meantime, I would like to apologize for sudden absence and the lack of posting. I was in a tight schedule nowadays since then, I didn't have that much of time to post anything at all. But since I already did, I would be accepting some request from you guys of any ideas that you have in mind for my next fic writing. I would really appreciate if you guys do, it makes me really happy and it's fun to write your ideas that you guys requested. Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a nice day and stay safe now my lovely reader.
*Tag list - @thatfunnysprout
*Tags -
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cr0wbonezz-wr1ting-inc · 8 months ago
One more time
Summary: Alex regrets ever saying yes. All he wants is a second chance.
Trigger warning: Mentions of cheating, mentions of sex, swearing, angst
Author's note: my first piece off hiatus !! - you're a twitch streamer in this fic but it won't come up too much :) hope u like it <3
Tumblr media
Based on: Break My Heart Again - FINNEAS
you sigh. your ex-boyfriend called again. you've been ignoring your phone for 5 minutes now. was he really this desperate?
you pick up your phone and slide the green button.
"what do you want, alex?"
"___, you picked up!"
he sounded extremely relieved, like he needs you to breathe.
"i did, now what do you want?"
alex sighed and leaned on a wall in his bedroom.
"can i come over? there's some stuff i still need to pick up."
you suck in a breath sharply. the air is thick and tense.
you clench the phone you were holding and bit your lip.
"i don't want to see you right now."
alex closed his eyes and pushed himself off the wall.
"i understand, you need time."
there was silence for a moment. neither of you wanted to say anything.
"if you want to come over that bad you can get your things tomorrow morning."
"sounds good. i'll be there around 11, okay?"
you ended the call.
alex let his arm drop beside him. his eyes were watering, but he wiped it away with the sleeve of his hoodie.
it's his fault, he knew. but why is he still so upset? he shouldn't feel like this - it's is his own doing, after all.
you open the door to your home. alex was standing on the porch with a few empty bags in hand. the morning sun blinded you slightly, making you squint at the man in front of you.
"hi ___."
"hello, alex. all your belongings are on the couch.
"great, thank you."
he looks over as he's folding a shirt.
"what are you looking at?"
you say without looking away from your laptop.
his face was getting red slightly from embarrassment.
"nothing, you seem busy."
alex directed his eyes back to the clothes in front of him.
"otherwise you would've said something about me."
alex snickered slightly, trying to lighten the mood.
you sigh, holding your face in one of your hands.
don't say it. ___, keep it in. there's no point in fighting him. ___-
"if i wanted to make a comment it'd be about the fact you can't keep your dick in your pants."
god damn it, why did you do that?
he fell quiet. you hated his guts, but even you felt kind of bad for being so blunt with it.
a part of you still loved him. his loud, yet charming laugh. his sweet kisses. his adorable clinginess. his blushing face when you teased him.
you shake your head, trying to physically get rid of your pity for him. he doesn't love you anymore. he shouldn't, and neither should you.
after filling the bags with alex's belongings he stood up and wiped his forehead. you waver from your work and look him up and down.
"you done?"
you asked him. he turned around and gave you a weak smile.
"yeah, i think so."
"good, you know the way out."
you turn back to your computer.
"___, wait. can i ask you something?"
you make eye contact with him, fully aware it makes him nervous.
"what do you want?"
alex took a quick breath.
"can we talk sometime?"
you look at him like he spoke an alien tongue.
"why the hell would i?"
"i want to talk about what happened between us. i hate that our relationship is so sour."
he set a step forward.
"i just want this to end peaceful - or at least neutral."
"why the fuck would i want to be peaceful with you of all people?"
"i hate ending things on the wrong foot, you know that."
alex stands his ground, making you livid.
"then we make up, and then what? you'll just break my heart again!"
you stand up, simultaneously pushing the chair away with your legs.
"then i can lay awake and think about why i even let you inside my house again in the first place?!"
if looks could kill, alex would be on the floor.
"fine. if you don't want to, then i guess everything will just stay the way it is."
alex turned around and grabbed his bags. there's no way he's getting through to you right now.
"oh, so now it's my fault?"
you slam your laptop and walk away from the table.
"well, i'm so sorry for being angry at you for cheating on me!"
you don't hold your anger in anymore, he crossed the line.
"i never said that, ___!"
alex yelled to match your energy.
you took a step back. the audacity to yell at you in your house.
"out. now."
alex grabbed the second bag of clothes and without a word walked to the front door.
"goodbye, ___."
alex pushes the door open and steps outside. you go after him but stop at the doorstep.
"fuck you!" you sob out. you grab the doorknob and slam the door shut.
your knees slowly got weaker and you sit against the front door, shutting your eyes.
it's been a month since you've seen alex. you've blocked him on everything since then.
you were doing a q&a on your twitch channel and everything was going well. chat was filled with questions and you answered the one's you could.
your thoughts were somewhere else, though.
you still miss him, you really did. alex used to watch your streams all the time. he sent you donations with cheesy pick-up lines, he called you during streams to make fun of you for dying in a game or just to chat while he's bored.
but that didn't happen anymore.
you realize you haven't said anything in a while and you apologize. your chat was spamming purple hearts and 'are you okay?'
"ah, sorry everyone, i'm still tired from yesterday. i think i'm going to end the stream for today, thank you all for coming!"
after saying goodbye you turn off your computer.
why are you still so obsessed over him?! he cheated on you! he even tried to cover it up with a bullshit story about "not being the first to kiss her," and "she forced me to," like someone would believe a lie like that.
yet, you still love him. something inside you wants to believe him, like he really was telling the truth.
the next morning you open twitter and scroll for a bit. you made a tweet earlier in which you stated you weren't going to stream today.
you looked at the trending topics and saw your name in bold letters. you clicked on it and read the first tweet that popped up.
'i really hope ___ is doing better, they looked so sad on stream :('
an image was attached to it - a screenshot from the stream you did yesterday where you were mindlessly staring at your computer screen.
you sighed. at least they're not thinking too deep about this.
you scroll further down, replying and liking a couple tweets saying you were alright, thanking them or cracking a joke. this should keep them off your back for a while.
after scrolling for a bit one tweet catches your eye. you clutch your phone as you read the comment.
'kinda obvious they miss quackity :/ it's a good cover-up story tho '
alex was staring at his ceiling. he'd seen the tweets about you - about him.
he hates this feeling. he hates the fact that he knows what you're thinking. he hates that he knows it's his fault. he didn't mean to. he didn't.
"come on, alex. you know you want it." the woman said.
"i told you, no! i have a partner!" alex pushed her away for the second time, trying to find a way past the girl and out of this small alleyway. he should've never gone to this stupid bar.
"tch, whatever. but know you'll regret rejecting someone like me!" the girl pushed him to the brick wall and fixed her dress as she walked away.
alex fixed himself for a minute and walked past the bar and into his car. he pulled out his phone and shot you a quick text.
'hey bb i'll be over in a few :)'
'don't come back.'
you responded almost immediately. alex froze as he looked at the screen.
'you know damn well why'
you sent him a photo of him next to the bar in the alley. the girl was all over him while her lips connected lustfully to his.
'it isn't what it looks like, i didn't start any of this!'
you don't respond. alex tries to send you another text when an error pops up.
'unable to send message. user has blocked you.'
you hover your hand over your phone's keyboard. you thought anbout alex's offer to talk, and decided that maybe it was a good idea after all. you couldn't get your mind off him, you thought that hopefully getting some closure could help.
but how were you going to ask him? 'hey, i know i blocked number like a month ago but can you to meet me at some random park? see you there!'
after typing and deleting multiple texts you eventually landed on a message.
'hey alex, i've been thinking about your offer to talk it out, and i wanted to ask if you're still up for it?'
you send it and immediately turn off your phone and place it on the coffeetable in front of you. you did it, finally. you fall back on your couch and pull your knees up to your face, waiting for a notification.
after a nailbiting five minutes a light emits from your phone. you pick it up and read the name calling you. 'alex'. you take a deep breath and answer the phone.
"hi alex."
"hey ___, it's been a while."
you sit up straight, preparing yourself for the conversation you're about to have.
'yeah, you can say that."
the atmosphere was a lot less tense than you expected. it was weirdly... comforting? you can hear alex's raspy voice through the phone. has he been crying?
"i saw your text, you wanted to meet?"
"yes, i did. i wanted to get some closure, at least."
alex chuckled, his laugh making you a little flustered. trying to brush it off, you laugh with him.
"what's so funny?" alex asked.
you rolled your eyes and smile.
"you, dumbass."
he gasps cartoonishly loud. his goofy personality is something you could never get enough of. maybe you were wrong after all.
"ok, but seriously, when do you want to meet?"
he gets back on topic. you snap out of your smile and remember why he called in the first place.
"right, right. i'm free this whole week, you can choose when."
after some planning and back and forth, you decide to meet at a small family-run café in the afternoon. coincidentally, it's the same place you two had your first date.
you settle down at a table on the terrace of the café, the sunday sun greeting you warmly. you were a little early, so you decided to think of some questions. it didn't take you long to come to a few, though. your main question was the photo. what was that all about?
as you were handed a menu you saw alex walking on the pavement fidgeting with his fingers.
"hey! sorry if i'm late, i took the bus instead of my car."
he took the seat parallel to yours and exhaled.
"oh no, you're right on time. i was just a little early."
the waitress gave alex a menu and disappeared into the establishment. you both decided to stay quiet before getting on topic. neither of you want to start the conversation.
after both ordering and having surface level conversation for a while silence fell. you both know why you're here, it feels off to talk like nothing ever happened.
you both start at the same time. alex awkwardly chuckles while covering his mouth.
"you first."
alex proposes. you nod and like magic lose the somewhat content mood you had prior. you steadily breathe in and pull out your phone.
"so, first things first; my main goal is to get closure and an explanation - there's no point in lying to me."
alex hums in agreement. you could tell he was nervous, you knew him better than anyone. you tap on your screen a few times until you reach the photo that was sent to you.
"now, i want a clear answer. what happened that night?"
you ask him firmly as you put your phone on the table to reveal the image.
"that's my ex-girlfriend."
alex said. you raise an eyebrow - his ex? you've heard some wild things about her and her antics, which is exactly why alex broke up with her in the first place.
"she said she wanted to ask me something in private. my dumbass said yes, because i can't pick up on context clues, apparently."
you cross your arms and lean back on the chair.
"you got that right."
alex looks up from the photo and makes eye contact with you.
"long story short, she pushed me to the wall and kissed me. i tried to push her off but she didn't let me go. after shoving her, like, twice she finally got the hint and left."
"so she set you up?"
"she hasn't changed a bit since all those years."
you say with a hint of condescension. his explanation made sense, and from what you heard he wasn't lying. your gut told you to believe him, yet your mind had an itching feeling that there was something else.
"are you sure that's all?"
alex flinched slightly.
"y-yes, ___. i don't know what else to tell you."
you mess with your hair a bit, clearly conflicted. there was nothing else, you knew that. but your brain wouldn't let it go. you decided it's better if you just sleep on it.
"alright, then.-"
you grab your bag and stand up.
"-i think we're done here."
alex stays seated and looks up at you.
"yeah, i think so."
you pick the phone up that's laying on the table. you pull out your wallet and put a $5 bill under your teacup.
"goodbye, alex."
alex stands up and grabs your wrist, the gesture scaring you little bit.
"are you still mad at me?"
those eyes. they're so pretty, almost sparlking. you snap out of it when he lets go, just realizing how weird it is to grab someone's arm out of nowhere.
"sorry, my bad. i wasn't thinking."
alex scratches the back of his neck.
"i'm still deciding if i can trust you, but i appreciate you showing up, at least."
"that's enough for me."
alex smile at you, not trying to pry.
"goodbye, ___."
"goodbye, alex."
you heard the chirping of the birds outside your window and groan. why is it already morning? you sit up and grab your phone from the nightstand next to your bed, the phone reading 11:23 - tuesday - xx-xx-xxxx.
you sigh and fall back onto your bed. you've been thinking about alex for a few days now, still not getting him out of your head.
after going downstairs and eating some toast you pull out your phone again, the clock now reading 12:44. you look through your contacts and eventually land on his name.
you hover your hand over the green pixels while sitting down at the dining table. you swallow audibly and click the call button.
it goes once.
it goes twice.
'Hey alex, i wanted to ask you if you wanted to meet up again?"
Tumblr media
ty for reading <3
taglist: @adoring-ghost @sakisaralazy @for-memories-sacrifice @ialexabsuniverse @shiyanchan @bioluminescentfrog @esylwen
reblogs >> likes !
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hangezoeenthusiast · 9 months ago
The Little Things
pronouns: they/them
person: wilbur soot
summary: there was three things that you and wilbur did together
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
word count: 848
you were obviously dating wilbur soot, living in the same house as him, in the same bed, all that lovey dovey shit, so there was little things that you and he did together
1. share stuff(mostly clothing) with wilbur
like shirts and sweaters, oh how he loved to see you in his stuff
he would feel so shy, seeing you in his sweater that was too big for you
"love, you should wear my stuff more often, it looks great on you."
he secretly simps for you when you walk in the room
oh how good they look, he would think EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. you would even be in a close proximity of him (im listening to wilbur's music rn while making this, pog)
his mind constantly would be, y/n, y/n, y/n, what are they doing, i wanna cuddle with them, where are they, etc.
you would get flustered when he would complement you on your fit
"ohh, you look absolutely in those pants."
"omg, you look great in that sweater."
"why don't you wear that more, your beauty has enhanced even more." (this might sound like shit, but he means you are already beautiful before and after, 10/10 before and 10/10 after)
with him, he would wear your beanies and other stuff that you crocheted, but it would be mostly beanies
like you would make them for him CONSTANTLY since he's such a huge fucking simp for you
"what'cha making love, oh a beanie?" he would secretly scream in his head YES, YES, YES, YES
"love, when are you going to finish the beanie, i wanna show chat," he would pout
"can you wait like 5 more minutes, i'm almost done."
"thanks darling." he would leave, leaving a peck on your cheek
when you finished, you went back to him, sneaked behind him, and put the beanie on his head
"oh shit, you scared me love, did you finish?"
you would nod, and then he would take off the beanie and put it close to the camera
"you see chat, they are SOO good at crocheting."
chat would definitely spam y/n pog
you would make other stuff, like sweaters, winter hats, scarfs, mittens, etc.
he would flaunt them out in public SO MUCH it gives headaches
he would do anything to give you the attention you deserve
you get the idea
2. cooking
cooking with wilbur was REALLY CHAOTIC
like, he couldn't cook a goddamn thing in his life except frozen pizzas, AND THAT DOESN'T EVEN COUNT AS COOKING
so you being the awesome chef you were ;), you obviously had to help your poor boyfriend with cooking
"wilbur, that's salt, not sugar."
"wilby, noo, not 405 degrees, 375 degrees."
he would be so clueless you would probably have to guide him with everything
but when you both make it together, it tastes DELICIOUS
LIKE DAMN, IT WAS A WHOLE COOKED MEAL COURSE (like you ;), jk, don't wanna make you uncomfy)
because of your wonderful cooking skills, it kinda passed onto wilbur
so in the morning, he would make you your favorite meal
"thanks wilby, you're finally catching on."
3. music
and the last thing you would share would be music
you both have your own playlist that you share, filled with his music, one direction, yungblud, halsey, and others (i dont know why, but im seriously addicted to mysoginistic songs, like it brings the BOY out of me that i don't want to unleash, like for example everywhere i go by hollywood undead and she's so nice by pink guy, also my axe by insane clown posse)
you would also have a romantic playlist for dancing
*casually plays as the world caves in by matt maltese*(but seriously, it's a great song, i suggest you listen to it)
music would even go onto him trying to teach you how to play internet ruined me
"it's not that key, it's THAT key."
"sorry wilby 😣 "
he would apologize so much after you said sorry, hugging you and shit, thinking that you were actually sad (TOO BAD BITCH, I AIN'T NO SYMPATHETIC /j)
hahahah, also prepare for him to pop quiz you on random stuff that is significant in your relationship, yaknow, to make sure you love him, JK JK, he's just a bored, lonely boiii
"y/n what was the day we met?""ummm, i believe may 7?""NOO YOU GOT IT WRONG"
you would run away from him, knowing that he becomes full on psycho /j
so ending that on a crazy note, you do sincererly love wilbur and he with you
you would go miles and miles to be with him
i hate how sappy i got there, but i gotta feed the mcyt/dream smp fans with some fluff, yaknow, to even out the angst and smut/nsfw honestly, i need someone who would be like this
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aesopsbaby · 10 days ago
Umm can you do Kokichi x Shuichi headcannons pls?? I would love to see that because they're one of my favorite ships
(But it's also ok if you don't want to! I'll understand! ^^)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫: Kokichi Ouma + Shuichi Saihara
𝐒𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: Relationship Headcanons
𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞: I absolutely love their dynamic so I had fun doing this <3 and no worries Anon,I accept and respect all ship here!(Except for those unacceptable ones,ofc)
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: Nothing. Well,bad writing skills-
𝐓𝐢𝐭𝐥𝐞: Relationship Headcanons
Tumblr media
Kokichi sometimes just goes over to Shuichi while he's sitting down and just falls into his lap,burying his face into Shuichi's stomach.
Shuichi is so used to it that he wouldn't even be surprised,he would just continue doing what he was doing while having one hand in Kokichi's hair,just scratching it lightly to sooth him <3
Kokichi constantly calling Shuichi,he literally spams his tired boyfriend with miss calls and a bunch of texts saying:
-Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
-Shuiiii call me!!
Kokichi gets himself into trouble that always results in him getting injured. Whenever Shuichi sees him with a cut or bruise,he'll just sigh and frown at Kokichi.
"...how do you keep getting yourself hurt.."
"I fell for you, of course!"
Shuichi loves watching Kokichi happy,like,genuinely happy. Whenever he sees Kokichi with a huge smile, he'll have a small smile adorning his face as well.
They will constantly bicker about who gets to be the small spoon. (Kokichi always win though,,,Shuichi just can't say no when Kokichi is accusing him of not loving him enough to let him get what he wants-)
Kokichi always runs towards Shuichi at full force whenever he spots him in the distance.
Kokichi will then jump into his arms.
And of course,Shuichi always catches him,stumbling slightly from the impact but still managing to not let the both of them topple over.
Shuichi drops everything at the speed of light if he hears or sees that Kokichi is in potential danger.
Shuichi gets nervous sometimes so he'll subconsciously grab onto Kokichi's hand,and everytime Kokichi will look over slightly to glance at him just to make sure that he's fine,before giving Shuichi's hand a slight squeeze. Then he'll smile at him <3
Kokichi will never say anything when he realises that Shuichi is nervous,he'll just let Shuichi find comfort in holding his hand.
"I wanna cuddleeee,Shumaiiiii!"
"Alright alright,fine Kokichi. Come here."
"Wh.. wait. What? Hu-huh?"
Kokichi gets flustered whenever Shuichi accepts doing whatever intimate activity Kokichi brings up.
Shuichi just smiles at how cute his boyfriend is acting,Kokichi going red in the face as his eyes darts everywhere except for Shuichi and he's babbling nonsense as well.
Kokichi loves receiving any form of affection from Shuichi. Whenever Shuichi gives him a slight kiss on the cheek or forehead,Kokichi will laugh softly as he feels the feather like kiss.
Shuichi always reminds Kokichi that he loves him dearly.
"Shuichi,do you-"
"Yes I do,Kokichi. I always have and always will,okay? I love you alot."
"...I..I know that,I was just checking!"
Whenever they argue,Kokichi will just feel a stabbing pain in his chest as he tries to focus on Shuichi infront of him but his tears are overflowing and blurring his vision. He'll walk off and hide in the bathroom,crying softly until Shuichi comes in to hold him in his arms.
"I went too far,I'm sorry."
He'll let Kokichi lay his head on his shoulder or chest and let him soak his shirt with tears. Shuichi will softly pat Kokichi's head while his other hand rubs soothing circles on Kokichi's back. All the while,he's whispering apologies to Kokichi and a few "I love you".
Shuichi always wakes up to Kokichi's grinning face. He never gets shocked when he sees him,just a soft sigh as he reaches up to run his fingers through Kokichi's hair. Then he'll prop himself up to press a quick kiss to Kokichi's forehead.
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joelsgeetar · 6 months ago
Hello, darling🤲💖 may I ask for Erik (POTO) x reader, where reader is just a cleaner/part of the crew (or both) who is fascinated about opera? And always makes sure everything will run smoothly there? Like, reader with high respect and fascination for art. I'm not talented either with my voice or with dancing. Maybe with insecure reader? I'm really confident about myself usually, but maybe reader not being sure why Erik would choose them when there's plenty of talented people around? Imagine or headcanons - whatever you feel comfortable with. And female or gender neutral reader, you can choose <3🦋🦋💖💖
(I'm so sorry I used so many times word "reader"💀💀💀)
Erik Destler (Phantom)
gif imagine + headcanon
Tumblr media
(thank you for sending this lovely request in anon!! i hope you enjoy what i have come up with. also, don't apologize! you're amazing, feel free to spam with requests anytime)
* i am not experienced with French so i rely on google translate which can be wrong frequently - i apologize if there are any mistakes
- erik noticed you long after you joined the crew, you mainly cleaned up the stage after all is done
- the phantom lurked from box 5, his gaze focused on you who was all alone, underappreciated from many
- this sparked an interest, he felt curious about you and why he hasn't seen you more before
- at first you couldn't believe that the infamous O.G wanted your attention and love, your insecurities were hidden until recently
- knowing erik watched all these talented and young, beautiful women perform had your gut twisted in anxious knots
- yes, you trusted him and you'd never imagine him cheating.. it's still upsetting when other women don't even try hiding their interests for him
- the way you see yourself isn't how erik sees you, he's completely wrapped around your finger and could write a novel on how perfect you are in his eyes
- erik loves the fact that while you're not exactly talented in anything specific, you're dedicated to learn more about music/art itself
- whenever you get passionate about anything you enjoy, he can't stop a grin from appearing. the way your eyes light up can make him smile in adoration and admiration
- tonight you feel as if you're losing his attention after the performance, the leading woman sang her heart out so beautifully, you already know that erik absolutely loved it too
- box 5 is remained silent and empty as required but he let's you sneak in there whenever you want (small things like that are so sweet and pure, how he eventually tries to share all he has with you if you'll allow him to)
- “mon ange?” (My Angel)
- erik’s deep voice filled your ears, you jumped a little as you were not expecting him to sneak up behind you (he did it once to surprise you in a playful manner but felt bad after since you get spooked easily)
- you turn your head over your shoulder to glance at him, he is already pressed up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist protectively and places a tender kiss on your neck 
- shivers travel down your spine, inhaling nervously. erik always gets you all flustered with simple actions like this
- he must have felt how tense you were. he mumbled lowly into your ear, trying to help you relax. he never wants you uneasy or scared because of him
- “Who do I have to punish for causing you to act like this, hm?” 
- of course erik was joking. well.. half joking, he would easily take out anyone for you, especially if you were in danger
- slowly, you turn to face him and finally open up about your troubled mind. you speak in a rush, almost breathless from the rising anxiety. you don't want him to think you don't trust him. in all honesty, you're just curious as to why he wants you
- though you cannot see his full face due to the shadows and mask, you can still catch onto the type of look he was giving you as you spoke such nonsense 
- erik gently stops your words by cupping one of your cheeks, the warmth from his glove spreading onto your skin. at first you look back at him but turn your head again to glance down at the stage feeling somewhat jealous that you couldn't do the same or at least confidently 
- so soft, almost like a feather, erik lingers a touch under your jaw to guide your gaze back onto him. he is gentle with his physical reassurance but his words are deep, low and serious
- “mon chéri, Je t'aime..” (My dear, I love you)
- you don't respond vocally at first, you're soaking in his truthful stare. of course you say you love him back in return but adding ‘more’ knowing it irritates him sometimes. he doesn't take it lightly like you do to be cute, erik is always adamant that he loves you more and most
- after learning of your small insecurity, the phantom does all he can to show you that he truly only wants you regardless of the talent others may have. to him, you are his angel who has no flaws. (erik lowkey loves the fact that you’re worried to lose him, he feels wanted by you and thats all he could ask for)
- in conclusion, you are to not worry any longer for he is there to remind you of what you need to hear. he loves you so much, nothing will take him away from you. he often jokes about even after death, he would haunt you as he is not a fan of being alone and wishes to stay by your side forever 
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romanoffscottage · 4 months ago
Blackhill where Maria calls Nat out on the PA system because Natasha is a little shit.
Nat has been bothering Maria all day by messing with the stuff in her office, her computer, her schedule, and she even spammed her phone with random texts and pictures. She even started spamming Maria's email with random crap.
Maria talked to Nat multiple times that day telling her she needs to stop because they are at work, but that didn't' stop Nat from having her fun.
Once Maria has had enough, she went on the PA system and made an announcement to everyone, "Agent Romanoff decided she thought it would be funny to mess with my stuff, my office now Romanoff."
Once Maria made the announcement Nat knew she was in big trouble and so did everyone they worked with.
On her way to Maria's office, some of her co-workers stooped her to wish her good luck.
Once she got to Maria's office Maria said, "What has gotten into you today? You can't do shit like that, I have important things to do and I can't do any of it because you messed with all my stuff!"
Nat did sort of feel bad, "I'm sorry, I won't do it again okay? I love you."
"No no no, don't play the 'I love you' card with me right now. You're on desk duty for the next week." Maria knew Nat hated desk duty more than anything.
"Are you serious?" Maria nodded. Nat was annoyed at her girlfriend and left Maria's office to head to her own. When she arrived at her office she was a huge stack of paperwork already on her desk with a note from Maria on the top that read: "For my love."
That night when they both got home from work, Nat ordered Maria her favorite dinner from her favorite take-out place and an apology. "You're still stuck on desk duty," Maria said kissing Nat's head which earned her an annoyed sign from the redhead.
After this Nat never dared to touch anything in Maria's office again.
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ssahotchswife · 16 days ago
Hi Lin, I am sorry to keep spamming you but so many of my asks my been eaten and I keep remembering them lol.
So you and Aaron get married and obviously you go on a honeymoon but of course Jack is upset that he can’t come because he has become very attached to his momma and wants to spend time with her so you make him a deal. When you and Aaron get back you will take Jack on a momma Jackers weekend vacation anywhere he wants to go. He of course picks somewhere close enough to home but far enough that you get to stay in a fancy hotel room. Before you guys leave you surprise him with special matching shirts that say momma and jack weekend and he is so excited to wear it. All weekend he gets to swim in the big hotel pool, eat junk food, and visit the cool tourist spots. He picks out a special souvenir for his dad along with matching shirts for the three of you. On the last day he doesn’t want to leave so you make him a promise that every year he can pick one weekend for a special momma jack weekend together. -♋️
omg no don't apologize!! i'm sorry your asks get eaten so often 😩i love them hehe
sweet little jackers would be so so excited the whole time leading up to his 'momma weekend' and aaron would be just thrilled that you and jack are so so close and that you're having time for the two of you to bond :(( and you do your absolute best to plan a weekend full of all of jack's favorite things and plenty of pool time because that's what he was most excited about when you were showing him the hotel you'd booked for the two of you hehe and when you guys are calling aaron that night and telling him good night he asks you if things are going well and you look over at your smiling little buddy as he tucks his little giraffe into the bed and tell him "things are great, we're have a perfect time" which is everything aaron could have asked for
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fractured-ice · 14 days ago
hi!!! I've been following u for a while and ik u're super into hanwenzhou and tbh i never really got it. but now I'm genuinely curious like what is the appeal? i hope this is okay to ask and doesn't come off as negative or smthg i just genuinely wanna know!!! also i love ur blog btw!! <333
Ahh thank you, you're sweet! <3 Doesn't come off as negative, don't worry, at this point I kinda feel like I ought to issue an apology to the non-hanwenzhou crowd for spamming their dash with it every day. I'm into it a normal amount, as you may have noticed 🤭
I don't really think I can give an answer that doesn't venture into headcanon territory, or isn't influenced by all the fic I've read, because Han Ying has a pretty limited role in the show (but a main role in my HEART :D), so bear that in mind.
Part of the appeal for me is definitely whatever unspoken history he has with Zhou Zishu. Of course you don't have to read it as romantic, but I think if you want to explore his character at all you do have to venture into why he's like that about Zhou Zishu. Like, when we see him alone or interacting with other characters, he's cold, competent, arrogant -- I didn't at all imagine that he was going to be one of the "good guys" (in many many air quotes because...it's WOH) when we saw him threatening Gao Chong for the Glazed Armor, you know? I actually think it's a shame we don't get to see more of that, both to get a better gauge of who he is outside of Zhou Zishu, and because it would highlight how different he is with him.
When it comes to the hanzhou aspect of the relationship...I've been meaning to write an actual fancy-worded meta about it for months but I keel getting distracted by feels. Idk, something about the lethal devotion, the unresolved pining, the history that leaves so much to the imagination. I also feel like their every interaction is so inexplicably tender? Interestingly, I think their first in-show meeting in episode 8, which got a lot of people, myself included, to thinking there's some feelings at least on Han Ying's side, is also the most guarded -- compare to the...I'm sorry but it's almost a morning after scene, in ep 10, or all of ep 29. I think in ep 8 they're both playing up their respective positions and the dynamic those assume. Look at the two bow lifts! Yes, both of them make me melt, but I think the second is even more vulnerable? And Zhou Zishu, after JUST having realized he messed up by giving Wen Kexing the Glazed Armor and kickstarting the whole Four Sages of Anji mess, just gives another piece to Han Ying like it's nothing. I know I'm reaching, but if it is within reach, why should I not? Headcanons are free real estate. This is turning into a rant, but to wrap up: I just can't help looking at them and think there was something there -- most probably, unrealized or unspoken, but it was there.
As for Han Ying and Wen Kexing, which I think might be more of an...eh?? How? To people who aren't already into it (and that's fair!), I'm really interested in how drastically Wen Kexing's attitude towards Han Ying changes within literally all of two meetings? By Han Ying's death, Wen Kexing obviously cares, even if it's just because he realizes that Zhou Zishu cares, and I think it's kind of a turning point for him and how he thinks about the collateral damage of his plans? I love exploring what their dynamic could have been! I think they could have found a lot of common points, even besides (puts on shipper goggles, yeah, sorry) an undying love for Zhou Zishu. They're both mostly solitary people, with strong loyalties, a generous helping of ruthlessness and a casual disregard for their own lives, and this is still simplifying it. Both of them want to belong without really hoping for it. I genuinely think they could be good for each other. Hell, I'd be happy to read 100x fics where they're just really good pals, I just think they deserve more people in their lives who will care about them. But also...kidnapping your lover's not-quite-ex and holding him by the throat is sexy?
How it all comes together: they are all, and I cannot emphasize this enough, fucked up people, and I love them for it. In many interlaping ways, but also in vastly different ways, and I think they would balance each other out. I love wenzhou's zhiji relationship, but I also like that they don't (immediately) have that with Han Ying: I think they could understand and complement each other very well, but they have to work hard at it.
If this giant block of text didn't put you off, tell me your thoughts, I'm curious! And in case you're curious enough to feel like taking a foray into fic...there's some gems out there that I cannot stop screaming about, so hmu :D
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