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#i would too

Absolutely amused by the fact that George is more scared in manhunts (see: Dream) in a block game than in an actual, albeit not so scary, horror game (Phasmophobia).

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betsy: andrew, why don’t we go back to my office and discuss these accusations over some hot chocolate?

andrew: bee, you can’t possibly expect to ply me with sugar to make everything okay after ive just found out about my brother’s torrid affair with my lover.

aaron: *choking*


andrew: okay, fine, i’ll take the chocolate.

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Out of curiosity was the headline? And I don’t even go to twitter anymore and I’ve blocked like 90% of the 100 posters on this site at this point for this exact shit. It’s infuriating we can’t enjoy something in peace without others pushing their views and opinions all over it.



The original one (about the conversation) is even worse.

It makes me feel sick.

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