#i wouldn't wish these headaches on my worst enemy
catmat 3 months ago
When someone asks me how bad my headache is at its worse, I tell them that if someone offered me $1,000,000 to have this headache, even just for a few hours, I wouldn't take the money. That's how bad it is.
And they'll reply, "Oh, you're exaggerating. It can't be that bad."
Yes it can, and it is.
Believe people's pain.
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maximotts 2 months ago
I don't feel like writing anymore馃槩. I barely get any likes and my motivation is so low. I'm worried I'll stop writing for months again like last time, the only way I continue to write is if I get validation from the people reading my stories and there has literally been zero. I'm so done I can't do this anymore, any time I write I get a headache and wanna sleep. Not to mention my "depression" if I even have it cause I'm self-diagnosing since I've tried to commit so many times and literally feel so numb like I don't care if I die and get killed because I find everything so pointless and I don't have the energy to try anymore. I've literally lost all my friends and I'm lonely asl, the only thing that is keeping me alive is MoM and after that is done idk what I have going for me. Pressure from my parents and school is too much and I am so close to my breaking point. Writing was supposed to be my way to relax but I feel like if I don't upload then all my followers are gonna stop following me. Now it feels like a burden. My whole life is a fucking failure and I literally hate it here. Sorry for the rant but I had to get this little bit off of my chest, hopefully, someone can relate out there but it would be kind of sad because I wouldn't even wish my worst enemy to feel what I'm feeling or go through what I have been going through and currently am at the moment.
So I鈥檓 saying this with the utmost care and respect and I apologize if it comes off rude or careless, but I don鈥檛 know you or your personal situation so I鈥檓 just giving you the best advice I can from where I鈥檓 standing. 馃挅
You should always be writing for you, first and foremost. Validation from others is obviously good and fine and amazing, but your mental health should never be tied to what strangers on the internet think of your personal hobby. If you find that you鈥檙e lacking motivation, then I鈥檇 suggest stepping away and writing for just yourself and not posting; this should all be for fun and your own enjoyment above all else.
Secondly, I would really encourage you to talk to a professional or a trusted person in your life about all you鈥檙e going through because it鈥檚 obviously not just writing and the world is a whole lot bigger than tumblr. I can only do so much to help you and reassure you, but you need to share all of this with someone who can truly change your situation for the better or help guide you to a better place 馃挅 sending you lots of love and support 馃挅馃挅
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tic-tac-kit-kat 4 months ago
I'm so fucking sick of dysphoria. I've spent the past hour crying and I still feel like shit. I don't think people realise how much dysphoria can PHYSICALLY affect you. I have awful headaches from crying, I have a terrible stomach ache because my dysphoria causes my anxiety to be even worse. When I go through really rough patches, my grades drop because all I can think about is my dysphoria. I spend such time pulling away from my friends, pulling away from my family, from people I love, because the only thing on my mind is my dysphoria and I cannot think of anything else. I seclude myself so much during bad dysphoria days/periods that my friends can always tell when my dysphoria is bad just based on how much I'm talking.
It's so difficult to just open up to someone about it, too. Like, I've spent the past hour and a half debating whether or not to text my best friend to vent, even though I know she'd gladly listen and I would feel so much better afterwards. I'm sick of feeling like I can't talk to the people I love and care about. I'm sick of feeling like no one gets it. I'm sick of feeling like I'm in complete isolation and nobody will ever understand. Dysphoria is so shit and I would do anything to get rid of it. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. I can't believe people think we fake this shit
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hereforthelizardsex a year ago
My friend who has never seen so much as an episode of deep space nine wrote nsfw crack fanfiction about Julian, Garak, and Dukat being captured and held in Area 51 on alternate universe (not mirror universe) Earth following a conversation where I mentioned Julian鈥檚 foot fetish and alien fucking. I am posting it here for anyone in the mood for reading something very cursed.
Ever since the universe started to collapse in on itself, our lives have been completely turned around. All of us DS9 inhabitants were shuffled into emergency escape pods that could travel much faster than your average ship. Only a third of us made it out, who knows where the rest are. We drove straight into a black hole, just hoping for the best. We ended up in a place called 鈥淭he Milky Way鈥 and eventually on Earth. Earth isn't so different from DS9, we even have some of the same evil rulers and war history, but it is weird being confined to a planet instead of living among the stars. When my ship first landed, my other ship mates had died, all six of them. I was brought to a place called area 51 and eventually given a room of my own here. All of us 鈥榓liens鈥 were given an area, which they call a cell block, to stay in with our own rooms. The biggest change, though, has been my sex life, and this is that story:
I wake up drenched in sweat and with a pounding headache, this planet is so dry that I don't know how my body has any liquids left to sweat out. I gulp down the water next to my bed, and stand to stretch my muscles, still sore from crash landing on this planet. I stiffly walk over to the mirror and stare at the bruises and cuts on my body, wishing they would heal already and that the scientists wouldn't be so eager to make new ones. I am in the middle of examining my bare abdomen when I hear my bedroom door creak open. I turn to look and see Garak staring at me from the doorway.
鈥淚t鈥檚 late.鈥 I say, embarrassed to have been caught staring at myself in the mirror, and even more embarrassed that these thin gray cotton shorts don't hide very much, something that Garak has also noticed.
鈥淚 thought we could talk, I mean this whole thing is sort of crazy. Landing on a new planet, losing everyone we knew. I mean you watched people die in front of you, and now there's humans showing you Tik Tik dancing and something called Goggle.鈥
I sigh, 鈥測eah I mean I guess so. It's not like I have anyone to miss though. I mean YOU'RE still alive and here to bother me,鈥
鈥淵ou would've missed me if I died?鈥 He says in a patronizing tone that I find somewhat annoying and somewhat sexy.
鈥 Only a little,鈥 I responded with a smile as I woke over and sat on the edge of my bed.
鈥淲ell I was also here to ask you if you could check some of these wounds out. The people here either seem to want to make them worse or are too scared of me to help.鈥 He walks over and sits next to, right next to me.
I lift his shirt gently and look at some of the injuries he sustained in the crash. It takes me a moment to realize that I鈥檝e placed my hand on his abdomen while examining his side, and he hasn't moved it. I pull my hand away and feel my face turn red.
鈥淲ell they look like they're healing fine to me no sign of infection鈥
鈥淛ulian,鈥 he says looking me in the eyes before reaching a hand over and placing it on the inner part of my thigh, 鈥渢hank you鈥.
He leaves his hand there just long enough for my cock to get hard before standing up and leaving. I'm sure he noticed, but he didn't say anything and neither did I.
He comes back every night after that for the next two weeks to talk, always finding and excuse to expose some part of his body to me that shouldn't be as erotic to me as it is.
One night he was complaining about his feet hurting from being forced to run all day, to test his physical abilities, so I eagerly volunteered to rub them as we laid on my bed and talked. I stared at his scaly toes laying in my lap as my fingers expertly kneaded the soles of his feet. Of course, my body decided that now was a perfect time for an erection the size of the entire Starfleet, which was brought back up by Garak adjusting his position just as it was starting to go down, almost as if he was doing it on purpose.
Just as I was starting to suspect that he was trying to make me hard. He sat up and looked me in the eyes, 鈥淛ulian how many times do I have to graze your dick with my heels, are you going to let me make you cum or not?鈥
I felt my face turn red yet again, and did not respond in anyway other than shock and a wide eyed stare.
鈥淔or fucks sake, you act like such a prude,鈥 he said as he pulled down my sweatpants and let my cock spring free of its fabric cage. He leaned forward, as if to take me in his mouth, but instead spit on my cock and sat back to begin rubbing it with his feet. I tensed up in surprise but began to relax as the blood my heart was using to panic started going to my dick. Precum began to leak onto Garkas feet, coating his scaled toes and making them shine.
I noticed a very large, very long new appendage poking out under Garaks clothing and reaching over to begin rubbing it, it was warm and somewhat wet, I just had to see what it was. I pulled off his pants and was almost smacked in the face by his five foot long alien dick. Instead of a head at the end it was a fleshy hole that was oozing a clear liquid. I dipped my finger into the liquid and licked it off, moaning in ecstacy. 鈥淔uck Garak you taste so good鈥 i said as I felt my dick twich in the embrace of his feet, which had been massaging it back and forth. He didn't say anything but grabbed my hand and moved along his slippery penis, which was so thick I couldn't wrap my hand all the way around it. After a f few minutes he transferred some of the fluids from his penis onto his hand and began to rub my tight, somewhat throbbing, asshole, gently sliding his fingers in and out of it. It was too much for me to handle, I felt my balls tense up and my dick began squirting loads of cum all over Garaks sexy toes.
鈥淚'm going to have to try for weeks to get all that out from under my scales you assclown鈥 Garak said pressing his cold cardassian lips to mine. We made out passionately, his little lizard tongue darting in and out of my mouth. I was still stroking his cock when my door was flung open. i tried to jump back in surprise but was held back by Garak, whose cock seemed to get harder now that someone was watching us. I didnt see who it was, but I felt them come up behind me and saw the world go dark as I was blinded by a tie being wrapped over my eyes. I felt the strangers dick slap me in the face as it was pulled out and draped over my shoulder like a scarf. I instinctively took it in my hand and livked the side of it. This one I was able to fit my whole hand around, but it seemed to be around eight feet as opposed to Garaks measly five. I kissed along the wet shaft as my face was coated in alien precum. Garak had been fingering my ass for about ten minutes now, and he placed his hands on my hips and we moved so that he was under me. He pushed the tip of his cock into my ass and the rest that I couldn't fit quite yet sunk back into his body, in typical cardassian fashion.
I thought the mystery stranger had begun to cum, but instead the smell of dehydrated piss filled my nostrils and I felt a runny warm liquid spill down my government issued t-shirt and roll down my body onto my cock that was now hard again. Garak thrusted in and out of me as my mouth bobbed along the strangers dick, and my blind fold began to slip loose. It fell off just as both Garak and the stranger began to cum, one in me and the other all over my face, and I looked into the eyes of my worst enemy. I had just given a blow job to none other than Dukat.
A few weeks later I noticed a particular itch around my penis, but all the usual STD tests had come back negative. My doctors decided to do one last test, and allergy test, which just so happened to be on the day that they had finished processing cardassian dna, and what do you know? I'm allergic to lizard-alien semen! Life is not worth living now鈥
Inspired by this collaborative image:
Tumblr media
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writerattheart-blog 13 days ago
Pain-Free Life
Hey everyone!
Lately, my migraines have been getting twenty times worse. I didn鈥檛 think it was possible, but the week I spent in hell was proof enough. I barely remember much of that week; to be honest, I mostly remember being in pain, sleeping but not having a night of good sleep and darkness. It was absolutely horrible, and I wouldn鈥檛 wish a quarter of that pain on my worst enemy.
I was talking to a friend who has migraines but not as bad as I do, and her sister does as well, so she understands the pain more than most people I know. Anyway, she brought up a point that I thought was interesting. I know there鈥檚 no way around it but just saying. Why is it more expensive to live a pain-free life if you are in pain? Like, I didn鈥檛 ask for migraines, but I got them. I didn鈥檛 ask for having them every single fucking day and some of the worse pain I鈥檝e ever experienced, but I got them. I didn鈥檛 ask for any of this, but I have to pay for medication that works to get a fraction closer to a pain-free life. Like I鈥檓 lucky I live in Canada, and health care is accessible to an extent because of the number of doctors I鈥檝e seen, my medication list, all of that would鈥檝e probably put my family out of a house. I am grateful for that, but those medications I鈥檝e tried have done nothing more than cause other problems like nausea, constipation, dizziness and drowsiness. They haven鈥檛 worked for me. The other alternatives like injections or devices or more vital medication are not covered by OHIP and thus are extremely expensive. I know there鈥檚 no way around it. I understand, but that doesn鈥檛 stop me from thinking it鈥檚 unfair. It may be my depression speaking, but yeah.
I can鈥檛 remember a time when I didn鈥檛 have a headache. I can鈥檛 remember when my body wasn鈥檛 in pain, or I wasn鈥檛 feeling like I was going to pass out any second. It鈥檚 only been three years since my migraines have gotten this bad, yet they changed everything about my life.
I would honestly take a day or even an hour of migraine-free time. An hour. An hour is not a lot, but to me, an hour without headaches, dizziness, blurry vision, visual auras, sensitive senses, nausea, and fewer migraines, is like paradise. I wish, I honestly want.
There was a time when that was possible. I did a nerve-blocking procedure, and I won't get into the details now, but if it had worked, I could've had a few hours where I wouldn't feel the headache. Keyword: could've. I went home and cried for two hours (which worsened my headaches) when the procedure didn't work. That is when I stopped getting my hopes up.
Anyways, that鈥檚 my little rant of the day.
Thanks for reading!
Purple Stitch 馃挏
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wishful-soda 2 months ago
You didn鈥檛 get the ask?! *gasp* this is so sad!
Tumblr truly is a hellsite, that鈥檚 for sure. I can鈥檛 remember what I said exactly but it was probably something along the lines of 鈥淚 know it sucks to have migraines, my brother used to get them a lot when he was younger鈥. I do know I said more interesting stuff than that, but alas my memory fails me. But do you often get headaches/migraines or is this a once-in-a-blue-moon kinda thing?
But also as a general check-in: how are you? I know that not too long ago, the week was hitting you like a semi-truck, hopefully you鈥檙e feeling better?
- 馃挏
No! Tumblr really is the worst sometimes 馃槶
I am so sorry for your brother because I seriously wouldn't wish migraines on my worst enemy. It kind of varies, sometimes I'll get several over the course of a few months and then sometimes I won't get one for a few months. I haven't figured out what triggers them.
I'm feeling a little bit better, I went to urgent care and an extremely cute doctor gave me a Toradol shot in my butt 馃檭 I'm really hoping next week is less stressful and I feel better because phew...ya girl is exhausted.
Thank you for asking love!
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yokohamabeans a year ago
Liar Liar V1: Chapter 2
The more she thought about it, the more humiliated and suicidal she felt.
"ARGHHH! How could I have done that? How could I have done and said all that?!" Saeri grasped at her scalp and shook her head with increasing agitation, attracting several stares from passers-by on the street. "And to a handsome guy even...?! ARGHHH!"
Although she was blessed with a relatively painless morning despite her inebriation the evening before, the girl would have given anything for a crippling headache to replace the overwhelming embarrassment she was currently buckling under. She had awoken to groggy vision and a blurry mind, questioning about the previous night's happenings to no one in particular when in came Hiroki with an excruciatingly detailed narration about her drunken misadventure, which she recoiled in terror upon hearing while he smiled dementedly with gleeful sadism. To be honest鈥攁s shallow as it sounds鈥攎aybe Saeri wouldn't have felt so mortified if she had done what she did to a physically unattractive person, or perhaps even a girl; why, just why did she have to grab a guy (her age!) who was good-looking enough to be acknowledged even by her brother?!
"I must have looked such an idiot..." she whined pathetically, palms pressing her cheeks as she envisioned the victim looking at her in disgust. She had a vague recollection of his looks: golden hair with matching golden eyes, and something鈥攁 piercing, or mole?鈥攊n his left ear. A clear image of his face was about to manifest itself in her mind when it shattered with a physical jolt; her shoulder had collided into someone else's.
"Oh my God, I'm so sorry! I wasn't鈥" She stopped mid-sentence as she registered the person before with wide eyes: Shijima Mariko, arguably the most reviling being in the entire Universe and Beyond.
"Oh my, what a coincidence! If it isn't Sugiyama-san!" She feigned surprise, complete with a hand on her perfectly full lips. "Kyoto boys won't pay you any attention, so you're searching Tokyo for some?"
"I don't stoop to your level, Shijima." Saeri spat, trying to return the sass and sarcasm. However, her self-esteem was undeniably shaken by the topic of her words, and thus folded her arms in an attempt to hide the discomfort. She cursed inwardly when she realised that the enemy was clad in stylish, branded clothing from coiffed head to pedicured toes while she herself had just thrown on one of her brother's shirts and an old pair of shorts she kept in the apartment. "W-What are you doing here, anyway?"
"Nothing much, just visiting Soichirou-kun's family in Tokyo. It's his grandfather's birthday, you see," the smirk on Mariko's flawless face was nauseating. "I don't suppose you would understand. I mean, being single and all. Seriously, even Tanizawa-san could get one."
The scowl that Saeri bore was souring with every passing nanosecond; how could she dispute an undisputable fact? And the worst part of this all was that she had just been rejected the day before! Speaking of the rejection, it doesn't seem that anybody apart from Akashi, Hiroki and herself knows about it considering the normalcy of the conversations she's been having with her friends, and she wished and hoped for it to remain that way.
The two girls have been enemies ever since they met during the school entrance ceremony. Mariko, wealthy, beautiful and elegant, was submitting her application to join Rakuzan High's renowned Classical Dance Club, when she overheard Saeri and her friends wondering if they should initiate a Street Dance Club, the activity being their core interest. Having been indoctrinated to take great pride in the prestige and genteel elegance that her dance style possessed, Mariko could not suppress a loud sneer and scoff, openly expressing her disdain for the "unsophisticated street rat sort of movement." Things transitioned uglily after that.
Saeri's group's proposal was successful and the Rakuzan High Street Dance Club was established, with Saeri as the Vice-President and her good friend Kirishima Chiaki the President. Meanwhile, Mariko's natural affinity for Ballet, coupled with years of experience since childhood, positioned her as the Classical Dance Club's best dancer, and soon the First-Year President. Ever since then, the rivalry between Rakuzan's two only dance clubs and their respective heads had been an infamous subject within the school.
Unfortunately, Mariko was winning in almost every area, from the success of her club to her personal life. It was the biggest gossip when Mariko had got together with the handsome, rich, and clever captain of Rakuzan High's Golf Club, and she made it especially and painfully known to Saeri, the perpetual singleton.
"Well, since I am a nice person, I'll share a few tips with you," the Ballet dancer said in false generosity. "For starters, I highly doubt that guys like girls who wear their brother's clothing. Gives off an... incestuous vibe, maybe?"
Saeri gritted her teeth, and was about surrender and retort a weak comeback when her phone vibrated and rang. She tore her glare away from Mariko's infuriatingly triumphant smile and directed it to the gadget's screen, and suddenly, an idea lighted up in her mind like God's rays after the Flood.
"Hey lil' troublemaker, where are you? Don't forget that you have to wash my clothes." It was Hiroki, but for the moment, she ignored that fact.
Without even considering the consequences, Saeri turned away from her schoolmate and spoke a high and adoring voice into her phone, making sure to emphasise certain words and keep a hushed, but loud enough volume. "Hey darling! I ran into a friend from school and got a little held up. I'll be over there very soon! Sorry to keep you waiting, I'll make up for it with our you-know-what! See you in five, I love you!"
"Saeri, what the f鈥" The girl hung up and turned back, her eyes relishing the dumbfounded expression that Mariko did not even bother to contain. Seeing the utter shock and confusion of her rival did wonders to her confidence at that moment, but Saeri gave an abashed smile instead. "Oops, did you hear all that? You weren't supposed to. Sorry!"
"W-W-W-Who was that?!" The wealthy blonde stuttered, unable to believe what she had just overheard. "It can't possibly be your鈥"
"Ah, this is difficult to explain..." Saeri pursed her lips in mock dilemma, and pretended to contemplate for a moment before looking up again. "Well, since you heard it anyway... That was my boyfriend. I was on my way to a date before bumping into you."
Her facial muscles ached to hide the glee in seeing an open-mouthed gape.
"Y-Your boyfriend? Who?!" Mariko was unable to believe it. It was definitely a lie. "Since when?!"
Sense finally began to settle into Saeri's brain, and the uncertain look that she sported was not entirely false anymore. If she were to pull this off convincingly, she would firstly need a model to emulate her imaginary boyfriend after. Without hesitation, Akashi Seijuro appeared and she could not agree on it any better鈥擜kashi was good-looking, rich, and famous; he would definitely knock Mariko off her feet.
"Well, I can't tell you who he is, because we are keeping this low-profile. He's quite well-known, and we wouldn't like any gossip floating around. Not even Chiaki knows about this!" However, to prevent it from sounding like a total lie, she threw in additional details: "it's been going on for a month."
"Ho!" Mariko scoffed and rolled her eyes. "You expect me to believe something as vague as that? How pitiful you have to be if you need to fake a boyfriend!"
"Hmph, it's up to you to believe it or not," Saeri raised her brows and gave a look showing that she couldn't care less about her opinion. "I'll give you a hint; he plays basketball and is in our year."
Basketball? Our year? Well-known? Unwillingly, the President searched around the names that she knew, but to no plausible avail. There was barely any interaction between them! Is he from another school? Her distraction gave her rival an opportunity to escape, and Saeri wasted no time in taking it.
"As you just found out, I'm late, so I've gotta go. See you on Monday!" She made sure that her triumphant smile was visible to the astounded girl until her back was completely facing her, and dropped it like a weight immediately. The speed of her walk increased with every step, and she practically jogged until she was sure that the distance was far enough, finding herself in an uncongested, idle street.
"Oh my God, what have I done?" The full extent of the potential severity had finally hit her, and Saeri felt an ice-cold sensation creeping up her violently thumping heart. She raised her hands to tug at her hair, her brows tilted in anxiety. "This is bad...! What if she finds out that I don't really have one...? Oh my God, I have to think this through!"
She walked for a little further until she spotted a caf茅 that seemed empty and quiet enough for a consolidation of thoughts, and she quickly darted in, pleased to see that it was indeed void of any other customers. She ordered a simple cup of latte, and began listing out the possibilities that her story could go.
Meanwhile, Mariko had dug her phone out and was furiously texting her clique, informing them of what she'd just heard.
Although all he had to do was to strike a few poses and basically look glamorous, modelling was tough work. Continuously changing into suits of multiple-layers under a constricted time was tedious, keeping still while the make-up artist applied cosmetics was unbearable with an itch or urge to sneeze, and giving smiles and poses that were up to the photographer's satisfaction was stressful and repetitive.
As such, all Kise wanted to do after a shoot in Tokyo was to relax by himself before heading home. He needed a place with very little people as he didn't feel like entertaining fans at the moment鈥攈is cheeks were aching after maintaining a smile for over three hours鈥攁nd alas, found the perfect spot in an uncongested, idle street. There were a few cafes in it, and most of them had young teens sitting around, so he chose an insignificant one tucked away in a corner as it seemed to only have one patron.
Indeed, to his joy, it did contain only a single customer (a rather hassled brunette), and he took a seat a few tables away, asking for the menu and considering what he should order.
It would have been a perfectly simple task if agitated mumblings didn't constantly attack his thoughts, and Kise had no choice but to raise his head and politely ask for the other customer if she could keep her voice down a bit.
"Um, excuse me?"
"鈥攂ut it would be too exaggerating to鈥擶hat?" Saeri was in the middle of constructing a plausible story when a male's voice had called. She looked around the caf茅, ascertaining that he was referring to her given that they were the only two patrons, and turned back to the blonde guy a couple of metres away from her, pointing at her chest. "Me?"
"Yes. I'm so sorry, but could you..." Kise trailed off when he properly saw her face, familiarity registering in his brain. It seemed that she recognised him too, because her eyes were beginning to grow bigger with realization every passing moment, and it did not look like it grew with happiness; it grew with dread.
"Crazy Rejected Girl!"
"Golden-boy Rejection Letter Thief!"
Her mind was blank and her throat dry. Never did Saeri expect to run into the very same person she did the day before, and neither did she want to. However, she could not help but continue to stare in gaping shock until the guy stood up and made to move towards her.
Initially, Kise was numbly surprise, but memories of the laugh she had given him seeped through his mind, and before he could help it, he found himself pushing his body up and walking towards her. Was this fate? It was completely unexpected that he would meet the very same person he did the day before, and even more so when he realised that she had gotten up to move to a farther table.
Usually, girls would either stay rooted to the spot or gravitate towards him whenever he approached them, so it was a pleasant change of routine that this girl鈥擲ugiyama Saeko? Shiori?鈥攚as doing the exact opposite. It was also funny that she wore an expression akin to that of a hunted prey, and thus, like a predator, he followed after her, wanting to interact with her now that she was sober.
Saeri mentally cursed and asked the Heavens if God was taking pleasure in tormenting her. What kind of fate was this? Firstly, she had been rejected by the most perfect boy on Earth, secondly, she ridiculed herself in front of a hot guy after that, thirdly, she had told a lie that she was not supposed to, and now, she's trapped in the same place as the hot guy in the above-mentioned second disaster?! Life was pretty bad at the moment, what was going to come next? International infamy?
The girl decided that she must avoid this person, no matter how irresistibly handsome he may be. Her embarrassment had deepened upon noticing how good-looking the guy was; it was beyond her imagination and it made the humiliation sting even worse. The moment he had gotten within a metre from her, she had already scrambled to the table beside, furtively sneaking glances at her new unwanted follower.
The manager of the small establishment was feeling very amused; his two patrons, strangers he had presumed, were now in a very awkward game of catch, definitely a refreshing sight after an afternoon of meagre business. The girl was desperately moving from table to table with increasing speed, while the guy effortlessly caught up. Eventually, the former had trapped herself in a corner of the caf茅, where she made the mistake of sliding into a seat next to a wall.
"Caught you at last!" A smile came naturally as Kise sat down, facing the girl who was amusingly trying to hide her face with a caf茅 menu.
Saeri decided that perhaps it would be better if she confronted the situation with dignity, and thus set the laminated paper down while arranging her hair and avoiding his eyes. She gave a very dry cough. "Do I know you?"
"Apparently, seeing as you just called me, -what? Golden-boy Rejection Letter Thief? How did that come about?" He grinned, highly entertained now. It also helped that the girl鈥攈e noticed, true to her own claim鈥攚as very pretty. With wavy, shoulder-length chestnut brown hair and bangs that hung over large, dark eyes which contrasted against fair, unblemished skin, he questioned the sanity of the guy who rejected her. "Well, even if you've forgot, I can refresh your memory. We met at the karaoke box yesterday, where you came at me out of nowhere and-"
"Oh, look at the time, I must go!" She uttered loudly and quickly, escape being the number one priority in her list at the moment. Before he could react, she grabbed her bag and stalked out of the caf茅 door, apologising to the manager about her cancelled order. Slightly stunned at a girl's outright desire to leave him, he blinked a couple of times before sense kicked in and he frantically jogged out to follow her.
"Oi!" Kise wracked his brains for her name, and found it when a picture of her napkin-letter surfaced. "Sugiyama Saeri!"
It was no use, the girl had hastened her pace instead. Sighing, he ran up and seized her by the wrist, pulling her backwards and twirling her body around until it fell onto his chest. Upon contact, he wrapped his arms around the immobilised brunette, victoriously smirking now that she could not escape him anymore.
Passers-by on the street were beginning to observe the scene with growing curiosity, and the lounging younger females squealed with hormonal excitement, alerting friends about the romantic gesture that a handsome man had executed so smoothly. Some had even took out their phones to snap a picture or two.
"Hey...?" Being shocked was an understatement. It took a few seconds for Saeri to realise that she was in the embrace of an extremely hot guy, but unfortunately, she could not enjoy the pleasure as firstly: he was not Akashi Seijuro, and secondly: she was painfully aware of the stares that they were receiving. "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What are you doing? Let go of me! HEY!"
"Will you stop running away now?" Kise decided that it would be safe to gently release his hold, and did so while keeping a cautious eye on the bewildered and slightly breathless girl. He watched as she self-consciously smoothened her hair and clothes, then turned towards him with an accusing look in her wide eyes.
"T-That could be crime, you know? I could have reported you!"
"Hmm? I don't usually get that kind of reaction after doing that," the model pouted in false dejection, but beamed once again with a wink, actually happy that she was being evasive instead.
Saeri desperately refused to meet his eyes, glancing at him for less than a second when she needed to talk, "so w-what do you want?"
Kise observed the flustered girl before him. Although he truthfully enjoyed the attention and fawning he received at times, what he really wanted was a girl that could interact normally with him without the driving agenda of wanting to be his girlfriend for either his looks or status or both; what he really wanted was a female friend. Momoi fulfilled the criteria, but he would never have a bond with her like the one she shared with Aomine. She was Aomine's friend. Not that he viewed her as an object or anything, he simply wanted a good female friend of his own.
He could tell that Saeri was no doubt affected by his handsome appearance, but he sensed no desire to be with him from the girl at all. He concluded that maybe she was still devoted to the guy who rejected her, or seeing him reminded her too much about her ridiculous antics, and therefore showed zero interest in the model. If anything, it seemed that she really wanted to get rid of him! There was no way that Kise would let a chance like this pass up, and hence, he flashed a killer smile that would be sure to incline her to agree, "hey, don't you think that it's far too coincidental for us to bump into each other again?"
The brunette could not help but scream an anguished 'YES!' in her mind, but her lips instead produced a deadpan "...Not really."
"Come on! Let's be friends! Spend the day with me," he thumped at his chest in an assuring manner, "I promise you that we'll have fun. What do you say?"
Oh my God, is he asking me out?! Saeri could not help but wonder as her eye surveyed the grinning boy with caution and hope. She was about to give in to temptation and mumble a relenting "well..." when a vague scene of her clutching and dragging his collar flashed past, and she immediately spun her back to him to hide her glowing face. "No. I'm busy."
"Besides, I live in Kyoto." She faced him once again when she was certain that the blush had faded, crossing her arms as though it would serve as a barrier. "Even if we do become friends, there would be no way for the friendship to work out."
Oh, right, she's attending Rakuzan. His heart and smile had sank a little, but Kise would not give up. "Then we can become pen pals, or something!"
"I'll pass," the dancer decided that she had to be merciless with an iron fist and heart, and thus closed her eyes with a definite huff. "I don't want to have your annoying "-ssu", "-ssu", "-ssu" popping up everywhere in my mail, electronic or paper."
However, a stagnant silence pried her left eye open, and she saw the pretty blonde boy casting downtrodden eyes at the ground, disconsolation painfully evident on his handsome face. The sight of him provoked Saeri to question her actions and morals, and she inwardly grieved for and regretted ever causing hurt to such a beautiful being. Uncontrollably, she stammered, "b-b-but I might reconsider. I-I mean, it's cool to have a pen pal and all, ...or something."
"Aha!" The change in Kise's mood was so sudden that it gave even himself a whiplash. "I was so worried that you hated me or something."
"Hey, that's playing dirty!" Saeri shoved a broad shoulder, mildly annoyed and aghast that her feelings were cheated. "That's it! I'm leaving, and you won't ever see me again!"
"Oi, wait!" The basketballer swiped at her retreating back, calling to retrieve her once more. "What about your rejection letter?"
"My rejection letter...?" It worked to effective success. The girl gave an intrigued look over her shoulder, and fully turned her body around upon being reminded. "Oh! My rejection letter! That's right, you stole it!"
"I didn't steal it, you left it behind," Kise frowned, but snickered to himself when he remembered what was written on the napkin. "It's a good thing that you did too, because if you actually sent it, you can kiss your social life goodbye."
"...W-Whatever," she stepped up to him for the second time, able to maintain eye contact this turn but not a blush. "Do you have it?"
"Well, yeah. It's in on my desk at home."
The brunette narrowed her eyes in bewilderment, "...Why?"
"No reason," he shrugged, liking the direction that the conversation was heading, "I just thought it would make a good memento since, well, I 'won't ever see you again'."
Saeri bit her lip in contemplation. She couldn't recall what she had wrote on the letter, but from his words, it sounded extremely embarrassing. There would be no way she would be able to rest in peace knowing that an article of such reputational value was in the possession of a stranger's hands, and not to mention, a hot stranger's hands. There was no denying it, she needed to have her letter back.
"I'll meet you again," she muttered indignantly, her crossed arms taut against her chest, "I'll meet you again so that you can pass it back to me."
"Ho?" There was no potential end to Kise's amusement nor the extent of his grin at the moment, "but why would you want a flimsy piece of paper back?"
"That flimsy piece of paper is my confidence and self-worth!" The Vice-President of Rakuzan's Street Dance Club proclaimed, "I don't care, you better give it back. Set a time and place for us to meet tomorrow."
"Hmm, alright," Kaijou's Ace willingly conceded, the cogs in his mind working. Kasamatsu had arranged for extra practise at a sports hub in Tokyo (it had impressive and helpful facilities, apparently) in the morning, so... "four in the afternoon at the caf茅 we were in just now?"
"No, that's impossible," Saeri shot it down without hesitation, "I'm leaving Tokyo at noon tomorrow, so we'll have to meet in the morning."
"Huh?! But I have training at nine!"
After much discussion and contemplation on the girl's part, she surrendered and acquiesced to making her way to the stadium that he would be at. Hopefully, after retrieving her belonging, it would be the last of their meetings. He gave her the address and his name, and noted with pleasant surprise that it incited no reaction from her. The boy wanted to exchange email addresses, but she would have none of it, and so he decided that he would try his luck again when they meet the day after.
She soon received a call from her brother, and they parted ways, with Saeri eagerly running away while Kise watched till she disappeared, a satisfied smile gracing his lips.
Unbeknownst to the pair, their interaction had received far more attention that they were aware of.
Yukiko, an ordinary girl in the third year of middle school, had been boasting to her friends about her extraordinary encounter with the rising model star, Kise Ryouta at the karaoke box the day before, soaking up their envy with pride. She was about to fish out the notebook which contained his sacred touch and autograph when she saw her idol once again in the middle of a lesser-known street, calling out to a girl stomping away from him.
She didn't have the luxury of wondering how someone could possibly walk away from the Kise Ryouta as he soon enacted a shocking move that struck every single witness with astonishment: he had pulled the retreating girl straight into his arms and held her there.
Without even wasting a split second, she and her group of friends already had their phones raised in their hands, the camera application activated, and took enough shots to fill up half their gadgets' data bytes, covering all possible angles without drawing the star's knowledge.
"Hey, what did Kise-san call her again?" A girl at her side asked, furiously typing in characters onto her phone.
The others were doing exactly the same. "Tsukiyama Sayori? Or did he say Sugizawa Sayori?"
"No, I'm pretty sure that it was Tsugizawa Sayori," Yukiko affirmed, punching in the final few buttons. As her screen flashed a loading bar, she looked up once again to watch the couple talking to each other with avid attention, although she could not hear their words. "We'll add that it's tentative. Anyway, once the pictures are up, people might recognise her, or even know people who personally know her!"
I dont rly know who she is, bt she was seen walking out rather hurriedly and he was chasing her, calling her out by a Tsukiyama Sayori or Sugizawa Saeri or Tsugizawa Sayori, or a name dat sounds like dat. Any idea?
Btw, I didnt know dat he has a gf!
Is she from Kaijo too?
Why am I not surprised... Somebody like him should be overflowing with girlfriends. At least she looks pretty in the pic.
Re: SPOTTED! KISE-SAN HUGGING AN UNIDENTIFIED GIRL! by bishieluvzxc on Sat, 6:45pm
Wat would I do 2 b in dose arms...
OMG, blessings to the happy couple from me in Osaka!
I wonder if diz will even last...
"Oh my Gosh, did you know that Kise Ryouta, the cover boy on Zunon issue 234 is attached?"
"Really?! To who?!"
"Some girl with brown hair! His fans are trying to track her down right now. It's a storm on his fan page."
"Here! She looks like this!"
"Uwah~! They look good!"
"Hmph, I think Kise-kun looks better with the other model in that other shoot."
"Hey, Kise Ryouta has a girlfriend! Do you know?"
"I just heard about it from a friend! What makes this one so special? Didn't he have many girlfriends before this, anyway?"
"He did, according to gossip, but this is the first time that somebody has an actual picture of him and the girl!"
"He's hugging her so tightly... How lucky!"
The moment her eyes registered the screenshot that her friend had sent over the phone, Mariko dropped the bowl of fruits that she had been holding and entered an indefinite state of shock. It took a few shakes from her boyfriend, Hayashida Soichirou, to snap her out of her reverie.
"Is he the one?" The message had read. "Who would have thought that Sugiyama could snag a model!"
Well-known, plays basketball, and of their age; it fitted Saeri's description to a tee, not that she could deny it with concrete proof in her hands right now. As much as the wealthy dancer hated and refused to believe it, it was a fact. Sugiyama had not only gotten herself a boyfriend, but a relatively famous and handsome one at that. She had heard of Kise Ryouta before, her friends being fans, but as of her knowledge, he wasn't that prolific a model yet. Nevertheless, he was also a very skilled basketball player as well, the ace of his school's team in fact, and way beyond the expected standards of Sugiyama Saeri.
In shock and anger, Mariko typed her affirmation into her phone and sent it.
I know the girl. She's in my school. The girl even said it herself to my friend. Apparently, it's a secret relationship and it had been on for a month or so. It's confirmed: Rakuzan High School, Year 1, Sugiyama Saeri.
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