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#i’m doing it lightly don’t worry
ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
Hello! I really love your works! Can I request Bakugou, Todoroki, and Shinsou fighting and making up with their s/o? I don't see any rules (my clumsy ass might've missed it), so I'm not sure what your guidelines are, sorry! I hope this request is okay ^^
Bakugou, Todoroki and Shinsou fighting with gn! reader
dw this was perfect. thanks for requesting and hope you like it❣️
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
I feel like this specific fight would be from jealousy
Your boyfriend, Bakugou, had been avoiding you all day and you were sick of it. You found him alone in an empty classroom and decided enough was enough
You walked into the room and blocked the door, making him unable to leave
“Katsuki, talk to me. You’ve been avoiding me all day and I wanna know why.”
“I’m busy right now. I don’t have time to deal with your shit so get out of my way.” he angrily huffed.
He pushed past you but before he could leave you grabbed his arm and yanked him back.
“No, we’re gonna talk about this. You can’t just keep ignoring me.”
“Fine. Wanna know why I’m so pissed? That asshole from 1-B flirted with you all day, don’t think I didn’t notice. You could’ve told him off but you didn’t. God, are you just that desperate for attention.”
You didn’t know what to say. All you could hear was the words that Bakugou just uttered. He was always an asshole but he’d never yelled at you before let alone say such harsh words.
“I did tell him off but he wouldn’t stop touching me. I didn’t wanna tell you because I knew that you’d do something stupid and get in trouble for me again. I can’t believe you think that I’d do that to you. Do you really not trust me that much?”
You didn’t give him a chance to answer you just turned and ran. Bakugou was left feeling guilty but he decided to give you space and apologize when you came back.
It was now dark out and you still hadn’t come back. He’s been waiting in your room for about 3 hours now and there was still no sign of you. Bakugou was starting to feel worried but that disappeared as he saw you come through the door.
He saw your tear stricken face and he engulfed you in a hug. You lightly pushed him away but he knew you didn’t want him to let go. You were about to ask what he was doing in your room but he spoke up before you could.
“I’m sorry about what I said. I should’ve trusted you and not assumed what was going on. I love you and I would never want you to feel like I don’t trust you. I shouldn’t have let my anger get the best of me.”
You stayed quiet for a couple of seconds quietly processing everything he just said. You knew it wasn’t easy for him to admit he was wrong.
“It’s okay, Katsu. I shouldn’t have tried and hidden it from you either.”
He quickly cut you off. “No... it wasn’t your fault. I should’ve been more understanding. Now can we stop with all this sappy stuff and go back to normal.” he said trying to lighten the mood.
You let out a breathy chuckle and responded. “Wanna play Mario Kart?”
“You think you can beat me, idiot. I’m the best at Mario Kart.” he tossed you a controller and sat you right beside him.
“Whatever you say... simp.”
He glared at you but there was no malice behind it.
“I’ll let that one slide. Now shut up and play the damn game.”
Shoto Todoroki
Tumblr media
Todoroki wasn’t one that was good with words or even relationships
You were trying your best to be understanding but sometimes it felt like you were the only one that cared
It seemed like he didn’t put in any effort and you were giving away all your love and not getting my in return. You felt empty.
You decided that the best choice was to talk to him about it. You weren’t the type to hide your feelings, that was one of the things he liked about you.
You invited him over to do your homework together and you decided it was the perfect time to bring it up.
Todoroki noticed that you seemed distracted as soon as he got there so when you said you wanted to talk he wasn’t really surprised
You told him how you felt and you expected some comfort and reassurance but his face stayed indifferent and he remained silent which made you feel frustrated.
“Sometimes I feel like you just don’t love me. I mean why are we even dating, Sho?” you hesitantly asked.
“You’re exaggerating , Y/N. I don’t understand why you feel like that. I’ve told you before that I care about you, I don’t know what else you want from me.”
“I want you to show me you love me too. I always feel like I’m not enough for you and I jus- we- maybe we shouldn’t be together anymore.”
You stood up and attempted to leave the room but Todoroki stopped you. Grabbing your arm when you tried getting past him.
“I’m... sorry. Don’t leave.”
“I can’t do this anymore, Sho. I’m sick and tired of being the only one who tries in this relationship, I’m tired of feeling unwanted... I- I deserve better than that.”
You tried to push past him again but he still held you in place.
“You- you can’t leave. I’m sorry I’ll do better I know I’m not good at any of this but...” he took a deep breath and said the theee words that you’d been dying to hear.
“...I love you. Give me another chance Y/N. One more chance to make things right.”
You knew how hard it was for him to say that and so you decided to open up your heart and trust him once more.
“One more chance” you agreed.
“Let’s sit back down we have homework to finish.” you were about to move away and take a seat but he pulled you back into his arms and held you tighter.
“No, homework can wait. I want to spend more time with you just like this.” a small smile graced his face as he felt you smile into his shoulder.
“Let’s get on the bed, dummy. It’ll be more comfortable.”
He picked you up and slowly placed you on the bed. He lied down and pulled you on top of him and started stroking your hair. You felt more and more tired in his arms.
You felt safe and warm. Just before you fell asleep you heard his soothing voice whisper in your ear.
“I love you, Y/N”
You snuggled further into his chest feeling overjoyed and eventually drifting off to sleep.
Shinsou Hitoshi
Tumblr media
Okay this fight was also because of jealousy but the other way around
There’s an new exchange student in UA and much to your distaste Shinsou was the one chosen to show her around
You didn’t get jealous easily after all you trusted your boyfriend but this girl was pushing it
It was pretty obvious that she had a huge little crush on Shinsou and it was getting on your nerves
She would constantly be touching him whether it be putting an arm around his shoulder or placing a hand on his forearm. Not to mention how she’d ask for help about the stupidest things
This went on for two days and your patience was running thin. You took action and asked Shinsou if you guys could talk
You pulled him somewhere more private to tell him what was bugging you.
“Does the new girl know you have an S/O?” you asked.
“Um, I don’t know. Maybe?”
“You didn’t tell her you were taken?”
He could tell from your tone that there was something bothering you.
“No? I don’t really see why it matters that I’m dating someone. I doubt she gives a fuck.”
“Are you serious, Shin? She’s practically attached to you 80% of the time and she flirts with you not stop. How the fuck haven’t you noticed? you didn’t mean to sound like a bitch but you were done.
He gave you a look of disbelief. “Is that why you’re so mad? Are you jealous. What do you not trust me or something?”
“Of course I trust you. It’s not you I’m worried about, it’s her.” you sounded like an idiot but you didn’t care you were fed up with having to watch your boyfriend with another girl.
“You’re being stupid, Y/N. She isn’t flirting with me. You can’t just assume that every girl I talk to wants me.” he was done with this conversation so he picked up his things and left.
Shinsou and you stopped talking after that fight. Neither one of you wanted to admit you were wrong. He still accompanied her wherever she needed to go and you tried your best to avoid them
One day while you were trying to get a drink from a vending machine when you felt someone’s presence behind you.
You got up and turned around only to be met by the exchange student.
She stood there glaring at you until you finally spoke up.
“Did you want something or are we just gonna fucking stare at each other all day?”
She gave you a smirk and said.
“I heard you and your little boyfriend broke up. I’m glad, he deserves so much better. Don’t worry though I’ll make sure to take good care of him for you.”
You quickly left and started walking to nowhere in particular. Hoping that maybe it’d help you calm down and think. You heard someone calling out to you and saw that it was Shinsou.
You were surprised to see him trying to talk to you but you looked forward and kept walking.
When he caught up to you and he forced you to look at him and you were caught off guard when he passionately kissed you. All your anger disappeared and you found yourself kissing back.
He pulled away first and took hold of your hand.
“I heard what she said to you and you were right. I’m so sorry about what I said. I just didn’t believe you because I thought why would she like me?”
You knew what he meant. He had opened up to you about his insecurities before and you hated that he felt that way because you wanted him to see that he was perfect in your eyes.
“What are you talking about? You’re an amazing guy. Any girl would be lucky to have you. Too bad though cause you’re mine and they’re gonna have to fight me if they ever want you.” you joked.
He gave a dry chuckle and with shit eating smirk asked. “Where were you going anyways?”
“I’m gonna be honest. I have no fucking clue, all I knew was that I wanted to get the fuck away from wherever she was.”
“You’re weird.” he placed a kiss on your nose making you giggle.
“Don’t lie you know you love it.”
“Damn right, I do.”
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minlucent · 2 years ago
change of direction (m)
Tumblr media
➾ pairing: reader x kim taehyung
➾ word count: 4k
➾ genre: road trip au, smut, slight angst,
➾ warnings: dom!taehyung, dirty talk, degrading names, light teasing, rough sex, semi public sex, oral sex (male receiving), unprotected sex, slight breathplay, exibitionist themes, 
➾ summary: being on the road with taehyung for weeks can get a little tiring. just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, you find yourself stranded with him in the middle of nowhere–but events take an unexpected turn.
➾ a/n: hi so i thot of this plot at like two in the morning so if its a little crazy, that’s why. i was thinking of a plot for a different kth story and this popped up in my sleep deprived brain so here ya go
Tumblr media
“I told you to ask for directions,” you let out an exasperated sigh. Once again, your boyfriend’s pride has led you both down the road of disaster, literally and figuratively.
“And I told you, GPS always works,” Taehyung shoots back, just as frustrated. By the tone of his voice, though, you can tell that he is on the edge of hysteria–he knows that truth is lacking from his statement. In fact, you both knew that it was far from the truth, given that you’ve been driving on the same country road for an hour and a half, yet to pass by an exit ramp or let alone see another car.
“Just take a nap or something,” he says to you, hands gripping the wheel so hard that his knuckles are turning white, “We’ll be home soon.” The tone of his voice made you tense; you had been on a cross-country road trip with Taehyung for two weeks, and even though you loved every moment, you still missed home.
You couldn’t lie, you’ve spent more time in a confined space with Taehyung longer than you ever had, and it put you both at each other's throats. It’s only natural for this to happen to new couples, but you knew you weren’t going to let that get in the way of your relationship,  so you listened to his advice, figuring that a nap was the best way for miles to pass. You were sure he’d be happy with it too, given that he wouldn’t have to hear your complaints.
Just when you felt like you were dozing off, you felt a jerk of the car and the vehicle lurching forward as the screech of the tires filled your ears.  You shot up from your reclined seat in shock, wondering what could have happened. Did you hit something? Is our car okay? Was Taehyung okay?
Taehyung. You looked over at him quickly, examining his face; you were looking for cuts, bruises, blood. You mind expected the worst and before you could stop yourself, you threw yourself at him in hopes of acting as a shield.
“What are you doing? I’m trying to drive, woman,” he lightly pushed you back into your seat, and you just looked up at him, confused as fuck. Seeing your scared expression, he smiles at you, a much different expression than what was painted on his face a little bit ago. “Don’t worry,” he places his hand on your knee affectionally, “I’m not hurt. The engine just stalled after we went up that hill.”
You turned and glanced backward, towards the road behind the car. Sure enough, you had just driven up a very steep hill. You were surprised that your tiny car could even make it this far. But that’s not what has your attention: you see debris on the road. Squinting your eyes, you try to make out the object. It was black, shredded, it looked vaguely like a part of a — fuck.
“Tire,” you say suddenly, snapping your head at Taehyung, “We have a flat tire.”
“What? No way,” he turns around and looks at where you are pointing, his jaw slacking open in disbelief. Sure enough, there was a scrap piece of a tire sitting behind your car, in the middle of the road. He groans, “What the fuck... we didn’t even hit anything.” He sits forward, his head resting on the wheel in frustration. He gets up and out of the car, checking to see if the damage was really done to our tire.
“Fuck!” he yells out in frustration, kicking the side of the car when finds the hole in the back tire. You knew he was stressed before, but this only exponentially increased his emotions. Grunting, he plops back down into his seat, muttering to himself. “Hopefully we can get to some sort of shelter or rest stop with the tire...” You can see the disappointment cross his face when he twists the key in the ignition, only to hear it sputter in response.
You glance over his shoulder, and a red light near the gas tank symbol is blinking aggressively. Your eyes trace down and see that the line corresponding to the amount of gas in the tank is next to the “E” at the bottom. Great.
Stalled engine, flat tire, and no gas. The perfect way to spend the night. You didn’t want to upset him more by pointing out the gas monitor because you know he knows as well.
“We shouldn’t have kept driving,” you sigh, placing your forehead on his shoulder, arms wrapped around his torso to comfort him.
“It’s not my fault that we used all our gas on this road,” he retorts, stiffening underneath you.
“Yeah, but it is your fault that we are even on this road,” you lift your head up at him and narrow your eyes, reminding him that if you had direction, you may not have ended up here. But he doesn’t back down.
“Oh, so now I’m supposed to know where every single road in the world leads to?” his volume rises, “Well news flash, Y/N, I don’t! So stop talking.”
He’s never yelled at you before, and you knew that it wasn’t his fault what had happened. Normally, you wouldn’t let anyone raise their voice at you, but this time you made an exception. You both were tired, stressed out, angry, homesick. It would only make things worse to pick another fight.
You stay quiet for a moment, the car silent. Looking at your palms, you say, “Call a tow truck. I’m going to change into something to sleep in the back.” You kept your statements short and to the point, not wanting to say anything else.
You get out of the car and make your way towards the trunk. As you walk by the side of that your car, you examine the damage: to your surprise, it was a pretty huge chunk of your tire that was missing. Even if you did have gas, there was no way you would be able to get to a rest stop.
As your hands pry through the mess in the trunk so find one of your boyfriend’s sweatshirts, you finally find something comfortable when you feel familiar arms wrap around your waist from behind. “I’m sorry I spoke to you like that,” Taehyung whispers in your ear before nuzzling his face into your neck. “I was out of line.”
You spin around, now facing him, “It’s okay. I know it’s not your fault we’re here. I’m just frustrated too.” You lean up to place a sweet kiss on his lips, wrapping your arms around him as he deepens the kiss.  Before you know it, he slams the trunk closed with one arm while the other pulls you closer into his chest.  
Pressing you against the back of the car, he lifts you up and places you on the edge of the trunk. “I know baby… I’m frustrated too,” he starts jutting his hips into yours, and you suddenly understand the double meaning behind his words. You can feel the hard bulge in his pants rub against your core, as he desperately tries to create friction to ease some relief.
Of course Taehyung would be the one that’s horny in the worst situations. You are stranded in the middle of nowhere, with a care with more issues that you would hope to ever happen again, and he wants to have sex. It just frustrated you more, but in a different way that he was implying.
You gently nudge him off of you, and he lets out a whine when you break the kiss. “Did you call the tow truck?”
“Yes,” he’s desperate as he nuzzles into you again, “They said they’d be here in at least an hour.”
“An hour?” you exclaim, “At least? Are you fucking kidding me?” you groan out and push Taehyung off of you, hopping off the trunk, sweatshirt in hand.
“Please, Y/N, let me make it up to you,” you hear the desperation in his voice. You shake your head slightly as you make your way to the back seat.
“Now’s not a good time, Taehyung,” you mutter as you plop into the back seat and slam the door. You felt slightly guilty leaving him high and dry like that, but you were more pissed than horny at the moment. But then again, maybe it would be a good idea to blow off some steam with him.
You hear Taehyung slip into the front seat as you take off your shirt. “No peaking,” you tease him, hoping to relieve some tension.
He just laughs in response, “Babe, you’re acting like I haven’t seen you naked a million times.”
You turn around, covering your chest that is only wearing a bra with his sweatshirt. You look into the rear view mirror as you see him staring back at you with hungry eyes. You stare right back, “Well, I’m still mad at you, okay?” In reality, though, you don’t care if he watches you. In a way, you’d prefer it. You love it when he stares at you as if he wants to devour you whole as if he can’t get enough of you. And the thought of that turns you on beyond belief.
You decided you wanted to have some fun tonight. What else were you going to do? You drop the sweatshirt next to you so that he can see you in just your bra.  You begin to unclasp it slowly, wanting to see him anxious. When the straps are off, you hold the cups of your bra in your hands teasingly, pushing up slightly to see his eyes bulge. He still hasn’t seen you, and you wanted to keep it that way for a little longer,  even if the tingling sensation in between your legs says otherwise.
When you are sure he’s watching, you turn around so that your back is facing him and let the bra fall to the seat. You hold in a laugh when you hear him hiss from the front seat. Giddy with excitement, you quickly pull on his sweatshirt before you slip off your shorts, wiggling your ass with purpose as you ease it off, leaving you just in your underwear.
You lean forward and press a kiss to his cheek before you fall back in laughter, kicking your legs in the air like a child. You loved to get him worked up, and right now, it was your only source of entertainment. You were suddenly in a lot better of a mood, seeing Taehyung look at you with a stone cold face. You knew that you were gonna have a good time.
“You think that’s funny? Huh?” he growls as he turns around and climbs into the back seat with you, pinning you down on the seat underneath him. “You liked getting me worked up outside only to pull that little stunt in here? Oh, you’re in for it now, sweetheart,” his devious smirk lets you know that he’s amused as well, that he enjoyed watching you strip for him.
“Yeah, right,” you muse, “I always do whatever I want and get away with it.” He just chuckles ominously in response.
“We’ll see about that…” he leans into your neck, sinking his teeth slightly into the soft skin. “You’re turned on by this, aren’t you?” He began to grind his thigh against your center, a much more aggressive pace than before. He smirks at how weak you are under him, and you respond by reaching down to cup his throbbing member over his pants. He felt rock hard in your palm, and your mouth began to water slightly.
“As good as you look in my clothes, I want to see you naked,” he growls as he yanks the sweatshirt over your head, leaving you bare in just your panties. It was cold outside, and you expected the temperature in the car to match its surroundings, but the heat radiating off of both of your bodies had the whole car warm at a comfortable temperature.  In the moonlight, you could make out the dilation of his pupils, the strain on his face as he watched you underneath him.  
He immediately begins to grope your breasts, playing with the bud of your nipples with his thumbs, pinching and squeezing to get you to yelp out. He licked his lips hungrily as he played with your body, having complete control over you. “Fuck, you’re making me so hard,” he leaned back to look at you. “You’ve been bad, Y/N; you have to fix this. Will you do that for me?”
You nod aggressively as he leans back against the door, slipping his shirt off before spreading his knees apart and gesturing towards his bulge, “Well what are you waiting for? Take me out.” Thankfully, his sweatpants were loose and easy to ease off, and you pulled down his boxers with it in one swift motion.
You groan when you see his hard cock resting against his stomach, red and angry with pre cum beading on top of the tip. You wrap your hand around his length, and you are amazed by how much it is throbbing under your touch.
Getting impatient, Taehyung juts his hips up, wanting you to start relieving him. You follow his wordless instructions and run your thumb against the tip, spreading the pre cum evenly.  You begin to squeeze his length hard, prompting Taehyung to release a grunt of pleasure as his hands tangled in your hair. Guiding your face to the tip of his cock, he lets out another grunt, “Suck.”
You open your mouth at his words and he thrusts his length into your mouth, shuttering in relief at the feeling.  Resting his head against the cool window, he looks down at you with hunger as he bites his lower lip. God, he looks so hot when he looks at you like that. His actions prompt you to start bobbing your head, not wanting to tease him anymore. You take his whole dick to the hilt and you feel his tip hit the back of your throat. You begin to feel tears stinging your eyes as he begins to thrust up into you, grunting out in pleasure.
Suddenly, you feel him pushing your head back gently. “Ride me.”
You didn’t need to be told twice. You rose your hips to shimmy out of your panties, and once you did, you found yourself wet enough to not need any foreplay.  You were straddling him, and with your hand wrapped around his length, you position his tip at your entrance and slowly run the head over your folds, making you shudder in pleasure.
“Let me fuck you, come on,” Taehyung grunts impatiently as his fingers pull your hips down towards him as he thrusts up into you, stretching you wide and hitting you deep your cervix right away. Almost toppling over from the sheer force of his thrust, you rest your hands against his chest, adjusting to his size.
Kim Taehyung has a big dick. It’s as simple as that. Even though you’ve fucked him so many times, he always had to let you adjust around his length. Despite how wet you were, you still needed to relax around him and adapt to the feeling.
“Fuck,” he grunts through gritted teeth once you start riding him.  You cling onto his shoulders as you bounce up and down on him, his cock filling you up perfectly. Taehyung looked like he was in a daze–he stared at the point where your body was connected to his, the way his cock was there for a little bit, then gone, then reappearing wet and slick with your wetness.
“Fuck, you’re so tight every single time,” he groans out as you slam down on him particularly rough, “So wet, so warm…” You kept bouncing on him, loving the look of lust coating his eyes. And he loved the way your tits bounced around, the way you clenched around him every time he would shove himself inside of you deeper with each thrust.
“You still mad?” he asked breathlessly.
“Hm, I’m not sure yet,” shrug with a wink, “I guess we’ll have to see how good you are.”
“Now you’re asking for it,” he growls as his hands grasp onto your hips suddenly and halt your movements. In a swift motion, he lifts you off of him and orders you, “Lie on your stomach. Now.” You listen to him eagerly, laying flat against length the back seats, wiggling your ass for him teasingly. A sharp flick of his wrist against the flesh you displayed for him has you moaning out.
“Do you want me to fuck you like a bitch? Like a dirty slut in the back seat when anyone can drive by?”
he growls down at you as he basically has you trapped in between his legs. His knees were on either side of your legs and his thighs held you down. He had you right where he wanted; you couldn’t move your legs at all since he was practically sitting on them. Taehyung groped the flesh of your ass roughly, squeezing the flesh as he spread the cheeks apart. You felt his tip position at your entrance, and he slid in with ease, moving in and out of your hole roughly.
“How are you still this tight? Fuck…” he grunts above you from this new angle, and he begins to pick up his pace, making you scream out.
“Aah, fuck!” you moaned out as you felt the pleasure build up in your stomach. Your heart was thumping out of your chest as Taehyung began thrusting at an even faster speed, making your toes curl. You felt yourself tightening around him, and you took the feeling as a prompt to start rubbing your clit. When Taehyung saw your fingers rubbing furiously he pushed your hand away from you and replaced your fingers with his, wanting to have complete control over every feeling in your body.
He lowered himself onto you, as he was basically now lying on top of you with his elbows on either side of your head. “Ah,” you groaned as the new angle had his thrusts hit roughly inside of you, entering so deep and stretching you out perfectly. He felt like heaven. 
He kisses the side of your neck as his elbows support him. You loved the feeling of being trapped underneath him as he filled you up. “You feel so good around me…” he shudders as he feels you clench around him.
“Fuck, don’t stop,” you whine out when you feel him slowing down.
“Whatever you want, sweetheart,” he chuckles as he changes his position again, sitting straight up again on your thighs and begins thrusting at a relentless pace. “Ah, you’re making such a mess…dripping everywhere”, Taehyung mutters as he spreads your cheeks again, trying to get better access.
“Ah, fuck,” you screamed out, but your voice was quickly muffled by Taehyung’s hand wrapping around your throat. As his tip brushed against the spongy spot inside of you, you began to clench your walls, moaning out his name. Your hips fell to the seat, unable to support yourself, but Taehyung gripped your hips and pulled you back up, pushing you over the edge.
You scream out his name are you vision goes slightly blurry, ears begin to ring, and you become a panting mess underneath him. You are still squirming under his thrusts when he whispers in your ear, “Can I fuck you harder?”
You knew he was close to coming by the way his cock twitched inside of you and hearing his plea, you relent and allow him to have his way with you. “Fuck me, Taehyung. Keep going.”
Taehyung hissed in response and began to thrust into you with a speed that you didn’t know was possible until you experienced it.  You bit your lip to prevent screams from falling from your lips, but you still groans in sync with his thrusts. Hearing Taehyung grunt with you only made you louder.
“Come on baby,” a particularly hard thrust had you moaning out, “Come for me, Taehyung…”
His pace faltered and his hips began to stutter as his thrusts became sloppy. He leaned his head against yours as he sank himself far inside of you, wanting to release as deep as possible. His hot cum splattered into you as his sweaty body collapsed on top of yours. He stayed inside of you, not wanting to leave your warmth until he began to grow soft. In one motion, he pulls out of you while wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you into his chest.
“Still mad?” he asks you with a tired voice. You spin around so that you are facing him, staring up at his beautiful face.
“Not at all,” you lean up and kiss him sweetly, “Maybe it wasn’t the worst thing for you not to ask for directions,” you tease him, poking his cheek.
“Hey–” he is interrupted by a knock on the window, breaking your intimate moment. Your eyes shoot up immediately to see a man frowning from outside. He’s holding a flashlight, trying to see if anyone was there. You look at Taehyung, fear and embarrassment coursing through your body; Taehyung immediately dives to find the sweatshirt laying somewhere on the ground and puts it on you, covering your body protectively. He struggles to put on his pants with haste and he basically tumbles out of the car to greet the man.
“Are you Kim Taehyung?” the man is monotone, obviously unamused by the shenanigans that you had participated in a few moments ago. Taehyung, still not wearing a shirt, tries to act nonchalant but fails miserably.
Taehyung glances back at you nervously before answering. “Yeah…Are you here to tow the car?”
“It would seem so,” his voice is cold as he continues about his business.
As he walks around the car filling out paperwork, Taehyung laughs as he sits next to you in the back seat again, trying to clean you up quickly. “I cannot believe that a stranger just caught us having sex…” And you couldn’t believe he found this situation funny. You could’ve gotten in serious trouble for public indecency! Not to mention it was the most mortifying feeling you’ve experienced.
The man came back to you two sitting in the back seat, glaring at Taehyung as he started giggling like a child. “I’m Yoongi if you have any questions,” he says before turning his back and making his way back to his truck, muttering to himself. “I don’t get paid enough for this shit.”
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shinhoetoshi · a year ago
winner takes it all
sero hanta x reader
wordcount: 1.3k
warnings: smut, general face sitting
a/n: hey guys!1 this is my piece for the nsfw bnharem server collab! (affectionately referred to as the pussy collab) im v excited for this and make sure you check out everyone elses fics! and also the intro on @secondhand-trash​ otherwise this will make less sense. or don’t, its your life. 
Tumblr media
You wrung your hands tightly together, standing by the door. You shouldn’t have been so nervous, but there was so much to think about. What did they look like? What if they were some sort of creep? What if-
There was a light knock at the door and you surprised yourself with how quickly you reached for the handle given how nervous you were. You took a deep breath, composing yourself before pulling open the door to be met with the back of someones head. The man in front of you turned around and met you with a shocked look. His mouth fell open, then it closed and he swallowed thickly, seemingly at a loss for words.
‘You okay?’ You asked, folding your arms and leaning against the door frame, trying your best to be seductive. It should’ve come more naturally, given your job, but in person was so different. You took in his appearance with a long, sweeping glance. He was an attractive young man, and somewhere in the back of your head you were thankful some creepy old dude didn’t win.
‘I… thought I might’ve gotten the wrong room,’ he said, and you felt yourself smiling at how flustered he was. ‘But, I didn’t. Obviously.’
Despite yourself, you giggled a little and his cheeks flushed. ‘Oh man, you totally think I’m a loser,’ he sighed.
‘No, not at all! Come in.’ You stepped back from the door and he entered, clearly trying to appear more confident in his walk than he had when he spoke. ‘So,’ you placed a hand on his shoulder and began walking him backwards towards the bed. ‘What’s your name?’
‘Hanta,’ he said breathily, his legs hitting the mattress. You pushed him back gently and he sat down, shuffling back so his whole body was on the bed. You followed him up and straddled his waist, running your hands up and down his arms.
‘Tell me about yourself Hanta,’ you said quietly, lowering your head to place short kisses along his jawline.
‘Wh-what are you doing? The people downstairs told me it was just face sitting-’
‘Don’t worry about what they said, baby,’ you whispered into his ear. ‘I’m in charge now. Now tell me about yourself. I think we should get to know each other a little before the main event, no?’
‘Okay, well um, I’m -ah!’ he cried out in surprise as you bit down on his earlobe, and you grinned, encouraging him to keep going. ‘I’m twenty, I’m a pro hero, and I- shit,’ he moaned out as you bit lightly onto the spot where his neck met his shoulders.
‘A pro hero?’ You asked, pushing him back so he way laying under you, staring up at you in awe. ‘That’s very brave of you, Hanta,’ you ran your hands down his arms, down to the tape dispensers at his elbows and back up, tracing his defined biceps. ‘No wonder you’re so… sculpted.’
Hanta seemed to be at a loss for words now, only watching you run your hands along his body with bated breath. Slowly, carefully you brought your hands to the ties of the silk robe you wore and untied it, letting the material fall from your body, exposing your naked form to the man in front of you. His breath hitched in his throat as he took you in, blissed out look on his face.
‘You’re so beautiful,’ he muttered, and you wondered if he even knew he’d said it. You couldn’t stop the flush that graced your face. He was so sweet, and you couldn’t be more thankful. The comments on your streams were usually so lewd and often bordered on disrespectful, and you’d been nervous that whoever won would act like that too, but you seem to have struck gold with Hanta.
You leaned down, pressing a kiss to his lips, which he accepted happily before pulling back.
‘Ready?’ you asked. He nodded feverishly and you lifted off his torso, shuffling forward and positioning your legs so your sex was hovering above his face. You used his hair as a light grip and he groaned at the pull. You lowered yourself down slowly, teasing him as much as possible before finally making contact with his mouth. Almost immediately his tongue came out to lick a stripe up your folds and you groaned at the contact. His arms came out to wrap around your thighs as he started going to work and you slapped them away.
‘Remember who’s in charge here?’ You scolded, though there was no malice in your voice. His hands fell back to the mattress and gripped the stark white sheets under him as he held back from touching you. You lifted yourself up again, bracing your other hand on the headboard before bringing yourself back down again, this time, he went straight for your clit, sucking gently and you gasped, your grip in his hair tightening. He moaned loudly into your pussy, sending vibrations straight to your clit as he sucked on it.
‘Shit,’ you muttered, throwing your head back as you started to grind back and forth on his tongue, and he adjusted accordingly. You hovered just above to allow him room to breathe but he seemed frustrated with that, his head following you up as you moved.
‘God, you taste so good,’ he said, voice muffled between your thighs, ‘please, can I touch you?’
He sounded so desperate, like he was getting the same amount of pleasure from this as you were, and when you turned around to look at his crotch you realised that Oh, he was. His cock was straining against his pants and you couldn’t help but wonder what was underneath the fabric. You turned back to look down at him, his eyes wide and staring up at you. You nodded. ‘Go ahead.’
He wrapped his arms around your thighs and pulled you down onto his face and you moaned at the sudden contact, his tongue immediately went back to work and you worried for a moment about him suffocating but the thought was pushed from your mind when you felt his tongue poke at your hole.
You whined, high and needy and gripped the headboard the both hands, your head falling forward as you tried to steady your breathing, but he was making it harder and harder as you felt your climax approaching.
‘Sh-shit, Hanta!’ you moaned, grinding yourself down further on his face ‘I’m gonna- ah!’
He was straight up tongue fucking you now, his wet muscle pushing into your hole at as quick a pace as he could manage. One of his hands came to your clit, thumb rubbing quick circles into it and you couldn’t hold back any longer, your orgasm hitting you like a train. You moaned loudly as you came undone on top of him and he happily licked up your juices, helping you ride it out. Lewd slurping noises filled the room until you finally lifted up from him. He sucked in a breath - so he hadn’t been able to breathe down there - and you moved off him, falling back into the mattress.
Your chest heaved as you looked over to the man, who was now sitting up to lean against the headboard, grin on his face and chin still stained with your juices.
‘Jesus, that was good,’ you muttered, still a little hazy from your orgasm.
‘What were you expecting?’ Hanta asked, sounding a lot more confident now that the deed was done.
‘I don’t know,’ you shrugged, sitting up to lean over to him. ‘Some virgin loser who watches my streams to fill the lonely hole in his chest.’
‘Harsh,’ he said, watching tentatively as your hand touched his chest, trailing to his still achingly hard cock. ‘Uh, I thought this was just the face sitting?’ His breath hitched when your fingers trailed along the bulge. He had just planned to take care of that on his own in the bathroom downstairs, but here you were. Your hand cupped it tightly and he gasped.
You grinned. ‘Well, sure, but I’m feeling generous, but under one condition.’
‘Anything,’ he breathed.
‘You take me to dinner this week.’
He nodded excitedly and you dipped your hand into the band of his sweatpants.
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tranquil--heart · 2 years ago
Thighs of Betrayal
Request: “Hey, could you do a sub!Bucky x reader smut?”  A/N: I’m not used to writing Bucky as a sub because I personally don’t see him as one, but I found a way that worked in my head! Pairing: Bucky x Reader Words: 2.9k Warning: Smut
Tumblr media
Yesterday was your anniversary. You had a whole romantic, yet relaxing evening set aside for you and Bucky. He was supposed to get home from a mission at around noon, but comms went silent around 10am.
It was a small mission for just him, Steve, and Natasha to infiltrate a possible Hydra base, download some data from the main computer, and get out. 
Honestly, the mission could have been handled by just Steve and Nat, but ever since T’Challa got Hydra out of Bucky’s head, he had wanted to go on every mission he could to take the bastards down.
Steve and Bucky were supposed to be the distraction while Nat got the data, but apparently, the small base was expecting them.
Bucky called briefly to let you know that it might take longer than expected, but you hadn’t heard back from him since 10 yesterday morning.
You stayed home in the new lingerie you had bought specifically for this occasion all day in hopes that Bucky would walk through the door at any moment, but he didn’t. You finally undressed from your black and pink lace lingerie and climbed into bed around midnight. 
The bed felt uninviting with its lack of warmth. Usually, Bucky would get into bed before you because he knew you’d be up until all hours of the morning if he didn’t. When he was on missions, you didn’t entirely mind going to bed alone, but tonight felt particularly lonely.
After tossing and turning for an hour, you eventually fell asleep.
The next morning, you still heard nothing back from him. You threw on a robe and made coffee, kind of upset about your boyfriend missing your anniversary, but you knew that his job was unpredictable and he had to do what he had to do.
Not long after you settled down on the couch with your cup of morning coffee, you heard the doorknob rattling and keys jingling on the other side.
Like a cat, you leapt off of the couch and into your bedroom. You quickly swept up the discarded lingerie from the previous day and dashed into the bathroom to change into it.
“I’m home!” Bucky called out once he got the door open.
You heard him enter the bedroom.
“I’ll be out in a minute!” You called back.
You quickly fumbled with the clasps, jostled your hair to look sexily messed up, and threw on your robe again before making your way out of the bathroom.
He was already stripping out of his tactical gear that was covered in a coating of dirt, dust, and dried blood.
You walked over to him, cupped his jaw in your hands and pulled him into a sweet kiss.
“I’m so glad you’re home, baby.” You said with a sigh of relief.
Bucky lightly pulled your body against his. “I’m sorry I didn’t make it home yesterday. I know you were looking forward that.”
“Don’t worry about it. You’re home safely. That’s all that matters.”
“I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
You brushed a strand of blood coated hair from his face before kissing him again.
“Later. You need a shower.”
Bucky chuckled and pulled back. “Yeah, I do.”
He ran a hand through his tangled hair, having to pull it out halfway through due to the dirt and blood in it.
You playfully rolled your eyes and grabbed his hand, pulling him back towards the bathroom.
“You need a haircut.” You half joked while you turned on the shower and put a comb on the edge of the tub.
“I’ve been thinking about it, but what will you pull on when I’m eating you out?” He smirked with a wink.
You laughed and pulled him into a heated kiss. “We’ll find a style that will work, but for now,”
You dropped your silky pink robe to reveal the lingerie you’ve been waiting to show him since yesterday.
“Oh, doll.” 
He traced his hands down your breasts and over your hips, rounding your ass before giving it a tight squeeze.
“I was hoping to show you this in bed, but-”
Bucky pulled your waist to his and crash his lips against yours, grinding his hardening cock again you. You hummed and wrapped your arms around his neck. Teeth and tongues clashed in a battle for dominance, but in the end, Bucky won by biting your bottom lip and tugging.
“It’ll look just as good on the bedroom floor as it will in here.”
He started undoing the clasps while you pushed his boxers down, freeing his cock from it’s confines.
Once you were both naked, you climbed in the shower. The warmth of the shower seemed to visible relax all of Bucky’s tensed muscles. He hummed while you messaged his shoulders, and moved down his back.
It was normal for you to tend to him and clean him up after a mission, especially one that was this messy.
You lathered shampoo in his hair and washed out all of the gunk that was stuck in it. After a few times repeating with the shampoo, making sure it ran clean, you added your favorite conditioner, deep messaging it into his scalp. He hummed happily and leaned into your hands as you gently scratched his head.
Once his hair was fully coated, you took the comb and slowly started detangling his hair. He held back groans as you pulled on his hair, which only encouraged you further to tug, but made sure not to hurt him.
One particular tug on the back of his head had him moan, surprising even himself at the higher pitched sound that escaped his lips.
“Careful, doll. Keep up like that and I’ll have to take you right here.” He went to turn around, but you didn’t let him.
“You said you’d make it up to me, so today, I call the shots.”
He turned his head and smirked down at you with amusement. “Deal.”
You tried to hide how excited you were. It was rare when Bucky let you take over, or really, it was rare when you wanted to take over.
You finished detangling his hair, and soaped him up, focusing your touch on all of his sensitive areas.
After rinsing the both of you off, you both got out, and dried off. All of the teasing you did to Bucky in the shower really showed, and he was starting to get impatient. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into another heated kiss. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you started walking him back out of the bathroom and to the bed, pushing him back on it.
Bucky was smiling widely as you stood above him.
“Move back on the bed.” You commanded unconvincingly.
“Ma’am, yes ma’am” He saluted in a joking manner before doing as you said.
You rolled your eyes and laughed. “Come on, Bucky. I’m trying here.”
He laughed back. “I know. You’re doing great, doll. Do whatever you want to me. I trust you, and if I feel uncomfortable, I’ll use our safe word.”
Him telling you that helped you relax, not realizing you were tense about the situation in the first place.
“Alright, so I know you’re not too keen on bondage,” you began, walking around the bed, dragging your fingertips from his ankles, up his abdomen, to his collarbones and to his neck, lingering there, causing him to visibly shiver, “so, how about this— You keep your hands above your head. You’re not allowed to touch me unless I say so, and if you do, I’ll stop everything.” The hand that was still drawing swirls on his neck grabbed his chin firmly and tilted it to look at you in the eyes as you leaned down getting in his airspace. “Do I make myself clear, Sergeant?” You said in a low, sultry tone.
That last question made his cock twitch and his pupils dilate. “Ma’am, yes Ma’am.” He said again, but a lot more seriously than the last time. He raised his arms above his head, situating them comfortably, not breaking eye contact.
You smirked down at him. “Good boy.” You praised before pressing your lips to his.
Standing back and admiring the muscular man splayed out before you, you hummed. 
“Where to start, where to start...” You mused.
Walking back down to the bottom of the bed, you decided to work from the bottom up. You started kissing up his calf, using your nails to barely rake over the skin of the other. Once reaching his knee, you started again on his other calf, taking your time as you moved your way up to his inner thigh, causing him to squirm in anticipation. You smiled against his skin as you licked and sucked the soft, yet firm flesh. Moving back to the other thigh, you repeated the same pattern with your tongue, swirling it and sucking light marks on his skin. As you moved up, Bucky’s groans got louder as he bucked and squirmed, trying to get some friction.
“Come on, baby.” He breathed. “Please?” He asked, sticking out his bottom lip.
Sitting back to look up at him, you grinned. “Begging already? You always get to tease me like this. It’s time for you to get a taste of your own medicine.” Your face then dropped slightly. “And that’s ma’am to you, Sergeant. Be a good boy and be patient— I’ll reward you greatly.”
“Sorry, ma’am.”
You dove back in to his upper inner thigh without giving him a warning, and sucked an ample amount of skin in your mouth, sucking on it hard and biting firmly.
His hips bucked upward as a wanton moan escaped his lips.
His needy sounds shot straight to your core, causing you to get wetter by the second.
You repeated the process on the other thigh before kissing up the sides of his pelvis, moving past where he needed you most.
He whined so prettily that you almost felt bad. Almost. You sat back a little and pushed his hips into the mattress before ghosting your lips over his swollen, leaking cock. He knew that if he wanted to buck out of your grip, he could have, but he played along, trying his best not to move his hips up at your touch.
“Fuck yeah.” He moaned out.
You’ve never heard him so needy and submissive before. You lifted your head to look at him; his eyes were closed, head craned back, and hands gripping the headboard, reminding him not to touch you. It was such a beautiful sight to see.
You licked the precum from the head of his throbbing cock before placing a wet kiss to it. Bucky groaned loudly when you took the head into your mouth and bucked upward. You allowed him to move a little since he was being so good. Slowly, you took him farther and farther in with each bob of your head. He was starting to set his own pace, so you pinched his outer thigh, and he got the hint. You then set your pace, sucking and bobbing until he hit the back of your throat. At first, you gagged slightly, but worked past it as you relaxed your throat. 
Bucky was trying so hard not to move. He was being so good, but you wanted him begging. You purposefully moaned around his cock, sending vibrations through it. He started writhing under you as you continued moaning at different pitches until you found the one that had him whining your name. Each time you move up, you pressed your tongue firmly on the bulging vein on the underside of his cock.
You could tell he was close, so you pulled off of him with a pop.
He somehow whined disappointingly and growled angrily at the same time. “Babe…” He said almost threateningly.
With just that tone, you started dripping, but you kept your face under control. One sign of weakness, and the rolls would reverse faster than you can say “Fuck me”.
You smiled seductively and crawled up his body until you were straddling his hips and your nose was to his.
“You’re doing great, Serg. Taking orders so well.” You praised before taking his bottom lip between your teeth and tugging. Moving from his lip to his collarbone, you kissed, licked, and sucked up his neck until you reached his ear and licked along the shell.
“Beg for it, Sergeant Barnes,” You whispered, taking his earlobe in your teeth and pulling. “Beg like a the good, naughty boy you are.”
“Please?” He asked quietly, not used to begging for what he wanted.
You pressed your hot, slick pussy to the upper side of his cock. “Please what?”
“Please fuck me, ma’am.” He asked again, but it sounded more like a command.
You tsked when he tried to thrust up into you and pulled your hips away. “Ah ah ah. Say it like you mean it.”
You bit down hard on his neck, knowing it would leave a mark. You sucked bruisingly hard while you raked your nails firmly over his chest, pinching his nipples in the process.
You hummed along his neck and in his ear, eliciting his own moans and needy whines.
“Please fuck me!” He began, and you hummed in appreciation. You pressed your pussy back down against his cock, letting him know he did well.
“Please, ma’am! I need you. I need to be inside you! Please!”
The last word was music to your ears. This was the first time you’ve ever heard Bucky truly beg for you, and it would be a sound you would never forget.
You shifted and lined him up with your soaked folds before sinking down onto him. You both groaned in bliss.
“Can I please touch you, ma’am?” He asked so prettily.
You pondered it for a moment, lifting yourself up and slamming down onto him. He threw his head back in pleasure.
“Not yet.”
You lifted yourself up until just the head was in you before slamming back down and rocking once seated.
Your head was swimming in pure pleasure, but you needed more. You leaned back, propping yourself up on his ankles as you slowly slid up his length, the curve of his cock hitting your g-spot perfectly at the angle you were seated.
Bucky let out a primal groan at this new angle, but held his hand crushingly hard on the headboard. You heard the wood start to crack.
“Touch me! Fuck!” You whined out and Bucky’s his thumb immediately found your clit, rubbing in fast, hard circles.
You cried out in over stimulation and came trembling around him.
Bucky was now sat up, his metal arm holding you back in the position you were leaning in so your arms could have a break. He thrust hard and fast into you, and by this point you didn’t care who was in control. Your cum was dripping down his cock and over his balls, which only stimulated him further.
“Your so fucking wet! Fuck!” He growled in your ear.
He pulled you from your leaned back position into a brusing kiss. You were a moaning, whining mess and were barely aware of what was happening as your second orgasm hit. 
Bucky’s thrusts became harder, deeper, and less rhythmic before he came with a growl inside of you.
The two of you sat there, leaning on each other, trying to catch your breaths. Eventually, Bucky lifted you and carried you to the bathroom, him still buried inside of you, and you let him. He stepped into the shower and turned it on again, finally pulling out of you and letting his cum roll down your leg.
“You did amazing, doll.”
You smiled weakly. “It was so much fun.”
He smiled largely and pecked your lips. “It was nice to let go for once.”
Bucky started washing you off this time— shampooing your hair, conditioning it, detangling it, and soaping up your body.
“You know,” you began, stifling back a giggle, “your thighs make me weak.”
“How do you mean?”
“They’re so thick, and firm, and supple, for starters.”
Bucky chuckled and the corners of his eyes crinkled. “Go on.”
You grabbed his ass and pulled him flush to you and pecked the tip of his nose.
“They are so strong and powerful, yet my touch makes you whine like a wanton whore.” You teased
He gasped in fake offence. “Well, I never!”
You laughed and pinched his ass, causing him to jump. “Oh, now you’ve done it!” 
He grabbed your hips and turned you so your back was to his chest. You squeaked and tried to pull away, but it was futile. He wrapped his metal arm around your waist and started tickling you with his other. You laughed loudly and  tried to drop out of his grasp, but it just turned into him holding you in the air with his arm as he continued tickling you.
You thrashed involuntarily while laughing and kicked over a few bottles in the shower while trying to find the breath to say “stop”.
He finally stopped and set you on your feet. As you tried to catch your breath, you wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him lazily.
“You’re such a little shit!”
He smiled and kissed you back. “Happy Anniversary.”
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ultimate-astridwriting · 7 months ago
— Nishinoya, Hinata and Asahi getting a “good luck” kiss
Note: first haikyuu fic!! i’m going to start posting for haikyuu and i’ll probably be alternating posting for mha and haikyuu
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || buy me a coffee?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
nishinoya yuu.
you have unleashed the beast
seriously as soon as he gets that good luck kiss
his eyes brighten up and a huge smile covers his face
“I’ll definitely win for you, Y/N-chan. So you better be watching me play!”
he is showing off all his moves on the court
nobody’s seen him play as well as he did during that game
everytime he scores he’ll look over at you and give you a cheeky grin and a wink
after they win the game he’ll come up to you all hyped up
probably brags about how good he did
“Did you see that Y/N? Did you? I was super cool wasn’t I?”
the only way to shut him up is to give him another kiss
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shoyo hinata.
he would just look at you with a shocked expression
still trying to process what the hell just happened
as soon as he does
he’s just even more jumpy and energetic
“Wahhh Y/N-chan, you just k-kissed me. What was that for?? i want another one!”
you decided to tell him you’ll give him another kiss if they win the game
as soon as they start playing the other team better watch out
they won’t even be able to score
he takes it so seriously because he wants that kiss!!!
when they win he’ll go straight to you with literal sparkles in his eyes
“So where’s that kiss you promised me?”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
azumane asahi.
asahi and you were together right before their game started
and he just looked so nervous
you wanted to help him out a little so you gave him a peck on the cheek
“Don’t worry, Asahi-kun. I’m sure you’ll do great!”
he is em-bar-rass-ed
lightly touches the part of cheek that you just kissed and a huge blush covers his face
“T-thanks, Y/N.”
it definitely helps him play better though
whenever he starts feeling down during the game
he’ll think back to the kiss and gives himself an internal pep talk
“Come on, Asahi. Y/N believes in you, you just need to believe in yourself. You got this!”
sometimes he might look over at the crowd and meet your eyes
seeing you cheering and smiling at him helps his nervousness
Tumblr media
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Can we like expand more on Frat!Harry hating loud sex but this time Y/N is there and she's like laughing at him :))))
“Harry…what are you doing?”
Harry had pulled Y/N further into his clothed chest, shifting around until they were more comfortable, then cupping his large hands over her ears in an attempt to block out the preposterous noises coming from the room over. “I’m saving you from having a brain aneurism.”
“Har, I can handle it,” she giggles softly, her fingers wrapping gently around his dainty wrists and tugging at them lightly. “I don’t need to be babied with this.”
He pouts with worry, apprehensively removing his palms from her cold ears and letting all of the inappropriate sounds flood her. He snuggles her deeper against his body, kissing at her warm temple and breathing in the rosemary scent of her hair. “I’m sorry you have to live through this. If I had known someone would be shooting a fuckin’ porno, we would’ve done the movie night at your place.”
Y/N gifts him an endeared smile, turning in his arms to face him, hands reaching up to cup his strong jaw. She thumbs over his cheeks as he cradles his face into her soothing hold, sighing blissfully while trying to block out the grunts coming from behind the wall above them.
“S’okay. As long as I get to spend time with you, it’s worth the aneurism.”
Harry’s cheeks flush bright pink under the buttery lights of a single lamp, his gaze breaking eye contact as he feels timid giddiness toiling at the pit of his tummy. He pools more soft little kisses across Y/N’s cheeks and forehead, rubbing his nose over her eyelids lovingly. He suddenly starts to sniffle, pretending to wipe a tear from his waterline with his thumb. “I can’t believe you’d suffer brain trauma for me.”
Y/N grins playfully, stretching her neck up to plant a sloppy kiss on his plump cherry lips. “You’re the best cuddler I know. Can’t go on withdrawal just because two people felt like mating in the next room.”
“Mm.” Harry slowly swings one of his legs over her hips, half-straddling her as he crushes her against his hard chest, thick thighs cementing into place over her body. “Love you.”
“Love you, too.”
“Would love it more if,” he raises his voice, tilting his head back and aiming his angry tone at the wall, “SOME PEOPLE HAD THE COMMON CURTESY TO KEEP IT DOWN!”
Y/N descends into a fit of giggles as Harry proceeds to slam a fist against his headboard, hoping it’ll trigger some decency in the couple on the opposite end. No such luck.
“Well, you know what they say,” she speaks up, one hand traveling down to rest on the outer thigh he has slung over her hip, squeezing it gently. “‘The way to make a baby stop crying is to cry harder.’”
Harry blinks at her blankly exactly three times. “Are you saying you want me to stand outside their door and cry?”
Y/N rolls her eyes, amused by his silliness. “No, you dolt. I’m saying, if they can be loud…” she trails a finger up his neck, biting into her lower lip when she sees veins flex momentarily. “We can be louder.”
Recognition floods his eyes, and then a blush floods his small ears. ”Oh.”
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the-modern-typewriter · a year ago
Hi, first of all your writing is absolutely amazing! Could you please write a scene where the villain (male) interrogates the female sidekick of the hero? I'd love to read it
“Well,” she said. “This is all a bit cliche, isn’t it? What are you going to get out next - a death ray?” She kept her voice cool. “Do I need to make a joke about overcompensation?”
“You can,” the villain replied, “if it makes you feel better.” He stood with his back to her, rifling through a cabinet in search of something no doubt nefarious. 
She lay in the centre of the room, strapped down to a table. 
It wasn’t really how she’d planned to spend her Saturday night, to be honest. She’d been hoping to maybe go out, meet a nice boy or girl, have a bit of a dance. She figured she’d earned it, after the evil robots last week. This was...
Thoroughly inconvenient. 
She resisted the urge to swallow, though her mouth felt dry, as she eyed the lines of his back like she could read all of his intentions there.  “What would make me feel better is if you let me go. It’s polite to, you know, ask permission before you tie a girl to a table in your house.”
He turned to face her once more, having apparently found what he was looking for. There was a syringe in his hand. She tried not to stare at the sharp point of the needle, but even that was better than speculating what concoction he may have devised to inject her with. 
He studied her idly, no doubt noting her annoyance (terror) with a flick of those cold eyes. He offered her a pleasant enough smile as he stepped forward.
“It’s definitely polite to ask before stabbing someone with unknown chemicals,” she added. “Just so you know. Someone should have taught you that. The answer is no, by the way. I’ll pass on the unknown chemicals. I only do unknown chemicals with friends and, you know, we just have friends in common. Friends who are going to notice I’m missing, and get very worried, and kick your arse. You and I are definitely closer to hostile work colleagues.”
He laughed, the pleasant smile turning to a horrifyingly more genuine grin, all crooked and boyish around the corners as if he wasn’t a complete monstrosity wrapped vaguely in human form. 
“You babble when you’re scared,” he said. “It’s thoroughly adorable.”
That time, she couldn’t resist swallowing. Hard. Her mouth still felt dry, sandpapery. 
“This.” He traced the tip of the syringe along the line of her throat, seeming drawn by even that small movement of hers. “Is a truth serum, a rather painful one.” He began to list off the chemical compounds lightly as if her brain hadn’t frozen at ‘truth serum’. “So, you see,” he finished, “now they’re not unknown chemicals. You know exactly what you will be stabbed with.”
“Or I could answer your questions without you stabbing me with very painful truth serum. I’d hate to deprive you of the thoroughly adorable rambling.” 
“We both know you’d have to try and be clever, hide your secrets. You hero types always do. Don’t worry, you’re not betraying anyone when you don’t have a choice.”
She didn’t get to finish before he plunged the truth serum into her system. It didn’t make her stop thinking, it didn’t make her hazy or unaware, but it settled like something sickly on her tongue. Her eyes widened. Her tongue! She bit down as hard as she possibly could, to swell her tongue so she couldn’t much give anything away. All she had to do was stall until her friends could arrive.
He stared at her in utter astonishment. 
She offered him a bloody, vicious, smile. 
“Oh,” he said, sounding rather regretful. “I like you.” 
He went back to his cabinets for something to stop the swelling. 
They started over.
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ijustreallylovezebras · 2 years ago
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: When Peter Parker has an app so he knows when she has her period
Requested: No
“Angel?” Peter poked his head unsurely around his girlfriend’s door. Y/N groans and turns her head so that she’s looking towards the door at him. A tired-looking smile crossed her face as she sets eyes on him.
“Hey babe,” she sighs and Peter blushes at the nickname. “Thought you were going to May’s?”
“I was, then I remembered what it was,” Peter says, going over to her and placing her head on his lap, smiling at the adorably confused face that crossed her features.
“It’s not our anniversary?” Y/N asks, a sudden look of shock crossing her features. Peter laughs and shakes his head.
“No, angel, it’s not our anniversary,” 
“Then what is it?” Y/N asks, groaning and collapses back down into the mattress. 
“It’s your period,” Peter lowers his voice at the word ‘period’ and his cheeks flush an adorable red as though it’s an inappropriate word and it makes Y/N laugh.
“You’re so cute bless you,” Y/N says, holding her hands out for a hug, that Peter eagerly moves to receive.
“I love you,”
“Won’t May be pissed?” Y/N asks at the same time, sitting up suddenly panicked. “And I love you too,” she adds, feeling heat creeping up her neck at the sudden outburst. Peter grins at her, finding her completely adorable.
“I texted her yesterday and she said it’s fine. Don’t worry about it, angel,” Y/N relaxes back into his arms once more, smiling softly. “Wait! I bought stuff for you!” He exclaims, standing up and sending Y/N falling back onto her bed, groaning. “Sorry!” He calls over his shoulder as he runs from the room and into his.
Y/N falls back, laughing at her boyfriend’s antics. She shakes her head, a goofy smile on her face.
“Pete?” She asks when Peter comes back in.
“How the fuck did you remember my period?” She asks, laughing loudly and Peter flushes again, an adorable smile on his face, brown eyes sparkling.
“Because I’m an amazing boyfriend?” He offers, placing a heat pat on her stomach and putting a kiss on her forehead.
“As true as that is, lovely, sometimes I forget when my period is,” Y/N tells him and Peter grins, gently booping her nose and passing her some chocolate.
“You’re so lovely,” the smile on her face stretches wide and Peter feels it being mirrored on his own.
“I love you,” she tells him again. Neither of them could get enough of hearing the other saying those three words.
“Kid? Aren’t you meant to be at your Aunts?” Tony asks as he walks into Y/N’s room to get her for dinner, thrown off by Peter’s presence in her room.
“I told her I’m staying here this weekend,” Peter says, kissing the top of Y/N’s head and the girl sinks back into his arms, grinning.
“You okay Y/N/N?” Tony asks, concern for his daughter growing. “Are you ill? Do you want me to get Bruce to check you’re okay?” Panic rises in Tony, he couldn’t ever bare to see his daughter sick.
“I’m fine, Uncle Tony,” Y/N laughs. Her period was not something that she wanted to talk to the billionaire about.
“Are you sure? I can get Bruce right now,” Y/N shakes her head at her father.
“Don’t worry, Uncle Tony. I’m not sick,” Peter hid his face in her hair to control his giggles. Y/N elbowed him lightly in the ribs, a bright, almost uncontrollable smile on her face.
“What’s... going on?” Tony asks, frowning at the two kids who shake their heads immediately, wide grins growing on both of their faces once more.
“It’s nothing Mr Stark,” Peter ensures his mentor, though the grin on his face is enough to make Tony disbelieving of his words.
“Whatever,” Tony sighs, turning around to walk from the room. “Just no funny business, alright,” 
“Of course, Mr Stark,” Peter responds, cheesy grin still in place when Y/N buries her head into his chest in a fit of giggles.
“It’s dinner,” he says, his original task almost having slipped his mind from the unexpected presence of Peter in Y/N’s room.
“Do your parents not know?” Peter asks, placing a kiss to her lips and Y/N grimaces.
“It’s not the sort of thing we talk about - can you imagine me trying to talk to Loki about my period?” Peter laughs at that, standing up and pulling his girlfriend to her feet.
“Good point, well made,”
It wasn’t until a few weeks later, when Y/N was looking through Peter’s phone for a photo he had of the two of them, that she discovered how he knew.
“Peter?” Y/N asks and her boyfriend looks up from where he was doing his work across the table from her. He smiled softly at her in acknowledgement. “Why do you have Flow downloaded onto your phone?” She asks, a smile growing at the corners of her lips when his face flushed bright red.
Peter shrugs and looks back down at his books, tapping his notepad with his pen. “I should really be working right now,” he says but Y/N giggles and walks around the table, moving his chair out so that she can place her legs on either side of him, so that he’s straddling his waist, grinning at him. She placed a kiss to his nose, her fingers playing with the short strands of hair at the back of his neck.
“Talk to me, Peter,” she whines, dropping her head to the crook of his neck. “I love you,”
“I love you too,”
“Are you tracking my period?” Y/N asks once more and when Peter doesn’t reply she lifts her head to look at him, delighted by the embarrassed look on his face. “You’re so fucking cute,” she grins, kissing him.
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I dunno, I thought it was a cute idea. Let me know what you guys think! Drop me an ask or leave a comment because I love hearing your feedback it really inspires me to write more!!!! I love you all, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing loads again <3
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themaskedwriter · 2 years ago
A Long Lasting Prank War
A/N: Masked Writer time!!! I’m so excited!!!
This gorgeous flower likes to bless the rains down in Africa with her amazing stories.
Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this fic!!!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Teacher! AU)
Word Count: 3.9k
Warnings: Fluff, pranks, mentions of sex, old memes
Tumblr media
Honestly, your true relationship with Mr. James Buchanan Barnes started in all of the wrong ways.
Three years ago, if you’d been told that the geometry teacher on the other end of the hallway would be your significant other, you’d have done nothing but laughed as you went back to your students. The (nonexistent) relationship you had with Mr. Barnes was merely one consisting of “good morning”, “any fun lesson plans?”, “have a good day”, and other small talk that teachers bothered themselves with. There was no ‘spark’ nor ‘connection’ and it was all merely professional and friendly.
In fact, after a birthday fiasco, you’d even thought that you disliked the man at one point.
It was a complete accident, obviously, however it kicked off your special day in all of the wrong ways.
You were walking through the hallways towards the teacher’s lounge when it all went down. Your work wife, Ms. Maximoff (the physics teacher), had texted you to come there right as you got to work so you even skipped out on dropping your stuff off in your classroom. As you were walking, your eyes were on your phone, texting Wanda who was being persistent in asking about your whereabouts.
Had you looked up, you would’ve missed the accident big time.
Mr. Barnes was walking the opposite direction, running smack dab into you the moment you turned the corner. You’d have been shocked had you not been experiencing the pain of the hot coffee now dripping down the middle of your pastel pink blouse. You immediately jumped back, looking down at your blouse in a shocked manner. It took you a few moments to realize what just happened, eyes flickering back up to James and realizing he held a similar expression on his face.
His jaw was basically on the floor. He hadn’t anticipated this and barely even knew you. If it was someone like Mr. Wilson (the football coach with whom he had an interesting friendship), he would’ve chuckled. But you’re the beautiful English teacher who he couldn’t help but be starstruck around anytime he saw you. It took him just a moment before he looked up to you, clearing his throat and straightening his posture before speaking, “Ms. Y/l/N I’m so sorry holy shit.. Is there something I can do? I have a spare shirt in the teacher’s lounge I can give you and I’ll pay the dry cleaning bill but like is there anything el-”
You cut him off, shaking your head lightly, “No it’s.. It’s fine, Mr. Barnes.. I.. Uh.. I will take that shirt, yes, but don’t worry about dry cleaning or anything like that, I’ll handle it.” You gave him a smile, looking to your bag and letting out a relieved sigh when you realized that it hadn’t been affected by the spill.
He nodded his head immediately and waited for you to start walking before walking right beside you to the teacher’s lounge. There was nothing said between you, just awkward science. Bucky would steal occasional glances of you. Even with a coffee stained shirt and tousled hair you breathtakingly beautiful.. If anything, the mildly disgruntled look only enhanced your beauty.
Of course, when you opened the door to the teacher’s lounge, there was a chorus of “Happy Birthday!” and “Surprise!” You stepped back in shock and the guilty look on Bucky’s face only became more prominent.
He quickly dismissed himself to get the shirt and Wanda came up to you, mildly shocked, “Did Barnes do that?” She points at your shirt and you nodded ever so slightly to affirm. She shakes her head, laughing quietly, “That’s a way to start off.. He seemed really sorry, though..”
“He is.. He offered to pay for dry cleaning and everything..” You smiled ever so slightly before looking back to Bucky. He quickly gave the shirt to you before walking out the door. You turned your attention back to Wanda, “I don’t think he knew what today is..”
Wanda merely shrugged, ushering you off to change and saying that they’ll cut the cake for you when you get back.
Later that day, you’re sitting behind your desk during your break period and grading papers. Bucky’s shirt was obviously big on you, but you made it work by rolling the sleeves and tucking it in. Your attention left the essay in front of you when there was a knock at your door. You spoke loudly so that the person at the door could here, “Come in!”
Your eyes moved to the doorway when the knocker entered, pleasantly surprised to see Bucky there at the door with a balloon and a tiny gift bag, “Mr. Barnes! This really wasn’t necessary,” You were speaking about the things he brought with him and he merely shook his head, waving his hand dismissively.
“Oh this was absolutely needed.. Consider it an apology mixed with a birthday gift. I went off on my break period to get this, my kids are all at lunch right now,” He made his way to your desk, setting everything down in front of you.
You offered him a soft smile before opening the gift bag, gasping at the sight of another beautiful blouse that seemed to fit your style perfectly, “Oh Mr. Barnes, you shouldn’t have..”
“Bucky, please call me Bucky,” Was his first remark before he shook his head once more, “Oh nonsense, doll, that shirt was pretty much ruined and you wouldn’t send me the dry cleaning bill so I decided to make it up with this..” There was a victorious smile on his lips at your reaction. His taste was good.
“Well, Bucky, I suppose you’ll have to call me Y/N, then..” You look up to him, flashing a genuinely happy smile, “Thank you for this, really.. It’s definitely turned around the day for the better.”
“I’m glad you like it, Y/N,” He looks up at the clock in your room before giving another smirk, “Well I best be going.. But I do have to tell you one thing.”
Your brows raise in curiosity at his statement, the look only encouraging Bucky to continue speaking, “I think.. That for the sake of my dignity, I’m going to claim that the whole coffee fiasco was merely a birthday prank.” Your change in expression to one of amusement caused Bucky to chuckle, glad you accepted his idea, “I’ll see you later, Y/N, you have a good birthday.”
As Bucky walked out the room, the gears in your brain were already turning. He was well out of earshot, but you couldn’t help but say, “Oh it’s on, Mr. Barnes.”
In the time between your birthday and Bucky’s, a lot of developments occurred in your relationship. For one, it went from friends to lover within a couple of months. After your birthday, he’d asked you out. Three dates in, he kissed you at your doorstep. Two dates after that, you were officially his girlfriend. From there on, developments occurred like they did within every other relationship.
The two of you worked hard on keeping personal life away from professional life. However it was no secret that the two of you were together. Students would often catch Bucky in your room or you in his merely talking but standing especially close to one another. One student claims they saw the two of you in public (which could possibly be true) and your past students knew it to be facts as you’d admit it on occasion to them as they were no longer your students. Everything was going absolutely perfectly.
It was the day before March 10th, Bucky’s birthday, that you found yourself in his apartment. You’d offered to do his laundry for him, which he greatly appreciated as he was busy grading geometry tests.
You grabbed his laundry but made an effort to grab some of his white shirts in addition to his red sweater. You mentioned something about doing two loads, pressing a kiss to his head before walking out. Your poor man was so clueless as to what was going to hit him.
You announced your departure after you put the load in the dryer, giving him a kiss and saying that you’d have a surprise for him tomorrow. You’d made sure to include a sticky note with “Surprise! Here’s your birthday prank! xx ” written on it on his dryer.
That night, you were sent a multitude of texts from Bucky. They’d started off along the lines of ‘what the fuck’ before eventually progressing to ‘you owe me a new wardrobe’ and ending up at ‘nevermind, I can 100% pull this pink off’.
Bucky made an effort to prove his point the next day by wearing one of the poorly stained shirts with a cheeky grin. You’d rolled your eyes, blowing him a kiss as you disappeared into your classroom.
His real birthday present from you that night was a new set of white shirts and a little fun show in a nice lingerie set you’d bought.
From then on forward, birthday pranks became an unspoken tradition between the two of you. As your birthday drew closer and closer, you couldn’t help but feel nervous of what’s to occur.
By now, you and Bucky were living with each other. Nearly a year of dating had brought you closer than ever and the next step was nearly perfect. However the prank only made your heart flutter in a bad way. You remained vigilant of your laundry, your spices, and pretty much anything else you could think of that could be effected.
Bucky was getting a real kick out of it all, thinking your nerves were absolutely hilarious. His plan for this year was absolutely diabolical.
You were anxious as you walked into school the next day. Bucky said he had a kid coming in for tutorials so he had to leave early, which you’d accepted. He left with a kiss and a wink, leaving you in bed to slowly prep yourself for the day to come.
Walking into your classroom, your eyes narrowed as they flickered over your classroom. Some of your kids were getting themselves situated after you unlocked the door for them and they didn’t seem suspicious either. You made your way to your desk, setting your bag down and taking out your things to set out. You made a grab for your pencil carrier only to be shocked that it wasn’t budging underneath your grip. Your eyes widened upon realization of what the prank was.
Your bastard of a boyfriend had glued your desk’s contents to its surface.
At first you thought it was too good to be true. But then you went to pick up a picture frame (which didn’t budge either). Your eyes narrowed and you moved to get out of your seat. You got up, yes, but your wheeling chair didn’t budge either.
Of course he glued the chair down too.
Your students were looking at you in a confused manner and you merely gave them a smile before mumbling “Barnes” underneath your breath and getting up, marching out your classroom and down the hallway to his classroom.
You didn’t even have to say anything, the sound of your heels against the linoleum floors more than enough to announce your arrival. Bucky looked up from his computer, a cheeky smile on his lips as he spoke brightly, “Well if it isn’t the birthday girl! How’d you like the present, Ms. Y/L/N?”
The glare on your face was more than enough to answer his question, laughter erupting from his perfect lips. His laughs only got louder as you spoke, “Mr. Barnes I swear to GOD if it isn’t removable I’m taking this to the superintendent.”
He shakes his head, getting up from his desk and moving to where you stood, “It’ll come off within the day, Ms. Y/L/N. My pranks may be eloquent, unlike purposely destroying laundry, but they aren’t cruel.”
You rolled your eyes as you stepped back from him, glancing at his students, “How do you kids like him? He’s absolutely insufferable.”
There was a chorus of laughter from his students because they all knew about your relationship. Bucky laughed as well, “Yeah sure.. Don’t forget dinner tonight with everyone else. I’ll be running a bit late I have some tutorial things to do.”
You nod your head, smiling lightly before walking away.
His students would 100% be part of your prank for him when the time came around.
March 10th came around once more and this time, the antsiness was coming from Bucky. He was vigilante of just about everything, making an effort to request janitors that they don’t let you into his room before or after school. What he didn’t know, however, was that you’d been stopping by his classroom to talk to his students when he had a substitute in place.
The plan had taken nearly a month of planning  but you were getting more and more excited as the date came closer.
During his first period class, you’d briefly excused yourself from class to watch it unfold the first time.
Bucky was busy going over triangle postulates, back to the class as he spoke. Slowly, but surely, they each stood up and began the classic t-pose, holding it while trying their hardest to maintain straight faces.
The geometry didn’t even hear what was going on, speaking as he turned around.
“So all in all, kids, ASS is not an acceptable- what the hell?” He cut himself off at the sight, a look of confusion taking on his face at the sight of what the kids were doing.
Every. Single. Child was standing up, arms perfectly straight with expressionless faces. At his reaction, however, many of them began giggling. One minute passed and without saying anything, they all sat back down to continue their notes.
You were busy laughing your ass off at the entrance, Bucky still not having looked at you yet. When he did, however, a knowing look crossed his face and he couldn’t help the incredulous chuckle that escaped his lips, “Happy birthday to me, it seems.”
He had two other classes that day. During each class, exactly halfway through, they’d stand up, t-pose for an entire minute, before sitting back down and continuing like nothing happened.
During his final class, actually, Bucky went as far as pulling a power move and t-posing right back at them, causing all of them to break down in laughter at how goofy their geometry teacher was.
This was, by far, the best birthday prank out of all of them and both you and Bucky knew it.
Once more, your birthday came around and you were constantly remaining vigilant. Your relationship with Bucky otherwise, was absolutely perfect. He treated you right and the two of you had even adopted a cat together and named him Huckleberry.
There was always tension, however, when either one of yours’ birthday came around.
You walked into class that day, completely weary of everything going on. You were looking at your students in suspicious manners and they were all 100% confused. Obviously the legend of the birthday pranks was common knowledge, but none of them knew anything of what could happen.
You were beginning a dramatic reading of Romeo and Juliet when it all came to light, however. You hadn’t realized Bucky came to your doorway, putting a finger over his lips at the kids before pressing a button on his phone.
“Romeo O’ Romeo! Wherefore art thou R-”
“Got any grapes?”
You jumped in shock at the sound, snapping out of your soliloquy and looking around for the offending sound. The kids had begun laughing and you looked to the door only to see Bucky standing there laughing as well.
Your eyes narrowed at the sight before you rest your hand on your hip in a haughty manner, “Is that all your prank is, Barnes?”
He held up his hand, counting down from 5 before pointing at your speakers. As if on cue, “Got any grapes” came from the speaker again, causing him to laugh.
There was a flabbergasted look on your face and he continued laughing as he blew you a kiss and waved before walking away. You watched him go in a shocked manner, only to be snapped out of your thoughts at the sound of “Got any grapes?” Going off again.
For the rest of the day, every five minutes, “Got any grapes?” rang out from your speakers.
When you got back to your shared home that night, you were met with a laughing Bucky. You couldn’t help but laugh as well as you shook your head, “Not funny.”
His arms wrapped around your waist as he kissed you softly, “It’s hilarious, doll, your reaction was absolutely priceless.”
“Yeah yeah, sure.. Just know that payback is going to be an absolute bitch when March comes around,” You kiss him again, eyebrows raising in a challenging manner.
“Oh I’m terrified, doll,” He rolls his eyes in a cheeky manner before kissing you once more, “Now.. I have a bunch of plans for you and I tonight.”
The buildup to Bucky’s birthday was spent with a lot of brainstorming. You’d even gone as far as conferring with Wanda as to possible pranks. The two of you were out on a walk when she spoke up.
“What about something with his students again? You did that last year but if you do something different, he won’t be expecting it because you’ve already done something..” She was right in her thought process and you looked around the expanse of Central Park as you thought to yourself.
That’s when you saw it.
From there, the plan was in action once more.
That morning, you and Bucky came to work together, sharing a passionate kiss in the car before exiting and walking to your designated classes. He was nervous, yes, but nothing could be too extreme. Administration had actually talked to them after the last prank, telling them while friendly things were fine, that was a little extreme.
You’d made sure you didn’t let Bucky forget that, always laughing about it at random times.
This time, however, you were working ahead of it all. You’d asked some of your trusted students who also had Bucky as a teacher to hand out the masks to every single one of his students that he had on that day.
When the bell rang for class to start, the prank began. Bucky began by asking if there were questions on the homework only to be greeted by all of his students wearing cheap, plastic Dora masks. Not a single one of his students was bare, all faces were covered with the face of Dora staring right back at Bucky.
Class continued for the rest of the time in that manner.
And the next class.
And the next class.
Every damn student he had that day was wearing a damn Dora mask.
He got a good laugh out of it and on his break, went to see if you had an extra (which you did). In retaliation to his last class, he wore one and gave the rest of his lesson that way.
Your birthday the next year was on a weekend, something that Bucky said would be prankless. You didn’t believe him, obviously, which was why you were eyeing him warily as he sat next to you at dinner. It was a small dinner party, you, him, Wanda, some other coworkers, and even your parents. Everyone brought you gifts and it was all enjoyable.
Then came the time to open the gifts up.
Everyone in the restaurant gathered closer to see what you’d been given.
There were a multitude of things ranging from jewelry to clothing to skin care things. It was all very heartwarming.. Then, however, came time for Bucky’s gift, which was only a card.
You gave him a wary look as you opened it up, trying to be as cautious as possible. When you opened the card, you were greeted by glitter falling all over your lap. You gasped and the rest of the table occupants laughed loudly at your reaction.
You glared at your boyfriend and he flashed you a cheeky smile before nudging you, “Hey that was barely anything.. Read the card out loud..”
You raise your brow ever so slightly at his request but oblige it, clearing your throat before speaking, “Dear Y/N, Happy birthday, babe. I can’t believe our entire relationship started through what I coined as a birthday prank. I know I said there wouldn’t be a prank this year because we’re not in school, but obviously I indulged myself with the glitter bomb. Sorry about that, but at least it isn’t messed up laundry or t-posing,” You couldn’t help but laugh at that, shaking your head as you continued, “I love you so much.. In fact, I went as far as expressing my love by covering the home in.. Wood chips and coal!” You paused at his words, brows furrowing as you mumbled underneath your breath, “Oh of course you did.”
What you didn’t realize, was that Bucky had shifted out of his seat and sat down on one knee beside you, a velvet box ready in his hands.
You, obviously oblivious of all of the cameras pointing at you, continued to read the card, “Actually.. That was a joke. I’d never scare pour Huckleberry for a prank.. Our little baby means too much to me for that. If you haven’t realized, I’m buying a lot of time right now and would appreciate it if you turned around.” You did as you were told and immediately dropped the card, hands moving to cover your mouth as your jaw dropped.
There was a bright smile on Bucky’s lips as he popped the box open, a beautiful diamond ring nestled right in the middle of it. Tears immediately welled up in your eyes as he began speaking.
“First of all, I swear this isn’t a prank.. I’ve been carrying this ring around for a solid 5 months now thinking of when it’d be a good time to propose to you.. You can ask Steve,” He laughs nervously before looking up to you once more, “Y/N, you’re the love of my life.. These nearly 3 years together has been the best thing that’s happened to me and I.. I want you to be with me for the rest of our lives, doll.. So what do you say?”
Tears were streaming down your face as you nodded your head, too shocked to actually say anything.
Everyone was quick to begin clapping as Bucky reached up, taking your left hand and slipping on the ring, “Doll say the word, please..” There was so much joy on his face as the ring was a perfect fit and you began crying even harder as you hugged him tightly.
“Of course I’ll marry you, you goof.. I love you so much,” You spoke into his shoulder and he pulled away ever so slightly to kiss you deeply.
There were cheers, hoots, and clapping and you were probably the happiest girl in the world as of now.
And to think this all started over some coffee and an impeccable coverup.
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nomseok · a month ago
the kraken; (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: kraken!namjoon/reader genre: fluff, angst, smut, mythical au word count: 27.1k (help) warnings: 18+, blood/injuries, cussing, vomit/throwing up mention, anxiety mention, murder, ocean, almost-drowning, guns, fire, almost-death, smut: tentacles, watersports, choking, anal, a little bruising, unprotected sex summary: stumbling upon a naked man in the middle of the beach, you slowly begin to see the horrors of trying to help a stranger in need UNEDITED a/n; thank u to pp for helping me figure out the difference between two descriptions @ppersonna​ and the rat gang for encouraging me to write this @ughseoks​ @hongism
Tumblr media
“Only three?” Taehyung pouts, holding up the oranges in his hand. “But it’s buy four get one free, you don’t want to give a farmer some extra money?”
You snort, nodding as he quickly adds two more to your bag before you could protest. “You aren’t even a farmer, your grandparents are. And we’re not even close to any fruit fields. We’re next to a beach, Tae.”
Taehyung and you have been best friends ever since you stumbled into his shop one night after a high school breakup, tears running down your cheeks. Instead of the noble thing, he told you to make sure not to put your makeup on anything and passed you an old bread they didn’t sell during the day. At the time, you were pissed off at him for being so inconsiderate, but looking back at it now, he probably didn’t know how to respond to a random stranger walking into his parent’s, well now his, store. After seeing him in the halls and apologizing for that mess of a night you had, your relationship with him grew pretty quickly. By the time a month passed, you’re sure you knew everything about him. Insecurities and all.
Fate brought you into that shop that night, and you’ve never been more grateful for it.
He shrugs, showing you your total before you hand him the cash. “I’m just trying to run a business here, if a white lie gets me an extra dollar who really wins in the end?” he passes you your bag and you thank him, tucking it into your larger one. “Who cares if you’re my best friend and you know everything about me? You just found out about my grandparents ten years ago. People forget you know.”
You laugh, “Just ten years ago? God, I really should invest my money into other things. Like Walmart.”
He gasps, holding his hand over his chest in mock shock. “Walmart? You’d buy their pesticide-filled fruit over my luscious, moist plants? Is this who we are now?”
You stick your tongue at him. “Please don’t say moist. See you at the barn tonight. And don’t forget your pie, you know that Hoseok would have a fit if you don’t bring it.”
You see the soft red on his cheeks darken, eyes flicking away from yours. “A-ah, right. Pie.”
“Don’t worry, I’m sure that’s not the only thing he wants to eat tonight.” You quickly navigate out the shop, expertly dodging the old bread Taehyung throws at you as you wave goodbye, closing the door lightly behind you.
You’ve lived in this town most of your life, moving into your grandparents' home after your parents' divorce. It’s not like they didn’t want you, they love you and still do. But sometimes, relationships are difficult to maintain. And for better or worse, you all agreed that spending time with your grandparents seemed like the best for everyone. For that, you’re thankful. You can't imagine yourself anywhere else.
You glance both ways before crossing the street, tucking a hand in your pocket. The sky looks a bit dark today, but you don’t recall seeing rain in the forecast. Maybe a sudden storm? The weather reports aren’t always accurate but from the look of those clouds, you can only guess it’s more than a light sprinkle. You tug your zipper up higher, unlocking your car door.
“Shit,” you shiver as you turn up the heat, placing your bag to the side and driving away.
Your mornings consist of you waking up, going to visit Taehyung at his store, then going back home to organize some loose ends that they left behind before you went back to work. This week you’re off from your job, Hoseok insisting that you need a break. You’ve worked at the bookstore-library combo for longer than you could remember, to the point where you’re now a co-owner, next to him. You couldn’t believe your eyes when Hoseok handed you the paperwork to make you partial owner, tears springing to your eyes. He laughed at you but you could tell how much it affected him as well, explaining that he had dust in his eyes as he wiped tears. It was an easy choice at the time; Hoseok has been your best friend longer than Tae has. Two peas in a pod.
Your phone rings, and you glance at the caller ID on the dash, before picking it up. Speak of the devil.
“Aren’t I supposed to be on vacation, sir?” You say, slowing down to a red. “Why are you calling me? I’m going to deduct this from my vacation.”
“Please shut up,” Hoseok whines, and you only laugh. “I was just calling you to let you know that the forecast just called for a storm, so don’t go to the barn tonight.”
“What? But it’s the annual town fundraiser, how can I just not go? Everyone is going to be there!” You beep loudly at a car cutting into your lane, sighing loudly. “Idiots.” You murmur.
“Yea, I know. But we both know how you drive. I don’t want you to get into any accidents or worse. Just, stay off the road, okay?”
“Hoseok, you don’t have to worry about me. You know that.”
“Yea,” his voice cracks, but you can’t tell if it’s the reception or him himself. “But I do anyway.”
Your relationship with Hoseok is unique. You consider him an older brother rather than just a best friend. He’s been there for you in all of your trials through life, from your lowest of losing your cat to your highest (TBA). You honestly cannot think of a big moment where he wasn’t always present; your middle school graduation, high school graduation, college graduation. When you were engaged at some point but broke it off just hours before the wedding. He’s your rock, and you are his. So you never blame him if he worries. You’d do the same if you were in his position.
“Fine. But I’m still going, rain or shine. I’ll take my bike instead, or walk. It’s only a few minutes away.”
“Nothing you say is going to stop me from going. You might as well accept it. I’ll just call you when I leave the house, alright?” You pull into your driveway, glancing at his profile picture. It’s the day you graduated, faces squished against one another as you scream in happiness. “And don’t even try to offer to drive me there. You’re the host.”
He’s quiet for a moment. “Fine. But please at least text me. I know you’re going to forget to call like you always do.”
You frown. “No need to point that out, asshole.”
“Haha. But seriously, stay safe. If you think it looks too risky out there just stay home. There are so many more events during the year you can come to. I’ll talk to you later!”
He hangs up before you can add another snide remark. You roll your eyes, grab your phone and bag and leave the car. You glance up at the home they left you. It’s an older style, the wood panels peeling off the sides, roof in stable condition. It’s enough to last for the remainder of the year, but you’re not too sure if it’s going to go beyond that. Of course, you’re forever grateful for them passing it down to you, but you can’t help but think about how much it’s going to cost to fix it all. Hopefully Jimin, your local contractor and good friend, could somehow give you a decent enough estimate in the appointment this week so that you could save and by the end of the year, Have enough to pass your budget in case there's any hiccups, he says.
You unlock the door, tossing your keys to the side and dropping your coat on the rack. You stretch, humming to yourself lightly as you go to the pantry, placing your oranges in the bowl. They’ve been preparing for the event for months, a yearly festival where they raise funds for the local library and other small shops that need it. It’s always successful, several thousands of dollars immediately allocated to where it needs to go. And despite Hoseok being one of the recipients of the awards, he hasn’t hosted it until now.
You sit down, glancing over your documents as you sigh. He insisted that you’d take care of this tonight even though you suspect it’s because of the weather, to keep you home. You crack your knuckles, pulling up the information on your laptop and home computer.
Two can play at that game.
You lock your door behind you, grabbing the umbrella lying next to your mailbox. You can only imagine Taehyung running up to your house in disgust at how you still haven’t gotten an umbrella holder after years of living here, but you digress. You’re cutting it a bit close to the time, but it’s enough to get there a few minutes late. Not to be too harsh, but there are mostly older people living in this town. Hoseok, Taehyung, and you are part of the very few younger people residing here.
You can recall your mayor constantly pointing you out whenever there are town halls, explaining how the “youth” would like change. Even with your blatant disgust at him wanting a large corporation to move into town, he still tried to use your face at the meeting to make it seem as if you were supporting the expansion. You could only scoff at him, shaking your head. If only they allowed citizens to make remarks without having to reserve the spot weeks before.
You open your umbrella above you, already hearing the pitter-patter of rain splattering across the concrete. You glance up at the sky, the clouds staring angrily down at you. Maybe you’ll make it before it actually begins to pour. Taehyung promised that he’d take you home after so there’s no need to worry about that. You increase your pace anyway, the vision of a drowned rat circling in your head.
As you walk, you glance over at the ocean. An odd shadow sits on the creek, almost blending with the sand and dark ocean. It doesn't quite look like a body shape, maybe distorted by the distance and your subpar eyesight. You look once more before looking away, your nerves high. Your neighborhood hasn’t had any violent crimes for hundreds of years, but you wouldn’t like to be the first.
And so, the jogging begins.
“You’ve made it!” Jimin holds the door open for you and you thank him, placing your umbrella on the hook. Luckily, you’ve made it before the brunt of the storm unscathed, a few droplets barely hitting your shirt. “Wait, did you walk here?”
“How else would I get here Min?” You nudge him, glancing around the room. It’s busier than you thought, already half the town filling the barn. Glass jar lights hanging from the beams, something Jimin more than likely came up with. The lighting is dim enough to make it feel homey inside. You see Hoseok running back and forth across the room, thanking people for coming and handling issues that pop up.
“How long has he been like that?” You ask Jimin. He gives you a sheepish look, rubbing the back of his head.
“For hours now. I don’t think he’s stopped moving since I came here.”
You sigh, quickly walking up to him and stopping him in the middle of another sprint. His eyes meet yours and he pulls you into a bone-crushing hug, you groaning against his shirt as he says something too quickly for you to understand. He pulls back, about to navigate around you before you stop him in his tracks.
“y/n…” He whines. “I have so many things to deal with, there’s no time for games.”
“You’re sweating in an air-conditioned room that’s freezing. And Jimin told me that you haven’t gotten a break this whole time. Hobi, relax. Everything is fine. You’re fine, and people are having a good time. There’s no reason to stress yourself over this, okay?”
He sighs, rubbing his eyes. “Fine, fine. But, um, have you seen Taehyung? It’s been an hour or so and he’s always early to these things?” He glances around you, a hint of a blush decorating his cheeks.
“No, I haven’t. Did you text him? He hasn’t answered any of mine…” You look at your phone, your message read, but never responded to. It’s unlike him to ever miss a message; the man is glued to his phone most of the day since businesses around here never truly get busy unless it’s a holiday. “Should I be worried? Maybe I’m worried–”
“y/n, relax. He’s fine, he’s probably up to no good like usual. I’m sure he’ll show up sooner or later,” Hoseok squeezes your arm. “And I’m glad you made it here fine,” he frowns slightly. “Even though you didn’t listen to me.”
You roll your eyes, stepping to the side. “I’m a grown woman, Hobi. I can take care of myself. How about you go and track down the mayor? I’m sure he’s somewhere around here spewing some shit to make people vote for him again.”
He lets out a loud sigh, “Fuck him. You should run next time, we need young people more involved.”
“Absolutely not,” you push him in a random direction, him blowing you a kiss before he disappears into the crowd.
There’s a lot more people here than you expected, even the younger people of your community gathering inside. You’re not that shocked; Hoseok’s charisma demands a crowd, even during high school. The man smiles and people swoon. With an event like this? He could probably gather the whole town without even trying. And as you push your way through, bumping and stepping over toes, saying hellos, you’re sure at least half the population is in this barn. But still, no sign of Taehyung. You know Hoseok told you not to worry, but you messaged him again, and no response.
you: tete are you okay? you’re not one to just disappear :( do you need help with anything
Again, read. Zero response. Either he left his phone open on your chat and is pissed, or… something has happened.
You step outside, away from the loud music, and dial his number. You quicken your steps to his store and home, your anxiety rising.
“Hey, it’s Taehyung! If you’re listening to this, I’m either dead or exhausted. Leave a message after the be-”
You hang up, and dial his number again.
“Hey, it’s Taehyung!…”
You turn the corner, bright orange and yellow flashing in your eyes. Your phone slips from your fingers, cracking on the pavement as you stare in shock. Flames rise to the sky of Taehyung’s home, bright against the dark night. Your legs pump underneath you, thoughts filled only with Taehyung. The burning heat feels as if it melts your skin as you push through the doors.
Flames glide along the floor, burning everything in sight. You stick close to the floor, covering your mouth with your scarf as you glance around for any sign of Taehyung. The glass scattered across the tiles dig into your skin, adrenaline masking the pain. Blood drips each time you slide, but you ignore it. Your eyes flick to an open door, and without much of a thought, you crawl through.
Taehyung’s head is tilted to the side, body slump against his desk chair, head thrown back in an odd position and stained with blood. Your legs want to buckle underneath you at the sight, but you push through, reaching out and grabbing him by the shoulders, carefully placing him on the floor. He’s heavy, you struggle as you pull him through the flames. The heat burns your skin as you scream in pain, tears rolling down your cheeks, smoke slowly filling your lungs.
Your head is dizzy, fingers slipping as you fall back to the floor. You groan, glancing down at your ankle, seeing it turned in an odd position. Did this just happen? Were you walking with it this whole time? You gag, your body weakening as you struggle to grab him.
“Please,” Your tears are hot as they fall down your cheeks, eyes on Taehyung. This isn’t what you wanted. Taehyung and you were supposed to be at the barn, celebrating Hoseok’s first hosting as you all laughed at the strange citizens in your small town. But here you are staring at him, knowing that you don’t have the energy to pull you two the rest of the way.
“I’m sorry,” you can’t even say the words properly, coughing through your sentence, eyes fluttering as your throat burns. Before your eyes shut, you feel arms embrace your body. Wet, cold, different from the heat around you. But you don’t get a chance to see who it is, your head tilting forward as you pass out.
“Got you…”
“y/n? Is she waking up?”
“It will take a moment, her lungs were filled with smoke. I’m surprised the patient even lasted that long with it. In ordinary circumstances…” The voice trails off.
“She isn’t ordinary.”
“Quiet down, your voice might disturb her.”
“Ah, sorry. I’m just worried.”
“I know, I know. Just be patient, she will wake soon.”
You blink slowly, a throbbing headache greeting you as you open your eyes. You take a long breath, your throat scratchy. Coughs overtake you as you lean forward, trying to figure out exactly where you are.
“y/n?! Nurse!” You feel arms hold you. You turn to the touch through your tears, the brown, wavy hair of your friend appearing between. He looks at you, eyes flicking between yours.
“I’m okay, Tae. I’m okay,” you clear your throat, the burn making you cough again. A nurse walks in before you can protest, checking your vital signs and handing you a bottle of water. You drink it slowly, the strange feeling slowly dwindling down to nothing.
“You’ll be fine,” the nurse says, smiling at you. “It’s pure luck that there wasn’t any damage to your lungs, this man over here too,” he tilts her chin to Taehyung. “You lowered him to the ground and probably saved his life. A hero. Call me if you need anything. On the coms, please.” He holds up the button next to your bed, glancing at the monitor before disappearing from the room.
“Hoseok and Jimin came, but they had to leave because their business needed to open,” Taehyung explains, letting out a loud sigh. “You scared me, you know. Why the Hell would you enter a burning building? You could have died, y/n. I wouldn’t have been able to live with that.”
You frown, drinking more water before speaking again. “Are you kidding me? You could have died if I didn’t go in there! Was I just supposed to stare and wait for a firetruck to come? Is that what you want?”
“Yes! Yes, I wanted you to wait for the professionals to handle it. And now look at you,” he gestures to your arm, wrapped in bandages from your shoulder to the tips of your fingers. “You’re hurt because of me.”
“I don’t regret running in there and helping you. I’m sure you would do the same if it was me. I care about you Tae, I’m not the type to just stand by and watch someone like that happen. A thank you would be nice,” you murmur the last line, giving him a side glance.
He’s quiet for a moment. You feel the soft touch of his hand slowly curling with yours. You look at him, and you can see the concern lining his eyes as he watches you. He looks wrecked as well, right arm resting in a sling, left covered in gauze. Cuts scattered across his face. But it’s less than you thought, and for that you’re grateful.
“Thank you,” he mumbles softly. “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. I’m sorry for arguing with you, really. I just… I hate to see you hurt. I can’t even picture not seeing you for a day, let alone for the rest of my life. Just, thank you. And please be careful, you’re not a superhero. You’re y/n.”
You smile at him, leaning back into the bed. “You’re welcome.”
Your mind runs back to when you collapsed on the floor, a mysterious figure whispering something to you before you grew unconscious. It wasn’t a firefighter, that you could remember. Their clothes were dark, but you couldn’t make out their face. God, what did they say to you?
“Tae, was there anyone else at the scene? Did anyone tell you anything?”
“What do you mean?” he furrows his brows. “It was just us. Don’t you remember? You dragged the both of us outside. If we were still in there, we could have died. You saved us.”
“No, no I didn’t,” You try leaning up again, but Taehyung pushes you back down.
“Don’t hurt yourself.”
“Taehyung, I couldn’t make it to the entrance. The smoke was too much, I couldn’t breathe and fell to the floor. There’s no possible way I could have made it out.”
He tilts his head in confusion. “Then how did we get outside? They didn’t mention anyone else.”
“I…” Did you imagine it? No, you could remember those last moments clearly. It was smoky, but there was enough clarity to see someone in front of you, helping you. Did they leave after they brought you outside? Why would they do that, wouldn’t they make sure you were safe? “I don’t know what happened, but I didn’t do it. Someone else did, I’m sure of it.”
“Well,” he shrugs. “They didn’t see anyone else. I don’t know how someone would be able to, anyway. The fire spread so quickly, you would have been burned trying to get through it. But…” he grins, glancing at you.
“Guess you’re not my hero anymore.”
“You’re an asshole.”
“I’m kidding, I'm kidding– hey, that’s my bad arm!”
The next few weeks are rough. Walking on your two feet is wobbly at first and holding things without it hitting your cuts is even worse, but you get through it. Eventually, they heal enough for you to go through daily tasks with less pain. Hoseok takes it easy on you though, making you sit at the front desk and help customers that enter, sometimes picking up the phone when he isn’t lingering around to pull every single task away from you. You insist that you can handle walking around and fixing fixtures or putting books back, but he doesn’t sway from his decision. Hoseok didn’t want you to come back to work this soon, pushing you to take a paid vacation. But you can’t imagine yourself shut in your home, staring at the wall, or watching television all day. Surrounded by books is something that you love, staying away is the last thing you want to do.
“Please give it a rest,” he whines, taking a book from your hand. “Your hands aren’t going to heal properly if you continue to break them open. Please.”
“It’s fine,” you try grabbing it again, but he only guides you into your chair, fingers lightly pressing into the bruises that still line your arms. You wince slightly and he panics, glancing over you.
“Oh my god I’m sorry–”
“I swear if you apologize for nudging me, I will resign.”
“I’m sorry. Now will you go home?”
He rubs his face in frustration. “How have I ended up with the best and worst employee in my entire life? You know I could force you to go home since I am your boss.”
“We are co-owners, Hobi,” you stick your tongue at him. “And if I want to come in I can. Don’t be whiny.”
“I care about you, that’s all,” he frowns. “Be more careful, I’m serious. I’ll file a complaint on you and force you to go home if I have to.”
“With who?”
You gasp, turning around to him as he walks around you and places the book in the return cart. “Hobi–!”
“Yea, I’m using the big guns. You’re not scared of me, but Taehyung would make you go home. You know he’s already wary about this anyway,” Hobi sits next to you. “I feel like I’m your parent.”
“You’re acting like one too,” you glance at the computer. “I’ll be more careful. Having these bandages on sucks, and they stink really bad at the end of the day.”
“You’re honestly the grossest person I’ve ever met.”
“At least I don’t track my crush's poops on an app,” you murmur.
“He asked me!”
“Ah, so you admit you and Tae have a thing?” You wiggle your eyebrows. He flicks your forehead, getting up from the seat. You reach out to kick the back of his legs, but he steps forward quick enough to evade your lunges. His laugh echoes around the store as he disappears into the back. You make a mental note to pay him back later, clicking on the search engine.
Search results for: how long does it take for someone to die from smoke inhalation
You click on the first website you see.
Smoke inhalation can kill a human in only a few minutes, as well as creating disorientation and obscuring vision. There is a possibility that the person may become unconscious, quickly leading to death. Long-term injuries…
You tap on your mouse lightly, rubbing your hand. Taehyung and you would have died if you stayed on that floor for just a few moments more. How did this person even survive long enough to pull you two out? The possibility is close to zero.
“Who are you?” You say, staring at the screen.
You wave to Hoseok as you walk inside your home, locking the door behind you. You kick your shoes to the side, throwing your bags on your couch. Your eyes flick to the kitchen, water running. Before you turn it off, an almost moist, slimy sound stops you. You look down. A foreign liquid coats your shoes, as well as the rest of the kitchen. It travels in a circle around the table that sits in the middle, before disappearing off into the back. Fingers curled around a knife you just grabbed from the holder, you walk slowly to the back, hands shaking.
This is a bad idea, you think. This is a terrible idea and here you are, being a dumbass and walking further into the back. You flick on the light, trailing along the line until you see it disappear out the back door. No, correction. The open, back door. Did something crawl into your kitchen, looking for food? And what kind of animal leaves behind this… viscous-like liquid? You look out your back door, seeing none of the liquid on the porch or in the grass. You shut the door, placing the knife on the side.
What got into your home?
“Eww, that looks sour like funky,” Taehyung’s nose scrunches up as you show him your floors through the video call. You hold the phone in one hand, mop in the other. “Maybe a colony of snails traveled through your kitchen, couldn’t find anything, and then disappeared into the abyss.”
“That sounds like the most unrealistic scenario of my life.”
“Unrealistic, yes. Impossible, no. I mean, you did leave your backdoor open. Did you expect to come home to a clean and tidy home?”
“I didn’t leave it open,” You glare at him through the screen, placing it on your stand as you scrubbed the floors. The smell is strong, but not unpleasant. You thank the universe that you don’t have to deal with a sour smell. “I looked around my house but I couldn’t find anything that would explain what it is. Jimin even came in and said he hasn’t seen anything like it. He works on old homes all the time, so I thought that maybe he’d have an explanation. But nope. Nada.”
“Maybe you haven’t taken a shower yet and you tracked your ooze around your home, nasty.”
“I honestly hate you.”
“Tae please,” you stick up your middle finger at him, his laughs echoing around your kitchen. “Maybe I should call a bug expert or something to check it out. What if it comes again and I can’t clean it out?”
“Are you talking about an entomologist or a pest control technician?”
You stare at the phone, deadpanned.
“Don’t give me that look! I’m trying to help you out, not the other way around. I can call my buddy I know who loves bugs, and he can check out the discharge for you.”
“…I really don’t like the way you worded that.”
“You’re really picky.”
“I’m hanging up. Oh, wait,” you throw some more cleaning solution on it, before turning to look at him. “How are you and Hoseok? Progress? Did he massage your legs after the fire? How about your toes?”
You can see the burning of his cheeks even through the terrible camera quality. He rubs the back of his neck, glancing away. “Well, he’s helped me find a temporary place while they work on the shop. Jimin told me that it can be fixed in less than two months, which is a relief. Someone must have been watching because it started to storm even though it wasn’t on the forecast. It saved my shop.”
“Good,” you say, smiling at him. “Now to ask Hoseok on a date, and everything will be sealed and ready to go!”
“y/n…” he groans, “You’re too nosy. How about you accept that invitation from Jungkook and actually go on a date with the kid? He’s been asking about you every time he sees me. I feel like I’m the one rejecting him at this point.”
“He’s still lingering around?” You sigh, glancing down at the floor. It’s not like you don’t want to go on a date with him. You’ve just been so caught up with work and personal things that dating him would only be a crutch. And you wouldn’t want to treat anyone as if they’re not an option, so you thought it would be best to tell him that you’re too busy.
He’s handsome, he owns a small farm. He’s funny and kind, the timing is just… off. And he's a little strange too. You're not sure if it's just you, but he's an enigma. Something about him rubs you the wrong way.
“You know I can’t go out with him. But this isn’t about me, it’s about you–"
“You’ve been single ever since that weird kid you dated freshman year moved away.”
“Wooyoung? He wasn’t weird!”
“He put holes in his socks and wore them as fingerless gloves. Please tell me how that’s not the least bit strange.”
“I’m suddenly very busy! I’ll call you later!” You hang up before he could say bye, tossing your phone on the counter. It buzzes, and you glance at the notification.
rat ass hoe: and he ate three bars of cheese at lunch
“Fuck you,” you mutter, grabbing another sponge and scrubbing.
You drag yourself into your home, not bothering to even lock the door behind you as you fall onto the couch. The injuries from the fire have faded into mostly scars, only a few barely bothering you. You still haven’t figured out who exactly helped you out of the fire, but you pushed the thoughts to the side, choosing to move on with your life. Speaking of life; it’s tourist season, and the town is filled with people who want to experience the “small-town” vibes. The mayor loves it; tourism means more revenue. You should love it too since it means more business to your bookstore and library combo.
But instead, all you do is frown at the new faces that enter your shop, Hoseok having to nudge you so that you can plaster a fake smile on your lips and pretend that you care about their presence. The sales were fine before, enough to keep you afloat with extra just in case. Now they’ve gone through the roof, time during the week that you can take off because of how high it is. You’re thankful for that, Hoseok spending time on his own too. But everything else…
The large crowds in the grocery stores, the constant noise at night, your early morning cafe runs ruined by the lines. Everything else only makes you more annoyed. You groan into your sofa, rolling over to stare at the ceiling. Only a few more months until the warm weather hits, and everyone leaves the town for a more traditional, beach-loving vacation. A part of you feels bad that the people on the prettier shores have to deal with it, but only a little.
Your phone rings, and you glance at the caller ID before answering it.
“Hoseok, did I forget something?” You sigh into the phone.
“Please I don’t only contact you for problems, we’re still friends.”
“That depends on the day of the week,” you joke.
“Haha, you’re so funny. Hilarious, even. But no, I’m calling you because there are free drinks in the town square. I know you hate touristy events-”
“I do.”
“-but it’s free. No money, zero. And you never leave the house except for work, so this is me inviting you out to get out of your hole and meet new people. Please.”
You snort. “Added that please at the end because you knew I’d say no.”
“Fine, fine,” you peel yourself off the couch, letting out a sigh. “At least let me change my clothes, I’ll be there in 30.”
“Thank you! See you there, and don’t forget your umbrella, it might snow.”
You hang up, plugging in your phone and quickly changing into someone warmer. The brief shower that you took makes the clothes feel cool against your skin. You shiver before grabbing the umbrella and stepping out. There are flurries, but not enough that makes you want to run back inside. Curse your friends and their desires to socialize. All you want to do is be a goblin and hide underneath your blankets as you watch a film.
You grab your keys, shutting the door behind you, and step out. You turn on your car, sitting in for a couple of minutes before putting it in gear and driving off. You don’t bother turning on the radio, the drive takes less than ten minutes anyway. And sometimes, you like the silence. Gives you room to think of random scenarios.
You slow down at a red light, glancing over at the river. You squint, seeing something strange in the distance. Is that… a man? Lying on the ground? You quickly turn into the parking lot without much of a thought, parking right next to the entrance. Not bothering to turn off the car you leap out, rushing down the path. The man is lying on his back in the snow, eyes closed. His clothes are a bit old-fashioned, probably something that you would have worn decades ago. But that doesn’t concern you right now.
“Oh my god, sir? Sir!” You shake him, feeling the cold temperature of his skin. His pulse is low but steady. “Can you hear me? Sir?” He doesn’t respond. You glance around for a sign of anyone, but the streets are empty. Probably due to the gathering in the city center. You wrap your arms underneath him, dragging him down the path. God, if someone accuses you of killing this man…
You make it to your passenger side, flinging the door open. It’s hard to get him into the seat; he isn’t exactly light, but you position him properly, putting on his seatbelt and quickly getting on the driver's side, turning up the heat to maximum. You touch his cheek, still ice cold. His eyelashes flutter, so you know he can feel your touch.
“I’m gonna get you out of here, bring you to the hospital.” You quickly make a U-Turn, going as fast as you can through the snow. It’s heavier now, sticking to the roads. At this rate, it’d take you over a half hour to get to the nearest hospital, and you don’t know if this man even has that much time. No, now’s not the time to have negative thoughts.
You turn to the man, his eyes still shut closed.
“No? Can you hear me? No, what?”
“No.” He says again.
“I don’t know why you’re saying no, but I just found you on the side of thrank.
. I’m going to bring you to the hospital–”
“No,” he says, eyes slowly opening. “No, no.”
“No hospital? Then where? My home?” You snort until you see him nod. “What? No, no fucking way am I bringing a dying man into my home. I don’t even know you. You have to go to the hospital, sir.”
“No, no,” his voice trembles, hands tugging on his seatbelt.
“Hey!” You reach over, stopping them in their tracks. “I’m sorry for touching you, but it’s bad out here and that means a higher chance of getting into an accident. I can’t let you take off your seatbelt, alright?” You stare at him, and he looks back.
His eyes are brown, but it looks as if the color is swirling as he stares at you. He lets go of the seatbelt, gaze focused on you. “No,” he says again. Maybe he can’t speak well? He hasn’t said anything other than no, so he must be limited.
“Okay. No hospital. Then…” Your home? You’re going to bring this man you know nothing about into your home? It’s a terrible idea, but there’s limited options left. Either you drive to the hospital and risk this man dying on the way from hypothermia, or you can help him at your home which is only a couple of minutes away. Your fingers curl into a fist as you glare out your windshield.
You might be making the biggest mistake of your life.
“We’re going to go to my home instead.” You look at him. His tense shoulders relax and he nods, hands completely letting go of the strap of the seatbelt. You let out a shaky breath, turning your car around and heading to your home instead.
The ride is quiet as you glance at him from the corner of your eye. He’s shivering despite the heat from the vents, so you don’t dare turn it down, even if you’re sweating buckets. You have no idea how long he’s been unconscious sitting outside. From how cold his skin is, it could have been almost an hour. There aren't any signs of frostbite that you can see. Your fingers curl around the wheel, staring straight ahead. If he dies in your care… No, you can’t think about that. Everything will be fine.
Everything has to be fine.
You get out of the car, closing it and walking around the other side to open his door. He jumps at your approach, and you hold up your hands. “It’s okay, no need to be afraid. Can you walk?”
He stares at you silently, and you frown. Grabbing him while he was unconscious is completely different from doing it while he’s watching. You hesitate, glancing at his seatbelt. He tried to take it off before. Could he do it again? You point to the buckle, and he glances at it. His hand hovers, before he pulls on it.
“That’s not how you-”
The buckle rips out of the clasp, belt whipping back into the slot. You widen your eyes as he stands, paying little mind to your reaction. Did he just… break the seatbelt with his bare hands? What the hell?
He wobbles, and you quickly reach out to him. He flinches.
“I’m just trying to help you, okay? You might have broken bones or something, that’s probably why you can’t walk straight. Okay?” You look up at him. He looks at you silently, and you take that as a yes, slowly helping him to your door. The treck is slow. It’s as if you’re teaching him how to walk, each step slightly more confident than the last.
You finally make it to the door, unlocking the door as you guide him inside. He rests on the couch with ease. His eyes flick around the room rapidly, chest rising and falling. He looks a bit anxious, fingers playing with one another.
“I’m going to close the door, alright?” You give him your back, locking your car with the button and closing the front door quickly. Stranger danger bells ring in your head. He hasn’t done anything to make you not trust him, but it could change at any moment. What if he suddenly starts speaking, and laughs methodically? Kidnaps you in your own home?
“Don’t be stupid,” you murmur lowly, turning back. Your eyes flick to the empty place on the sofa, blood growing cold. Shit.
“Hello? Sir?” You ask warily, glancing around. You step slowly, looking into your kitchen. He sits at the table, fingers dragging along the countertops. If someone else were to do that in your home, you’d call them insane. But for some reason, it looks as if he’s doing it more out of curiosity than anything else. You step slowly, his eyes moving up to yours. You flick on the light and he squints, blinking quickly. In this light, you can finally see him.
His hair is a light brown, some strands darker than the rest. His skin is tanned, eyes identical to his hair. But what bothers you the most is the attire he’s wearing. It’s thin, the shirt hanging loose around his body, held together by old strings. His slacks are thin as well, and you’re sure he isn’t wearing anything underneath the fabric. But it looks old, not even something that exists at random stores in this century. It’s as if he just popped out of the 1800s on the docks.
“Do you know your name?” You ask. He blinks slowly, before staring back down at the countertops. You take slow steps to your stove, turning on the flame. The ticking makes him turn to you, but he doesn’t move from his spot. He still looks freezing, so you walk to your thermostat, turning up the heat to max.
Your phone rings. You take it out of your pocket, leaning against the counter as you answer it. “Hey.”
“Did you bail at the last minute?” Hoseok’s voice is slightly disappointed.
Oh hell, you completely forgot about the square. The man stares at you as you speak into the phone. “I’m sorry Hobi. Some family things came up and I needed to take care of it instead. I forgot to contact you because I’ve been dealing with it.” You say slowly. The man tilts his head slightly, eyes scanning your face.
“Oh shit, is everything okay? Do you need me to come over?” You can hear rustling from his side, probably his jacket in the light wind. “I can make it in about a half hour if needed.”
“No, no. It’s fine, thank you though.” You can only imagine his face when he walks in and sees the man sitting at your kitchen counter. He’d probably collapse if he knew. “I’ll call you later, alright? I need to sort these things out for a while.”
“Okay okay,” his voice is sweet, something that you love about him. Unless he’s worried for your well being he doesn’t push or involve himself in things. “Please call me if you need me. You know I won’t hesitate.”
“I know Hobi.”
“I love you, y/n, talk to you later.”
“Love you too, bye,” you end the call, the man still staring at you. If only you knew his name…
Your eyes flick around his finger, seeing nothing that would ID him. You’re sure he doesn’t even have pockets on his outfit. And it’s strange. Despite being in the cold, wet snow, he’s not dripping wet. His clothing is completely dry, unlike yours. You take off your coat, resting it on a chair. You’re a bit afraid that if you leave him in the room alone, he’d disappear again. You take a ramen package off the table, placing the dry noodles into the boiling water. You add the seasoning to the water, before you sit in the chair across from him.
“Do you understand me?” You ask him again. Maybe there’s a few words that he can comprehend. Maybe it’s enough to figure out where he came from, and how you can bring him back. Somehow.
He nods slowly. You sigh in relief.
“Good. Do you know your name?”
His eyes narrow as he shakes his head.
“Okay, okay. No names. Can you say things other than no?”
“Yes,” his voice rumbles as he stares at you. “Yes. No.”
Well, at least you can ask him those types of questions. “Okay. I don’t know what to call you. Uh…” You glance around the kitchen, until they land on your manhwa. There’s one character in there that reminds you of him…
“Can I call you Namjoon?” You ask.
He’s silent, eyes flicking between yours. You think you’ve offended him, so you immediately backtrack. “Oh, I don’t need to call you that–”
“Yes?” You raise your brows in shock. “Okay, Namjoon. Nice to meet you.” You hold out your hand. He reaches out lightly, before running his middle and index finger down the side. You shiver slightly at the light touch, pulling away. “I’m y/n.”
He nods slowly. “Yes.”
“Do you know how old you are?”
“Do you remember how you ended up on the docks?”
He’s silent. He doesn’t say yes or no but stares at you, as if he’s willing you to understand through his eyes alone. You hear the stove sizzle, and you quickly stand up, turning down the flame. You grab two bowls, pour the ramen into it evenly, and grab chopsticks. You place the bowl in front of him, the other in front of you.
“Can you hold chopsticks?”
You stand, walking around the table. “Look here,” you hold your fingers in front of you, demonstrating how to properly rest the sticks. He follows your instructions slowly, before he gets the hang of it. You show him out to pick up a noodle with your food, taking a bite.
He stares as you slurp it up, before staring down at his bowl, doing the same. He swallows it slowly, expression growing wide. “Yes,” he says, eyes looking at you. “Yes.”
You can only chuckle at his enthusiasm, watching as he quickly eats the noodles. Your smile slowly fades as you observe. He doesn’t even know his name. How could you bring him to where he’s supposed to be if he can’t articulate it to you? He can’t even hold a chopstick. Did he escape from somewhere? You grab your phone, looking up missing people in the area. None of them look like him, which makes it even more peculiar.
Just where did Namjoon come from?
The night fades quickly, Namjoon gulping down most of your ramen storage. You’ve settled on bringing him to the police tomorrow, knowing that they could handle this easier than you ever could. You gave him some old clothes one of your flings left at your home. He’s quite tall, the clothes tight against his figure. But it’s all that you have, and it’s enough for one night. You don’t plan on him staying longer than that.
He sits on the couch, eyes focused on the screen. They haven’t moved for hours, hands tucked underneath his thighs, legs crossed. You drink your coffee slowly, watching the screen along with him. You touched him with his permission before he sat on the couch. His skin is still ice cold, but he looks completely fine. He’s not even shivering anymore, mouth slightly agape as he narrows his eyes at the bright lights flicking across the scene.
He asked for water, well, he pointed to the water. And you haven’t stopped giving it to him. You’ve stood up every five minutes just to fill up his empty cup. You’ve never seen a human being this thirsty before, and it only concerns you more. Where did he come from? Is he dehydrated? Maybe the place that he came from refused to give him anything, that’s why he just endlessly asks for it. The more you look at this situation, the more dire it becomes.
“Have you ever watched TV before, Namjoon?” You asked, and he glances at you from the corner of his eyes, before shaking his head. “Do you know where you’re from?”
This time, he moves his whole head away from the screen, looking at you. It would be terrifying if the loud action music wasn’t playing in the background. “Yes,” he says slowly as if he’s gauging your reaction.
“Would you be able to show me tomorrow?” Maybe then, you can bring him back. You appreciate his presence, you’re usually alone. But taking a random stranger into your home is bad enough. You can support two people with ease, but his name isn’t even Namjoon. You just made it up on the spot. Someone must be looking for him. Anyone.
“Yes.” He turns back, and you sigh in relief. You stand up from the couch, telling him that you’re going to get his room prepared. You listen closely to the TV as you walk inside the room, glancing around. It’s a bit dusty, but it’s too late to clean. And you’re sure he wouldn’t mind anyway. He’s a man of few words.
Ha. Ha.
Words, few.
You throw the blankets on the bed, quickly walking back into the living room. Namjoon is standing, pointing at the television. He looks at you, shaking his arm as he points at the television. You turn to see what he’s looking at and widen your eyes.
A sealife show is playing, octopi crawling along the seafloor. You cross your arms, looking back at him. “Hmm?”
“Yes, yes,” he takes more steps to the TV, pointing aggressively. You’re not sure what to make of it, the exasperated look growing on his face. You nod slowly.
“Yea, octopuses. What about it?”
He rubs his face, grabbing a cup next to the table. He points at it, points at the show, and then presses his finger into his chest. He… likes octopi?
“I’m sorry Namjoon, I have no idea what you’re saying. But I prepared your room for you, you can come in and I can show you around before I sleep. We have a long day tomorrow.” You feel bad, you really do. But the connection between him and the octopus isn’t really clicking. Maybe the place that he came from is called octopus? It’s a long shot, but that’s all you can think of right now.
He sighs, taking his bottles and following along after you. His steps don’t make a sound, but you can feel his presence behind you as you walk inside, pointing to the bed. Each room in the farmhouse has its own bathroom, so if he was thirsty in the dead of night he could just grab some water from the sink. He watches you in silence as you explain everything to him, following you around the large room. You finish, turning to him.
“I hope you sleep well, I’ll be right next door if you need me. The door will be closed but you can knock–” you hit your knuckles against a chest– “like that, and I’ll come and help you with anything. I hope you sleep okay.” You smile at him. He places his bottles on top of the side table in silence, before turning to you.
He looks as if he’s struggling, his mouth opening and closing. You wait patiently, still wary of his condition. He sighs, closing his eyes for a moment again, before opening them. They seem to glow as he keeps your gaze, blinking slowly. “Thank… you.”
Your lip twitches. “You’re welcome, Namjoon.”
You wake up bright and early, stretching out your arms before you walk out of your room. From outside, you can see that the snow piled up pretty high, probably over two feet. Which means… You can’t leave to bring Namjoon anywhere. Stuck. You feel your phone vibrate, and glance at the contact. Hoseok messages you and says the library is closed for today, which is lucky for you. It’s not like you don’t trust Namjoon, some may say you trust him a bit too much, but leaving him in your home while you go to work is just something that you didn’t plan on doing. You glance at his door, closed shut. Listening closely, bathwater is running, so you assume that he’s just cleaning himself up. You left spare clothing on his bed before you went to sleep, so hopefully, he uses that while you clean the dirty ones.
You hold the bag of his clothes tucked beneath your arm, opening the laundry door lightly as you start the machine. You pull out each garment, wrinkling your nose as you examine it. You cannot believe a human being in this time period wears clothes like this. Sure, it may be a trend that you haven’t heard of. But the garments are so thin, you can’t imagine that it would be comfortable to wear this day and age without people giving you looks, or a police officer stopping you in your tracks.
Your finger drags along the lining, seeing it clearly through the thin stitching. “How did you wear this out in the cold?” You wonder out loud, tossing it into the washer. You didn’t see a label on the clothing so you put it on delicate and for a short amount of time, starting it.
Namjoon is still in his room, no, the room, so you start breakfast, turning on the television.
“Good morning! In today’s news, a strange storm has appeared on the coast. Weather forecasters across the country are baffled at this appearance. Nothing on the radars indicated any sense of a storm to form. And from the satellites, it seems to have formed yesterday night out of thin air…”
You glance at Namjoon walking into the room, dripping wet. The clothes that he wears are drenched in water, splattering across your floors. You widen your eyes at his nonchalant attitude, his blank expression not the slightest bit affected by it.
“Namjoon, you can’t just walk around wet!” You turn off the stove, placing the food in front of him. He blinks slowly, watching as you frantically walk around him to grab some towels. You ignore how the shirt and pants stick to his body, showing off some things that you’d rather look away from. What an interesting man, not the slightest bit embarrassed by his appearance.
“Here, sit on the towel so you don’t wet everything. Are you not cold?” You ask, sitting across from him at the table, fork in hand. He shakes his head, hesitantly poking the food on the plate. His eyes move to you. You eat slowly, raising your eyebrow.
He glances back down, before copying your actions. He chews slowly, before his eyes widen, shoving it down quickly. You snort at his actions, knowing that your parents would probably tap you on the side of your head for eating so fast. You both sit at the table silently, the news playing in the background. Your phone vibrates again, and you check it. This time, it’s a call from Taehyung that you’ve just missed. You stand, telling Namjoon that you’ll be right back before you disappear into your room.
He picks up on the first ring, eyes and nose filling the whole screen. You twist your face in disgust as he laughs, pulling back. “Good morning to you too!”
“What’s up Tae?” You ask, sitting on the edge of your bed. “Any news on the shop?”
“Yes, but no. The shop won’t be completed for a while, especially since there are random ass storms brewing from thin air. But I didn’t call you about me, I called about the mysterious man in your home.”
You cough, glancing out the door. You can see Namjoon from here, turned around and staring at the television in silence. How the Hell did Taehyung find out about him? It hasn’t even been a full day since he’s been here.
“Don’t know what you’re talking about,” you smile at him. He only frowns in response.
“So now you’re hiding your hookups from me? Nice, y/n. Nice.”
“First off, this is my business. And second, he’s not a random hookup. He’s my cousin, and he’s just staying over for a bit. He was supposed to leave today, but the storm is preventing that from happening. So, yea. No hookups here.”
Taehyung pouts into the camera, stirring his coffee. “That’s much more boring than I thought. There’s no juicy tea here.”
“How did you even find out about this? Do you have spies on me?”
“No!” He says quickly, holding up his hands in defense. “Someone saw him in your car when you were going home, and then it spread across town. You know, exciting things don’t stay a secret around here. I’m pretty sure even the mailman knows about him.”
One of several things you hate about small towns. Nosy people.
“You look upset, don’t be upset! I won’t talk about it anymore if you don’t want to.”
You sigh softly, glancing at Namjoon again. Lying to Taehyung is something that you never want to do, and you know he can keep a secret for you. At least, until Hoseok comes cozying up to him and convincing him to spill the beans. You can’t blame him, their love for one another is open to everyone but them. Maybe one day you’ll see them confessing. But for now, they just tell each other everything and pretend that nothing is happening between the two of them. So if everyone in town knows about Namjoon, if you tell Taehyung about who he actually is, there’s only a matter of time before everyone knows that too.
Maybe you do want them to know. What if someone could pinpoint where he came from, and bring him back? You would have peace again, and not have to worry… But still, Namjoon is a person too. He should have his privacy. So, that settles it. You won’t utter a word to Tae about it.
“I’m not upset. I’m just, I really don’t want to go out there and shovel.”
Taehyung laughs. “Oh? So the lazy gene is kicking in, isn’t it? Don’t worry about it, the forecast calls for bright, sunny skies tomorrow. It’ll probably melt on its own. But hey, did you hear the rumor going around?”
You adjust yourself in your bed. “What now? Jimin is hooking up with Jungkook or something? Marge finally cleaned her drain pipes? The mayor got into a scandal and he’s finally out of office?” The last one, you can only hope for.
“That sounds way more exciting than what I’m about to tell you. No to everything you said,” he rolls his eyes at your disappointed expression. “Anyway, have you heard of the Kraken?”
“As in, the big octopus monster thing?” You say, and he nods quickly. “What about it?”
“Well, there’s an urban legend that says it rises every hundred years. And in fact, the day that my place burned down is the mark of when it was supposed to wake from its slumber. And with the strange events that have been happening, it looks as if he’s walking around our town.”
“What strange events, Tae?” His idea is ridiculous, but you can’t help but entertain it. Something other than Namjoon to speak about is a good distraction.
“The fires across the coast, the strange weather changes. I mean, there was no record of a winter storm coming, y/n. Usually, they predict it at least a week before, but we were said to have sunny temps for the next two weeks! How did it suddenly start to snow?”
“So your conclusion is that the Kraken has risen.”
“…when you say it like that it sounds idiotic.”
“Well, I’m not one to believe in giant squid monsters.”
“y/n, I didn’t believe a person could be as clumsy as you, but here we are. Anything is possible these days,” He grins at your expression. “Well if it appears, don’t say I didn’t say so. In fact, I should be the first person you call up and say, ‘I’m sorry for not believing in you, Taehyung. Forgive me for my lapse in judgment.’”
“That would never happen.” You look up again, the spot where Namjoon once was, empty. Your heart drops. “I gotta go, I’ll talk to you about your weird theories later.”
You hang up, throwing your phone on the bed as you quickly walk into the kitchen. Namjoon sits on the couch in the living room. legs crossed as he stares at the screen. You sigh in relief, falling back into your chair. He barely glances up at your appearance. You look at the TV, seeing another broadcast of that sea life show you were watching last night. He likes it a lot, you think. There must be a connection there, but you just can’t pinpoint it.
He turns around to look at you.
“Do you want to help me shovel the snow?”
He raises his brows in curiosity. “Yes.”
You grin. “Great!”
You push the shovel through the thick layers, sweat already dripping down your face. You strain as you lift it, until a hand covers yours, stopping you. Namjoon looks at you, shaking his head. “No.”
“Namjoon, I have to pick it up–”
He pulls it from your grasp, lifting the snow with ease. He continues to follow the path you were going, not a bead of sweat forming on his head. He stands in the middle of the snow, a frown on his face as he holds the shovel in his hands, pushing it. You haven’t picked it up once, ever since he saw you struggling with lifting a pile.
“I can help.”
“Not even a little?”
He turns to you. “No.”
You roll your eyes, looking away. “Annoying ass,” you mutter.
A familiar voice makes you freeze, gaze moving to see Jungkook walking over to your home, a shovel in his hands. He smiles at you, glancing at Namjoon. Fuck.
“Oh, I came over to help you move the snow. But it looks like you already have someone helping you, hm?” He holds out his hand to Namjoon. “Nice to meet you, I’m Jungkook. y/n’s friend.”
Namjoon stares at the outstretched hand, not bothering to lift his. He doesn’t even touch it as he did to yours. Instead, giving Jungkook his back and continued to shovel. Jungkook clears his throat, rubbing his hand against his jacket as he turns back to you. God, is no one in this neighborhood secretive?
“Hey, JK. Thanks for the offer, but I have all the help I need.” You gesture to Namjoon.
He nods slowly, “Ah, that’s fine! No big deal! Ha, just wanted to stop by and say hello anyway. I heard this was your friend, right?” You know why he’s being a bit pushy, and you don’t blame him. You’ve rejected him plenty of times, but you haven’t exactly said no. It’s your fault, yes, but him showing up at your home is just another layer of absolutely not. No matter how small your town is.
“He is. I’ll see you later, alright? I have to finish this up and make some hot chocolate.” You’re being too nice.
“Oh, sure! I’ll see you around.” He glances at Namjoon once more, before disappearing down the sidewalk. You watch as he disappears around the corner, before rubbing your face in exasperation.
A soft touch interrupts your annoyance, brushing against your cheek. You move your hands away, seeing Namjoon stand in front of you, expression unreadable. He rubs your cheek softly, before pulling away. He tilts his head, eyes flicking between yours. For the first time, you see something other than confusion in his eyes.
“Okay?” He asks, blinking slowly.
“Yes, yes. I’m fine, Namjoon. It’s fine.”
He hesitates for a moment as if he can read through your lies. He nods, moving back. Your body yearns for his touch again, but you ignore the feeling. Watching as he gets back to shoveling. You rub your skin where he touched, swallowing.
Not good.
Not good, at all.
He looked up from the television, giving you his undivided attention. “Yes?” Simple responses like that made you happy.
“Today you’re going to show me where you came from, so you can go back home. I don’t want to take you away from your place, and we really don’t know each other well. You’ll feel more comfortable there.”
He narrowed his eyes at your words. But you don’t backtrack; some things need to be said. It’s not like you don’t love his company, seeing him sitting in the living room whenever you come back home makes you happy. But you feel like you’re taking advantage of a stranger. You don’t really know him, and he doesn’t know you. No matter how much it pained you… He didn’t belong by your side. He didn’t even have an ID.
“Want me go?” He asked. “Want me go away?”
“No, no! Of course not! I just, I know that you’d want to go away.”
He looked at you in silence. “No.”
“You don’t know.”
Namjoon sits in the car next to you as you drive to the spot he said he came from. The path is oddly familiar; the same trip that you took not too long ago to save him from the cold. As you’ve spent more time with him, he speaks more and more. Not as much as you’d like, but improvements are improvements. Perhaps the cold that day affected him in some way you can’t understand. But still, he struggles to express his feelings the way he wants. You feel bad. He stares at you in frustration before giving up, it took you a while to even get him out of your home to find out where he came from. . So here you are, continued silence. Namjoon’s gaze out the window, left hand digging into his seat. You tried to start a conversation but it led nowhere. You’re glad that he likes to spend time with you, but some good things just… don’t last.
You’ve accepted that fact long ago.
“Here?” You stop in front of the dock, the same place you found him not too long ago. He nods slowly, eyes looking past you and into the river. You unlock the car and both of you walk out. It’s still cold outside, so you’re tucked in your coat, following Namjoon. You still haven’t gotten his real name out of him yet, but that’s another issue in itself.
He stops in front of the water, crouching down. You stand next to him as he reaches down, his fingers gracing over the water. He looks at you, and you widen your eyes at his expression. It’s filled with longing and concern, a glimpse of a smile dusting his lips. You haven’t noticed but from the upturn of his lips, you can see dimples indenting his skin.
“Here,” He points down, letting his hand glide along.
“But, it’s just water. How could you come from water?” You furrow your brows, staring out. Did he somehow get left behind from a boat? But you haven’t seen any new ones in years. Every boat on the dock belonged to someone from the city. Maybe that day affected his mind as well. “Namjoon, what are you saying?”
“I came… I come from here.” He says methodically, pulling his hand out. “Here. Home.”
“Oh, okay. Did you want to come back home?”
He’s silent for a moment, staring out. “Yes.”
“Can I bring you there?” You hope you’re not coming across as rude, but if he wants to go, it’s not your decision to make.
He blinks. “No.”
Time. He probably needs more time to figure out how to get back. You crouch down next to him, eyes flicking out into the water. It’s funny; your town is surrounded by this river, most of it leading to the ocean. And yet, you can’t swim. Your parents always told you that it was a necessity, but why? You hated going into the water, and there was no reason for you to hop on a boat. Water and you just didn’t mix.
“Thank you.” He says softly, head resting on his hand, eyes on you. “For saving me.”
You can feel your face warm as he focuses on you. “You’re welcome, Namjoon. But there’s no need to thank me. I’m just glad you’re okay.”
He nods slowly, eyes unmoving from yours. You’ve never met someone like him, so willing to share his true feelings, blurt out anything that’s on his mind. Even with his staring. As your face burns and you stumble across your words from nerves, he doesn’t look away. You let out a chuckle, shaking your head.
“You’re welcome to stay at my place as long as you need to, but you have to go home soon.”
He frowns. “Why?”
“We don’t really know each other. I mean, I don’t even know your name-”
“Namjoon,” he points to himself. “Namjoon.”
“But that’s what I call you. You have to have another name, you know? You look to be around the same age as me-”
He laughs.
“-so, there’s someone out there that knows it. I don’t want to take your identity from you.”
He nods slowly, reaching his hand out to brush a leaf from your cheek. You shiver at his touch. He’s naturally cold, you learned that after being with him for a while. It concerns you a bit, but there hasn’t been anything that has appeared. He’s healthy, he’s just terribly cold.
His smile widens as he watches you. “Beautiful,” he says softly.
“You’re beautiful.”
You chew your food slowly as you sit in front of Taehyung, listening to him rant and rant about his “date” with Hoseok (it was just a bump into each other at the market), and his store. He’s repeated the same things over and over. You can’t help but zone out, think back to Namjoon sitting at home, a worried look on his face as you walked out the door and told him you’d be back soon. You left for work daily, but somehow, this expression seemed more bothered than the rest.
You sigh, not noticing Taehyung examining you. “y/n? I’m used to you zoning out on me, but you looked worried. What’s up? Is it your cousin?”
“My cousin?” You raise your brow, before quickly nodding. “Uh, yea. He’s had a rough… time, without his family around. It’s taking a toll on him so I’m just worried, that’s all. It’ll be fine though,” you wave off his concerned gaze. “I’ll be fine.”
“You don’t have to lie to me, you know,” he says, taking a sip of his orange juice. “It’s okay if you don’t want to elaborate, but I’m here for you in anything. At all. Just say the word.”
You have to tell him.
“Tae?” You both turn your heads at the sound of his nickname, seeing Jungkook jogging up to the both of you. You rub your face in frustration, already annoyed. Taehyung gives you a sympathetic look, before smiling at Jungkook.
“Hey! What’s up jk!" They do their strange handshake before Jungkook sits in the third seat. Next to you. Perfect. Amazing. Spectacular.
Just wonderful.
“Hey y/n,” he says, smiling at you. Maybe you’re a bit too harsh, or maybe you just aren’t in the greatest of moods. But even him sitting next to you only makes your irritation increase. “How’s it going? I haven’t seen you and your cousin around for a bit.”
“Family things.”
“Ah…” he nods slowly. “He seems a bit reclusive. The last time I saw him he didn’t even shake my hand.” He laughs at the last part, rubbing the back of his neck.
Your frown deepens.
“Well, it’s about time we head out. Right, y/n?” Taehyung sees your irritation immediately, quickly standing up. He’s friends with both of you and he hates to intervene, but you’re his best friend. “We’ll see you later, Jungkook.”
“Oh, see you!” Jungkook waves, watching as you both go. “Say hello to Namjoon for me, yea?” He smiles at you.
You leave the cafe, Taehyung pulling you along to his car. You shut the door behind you, throwing your head back and groaning. “Why won’t he just leave me alone? One day, I would like peace and quiet.”
“Ah, don’t be too hard on him. He just has a little crush on you, that’s all,” Taehyung drives off, hand rubbing your arm in comfort. “You have to admire his persistence.”
“Persistence, more like harassment.”
“He’s a nice kid,” Taehyung mumbles. “A little overbearing sometimes, but kind. I haven’t seen him do anything bad in his entire life.”
You turn to Taehyung, narrowing your eyes. “Who’s side are you on?”
“No one! I just think…” he taps his fingers on the wheel, thinking for a moment. “I know you mean the best, but sometimes, you’re a little mean. I mean, Jungkook is just trying to befriend you, and you don’t even give him the chance to do that.”
Your eye twitches. “Tae. He came to my home uninvited to ‘just say hi’, fuck him,” You make air quotes with your fingers. “I don’t know about you, but that’s a turn-off for me. He’s too involved with someone he doesn’t know. And he hasn’t taken the hint that I don’t like him. I can’t force myself to be friends, or more, with someone I can’t stand.”
“He went to your home?” He widens his eyes in surprise. “Why did he tell me that you went to his house?”
You lean forward. “What?”
“Yea,” Tae glances at you from the corner of his eyes. “He told me that you went during the snowstorm to help him out. Fuck, y/n. If I knew he was lying I wouldn’t even have let him sit at the table. I’m so sorry.”
You thought of Jungkook as harmless, never threatening to you at all. But hearing this news from your best friend, that he’s been lying through his teeth. .. For what? To make himself sound better? Try to insert himself into your life with ease? It makes your stomach roll with disgust. Jeon Jungkook. You can feel yourself fill with anger, nails digging into your palms.
“y/n, relax. I’ll talk to him-”
“No, I can handle it. I just, I can’t believe he lied about something like that to you? It makes me wonder what else he’s been telling you. He can eat bricks,” you mumble, staring out the window. “I can’t catch a break, can I?”
“I’m sorry, really,” Tae says softly. “I’ve been a shit friend, trying to push you two together. I don’t know what to do to make it up to you.”
“Tae…” You nudge his arm. “It’s not your fault, I wouldn’t blame you. At all. Just because he’s a conniving asshole doesn’t mean I put you in the same boat. He’ll learn his lesson.”
“That sounds a bit terrifying. Please don’t kill him. Or hurt him. Or anything illegal. I don’t want to spend a night trying to bail you out of jail.”
You roll your eyes. “No promises.”
You’ve been silent for a while, glaring at your phone and waiting for Jungkook to message you back. Unfortunately, you didn’t have his number and had to get it from Hoseok. He already knew about the issue from Tae (who asked you first, of course), and gave it to you willingly. Well, not before giving you a speech about how you shouldn’t kill Jungkook, but that’s beside the point. And now, you’re just waiting for him to confirm that you can go to his home. Confront him about his lies, and tell him to never speak to you again. Simple, easy.
You feel a light tap on your hand, and glance up. Namjoon stares at you in concern. He’s grown quite responsive, showing his emotions with ease. “Are you okay?”
“No, I’m not.” You place your phone on the side, running your fingers through your hair. “There are too many assholes in this town, Joon. Promise me that you’d leave right when you find out where your home is.”
He smiles. “I won’t leave you.”
You feel the familiar tingling in your chest. No, not now. You’ll deal with that later.
He observes you, watching as your chest rises and falls with anger. The way your hands trembled, fingers picking at the skin loose against your nail bed. He reaches over slowly, letting his hand cover yours. He can hear the slowing down of your heartbeats, the normal breathing. You look at him, and he only nods slowly.
“It’s okay. You’re okay.”
Your lip trembles. “Thank you, Joon.”
“No thank you,” he leans forward, and you panic. Is he going to kiss you? No, you barely know each other-
He presses his forehead lightly to yours, closing his eyes. He hums for a moment, before pulling back. “Okay?”
You can feel the anger that lingered in your body dwindling down to nothing, the wild bonfire only mere ashes. “How…?” You question, looking at him. He only shrugs, moving away from you.
“Magic,” he wiggles his fingers, and you laugh. He chuckles low. “You help me. I will do what I can to give back to you.”
You walk into Namjoon’s room, knocking on the door. You haven’t seen him for a while, and you’re worried that something happened. Without an answer, you peek in, glancing around. His room is neat, not one thing out of order. It’s like he hasn’t even made it his own, which is good, at least. Even if it makes you feel a little strange. He’s been at your home for a while now, a little over three months.
You open the door wider. “Joon?” Silence. You walk in slowly, glancing at his dresser. A photo of you sits there, one you gave him when you left him to shop on his own. Just in case he somehow got lost. But that was over a month ago. It’s a little creased, as if he’s kept it in his pocket the whole time.
You walk to the bathroom door, knocking on it loudly. Still, silence.
“Joon, I’m coming in. I’ll cover my eyes if you’re naked,” You say loudly, before pushing the door open slowly. His head peeks out of the tub, but he’s not moving. You yank the door all the way open, running to his side.
You shake him, seeing that he’s still wearing his pajama shorts. He jumps at your touch, eyes flicking open. You hold his face in your hands, looking between his eyes. He blinks slowly, brown eyes wide. You slowly let go of his face, looking in the bath. His skin is cold, but that’s nothing new.
“Are you okay? Did you faint?”
“No,” he says slowly, staring at you. “I was resting.”
“In the tub? Joon, your fingers are going to be pruned-” You reach for his hand, furrowing your brows. Despite being in the water for this long, they’re completely smooth. You run your hand along his palm. You let go but he grabs your hand again, his fingers curling into yours.
“You scared me. I thought something happened to you,” You mumble, rubbing your face. He takes your other hand, holding both of them.
He smiles, eyes never leaving yours. “I’m okay. I’m sorry I worried you. I take baths everyday because…” he trails off. “It makes me feel like I’m back home.”
Home. He rarely mentioned it, only when you brought him to the end of the river. You’ve waited for him to tell you where it is, but he always insisted that it was the water. There is nothing you can do to pinpoint exactly where, so you’ve accepted him as a temporary resident in your home. It’s funny; you’ve wanted to bring him home for so long. But right when he says it now, it makes you feel a bit sick. You’ve gotten too used to his presence in your home. Seeing him gone only makes you want to curl into a ball and cry.
It’s selfish.
“I can still take you home,” you struggle to say the words. “Just let me know, and I’ll take you anytime.”
He shakes his head. “It’s not possible. And I like being here with you.”
You smile. “I… like you here too, Namjoon.”
“Then I won’t leave for a while.” He shrugs. Compared to before, his communication skills have grown exponentially, now using anything and everything to tell you how he feels. He’s blunt and sometimes brutally honest, but you appreciate it.
Your phone vibrates. You pull your hands from his, a slight tug on his end.
jungkook: sorry, i’ve been out. let me know when we can meet. i wont be home for a few days, but anytime after that is okay! <3
He finally messaged back. After weeks of no communication, he finally says something. You quickly message him.
you: of course! let me know which day and i’ll be there
jungkook: friday?
It’s only Tuesday. Your plan of snooping in his home is finally coming true. It’s a bit immoral, but something about him bothers you to the core, and you want to figure out why.
you: sounds good to me! see you then
jungkook: :)
“y/n?” Namjoon leans forward, only inches from your face. You can feel the instant pick up of your heart rate, moving back from him. An unreadable emotion flicks across his face and disappears. “Are you okay?”
“I have to go to the bookstore, I'll be back soon," You say, ignoring his gaze. If you meet his eyes, you know he'll see that you're lying. It seems as if he always knows once you look at him. So it's best to avoid his expression. For now. Until you can look at him without an ounce of guilt. It's not a horrible thing you're doing. Slightly questionable, partially illegal, but not horrible. What's the worst that could happen, trespassing on someone's property? And besides, only big crimes get attention in your town. A little snooping isn't going to hurt anyone.
"Okay," Namjoon says simply.
You feel regret bubbling in your heart. Just tell him, you think. Everything will be fine, if you just tell him where you’re going. But then he smiles at you, the deep dimples you’ve admired for a while rarely appearing on his cheeks. So you decide to continue to hide it from him. It’ll be fine. Everything will be okay.
“Don’t wait up too long, okay? If I’m not back by midnight, you can just go to sleep. I’ll be fine.”
He frowns. “I need to know you’re safe. I’ll wait for you.”
“Okay,” You stand, rubbing your knees. “I won’t bother you when you’re in the tub, but just make sure the water isn’t high and don’t sleep in it. You can drown, you know.”
He smiles, amused. “I won’t. I’ll see you later.”
You almost hesitate. Almost decided to stay home with him. Almost.
But not quite.
“See you!” You wave, walking out the room. You don’t see the flicker of worry etched in his skin. The clench of his hands on the edge of the tub. The determination as he gets out of the water, something strange trailing behind him.
You walk into his home slowly, your fingers clammy and your heartbeat throbbing in your ear. You can't hear much besides the creaking of the floors as you take steps. It's a bit eerie, you've never stepped into his home before. It looks almost abandoned. There's nothing on the shelves that would indicate that someone lives here. Photos not in sight, cupboards and cabinets empty. You didn’t hear anything about him moving (the town talks), so this only grows your suspicion. Has anyone ever visited him? You're sure he'd be the talk of the town with a home *this* vacant.
Your fingers glide along the shelves, skin caked with dust. It's as if no one even lives here.
You turn around, seeing Jungkook leaning against the pillar by the door. Usually, you'd be annoyed seeing him. But something feels off. Jungkook usually wears all black clothing, a bucket hat covering his sightline. But standing in front of you, it's as if his style has changed. Large overcoat, fancy shoes, tighter jeans. Nothing like the man you see daily. It's subtle, but you know that he's blocking your nearest exit. You should have listened to Taehyung. You should have stayed home, or waited until he came with you. And now no one knows where you are.
A stupid, idiotic move on your part.
He raises a brow, arms resting on his chest. "Care to tell me why I have the honor of your presence in my home?"
For a moment, you forget the dangerous situation you're in. For a moment, only anger fuels you as you stare at him. "You lied to Taehyung, told him that I came to your home uninvited. What else have you lied about, JK?"
He laughs low, shaking his head. "You have no idea."
"Excuse me?"
He moves off the pillar, taking slow steps toward you. You take a few back, and he notices, eyes flicking to your shoes. He holds his hands up in defense, shaking his head. "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you. If you thought that, you wouldn't have come here alone. We're just talking, that's it."
"It doesn't feel like it."
"Well, you came to my home without permission. Walked through the doors. Didn't even hesitate. I could call the police if I wanted and say you were trespassing on my property," he shrugs. "But we're friends."
He smirks. "Right?"
Something about him has changed. The innocent atmosphere around him is filled with confidence and cockiness instead. The grin on his face, it’s... uncomfortable. As if he can see through you. He waits for you to say something patiently, eyes flicking between yours.
"Let me leave, we'll talk about this later."
He raises his brows, hands still in the air. "Later? Why not now? You're not afraid of me are you?" He laughs dryly, shaking his head. "Poor girl. You're shaking."
You can feel your fingers trembling as you watch him move closer. If the layout is similar to yours, you could run out the back door and call the police. A night in jail for trespassing is better than whatever is running through his mind right now.
You quickly turn around and dash through his home, his laughter echoing around you as you frantically look for the exit.
"Oh baby, did you think I'd just let you in here without having a plan?" His voice booms. You reach the back door, your heart dropping. It's covered with boards, nailed shut. What the fuck is this man on?
You can hear his slow steps behind you, inching closer and closer. "You know I like the chase, right? Makes catching you *so so* much better."
You're running out of time, and he's only seconds away from getting to you. You quickly take the stairs, not caring that he could hear the stomps. Your eyes flick around, until you find an open door. You run inside and pull at the window. It's sealed shut.
"Fuck," you say between low sobs. You didn't want this, you didn't think it'd be this way. If only you listened, if only you told someone–
"There you are."
You turn, seeing Jungkook standing in the doorway, hands tucked in his front pockets. He tilts his head as he scans your body.
"Such a shame. Maybe if things were different, we could have been together. Happy. But you had to involve yourself with that... creature," His lips curl into a snarl. "Disgusting."
"What the hell are you talking about? Just let me go, please." You'd say that this isn't him, but it so blatantly is. No wonder you felt off every time he was around you, like there was something wrong with him. Gut instincts are so rarely incorrect.
"Promise not to call the cops on me?" He pouts his lower lip, before laughing. "You're the only way I can get to that thing. It likes you." He reaches into his jacket. A needle slowly appears from the sleeves, and you gasp. You turn around, desperately trying to pry the window open.
"Please please please," You beg, but it doesn't move in the slightest. His hand wraps around your shoulder, and you raise your fist, trying to land it on his face.
He stops it with ease, hand covering yours. You raise your leg to hit his balls, but he just grabs your neck, holding you against the wall. His eyes swirl with craze and madness.
"You're demented," You gasp, clawing at his hand. He tightens his fingers, your brain becoming foggy as you glare at him. ""
He winks. "We'll do that later."
You feel the needle break your skin. You can feel the fogginess slowly spread across your mind, making you fall into a deep sleep. Your eyes flutter, his finger stroking your cheek slowly.
"Sleep tight, baby."
You gasp, leaning up quickly. Tight rope holds your hands and ankles together, your head knocking against the side of...
You look around. The sounds of waves splashing echo in your ears, the fresh smell of salt water filling your nose. Are you on a ship? You tug on the restraints but to no avail. They only dig into your skin more, worsening the wounds. You scream against the duct tape covering your mouth, kicking and hitting against the wall. It seems like you're inside the captain's quarters. Blaming yourself for being stupid isn't going to help you right now, but you can't help but dwell on it. How the hell did Jungkook even get you on a ship without others noticing? There aren't even any large ships around, only small boats in your town. Did he drive out with your unconscious body in the backseat, and throw you on as a stowaway? Or did he use a small boat and drive out to see on a larger one? So many possibilities run through your mind, but only one objective:
Getting out of here.
A loud creak interrupts your thinking, heavy stomps making their way to you. You turn to the sound, screaming at the man you see. Jimin stands there, staring down at you. He tsks, glancing at your restraints in mock pity.
"Poor girl. This is what happens when you involve yourself in matters that don't pertain to you. Should have left the thing on the side of the dock," he crouched down, slapping your cheeks a bit too hard. You curse, moving away from his touch.
Park Jimin, your Jimin? The Jimin that you lived with for years in the small town, the one that's helping you renovate your house. The one that always gave you shy smiles and winks, soft reassurances whenever you needed it. One of your good friends. Involved with Jungkook, currently holding you captive. You stare at him in disappointment.
"Ah, don't look at me like that. I've been good to you all this time, y/n. I listened to you rant about anything and everything without complaints. I even helped you fix your home. We’re friends,“ he grins, tapping your cheek once more before standing up. ”And we should stay friends after all of this is over. Don’t let a little kidnapping change it, alright? Being bait isn’t easy, but I’m sure you’ll get through it. You’re a superstar.“
“Why are you trying to make her feel better?” Jungkook walks in behind him, wearing the same dark clothing as either, a large overcoat covering him now. He looks down at you, a slightly disgusted look on his face. “I have no sympathy for people who help those creatures. They’ve been terrorizing our seas for hundreds of years, thousands even. And don’t listen to him, we’re not going to let you walk away from this. More than likely this sweet talker right here is gonna bury you under those waters.”
Loud waves hit the side of the ship, interrupting his rant. His eyes flash with excitement as he looks out the circle-shaped window, flicking his gaze to see something you have yet to figure out. “It’s coming soon. The waves are getting rough.”
“Ooh!” Jimin claps his hands, “Do we bring her out?”
“No,” Jungkook murmurs, ignoring his pout. “There’s no reason for that. It could just take her and drag her away and we’d never see the thing again. She has to stay under here so it can scent her, and give us enough time to kill it for good.”
“Fine,” Jimin rolls his eyes. “Don’t need to be so pissy, Jungkookie.”
“Fuck off.” He looks at you. “If there was any other way, I would save you and set you free. But if I do that, you’d only go to the police and tell them. So,” he leans forward, ripping the duct tape off your mouth.
You cry out in pain, and he only sighs in frustration.
“Today is your last day living, y/n. Might as well enjoy it. I gave you a first-class view of the deck, so you can watch that creature fight to save you, while we kill it.”
“I…What are you even talking about? What creature?” You pull on your ropes by accident, wincing in pain. “You two are talking to me as if I know what you’re referring to. I haven’t helped any creatures, you must be thinking of someone else-”
Jimin throws his head back, laughter echoing around the small room. “Oh, y/n. How naive can you be?” He taps your head lightly, before walking out. “It’s cute!” He shouts, disappearing out the door.
Jungkook is silent, finger resting on his lower lip as he paces back and forth, looking at you once in a while. He stops in front of you, eyes flicking between yours. “I really do like you, y/n. Most of the crew wants to get rid of you after the job is done, but…” he bits his lip. “If you want, you can join us. Help us rid of other monstrosities that lurk on this Earth. With me?”
For a moment, he looks just like the old Jungkook. Large, bright eyes, hope-filled. No sign of the man that just drugged you and threw you on a ship, threatening to end your life once the job ended. It scares you how quick he can flick the switch, show you this innocent side that is anything but true. But you have to get out of this. If lying would save your life for even a day longer, you can figure out a way to get out of here.
His eyes brighten with glee. “Really?”
“Yea, yea. It will take me a while to get used to it, but yes. We can do that.”
He chuckles happily, his hang dragging down your cheek. You flinch at his touch, but he pays it no mind. Too stuck in his own ‘happiness’ to even give it a thought. “I’m really happy you chose to stay with me. Then we’ll get to know each other even more, and maybe… maybe something more.” His hand lingers on the curve of your chin before he pulls away.
“Just stay here until it’s over. I’ll convince everyone that you’re an asset and you can join the crew!” He grins, turning on his heel and walking out. He closes the door behind him, and you let out a shaky breath, turning back to the window.
You had no idea why or what creature you helped that made you get into this situation, but you no longer wanted to question it. Just get back home, tell Taehyung and Hoseok what happened, Namjoon- Namjoon. He’s probably panicking right now, the short trip you told him about ending up being goodness knows how long. You hope that he knows the neighborhood well enough to tell someone that you’re missing.
A wave hits the side of the ship, hard, causing you to hit your head against the metal. You groan, tears springing to your eyes. “Someone help me…” you whisper softly.
The crew outside are yelling rather loudly. You turn to look out the window, and your heart drops. Men are being dragged back and forth across the main deck, by large… tentacles? You blink rapidly, hoping that your eyes are deceiving you. But no. They’re huge, the appendages slowly wrapping around the length of the ship. The strong grip has it at a standstill, but it isn’t holding it tight enough to break it in half. What scares you the most, is that it could at any moment. Throwing you into the deep depths of the sea.
You have no idea how far away from shore you are. And you can’t even float, let alone swim. You’re a trapped mouse. You tug hard on the restraints, but it only digs deeper into your wrist, causing you to cry out. The door to the quarter’s swings open, Jimin walking in. He smiles at you, grabbing you by the ropes on your wrists, and drags you out the door.
“Your sweetheart is finally here for you, y/n,” he says, completely wet from the pouring rain. You scream as he pulls you through the ship, your feet scrapping on the hard, wooden floors. “Keep on screaming love, maybe he won’t tear my ship up.” He says it through clenched teeth, his grip on you tightening. “Fucking disgusting creatures. This is the shit I have to deal with. Should have died a long time ago.”
Jimin shakes his head. “Jungkook had the opportunity and fucked it up. Shit.” He glances down at you, before throwing you down the stairs. Luckily it’s only a few steps, but it’s enough to bruise your body. You cry out in pain, your head throbbing, cuts and bruises covering your body. Jimin kicks you, laughing loudly.
But you can’t pay attention to him at the moment. The sheer pain echoing in the air is the only thing filling your ears. Screams surround you as the ship violently shakes, people thrown into the air. The salty smell of the ocean fills your nose as you rock back and forth on the deck, Jimin’s tight stance and foot on your rope the only thing keeping you steady.
“Hey, you piece of shit, looking for her?” You hear the loud yelling of Jungkook in the distance, and you shake your head.
“No, no no no-”
Jungkook makes it to your side, carefully lifting you up on your feet. Your eyes turn to the large creature in the ocean. The bulbous balls move their gaze to you, one of it’s tentacles merely feet away from throwing you overboard. The fish smell overwhelms your nose as Jungkook holds you next to him, grinning at the creature in front of you. You can’t understand how he’s not running in terror, laughing as he tugs you around.
“She’s here, your y/n. Too bad she’s with me,” Jungkook presses his face against yours, cheek to cheek. You try to pull away, and he clicks his teeth, throwing you to the ground. “Sorry love, gotta agitate him just a little. You don’t mind it, do you?” he pouts at you, sorrow filling his gaze.
This man is crazy.
The creature roars, the ship shaking violently. People in the distance are thrown overboard, your fingers holding onto a bar on the deck to keep you from flying as well. Jimin steps on your fingers, and you cry out in pain, letting go. He laughs. The sound of crashes waves fill your ears as the creature lifts one of its limbs, grabbing onto Jimin with ease. His eyes widen as he feels it curl around his torso.
“Fuck-!” Jungkook tries to get to him, but it’s too late. He’s pulled off the ship, the large octopus slowly tilting back, opening its beak. It looks as if Jimin is passed out as he’s thrown into the air, and into the mouth of the creature. You scream in terror as he’s swallowed, turning to Jungkook.
He stands there in shock, mouth in a straight line. “Two can play at that game…” he sneers, glancing back at you. Comfort no longer lines his gaze. Instead, there’s pure anger. He grabs your ankle, tugging you to the edge of the ship. You scream, begging him to stop, to let you go.
“Jungkook, please-! Let me go!”
He grins, tilting his head. “Okay. See you!” He grabs your waist, and before you can hold onto something, you’re kicked off the side of the ship. You scream as air whips past you, the plunge into the water feeling like bricks hitting your back.
You can no longer scream, the deep depths of the waters pulling you deeper. You frantically try to move your limbs in a way to help you swim, but it’s no use. The fear of the ocean, of not being able to, overcomes you. You open your mouth to scream, water filling your mouth immediately. Your chest tightens at the lack of air, limbs slowing down. Your eyes flutter as you look up, the moon still shining above. Before you close your eyes, you see a large shadow blocking your view of the moon. Is it your hero, your savior? Your lips curve into a weak smile, before the darkness consumes you.
Almost there.
Just a little longer, hold on.
Please don’t die on me.
You gasp, fingers digging into sand as you look around. You try to lift yourself up, but your body cries out in pain, too much for you to even turn your neck slightly. You cry out, legs struggling to even move. You somehow made it to shore, your restraints off of you.
“Don’t move too much, you’ll hurt yourself.”
A head slowly appears in your vision, dripping water on your face. You flinch at the drops, and he apologizes quickly, moving away. “I’m sorry. I just need to touch your arm for a moment, to give you enough strength to stand. Just don’t move too much. Can you do that for me?” He asks.
You open your mouth to say yes, but the salty, bitter taste of water causes you to cough. Namjoon panics, quickly crouching to your side. He touches your arm, moving away from your view. “You might lose consciousness again, okay? But you’ll be fine. I’m here for you, I’ll always be here for you no matter what.”
Your eyes flutter again. This time, the pain is minimal. Not enough to consume you, but enough to cause your body to ache. You lean up slowly, rubbing your face. You turn, seeing Namjoon staring at you silently. “Are you okay?” He asks. He’s still dripping wet, strands sticking to his face as he watches you.
“How…” You cough again, and he moves closer, patting your back lightly. “How did you find me?”
He chuckles softly. “I can always find you, y/n. Let’s go back home, okay?” He doesn’t wait for your answer, lifting you with ease.
You let him guide you through the streets, oddly abandoned. You’re a bit slow, struggling to move one foot after the other. Namjoon is silent, but it isn’t awkward. Comforting, his large arm holding you as you walk. You look up at him, seeing wounds covering his face.
“Are you okay? You look hurt, I have some things at home to help you.”
He chuckles, shaking his head. “Even when you’re like this, you still worry about things other than yourself.” he looks down at you. “I’m fine. I wasn’t the one drowning in the ocean.”
Your mind immediately goes back to before. The kidnapping, Jungkook tying you up, that… thing, eating Jimin. You being thrown overboard. So many things happened in just a night, your stomach turning. You hold back the acid that slowly creeps in your throat, shaking your head. No, you’re fine. Namjoon is fine. It had to be a hallucination. Jimin isn’t dead. Jungkook isn’t a pirate. It was just a dream, a terrible dream.
A nightmare.
Namjoon guides you up your steps, opening the door. He walks you into the kitchen, until his grip loosens. You look at him, but he’s already on the floor, convulsing. You reach down to help him, but he pushes you back, sweat gathering on his forehead. This is the first time he’s seething hot, your fingers almost burnt to the touch as you try to assist him.
He groans, fingers clawing into the floor. Gurgling sounds emerge from him, a wet patch slowly appearing on his back. The fabric tears, strange things slowly emerging from his back. You widen your eyes, moving back. This isn’t Namjoon. It can’t be, he isn’t this thing in front of you.
"What are you?" You stumble back from the man–, or creature, fear growing in your chest. He struggles to his feet, a strange limb slowly oozing from beneath the fabric of his pants. It slowly flops to the floor, a bit of it splattering on your cheeks.
Is that... no, that's not possible… It can’t be.
His eyes flick up to you, a slow smile unveiling sharp teeth shining in the dark at you. "Do not be afraid, human. I won't hurt you." He tries to stand but his legs fail and he falls back to the floor. “Help me.”
"Tell me, what are you?"
“Answer my question!”
He's silent for a moment. “Some people call me the Kraken. But you call me Namjoon.”
You freeze in your backing up, looking down at him. Beneath the fear, beneath the tangle of limbs in front of you, you look at his face. His eyes look into yours desperately, willing you to see him. To really, see him. Namjoon. Your Namjoon. You’re confused, scared, furious, and… disappointed.
“You’ve been lying to me,” you say, watching as he buckles under his weight, body on his side as he takes quick breaths. “Why have you been lying to me?”
“Water…” he gasps, fingers clawing at the floor. You push your fear away and quickly go to the kitchen, grabbing three gallons of water. You rush back, sitting them next to his body. He grabs the gallon with a tentacle, squeezing it. The plastic bursts with ease, and you watch as he pours it over his body.
The wounds on his tentacles and skin slowly merge before your eyes. He uses the other two gallons up quickly, turning back to you. “Water…”
“My bathroom. Go to my bathroom!” You say. He tries to pick himself up from the floor, but he stumbles back down. You weigh the options in your head, before leaning forward, grabbing his shoulders.
You tug him along the floor, a moist trail left behind as you take him into your bathroom. With the last break of energy left, you throw him into the tub, turning on the faucet. He pushes himself underneath the flow, letting the tub fill up just enough to touch the edges, before closing the tab.
You try not to stare, but you can’t help it. He has about six tentacles coming out of his body. Dark green and oozing something you’d rather not dwell on too much. Some spill out of the tub, inches from you. You move away slightly, sitting on the floor. Your head throbs as you stare at him.
Too many thoughts occupy your mind. The man you saved being a mythical creature. Jimin and Jungkook kidnapping you to take the Kraken as a prize. The creature you saw, destroying the ship, the same man that sits in front of you right now, eyes shut. Jungkook being thrown into the ocean before your eyes, Jimin being swallowed.
You touch your cheeks. Hot tears trail down your cheeks, along with blood. Your head throbs as you stare at your stained fingers, rubbing it slowly. Exhaustion hits you immediately. Before you can move from your spot, you fall unconscious, head hitting the floor underneath you.
You gasp, leaning forward. A massive headache and pulsing vision makes you groan out loud, rubbing your face. You glance around, seeing that you’re still in your bathroom.
“You’re awake.”
You jump, turning toward the voice. Namjoon still sits in the tub, memories from last night flooding back. He sees the slow panic growing in your features, and holds up his hands.
“Hey, hey. Just take a breath, please. I can explain it if you don’t fall unconscious.”
“Fuck you, Namjoon!” You try to stand but fail. “Shit, a;; I’ve done in the past 24 hours is pass out.”
“Be careful-”
“You have no right to tell me what to do or what not to do. You lied to me all this time, took advantage of my kindness, you…” You point at him, feeling tears trail down your cheeks. “You hurt me, Namjoon. You really hurt me.”
His face crumbles underneath your sad gaze. “I… I’m sorry. I didn’t know I’d be here so long. I, this is my fault. I would have left if I knew this would happen. That I promise.”
“I can’t believe that promise, Joon.” You say, looking away. “I can’t.”
“I know. But please, just listen to me for a moment. I can explain it.”
You look down at his extra limbs, tentacles curling and uncurling. You nod slowly. “Go ahead.”
A look of relief passes over his face. He turns to you, some water splashing to the tiles. But it doesn’t phase you, your mind filled with too much trauma to even think about water on the floor.
“As I’ve told you yesterday, I am the Kraken. Humans considered me a mythical creature, only found in folklore or stories passed down. But I am real, and alive. I have existed since the creation of this Earth. But not as the form that I am right now. Because I wouldn’t blend in like Mother wanted me to. So as the years passed, my appearance changed. But only temporarily.” He thinks for a moment.
“I have always existed as the Kraken. Humans have had encounters with me, but I haven’t killed as much as they say. I only defended myself when I was attacked, or when pirates sought out to kill me for a higher reputation, or other strange human rituals. I wanted to live a peaceful life. But that was impossible because of the sheer size of my true form. And the strange condition that was put on me.
“I appeared every 100 years. One year out of the 100, I appeared, and the ninety-nine, it is like I am frozen in time. And each moment I wake, I am in a different place. Environment. I know little of the language around me, but I can understand enough.” He looks at you. “That’s why I was unable to communicate properly with you for a while. Because I physically could not.
“I shouldn’t have hidden it from you this long. But for the first time in my millions of years on this planet, I had something that I didn’t want to lose. I had you, and you cared about me. You dropped many of your priorities to take care of a being you didn’t know, without complaints. That is something that is rare in nature. I should have told you, and I tried to in the beginning. But once I realized how much I cared for you, I couldn’t.”
He looks down at himself. “My form is something that humans are not used to. There are no half creatures, half humans in your world that you know of. If I walked around like this I would immediately be trapped or killed. I should have known that your friend was a pirate, I just didn’t put two and two together.”
“Jungkook and Jimin? That’s what they are, that’s why they wanted to kidnap me?”
Namjoon nods. “They are from an old line of pirates, dated back several centuries. Those humans pinpointed when I would rise and across the world, they would look for me so they could claim to be the one to kill me. It is strange, I cannot see why they would want that fame,” he rubs his forehead. “I put you in danger. I didn’t see the symbol on them, so I didn’t think much of it. They must have evolved and hidden the symbol somewhere. I am deeply sorry for the pain and sorrow that I have caused you. I was being selfish, and still am for staying in your presence.”
You watch as his tentacles slither across the tiles, slowly sinking into his skin. His eyes flutter, until they’re completely out of sight. His hand brushes the top of the water, in deep thought.
“I won’t keep you here for long. I must leave now that they know where I am. Jungkook may come back, and I cannot risk your life. You don’t need to worry about that.” He smiles at you. “I know it’s difficult to wrap your head around this-”
“You have no idea, Namjoon. No idea,” you rub your face slowly. “I don’t… I know this isn’t your fault, and I’m not blaming you at all. I made the mistake of even going into Jungkook’s house. But I was kidnapped because of you, and they almost killed me.” Your fingers shake at the thought. “They threw me overboard. If you weren’t there, I would have drowned. That’s not something that I can just forgive easily, you know? I care about you, I do. And I’m sorry for you. But you’ve lived centuries, and maybe I’m a little selfish in thinking this, but… I have less than one hundred years on this planet. It was almost taken away from me that quickly.”
“I can only imagine how you feel.”
“Yea, imagine. And that makes it worse,” you look at him. “It’s funny, I don’t even care about you being the Kraken. I think I’m just more hurt about you hiding it from me. Thank you for explaining yourself, but… I think you need to leave now.”
He nods slowly. “I understand.” He slowly stands from the tub, and you get up from your spot. You step out of the room to give him some privacy, walking into the kitchen and sitting at the island.
You can feel your heart telling you to let him stay, but most of you is saying otherwise. He’s a danger, and staying here when there are pirates chasing him… That could only lead to a bad path. What if Jungkook comes back? What if Hoseok or Taehyung are in your home and end up in the crossfire? You care about Namjoon, you do. That’s why you think that it’s best for him to leave. Even if your heart yearns for him. Some things are just bad ideas.
Maybe you should have ignored him on the dock that day.
Namjoon clearing his throat interrupts your thoughts. He stands there awkwardly, shifting his weight as he glances everywhere but your eyes. “Before I leave, I want to help you heal.”
“You don’t have to do that-”
“Yes, yes. I do.” His eyes plead with you.
He drops his belongings on the marble, barely a foot away from you. He leans forward, slowly pressing his forehead to yours. A flow of calamity flows over you, the cold temperature of his skin slowly overcoming you. You look down at your injuries, seeing a strange blue glow cover them. You blink, and there is only your unblemished skin left, nothing more. Namjoon pulls back, taking your arm and examining it closely.
“You’re back to yourself again,” he says softly, thumb rubbing your skin with barely a touch. Enough to feel the pressure and make you tremble slightly. He lets go, backing away from you.
“I know this might be selfish of me to say,” he looks at you, eyes flicking between yours. “But I’m very happy that you’ve decided that I’m not welcomed here.”
You furrow your brows. “Why?”
There’s slight hesitancy in his gaze as he watches you, lips pursed. He closes his eyes tightly, glancing away for a moment. You think he isn’t going to answer it, until he opens his mouth. “Because I don’t know if I’d be able to leave you when the time comes. Because for the first time in my life, I have something that I cannot imagine gone from my sight. And I know that if I stayed for even an hour more, I wouldn’t be able to leave as easily.”
No, he can’t do this. He can’t say those things, not when he’s put you in so much danger. Not when you were at the brink of death because of him. Even if he saved you, even if he promised that he’d protect you, even if… even if…
You feel the same way as him.
He turns away from you, opening the door, and slowly closing it behind him.
You made a mistake.
His presence is around your home. The two bowls you put out accidentally. The indent in the couch where he used to sit daily, watching his sea life shows. The piled up snow on your lawn, slowly melting away. The storms, gone. His clothing was left on top of his bed in a messy pile. You laughed at it when you walked in, knowing that he couldn't fold clothes. Even the bathroom that he used. Every part of this house he touched.
You made the biggest mistake of your life. And there's no turning back on it. You have to accept that he's not coming back, and ignore the pounding of your heart each time you drive by the docks, each time you look at a boat. It will fade. The feelings will fade one day, and you'll move on. It's strange; you barely knew him and it feels like you've lost the love of your life. How can it feel that way? Why does your heart betray you like this?
You place your coat on the rack next to the door, Taehyung and Hobi following close behind. You told Tae about Namjoon, Jungkook and Jimin. At first he thought you were joking, but then eventually believed every word you said. And after comforting you, even clowning you for saying he was a fool for believing in the Kraken. You only rolled your eyes at the time. Taehyung has a heart of gold, he knows how to cheer you up with ease. Hoseok was harder to convince. A man of seeing and then believing, it took you weeks for him to finally crack.
"No one would be this sad about a cousin leaving," is what he said to you. "I can tell your heart is broken, and love sometimes does that to you."
You rub your face, flicking on the television screen. You insisted on being alone, but the two gathered around you whenever they could to cheer you up. And even with your annoyance, you're glad. You would be spending your time crying into your pillow, reliving that day over and over. Who could've guessed that Namjoon dug himself so deep in your heart that you'd never be the same.
Hoseok sits next to Tae, their arms brushing. They haven't told you about their relationship recently, probably due to your current state, but you can tell something has changed. The looks that they give one another, the brushing of fingertips as they talked, the shy glances. And you couldn't be happier, you just want them to tell you when they're comfortable enough.
"I told you two I'm fine, I was just going to make some potatoes and watch something. That's it. I'm not wallowing in my emotions anymore. I'm okay."
"Well we just wanted to keep you company, as all," Hoseok says, grabbing your chip bag and chewing rather loudly. "That shouldn't bother you too much. Bestie hangout time."
Taehyung rolls his eyes. "How old are you again?"
"Don't be an asshole," Hobi sticks out his tongue. "Anyway, we can tell how you feel, y/n. No need to sugarcoat it, it hasn't even been that long."
You sigh. "Yea... yea I know. I'll be fine though. You don't need to worry about me."
"We're best friends, y/n. Who would we be if we didn't worry?" Taehyung says simply, biting the chip that Hoseok offered to him. "Plus, we can bond too. You haven't let us inside your house in forever."
"Because you two are nosy," You grumble, sitting across from them. "And I'm out of potatoes."
"We can go get some together!" Hobi stands up, folding the chip back. "Shopping trip!"
"You two can go, I'll just wait here. I'm not really in the mood to go anywhere right now." And maybe cry a little. That always worked for you.
"y/n..." Tae says softly, eyes flicking between yours. He must have seen the pleading look you give him, grabbing Hobi's arm and pulling him to the door. "Fine, but you better not start any shows without us. I'll curse your whole family line."
"That's overdramatic, but okay," You smile at him. He wiggles his brows, ignoring the protests Hobi gives him, shutting the door behind the two.
You plop your head on your hands, taking slow breaths. This shouldn't be a big deal. He's probably fine, as you are. Maybe you did do a little research about strange weather happening around the world. And maybe, just maybe, you tracked him being in Northern Egypt. The strange storms are unlike the usual weather they have.
"What's wrong with me?" You murmur, shaking your head. "You barely know him, what the hell are you thinking?"
You freeze. You slowly lift your head, glancing out the front window. Taehyung's car is gone, so it couldn't be them. No, you're just making things up. Nothing is happening. Nothing's wrong.
You stand quickly, rushing over to the knife holder. You wrap your finger around the handle. A solid object stops you in your tracks, digging into the middle of your back.
"Turn around, slowly. And let go of those pretty little knives."
You drop your hand, slowly facing your intruder. Jungkook holds a gun to your chest, index finger resting on the trigger. His eyes are wicked, scars from the incident a few weeks ago riddled on his face. His lips slowly curve into a smirk, head cocked to the side.
"Did you miss me?"
"He's not here–"
The gun is pushed harder into your chest, stopping you from talking. You can feel the intense fear rolling over you as you hold up your hands in surrender, your breaths shaky. Jungkook laughs, head tilted back, hands unmoving.
"Oh baby, look at what we have here. Little y/n, all alone. The octopus shit not here to save her. Friends gone. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this? Hm?"
You're too terrified to give a response, and thankfully, he doesn't ask for one.
"Weeks, y/n. I tracked that fuck down across the world, but he disappeared once we made it to Northern Ireland. Nothing. Not a trace," he shakes his head, letting go of the gun with one hand to push loose strands from his face. "God, all of that time wasted. Jimin would be disappointed in me."
He slowly looks back at you. "I believed in you. I believed that you would come to me after I killed it, and be with me. You promised me on the ship you would be with me. But you're not. Did you even look for me, care about me?"
He takes a step closer, a sneer on his lips. "Or were you thinking of that disgusting thing? Were those tears for that thing?" His eyes widened. "No, it was for me. It was all for me, I can tell. You pushed it away. You didn't love it like you love me, right?"
He moves the gun away, light sobs falling from your lips as he lets the weapon run down your cheeks.
"It's okay, I'm here now. You don't have to worry about me anymore. One I kill it, we can be together. We can be okay. Shh, don't cry," he wipes your tears, ignoring your flinching. "It's okay. I'm sorry for pushing you into the water, but you're okay. You're fine. I knew you’d be okay, you’re a survivor-"
A bang makes Jungkook grab you by the neck, gun pointed to your head as he holds you against his chest. Your fingers are tight against his arm, trying to pull him off.
"Did he come for you?" Jungkook hisses in your ear. "Is that all I had to do? Mess with his little girlfriend?"
A loud crash echoes through your home. You try to catch your breaths, hiccups consuming you. All you could think about is wanting to live, not wanting to end up this way, wishing you went to the marker instead of being alone. A large shadow slowly enters the room. Your eyes strain to look around the corner to see who it is. You almost buckle at the sight.
Namjoon stands there, but he looks different. The color of his skin is almost translucent, slowly pulsating, changing whenever he moves slightly. His skin is dripping wet, hair cut down to almost a buzzcut. Markings cover his skin, almost as if he's covered in purple tattoos. Tentacles emerge from his sides and back, slowly slithering around the floor. His pupils are slits. He looks more like a creature than a human. And even with that fact, your heartbeat quickens in his presence.
He's here.
Namjoon stares at Jungkook, before his eyes move to you. They seem to soften immediately, flicking over your body for any signs of injuries, before moving back to your captor.
"Let her go."
"Let her go? Let her go? Who the fuck do you think you are? I have her, I have a gun to her head. I can kill her before you'd blink, and you think I'll just let her go? Not today, you fuck."
He pushes it deeper into your temple. You can feel it digging into your skin, blood slowly trickling down the side of your face. You groan in pain, still tugging on his arm. You can't risk doing anything without him killing you. All you could do is be helpless, hoping that he can save you from the monster that has you in his arms.
Namjoon takes slow steps into the room, eyes on Jungkook. "What do you want?"
"Your head on a platter. Finish the job like I was supposed to do a while ago, instead of going on this crazy goose chase."
Namjoon sits on your stool, raising a brow. "Is that so? And what will you do then, after I'm dead? Do you get a little certification that says you killed the Kraken? The whole world except a few measly pirates wouldn't believe a word you say. You would be considered a mad man, too involved in his fantasies to see reality," Namjoon's finger runs down the edge of your counter. "Is that what you want?"
"I…" Jungkook curses, tapping the gun on your temple. Joon watches the movements, narrowing his eyes. "I just want Jimin back. Give me back to him, and I'll give up on you. Tell the others that you are resting for another 100 years."
"Lying to me will only hurt you in the end."
"I'm serious, Namjoon. I'm one hundred fucking percent serious. Just… give me Jimin back. I'll leave you alone. Both of you." Jungkook glances down at you. “I just want him back.”
Namjoon tilts his head as he stares at him. “That isn’t possible.”
Jungkook’s grip loosens slightly, enough for you to lift your leg, kicking him in the shin and stumbling to Joon. Namjoon quickly hides you behind his back. Jungkook is on his knees, gun still held in his hand as he stares at the floor. His hand trembles as he pushes loose locks away from his face, lost in thought.
“You’re a fucking monster from millions of years ago, and you’re telling me that you can’t bring him back? You can’t bring one human back from death? What’s your purpose if you can’t do a simple thing like that? You’re the one who attacked the ship, you’re the one who killed all of those people, and you can’t change it?” He stands up, slowly raising his gun. “Give. Him. Back.”
It seems as if he’s unafraid of the weapon. He narrows his eyes at him, shaking his head. “I am a giant octopus, why would I have the strength to bring back a human from death? But either way, Jimin isn’t dead.”
What? What? You saw as Kraken-Joon swallowed him, how could he survive that? You look up at Joon, but he’s still watching Jungkook carefully.
“After I saved y/n from your attempted murder, I regurgitated him. He is alive on an island not fair from here. I believe it’s called Hawaii.”
“Hawaii? In the middle of the ocean?” Jungkook widens his eyes. “Are you shitting me right now? You put him there, out of all places?”
“He is fine and not injured. I thought you would be grateful that I didn’t digest him. I am not fond of the taste of humans,” Namjoon shrugs. “I have told you pirates that I am not a killer, that I only defend myself from attacks and the humans that I care about.” He glances at you. “Humans do the same, but they also do senseless acts. I am just defending myself and my territory.”
Namjoon gestures to the gun in Jungkook’s hand, currently pointed at him. “A lot of pirates I’ve met are immediately violent without thinking things through, irrational. Even now, I have told you where your Jimin is and you still are threatening my life.”
“You are a creature, an abomination. And you must be eradicated. It’s what I’ve been taught since I was young. Nothing that you say is going to change that!” Before Namjoon utters another word, he fires the weapon. Two, three, several shots echo around you and you scream, clutching onto Namjoon’s arm desperately. He pushes you away from the firing with ease, throwing you back into a wall.
“Shit!” he curses, leaping to Jungkook. His tentacles immediately wrap around Jungkook’s torso, slamming him to the ground. Jungkook groans as Namjoon towers over him, glaring down. “Stand down.”
“Fuck, you,” he hisses as a tentacle slowly wraps around his neck. He gasps, clawing at the limb. “Not surprised you’re killing me. That’s what you do, isn’t it.”
A strange emotion flicks across his face. He slowly lets go of Jungkook’s neck. He takes the opportunity to grab the gun next to him, neck flicking to the side and aiming it at you. He fires. You don’t have enough time to react.
Time moves in slow motion. Jungkook smiles in a sadistic glee as the bullet pierces through your stomach. The gasp that falls from your mouth as you look down, seeing the slow spread of blood staining your shirt. The front door opens, Taehyung and Hoseok walking in. Namjoon grabs Jungkook’s neck as life fades from his eyes. The smile on his lips burned into your skull as you slid down, fingers touching the hole in your skin.
“y/n!” You’re not sure who is calling you, but that’s the least of your worries. You look at Namjoon, yelling. Telling him no, that he can’t kill him. It seems to hit his ears, because he lets go of Jungkook. Hoseok gasps at Namjoon, Taehyung running around him and going to you.
“You’re okay, you’re going to be okay. This isn’t a big deal, it’s just a small wound, nothing more-”
Namjoon quickly comes to your side. You’re not sure when the tentacles disappeared, but your head is throbbing. Hoseok moves from the door, closing it and locking it. The three surround you as your vision moves in and out.
“It’s just one bullet.”
“There’s three in here, Tae. We have to take her to the hospital. Can’t you see the one in her chest? Oh my god.”
“I can take care of her. Get me water, now!”
Footsteps echo away as you blink slowly. Death is such a fickle thing. You never really thought about it much. It’s the end, it’s a simple thing. You honestly believed you’d live to be at least 80, but you didn’t even make it halfway there. Here you are, riddled with bullets, choking on your own blood as you stare at whoever is in front of you.
Namjoon. Yes, it’s Namjoon. And Taehyung. Oh, he looks so scared. You try to tell him that it’s okay, but you only choke more. Tears are falling down his cheeks as he holds you, a splatter of water covering your vision for a moment.
“You won’t die on me. That I swear.”
Who’s voice is that? All you seem to do is pass out. It’s quite tiring. Maybe this time you just don’t open your eyes again. It will be fine, everything will be fine.
“Tie him up, we’ll deal with the police once y/n is okay.”
The voices are blending together now. You can’t tell who’s holding you. But the pain, the searing pain that fills your body is unbearable. You scream and choke, body convulsing as you try to stop the pain yourself. Hands hold you down against the floor. Your hands grab for anything, something to help you take out some of the pain. Fingers wrap around your hand, and you squeeze tightly, silently begging. You don’t want to die. Not now, not like this.
Hands push down on your chest, hard. You scream, this time it is echoing around the room. You grab the wrists of whoever is pushing down on you, eyes fluttering open. Namjoon’s eyes are on yours, worry in his gaze. He smiles when he sees you looking at him.
“You’re okay. Breathe.”
You gasp, touching your chest quickly. Taehyung’s fingers are curled with yours, Hoseok next to him. All of them are staring at you with worry, Namjoon’s hands shaking as he removes his hands from your chest. He holds up three bullets, tsking.
“He fired all of them and they hit your chest and stomach. I was able to take all of them out and cover your wounds, but you’ll be sore for a while.”
Hoseok glances at him nervously. Taehyung blinks slowly, shaking his head before turning to you. “I think we should call the police. If we let Jungkook go, he’ll just continue to try and attack you, or attempt to kill him. It’ll be an endless cycle of horror, and you’ll live your life on edge everyday. Jimin is too far away to find you for now, so he’s not someone to worry about. But JK…”
Taehyung rubs his face. “I really didn’t think he’d turn out like this. Lied to all of us, tried to kill you…” His voice wavers as he looks down at you. “You almost died, y/n. I wouldn’t know what to do without you.” Hoseok rubs his back as tears trail down his cheeks.
“Maybe we send him off to a livable island,” Namjoon murmurs. “I know human police are quite fickle, and it would be unwise to try to explain everything when he might tell information about me.” He looks down at you. “There has been attempts in the past to capture me by several countries. I am not too sure if this one is different.”
“I don’t want to risk you,” you say, your hand reaching for his. He lets you curl your fingers around his, looking at you in concern. “I can’t lose you again. Not now.”
“Then what?” Hoseok turns to an unconscious Jungkook, tied up. “How are you going to take him out of here?”
“Ah… you bring me to the ocean with him, and I’ll take it from there. But we have to make sure he is not conscious so he will survive the trip,” he notices your grip tightening. “I won’t be gone for long.”
“Will you come back?” You ask, eyes flicking between his. “I’m sorry for what I did, I…” You cough, Hoseok rubbing your back. Namjoon leans forward, pressing his forehead lightly against yours. Your lids flutter as your skin touches, the cold temperature calming the rapid thumping of your heart.
“I won’t let you go again. I’ll be back before you know it.” He pulls back, a small smile on his lips. “Okay?”
He stands up slowly. There’s resistance in his grip as he lets go of your hand, glancing back at Jungkook. He purses his lips, glancing at Hoseok and Taehyung. “Are either of you willing to take me?”
“Not necessarily-” Taehyung starts, earning a hard shove from Hoseok. “-but I have no other choice.” He smiles at you, following Namjoon. He picks up Jungkook with ease, throwing him on his shoulders as Tae judges him silently, guiding him out the door. It’s quiet for a few moments, until Hoseok chuckles, shaking his head.
“God, I can’t believe I just met the Kraken, and you’re in love with him.”
You widen your eyes. “No-”
“I know my best friend, y/n. And I know that he feels the same way. Kind of felt like a third wheel when he was speaking to you,” he says, cheeks flushing red. “Next time warn me before you two get all mushy.”
“I’m glad you’re okay, I really am. I don’t know what would have happened if he wasn’t here. I just…” he sighs, glancing down at your body. “I’m happy that you have someone in your life that cares so much about you. Now I don’t have to worry anymore. You know, I would have probably cursed at you if I found out about you being in contact with him. But seeing how much he cares about you, how much he risks himself to help you, I couldn’t ask for a better person to care about you.”
“Thank you Hoseok, really.” You say softly.
“You’re welcome. Now…” he grins. “Does he have a tentacle dick?”
You hear a soft knocking on your door. You leap from your seat, stumbling over pairs of shoes in your way as you swing the door open. Namjoon stands there, hands tucked in a new pair of pants, nervously shifting back and forth. His brown eyes immediately meet yours, the dimpled smile that you’ve missed for so long spreading on his face.
“Hi,” he breathes. He smells like the ocean and taffy, skin tanned from the sun.
“Hi,” you say back, giddy. Before he says anything else, you immediately pull him into a hug, your arms wrapping around his neck. His hands slowly move from his pocket and wrap around your torso, squeezing you tightly against him. You can feel the fast beating of his heart pressed against your chest, in tandem with yours. You try to pull away, but his hold tightens even more.
“I missed you so much,” he says softly. Tears begin to fall on your shoulders. You move your head to look at him in the eyes, hands on either side of his face. His eyes are moist, eyelids blinking rapidly as he tries to control his emotions.
He guides you inside, shutting the door with a kick. He lets go of your body reluctantly, but keeps your hands attached. He crumbles, knees hitting the floor, gaze glossed over. His hands cover his face, soft sobs rake through his body. You crouch down with him, confused. His arms curl around your body without hesitation, tucking his face into your chest.
"I don't want to hurt anymore, I don't want to do this to humans. I just want to live." He says over and over, "How can I stop this? How?"
“What happened?”
“From before. I was so willing to kill him without hesitation. The only reason I stopped was because of you, because you told me that I should spare his life. All of my time living, I have tried my hardest not to hurt a human soul because I know how short their lifespan is. But at that moment, I didn’t even care. I didn’t even think twice. Maybe I’m the monster that he says I am.”
“Namjoon, you are not a monster.”
“I am.”
“No, you’re not. You are one of the kindest people I know. Jungkook’s life has been filled with people telling him what you are and what you’ve done. That’s why he calls you that, because that’s all he has ever known. But you spared him. You helped him live, you didn’t let him go to prison. You saved him.” You let your fingers run through his hair. “That’s heroic to me, the opposite of a monster.”
“I'll be here for you. Every step of the way. I won't give up on you. I promise that.
His shaking is lessened now, more stable than before. His gaze meets yours, eyes flicking all over your face. As if he's willing himself to memorize it. His hands glide along the side of your body, before resting on either side of your face. His fingers strokes your cheek, an unreadable emotion in his gaze.
"Why do you care so much for me, y/n? I have offered you only worries and trouble. But you have stayed. Why?"
How do you tell a several thousand year old creature that you're in love with him? How do you utter those words to a man that probably has never even experienced something close to love?
"I care about you, Namjoon–"
He shakes his head. "That's not what you want to say. Tell me, y/n. Why do you care so much? Why–"
"Fuck, Namjoon! I'm in love with you, okay?" You pull his hands off your face, standing up. He remains in his spot, watching as you walk back and forth. "And I know I shouldn't be, but I am. I'm in love with a... octopus hybrid, half man half creature, and I can't stop myself. I care about you too much, you're on my mind constantly. I mean, even when I'm checking someone out at the library all I think about is if you'll like this book. I'm just... I don't know what to do. Because you can't stay here forever. You exist in our world every 100 years, and then you go away again. I can't be in love with you, but I am."
"You are?" He asks, saying those two words slowly. "You're in love with me?" You don't see the smile creeping on his face, the steady steps toward you.
"Yes, I am. I can't believe I'm confessing to you right now," You gesture to Jungkook, passed out on the ground. "The worst possible timing ever. You just knocked someone out, and I'm confessing that I'm in love with you." You snort, rubbing your face in exasperation.
“I love you.”
You stop in your steps, looking back at him. “What?”
“I didn’t know what human love was. I always questioned it, always thought that it was a frivolous human emotion that just made your relationships grow or procreate. But it is so much more than that. I don’t know when I realized it, but I have loved you for a while. It might have been when you took care of me without knowing my name, or when you sat next to me on the dock. I just… I know that I love you.”
Namjoon stands closer to you, his hands entangling with yours. “I love you, y/n.”
Your heartbeat quickens as you stare up at him. Fear, Love, Care, Confusion, Anxiety, love, love love love…
You pull his face down, barely centimeters away from your lips. You both breathe slowly, eyes staring into one another’s. Before you could ask, Namjoon takes the leap. He presses his lips against yours, small gasps falling from them as he kisses you. And kisses you, kisses you, kisses you…
Your fingers curl into the fabric of his shirt and he presses his forehead into yours, lips trembling against yours. All you can hear is your breaths, until you giggle, shaking your head.
“Did I just kiss an octopus?”
“Did I just kiss a human?” He raises a brow.
“Touche,” you mumble back. He laughs, shaking his head.
“So, you two are a thing now?” Taehyung says through big bites, glancing at Namjoon out of the corner of his eye. “You’re dating a cephalopod? Isn’t that illegal somehow?”
“He’s… well,” you glance at Joon. “I mean, yea. Not sure if it’s illegal if he’s half human too.”
“Well, not exactly half human,” he squeezes your arm, eating his ramen. “More like full octopus, sometimes transform into a human for convenient. So Taehyung is correct in that sense.”
“You’re making this weirder than it already is,” you grumble. Taehyung laughs and Namjoon shakes his head lightly.
It’s been a few weeks since Namjoon sent Jimin and Jungkook to their own designated islands, far far away from here. You’re glad that he did it, you’re not as afraid whenever you walk outside to get your mail, or go to the grocery store. Moreso, because Namjoon is constantly by your side. It’s not something you mind at all, it’s just a little funny. Whenever you open your front door, Namjoon appears immediately by your side, watching as you take it from the box. He insisted on doing it himself (and everything else, but you stopped that immediately). There’s always a pout on his lips as you do it, but it’s only for show. He just wants you safe, and that’s something that you don’t mind.
The grocery store is a different story. You’ve never felt closer to him whenever you go. He’s attached to your arm, fingers curled into yours as you walk around. Always asks questions about what things are, annoyed whenever someone gets a bit too close to you, hands running down your arm. You’ve noticed that when he’s nervous his skin gets a bit sticky (an almost slimy texture), and small circles appear on his hands. After you confronted him about it before, he shyly explained that it’s his suction cups, and sometimes they appear whenever he feels extreme emotions.
God, you’d never get used to having an octopus as a partner.
“How’s the shop renovation? Complete yet?”
Taehyung nods happily. “Finally! Just need to get some things shipped from the farm and everything will be freshly stocked. God, that fire seems like years ago,” he shivers. “I still have no idea how it happened or how we got out.”
“I did it.”
You both stop chewing, looking at Namjoon. His eyes flick between you both, light circles starting to appear on his arm. “Is there anything wrong?”
“You saved us from the fire? You dragged us out?”
He nods slowly. “I just appeared on the surface, but I sensed you two in danger so I pulled you out. I thought you knew this already, you were staring right at me as I dragged you.”
“I couldn’t see anything because it was too dark-!”
“Thanks!” Taehyung interrupts you, patting Namjoon a bit harshly, causing him to spill a little soup on his shirt. He stares down at it as Tae speaks. “If it weren’t for you well, we’d be six feet under right about now.”
Namjoon picks at the stain. “What does that even mean?”
“Dead. We’d be dead,” you say, still staring at him in awe. He furrows his eyes at your stare. This man is more involved in your life than you realized. He’s saved you more than you know, and you wanted to push him away. What a fool you would have been. “Thank you, Joon.”
He smiles. “Anything for you.”
Everything is amazing with Namjoon. You get to see him often, he sometimes visits you at the library whenever the sea shows that he watches isn’t enough to entertain him, or the park is closed. You love spending time with him, you do. But something changed. The past few days it grew even more apparent. You would come home from work, and he’d sniff you. You assumed that it was just a random encounter, but he does it each time you leave the room and come back in. Head on your neck, inhaling your scent.
And that’s not the strangest part. He’d stare at you for a moment, brush his hands over the spot, linger, then look away and pretend as if nothing happened. The first time was subtle, not enough for you to pay much mind to. But it happens too often for you to just let it slide. In the mornings, (Namjoon still sleeps in his own room), he’d stand outside your door, do the usual routine, and then take his hours long baths. Everyday.
Every. Single. Day.
And now, as you sit next to him on your bed. He does the same. Your legs wrapped around him, hand resting on his stomach. His head is in the curve of your neck. This time though his breathing is heavy, fingertips indenting your side as he pulls you closer. You shudder as his tongue slowly runs down the skin, mouth closing around it, sucking lightly.
“J-Joon,” you stutter. He stops immediately, pulling away from your body.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” he quickly runs through the apologies, finger stroking your cheek as he spills more and more. You laugh, shaking your head.
“If you wanted to have sex all you had to do was ask, you know.”
His face burns darker than you’ve ever seen him, hand trembling as he strokes your cheek. “I- I didn’t,” he rubs his face. “I do, I really do. But, you’re a human, and I am a… I don’t know. It might be different, and I don’t want to hurt you. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I ever caused you any injuries.”
You shake your head. “You won’t.”
“But what if I do?”
“But you won’t.”
“Namjoon.” You stop him from speaking. “I know you’re not going to hurt me, okay? I can always tell you to stop, and I trust that you’ll listen to me if I feel like there’s something wrong.”
He looks at you, his brown eyes warming as the sun hits them. “I don’t deserve you.”
You shrug, “Well, that is true…”
He laughs, shaking his head as he pulls you in for a kiss. Looking into your eyes to see if it’s okay, he slowly guides you against him, his body moving on top of yours. His hands slowly travel underneath your shirt, guiding it off of you. You lift your arms, letting him move it up your body. He pauses when it reaches your bra, pressing light kisses against your stomach, sternum, leading up to the curve of your breasts. His mouth lingers on the plump lift of your chest. You can feel as he smiles into your skin, the remainder of your shirt thrown to the side.
“You’re beautiful,” he says softly, eyes slowly lifting to yours. They’re much darker, swirling with lust and love. “Is it all for me?”
“Yes,” you breathe. He winks, his hand tugging on your bra. Before you reach to unclasp it for him, he rips it easily with a slight tug of his hand. Your breath hitches, not knowing whether to be turned on or a little scared.
Or both.
His tongue glides along your skin, reaching your nipple and sucking lightly. You moan as he pushes down your pants, nails scratching you as he quickly pushes them to the side. His fingers dig into your hips, mouth moving to the other side. His skin is cool, slowly growing moist and sticky as he continues.
You feel a strange sensation on your thighs, and look down at him. Namjoon is still against your stomach, groaning lightly. Sweat decorates his forehead, dripping onto you. You quickly lean up, fear coursing through your veins. Is this what he was talking about? Does sex hurt him?
Your eyes widen once you lean up, finally seeing what’s wrong. There’s a huge tear in Namjoon’s shirt, tentacles growing larger and larger, some falling onto your legs, the others lying on the side. He looks up at you, eyes completely black, mouth open as he groans, fingers digging into your thighs. It’s not enough to draw blood, but you’re sure they’re going to leave behind small bruises.
“We can stop if you want,” he gasps, a tentacle slowly wrapping around your leg, inching closer and closer to your center. You fall back slowly, watching as another touches your hand with hesitancy, it’s moist texture raising your curiosity. You can feel the suction cups adhere to your skin, pulling on it lightly as it travels it’s way.
“y/n, please. Tell me what you want,” he murmurs, biting your thigh lightly. “If this is too weird for you, we don’t have to do anything. I can enjoy you as we are, nothing too far.” The pure and unrivaled care that he has in his voice. It only makes you sniffle. Namjoon quickly flicks his head up to you, uneased. His whole body freezes.
“I… I love you Namjoon, and I want to do this with you.”
“Why are you crying?” he asks gently, hands massaging your side.
“Because I’ve never met someone who cares about my feelings so much,” you confess, rubbing your eyes. “God, I can’t believe I’m crying during sex.”
He beams at you, “You only make me more and more elated,” his tentacle pulsates around your leg, now on your lower thigh. “And a little aroused.”
You chuckle at his dirty talk, your laugh disappearing quickly when one of the tentacles make it between your legs. It hesitantly teases your lips, before slowly guiding along your mound, pressing against your clit. Your legs tighten around Namjoon as he holds you apart, eyes on your middle. It’s secretions moisten your mound more than it already is, entering you. It’s small at the end, the size of a finger. You groan, throwing your head back as it enters more and more slowly.
Namjoon lets go of your legs for a moment, ripping the rest of his clothing off. His torso is covered in small circles, a more green color, as if he’s blending into your bedsheets. He leans down, eyes on you as he sucks your clit lightly.
“Fuck,” You gasp, clutching your bedsheets. “Please…”
Another tentacle makes it underneath your body, lifting you with ease. It travels around your back, slowly moving around the curve of your ass, before making it just outside the hole. Before you could tell Namjoon that you’ve never done that before, the tentacle enters slowly. He trembles, moving away from your cunt, hands shaking.
“You’re so tight,” he utters through struggling breaths. “I… I have to tell you something.”
You nod, moaning as his tentacle moves another inch. It doesn’t hurt as much as you thought, the burn of the entrance mended by the slick skin of the tentacle. Namjoon pauses for a moment.
“I know humans don’t usually urinate when they mate but…” His eyes flutter as he feels you tighten around him. “That’s how I mark my territory. My limbs are going to release into you. I just need to know if you’re okay with me peeing inside of you.”
He looks into your eyes. Pee? You’ve never thought much of it before, but it did linger in your head sometimes. To be honest, it never turned you off whenever you stumbled upon it during your endless searches. And Namjoon, staring at you as his tentacles moved inside you, doesn’t seem like a better time to try it out.
“You can pee in me, fuck.” His tentacles immediately pick up the pace, suckers sticking to places inside you, moving in and out with precision. You moan loudly as the bed creaks, another two limbs encircling your chest, squeezing your breasts. Your senses are taken over by the moist, cold tentacles moving on you. Namjoon leans forward, lips against yours, tongue frantic as the tentacles pick up their pace. His head tucks into your neck, breaths rapid.
“They’re about to…” he trails off, groaning. Immediately, the warm liquid spills into your ass and cunt, pushing as far as it could inside of you, filling you up. Your orgasm hits immediately, legs trembling as they tighten around the limbs, keeping them in place for a moment. With struggle, the tentacles slowly slide out, dripping as they pull out, moving to the side. Namjoon reaches down, and you follow his hand.
His fingers are wrapped around his cock. It’s a light green in color, ridges running down the length. It’s an average size, but the girth is more than you expected it to be. It’s almost as thick as a soda can, and your heart only beats faster at that realization. It would split you apart.
Namjoon rubs it slowly, lids heavy as he stares down at you. Fuck it.
“Can I?” he asks, rubbing his length along your cunt, the ridges rubbing against your clit. You nod, and he slowly enters you, groaning. His tentacles wrap around your back, slowly guiding you onto his cock. His length is difficult to enter you, the help of the tentacles and the layer of slick from them making it easier. Soon enough, his balls rest against the outside of your lips.
You’re a bit shocked that he made it in with such ease, the feeling of him taking over everything else. Your fingers dig into his arm as he slowly backs out, before entering you again. He does it inch by inch, lightly kissing your body to comfort you. He slowly drags his cock out of you. His gaze moves down, the combination of his slick and your arousal covering his cock. You feel empty, your hand tugging him forward again.
He chuckles. “You’re an interesting one.”
“What does tha-”
He pushes himself harshly against you, the breath leaving your lungs for a moment. He’s moving much quicker than you thought, balls slapping against you as he quickened his pace. His veins pop out against his skin, fingers slowly sticking to your skin, suckers appearing on his palm. He groans, muscles straining as he takes in the feeling of you around his cock. His tentacles wrap around your body, one moving closer to your neck. It tickles your skin, before wrapping lightly around it.
Your cunt only tightens more, encouraging him. His hips pick up the pace, cock easily moving in and out of you. The slap of his skin on yours echoes around you, the fear of him ripping you apart replaced with the need to reach your end. He keeps up the neverending pace with ease, panting and eyes focused on yours. He can feel his cock getting harder, his end getting closer and closer to fruition. You can feel your end hearing as well, the pulsing of your cunt and the high almost at the perfect spot.
“I… I think I’m going to cum,” he utters, hips stuttering. “Cum for me, y/n.” His fingers grip your hips, harshly pulling you against him. He leans forward, mouth sucking on your neck and tentacle moving to the side. “Cum.”
Your orgasm hits you at one more pump of his hips, legs wrapping around his body as you violently tremble against him. Namjoon wraps himself around you, holding you against his body as you feel his hot cum against your walls, filling you as much as it could. Your breaths level out, Namjoon still wrapped around you. Despite his orgasm, you can still feel how hard he is inside of you, stiff against your still trembling walls.
“Why are you still hard?” you mumble into his ears.
He laughs, kissing just behind your lobe. “I have a lot of stamina.”
“How long?”
He moves away from your neck, eyebrow raised. “At least four more times.”
“Relax y/n, I’d never make you go that far. Once is enough for me,” he says softly, love in his eyes. “I’ll do anything you desire.”
“That’s cute, kinda gross,” you murmur, and he only chuckles. “I love you, you know. I don’t care what you look like or how many tentacles you have. I’ll still love you the same.”
“What happens when I leave?” he says so softly, you almost don’t hear it. “Once I turn back into a Kraken…”
“That’s not something to think about right now. I have you at this moment. And that’s enough for now.”
He nods slowly, looking at you in deep thought. “I won’t leave you, I’ll figure something out. There’s no use for a Kraken in these modern times. I don’t need to protect the seas any longer. I will stay human.”
He somehow presses you closer to him, “For you. I won’t give up on you.”
Tumblr media
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flirtypeter · 2 years ago
7 Minutes in Heaven
Summary: You play a game of 7 minutes in Heaven at Liz Allen’s party and guess who the bottle lands on? Peter Parker. The same Peter Parker who you grew up with since 1st grade. What happens when some things are confessed and you have 7 minutes in a tight place with dimmed, lighting?
Warnings: some heated sessions if ya know what I mean ;)
Word Count: 1912
Tumblr media
sub“Hey Liz we should play a game or something!! There’s only a couple of us left now,” someone said as the party was dying down, it was like 11:45 p.m. on a Friday night. “Yes!! Is everyone down to play 7 minutes in heaven?” Liz asks and people snicker and nod. “Aaaaand that’s our cue to leave,” you whisper to your best friend MJ as you stand up from the couch you were sitting on.
“Y/n!! Where are you going?” you hear Liz call out and you stop at the front door, holding its knob. “Yeah ummm me and MJ are gonna go home,” you gesture towards MJ who throws up a peace sign. “Yeah ummmm you and MJ are gonna stay for just a little while longer… Come on it’ll be fun! And just for that you’re spinning the bottle first to see who you have to stay in the closet with.” Liz responds as she grabs ahold of yours and MJ’s hands and sits you down in the circle.
Flash hands you the empty glass coca cola bottle with a smile, “I hope I have all the luck I can get,” he says under his breath and you roll your eyes.
You spin the bottle on the ground super fast, “Nice spin y/n,” MJ whispers and you laugh. The bottle slowly starts to come to a halt when it lands on… Peter Parker. Peter and his best friend Ned glance at each other almost immediately and Ned looks excited while Peter… Well Peter looked like he had seen a ghost.
You look at the boy who is wearing a red flannel with a black t-shirt and dark wash denim jeans, his face turns almost as red as his flannel when you make eye contact. “Well it’s your lucky day, Peter and y/n follow me to the closet,” Liz exclaims and starts heading towards a hallway, you follow and MJ snickers.
You catch up to Liz and she looks confused, “Where’s Peter?” You turn around to not see him standing behind you. Liz walks back to the living room and sighs, “Peter come on!” Peter is still sitting on the floor frozen. “Shoot if Penis Parker doesn’t want to go I’ll take his place, I would have been the next one anyways,” Flash says excitedly as he stands up, popping a mint in his mouth.
“Keep it in your pants Flash, it’s not happening,” Peter says with a boost of confidence and everyone looks shocked.
Flash slowly turned to Peter and looked like he was gonna punch him right in his face. “Okay then… C’mon Peter it’s only 7 minutes, you can handle that,” Liz explains and Peter snaps back into reality and nods.
“Well have fun you two, 7 minutes starts when the door closes.”
The door shuts and you hear a loud sigh. “Hey you alright there Parker?” you ask as you try to find a light switch. “Yeah I’m good.. I’m good… W-what about you?” he replies and you find the light switch.
You are just inches away from each other and Peter is staring at you with the softest eyes you’ve seen. He clears his throat and rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “I’m good.. Also thanks for back there… I wouldn’t be able to stand being in a confined place along with Flash,” you joke and Peter chuckles lightly.
“Don’t even worry about it… So like this 7 minutes in Heaven thing… What do we do?” he asks. Now was your turn to laugh, “Well we could do whatever we want to, it just has to be us two alone, for 7 minutes. Everyone expects us to makeout or something but you totally don’t have to do that,” you explain and Peter’s eyes go wide.
“O-Oh yeah I totally knew that…” he says with a gulp and you laugh quietly again. “Peter take a deep breath, you can be calm in here it’s just you and me,” y/c/e meet with his caramel brown eyes. “But you don’t get it… That’s the thing, I can’t be calm because it is just you and me,” he says and runs his fingers through his messy chocolate brown locks.
“Woah what’s that supposed to mean?” you ask defensively. Peter realizing that what he said didn’t come off how he wanted it to sound quickly stammers, “N-NO!! There’s nothing wrong with you at all it’s just… I get nervous around you.” He whispers that last part. “Nervous?? Around me?? C’mon Parker we’ve known each other since like 1st grade!! Why do I make you nervous?”
“Well uh you see…” “5 more minutes guys!” you hear Liz say as she interrupts your conversation. You look back to Peter and see him struggling to find the words. He closes his eyes and take a deep breath, “You see ever since like the 4th grade I’ve had a crush on you… I’ve always thought you were so smart, funny, talented, and it to mention beautiful. Every guy has wanted you, yet you never lost sight of your independence.”
You were in shock. Peter Parker, liked you. The same Peter Parker you would hold hands with in the 1st grade. Peter Parker, the one you were always paired with for projects in middle school. That made you smile.
“You know Parker I’ve thought ever since 7th grade you were attractive… A lot of girls have actually…” You say and take a step closer to him.
“Oh really? I thought that no girls would ever like me honestly. I’m just nerdy Peter Parker,” he explains. “Yeah well you caught one specific girl’s eye and she’s standing right in front of you,” you whisper and there are only centimeters in between the two of you. You feel his warm breath against your lips and then he closes the space and you feel his lips on yours. You couldn’t believe you were kissing Peter Parker. You have always thought he was handsome, he definitely peaked this year.
The kiss was an explosion of fireworks, as cliche as it sounds. His lips were so soft and warm, kissing you softly. You wrap your arms around his neck, your right hand running through the back of his hair. You feel his breathing getting heavier and he deepens the kiss. As if he gained the same confidence like earlier, his fingers pull you closer by the loops on your jeans. Your kiss turned into a slightly heated makeout before you knew it. You bite down softly on his lower lip, and a quiet moan escapes his lips.
He moves to your jaw and places kisses along it, working his way down to the neck.
He moves you to against the wall and you move your neck to the side to give him more access. As he places kisses, a small moan escapes your lips and you feel Peter smirk against your skin, causing your skin to fill with goosebumps. Peter’s lips connect with yours once again and he breaks the silence, “So… I was thinking… that maybe you would… want to go out… sometime…” He asks you in between each kiss and you pause to stare at him, “I was hoping that you would ask that.” Peter smiles and his eyes shift from your eyes back to your lips, “You’re an idiot if you wanted to kiss me again you could just do it.”
With that statement you grab him by his black t-shirt and aggressively kiss him. He grunts and as the kiss continues he moves to take off his flannel. You feel it fall next to you and you place your hands in his arms. His arms clearly have muscles and you question why he doesn’t wear just t-shirts more often.
Peter’s large, calloused hands hover over your shoulders and his thumb and index fingers play with the straps of your tank top.
“Time’s up!!” Liz says and you and Peter pull away from each other embarrassed. “Well… I see you two get very close…” Liz says with a smirk and you feel your face heat up.
As Peter and you walk back to the living room everyone looks at you with wide eyes. Ned looking super proud for Peter and MJ staring at you surprised. “Hey y/n you might wanna uh,” someone says as they point to your hair and shoulders. Your hair was messed up in the back and your tank top straps were falling off of your shoulders, revealing your bra straps.
“Oh uh thanks…” you say and fix yourself. You look at Peter who is holding his flannel in hand, and his hair is also messy. His lips are swollen and you can see a gloss that is covering around his lips. You bring him towards you and use your thumb to wipe off the gloss and fix his hair. He stares at you with his eyes and your heart beats out of your chest. Peter licks his lips and his bottom lip finds it’s way in between his teeth. That’s when you decide to really make everyone more speechless than they already were.
You place a soft and passionate kiss on his lips and smile at him when you pull away. You sit next to MJ once again and she whispers, “So Parker huh? It’s about time because I can remember in 7th grade you talking about having a crush on him.”
The rest of that night you and Peter kept glancing at each other, Ned and MJ would nudge their best friend with smirks.
Flash spin the bottle and it landed on you and he smirked, “Don’t… even think about it.” Peter had an icy glare to him and his jaw was clenched. The group broke out into ‘oohs’ and Flash just spun again landing on some other girl. You look to Peter and walk over to him, cupping his head in your hands, you kiss his lips.
You whisper in his ear, “You wouldn’t even have to worry about it babe.” You hear his breath hitch at the name and he stares at you with alost a cockiness in his eyes. “Babe huh? I could get used to that,” he whispers quietly back and you laugh.
MJ spun the bottle and it landed on Liz, they both exchanged soft smiles. When they came back they were both blushing and Liz’s noticeable dark nude lipgloss was on MJ’s lips.
“MJ NO WAY!! I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!” you whisper to her when she sits next to you while you’re cuddled into Peter’s arms. “Yeah um that was awesome,” she says quietly and Liz continues to stare towards you guys and is biting her bottom lip. “Well I guess we both finally got who we wanted,” you say and Peter places a kiss on your forehead. MJ smiles and tucks her hair behind her ear.
“Well I still owe you a date love,” Peter interjects and you smile. “Oh yeah definitely! Don’t think that because we had an extremely heated makeout session and are cuddling right now you get a pass,” you joke around and Ned laughs. “Man she’s so funny I cannot believe it took you this long to make a move!” Ned exclaims and Peter rolls his eyes. “Don’t worry I didn’t think I was gonna get a pass in the first place,” Peter whispers in your ear and you kiss his cheek.
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warmchoccymilk · a year ago
Katsuki Bakugou x Reader +18: 3:30 AM
Word Count: 1,595 words
Tags: Reader is preggers in this one, Katsuki is so fucking soft, like- he loves his baby and his baby momma, very very gentle cuddle sex, late night giggles, short and sweet
A/N: I’m officially a simp for Kacchan.
Tumblr media
Katsuki couldn't sleep. 
He tossed and turned but no matter what he did, he always found himself lying there, completely wide awake and staring at the roof in deep thought. Soon enough, he completely gave up on sleep, deciding to instead watch his lover’s sleeping figure, large belly rising up and down rhythmically. 
At some point in the night, he turned and checked the time. 3:30 AM shone in the dim green light of the digital alarm clock, causing him to outwardly groan. He thought he woke you up when you began to shift and whine, but rather you were simply searching for warmth in your sleep. He turned towards you again, placing a large hand on your round belly as he pressed himself to your side. 
”Giving Mommy a hard time?” Katsuki mumbled when he felt a light kick against his palm. He carefully wiggled his body down until he was low enough to lightly rest his head on your stomach. ”You better not be.” 
The low grouchy voice of your husband slowly pulled you from your dreamless slumber. You were too exhausted to open your eyes, which luckily came to work in your favor as Katsuki began to ramble on, assuming you were still out like a light.
”We’re ready for you sunshine, but take your time.” Katsuki lightly rubbed your stomach. ”But don't take too long ‘cuz I'm fucking impatient as hell and we don’t wanna worry the missus, do we?” 
You swore if Katsuki kept on with the foul language your baby’s first word would be ”fuck”. 
”If I’m being honest, I'm scared to be a dad...” Your thoughts went quiet as you listened to Katsuki talk. ”But I know it's all gonna work out. Mommy’s tough, and so is Daddy. You didn't hear it from me, but Mommy is the toughest I know, stronger than me even.” 
A slight smile dared to poke at your lips, but you forced it back. 
”You're gonna be born into one badass family. Aunties and uncles… and you, you can be whoever you want to be. Gay, straight, hero, civilian. As long as you don't do some stupid shit that will risk your life, like being a villain.” 
You just barely peeked your eyes open to see Katsuki lying there, staring at the wall with the softest expression you’ve only seen back on your wedding day. An arm wrapped around your stomach and he nestled into you. 
“I love you both so much…” The slight crack in Katsuki’s voice told you that he had started crying. His shoulders shook with silent laughter as he grinned wider. His thumb anxiously played with the wedding band on his ring finger. 
Finally deciding to make it known that you were no longer asleep, you reached a hand down to run it through Katsuki’s hair. He flinched at first, tensing and quickly tilting his head up to look at you. He was just as quick to relax once he saw your warm, but tired smile. 
“Lecturing the baby?” You asked, your sleep muddled voice laced with the slightest hint of teasing. Katsuki scoffed, rolling his eyes at your playful bantering. 
“Oh hush you.” Katsuki scooted back up to lightly peck your lips. When his hand left your belly, you winced and quickly grabbed his hand and put it back. He pulled away to gaze into your eyes with a slight hint of concern. 
“They want Papa.” You nestled your face into his neck. Katsuki chuckled and rubbed the back of your neck affectionately with his free hand. “Your hands are warm…” 
“I know, you make sure to tell me 20 times a day baby.” Katsuki kissed your temple. 
“Hm… maybe I need to say it 20 more times then.” You lightly nipped at his neck, causing him to shiver. When your neck kisses grew deeper and more sensual, a light moan left his lips. “Oh… Katsu- so naughty..” 
“H-Hey, you’re the one that’s fucking around,” Katsuki growled before gently nudging you away from his neck. He dove into yours to return the gesture, snarling as he bit and sucked on your soft skin. 
“Nn… Katsuki…” Your breath hitched. “Wait...wait..” You pushed him away. 
“What? Are you in pain? Do you need anything?” Katsuki immediately began to fret over you, touching your shoulders and arms before checking your stomach and your legs. 
“No, no... I’m okay Suki…” You rubbed his cheek. “I just uh-”
“I just figured you wouldn’t want to.. Y’know… do that kind of stuff since I’m uh-” 
“Babe I swear to god if you dare say you don’t look attractive because you’re carrying my fucking baby, I will spread you and eat you out until you cum so hard that you fucking pass out.” 
You were stunned into silence. 
“So- should I just say it- or ask you to eat me out?” 
Katsuki threw his head back as he began to laugh, his cheeks flushing red at your comment. You snickered before slowly joining in as well, giggles bubbling out of you and washing away any previous insecurity you had. When your laughter began to die down, Katsuki nudged you onto your back, easily slipping in between your legs to tug down the baggy sweats you had thrown on before bed. 
“Baby you don’t even have to ask.” Katsuki pressed a thumb to your clit, rubbing light circles around it as he gazed up at you, satisfied with the way your breathing was gradually growing heavier. He took two fingers to spread your lips before diving in, his tongue flicking in and out of your tight hole and sensually dragging pleasurable moans out of you. 
“K-Katsuki… sensitive…” You whined, your hips slightly rolling back against his face. Katsuki simply hummed, causing you to jolt at the added stimulation. “F-Fuck!” 
“Oi. Watch the language in front of my kid.” Katsuki smirked, before taking your clit in his mouth to lightly suck on the sensitive bud. 
“S-S-saYS- Oh shit… Asshole.” You grumbled at the inability to shoot back a snarky remark. Katsuki’s smirk only became more prevalent on his face. Two of his fingers smoothly slid into your opening, lightly and gently pushing and curling in you. Your eyes fluttered shut and your jaw went slack as heavy pants made your head light and dizzy. 
“Breathe…” Katsuki grumbled against you, noticed the way your eyes were struggling to keep open. 
“…” You gasped and slapped a hand over mouth as soon as your orgasm hit, crying out Katsuki’s name into your palm. He clamped a hand down on your wrist to pull your own hand away from your mouth. 
“If you dare to say my name, I want to fucking hear it.” Katsuki’s eyes were filled with a mix of lust and pure admiration. He scooted up closer to you as he gently nudged you onto your side. He pulled his cock from his briefs as he lifted your leg carefully with one hand. He positioned himself at your entrance, his torso hovering over your side to pepper light kisses on your cheek and ear. 
When you nodded, he slowly pushed himself inside of you, groaning at the feeling of your walls squeezing around his cock. He lightly bit at your shoulder, whimpering more than you’ve ever heard before. His hips gently rocked into you so he could carefully fuck you. His free hand wrapped around the underside of your body to come up and rest on your stomach. You placed a hand over his, feeling your emotions swell at the simple, yet thoughtful gesture. 
“The baby is okay.” You lightly rubbed Katsuki’s hand. He huffed and dug his face into your neck. 
“I know.” You could barely hear his soft tone. “I… was just checking…” 
Reaffirmed by your words, his thrusts grew a bit quicker, but not a lot to bounce your body or hurt you in any way. Still your hand began to tightly grip his as you felt yourself growing overwhelmed with emotion and pleasure. 
“Baby…” Katsuki groaned in your ear. “I love you so much… I love our baby… I love the life we have…” 
Katsuki’s hips slowed. 
“I want to be with you for the rest of my life…” 
“Reciting our wedding vows?” You snorted, tilting your head up and nuzzling your nose against Katsuki’s temple. 
“Mmmgh… shut up and cum for me.” 
“So harsh.” You rolled your eyes, but your attitude was quickly washed away when Katsuki sharply snapped his hips up into yours. You flinched, but let out a light laugh. “Alright, alright. I’ll be nice.” 
“Good.” Katsuki peppered your shoulder with kisses. “You know.. You’re gonna be a great mom.” 
“-And you’re gonna be an amazing dad.” Your eyes widened and you moved to clamp a hand over your mouth again but before you could, Katsuki grabbed your chin and pulled you into a deep kiss. You moaned into his mouth as a second orgasm washed over you, almost like being cooled down in the shower after a long hot day outside. 
Your body slumped and went limp. When Katsuki released your chin, your head dropped and you giggled. He gave a few chuckles back before he pulled his softening cock out with a light moan. 
“Can you sleep now?” You looked over your shoulder. Katsuki nodded, curling into your back and pulling you into his arms. 
“Yeah. I think I’m okay now.” Katsuki checked the clock. 4:15 am. 
“Alright my big man,” you stretched. “I love you.” 
Katsuki smiled. 
“I love you too.”
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chubbyreaderchan · a year ago
Protect | Sesshomaru x chubby!shy! Reader
Tumblr media
Sesshomaru never saw himself with a human. He never imagined he'd choose to die for such a gentle being. But he often found himself going into unnecessary battles to keep her safe, even a few that came about out of pure unadulterated jealousy. Right now he was fighting a surprisingly strong demon who apparently caught her collecting herbs in his territory. Her plump form laid on the ground away from him. She was hurt and Sesshomaru was pissed. He could smell her blood. Her sweet and intoxicating smell was bittered by the metallic blood smell.
The demon Lord rarely allowed simple demons piss him off this much. But his eyes glowed red with rage. He gripped his sword as the large beast attempted to slam a claw down upon him. Sesshomaru was far from religious but he preyed that his sweet mate would be alright. Sesshomaru finally swung the sword down, lopping the head off of the beast. Sesshomaru didn't take anytime to rush to her side. She was breathing. Alive.
He scooped her up into his arms gently. His mind was racing. If she died he could bring her back but if he saved her now it would be best. He needed a priestess. The only one he knew of was that girl that traveled with his brother. He needed to find them.
Quickly, Sesshomaru changed into an orb of light with her in his arms. He knew his brother's scent, even if he was far away. He followed it straight to the small village. He could smell him. Inuyasha. But he wasn't the only one.
Inuyasha burst from the small but, raging and cursing at the demon Lord.
"What the hell are you doing here, Sesshomaru?" The half demon spat out bitterly.
"I'm not here see you Inuyasha." He growled lowly, his normally white kimono was lightly stained red. "Where is your priestess?"
Inuyasha's golden eyes wandered down to and unconscious (Y/n). She was barely moving and clearly needed help.
"Why don't you just let her die and revive her, Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha hissed out. This causes Kagome to appear from the hut instantly. She knew that Sesshomaru traveled with humans, becoming worried when Inuyasha sounded so bitter.
"Inuyasha!" She scolded him. "She needs help." Kagome hissed out at the dog. The woman's skin was a noticable shade lighter. "Bring her into the hut. Inuyasha... Stay here."
The boyish demon growled at the modern priestess, but didn't fight her as Sesshomaru followed her into the hut where the rest of their friends sat chatting over what was possibly happening.
Instantly Miroku and Sango moved to help settle the body of the young woman.
"The demon attacked her and hurt her. I'm not sure where she is bleeding from" he didn't sound worried but if (Y/n) was conscious she could tell. She could always tell how he was feeling to Sesshomaru's dismay. For example, a few months back Sesshomaru had left to be alone. Despite Jaken's attempts to stop her where ignored as she followed the demon into the woods.
"What are you worried about?" She asked once she caught up to him. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes. Sesshomaru normally would have made her go back but something in the look in her eyes made him rethink it. He could tell it took a lot for her to say something like that. She was a nervous woman but something about it intrigued the Sesshomaru.
He didn't answer her. Worried? Why would the great Sesshomaru be worried? He supposed he was concerned with his growing group. It was no longer he and Jaken. Now he had no one human to protect but two. He's never been concerned with the well being of others until he met Rin. Then he met her.
"I'll be okay... You don't have to worry. I'll make sure of it"
The memory practically made Sesshomaru laugh out loud. Here she was making his worries bubble up in his chest like magma as she laid in the floor of the hut. Sango noticed a wound, a long claw was in her ribs. That was where she was bleeding. They worked hard to remove the claw. Sesshomaru stood stoically watching them work to save her.
Perhaps these humans weren't as disgusting as he had thought as he watched them save his woman. It felt like days as they finally finished wrapping her up.
"S-Sesshomaru-sama." Kagome spoke nervously. She would always be slightly afraid of him she supposed. "I think she will be okay. She just needs some rest." Kagome bowed half way. "You are welcome to stay in here with her for as long as you need, Sesshomaru-sama."
He didn't speak. Sesshomaru simply walked closer and sat next to her bare form.
"If she was smaller, she would be beautiful." Sesshomaru's eyes instantly darted over to the perverted monk, eyes flashing red for a moment before Sango smacked the monk. "Now is not the time for you to be so bold, lecher. She's injured and Sesshomaru will kill you." She glared at him, grabbing him to pull him out. The demon Lord still was enraged. She was beautiful. Every curve and soft piece of her screamed royalty to him. Motherly. Kind. He remembered once he came back after a particularly tough battle.
"I don't need you" Sesshomaru growled at her. He was greatly injured but lucky he had his sword with him. How embarrassing. Sesshomaru stripped down from his armor and kimono. The wounds were deep but at least they were healing. But there (Y/n) stayed. Rubbing medical herbs on him despite his aggressive growls. Cleaning him. Much like Rin when they first met.
He opted for ignoring her as she took care of him day in and day out. Not once allowing Rin to witness the demon Lord in such a state once more. Vigilant. Caring. That was the start of his feelings for her, though he tried to ignore them.
A small tear ran down her cheek as she laid before him resting. He leaned forward rubbing it away. A small smile appearing in his face.
She had been off again, searching for some wild roots and such to accompany their dinner for that night. Sesshomaru was watching as Rin played a game with Jaken, no concerns clouding his mind at the moment. He sensed no demons and hadn't felt the need for concern over his human. That was until he heard her scream. Instantly he was on his feet, claws ready to destroy whatever it was. There she sat terrified. A spider was crawling on her. If he were a different demon he would have laughed. He picked up the spider, killing the creature mercilessly.
Sesshomaru's smile held, that was the same night she had convinced him to actually eat her human food. Which he never admitted to loving. But she knew.
"When are you getting outta here, Sesshomaru you bastard?" His golden eyes turned instantly to whomever was daring to speak to him like that.
Sesshomaru sat up straight. "I'll leave when she is well, half breed." He hissed out angrily.
Inuyasha growled ready to attack his older brother. "I don't want to keep seein' ya you stupid bastard! You stink too!" He glared hard.
Sesshomaru began to attack him when a meek voice spoke.
"D-don't call him that!"
The dog demon whipped around and was at her side the moment she spoke.
"What the hell?" Inuyasha was very confused. He hadn't ever heard her speak before, in those few times he had seen her? He didn't think so. He honestly thought she was a mute.
"He didn't start anything with you! Why start with him!" Sesshomaru's chest swelled with deep love and joy for her as she defended him. It stopped when he noticed her look of pain.
"Leave, Inuyasha. I won't bother you while I'm here." He growled out, placing a hand on (Y/n)'s cheek, wiping away more tears.
"Inuyasha!" Kagome whispered through the door. "Leave them alone. Or I'll say it" she hissed at him. Inuyasha's face contorted ready to talk back but decided against it when he noticed Sesshomaru no longer paid him attention.
His eyes to busy looking over the face of his woman with relief. He truly felt she would be okay. He would always protect her.
"This will never happen to you again" he leaned forward kissing her head. "Now rest, my love. You need it."
"I love you, Sesshomaru" she spoke weakly, leaning against him slightly.
"I know... Just rest" he said soothingly, holding her as she fell sleep once more.
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loove-persevering · 2 years ago
Jealous! (Steve Harrington One Shot)
Tumblr media
Description: Hi, can you do 8,9 and 10 on the prompt list with Steve Harrington?
8-“Why are you so jealous?”
9- “Where do you think you’re going”
10-“Just leave me alone”
   If there was one thing you knew about Steve Harrington it was that he was a flirt, he couldn’t help it though it just seemed like a natural thing about him in all honesty. Your friends warned you when you told them you had a crush on the boy who worked a few stores down from you at the mall that he was a player. Of course none of them actually knew Steve so why would you take their advice?  
 You knew Steve from high school, a prime time for him it seemed. He had it all Nancy Wheeler, the nice big house, Carol and Tommy to hangout with, but eventually some of that went away. Nancy moved onto Jonathan Byers, he stopped hanging out with Tommy and Carol, and now he was working at Scoops Ahoy. He also seemingly had all these kids coming in every night before you closed and would let them into the backroom through the hallways behind the shops of the mall. 
 One night in particular you could recall catching Steve letting them through, 
 You were closing up at The Gap, being the only person closing sometimes scared you but you did what had to be done. You grab the trash bags and walk out to the hallway behind the store, before you completely walk in you hear voices yelling down the hall. 
‘‘Come on, come on,’‘ You hear Steve’s familiar voice. ‘‘I swear if anybody hears about this-’‘ He continues. 
‘‘We’re dead!’‘ All of the kids yell in unison. Their group confused you at times, it was like they had this secret unspoken bond and only talked to each other really. You didn’t have many friends in high school or now so sometimes you felt envious watching the group parade around the mall. You watch Steve as he stands there for a few seconds more then makes his way in through the back of the shop. 
 You decide now would be as good of a time than ever than to introduce yourself. You pick up the trash and then walk down to the door Steve had let the kids in through and you knock lightly. After a few minutes he open the door staring at you wide eyed. ‘’So you’re smuggling kids?’’ You ask him. 
 He still stares at you wide eyed not sure what to say, ‘’Me? no-’’ He finally spits out. 
‘‘I just saw you do it,’‘ You say gesturing down the hall in the direction of the theatre. Steve looked a little nervous honestly, ‘‘Don’t worry I’m not going to rat you out or anything,’‘ You say laughing trying to get him to relax a little bit. 
‘‘Then what?’‘ He asks. 
‘‘I want a banana split on the house, that’s all.’‘ You tell him smiling. He looks at you amused and then nods his head widening the door open allowing you inside. 
‘‘A banana split huh?’‘ He asks looking at you and you smile nodding your head. He walks out to the front and you sit down at the table in the back watching his silhouette through the window moving back and forth. A few minutes later he comes back with the biggest banana split you had ever seen, ‘‘There ya go.’‘ He says pulling out the chair opposite from you and sitting down next to you. 
 You take the spoon that was already dipped into the ice cream and take a bite of it, it tasted sooo good. You look up noticing Steve looking at you like he was completely amused yet confused, ‘’I think this could be the start of a great friendship Steve Harrington.’’ You say smiling. 
Ever since that night you were right, it was the start of a great friendship. Your intentions at first were just to get Steve Harrington to look your way and now you had him as your best friend, your intentions turned out to be better than you had expected. Although now Steve was your best friend it didn’t stop your attraction to him from growing stronger. Steve was a lot more than people thought he was, in high school he was King Steve, literally the most popular boy and now to you he was the dork who was friends with a bunch of kids that at times you thought were actually cooler than him. 
 You walked into Scoops Ahoy and see Steve at the counter trying to stay patient as he waited on Erica Sinclair, he had told you that she came in everyday asking for samples basically getting an entire free ice cream out of it. He notices you standing behind and smiles at you then looks down to Erica rolling his eyes causing you to laugh. 
 ‘’Excuse me!’’ Erica calls out her voice laced with attitude as she gained Steve’s attention. ‘’I want to try the chocolate chunk again.’’ She says. 
‘‘Again?’’ Steve groans, ‘‘You’ve already had it three times!’‘ He calls out. She just looks at him giving him a glare and you wait patiently behind trying to hold in your laughter at his frustration. Eventually she does leave and Steve sighs when you walk up to the register. 
‘‘Tough day sailor?’‘ You ask him laughing. 
He glares at you making you laugh even more, ‘’What do you want?’’ He groans. 
‘‘I was going to offer to buy you lunch but not with that attitude,’‘ You say crossing your arms over your chest. 
 ‘’I’m sorry,’’ He sighs, ‘’It’s just that girl-’’ He says sounding frustrated. 
‘‘It’s all good, what do you want to eat?’‘ You ask him. Ten minutes later you ended up at Imperial Panda grabbing Steve and you some food, you make your way to the back hallway noticing the crowd of people standing at the front of Scoops Ahoy. You walked through the gap and into the back hallway wanting to avoid the crowd of people and you walk to the familiar door bending down pushing the handle down with your elbow and pushing the door open. 
 You make your way into the back room sitting the Chinese down on the table, it seemed like this had become your and Steve’s spot after the night you first met. You would eat lunch together and then on nights when Steve was feeling generous he would make you banana splits without even asking. 
‘‘Ahoy Ladies!’‘ You hear Steve practically scream. You smile to yourself pulling the Chinese out of the bag and setting it up on the table. ‘‘I’ll be your captain as we make you a nice boat of ice cream today,’‘ He says and you literally cringe. 
 ‘’Oh gosh,’’ You mutter to yourself. You can hear the laughter of the girls he must’ve been talking to outside. 
After a few minutes you sat in the back waiting for him to be done and you can still hear the girls practically fawning over him from the back room. ‘‘Maybe we could hangout this weekend?’’ You hear him ask and your heart drops. Steve had asked you to hangout this weekend, you walk over to the door and open it slightly seeing who he was talking to, Anna Jacobi. 
 You watch her laugh and Steve smiles eagerly at her, you quickly push yourself away from the door and walk over grabbing your portion of the Chinese food stuffing it back in the bag ready to leave. ‘’Hey!’’ You hear as Steve finally walks to the back of the room. ‘’You’re leaving?’’ He asks and you just stay silent grabbing your drink. You look up at him and he looks at you confused, you roll your eyes at him and make your way to the back door. 
 ‘’Hey! Where do you think your going?’’ Steve asks as you pull the door open, he puts his hand above yours preventing you from opening it. 
‘‘I’m going back to work Steve,’‘ You sigh. You turn around and realize you were only a few inches from Steve and he takes his hand off the door peering down at you. 
‘‘What’s wrong?’‘ He asks letting out a laugh. 
You roll your eyes once again, this boy really was oblivious. ‘’Nothing just leave me alone alright?’’ You tell him. He looks at you a little taken back by your attitude, in the time you’ve been friends with Steve you’ve never really been mad at him until now. 
‘‘Come on,’‘ He says smiling at you. ‘‘Just sit down let’s have lunch we can talk about it.’‘ He says simply. 
‘‘I don’t want to talk about it Steve,’‘ You tell him getting annoyed. ‘‘I’ve gotta go alright?’‘ You tell him. You quickly make your way out of Scoops Ahoy and into the hallway not turning back to see if Steve was standing there, he probably was but you didn’t want to look at him. 
 You debated the rest of your shift if you were allowed to be mad at Steve, he didn’t know you liked him, but he seemed to always be flirting with you and spending time with you. You had no idea what to think, it seemed like you were always being put in the friend zone with guys none of them ever thinking of you beyond anything but a friend. But being Steve’s friend was something you enjoyed, and even if that meant keeping quiet about your feelings and just watching as he went on dates with other girls then so be it. 
 You grab the trash bag from behind the counter and walk to the back of the store into the hallways once again, you walk past scoops ahoy and to your surprise they were already closed. You furrow your eyebrows confused as to why they were closed so early and shrug continuing to make your way to the dumpsters out back, when you open the door you felt it hit something, or someone. 
‘‘Shit!’‘ You call out peering around the door seeing who you hit. 
‘‘I know your upset but Damn!’‘ Steve says putting his hand to his head. You just stare at him a few seconds and mutter out an apology before walking to the dumpster throwing the trash inside. ‘‘Y/N,’‘ Steve calls out to you. 
You turn around looking at him as he walks over closer to you, ‘’What?’’ You ask him. 
‘‘I know why your upset,’‘ Steve says and you felt yourself start to panic, ‘‘I forgot to tell you that one guy you like to avoid was working next to the Chinese place didn’t I?’‘ He says completely oblivious. ‘‘I mean I know he’s weird and all, but give him a chance you know?’‘ Steve continues. 
 You just stare at him in complete shock, how stupid could he be? ‘’No,’’ You say letting out a laugh. ‘’Just leave me alone.’’ You tell him once again. 
‘‘Then what Y/N!’‘ Steve yells as you walk away from him. 
 At this point what did you have to lose? ‘’You asked Anna Jacobi to hangout with you this weekend.’’ You say groaning at how pathetic you probably sounded. ‘’We were suppose to do something.’’ You tell him crossing your arms over your chest. 
‘‘So you’re jealous?’‘ Steve asks an amused grin on his face. 
‘‘Not everyone’s so bent over you Harrington,’‘ You tell him. 
‘‘Oh Harrington?’‘ He says laughing. ‘‘You must be really mad to call me by my last name.’‘ He continues on ‘‘Why are you so jealous?’’ He says practically teasing you at this point. 
‘‘You’re an ass,’‘ You tell him turning around and walking away from him. You walk over to the gate and press the button as it slowly opens, you felt a tear fall down your face not out of sadness but out of frustration. 
‘‘Hey,’‘ He says walking up from behind you. ‘‘Woah, what’s wrong?’‘ Steve asks his eyes wide when he finally sees your face. It sucked because when you cried your nose and face seemed to get red always giving it away. 
‘‘It’s not funny Steve,’‘ You say sternly. You walk out the gate hearing him follow in pursuit. 
‘‘Y/N I was joking! I know you’re not jealous.’’ He says simply. 
 You sigh stopping in your tracks and turning around to look at him, ‘’I am jealous Steve,’’ You tell him and you watch his mouth part slightly. ‘’I’m jealous because I like you and you’re only ever going to see me as a friend.’’ You admit to him, man did that feel good to get off your chest. ‘’So congrats Harrington you got it right, you figured it out. I’m jealous that Steve Harrington asked another girl out.’’ You confess finally feeling a weight lifted of your chest. 
‘‘You like me?’‘ He asks. 
‘‘Of course I do Steve,’‘ You sigh. ‘‘Literally everyone but you seemed to figure it out, even Mike asked me about it.’‘ You say. ‘‘You really didn’t know?’‘ You ask him. He shakes his head no and honestly the boy looked so lost in his head at this point you felt bad for even telling him. ‘’Just forget about it then, really,’’ You tell him honestly feeling embarrassed. 
You stand there awkwardly for a few seconds as the gears seemed to shift in his head, ‘’You like me?’’ He repeats, ‘’Since when?’’ He asks. 
‘‘Since the first night I met you,’‘ You tell him, ‘‘I mean I thought I liked you I thought you were cute but didn’t really know you. Then we actually became friends and it just kind of got real I guess,’‘ You explain to him. 
‘‘Why would you like me?’‘ He asks making you even more confused, ‘‘You’re smart, and pretty, and you’re going to college in the fall.’‘ He explains. ‘‘Why would you like me?’‘ He asks. 
You sigh, ‘’Steve I think your so amazing and I know you might not see it but it’s hard for anyone you know to not love you.’’ You tell him. ‘’You’re such a good person, like such a good person.’’ You emphasize. 
 It takes him a few seconds to register it and once he finally does it was as if his whole body threw itself at you. One second he was standing five feet away and the next his lips were pressed against yours firmly, you kiss him back after the shock wears off. ‘’I’ve liked you for a while,  I just didn’t think a girl like you would even think about liking me,’’ He says when he pulls away. You look at him sincerely, this boy seemed to think he was nothing special but he was the opposite, he was one of the most special people you’d ever met. 
‘‘You’re a total goof,’‘ You say smiling before pushing yourself back up kissing him. ‘’Promise you’re not just saying this so I won’t be upset?’’ You ask him. 
‘‘Promise,’‘ He says smiling down at you. ‘‘So does this mean you’re considered my co-captain now?’‘ Steve asks letting out a laugh and you groan pushing him away from you playfully. 
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okayau · 2 years ago
buwyg, ib (Hyunjin)
part 8 of the Hyunjin “thank u, next series” 
Tumblr media
“So how have you two been lately?” You looked up at Chan from your spot on the couch. It had been a while since you had been sable to spend time with your friend. Hyunjin was practicing choreography for a special stage with one of JYP’s anticipated trainees - you weren’t sure sure which one it was - so you decided to hang out with Chan tonight and then when Hyunjin was finished, he was going to go to your apartment with you.
“Hyunjin and I?” You sunk back into the couch, relaxing as you thought about the question.
“Who else?” Chan chuckled as he swiveled around on his chair to face you.
“We’ve been good,” You nodded quietly, wondering if you should say more. It had been about a few weeks since you and Hyunjin spent that night together and thinking about it still sent jolts though your body. You couldn’t forget how loved he made you feel and how much he made you crave for him that night. That only made you more perceptive to the face that distance was forming again. You knew Hyunjin loved you and that it wasn’t like before when he didn’t show interest in your relationship but you still saw how recently there was something off between you two. For the past two weeks, you found him texting you less and only talking to you for short amounts of time. It wasn’t anything serious and you weren’t upset at first because you just assumed he was busy. Stray Kids was set to have a comeback soon so you brushed off his actions. But then the quality of your conversations changed. He seemed distant. You wanted to chalk it up to stress but something about it just kept gnawing at you.
“Are you sure?” Chan raised a brow, seemingly reading your mind in that instant. He was always good at telling if something was off with you. With a sigh, you decided to spill everything that was on your mind. Every now and then, you looked up at Chan, watching his reactions. His expression showed that he was thinking and trying to figure out what to say to you.
“I’m probably just overthinking things,” You shifted your position on the couch as you finished your small rant, “It’s just that after everything that happened, I’m worried,”
“No,” Chan shook his head, voice calm as he spoke, “That’s totally understandable. Like,” He leaned back in his chair, letting his arms cross over his chest as he spoke, “You guys had a rough patch and it’s going to have an affect on some aspects of your relationship. I think that’s inevitable but at the same time, don’t let that define you two. Personally, I think he’s just overwhelmed because we’ve been working on the comeback and now he’s doing that special stage on top of it,”
“I know,” You nodded, “I probably shouldn’t think to much into it for now,”
“Don’t worry too much, okay? I’m sure he isn’t bored of you or anything. He really does love you even if he’s stupid at times and screws up,” You chuckled lightly at his words, feeling a bit relieved after your conversation.
“You’re right,” You sat up a bit, clapping your hands together, “And you know, we’re spending tonight together so it’s all good,”
“Is it going to be like that last time you guys spent the night together?” Chan’s tone turned into a teasing one, “I remember Hyunijn got scolded by the stylist for all the marks you left on his skin,”
“Shut up,” You mumbled, hiding your face as you felt your cheeks burning at his comment, making Chan laugh.
“Just be more careful ______,” He smiled before turning back to the computer.
The minutes ticked by like that with you and Chan talking and teasing each other as he worked on music. It didn’t feel like long until you got a text from Hyunjin saying he was finished practicing. Upon checking the time, however, you found that it was actually quite late.
“I’m going to head out now,” You told Chan  as you grabbed you bag from the floor, “Make sure you get sleep, okay?”
“Don’t worry,” Chan shook his head, “I will. Now you go and have fun with Hyunjin,” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at how his tone changed for the last part of his statement.
“You’re the worst,” A chuckle left your lips as you gave the boy a quick hug goodbye, “You’re lucky I like you Chris,”
Walking outside of the JYP building, you texted Hyunjin the location of your car so that he could meet you there. The cold, night wind hit your skin harshly as you made your way to the vehicle. You were shivering as you walked over but once Hyunjin’s frame came into view, his back facing you, you felt something warm in your chest and a smile formed onto your lips.
“Hyunjin,” You called softly once you were just a few feet away, making the boy turn around. A smiled immediately graced his features, making your heart race.
“Hey,” He sighed, reaching out to pull you close to him. You giggled as his arms wrapped around you tightly, holding your body against his. “I missed you,” He pulled away slightly so that he could look down at you.
“God ______, Just one look at your face and I want to taste you,” His words came out huskily and before you could process it, he was kissing you, his lips moving roughly against yours.
“Hyunjin,” You pulled back, giggling at how needy he seemed, “What is this?”
“You just got me some type of way tonight,” His voice was low and soon, he was kissing you again. “God, you don’t know what you do to me,” Your heart was racing at his words and you felt your knees getting weak.
“L-Let’s get home…quick,” A shaky sigh left your lips as you moved out of Hyunjin’s embrace and towards the drivers side, causing the boy to smirk before he made his own way to the other side of the car.
A series of moans and pants filled the room as Hyunjin’s  hips snapped forwards against yours.
“Babygirl you’re taking me so well,” His hands gripped your waist tightly, holding you in place as he thrusted deeper into you. You could feel the coil of pleasure building in your body, ready to release at any moment.
“Hyunjin” Your head rested in the crook of his neck, nails digging into his shoulders as you moaned out his name.
“You like it when I fuck you like this baby?” He growled, “You were practically on your knees earlier. You must be loving it,”
“Y-Yes….It feels so good,” You threw your head back against the pillows as one of his hands moved down to rub circles against your clit, “Oh God, I’m close,” He had you feeling incredible. It didn’t take long before all you saw was white, an overwhelming pleasure taking over your body. Hyunjin’s movements became more rough as your walls tightened around his cock and small groans left his lips. His own orgasm washed over him and he released into you with just a few more thrusts, a low groan passing his lips as his body was overcome with satisfaction.
Hyunjin lazily pulled out of you before letting his body collapse into the mattress next to you. You felt his arms snake around your body and pull you into his chest, his lips leaving a small kiss on the top of your head as he did so.
“You’re amazing,” He smiled warmly down at you. You felt all your doubts from earlier washing away as you were filled with the love radiating from his eyes
“You’re wonderful,”
Weeks passed and you wish you could say things were getting better for you and Hyunjin. You had some days, and mostly nights, that were amazing and made your heart nearly burst, but most of the time you felt like things were changing. The look in his eyes was changing. His body language was changing. His tone towards you was different. You knew he stilled cared for you and loved you but it was different. You just couldn’t figure out why at first.
A groan left your lips as your phone vibrated on top of your dresser, pulling you from your deep slumber. Not wanting to wake up, you ignored it, hoping that whoever was sending you texts would just stop. Your hopes were futile, however, as your ringtone blared through the room, effectively making you get up. Upon looking at the screen, you found that all your notifications were from Chan.
“Hey,” You groggily spoke as you answered his call, “Is everything okay?”
“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?” His voice was laced with concern and it caught your attention.
“What do you mean?” You questioned, feeling a bit worried by words.
“Wait…You don’t know yet? You haven’t seen the articles about Hyunjin?” His words faltered a bit, making your even more anxious. You immediately grabbed your laptop from your dresser, turning it on as you continued to talk with Chan.
“What article?”
“About him and that trainee…..and how they were caught kissing on a date,” Your blood froze at his words and you could feel waves of cold and heat hitting your body.
“W-What…” Your hands quickly tapped against your keyboard before pulling up the article that Chan was talking about. There in bold letters stood the title, “Hwang Hyunjin caught in a relationship with JYP Trainee”
You could feel your heart dropping as you read the article and you didn’t even know you were crying until Chan spoke up through the call.
“Are you crying?” He asked quietly, not receiving a response from you. All he heard was your choked sobs.
“Do you want me to come over?” It was silent again and he was going to try calling out to you again when a small ‘yes’ passed your lips.
“I’ll be there soon, okay?”
“okay…” you hung up the call as your eyes continued scanning through the article.
‘According to an inside source, Hwang has been in relations with the young woman for a month and a half now. It is said that they grew close due to their preparations for a collaboration stage’
You felt sick as you found the photos that were taken of the two.. He kissed her like he kissed you. You wondered if he would kiss her and then come home and do the same to you. You wondered if she made him feel more special than you did. You wondered and wondered, your thoughts clouding your mind until you were brought back to the present by your phone ringing again. You stared at the Caller ID, anxiety filling your body before you answered.
“I’m so sorry,” Any hope that you had been holding in the chance that this was all fake was gone in that moment.
“Why…” You couldn’t manage to get any other words out, finding it harder to breath.
“I don’t know…I promise she doesn’t mean anything to me…I just… I was-“ Hyunjin began, voice filled with hesitation.
“Bored?” Hyunjin was shocked by your sudden word choice. “Hyunjin….If you were just going to look for someone else, you should’ve let me end it months ago,”
Your chest was tightening with each words that left your lips.
“No, Please,” He let out a frustrated sigh, “Can we talk”
“You know what,” Your body was shaking at this point, “No…I gave you a chance and you blew it…I wish we never got back together Hyunjin,” Tears fell down your face as you hesitated to continue, “Because at least back then breaking up didn’t hurt this much,”
“______, plea-“
“Hyunjin, I love you,” Your hands balled up the fabric of the bedsheets, “I love you so much but…but I really don’t want this anymore”
The line cut and Hyunjin felt his world crashing again. It wasn’t what it looked like and he wanted to tell you everything but he wasn’t sure if you’d listen after this.
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kodzusken · a year ago
i was made for loving you // p.p.
pairing: peter parker x reader
warnings: mentions of self harm, angst, a shit ton of fluff
word count: 2.1k
a/n: based off of tori kelly + ed sheeran’s song i was made for loving you
Tumblr media
the rain was harshly slung against your window, producing a loud pattering noise that jolted you awake every time your eyes slid closed. you sighed and rolled over, tugging your sheets back over your head and burying your face in your pillow.
just as you were finally drifting off to dreamland, a soft knock on the window startled you as you shot up from your bed, eyes widened with alarm. wild thoughts ran through your mind as you glanced quickly at the heavy textbook on your desk, debating whether to grab it or not.
the two knocks that followed soothed your nerves as your curtains slightly shifted to reveal a suited red and black fist raised, ready to knock again. you slid out of bed and parted your curtains to reveal the friendly neighborhood spiderman perched on your fire escape.
you undid the locks on your windows and slid it up, moving out of the way so he could slide in. you quickly slid it back closed, locking it before rain could filter in.
the spider ripped off his mask and tipped his head up to the ceiling, his breaths coming in deep gasps. his light brown hair was darkened brown at the tips from the rain, where the mask failed to cover. the rest of the suit dripped rainwater over your hardwood floor as he flashed a tired smile at you.
“hey,” he muttered, running a damp, suited hand through his tangled curls.
“hey yourself,” you murmured tiredly, walking up to him and running a finger down his sharp jawline. “what’re you doing here? it’s one in the morning.”
peter chuckled quietly as you pulled away to go rifle around in your closet. “i had to see my favourite girl.” you shot him a skeptical glance from across the room and he sighed. “fine. i was doing my spidey duties and i-i happened to get caught up in the storm.”
you pushed a warm bundle of clothes into his hands and pecked him lightly on the cheek. “you should be more careful,” you said, concerned. “i don’t want may worrying and i’m sure you don’t either.”
peter ran his thumbs along the warm fabric of the clothes you brought him. “i’ll try,” he said uneasily, giving you a hesitant smile. you smiled back and squeezed his arm. you knew it was difficult balancing being safe and his duties to the city.
his eyes traveled down to the familiar yellow logo printed on the blue hoodie. “is this mine?” he asked, a hint of amusement in his voice as he raised an eyebrow at you.
you blushed and bit his lower lip. “um, no.” you gently shoved him towards your bathroom, trying to hide your flushed cheeks. “just shut up and go change.”
peter laughed as he closed the door behind you to change. you flopped down on your bed and waited, absentmindedly fiddling with your bedsheets.
the door knob clicked and twisted as he pushed it open, reappearing with his hoodie around his shoulders and a pair of dark grey sweatpants on. “is it okay if i left my suit up to dry on your shower rod?”
your head snapped up as you readjusted your sweater. “yeah, yeah.” you stretched your arms out and waved your fingers teasingly. “now come hug me.” 
peter giggled as he wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you off the bed. you let out a small squeak as you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. he ran his thumbs up and down your sides as he pressed several, small kisses to your collarbone.
you blushed and nipped his ear lightly, cueing him to lay you down gently on the bed. “i said hug me, not pick me up and give me a heart attack,” you teased quietly.
peter smiled and kissed your jaw. “what’s the difference?”
you nudged him playfully with your shoulder. “you suck.”
he laughed and pressed his lips to your neck. “but you love me,” he murmured, his voice muffled by your skin. you blushed at the tickle, reaching up to tangle your fingers in his hair. his lips trailed up to yours as he paused, smiling down at you.
you reached up to steal a peck. “as much as i love you, peter, it’s one in the morning and we have classes tomorrow. you know if we fall asleep in class, our teacher’s going to kick our-”
peter cut you off as he captured your lips in a kiss. his hand found yours and laced your fingers together, squeezing it gently. “fine,” he whispered, smiling against your lips. he pulled away and lifted up the blankets. “but only because i’m tired.”
you scoffed lightly and playfully cuffed him on the shoulder. “mhm, totally not because you nearly shit your pants when she caught you sleeping last week.” you crawled back into bed and pulled the blankets up to your chin.
peter snuggled in next to you, and almost immediately, his arms were around you once more as he pulled you close. “shut up.” he pecked you on the forehead and sighed contentedly as you nuzzled your face into his neck.
“so tired,” you whispered quietly. “was starting to fall asleep before you showed up.” you looked up at him and kissed him slowly. “not that i’m complaining.”
“i heard cuddling helps you sleep better,” peter offered, his thumb running up and down your sides. his lips were barely brushing the back of your neck as he spoke. “i think we should test that theory.”
you hummed as you shuffled closer, your eyes slowly sliding closed. you felt yourself lose your grip on consciousness as you slowly fell into dreamland, melting into peter’s touch as your eyes closed.
you woke to something tickling your forearm. a hand was gently laid on your forearm, the thumb absentmindedly stroking it over the cardigan. you sleepily blinked your eyes open as your vision refocused on the white wall before you. something warm that was wrapped around your waist shifted as peter moved a little in his sleep.
you blushed as you turned around so you were facing his sleeping expression, and you kissed his nose. peter’s eyelids fluttered a little as he stirred, causing a small smile to spread across your face.
you pressed soft kisses over his face, cupping his jaw with your hand and running your other hand through his tangled hair. even though he’d never come out and said it, this was peter’s favourite way to be woken up. any other way would result in a sensory overload and an earsplitting headache.
his eyes slid halfway open just as you were kissing his cheek. peter’s hand moved to rest on top of yours on his jaw, a smile easily spreading across his face.
“morning,” you said quietly, beaming up at him. “it’s two hours before school starts. want some breakfast?” you ruffled his hair, drawing a small laugh from his lips.
“morning, honey,” peter said in a low rasp, his eyes still adjusting to waking up. he kissed the top of your head lightly as you retracted your hand from his hair, instead lacing your fingers with his. you blushed at the pet name, burying your face in his neck.
“it’s so early,” he drawled, stroking the back of your hand with his thumb. “can’t we just stay in bed and cuddle until six?”
you cuddled into him and closed your eyes, humming with content. “i’d love to,” you whispered. you felt peter happily pull you closer, but you drew back. “but aren’t you hungry?”
peter groaned as you slipped out from his warm grasp and sat up, stretching. he reached for your arm, but missed and grabbed your thin sleeve instead. the cardigan fell off your shoulders and into a pool of fabric on the floor, exposing your bare arms.
“sorry,” he muttered tiredly, taking for your hand instead. “meant to take this instead.” he interlocked his fingers with yours. peter blinked again as his gaze landed on your arm. *what were those marks? or were his eyes playing tricks on him?”
you quickly pulled your arm away, hurriedly throwing your cardigan over your forearm. you shifted uncomfortably on the bed, your back facing peter. “i’m going to get breakfast started. what do you want, pete? pancakes?”
peter sat up and furrowed his brows. “y/n, are you okay?”
“why wouldn’t i be?”
he spun you around so you were facing him, your eyes avoiding his stare. he tipped your chin up so you met his concerned expression, his hand ghosting over your cardigan still covering your arm. “can you lift this for me?”
your grip on the sleeve tightened as you shook your head. “a-actually, i-um, it’s-it’s cold?”
peter raised an eyebrow as he tugged it off, letting it fall to the ground again. he let out a small gasp as he saw the harsh, dark marks slashed across your forearm. “y-y/n, what happened?” his expression darkened. “did someone hurt you? who hurt you, because i swear to god i will-“
“i did,” you blurted out, yanking your arm backwards and out of his hand. “no one. i mean no one hurt me. i-i tripped-“
he wrapped a hand around your waist and gently pulled you back down to bed. “h-hey,” his voice shook as he spoke. “you can talk to me. you know that, right?”
when you hesitated, peter moved in closer and placed a comforting hand on your thigh. “y/n, sweetheart, please,” he pleaded softly. “talk to me. what’s wrong?”
your lower lip wobbled as you tried to speak. your watery eyes stared back into peter’s worried ones as you attempted to formulate a response. his concerned expression made it harder to speak as you felt a tear roll down your cheek.
“oh, princess” was all peter could manage before he pulled you into his chest, cuddling you close. you sobbed lightly into his sweater as you clung onto him. peter found himself tearing up as you hugged him, stroking the marks on your arm lovingly.
“s-sometimes i feel like i-i deserve it,” you mumbled, your voice muffled by the fabric of peter’s favourite blue sweater. “l-like i deserve the pain.”
peter pulled away, shocked. “b-but you don’t,” he stuttered hurriedly. “you don’t. not at all. y-you’re the most amazing girl i’ve ever met, and i love you so, so much-“ his breath got caught in his throat as he spoke, and his voice cracked only slightly.
your face crumpled as you gripped peter’s hand tighter. “p-peter, i-i-"
“p-please don’t do this anymore,” he begged, lacing your hands with his. tears spilled softly over his cheeks as he spoke. “please, p-please, please, i-i don’t know what i’d d-do if-if i lost you, if o-one day i woke up and you weren’t there to k-kiss me awake, o-or-“
you cut him off by cupping his jaw and drawing him in for a kiss, your lips capturing his. peter smiled into the kiss as he kissed back, blushing deep red as your thumbs wiped away his tears.
after what seemed like ages, you pulled away, much to peter’s dismay. “‘m sorry,” you whispered guiltily. “i-i didn’t know it w-would hurt you, too. i-i’ll never-“
“here,” peter interrupted you, grabbing a ballpoint pen from your desk. “can you give me your hand, princess?” you extended your left arm towards him, and he held it out and uncapped the pen. he hunched over your arm, doodling away. a shiver shot up and down your spine as the cold tip of the ballpoint pen rolled across your skin.
peter pulled away to reveal a small spider right above your scars. you cocked your head, confused. “it’s a spider,” he explained, and pointed at himself. “like spiderman. as in, me. this way, i’ll always be there to protect you.”
you smiled wide as you reached up to wipe your eyes. “p-peter, that-that’s the sweetest thing-“
peter kissed your hand, his lips trailing up to your forearm. he kissed over your marks, your scars, the strikes that stood out on your skin. every ounce of his love for you was poured into his every kiss. “i love you, okay? i-i’ll always be here for you. i promise.”
you bit your lower lip. “promise?”
“promise.” peter firmly kissed you again to prove his point, making you arch your back slightly to take his weight. you blushed as he pulled away and squeezed your hand. “now, i believe someone said something about pancakes?”
you giggled as you pulled him up to his feet, leading him to the kitchen.
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adi--writes · 3 years ago
waking up slow
based off of the song of the same name by gabrielle aplin. give it a listen.
pairing → stanley uris x reader
word count → 1570
summary → “all my nights taste like gold, and when i’m with you it’s like everything glows. and all my days, we can lay low when we’re waking up slow.”
 It’s one in the morning, there’s a slurpee in your hand, and all of your friends are talking and laughing in front of you. It’s the last day of summer break, the last day you have to relish in the warmth of the season and hold your hands out to the sky and reach for the stars. It’s the last day you have to be free, in more than a metaphorical sense.
 Richie’s telling some story to the rest of the Losers about the senior prank all of you need to pull off this year, pitching ideas (that are a bit too far for a senior prank, in your opinion) and laughing loud. His arm’s slung around Eddie’s shoulders, and next to Eddie is Beverly, then Ben, Mike, Bill, and finally Stanley.
 Stanley, who’s smiling and rolling his eyes.
 Stanley, who you’ve started to think about more.
 Stanley, who, over the course of two and a half months, you’ve managed to fall for without thinking.
 Beverly turns her head to see you a bit farther behind the group, and holds back until you catch up to her. She starts walking next to you and softly bumps your shoulder with hers. “What’s up?” she asks softly, and you shrug.
 “Just thinking,” you say, and then quieter, “it’s our last year, Bevvie. Last year, and then we’re all leaving.”
 Beverly smiles understandingly - Derry was a hellhole full of horrid things, but it was the only thing any of you had ever known. The outside world was almost as terrifying as Derry itself. You sigh and take a sip of your drink, looking at Beverly as you do so. She takes your hand in hers, gently, and you smile back at her as you bite the plastic straw between your teeth.
 You drink the rest of your slurpee and throw it in a dumpster as you pass, then stretch your arms, trying to look more alive than solemn. Beverly grins at you now, and you raise an eyebrow.
 “Feel better now that you’ve had your special drink?”
 “Shut up, Bevvie. Let’s catch up with the losers.”
 You run up to Richie and jump on his back, and he yelps in surprise but holds you by your legs nonetheless. Beverly starts talking to Ben and you’re smiling as Richie makes some joke about the “ladies not staying off him” and everyone tells him to beep beep, Richie.
 You don’t know exactly where you’re walking, the lot of you, but you know you’re on Main Street and there’s a field not too far from here, just outside of town.
 “Hey, Rich,” you say, and he hums in response. “Turn onto Turner Street right here. I know this place just outside of town we can all hang out at.”
 “Gotcha, baby girl.”
 You roll your eyes with a goofy smile at the pet name, but then tell everyone where you plan to go. Everyone agrees that it seems like a nice place to spend the rest of the night and starts heading in that direction. You hop off of Richie’s back and make your way to Stan.
 “So where exactly are you taking us? Because I’ve certainly never heard of this place.” He says, and you grin.
 “Oh, yeah, don’t worry, I’m just taking you out of town to murder all of you. I’ve got a gang waiting out there.”
 Stanley chuckles, and your breath catches in your throat. A part of you wishes that it hadn’t, that you kept breathing fine, and another part of you is feeling euphoric when you hear his laugh. You hum lightly to yourself as the two of you fall back into a comfortable silence.
 It doesn’t take long to get to the place you told the Losers about, and once you do you run in front of everyone into an open field and hold your arms up to the sky with a wide grin.
 “Gentlemen and my dear lady,” you say, winking at Bev while she smiles. “I welcome you to the place I always disappear to.”
 Bill speaks up, holding his hand up a little. “Ih-Is this where y-y-you make cult sacr-cr-crifices?” He asks, and the group laughs.
 You smile and and laugh with them as they all sit down on the grass together. You distance yourself a little bit, instead opting to look up at the sky, which is clearer than before given the street lamps are far off.
You hear footsteps become closer and Stan’s curls are the first thing you see as he enters your vision.
 “Hey,” he says, sitting down next to you.
 “Hey,” you reply softly, leaning back on your elbows instead of fully laying down.
 A moment passes before Stan speaks again, and his question surprises you. “Is everything okay?”
 You look up at him, and he’s just looking up. The stars and constellations are bright, lighting the world dimly. The faint cloudiness of the Milky Way is even a little visible.
 “Yeah,” you say with a scoff that says “you’re absurd!”. “I’m fine, what makes you think I’m not?”
 Stanley looks at you now, and his eyes reflect the stars’ light. You feel the blush creeping up your neck and cheeks. “You’ve just been awfully quiet tonight, is all. I’m worried.”
 That statement hits your heart hard, and you suddenly have a burst of courage. A few minutes go by, the silence between you filled with the talking of your friends and the sound of crickets. You sit up all the way, crossing your legs, and try to think of where to start.
 “Do you… do you remember the day near the beginning of the summer where we all went to the quarry?” You ask Stan, and he furrows his brows and nods skeptically. “And remember how I suddenly went speechless for a while?” Another nod.
 “It was because you smiled at me. That was the first time that I didn’t see you how I used to.” You tell him, looking him straight in the eye. Stanley looks genuinely surprised, and you continue.
 “I didn’t think I cared, I thought that it would probably go away, because everyone has crushes on their friends once in a while, right? Richie and Beverly went out for a little while. I thought it’d be kinda like that - it’d fade out.” You say, and your head falls. Your fingers are fidgeting with the edges of your jacket - where did that confidence go?
 “But it really didn’t. You kept getting more and more noticeable to me, and one day I saw you just soaking in the sunlight and I think that’s when I finally accepted it. I saw you there and nothing else mattered to me. I hate to be poetic but when I’m around you everything is brighter and it’s like everything’s glowing. I’m fine, Stanley, I really am, I was just quiet because I was trying to figure out how to tell you that I basically love you.”
 You lift your head again and Stan is grinning from ear to ear. Amidst your rambling, you remember those moments - his smiles, him closing his eyes and feeling the sun, the realization that it wasn’t going to go away. Your cheeks are rosy and you pray that he doesn’t see it - you’re already vulnerable enough.
 Stan moves forward and catches your face between his hands and kisses you beautifully.
 If what you said was true - if things were brighter and glowing when Stanley was within ten feet of you, then God, this was blinding. Fireworks are everywhere, and you feel golden. You hear the faint sounds of your friends whooping - “Get some!” Richie hollers - but it’s overpowered by the sounds of your heart in your ears, your pulse beating faster and faster the longer Stan’s lips are against yours.
 Your arms are heading to wrap around Stan’s neck, and once they find their place there it feels too right, too perfect. His hands are going to your waist, now, and all that’s going through your mind is oh god he’s literally perfect.
 If you were standing up, you would’ve fallen to the ground, because even just on your knees you’re too weak to move that much. Stanley pulls away and rests his forehead against yours, and your head is swimming in dopamine and a chill goes up your spine.
 You couldn’t hide your grin even if you wanted to, and when Stan opens his eyes, he’s mirroring your own smile.
 “Holy shit,” is all Stanley says, and you giggle. One of his hands brushes some hair out of your face and you’re blushing again. “You’re one of the most important people I’ve ever met, Y/N - Jesus, when you told me that you basically loved me I thought for sure my heart would have hopped out of my throat and into your hands.”
 “Are you guys done fucking? I wanna get some damn McDonalds,” Richie says teasingly, and you look at him fake-sternly. “Sorry, I just think that it’d be best if the baby-making could wait until after senior year.”
 You roll your eyes and Stanley stands up, holding out his hand for you to take. When you’re standing next to him, he doesn’t let go of your hand and instead intertwines your fingers. You smile but then turn to Richie.
 “Okay, asshole, let’s go get your ‘damn McDonalds’ that you’re so desperate to have.”
 “Thank you.”
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crispychrissy · a year ago
Blind Luck
Summary: After being blinded by a witch on a hunt, your senses begin to adjust, so you decide to take advantage of it. Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader Word Count: 2788 Warnings: Minor angst, reader is temporarily blind, fluff, language, smut, more fluff A/N: This is for @spnkinkbingo​ and the square was “Body Worship”. There are a lot of different ways this could have gone, but adding that extra feature of heightened senses... Sam’s hands would feel absolutely orgasmic. My 2020 Kink Bingo Masterlist can be accessed HERE and there are links to the previous years. This was beta’d by the spectacular @saxxxology​. Gif was made by me, and I hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
“Y/N? How many fingers am I holding up?” Sam’s voice was louder than you expected, even though you could sense he was a few feet away, and you flinched. 
“The answer is still none, Sam,” you growled, wiping away more of the powder on your face. “Just like it was five minutes ago.”
“I’m sorry baby, I just… I don’t know what to do. The witch is dead and the stuff she threw at you is right here. The counter-spell should have worked.” Sam sighed and you could hear fabric rustling, then pages of a book turning. “She’s got too many books here for me to go through right now. I’m gonna bring you back to the motel and come back to grab what I can.”
“Sam, just call Dean. He may have a broken foot, but he can still hobble his way around the bunker to the library.” You hummed, then smiled. “But that’s only if Mary hasn’t killed him yet. Dean’s kinda whiney when he’s sick or injured.”
Sam snorted and you had to hide your twitch when his warm hands cupped your face. “It was worse when he was younger, believe me.” Sam’s thumbs lightly ran under your eyes. “I gotta say, although it sucks you’re blind, your eyes look pretty cool.”
Your eyebrows pinched together. “What do you mean?”
“They have this… shimmery white over their normal color. Looks weird, but cool.” Sam kissed your forehead and your eyes fluttered closed. “But don’t worry baby, we’ll fix it.”
“I know. I’m actually kinda surprised I’m not panicking.” A snort left your nose and you shook your head. “Maybe I’ve just been around you and Dean for so long that shit going sideways on hunts doesn’t surprise me anymore.”
Sam huffed, but even though you couldn’t see him, you knew there was a smile on his face. “Yeah, yeah. Let’s get going.”
When you stood up from the chair Sam had plopped you in earlier, his arm was instantly around your waist, helping you navigate the maze of books, altars, shelves of magical items, and spell ingredients scattered throughout the house. The last thing you wanted right now was to knock over a shelf and end up making things even worse than they already were.
Sam kept his pace steady and slow, warning you about stairs and other obstacles you would have to step over, until he was unlocking the car and lowering you into the passenger’s seat. With your sight gone, your other senses were flooding your mind. The sickly sweet smell of the rose bushes in front of the witch’s house made your nose twitch, and Sam’s car—since Dean wouldn’t let him use the Impala—smelled like freshly cut grass, metallic water, and musty wet fabric. 
“Ah, shit,” Sam grumbled as he sat down in the driver’s seat. “Stupid sprinklers. I knew I shouldn’t have left my window open. My seat’s all wet.”
Maybe you weren’t so blind after all.
Tumblr media
Sam fluffed the pillow behind you for the third time in the last five minutes, jostling you, and you flailed your arms out, slapping him away from you.
“Stop! I’m fine.”
Sam cleared his throat. “Sorry, I’m just… are you sure you have everything you’ll need?”
You sighed, holding up your phone. “You, Dean, Mary, and Cas are on my speed dial. I have the TV remote,” you held it up, ignoring the fact it was somewhat sticky, “and I’m perfectly able to feel my way to the bathroom if I need to. We’ve been in this motel for two days, Sam. I didn’t just forget what it looked like when I was blinded.”
He was quiet for a few seconds, before you felt the end of the bed dip as he sat down. “I’m doing it again, aren’t I?”
“Sam,” you reached your hand out and smiled when he took it in his own, “it’s okay. I know you get a little mother hen-esque when I’m hurt. The sooner you leave to ransack her house, the sooner we’ll fix this, alright?”
Sam squeezed your hand and you felt your cheeks flush when his chapped lips pressed against the back of your hand. “I love you. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” One more squeeze and he was out the door, locking it behind him.
The TV was the first thing you tried to kill some time. Finding the power button, volume, and channel control was pretty easy, but since you were in the middle of nowhere in Idaho, you weren’t familiar with the local channel lineup. After three consecutive porn channels in a row, followed by Fox News, you sighed and turned it off again, tossing the remote onto the bed next to you.
The silence in the room began to fill your ears with static, and you shifted on the bed. When your hand came down for leverage, you noticed how strange the blanket you were sitting on felt. Running your fingertips over the fabric felt intense, like your brain was processing every single thread and stitch separately, and you quickly pulled your hand away.
Even though it made no difference, you closed your eyes, trying to listen to things around you. It took a few seconds for the static to soften, but when it did, your jaw dropped. You could hear the leaky pipe steadily dripping in the bathroom, two people arguing a few rooms down, and even the soft hum of the air conditioner that was running in the motel’s main office. Aside from the sounds, you could smell the fresh pizza which was delivered to your neighbor as Sam was leaving, the mildew of the bathroom shower, and even the strange chemical smell of the powder carpet cleaner the motel uses.
The thrumming of your heart jumped a few beats, and your eyes shot open reflexively. “What the fuck is happening?” 
Even though you were confused, you allowed yourself to listen, smell, and touch the world around you, enjoying the small adrenaline spikes at each taste of sensory overload. 
Not long later, the jingling of keys drew you out of the silent cocoon you’d been borderline catatonic in, and you sat upright on the bed right as Sam opened the door. He grunted, and something heavy landed on the table near the door.
“You okay?” he asked, shutting the door behind him.
“How… how long were you gone?” you asked him quietly.
“Uhhh, about four hours?” Sam groaned and you heard him drop into the chair near the window. “She had a lot of stuff, but I did manage to find a full spell reversal that Dean’ll have ready by the time we get back to the bunker since the witch didn’t have all the ingredients. Why?”
“My… things are really weird.” You shook your head slightly, trying to jostle your thoughts back into order. “Ever since I lost my sight, I can smell, feel, and hear things much more… intense.”
“I’ve read about that happening to people before,” Sam informed you, “people who lose their hearing get better eyesight, and vice versa. One or more senses make up for the loss of another.”
“I thought that was just in comic books,” you snorted, “never thought it actually was a thing. Don't worry Sam, I’m not gonna dress up in red leather and prance around Hell’s Kitchen.”
Sam laughed and you felt the bed dip next to you, followed by two soft thumps as he kicked his shoes off. “My little superhero,” he whispered, making you gasp at the feel of his breath against your lips. “So… you said everything feels more intense?”
You managed to reach up and run your fingers through the hair on the back of his head. “Yeah, pretty much. I haven’t tasted anything, but hearing, smell, and touch are all turned up to eleven.”
“Well, since they’re not expecting us back until tomorrow, how about we have some fun.” 
Sam’s mouth was on yours before you could even respond, and you moaned, allowing your body to go lax so he could guide you where he wanted. When you were flat on your back, head resting on the pillow, his hands began to roam under your shirt, gently tickling your skin. While watching Sam while he made love to you was always something you enjoyed, this kind of sexual experience would involve a lot of trust, plenty of which you had for Sam.
“‘M gonna make you feel real good, ‘kay?” he murmured against your skin as he kissed down your neck to the tops of your breasts peeking through the top of your flannel. “Anything feels wrong or is too much, just say so and I’ll ease up or stop completely, okay?”
With one last sigh, you let it all go. The tension, the unease about your unfortunate condition,and the stress of that hunt, allowing yourself to just… feel. Taking that as a sign to move forward, Sam began to run his hands along your arms while using the dexterity he’d gained from decades of hunting to begin unbuttoning and removing your clothing.
The calluses on Sam’s hands felt more pronounced as they brushed against your skin. Each ridge and bump delicately tickled wherever Sam’s hands roamed, sending goosebumps cascading over your skin. When you were left in just a pair of panties, Sam’s large hands cupped your breasts, squeezing and massaging the pillowy flesh. The blunt edge of his nail brushed against your nipples as he moved his thumbs, and you choked out a gasp.
“Feel good?” Sam asked, slowly repeating his ministrations.
“It’s… it’s like I can feel every single nerve waking up,” you whimpered, squeezing your legs together to get some sort of friction on your aching core. “More, Sam. Please.”
Sam chuckled and obliged, walking the fingers of his right hand down between your breasts, over your stomach, and slipping them into your panties. The first brush of his fingertips across your clit felt like electricity, sending your back arching off the bed.
“Jesus!” you squealed, hands fisted in the sheets on either side of you.
The longer he touched your sensitive bud, the surprisingly more relaxed your body became. Your legs fell even further apart, allowing him full access, and you could feel your brain struggling to try and process all of the pleasure it was being bombarded with. 
You opened your mouth to warn Sam you were getting close, but all that came out was a high pitched choking sound as your orgasm slammed into with the force of a train. Even though you couldn’t see, your vision whited out as your entire body twitched and hummed with pure ecstacy. It felt like it lasted minutes, and when your lungs began to burn, you had to remind yourself to breathe, gasping and taking in deep breath after deep breath.
“Holy shit, that looked intense,” you heard Sam mutter as he grabbed your hand and interlaced your fingers with his. “Everything still okay?”
“Yeah,” you croaked, giving his hand a lethargic squeeze. “Wanna feel you inside me, Sam. Need that thick cock.”
Sam groaned, and you felt the weight next to you disappear. Clothing rustling and dropping to the floor came next, before two fingers tucked into the elastic of your panties and tugged them down and off. Sam was likely at the end of the bed, watching you squirm while he slowly stroked himself, and you bent your knees, spreading your legs wide, showing him just how slick you were for him.
“Damn,” he cursed almost breathlessly, and you smirked when you heard the telltale sound of skin rubbing against skin.
Two of your fingers were between your legs before you could even register what you were doing, and you spread your lips apart, displaying your pussy in such an obscene way that it made Sam’s breath hitch before he pounced. It startled you when his body was suddenly pressed against you, but you quickly relaxed, allowing him to slot himself between your legs.
Sam shifted to one side, and you felt his fingers brush against your folds as he gripped himself and lined up. The first push and stretch of his cock was always amazing, but this felt like a complete other-worldly experience. It was as if your pussy had a direct connection to your brain, and with every inch he filled you, every single nerve in your body became alight with such an incomprehensible amount of pleasure, it almost sent you into an orgasm the moment he was fully seated inside your heat.
Sam grunted something you couldn’t make out, too drunk on bliss to even care to try, and when he pulled back and pushed forward slowly, you actually did come. Judging by the strange noise Sam made, he was as surprised as you were, and you could sense the trembling of his muscles straining for control on either side of your head.
“Fucking shit, that was…” You exhaled a long breath, lifting a shaky hand up to run your fingers through his hair. You ended up smacking him lightly on the forehead, and he laughed, before you ducked your chin and stroked his silky locks. “Amazing. Just like you are.”
You could practically feel the heat coming from his cheeks.
Sam only gave you a short reprieve to recover from your orgasm before he began to move his hips, slowly at first, before he gradually began to pick up speed. His hands were on you again, running over your breasts, arms, thighs, and dipping between your legs to tease your clit. The added sensations of his hands on you to the stretch and movement of his cock inside you made your mind go stupid. Everything that was on your mind disappeared, and all you could feel was Sam’s hands worshipping every inch of you while fucking you into the mattress.
Sam’s arm wrapped around your waist, lifting your bottom off the bed so your thighs were resting splayed open on his lap while your back was still flat against the bed. The change in angle sent sparks shooting through your veins, and your clit throbbed with need. Sam’s large hands squeezed your ass in time with his thrusts until he could feel your walls begin to tighten down on him.
It was at this moment you wished you could see. Sam’s arm was still around your back and rubbing up and down your spine while still supporting you as he fucked into you, his cock reaching deep inside you with each thrust. The first brush of his fingertip over your clit had you squealing and squirming in his arms, but Sam didn’t let up. 
When it was almost beginning to be too much, the dam holding everything back completely disintegrated, and you screamed as you were launched into one of the most extraordinary orgasms you’d ever had. You were floating on a cloud of blissful abandon, and the ghost of Sam’s hands on your body prolonged the feeling longer than you ever thought possible. Minutes or hours later, you came back to yourself, chest heaving, with tears in the corner of your eyes.
“Ho-ly shit,” Sam laughed, and you realized he came as well based on the warmth between your folds as he pulled out. “I don’t think you’ve ever squeezed down on me that hard before.”
“I think I transcended into another plane of existence,” you murmured, trying to calm your heartbeat thundering in your ear. “I didn’t expect this sensory thing to happen so fast after I lost my sight. Maybe we could try to recreate it with a blindfold? So you can experience it, too?”
Sam’s lips pressed against yours and you smiled into the kiss. “Sounds like a plan, baby.”
When you heard him slip from the bed and his belt buckle jingle as he pulled his pants on, you frowned. “Where are you going?”
“Gonna go grab you some candy from the vending machine to see how much your sense of taste changed,” he said with an excited flourish before his voice dropped a few octaves, making you shiver. “Maybe get some ice from the machine, too, see if we can find out just how much I can make you squirm.”
The idea of Sam teasing your body and pushing the limits of your sense of touch made fresh heat surge from your core. Even though being blinded sucked, you were definitely going to enjoy the upsides of it before heading back to the bunker. As the door shut behind Sam, you smiled turning your head to where your phone was resting on the nightstand.
“Hey, Siri? Set a private reminder to order a blindfold.”
Supernatural Forevers [CLOSED]: @katymacsupernatural​ @queen-of-deans-booty​ @your-modern-shakespeare​ @wheresthekillswitch​ @holyfuckloueh​ @growningupgeek​ @jensen-gal​ @mizzezm​ @there-must-be-a-lock​ @atc74 @pilaxia​ @supernatural-jackles​ @bambi95-blog​ @wonderfulworldofwinchester​ @batmmgray​ @brooke-supernatural16​ @dwgrl1903​ @hey-bxtch​ @kittenofdoomage​ @leanbeankeane​ @emoryhemsworth​ @xalgaliareptx​ @mhnfatima​ @bi-e-ne​ @speakinvain​ @pebblesz892​ @lastactiontricia​ @kassablanca13​ @mogaruke​ @tockettt​ @imagining-supernatural​ @wildefire​ @serienjunkiegirl​ @mrswhozeewhatsis​ @stars-and-seas​ @jaremish​ @ellen-reincarnated1967​ @nyxveracity​ @andkatiethings​ @deathtonormalcy56​ @winchesterprincessbride​ @moonstar86​ @missihart23​ @mrs-meghan-winchester​ @miss-rebel-without-applause​ @dean-winchesters-bacon​ @wayward-angelgirl​ @bojabee​ @maddiepants​ @claitynroberts​ @superlockedtimelord​ @keymology​ @fanfictionjunkie1112​ @feelmyroarrrr​ @cheritzie​ @voltage-my2dlove​ @slytherincoven​ @idalinette​ @fangirlxwritesx67​ @agentstarkid​ 
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sapphicshots · 5 months ago
the world won’t stop for us
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Word Count: 772
Summary: Wanda and R waking up on the morning they have to go to Wakanda (during Infinity War). Neither of them are eager get out of bed.
    part two
Tumblr media
Your dreamless sleep was rudely interrupted by the shriek of the alarm clock on Wanda’s side of the bed. You groaned in response and nudged your girlfriend so she would hurry to turn it off. She sniffled away a bit of her morning congestion and sat up, clicking it off before rubbing her eyes gently.
You whined softly because you could no longer feel her legs tangled between yours and turned to lay on your stomach so you could bury your face into the pillow your head rested on.
“(Y/n/n), baby, we have to get up,” Wanda mumbled, but loud enough for you to hear, while rubbing your back gently.
You sighed and she smiled at your unwillingness to get up. She gave you a sad smile when you turned away from the pillow and she saw the dreadful look on your face. “Can we just lie here for a moment before we get up, please?” You whispered.
Wanda nodded wordlessly and moved herself back into her pillow and held her arms out so you could settle into them. You routinely tucked your head underneath her chin and played with the dainty necklace that rested on her collarbone. Wandas fingers danced along your spine in the comforting way she knew you loved, and her other hand rested at your waist.
“Natasha will be upset at us for being late, dove,” Wanda noted, though she didn’t seem to care all that much.
You gave her a half nod and replied, “I know.”
The both of you knew that staying in bed was selfish, though it wasn’t all that bad because neither of you planned on staying in more than five minutes. You both felt guilty, but neither of you knew if this was the last time you would get to lay in the same bed together. A bad feeling was settled in your chest and stomach and you couldn’t shake it.
“Your thoughts are very loud,” Wanda pressed a kiss to your forehead, letting her lips linger on your skin for a moment.
“I’m sorry, I know it makes you-“
“Don’t apologize,” Wanda interrupted. “I’m scared too.”
Her confession made your stomach do a little flip. Your breath started to pick up and you felt the urge to cry. Wanda’s brow furrowed and she looked down at you, noticing the slightly panicked look on your face. The hand that she was using to rub your back moved up to your head, and she scratched your scalp lightly, kissing your forehead again.
“There’s no need for you to worry, (Y/n/n). I promise we will both be just fine,” She shifted in bed so she could see your face and cup your cheek. Her thumb moved back and forth on your cheekbone and you closed your eyes for a second, moving your hand up to her wrist, before sighing.
“Everything is changing and I hate it.” You mumbled, opening your eyes so you could look at her. Your heart fluttered at the way she was gazing at you.
Wanda nodded and kissed your nose, “I hate it, too. But, we both knew that we weren’t going to be able to hide away forever. The world won’t stop for us.”
“Yeah, but is it so bad that I want it to? I’m so tired of watching you get hurt, Wands. I hate it so much.”
“Will it help you if I promise to be more careful today?” Wanda offered.
“I know that if it came to it, you would take a bullet for me, so no, not really, my love. I do appreciate it though,” You gave a halfhearted smile and took her hand off your cheek and put it in your own, moving it up to your lips so you could leave a kiss at her knuckles. You noticed her rings were all off. You knew she took them off to sleep, she always put them on the bathroom counter next to her toothbrush so she could find them easily the next morning. Your heart ached at the thought of something happening to her and not seeing her rings on the counter in the morning while you brush your teeth.
“Stop that,” She chided. “Your thoughts are very loud.” replayed in your head.
Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes and you nodded. You both knew what was coming, you were going to start crying. She probably would too. But you had to get up and out of bed. The world needed saving and the evils of the world don’t care about two girls in love.
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benhardyisdaddy · 2 years ago
All You Had To Do Was Ask
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(ooof hello to this smutty fic okay FIRST OFF i apologize in advance cuz i havent wrote a full on smut fic in forever so i feel rusty so im SORRY IF ITS NOT GOOD but i hope u all like it and especially the anon that requested it xoxo also these gifs are how i imagined his face to look when he walks in on y/n sksksk)
Word Count: 2,822
WARNING: smut, masturbation with an object 
Being on tour with the world famous rock band Queen wasn’t as chaotic or crazy as you thought it would be. Yeah, their parties got a little rowdy and the sea of women you’ve had to swim through to get a single drink was insane - it wasn’t nearly as bad as what you had envisioned in your head when your best friend, Roger, invited you.
“We could really use a woman’s touch on tour. Keep our feet on the ground or what not.” 
Roger was over at your flat as he lounged on your sofa with a beer in his hand, his feet on your coffee table. You were sitting diagonally from him as you listened to him attempt to persuade you into coming along on a five month tour with the band. 
“Five months?” you asked shocked. “Roger, how will I pay bills if I tell my job I’m leaving for five months to go do god-knows-what with you all?” 
Roger shook his head and takes a swig from his bottle. 
“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll help you with whatever you need.” 
You lean forward and push his feet off of your coffee table, causing him to lightly laugh. 
“See? Like that! You’ll put us in our place and everything will be perfect. We need you.” he says with giant puppy dog eyes. 
You narrow yours and tense your jaw in deep concentration. 
“It’ll kind of be like a holiday.” you murmur. 
Roger eyes go wide as he smiles and sits up more. 
“Yes! Exactly! Look at it like you’re going on a holiday. Just with an awesome famous band.” he teases, throwing you a wink. 
You roll your eyes and smile as you think for a moment longer, finally coming to a decision. 
“Alright, fine,” you say, causing him to ball up his fists and whisper ‘yes’. “But the moment I feel left out, I’m leaving. Knowing you Roger Taylor, you’ll be busy doing what and who during your free time.” 
“I promise,” he says, leaning forward with a big goofy grin on his face. “I promise you’ll have the time of your life.”
And he was, sadly, right. You’ve enjoyed yourself so much these past two months with the boys. Roger’s kept his promise about not leaving you out and you really felt like you were apart of the band. You all were almost to the next city where they’d be staying for a full week. You were almost to your hotel and you were beyond excited. You can finally get to your room and release some steam that’s been bugging you this whole car ride. Your thighs are squeezed together as you watch the boys all laugh and talk about something you weren’t paying attention to. 
You look to Roger and admire how he smiles - his tongue slightly pushing between his teeth and then fully licking his lips. You were so sexually frustrated that you began imagining how nice his tongue must feel and how experienced he must be. You’re continuing to stare at him and are so lost in your thoughts, you don’t even realize him looking back at you. 
“You alright?” he asks, his brows knitting together. 
Oh god, you were biting your lip hard. You shake your head a bit and smile to him. 
“Oh, yeah. Just tired.” you lie. 
He stares at you a moment longer, a smirk-like smile on his face. If he could read your mind, you’d be screwed. Hopefully by him, you think to yourself. Where were all of these thoughts and feelings coming from? You’ve never thought of Roger that way. Alright, why are you lying to yourself? You’ve been so madly in love with him from the first time you met when you were sixteen. You deny the fact you like him so you wouldn’t be completely devastated when he tells you he doesn’t feel the same. Who cares if you think about your best friend when you touch yourself late at night? It’s not like anybody else needs to know your dirty little secret. 
“And here we are!” says John as he looks out the window and up at the hotel. 
Hotel? This was more like a condo. It was huge and beautiful. You stare up at it in awe as Roger slides next to you and does the same. You look over to him and admire the way his eyes flutter up and the slight smile on his lips. He looks to you and you quickly look back to the building fast. Roger slightly laughs as the door opens up and out he goes. He reaches his hand out for you to take and helps you out. You all make your way into the building and to the front desk. People stare at you in amazement as they whisper and smile and point at the boys, obviously recognizing them. 
Joe checks in to his suite, then Brian, then Freddie, then Roger. Now it’s your turn. 
“Last name?” asks the lady. 
Her eyes keep darting over to Roger as she blushes and smiles to him. You narrow your eyes and lean forward, making sure your voice brings her back to reality. 
“Y/l/n.” you say loudly, causing her to slightly jump. 
You can hear Roger hold back a laugh behind you as the lady embarrassingly smiles and types away on the computer. 
“I’m so sorry,” she says. “I don’t see you on here for a room. When did you make it?” she asks. 
“What?” you ask, shocked. “We made these reservation days ago. Are you sure?” 
She types some more on the computer and shakes her head, frowning. 
“No, ma’am. I have nothing.” 
“Well, then can we just rent a room right now for her?” asks Roger, walking up beside you. 
“We’re completely booked, Mr. Taylor. Believe me, if I could, I would.” she says smiling to him. 
You exhale and close your eyes, trying to think of something. 
“Just bunk with me.” says Roger to you. 
You look to him and your heart jumps. The thought about sharing a room with Roger made you feel shaky and light headed. 
“Share a room with you?” you ask, your voice barely audible. 
“Your room, Mr. Taylor, does have two separate beds in it. Along with a kitchen, bathroom and living area.” she tells him. 
Roger looks to you and smugly smiles as he reaches down and grabs your bag. 
“Then it’s settled. You’ll stay in mine.” 
You were really hoping for some alone time and that’s not going to happen now. You couldn’t do what you were going to do, knowing that Roger was right there. You both were in your room as you look around in awe. The suite was large and beautifully decorated. You move past Roger and grab your toiletry bag and head for the bathroom. You close the door and lock it fast. You place your bag on the counter and unzip it. Your heart sinks. 
“No!” you say loudly. 
“You alright?” asks Roger, knocking on the door. 
You jump and force yourself to calm down and laugh. 
“Oh, yeah! I’m fine! Just left something back at the hotel.” 
“Oh, do you need me to send our driver to get it? What was it?” 
“Oops, here it is!” you lie. 
It wasn’t there. The one thing you were hoping to see - your vibrator. You couldn’t dare tell Roger that it was missing. How embarrassing. You sulk for a moment longer until you walk back out to the living room and spot Roger inside the bedroom. The lady was right, there were two large beds right next to each other. Great. You pick your bed and slide under the covers, your back facing Roger. 
“Going to bed already?” he asks, shocked. 
You fake yawn as you speak. 
“Yeah, I’m super tired. Night, Rog.” 
He stares at you as he frowns. 
“Oh. Night, y/n.” 
The next day was a little better, or at least so you keep telling yourself. You were at rehearsals for the whole day with the boys as they practiced for their set. It was nearing 10pm when they all finally call it quits. Roger walks up to you all sweaty and grinning. 
“Sounded amazing.” you tell him. 
“You look amazing.” he says a smirk on his face - or until he realizes what he just said. 
Your eyebrows go up as Roger stumbles with his words. His face goes red as he attempts to explain what he meant. 
“What I mean is that your shirt looks good on you. The shirt is nice. You look nice.” 
He closes his eyes and embarrassingly laughs. 
“I like your shirt.” he slowly says, causing you to laugh. 
“A compliment from the Roger Taylor? If I was any other girl I’d be on my knees by now.” you tease, giggling as you walk away. 
Roger’s face goes serious at your words and then he laughs a bit, not knowing if you were serious or not - you were, but he doesn’t need to know that. You all make your way back to the hotel and you were suddenly reminded of your lost vibrator and your certain needs. 
“We were all gonna go grab a drink at the lounge area downstairs. You wanna join?” asks Brian to you as you all walk inside. 
Bingo! Perfect opportunity for you. 
“Oh, I think I’m alright actually. I’m just gonna go read for a bit.” 
Roger watches you with a confused look as you begin walking away. 
“You sure?” he calls out. 
“Yeah! Have fun!” 
Finally. You’re all by yourself. You hurry to your room and jump on your bed. You unzip your pants and fling them off, along with your panties. You close your eyes and allow your fingers to slide between your soaked folds. You imagine Roger doing it himself and that helps a lot. You bite your lip as you slide a finger inside and groan. 
“Roger,” you whisper out loud, but it doesn’t help. 
You need more. You huff as you sit up and look around the room. Your eyes dart across Roger’s half opened bag as his drumstick is poking out. A sudden, crazy idea hits you. You stand up and walk over to it, your fingers picking it up. Roger’s fingers have touched this so many times and you're envious of them. You bite your lip and make your way back to your bed. You lie back down and decide when you’re done, you’ll wash it off. He’ll never know. You slowly bring the thicker part of the stick to your core and gently push it inside. Your back arches as you moan out, imagining Roger once more. It feels so good. You pick up the speed as your other hand works on your sensitive nub. It’s not like your vibrator, but it’s working. You feel yourself getting close. 
“Roger,” you whisper out. “Oh, Roger. You feel so good.” 
Your speed is picking up fast, when suddenly you hear the floor creak. Your eyes fly open as you remove the drumstick and look up fast. Your cheeks are red hot as you spot Roger standing in the doorway of the room, watching you. You fling the sheets over your lower half and your hearts beating fast. You want the floor to open up and swallow you whole. 
“Roger,” you breathe out, embarrassed. 
“Are you using my drumstick to… Masturbate with?” he asks, his eyes locked onto it beside you. 
You close your eyes and fall back on the bed, covering your face and groaning. 
“I’m so sorry! I’m such an idiot! I’m so embarrassed right now! You weren’t supposed to be here!” you cry out. 
“You said to not leave you out and I felt like I was, so I came back to hang out with you! Tell me what exactly you’re doing?” he asks fast.
“I forgot-” 
You freeze and don’t dare to say anymore, but Roger wasn’t having that. 
“You forgot what?” he asks moving closer. 
“I forgot my… My vibrator. I needed it so bad and I had nothing and I saw your drumstick and I’m such an idiot! I’m so sorry.” 
Roger laughs and continues watching you, his eyes glancing down at your thrown off panties on the floor. 
“So, you forget your sex toy and you decide to use my drumstick as one?” he asks, understanding. “All you had to do was ask.” 
Your whole body freezes as you slowly look over to him with a confused look on your face. 
“Ask you what? To go buy me a sex toy?” you ask, not understanding. 
“No,” he says, half laughing. “Ask me to help you.” he says slowly for you to understand. 
“For you to sleep with me?” you whisper. 
“Is it such a bad idea? You need relief, I need relief. I trust you, you trust me.” 
The two of you stare at each other for a moment as you’re in deep thought. 
“Roger,” you whisper. 
All you can do is nod. Roger’s face lights up as he walks up to you and sits on the side of the bed.
“Yeah?” he asks, making sure. 
“Yeah.” you tell him, smiling. 
Without waiting, Roger leans forward and kisses you hard. You lean into him as his hand tugs on your hair, making your groan. 
“Lay back.” he whispers against you. 
You do as he says and before you know it, he’s discarded all of his clothes and is hovering over you. You stare down at his length and bring your hand to pump him a few times. His eyes flutter closed as he jerks a bit at your touch. 
“Does this feel weird?” you whisper to him. 
“I think it feels amazing.” he teases, smiling. 
You laugh and playfully nudge his arm. 
“No, I mean this. Us. Right now.” 
He looks down at you with a sweet smile on his face before leaning down and kissing you once more. 
“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, so, no. Not to me.” 
You’re taken back by what he had just said. 
“You have?” you quietly ask him. 
“I have.” 
All you can do is smile as he kisses you and begins sliding your shirt over your head. His hand goes in between your legs as he rubs you. 
“I heard you moaning my name.” he whispers in your ear. “Is that why you’re so wet?” 
You close your eyes and nod as you groan. 
“Good girl.” he tells you. 
He spreads your legs apart even further and places himself at your entrance. 
“Are you sure?” he asks you. 
“You have no idea how sure I am.” you tell him, your finger grazing his bottom lip. 
Roger smiles as he bites his lip and slowly slips inside of you. You both moan out as he slides further in and pauses. 
“Better than my drumstick?” he asks, making you laugh. 
“Much better.” 
Roger slowly slides himself out of you and then slams back inside. You dig your nails into his shoulders as you cry out. He repeats this action several times before bringing his hand down to rub tiny circles on your nub. 
“Fuck,” you hiss at the contact. 
“Feel good?” he asks. 
“Harder!” you cry out. 
Roger slams into you while nuzzling his face in the side of your neck.
“You- You feel so good. I don’t think I’m gonna last.” he says fast. 
“Fuck, neither am I!” you moan out. 
“Where do you want me?” he asks quickly, his voice shaky. 
“I wanna feel you inside me.” you whisper to him. 
Roger practically growls by your answer as he picks up his speed and is suddenly crying out your name as his body jerks. He fills you up as you hold him close to you and hit your high as well. You’re both in the world of pure ecstasy as you hold onto one another and don’t want to let go. You’re seeing stars as he whispers against you. 
“God, I love you.” 
You hold still and open your eyes at his statement. Roger shakes his head, not meaning for that to have slipped out. He backs away and looks at you. 
“What did you say?” you whisper. 
He almost sadly smiles as he shrugs and repeats himself. 
“I… love you. I have since I met you.” 
“Roger,” you whisper, cupping his face with your hands. “I love you too.” 
His eyes sparkle as he smiles and leans down to kiss you. 
“Ya know,” he starts. “I wouldn’t mind watching you again with my drumstick.” he teases. 
You lean your head back and laugh loudly, playfully shoving him off of you. Roger laughs and smiles as he watches you grin. The two of you confessed your love and you both have no idea that, a year from now, you’d be re-confessing them during your vows. 
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