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#i’m in college
waveypedia · 12 days ago
I wore my Mabel sweater today at college and got SO many compliments it’s like you are not immune to gravity falls
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7gentxn · a month ago
I’m concerned for the general population of Oklahoma because one poor soul in class asked told the professor, who has her PhD,that the tilt of the Earth can’t really have that much effect on the seasons. Bless his heart (derogatory)
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hecalledmehanbana · 3 months ago
I just gotta brag about myself for a minute. So I had an essay due last night. I’d had time over the last few days to work on it, and basically only did the draft for Thursday because I refuse to lose out on participation points (and I won’t do the same thing the guy I was peer critiquing did and have like 6 sentences, like, honestly yo, I can’t critique anything with 6 sentences, that tells me nothing about what you’re going to say in your essay). Anywho… over these last few days I’ve had exactly zero motivation to do anything, so had put off finishing my essay. About 7:30 last night (it was due by 11:59), I sat down (okay, stayed sitting, I had to do my math homework too) and rocked out the last page and a half of the essay. It was a compare/contrast essay which is one that I don’t remember ever really writing, plus I was just hella emotionally drained yesterday and so I basically just wrote it, didn’t reread it at all and said fuck it and turned it in. I just checked my grade after turning in today’s assignment and I got a 95!! A 95 on an essay I honestly thought I’d maybe get an 85 on makes me super happy!
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babovens · 10 months ago
Eyyyyyy guess whose credit card was just stolen on Christmas 🥲
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rxseinbloom · a year ago
‘mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell’
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sophisticatedswifts · a year ago
I have to make a tiktok for school...
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annoyinglysarcastic · 2 years ago
How do you deal with roommate problems?
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mushroomtale · 24 days ago
Sichuan Academy of Art 2021 Undergraduate Project | by Xision
#the lvl of talent of young chinese artists these days is getting scarier n scarier fr. i work here n i feel like i should retire voluntarily#cultural confidence. it’s wat i see in younger chinese artists who grew up in arms of the motherland n r able 2 express themselves freely#when i was a college student i also made chinese-themed art. but wat i made was always. warped. self-deprecating. it was in a way#2 compensate 4 the lack of... sth. i felt like i was lacking sth n so i’m trying 2 fill that hole. it’s. i’m not devaluing the works of#diaspora. we’re all doing our best 2 fill that hole. i’m just stating facts. b4 i came 2 china i was doing a serial graphic novel but later#i was told by chinese readers that the clothing of the characters were fr diff dynasties. i had no idea cos i had no access 2 this v#specific area of chinese culture (hanfu) at the time but i couldn’t continue the project after that. it’s too shameful. anyway seeing kids#confident n so in lov w their own culture makes me rly happy u kno. this kind of thing i won’t ever hav it cos u need 2 hav grown up in the#culture 2 hav this oneness w it. u grew up surrounded by its branches being nourished by it n now u’re using skills 2 magnifying its beauty#it’s v different fr trying 2 fill a hole inside u while living in a whitewashed society. so. there i just i wish this 4 all of u. eventually#all cultures will begin 2 flourish again. n the world would b so rich n so colorful. r u following me? haha i’m daydreaming but yes#art#digital#mythology#dragon#culture#video
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sunkeiji · 2 months ago
# tsukki as the supportive college bf !
requested by: eris bby <3 @woahsamu
college bf master list !!
Tumblr media
✫ doesn't let you feel bad about a low grade
fear and nervousness fills your mind as the rustling of papers becomes louder and louder. your professor is calling each student up for their graded exams, and the look on each face walking back amplifies your fear. playing with your hands, you look over to your boyfriend who looks as unbothered as ever. knowing him, he isn't nervous about receiving his grade. your row finally gets called up to the front.
with your graded exam in your hands, you can't help but tremble as your eyes blur. the red marks on your paper are alarming.
tsukki has already put his exam away, yet you're still standing there wondering where you went wrong. you studied, did every practice problem available.
"how'd you do, y/n?" he asks you, walking up to your still figure. you simply show him your paper, hands shaking and all. looking up at him, you notice that his expression remains neutral.
"i studied so hard for this. we studied together, too! where did i go wrong?"
he simply wraps his arm around your shoulder and tells you, "first of all, you didn't do as bad as you think you did. the kid next to me got the whole first page wrong. that's 30 points right there. second, maybe we just need to go over these types of questions again."
you look over to the student who usually sits next to tsukki. he's in tears, too.
"yeah, can we?" you ask him in a whispered voice, and he nods. as you two walk out of the lecture hall, he nonchalantly slips your exam out of your hand and into your backpack in an attempt to get it out of your view and mind.
✫ plans study dates regularly so he can see you
"we're supposed to be studying, you know?" you look over to tsukki, who has his headphones on and is scrolling on his phone.
“hm?” he takes his headphones off and looks over to you. somehow, he still looks pretty after a long day of classes. his hair is tousled and his glasses are slightly slipping off his nose.
“didn’t you say we were having a study date? i don’t wanna study alone,” you whine lightly, annoyed at the fact that you could be napping right now. he smirks at your expression, and then slides over next to you. placing one of his headphones in your ear, he puts his phone on the desk. a playlist called ‘studying w stupid’ is open. you roll your eyes at the title and he laughs — at least it’s catchy.
“okay, now we can study,” he says, pulling your book closer to the two of you. with your favorite song playing in your ear and your favorite boy, despite his annoying antics, beside you, you’re content.
✫ never allows you to pull an all-nighter before an exam
“hey dumbass, why are you still awake?” is the first thing you hear when you pick up his call.
“hello to you, too, kei,” you say with a yawn. “to answer your question, i’m still studying for my exam tomorrow.”
you hear him sigh through the phone, one that shows that he’s just as tired as you are
“just go to sleep. you’ll mess up tomorrow if you don’t get enough sleep,” he tells you. although his voice is stern, his words are threaded with sincerity.
“yeah, yeah. how’d you know i was awake anyway?” you ask him. he called you out of nowhere amidst your draining study session.
“your spotify listening activity, stupid. go to sleep, you’re gonna be loopier than you usually are,” he says. he’s right — you aren’t retaining any information at this point, and mindlessly underlining words as you yawn isn’t going to help you pass the exam. you hum into the phone, packing your books up and tidying your desk. as you climb into bed, you say a soft ‘goodnight’ and he says one back. you can tell he’s smiling, his voice gentle and laced with love.
and after he ends the call, tsukki reminds himself to pick up your favorite drink for you after your exam. you deserve it, he thinks.
Tumblr media
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milfcodeddean · 6 months ago
Every time they’re on screen together Jack’s true form is holding hands with Cas’s true form bc that’s his dad and we just can’t see it bc we’re human
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