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ta1k-less · 17 days ago
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My friend is gone, he ran away / I can tell you, I love him each day
The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us!, Sufjan Stevens // Dead Poets Society (1989), dir. Peter Weir
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wallbursoot · 2 months ago
no but you don’t get it i’m literally never going to get over it starting with “i have a feeling we aren't going to be friends by the end of this” and ending with “he loves me!” and “he always had my back” on their respective ends. i’m never gonna get over bdubs’ very last word being “etho!” i’m never going to stop thinking about etho’s “that hurts me a lot actually. i thought he would get a life back, and everything would be smooth and peachy again. we would be together.” i am never going to stop thinking about the fact they knew someone would die eventually but neither of them could really fathom it and they never gave up on one another, despite their worries they stayed friends and stayed loyal to each other until the very end???
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candyblob · 9 months ago
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Sir- Sir please, not my emotional support awesamponk
Wow Sam really took Ponks hand in marriage huh? Aha.. *uncontrollable sobbing*
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superscut · 2 months ago
I feel like the disconnect people are feeling between the two versions of all too well is completely valid and please just hear me out. If you’ve ever been in an emotionally abusive relationship like I have you’ll also see that distinctive disconnect in the way you think and talk about the relationship as it was happening vs. years later. When that relationship is still ongoing or has recently crashed, you subconsciously feel like you need to protect the image you had of that person so badly. You end up saying things like “he did this but he’s a really good guy though”. You try to let the world see your person through the rose-colored glasses you saw them through because you loved them despite how they treated you. You do that to justify your love for them and your grief for losing them, you want people to understand. Not only that but you keep hiding parts of the emotional abuse and manipulation you had to endure because you’re still a victim to them and those tactics are still in full effect. At times you might be telling yourself the truth (like when she wrote the long version during the speak now tour in an attempt to vent and process her emotions privately) but you never dare to say it out loud (give the public access to it), not until time has made the image in your head much more clear. Only then you have the courage to talk about every aspect of the relationship that has bothered you and left a bad taste in your mouth from day one. So yeah, I’m sure she has always hated their age gap and the way he’d act ashamed of her around people. I’m sure she has always hated the way he made her feel crazy for being rightfully upset. She did not make that up for dramatic effects, it’s just that all the mind games had worn off for her to finally release what she had already written when she finally felt free enough and truly away from him
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hot-for-goblins · 7 months ago
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heretohelptheidiots · a month ago
I hurt my own feelings thinking about this, so I’m going to take ya’ll with me. Luisa was probably four, just turning five, when Camilo and Mirabel were born. As toddlers are want to do, she loved holding them in her lap with guidance from her Tia and parents.
Then she gets her gift. Suddenly Tia Pepa’s anxiety won’t allow for Luisa to hold her little cousin anymore. She accidentally hugs her dad too tight. Soon she is too afraid to touch people, because what if she hurts them? We see in the movie that she doesn’t really touch people, except Mirabel. Mirabel is the only person we see her hug.
Julieta couldn’t fault her sister for trying to protect her child. She could be a guiding hand gently molding Luisa’s little fingers so that she could hold her little sister. Luisa probably remembers none of this, but she does know she’s afraid to hurt people, so she just doesn’t touch them.
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hello-archivist · 11 months ago
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“This is my fault.”
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firefly464 · a month ago
Being a dsmp fan rn is like I love slime I would die for slime, quackity and Charlie are best friends, charlie taught quackity how to love again, im very upset at purpled, I’m so proud of purpled he did so good he finally grew a backbone, purpled my despised, purpled my beloved, the fiancé’s are fighting, my heart is broken, I’m in pain, I will never recover from this, techno is streaming tomorrow
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biggerlogz · 2 months ago
people brushing aside the “gg buddy” like etho hasn’t been telling bdubs that for a straight decade with all the UHCs they’ve been through both teamed up and apart 😔
just something to think about
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birfo · a year ago
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ar-wenn · 6 months ago
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duPAIN without du
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usignedupforthis · a month ago
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“I would come for you,” he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again.
Tumblr media
“I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together—knives drawn, pistols blazing.
Tumblr media
Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”
Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo
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moon-arts02 · 10 days ago
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I no longer have a wrist
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wifekasa · 11 months ago
# aot characters when you’re on your period!
jean, armin, eren, levi, mikasa, hange, annie
some of these are modern au and some of them aren’t??
x fem! reader !!!!
Tumblr media
ok so we all know this dude is a SIMP™️
like he always treats you like a princess but this week??? oh boy
literally gets u everything
chocolate, heating pads, meds, tampons, pads etc.
will probably put his hands on ur stomach if that makes u happy
probably gonna use it as an excuse to lie around w u all day
literally ur personal butler
“imma go get some water”
“no let me get it for u”
“dude i can WALK.”
my sweet angel child
literally so observant it’s almost creepy
like if ur kinda sore or something he’s gonna KNOW
probably knows all the best medicines and techniques and is down to try them
the most knowledgeable out of the dudes fs
y’all r gonna watch disney movies idc
“ we should watch tangled”
“fuck no, the little mermaid is where it’s at.”
probably will read to u
it may be some weird book about astrophysics or some shit but his voice is <calming3
probably a dick the first time (on accident, bless him he’s trying)
yk the good old “jesus r u on ur period or something”
“....oh shit”
he makes up for it tho
pretty knowledgeable cause of mikasa so he can help u out
doesn’t spoil u as much as jean but he makes an effort
y’all will probably watch movies all day and he’s gonna eat just as much as u or more
if u get weird cravings hes 100% gonna try them with you
“you want pickles and whipped cream..?”
“aight bet let’s do it.”
def the most chill about it
probably pretty knowledgeable (idk why i just feel like he’d know)
more touchy then usual
cuddling a lot more and would probably abandon work early to come take care of you (ur THAT special)
pretty sure isayama confirmed he’d be shy around someone he liked (correct me if i’m wrong)
so i feel like if it was a new relationship he’d sorta just be helpful and there
but if it’s older relationship he’s gonna be a lot more touchy and soft
would make sure ur still eating healthy (unlike eren)
probably massage ur tummy if u want
overall just v chill abt it
we know this women is already PROTECTIVE asf
expect this 100x on ur period
someone bumps into you?
they better run for their lives as u attempt to hold back ur pissed gf
but w you shes like 🥺💗🥰😽💌💞
if y’all synch she’s gonna put all her energy into helping u and totally neglect herself
“mikasa let me help you”
“sit down >:(.”
she protecc
100% will massage u and get u chocolates
ugh someone get me a gf like this
ok so we all know hange has a very loud personality
however they would turn that down for u when it’s ~that time~
they excitedly whisper about their day especially if u get headaches cause they’re v considerate <3
even more then jeanboy
literally you’ll wake up and it’ll look like christmas with the amount of gifts they give u
the gifts r probably kinda odd,, but endearing
long hugs (v gentle incase ur tiddies r sore 😔)
will just HOLD ur boob??
not even in a sexual way
they just
put their hand there??
kinda comforting ngl
levi probably walked in on this
“OI FOUR EYES... oh”
hange is so chill like
“what’s up”
anyways i love them goodbye
annie my beloved
the entire week she’s just
puts u in her lap and strokes ur hair
will literally do anything u ask
if SHES on her period??
oh boy
super emotional
“i just can’t believe how lucky i am”
“darling it’s 3am please sleep”
anyways back to u
literally will carry u everywhere (cause she’s super strong like holy fu-)
little thoughtful gifts 🥰
probably gives u a lil note everyday
“make sure u drink water today :)”
Tumblr media
it’s that time of the month for me and all i want is a gf to cuddle up w me but nOoO 😔
i’ll probably do a part two w some more characters !! lmk if u wanna see anyone else
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kastimere · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Aaaaand another redraw because I still have no ideas
Original image:
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schneesisterss · 10 months ago
The enemy fucked up the moment they hurt Yang...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrect-turn · 3 months ago
Me coming on tumblr and seeing Turn is leaving Netflix
Tumblr media
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goldfyshie927 · a month ago
Can’t stop thinking about Vi walking away from Caitlyn in the rain when she said they’d find a way to fix it and how the last time someone told Vi that, they had died.
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fishbowll · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
i am not okay. i have never been okay. i will never be okay.
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