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lucky-ghost2 · 6 months ago
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memento mori.
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pepa-madrigal · 4 months ago
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I just love how instantly she is calmed down by him okay?? I just love them okay???
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evanbucxley · 29 days ago
watching nick nelson go through the Bisexual Journey™ in a very natural and relatable way and never once being mocked for it or spoken down to or doubted by any of his queer friends and finding love and happiness with his favorite person is something i would have loved to have in high school and i’m so happy young baby bis today can have this i’m just gonna
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notcapableofbeingtheguy · 26 days ago
Michael Mando on his final episode and nacho’s death (x)
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He died a good death y’all. He knew who he was. He died for love. I’m—
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derrygfs · 3 days ago
ok the final shot of erin putting on the denim jacket her ma told her to take off in the pilot, marks not only the end of their adolescence but erin finally feeling like she can express her individuality. she finally put her spin on the uniform.
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dreamerstreamer · a year ago
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i know that everyone’s talking about how well-done all of sad-ist’s expressions are (as they always are), but i think there’s just something so hauntingly sad about this one frame. tommy looks so small sitting in that big throne, and you suddenly realize just how much burden he had been carrying on his shoulders at such a young, young age.
“At fifteen years old, Tommy was the oldest he’d ever been, but he never felt so young.”
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ziggyrocket · 3 days ago
Dancing/cooking Taron is back and I’ve never been happier 🥰
Taron Egerton’s IG Stories May 18, 2022
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foreverindreamlandd · a month ago
just tucking this lil note into your ask box in case you ever wanna share: 💌 Bucky proposing to Oak 💌 (since I know you’ve alluded to their wedding and letting us just daydream about it ourselves but how do we get there!?)
OKAY yes I have been thinking about this A LOT.
Tumblr media
You and Bucky had gone out to dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate you officially moving into the house and the two of you now living together 🥺
On your way back, you got a text from Stevie, saying that he and Nat were out and forgot their keys, and he wondered if you could leave yours under the mat for when they got home.
It was eerily dark at their place…not even the outdoor lights were on like they usually were. Still, you knew the area like the back of your hand so you were able to navigate your way to the front door to drop of the key.
Suddenly, the house started to glow from an unknown source behind you, and you turned to see Big Oaky covered in twinkle lights, rose petals lining a path to the massive tree.
There was something hanging on the trunk…
A painting….
Tears blurred your eyesight, but you could still make out the portrait before you as you followed the rose-covered path.
To most, the picture before you would appear to be amateur-level. Which was true, Bucky was hardly an artist - especially compared to you - but the secret lessons with Wanda over the past few months had helped him learn more than only being able to paint stick figures.
To you, it was the most perfect, beautiful thing you had ever laid eyes on.
It was a painting of Big Oaky, covered in twinkle lights and surrounded by rose petals.
As well as the silhouette of a figure down on one knee, holding up a small box out to the person in front of them.
You choked out a small laugh, and then suddenly felt an urge to turn around.
When you did, you saw your favorite person on one knee, tears in his eyes and the biggest smile on his face.
Had you been able to notice anything else, you would have seen Steve, Nat, and your mom peaking out through the window of the Rogers’ household.
But all you could focus on were those eyes, and the mouth that said the most perfect things, asking you the most perfect question.
And after one word from you, the lights hanging on Big Oaky swirled around as you spun in the air, giggling like the happiest person alive as Bucky’s arms held you to his moving form, his own laughter sweeter than any song you had ever heard.
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In the Embers
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birdblacksocialclub · 6 months ago
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Sephiroth week 2021 - Nature.
(Well as ‘nature’ as Shinra HQ gets …which is…completely missing the mark surprise, surprise. Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a box of tissues with my name on it)
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oneofthefangirls · 10 months ago
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that was no romanogers baby, that was her sister’s vest
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muqingloml · 7 days ago
Yotd spoilers
I kinda made this
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star-kovs · 4 months ago
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Andrew I can’t handle this emotionally rn 😭
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leopardom · 15 days ago
think about it: they went from not even getting mentioned at Emma Gaala to winning 6 Emmas in one night 😭
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please-return-to-villanelle · 9 months ago
Definitely not dwelling on the fact that Scylla carried Raelle into the van by herself when Abigail was taking too long, and then jumped right in the van after her when Abigail tried to get rid of her, then cradled Raelle the entire journey to the safe house, then carried her out of the van, took her inside, washed her, changed her clothes, tucked her into bed, got her a glass of water just in case, and sat in a chair all night so Raelle wouldn’t wake up in a strange place all alone. Nope definitely not thinking about that at all.
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senksless · a month ago
Hey Senku! Tell us more about your dad!!
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wildehistorian111 · a month ago
Ah yes we love The Chain for one of the ending songs for Our Flag Means Death but one I keep relistening to is Perfect Day by Lou Reed. It’s a simple song but it describes so much emotion. It plays during episode 9, and the lines it omits perfectly encompasses what I think to be Ed’s emotions when he is with Stede. “Just a perfect day/ You made me forget me forget myself/ I thought I was someone else, someone good.” Like come on that just hurts man.
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cmollyo · a month ago
The Dawson and Joey fight and the Byler fight
Or - why Mike and Will have romantic tension and you can’t say otherwise in good faith.
(Thai is building on a meta by @kaypeace21 linked below)
Dawson and Joey: https://ms-my.facebook.com/dawsonscreek/videos/dawson-and-joey-confront-their-feelings-dawsons-creek/637518127603898/?__so__=permalink&__rv__=related_videos (you’d don’t need a Facebook :))
Byler fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwpCUniNMgo
In this parallel, Mike = Joey, Will = Dawson.
Keep that in mind when Dawson finds Joey…in his closet.
Joey is jealous about seeing Dawson with another girl. This doesn’t work so well compared to the stranger things characters but I just wanted to point it out.
Joey references ‘watching movies’ in a way that suggests it’s VERY regular for them. She talks about what is essentially a lack of communication- a theme echoed in stranger things season 3 as kaypeace’s, @ghostgirlinsatin’s and of course @strangertheory’s excellent metas have shown.
Now, the big one.
Remember this heartwrenching line? “We’re not kids anymore. Did you think we were never gonna get girlfriends? Did you think we were gonna sit in our basement and play games for the rest of our lives?’
Well, it has a thematic and emotional counterpart in the Dawson and Joey scene - “the reason I came here tonight is because we need to move on. We’re not kids anymore’.
She said that.
Just…just think about that, and about the fact that the Brothers were obsessed with Dawson’s Creek.
(Also think about this: https://kaypeace21.tumblr.com/post/631010888730689536/guys-matt-duffer-said-he-and-his-bro-were
Yeah, Mike, you cosplay that gay kid from Dawson’s Creek. Doesn’t mean anything, just go riiiight on ahead..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Lastly, I’ll leave the reader with these metas:
https://cmollyo.tumblr.com/post/679207459313926144/dawson-and-joey-confront-their-feelings-dawsons (also contains Eyewitness screenshots by moi. Thank you @mayabruhbruh)
https://descent-into-the-rift.tumblr.com/post/679200437200715776/so-i-saw-this-get-done-and-wanted-to-pop-in-and-do credit to @descent-into-the-rift
https://bylermaybe.tumblr.com/post/667546026487513088/i-got-up-to-the-byler-fight-in-my-rewatch-and @bylermaybe your mind >>>
The meta by @kaypeace21 : https://kaypeace21.tumblr.com/post/188753223398/something-i-noticed-during-the-s3-byler-argument
The one that got me thinking: https://kaypeace21.tumblr.com/post/628661105491853312/matt-duffer-saying-he-was-obsessed-with-dawsons
@iandebbie’z post: https://cmollyo.tumblr.com/post/679542661729894400/nayalovesbyler2-iandebbie-bylerrights-why-was
Four beautiful posts to finish on by @rosealie, @hawkinsschoolcounselor and addition by @0aurelion-sol0, @proud-mama-joyce and @clericbyers respectively:
The entirety of that last post sums up why I’ll always adore these two no matter what, but it’s the last few lines that I want to leave you on, dear reader:
“they would always be Mike and Will, side by side, together always. Always Mike and Will, not possible to be replaced, not possible to find someone else.
@willthecleric @ghostgirlinsatin @dontbipanicjonsa
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bigmamag · a year ago
I just hurt myself thinking of the fact that pictures don’t exist in The Untamed and the only images Lan Wangji has of him is those shitty evil yiling patriarch caricatures that he just straight up burns whenever he sees out of anger. But what if on a night hunt like year 10 after Wei Wuxian’s death, Lan Wangji saves a very nice family’s daughter from a monster and they mention someone else helping their village and visiting a long time ago and the daughter shows him the accurate depiction of Wei Ying she drew back then of the nice cultivator who made her laugh through her injuries and Lan Wangji is frozen as Wei Ying smiles at him again, and he stares so longingly at it that the daughter insists that he keeps it and Lan Zhan does right next to the picture Wei Ying drew of him.
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padfootspuppy · 7 months ago
Remus, setting flowers on lily and James’s grave: by the way
Sirius, carrying a baby harry: he’s safe with me
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birdblacksocialclub · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
See? Everything’s alright.
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