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#i’m not kidding
loveyourownsmiilee · 11 hours ago
The episode is called Panic because all hell is breaking loose in LA or because a certain someone is panicking over his feelings for his best friend? 🤔
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asraalnazarlove · 23 hours ago
i’m thinking about making a trans-only arcana server. interact with this post if you’d want to join, i’m not sure how much/if that would be desirable to the general fan base
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engulfes · 22 hours ago
Hate when kid customers are rude and their parents don’t correct them like how are they supposed to learn. I’m not willing to raise your kid
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starfire-s · 9 hours ago
the strongest people are the ones who remember the names and faces of all 23 members of nct i think y’all are the smartest people on earth actually
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sorzi2 · 22 hours ago
I honestly don’t know what to say other than I’m proud
Tumblr media
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alicanta77 · 7 hours ago
nothing makes me laugh more than the fact that jaemin and jeno are the same height but he is posture is so shit that he looks half a foot shorter
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navyhyuck · 12 hours ago
weakest link in the desi community
desis that refuse to acknowledge they’re desi, desi boys (or anyone desi? but it’s usually the guys :/) that say the n word, desis that are colorist, desi moms that coddle their sons and expect their daughters to be second mothers to their siblings, desis that tell other desis they aren’t desi if they don’t know hindi or some bollywood song, desis that let people use the white washed version of their name, desi boys that ‘would never’ date a desi girl because they’re proud of being desi and they’re insecure, etc etc
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urban-hart · 17 hours ago
One of my younger brothers is drawing! People, no less! Arguably the hardest things to draw in this whole dang universe! He’s doing great, I’m so proud!
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archaeos · 3 months ago
Have decided that after this pandemic is over that I will be hosting three day long country house parties like I’m a character in a PG Wodehouse novel. The country house is a studio flat and the drinks are Tesco own brand and boxed juice but you’re all invited for a weekend of hijinks and merriment.
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